Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-07-28
Aug 7 2007, 05:16 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
07:01:51 AudunESP: hmm, not verry much ppl on
07:14:52 AudunESP: ah hi
13:08:55 kjutte: Hi
19:23:28 Slammer: :D
19:34:13 AliMo: sup slammer
19:34:30 Slammer: hey
19:34:32 Slammer: LOL
19:34:40 Slammer: I didn't think anyone would come in
19:35:14 AliMo: hehe, im in the same boat as u, got nothin to do and was just scrollin the forums so I said why not?
19:35:24 Slammer: did you see the thread?
19:35:27 Slammer: I made?
19:35:28 Slammer: LOL
19:35:30 AliMo: haha ya
19:35:34 Slammer: LOL!
19:35:39 Slammer: so
19:35:48 Slammer: how's the guitar going
19:36:39 AliMo: not bad, been practicing all day so I'm takin a break
19:36:42 AliMo: how about you?
19:37:00 Slammer: just Chillin...
19:37:08 Slammer: played a little guitar today
19:37:19 AliMo: cool, how long you been playin?
19:37:23 Slammer: 5
19:37:25 Slammer: years
19:37:28 Slammer: :D
19:37:46 AliMo: wow
19:37:52 Slammer: you?
19:38:01 AliMo: 5 months
19:38:13 AliMo: almost 6 actually
19:38:30 Slammer: 1/10 longer than you
19:38:34 Slammer: Shorter
19:38:36 Slammer: *
19:38:40 Slammer: LOL
19:38:50 Slammer: nice
19:38:51 AliMo: lol
19:38:55 Slammer: what guitar you got?
19:39:25 Slammer: I know.... Squier Strat?
19:39:42 AliMo: haha nope, got a shechter spitfire-6
19:40:00 Slammer: DUDE
19:40:02 AliMo: but I got it from a friend for free because it was old just to start playing
19:40:06 Slammer: DUDE
19:40:14 AliMo: next week I'm gettin an ibanez RG350dx
19:40:16 Slammer: man... that's cool
19:40:27 Slammer: you from US?
19:40:35 AliMo: yup, NY you?
19:40:39 Slammer: MIA
19:40:44 Slammer: RIVALS!!
19:40:46 Slammer: LOL
19:40:51 AliMo: haha
19:40:53 Slammer: go Dolphins!
19:41:00 Slammer: are you a Jets fan?
19:41:01 AliMo: ew, j e t s jets!
19:41:12 Slammer: Hey Speed!
19:41:18 Speedeh: HI
19:41:20 Speedeh: :D
19:41:27 Slammer: ;0
19:41:42 Slammer: I think you are a Yankees Fan too!
19:41:51 Speedeh: who me? jesus god no
19:41:56 Slammer: Speedeh is a Steve Vai fan
19:41:57 AliMo: haha you thought correctly
19:42:05 Speedeh: yay Steve Vai
19:42:14 Slammer: Yankees!!! Boo!
19:42:16 Slammer: LOL
19:42:17 Slammer: jk
19:42:18 Speedeh: booy yankees
19:42:22 Speedeh: booooo
19:42:33 Slammer: Speedeh is from Europe
19:42:34 Speedeh: more like yankee$
19:42:40 Speedeh: no i'm not :{
19:42:42 Slammer: LOL
19:42:44 Slammer: JK
19:42:46 Speedeh: whoa
19:42:53 Speedeh: : { is a smiley haah
19:42:55 Speedeh: :{
19:42:57 Slammer: are you from the US?
19:43:05 Slammer: Canada!!
19:43:14 Speedeh: usa
19:43:15 AliMo: What are you talking aboot?
19:43:21 Slammer: LOL
19:43:30 Slammer: Maple Syrup
19:43:58 Slammer: Speed who is your Favorite team?
19:44:45 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip*
19:44:48 Slammer: HI!
19:44:54 AliMo: lol
19:45:11 Slammer: Remember the AliMo
19:45:21 AliMo: lol I get that all the time
19:45:29 AliMo: mines AlEEEEMo tho
19:45:31 AliMo: not alamo
19:45:40 Slammer: LOL
19:45:46 Slammer: are you Mexican?
19:46:12 AliMo: nope, my names Alex Milone so its sorta like theyre put together into one alias
19:46:31 Slammer: Anagrams!
19:46:32 AliMo: sorta
19:46:43 Slammer: Elvis = Lives!
