Guitar Chat with Muris, Andrew Cockburn etc. 2007-07-20
Jul 23 2007, 11:33 PM
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02:57:32 atconner: Yo
02:58:20 atconner: :\
13:39:41 Guitar34: j
14:21:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap* me and ill come back
17:32:53 Owen: ZoMG
17:32:57 Owen: I arrive!
17:33:05 Owen: Major *whip*ing
17:33:10 Owen: *whip*
17:33:16 Owen: *whip*
17:33:22 Owen: *whip*
17:34:32 CrashOops: ?
17:34:53 CrashOops: how is everyone?
17:35:11 CrashOops: *slap* wake up Eat sleep jam
17:35:24 Owen: he's dead V_V
17:35:29 CrashOops: shame
17:35:32 CrashOops: not really but k
17:35:38 Owen: haha
17:35:40 Owen: heartless
17:35:45 CrashOops: very
17:36:02 CrashOops: how you doin owen
17:36:31 Owen: Fine, good actually
17:36:38 Owen: Quadrupled my pc's ram
17:36:44 Owen: its actually running good now
17:36:55 Owen: I can boot windows in 3 minutes as opposed to twenty
17:37:02 CrashOops: what did you have like 512 ram?
17:37:21 Owen: 256
17:37:24 CrashOops: oh god
17:37:27 Owen: now I'm up to 1024
17:37:31 CrashOops: ah
17:37:42 CrashOops: yeah look into getting another gig. that's what I'm planning on doing
17:37:45 CrashOops: I have a gig as it is
17:37:50 CrashOops: is alright for most things
17:37:51 Owen:
17:37:55 Owen: greedy xD
17:37:58 CrashOops: no
17:38:02 CrashOops: performance hungry
17:38:05 Owen: I need a new gfx card
17:38:12 Owen: I'm running a fx5200 and its crappy
17:38:27 CrashOops: if you had 256 Ram you might want new everythign?
17:38:35 Owen: haha no
17:38:38 Owen:
17:38:45 CrashOops: lol that's barbaric though
17:38:45 Owen: my pc actually has a decent enough motherboard
17:38:57 CrashOops: I didnt even know they still made 256 sticks
17:39:12 Owen: the only thing I dont have the option to upgrade is the processor
17:39:18 CrashOops: that sucks
17:39:28 Owen: its currently dual though
17:39:34 Owen: so it doesnt really matter too much
17:39:38 CrashOops: I have a 64 bit processor waiting to go in, but I need a new mobo, and therefore new gfx card
17:39:43 CrashOops: I have the mobo too come to think of it
17:39:53 Owen: they clock in at 1.72 ghz but they have a bigger capacity for multitasking
17:39:58 CrashOops: ah
17:40:16 Owen: like your gaming?
17:40:20 CrashOops: no
17:40:28 CrashOops: havent played any games in over 6 months
17:40:33 Owen: xD
17:40:36 Owen: whats it all for then?
17:40:41 CrashOops: hence I've had this stuff kicking around for a while
17:40:42 Owen: 64 bit support is still crap
17:40:53 Owen: my mate got his 2 year ago, and to this day its never been used
17:40:58 CrashOops: lol
17:41:07 CrashOops: get vista 64 bit
17:41:20 Owen: ewww vista
17:41:21 CrashOops: it's a nice os
17:41:27 Owen: Linux > Vista
17:41:28 Owen: xD
17:41:34 Owen: XP > Vista
17:41:44 Owen: at least it doesnt maim your memory usage xD
17:41:53 CrashOops: yes but that's why you have 2 gigs of ram
17:42:02 Owen: meh
17:42:06 Owen: I have four ram slots
17:42:12 CrashOops: it maims your memory because the loading times of programs are incredibly instant
17:42:20 CrashOops: 4 sticks of 512
17:42:36 Owen: I dont think you get 512 in pc600 xD
17:42:41 CrashOops: ugh
17:42:43 Owen: it costs a fortune anyway
17:42:46 Owen: its server ram xD
17:43:23 Owen: the data transfer is also quite slow I believe
17:43:28 Owen: 1800mbs
17:43:49 CrashOops: yeah. your stepping out of my realms of computer knowledge when you start talking past that
17:44:02 Owen: yeaaaah
17:44:06 Owen: its called Wikipedia xD
17:44:11 CrashOops: lol
17:44:14 Owen: I only found out yesterday
17:44:23 CrashOops: haha
17:44:27 CrashOops: so your a bench builder
17:44:48 Owen: apparently if my brother has half as much in his pc, its twice as fast V_V
17:44:57 CrashOops: probably
17:45:00 CrashOops: pc600 is crap
17:45:09 Owen: but he has 256 so f' him xD
17:45:15 CrashOops: lol
17:45:17 CrashOops: sad really
17:45:22 CrashOops: specially with how much ram costs
17:45:29 CrashOops: as in how little
17:45:30 Owen: yaaah
17:45:39 Owen: my pc was 80 quid off ebay >_>
17:45:43 CrashOops: lol
17:45:45 CrashOops: not bad
17:45:53 Owen: it has since had 40 quid worth of upgrades
17:45:57 CrashOops: My pc has a 32" widescreen hd monitor?
