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David Wallimann
post Mar 30 2008, 02:37 AM
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In the style of Brian May collab

The final mix is finally there!

You guys did an amazing job as usual and I am very pleased with your leads!
I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did.
Thanks again!

Attached File  BrianMay.mp3 ( 16.44MB ) Number of downloads: 480

I like the way you "prepared" the listener to the notes you chose. What I mean by that is that the first notes of the new chords are well brought. Besides the sound which is a little metallic, your lead is well constructed. That's exactly what I wanted. I can tell that you prepared your lead not leaving too much place to improvisation which is a good thing here since I wanted something melodic.

Good job on the harmonies my friend! The delay make it a little hard to "understand" what's going on tough. I would set it a little lower in the mix. But other than that you did good following the track. You built a nice melodic feel very appropriate here.

The opening of your lead exposed a very nice iea that I haven't thought about before. It works extremely well and catches the listener's ear right away. Your sound works well here too. I like how your ideas are well placed in the rhyth. Good phrasing. Good job!

I like your choice of notes here. My favorite is at the very end of measure 6. you used the 9th which sounds great! I would actually use that note more and stay on it a bit to add more drama to your lead. Also, adding a little more sustained notes and silence would be beneficial here. Good job overall though! :-)

Good melodies here and good ideas too! A few things to be fixed here, while descending the scales on a few spots there are notes that are not in the scale. Try using a B Mixolydian mode in those spots and it should fix all your problems. Other than that, your lead is well constructed. Good job!

Great job as always. You did a good job following the scale. I like your opening and some of the sequence ideas you used. One little thing I would experiment with is silence. Maybe place a few longer notes in there to give the listener some time to "digest" what you played. Good job though!

Good job following the chord changes and staying in the right key. I like the way you built different ideas for each movement. Your sound is a little muffled, but I'm sure you know that. It's too bad because it doesn't serve the melody you created. Besides the sound issue, you did good there.

Nice licks Matt. The reverb/delay is a little too high in the mix though. Too bad. It makes all your notes a little hard to "understand". However, I can tell that your technique is quite solid and that you spent time working on this. Your lead is well built and uses good ideas. There is one little note that sounds a little out on your bend on the second movement on the 6th measure. Other than that, good job!

Nice tone and cool melodic lead! You did a great job on your first collab. I really like the rhythm placement you used, your licks breathe a lot man. At first, I was a bit thrown off with your lick on the 6th measure, but after a few listens I like it more and ore. Great lead, nice ideas. Very nice job!

Did you record 2 times the same thing with different sounds? It sounds quite interesting and is proof that you thought your lead before playing it. I like the ideas exposed here. Your theme follows the chord changes well and serve the song great! Good alternate picking technique at the end too.

Yeah man, great job harmonizing this. Brian does harmonize his parts a lot. Great job! I really like the way you used some scale runs to emphasize the landing notes you chose. Your lead is melodic and technical, very well balanced. Great job!

Good choice of notes TJ. What touched me the most in your lead are the bends and vibrato you used. There's a great control in the notes you play, that is one of your strong points in my opinion. It's a great thing to have because it gives each note you play much more meaning than without any vibrato. Good construction in the lead too.

Another great take here, nice harmonies. Some of the runs you used are very well thought and sound like you knew in advance what you were going to play. I really like the repetitive motif you used on the second lick. Your tone is very Brian May-esque. Excellent job!

It's always a pleasure to hear your stuff Muris. Your lead is a lesson of melodic structure in itself. Great tone and great left hand control too. I love what you did here. Awesome job! My favorite lick is the second one at the end of the 3rd chord. I'm gonna steal that lead if you don't mind... :-)

Man, I love your intro! Very melodic! I really enjoy the constant flow of notes here. There are almost no rests in there, but because of your choice of notes, it works great. Just be aware that usually silence between melodic ideas is preferable. But once again, it works great here. :-)


What a melodic lead you wrote! This lead is absolutely amazing. It's the kind of lead that the listener remembers after hearing it. It's the kind of lead that makes you want to skip the verse and chorus to get directly to the guitar solo. Perfect!

Good construction here served by a good technique. I like the precision in your bends man. One thing you can try to make this even better is to add a little more silent spots so that he listener can "digest" what your instrument just said. Other than that, you did a fine job. I like your vibrato as well, it gives each note more character.

Your lead is very different than what I expected, but it sounds very good! I love the sound you used, nicely compressed. Your phrasing is quite interesting and melodic. Your focus on the melody is always present and your faster runs support the theme you exposed very well. Great job!

I know you're frustrated with your sound, but still you managed to build something pretty cool with what you have. I like the construction in your lead. The ideas are well linked together and make sense to the ear. The last part on the last 2 measures need a little rhythm placement work, but that's nothing you can't fix. You are doing great, keep it up! I know that with the right gear you'll gain more confidence in your playing. Keep up the good work!

Nice melody and good technical interventions. Your guitar is a little out of tune though, but your take is still enjoyable! I like the opening of your solo, I also love the second part on the 5th measure. It gives the theme a second boost very pleasant to the ear. Nice work my friend.

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Bogdan Radovic
post Mar 31 2008, 12:12 PM
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Hello GMC!

Another collab came to end! We had a blue ballad track on our hands..It required a lot of feeling and you guys did great ! You all gave your personal emotion to it..I'm glad some of you (who could) recorded acoustic solos too, It added nice diversity.I want to thank you all for participation in this one and helping to make an unique piece of music..I tried to give constructive comments on your takes about the solos and your recored tone..They are based on my subjective taste (and I may more focus on stuff that I think needs looking into than on the good parts)..

Here is the final mix of it:

Attached File  Blue_Heaven_FINAL_MIX.mp3 ( 6.96MB ) Number of downloads: 364

Participants: 20

I arranged takes in order which you recorded and sent them to me.

Comments :

1. JVM

I liked your tone.Its got a good space in it.Maybe you could record it a little cleaner (maybe roll of some gain).You
developed a nice melody throughout and it feels very rounded..Thrill parts could be a little more precise and tight in time
though and end a little more effective.Great take man , thanks for participation and opening this one !

2. Preownedguitar

You made a good strong spacey guitar tone that suits this collab well.I liked the melody you did in this one.You combined
effectively different techniques and it wasn't overwhelming for this type of track too..Maybe you ended your solo a little earlier and didn't develop it to the very end which didn't sound so confident as the rest of the solo.Speed runs turned great.Thanks for this take man!

3. Superize

You chose a guitar sound with a nice space (reverb ,delay to it) which worked very nicely over this track.It sounded maybe a little too thin, maybe rolling of some treble would do the trick.I can hear the melody you wanted to develop and its a good idea..Some parts (notes) of the solo sounded better than others.Be careful when constructing the solos to hit the strong notes on chord changes (the root, 3rd and 5th) that way to audience the solo will sound more connected and less like a scale.I would suggest also to play with different note lengths and added expression effects like vibrato,bends to the story..This was a great effort and it needed just a little tweaking to be a very cool solo for this track! Thanks for participating man..

4. Smells

You got a very healthy tone.Really well suited for this ballad song..Its got a sad "crying" vibe to it which is awesome.Solo
development is awesome and I wouldn't change anything here..The long (sustained) note in the middle was great idea! Vibrato was great , you really know your solo writing skills! Awesome take , thanks for participating!

5. Muntahunta

Time for a change in sound! We got a acoustic one here.You recorded guitar pretty well though it was a little muddy so next time try to open up a sound a little by adding treble.(i did that for you in the mix).All notes were in place.I liked the
feel to it.Though I got a impression that in the half of solo you stayed in the same emotion for the rest of it (and place on
fretboard) instead of developing it even more (diffrent note values) and going for some higher notes too..Great take man
overall and thanks for doing the acoustic one!


You got a great "nerve" for solos man! This one is very energetic even though the backing is "blue"..You did it very good
though and choose the right notes and techniques for executing it.I can hear its improvised directly only because you got stuck a little in the middle of the solo and in the end when backing is playing E major..Great solo , good tone ..Thanks for playing this one!

7. Somecrazyguy

This was your first collab and you did great! Color of guitar tone is very good though I would recommend rolling off that
gain a little to make it clear.Very cool start to the solo, heavy! You really took the time available (20 sec) and used it to
max..You combined a lot of ideas in there and it all sounded very good all fitted together.Great energy in this take! Thanks for participating and hope to see you in the next ones too!

8. Fatb0t

Pretty good guitar sound here.With a good dose of space to it.I liked the development of solo and melody was very good.You played just few "weak" notes somewhere in the middle to it.Your vibrato was a little to fast and nervous but it did hit the bullseye on the artificial harmonic one..Great take overall man, thanks for jumping in!

9. Izzycom

Sound of guitar was pretty well.And it was a pretty solo, melody wise.I can notice that you were loosing sustain on notes
from time to time.I would recommend adding a little more sustain and vibrato to notes that stay ringing a little longer.Development was very cool it was just a little disconnected because of loosing sustain on notes that connect
phrases.Great solo man , thanks for playing !

10. Tjchep

You got a good guitar sound and it needed just a little more opening to it , middle , treble up..Great idea for solo and
almost perfectly executed, was a little shaky in time but good..Fast runs were very cool.Vibrato was good also.You need a little more effective ending to a solo where backing culminates..Thanks for jamming in this one man!

11. Deep Roots

You got a strong guitar sound.A little raw too.I like shreddy ideas you threw in there.Intro to it could be played a little
more precise.I like the rest of it and ending was very effective.Cool solo mate, thanks for participating!

12. Chast

I little jazzy tone in this one.I liked the easy , relaxing melody you developed in the first half.It was discrete and
effective.But I think you ran out of lick ideas a little in the second part of solo especially when going up the scale.This
was a very relaxing solo to listen.Thanks man for recording , very nice!

13. Slammer

Another acoustic take we got here.Sound was pretty good but I would like it more if it had less delay (this one seemed just too much).Also guitar sounded a little thin, like its missing in other frequencies (bass, middle)..I really liked this
solo.Reminds me of "Mediterranean sound" smile.gif I liked the bend you did in the intro, and speed run in the end was very cool(you could play it a little more precise though)..Also overall melody is nicely developed and relaxing.Thanks for doing the acoustic one ! Great take man ! See you in the next one..

14. Mat23

This guitar tone had a huge space to it..This solo sounded me like a feedback/special effects one to me.Most of the notes
worked well and solo is cool.Though somewhere going towards end you chose some wrong ones which didn't work so well..This was a very interesting solo man and thanks for participating!

15. Siggum

You got a cool vintage vibe to your guitar tone.I really liked how you combined different phrases and runs.You told a
interesting "story" through this one..Phrases were cool.Maybe not all notes came out (sounded) strongly as others - in some fast runs you played.Very cool solo and tone overall, thanks man!

16. Kaznie NL

Hmm your tone was a little muddy and had maybe with too much distortion,try to open up the sound and roll of gain.You made a cool line for the most part of the solo but I would like to see more development to it and expression.Main problem here was the sustain on notes..You were loosing it from time to time.Add a little vibrato to longer sounding notes and it will sound much better! Thanks for playing here , it was a cool take overall!

17. Ivan Milenkovic

I love acoustic solos..You are instructor here and you know your solo playing skills..I like octave licks and overall finger
style playing.Tone was very clear and I could hear even string noise which gave a cool character.The "never ending" fast run turned out to be very effective for the end..Great take thanks for jumping in!

18. Soulstone

Very nice guitar tone..You played long notes which were in the right place most of the time..I would like if you changed the style earlier and not leaving shreddy stuff for bare end.Because after middle it sounded a little too repetitive because of same note lengths and style of playing..Cool take man thanks for participating!

19. JWbauer

Another easy jazzy guitar sound.Could be a little more opened up though (less muddy),but it was close to it..I like the licks you threw in there but I got a feeling that you relied too much on the starting lick (and played around it) instead of
developing new ones..A really cool take man overall , I enjoyed it..Thanks for participating!

20. Enucleation

We are closing this one with a screamy Enucleation's take..Guitar tone was very good , though rolling off some treble (and maybe gain) would be cool indeed..I really liked the "screamy" intro of it (though you could be more confident in playing it)..After that solo goes for a main lick which was great (and overdubbed ? )..I think that lick could be a very very good one if you played few notes differently (in the end phrase of it).You played it more complicated than it need to be.Rest of solo is cool.You'll notice I killed the drum track at your solos start, sounded interesting to me that way..Thanks for closing this one and for your participation!

Thank you all once again!!

