Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-07-30
Aug 8 2007, 07:35 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
05:45:07 muris: HEEELP
05:45:09 muris: SOS
05:45:40 muris: Anybody????
15:59:41 kjutte: hey
16:16:17 GuitarDude: hi all
16:28:55 Nick325: hey
16:30:01 kjutte: hoi
17:35:09 jeff: Hey Muris
17:36:32 muris: hey
17:36:35 muris: :)
17:37:29 muris: how'e it going?
18:42:40 Little Wing: hello
18:42:53 muris: hey there
18:43:05 muris: nice nick :)
18:43:07 Little Wing: i see it's busy in here
18:43:10 Little Wing: ::D
18:43:17 muris: yeah
18:43:23 muris: I'm here
18:43:25 Little Wing: yer great song is little wing
18:43:31 muris: for sure
18:43:52 Little Wing: wot tym is it where you are
18:44:02 Little Wing: here in london it's 11.45
18:44:13 muris: 12;44 am
18:44:18 muris: small diference
18:44:24 Little Wing: where is that?
18:44:29 muris: Sarajevo
18:44:42 Little Wing: bosnia?
18:44:45 muris: yep
18:45:00 Little Wing: geography coming in handy there LOL
18:45:05 Little Wing: so wot music u like
18:45:09 muris: aha :)
18:45:26 muris: well I've been profi player fo about 19 years
18:45:34 muris: guess I like all kinds oif music
18:45:41 muris: sory
18:45:41 Little Wing: great
18:45:48 muris: 10 years
18:45:51 muris: fast typing
18:45:52 muris: :)
18:45:54 Little Wing: ive been playin for maybe 2 years now
18:46:01 muris: cool
18:46:08 muris: any progress?
18:46:13 Little Wing: yup
18:46:23 Little Wing: been practicing vibrato today
18:46:38 Little Wing: i struggle vibrato wen im bending, it sounds horrible
18:46:51 muris: yeah
18:46:56 muris: that's tricky part
18:47:07 muris: I have a student here with same problems
18:47:15 muris: adding vibrato to a bend
18:47:18 Little Wing: oh wow, you teach
18:47:23 muris: sure
18:47:25 Little Wing: any tips for that
18:47:29 muris: here at GMC and in private
18:47:39 muris: and on some other sites as well
18:47:48 Little Wing: great stuff
18:47:55 muris: well,guess that practicing is the best tip
18:48:05 Little Wing: for sure
18:48:09 muris: but here is another
18:48:16 muris: do the bend
18:48:18 muris: hold it
18:48:39 muris: and slightly release string and pull it back up
18:48:43 muris: and repate that
18:48:47 muris: in diferent timing
18:48:58 Little Wing: thanks
18:49:11 muris: hope that;ll help
18:49:19 muris: let me know if you need anything else
18:49:44 Little Wing: oh wow
18:49:48 Little Wing: that helped a lot!
18:50:06 Little Wing: coz i was bending it back down but by just realing pressure sounds better allready
18:52:02 Little Wing: how often do you practice
18:52:05 Little Wing: or you did
18:52:09 muris: not that much
18:52:18 muris: I'm palying/recording all the time :)
18:52:26 Little Wing: lucky
18:52:29 muris: but used to practice for abut 5-6 hours per day
18:52:45 Little Wing: like me
18:52:49 Little Wing: well i try
18:52:53 Little Wing: sometimes im lazy
18:53:37 Little Wing: im going to go
18:53:43 Little Wing: hope to spk to you again
18:53:48 Little Wing: take care
18:53:50 muris: of course
18:53:53 muris: you too
18:53:55 muris: see ya
18:53:57 Little Wing: bye bye
18:57:27 Owen: hey :P
18:57:42 Owen: *whip*
18:57:49 muris: holy
18:57:52 muris: that hurts
18:57:53 muris: lol
18:57:57 Owen: lol
18:58:01 Owen: Whats up?
18:58:05 muris: all fine
18:58:07 muris: you?
18:58:15 Owen: I'm admiring the Collaboration
18:58:29 Owen: and asking myself how I'ma gonna get away with the other one I signed up for lol
18:58:37 muris: ohh yeah
18:58:41 muris: it was a great job
18:59:20 Owen: at the mo I'm having major problems, my mate broke my mic stand so I'm having to go for DI, which sadly results in a lot of hum from the amo
18:59:20 muris: you are talking of new one?
18:59:27 Owen: amp*
18:59:30 Owen: yeah!
18:59:40 muris: I got it wrong
18:59:45 muris: but wish you luck!
18:59:52 Owen: well I was talking about the old one
18:59:59 Owen: then I moved on to the new one :P
19:00:05 Owen: I'm everywher lol
19:00:15 muris: so you're quite active in colabs
19:00:17 muris: great :)
19:00:53 Owen: well not really, I'm sorta dreading this, everyones better than moi :P
19:01:37 muris: no matter
19:01:43 muris: it's great experience
19:02:51 Owen: your custom guitar looks awesome
19:02:53 Owen: nice colour
19:03:46 muris: thanks:)
19:03:55 muris: we made burst together
19:04:03 muris: you can see me wearing the mask :)
19:04:44 Owen: cool
19:05:20 muris: friend of mine runs that custom shop
19:05:24 Owen: takes a while to get it nice :P
19:05:30 muris: ohh yeah
19:05:33 muris: lot of time
19:05:44 Owen: I sanded my guitar down from this horrible orange laquer
19:05:54 Owen: it was horrible
19:06:06 Owen: nasty puke colour
19:06:08 Owen: lol
19:06:15 muris: lol
19:06:25 muris: this one is kind a nature
19:06:33 muris: with burst
19:06:40 muris: looks really nice
19:06:44 Owen: took ages though, my circulation was killing after the hours of sanding
19:06:50 muris: and with black hardware
19:06:53 muris: awesome
19:07:27 muris: not sure if I got it correct
19:07:31 muris: what is sanding?
