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> Eddie Van Halen Style, Lesson By Muris Varajic
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post Nov 18 2016, 06:05 AM
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Learning Rock Star

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Original lesson: Eddie Van Halen Style by Muris Varajic

Excited to post my first REC and get feedback from you guys! P.S. I think my dive bomb was pretty weird, but the lesson didn't show that part clearly :(

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Ben Higgins
post Nov 21 2016, 02:32 PM
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Hi my friend, welcome to the REC Zone! Well done for posting your first ever take.

The first thing we notice as listeners is that the backing track is not very loud. I'm not sure what the level was like for you whilst you were playing but always make sure it's loud enough for you to hear it which will help with keeping time. This leads me on to my first point.

-Timing: This is one aspect which causes your take to be less effective. At first, you start the riff but soon lag behind the beat. The dive bomb makes you lose time because you stay on it a little too long, making the next chords late.

-Picking: As you probably know anyway you're not doing the tremolo picking as fast as the original lesson, so this is something you will want to work on in the meantime, increasing your picking speed.

-Legato: The run at 0:27 is actually quite well executed. There's only a slight rough patch right at the end of the run but the rest of it is very good. I'd say that your fretting hand is quite competent at moving around the neck.

-Tapping: You did this part very well. The only time you didn't quite nail it was when the fingers weren't pressing down fully so the notes didn't sound properly around the 0:42-0:44 area.

Overall, I'd say that your physical technique looks very good. You need to work on timing, making sure things flow nicely from one section to the next and work on the small trill in the main riff as well as the dive bombing. Keep up the good work!

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Nov 21 2016, 03:41 PM
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Hi friend!

Congrats on your first REC take! This is not a bad one, and I think that if you work hard on the things that Ben marked, you'll be able to master this tricky lesson full of amazing rock guitar elements.

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this take (besides the mix issue) is that your timing needs more attention. It's not regular, sometimes you rush the tempo, while other times your licks are played a bit late. This can be related to attention since you are still thinking on many things while playing this lesson. The more you practice, the more natural it will become so the tighter it should sound.

Besides this timing issue which is the most important, there are some details regarding some licks that Ben marked in his comments. This parts should be isolated and worked as exercises. You can complement this stuff with some other lessons specifically designed for these techniques.

Ok mate, that's all by now. I hope to find many more rec takes from you here!

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Darius Wave
post Nov 21 2016, 04:54 PM
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Hey there!

Congratulations on your very first REC take.

First of all it's best to put camera in front of your PC and direct the amp so both - pc speakers and map will play in the same direction. You can always buy extention USB cable if you want to use your webcam. Placing camera a little higher would make us see your both hand from the correct perspective.

Those are tips to make your performance looks and sound best without additional expenses.

Now about the playing

1. Tuning - make sure to retune your guitar a few times and recheck on the frets as well. Your guitar is not perfectly in tune and it always takes some points down for overall take. When you use whammy bar it's worth to tune each string to a "whammy release" position. This way it will always go to right pitch everytime you press and release whammy bar. Strat kind of tremolo needs a lot of attention to work descently - individual tuning method and regular lubricating. Try to tune the way I suggest - it is usually best you can do without any additional adjustments.

2. Timing - you tend to loose it after whammy bar use.

3. Vibrato - try to vibrate downwards instead of upwards. It is easier to release and go through perfect pitch point. Otherwise you have problems with vibrated note pitch because it's being bent most of time and not always go beck to full release

4. Muting noises - good jon on this - both your right palm and left index finger are well prepared to take control of strings not being played at the moment.

5. Pick grip and picking strength - another good points

Essentially I would focus on the moments where whammy licks combine with regular playing - timing is the weakest point here. Intonation - another.

There are no critical mistakes in your hand layout and shaping so you're on the good path smile.gif

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post Nov 23 2016, 10:19 PM
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Learning Rock Star - Wiki Coordinator
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Almost there, 4.7

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