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> Take 2: Phil Collen: Beginner, Lesson By Ben Higgins
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post Dec 21 2017, 10:03 PM
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Original lesson: Phil Collen: Beginner by Ben Higgins

Hello mentors :) Here is another take. I think the solo section is improved, I know on the very last note I used the wrong finger so I didn't get very controlled vibrato. In the rhythm section there are some unwanted noises and I forgot to slide down the neck on the power chords a couple of times. I could have done another take and got the slides correct but something else would have gone "wrong" due to REC button syndrome. I have to say, I was a lot less nervous this time so hopefully a couple more takes and we'll be into 6 points.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:



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Gabriel Leopardi
post Dec 22 2017, 05:35 PM
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Hi Phil!!

Nice to find a new take from you here. smile.gif

There are mostly 3 things that came to mind when listening to this one at first:

- There is more work to do on the rhythm section to make the chord changes sound smoother. I would work on this part as a lesson in itself. Isolate the changes and get used to it.

- The second thing that I note is that many of your bends are not reaching the correct pitch. Work on each of them using Satriani's method.

- Bending + vibrato need work. You are not being able to make the vibration yet.

The lesson keeps on improving and you are on the right track. Keep on practicing with this elements in mind and your playing will get better and better.


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Todd Simpson
post Dec 24 2017, 06:31 AM
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Always great to see you doing REC WORK!!! The REC program is a great way to get better. It's a great resource. Let's review!

About 30 seconds in I notice that there is just a pinch of lag on your playing relative to the track meaning that you are just a hair behind in terms of timing. About 37 seconds I noticed that a bend was not quite reaching it's mark and the sound was a pinch flat. These two issues seem to repeat a bit. For the parts where the changes/fingers is throwing you off a bit, as Gabe said, Isolate those meaning just play a given chord/note progression on a loop so that y ou can get very familiar with it and video yourself doing it so you can see on playback if there are any spots that need more work.

On the bending, Id try the same approach, isolate and loop and video it, watch playback and listen for the spots where the bend seems just a pinch off. Getting an ear for bending notes does take a good bit of work. Playing blues is a good way to practice it. Just grab any blues track backing off youtube and play the blues scale with lots of bend licks like the ones in this tune. Training your ear to notice when a note is not quite there is the first step in being able to tell your fingers to keep bending or stop at a given tone. smile.gif

This lesson has a wad of various techniques in it so it's a good one to have a go at. I'd say try to focus in and fix the soft spots and have one more go!


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Kristofer Dahl
post Dec 26 2017, 08:56 PM
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GMC Founder & Rocker
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I notice improvements on all areas, bending is a bit more on pitch and I can tell you are focusing on nailing the rhythm part more on time. It feels to me like you are mostly ahead of the beat when trying to play on time - this is very common in REC takes. Basically the more you actively think about playing correctly on time, the more likely you are to play ahead of the beat - which does not sound that good.

The progress is obvious though so this time you get a 5 from instead! Well done!

Btw have I commented on your T-shirts? They absolutely rock!! biggrin.gif

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Darius Wave
post Dec 28 2017, 01:59 PM
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Hey Phill!

I do hear a visible improvements on each field. These short, fast moments are much better now - you look focused while playing them and it's a day to night difference. Your pitch at tbends is not perfect yet but I would even say that it's 70% more precise than your previous take. I hope you got more relaxed during some more rec sessions. Now you look focused rather than tensed.

As for the pitch issue we spoke before - I think you have a tendency to press to ahrd at this point. We have verified that your guitar is being set correctly and your tuning skills are fine. You probably press too hard or slightly beng the strings because yet again i nthis take, similar thing happens in 0:22 at A powerchord. I belive once you hit it, you start to focus on upcoming lick and position shift so you loose the focus on stable pitch. asidee from mentioned your work is definitely giving good results and once you fight your rec fears, you'll get the the point with your performance smile.gif

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post Jan 2 2018, 11:20 PM
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Almost there, 5.5

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