Guitar Chat with Pavel, Muris etc. 2007-07-29
Aug 8 2007, 07:32 PM
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01:55:32 atomix1337: Hello
01:55:58 atomix1337: It's 1 o clock! ><
08:51:27 AudunESP: h
08:51:45 AudunESP: hi
08:52:11 Gen: hey
08:52:16 Gen: whats up
08:53:48 AudunESP: making a pentatonic solo for the collaboration
08:54:26 Gen: cool
08:54:34 Gen: how long have youo been playing?
08:55:11 Gen: you*
09:01:41 Gen: *meow*
09:17:41 Gen: *whip*
09:26:33 Gen: well, i gotta leave, cya around
10:30:28 AudunESP: *whip*
10:30:36 AudunESP: *meow*
10:30:45 AudunESP: *shot*
10:30:56 AudunESP: *gun*
10:31:05 AudunESP: *pwn*
17:23:12 Pavel: hey
17:25:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy guys
17:25:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sry bout that
17:25:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Pavel im having some trouble with the Df-7
17:25:55 Pavel: hey
17:25:58 Pavel: tell me
17:26:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok first of
17:26:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: should the light in the middle be on ?
17:26:15 Pavel: ofcourse
17:26:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ah ha
17:26:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think i need new battieries
17:26:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
17:26:35 Pavel: i never used batteries for pedals
17:26:38 Pavel: only power supplies
17:26:49 Pavel: Digitech pedals EAT batteries
17:26:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well im going to use them until I get the supplie
17:27:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: should I be getting feedback from my amp ?
17:28:19 Pavel: not really
17:28:26 Pavel: you have to be carefull setting GAIN
17:28:46 Pavel: i set it to 3/4
17:28:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: on my amp or the pedal
17:29:05 Pavel: pedal
17:29:10 Pavel: amp has to be on clean channel
17:29:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok
17:29:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill brb
17:30:14 Anomaly: Hi!
17:30:44 Anomaly: So, I've got a question Pavel, and I don't think I can find the answer on the forum.
17:31:02 Pavel: go ahead
17:31:09 Anomaly: Okay
17:31:30 Anomaly: Like when you want to play something on let's say
17:31:43 Anomaly: the b and the g string
17:31:58 Anomaly: and it's easier to mute the thin e string while doing it
17:32:24 Anomaly: so can you with your left hand mute it, because you're not going to pick the e string
17:32:45 Anomaly: I hope you understand what I'm trying to say
17:32:56 Pavel: of course you can mute it
17:33:12 Pavel: you can mute with same fingers you are playing b and g string
17:33:20 Pavel: by lightly touching it with lower part of the finger
17:33:37 Anomaly: really, so that's completely okay
17:33:55 Pavel: yeah
17:34:31 Anomaly: Because I thought that it is better to practice it, so you don't mute something
17:34:38 Anomaly: just because it's easier
17:34:44 Pavel: nah - muting is the key to clean playing
17:34:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: this thing is pissing me off :{
17:35:02 Pavel: you mute the strings you don't play
17:35:06 Pavel: Eat-Sleep-andJam :D :D
17:35:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im using a 9 volt battery and like when every I fuly clip it on the light doesnt go on but if I lightly touch the battery to the thing it does ?
17:35:40 Anomaly: But I meant if you didn't pick that string
17:36:18 Anomaly: Like if you just play for instance some fret on the g sting, or better jet, something that's ever harder to reach,
17:36:39 Pavel: Anomaly there are always vibrations going on between strings so even if you don't play it - it will sound much better if you mute it
17:36:56 Pavel: Eat-Sleep-andJam i never used batteries so i really can't tell
17:37:21 Anomaly: right
17:37:26 Anomaly: Hmm
17:37:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Pavel can you give me a link to that charger for it ?
17:37:47 Pavel: i don't have anything special
17:37:49 Anomaly: So, it doesn't matter if I mute it or not
17:38:03 Pavel: it's a regular power supply for 9 and 12V stuff
17:38:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hmm
17:38:15 Pavel: Anomaly you'll know when you need it
17:38:35 Pavel: if you can play the particular lick clean than it's ok, but if you don0t than muting is necessary
17:38:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muting starts to become natural as you continue to play Ano.
17:38:51 Anomaly: but I don't do it to mute it, I do it cause I can't otherwise reach it
17:39:06 Anomaly: with my left hand
17:39:24 Anomaly: so I brush against the first string
17:39:37 Anomaly: the lower/thin/high e string
17:39:37 Pavel: it's ok
17:39:39 Pavel: don't worry about it
17:39:40 Anomaly: Okay
17:39:42 Anomaly: :)
17:39:45 Pavel: it's good to do it.
17:39:58 Anomaly: Well that's great
17:40:25 Anomaly: And your harmonics lesson is great!
17:40:42 Stratman58: Anyone here?
17:41:00 Anomaly: Yeah, there are three of us here already
17:41:11 Pavel: hey Strat
17:41:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ello Strato
17:41:21 Stratman58: Sup Pav. How is everyone
17:42:13 Stratman58: So what's the good word? What we talkin bout in here today :
17:42:13 Pavel: great
17:42:17 Stratman58: :)
17:42:27 Anomaly: Q&A :)
17:42:27 Pavel: i jsut found an amazing sound sample on Spectrasonics website....what a piece!!!
