Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn etc. 2007-07-23
Aug 7 2007, 04:55 PM
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16:36:08 rokchik: Hello
16:36:18 Boundary Layer: ahoy
16:36:39 rokchik: I was just about to post on your intro but saw you were online
16:36:52 Boundary Layer: hehe, ya
16:36:54 rokchik: Just wanted to say welcome from another Canuck
16:37:02 Boundary Layer: just checkin what was over here
16:37:13 Boundary Layer: ah, cool
16:37:18 Boundary Layer: whereabouts are you?
16:37:29 rokchik: yeah there is usually not alot of folks in here but sometimes it can get crowded
16:37:35 rokchik: I'm in NL
16:37:54 Boundary Layer: on the island?
16:38:08 rokchik: I have a few friends in Winterpeg though :)
16:38:17 rokchik: No I'm in Labrador
16:38:38 Boundary Layer: heh, wouldn't call it Winterpeg today
16:38:49 Boundary Layer: it's like 45 out or some silly thing
16:39:06 rokchik: It's pretty warm here today too....30+
16:39:11 rokchik: 45 that's hot
16:39:22 rokchik: we had that a few weeks ago
16:39:30 Boundary Layer: <--exagerates slightly
16:39:35 Boundary Layer: but, it's hot
16:39:42 rokchik: So are you orignally from Manitoba?
16:39:54 Boundary Layer: yup yup
16:40:05 rokchik: so was I...exaggerating I mean...but still very warm
16:40:16 rokchik: originally from halifax
16:40:19 Boundary Layer: never moved - but certainly plan to
16:40:38 Boundary Layer: not the most exciting place to live...
16:40:43 rokchik: I lived in Sask for like 6 years....didn't much like it
16:40:53 rokchik: so not exciting
16:41:06 Boundary Layer: oh, the one place even more boring than here :-D
16:41:11 rokchik: LOL
16:41:45 Boundary Layer: how long have you been on GMC?
16:41:47 rokchik: Yeah not much going on on the praries....lots of wheat though
16:42:03 Boundary Layer: ^indeed
16:42:10 rokchik: since march....aside from Facebook this is the only site I go on now
16:42:26 rokchik: it's very addictive
16:42:34 Boundary Layer: yeh, seems very helpful
16:42:51 rokchik: soooooo helpful and everyone on here is pretty cool
16:43:03 Boundary Layer: i'm seeing a bit of a roadblock trying to get out of the beginner section
16:43:08 Boundary Layer: probably just have to looka round a bit more for easier stuff to play
16:43:52 rokchik: Yeah I was like that too but with some practice it's not so bad...can be a bit frustrating at first but you'll get it.
16:44:13 rokchik: You'll here practice practice practice a lot
16:44:40 rokchik: I only recently broke out of the beginner stuff but it helped so much
16:44:46 Boundary Layer: yeh, well and I know that I have to
16:45:19 rokchik: cool...and like I said the instructors are great so ask as many questions a syou like...they are all really cool
16:45:22 Boundary Layer: is a little frustrating, like you mentioned though
16:45:58 Boundary Layer: looking through some of the excersises, see stuff that i think i might almost be able to play (minus one section or so) and try it out only to realize that it is deceptively tricky
16:46:20 rokchik: yeah....but it gets better...I was noticing improvement after the first week so stick with it. And the forum is a very good support group as there are people in the same boat as you too
16:46:39 Boundary Layer: :)
16:46:43 rokchik: Plus the more experienced guys are a great help
16:47:05 Boundary Layer: ya
16:47:05 rokchik: There is sooooo much info on the forum
16:47:16 Boundary Layer: (this chat window is soo slow to post...)
16:47:45 rokchik: You've only been playing for a little while right?