17:46:03 Owen: the gfx card I got free off my mate xD
17:46:13 Owen: I could have that
17:46:19 Owen: if I stole the telly in the living room...
17:46:44 CrashOops: I worked for futureshop/bestbuy and got employee pricing so I got a sharp 32" lcd and a sony 7.1 reciever for cheap
17:46:54 CrashOops: still have to pay for it though
17:47:02 Owen:
17:47:11 Owen: I buy everything off ebay
17:47:20 CrashOops: Credit is my friend. rather my enemy
17:47:31 Owen: :/
17:47:46 CrashOops: credit cards are bad. tell yourself that over and over k?
17:48:10 Owen: lawl
17:48:24 Owen: I only have a debit
17:49:09 Owen: I cant go into debt
17:49:18 CrashOops: good way to be
17:50:03 Owen: suppose so
17:50:13 Owen: but then I see all the stuff I could buy...
17:50:23 CrashOops: dude trust me
17:50:28 CrashOops: it started with me with one thing
17:50:34 CrashOops: I have 3 maxed credit cards
17:50:45 Owen: ok... >_>
17:50:52 Owen: the interest must kill you
17:50:53 CrashOops: small limits, 500, 1500, and 1600 but still
17:50:55 CrashOops: oh yes
17:51:07 CrashOops: I havent made a payment in a couple months. credit out the window for 7 years yay
17:51:18 Owen:
17:51:24 CrashOops: ahwell still young
17:51:35 Owen: haha
17:52:01 Owen: carefree!
17:52:14 CrashOops: not quite
17:52:42 Owen: well yeaaah
17:52:44 Owen: is anyone?
17:52:57 CrashOops: people pretend
17:53:01 CrashOops: or just stupid
17:53:56 Owen: hey!
17:54:02 atconner: Heyo
17:54:07 atconner: What's cookin' over here?
17:54:45 Owen: Pancakes?
17:55:23 atconner: Sweeet. I think this has got to be the most ppl I've seen in the chatroom ever.
17:55:33 Owen: really?
17:55:45 Owen: I've been in here with about 10 before
17:56:43 atconner: ORLY
17:57:15 Owen: No Wai
17:57:34 CrashOops: ya wai
17:58:19 Owen: stfu n00b
17:58:32 CrashOops: I'll pwn you
17:59:27 Owen: Lawl
18:00:20 Owen: Boom! headshot!
18:02:01 atconner: Muh- muh- muh- moooooonssttooooorr kkilll -ill -ill -ll
18:02:25 atconner: Heya Muris
18:02:25 muris: well hello
18:02:26 muris:
18:02:41 CrashOops: hello again muris
18:02:44 Owen: hey!
18:02:53 muris: how's it going?
18:02:58 CrashOops: rainy
18:03:03 CrashOops: good day to practice guitar
18:03:11 muris: I guess
18:03:19 atconner: uhhm, every day is a good day to practise.
18:03:46 CrashOops: well if it was nice out I was going to work on the guitar, maybe pound the pavement for a new job. but it's lousy out so I'll stay inside
18:03:54 muris: yeah,but this is a perfect one
18:04:01 CrashOops: hehe
18:04:10 CrashOops: just need an empier house so I can turn the amp up a tad
18:04:20 muris: hey
18:04:26 muris: cool unit for practicing
18:04:45 muris: actually I've been using it for all lessons as well
18:04:51 CrashOops: ?