19:08:14 Owen: taking off all the old coating, with a sander (not sure how to explain that)
19:08:17 Owen: maybe a picture
19:08:55 Owen:
19:09:14 muris: got it
19:09:41 muris: called that way cause it leaves lot of sand in the air :)
19:10:12 Owen: well yeah, because your rubbing a material off with the sandpaper
19:10:24 muris: yep
19:11:27 Owen: but yeah, got any tips for this collab, I know all the minor pentatonic boxes in each key, I'm just unsure how to approach it
19:11:56 muris: try it in melodic sence
19:12:13 muris: not just running at fretboard
19:12:25 muris: cause many will run :)
19:12:57 Owen: :P well I'm going to have to go slow anyway, my fast playing is nowhere near as good as everyone elses
19:13:00 muris: I did a small lesson about it
19:13:05 muris: have you seen it?
19:13:11 Owen: so I guess it will have to be more melodically orientated
19:13:18 muris: sure
19:13:21 Owen: nope, whats the name/link?
19:13:23 muris: it's all about melody
19:13:27 muris: hmm
19:13:37 muris: it's in excercises
19:13:48 muris: pentatonic substituion
19:14:26 muris:
19:14:40 Owen: ah yeah, I found it
19:15:06 muris: ok
19:16:05 Owen: so would different keys work with the one andrew posted, it doesnt have to strictly be just A minor?
19:16:32 muris: sory
19:16:34 muris: reconected
19:16:46 muris: you asked something?
19:16:50 Owen: ah, its ok, my pc does that all the time
19:17:02 Owen: so would different keys work with the one andrew posted, it doesnt have to strictly be just A minor?
19:17:14 muris: just look at my lesson
19:17:22 muris: I use 3 pentatonics
19:17:32 muris: cause they all fit in same minor scale
19:17:59 muris: same stuff with every key
19:19:23 Owen: k
19:19:53 Owen: I'm not a major theory buff at the moment, :P I need to stop being lazy and learn more :)
19:20:07 muris: what is the key in colab BT?
19:20:51 muris: ?
19:21:06 Owen: A minor I think...
19:21:15 muris: well then
19:21:22 muris: use same I did
19:21:33 muris: what is chord progression?
19:21:49 muris: wait
19:22:18 Owen: just says its an A minor progression, I cant tell by ear
19:22:54 muris: let me listen to it
19:22:58 muris: gait a sec
19:23:43 muris: ok :)
19:23:54 muris: this is a tricky
19:24:03 Owen: oh damn :P
19:24:25 muris: use A minor,B minor and E minor at the end of part
19:24:40 muris: but still keep it melodic
19:25:10 Owen: end of part?
19:26:09 muris: yeah
19:26:16 muris: like circle
19:26:24 muris: when chord is E
19:26:29 muris: can you hear it?
19:27:20 Owen: yeah
19:27:38 Owen: I think so...
19:27:47 muris: there you go :)
19:28:37 Owen: cool. this promises to be fun :P, now I just need to make sure i'm not getting loads of feedback :P
19:28:48 muris: ok :)
19:28:58 muris: I just aplied to play as well :)
19:30:34 Owen: I think its outta places
19:30:52 Nick325: hey
19:30:55 muris: yeah
19:30:57 muris: just saw
19:31:00 muris: crap :)
19:31:04 Owen: =/ shame
19:31:08 Owen: hey nick
19:31:12 Nick325: sup
19:31:37 Nick325: muris i like ur custom guitar
19:31:48 muris: hey nick
19:31:49 Owen: we were just talking about the collab stuff, + yeah its awesome isnt it
19:31:52 muris: hi and thanks :)
19:31:58 chast: hi :D
19:32:03 Owen: hey :)
19:32:04 muris: well hello
19:32:12 muris: looks like we are into party again
19:32:14 Nick325: muris is it build from scratch or parts
19:32:29 muris: hmm,guess parts
19:32:45 muris: what do you mean by scratch?
19:33:03 Nick325: like you start from nothing just like a blank piece of wood
19:33:15 muris: ohh yeah
19:33:26 muris: Mirza has real wood library
19:33:36 Nick325: ive been wanting to build my own for a little while
19:33:49 muris: so is it from parts?
19:33:57 muris: no?
19:34:16 Nick325: i didnt start it yet
19:34:25 muris: guys,my neglish sucks,need help here :)
19:34:43 Nick325: but i might build from scratch since my dad is good with woodworking
19:34:56 muris: so mine is from scratch?
19:34:57 Nick325: :)
19:35:13 Nick325: umm did you just start with a wood blank
19:35:16 muris: mean,we had just a piece of wood
19:35:26 Nick325: o ya i guess
19:35:29 muris: ok
19:35:31 muris: thanks :)
19:35:50 Nick325: i think its more fun to build from scratch instead of buying parts
19:36:06 Owen: hardwork tho
19:36:09 chast: did you build a guitar own your own so far?
