Guitar Chat with Luciana, Muris etc. 2007-07-22
Aug 7 2007, 04:51 PM
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18:19:20 Kurt: hi!
18:19:27 Luciana: hi!
18:19:54 Luciana: how are you?
18:20:04 Kurt: good, thanks
18:20:09 Kurt: and You?
18:20:30 Luciana: fine, txs
18:20:42 Kurt: whats up?
18:20:54 Kurt: did you practice?
18:21:06 Luciana: mmm. i'm working with my next lesson
18:21:24 Kurt: your a teacher?
18:21:31 Luciana: a singing teacher
18:21:36 Luciana: and you?
18:21:54 Kurt: A pupil! lol
18:22:02 Kurt: Practicer!
18:22:13 Kurt: ah, I saw your lessons
18:22:16 Luciana: so, i have to do this question.... did you practice???
18:22:33 Kurt: yes, now I remember your lesson
18:22:33 Luciana: jajaj
18:22:44 Luciana: ok
18:22:50 Kurt: if I practiced singing?
18:23:25 Luciana: or guitar... i don't know if you are a singing pupil
18:23:51 Kurt: yes mostly guitar, sometimes I try singing but...
18:24:00 Luciana: but?
18:24:19 Kurt: Its very hard for me
18:24:25 Luciana: why?
18:24:45 Kurt: I can´t sing much songs because I have a quite low voice
18:25:31 Luciana: low in volume??
18:25:43 Kurt: no
18:25:48 Kurt: the tone
18:26:05 Kurt: I can´t sing the high tones
18:26:11 Kurt: notes
18:26:15 Luciana: and what's wrong with the low tones???
18:26:51 Luciana: you can practice low song...
18:27:04 Kurt: yes but there are not much
18:27:21 Luciana: and if you practice go up with the scale you can improve your voice to the high notes
18:28:13 Kurt: Yes I did already but I think I can sing only a little more than 1 octave
18:28:22 Luciana: the scales are the secret to improve your range,,
18:28:36 Robin: Hi
18:28:41 Luciana: hi robin
18:28:43 Kurt: hi!
18:28:57 Robin: whats up?
18:29:10 Luciana: we are talking about singing
18:29:27 Robin: of course! its luciana! :D
18:29:39 Luciana: :D
18:29:42 Kurt: lol
18:30:11 Robin: oh btw, just read that you have problems with high notes? isnt it possible to train that to get better?
18:30:24 Robin: becuase, I have improved a little bit on higher notes
18:30:27 Kurt: yes I think so
18:30:40 Luciana: yes,, with the scales
18:30:47 Robin: also I think it helps to have my head high/look up
18:31:53 Kurt: I tried often singing Stuff from Kurt Cobain but its too high for me
18:32:43 Kurt: I must practice more
18:32:51 Luciana: well, Kurt Cobain had a high voice..
18:33:04 Luciana: practice, practice and practice
18:33:14 Kurt: yeah but it sounds really cool
18:33:20 Kurt: his voice
18:33:22 Luciana: of course...!
18:34:04 Kurt: he had such a great dirty tone
18:34:16 Kurt: I think noone can imitate that
18:34:42 Luciana: i said this for all my students: if you want just to sing... it's ok,, but if you want to be a singer, you have to practice a lot...
18:35:11 Kurt: lol I think thats it
18:35:33 Luciana: btw,,imitating it's not good a all
18:35:49 Kurt: I know
18:36:03 Kurt: but nobody could do that I thought
18:36:16 Luciana: i'm shure that you have a really nice voice,,
18:36:39 Luciana: and it's no necesary to imitating other voices
18:37:00 Kurt: I don´t think that I have a bad voice, but too low maybe
18:37:23 Kurt: I am also speaking in a low voice
18:37:36 Robin: everyone have their own boice
18:37:37 Robin: voice
18:37:45 Robin: copying others sounds horrible
18:37:47 Luciana: do you want to be a soprano singer???
18:37:59 Robin: we have a couple of local bands that copies other bands
18:38:03 Robin: it sounds redicilous
18:38:10 Kurt: no, but most rock songs are quite high I think
18:38:12 Robin: they try to sound like they are fourty year olds
18:38:45 Luciana: because i can't understand what's wrong with the lower voices
18:39:36 Luciana: i have a lot of examples of lower voices in rock!
18:39:45 Kurt: really?
18:39:55 Luciana: YES...:
18:39:57 Kurt: Could you tell me some singers?
18:40:33 Luciana: of course!
18:41:10 Luciana: metallica!