Cheers! smile.gif

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Nemanja Filipovi...
post Apr 13 2008, 04:28 PM
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Ok....first of all..I want to thaK YOU all for helping me make my first collab...
thanks every body...smile.gif
It was truly a great pleasure to mix this song...Yeah I could not resist...My feelings had guide me to make a bit of a song out of it...so I did not put the solos by the order who recorded it first,but by some subjective feeling where should one melody go...my choices where made only by atmosphere that solo is caring it with the melody...every body plaid very good...so my choices was not made up in that order(who plaid better...)

I had never comment a guitar player in this matter before...so I hope this comments could help you a little...smile.gif

Attached File  Final_Mix.mp3 ( 6.26MB ) Number of downloads: 366

Number of participants : 8

in the natural order,who recorded first:

5.Kaznie NL
7.Ivan Milenkovic

In the order that is in the collab:

5.Kaznie NL
6.Ivan Milenkovic

My comments will bi in order that is in the collab:

Nice melody men...only thing I need to add is the endings of a phrase,I think you should bend it a bit...give it a little vibrato...smile.gif

great solo...and a beautiful tone,nice color...I like the little reverb on it to,you did good when it comes to a dynamics of a solo...nice beginning,little more in the middle,and great finale ...so for me it blend truly great in the melody.....smile.gif

great,you solo come right after a vocal,and blend rely nice...color is good,melody to,I think you had only one or two notes out of key in the end of your solo...
but, even then it sounds cool....:)and your dynamics is great too...smile.gif

I liked your take very much...it was very melodic and modern(wich is great)...nothing to add..very good...smile.gif

5.Kaznie NL

Your take was very come and slow,but not in the bad way,it was great melody,and I use it for a some kind of bridge part,and it came great..you had a lot of noise in your recording,so I did a bit of EQ to remove it.....smile.gif

6.Ivan Milenkovic

thanks man...very nice...like the melody very much....you playd it great....smile.gif


like the beginning of it very much,you have a great control of you instrument...like it that you started with a one note dynamic variation...
end was great to..you had a nice tone...job well done...smile.gif


great take man...I did a little time move on your take...but it blend great....good playd,and great ending....thanks..smile.gif

Thanks every body for making this song together....smile.gif

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Juan M. Valero
post Apr 16 2008, 12:05 PM
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It was a really endless pain colab ...

Well, that's the end of this collab. I'm so sad because after 45 days working in this collab I only have 7 tracks (well, actually 6 and half)... and there was 15 persons that there were in !!! less than the half part sad.gif
I don't know what's the problem, the time is more than enough so I don't know if it's because the collab is too hard, too boring or just too bad...

It was specially difficult to mix because all collaborators had a different tune and I needed to change some pitches, because as you can remember the progression Em>Fm>Gbm>Gm>Abm etc. so as there was lot of people that didn't send me his part I needed to reorder tracks to make a logical progresion...

Well, let's go to the comments:

00:05 Cm - DeepRoots
00:40 Dbm - kaznie_NL
01:15 Dm - muntahunta
01:50 Ebm - leedbreak
02:25 Em - Gus
03:00 Fm - coffeeman
03:35 Gbm - superize


00:05 Cm - DeepRoots:
Well done my friend !!! really interesting first part with good melodic and rythmic ideas, in perfect harmony with the backing track. The second part is more rocker, and also pretty good. I see some pentatonic ideas her. Ah, and I love the harmonic that you play in this part wink.gif

00:40 Dbm - kaznie_NL:
well, I must say that you need to practice hard !!! work on the rhythic ideas and try to play as relaxed as you can. Then
learn the basic patterns and try to feel confortable with them, and don't be afraid to do long notes !! wink.gif

01:15 Dm - muntahunta
Another great idea for the first time. It's the most difficult 'cos there are some rhytmic patterns in the backing track and we need to keep them in mind if we want to nail it wink.gif
Second part is missing sad.gif
I thought in recorded my take here but I prefer not doing this...

01:50 Ebm - leedbreak:
yeah mate, I love your part, it's really interesting, just say be carefull with your picking. There are some wrong notes but in general is an excellent take smile.gif

02:25 Em - Gus:
I can see a great work here with great licks, be carefull with the note after the pinch harmonic, hehe, but don't worry you did a good take wink.gif

03:00 Fm - coffeeman:
excellent, great ruthmic ideas in the first part and in the second part excelent melodies !! I love specially the 4 compass and the last 2 notes, really well chosen my friend !!

03:35 Gbm - superize:
hey mate, thanks for this good take, I don't like too much the first part but the second one is really good wink.gif
great melody and well done

Well that's all, see you guys wink.gif
Attached File(s)
Attached File  Endless_Pain_Complete_Collab.mp3 ( 3.89MB ) Number of downloads: 389

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Ivan Milenkovic
post Apr 30 2008, 11:31 PM
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Hey guys, I must say in advance again, sorry for the delay, I was little sick and on the road so I had to do the collab this late. Since there aren't too many participants I've decided to make some more detailed reviews for the people who did me the honor to participate. Here's is the summary

Type of collaboration: AC/DC rock style
Final Mix length: 3.23
Number of Participants: 6


Great intro Alex, I loved that intro syncopated lick followed by the slide. Then some hamerons&pulloffs working your way up that bend release-and-to-the-root should be more precise. i would suggest practicing only the bend and release slowly so you execute it very sharply and with precision. ALso a small vibrato on the root would be nice too. Those intervals later are excellent and pulloffs as great, nicely in the groove, slow but precise and I can hear every note - I like that. The last lick is little faster, and not too precise, but then again it sounds pretty cool so it can be an effective way to finish a solo for sure. All in all, I suggest practicing more on the construction of the solo as a whole. You have the technique and you use it with caution. Your solo construction is cool too, you know where to put certain passages, like in the end a faster one and start with the slower one, but try to make a whole solo like a whole, not as a combination of different passages. All in all I think you are heading in the right direction, the playing is great. The sound is good no comments there.


Wow, lots of drive, mids scooped, interesting color, but be careful you're on the verge to make it sound muddy. Playing is like this, intro is great, those pinched are very cool and effective, and whammy use is excellent. You really made it part of the solo which is great. The melody further is developing nicely, but that mini run is little sloopy if you ask me. I suggest you practice a little those runs with a metronome, at least one of them and they will make your soloing on a much better level of quality. Bends after that mini run, on the half of the solo are perfect, very precise and in tempo. I suggest adding a vibrato there nevertheless it will can definitely sound pro with those quality bends. Second part of the solo is fine too, but seems to me you didn't have much ideas when you finished those nice bends. IMO those bends on the half would be a great way to finish the solo, not the ending you played. All in all construction of the solo is what you must work on, building a solo to a certain point is no problem for you, you are doing it great, but finishing off effectively is something you should focus more on.


And do I smell some bluesy roots there? Nice use of pentatonic scale is a great way to start the solo. First lick is a very nice one, but little generic, tho I like how you've played it. That vibrato is not too precise, must be nice, sharp and fluid to sound good. In those situations it is better not play it then do it like that. I suggest a little practice and it will be great. When you go to major scale lick and apply those bends it is great, but when you go to those tremolo intervals and work your way up the fretboard that is excellent. I like that build up and this quality lick can really make the whole band get boosted up with energy believe me. I smell talent there. The rest of the solo is in "soul mode" and I really felt that. You really got into the groove and got carried away, and I like that. This shows you have natural feel for the blues based music and I suggest you practice a lot in that direction to be able to use it even better. So, more work on vibrato and bending vibrato to really boost up the feel in your soloing and you will sound excellent.


First the sound. It is good, but little scooped and too much space if you ask me. Definition in sound is very important, more important than lots of effects so try to find a balance in presets. You started the solo nicely, Some nice slow bends and vibratos. Vibrato use is excellent I must say. That pinched harmonic didn't turned out so good, so I suggest to practice more those PH in order to gain full control over it. Just after it is a great bending vibrato and I really like to hear when someone practiced those a little. They add a great quality to the overall soloing. Applying bends up through the solo ending is fine, but would like to hear just one small run or lick there so it doesn't sound the same. But all in all, you managed to work your way up to the end nicely and finished off with something I think is your specialty - cool bending licks. Nevertheless, I suggest practicing small runs here and there and work some more on those PH. Also find a good preset with less space and it will be a pro sounding solo for sure.


Great rock style singing my friend. Since I don't know much about singing technique and all I will try to pint out the things I hear that maybe could be recorded a little better if you let me. Vibrato on "only dream" could be more steady, I think you tend to go down when breathing out, and when applying a vibrato it is hard to vibrate the note and low with it. So one of these must go off. It is maybe because of the tendency to vibrate every finishing note always. Try to make you vibrato more controlled on the places where is exactly needed. After that, it goes very smooth and nice and that low note is excellent. You have a great resonant bassy voice that's for sure. The second part of the singing is good but glued on, and I don't like that but that aside on "devil" the vibrato is again a little clumsy. More precise control is needed. Then when the backings get in it sounds really great. I like that idea very much and you sang it perfectly, what can I say. You voice is great for layering and note pitch control is perfect as expected. A small thing is maybe the end of the backing where the letters don't match entirely but that's a minor thing. Then repeating all is a good idea for vocal line, and in the end I expected again backing with maybe some highs but you did a good ol' copy&stereo so it sounds s little fetter but not too effective for the vocal ending.


And last but not last important my faithfull companion in all collabs, organized! Let's see what we have here: Intro one word - excellent. The pure simpleness of those two notes ringing is brilliant and very effective. I have a felling I heard something similar before but hey - this is classic rock everything is played along before we were born. The lick after where you go to the root from that bend release is good but I suggest more practice on the bend. Must bend sharply to the pitch and go down precisely on the fret pitch so every note is heard precisely and clearly. That that little bending lick, first time on the root, second time up there on the octave root is very nice but sliding on the octave root and applying that vibrato was little clumsy. I know it's a difficult thing to do, there are different techniques involved, but even couple of hours of focused practice with that lick can make it pro sounding believe me. After that, those 16th note lick is effective, and great there, but then you went again to that root up there. Seems to me that after that 16th note lick you didn't know where to go and just get around in circles a couple of times. This can be fixed by finishing off on the other note except the root, some other strong note, third or fifth. Be aware during a solo always where you are heading - to what note. Second part of the solo is great, those repetitive licks really build up nicely, and melodic structure is simple but very effective. You have the talent for simplicity and quality, must work more on your expression. The ending is not too effective and this is again because you during those carried away moments you forget where you are heading. So more work on vibrato, and more work on the harmonic structure of the solo. First analyze from where to where you wanna go. Then, when you know that you have the talent to go through it nice and simple but effective.

OK people, thanks again a lot for participating to all, I hope to see you on future collabs too, playing variety of styles and together improving our soloing techniques! smile.gif



Hey guys, I must say in advance again, sorry for the delay, I was little sick and on the road so I had to do the collab this late. Since there aren't too many participants I've decided to make some more detailed reviews for the people who did me the honor to participate in this beautiful sounding collaboration which is my all time favorite for now. Here's is the summary

Type of collaboration: Jazz Soloing style
Final Mix length: 2.32
Number of Participants: 4 (5 takes)


Piano Take:
Excellent piano sound, very smooth and natural sounding. Intro is great, that melodic passage, slightly syncopated really adds to the atmosphere of the tune. Then small intervals to finish of the phrase in a good manner. That little chromatic passage is great and very jazz sounding but little bit more on the execution side needs to be worked out to sound more clearly. You have a nice talent for harmony and I can see how you are trying to follow the progression theme. in the second part you actually stopped for a moment and wondered where to go, and this proves that you listen to the harmony before playing over it which is very important. That following the 7th chords going down is and excellent way to give support to the top notes of the inverted 7th chords that are actually iii ii I vii vi but with the top notes G F E D C which then sound like were back on I rather then vi. Excellent.

Guitar Take:
Excellent melodic intro going closely with the harmonic and rhythmic structure of the backing guitar. Then a small bluesy lick very nice going with that, and again some little melodic variations that i think would benefit from nice slow vibrato there. That 1/4 bend is a nice touch too adding to the blues feel. Again like it piano take you stooped a little when the key center changes. I suggest to analyze the backing before you start the solo. remember impro in jazz require a solid scale and chords background knowledge. Must know exactly what you can use and where or else when we go out of Cmajor key you can feel trapped in Cmajor scale and not knowing where to go "out". The ending is a very nicely played, smooth and in the groove, little pulling back and making a track more easy sounding. Very nice.


Some nice popping notes in this solo. I like how you used po technique to accent some of the notes in the solo, but be careful to do it in some kind of rhythmic manner that can relate to the backing better. In the second part of the solo you moved to the bluesy feel and smoother playing lowering down the dynamic. I feels very cool, especially with that nice vibrato use. THe ending was nice, I recongized where you wanted to go, but simply didn't have enough beats to go for it. Must think in advance when doing these kind of soloing stuff. So use of techniques is not a problem for you , your vibrato and popping are great style for this kind of track. But what I would suggest doing is to listen to backing more careful and really analyze the harmonic structure of the rhythm guitar part. Also while playing you must feel the groove and have the ability to know in advance what kind of a harmonic pattern to expect in advance. It is a hard technique and skill to develop but once you get used to changing different harmonic patterns other things will be a walk in the park.