17:43:04 Anomaly: Hey, where are you from Pavel?
17:43:15 Pavel: i think i will incorporate electronic and synth stuff in my music because what i heard today was amating
17:43:25 Pavel: Anomaly Originally - Ukraine, but now i am in Croatia
17:43:59 Anomaly: On holidays? :)
17:44:05 Anomaly: I'm from Slovenia
17:44:09 Stratman58: ehh, just don't make it to fake pavel
17:44:25 Pavel: Anomaly no - i live here!
17:44:32 Stratman58: nothin worse then some good guitar playing with a crap techno beat :/
17:44:42 Anomaly: Oh
17:44:47 Pavel: Stratman58 no no no - you don't get it!
17:44:50 Pavel: i hate Techno
17:44:56 Pavel: but what i heard today was WOW
17:45:09 Stratman58: what should I google, spectrasonics?
17:45:13 Pavel: well you'll ghave your chance to hear a sample of that :)
17:45:15 Anomaly: Give us a link of what you heard today
17:45:33 Pavel: ok
17:46:07 Stratman58: anyone want to give me an opinion on a guitar I'm about to bid on?
17:46:39 Stratman58: I've been researching this and one other axe for a little over a month now, but I'd like to see first impression opinions
17:46:48 Pavel:
17:46:56 Pavel: here is the sample i'm lsitening to for 10 minutes now...
17:46:58 Pavel: cool
17:47:08 Stratman58: ok downloading
17:47:20 Anomaly: What kind of guitar are you looking for?
17:47:33 Stratman58: ok here it is guys
17:47:35 Stratman58:
17:47:37 Pavel:
17:47:47 Stratman58: tell me your thooughts on pickups, bridge, neck, paintjob etc
17:47:47 Pavel: there - check the samples that go with ROCK or METAL....
17:47:58 Stratman58: ok pavel
17:48:33 Pavel: ah this is the one Paul Gilbert presented on Ibanez's website
17:48:51 Pavel: it's good! you can't go wrong with it!
17:48:52 Stratman58: yes :)
17:49:10 Stratman58: and I figure
17:49:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the rg 550 ?
17:49:21 Stratman58: if any guitar is to go up in value, this might be one
17:49:24 Stratman58: yes
17:49:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well good luck finding one
17:49:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: there hard to find d
17:49:37 Anomaly: Yeah, Groove Mechanic sounds nice
17:50:08 Anomaly: Does it have a floating bridge?
17:50:13 Pavel: you know i am kinda borred of regular drums so i think i will search my style in this...
17:50:14 Stratman58: well I'm thinking this one on ebay. I'm not going higher than $750 though
17:50:17 Stratman58: yes
17:51:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but new there so hard to find
17:51:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but yeah thats like me dream guitar
17:51:26 Anomaly: Make sure it has a good floating bridge so it won't go out of tune easily
17:51:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im going to go xbox it
17:51:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: later fellow guitarist
17:52:00 Pavel: see ya m8
17:52:01 Anomaly: Ibanez is great!
17:52:19 Anomaly: Bye... to late :)
17:53:40 Stratman58: yeah, the bridge is an excellent one
17:53:42 Anomaly: Yeah, I Can Hear You is an example of a good electronic mix, that's not techno like.
17:53:47 Anomaly: too*
17:54:03 Anomaly: Really? Then go for it!
17:54:05 Stratman58: It has the original EDGE bridge, and from what I've read, the EDGE is better than the edge PRO
17:54:14 Stratman58: better FR copy anyway
17:54:36 Pavel: JEM has an Edge Pro - nothing can beat that i think....
17:54:46 Pavel: never let me down and never went out of tune
17:54:49 Anomaly: I agree. :)
17:54:54 Pavel: i tune Edge Pro like 2 times a month
17:55:30 Anomaly: What's fr? :)
17:55:47 Anomaly: Oh, you mixed I Can Hear You?
17:56:17 Stratman58: Certainly nothing wrong with edge pro, but the original edge is definitely not a downgrade
17:56:53 Anomaly: Yeah, it's a really great guitar!
17:56:57 Pavel: Anomaly no - it's a sample from their website
17:57:01 Anomaly: Oh
17:57:12 Pavel: i don't want to search for links so i jsut gave it from my PC :D
17:57:43 Pavel: i'm getting their programs right now - can't wait...
17:58:17 Anomaly: Yeah, I though because of the link....
17:58:20 Anomaly: Nice
17:59:05 Anomaly: The last/only program I've got is Guitar Pro, hacked from eMule that is. :)
17:59:47 Stratman58: I'm gonna snipe this RG from these dudes
17:59:52 Stratman58: make em mad ;)
18:01:04 Anomaly: LoL!
18:01:28 Pavel: Anomaly same here man. But you know - hacking/stealing/downloading can become pretty an issue here so let's stick to "i got it" words! :D
18:01:33 Anomaly: Will you then be giving Guitar Pro away for free?
18:02:00 Pavel: ????
18:02:05 Anomaly: Okay. :) I was just kidding of course, I bought it, I would never steal it. ;)
18:02:39 Pavel: well...i'll jsut sit quiet! :)
18:02:43 Anomaly: Oh, you know when Stratman will snipe the RG....
18:02:48 Anomaly: :)
18:03:31 Anomaly: *meow*
18:03:47 Stratman58: *meow*
18:03:54 Pavel: lol
18:04:07 Anomaly: *meow* *meow*
18:04:08 Stratman58: that meow thing gets my dog goin.....
