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> Black Veil Brides Style, Lesson By Gabriel Leopardi
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post Jul 25 2016, 10:04 AM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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Original lesson: Black Veil Brides Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Hi Here is my first video. Recording is very difficult for me. Sound is terrible. However i did try my best. Any comments are welcome.

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Darius Wave
post Jul 25 2016, 12:44 PM
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Hey there!

Congrats on your first video - you know, we all had to start someday to learn how to prepare recording so everything is fine and we'll help you to improve your recordings through time smile.gif

It would be great if you could make a forum post asking for help with your recording set-up. It's important to write down all the details like how you set up your monitoring conditions, thourgh what you are recording and what is the placement of speakers vs camera, vs microphones etc. It all really matters. At the moment I can only guess and give a very shallow feedback:
1. If you record a guitar that would be then mixed with a backing track in a program(DAW), then it's best to record thorugh a headphones, having your monitors(speakers) turned down to 0. Of course if you record your guitar through a camera built-in microphone or any kind of other microphone. Otherwise there will be some of backing track recorded thorugh the mic of guitar, and
it will cause some phase issues when you will mix it with original backing track. It can appear the way we hear at the beginning of your take
2. If you use on mic to catch guitar playing and backing track at once, it necessary to place all speakers including guitar amp in the same direction and to place the camera in front of them (you shoudl see speakers front in the camera view). This way you will avoid phase issues and camera will grab most of the tonal spectrum. In other words it's better to buy a usb extention cable (to boost the length) and place your webcam in front of PC, not on the desk. You would need to turn around on your chair and we would see you and your pc on the camera view. That's the simpliest way to get best possible sound from a single source recording.

As for the playing....

First, solo part - beginnign is quite ok. You need to work on the smoothness of your vibrato - more regular vibration width-wise. timing is not perfect but close. Unfortunately the faster part need more work - your hand are not in sync yet so this lick is in fact not ready yet.

Second part - riff. You tend to get out of timing when play those faster, pal muted runs. Unfortunately due to a cam position we 've lost high frequencies and can't make a full judgment on articulation

Third part - another solo and riff. Something weird happened and it seems like you have fall out of the track tempo near the end. We can spot this listening to what you play and analysing the drums behind. Maybe the backing track was a bit too quiet? You need to focus really hard on this one in your next take.

From the good things:
Your left hand looks very good - proper shaping and what's very important proper vibrato motion basis (vibrato need work but you don't need to fix your hand position for vibrato execution - it goes from the wrist rotation and you make it properly

Few more suggestions for next takes:
1. Try to make your right hand visible as well
2. Riffs part like this are usually played on the bridge pickup position. I'm not 100% sure but it sounds liek you have been playin using neck pickup position - it's not a good choice especially for the palm muted parts

At the moment most important thing to improve is the timing.

And...do not worry about any of above. It's naturall to have such an issues at the stage of learning how to play. It's very brave of yours and very important to your progress, to show it to us and make us able to give you some individual help smile.gif Keep on rockin' smile.gif

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Jul 26 2016, 02:26 PM
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Hi mate! Great to find your take here.

Congrats on your first REC. It's a very important first step to start improving your recording and playing skills.

As Darius said, we are open to guide you step by step to learn how to make your videos sound better, and with some practice professional. Feel free to start a thread, or to write as personal message to talk about it. In the meantime, I recommend you to check out this interesting video that will clarify some basic concepts and will give you ideas on how to improve your sound without any money investment, just time.

Once you feel more comfortable with your guitar tone, the next step is to start polishing your playing. The most important element to improve is timing, and the best way to work on it is practicing at slower tempos, using the backing tracks, or guitar pro file. Once you can play the parts tight, you can increase tempo. It's also helpful to work on small sections starting with the ones that show more important issues (the faster licks).

Ok friend, I hope that this is the first of many takes! See you at the forum!

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Ben Higgins
post Aug 11 2016, 09:26 AM
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Hello, Pai welcome to the REC zone!

I notice you've got your home address written in your signature. You shouldn't do this, for personal security reasons.. just put "Thailand" or your home city, but not the whole address smile.gif

Ok, on to the take.

Your playing ability is quite high. You've got some good rhythm guitar skills. Your picking is quite capable and your chord shifting is obviously confident.

The main issue I see is that your timing is not accurate.

You start well but the rest of the performance is out of sync with the drums. You are playing too far in front of the beat.

As Darius said, it may be because you didn't have the backing track loud enough when you made the recording?

You have some good skills, you just need to sort out the timing issue first!

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post Aug 12 2016, 05:36 PM
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Almost there, 4.7

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