Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn, Muris etc. 2007-07-26
Aug 7 2007, 05:08 PM
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13:26:21 AudunESP: hi, anyone there?
13:27:07 dynamite_dude: yo
13:27:12 AudunESP: yo
13:27:13 dynamite_dude: sorry, was practicing :p
13:27:17 AudunESP: hehe
13:27:22 dynamite_dude: sup?
13:27:45 AudunESP: getting the "winding roads" solo into my brain! best solo ever
13:28:29 dynamite_dude: sweet! decided to memorise all 3 alternate picking exercises... just beginning the 3rd now.. been a few hours, haha
13:29:15 dynamite_dude: need to have a go at something more melodic / similar to what I play after these 3 ex's..
13:29:19 dynamite_dude: been playing long?
13:30:34 AudunESP: u meen lifetime or todaY?
13:31:02 dynamite_dude: lifetime, sorry
13:31:19 AudunESP: think its like 4 years or something
13:31:26 AudunESP: u?
13:32:02 dynamite_dude: 2.5 or so
13:32:11 AudunESP: ok
13:32:27 dynamite_dude: have a bit of free time over summer before going back to uni though, so I thought I'd put some serious work in
13:32:38 AudunESP: age dont count to much, for all i know you could better than me
13:32:54 dynamite_dude: yeah I know what you mean man, I hate it when people ask how long I've been playing, haha
13:33:13 dynamite_dude: because I know if someone says 1 year, 10 years, 20 years, it doesn't mean they've been practicing seriously that long
13:33:22 AudunESP: hehe yeah
13:33:30 dynamite_dude: more of a "listen and tell me how good I am" kinda thing
13:33:44 dynamite_dude: ESP... metalhead?
13:34:00 AudunESP: ok, the real question how to figure out ur skills is; "how long have u bin on GMC?"
13:34:02 AudunESP: yep
13:34:12 AudunESP: but lately im bin more into rock
13:35:09 dynamite_dude: hah, even then that's misleading.. I've only ever memorised one lesson using GMC.. I just tend to browse.. been on GMC about 3, 4 months though? I think?
13:35:36 dynamite_dude: nice, nice. metal + rock for me too, and have been more into rock lately too, lol
13:35:47 AudunESP: hehe
13:36:17 dynamite_dude: probably because I've been seeing a few covers bands doing the old acdc/led zep/etc line-up quite a bit recently
13:36:52 AudunESP: discovered that rock is a pretty easy style to make a decent song + solo in! all you need is to know what chords to use and a pentatonic scale
13:37:20 dynamite_dude: aye, it's more friendly to the ears of my friends too.. haha
13:37:37 dynamite_dude: not quite up to that level to play metal solo's flawlessly
13:37:43 AudunESP: ehhe
13:38:34 dynamite_dude: thinking about memorising a few of the classics before going back.. sweet child, stairway, not too hard stuff, just to entertain my housemates
13:38:58 dynamite_dude: but I thought I'd work on my technique first, so hence why I'm doing these alt picking ex's.
13:39:09 AudunESP: well, metal solos requires more teqnical skills, and is harder to get "decent" becus ppl will complayn with saying "omg! thats to bluesy! or "thats too rock" or "not brutal enough"
13:40:02 dynamite_dude: haha yeah, you get more of 'those' types of people when playing harder stuff :p
13:40:10 AudunESP: hehe
13:40:22 AudunESP: do u jam alot?
13:40:47 dynamite_dude: next to no jamming for me I'm afraid :/ just can't be bothered to drag my guitar and amp down the road to my friends'
13:41:14 AudunESP: hehe! no, i mean with the computer
13:41:28 AudunESP: its endless jamming posibillities on this site
13:41:42 dynamite_dude: oh, right. not too much no. but I might try get into that now that I'm actively using GMC
13:42:09 dynamite_dude: yeah, I really need to get comfortable with all that, even though improvisation isn't high on my list of things to do list
13:42:25 AudunESP: jamming makes you lot better in making ur own style, and stuff
13:42:30 dynamite_dude: just feel like I haven't learnt enough cool licks to cram together yet, want to keep exploring
13:42:42 dynamite_dude: aye, I'd like to cover some songs before I write my own stuff though
13:42:53 dynamite_dude: covers band when I return to uni this year, hopefully
13:43:03 AudunESP: how old are you?