18:04:11 Stratman58: LOL
18:04:16 Anomaly: :)
18:04:27 Anomaly: I mean :D
18:04:52 Pavel: *slap*
18:05:08 Stratman58: guitar pro really should have made a more secure product
18:05:14 Stratman58: and that's all im saying!
18:05:15 Anomaly: Mweeee, you just slapped a nice flower
18:05:24 Pavel: no software is secure today
18:05:30 Pavel: it all get hacked and cracked sooner or later
18:05:31 Anomaly: That true
18:05:40 Anomaly: Except....
18:05:53 Anomaly: Or maybe I should stop
18:05:58 Anomaly: No, I mean
18:06:01 Anomaly: :)
18:06:05 Pavel: there are whole bunch of teams working on hacking - i was always wondering: don't those guys have anyhing smarter to do?
18:06:10 Stratman58: too bad people dont realize theft is theft.
18:06:13 Anomaly: Windows updates are secure now
18:06:23 Anomaly: Yeah, too bad. ;)
18:06:26 Pavel: Anomaly who cares about Windows updates??? :D :D :D
18:06:40 Anomaly: I don't know, Microsoft? :)
18:06:59 Pavel: not me! :D
18:07:10 Pavel: i can't stop listening to this soundtrack!
18:07:17 Pavel: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! Its so goooooooood
18:07:18 Anomaly: Or how about Office? ;)
18:07:26 Pavel: What about it?
18:07:36 Anomaly: Well, it's not that good. :)
18:07:39 Pavel: Office XP suites me well so i don't need anything else!
18:07:58 Stratman58: Placing a bid on such a beautiful guitar is sooo easy.... convincing my parents that $800 for a guitar was a good deal... YEAH RIGHT!
18:08:07 Anomaly: Well, it's proved somewhat hard for me to get the 2007 version 4free
18:08:09 Pavel: it's great to me! i already hear the heavy 7-string riffing behiond that ...oh maan...
18:08:17 Stratman58: my money though, I worked this summer for something like this
18:08:36 Anomaly: Go for it Stratman, you won't be sorry
18:08:48 Pavel: Stratman58 is it a prestige serie?
18:08:57 Anomaly: No
18:09:01 Pavel: hmmmmm
18:09:03 Stratman58: Pavel, it practically is....
18:09:13 Anomaly: The Prestiges are beyond 1000
18:09:15 Stratman58: thing is, they didnt call them Prestige in 1987
18:09:22 Stratman58: so they are not calling it prestige
18:09:33 Pavel: oh so it's reissue of an old model..ok
18:09:34 Stratman58: anomaly, they have Prestiges starting at $789
18:09:35 Anomaly: No, but if it's a great guitar
18:09:49 Stratman58: yeah, but the guts are prestige, and it was made by J craft
18:09:54 Anomaly: Yeah?
18:10:04 Anomaly: More like 900 bucks?
18:10:09 Pavel: anyway - with Ibanez you can't go wrong!
18:10:13 Stratman58: yes, check out the RG1587 I think
18:10:20 Stratman58: or 2550e?
18:10:44 Anomaly: Yp
18:11:02 Stratman58: But yeah Pavel, only reason why they aren't calling it prestige is because there was no ibanez prestige in the 80's :) and it's a reissue
18:11:30 Pavel: cool than
18:11:37 Anomaly: Yeah? But edge instead of edge pro? :) No, maybe you're right
18:11:57 Pavel: again - my favorite question! WHO CARES???
18:12:18 Stratman58: pavels got it there, as long as it plays and sounds freakin sweet
18:12:21 Pavel: if it's EDGE or EDGE PRO - don't worry - they won't sell you trash
18:12:23 Anomaly: The kitten does!
18:12:25 Stratman58: all that matters
18:12:30 Anomaly: *meow*
18:12:36 Stratman58: *meow*
18:12:38 Stratman58: *woof*
18:12:42 Stratman58: damn...
18:12:43 Pavel: *slap*
18:12:50 Anomaly: *whip*
18:13:06 Anomaly: I got both of you!
18:13:09 Pavel: you know i am now reading on forums about Dean i ordered...
18:13:20 Pavel: and people say: "Lo-Pro tremolo sucks bla bla bla...."
18:13:32 Pavel: if it sucked - Rusty wouldn't use it on his SIGNATURE DEAN
18:13:44 Pavel: same goes for this RG
18:14:00 Anomaly: Well, why did they say it sucked?
18:14:06 Pavel: if it was a crap - it would be given such a meaning as 20th anniversary guitar!!
18:14:22 Pavel: Anomaly nobody stated a good reason
18:14:30 Anomaly: Then, they suck
18:14:35 Pavel: and i think Rusty is to judge whether it sucks or not
18:14:39 Anomaly: ****
18:14:42 Anomaly: :D
18:14:57 Pavel: it's his signature....
18:15:06 Pavel: it's like me saying to Vai that his JEM sucks!! :D
18:15:18 Pavel: and the guy has it his whole career :D
18:15:24 Anomaly: Will you give us a rewiev of it?
18:15:30 Pavel: i think he would break my neck :D
18:15:38 Anomaly: :D
18:15:42 Pavel: yeah of course! but i have to wait another 2 moinths to get it....