19:36:10 muris: of course
19:36:10 Nick325: ya
19:36:17 chast: on
19:36:17 muris: this way iot's full custom
19:36:27 muris: not me
19:36:35 muris: friend of mine is working all the job
19:36:42 muris: he runs this custom shop
19:36:46 Nick325: me? no
19:36:55 chast: so you got it for free ? :D
19:36:56 Nick325: muris are they emg pickups on it
19:37:07 muris: no,Stan Hinesley custom shop
19:37:09 Nick325: i didnt build mine yet chast
19:37:11 Nick325: o
19:37:41 chast: i think im too goofy for building a guitar ^^
19:37:49 Nick325: lol
19:37:53 muris: btw,he just sent me new pickups for Musicman Axis :)
19:38:00 Nick325: for free?
19:38:04 muris: yeah
19:38:10 Nick325: awsome
19:38:12 muris: I'm his endorser
19:38:21 Nick325: whats an endorser
19:38:24 chast: how do you get on with buying new pickups ? im scared if i should buy some new ones
19:38:28 muris: I promote him
19:38:34 Nick325: o
19:38:52 muris: and few other brands as well
19:39:10 muris: like light pick etc :)
19:39:29 chast: i also want to get things for free :p
19:39:43 Nick325: lucky
19:39:47 muris: well,play hard and you'll jhave it for sure
19:39:53 muris: no big mystey about it
19:40:03 Nick325: ya but you have a cd and you play live
19:40:10 muris: yeah
19:40:22 Nick325: lucky:|
19:40:23 muris: but i have all that cause I've been working hard righr?
19:40:30 Nick325: ya
19:40:35 muris: you see :)
19:40:47 Nick325: how long have you been playing
19:40:55 chast: where do you live ?^^
19:40:58 muris: about 13-14 years
19:41:04 muris: I'm from Sarajevo
19:41:06 muris: Bosnia
19:41:09 Nick325: o ive been playing for 3 years
19:41:18 Nick325: i live on long island, new york
19:41:21 Nick325: usa
19:41:22 muris: great
19:41:28 muris: home of Satch :)
19:41:30 chast: im playing for 2,5 years now i thiknk
19:41:36 Nick325: ya
19:41:41 chast: im living in michelstadt, germany :/
19:41:46 Nick325: my friend lives where he was born
19:41:49 chast: no music shop here^^
19:41:51 Nick325: in westbury ny
19:41:55 muris: hey,we are \neighbours then :)
19:42:03 muris: mean,at least we're on same continets
19:42:04 muris: lol
19:42:08 chast: :D
19:42:21 Nick325: and im far away:(
19:42:42 Nick325: be right back
19:42:48 muris: ok
19:43:08 chast: hm, i hate sweeps :D
19:43:16 muris: lol
19:43:18 muris: why?
19:43:35 Owen: I cant sweep :P
19:43:39 Owen: yet...
19:43:44 chast: because i cant do pavels lesson completely xD
19:43:55 Owen: I looked at the beginner one
19:43:57 muris:
19:44:02 Owen: and was like "wth?"
19:44:05 muris: check this one out :)
19:44:08 muris: you might like it
19:44:51 chast: oO
19:45:01 Owen: :P thats what I thought
19:45:02 Nick325: back
19:45:03 chast: too hard for me :D
19:45:16 muris: there's a tab
19:45:20 muris: just take it slow
19:45:23 chast: i can see
19:45:31 Nick325: im starting to get sweeping down its just the muting i need to work on
19:45:31 Owen: I cant get the muting, everything I do just rings out
19:45:35 chast: hey, some of you can transcribe me a small lick ?
19:45:46 Nick325: ok
19:45:48 Owen: when you do sweep picking are you fully muting or are you muting after you play?
19:45:56 muris: after
19:46:08 muris: or in real time
19:46:09 Owen: so your muting one string at a time at that speed?
19:46:16 muris: but that5;s not like palm muting
19:46:25 muris: just a slight touch on the strings
19:46:53 Nick325: do you mute the string you play just a little?
19:47:16 muris: enough to get them silenced,yeah
19:47:33 Nick325: even the string your playing
19:47:37 muris: not like real muting
19:47:46 Nick325: just slightly
19:47:47 Owen: what if your action is not level ? =S
19:48:07 muris: well,palm is not that shaped to mute G,avoid B and mute high E
19:48:09 muris: :)
19:48:13 chast: someone can transcribe me that one ?
19:49:17 Nick325: muris whats the latest lesson you made?
19:49:40 muris: economy picking I think
19:49:48 muris: chast,this is the lick
19:49:57 muris: take position on 12 fret
19:49:58 Nick325: o but which one will be up on gmc as a new lesson?
19:50:02 muris: e minor pentatonic
19:50:15 Nick325: like licks?
19:50:20 muris: yeah
19:50:23 chast: yeah muris
19:50:25 Nick325: awsome'
19:50:28 chast: i know but it cant get it
19:50:29 muris: I'm transcribing it for you now
19:50:32 Nick325: when will it be up
19:50:40 muris: bend G string on 14 fret
19:50:41 chast: thats only thing i know thats its on 12th fret :D
19:50:43 muris: whole tone
19:51:00 muris: then B string 12 fret
19:51:09 muris: E string 12 fret
19:51:18 muris: B string 15 and 12 fret
19:51:26 muris: and just loop it
19:51:34 chast: cool, thank you :)
19:51:39 muris: anytime :)
19:51:52 chast: do you think transcribing is important for guitarists?