Great intro my friend, nice and smooth melodic passage x 2 , second run using some nice hammerons to make 2 ghost notes and sliding up. Then using legato to make small runs and coming back down again using the scale. In the second part you've got the feel, got into the groove and really build up the dynamic of the solo. Very nice, I could really fell that. Again the tricky part (for everyone) comes when the harmony becomes a bit unstable and you make a small pause to regroup. That is good also, better to make a small pause then bunch of notes without sense. In the end you finished nicely. So fro you I also recommend a little bit practice on those hammerons and pulloffs , so they sound rock solid with the tempo if you know what I mean. Also some harmonic structure analyzing would be of good use too.


Very nice melodic building and more important phrasing. Phrasing in this one is brilliant I must say and certainly it sounds good because you played quiet too. Now giving in respect that your sister was sleeping and you could not give your maximum which is much greater I know, I will not include any negative feedback this time - but watch out... smile.gif

AGAIN, thank you guys for participating in this excellent collaboration. Although the were not too many people in it I think it created a more private and quality sounding atmosphere and this is why this collab sounds favorite to me. Thanks again! smile.gif

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Nemanja Filipovi...
post May 8 2008, 10:27 PM
Post #26

Singing Instructor
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Hi,and thanks so much for participating in my Happy collab.Once again I am very sorry for late upload of this collab final mix and comments.

Number of participants: 6

In order by upload

kaznie NL
Ivan Milenkovic

In order by me:

kaznie ML
Ivan Milenkovic (this order is just my "trip" that I arrange by some atmosphere vibe)

Attached File  Pop_Rock_Style__WBT.mp3 ( 947.75K ) Number of downloads: 348

Comments :

Nice blues theme,and nice playing,you haw a nice tone.Only thing that I have to add(as a singer smile.gif )is bending the string a little more,that is all.

well,idea is great,I did not like the guitar effect that you put,guitar seams to be to far away from the face(sound picture),you should try to put just a little compressor on the guitar sound.I like the strange bending. All in all good take man.

well,Trond you rock!!Take is so good and smart,have nothing to say.Great man.

Siggum,really good man,great frasing and idea is cool.Very nice tone.All i all good man.

Kaznie NL:
Kaznie,really like the start and that strange sound,only thing I have to say is that you need a bit better control,and that is all.
All in All very good solo.

Ivan Milenkovic:
Beautiful take man,tone is great and frasing to.Really great take man.

Thanks every body.smile.gif

This post has been edited by Smells: May 8 2008, 10:28 PM

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Trond Vold
post May 9 2008, 10:42 PM
Post #27

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Enter Hammetland Collaboration

Number of participants: 13 (14 takes)
Lenght: 6 minutes.

First i just have to say thanks to everyone who joined in smile.gif Was a blast listening through all your great takes!
I've arranged it in the order of whoever uploaded first.

Attached File  Metallica_collab_Final_.mp3 ( 8.26MB ) Number of downloads: 396

Here's the comments:

somecrazyguy09 00:01 - 00:26
I really like this one. It's well-structured and captures the Hammet spirit quite nicely.
The sound is a muffled and unclear at times perhaps. But all in all, a nice little solo smile.gif

Siggum 00:27 - 00:52
The first half is good!
But after that little pause halfway in it sounds like your unsure of what to play next.
Maybe a little practice on bending would do good. They sound a tiny bit out of synch and tune at times.

Nemanja 00:52 - 01:17
This is just too cool smile.gif Your voice fits well on practically everything.

Tjchep 01:18 - 01:43
I like it! It's got a good structure, and your vibrato is great!
But i'm not so sure about the sound. Sometimes these "clunking" noises are louder
than your notes, which takes away some of the coolness of the solo.
I suspect it's got more to do with your preset/sound than your playing though.

UncleSkillet 01:44 - 02:09
This was really cool smile.gif Sounded very Hammetish.
There's one note i didnt agree with though, the note right before the key goes back E. Sounded a bit
strange to me smile.gif There's some noise here and there though, but nothing major. Good stuff smile.gif

leedbreak 02:09 - 02:34
Some great ideas in this solo! And i like the structure.
There is some timing problems though, and the fast picked notes sound a bit cluttered together.
Some precision and timing practices could help with that.
Maybe less echo on your sound would be good too, it added to the cluttered sound.

OorganisedConfusion 02:35 - 03:00
Good ideas to be found here aswell. I like the double-guitar effect smile.gif
Your solos would be greatly enhanced by some more work on timing and vibrato.

USAMAN 03:01 - 03:26
Nice Wah-ing smile.gif
I like the sound of this. You tried hard to get Hammet-style solo going on.
There's a few notes i would like to have heard better timed, but all in all.. good stuff smile.gif

bladzerok 03:26 - 03:51
You got good ideas and you made a good layed out solo smile.gif
But your playing sounds a little stiff.
Adding some vibrato and working on playing more freely could really spice your playing up a bit.

Enucleation 03:52 - 04:17
Good and fast solo! I like the double-guitars that come in on the 2nd half.
It does sound a little bit messy and uncontrolled at times though, and there's some background noise.
But by all means, keep it up! If you had nailed your solo ideas here perfectly, it would have sounded killer!
Just keep practicing precision and timing

Oh, and another thing: You should try to get higher bitrates on your recordings. Your take was 64kbits, which
wont sound very good recompressed to mp3 when i export the final mixdown. 128kbit should be minimum.
And the volume level started of low to high, which made it a bit tricky to get into the mix. The ending clips.

coffeeman 04:18 - 04:42
I like it! Nice construction smile.gif
The section that starts at the keychange is good, but it sounds a bit messy. Some timing and hammeron/pulloffs
practice would be good to fix that.

Ivan 04:43 - 05:08
Your bluesy harddrock solos simply rock.... enough said smile.gif

audiopaal 05:08 - 05:33
I like your melodic-approach, and i really like those little pinches you put in there smile.gif
But you keep yourself in a safe zone by only sticking to 8th notes. Try to experiment a bit more.
I know you can do alot more with a solo!

Myself 05:34 - 06:00
I like the first half, but the last section sounds a bit unprecise and sloppy.
I need to work on that!

Once again, thanks to everyone who joined in smile.gif You all did really well!

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David Wallimann
post May 25 2008, 11:47 PM
Post #28


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Thanks everyone for your participation. We have quite a large panel of talented folks in this one.
Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did!

Attached File  Mixo_Dorian_mix.mp3 ( 8.43MB ) Number of downloads: 275


Very nice feel on this one. I love the intro of your lead and the way you built up everything with very tasteful bluesy licks. Your take is a good example of how important rhythm is while soloing. I like the choice of sound you used as well, very southern rock sounding. Great job!

Zizi Top
I love your choice of notes here. The way you blended the Mixolydian scale with the Dorian mode is tasteful and works well. I would recommend working a bit on rhythm placement on a few runs, they sound good, but would sound even better if well placed in rhythm. Actually, after listening I think your placement is good, but your sound makes your notes sound a bit sloppy. Maybe using a little bit less distortion will bring your notes where they should be. Other than that, I really enjoyed your take and look forward to hearing more of your music!

Alex Lewis
I love your intro man! Your lead is very well constructed from beginning to end. Nice build up and great choice of notes. I really like how you blended technique with melodic choice of notes in a way that is pleasing to both advanced players and non players at all. Great job!

Andrew Cockburn
Andrew, it’s always a pleasure to have you in the collabs. What I really admire in your playing here is your vibrato. It’s not too overdone, but just right to bring all the notes alive. Great blend of minor thirds and major thirds. Your lead fits the exercise very well. Good job!

Bali, I really enjoy your lead. What makes your lead interesting is the rhythm placement that you use while phrasing, and your choice of notes. I really like the second part of your lead starting on the fifth measure. The choice of notes almost gives your improve an eastern feel. Great job and nice construction!

Some of the ideas you exposed here are quite interesting. I don’t know if they were done on purpose or not though. On the first part of your lead, I can hear the Major 7th of G, which is not in the Dorian or Mixolydian mode. However, they can work if you want to give your improve an off feel. Was that done in purpose? If so that’s great! If not, just be aware of it. The rest of your lead follows the track quite well. Keep up the good work!

Hammerin Hank
Wow, your lead is so full of great licks! You should post the tab of this as I’m sure some of our members would love to have these licks under their belt! Your lead follows the exercise extremely well and is a great example of how to blend the Dorian and Mixolydian mode. Great take my friend! Looking forward for more!

Good choice of notes and good lead construction! I really love some of the ideas you developed in this take. Your rhythm placement is sometimes a bit off, but your choice of licks and your idea development compensate for that and make your lead quite enjoyable. Good job!

I like your intro a lot! It exposes your theme quite well and sets the overall tone of your ideas. The lick you play on the 7th measure is brilliant. It has a wonderfully weird feel to it that I just love, thanks for sharing it with us! Some of your notes are a little displaced from the rhythm, but that can easily be fixed by continuing to work with a metronome. Great job my friend.

Good lead Nick, great use of the minor pentatonic there. I wish I heard a bit more of the Major third though which would give this a more Mixolydian feel. You did use the Dorian quite well though and the color of it is well rendered. Keep up the good work!

Organised Confusion
I like the melodic feel to this man! It’s the kind of lead that people usually remember, good sense of melody is always more important than flashy licks, and you have both! Your mix of Dorian and Mixolydian is very evident and tasteful. Great work!

I enjoyed your lead a lot, it’s very well constructed and has a great feel. You have a very special phrasing that is admirable. Your laid back rhythm placement and choice of notes is a pleasure to the ears. I also think the sound you are using fits your take perfectly, what did you use?You’re doing a wonderful job my friend, keep up the excellent work!

Smells like Steve Vai. Wow! What a great take here! Your licks sound a lot like Satriani’s most famous student and it sounds great! Very nice harmonies and melodies. I love how you blended melodic ideas with high technical interest. You’ll go far my friend, keep it up!

I like how you decided to play the first part of your lead in Dorian to finish it with the Mixolydian mode. Your licks are tastefully played and follow the directions very well. Your ideas are well developed with a great use of repetition and help your take to develop nicely. Great job!

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Gabriel Leopardi
post May 27 2008, 03:53 AM
Post #29

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Hi!! Here we have the final mix and the comments. This is my second collaboration and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you all for the participation and for the awesome solos.

I hope that all the GMC’ers like our composition!

See you in the next one!

Attached File  La_mansonesca_final_mix.mp3 ( 5.14MB ) Number of downloads: 282

Here you have some comments that I did. I hope that you find it helpful.

Organized confusion:

You didn’t trust in your ideas this time but I think that you did a very interesting solo in the intro of the song. The first part alla Maiden in Wasted years but harmonized is brilliant and very effective for a beginning. Then I like the idea but I would like you to do more strong bends. The licks are great so it’s just practice. I also like your sound.

What did you use? Good job man!


You did very nice phrases in the first verse. The beginning with an artificial harmonic sounds very good. I like the structure of your solo… I mean te way that it begins with a melody and then becomes faster. You sound is very warm and your picking technique is precise. Well done!


Hey! The first part of your solo sounds perfect with the song. In the last part you show us that you are very good playing sweeps. It sounds awesome!! However it sounds a bit out of scale. I think that you used arpeggios that aren’t in the tonality of the song. If you use E minor arpeggios it will sound very good. So just a bit of improvisation theory here and we will have a new awesome player!


I really enjoyed you take man! It sounds very good and works excellent as a chorus! The notes and arpeggios used are perfect and I just can say that I find a bit of timing problems in the second par of the arpeggios. Good job!


When I heard you first bend I said… wou! This is going to be great! It sounds very rocker! I really like te way you use the pentatonic scale. The licks you do are very of my taste. You are a bluesy and precise rock player. Good take!


You take sound very stoner! And that is very good for me… it’s rocker and dark… You playing is like mysterious in this take. I ca say that your vibrato is very good and sounds perfect with the “sustain” of your guitar. The solo has been played very good and sounds like the verse of the song so I think that you did a great job.


Yeah!! Excellent guitar solo man! And that’s what I wanted to hear in that part of the song. I can sing you solo after hearing it twice and that’s the idea of a solo for me. Every part is perfect so I just can say keep on the great job! You have to be in a rock band now (If you aren’t yet… ).