13:43:17 dynamite_dude: 19
13:43:43 AudunESP: i see myself as 16
13:43:56 dynamite_dude: you see yourself as 16? :p
13:44:12 AudunESP: well, im 15 but in 1 month im 1 6
13:44:19 dynamite_dude: oh, gotcha
13:44:30 dynamite_dude: yeah.. nearly 20 here actually
13:44:42 AudunESP: hehe
13:44:56 AudunESP: what guitar u got?
13:45:32 dynamite_dude: LTD EC-1000, Ibanez Prestige 2550E, Squier Bullet, Epiphone acoustic, crappy acoustic [unknown]
13:45:43 dynamite_dude: use the ltd the most though
13:46:02 AudunESP: EC-1000, ill check it out
13:46:24 dynamite_dude: it's similar to the ESP eclipse if ya know it.. the Les paul one
13:46:42 dynamite_dude: but this one has 24 frets instead of 22, and is a hell of a lot cheaper
13:46:50 dynamite_dude: it's amazing value though
13:47:58 AudunESP: i got an LTD MH-250, an ibanez i dont know what model is, worth like 2500 pounds or something and a Cort steel acoustic
13:48:13 dynamite_dude: £2500? :o
13:48:21 AudunESP: ¨ups
13:48:31 Andrew Cockburn: hi guys
13:48:33 AudunESP: 250*
13:48:36 dynamite_dude: hey dude, sup
13:48:39 dynamite_dude: ah, 250, lol
13:48:50 Andrew Cockburn: whats going on in here?
13:48:54 dynamite_dude: you like the guitars you have?
13:49:06 dynamite_dude: just an ordinary little chit chat, apparently we both play guitar!
13:49:16 Andrew Cockburn: Really, how cool - wish I could ...
13:49:26 dynamite_dude: ah well, with a bit of effort.. lol
13:49:32 Andrew Cockburn: you think> Wow!
13:49:52 dynamite_dude: just pullin' your chain, just finished practicing?
13:50:04 Andrew Cockburn: now, lunch break
13:50:07 AudunESP: hehe
13:50:18 dynamite_dude: ah, different time zone I see, my apologies :)
13:50:27 AudunESP: btw. i totaly love my LTD, dont need any better guitar
13:50:30 Andrew Cockburn: Yep, East Coast USA, its 1:46 here
13:50:51 AudunESP: west coast Norway 19:50 here
13:51:02 dynamite_dude: good to hear, Audun! It's the skills that make the player.. not theguitar
13:51:07 dynamite_dude: as cheesey as it sounds.
13:51:13 dynamite_dude: sorry, cliché
13:51:22 dynamite_dude: aaaaaand 18:51pm here - London, UK
13:52:34 dynamite_dude: I have a floyd guitar, a good practice amp and a hardtail, so I don't need anything else at the mo, happy with this
13:52:52 dynamite_dude: friends tempt me to invest in some big amps all too often though oO
13:53:11 AudunESP: hehe
13:54:18 dynamite_dude: what sort of stuff are you practicing, andrew?
13:54:27 Andrew Cockburn: umm
13:54:29 Andrew Cockburn: sorry
13:54:43 Andrew Cockburn: I'm working on Alt Picking for a song I am writing
13:54:49 AudunESP: hes instructor:)
13:54:59 Andrew Cockburn: ANd yesterday I was practicing modes for Wallimans collboration!
13:55:02 dynamite_dude: yeah I know, but everybody has to practice :p
13:55:08 Andrew Cockburn: Exactly!
13:55:20 Andrew Cockburn: Me more than anyone!
13:55:41 dynamite_dude: very nice! I'll dive into the modal stuff later, the song writing too.. working on the alt. picking myself
13:55:44 dynamite_dude: hah :p
13:56:42 Andrew Cockburn: I love the modal stuff - When I was playing Wallimans backing track I discovered I could play them all by ear except Locrian
13:56:52 Andrew Cockburn: No need to learn all the shapes, I just knew them!
13:57:05 AudunESP: thats my goal :)
13:57:24 dynamite_dude: woah, nice going!
13:57:30 Andrew Cockburn: I thought I would have to put a lot of work into it, but I guess having the right chord progression really helps
13:57:40 dynamite_dude: aye
13:58:37 Andrew Cockburn: I'm goimng to start a collabpration myself in a day or two
13:58:38 dynamite_dude: by any chance, you're not using a pod to record, are ya?