19:51:59 muris: sure
19:52:09 muris: playing by ear is way too important
19:52:25 muris: you see
19:52:28 chast: i also think so but i only can get some powerchords^^
19:52:41 muris: and don't have guitar in my hands at the moment
19:52:45 chast: or something like G, C, Am
19:52:45 muris: :)
19:53:27 muris: nick,you asked more about lesson?
19:53:36 Nick325: ya
19:53:41 Nick325: when will it be on gmc
19:54:16 Nick325: ur next lessons
19:54:20 Nick325: lesson*
19:54:42 muris: probably tomorrow night
19:54:49 Nick325: k cool cant wait
19:54:49 muris: was busy a lot lately
19:54:53 muris: ok :)
19:56:30 Nick325: *meow*
19:56:41 muris: lol
19:56:43 muris: hi cat
19:56:47 Owen: random lol
19:56:48 Nick325: hello muris
19:57:09 chast: we need a cow like kristofer did :D
19:57:15 Nick325: ya haha
19:57:33 Nick325: remmeber the "bad mother finger"
19:58:09 Owen: haha, that was funny :P
19:58:24 Owen: I liked his UG lesson where he was talking about sweep picking
19:58:31 Owen: then started saying what we could do with it
19:58:32 Nick325: o didnt see that one
19:58:33 Owen: and he goes
19:58:40 Owen: "Show it to your mooother"
19:58:46 muris: lol
19:58:48 Nick325: can you send me the link to it
19:58:55 Nick325: kris is funny
19:58:55 Owen: speed picking even*
19:59:22 muris: too funny :)
19:59:34 Owen:
19:59:47 Owen: I think thats the one
20:00:00 Owen: its about a 1/3 of the way In I believe, although I could be wrong
20:00:35 Nick325: he has a fro lol
20:01:12 Owen: haha, I gtg sleep calls
20:01:20 Owen: talk to you later guys :P
20:01:22 Nick325: cya
20:01:23 muris: really great aproach to lesson :)
20:01:33 Owen: thanks for the advice muris!
20:01:50 Owen: I'll worry more about it tomorrow :D
20:01:59 Nick325: wat
20:02:02 Nick325: what*
20:02:10 Owen: the collaboration thingy :P
20:02:15 Nick325: o
20:02:41 Nick325: so
20:02:56 muris: bye
20:03:01 muris: he left
20:03:19 Nick325: so
20:03:48 Nick325: r u good at sweeping muris
20:04:06 muris: thanks :)
20:04:26 Nick325: i was asking if you were but i guess you are
20:04:38 Nick325: lol
20:04:40 muris: lol
20:05:24 muris: so sory I was busy last couple of weeks
20:05:34 muris: must make it upo to you guys
20:05:49 muris: I'm doing few cool lessons at the moment
20:05:59 muris: hope you'll like them :)
20:06:06 Nick325: ok
20:06:15 Nick325: what are they called
20:06:34 muris: well,one is about finger picking
20:06:39 Nick325: ok
20:06:48 muris: one is in style of,,cant tell the name :)
20:06:53 Nick325: y not
20:07:05 Nick325: please;)
20:07:06 chast: some suprise is fine :p
20:07:12 muris: and another one is funk st5uff
20:07:18 chast: yeah :>
20:07:21 muris: hard but still funk
20:07:26 chast: funk is great
20:07:31 Nick325: k kool i saw that it was requested
20:07:36 chast: yeah by me^^
20:07:38 muris: yeh
20:07:40 Nick325: o
20:07:45 Nick325: lol
20:07:49 muris: that got me thinking and it's almost done
20:07:50 muris: :)
20:07:58 chast: great :D
20:08:05 muris: ;)
20:08:11 Nick325: cant you tell just tell me n chast who the in the style of is? ;)
20:08:26 chast: i dont know oO
20:08:29 muris: lol
20:08:35 muris: must wait guys
20:08:39 Nick325: please:D
20:08:46 chast: lol i really dont know it^^
20:08:47 Nick325: ok fine :|
20:08:55 muris: ahh,it wont be a surprise then
20:09:26 Nick325: use ur custom guitar in one of your lessons when its done
20:10:08 muris: of course :)
20:10:14 Nick325: :D
20:10:17 muris: can't wait to get mu hands on it
20:10:39 Nick325: when will it be
20:10:42 chast: hm wasnt there a lesson about synchronising left and right hand ?
20:10:58 muris: every lesson is about sync I guess
20:11:22 Nick325: o ya
20:11:24 muris: more practicing will get you better sync
20:11:37 chast: i thought there was a lesson especially about sync
20:11:48 muris: doubt it
20:11:56 Nick325: no but there is 2 that helps me syncing
20:11:59 muris: cause it's not that specific stuff
20:12:08 muris: like picking,legato etc
20:12:23 Nick325: hand control lesson and string skipping help me
20:12:28 Nick325: when syncing
20:12:28 muris: yeah
20:12:41 muris: and look for ohter as well
20:12:54 muris: per exaplme my alternate picking lesson
20:12:58 chast: ah right that was hand control i was looking for
20:13:06 Nick325: ya
20:13:18 muris: just slow it down
20:16:13 chast: im fascinated about that transcribe without guitar oO
20:16:22 muris: ahh
20:16:25 muris: small job
20:16:39 muris: I'm doing it all the tim
20:16:45 muris: time*
20:16:57 chast: hm, when did you start transcribing without guitar?