Hola amigo! A vos te puedo escribir en castellano…. Pero vamos a poner en ingles para que todos entiendan. You worked perfect the last part of the song. I can say that you solo sounds like the end and that means that you did what you have to. You used very cool licks. I can here some Zakk Wylde style and also some Satriani licks there.

Good job!

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David Wallimann
post May 30 2008, 10:17 PM
Post #30


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It’s finally here! The Smooth Jazz collab is mixed and comments are here! I had great pleasure listening to your entries and you all did a wonderful job. All your leads are unique and everyone brought something interesting. I think you all have something very important to offer here and I tried to expose what I liked about them
For those who missed my take on this, check out the Smooth Jazz lesson.

Attached File  Smooth_Jazz_mix.mp3 ( 8.43MB ) Number of downloads: 281

Ballistic 31
Good chops my friend. I like your alternate picking in this one. Your lead is well developed and prepared. Some tempo problems occur on the fast alternate picking run which could be easily fixed with patient metronome repetitive workout. Start on a very comfortable tempo and increase very gradually. If you work with your metronome on a steady basis, you’ll correct that problem in no time. Good job!

I like the intro to your lead. It builds up quite nicely and really gives the color of the Dorian mode. My suggestion to you would be to take that theme and add some more phrasing tools. Take one of the small licks you used and add to it more expression. It could be done by approaching a note with a bend, or maybe a few chromatic notes every once in a while. That will help your sense of melody shine.

I enjoyed this take for its great rhythm phrasing. Your lead is very rich in that sense. Things are kept interesting with the use of repetition. That is something to remember, the human ear is always “attracted” to something when it recognizes it. You managed to create that with some recurring rhythm motifs. Good swing and great use of the Dorian scale. Nicely done!

Hammerin Hank
Your sound is very appropriate for this style of music. I admire your phrasing my friend. It’s indeed very smooth. Some of the licks you used are very interesting and have a swing to them that draws the listener in. Your sense of rhythm and swing are present through the whole track and keep the audience fascinated. Great job!

I like the way your lead builds up and renews itself on the beginning of each measure. A little suggestion, or idea to work on, would be to try focusing landing on alternative notes not found in the main C minor 7 chord. Try landing on the 9th or the Major 6th to open things up a bit. To do that, locate these notes within the scale box you decide to use and simply build your idea thinking about approaching that chosen note. That will expand your ideas a lot I think and make a good lead even better. Good work!

There are some great ideas in here. I love the way your licks breathe and keep the improvisation interesting. You’re kind of playing a bit after the time which is wonderfully appropriate here. It gives your lead a laid back feel. You have a good technique and nice bluesy phrasing. Great job!

You have a recognizable touch my friend. Your rhythm motifs are distinctive and I would develop that. You went a bit off scale on the last measure using a minor 6th instead of the major 6th of the Dorian mode. That’s something to watch while phrasing in Dorian as these two notes will clash together. My suggestion here would be to try approaching not so common notes and rest on them to open up your lead. The 9th is always a nice way to start opening things up. Add a bit more silences in your lead between your rhythm motifs will help a lot too. Keep exploring these things my friend, good work!

Organised Confusion
I hear some good ideas in this one! Good use of the Dorian color and nice rhythm approach too. I like the chord approach you have on the 6th measure. Very jazzy! As I suggested to previous leads, I think you would gain from trying to focus on the 9th and Major 6th to open up your ideas a bit. Adding a bit of expression with bends and other guitar tricks would help too. Other than that you did a good job. Keep up the hard work!

Man, you phrase really well! There is a great swing to you improve that is very interesting and captivating. I think we can all learn from your rhythm use. Your licks are all tied together and well in place. It gives your lead a real liveliness that reminds me of the way a sax player would improvise. Great work!

You did good use of the scales suggested, great job! I think you have things to say in you lead. One thing I would watch is your silences. I noticed that your lead doesn’t have any silences and that would help all your musical idea have a much bigger impact to the listener. Try to imagine your guitar being an extension of your mouth. That will force you to breathe more and will make your playing more expressive. Keep up the good work!

Some of your ideas are very interesting here. I love your use of chromatic notes to emphasize your licks. Your use of silence between the licks is very well thought. The lick you used at the end of the second measure is very interesting and worth learning. One thing that I noticed in your lead that we should all learn from is the way you play some notes louder than others. It makes your lead alive. Very tasteful work!

I like the laid back feel you gave to this lead. Good choice of notes and nice use of the Dorian scale. You managed here to focus on the important notes and bring all the color of that mode to the listener. I like the control and vibrato you gave to your notes. Your approach to certain notes is very tasteful, especially when you use little slides to “dig” into the notes. The fast lick on measure 7 is a bit out of place in rhythm, a little extra work with Mr metronome should help you there. Good work!

Zizi Top
You have some great phrasing ideas here. I love your use of chords in the 3rd measure. Very jazzy my friend! Your rhythm is a bit laid back which is wonderfully appropriate. Great feel! I like the way all your licks lead to one another. It’s as if one as preparing the next. They seem to respond to each other in a very pleasant way. Great job and thanks for participating!

Nice use of the chromatic scale! This is a great example of how to accentuate on certain notes by approaching them with chromatic ascending or descending notes. I like your choice of notes here, it sounds very Dorian. Your lead could benefit from a little extra work on your rhythm. This is nothing that you can’t fix though. I like your use of silence here, it makes al your ideas have more impact on the listener, good job!

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Ivan Milenkovic
post Jun 29 2008, 10:11 PM
Post #31

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Guys, it started like a regular thing, a minor
spring breeze and then it turned into a
monster summer storm!
We have another mosnter collaboration on our
hands, this time a RECORD BREAKER! biggrin.gif
I think Summary tells it all :



Type: Blues Improvising Collaboration
Participants: 23
Full Length: 20min (!)

So as I don't have to much time, let's start
with comments right away, because this is
going to be a long night smile.gif

First let me just say that comments are my opinion on the matter, and they should not be taken for granted. If you think I told you something bad or incorrect please tell me so we can disscus it. I gave my best to give as much as constructive comments I could.

Little note - The participants are placed in a
different order then on the UPLOAD topic
because of DAW's way of importing audio clips

1. Siggum

Very nice creamy sound, starting of with some
nice bends, and developing theme in the major
pentatonic like a true master of blues, very
mature playing. I really like the phrasing,
and muting to accent the rhythm as well. Very
good. Also notes follow the main progression
nicely. There are room for improvements, sound
has some buzzing, and sometimes melody sounds
like you didn't know where to go next. But
this tells that you tried to play by ear adn
with feel, and that is appreciated. Well done

2. Bondy

Nice nice, very good to see that someone is
usign vibe effects in the style of a true
bluesman. Also Fender emulation if I'm not
mistaken adds to that blues vintage feel. This
is an exaple how less is more in the blues.
Very good choice of notes, specially in the
first part. Where there are room for
improvements is with notes and rhythm both.
Too many notes can sometimes get you out of
the groove, specially in the second part. The
ending could be better too, the trick is to
land on the V chord strong note to really nail
it. Work on lead turnarounds, suggest
listening to intros of Freddy Kind, he could
start and finish a song like a true master.

3. fatB0t

And some great heavy modern blues. Like the
preset, lots of mids and suitable for heavy
blues in the style of Gary Moore. Reverb level
is little high, but it can pass. I like the
first lick and bend, little shaky there, but
nicely advancing to that speedy lick, and
finishing off like a true heavy bluesman. Tone
is good, but with that amount of drive, there
is some noise specially with faster passages.
Notes are very important, better to play every
one very clear, and it will sound excellent.
Nevertheless you really tried to play
everything with the right amount of phrasing
and muting, and the energy is great as well,
so a good solo here.

4. bluesrock

Nice raw sound from the guy who likes the
minimalistic apporach on this one. First part
is nice with a try to bend but probably quit
from that idea. Notes are nicely syncopated,
and couldn't help the feeling that an old
bluesman is playing this heavily syncopated.
Even the drive has some degree of originality
and similarity with old school elecric blues
What could be better is melody building and
adding some vibrato or bends to the melody so
it sounds more interesting. Other than that is
very good.

5. Caelumamittendum

Nice licks, starting fast right away, and on
the minor scale, but wiht some nice phrasings.
Also those bends were spot on, very nice, and
the ending lick very precise and very
effective. You seemed liek seeking seeking and
in the secodn part finally find a soul-mode
where you unleash the energy nicely. What I
didn't liek too much is the preset, too harsh
and full of ear piercing presence. THat could
be better, other than that, great playing and

6. cofeeman

And a nice bend vibrato on the start, another
one, and another bend. and some more! wow I
really like the bend+vibrato effects, I can
see someone has been practicing and playing
those. Great double stop licks too, on the V
some great bends too, and finishing of with a
very effective twangy lick + mini tremolo. I
must say this is a great style for blues, but
couple of things could be even better, like
rhythm syncopation and even more steadier
vibrato on all bends, tho it's one of the most
precise here, I can see that you can go even
further if you practice some more. The solo
really gets a whole another dimension with
those nice bends and vibratos. The preset is
mediocre with some buzzing, little harsh but
no big deal, it can be fixed with some

7. Dexxter

WOw what a start, you really get in the zone
fast. I like that free approach where you play
whatever you feel and I can feel you my
friend. Also vibrato is very good although you
don't show it too much. Those 4th intervals
are a good material. On the V there are some
cool bends, then some "lost" notes, and a cool
lick to finish off the solo. What could be
better, well, not much, you pretty played
everything nicely and freely, some notes just
before the last lick seemed that you got lost
a bit, and didn't know what to do for a
moment, but maybe you jsut got outa vibe fora
second. Good feel for the blues tho, adn
preset is very nice.

8. Fran

Very nice celan smooth sound man, and master
solo building/climbing to the IV using those
4th's. The some double stops to spice up, and
ear piercing bends, some bassy lost notes, but
then glued-on a nice lick for an ending. I
really liek the way you started a solo, and
the way you guide it ti the IV, but later
after that piercing bend you seemd kinda lost,
so you recorded a nice lick ot finish it off
effectively. Not a bad thing, very nice, some
more work on maintainig that great feel for
the blues and you'll be fine. Preset a little
harsh on tha tpiercing bend but cool other
than that.

9. Gus

Nice minimalistic intro, with some interesting
bends on the IV change. On the V some nice
climbing on the scale and goind again down on
the V root. Very nice, melodic solo, but a
couple of suggestions. Should wor on dynamics
more, and on bends. They must be strong and
precise. Also preset is too spacey, it makes
your solo floating down bellow the backing
instead being up there to hear it. But
nevertheless, some nice licks, and use of
double stops makes this solo very nice.

10. Henry Dietzel

Starting with a ear piercing bending lick
there, and repeating it to accent it. Nice
development after that, some great
bend/release licks. Very good solo structure,
no speeding and really being carefull about
the tone, muting and bending precision. Also a
nice turnaround lick at the end using A A# B.
I really like that style. Also grace notes
used shows that you liek to play the blues and
knwo classic blues licks very well. Where I
see improvements is vibrato. It can be even
more stable, and wider. Other thing is the
preset, little harsh on the highs but not a
big deal. All in all great and very balanced

11. jdriver

Another clean minimalistic approach. Very good
and smooth sounding. On the IV little weak but
bringing it down on the I again with elegance.
Also a couple of ntos for V IV I and for the
end little stronger dynamics to finish off
little effectively. What can be better, well
maybe just maybe slihglty less delay, and a
better dynamic could really make this solo
sound pro. Also some vibrato could add a great
vibe too. Other than that the philosophy where
less is more really makes wonders in your
solo, and use of notes is almost perfect.

12. Kaznie

Nice bending lick to start off, and goind to
major scale like a master of blues. I like
mixing major and minot pentatonic very much.
Then that repeat of the lick on the V and
calming things down for the last V turnaround.
Also there are some nice bend release there
in the middle. You really dig the blues major
vibe and I appreaciate that, but more dynamics
and a precise vibrato can make this solo
really shine. My suggestion - practice those
more and you'll sound like a pro. Preset is
great, but spacey, and solo is barely in front
of the backing. It backing soaked it uyp a
little too much.

13. kjutte

Nice intervals, and bends in the start, also
excellent bend release vibrato lick on the IV.
THe followed by some great bending licks too,
adding some grace notes and slow runs along
the scale. On the V IV I some nice melody
building using minor scale licks, even some
modern type in the end using a whammy for a
moment which is very good. Accenting,
phrasing, bending, feeling, you got it man.
Also minor scale use is almost second nature
to you. Add a bit of precision, be carefull
about the tone more, and be carefull not to
play too many unnecessary notes, and you'll
sound like a true pro bluesman and a player.
Preset could benefit with less space imo.

