Guitar Chat with Kristofer Dahl, Luciana etc. 2007-08-01
Aug 8 2007, 07:37 PM
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08:25:51 Hemlok: Evening Owen! :)
08:35:44 Hemlok: Hi Dynamite
08:36:20 dynamite_dude: hey hey
08:36:25 dynamite_dude: going alright?
08:36:33 Hemlok: yeah not bad thanks, yourself?
08:37:04 dynamite_dude: 2nd day without practice/playing now.. nursing my left hand
08:37:19 Hemlok: oh no, what happened?
08:37:51 dynamite_dude: well I've had this multiple times, but it may have something to do with me not relaxing while playing
08:38:25 dynamite_dude: annoys me a LOT though, everytime I try to go about some serious practice, injure my wrist (same area each time, top right part), and I have to stop playing for 4, 5 days to let it heal fully
08:38:40 Hemlok: oh ok, you play lefty or normal?
08:40:01 dynamite_dude: normal
08:40:09 Hemlok: maybe a slow warm up on scales would be a good idea. I do that
08:40:33 dynamite_dude: that's a suggestion my friend gave, but I don't find it to warm-up that well
08:40:36 Hemlok: and if you are feeling pain, stop doing whatever you are doing and tone it down a bit
08:40:42 dynamite_dude: I prefer doing the petrucci style warm ups in rock discipline
08:41:24 dynamite_dude: the thing is, I've been playing quite a while now and this isn't just normal pain you get when playing something over and over / slight stress. it just sticks with you whether you're playing or not :l
08:42:26 Hemlok: well doesnt sound too good to me, if it happens often and takes that long to heal
08:42:41 dynamite_dude: I must admit, it doesn't
08:43:01 dynamite_dude: but for now, I'm resting
08:43:09 dynamite_dude: practicing at the mo?
08:43:15 Hemlok: of course, reading up on theory i hope :P
08:43:25 dynamite_dude: heh :p
08:43:30 Hemlok: ah not practicing at this moment, im reading theory right now
08:43:44 dynamite_dude: understanding much?
08:43:47 Hemlok: i do half hour - hour reading theory as part of my routine
08:44:05 Hemlok: ah it goes in and out, so i have to re read alot
08:44:19 dynamite_dude: aye, as with a lot of things
08:44:41 Hemlok: yep but such is life
08:45:38 dynamite_dude: practicing any songs ni your routine?
08:46:00 Hemlok: red house - jimi hendrix
08:46:09 dynamite_dude: ah, alrighty
08:46:13 Hemlok: dont put too much time into it but i like to practice it
08:46:17 dynamite_dude: don't know my hendrix all too well :/
08:46:28 Hemlok: also learning the spanish romance lessons on acoustic
08:46:37 dynamite_dude: nice!
08:46:37 Hemlok: evening Luciana! :)
08:46:41 dynamite_dude: hey hey
08:46:49 Luciana: Morning here!!
08:46:51 Luciana: hi!
08:46:55 dynamite_dude: afternoon here.. lol
08:47:08 Hemlok: oh well in that case good morning, enjoy the rest of your day :D
08:47:14 Luciana: :D
08:47:23 Luciana: how are you ?
08:47:58 Hemlok: im groovy thanks, brushing up on my theory before i play harmonica for a bit
08:48:14 Hemlok: how are you?
08:49:04 Luciana: fine... a little sleepy
08:49:16 Hemlok: ah coffee will fix that
08:49:30 Luciana: yeah i know...!
08:49:42 Luciana: jajjaa
08:49:51 Hemlok: :)
08:50:25 Luciana: Hemlok so you play harmonica...
08:50:44 Hemlok: ah well i mess around a bit
08:50:44 Luciana: that's great!
08:50:54 Hemlok: they are good fun
08:51:10 Hemlok: im trying to learn to play harmonica and acoustic guitar at same time
08:51:16 Hemlok: so i can jam by myself
08:54:11 Luciana: what is jam?
08:54:40 Hemlok: basically, just making music
08:54:58 Hemlok: but by myself instead of with someone else
08:55:13 Hemlok: because i am playing both instruments at once
08:55:24 Luciana: ahhhh!
08:55:31 Luciana: ok..
08:55:37 Hemlok: Howdy Kris!
08:55:39 Luciana: hi kris
08:55:39 Kristofer Dahl: Hey!