20:17:09 muris: no idea
20:17:14 muris: i just hear it
20:17:20 muris: and I know what is it
20:17:33 muris: it comes with lots of listeninhg andf playing
20:17:48 muris: singing also helps a lot
20:17:59 muris: at least to me
20:19:21 chast: im happy if i get the chords of let it be :D
20:19:31 muris: that's cool tho
20:19:38 muris: must start with something
20:19:50 chast: yeah
20:19:53 chast: i like it also
20:20:01 muris: of course
20:20:04 muris: a great tune
20:20:04 chast: but pretty hard aht the beginning
20:20:08 chast: for me
20:20:19 muris: I know
20:20:34 chast: but my teacher always tells me "transcribing is soooooooo important" :D
20:20:34 Nick325: whats transcribing
20:20:38 muris: I was spending hours with my tape recorder
20:20:46 muris: rewind
20:20:55 muris: i broke about 10 of them
20:20:56 muris: lol
20:20:59 chast: :D
20:21:05 Nick325: whats trascribing?
20:21:07 chast: transcribing is hearing out the chords
20:21:10 chast: or the licks
20:21:13 Nick325: o
20:21:18 chast: solos whatever^^
20:21:23 Nick325: ok
20:22:23 chast: you also should do it :D
20:22:37 Nick325: how does it help u
20:22:56 chast: hm, im having fun :p
20:23:01 chast: training your ear
20:23:06 Nick325: o
20:23:31 chast: muris you know some easy song for transcribing ? :o
20:23:40 muris: hmm
20:24:00 muris: i started with Metallica,Pink Floyd,Dire Straits
20:24:05 muris: Fade to Black?
20:24:16 chast: i already know that one^^
20:24:28 chast: saw that lesson by kris on ;)
20:24:29 muris: welcome home?
20:24:40 muris: intro
20:25:11 chast: that pickingstuff ?
20:25:44 muris: think so
20:25:54 muris: but you can play it with fingers as well
20:26:32 Nick325: i have a question
20:27:06 Nick325: how do you come up with sweeps is it from scales? or something else
20:27:29 muris: sweeps are mostly arpeggios
20:27:45 muris: minor,major or some more complex stuff
20:27:48 Nick325: what are apreggios? (heard of them before)
20:27:59 muris: chord played note by note
20:28:07 muris: not like strumming
20:28:08 Nick325: o
20:28:33 Nick325: but pavels sweeping lessons arent chords
20:28:45 muris: link me?
20:28:53 Nick325: k
20:29:39 Nick325:
20:29:54 Nick325:
20:30:20 AIB234: evening everyone
20:30:23 Nick325: hey
20:30:30 AIB234: how it going?
20:30:39 chast: allright so far
20:30:51 AIB234: that's good
20:31:18 AIB234: I think today is the day before I get sick and I'm having one of those guitar days where I feel like I can't play anything properly so I thought I'd kill my time in here instead.
20:31:39 Nick325: good choice
20:31:54 AIB234: haha. well it looks pretty... well, not so lively in here
20:32:14 Nick325: muris do you understand wat im saying
20:33:02 muris: first link is all about arpeggios
20:33:09 Nick325: really
20:33:09 muris: let me look at second
20:33:11 Nick325: o
20:33:19 Nick325: well where can i learn apreggios
20:33:33 AIB234: if you know chords you know arpeggios.
20:33:44 AIB234: arpeggios are just chords except you pick one note at a time
20:33:47 muris: same in second
20:33:50 muris: yeah
20:34:01 muris: it's chord but played note by ntoe
20:34:18 Nick325: well like in pavels sweep lessons how are those chords
20:34:19 AIB234: like when people do sweeps, they are playing arpeggios in most cases
20:34:43 muris: you must find notes of the chord
20:34:52 muris: mostly they are 3 inside
20:35:00 muris: root,3rd and 5th
20:35:31 muris: just take a better look at those lessons and replies as well
20:35:42 muris: you'll get in fast I'm sure
20:36:17 AIB234: chords are much easier to see with the 5 string and 6 string sweeps as opposed to the 3 string as well, nick
20:36:40 Nick325: ok well like if its a C-Major 5 String sweep starting at 15th fret wat chord is that
20:36:54 muris: C major
20:37:05 AIB234: It's a C. If you know that all the notes start over on the 12th fret, all you're doing is making a C Chord
20:37:21 muris: it's same grip as C major on first frets
20:37:24 AIB234: Bar the 12th fret on your guitar and then make a C chord with your other fingers. That's the shape.