14. matt23

Very nice and smooth, clean sound with some
nice bending vibratos there and a mature
minimalistic approach. Later those bends are
also very nice, and finsihing lick is a great
combo of a blues classics. Now, some more
precise bendings in the middle, better
dynamics, and tone control can make you sound
even better man. By tone control I mean
precise muting and carefull picking so that
notes sound roughly very similar in character.
(Of course not if you don't want them too).
Some analyzing of turnaround licks can enable
you to finish off the solo in a much more
effectvie manner. THe preset is nice and
smooth, I like it for this type of playing.

15. mattacuk

Nice vibrato mate, starting off very nicely
and with feeling. I like how you used that
main theme from the intro in the whole solo. I
can feel that you got in the zone with the
blues. Later some great vibratos again, all in
all very effective and the outro lick is
excellent too. Improvements can be achieved in
the field of vibrato. It is very good, but a
more stable, wider, and slower one would sound
even more fluid. Also preset could be smoother
by a fraction of an inch imo, because clipping
is little too harsh. Other than that it is
great, decently structured and with feel.

16. Nemanja

Very nice man. The woman/man theme/story is a
great idea, shows that you have a creativity
and humor. Also the singing is very good mate,
but little behind the main humoristic idea.
Very nice all in all, and quality of the
recording is also excellent.

17. Pizzoaro

Some pannign exeperimentint here, very nice
sounding, and nice effect "where is that
player" achieved. Also the choice of notes is
very nice, and staccato playing adds to the
style. Tone is very nice, not too harsh, but
the spacing is a little bit too much in
relatioonshop to the backing. It seemed like
the band is playing and you are running up and
down on the 100m stage in the style of Angus
Young. Other than that melody and strucutre of
the solo are great.

18. skennington

Nice intro lick, but... I think you played in
G minor pentatonic instead of E minor. I must
say it does sound good and minimalistic but
seems like you went out of the key on this
one. Other than that it sounds very good, and
I really liek that raw preset too. In the
future I recommend practicing on the minor
pentatonic in the key that the backing is. If
you're not sure how, check out my lessons
about blues, I gave some nice explanations.

19. Slammer

Very nice start with that blues lick involving
bend, following by an awesome bend+vibrato,
and muted bend. Then going to to frenzy mode
unelashing some raw note sequences, followed
by those souldful bends, that really tells me
that you got the feeling for the blue. The
last lick is good, but not great, it can be
better and more effeective, try practicing
some turnarounds. WIth those bends and feeling
I think you can easily manage it. Preset is
also nice and not too harsh, very bluesy.

20. sticky fingers

Starting off with nice licks bend+release, and
adding some grace notes, and following the
progression very nicely. The last lick is very
good and effective. 2 things can be even
better and those are vibrato and rhythhm.
Interesting preset, modern hi gain blues,
little harsh at moments because of the
clipping but all in all very very good. I like
that modern style and wiht some wider vibrato
it can really shine.

21. TJchep

Very smooth start, with some nice twangy
licks, followed by >whole step bends that I
really like, and very good vibrato. On hte V
there is a change, my guess you played with
pikc there and with more gain. I liked teh
first part better but the second is very good
too with some great licks. What can be better
is soloing structure, lots of good licks, but
you must connect them together in a good way
so that they sound like a whole. Presets are
great specially hte first one.


Nice twangy licks right away followed by a
good efective tremolo. THen some electric
blues licks in E major pentatonic that sound
very nice, On the V a good minimalistic
apporach and the outro lick is great, I can
see that you have played turnarounds before.
What can be better is possibly muting the
strings, and developing tone even further TO
really play the notes cleanly and not to pick
the notes that are not played. Presets (both
of them) are cool and acoustic/electri mix
sounds very nice. Add a more stable vibrato
and it will sound top notch.

23. ZiZi Top

Very nice, guitar and a good voice. Yo have
the color in your voice and it sounds nice,
but more practicing can really shine. Also
those effects at the end is very good. About
the guitar, it very nice, I really lie that
heavy rhtyhm blues style. SPecially slide
effects. SLighlty less gain, little more
middle and more tone control will make your
playing sound even better. Great job.

24. My Take

my modest contribution


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Nemanja Filipovi...
post Jun 30 2008, 12:10 AM
Post #32

Singing Instructor
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Hi guys.Thanks for participating in this collab,it turn out great.And I had so much fun working on it.

Number of participants : 8

Attached File  Final_Mix_And_Comments.mp3 ( 6.47MB ) Number of downloads: 329



Well man,you did capture that twist energy,but my general advice would be to work on you tone controle,that comes with practice,and patient as you know,but it would help you a lot when it comes to make your good ideas sounds even better.
Of course you are getting better with every collab you do.So that is a great thing when progress is noticable.All in all good job.smile.gif


Good take very much in the style of this collab.The first part you did great(Battman style smile.gif ) like an very nice intro in to second part of your take witch is musical,and like idea great.Your tone is nice and groove is there for shore.smile.gif


well this is great Henry,melodies are so in the same hand simple and intelligent.Great take man.I felt that you chose the best color possible tone this collab.Great take once again.smile.gif


Well what to say...you are my personal guitar idol.:)Beautiful,fast,clean and every note is on the place.Great!!


Very good melody Kaz,in few places I think you needed to add more vibrato on longer notes.I really like how you came in to a second part of the coollb,very cache melody.All in all,very good Kaz.smile.gif

Melodies are good,there is to much of drive for this kind of music(IMO).But you did control it well and come trough with good concept for this solo.Really like the ending.smile.gif

Very nice my friend,nice tone and concept.like the octaves at the end,they give it a great touch to the whole take.The ending is very melodic,and the whole second part too.Very Good OC.smile.gif

Very good thinking there,and your dynamic is great too.Really haw nothing to add from technical point of view.I like it very much.Great job.smile.gif

Check out my video lessons and instructor board!

Participate im my new Crazy Blues Collaboration
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David Wallimann
post Aug 4 2008, 04:22 PM
Post #33


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Funky collab

A few weeks ago, I posted a funky backing track for you to create an interesting lead. You have all worked hard and the results paid off. What we have here is eight very different approaches that prove once again that hard work and dedication are key to success.

I hope you enjoy this final collaboration as much as I did!

Attached File  Funky_collab_mixed.mp3 ( 6.23MB ) Number of downloads: 246


There are some really good ideas in here. Some of your licks are original and prove a good mastery of your instrument. I like the rhythm placement of each ones of your ideas. One little thing I would suggest to improve even more is to tie all these ideas together with a stronger melodic feel. Try to find a theme that the listener could sing without a guitar in his hands. Then add some guitar tricks like some of the licks you used. The second part however is great and doesn't need anything other than what you did. Great use of open strings and great feel.Good job!


I love the sound you chose here. Fat and tasty, great job! Your lead is well constructed and you show a good understanding of how to deal with the modulation. One thing you could work on is precision in the fast parts. The opening section of the second part has a great start, but gets a little bit sloppy at the end of your alternate picking sequence. Nothing you can't overcome though. Great job overall!


You did a great job preparing the second part. You are a good technician and everyone can tell that. But you are also a good musician using some nice melodic ideas. I would encourage you to develop that side of your musicianship. Create themes in your head before reproducing them on the guitar. There is nothing like a strong heartfelt melodic lead mixed with strong guitar technique. Great work, keep it up!


I love your crunch tone, it works very well here. You did a good job building up your lead to the second part. I like the rhythm placement of your ideas. You could work a bit on a stronger melodic feel. Prepare your lead without the guitar will help you free yourself from sounding too much like a guitar player (that's an odd statement...) What I mean by that is that doing so will create stronger themes that will touch the audience in a deeper way whether your audience has an understanding of your instrument or not.


I love your tone man. What did you use to get that sound! Your vibrato is remarkable and so pleasing to the ear. Your lead is quite melodic, but not conventional. I like it! You have somewhat of a Satriani feel without completely copying him. Excellent work!

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Ivan Milenkovic
post Aug 6 2008, 12:39 PM
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Here it is guys, a collab is finally finished, it took me 3 hours to complete the comments so this means we had another monster collab on our hands smile.gif


LENGTH: 12m 31s

Here are the comments. Again, like every time I must say that I'm just a human with subjective opinions and not a machine. I really tried to write the best possible comments, and please forgive me for all the typos, and potential misleads and mistakes.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you and compliment everyone, because now, after a few collab under my belt I'm quite familiar with your playing and can really tell what kind of progress you have made (and me along with you!). It is phenomenal to hear the final mix, and hear so much great and quality made solos. Thank you all again.

The participants are in a,b,c order:

Alex Lewis
Nice bending starting and staccato mini lick. After that
a cool legato mini run. All the time you are applying
some nice vibratos, which is great. You kinda little
loose the sustain on that bend - it would sound even
better if that bend remained up, such a feeling in there!
In the end we have a nice staccato licks again, great
phrasing, and a cool lick to finish off. The tone is
really nice and smooth, just right amount of drive, and
blends in nicely with the track. I have a couple of
suggestions, first, a more controlled vibrato would sound
even better, then that strong bend, it sounded great, and
it would really benefit from longer sustain. Also, the
structure of the solo was great in the first part, but
later, you seemed kinda what to do next. This is also a
good thing because I can see that you were improvising.
Great job.

Andrew Cockburn
Great intro bend and vibrato, and beautiful melodic
building, climbing more and more using wide precise bends
all the time and in the end a stunning "moore-ish" kind
of lick expressing burst of emotions. Great solo indeed,
tone is excellent to, smooth, and recognizable which is
always a great thing. If we really wanna go into
details, I would really wanted a little more clarity on
those runs, and faster executing of bends at some points
- that would make this solo perfect and even gary moore
would say that I suppose! smile.gif excellent!

nice minimalistic approach, really adds certain laid back
vibe to the track, nice and gentle, with a good choice of
notes. It is really hard to play this kind of way, to be
able to play little notes and say a lot, and I think you
got it mate. Tone is cool too, if it were little smoother
it would be excellent, but that is a matter of personal
preference. One thing to add - although you have the
talent for that minimalistic approach, more practice is
desireable for achieving more smoother tone/feel and
phrasing. For example, you did great with those ghost
notes, why not throwing in some vibrato on some notes?
That would make this solo pro-sounding believe me. All in
all great job.

starting of fast right away with some whammy licks that
sound really cool, then moving on to some more whammy
licks with a pinched that sound even cooler. Then seems
to me you glued on a second part, that starts with some
nice fast licks, applying some bends, and finishing of
nicely with pinched. regarding tone, it's a bit fuzzy but
ok, I noticed that you like this tone, so why not - if
it's ok to you than no problem. The solo itself is great,
whammy use is really cool, and adds to your style, it is
recognizable. Also executing it with taste and control is
something that you succeeded, but on the verge. Structure
of the solo is not too great, this includes the glued on
part too, but you did managed to make it cool and
complete. so, although you rule the whammy - more
practice on bends, vibrato, and precision whit the pick
in those fast runs.

very interesting sounding minimalistic clean solo, with
some nice phrasings. bend release very nice, and those 2
similar licks, the second one by the octave higher really
sounded cool and expressive. The tone is a little ruff
and bassy, but very smooth and warm so I forgive. smile.gif Also
in the end a nice expressive lick would lie down very
nicely intead of lets-get-back-to-the-root kinda way
sequence. Upgrading a little your lick library is what I
recommend, and also more use of bending/vibrato.

Nice nice intro from arppegio, very melodic build after
that, bend and vibrato cool, and climbing to the strong
note very nicely, then a great bending lick and a strong
expressive bend, followed by a cool run and several
successive bends that are very expressive too. WHat can I
say, this sounds great indeed. Everything is in it's
place, well thought, and very nicely structured, you have
a talent for melody and solo structuring, and also have
the technique to back it up. This is not the fastest solo
around, but it is one of the best, because of the
precision, and the clever choice of techniques and
phrases involved. I do have some thoughts of course, but
nothing concrete, just some fine tuning of all techniques
involved. As most people would say: it is good but it can
always be better, so more practicing on bends, vibrato,
and rhythm playing (to really lock on to that click) will
really really improve your playing, and take it to the
next level. great solo

nice bending start, and a lot of fast vibrato use. THen
some volume playing, and classic bending licks, followed
by a nice&expressive bend in the end to finish off. Tone
is nice, but a little harsh and buzzy, some playing with
drive pot can change that in a second. Melody building is
great, specially in the first part. Also that bending
lick in the end is very effective. WHat I suggest is
practicing bending more, to really execute those bends
not only precisely but fast too.this will really enhance
you playing imo. other than that it's great stuff.

great intro licks, two successive bending jewels with
awesome phrasing, very expressive. And them some nice
picking sequence, followed by nice bend/vibrato and some
more picking. Then some great fast and clear pentatonic
legato licks, some more, melodic building and in the end
a monster fast pentatonic run that really sounded just
like Moore's! Regarding tone it is really great, among
the best, I like that warm sound of the pick, and the
space is great too. I can see that you've practiced some
bending and vibrato, but bend+vibrato requers some more
work to really sound great an precise. If you played that
bend+vibrato (and you played them a lot) more precisely
and wider - it would sound like the great gary moore
itself. SOme minor mistakes besides that not worth
mentioning, and all in all a great solo.

