Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn etc. 2007-07-27
Aug 7 2007, 05:12 PM
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15:36:16 Pavel: hey there
17:10:11 AudunESP: ah! hi
17:14:22 AudunESP: man, u there?
17:20:44 AudunESP: hi
17:20:54 Andrew Cockburn: hi, whats happenin?
17:21:18 AudunESP: i got myself some wound on my thumb, so im hurting while im playing guitar
17:21:26 AudunESP: just hangin here doin nothin
17:22:12 Andrew Cockburn: :)
17:22:17 Andrew Cockburn: I just finished working
17:22:25 Andrew Cockburn: its the weekendnow!
17:22:33 AudunESP: ah! me to
17:22:37 AudunESP: too*
17:22:55 Andrew Cockburn: What are you practiocing at the moment?
17:23:19 AudunESP: 101 two handed tapping no.3
17:23:33 Andrew Cockburn: Cool
17:23:34 AudunESP: and Lavendell's solo
17:23:38 Andrew Cockburn: Which one?
17:23:54 AudunESP: does he have twO? sorry, winding roads
17:24:06 Andrew Cockburn: Ahhhhh, I love that - its amazing
17:24:11 AudunESP: mhm
17:24:18 Andrew Cockburn: I like the whole song actually
17:24:22 Andrew Cockburn: really well done
17:24:30 AudunESP: have you heard the whole song?
17:24:41 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, he posted a link to it a while back
17:24:48 Andrew Cockburn: just search the forum for winding roads
17:24:55 AudunESP: nice
17:33:04 Owen: eee
17:33:06 Owen: was away
17:33:10 Owen: looking at other windows
17:33:12 Owen: now I come back
17:33:14 Owen: I've missed stuff
17:33:17 Owen: Oh noes!
17:33:21 Owen: *whip*
17:33:29 Owen: :P
17:33:30 Andrew Cockburn: hey
17:33:35 Andrew Cockburn: that got my attention
17:33:40 Owen: :D
17:33:42 AudunESP: hmm cool
17:33:48 AudunESP: *hangs himself*
17:33:52 Owen: lawl?
17:33:53 Owen: emo?
17:33:55 AudunESP: no, that didnt work
17:34:00 Andrew Cockburn: Was listening to the lates modes collaboration stuff - coming along well
17:34:43 Owen: I'm trying not to cry at Robin's lyrical post... :S
17:34:55 Andrew Cockburn: You two at it again ???
17:35:01 Owen: *I will not flame* >_<
17:35:07 Owen: I am refraining
17:35:16 AudunESP: where can i see that one?
17:35:22 Owen:;#entry47897
17:36:25 Owen: :P the lyrics for that song are just too good xD
17:36:27 Andrew Cockburn: That's the ticket, self restraint ;)
17:36:49 Owen: Vampires man!
17:37:15 Owen: \m/
17:37:25 Andrew Cockburn: I bet you truly looked like your avatar when you read that lol
17:38:09 Owen: I dunno how he can possibly think...
17:38:12 Owen: just NO!
17:38:13 Andrew Cockburn: Robin obviously loves that Tolkienesque horror stuff, and you hate anyhting that isn;t real - a match made in heaven!
17:38:13 Owen: :P
17:38:25 Owen: xD
17:38:26 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:39:04 Owen: I dont mind metaphorical stuff, Opeth have ramblings that wouldnt look like anything on the outset but until you get closer
17:39:17 Owen: but I think the Tolkein Vampires Satan thing is overdone
17:39:41 Owen: but yah
17:39:46 Owen: it must be really easy to write
17:39:52 Owen: I will attempt some xD
17:40:00 Andrew Cockburn: Now that would be funny !
17:40:06 AudunESP: hehe
17:40:56 Owen: I have my first paragraph xD
17:41:02 Andrew Cockburn: Allready?