20:37:41 muris: but in octave higher
20:37:48 AIB234: rgr
20:37:50 Nick325: ok i see it no
20:37:54 Nick325: now*
20:38:12 AIB234: And if I am correct... the 3 string sweeps are usually just a root, 3rd, and 5th
20:38:26 muris: yeah
20:38:26 AIB234: At least, for us just beginning to sweep :)
20:38:33 muris: almost every time
20:38:45 AIB234: So it's harder to see the shape because it's not normally what you play for the chord
20:38:49 Nick325: which notes are the 3rd and 5th if its a C-Major sweep
20:39:03 AIB234: C, E, G
20:39:05 muris: look at it as a C major chrodf
20:39:09 muris: nor C major sweep
20:39:20 muris: sweeping is just a technique
20:39:37 Nick325: ok then which notes are 3rd and 5th if its a c chord
20:39:45 muris: E and G
20:40:33 AIB234: and if you need to know why, you get to go read Andrew's theory lessons :P
20:40:43 Nick325: so if it was tabbed out just those it would be 3 fret a string 2 fret d string and 0 on g string
20:41:06 muris: yeah
20:41:25 muris: or 15 on A,14 on D and 12 on G
20:41:32 muris: octave higher
20:41:58 Nick325: ok but arent 3 string sweeps usually on the top 3 string
20:42:09 muris: that;s not the case
20:42:18 muris: you cab play any strings you want
20:42:32 Nick325: o
20:42:33 muris: they just CANT send you to jail
20:42:36 muris: :)
20:42:54 AIB234: It's easier to start on the higher strings
20:43:05 muris: agree
20:43:12 AIB234: Playing sweeps cleanly is hard enough on those strings let alone having others to worry about when you play in the middle
20:43:12 Nick325: lol
20:44:30 Nick325: muris would you mind making a lesson on this cause im sure other ppl would find this helpful and help me to
20:44:46 muris: lesson in sweeping?
20:45:01 Nick325: or like theory of sweeping like what i was asking
20:45:34 muris: there's no much theory about it
20:45:37 muris: only one
20:45:42 muris: said a million times
20:45:45 Nick325: ok nvm
20:45:50 muris: less talk,more practicing
20:45:54 muris: lol
20:45:57 AIB234: rofl
20:46:18 muris: but I can make one
20:46:20 muris: no worries
20:46:29 Nick325: :( im just like bad at that stuff
20:46:36 muris: it's just that you have many lessons that cover this topic already
20:49:53 chast: do you like jack johnson ?^^
20:50:13 muris: never heard of him,must admit
20:50:22 chast: hm, i like him
20:50:28 chast: some music to chill on
20:51:24 Nick325: the reason i was asking was becuase i was wondering how you come up with sweeps
20:51:36 muris: just practicing
20:51:38 muris: realy
20:51:50 muris: listening to guys like Malmsteen,Gilbert etc
20:51:59 muris: and practicing a lot
20:52:45 AIB234: I must ask... doesn
20:53:02 AIB234: 't that ever get boring to listen to? I mean, I like it, but I can't sit and listen to a whole album
20:53:24 muris: used to listen to it
20:53:32 muris: when I was hard metal head
20:53:34 muris: :)
20:53:37 AIB234: haha
20:53:53 AIB234: I really appreciate their technique and style... but to me I find it's get quite mundayne
20:54:10 muris: tastes are different again
20:54:54 chast: here is another lesson for sweep picking
20:55:10 muris: I'll take some sleep guys
20:55:15 AIB234: night muris
20:55:18 muris: have a great rest of the chat tho :0
20:55:21 muris: see ya soon
20:55:24 chast: good night
20:55:27 muris: night
20:55:28 muris: bye
20:56:01 Nick325: thanks chast
20:56:43 chast: that was the first lesson i saw about sweep picking^^
20:57:01 Nick325: i saw that one on youtube
20:57:07 Nick325: ive been practicing
20:57:13 Nick325: it
20:57:39 chast: allright^^
20:57:45 chast: but sweeping is hard
20:57:59 Nick325: AIB234 i like that technique u came up for hearing notes
20:58:16 Nick325: ya dude
20:58:32 Nick325: i gtg to ttyl
20:58:44 AIB234: haha
20:58:50 AIB234: I didn't come up with it but thanks ;)
20:58:54 chast: well, now we are alone :D
20:59:00 chast: what was he talking about ?
20:59:04 AIB234: what's that supposed to mean? ;)
20:59:10 chast: ;D
20:59:14 AIB234:
20:59:29 chast: ah
20:59:40 chast: i already read this
21:00:37 chast: im gonna try it if im a bit more motivated than today
21:00:47 AIB234: haha yeah I'm not too motivated today
21:00:54 AIB234: not feeling overly well and things on my guitar aren't going so well
21:01:21 chast: i just dont want to play today, i dont know why
21:02:13 chast: so what do you do right now besides chatting ß?^^
21:02:41 AIB234: I have my guitar in my hands and I'm just dinking around with scale fragments while thinking about what I should do, haha! What about you?
21:03:25 chast: played some warcraft before, tried to practice guitar but i have no fun on playing it today, and now im listening to jack johnson and somking
21:04:00 AIB234: haha
21:04:02 chast: and pavel makes me crazy with his sweeping^^
21:04:03 AIB234: Smoking, tsk tsk
21:04:14 chast: i know, i know ;)
21:04:17 AIB234: Pavel makes me crazy with sweeping, AP, and legato
21:04:18 AIB234: haha
21:04:22 chast: yes^^
21:04:40 chast: im practicing his luca turili style of lesson
21:05:04 chast: this sweep wont work :/
21:06:23 chast: where do you live ?^^
21:06:37 AIB234: ontario, canada
21:06:38 AIB234: how's about you?
21:06:49 chast: germany
21:06:56 AIB234: far away from me!