08:55:49 Hemlok: how do you say hello in svenska? i forget
08:56:02 Kristofer Dahl: Great to see some actiity here day time (for me at least!)
08:56:26 Kristofer Dahl: Are you having singing disussions (spoken... ;) )
08:56:36 Luciana: not yet...
08:56:38 Luciana: jajaja
08:57:05 Kristofer Dahl: Well I am glad this isn't an audio chat - in case someone would want me to sing...
08:57:10 Kristofer Dahl: :)
08:57:36 Hemlok: :P yeah sing your famous collection of sins!!
08:58:01 Kristofer Dahl: And heeeree it iiiiiis my colleeeection...
08:58:07 Kristofer Dahl: That's all you will get from me ! ;)
08:58:20 Kristofer Dahl: Luciana did you notice your name is now in red?
08:58:21 Hemlok: i need to listen that song again, unfortunately my internet is going too slow
08:58:32 Luciana: jajaja..i'd like to hear everybody singing
08:59:00 Hemlok: oh I like that idea of the names in red and orange, i noticed it just before i read your topic
08:59:03 Luciana: Kris yes!! i noticed that... is better!
08:59:45 Kristofer Dahl: This way it will be more noticable that we have a singing instructor in the chat! :)
09:00:01 Luciana: that's great!
09:00:16 Kristofer Dahl: I must say I saw something really cool - I live performance from Cirse at Youtube - it was AWESOME!! :D
09:00:32 Luciana: txs!! a lot!!!
09:00:57 Kristofer Dahl: You rock on stage - great presence and performance
09:01:03 Luciana: you can see pictures at my fotolog!
09:01:17 Luciana:
09:01:25 Kristofer Dahl: cool!
09:02:18 Kristofer Dahl: You have matching clothes - that's great as well!
09:02:28 Kristofer Dahl: Do you have many gigs?
09:03:19 Luciana: just a few...
09:03:37 Luciana: for the time being
09:03:50 Hemlok: hey i just watched the gig on youtube :D very good!
09:03:59 Kristofer Dahl: Ok I have two lessons to put live now - stay tuned! :)
09:04:08 Kristofer Dahl: Hemlok - hey in Swedish is hej! ;)
09:04:15 Hemlok: oh of course!
09:04:18 Hemlok: tack!
09:04:29 Kristofer Dahl: hehe see you soon!
09:04:32 Hemlok: cya
09:07:26 Luciana: sorry guys.. i have to work!!
09:07:29 Luciana: see yaa
09:09:06 Hemlok: hi tank
09:09:17 Tank: HI Hemlok
09:09:29 Hemlok: hows it going?
09:09:54 Tank: Not too bad, just came in to be nosey :)
09:10:04 Hemlok: hehe fair enough
09:10:18 Hemlok: im gonna go now and get back to practicing
09:10:28 Hemlok: cya
09:10:35 Tank: cya
14:49:29 AliMo: sup
16:46:48 Owen: hey!
16:46:53 Owen: *whip*
16:47:12 jeff: hey owen what's up?
16:47:28 Owen: not a lot, just browsing the interwebs
16:47:37 jeff: Looks like Wallimann has another collaboration
16:47:53 Owen: yeah, I volunteered :P because I need the practice xD
16:47:58 Owen: and I cant duck out now
16:48:16 jeff: I like your recent lead - i'm still owrking on mine
16:48:22 Owen: I'm admiring Gab's stoner rock lesson too :P
16:48:33 jeff: probably finish tonight
16:48:38 Owen: did yah? I was thinkin' it was pretty bad, sounds awful on its own
16:48:49 jeff: yeah Gab is awesome
16:49:12 jeff: it will sound better in the mix
16:49:20 Owen: *fingers cross*
16:49:22 Owen: ed*
16:49:46 jeff: I used pod last time this time i will mic and see how it sounds
16:49:57 Owen: I dont have a great ear for these things at the best of times lol
16:50:06 Owen: yeah, my setup sounded alright actually
16:50:16 Owen: I'm waiting to see how it will improve in the mix compared to what I had
16:50:51 Owen: because I know nothing about mixing :P
16:50:57 jeff: I don't really write things down and practice i just improv usually
16:51:04 Owen: I just introduced myself to VST the other day
16:51:19 jeff: i am using reaper and it is pretty easy
16:51:27 Owen: yeah, i improved until I had a basic idea as to where I'm going
16:51:35 Owen: yeah it is, theres more depth though, which I like
16:51:44 Owen: Matt seemed to be having a bit of trouble =/
16:52:02 Owen: I hope it works out ok for him
16:52:26 jeff: yeah i saw that - it just takes once or twice to figure it out
16:53:15 jeff: what time is it where you are?
