Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-08-02
Aug 8 2007, 07:42 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
07:18:07 muris: Hey Owen
07:18:58 muris: *slap*
07:19:25 Owen: hi
07:19:35 Owen: woah, my browser went a bit funny there :P
07:19:51 Owen: how are you today?
07:20:25 muris: all fine
07:20:27 muris: you?
07:21:29 Owen: I'm good, pc's crashing a bit though
07:21:48 muris: ahh
07:21:54 muris: that's not good
07:22:04 muris: is it xp?
07:22:17 Owen: yeah
07:22:41 Owen: gotta restart gimme a second
07:22:44 muris: you have nice spam/virus defence?
07:22:46 muris: ok
07:23:49 Owen: thats better
07:23:53 Owen: sorry it was just really laggy
07:24:29 Owen: I see EMI has been sold
07:25:34 muris: yeah?
07:25:37 muris: to who?
07:26:10 Owen: a private company called... Terra Firma
07:26:53 Owen: huge amounts of money involved :p
07:27:06 muris: as always :)
07:27:59 Owen: yeah, its strange, EMI have been going for ages now, suddenly now just to dissolve into part of a private company
07:29:06 Owen: but yeah, what are you up to? anything interesting? :)
07:29:26 muris: yeah,but EMI's people will still rule the company I guess
07:29:36 muris: only owner is changed I think
07:30:09 Owen: apparently they were in debt
07:30:18 muris: odd
07:30:27 muris: such a huge company
07:30:36 muris: digital age kills everybody
07:30:46 muris: bigger the most
07:31:01 Owen: I dunno, album sales have stayed constant here in the UK
07:31:18 Owen: only singles sales have dropped, but who really wants to buy singles, it seems pointless
07:31:20 muris: it's time for indie stuff
07:31:50 muris: record companies have been taking a lot for a long time
07:32:04 muris: ofering not too much tho
07:32:53 Owen: hmm, yeah I suppose digital means artists can lay claim to a bigger part of the money section of things
07:33:17 Owen: I cant see music in shops dying out though
07:33:52 muris: yeah
07:34:00 muris: problems are more deep
07:34:06 Owen: theres a greater convenience too it, plus it feels nicer to have something like a cd in your hands
07:34:20 muris: of course
07:34:39 muris: but indie artists are releasing CDs as well
07:34:44 muris: me per example
07:35:00 muris: not saying that I'm a major one
07:35:10 muris: butthere are millions of them outside
07:35:37 Owen: :P its got easier to produce music I reckon, but its still a relatively skilled thing to do
07:35:39 muris: and they realized that record companies are not needed tahat much anymore
07:36:16 Owen: I mean, I can record something relatively easily, but thats not guarantee of it sounding good lol
07:36:24 Owen: no*
07:36:28 muris: course
07:36:41 muris: but you don't need record company to sound good
07:37:01 Owen: yep, they're really more to get you noticed
07:37:10 muris: they were
07:37:21 muris: now you have all idiependent
07:37:25 Owen: I think most relatively large artists get most of their money from touring now?
07:38:18 muris: producers,marketing agencies,web promotion etc
07:38:24 muris: less expensive
07:39:00 muris: some from touring,some from tantiems,as we call it
07:39:08 Owen: tantiems?
07:39:10 muris: copy rights
07:39:15 muris: sort of
07:39:35 Owen: like making money from having your music as a soundtrack to something ?
07:39:50 muris: or on TV,radio
07:40:06 muris: they have to pay to composer/band
07:40:38 Owen: ah, yeah, but then theres the internet radio stations now, I dont think a lot of them actively pay musicians if they use their songs
07:41:01 muris: some pay,some not
07:41:08 Owen: I dont know what the in's and out's of the whole thing are though
07:41:30 muris: thing is too complex for sure
07:43:19 Owen: btw, your website photo of yourself is pretty spooky, did you mean for it to be like that? :P
07:48:26 muris: lol
07:48:29 muris: no idea
07:48:35 muris: it just went that way
07:48:45 muris: tho I'm not scary guy really
07:48:48 muris: :)
07:50:03 Owen: :D maybe its just the whole blue theme :)
07:50:14 muris: might be ;)
07:53:40 Owen: sorry, I'm not talking much, I'm just admiring the stuff on your website :p
07:54:40 muris: thanks :)
07:55:26 Owen: woah, how'd it feel to play in huge 10 thousand people crowds?
07:56:26 muris: it was 80.000 few nights ago :)
07:56:35 Owen: seriously?
07:56:37 muris: aha
07:56:43 Owen: woah, thats the stuff dreams are made of xD
07:56:49 muris: stadium,olypic
07:57:02 muris: olympic*
07:57:23 dynamite_dude: hey all
07:57:33 Owen: woah, I'd be seriously worried about messing up, thats like a huge amount of pressure
07:57:37 Owen: hey!