16:47:57 Boundary Layer: the theory section seems pretty solid - or like it will be once Andrew fills in the gaps
16:48:07 GuitarDude: hi everyone
16:48:08 Boundary Layer: ^1 month, almost to the day
16:48:18 Boundary Layer: ahoy
16:48:32 rokchik: The theory section is awesome....Andrew is very helpful too for questions
16:49:09 rokchik: hey guitardude
16:49:17 Boundary Layer: was thinking it'd be cool if they were done as podcasts (noticed several suggestions that there should be vids)
16:49:28 Boundary Layer: --at least for the ones requiring little in the way of visual aid
16:49:36 rokchik: yeah...I think its being looked into
16:50:17 rokchik: but I find the theory lessons pretty easy to follow. They are very well written...and Kaneda usually has some great additional info posted too
16:51:36 Boundary Layer: ya, easy read, just that i think i'd much rather be playing (poorly) a new riff, rather than reading
16:51:57 Boundary Layer: could listen to a podcast while I'm away from the guitar for whatever reason
16:52:47 rokchik: just some advise...when I got on here I was really overwlmed by the amount of content and there is even more now....stick with the lesson set up Kris has in the begginner section and maybe do some theory and you will be on your way.
16:53:28 rokchik: may seem boring or mundain but it will help alot for the future lessons
16:54:07 rokchik: podcast would be cool.
16:54:12 GuitarDude: ya
16:54:40 Boundary Layer: they do a get a bit tedious - i started into the 'other beginner stuff from the vault' that he highlighted on the beginner page, just for a change of pace
16:55:01 Boundary Layer: can only do the pentatonic scale for so long before i get tired of it
16:55:43 rokchik: it's good to switch it up to keep yourself interested..i found that anyways.
16:55:49 Boundary Layer: but ya, certainly will keep practicing those exercises. I need quite a bit of work on the beginner licks one
16:56:19 rokchik: the begginer section is the foundation for a lot of the other lessons so it is good to stick with it
16:56:27 GuitarDude: i would like a guitar slaping lesson =P
16:56:36 Boundary Layer: rather than play a clear note, i quite effectively mute the strings with my left hand instead, when i try to pick up the pace :D
16:56:54 rokchik: But you have to develope what works for you....I'm just trying to give you some starting points....sorry if sounds kinda naggy
16:57:10 Boundary Layer: no, not at all
16:57:10 Boundary Layer: appreciated
16:57:47 GuitarDude: for how long have you been playing rokchik?
16:57:54 rokchik: cool...well I don't mean to cut it short but I have to in for some OT. I'll check back later. It was great talking to ya and hope to see ya around more
16:58:14 Boundary Layer: likewaise,
16:58:23 rokchik: oh...2 years but really practicing since I joined GMC in March
16:58:25 Boundary Layer: i'm about to leave work, so i'm off too
16:58:31 GuitarDude: bye
16:58:43 Boundary Layer: laters
16:58:50 rokchik: We are all leaving ya GuitarDude sorry
16:59:03 GuitarDude: =P
16:59:04 rokchik: I gotta really jet now so I'll TTYL
16:59:09 Boundary Layer: :)
17:01:40 GuitarDude: boundaty what made you start playing guitar?
17:01:51 GuitarDude: bouandary*
17:02:10 GuitarDude: boundary** xD
17:48:34 Kurt: *meow*
17:48:43 Kurt: lol
17:48:49 Kurt: Hi!!
17:49:09 Kurt: *slap*
17:49:25 Kurt: *whip*
17:59:34 Kurt: *meow*
17:59:52 GuitarDude: *slap*
17:59:58 Kurt: hey!
18:00:08 GuitarDude: hi!
18:00:23 Kurt: I was waiting here for someone^^
18:00:37 Kurt: ok, How are you?
18:01:07 GuitarDude: im good recording some new songs. how are you?
18:01:42 Kurt: thanks, good too...Your recording?
18:02:20 GuitarDude: its going all right my friend is a pro xD
18:02:31 Kurt:
18:02:41 Kurt: so what do you record?
18:03:22 Kurt: which songs are you recording^^?
18:03:50 Kurt: *slap*
18:05:09 GuitarDude: its my bands song here are two of our old song
18:06:14 Kurt: sounds cool^
18:06:44 Kurt: a little like mix of punk and hard rock
18:07:10 GuitarDude: ya
18:07:22 Kurt: but cool yes
18:07:34 Kurt: oh...little solo too
18:07:42 Kurt: you play that?
18:07:54 Kurt: the solo?
18:09:05 Kurt: *slap*
18:14:51 Kurt: Hi!
18:14:54 Boundary Layer: ahoy
18:15:09 Kurt: How goes it?
18:15:16 Boundary Layer: meh, not bad
18:15:18 Boundary Layer: you?
18:15:27 Kurt: yes too, thanks
18:16:02 Kurt: What did you practice today?