Nice start using legato and sustain, really gentle and
melodic. THen a sharp bend, and some sharp expressive
picking, a little pinched bend that lose a little
sustain, another one little shorter, and a good ending in
legato style again. TOne is cool, little buzzy, but it
can pass. Phrasing is great, and the feel is great too,
but again, those bend are a little problem that a couple
of hours hanging out with a click can sort out. Structure
is cool, and you have a feeling for rhythm, throwing in
notes on various places in the beat, and staying with th
click. Really cool soloing mate.

And here we have some solo based on moore's sig licks,
very nicely executed, I can see that you used his solo
for inspiration, and it must have been inspiring because
it sounds great. Phrasing and tone are excellent, and
because you haven't used a lot of drive, it sounds even
more defined and mix-cutting. Reverb is little dull and
shallow, but it can pass. Bends are great, but
bend+vibrato can not be heard, and that is also one of
the trademarks of Gary Moore, and one of the very
important techniques to learn. So a metronome in hands a
to practice some vibrato technique.

Nice clean start, great singlecoil sound, and gentle
melodic soloing. Minimal choice of notes, but maximal
effect because of the correct tone use. Also rhythmically
it is not dull at all, very nicely executed and carefully
chosen the place of the notes in the bars too. THose few
hammer-ons really add to the atmosphere nicely. Tone is
nice, little muddy, I would like it to be more sparkly,
but it's just a matter of preference really. If you were
trying to achieve that jazzy type of sound you were very
close indeed. I could only add maybe one bend and a
couple of vibratos to this solo and then for em it would
be even better. All in all good job man.

Nicely started with few notes, and panned guitars with
the left one on the 3rds. That is a very cool idea, and I
like the fact you made the part just like two guitars
were talking, and the left one just accents right's notes
here and there. Again clean and minimalistic approach
with a very very light crunch, so the tone is great. I
would like some more expressivness tho, like some nice
vibrated notes, to go along with those ghost slides.

Starting fast with some bending licks, and taking of with
a whammy bar, then some nice staccato and bendings, and a
run in the end. THe sound is very muffled and scooped, it
really lacks a definition. Adding a little more mid
will solve this problem easily. regarding the playing it
is great, some nicely composed licks, and a decent
structure. In the middle part, there are some notes that
didn't quite fit in nicely, but hey, improvisation is
hard of course, only the masters play every note right.
So more practicing on bends, and more precise execution
of that run in the end will make it soudn even better
mate. Good job.

again some nice melodic licks similar to gary moore's but
then but with nice personal seal too. THose bends are
very nice, and that one in the middle is not quite on
pitch but OK, the second part seems a bit different and
really like you you came back to bass notes. Those
melodic passages really have the gary moore vibe. Playing
is cool, the tone is very nice, not to bright and harsh.
Everything is in it's place as far as the structure goes
too, the only thing I can comment is that unprecise bend,
and a couple of notes that were not on click, besides
that it is a great solo indeed.

Nice start, very interesting and melodic, with great
accentuation of strong notes. Then we have some natural
harmonics nicely blended in, followed by some beautifull
melodic passages, and in the end a couple of notes to
finish off. All in all a very nice little solo, small
choice of notes, but effective and the phrasing was good
too. I would prefer some bends and vibrato too, to really
add to expressivness of the solo, but it can pass of
course. Tone is also very nice and gentle.

Very nice tone, and great start with some excellent notes
and (little unsecure) bends, Great phrasing, and melodic
building. In the second part a nice climbing, and some
great finish bends. tone is great, little punchy and
trebly, but not harsh and ear-piercing, it sounds pretty
good, and it cuts through the mix nicely. Regarding the
playing, it is great, and the structure of the solo is
good as well, but what the solo would really benefit even
more is from longer and more secure bends. You seem to
hold them too short, not holding them in pitch correctly
and vibrate the string which adds to the incorrectness of
the pitch. But no worries there, with a littel practice,
and more stable bends, this solo is one of the best

Nice legato intro, and melodic seqeunce. The you change a
key a go into a different pentatonic scale, but it sounds
cool nevertheless, very fresh. Tone is really cool, lots
of space there, and smooth sounding. I prefer less space,
but this is OK if you like it that way, the guitar seems
to far in the distance somehow. The choice of notes is
very good, but it can be even better, with a good
effective ending. What you would benefit from the most is
practicing some licks, and scale theory. ALso a small run
would sound great in there.

starting off nicely with a couple of notes, and carrying on in a
great melodic manner, using a couple of slides along the way.
then a cool bend in the middle, and a little climbing up, then
another bending lick, and another climbing for the end of the
solo. Tone is great, very mellow and gentle, but also with just
right amount of drive. Space is cool too, perhaps little long, but
if you like it it's cool to me as well. regarding playing, it's all there
in a nice decent structure, and nicely balanced. The only thing I
would suggest is add a couple of bends here and there. This will
really give the solo another dimension, and make it even better.
Great job man.

Nice bending start, and some bending licks with some nice
phrasing, followed by some crazy and fast pentatonic
legato runs in the style of gary moore. smile.gif the running
continues to the end where you finish off with - guess
what a pentatonic run! tone is cool, little harsh and
scooped but OK. The structure of the solo is not too
cool, because you seemed ok at starts, moved to
pentatonic runs, but stayed on them almost exclusively
till the end. If you only stopped for a moment for some
nice expressive slow licks it would be even better, but
this way is nice too. Pentatonic runs are ok, more or
less, needs more precision and clarity, but fast and
furious indeed! Great playing.

And smells plays it cool and melodic! nice melody right
from the start, simple but very very expressive and
effective. I really liked the part where your guitar
becomes louder and adds more drive. Those bends are
really moving, and I can really feel them, that's how
good they are. Also vibrato is very good too, but not too
precise on bends. Must work on that a bit mate, and it
will be phenomenal. The run in the end is a like and
icing on the cake, cutting through a mix like a sharp
knife and penetrating right through the hearth. Tone is
great, and other than some fine tuning of your technique
i have no complaints. Great playing.

Great start with those bend+releases, and vibratos. Also
some whammy played once in a while and with taste really
adds to the mood. THat little run in the end is also nice
one, within the limits and played good and clear. tone is
smooth and nice man, i can recognize it always, as so
your style. Keep rockin TJ, you have the talent for
expression, and if you work hard, I think you can really
sound great in some time. Work more on bend+vibrato, and
try to incorporate some sliding techniques that will go
along nicely with those legato passages you are found

Great intro bends, a small run and some great expressive
bendings with a vibrato on top too. in the second part,
some nice passages, and two string intervals descending.
a small ascend again and a great emotional bend to finish
up nicely. tone is really great, trebly, but not harsh at
all, really smooth and mix-cutting. The structure of the
solo is great too, improvised great and keeping a steady
balance until the end in a little bit of this-little bit
of that manner. You play vibrato nicely, but some more
work on bend+vibrato is gonna make your playing even
greater and even more expressive mate. Great job.

And for last, but far away from worse (more to say like
the best imo), comes wrk, and plays it very smooth and
relaxed, with some great bends and melodic sequences. The
color is great, very warm and smooth, and phrasing
excellent, with a lot of taste and feeling for both the
rhythm and harmony. I got nothing to complain here, maybe
only to throw in a suggestion about those bends+vibratos.
THey are good, but not great. Your playing is great.


OK for the end you can hear my take from my next lesson: Gary Moore Style Intermediate/Advanced that will be live soon. Stay tuned. smile.gif


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Chris Evans
post Aug 20 2008, 12:28 AM
Post #35

Learning Tone Guru - Community Coordinator & Moderator
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Shreddies Collaboration

14 takes in all and the track is 5m 40s

First off apologies to Alex & Kjutte who both posted solo`s with backing only so I`ve mixed them in as best I could.

I wont comment too much just a couple of lines on each & remember the comments are only an opinion smile.gif

Attached File  Shreddies_Final_mix.mp3 ( 7.78MB ) Number of downloads: 366


First up is Muris, awesome take as always, blistering speed with total precision ... I hate you smile.gif laugh.gif not really ya know that aint true, thanks for taking part mate, an honour smile.gif AWESOME!!!!!


A real toughy for me to mix in this one, your levels where all over the place throughout and I had to make a bit of a compromise in the end so apologies if some of your take is a little quiet. Some good ideas in there, I could hear that, but I think just some work on your tone and mixing of the other guitar parts and we`ll be able to hear them all a lot better, good job on the whole though smile.gif


A nice start to your take, and some decent ideas developing afterwards as well, timing a little off in the middle but thats just practice and you finished strongly as well, nice one, well done smile.gif


I think you struggled with this one a little, not a lot of time to really express yourself like you do so well with your strong vibrato, I really liked your opening, a little more attack on it and it would have sounded even better, I`m glad you gave it a shot, some practice on longer flowing runs with alternate picking and you`ll be flying through these like you do the others , great effort mate biggrin.gif


A solid take throughout mate, kept well within the limits, some vibrato work to get a little more life into the notes would improve your take, well done!


Nice nice nice, very nice! laugh.gif really strong from start to finish, liked your take a lot, lost your way slightly with timing slap bang in the middle but pulled it back and finished strongly, great job biggrin.gif

Alex Lewis

laugh.gif well you gave me two takes with the backing but never mind, I mixed it in best I could, Nice take throughout I thought mate smile.gif right after the tapping part you seemed to lose your way a little and then did a little egyptian style thing that seemed to come out of no where laugh.gif but on the whole you did a good job, thanks for joining in smile.gif


I always think you put in a strong take on the collabs you enter mate, personally I think your takes would sound totally outstanding if you work on your tone a little more, for me its a very harsh & thin sound, do you have lots of reverb on as well?? just my opinion, excellent job smile.gif


Nice opening arpegios and great finish to your solo, the middle seemed a little lost if you know what I mean with no real direction and didnt match the start and end, apart from that a great effort, well done smile.gif


The start of your solo was a little like Stickyfingers middle, seemed a little lost in comparison with the rest of your take which on the whole was very good, I thought the ending was brilliant! nice one smile.gif


thanks for joining in mate, I know metal/shred isnt really your bag, just gotta get your head down and go for it laugh.gif thanks mate, great effort & well done! smile.gif


Good to see you back around Jason! unmistakable style that you have, your kind of thing this smile.gif lots of fast AP runs, I wasnt sure at first about the part towards the end that you did but when I was mixing it in it made more sense to me of what you where trying to do and I liked the idea, the timing of it was a little off but hey! smile.gif thats one great thing you always seem to try and do, add a twist of Leedbreak in there which I think is great! thanks for joining mate, smile.gif


Again apologies to you, you only gave me a solo with the backing only so I could only mix it in best I could, excellent start flying straight in smile.gif tailed off slightly towards the end as if you`d ran out of ideas a little, but on the whole a nice job, thanks smile.gif


And finally my old chum Kaz wink.gif never afraid to just go for it! I like that smile.gif for effort you get full marks mate, still cutting those notes off a little short but a definate improvement from the last collab so a big well done! smile.gif adding a touch of vibrato now too? biggrin.gif great, just keep working the way you are and improvising as much as you can, it takes time which you have on your side, just keep working as hard as you do, great stuff!

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post Aug 27 2008, 12:40 PM
Post #36


Group: Members
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From: Denmark
Member No.: 3.701

First of all i wanna thank everyone who participated in my first collab, it was a pleasure listening to all of your takes, and i certainly didnt expect this many entries smile.gif

Because of the ammount of takes the comments will be relatively short. Also keep in mind that i am no master or expert on guitar, theese are just my personal view on your takes and i might not know how long everyone of you has been playing.

Due to the length of the track, ive written the time of your solo, just in case your too lazy to liste to the whole track to get to your take tongue.gif

Sorry for the massive file size, its worth downloading though smile.gif

number of participants : 24

Here is the final mix : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...mp;#entry248844


Your tone and phrasing is great and i love the arpeggiatted run near the end. I also think its great the way you build the solo slow in the beginning and add more power and notes later to make it rise with the track.



Nice take man, The start of solo is not as dedicated as the end where you really seem to know what to play. I've always said that you have a great vibrato, and i like the way you used it here, not too much but you spiced it up in the end wich sounds great.