13:58:46 Andrew Cockburn: Yep
13:59:42 AudunESP: hmm, it would kinda be cool if the chat could be in a little window on the richt side of the the lessons, so i could look at the chat while learning::)
13:59:47 dynamite_dude: which ver.?
13:59:53 AudunESP: right*
13:59:54 Andrew Cockburn: XTL
14:00:12 dynamite_dude: lol, yes, was just thinking that earlier, I just keep switching to learn the next section
14:00:38 dynamite_dude: ah.. friend is obtaining one of those through insurance after his pod xt line broke
14:01:03 dynamite_dude: tried the cheaper versions? i.e. 2.0, etc thinking of getting something similar when I get the cash
14:01:18 Andrew Cockburn: I love mine for playing AND recording
14:02:17 dynamite_dude: being the XTL though, I'd be suprised if that wasn't the case, for the price they charge
14:03:59 Andrew Cockburn: Well its not bad considering it is a pedal board, effects rac AND a redcording interface :)
14:04:46 dynamite_dude: aye, it's why I'm asking about the cheaper versions
14:06:52 Andrew Cockburn: I would say any pod would be good for recording,m its all down to what extras you get
14:07:47 dynamite_dude: and as for effects?
14:07:54 dynamite_dude: same deal?
14:08:31 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, the different pods have different libraries of effects included, they are all pretty good if you want variety
14:08:53 dynamite_dude: coolio, cheers
14:10:49 AliMo: whatsup guys
14:11:09 AudunESP: jamming over the "guitar tapping 3" backing track
14:11:29 Andrew Cockburn: hry
14:11:32 AliMo: o cool, sorry to interupt lol
14:11:33 Andrew Cockburn: hey even
14:11:37 AudunESP: nono
14:11:44 dynamite_dude: just finishing memorising the alt. picking numero 3 exercise
14:12:58 AliMo: hey andrew I got a question
14:14:01 AliMo: What would be the easiest way for me to record?
14:14:38 AliMo: Not sure if you saw my post in Wallimans collab thread, but I only have a mic but would like to be able to record with a better quality and to have the backing track separate
14:14:53 AliMo: Is there a device I need or just a cable I would have to get?
14:15:21 Andrew Cockburn: There are a number of ways to do it
14:15:27 Andrew Cockburn: How much cash do you have?
14:16:44 AliMo: Well I've been saving for a new amp and still in the process so I've got a couple hundred but I would rather not spend that much just to record what I play, I'd still like to get that amp sometime soon
14:17:00 AliMo: so i guess maybe spending like 50 - 60 if anything goes that cheap
14:18:50 Andrew Cockburn: $100 too much?
14:20:18 AliMo: Well I'm not looking for great quality, just to get by so if thats like around the lowest than no but if there were something a little lower that didn't work as well I wouldn't mind it much
14:22:19 Andrew Cockburn: You can plug your guitar straight into your soundcard but it might not be great
14:22:25 Andrew Cockburn: you weould just need a cable then
14:22:42 Andrew Cockburn: better would be to spend some money on a proper interface
14:23:23 AliMo: O ok, I wasn't sure if just a cable would work, but I guess I might shell out some money if its a big difference
14:23:41 Andrew Cockburn: I'm just doing some checking for you ...
14:24:05 AliMo: K thanks
14:29:46 Andrew Cockburn: Looks like a Line6 guitarport would be cool
14:30:02 Andrew Cockburn: or an IK steakth plug
14:30:38 AliMo: k thanks I'll take a look
14:31:59 Andrew Cockburn: ok, catch u later guys
14:45:25 AudunESP: hahaha! i just found out that master of puppets first pre-solo can be played over the tapping 3 backing track XD
14:49:05 AudunESP: man u there?
14:50:22 dynamite_dude: sorry dude
14:50:33 dynamite_dude: lol, really?
14:50:51 dynamite_dude: which we talking about here? the interlude or the first 'solo'
14:51:00 dynamite_dude: that thing they do in harmony
14:51:50 AudunESP: yep
14:52:11 AudunESP: sounds pretty cool
14:52:35 dynamite_dude: hah, yeah, easy to play that bit, but so cool
14:52:50 dynamite_dude: how'd you find this out anyway?
14:54:18 AudunESP: i just tried:) knew some of the E-minor scale thats used in the backing, and then i played in some frets, and it worked out, and then i like "man! thats the same notes thats in the master of puppets solo
14:54:33 dynamite_dude: haha, cool
14:54:41 Chooch: How's it going everyone?