18:16:32 Kurt: ??
18:16:46 Kurt: *slap*
18:16:51 Boundary Layer: hehe
18:16:57 Boundary Layer: the Frusciante style lesson
18:17:05 Boundary Layer: <--beginner
18:17:14 Kurt: me too!
18:17:35 GuitarDude: oh sorry no i dont play the solo
18:17:38 Kurt: How long have you been playing?
18:17:41 Boundary Layer: 1 month
18:18:00 Kurt: ah...ok GuitarDude
18:18:08 Kurt: me about one year
18:18:40 Kurt: GuitarDude : Are you singing?
18:18:44 GuitarDude: same here
18:18:49 GuitarDude: nope i play lead
18:19:42 GuitarDude: but my solos are a bit more... advanced but i suck making solos
18:20:07 GuitarDude: its hard =P
18:20:11 Kurt: and what about improvising?
18:20:29 GuitarDude: my improvising?
18:21:02 GuitarDude: oh
18:21:13 GuitarDude: im ok =P
18:21:22 Kurt: no I mean you must not compose a fixed, you could just what you feel^
18:21:54 GuitarDude: ya but its hard to make a good improve
18:22:22 Kurt: yeah but you must try as often as possible
18:22:42 GuitarDude: yea ive done it twice live xD
18:23:04 Kurt: thats not much :)
18:23:18 Kurt: why? I think its quite funny
18:23:39 GuitarDude: yea but its scary xO
18:23:47 Kurt: lol
18:24:23 Boundary Layer: hehe
18:24:32 [Action] Boundary Layer: agrees with guitardude
18:24:33 Kurt: I had also problems with that..but now I can improvise a little bit in Pentatonic
18:24:41 GuitarDude: x)
18:25:06 GuitarDude: yea but it sound quite booooring just using one scale
18:25:40 Kurt: not really i think if you use all boxes
18:25:54 GuitarDude: oh yea xD
18:26:04 GuitarDude: my theory sucks
18:26:20 Kurt: some great guitarist are nearly only using pentatonic
18:26:28 GuitarDude: i mostly play sweeping xD
18:26:42 Kurt: its not that hard to learn^^
18:26:48 Kurt: the pentatonic
18:26:59 Kurt: Sweeping?
18:27:22 GuitarDude: ?
18:28:11 Kurt: mostly sweeping?
18:28:27 Kurt: :D
18:28:30 GuitarDude: this is what i currently practecing
18:28:39 Kurt: ok
18:29:24 GuitarDude: i love the part at 1:50 =D
18:29:52 Kurt: must be quite good
18:30:10 GuitarDude: im ok xD
18:30:32 GuitarDude: i can sweep at 120 bpm now
18:30:41 Kurt: thats not bad
18:30:42 Boundary Layer: wow, not my style of music at all, but the speed is impressive nonetheless
18:31:01 Kurt: yes, really cool
18:31:12 GuitarDude: im also practecing some slower stuff canon rock xD
18:31:25 Kurt: nice
18:31:30 Boundary Layer: heh, everyone practices canon
18:31:38 Kurt: ok, I must go now
18:31:42 Boundary Layer: :D
18:31:43 Kurt: bye!
18:31:48 Boundary Layer: laters kurt
18:31:50 GuitarDude: bye
18:31:54 Kurt: see ya
20:57:09 Sircraigery: hey man, find that jazz chorus amp yet? :P
20:57:26 Andrew Cockburn: not yet
20:57:32 Andrew Cockburn: still agonising
20:57:43 Sircraigery: there is some mighty good suggestions in that forum
20:57:51 Andrew Cockburn: liking Carvin and Bogner at the moment with an honourable me tion for JVM
20:57:58 Andrew Cockburn: yes, great posts
20:58:17 Sircraigery: i like carvin, they are a really personable company too
20:58:38 Andrew Cockburn: ands nopt too expensive
20:59:02 Sircraigery: my friend was looking for a guitar from carvin, and he was talking to one of the guys that builds them, right from a number off the website
20:59:21 Andrew Cockburn: really ? cool
20:59:24 Andrew Cockburn: That's unusual
20:59:47 Sircraigery: yeah, my friend brad said he was a stoner haha totally californian
20:59:53 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:00:22 Andrew Cockburn: hey where arer they based? I'm going to Cali next week
21:00:40 Sircraigery: well i hope you find a jazz chorus before you buy an amp, at least to try it out
21:00:47 Sircraigery: not actually sure, have to check the website
21:01:06 Andrew Cockburn: yes, trempted by the JC clean sound
21:01:42 Sircraigery: have you ever played on stage before?