18:04:57 muris: Krog Pandora PX4D
18:05:03 CrashOops: korg?
18:05:04 muris: presets are not so well
18:05:07 atconner: MAN, I so wish I was back in Ontario with my amp. It's a nice Fender "Princeton Chorus", and all I have here in Alberta is an unsexy, unoverdriven wusstastic 15 watt bass amp.
18:05:07 muris: yeah
18:05:11 muris: sorry
18:05:12 muris: Korg
18:05:23 CrashOops: hmm havent heard of the pandora
18:05:30 muris: but few some editing you can get nice sound
18:05:34 CrashOops: I have the vox valvetronix 15w modelling amp
18:05:41 muris: pocket size,headphones and there you go
18:05:44 CrashOops: hmm
18:05:52 CrashOops: I like the sound of my amp though
18:06:03 CrashOops: headophones dont do it justice, least not mine. g/f might get me some nice ones though
18:06:03 muris: of course amp is cooler
18:06:18 muris: just for praciting
18:06:32 muris: not to bother people around you
18:06:45 CrashOops: I plug headphones into the back of the amp at night
18:06:55 muris: that's cool tho
18:07:04 muris: but here you have lots of fx
18:07:06 muris: metronome
18:07:15 muris: rhythm section
18:07:21 CrashOops: I'm a bad boy when it comes to metronome
18:07:28 CrashOops: I even went and bought one. it collects dust
18:07:28 muris: really nice for practicing
18:07:46 muris: I see
18:07:52 CrashOops: dont tell kris he might whip me
18:07:59 muris: no worries
18:08:01 muris:
18:08:02 CrashOops: lol
18:08:06 muris: lol
18:08:13 atconner: Hey Muris, I was just reading through some of the theory stuff about modes Andrew put up. Do you think you could make a lesson about some of that? There's one about a mixolydian mode somewhere, but I wants more.
18:08:16 CrashOops: I have a fairly good sense of rhythm so it's okay with out it I suppose
18:08:30 muris: of course
18:08:33 muris: I will
18:08:46 muris: same root,many modes
18:08:48 muris: why not
18:09:02 atconner: Cool man, I'm only kind of bored to death with the pentatonic.
18:09:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: back
18:09:09 muris: can tell
18:09:11 muris:
18:09:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: duh I dont get the metronome
18:09:29 muris: have you seen my Improvisation video?
18:09:38 muris: there are many modes inside
18:09:58 muris: plus some cool scales
18:10:07 atconner: Uhhhhm, not really. Which section is it in?
18:10:16 atconner: wow.. speak of the devil. Heya Andrew.
18:10:17 muris: on my website or myspace
18:10:22 muris: hey Andrew
18:10:27 atconner: Oh, no then I def'0 haven't seen it.
18:10:28 Andrew Cockburn: hi guys
18:10:41 CrashOops: hi andrew
18:10:43 muris:
18:10:54 muris: look into videos section
18:11:00 atconner: Good call, Muris! I was just going to ask where it was.
18:11:06 muris: ok
18:11:35 muris: or
18:11:41 muris: it's on the top of page
18:11:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Argh guitar is complicated
18:11:54 muris: i think
18:11:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my head hurts
18:12:00 atconner: O.o You have a mixing board?!
18:12:22 atconner: Howly crap, Muris. That's such an awesome setup.
18:12:27 muris: it's a long story
18:12:38 muris: studio owes friend of mine
18:12:46 muris: but some stuff are mine too
18:13:13 CrashOops: lol
18:13:23 muris:
18:13:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are you guys working on ?
18:13:56 muris: who?
18:14:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: By "you guys" I mean generally anyone in the room
18:14:34 muris: lol
18:14:37 muris: chating
18:15:06 Andrew Cockburn: Celebrating my escape from the tyroanny of scale boxes
18:15:15 atconner: I'm pounding through Muris' blues bending. Actually, it was the catalyst that made me go and get a new guitar. My BC Rich Beast had a floating bridge, so every time a string is bent, it throws off the pitch of every other string.
18:15:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ^ouch
18:15:38 muris: yeah,that kind of bridge is nasty for those bends
18:15:59 atconner: I know, but it looked ssooOOOOo cool!
18:16:00 Andrew Cockburn: Two words .... Edge Pro
18:16:07 atconner: Edge pro?