Beautifull take Muris, i love the phrasing and the melodic runs,they fit the track perfectly. The "whale" like sound is a great touch as well and adds diversity to the solo, just brilliant smile.gif



I love the first riff you make, very strong and dedicated, also you played one of the most beautifull runs in this collab, with the bend just before the second part of the track. Overall a great solo, with nice phrasing and note choice.

Andrew C.


Great solo as well, i love the long note in the beginning, and the way you attack the string to make it more powerfull is great. Great arpeggiated run in the middle as well, adds diversity. I love the way you end the solo as well, very convincing.



Very interresting take here, the run you make in the beginning sounds very original and is easy recognizable, something happens with your sound after that, im not sure if its on purpose or not but somehow it still sounds good, overall a great solo.



Nice take Cael, i like licks in the beginning, your phrasing is great as well, perhabs your not 100% sure what to play in the second part of the solo but nothing wrong with that, its still a great take. PS. thanks for uploading a video take as well, was fun smile.gif



Great solo Iluha, you seemed to have many nice ideas here, excellent note choice as well, and the whole solo is well connected from A to B, also you phrased very melodically, wich s great offcourse.



Smooth tone you used here, works pretty good for this track. I would say you shouldnt be afraid to try and use some vibration here and there, but considering how long you have played i think its a very nice solo, you bend alittle as well, and you make some nice melodic runs.



Crazy introduction riff, very powerfull but original at the same time. Perhabs your tone is a little sharp, but somehow it fits the way you play. Very interrestering phrasing as well, good job.



Very mellow introduction, wich sounds great also your tone is alot more fitting now than in your first takes, i would work alittle but on trying to bend and vibrate to connect your ideas, you hit a wrong note in the end, but its no big deal smile.gif good job overall.



It's always a pleasure to listen to your ideas and takes Nemanja, this is great as well i especially like the part where you sing " in this world" it has a very strong effect, perhabs a different melody to line up to the finish could have been used, but thats just a preference, great take mate smile.gif



Fun little riff in the intro here, however your tone is a little thin, i think it could benefit from a bit of distortion and delay. Your phrasing is pretty good though and i think it would sound even better if you let some of the notes ring out more, to make them breathe.

Henry Dietzel


Great take Henry, i love your original ideas, and your excellent rhythmic phrasing. Also your note choice is becoming a trademark of yours by now i think smile.gif, i really like the way you build up the solo near the end with the fast runs, sounds awsome.



Really odd intro you make here, but its very catchy at the same time, going a bit out of tune on purpose, very original. Great rhythmic phrasing and note choice as well, i like the build up to the end is very nice as well, but the ending riff itself is a little weak, overall a great take though.



Beautifull take man, your note choice is very good and fits this track perfectly.I like your tone too, your arpeggio run wasnt too strong, but this was overall a great solo with loads of "feel" in it.

Velvet Roger


Very soft and mellow introduction, perhabs your tone could use alittle more middle and treble. Some more vibrato at the end of the notes would probably do you good here. Nice melodic runs though, especially in the beginning of the second part of the track you came up with a nice riff, good job.



Great solo Dexxter, i like the way you slowly build it up, and then add more in the second part. Some nice rhythmic phrasings ideas here as well, perhabs you could work alittle on

your tone to make it smoother, either by some chorus, or some delay. Great job overall.



Awsome solo Kjutte, loads of feeling here very nice. Also i love the way you make the guitar scream, its a bit sad that the last part faded too quick, but untill then you've played a brilliant solo, great job.



Very smooth intro you played here, i like that idea very much, great use of effect, you bend a bit too high on one of thoose notes, however its no big deal.The rest of the solo is pretty solid, good job overall.



I think you got some good ideas, but are still a bit unsure on how to excecute them. First i think you should try and hold the notes a bit longer, to tie them together more smoothly, secondly your tone itself could some delay, distortion or even reverb to make it come more alive. The note choice however is pretty good, and like i mentioned in the beginning, its a matter of time because you can express your ideas better.



Your progressing alot Kaznie, you came along way since your first collab takes. I like your tone here, and you hit some pretty nice melodies as well, in the second part you seemed to be more focused on what to play and it sounded more dedicated than the first part. Good job overall.



Great introduction, you seem to be very confident in your playing here, and your making some nice little melodic riffs here and there, you were abit more unsecure in the second part of the track, but thats allright i think you did a great job, i know its not the kind of genre you would normally play too.

Patrik Jezierski

15.41- end of track.

What a way to end this collab, this was one of the most powerfull takes. Outstanding phrasing here Patrick,and great control over the instrument. You made some brilliant melodic runs during the last part, awsome tone as well fits this track perfectly. Got Nothing to critize here smile.gif


It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing
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David Wallimann
post Aug 28 2008, 03:53 PM
Post #37


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From: Fort Collins, CO
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Funk Rock collab - 9 participants

Attached File  Funk_Rock_finished.mp3 ( 10.97MB ) Number of downloads: 350

A few weeks ago, I opened a new collab where you had to record your leads over a funk-rock backing track. The results are here and I must admit that you all really impressed me with your takes. They are all unique and awesome, each one bringing their unique taste to the mix. Excellent job everyone, I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did!

Henry Dietzel

You have some very tasteful licks there my friend! All of your ideas are excellent and deserve to be studied. The laid back feel that you play with is so fitting to the track, really amazing demonstration of style and taste. Wonderful job! I really like the control that you have over the notes you play. You add some character to each note and that's just too good to listen to only once...


I love your precision bro, your notes are very precise and cut in the mix very well. Nice demonstration that technique should always serve a great melody. I like the use of harmonies, very good way to add a touch of coolness to specific musical parts. Very nice job, very recognizable guitar playing as well.

I like the dryness of your sound, it gives your lead a lot of character. I admire your lead even more because effects often help hide mistakes. With your take, what you hear is what you get and it sounds good! I can tell that you have a lot to say on your instrument and you are using simple tools to express yourself which is proof of great musicianship. You have great potential man!

Interesting lead there. You used a keyboard, so I will only comment on your phrasing. Your technique is good to my ear but keyboard is not my specialty. Your phrasing is what counts here and you did a great job! Your ideas are very well linked together by a great use of rhythm placement. You bring the listener to that special place and it works. You also prove a good understanding of how well placed silences have an important role in a well constructed lead. Now take your guitar and reproduce what you played. :-)

Your tone is so creamy! I absolutely love it man! Your lead is wonderful and very smooth. Not many notes, but you used great ones. Your lead makes me think of a painter in front of a painting with no colours. You added color to the picture and really gave the track a unique feel that is very convincing. Wonderful job, I can't get enough of it. :-)

Your lead is very well constructed, starting slowly with a very simple them and getting into more challenging ideas. I love your use of repetition, that is a principle that should always be aplied. Humans usually find much pleasure in hearing, or popularity of remixes). Applied to music, that concept can bring your lead to new heights. You understand that and applied it very well. Excellent lead!

You have some nice ideas and good chops! I love your vibrato technique. It's not exaggerated, but enough to bring alive any note you play. Good construction of your lead as well. That alternate picking lick is well thought and helps the lead take a new breath. One little thing I would try on the next one is to tie everything together with some kind of theme or common idea in all your licks. It sounds a little bit like a collection of licks but that can be fixed easily! :-)

Great take, very rocking lead. I like your ideas and how you managed to blend a bunch of cool licks together without getting repetitive. One thing comes to mind when I listen though that could help you sound even better is to play a bit more with silences and longer notes. That will give the listener time to "digest" what he just heard and help him stay focused on the rest of your lead. Other than that, good tone and good playing!

Good work on building up a lead. You started with slow ideas, exposing the color of the scale and added to it bringing some more technical ideas into the mix. A few notes sound a bit off at times, that's because you went with the Aeolian scale instead of the Dorian scale. Both of these scales are very close. Only one note changes between them and that is the note that sometimes clashes in your lead. Not a big deal though... The backing track can be played Dorian, because the rhythm guitar plays a Major 6th in one of the chords instead of the minor 6th. You used the minor Aeolian scale which has a minor 6th, hence the friction between these two notes.
Good job though!

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Nemanja Filipovi...
post Aug 31 2008, 06:59 PM
Post #38

Singing Instructor
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Thanks every body for participating in this collab.This was a record for me when it comes to number of participants.
Ok here we go with comments.

Attached File  Fine_Rock_Melodies_Final_Mix.mp3 ( 10.03MB ) Number of downloads: 233

Order of upload.

No.of participants:18

Alex Lewis
Col Roberts
Velvet Roger

And mine plus comments:

Nice ideas here,expecialy liked the slide intro.I can see some good technique here,also I think you should haw a bit better tone control on faster and higher notes.All in all very good take man.smile.gif

Wow,perfect take Smells,good tone(witch is to me the most important thing)speed,and excellent frazing.Your solo ideas are great,and you can hear experience for shore.All in all,great take Smells.smile.gif

Well first part is good when it comes to idea,but I think that you need to practice a bit more frazes like that,so gain a bit more tone quality,also I missed the vibrato on the longer notes here.Vibrato is some thing to practice and it means a lot.Second part,where you come in with deeper notes,just before the end I like.It is a good take,am I shore that the more collabs you do you will become better,because I can hear that talent is there.smile.gif

Very nice take man,I like the effect you put on your guitar,blends very nice.Frsing is great,and the you really made a nice difference between the first and the second part,thaty kind of dynamic crescendo is very smart move on this backing track.All in all great take man.smile.gif

Oh,I really enjoy this take,nothing to add accept..Beautiful.Emotional,very smart solo and very well played,like the clean sound too.Thanks man,great take.smile.gif

Very nice and simple take,you made a melody out of it,witch I like very much,expetialy the part just before the end..Good take man.smile.gif

Great take man,really enjoy it.Melodies are great and the tone too.Scales are well played,and with scents.Thanks man,once again great take.smile.gif

Alex Lewis:
Good take man,I like the long notes,maybe you should control them a bit better on the ends of the frazes.Nice tone in general,and I like the amount of drive you put for this take.smile.gif

Col Roberts:
I like the second part with the intervals,first part needed to be with a bit more control,and with less drive in my opinion.Idea is great,very original all in all.smile.gif

Nice take man,once again I think that notes that need vibrato don't haw a much of him.Arpeggios are well played,and Idea for solo is good.Like the jump on the beginning too .Thanks man,good Take.smile.gif

I really like the beginning,and I think you should made a bit more of the second part,not in the way you played,but in melodic way.You did the melodic crescendo,but IMO,you should go to octave higher.I certainly feel progress in you playing.smile.gif
Thanks man.

Very original take man,I wish you uploaded one with backing and one without,bout are with,but I manage some thing,and every thing works out great.Very good idea,and I really like your tone,frazing is great,control too.Great take man.Thanks.smile.gif

Velvet Roger:
Nice and original take man,especially the second part.You should maby work on your tone and drive amount.But except that take is very good.smile.gif
Thanks man.

Amazing man.Just showes how good guitarist you are,if you can play some thing out of the music you love and it steal sound great and innovate.Thanks man,great take.smile.gif

On,this sounds so great man.
Melodies are great and the way you played too.Tone is a killer one.All in all great take man.smile.gif

Great warm take man,second part is a killer one.Very smart.I really liked the take man,nothing to add.Thanks.smile.gif

Nice take man,I would go with less drive here,but steal sounds very good.Idea is good and frazing too.Very well played.Thanks.smile.gif

You are improving my friend.Very good take,and you played it ok.I dont like your tone,but frazing is ok.
Good take Kaznie.Thanks.smile.gif

The order is random,and it does not haw any special meaning.I rally did my best to help with comments as much that I know and I can.
I think that you all played great,and whats more important you improved from the last one,and from all of the collabs you did here at GMC.
Thanks guys.smile.gif

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Bogdan Radovic
post Aug 31 2008, 07:45 PM
Post #39

Bass & Beginner Instructor
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From: Belgrade, Serbia
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Ok guys this was a very interesting collab , I want to thank you all for participating.We got a lot of different feelings in solos in this one and diversity of styles!! I tried hard to accent my comments mostly on how to improve playing and being constructive (rather than on good parts).Please keep in mind that these are my subjective opinions/taste.I am very pleased to have an honor to collaborate with all of you all over the world smile.gif Have fun listening to final product !!


Attached File  Little_Rock_Collab_Final_Mix.mp3 ( 7.02MB ) Number of downloads: 214

Participiants : 16

I arranged takes in order which you recorded and sent them to me:

Comments :


Ok we are opening this collab with Tj's take.Your tone is pretty good , especially in dynamics.Maybe its a little too raw , lowering gain a bit would help.Overall it captures your fingers and guitar character nicely.Melody idea is very nice , though I get an impression that this is done in one take "jamming style", so It has good and not so good phrases.You could have played it few times more to get an clearer idea for your solo and refine melodies..One more thing , you played it pretty dirty , its cool to have "finger noise" when preparing for cool bendy phrases , but somehow you overdid it.Try muting a little more here and there.This is overall very energetic and emotional take , I really liked it a lot! Those are just minor things you could pay attention to.I heard a lot of your recordings , you really got a nerve for improv, just keep it up!