19:46:48 Slammer: LOL
19:46:49 AliMo: lol
19:46:59 AliMo: so what's slammer for? are you in jail?
19:47:05 Slammer: Nope
19:47:09 Slammer: :P
19:47:37 Slammer: Sam.....Sammy......Slam....Slammy.....Slammer!!
19:47:46 AliMo: lol I see
19:47:54 Slammer: Alias
19:48:04 Slammer: Wasn't that Great a Show IMO
19:48:17 AliMo: o, never watched it
19:48:25 Slammer: 24 is better
19:48:36 Speedeh: oops sorry got a phone call
19:48:48 Slammer: was it a fast call?
19:48:51 AliMo: yeah my girlfriend loves that show, I never got into it though
19:48:55 Speedeh: D:
19:49:00 Slammer: LOL
19:49:06 Speedeh: (D:)
19:49:21 Slammer: so who is your Fav team
19:49:22 Slammer: ?
19:49:26 Slammer: Speed I mean
19:49:32 Speedeh: phillies
19:49:35 Slammer: BOO
19:49:44 Speedeh: but they're loosing now so i stopped watchin
19:49:58 Speedeh: most mediocre team ever
19:50:04 Slammer: Marlins fan here.... we are natural Rivals!
19:50:12 Speedeh: not really
19:50:30 Speedeh: phillies never beat the marlins and rivalries mean both teams win :D
19:50:34 Sircraigery: word
19:50:47 AliMo: hey craigery
19:50:55 Slammer: IDK.... last year the Phills beat up on us
19:50:58 Slammer: alot
19:51:07 Slammer: Boo!
19:51:13 Sircraigery: football, baseball?
19:51:19 Slammer: Baseball
19:51:26 Slammer: but you are a Hockey fan
19:51:29 Slammer: Right?
19:51:55 Slammer: cya Alimo
19:52:02 Sircraigery: oh yeah, no one plays baseball in canada haha. hockey is better, cuz you get to smash people into the borads
19:52:11 Slammer: Blue Jays??
19:52:11 Sircraigery: boards*
19:52:25 Sircraigery: well yeah, but it's not that big
19:52:28 Slammer: Expos.....
19:52:29 Slammer: LOL
19:52:33 Slammer: Nationals
19:52:54 Slammer: sirC is 25 years old right?
19:52:58 Sircraigery: yep
19:53:01 Slammer: I remember
19:53:02 Slammer: LOL
19:53:03 Sircraigery: no 24
19:53:32 Slammer: anyways you have to remember the early 90's when the Blues Jays won
19:53:37 Slammer: the WS
19:53:41 Sircraigery: i got a video of me practising some scales, i want some of the shredders to take a look and see if i'm practising too fast or not fast enough
19:53:42 Slammer: two years
19:53:51 Slammer: can we see it?
19:53:52 Speedeh: i'm gonna go practice now :D
19:54:01 Slammer: ok CYA
19:54:01 Speedeh: bye dudez!
19:54:10 Sircraigery: yeah sure, where should i upload it?
19:54:30 Slammer: do you have it on Youtube
19:54:31 Slammer: ?
19:55:06 Sircraigery: yeah i could, but it's not something that would get any good comments haha
19:55:18 Slammer: just disable comments
19:55:29 Slammer: just have it as a Demo
19:55:30 Sircraigery: i was going at a rifling 70 bpm lol
19:55:44 Slammer: a Demo to show your Mad Skillz
19:55:59 Sircraigery: i can play way faster, but it gets sloppy
19:56:11 Sircraigery: yeah i'll guess i put it on youtizzle
19:58:42 Slammer: What up Muris?
19:58:48 muris: hey folks
19:58:57 muris: Slammer,my fav GMCers :)
19:59:05 Slammer: LOL
19:59:10 Slammer: thank you
19:59:11 Slammer: :D
19:59:16 Slammer: man I've been busy
19:59:19 Slammer: Working
19:59:25 muris: realy?
19:59:31 muris: what kind of job?
19:59:32 Slammer: yeah Summer Job
19:59:41 Slammer: some Construction stuff
19:59:47 Slammer: long hours
19:59:55 muris: mean like muscle work?