14:54:45 dynamite_dude: that's probably how one of the instructors came across it tbh :p
14:54:52 AliMo: not much, how bout u?
14:54:53 dynamite_dude: everything's cool, welcome both
14:55:03 AudunESP: im jamming my ass of
14:55:11 Chooch: Pretty tired, haha
14:55:28 AudunESP: jamming over the two handed tapping backing track
14:55:41 Chooch: The softer one? I love jamming over that.
14:55:46 AudunESP: the coolest backing track in GMC IMO
14:55:50 AudunESP: yep
14:55:52 AliMo: I was off today and had nothing to do, i started playing today around 1030 and its now 3 here and I just stopped
14:55:55 Chooch: Yeah man, for sure.
14:55:57 AliMo: my fingers are killing me lol
14:56:08 AudunESP: hehe
14:56:16 dynamite_dude: lol, been playing 5 hours here too..
14:56:26 AudunESP: my fingertips have like 1cm in just skin XD
14:56:41 dynamite_dude: :p
14:57:02 AliMo: haha yeah same here, they don't hurt but if I touch the strings my fingertips hurt cuz theres no skin left on em :D
14:57:19 AliMo: so I decided to take a break for a little
14:57:25 AudunESP: good idea
14:58:42 Chooch: Im gonna crash now hilariously tired. Cheers!
14:58:54 dynamite_dude: later dude
14:59:17 dynamite_dude: heh, my fingertips don't hurt.. my fingers feel a bit tired though
15:02:50 AudunESP: ill go to bed now! cya guys some day i supose XD
15:03:06 AliMo: k later
15:03:34 AliMo: I'm gonna head out now too, see you both later
15:03:37 dynamite_dude: cyas
16:10:56 blindwillie: semi-afk doin the blues thang
16:49:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *whip* *slap* *meow*
16:49:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Willie
16:49:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
16:49:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *meow*
16:49:53 blindwillie: hey
16:50:16 blindwillie: wrng button, to much playing guitar and typin at same time :)
16:55:31 blindwillie: where did you go?
16:55:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey
16:56:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sry fish emergency
16:56:14 blindwillie: what!?! haha:)
16:56:49 blindwillie: oh, you ar one of those wh ojoined fishingmasterclass :)
16:57:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
16:57:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no like the goldfish like
16:57:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is upset down and swimming :p
16:57:28 blindwillie: hehe
16:57:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Upside*
16:57:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ello Kurt
16:57:48 blindwillie: probably a bad sign :/
16:57:56 Kurt: HI
16:58:03 blindwillie: hey
16:58:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: My other one died last night, jumped out of the damn bowl ? :p
16:58:49 blindwillie: ok, I wont laugh, you might be attached to them (but still a bit fin :) )
16:58:57 blindwillie: *fun
16:59:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no Idc
16:59:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just a fidh
16:59:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: fish*
16:59:15 blindwillie: hehe
17:00:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are you guys practicing ?
17:00:33 Kurt: speedpicking :)
17:00:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Nice ! :)
17:00:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Pavels lessons ?
17:01:17 Kurt: A little bit of everyones
17:01:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good thinkin
17:01:42 Kurt: Muris, Pavel and sometimes the Yngwie Lesson 2
17:01:56 blindwillie: doing some 70-ish rhythm, foghat, rainbow right now
17:01:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ahh yes the Yngwie lessons
17:02:45 Kurt: It must be so cool to do it in Gabriels speed :)
17:03:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dont worry youll get there
17:03:15 Kurt: :) hope so
17:05:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I love this new Trill lesson
17:05:45 Kurt: I havent watched it until now
17:05:55 Kurt: but if its that cool^^
17:06:21 Kurt: maybe tomorrow^^
17:06:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
17:06:36 blindwillie: to fsat for me yet... :)
17:06:41 blindwillie: *fast then
17:07:03 blindwillie: I'm on the finns "No upstroke...!" love that one
17:07:10 Kurt: how long have you been playing?
17:07:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well trills are different then general speed-picking
17:07:25 blindwillie: me? 6 months, very beginner
17:07:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ive been playing for 2 years
17:07:55 Kurt: me 1 year
17:08:21 blindwillie: agree, I even finf trills easier, more used to hammerons pullofs han speedpicking
17:08:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:08:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: tapping and trills are like the lazy mans guide to speed :)
17:09:06 blindwillie: soryy, ahev to go and be polite for awhile... me dad is here for a few days
17:09:08 blindwillie: brb
17:09:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok
17:09:32 blindwillie: hehe yeeah. brb
17:13:34 Kurt: Do you take lessons on guitar asidse GMC?