18:15:53 Anomaly: 2 whole months...
18:15:56 Anomaly: Wow
18:16:00 Pavel: i put a deposit on it - it's in production now
18:16:15 Pavel: it will be the first wave of RC7 mass production serie
18:16:21 Anomaly: What if the factory blows.... - ah, who cares.
18:16:40 Pavel: well if it blows then i am buying a Rocktron Prophesy Preamp :D
18:16:40 Anomaly: blows something, i mean up
18:16:47 Anomaly: lol
18:16:52 Pavel: in the same store i ordered Dean :D
18:17:02 Anomaly: Okay
18:17:18 Anomaly: Hey, have you heard about some companies
18:17:26 Anomaly: that kind of pimp your amp
18:17:53 Anomaly: You tell them what kind of sound you want, and you ship the amp to them, get it back..
18:18:55 Pavel: yeah i know of such stuff
18:19:19 Pavel: i don't think it's a smart thing to do
18:19:35 Pavel: it's better to spend money on a decent amp than pimping your old for enormous money
18:19:56 Anomaly: I'm not sure how much it is.
18:20:10 Anomaly: Though the shipping can't be cheap
18:20:22 Pavel: for sure
18:20:23 Anomaly: Oh,
18:20:28 Anomaly: like if you care
18:20:36 Pavel: i haev to pay 165$ for my guitar shipping from USA
18:20:51 Anomaly: there like this great song, mixed, but not techno like
18:21:10 Anomaly: Yeah, and the amp is heavier
18:21:24 Pavel: hey Owen
18:21:28 Anomaly: Especially if you got the right stuff
18:21:29 Owen: Yeee, heey guuyss
18:21:47 Anomaly: Hey Owen - for senior member! :)
18:22:07 Owen: :P oh really? I wish :D
18:22:33 Pavel: if you get a senior member - will you sell me the badge?? :D :D :D
18:22:41 Anomaly: :)
18:22:44 Pavel: hahahahahahaha
18:22:53 Anomaly: Make an auction for it
18:22:56 Owen: The psychology stuff will have to work first, ;)
18:23:12 Owen: I think, I'm possibly a bit over argumentative sometimes to get senior
18:23:13 Pavel: :D
18:23:21 Owen: besides, I've only been here a month and a half :P
18:23:38 Anomaly: Hmm, I think you can get there
18:23:38 Pavel: nah i am jsut kididng man! :)
18:23:51 Owen: aww... thanks :)
18:23:55 Pavel: guys i think i go to bed!
18:24:05 Pavel: see ya around! :)
18:24:07 Anomaly: Good night
18:24:09 Owen: Byeee!
18:24:17 Anomaly: Kiss your guitar good night
18:24:26 Owen: haha :P
18:24:32 Owen: I wonder if it has a name
18:24:39 Anomaly: Haha
18:24:45 Owen: I can just see it
18:24:51 Anomaly: Does your guitar have a name?
18:24:53 Owen: "Good night Fi Fi Trixabell"
18:24:57 Anomaly: lol
18:25:10 Owen: *queue random snogging of said Jem*
18:25:46 Owen: no, mine doesnt
18:25:52 Owen: Its hella tough though
18:26:03 Anomaly: Yeah?
18:26:04 Owen: so I should probs call it some hardman name
18:26:13 Owen: yeah, I smash it off everything :P
18:26:20 Owen: accidentally of course
18:26:26 Anomaly: How about anyone?
18:26:34 Anomaly: Yeah, I get that as well
18:27:17 Owen: yeah, mine is magnetised to door frames
18:27:35 Anomaly: Maybe if we make a lot of suggestions for guitar names, maybe we'll get the senior badge.... ;)
18:28:08 Anomaly: Mine always wants to hurt all the furniture
18:28:45 Owen: :P
18:28:51 Anomaly: And then it's kinda nice when I can hear it ring a bit. :)
18:29:03 Owen: I'm always kicking my acoustic
18:29:08 Owen: tripping over it and stuff
18:29:18 Anomaly: Nice
18:29:34 Owen: I dunno bout that :P
18:29:53 Anomaly: I got used to my guitar case on the floor and the amp next to it, so I don't bump in them anymore
18:30:20 Owen: ah, what have you got in the way of gear?
18:30:33 Owen: or "Grear" as Kris spells it :D
18:30:38 Anomaly: No? When you hit your guitar in the neck, don't you hear it ring like not loudly?
18:31:11 Anomaly: Grear? He spells it like that? I'm never getting the badge..
18:31:26 Owen:
18:31:36 Owen: see the above ^ :P I dunno if he's noticed :D
18:32:03 Anomaly: :D Aaaaaaaaaaaa
18:32:10 Anomaly: I've never noticed it.
18:33:13 Owen: :P I tend to notice insignificant stuff like that :D
18:33:59 Anomaly: I don't really notice other's spelling mistakes
18:34:02 Anomaly: that much
18:34:18 Anomaly: Except if it's really bad..
18:34:26 Owen: I'm the spelling gestapo xD
18:34:33 Anomaly: Did I spell everything right so far?
18:34:37 Anomaly: :)
18:34:54 Owen: apostrophe's and all !
18:34:54 Anomaly: Don't *whip* me, please!
18:35:07 Owen: ahh, kill my speakers
18:35:13 Anomaly: That was wrong!!!! *whip*
18:35:19 Anomaly: Were you in time?