20:00:06 Slammer: like Painting kinda work
20:00:11 muris: ah ok
20:00:15 Slammer: stuff like that
20:00:26 Slammer: I haven't been on GMC for a Long time
20:00:40 muris: hope you'll make some money to buy yourself a nice piece of equipment
20:00:47 Slammer: Yeah me too
20:00:58 Slammer: I want to Resubscribe
20:01:01 Slammer: to GMC
20:01:02 Slammer: soon
20:01:08 Slammer: When I'm done Working
20:01:08 muris: just wanted to ask about it
20:01:14 muris: those are good news
20:01:20 muris: glad to hear that
20:01:30 Slammer: yeah... probably in Sep
20:01:36 Slammer: or October maybe
20:01:47 Slammer: although now all the Good Lessons are coming out
20:01:52 muris: take Aug for some resting or playing
20:02:08 muris: and then show as what you got :)
20:02:14 Slammer: :)
20:02:21 Slammer: I'll try
20:02:33 muris: no doubt about that
20:02:33 Slammer: you know
20:02:38 muris: say
20:02:45 Sircraigery: he muris, get your new pickups yet?
20:02:56 muris: for Musicman?
20:02:57 muris: no
20:03:04 muris: Stan is working on them
20:03:12 Sircraigery: sweet
20:03:13 Slammer: have you ever delved into Jazzy Style Playing Muris?
20:03:24 muris: sure
20:03:34 Slammer: I'm really Interested in that kind of Playing
20:03:34 muris: there are some vids and tunes on myspace
20:03:43 muris: pure smooth jazzy stuff
20:03:53 Slammer: I think we should get some Jazzy stuff GMC
20:03:59 Slammer: More stuff I mean
20:04:00 muris: yeah
20:04:08 muris: but jazz is higher step
20:04:12 Slammer: yeah
20:04:14 muris: must understand basics
20:04:24 muris: but REALY to understand
20:04:34 Sircraigery: i would also like some acoustic stuff, like more style lessons for that
20:04:42 muris: sure
20:04:47 muris: I'll do my best
20:04:53 Sircraigery: sweet
20:04:54 muris: was really busy lately
20:05:07 muris: had this big gig tonight,just got home
20:05:23 Sircraigery: take home any groupies? hehe
20:05:34 muris: no :)
20:05:38 muris: too tired for that
20:06:02 Slammer: how about in the Style of Dust in the Wind? there could be a lesson like that... not note for note but Finger Picking with the Am chord. which is a very Common Folky style Progression
20:06:06 Sircraigery: hehe, neither did i
20:06:26 Slammer: Am and C chord
20:06:29 muris: sure Slammer
20:06:34 muris: will try something
20:06:51 muris: it's easy to get everyone satisfide with lesson
20:06:57 Sircraigery: yep, that's the kind of lesson i would like, i wouldn't even mind some honky tonk lol, some of that stuff kicks ass for guitar
20:07:00 muris: there are many levels in members
20:07:17 muris: sory,it's not easy :)
20:07:21 AliMo: sry bout that, had to walk the dog
20:08:13 muris: hey AliMO
20:08:23 AliMo: hey muris, whats up
20:09:13 muris: bit tired but ok
20:09:17 muris: you,how is playing?
20:09:58 muris: lol
20:10:04 AliMo: woops, dunno wut just happened
20:10:06 AliMo: not bad
20:10:07 AliMo: lol
20:10:11 muris: though I kicked you off with my question
20:10:23 AliMo: haha
20:10:36 muris: so it's going ok,cool
20:10:47 muris: what are you playing recently?
20:11:25 AliMo: mostly GMC lessons but today I learned under the bridge by red hot chili peppers
20:12:03 AliMo: mostly cause I don't play many clean songs so I switched it up a bit
20:12:15 AliMo: how bout you? workin on any new lessons?
20:12:19 muris: cool
20:12:25 muris: that's nice song
20:12:34 muris: i was realy busy
20:12:46 muris: but will do few of them during next week
20:12:54 AliMo: cool
20:13:09 muris: any wishes?
20:13:25 AliMo: Nothing in particular
20:13:35 AliMo: unless you got a lesson that will automaticall give me Steve Vai skills
20:13:36 muris: not you Slammer,you said it already
20:13:38 muris: lol
20:14:01 Gen: hey guys
20:14:02 muris: mean of lesson
20:14:06 muris: hey Gen
20:14:10 AliMo: sup Gen
20:14:16 Gen: not much
20:14:28 Sircraigery: yo, guys check out my new vid. it's just me doing a scale, but i want to see if i'm practising properly
20:14:32 Sircraigery:
20:14:41 Slammer: Hey Muris...Sircraigery has uploaded a video of himself playing on Youtube... He would like some Expert Opionion on what he should with his playing... Constructive Critisiam is a Must
20:14:59 muris: looking it right now
20:15:00 muris: sec
20:15:10 Sircraigery: like playing too fast, or should i be speeding it up, lifting my fingers too high....etc...yada yada
20:15:30 muris: have small troubles with uploading page
20:16:14 muris: well,your left hand is just fine
20:16:22 AliMo: nice guitar sir:D
20:16:25 muris: I would like much more to see right one
20:16:28 Sircraigery: thanks man
20:16:39 muris: right hand
20:17:07 Sircraigery: let me see if i have another vid, my batteries were just about to die, so i can't make another one right now haha
20:17:23 muris: ok :)
20:17:27 Sircraigery: is it clean enough? or should i slow it down?