18:16:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Two words. Ireallywanta IbanezPrestigeRg
18:16:28 Andrew Cockburn: Briidge on high end Ibanez Guitars
18:16:42 Andrew Cockburn: You can bend strings till they snap no out of tune
18:16:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
18:16:54 CrashOops: I'm quite happy with my bottom of the barrel slightly modified ibanez
18:16:56 atconner: Ahh. I don't exactly have much ca$h these days. University is taking it all.
18:17:29 Andrew Cockburn: Well, that's a good use for your money :_
18:17:51 atconner: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I keep telling myself "School = good debt!" .. but it's still a LOT of debt.
18:18:09 atconner: Hey Andrew, do you mind if I send you an priv message?
18:18:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have exactly 425$
18:18:23 Andrew Cockburn: not at all
18:18:39 Andrew Cockburn: everyone else does all the time
18:18:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not bad for mowing lawns 8)
18:18:51 Owen: I have exactly 1p
18:18:54 Owen: I'm so rich
18:18:54 Andrew Cockburn: nough for an RG350
18:19:08 CrashOops: I'm right too, I have a G, shame that's going to bills lol
18:19:13 CrashOops: rich*
18:19:30 Andrew Cockburn: 1p - well that's 2c at least
18:19:47 CrashOops: 3c canadian I think
18:20:20 atconner: Oy! Leave us Canadians alone! Our dollar is getting cooler, I swear!
18:20:29 CrashOops: hey I'm canadian
18:20:47 Andrew Cockburn: I;m sorrry to hear that
18:20:54 CrashOops: ooh
18:20:54 atconner: roffle
18:21:01 CrashOops: when it stings it burns
18:21:09 Owen: Ouchy!
18:21:12 atconner: How do you rip on a moderator without getting kicked?
18:21:21 Owen: discreetly ?
18:21:23 CrashOops: lol
18:21:29 CrashOops: you have to do it beyond his intellegence
18:21:31 Owen: use psychology
18:21:34 Owen: like moi xD
18:21:42 CrashOops: in this case with andrew well it'll take a couple of us combined
18:21:59 Owen: Only it'll be hard to spell out a sentence with Andrew's name as each of the starting letters of each word
18:22:03 CrashOops: lol
18:22:04 atconner: I dunno, I could start spouting off some stupid biology facts, in hope that he doesn't know much about it.
18:22:12 CrashOops: hmm
18:22:24 CrashOops: couldnt rip on his guitar cause it's a beauty
18:22:43 CrashOops: theory sucks? there we go
18:22:58 Owen: ZomG
18:23:02 Owen: get outta here!
18:23:04 Owen: lol
18:23:06 CrashOops: I kid?
18:23:22 Sircraigery: word up homies
18:24:07 Owen: translate?
18:24:09 Owen:
18:25:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Another Nerd Dreaming Rarely Enough With Creative Options Carelessly Kicking Babies Under Red Nuns
18:25:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Andrew Cockburn
18:26:01 Andrew Cockburn: Bring it on huys
18:26:01 Owen: Worrying xD
18:26:04 CrashOops: lol
18:26:09 Andrew Cockburn: guys ven
18:26:17 CrashOops: guys even?
18:26:37 CrashOops: so andrew I'm living the dream
18:26:38 Owen: Wot lads
18:26:46 CrashOops: sitting in a basement playing guitar with no job and no prospects!
18:26:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: shut up kilt
18:26:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Owen that is
18:26:56 Owen: Lawl, I'm using an english to geordie translator actually
18:27:11 Andrew Cockburn: Divint do that
18:27:12 Owen: this is a dialect of engeeeerlawwwnd
18:27:18 Andrew Cockburn: Och Aye
18:27:34 Owen: That's reet
18:27:42 CrashOops: uhm k
18:27:47 CrashOops: over the pond humor?
18:27:53 Owen: Ganin doon toon
18:27:59 CrashOops: andrew how dare you partake
18:28:04 CrashOops: ah your american you dont matter
18:28:17 Andrew Cockburn: Wash your mouth out!
18:28:25 Andrew Cockburn: I aint American
18:28:29 Andrew Cockburn: I'm a Brit!
18:28:31 CrashOops: americant?
18:28:43 Owen: Guid oan ye son
18:28:55 CrashOops: and I'm a polac, the point?