16:53:19 Owen: yeah, I had fun setting up the midi
16:53:25 Owen: its 10 to 10
16:53:46 Owen: what about you?
16:53:51 jeff: I was wondering when people join the chat - it's 4:50 pm here
16:54:53 jeff: you mentioned VST do you have any good VST plug-ins?
16:55:02 Owen: I normally end up talking at about now :P
16:55:03 Owen: erm
16:55:12 Owen: I was at a site with a huge amount of them
16:55:31 jeff: I bought EZ Drummer and it's pretty cool.
16:56:00 Owen: :P I cant afford it
16:56:48 jeff: Gotcha - it's not cheap!
16:57:55 Owen: :P its not, how much did you pay for it?
16:58:27 jeff: $150 US
16:58:42 Owen: ouch
16:58:57 Owen: Buy me a real drummers soul for that round here :D
16:59:19 jeff: lol bet so!
16:59:54 jeff: awe crap - gotta run. just got a call. hope to finish my lead tonight!
17:00:14 jeff: see ya later!:D
17:00:18 Owen: :P
17:00:28 Owen: I'll find that link for you if you gimme a second
17:00:49 jeff: ok
17:02:09 Owen: I found it on a link from a site that has an extremely slow server, and I forgot to bookmark =/
17:03:28 Owen: ah
17:03:31 Owen:
17:03:59 Owen: thats the one ^
17:04:03 jeff: cool - I'll check it out. Thanks! see ya :D
17:04:33 Owen: bye and hi
17:04:40 dynamite_dude: hi and bye
17:05:12 Owen: :P
17:05:33 dynamite_dude: .. I really don't have much else to say :p
17:05:49 Owen: jeff - is the more specific link
17:06:32 Owen: dd, whatsup?
17:07:22 dynamite_dude: awaiting tommorow, when I can probably start practicing again!
17:07:41 Owen: Hey!
17:07:43 dynamite_dude: otherwise, talking about zakk's excessive wah use
17:07:44 dynamite_dude: :p
17:07:45 dynamite_dude: yo
17:07:51 FretDancer69: hello ppl;
17:07:51 FretDancer69: ppl
17:07:51 FretDancer69: people
17:07:55 Owen: wylde?
17:08:00 dynamite_dude: aye
17:08:15 Owen: i'd have said it was more excessive use of pinches lol
17:08:33 Owen: they get majorly boring after a while
17:08:42 dynamite_dude: I'd care to differ actually.. if you've seen him live, he does consant wah, lol
17:09:55 dynamite_dude: but yah, pain in fretting hand's wrist nearly gone now, so just counting on it healing fully by tommorow
17:09:57 Owen: :P, I dont really like him that much, I always found him a bit vain xD
17:10:15 dynamite_dude: yeah, I could tell :)
17:10:44 Owen: I got one BLS album, it had a few decent tracks but was a bit mediocre
17:10:50 Owen: not really good enough to make me want more
17:10:55 dynamite_dude: which?
17:11:05 Owen: I think it was the latest one
17:11:22 Owen: yeah, shot to hell
17:11:22 dynamite_dude: not here to convince anyone, but [heck, it doesn't even matter if I say so] I really don't mind BLS at all!
17:11:28 dynamite_dude: ah yeah.. not so great
17:11:54 dynamite_dude: I guess sonic brew, 1919 eternal should be given a shot if you really want a sample
17:12:42 Owen: yeah, that's what I've been told, I'm not really sure I want to explore more tho :D
17:12:47 dynamite_dude: fair enough
17:13:07 dynamite_dude: all you guys reading up on your theory?
17:13:22 dynamite_dude: just at a guess.. since that's been the trend with anybody in here recently
17:13:44 Owen: a bit
17:13:47 Owen: I should read more
17:14:04 Owen: but I made an effort to learn all the fret board notes and minor penatonic scales the other day
17:14:12 Owen: so I figure I deserve a break lol
17:14:23 dynamite_dude: you learnt the whole fretboard AND something else in a day? g'damn.