18:42:01 Kurt: oh yes....James Hetfield, yor right
18:42:33 Luciana: I don't remember the name of this band but they have a song called MMMMM
18:43:23 Luciana: something like crash...dumish....
18:43:30 Luciana: I don't remember
18:43:35 Owen: Hey hey
18:43:42 Luciana: hi owen
18:43:49 Kurt: ok, maybe you remember another time, but thanx
18:43:55 Kurt: Hi owen!
18:44:05 Owen: :P
18:44:13 Owen: lower voices in rock?
18:44:26 Kurt: lol
18:44:27 Luciana: yes can you tell us???
18:44:34 Luciana: examples?
18:44:47 Kurt: Led Zeppelin lol
18:44:50 Owen: Hmmm
18:44:52 Luciana: jajajaja
18:44:57 Kurt: my fav band
18:44:59 Owen: thats high isnt it
18:45:02 Owen: I find that high
18:45:08 Luciana: me too!
18:45:12 Owen: loool :P
18:45:19 Kurt: was a joke...
18:45:25 Owen: apparently Zepplin had a gig once
18:45:29 Owen: and Plant's mic broke
18:45:36 Owen: and he had no backup
18:45:43 Owen: so he managed to sing over the amps
18:45:56 Owen: just with the loudness of his voice
18:46:06 Luciana: i have another example!!!
18:46:35 Owen: :)
18:46:43 Kurt: yes?
18:46:52 Luciana: i'll give you a track....
18:46:58 Kurt: ok
18:47:00 Luciana: condanationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
18:47:10 Kurt: which band?
18:47:14 Luciana: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
18:47:21 Luciana: (i`m singing)
18:47:21 Owen: lol?
18:47:31 Kurt: ahh, ok
18:47:43 Kurt: thanx
18:47:44 Owen: :D
18:48:19 Luciana: depeche mode!
18:48:41 Luciana: that's lower
18:48:52 Owen: Accidents will happen (8) - Elvis Costello
18:49:02 Owen: he's got a lower voice
18:49:08 Luciana: yes!
18:49:09 Owen: worth checking out
18:49:44 Luciana: there's a lot of example Kurt...
18:49:55 Kurt: ok, thanx
18:50:02 Owen: theres a lot more tenors in popular music though
18:50:14 Kurt: I think thats enough for a time lol
18:50:26 Kurt: yes...many tenors
18:50:46 Luciana: ;)
18:51:38 Owen: The Singer from The Flaming Lips has a pretty crazy tenor voice
18:52:01 Kurt: but the best voice ever I think:::::
18:52:11 Kurt: Freddie Mercury
18:52:14 Owen: unfortunately I'm baritone, so I cant sing along unless I drop a major amount of octaves
18:52:18 Luciana: yeeesss
18:52:21 Owen: ah yes!
18:52:27 Luciana: look at this:
18:52:46 Luciana: it's me
18:53:15 Kurt: I can´t watch it
18:53:21 Kurt: donno why
18:53:56 Luciana: why?
18:53:57 Owen: =D brilliant!
18:54:24 Kurt: sorry.. I don´t know why I can´t watch it
18:54:25 Luciana: :?
18:54:42 Kurt: but I am sure its great!!!lol
18:54:46 Owen: it looks like your not singing to anyone tho
18:54:53 Owen: the crowd appears to have disappeared
18:54:56 Owen: :P
18:56:51 Luciana: yes,, because it's a competition,, and there's only the jury
18:57:02 Kurt: Luciana : Where did you study singing?
18:57:13 Luciana: it's ok jury?
18:57:43 Kurt: hi muris!
18:57:49 Luciana: hi murris!
18:57:54 muris: hey folks :)
18:58:01 Kurt: lol
18:58:19 Owen: heyyyy
18:58:42 Kurt: I just practiced your alt picking lesson :D
18:58:50 muris: yeah?
18:58:52 muris: great
18:58:57 muris: is it going ok?
18:59:22 Kurt: yes in slow tempo, but some probs at speed
18:59:37 muris: no worries
18:59:38 Luciana: Murris,,, I love your style...
18:59:44 muris: work on low speed now
18:59:51 Kurt: Yes I do
18:59:56 muris: and you'll build it up on the way
19:00:07 Kurt: I am at speed 100 now
19:00:09 Owen: I've not played guitar in like 3 days now... xD
19:00:10 muris: thanks Luciana :)
19:00:12 Owen: I feel guilty
19:00:20 Owen: I've betrayed my instrument :P
19:00:28 Kurt: lol
19:00:44 muris: why you're hvaing a break Owen?