20:17:46 muris: there are few slopy notes but you're doing fine
20:17:48 Sircraigery: or defined enough i guess is the word lol
20:18:08 muris: many sopt is the face
20:18:12 muris: spot
20:18:16 Sircraigery: lol yeah, there is one weak spot in that scale for me
20:18:29 muris: is your face looks like blessed,you're on the right track
20:18:32 muris: :)
20:19:04 muris: sory,typing too fast
20:19:09 Sircraigery: i was looking at the camera to see if it was dead yet lol
20:19:11 muris: tired I guess
20:19:18 muris: no hury
20:19:25 muris: make it when you can
20:19:38 muris: but take focus on your right hind
20:19:40 muris: hand
20:19:52 muris: most of the problems are there
20:20:58 Sircraigery: ok sweet i got one, but it was an "outtake" and your get to hear me drop the f-bomb lol
20:21:18 muris: no worries
20:21:19 Slammer: ok guys... it was fun. but I gtg, Like I said I don't get much time to Come on GMC for awhile..... but I'll see you around
20:21:22 Slammer: :)
20:21:26 Slammer: CYA
20:21:29 Gen: cya slamm
20:21:30 muris: I was begginer as well,but without camera
20:21:31 muris: lol
20:21:31 AliMo: later slammer
20:21:50 muris: see ya Slammer
20:21:53 Sircraigery: later slammer, thanks for the advice
20:21:53 muris: have great time
20:22:02 Slammer: SirC Steve Vai was once Worse than you
20:22:10 Slammer: this is true!
20:22:16 muris: of course
20:22:19 muris: :)
20:22:23 AliMo: when he was in his mothers womb
20:22:27 Slammer: DUDE
20:22:32 muris: nooooo
20:22:38 AliMo: lol sry , couldn't resist
20:22:42 muris: ;)
20:22:54 Slammer: when he was a dorky little 13 year old on Long Island
20:23:03 Slammer: LOL
20:23:08 AliMo: steve vai grew up in long island??/!!
20:23:09 muris: might be
20:23:27 Slammer: ok guys I'm out
20:23:46 muris: I'll take some sleep guys
20:23:51 Sircraigery: lol slammer that bastard
20:23:53 muris: sirc
20:23:56 AliMo: lol
20:24:00 AliMo: later muris
20:24:01 muris: let me know when you have vid up
20:24:15 Sircraigery: it's gonna be up in about 3 minutes :d
20:24:29 Gen: cya muris
20:24:30 muris: sory,my eyes are bloddy
20:24:39 muris: must lay down
20:24:40 Gen: good night :)
20:24:42 Sircraigery: haha, no problem man
20:24:45 muris: soon folks
20:24:46 Sircraigery: have a good one
20:24:53 muris: tnx,U2
20:24:56 muris: see ya
20:24:58 muris: night
20:25:09 Gen: hey sirc, cool vid
20:25:18 Gen: sorry, a bit late lol, i just watched it
20:25:22 AliMo: Im gonna head out too guys
20:25:24 AliMo: later
20:25:25 Sircraigery: alright, looks like you guys are going to be giving me some pointers then hehe
20:25:27 Gen: later
20:25:41 Sircraigery: ok, gen then lol
20:25:44 Gen: how long have you been playing?
20:26:08 Sircraigery: about 10 years, on and off...i only started learning theory a few months ago though
20:26:17 Gen: oh okay
20:26:19 Sircraigery: i was playing nirvana and metallica...etc
20:26:21 Gen: thats cool
20:26:42 Sircraigery: you?