17:14:17 Kurt: sry.... I mean without GMC^^
17:14:32 Sergeant_Ant: howdy
17:14:38 Kurt: Hey!
17:14:48 Sergeant_Ant: hows every 1 doin
17:15:04 Kurt: fine, thx
17:15:33 Sergeant_Ant: cool, to answer ur question lol, i dont take lessons outside GMC except the ones on UG
17:16:01 Kurt: ah... ok, thx :)
17:16:15 Sergeant_Ant: but i still a rookie :(
17:16:23 Kurt: me too^^
17:16:32 Sergeant_Ant: how long u been playin
17:16:34 Sergeant_Ant: ?
17:16:37 Kurt: 1 year
17:16:41 Kurt: you?
17:16:49 Sergeant_Ant: bout the same
17:16:55 Kurt: ok
17:17:16 Sergeant_Ant: i think it was steve vai that made me wanna play
17:17:29 Kurt: cool
17:17:30 Sergeant_Ant: wat made u wanna pick up the g-tar
17:17:50 Kurt: for acoustic it was Kurt Cobain
17:17:55 Kurt: irvana
17:18:01 Kurt: Nirvana^^
17:18:17 Kurt: and Electric it was Jimmy Page fro Led Zeppelin
17:18:20 Sergeant_Ant: lol, im wearing their shirt at the moment
17:18:26 Sergeant_Ant: nirvana that is
17:18:35 Kurt: nice :)
17:19:07 Sergeant_Ant: just bought my guitar, i was usin a starter kit till now
17:19:07 Kurt: he was a genius as songwriter but not as guitarist
17:19:15 Kurt: ah ok
17:19:28 Kurt: I am using an Epiphone Les Paul
17:19:43 Sergeant_Ant: o man, wat color?
17:19:57 Kurt: honeyburst
17:20:15 Sergeant_Ant: awesome, hows it playin?
17:20:51 Kurt: yeah its quite easy and cool to play but now I have Probs with one humbucker
17:21:11 Kurt: the brigde- pickup
17:21:22 Sergeant_Ant: yea
17:21:33 Sergeant_Ant: i think they can be replaced fairly easily
17:22:18 Kurt: yes i think that too
17:22:18 AliMo: Hey guys
17:22:23 Kurt: Hi!!
17:22:24 Sergeant_Ant: howdy
17:22:45 Sergeant_Ant: i might upgrade my humbuckers to the evo from steve vais guitars
17:23:20 Kurt: how much do you pay for them?
17:23:43 Sergeant_Ant: i was gonna get them 1 at a time for like 40-60
17:24:07 Sergeant_Ant: but i think u can get a good one for 30-ish
17:24:15 Kurt: ok
17:24:44 Sergeant_Ant: so ephiphone a pretty good brand?
17:25:08 Kurt: as far as I know... yes
17:25:33 Sergeant_Ant: i was thinkin about gettin an SG but the ibson one is too much
17:25:43 Sergeant_Ant: gibson not ibson
17:26:04 Kurt: yeahg its cool but very much yes
17:26:42 Sergeant_Ant: anywho, so wat kinda stuf u prac?
17:27:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy sry guys, got lost in trills for awhile :p
17:27:22 Sergeant_Ant: nice
17:29:07 Sergeant_Ant: trills eh? im gonna go check it out!
17:29:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good luck with that Sergeant :)
17:36:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im out guys, gotta feed the good ol' belly :)
17:36:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya later gators
17:56:06 Pavel: hey there
17:59:01 muris: hi folks
18:02:22 Kurt: hi muris!
18:02:25 Kurt: sry
18:02:57 Kurt: do you remember my problem that I told you?
18:03:14 muris: hmm
18:03:18 muris: remind me please
18:03:27 Kurt: with thge alt picking^^
18:03:42 Kurt: you told me to pick harder^^
18:03:43 muris: ohh yeah
18:03:47 muris: yes
18:03:48 muris: and?
18:03:57 Kurt: It really helped!!!
18:04:03 muris: great!!