19:00:59 muris: having*
19:01:17 Owen: no idea, I just havent felt like playing
19:01:28 muris: that's ok too
19:01:34 Kurt: Why!!!! :{
19:01:40 Kurt: lol
19:01:46 muris: no point of going through the wall
19:01:49 Owen: Dunno, I'm not really getting places
19:01:58 Kurt: just a joke
19:02:11 Owen: yeah, I know, but to answer the question :P
19:02:24 Kurt: ok
19:02:31 muris: what kind of players you're listening lately Owen?
19:03:26 Owen: been listening to a lot of psychadelic rock
19:03:42 muris: I see
19:03:48 Owen: it's got some funky grooving, but its also an excessive use of effects
19:04:01 muris: maybe you should change direction,take something to give you a boost?
19:05:05 Owen: possibly, I find it annoying that I can play some lessons say and that I can know large sections of the theory, but that I cant write stuff similar
19:05:17 Owen: I lack the spontineity
19:05:25 muris: yeah
19:05:58 muris: try yourself in unfamiliar styles of music
19:06:04 muris: could be working
19:06:52 Owen: hmm, ok, I think I do need to experiment
19:07:05 muris: Kurt,when did you start working on my alt pick lesson?
19:07:10 Owen: I've been stuck in the same old "powerchord" thing for a year now and its not getting places
19:07:11 muris: yes Owen
19:07:39 Kurt: I am very new at GMC...I started with your lesson yesterday
19:07:44 muris: great
19:07:58 Kurt: I have really problems with alt picking
19:08:00 muris: I'm saying that cause I uploaded slow BT few days ago
19:08:12 Kurt:
19:08:17 muris: though it'll be bad to have it without rhythm guitars
19:08:27 muris: but i did it anyhow
19:08:35 muris: cause you wanted it:)
19:08:37 Kurt: yes its better
19:08:51 Kurt: thanx :)
19:08:57 muris: anytime :)
19:09:22 Kurt: I am always touching strings that I didn´t want to touch with pick
19:09:30 muris: yeah
19:09:32 Kurt: thats my main problem
19:09:39 muris: acuraccy
19:09:59 muris: more practice and you'll be fine I'm sure
19:10:32 Kurt: f. i. when I play a downstroke at the low e string and then wanna play an upstroke at the a string I always hit the string before I want to
19:11:14 muris: I solution
19:11:17 muris: one
19:11:30 muris: play it reaalyyyy slow
19:12:06 Kurt: yeah but I do it really well when slowly but at speed it sounds just horrible
19:12:13 muris: yes
19:12:36 muris: and that is saying that you didn't practice enough hard on slow speed
19:13:04 muris: slow could be realy pain in the a**
19:13:12 muris: i know
19:13:25 muris: but that'll clear your playing
19:13:32 Kurt: I hope
19:13:38 muris: for sure
19:13:42 muris: don't just hope
19:13:45 Kurt: ok, thanx
19:14:04 muris: that's why we have slow BT in a first place
19:14:08 muris: :)
19:14:24 Kurt: :) ok, might be right
19:14:38 muris: might?
19:14:45 muris: ohhh:(
19:14:49 Kurt: must :)
19:14:57 muris: ;)
19:15:29 muris: I had a class today
19:15:44 muris: and this student has almost same problem
19:16:04 Kurt: you know what to do :)
19:16:06 muris: he's hiting string too soft
19:16:13 muris: no attack on it
19:16:28 muris: and then it sound really slopy
19:16:38 Kurt: hitting it hard?
19:16:41 muris: try it slow but HIT the string
19:16:44 muris: yeah
19:16:54 Kurt: ok, I will try
19:16:56 muris: not that much hard to break up the string :)
19:17:09 muris: but just to get feel
19:17:13 muris: in both hands
19:17:16 Kurt: maybe THATS the reason
19:17:42 Kurt: ok, I will work on it, but now i must go
19:17:46 Kurt: bye!!
19:17:48 muris: no prob
19:17:53 muris: I dead too
19:17:55 muris: bye
19:17:56 Kurt: see ya soon!
19:18:03 muris: ok :)
19:18:37 muris: Lance,how's it going?
19:18:54 LanceB: alright how bout yourself?
19:19:09 muris: tired a bit but ok :)
19:19:31 LanceB: just stopped by to see what this chat button was all about heh.
19:19:42 muris: ahh ok :)
19:20:15 muris: see ya guys,must take a sleep
19:20:20 Owen: bye!
19:20:22 LanceB: later muris
19:20:24 muris: bye
23:38:43 Guitar34: t
23:38:56 Guitar34: [b]b\\\\\
23:39:17 Guitar34: no one is ever in the chat no more
23:39:59 Guitar34: im[b][u]bored

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