20:27:03 Gen: oh lol, i started like 10 months ago ^^
20:27:49 Sircraigery:
20:28:04 Sircraigery: this one is really dark....but you can see my right hand anyways
20:28:36 Gen: yeah
20:28:39 Gen: cool vid
20:28:44 Gen: i love your axe^^
20:29:18 Sircraigery: thanks man, that a seymour duncan '59 in the neck
20:29:23 Sircraigery: that pickup kicks ass
20:29:32 Gen: yeah, duncans rocks
20:30:01 Sircraigery: i had a bridge '59 in it, but i didn't like it that much
20:30:15 Sircraigery: not enough dist. tone, so i put the stock one back in
20:30:30 Gen: oh okay
20:31:00 Sircraigery: do you have facebook? there is a sweet pic of my guitar on there
20:31:08 Sircraigery: you can actually see the wood grain etc...
20:31:37 Gen: no i dont
20:31:50 Sircraigery: what do you play again? i remeber asking you, but don't remember
20:33:00 Gen: you mean, what i like to play or whats my axe?
20:33:05 Sircraigery: what's your axe
20:33:18 Gen: oh, esp ltd viper-500
20:33:35 Sircraigery: oh sweet
20:33:38 Sircraigery: i like those
20:33:46 Gen: yeah, esp are really cool
20:34:42 Sircraigery: not many places sell them, only one here in edmonton
20:35:00 Sircraigery: and there's like a billion guitar shops
20:35:57 Gen: wow lol
20:36:38 Sircraigery: where are you from?
20:37:01 Gen: geneva switzerland
20:37:07 Sircraigery: oh cool
20:37:41 Sircraigery: what's living there like? is everyone in apartments? or do they have houses or what?
20:38:09 Gen: oh, im in a city^^
20:38:13 Gen: in an appartment
20:38:20 Gen: in the downtown
20:38:34 Gen: big city with a big lake in the middle
20:39:12 Sircraigery: crazy, how are the prices there? here a tiny crap aparment costs like $350,000
20:39:19 Sircraigery: cdn
20:39:40 Sircraigery: i'm looking for a cheaper option lol
20:39:54 Gen: oh lol
20:40:08 Gen: here , we pay 1300 euros per month
20:40:45 Sircraigery: let me get the calculator out lol
20:41:31 Sircraigery: it's probably not that different
20:41:44 Sircraigery: it's about 1890/month cdn
20:42:14 Sircraigery: how old are you?
20:43:14 Gen: lol
20:43:19 Gen: oh im 18
20:44:10 Sircraigery: so your neighbours don't like your guitars then lol
20:44:26 Gen: haha yeah, they dont like to loud ^^
20:44:31 Gen: but i like :P
20:45:17 Sircraigery: yep, i live in a house now, so my neighbours can't here it....i only have a 50W amp, so i can crank them tubes to the max
20:45:25 Sircraigery: hear*
20:45:35 Gen: cool
20:45:40 Gen: i have an 25w i think lol
20:46:49 Sircraigery: i just finally got one this big cuz i wanted to start playing gig's. my practise amp is a 15W
20:47:20 Sircraigery: did i hve good tone in my video? like does it sound like a good shred tone if i wasn't playing a scale?
20:48:47 Gen: yeah the tone was good
20:49:16 Sircraigery: i should post one of me playing my wah pedal, i make this awesome porno song haha
20:49:51 Gen: LOL
20:49:59 Gen: you re gonna play gigs?
20:51:06 Sircraigery: yeah, well not anymore
20:51:11 Sircraigery: we already played sone
20:51:26 Sircraigery: there are vids on youtube of me
20:52:10 Gen: can you send me a link pease?
20:52:22 Sircraigery:
20:52:28 Sircraigery: they are just covers
20:52:55 Sircraigery: wait a sec
20:53:01 Gen: i cant see it
20:53:01 Sircraigery: lol, i think that link is bad
20:53:04 Gen: lol
20:53:33 Sircraigery:
20:53:48 Sircraigery: there, then just browse user for the other ones
20:54:02 Sircraigery: our name was sooo gay lol
20:56:36 Gen: thats cool
20:57:48 Sircraigery: thanks man
20:59:56 Gen: i have to make a vid on my youtube account lol
21:00:17 Gen: i have like 70 favorites vids but no vids made by me :D
21:01:40 Sircraigery: yeah man, put one up lol
21:01:49 Sircraigery: do you have a camera?
21:02:38 Gen: no lol, only a webcam
21:02:58 Sircraigery: well let 'er rip
21:25:22 Sircraigery: i'm gonna header man, later
21:31:22 Robin: :P
21:32:27 Gen: lol

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