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> Santana: Europa Part 1, Lesson By Laszlo Boross
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post Oct 31 2016, 09:23 PM
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Learning Roadie

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Original lesson: Santana: Europa Part 1 by Laszlo Boross

Hi This is a first attempt about this track, i try to play it as it as but it's hard for me to do not add some personal stuff, this track have for me something special .


Yes, i love badges.....
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Darius Wave
post Nov 2 2016, 06:31 PM
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Hey there!

My first impression is very positive. I'm not sure how to treat your little personal adds - I see nothing wrong with these, but not sure how to classify this in a final grade. There's essentially one issue "shining through" in this take - unwanted noises. The trick in thise lesson is to do everything possible to let long notes ring without any distraction. You hold your fingers properly but at some point of sustain, unwanted strings starts to break through. I would suggest to keep your right hand very stead and with full contact with lower strings, once you hit long note. This problem is not present while you play parts that are more dense. It's even visible on the video - moments when you take of your hand from the bridge. That causes the breaks between notes to be noise instead of silence.

That's probably the only thing that took my attention as something that need a fix.

Aside from that it's really nice performance. Timing of this lesson is a kind of laid back so it's something to be judged with typical timing measure.

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Kristofer Dahl
post Nov 2 2016, 08:36 PM
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GMC Founder & Rocker
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Hi Fazlfa - your personal additions seem well integrated with the original track to me!

I am just chiming in to say that Fran won't be counting this a standard REC submission, but we'll keep the thread here anyway for other instructor to provide feedback on your playing.

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Nov 3 2016, 02:51 AM
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Hi mate, this is a very good take of this beautiful lesson. There are just some details to work in order to improve it.

The first thing that I would adjust is your tone. I feel that the EQ balance is a bit "high", while the original lesson has a warmer tone that fits much better with the backing and style.

Now talking about your playing I can say that most of the solo sounds consistent except starting at around 00:50 where I start to hear some things that need adjustments regarding timing (for example at 00:52), bending pitch (ex: 00:56) and cleanness (01:02, 01:10).

That's what I think you should focus during the next days of practice.

Keep on the hard work!

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Ben Higgins
post Nov 7 2016, 02:24 PM
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Hi man, I think you do a good job on this take - there's just a couple of elements that I would work on to improve the sound and the vibe of it.

Vibrato - your vibrato is quite fast and narrow, which can sound a bit too nervous for this type of track. This track is mellow so choosing a slower vibrato would work well here. You also sometimes push the string slightly sharp (the note goes too high) when performing vibrato so make sure you're not accidentally applying a slight string bend and then performing vibrato afterwards on the bent note.

Tone - this tone is a little bit too 'metal'. The gain is quite saturated and the tone is quite harsh. It will be difficult to get a Strat style tone on your Jackson but try lowering the gain and try playing on the neck pickup for more warmth smile.gif

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Todd Simpson
post Nov 11 2016, 07:29 PM
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From: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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NICE!!!! And to think I can still remember your first takes on this way back when smile.gif You have grown so much as a player since starting here @ GMC it's just AMAZING. This particular bit is a great example of that growth. There are other versions of you playing this on youtube that you shared with me, and I enjoyed those as well!! You have a really good sense of the "vibe" of this bit. It's a laid back, soulful thing. You nail that big time. If you play this type of thing in a "stiff" manner, it just doesn't work IMHO. Thankfully, you give it a very emotional take that resonates.

Critique: As was mentioned, there is just a bit of strings noise, despite you have really good hand position! Your right hand on the bridge is placed very well and you keep it there. Good technique to be sure. It's possible that you are lifting your entire right hand for some notes that ring out instead of just lifting part of the hand off the bridge. For example, if you are holding a note on the G string, you can keep your left hand still covering the bottom strings and use your right hand fingers to mute the high strings and let the G string ring out. smile.gif I hope this make sense?

Either way, congrats!!! PASS!!


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