18:35:25 Owen: ^__^
18:35:36 Anomaly: *meow*
18:35:41 Owen: stop disturbing the gentleness that is this REM record :P
18:36:11 Stratman58: Anomaly you there?
18:36:12 Owen: Heey
18:36:15 Anomaly: Why not?
18:36:19 Stratman58: lol
18:36:22 Anomaly: :)
18:36:22 Stratman58: sup
18:36:27 Stratman58: can someone quickly tell me
18:36:27 Owen: :lol:
18:36:34 Anomaly: Yeah?
18:36:35 Owen: woops >_> thats the forum version
18:36:36 Owen: lol
18:36:40 Stratman58: what the freak an All Acess Neck Joint is?
18:37:01 Anomaly: Hmm, no idea.
18:37:05 Anomaly: Gonna google it..
18:37:05 Stratman58: the RG550 doesnt feature it
18:37:13 Anomaly: Should it?
18:38:09 Owen: I believe its the bit between the neck and the guitar, the ibanez has a curved bit
18:38:18 Owen: I dunno if its significant or just patter
18:38:46 Owen:
18:38:51 Owen: have a look at that ^
18:38:51 Anomaly: I know what it is
18:39:05 Anomaly: Google it and look at the pics - the google pics
18:39:28 Stratman58: 8 minutes anomaly!!
18:39:32 Stratman58: im feeling it...
18:39:38 Owen: Huh?
18:39:43 Owen: 8 minutes?
18:39:43 Anomaly: I don't know if that's it Owen
18:39:51 Anomaly: eBay
18:39:54 Anomaly: :)
18:40:02 Stratman58: yeah
18:40:06 Anomaly: I can't copy paste it..
18:40:14 Anomaly: cause something is wrong
18:40:18 Anomaly: google it
18:40:24 Anomaly: google the picture
18:40:30 Anomaly: you know google pictures
18:40:50 Anomaly:
18:40:51 blindwillie: hey
18:40:53 Anomaly: Finally
18:41:00 Anomaly: Hey!
18:41:25 Owen: hey :)
18:41:54 Anomaly: Stratman?
18:42:49 Anomaly: How much time till the bomb goes off? :)
18:43:52 Anomaly: Anyway if it doesn't have those joint, I don't think it means it has a not-bolt-on neck
18:44:00 Anomaly: :) Makes sense
18:44:02 Anomaly: ?
18:44:24 Owen: ah, the double negatives are killing me :P
18:44:54 Owen: so what guitars the bidding on?
18:45:20 Anomaly: The RG550
18:45:57 Anomaly:
18:46:03 Anomaly: It is a Prestige!
18:46:10 Anomaly: Who would have thought
18:46:16 Anomaly: Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:46:18 Anomaly: :)
18:47:04 Owen: eee, why does everyone love Ibanez :P I dont get it :D
18:47:19 Anomaly: ?? *whip*
18:47:27 Anomaly: Ibanez is great!
18:47:33 Anomaly: :P
18:47:42 Owen: I'm in love with fender lol
18:47:54 Anomaly: What? *whip*
18:48:06 Owen: :P
18:48:11 Anomaly: Come on Owen, stop joking. ;)
18:48:15 Owen: sorry, I just have a thing for them :P
18:48:19 Stratman58: no RG550 for stratman today :(
18:48:28 Anomaly: :'(
18:48:28 Owen: aww how?
18:48:36 Stratman58: simply outbid
18:48:40 Anomaly: Tomorrow is another day
18:48:54 Anomaly: *meow*
18:48:58 Stratman58: Dont think Ibanez is going to stop making guitars though
18:49:01 Stratman58: :)
18:49:07 Anomaly: Oh, it is a Prestige! :)
18:49:09 Owen: lets see the item listing?
18:49:51 Stratman58: Http://
18:49:51 Anomaly: So, what is it about that joints?
18:50:23 Owen: this listing has been removed >_>
18:50:33 Anomaly: :/
18:50:42 Owen: =/
18:51:17 Anomaly: Its (her) real name is RG550MXX
18:51:38 Anomaly: I mean, full name
18:52:05 Anomaly: How much is the new RG550?
18:52:11 Stratman58:
18:52:16 Stratman58: that should be it
18:52:28 Anomaly: Stratman, were you crying?
18:52:39 Owen: ah I see it now
18:53:08 Stratman58: still am
18:53:14 Owen: that is nice lol
18:53:40 Stratman58: come on guys, you're supposed to say "AAAAAH, that guitar sucks anyway stratman you didnt want that" LOL
18:54:04 Anomaly: No, you're going to get the guitar of your dream some day
18:54:28 Anomaly: If it's rg550 or something different..
18:54:34 Owen: well it is an ibanez lol
18:54:36 Owen: ;)
18:54:49 Owen: you dont want one of them!
18:54:55 Anomaly: Yeah, that's why it's nice. Well done Owen! :)
18:55:03 Anomaly: Noooooooooooooooooo
18:55:15 Anomaly: You do want an Ibanez
18:55:30 Stratman58: lol
18:55:48 Stratman58: Well, I guess I'll continue my hunt for the 2550e Prestige!
18:56:02 Stratman58: granted its $200 more, but does have dimarzios
18:56:03 Anomaly: Great! There you go
18:56:09 Stratman58: edge pro
18:56:11 Stratman58: the works
18:56:15 Anomaly: Yeah!