18:29:08 Andrew Cockburn: Andrew Ian MacKinnon is in fact my full name - my family hails from Edinburgh
18:29:11 Andrew Cockburn: originally
18:29:15 CrashOops: ah
18:29:31 CrashOops: so what's with the cockburn? made up name?
18:29:32 Andrew Cockburn: I moved over here a year ago
18:29:43 Andrew Cockburn: No, its a Scottish name
18:29:49 Owen: laaawl
18:29:52 CrashOops: thought you said mackinnon
18:29:53 CrashOops: I'm confused
18:29:53 Andrew Cockburn: There is a Cockburn tartan and all
18:30:01 Andrew Cockburn: I am a Sept of the Mackinnon clan
18:30:08 Andrew Cockburn: and entitled to wear Mackinnon tartan too
18:30:22 Owen: I can wear whatever tartan I like
18:30:22 CrashOops: so much namery going on
18:30:26 Owen: xD
18:30:32 Andrew Cockburn: Andrew Ian Mackinnon Cockburn is my full name I meant
18:30:36 Owen: For I am of the Scot Clan!
18:30:45 Andrew Cockburn: Yes but you will get head butted ...
18:30:56 Owen: I prefer the term Glasgow kiss
18:31:01 Andrew Cockburn:
18:31:02 CrashOops: lol
18:31:10 CrashOops: anyway brb going to go rastle up some food.
18:31:25 CrashOops: doing nothing makes me hungry
18:31:41 Owen: you can eat one slice of bacon every hour
18:31:49 Owen: you burn it off in that time by living
18:31:58 atconner: I can eat way more than one slice an hour
18:32:02 Owen: xD
18:32:07 Owen: yeah me too
18:32:18 Owen: I can eat a whole pack
18:32:35 Owen: only if I'm hungry
18:32:44 Andrew Cockburn: ok, gotta go - nice to see you chaps all here
18:32:52 atconner: TTYL dewd
18:32:54 Andrew Cockburn: Maybe back later
18:32:58 Owen: AIMC BYE!
18:33:06 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
18:33:44 Owen: V_V
18:35:43 atconner: (>^.^)>
18:36:05 atconner: ^^^^^ That's a text-based kirby, btw..
18:37:22 muris:
18:38:00 Owen: ^ *above smilie indicates worry for your metal wellbeing*
18:38:11 Owen: Mental*
18:39:01 Owen: GTGoooooo guuuuuyssss
18:39:05 Owen: \m/
18:39:45 muris: i'll pass out too guys
18:39:49 muris: have a nice time
18:39:50 muris: soon
18:41:09 CrashOops: lol
18:41:26 CrashOops: empty all in the span of making one sandwich
18:45:04 Guitar34: hi
18:46:04 Guitar34: *meow*
20:03:57 Kurt: Hi Andrew!
20:04:06 Andrew Cockburn: hi!
20:04:12 Andrew Cockburn: Where did everyone go?
20:04:18 Andrew Cockburn: AN hour ago this place was kicking ...
20:04:30 Kurt: I don´t know, I just came
20:04:47 Kurt: kicking
20:04:56 Kurt: sounds funny
20:04:56 Andrew Cockburn: Oh well, how goes it?
20:05:06 Kurt: nice, thanks
20:05:10 Kurt: and you?
20:05:28 Andrew Cockburn: cool - getting on really well with my alt picking today
20:05:49 Kurt: oh...alt picking, thats great
20:06:05 Kurt: I wish I could do that well
20:06:17 Andrew Cockburn: its waht I joined GMC to learn
20:06:49 Kurt: Before I joined I didn´t even know what it means
20:07:00 Andrew Cockburn:
20:07:02 Kurt: I could only do economic
20:07:09 Andrew Cockburn: how long have you been playing?
20:07:31 Kurt: one year ago I started acoustic
20:07:42 Kurt: and a half ago electric
20:08:01 Kurt: but its great..I am practicing very much
20:08:09 Kurt: I really love it
20:08:21 Andrew Cockburn: yea me too - I have larned such a lot
20:08:30 Kurt: from GMC?
20:08:36 Andrew Cockburn: yeah
20:08:45 Kurt: its really great
20:09:17 Kurt: but it would also be great if there would be thaught some famous songs
20:09:48 Kurt: I mean not only self composed stuff and exercises
20:10:03 Andrew Cockburn: SIte would get closed down if we did ;(
20:10:22 Kurt: you really think?