21:01:50 Andrew Cockburn: yah
21:01:55 Andrew Cockburn: but only wioth crap amps
21:02:25 Sircraigery: i was playing with a 60 watt hartke, through a mic in a PA system
21:02:44 Sircraigery: it had 3 channels, pretty sweet little amp
21:03:04 Andrew Cockburn: cool
21:03:27 Andrew Cockburn: We had a great PA but we plugged out line outs straight in, no micing, what can I say I was ingnorant
21:03:34 Andrew Cockburn: gitar tone sucked
21:04:02 Sircraigery: hehe well, good equipment is exspensive
21:04:13 Sircraigery: did you watch my youtube vids?
21:04:42 Andrew Cockburn: depends when you posted them
21:04:53 Sircraigery: we were backed by a music store for all our equipment :D, it was a weekend warriors thing
21:04:58 Andrew Cockburn: Nice
21:05:04 Andrew Cockburn: link ?
21:06:19 Sircraigery:
21:06:25 Sircraigery:
21:06:28 Sircraigery: damn haha
21:06:42 Andrew Cockburn: ok, gonna stop my backing track and listen :)
21:06:42 Sircraigery: keep sircraigery on that
21:07:20 Sircraigery: we're just playing some covers.....easy covers.....and it was still hard because of nerves (and yes there was actually people there, my mom was in the front haha)
21:07:21 Andrew Cockburn: Wow, great setup!
21:08:02 Sircraigery: i'll have to give the credit to kevin, our bud owns that music store hehe
21:08:04 Andrew Cockburn: Which one is you?
21:08:08 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:08:10 Sircraigery: green on the left
21:08:40 Andrew Cockburn: Rkm Music ;)
21:08:45 Andrew Cockburn: good advertising
21:09:13 Andrew Cockburn: Nice, looks like ot was a lot fo fun!
21:09:19 Sircraigery: yeah, i was sure to add as many "rkm music" things as i could
21:09:55 Sircraigery: that was right in the parking lot of a huge mini mall, so i'd say 500 people heard us play...coming and going
21:10:01 Andrew Cockburn: Where was it?
21:10:08 Sircraigery: sherwood park, alberta
21:10:19 Andrew Cockburn: cool
21:10:54 Sircraigery: we did a gig at a bar too, and i'm still waiting for the DVD on that, with good sound
21:11:21 Andrew Cockburn: Sound is pretty good though (well balance at least, quality is bad on the videos)
21:11:33 Andrew Cockburn: SOUnds like it would have sounded good if you were thet is what I mean
21:11:41 Sircraigery: yeah my mom had my little digital camera, in video mode haha
21:13:08 Sircraigery: our sound guys was adding all our effects and everything (other than distortion), it was really strange to hear effects in the monitors and not in the amp behind you haha
21:13:39 Andrew Cockburn: wierd ...
21:13:42 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Rok!
21:13:51 rokchik: Hello All
21:13:57 rokchik: what's up?
21:13:57 Sircraigery: yo
21:14:05 Sircraigery: i got some glasses today :(
21:14:10 Sircraigery: you?
21:14:13 Andrew Cockburn: just hanign out talking about sircraigerys gig
21:14:40 rokchik: cool...I just got home from work for the third time today...lots of OT
21:14:55 Andrew Cockburn: Buy a new guitar
21:15:03 rokchik: That's the plan
21:15:05 Andrew Cockburn: Hey, did you decide on one yet?
21:15:13 Sircraigery: let me guess a JEM lol
21:15:24 Sircraigery: Lp all the way!!! Haha
21:15:28 Andrew Cockburn: Strats you were looking at
21:15:48 rokchik: NO not a Jem...and No I haven't really decided. I'm just gonna go try a few I think
21:15:59 rokchik: I have a LP already
21:16:05 Sircraigery: oh nice
21:16:10 rokchik: Strat is top so far on the list
21:16:16 Sircraigery: i have a mim strat for sale
21:17:23 rokchik: I'm being really picky now because well I have a LP and it's very high end so being a bit fussy
21:17:37 Sircraigery: is it a gibson or epi?