18:56:22 Anomaly: Edge pro!
18:56:26 Stratman58: lol, thanks anomaly
18:56:27 Owen: can anyone tell me what manufacturer makes a tiger striped guitar?
18:56:39 Owen: as long as its not the Edge Pro III lol
18:56:50 Anomaly: You're welcome. :D I'm not sure if I helped you a lot though.
18:56:59 Stratman58: lol
18:57:33 Anomaly: Hmm, was that a joke? If so I don't get it. :(
18:58:01 Owen: huh?
18:58:07 Anomaly: Oh, those were two different comments.
18:58:10 Anomaly: :)
18:58:16 Owen: yeah
18:58:26 Owen: I saw a stripey guitar in a shop, thought it was cool
18:58:31 Owen: but I've forgotten the make
18:58:45 Anomaly: Hmm, don't know
18:58:46 Owen: of course, buying a guitar purely on cosmetics is a seriously bad idea
18:58:53 Owen: but I want to lust over it summore
18:59:00 Anomaly: But you know who makes Giger guitars? :D
18:59:17 Anomaly: You know the Alien art stuff
18:59:34 Owen: :P
18:59:39 Anomaly:
18:59:41 Anomaly: :P
19:00:21 Anomaly: Anyway, another victory for Ibanez
19:00:40 Anomaly: So, I'm gonna go play my Ibanez....
19:00:54 Anomaly: (won't tell you the name)
19:01:06 Anomaly: (it's a secret :))
19:01:15 Anomaly: Have fun you guys!
19:01:20 Anomaly: Bye bye
19:01:24 Owen: :P
19:01:28 Anomaly: *meow*
19:01:28 Owen: it was a Jackson!
19:01:39 Anomaly: Yeah? Really a Jacson?
19:01:44 Anomaly: Haha
19:01:48 Owen:
19:01:51 Anomaly: I spelled it wrong!
19:02:05 Anomaly: Looks nice
19:02:14 Anomaly: A little girlie though. ;)
19:02:29 Anomaly: Bye bye!
19:02:40 Anomaly: *meow*
19:02:45 Owen: LOl
19:02:47 Owen: its awesome
19:02:54 Anomaly: Girlie
19:02:58 Anomaly: :P
19:03:01 Owen: and I'm in touch with my feminine side
19:03:07 Owen: what can I say lol
19:03:10 Anomaly: Where do I sign off..................
19:03:10 Owen: bye!
19:03:14 Anomaly: :)
19:03:19 Anomaly: I see it
19:03:22 Owen: you know you want to stay
19:03:28 Anomaly: Feline-side
19:03:41 Owen: eek, its two grand lol
19:04:36 Stratman58: Screw ibanez
19:04:41 Stratman58: I'm gonna go play my strat
19:04:43 Stratman58: :D
19:04:57 Owen: You go!
19:04:59 Owen: Fender?
19:05:04 Stratman58: yep
19:05:14 Stratman58: peace man
19:05:21 Owen: I play a telecaster lol
19:05:24 Owen: I'm so uncool
20:03:17 Guitar34: sup owen
20:03:54 Guitar34: *whip*
21:11:11 Nick325: yo
21:11:46 Nick325: you there
21:20:13 ch00ch00man: hey muris
21:20:18 muris: hi :)
21:20:21 ch00ch00man: how are you?
21:20:41 muris: lot better then this morning :)
21:20:43 muris: you?
21:21:02 ch00ch00man: im scared ;) what happened in the morning?
21:21:18 muris: nothing much,was tired as dog
21:21:33 muris: had gig last night,many rehearsals before that etc
21:22:01 ch00ch00man: haha, i wish i could experience that one day :)
21:22:11 ch00ch00man: the gigging, that is
21:22:12 muris: I wish you the same
21:22:18 ch00ch00man: thanks
21:22:27 muris: it was in front of 80.000 people:)
21:22:29 ch00ch00man: im affraid to touch my guitar
21:22:33 muris: stadium
21:22:36 ch00ch00man: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:22:41 muris: yeah :)
21:22:51 muris: will post some picts and vids soon
21:22:53 ch00ch00man: eighty thousand?
21:22:57 muris: aha
21:22:59 ch00ch00man: did i read that right
21:23:03 ch00ch00man: holly crap
21:23:07 ch00ch00man: where?