20:10:39 Andrew Cockburn: optentially
20:10:46 Andrew Cockburn: that's why Kris is so careful
20:11:10 Kurt: yeah, but thats ok
20:11:31 Kurt: Ithe exercises are way more helpful
20:11:45 Andrew Cockburn: I love how each instructor has his thing ...
20:11:51 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel has amazing techiques exercises
20:11:59 Andrew Cockburn: Marcus does amazing compositions
20:12:02 Kurt: yeah I know what you mean
20:12:06 Andrew Cockburn: Gabriel can take any stuyle and break it down
20:12:15 Andrew Cockburn: They cover a lot of ground between them
20:12:17 Kurt: For me Gabriel is the best!
20:12:27 Kurt: he has killer chops!!
20:12:32 Andrew Cockburn:
20:12:45 Andrew Cockburn: I like them all for differentr reasons
20:12:52 Andrew Cockburn: depeniding on what I want to do
20:13:01 Kurt: yes, thats it
20:13:19 Kurt: don´t you want to make some vids?
20:13:46 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, when I get around to it
20:13:54 Andrew Cockburn: Vids take a ot longer than theory lessons
20:13:58 Andrew Cockburn: But I will
20:13:58 Kurt: would be cool
20:14:15 Andrew Cockburn: Kris is cool with it, I just need to make the time, and figure out what to do
20:14:27 Kurt: but theory is also very important too
20:14:41 Kurt: somebody must take this part
20:14:46 Andrew Cockburn: Glad you think so
20:15:08 Kurt: I should learn more guitar theory
20:15:40 Kurt: general music I know much of theory, but on guitar I must work on it
20:16:09 Kurt: I must know in general because I am composing on piano
20:16:48 Andrew Cockburn: Music is music -0 it isan;t instrument specific
20:17:12 Kurt: not instrument specific?
20:18:09 Andrew Cockburn: not really
20:18:15 Kurt: Are you playing any other instrument?
20:18:30 Andrew Cockburn: I play some keyboards
20:18:57 Kurt: you would see its a little harder to find all those scales and arpeggios on piano
20:19:06 Kurt: don´t you think so?
20:19:32 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah - on the Piano I am great on the key of C, useless in any other key
20:19:32 Kurt: I mean harder than on piano
20:19:45 Andrew Cockburn: no easier on the gutar
20:19:57 Andrew Cockburn: Its just patterns and you canshift them all over the neck
20:20:25 Kurt: yes ok, maybe its a little bad to comparise
20:20:52 Kurt: Do you when you play guitar play from normal staff?
20:21:05 Kurt: or only tabs?
20:21:34 Andrew Cockburn: I mostly play my own stuff - I use tabs and music together, tabs suck for timing
20:21:40 Andrew Cockburn: easier for figering though
20:22:11 Kurt: yeah but on university and such they are all playing only from staff
20:22:25 Kurt: and In my music school
20:23:12 Andrew Cockburn: glad I don;t go to chool any more then
20:23:36 Kurt: did you study guitar in any school?
20:23:48 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, classical
20:24:00 Kurt: university?
20:24:06 Andrew Cockburn: nope
20:24:12 Andrew Cockburn: Computer Science !
20:24:16 Kurt: aha, ok
20:24:27 Kurt: a stupid questio:
20:25:01 Kurt: Can Kris live from only the money from GMC?
20:25:18 Kurt: or what does he aside that?
20:25:28 Andrew Cockburn: I have no idea - I guess he teaches privately as well
20:25:48 Kurt: Didnßt you ever ask him?
20:25:56 Andrew Cockburn: No, it would be rude
20:26:16 Kurt: so am I rude?
20:26:16 CrashOops: andrew's such a sensitive nice guy
20:26:18 CrashOops:
20:26:22 Andrew Cockburn:
20:26:28 Andrew Cockburn: YOure not asking him your asking me
20:26:40 Kurt: ok, thats an argument
20:26:41 Andrew Cockburn: But he will see this chat when he puts it up on the Forum
20:26:56 Kurt: damned
20:26:58 CrashOops: I think it's a fairly legitimate question
20:27:04 CrashOops: out of curiousity of course
20:27:09 Kurt: I also think that
20:27:17 CrashOops: I've found myself wondering
20:27:26 Andrew Cockburn: AN I think its on a par with asking someone how much they make - not polite
20:27:49 CrashOops: yes but you could pose it as in, is gmc a side project for you, or is it your career
20:27:50 Kurt: Did he studyy guitar on college or something?