21:06:58 chast: one hour from frankfurt am main
21:07:06 chast: in a small town called michelstadt
21:07:16 AIB234: cool\
21:07:29 chast: we have no music shop here :(
21:07:36 AIB234: Nor in my town
21:07:44 chast: we had one but only for 2 or 3 weeks x_X
21:07:51 chast: than he has gone away
21:08:01 AIB234: that's too bad
21:08:11 chast: in frankfurt is a big one but i dont get there often
21:08:25 chast: no car^^
21:08:32 AIB234: :\
21:08:48 chast: gmc is very international i like it
21:09:06 AIB234: yeah definitely
21:09:31 chast: a good possibilty to improve my english :)
21:09:35 AIB234: haha
21:09:41 AIB234: it's quite good as far as I can tell
21:09:51 chast: thanks^^
21:09:55 chast: what time is it now in canada?
21:10:05 AIB234: 9pm
21:10:16 chast: we have 3 o'clock in the night
21:10:22 AIB234: pretty late!
21:10:24 chast: i have holidays at the moment
21:10:25 chast: :D
21:10:27 AIB234: nice
21:10:34 AIB234: I have to work tomorrow... but I believe I am getting sick
21:10:40 AIB234: :\
21:10:45 chast: hm, that sucks
21:10:49 AIB234: yeah
21:10:59 AIB234: but at least I might get a day off work and play some guitar ;D
21:11:02 chast: what do you work ?
21:11:09 chast: hehe, thats fine =)
21:11:12 AIB234: I am a computer engineer for a university
21:11:26 chast: everywhere some computer engineers at gmc :D
21:11:35 AIB234: yeah :)
21:11:41 chast: im going to school^^
21:11:57 AIB234: Me too. What are you going for?
21:12:21 chast: 11th grade in germany at "gymnasium" what its called in germany
21:12:34 AIB234: ah
21:12:41 AIB234: I am going into my second year of college
21:12:58 chast: i dont know that system, its always confusing me
21:13:03 AIB234: hehe
21:13:06 chast: you finished high school ?
21:13:11 AIB234: Yes
21:13:16 AIB234: 2nd year above high school
21:13:23 chast: ah
21:13:29 AIB234: Kind of like grade 14, except for computers :P
21:13:36 chast: :>
21:13:59 chast: i have school till 13th grade and than i can go to university
21:14:09 chast: or work ^^
21:14:17 AIB234: We used to have Grade 13, but then it was eliminated
21:14:35 chast: yeah, it is the same here, its going to be eliminated
21:14:54 chast: but i dont know when they will eliminate it
21:15:07 AIB234: We did not have to do ours, we had a choice
21:15:09 AIB234: Do you have to do it?
21:15:21 chast: yes
21:15:23 AIB234: That sucks
21:15:31 chast: there is a test
21:15:35 chast: called g8 zug
21:15:42 AIB234: weird
21:15:57 chast: where you finish in 8 years instead of 9
21:16:06 AIB234: yeah
21:16:12 chast: probably in 2 years or something everybody finishes with 8 years
21:16:23 chast: but i have to do 9 :D
21:16:31 AIB234: I'm glad I didn't have to!
21:16:40 chast: you dont like school ? :P
21:16:42 AIB234: Got to move away from home a year earlier :P
21:16:56 AIB234: Not high school. I like college a lot.
21:17:21 chast: i dont like it... but i always having troubles reaching the next grade because im too lazy ;)
21:17:25 AIB234: hahaha
21:17:28 chast: but = because^^
21:18:01 AIB234: I am lucky. I have a really good memory and I don't study much, but I get really good grades.
21:18:25 chast: my memories arent bad at all but at some courses i just suck
21:18:30 chast: like french
21:18:38 chast: or chemistry
21:18:46 AIB234: I had to take french in grade 9 and then I didn't take it again lol
21:18:48 AIB234: I hated it
21:18:53 chast: i hate it :D
21:19:02 chast: but i have it now my last year
21:19:06 AIB234: Did you not have options to choose what ot take?
21:19:25 chast: we had to take a 2nd foreign language
21:19:34 AIB234: In my last year the only course I HAD to take was English
21:19:43 chast: we could choose between latin and french
21:19:45 AIB234: I chose all my other 7 courses
21:20:10 chast: we got completely different system^^
21:20:14 chast: s
21:20:16 AIB234: Yeah it sound like it
21:21:00 chast: so you can chose your courses, nothing you else you have to take than english?
21:21:06 AIB234: Only in my last year
21:21:25 AIB234: I had to take some other courses in earlier years, but you get more options as you go higher in grades
21:21:33 chast: after 11th grade we can choose 2 courses we want to have intensive
21:21:42 AIB234: Wow, that's not too many options
21:21:51 chast: and you can cancel shit like french :D
21:22:08 chast: no we dont have many options :/
21:22:19 AIB234: hehe
21:22:24 chast: but it isnt that bad
21:22:29 AIB234: And it's funny because Canada's second language is French :P
21:22:33 chast: ^^
21:22:46 chast: i just dont understand that language
21:22:52 AIB234: either do i, LOL
21:23:03 AIB234: In fact I don't understand any other language
21:23:14 AIB234: I know a bit of French... but not much. Not enough to get me by.
21:23:26 chast: i can order beer in france
21:23:29 chast: thats enough :D
21:23:57 chast: you have some favourite courses?
21:25:09 AIB234: hahaha
21:25:22 AIB234: I do not know what my courses are like for this year. I am on a work term.
21:25:37 AIB234: But last year I liked almost all my courses quite a bit.
