Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-07-24
Aug 7 2007, 04:58 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
18:19:35 muris: hi
18:19:41 AliMo: hey
18:20:02 muris: have you been here alone for a while?
18:20:34 AliMo: nope, i actually just came in like a minute before you joined
18:20:40 muris: ah ok
18:21:34 muris: so,where are you from?
18:21:52 AliMo: new york, wut about u
18:21:59 muris: Sarajevo
18:23:13 muris: were you in ny at the time of attack on sept 11?
18:23:21 muris: hey gen
18:23:26 Gen: hey muris
18:23:29 Gen: hey alimo
18:23:37 AliMo: sup Gen
18:23:43 Gen: not much
18:23:47 Gen: and oyou guys?
18:23:50 Gen: you*
18:23:56 AliMo: ya I was actually, im like 20 minutes away from the city
18:23:57 muris: we're ok
18:24:07 muris: ahh,I see
18:24:20 muris: was watching it on CNN
18:24:26 muris: true hit
18:24:55 muris: how's playing gen?
18:25:01 Gen: cool :)
18:25:14 Gen: im learing "the number of the beast"
18:25:19 Gen: i like the solo
18:25:25 muris: ohh
18:25:33 muris: hard stuff
18:25:34 muris: :)
18:25:44 muris: not hard like complicated
18:25:48 muris: but hard as heavy
18:25:50 Gen: yeah
18:25:53 Gen: lol
18:25:57 AliMo: so u guys practicing now or just trolling through the forums?
18:26:03 muris: ;)
18:26:15 muris: I was playing all day
18:26:21 Gen: i just, stopped practicing a bit, to see what is happening here :)
18:26:25 muris: can't do it no more
18:27:08 Gen: alimo, how long have you been playing>?
18:27:37 AliMo: about 7 months now
18:27:42 Gen: cool
18:27:46 AliMo: how bout u guys?
18:27:55 Gen: 10 month now :)
18:28:35 Gen: and muris started at the age of 14 if i remember :)
18:28:42 muris: yeah
18:28:47 muris: 13 or 14
18:29:02 muris: good recall :)
18:29:13 Gen: yeah, i have a good memory !
18:29:17 Gen: :D
18:29:23 muris: ;)
18:29:36 Gen: how old are you alimo?
18:29:58 AliMo: 17, u?
18:30:04 Gen: 18
18:30:34 AliMo: how bout u muris?
18:30:43 muris: old man
18:30:44 muris: 27
18:30:45 Gen: he s 27 if i remember
18:30:51 Gen: oh lol good recall again^^
18:30:54 AliMo: haha
18:30:55 muris: heheh
18:30:56 AliMo: thats not old
18:30:57 muris: yep
18:31:10 muris: was joking
18:31:19 muris: but feels like odl among you guys
18:31:24 Gen: lol
18:31:38 muris: those are great age you're at now
18:31:43 muris: use it on best way
18:31:58 Gen: learning guitar! as much as possible!
18:32:02 Gen: :D
18:32:05 AliMo: haha yep
18:32:08 muris: that's cool
18:32:12 muris: :)
18:39:07 muris: what kind of music you're listening alimo?
18:41:03 AliMo: well right now iron maiden, but i like most types of music
18:41:19 CrashOops: so now there's people here
18:41:23 CrashOops: how is everyone
18:41:28 muris: hey crash
18:41:42 CrashOops: hey muris :)
18:41:49 AliMo: sup crash
18:42:11 CrashOops: not a whole lot. waiting on a phone call actually
18:42:21 muris: a girl?
18:42:27 muris: ;)
18:42:33 CrashOops: no a job :P
18:42:40 CrashOops: the woman's at work
18:42:49 muris: ohh yeah
18:42:54 muris: must find another one
18:43:10 CrashOops: another woman? lol
18:43:16 muris: so is it again forklift or?