18:04:06 muris: you see
18:04:16 muris: basic is this
18:04:33 Kurt: I think my last pick before I changed the string was too unclear^^
18:04:37 muris: left hand's finger must feel when you hit the string
18:04:46 muris: then you'll have good sync
18:04:52 Kurt: :)
18:05:22 Kurt: its so bad when you have enough speed in your left hand but no sync^^
18:05:32 muris: yes
18:05:35 muris: or oposite
18:05:43 Kurt: yeah
18:05:45 muris: many have speed in right(picking)hand
18:05:52 muris: but no use of it
18:06:12 muris: hands must work as one
18:06:20 Kurt: yes thats it
18:07:23 Kurt: Where did you study the guitar??
18:07:41 muris: well,this stuff that I play,nowhere
18:07:58 muris: I used to have classes of classical guitar during music high school
18:08:11 muris: but that's not my occupation
18:08:15 Kurt: ah ok
18:08:42 muris: so mostly self-thought
18:08:54 Kurt: yes thats cool^^
18:09:03 muris: video lessons,listening to music,players etc
18:09:30 Kurt: so you had no Electric guitar teacher?
18:09:35 muris: but must admit,I got fine knowledge about thepry in school
18:09:46 muris: no,never had a teacher
18:09:52 Kurt: cool
18:10:03 muris: wish I had
18:10:10 Kurt: :)
18:10:14 muris: :)
18:10:28 muris: you can lose much time looking for something alone
18:10:47 muris: loose*
18:11:33 muris: hi ESJ
18:12:28 Kurt: hi
18:18:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey guys
18:19:16 muris: hey,you are alive :)
18:22:10 Guitar34: hi everybody
18:22:27 muris: hi there
18:22:50 muris: nice con you've got :)
18:22:56 muris: icon*
18:22:59 Guitar34: thnks
18:23:04 Guitar34: lol
18:23:30 muris: how's it going?
18:23:53 Guitar34: good
18:24:12 Guitar34: u?
18:24:22 muris: tired a bit but ok
18:24:43 Guitar34: what is your favorite song to play on guitar?
18:25:01 muris: hard one
18:25:13 muris: I'm profi player for 10 years or more
18:25:25 Guitar34: wow
18:25:31 Guitar34: how old r u?
18:25:35 muris: 27
18:25:41 Guitar34: oh im 11
18:25:48 muris: yeah :)
18:26:01 muris: those are great ages
18:26:07 muris: just keep it working
18:26:13 Guitar34: yep
18:26:52 Guitar34: my favor ite song to play on guitar is sweet child o mine by guns n roses
18:27:00 muris: cool one
18:27:00 Guitar34: favorite***
18:27:09 muris: I had a class today
18:27:23 muris: student wanted to learn solo form that tune
18:27:28 muris: coincidence :)
18:27:34 Guitar34: lol
18:27:52 muris: solo is in Eminor key right?
18:28:20 Guitar34: i think so
18:28:50 muris: yep
18:34:28 Guitar34: guess who this is?
18:35:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sorry bout that guys
18:35:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my computer had gay sex with itself
18:35:25 muris: no worries ESJ
18:35:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: k ;)
18:35:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: that new trill lesson is really something !
18:36:45 Guitar34: srry i logged out on accident
18:36:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how dare you !
18:37:02 Guitar34: lol
18:37:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ;)
18:37:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im going to have to go momentarily i need to go buy Gears of War
18:38:36 muris: ok:)
18:38:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: You guys like Joe satriani ?
18:39:06 muris: sure
18:39:22 blindwillie: That's it for tonight, have to sleep now. sorry for being afk most of the time. Nite all
18:39:31 muris: night
18:39:50 Kurt: I am trying at the moment to play Always with me always with you
18:40:02 Kurt: you know that song?
18:40:07 muris: lol
18:40:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: beautiful song
18:40:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: of course!
18:40:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like surfing with an alien
18:40:17 muris: I played it on my solo gig few night ago
18:40:23 muris: I'll post few clips
18:40:27 Kurt: :D wow
18:40:37 Kurt: would be cool^^
18:40:42 muris: sure
18:40:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
18:40:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: some great satch warm-ups
18:40:53 muris: must get video and audio stuff and mix it
18:41:54 Kurt: nice^^
18:42:37 Kurt: the chord warm up is hard^^
18:42:44 Kurt: in his speed^^
18:42:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
18:42:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its great
18:42:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats my favorite part of the whole thing
18:43:53 Kurt: yeah really cool^^
18:44:33 muris: Satch is the man
18:44:39 Kurt: :D
18:45:04 Kurt: do some of you sometimes read Totol guitar??
