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> Santana Style Lesson, Lesson By Ivan Milenkovic
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post Jun 1 2016, 10:02 AM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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From: Den Helder (Holland)
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Original lesson: Santana Style Lesson by Ivan Milenkovic

Hello Guys, I've been working for a while on this lesson now and here is my take. Thanks in advanced! Greetz Tim

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Jun 1 2016, 05:17 PM
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Hi Tim,

This is not an easy lesson because is has many different licks that require technique and expression control. I think that you'll need to work on smaller fragments in order to master each of the licks played here.

When doing it please have in mind these ideas:

- Tone: I think that using the neck pick up can make this one sound closer to Santana, but not sure, just try it.

- Hands Sync: The faster licks show issues regarding the sync between both hands. You need to identify this parts and work on them as exercises, creating loops over a drum loop or metronome. Slow down to practice.

- Bending: There are some bends that are not precise, just take care of this technique when it appears.

- Timing: It's not precise when playing 16th notes and sextuplets.

- Vibrato: It's not bad but it tends to be weak. This style requires really strong vibrato.

- Staccato: The use of very short notes is part of Santana's style. You are missing many of them.

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Ben Higgins
post Jun 3 2016, 03:43 PM
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Group: GMC Instructor
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Hi Tim, this is a cool lesson to work on but as Gabriel said, it's also very hard.

You cope quite well with the lesson, even though it has some fast phrasing in it. You have some work to do but your performance is not so bad either smile.gif

Hand coordination - this is something that needs work because it will hold you back with faster phrases. Perhaps you should add some basic 3 note per string exercises to your routine, to get those fingers locked in with the picking.

Try this.. but don't worry about speed. Learn the shapes and repeat it at slow tempos, concentrating only on keep everything even and locked in together. https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/ls/Linear-Shred-Zone/

The other things Gabriel mentioned are also worthy of effort but this is my main contribution - hand coordination; let's get it really good! smile.gif

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Darius Wave
post Jun 11 2016, 10:52 AM
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Group: GMC Instructor
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From: Poland
Member No.: 17.069

Hey Tim! smile.gif

I can see your practise routines became more regular and you push yourself to spend even more time on playing smile.gif I just guess by the amount of takes you deliver lately. That's a very good way to go smile.gif

First of all - your take is really nice and pleasant to listen. I know you may wonder why we spot the same issue all over again, like timing, vibrato and bending pitch. There reason is - the are still there but (WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT) they are no longer so visible, that they could affect regular music listener's ear. I notice clear progress in your playing precision.

Now what I'm about to say, I hope you understand more from a good friend advice perspective than just a instructors complain smile.gif

I think you do not bring enough attention to your muting skills. It was a point we have spotted many times but I can't say you did a huge progress at this point. I think one of most important things in your practice would be to totally review all your muting habits. There are still a lot of moments when you leave open strings untouched so the affect the sustain of notes being played. Muting technieqs are something we need to put a lot of attention at the beginning. They become a habbit and we do not have to think at all while we play anything more in the future. But if we do not say to ourselfs "From now on I will not leave anything to be random", we can keep the problem coming out from our playing through years and years forward. Usually when we need to fix something that causes problems, we need to totally forget about the "wrong way" we did before. We do not fix problems by playing them right while we practise and leaving them "the old way" while we play with band or similar situations. I can see you use a lot of thumb to mute low strings but it not alwasy does the job. Your right hand could do a lot of good, holdingo nthe low strings while you play on high strings. At this point your right hand essaentially does only the picking/strumming job but not much of muting. I think your huge hands should be a huge advantage comparing to other players hands. You could be able to do things that we can't smile.gif You have a huge potential, love to music and cool personall character. Please don't let yourself pass on such important details smile.gif

All best and don't feel bad about above - you are still a fine player with a cool musical taste smile.gif

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post Jun 13 2016, 09:28 AM
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Learning Rock Star - Wiki Coordinator
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Almost there, 5

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