21:25:45 chast: do you like math ?:D
21:26:01 AIB234: Not overly. I am quite good at it but I don't enjoy it much.
21:26:11 chast: i like it
21:26:20 AIB234: To each his own I suppose :P
21:26:33 chast: and physic if you talk about the right topic
21:26:44 chast: this year was really boring
21:26:48 AIB234: haha
21:26:53 AIB234: I took calculus in high school
21:26:58 AIB234: It's pretty amazing all the things you can do with it
21:27:12 chast: yes
21:27:19 chast: but its kinda weird
21:27:27 AIB234: But yet it all makes perfect sense
21:28:07 chast: the only topic i cant handle at math is geometry
21:28:25 chast: that has something to do with me :D
21:28:30 chast: i also cant draw
21:28:36 AIB234: I can't draw worth crap
21:28:42 chast: and my sense of orientation is shit
21:29:04 chast: i also cant
21:29:11 AIB234: haha
21:29:27 chast: got a 4 this year, which is a D
21:29:34 AIB234: ooho
21:29:37 AIB234: not so good
21:29:41 chast: but my teacher told me it was quite far away from an E
21:29:49 chast: wasnt
21:29:50 chast: ^^
21:29:55 AIB234: E does not exist over here :)
21:30:10 chast: you only have A to E ?
21:30:22 chast: D
21:30:24 chast: ^^
21:30:37 AIB234: A-D and then F
21:30:39 AIB234: lol
21:30:43 chast: we got 1-6
21:30:47 chast: 1 is the best
21:31:04 AIB234: Understandably so
21:31:20 chast: you also can get a 4+
21:31:22 chast: or 4-
21:31:30 AIB234: In elementary school we had levels like that
21:31:32 chast: good 4 or bad one :D
21:31:37 AIB234: Then in highschool we got percentages
21:31:45 AIB234: and now in college I get Grade Point Average, or GPA
21:31:52 chast: but in 11th grade it changes to anonter system
21:32:00 chast: with points from 0 to 15
21:32:22 AIB234: I don't understand why they just can't stick to 1 system
21:32:26 AIB234: Especially over here
21:32:27 chast: me too
21:32:37 AIB234: Because all the systems relate to percents. Just give me a grade out of 100
21:32:49 chast: i dont understand why they change the system after 10 years of school oO
21:32:53 AIB234: yeah
21:32:55 AIB234: Like over here
21:33:03 AIB234: A level 4 = 80% or above
21:33:17 AIB234: a grade of A = 80% or above
21:33:25 AIB234: and in GPA, 4.0 = 80 or above
21:33:28 chast: i like this system more with the points, they should do it from beginning
21:33:30 AIB234: So just stick to percents, I think
21:33:59 chast: thats weird
21:34:06 AIB234: lol
21:34:06 AIB234: it's silly
21:34:09 chast: yes^^
21:34:24 chast: how old are you ?
21:34:40 AIB234: 19
21:34:45 chast: im 18
21:34:57 AIB234: cool
21:35:21 chast: with 18 you get full rights in germany
21:35:29 chast: voting in politics etc.
21:35:37 AIB234: In Canada you get weird rights at dfifferent ages
21:35:38 chast: drinking vodka :D
21:35:43 AIB234: 16 you can drive
21:35:56 AIB234: 18 you can vote and you are considered an adult
21:36:01 AIB234: 19 you can drink
21:36:04 AIB234: *shrug*
21:36:05 chast: in germany you can drive with 18 but they are on a way to change it to 17
21:36:41 AIB234: cool
21:36:44 chast: yes here it is the same with 18 you are considered an adult
21:36:55 chast: beer you can drink with 16
21:37:03 chast: but only beer
21:37:04 AIB234: haha
21:37:09 AIB234: that's stupid
21:37:14 chast: and with 18 all the other stuff^^
21:37:25 chast: but many kids under 16 are drunken here
21:37:43 AIB234: same here
21:38:00 chast: its no problem to get some alcohol here
21:38:17 chast: its also a problem in politics
21:38:30 AIB234: It's not hard to get alcohol here underage either
21:38:45 AIB234: They always ask for ID at the store, but that's not too hard to get arouhd when you have 19 year old friends
21:39:57 chast: same here
21:40:06 chast: or they dont even ask for ID sometimes
21:40:14 AIB234: haha
21:40:26 AIB234: I don't drink so it does not bother me :)
21:40:33 chast: i like drinking :D
21:40:43 AIB234: I have, but I don't enjoy that much
21:40:49 AIB234: Though I do enjoy laughing at drunk people
21:41:00 chast: :D
21:41:21 chast: drunk people can pretty funny as long as they dont get aggressive
21:41:27 AIB234: yeah
21:41:30 AIB234: that's bad news bears
21:42:03 chast: when im drunken i just talk much^^
21:43:15 chast: how much do you pay for beer ?
21:44:38 AIB234: sorry I am back
21:44:43 AIB234: Don't know, I don't buy it
21:44:55 AIB234: Though I know some of it sells for $24CDN for 24 cans
21:45:29 chast: whats this in us $ ?
21:45:35 AIB234: About the same nowadays
21:45:42 AIB234: The Canadian Dollar is on par with the US one
21:45:48 chast: ah okay
21:46:35 chast: so im going to read now and than i will sleep
21:46:42 chast: good night =)
21:46:42 AIB234: alright man good chatting with you
21:46:50 AIB234: cheers

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