18:43:23 muris: no :)
18:43:25 muris: job
18:43:48 CrashOops: uhm well it's a company looking for a shipper reciever with forklift experience
18:43:58 CrashOops: looks like a junior position. more than a labour position
18:44:06 muris: I see
18:44:13 muris: take what you can
18:44:15 CrashOops: and 15$ an hour to start
18:44:31 CrashOops: which is pretty damn good
18:44:36 muris: it is
18:44:41 CrashOops: I've been wanting to get more into the office part of shipping/recieving
18:45:05 muris: I hope it'll ok
18:45:10 CrashOops: if not it's work
18:45:18 CrashOops: still looking for a mechanic job
18:45:19 muris: wil cross fingers
18:45:45 CrashOops: hehe thanks Muris :)
18:45:50 muris: anytime
18:45:56 muris: ;)
18:46:40 Gen: hey tweak!
18:46:42 Gen: lol
18:46:45 CrashOops: :P
18:47:52 muris: I'll excuse myself guys
18:47:59 muris: must get up early
18:48:05 muris: more rehearsals
18:48:12 muris: have a great time
18:48:15 muris: talk soon
18:48:19 AliMo: you too, later muris
18:48:20 Gen: okay cya
18:48:24 muris: bye
18:49:18 Gen: well, i think im gonna go practice a bit :) cya later guy
18:49:23 Gen: guys*
18:49:29 CrashOops: haha
18:49:31 CrashOops: I'm practicing right now
18:49:43 CrashOops: so :P
18:49:47 AliMo: haha same here
18:50:01 AliMo: well have fun Gen, cya
18:52:34 AliMo: so what u practicing crash?
18:53:29 CrashOops: uhm
18:53:32 CrashOops: fade to black :P
18:53:34 CrashOops: :)
18:53:56 AliMo: haha I was just learning the intro solo to that yesterday
18:54:26 CrashOops: that's about as far as I've gotten
18:54:39 CrashOops: I"m actually just kinda screwing around not doing anything in particular. passing time kind of thing
18:54:44 CrashOops: too preoccupied to learn something new
18:55:00 AliMo: o, still waitin on that phone call?
18:55:06 CrashOops: yeah
18:55:14 CrashOops: see the thing is it's througha placement agency
18:55:20 CrashOops: so I gotta wait for the middle man to callt he company
18:55:25 CrashOops: then the company to call the middleman
18:55:28 CrashOops: and then the middleman to call me
18:55:44 CrashOops: it's only 4pm here though
18:56:07 CrashOops: so about another hour I'm figuring. the plan was to try and get interview for this evening then I could work tommorow at a temp place. but I guess I'll just have interview tommorow
18:56:10 CrashOops: no biggie :)
18:57:09 AliMo: ooo
18:58:02 CrashOops: lol
19:17:39 CrashOops: wow dont we make intersting conversation
19:18:46 CrashOops: hi Sirccraigers
19:18:50 CrashOops: and bye
19:18:51 Sircraigery: word up
19:18:59 CrashOops: I'm actually just heading out
19:19:07 Sircraigery: alrighty, later
19:19:12 CrashOops: have fun with alimo lol. he's busy practicing so good luck
19:19:41 Sircraigery: perhaps i'll get busy at that too hehe, i nned to let a little steam off (just got back from the mechanics lol)
19:20:08 CrashOops: ah
19:20:09 Sircraigery: all i have to say is "extended warranty my ass!" hahaha
19:20:12 CrashOops: have a good night anyway
19:20:15 Sircraigery: night
19:20:37 Sircraigery: hey robin
19:20:41 Robin: hi
19:20:46 Sircraigery: what's up?
19:21:08 Robin: not much, just broke a string, so right now I'm just listening to my new CD's and browsing GMC :)
19:21:14 Robin: whats up over there?
19:21:35 Sircraigery: not much, just got home from work
19:21:44 Sircraigery: about to pick up the axe
19:22:19 Sircraigery: what do you play?
19:22:59 Robin: I just started practicing songs by this great norwegian player. Øystein Sunde. He's like a country/blues artist. Mostly chords
19:23:04 Robin: I usually play blues/rock
19:23:16 Sircraigery: oh cool, me too
19:23:21 Robin: ah awesome :)
19:23:27 Sircraigery: i'm looking for some bb king tabs
19:23:41 Robin: wich song are you trying to learn?