20:28:12 Kurt: because hes really great on guitar
20:28:18 Andrew Cockburn: I don;t know - yes, he is!
20:28:39 Kurt: also as composer
20:29:04 CrashOops: to be honest I dont find asking someone how much they make rude. I think a lot of times it's important, specially if you are trying to find if that's a career you would like to pursue
20:29:36 Kurt: nice said man!!! thank you!
20:30:01 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, ask me how much I make ...
20:30:11 CrashOops: I dont want to work in computers
20:30:22 Kurt: How much do you make?
20:30:28 Andrew Cockburn: DOn;t be rude!!
20:30:31 Andrew Cockburn: (See?)
20:30:37 Kurt: with GMC?
20:30:47 Kurt: come on!....
20:30:52 Andrew Cockburn: DOn;t be rude
20:31:03 CrashOops: I read that as do be rude
20:31:16 Kurt: You wanted me to ask!!!
20:31:21 CrashOops: lol
20:31:25 Andrew Cockburn: SO I could tell you not to be rude
20:31:29 CrashOops: lol
20:31:33 CrashOops: Andrew your a funny guy sometimes
20:31:49 CrashOops: is that rude?
20:31:50 CrashOops:
20:32:00 Andrew Cockburn: no
20:32:11 Kurt: ok,ok don´t worry...let´s change the topic
20:32:19 CrashOops: ask me how much I make
20:32:27 Andrew Cockburn: No, I; not rude
20:32:35 Kurt: Andrew will ask!!
20:32:53 CrashOops: so how is it rude to ask where someone works?
20:32:56 CrashOops: not*
20:33:04 Kurt: Whats your profession?
20:33:14 CrashOops: unemployed guitar practicer
20:33:35 Kurt: Practicer?
20:33:44 CrashOops: cause I sit in my room and practice
20:33:55 Kurt: ok, nice job!
20:34:08 Kurt: I am that too!
20:34:08 Andrew Cockburn: doesn't ay well
20:34:21 CrashOops: pays well in self satisfaction
20:34:29 Andrew Cockburn:
20:34:33 Andrew Cockburn: You got me there !
20:34:37 CrashOops: however doesnt pay worth a damn penny
20:34:49 CrashOops: ahwell only been out of work for 2 days no big deal
20:35:34 Kurt: Andrew: Do you also pratice a lot from GMC?
20:35:46 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah
20:35:48 Kurt: What did you practic this time?
20:35:57 Andrew Cockburn: That's why I joined
20:36:12 Andrew Cockburn: ALt Picking - my pwn patterns for a song I am working on
20:36:25 Kurt: oh, cool
20:36:45 Kurt: which kind of music do you like/make?
20:37:18 Andrew Cockburn: Its changed over the years
20:37:25 Andrew Cockburn: Rock, Pop Funk
20:37:33 Andrew Cockburn: Acoustic
20:37:38 Andrew Cockburn: Even a littel Jazzy at times
20:37:59 Kurt: I am in a jazz ensemble
20:38:01 Andrew Cockburn: Now I want to play like STeve Vai
20:38:10 Andrew Cockburn: coo
20:38:12 CrashOops: a jem will do that to you
20:38:17 Andrew Cockburn: yrp
20:38:34 Kurt: Maybe I also will buy a jem soon
20:38:44 Kurt: are they really that cool?
20:39:05 Andrew Cockburn: Cooler than a million dollars and a jet ski
20:39:19 Kurt: omg..I must get one
20:39:40 CrashOops: I'll take the million dollars and a jetski
20:39:44 CrashOops: and buy a jem
20:39:51 Andrew Cockburn: lol
20:39:53 CrashOops: and still have severy hundred thousand and a jet ski
20:39:58 CrashOops: several
20:40:11 CrashOops: see outside the box thinking wins
20:40:21 Andrew Cockburn: true .,...
20:40:59 Kurt: CrashOops : What music do you like?