21:17:44 rokchik: Gibson Standard
21:18:10 Sircraigery: :o nice! mine's an epi, but still best guitar i've ever played
21:18:12 Andrew Cockburn: How's Dave Matthews BTW?
21:18:28 rokchik: I still don't know where he's going? :)
21:18:33 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:18:42 rokchik: but he's good..I really like him
21:19:03 Andrew Cockburn: SHould I put him on my list?
21:19:17 rokchik: your list?
21:19:28 Sircraigery: i'm more partial to matthew good band, but i like a few from him too
21:19:29 Andrew Cockburn: of people to listenb to
21:19:51 Sircraigery: problem thinkers is on that list? hehe jk
21:19:59 Andrew Cockburn: It is now
21:20:09 rokchik: I would say yes to that I said if you like him you really like him
21:20:30 rokchik: His band has a variaty of instruments
21:21:07 Sircraigery: our band is breaking up though. sucks because we're actually pretty decent
21:21:17 Sircraigery: i have school in regina, SK in sept
21:21:18 rokchik: Oh and the Tragically Hip if you haven't checked my post already on them
21:21:43 Sircraigery: we're the barf icon hehe :d
21:21:45 rokchik: I use to live in Moose Jaw Sask. Sircraigery
21:21:52 Andrew Cockburn: I saw that ...
21:21:56 Sircraigery: radio has killed it for me
21:22:19 Andrew Cockburn: Is Everyday a good album? I haver that, must have been in my Wifes collection
21:22:27 Sircraigery: i hope i don't get too bored there
21:23:34 Sircraigery: not sure if you guys seen my post in one of the forums, for a "who is better at guitar" joke
21:23:38 Sircraigery: but i'll tell it anyways
21:23:48 Andrew Cockburn: go on
21:23:53 Sircraigery: how many guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb?
21:24:03 Andrew Cockburn: I donlt know
21:24:18 Sircraigery: 100, 1 to do it, and 99 to say they could have done it better haha
21:24:21 Sircraigery: i love that joke
21:24:26 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:25:39 Sircraigery: i wanted to make a thread of guitar jokes....but that's the only one i've ever heard. probably because all guitar players are pretty cool
21:26:03 rokchik: Sorry call. Everyday is pretty good. The space between is a pretty good song
21:26:13 Sircraigery: yep that one is a good one
21:26:20 Andrew Cockburn: ok listening now
21:27:17 Sircraigery: hey andrew is it important that i learn all boxes for each scale?
21:27:32 Andrew Cockburn: Yes.
21:27:39 Andrew Cockburn: So you can forget them when you get good enough
21:27:39 rokchik: Yes
21:27:54 Sircraigery: like, i know it's good to know, but is it good to know all of them at once, or do i learn them together
21:28:24 Andrew Cockburn: depemds if you ever want to be able torip all the way up and down the neck
21:28:43 Andrew Cockburn: It goes like thi:
21:28:50 Andrew Cockburn: Step 1 Learn a box
21:28:56 Andrew Cockburn: Step 2 learn the rest of the boxes
21:29:05 Andrew Cockburn: Step 3 start connecting the boxes together
21:29:18 Andrew Cockburn: Step 4 move past the boxes and treat the whole neck as a unit
21:29:33 rokchik: I'm at stage 3 working towards stage 4
21:29:34 Andrew Cockburn: Obviously, step 4 is dependant on steps 1 2 and 3
21:29:51 Andrew Cockburn: cool
21:30:01 Sircraigery: i'm at step 2 lol
21:30:13 rokchik: it's a very slow process..I still get confused sometimes
21:30:19 Sircraigery: for the major scale, and minor penatonic
21:30:20 Andrew Cockburn: Its important to keep in mind why you are learning the boxes -
21:30:26 Andrew Cockburn: so you can ultimately forget about them
21:30:46 Andrew Cockburn: sounds dumb but it is immensley liberating to be able to play all the way up and down the neck without thinking about it
21:31:14 Sircraigery: yeah, i think that is everyone's goal hehe
21:31:37 Andrew Cockburn: Some people don;t realize step 4 is the end game
21:31:50 rokchik: I'm still having problems with the thinking stage...:)
21:32:56 Sircraigery: should i be realizing what notes i'm playing in each scale? other than the key, because i make a point of knowing that
21:33:24 Sircraigery: i guess with the steps, it'll always be the same right?
