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post Jul 30 2007, 09:51 PM
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I notice that a lot of topics are often repeated and are often linked to each other so in that I've gone home early from work today I thought I'd use my extra time to make a GMC FAQ.

If you have something to add, go right ahead and make a post but please verify that it, or something very similar has not already been contributed.

I think that you should change this about the lesson layout (search by instructor lesson type, genre, etc)

Kris and his expert team of programmers are currently working on this and have promised something much more efficient in the near future.

I don't know what I should be practicing! Please help me adjust or create an efficient practice routine.

As you will find in the threads related to this topic, each person has different goals, needs, weaknesses, and strengths. Along with these factors comes a unique practice routine for every person. While we can not create this unique routine for you, we can certainly aid you in creating it by giving our advice and showing you what our routines are. Here are some threads to help you along:

This thread is a chat where Pavel talks about Practice Routines:

How much time do you spend practicing every day and how much should I spend?

Again, this topic is very subjective to a person's life style, and especially their motivation level. Here are some topics which go quite in depth about this topic and can hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration to play!

Something has started to hurt since I began practicing, should I stop?

As you will read, the general rule of thumb that has seemed to arise at GMC is that if something hurts as a result of your playing, it's not good. The best solution is often to put your guitar down for a day or two, take a break, figure out why you have pain, and try to correct it.

No one is ever in chat! What are we doing about this!?

In his infinite wisdom, Kris has recognized this issue and has addressed it in the following thread:

When I play fast I get lots of unwanted noise. Why is this and how do I fix it?

The problem you have is with muting. Muting is the process of placing your fingers or palm on strings that you are not playing so that the only strings that make any noise are the ones that are supposed to.

Generally you want to use your index finger to mute the strings BELOW the string you are playing and lightly put the palm of your right hand on the strings above the string you are playing.

Andrew gives a very good explanation of all the muting types here:

The palm muting techniques are the same whether you are playing legato, alternate picking, or sweeping. Perfect palm muting takes years upon many years of practice and comes with only time. This is especially true for sweep picking which leads me into...

Am I sweeping properly?/I can't figure out how to mute properly when sweeping!

In this thread Pavel gives LOTS of advice as well as linking us to one of his sweep lessons. As he says, read the conversation below it in the comments section, it is the best information you will ever get about sweeping.

What are Guitar Pro and Power Tab and what's the difference between them?

Both pieces of software are used to help you learn to play music.

In a nut shell, they play along with you, or show you how to play a specific song or piece of music.

The difference between them is that Power Tab is free, Guitar Pro is not. Guitar Pro is hands down the better program in that it can play multiple tracks (ie. bass, lead guitar, rhythm, drums), has the Realistic Sound Engine instead of MIDI sounds, and other features I'm too lazy to explain.

Power Tab can be found here:

Guitar Pro:

Guitar Pro is $59USD and you can download a trial version before you decide you want to buy it.

I hope this is a good start. I'm sure some others of you out there will have many other Q and A style things to be answered!

I also hope this thread can prove very useful and maybe even useful enough to be stickied if it takes off!


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Kristofer Dahl
post Jul 31 2007, 11:17 AM
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Thanks AIB24 - great initiative! biggrin.gif

If anyone has additions feel free to add them!

Also - I want to point out that ths doesn't mean we can't have another topic asking for muting advice or sweep-picking. On the contrary - I hope we will have loads of more such topics!

However if you first read what has already been said about it - our level of discussion will be much more interesting and evolving - just like our guitar playing! wink.gif

Thanks again!

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post Jul 31 2007, 09:50 PM
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Thanks Kris!

Earlier lessons like the Kirk Hammett one don't play or are crashing my browser

You need to be using Internet Explorer for the earlier lessons. Firefox does not work with these lessons.

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