20:41:06 CrashOops: metal
20:41:11 CrashOops: lately a lot of metallica
20:41:16 Kurt: wow, thats nice
20:41:31 Kurt: Master of Puppets!!!
20:41:39 Kurt: do you play it?
20:41:39 CrashOops: Fuel!
20:41:50 CrashOops: I'm just learning fade to black
20:42:01 CrashOops: I only started playing guitar about 3 months ago again
20:42:03 Kurt: yeah thats cool too
20:42:17 Kurt: but then you must start Master
20:42:28 Kurt: or Enter Sandman!
20:42:37 Kurt: its also really cool
20:42:50 CrashOops: the fingerpicking parts metallica does get me. I cant do it
20:43:09 Kurt: Fingerpicking in Metallica?
20:43:19 Kurt: I didn´t know that...
20:43:32 CrashOops: yeah if you look at the tabs for example fade to black or nothing else matters
20:43:49 CrashOops: how else do you do two notes at the same time with two strings seperatings it
20:44:19 CrashOops: in the very clean, acoustic sounding parts of the songs
20:44:31 Kurt: you could play it like a chord and damp the notes betweenlol
20:44:45 CrashOops: didnt think of that
20:44:55 CrashOops: I also tried elimanting the one note, but it doesnt sound nearly right
20:44:57 Kurt: no forget this
20:45:01 Andrew Cockburn: Thats usually done with octaves
20:45:06 CrashOops: because they do a bass note at the same time
20:45:13 CrashOops: so you like lose the rhythm
20:45:14 Kurt: my theory?
20:45:30 Kurt: at octaves I know
20:45:46 CrashOops: I should learn the solo in whiplash lol
20:45:48 CrashOops: maybe not
20:46:06 CrashOops: tried all that remains - six. waay too fast for me. my speed/alt picking isnt nearly at that level
20:46:16 CrashOops: I can do like half temp
20:46:17 CrashOops: o
20:46:44 Kurt: I try to get my chops up by practicing tha yngwie lessons
20:47:02 Kurt: thats really good exercices
20:47:25 Kurt: especcially the second one for alt picking
20:47:27 CrashOops: a really good alt picking practice song really is Six by all that remains.
20:47:52 CrashOops: I dont know why but I have done like none of the lessons on gmc
20:47:55 CrashOops: yet I dont want to leave it
20:48:01 CrashOops: I've learned parts of some of them
20:48:35 CrashOops: one of the reasons I havent progressed near as fast as maybe I should have. but I also dont usually have a whole lot of time to practice, and can only do it a couple days a week
20:49:01 Kurt: Are you so busy?
20:49:25 CrashOops: well about 3 days a week I try and spend time with my g/f because I cant see her at all for the remainder of it
20:49:31 CrashOops: she works nights, and I usually worked days
20:49:59 CrashOops: and after work some days just too tired to play
20:50:04 CrashOops: but last 2 days I've played lots lol
20:50:14 Kurt: cool!
20:50:53 Kurt: I have holydays now...I practice about six hours every day
20:51:04 Kurt: but the time will change
20:51:45 Kurt: From where are you?
20:51:50 CrashOops: BC Canada
20:51:59 Kurt: cool
20:52:57 Kurt: ok..I must go now
20:53:01 CrashOops: have a good night
20:53:04 Kurt: see you guys!!
20:53:07 Andrew Cockburn: gnight\
20:53:13 CrashOops: hmm I might have to go drink some beer tonight
20:53:19 CrashOops: and play drunken guitar. sounds like fun
20:53:29 Andrew Cockburn: i already did
20:53:33 CrashOops: lucky
20:53:36 Kurt: I hope I was not too unpolite to Andrew!!!
20:53:39 Andrew Cockburn: only 1 though
20:53:43 Andrew Cockburn: nah
20:53:45 Kurt: ok..bye!!
20:53:50 Andrew Cockburn: byew
20:54:36 CrashOops: so yeah
20:54:46 Andrew Cockburn: yeah
20:55:09 Andrew Cockburn: practicing my alt pickking
20:55:30 CrashOops: ah
20:56:32 CrashOops: anyway I'll ttyl
20:56:34 CrashOops: have a good night
20:56:54 Andrew Cockburn: oh ... good night
20:56:59 Andrew Cockburn: Lonely here now
23:41:21 Smikey2006: im always alone in here

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