21:33:25 Andrew Cockburn: absolute notes are less important than relative notes
21:33:31 Sircraigery: ok good
21:33:49 rokchik: I was just about to say that Andrew
21:34:09 Andrew Cockburn: You must be pretty smart then L)
21:34:24 rokchik: no....your just a really good teacher
21:34:42 Andrew Cockburn: :p
21:34:51 Andrew Cockburn: thank
21:35:00 Sircraigery: i second that
21:35:15 Sircraigery: pavel and kris can rip, but i like andrews teaching methods
21:35:16 rokchik: I think it's fairly common knowledge around these parts but your welcome
21:35:26 Sircraigery: although vids are a good technique tool
21:35:31 Andrew Cockburn: Thanks guys, appreciate it
21:35:46 Andrew Cockburn: Yeahm yeahm yeahm I;ll do vids soon I promise!
21:35:52 Sircraigery: lol
21:35:55 rokchik: LOL
21:36:11 rokchik: so Andrew how goes the hunt for an amp?
21:36:31 Andrew Cockburn: its just a paper exercise at the moment - can;t get one until I move, but I am learning a lot
21:36:31 Sircraigery: i'd be too self conious i think, i don't even like having my picture taken haha
21:36:44 Andrew Cockburn: Gonna try some out next week, hope I can find a Vox and marshall
21:36:58 Andrew Cockburn: and a Roland J thinkg
21:37:19 Sircraigery: i like the Vox amps, but every one I've ever seen is well over a G note
21:37:53 rokchik: cool...I am such a Vox junky now...I am buying a Vox wah when I'm on vacation. But when it comes to amps its a to each there own thing.
21:38:24 Sircraigery: i lost an auction to a vox wah...i really wanted it lol
21:38:33 rokchik: :(
21:38:39 Andrew Cockburn: I fancy a weeping Demon
21:38:55 Sircraigery: now that i have my snarling dogs, i fancy that.
21:39:42 rokchik: I have the Zakk Wylde, which I love, but I want one now that is not so "metal".
21:40:06 Andrew Cockburn: the WD is supposedly very versatile - I want one that can do Funk and Metal
21:40:28 Sircraigery: i also have a line 6 Uber's a good one
21:40:47 rokchik: cool...yeah the Wylde wouldn't be a good funk wah.
21:40:52 Sircraigery: but i don't use it much now that I've kinda changed my equipement
21:41:10 Andrew Cockburn: No more Line 6 for me .... absolutley cool stuff but I have ODed on it
21:41:22 Sircraigery: lol
21:41:29 rokchik: As I like to say, it doesn't give you that 60's porn music sound :)
21:41:42 rokchik: the Zakk Wylde Wah I mean
21:41:52 Sircraigery: oh man, the SD is perfect for it! I even made a porn riff
21:42:08 rokchik: LOL
21:42:10 Sircraigery: i should post it
21:42:32 Andrew Cockburn: Do it!
21:42:35 Andrew Cockburn: I never heard of it
21:42:51 rokchik: yeah I can't really get that wah chicka wah wah sound out of the Wylde but it has a very fat tone and is great for metal
21:42:52 Andrew Cockburn: the SD I men
21:43:07 Andrew Cockburn: CHika Wah is important
21:43:12 rokchik: yep
21:43:27 Andrew Cockburn: but so is mwhhmwahhmwahh during a super speed eun
21:43:45 rokchik: that's more the Wylde sound I think
21:43:48 Sircraigery: mine's more of a late 70's style, slower
21:44:17 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, I need both
21:44:50 rokchik: The vox is pretty vesitile for both at least I think'd have to try it
21:45:06 Andrew Cockburn: I had a Vox, but left it in the UK
21:45:12 rokchik: I played one yesterday
21:45:13 Andrew Cockburn: someone borrowed it
21:45:44 rokchik: fell in love with RATM sounds so much better with the Vox
21:46:33 Sircraigery: does anyone know how to play that canon rock song? i put a wah on that and it's sounds 10x better
21:46:49 rokchik: I've never tried it
21:47:03 Sircraigery: the wah or the song?