21:23:18 muris: Olympic stadium here in Sarajevo
21:23:40 ch00ch00man: man, what are you doing there. you need to be in the states ;)
21:23:44 ch00ch00man: lol
21:23:47 muris: lol
21:23:48 muris: yeah
21:23:52 muris: many said that
21:24:01 muris: unfortunately I can't
21:24:07 ch00ch00man: i love your lessons, even if i dont always chim in
21:24:10 muris: hard to get visa
21:24:17 ch00ch00man: ill sponsor you
21:24:21 muris: lol
21:24:22 ch00ch00man: seriously
21:24:33 muris: thanks a lot
21:24:50 ch00ch00man: wow, am i jelous
21:25:01 muris: I had invitation from Berklee in 2000
21:25:14 muris: and after attack on WTC everything changed
21:25:17 ch00ch00man: right now, my goal is to be good enough to play at the local bar's open mike night
21:25:25 ch00ch00man: i know
21:25:29 ch00ch00man: i was there
21:25:33 muris: specialy if you're muslim from Bosnia
21:25:34 ch00ch00man: unfortunately
21:25:44 ch00ch00man: im in ny
21:25:47 muris: tho I have long hair,tatoo,earings etc
21:25:50 muris: no matter :)
21:25:53 ch00ch00man: lol
21:26:11 ch00ch00man: you dont look anything like a terorist
21:26:16 ch00ch00man: a hippy maybe
21:26:18 muris: ahh
21:26:19 ch00ch00man: lol
21:26:27 muris: they look at your name and country
21:26:43 ch00ch00man: i would vouch for you
21:26:59 ch00ch00man: you could play for them
21:27:00 muris: hard time is this
21:27:03 ch00ch00man: blow them away
21:27:06 muris: need better one
21:27:12 ch00ch00man: figuratively, of course
21:27:20 muris: of course :)
21:27:23 ch00ch00man: lol
21:27:26 muris: lol
21:27:45 ch00ch00man: ny has changed a lot
21:27:52 ch00ch00man: the whole country has
21:27:53 muris: I guess
21:28:10 muris: telol me,how old are you?
21:28:10 ch00ch00man: there is an uneasy feeling in the air
21:28:16 ch00ch00man: 41
21:28:22 muris: ahh :)
21:28:25 muris: great
21:28:28 ch00ch00man: ?
21:28:39 muris: have you seen Michale Moore's movie?
21:28:59 ch00ch00man: fehrinheit 911
21:29:00 muris: it was forbidden in states
21:29:02 muris: yeah
21:29:11 muris: what do you think of it?
21:29:11 ch00ch00man: no
21:29:17 muris: ahh ok
21:29:19 ch00ch00man: i mean i saw it
21:29:26 muris: ok
21:29:28 ch00ch00man: it wasnt forbidden at all
21:29:32 muris: maybe I got it wrong
21:29:41 ch00ch00man: you cant forbid that kind of thing here
21:29:48 muris: yeah
21:29:51 ch00ch00man: we still have a constitution
21:29:56 muris: rumor I guess
21:30:06 ch00ch00man: and 31 or so amendments there to
21:30:18 muris: right to know
21:30:37 ch00ch00man: the first 5 arte the bill of rights which guarantee freedom of speach
21:30:46 muris: yes
21:30:48 ch00ch00man: im sure you know that
21:30:59 muris: so,impresion of the movie?
21:31:16 ch00ch00man: i liked the movie. i dont likke michaels heavy handed politics
21:31:32 muris: same here
21:31:42 muris: but he found some sticky materials
21:31:49 ch00ch00man: the problem with richessness is that it creates a wall between you and your audience
21:32:17 ch00ch00man: yes, he did bring forth a number of very interesting connections
21:32:22 muris: all those details and photos
21:32:40 ch00ch00man: especially with the oil barons in the middle east
21:32:47 muris: and that moment in the school
21:32:54 ch00ch00man: yep
21:32:59 muris: too odd
21:33:10 muris: is it possible?
21:33:22 muris: mean that he knew
21:33:30 ch00ch00man: you mean the police state?
21:34:03 muris: well,he was looking at the watch all the time
21:34:15 muris: like he knew something is comming
21:35:11 ch00ch00man: well, im not big on conspiracy theories. but when there are just to many coincidenses, you have to start to wonder
21:35:19 ch00ch00man: at least ask questions
21:35:28 muris: yeah,few questions
21:35:45 muris: we're probably not getting any answers tho :)
21:36:07 ch00ch00man: have you been folowing american politics closely?
21:36:15 muris: hmm
21:36:24 muris: not sure if I can say much close
21:36:42 muris: but I'm watching CNN and chanels like that as mucj as I can
21:36:47 ch00ch00man: your aware of the ani war sentiment thats brewing
21:37:16 ch00ch00man: even republicans are distancing themselves from the president
21:37:28 muris: yeah
21:37:31 ch00ch00man: in america its all about elections
21:37:35 muris: something must be changed
21:37:45 ch00ch00man: and elections have become a popularity contest
21:37:56 muris: I guess
21:39:01 ch00ch00man: if you listen to the presidential candidates, they have absolutely nothing of substance to say or offer. but they will continue to say something, whether they believe it or not, as long as it gets them votes
21:39:19 ch00ch00man: i have grown very sick and tired of it over the years
21:39:24 muris: it's still only politics
21:39:26 muris: same here
21:39:35 muris: give me power and I'll rule you
21:39:39 ch00ch00man: right, it is, but nothing is getting done
21:39:54 ch00ch00man: i dont mind being ruled
21:40:03 ch00ch00man: just get some progress moving
21:40:07 muris: of course,we need that
21:40:15 muris: but in right direction
21:41:11 ch00ch00man: the only wonderful thing left about this country is that you are pretty much left alone to persue your dreams. i mean, if your not breaking the law, there is no limit to what you can achieve
21:41:20 ch00ch00man: im living proof :)
21:41:28 muris: that's great :)
21:41:41 muris: work hard,do by lows and you'll have it
21:41:59 ch00ch00man: my folks came here almost thirty years ago with $60 dollars in their pocket
21:42:00 muris: here is a bit diferent situation
21:42:04 muris: after war time
21:42:13 muris: standards are upside down
21:42:14 ch00ch00man: i can just imagine
21:42:24 ch00ch00man: it must be really tough
21:42:33 muris: rebuiling is going great I mustf say
21:42:45 ch00ch00man: fast? slow?