Thanks for participating man.Your tone was a little bit unbalanced and raw.Guitar didn't get the whole frequency space , try lowering mids a bit and playing with bass and treble frequencies.If you were going for old school tone this can somewhat pass for that.Overall solo idea is interesting , here are some suggestions how to improve it : pay attention to notes transitions , you want to make them smooth not much noticeable.When constructing phrases try playing different fingerings, ones that you are not used to.That way you will be able to construct more musical phrases..Try avoiding playing exercise patterns etc..Also you are lacking a little sustain on your notes (whether its the instrument, gate), pay attention to it.And last thing , try adding vibrato , hammer ons, bends to your phrases to make them more expressible.These are just suggestion, you played an interesting take anyway! Thanks for participating!


Hey idea with harmonies is a very good!! Just they could have been a little more complex , these long notes didn't quite make up for lack of solo over it.And pay attention to having harmonies in perfect tune.Try the same approach with a little faster licks (Iron Maiden style) and you will nail it...I really liked the fast solos inside..First one really started well , you played it very good technically and clean.Its was a really great lick , good note choice..You just seemed a little lost in the end , if you played it few times more to find something better it would be perfect and confident till the end! Second small solo was perfect throughout !!! Really good job and I really liked the country lick ! Really interesting approach and solo idea , and well execution overall ! Thanks for playing in this one!


Very nice tone you captured! You played interesting rhythmic concept..Start of the solo (through first chord) could have been a little more convincing though.Part when you are just going up the scale could have been a little different (less straight) but you finished it with a really nice phrase that gave meaning to it.Now we have a really cool tapping part which is really well thought of and perfectly finished with a huge bend and vibrato.Tapping part could have been played a little cleaner though.Overall this was very good take, all notes are in place, you mixed different techniques well, played interesting and not so common phrases (especially rhythmically) which gave a very nice overall feeling to the track..Good job Siggum , I'm really glad you participated in this one!


Very good tone quality..A little too "metalish" with high gain.For the tone itself it works and its cool , but I think it didn't match the backing perfectly, could have been a little softer.Note choice was spot on.But try incorporating small phrases like conversations..Questions and answer type..Also experiment with different note values to make them more interesting, this is very important in order not to sound so straight.And its pretty easy to incorporate.Also this take seems to lack more expression tools like bends and vibrato...Those really mean a difference.Overall it was nice and precise.Last note in the solo was a little out of tune..Interesting solo idea , good quality recording ! Thanks man for participating in this collab!


What can I say man! I really didn't expect this take..I expected singing or similar and I ended up with a percussive combo of sound fx and guitar solo!! It was mind blowing , I really liked how you combined all those sounds , mumbling, clapping , cigarette lighter and of course guitar solo !! Really amazing what you can do with a good condenser mic.Regarding guitar solo it was really well constructed , simple yet effective ! I like the Spanish vibe in it!
Really amazing and refreshing take man! Thanks for participating!


I liked the space you did on your guitar sound..I would just suggest lowering gain a bit , it sounds a little fuzzy and "digital", though overall its a nice guitar sound.I like the overall idea , tapping part was effective..You just need to refine the phrases to make them a little more interesting..Also try incorporating bends and vibrato, rather just straight notes.It really adds a lot to the solos general impression.Generally I liked your take, just need a little refinement! Thanks for participating in this collab man!


Your an instructor so I'm really glad you appeared in this one.Your tone sounded a little bit muddy at start, but as I listen to it a lot I'm starting to like it..It awakes some underwater atmosphere feeling smile.gif Phrasing is interesting and original.Thanks for spicing up this one man!!!


I included both of your takes..You are very skilled in composing so I got really good takes..First one with harmonies is excellent , I like its Christmas feeling..Wouldn't change much to it!
Now we have an ukulele solo!! Amazing , really liked it !! You played a beautiful Melodie on that instrument !! Really refreshes and adds to a diversity to this collab..Thanks for participating, twice! smile.gif


Jazzy take !! You got a pretty cool clean tone..I liked the strong attack, but would recommend lowering space a little bit it seems to much..Also dynamically its not so tight, you got really quiet and loud parts (doesn't seem intentionally).You need all the notes to sound out as you wanted them.Anyway really interesting note choice , especially those little chords you did.Its pretty convincing take..Thanks for you participation man !!


You got a pretty nice tone , but It had too much gain .Try lowering it.Try not to mix up too much effects.Also regarding pickup noise you encountered , try moving away from CRT monitor and similar equipment (maybe using TFT monitors? )...I liked your phrasing, it seems that everything is in place..Those fast runs were executed really well and worked out in making an interesting solo!!! Very nice take overall man , thanks for playing in this collab!


I liked your guitar tone very much! It captured the instrument character nicely...Regarding the solo , try starting phrases on strong notes (root, 3rd, 5th ,7th of the chord played) in order to get convincing melodies.You seem a little out of scale to me too..Also try mixing different note lengths , phrases consist of both notes and their durations..You don't want to sell the same trick too many times in one solo (regarding nigher phrase or groove).You seem to have the technique down (fast picking etc) so just refine the note choices a little (and theory study) and you'll be there.It was a nice take overall , I enjoyed your presence in this collab!! Thanks.


I'm so glad that you decided to do your first collab here! Guitar tone is pretty raw and can pass as an old school type of tone (Beatles etc).Pay attention to dynamics when playing..You need to be able to control your expression by playing some notes quieter and some louder in different places intentionally.In this take you were a little too much all over the place..Practice slowly with a metronome playing a single not from quiet to loudest and back..You will learn how to control it.Dynamics are very important in improvisation and solos..All notes seemed in place (expect one in the end).Now regarding phrases, I'm guessing you are new to this..You don't want them to sound like the exercise you did (for scale).Try thinking of phrases as small conversation between two people.You have questions and answers..Have pauses in between them.Try forcing your self to play fingering that you are not used with in order to escape "scale like" sound in phrases.Its all about experimenting so with a little practice you'll be there..Anyway I enjoyed your take , hope to see you in my future collabs ! Cheers


Thanks for you participation in this one..You are the instructor so you know your stuff.That shred part was awesome , you really mixed a lot of techniques in this one!! Thanks a lot !


Really nice tone you got mate.I liked your solo, here is how to improve it : you came up with 2 good phrases in beginning , question answer type ones.They are good..You just lacked a little more development in the solo..You don't want to repeat similar phrases (in notes or groove) too much.Or experiment with playing same notes in different rhythmic manner and vise versa.Overall it was a really nice and melodic take and I enjoyed it! I liked the technique and slides you incorporated.I'm sure with just a little more time on this one that you would make the completely good solo. Thanks for participating in collab!


I liked your guitar tone , no remarks there! You played a really nice solo , well executed ! Phrases are nice, you mixed techniques well and played it safely and clean.In order to make it better you could work a little on your vibrato to make it stronger and precise.Also try bending notes here and there.It really adds a lot of expression to a solo performance..The tapping lick was cool!! Thanks for the bonus video , I wish all could post their takes like that ! Cheers mate!

Thank you all once again !!


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Bogdan Radovic
post Sep 30 2008, 07:53 PM
Post #40

Bass & Beginner Instructor
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We got another collab finished , I want to thank you all for participating in recording this unique piece of music!! We got a energetic up tempo track and you did well to get different emotions out of it with your cool solos! I tried to give you my constructive opinion on your takes.Please keep in mind that its a subjective one and that opinions may differ, collabs are all for fun and to learn something. It was a pleasure collaborating with all of you people around the world!!!

HERE IS THE FINAL MIX : Attached File  Heavy_Rock_Collab_FINAL_MIX.mp3 ( 3.53MB ) Number of downloads: 180

Participants : 11

I arranged takes in which order you sent them to me.

Comments :

Skennington :

We are opening this collab with Skennington's rhythm take...I like how you built tension in this take so I made a quite large fade in on it..Really interesting choice of harmonies and overdubbed guitars..I like the overall atmosphere it made to the track.Reminds me of some tracks to put as James Bond movies intro music.Very nice job overall to get this collab track warmed up! Thanks for participating!


Your take jumps in very nicely as a first solo in this collab.I really like your nerve for solos and you did a very good job in this one.You learned how to record a very healthy guitar signal that cuts thought the mix well.You got great energy in this one , liked the fast runs very much! String raking you do as your signature worked awesome in this type of solo.You got only one or two spots in which you were thinking what to do next , but you managed to get out of them very fast and compose good phrases.Very good take TJ , thanks for doing this one!

Alex Lenis:

Here we have another very energetic solo! First slow part was a little less effective but the fast runs did leave a very good impression.Your tone was pretty good too, I would suggest maybe rolling off a little gain though..Also the bends in the first (slow) part of the solo were a little out of tune, but were a really good compositional idea!! You captured the right emotion of the track and did a very cool solo overall.Thanks for joining this collab mate !!


This take hits off with a fast tapping part (and a long one) which was very effective! I really liked that idea.I would just suggest paying a little more attention to dynamics when tapping, some notes were noticeably louder than others (going towards bass strings)..Fast licks were awesome, also you slowed down the track nicely with high bends - that was very effective.Repetitive fast licks really work well over this backing.Great job USAMAN , thanks for participating!


You are starting with a riffing idea , I liked how you switched to solo..I liked the first part of your solo and would just suggest you to pay more attention to bends (for them being in tune) and to add more vibrato to longer notes.Second part of solo lacks good phrasing , I think you lost inspiration there and went for similar patterns you know when exercising scales..I would suggest thinking of small phrases and incorporating hammer ons,pull offs and bends,also vibrato to make them more musical.Just take few notes and tie them together in a phrase, playing odd fingerings (which your are not used from exercising) will help you come up with more interesting ideas! Also think of phrases as questions and answers to make them flow better.I like your tone , you recorded it very well!! Very nice take overall , thanks for participating in this collab!


I'm really glad this was your first collab upon joining GMC smile.gif Here are my comments : first part of the take was rhythm type , palm muting etc..But that part didn't get recorded well at all..Playing with microphone positioning in relation to speaker cone of your amp will help you get a clean tone..Lets talk about the solo part.I liked the sound of your guitar, you made a cool space with that delay.I liked your question and answer type phrases you did.Maybe the double stops you played (two notes at same time) didn't sounds so well, you could have played only the first one in some cool rhythm patter - could be more effective that way.Overall this was well thought off solo and I would suggest working a little on those bends to make them more precise and adding a stronger vibrato (which I missed in this solo).Thanks for recording this solo !!!


Nice harmonizing in the intro part of the take.I liked the repeating phrase you did in the first part of the solo..Those harmonics were nice touch.In the second part of the solo you lost a little bit inspiration..Those long notes you played really need a stronger vibrato to them in order to be effective..Nice ending with a whammy smile.gif Thanks for recording in this collab mate !!

Toroso :

You recorded a pretty good guitar tone (especially for your first collab!!).I liked your general idea of the solo..In order to enhance it I would suggest incorporating more hammer ons and pull offs as well as bends and vibrato..Those are expression tools and they really make even one note sing and are very important...Also try playing with notes durations..That is as important as phrasing.Try playing small short phrases (maybe in a repetitive way with small changes in one note), incorporating fingering that you are not so used of playing - to get more inspirational and original take.Very nice job overall , I'm really glad you started doing collabs!! Thanks for participating mate !! smile.gif

Superize :

I liked the energetic climbing up the fretboard! Your tone was pretty good, maybe a little too much gain this time.Solo idea is interesting and only suggestion will be to add more vibrato to those long notes in order for them to sound effective..Also the last run in the very end of the solo could be a little more rhythmically effective.Very nice solo overall mate , thanks for doing this collab !!

Sami :

I enjoyed your take.Regarding sound , I would suggest adding a little treble in order to cut through the mix better (this one was a little muddy).I liked phrases inside.Starting ones are very effective! Also the fast run and those arpeggios were a nice touch! I would only suggest paying a little more attention to timing and vibrato.Thanks for your take man!!

Mat23 :

We are ending this collab with Mats awesome take..I really liked how you composed it..It was interesting from start to finish.Harmonies were a very good idea!! I would suggest working a little on vibrato.Also you played this take a little shaky from time to time but I guess you didn't have much time to practice this take (if you did you would play it better certainly)...Also I swear I can hear a mysterious telephone sound in the second harmonies bend. (but I think its my imagination) smile.gif hehe So all in all , very good take Matt , I'm glad your closing this collab..Thanks for participating!

Cheers !!

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