21:47:09 Andrew Cockburn: Not me - thats full of wierd shred stuff
21:47:17 rokchik: the song...sorry
21:47:42 Sircraigery: it's hard put it's really improved my alt picking
21:47:48 rokchik: cool
21:48:11 rokchik: I've tried the Classic song from the Tenacious D movie :)
21:48:18 Sircraigery: NICE!
21:48:33 Sircraigery: time to f*cking rock! haha
21:48:36 rokchik: It sound really fave part of the movie
21:48:55 rokchik: well that and the gig simulator...ROFL
21:49:22 Sircraigery: power'd that feel?.....really good.....really really good hahah
21:49:28 rokchik: LOL
21:49:37 rokchik: We are the D!
21:50:35 Sircraigery: too bad more movies are out like that. better than the crap that out this year
21:51:20 rokchik: I'm playing catch up with movies right now...I just saw Live Free or Die Hard
21:52:09 rokchik: I'm going on vacation on Sunday...on the list of Must sees are....Transformers, Harry Potter and the Simpsons
21:52:17 rokchik: Can't wait
21:52:23 Sircraigery: i agree with two of those hehe
21:52:30 rokchik: which?
21:52:37 Sircraigery: transformers and simpsons
21:52:43 Sircraigery: never was in to harry potter
21:53:06 rokchik: I LOVE Potter....I wasn't until I read the third book...been hooked ever since
21:53:23 rokchik: But I think I'm more excited for the Simpsons
21:53:55 rokchik: Actually..all three...Transformers is a flash back to my childhood
21:53:58 Andrew Cockburn: I;m reading Potter w. my wife at the moment
21:54:14 rokchik: I haven't got my copy yet...damn Amazon
21:54:25 Sircraigery: yeah rokchik
21:54:32 Andrew Cockburn: Damn them! We got ours on Saturday as promised
21:54:35 Sircraigery: the transformers thing haha
21:54:57 rokchik: I live in the boonies...we don't have saturday delivery.
21:55:27 Sircraigery: so i have a question on the metronome
21:55:28 rokchik: I've been resisting the urge to go one line and check it out....I have my own theories
21:55:32 Sircraigery: more like the lingo
21:55:56 Andrew Cockburn: ok
21:56:21 Sircraigery: when i say i play a scale at 180 bpm half notes, that actually 360 bpm right?
21:56:45 Sircraigery: or what do i post?
21:56:46 Andrew Cockburn: no
21:56:54 Sircraigery: dammit, i thought i was a machine lol
21:56:57 Andrew Cockburn: beats are actually quarter notes (usually)
21:57:00 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:57:06 Andrew Cockburn: you are slower than youythought
21:57:29 rokchik: wouldn't it be 60bpm?
21:57:52 rokchik: I mean 90...math not my best
21:57:53 Andrew Cockburn: no, turn it around
21:58:00 Andrew Cockburn: well yes, 90-
21:58:21 Andrew Cockburn: if you are playing at 180bpm, but playing half notes you will be playing 90 notes per minute
21:58:22 Sircraigery: my metronome says 180 bpm, and it has half notes selected
21:58:42 Sircraigery: i guess it's a miss-nomer! lol ...that was lame
21:58:53 Andrew Cockburn: yes it was )
21:59:01 rokchik: LOL
21:59:29 Andrew Cockburn: Oops, I have to go now my wife is going to read Harry Potter to me ;)
21:59:44 rokchik: cool...see ya Andrew
21:59:47 Sircraigery: but i can choose 180 and whole notes, and it's twice as slow
21:59:48 rokchik: enjoy
21:59:55 Sircraigery: see ya man, thanks for the help
22:00:05 Andrew Cockburn: yes you can - seeya later!
22:00:09 Sircraigery: this korg is blwoing my mind haha
22:00:25 rokchik: LOL
22:00:45 Sircraigery: do you have msn?
22:00:57 Sircraigery: maybe i'll record it and show you what i mean
22:01:07 rokchik: Well buddy I gotta bail on ya too.....bed time for me I have to work early tomorrow...and yes I have MSN
22:01:33 Sircraigery: cool add me if you like, have a good one
22:02:30 rokchik: cool...I will I just IM you my email
22:02:30 Sircraigery: sweet, i'll prick your brain on it another time. :d
22:02:42 Sircraigery: later
22:02:53 rokchik: later

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