17:14:26 dynamite_dude: nice, nice
17:15:42 Owen: :P yeah, I found out later that my minor p was a bit sloppy, I had subconsciously messed up some of the notes
17:16:49 Owen: but yeah, now I'm trying to chain the boxes together
17:17:01 Owen: so I'm not limiting myself to specific areas of the fretboard
17:19:20 dynamite_dude: impressive. I'll get 'round to that someday after I gather-up the willpower
17:19:46 Owen: :P
17:19:52 Owen: the learning the fretboard thing is easy
17:20:22 Owen: once you realise that each note is up a semitone and that there is no e# or b
17:20:27 Owen: b]
17:20:32 Owen: b#*
17:20:35 Owen: sorry :P
17:21:22 dynamite_dude: oh you mean in that sense?
17:21:37 dynamite_dude: well, I can figure out the notes just fine
17:21:56 Owen: well yeah, I memorised huge chunks of it at the same time though
17:22:01 dynamite_dude: but going along and pickign all the C's or D's, etc out..
17:23:04 Owen: easy, C is at the 9th and the 21st fret's
17:23:10 Owen: on the e
17:23:39 Owen: <_> I think that may be wrong actually lol
17:23:42 Owen: ah well
17:23:44 dynamite_dude: meh, nevermind, haha :p
17:23:45 Owen: I blame the beer
17:24:07 dynamite_dude: mhmhm.. beer.
17:24:18 dynamite_dude: what ya drinking?
17:24:51 Owen: Carlsberg
17:26:33 Owen: yeah, C is 11th and 23rd on the e, but as I dont have that many frets, knowing that is redundant xD
17:27:03 dynamite_dude: heh, both my electrics have the vital 24 :p
17:27:21 dynamite_dude: carlsberg heh.. so you must know guiness then?
17:27:58 Owen: fcuk, I'm still wrong, god, I must have drank a bit too much lol
17:28:38 dynamite_dude: no such thing as drinking too much beer :p
17:29:09 dynamite_dude: it won't be the 11th and 23rd as the 12th fret being the octave will be the e
17:29:40 Owen: xD
17:29:47 Owen: yeah, I'm well outta it tonight
17:29:51 dynamite_dude: c on the high e string will be .. 9th and 16th?
17:29:58 Owen: just as well I'm not trying to record that lydian xD
17:30:02 dynamite_dude: haha
17:30:18 Owen: 8th actually, and 20th
17:30:20 Owen: xD
17:30:24 Owen: 3rd time lucky
17:30:27 dynamite_dude: dan,g nearly
17:30:31 Owen: just as well andrews not here :P
17:30:38 dynamite_dude: haha.
17:30:56 Owen: so that makes D the 10th and 22nd :P
17:31:32 Owen: and 5th and 17th on the A?
17:31:46 Owen: maaan
17:31:55 Owen: what am I thinking tonight lol
17:32:00 dynamite_dude: hm, right about the e string, yeah
17:32:02 Owen: 3rd wrong attempt lol
17:32:07 dynamite_dude: more like what are you drinking :p
17:32:11 dynamite_dude: get some becks or something :p
17:32:18 Owen: xD
17:32:33 dynamite_dude: yah, 5th and 17th is right for A
17:32:35 Owen: Becks is obviously for lightweights :D
17:32:52 Owen: oh yeah it is
17:33:01 Owen: I was thinking C there when I checked it up xD
17:33:03 dynamite_dude: lightweights such as mr wylde himself :p
17:33:18 Owen: yeah, he's just a big beared pussycat lol
17:33:58 Owen: I swear to god though, if this gets logged I will have no face :D
17:34:24 dynamite_dude: and with that having been said, it's now a definate :p
17:34:42 Owen: I dont normally make assumptions of knowledge then follow throught with rubbish lol
17:35:06 Owen: throught? through*
17:35:23 dynamite_dude: well, train it enough and it'll be a habit!
17:35:27 dynamite_dude: good luck with that :p
17:35:38 dynamite_dude: I'm gonna get some shut-eye, cya around man
17:35:39 Owen: yah
17:35:43 Owen: its like counting
17:35:46 Owen: I hope lol
17:35:49 Owen: good night!
17:35:54 dynamite_dude: haha, g'night
18:10:13 ThatGuy: I feel so alone.
22:32:37 SDMF75: hello

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