19:23:58 Robin: I like to learn songs by ear, unless it involves alot of chords! :D
19:24:32 Sircraigery: yeah me too usually, but i want to start comparing what scales he's using with the actual notes
19:25:00 Sircraigery: i'm hoping it'll help me learn some more about incorporating scales into solos
19:25:18 Sircraigery: and bb kings little solo's are aresome for picking the scales out on
19:25:22 Robin: ah ko
19:25:58 Sircraigery: how old are you?/where you from?
19:26:11 Robin: 18, North Norway
19:26:12 Robin: you?
19:26:19 Sircraigery: oh cool
19:26:28 Sircraigery: i'm 24 from alberta canada
19:26:43 Robin: ok cool. how long have you been playing?
19:27:00 Sircraigery: i first picked it up about 10 years ago, maybe 12
19:27:15 Sircraigery: but i've went throught times i haven't touched it in over a year
19:27:30 Robin: ah yeah I understand. was the same with me, just not that long periods
19:28:01 Robin: it was like, play some power chords and easy maiden songs that I've played a thuosand times before for an hour, and then go play computer games, haha
19:28:15 Sircraigery: i was pretty much the only one out of my friends when i was young to play, so that slowed down the excitement, and learning curve haha
19:28:25 Robin: ah ok
19:28:53 Robin: me and another friend started playing in the 8th or 9th grade or something, and after that EVERYONE started playing :P
19:29:12 Robin: but I drifted apart those guys so I didnt really learn much untill I joined GMC :P
19:29:14 Sircraigery: i still don't know any maiden songs hehe, suggest any fun riffs?
19:29:27 Sircraigery: yeah this site is the shizznits for theory
19:29:30 Robin: hmm I supposed Holy Smoke is fun :D
19:29:35 Robin: aces high rocks
19:29:58 AliMo: hey sorry guys, had to go take care of some stuff, whats up
19:30:06 Robin: hmmm maaan, I think I got to learn meself some maiden songs! Solos in particular! I was a newb when I played maiden :P
19:30:22 Robin: maybe it would be fun to actually do the hard parts now, instead of skipping them
19:30:26 Robin: Hi
19:30:30 Robin: not much :D
19:30:31 Sircraigery: well i still kinda suck, so i'm all for easy hehe
19:30:44 Robin: hehe ok :D
19:31:05 Robin: the stuff from Iron Maiden and Killers are awesone
19:31:08 Robin: awesome*
19:31:19 Robin: the 2 first albums
19:31:23 Sircraigery: killers? the new band?
19:31:31 Robin: ah no, maidens secong album
19:31:35 Robin: second*
19:31:49 Sircraigery: oh ok....i was like "is this guy serious?" lol
19:31:59 Robin: haha, I dnot even think I've heard killers
19:32:05 Robin: or "The killers" or what they're called
19:32:12 Sircraigery: they suck, teen pop
19:32:20 Robin: ah jeeesus ok >_<
19:32:21 Sircraigery: pop/rock or whatever
19:33:29 Sircraigery: ever learn countdown to existinction?
19:33:39 Robin: nope. never heard of actually
19:33:40 Sircraigery: i love that song, probably the most fun to play
19:33:56 Sircraigery: i wasn't crazy about it until i learned it on guitar
19:34:01 Sircraigery: it's by megadeth
19:34:12 Sircraigery: pretty heavy
19:34:15 Robin: ah I dont listen much to megadeth
19:35:35 Robin: what genres do you listen to?
19:35:54 Sircraigery: everything
19:36:01 Robin: cool, same here :D
19:36:27 Sircraigery: even country, only a select few of the new country though....since most of it is shit now haha
19:37:03 Robin: yeah most new stuff kinda sucks :p
19:37:31 Sircraigery: i recommend "highwayman" - the higwaymen
19:37:53 Sircraigery: it's one of those songs you sit back and visualize the lyrics....kicks ass
19:38:12 Robin: ok cool, gonna check it out
19:38:42 Sircraigery: well, i'm gonna header. nice talking with ya. have a good night
19:38:48 Robin: ok good night

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