17:41:15 Owen: oh yeah
17:41:37 Owen: now I need some long words to look clever
17:41:48 Andrew Cockburn: Transubstantiation
17:41:54 Owen: and to stick them in front of the word vampire and to hope it makes sense
17:42:12 Andrew Cockburn: eponymous
17:42:21 Andrew Cockburn: Philataleic
17:42:34 Andrew Cockburn: Not necessarily good words, but long ;)
17:42:37 Owen: "Transubstantiation of the rotting corpse-flesh"
17:42:42 Owen: xD whatever that means
17:42:52 Andrew Cockburn: Ahh, like it
17:43:03 Andrew Cockburn: Maybe Subsumption would be better
17:44:15 Owen: AC & Owen's guide to writing random black metal
17:44:23 Owen: xD
17:44:39 AudunESP: and dont forgoet to throw some shit about jesus christ and some "in the eyes of satan"
17:45:01 Andrew Cockburn: YEah
17:45:02 Owen: Random gibberish
17:45:09 Owen: Of the insane linguist
17:45:15 Owen: Barely scraping by
17:45:20 Owen: Without mentioning
17:45:25 Owen: Whilst refraining
17:45:30 Owen: Words detaining
17:45:35 Owen: Hail satan!
17:45:51 AudunESP: well, actually, in black metal you dont need lyrics, cuz you wont hear what they sing anyway
17:46:37 AudunESP: the only thing you will be able to hear is when "satan" is mentioned, and sometimes you hear "CHRRRIST!"
17:47:37 Owen: :P
17:47:52 Owen: they have to pretend they have something!
17:48:08 Andrew Cockburn: Aww come on, I'm sure some of it is ok
17:49:13 Owen: :P
17:49:18 Owen: Transubstantiation of the rotting corpse-flesh
17:49:23 Owen: Philatelic vampires carving rotten tombs
17:49:24 Andrew Cockburn: Nice lyric that
17:49:31 Owen: Satan dispersing devils in the mothers womb
17:49:40 Owen: Death, is my kindred spirit
17:49:48 Owen: Satan, the god of unreactration
17:49:54 Owen: Stabbing the vampires with stakes
17:50:00 AudunESP: Owen , are you possessed?
17:50:00 Owen: Those of non mouthful mastication
17:50:06 Andrew Cockburn: Would convince me ...
17:50:24 Owen: gotta love the last line xD
17:50:32 Owen: I may well be
17:50:35 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, very clever :)
17:50:36 AudunESP: yeah
17:50:39 Owen: xD
17:50:56 Owen: it'd be like a scene from the excorcist
17:51:02 AudunESP: what does that mean anyway, sounded cool, but my english vocaboular istn THAT wide XD
17:51:04 Owen: no doubt thats what inspires xD
17:51:19 Andrew Cockburn: Mastication means chewing
17:51:45 Owen: Philataleic means collecting stamps xD
17:51:48 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:51:50 Owen: Vampire stamp collectors
17:51:52 Owen: xD
17:51:58 Andrew Cockburn: Frightening thought ...
17:52:00 Owen: that was brilliant Andrew
17:52:16 Andrew Cockburn: I do my best :)
17:52:18 Owen: I looked it up and thought, wth ? then decided to keep it
17:52:37 Andrew Cockburn: Like I said up ther - not nbecessarily good words ;)
17:53:02 Owen: :P
17:54:10 Andrew Cockburn: right i'm off for an early dinner
17:54:11 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
17:54:16 Owen: bye!
17:57:00 Owen: I'm actually so brutally tempted to record this
17:57:12 AudunESP: hehe
17:57:12 Owen: shall I put it in the collaberations forum for people to add bits too?
17:59:30 Owen: HEY!
17:59:39 Kurt: hi!
18:00:01 Owen: Randomly, How are yah?
18:00:26 Kurt: fine thx, and you??
18:02:02 Owen: I've just been randomly writing a rip of a Black Metal song with andrew's help xD
18:23:59 AudunESP: hi man
18:24:32 Kurt: hi
18:24:53 Kurt: how´s itr going?
18:31:25 AudunESP: ah, damm! have to go 2 bed now sry
18:31:50 AudunESP: ill talk with you some other day i supose
18:31:59 AudunESP: Goodbye
22:50:51 Nick325: hey

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