18:45:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Yeah
18:45:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like Guitar One better though
18:45:22 Kurt: Total Guitar Magazine??
18:45:45 Kurt: I saw there A ranking of some shredders in speed
18:45:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and the ranking is?
18:46:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap* muris wake up !
18:46:06 Kurt: guess who won?
18:46:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Batio
18:46:17 Kurt: Vai
18:46:27 Kurt: 21 tones per second^^
18:46:40 muris: sory :)
18:46:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Batio is faster
18:47:07 Kurt: Batio was 5th or somethging I think^^
18:47:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: look at any Vai video and then look at a Batio video
18:47:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and see for yourself
18:47:53 muris: no point of it guys
18:48:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ik its not about speed
18:48:10 muris: music is sometyhing else
18:48:17 muris: yeah
18:48:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but when it comes down to it batio is faster
18:48:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I gtg
18:48:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ttyl bye
18:48:26 muris: maybe
18:48:34 Kurt: yeah... but this ranking is quite interesting
18:48:34 muris: but take a look at the notes
18:49:08 Kurt: but your right its not all about skills^^
18:49:17 Kurt: music is more^^
18:49:34 muris: I wanted to say this
18:49:46 muris: you can play many tones as you want
18:49:55 muris: but which notes?
18:50:12 Kurt: yeah thats it^^
18:50:20 muris: Vai is much more wide open than Batio
18:50:27 muris: has more knowledge etc
18:50:28 muris: imo
18:50:34 Kurt: I think that too^^
18:51:03 muris: and after all Mark Knopfler is still my fav all time
18:51:05 muris: :)
18:51:26 Kurt: mine is jimmy Page^^ :)
18:51:33 Kurt: and SVR^^
18:51:48 muris: never been onto Page a lot
18:51:57 muris: but he's legend of course
18:52:17 Kurt: I don´t even think about his solos...
18:52:29 Kurt: but he invented great riffs^^
18:52:35 muris: yes
18:52:41 muris: same as Blackmore
18:52:51 muris: or Cobain
18:52:52 muris: etc
18:52:58 Kurt: he´s also more famous for his riffs^^
18:53:06 muris: yeah
18:53:08 Kurt: tony Iommy^^
18:53:13 muris: Angus Young
18:53:25 muris: list goes forever
18:53:54 Kurt: yes but for for such hard rock bands riffs are more important than solos I think^^
18:54:06 muris: mostly yes
18:54:29 Kurt: its that what you remember best^^
18:54:39 Kurt: the riffs^^
18:54:47 muris: yeah
18:54:51 muris: and few solos :)
18:55:09 Kurt: f. e. Stairway to heaven :)
18:55:19 muris: yep
18:55:22 Kurt: that solo...
18:55:30 muris: but riff if even better in that tune
18:55:31 muris: imo
18:55:39 Kurt: simply but great^^
18:56:06 Kurt: I think its only A minor pentatonic^^
18:56:06 muris: never was fan of ZP cause his tone
18:56:09 muris: and whole band
18:56:15 muris: Toooo vintage
18:56:30 Kurt: yes ... not everyone likes the singers voice^^
18:56:50 muris: not talking about Plant now
18:56:51 Kurt: I like Vintage :)
18:56:53 muris: but band
18:57:05 muris: sound
18:57:12 muris: like from basemant :)
18:57:23 Kurt: yes its very special
18:57:29 muris: it is
18:57:34 Kurt: not everybody likes it
18:57:36 muris: just not my type
18:57:38 muris: yeah
18:57:51 muris: tastes are not good topic to discus about
18:58:03 Kurt: right^^
18:58:10 Kurt: :)
18:58:16 muris: or who is better :)
18:58:36 Kurt: but who is faster.... lol
18:58:50 muris: ;)
18:58:58 Kurt: :)
18:59:35 muris: as villow fro LOTR said..I'll diminished now
18:59:40 muris: must take some sleep
18:59:46 Kurt: ok
18:59:47 muris: see ya soon
18:59:52 Kurt: bye!
18:59:56 muris: glad your picking is going better
19:00:03 muris: tell me if you need any help
19:00:06 Kurt: thx a lot
19:00:11 muris: no prob :)
19:00:12 muris: bye
19:00:14 Kurt: ok :)
19:00:19 Kurt: see you!
19:00:25 muris: see ya

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