21:43:02 muris: but wrong people are at important positions
21:43:08 ch00ch00man: can i ask you a personal question?
21:43:15 muris: of course
21:43:25 ch00ch00man: are you bitter/angry?
21:43:32 muris: hmm
21:43:42 muris: not sure if I understand correct
21:43:53 muris: can you be bit more specific?
21:43:56 ch00ch00man: your people just went through a genocide
21:44:02 muris: ahh that
21:44:18 muris: well,some of my family died on fortunately
21:44:26 ch00ch00man: holly crap,
21:44:34 ch00ch00man: listen i dont mean to pry
21:44:34 muris: not close relevants but still family
21:44:46 muris: but I'm not angry
21:44:58 muris: I mean nto in that sentence
21:45:09 muris: wish that never happened
21:45:33 muris: it's hard to talk about it
21:45:41 muris: there are many stuff involved in
21:45:54 muris: we were just a piece of puzzzle
21:46:05 muris: breaking comunism
21:46:23 muris: serbs wanted thirs Big Serbia for centuries
21:46:26 muris: and there you go
21:47:27 ch00ch00man: i appreciate your candor. i dont wish to pry or make you relive/rethink things you rather not. lets change the topic
21:47:37 muris: no worries
21:47:53 muris: it just that my engish is not that good to explain everything in deep
21:48:02 muris: havent leard it in school :)
21:48:11 ch00ch00man: your english is just fine :)
21:48:18 muris: thanks
21:48:33 muris: I mean for more complex stuff it's still not enough
21:48:47 ch00ch00man: its us american that can stand to learn to communicate with othes in the world
21:49:10 muris: yeah,common situation
21:49:21 muris: one friend for states told me a joke
21:49:27 ch00ch00man: its this sense of entitlment we think we have
21:49:36 ch00ch00man: lets hear it
21:49:49 muris: how do you call a person who speaks 3 languages?
21:49:58 ch00ch00man: polyglot?
21:50:05 muris: yeah sort of
21:50:10 muris: and when it speaks 2?
21:50:27 ch00ch00man: duoglot? ;)
21:50:31 muris: yeah
21:50:35 ch00ch00man: lol
21:50:36 muris: and 1?
21:50:44 ch00ch00man: american?
21:50:47 muris: lol
21:50:51 muris: you knew that one
21:50:53 ch00ch00man: lol
21:51:05 ch00ch00man: no, but i knew where you were going ;)
21:51:15 muris: sad but true
21:51:17 ch00ch00man: its true though
21:51:20 ch00ch00man: right
21:51:37 muris: but english is still the best way to have comunication worldwide
21:51:39 ch00ch00man: we think the rest of the world need to bend to our will
21:51:52 muris: not all of you I'm sure
21:51:54 ch00ch00man: its the worse language there is, btw
21:51:55 muris: but many,yes
21:52:09 ch00ch00man: german, is the best
21:52:25 ch00ch00man: speaking strictly for communication
21:52:30 ch00ch00man: not aasthetics
21:52:36 muris: I see
21:52:44 muris: never liked german a lot
21:52:48 muris: has hard sound
21:52:53 ch00ch00man: english is very vague
21:52:57 muris: singing on it is horrible
21:52:58 muris: lol
21:53:04 ch00ch00man: many ways to say the same thing
21:53:11 ch00ch00man: very easily missunderstood
21:53:18 muris: oh yeah
21:53:25 muris: english is not defined a lot
21:53:29 ch00ch00man: german is very precise
21:53:30 muris: Bosnian is great for that
21:53:37 muris: Bosnian is even better
21:53:43 muris: trust me
21:53:44 ch00ch00man: really!
21:53:47 ch00ch00man: i do
21:53:53 muris: 1 letter,1 sound
21:53:58 ch00ch00man: like russian
21:54:04 muris: same in slepping and pronouncing
21:54:07 ch00ch00man: its called phonnetic
21:54:12 muris: yeah
21:54:24 ch00ch00man: it sounds as you read it
21:54:45 ch00ch00man: im russian by birth, btw
21:54:48 muris: hard to learn but almost prefect
21:54:53 muris: realy?
21:54:54 ch00ch00man: right
21:54:56 muris: great
21:55:00 ch00ch00man: sad, but true
21:55:02 ch00ch00man: lol
21:55:06 muris: what is your name if I can ask?
21:55:11 ch00ch00man: boris
21:55:19 ch00ch00man: i sign all my posts
21:55:24 ch00ch00man: with my real name
21:55:29 muris: ahh very common name here in Bosnia
21:55:36 muris: nice to meet you Boris
21:55:38 ch00ch00man: east europe
21:55:39 muris: :)
21:55:52 ch00ch00man: very nice to meet you too, Muris
21:55:56 ch00ch00man: :)
21:55:57 muris: thanks
21:56:06 muris: was real pleasure talking with you
21:56:13 muris: it's almost 4 am here
21:56:18 muris: must get u at 10
21:56:29 muris: hope to see you sone
21:56:38 ch00ch00man: lol, very nice to meet you, get some sleep, l8r
21:56:42 muris: and to talk a bit about music and guitar next time :)
21:56:51 ch00ch00man: you bet, good night
21:56:55 muris: night

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