07:57:43 dynamite_dude: woah, you haven't passed out yet? oO
07:57:52 Owen: me?
07:59:00 dynamite_dude: aye
07:59:08 dynamite_dude: at the rate you were going.. :p
07:59:18 Owen: I've had ten hours sleep :P
07:59:36 dynamite_dude: yeah, 10 - 12 is becoming the norm for me too
08:00:02 dynamite_dude: 80,000, heh? :o
08:00:21 Owen: I needed to let the beer wear off, my theory was going crazy :D
08:00:44 dynamite_dude: well, you got it third time 'round!
08:00:59 Owen: :P
08:01:27 Owen: better than the guitarists in my band, they dont even know what key they're in xD
08:01:59 Owen: I asked one the other night, and he was like
08:02:03 Owen: "whats a key?"
08:02:16 dynamite_dude: ouch
08:02:18 Owen: I about died ¬__¬
08:02:46 dynamite_dude: I'd think it was forgiveable if he didn't know the key.. but what a key is.. lol
08:02:58 dynamite_dude: what stuff is the band playing?
08:03:08 Owen: metal xD
08:03:50 dynamite_dude: sweet.
08:04:04 Owen: well it would be, if they knew actually what to do :P
08:04:55 dynamite_dude: well.. you can't have everything! :p
08:05:07 Owen: the drummers like miles ahead of their ability already, its worrying
08:06:09 dynamite_dude: that's great though.. it's near impossible to find a good metal drummer around here.. let alone a good rock drummer
08:06:18 dynamite_dude: then you get the guys who think they can play metal guitar
08:06:22 dynamite_dude: me in cluded :p
08:06:28 Owen: :P
08:06:51 Owen: GMC sure would be interesting if everyone lived in the same locality
08:08:18 dynamite_dude: haha, aye
08:08:20 Owen: although the instructors might find it irritating with all the newbies like myself knocking away at their doors asking for help xD
08:08:46 dynamite_dude: "go away, you're drunk" "but I know what key I'm in...!"
08:08:47 dynamite_dude: lmao
08:09:05 Owen: haha
08:09:47 Owen: out of interest, where are you from anyway? :P
08:10:22 dynamite_dude: london, uk
08:10:28 dynamite_dude: yourself?
08:10:35 Owen: Scotchland xD
08:10:49 dynamite_dude: ahh nice, a friend of mine from uni lives up there
08:10:55 dynamite_dude: been once too.. like the place!
08:11:26 Owen: heh, its alright, bits of it are a bit shabby though
08:11:46 dynamite_dude: aye
08:11:57 dynamite_dude: makes a change from all this concrete
08:12:38 Owen: :P, I figured you had to live somewhere in the UK if you kept on saying "aye" :D
08:13:10 dynamite_dude: s'just habitual :p
08:14:57 muris: guess you're in advance here guys :)
08:15:20 Owen: hmm?
08:15:28 muris: both from UK
08:16:05 dynamite_dude: well, don't feel left out, Mr Olympic Stadium player :D , I feel left out if anything :p
08:16:14 Owen: :D
08:16:23 dynamite_dude: where are you from again, Muris?
08:16:31 muris: Sarajevo
08:16:58 muris: hope you heard of
08:17:00 muris: :)
08:17:05 dynamite_dude: aha! yes, yes of course I have!
08:17:07 Owen: I wouldnt want to live there :( it's a bit unstable isnt it?
08:17:28 muris: stable for 10 ten years
08:17:31 dynamite_dude: well I've lived here all my life.. so I'm a bit used to London...
08:17:36 muris: war stoped 15 year4s ago
08:18:02 muris: or 13
08:18:04 muris: same thing
08:18:07 dynamite_dude: :p
08:18:15 muris: ;)
08:18:27 dynamite_dude: can't imagine though.. how are things in the country at the moment?
08:18:37 muris: fine
08:18:46 muris: politics sucks like everywhere
08:18:53 dynamite_dude: indeed!
08:19:00 muris: :)
08:19:26 Owen: they're quite interesting in Scotchland at the moment :P
08:19:28 dynamite_dude: in london they're thinking of electing a clown as mayor.. eugh. met him once when he came to my school.. he would not shut up
08:19:39 Owen: BORIS!
08:19:42 dynamite_dude: indeedio
08:20:05 dynamite_dude: everybody seems to get a laugh out of him, but I just can't seem to manage
08:20:09 Owen: guys an idiot, but he's probably better than Ken :P
08:20:38 dynamite_dude: lmao.
08:21:06 dynamite_dude: muris, how'd you get to play at the olympic stadium? what was the occasion?
08:21:42 muris: it was a masive event/concert
08:22:02 muris: regarding to 600 years of Islam in Bosnia
08:22:16 muris: I know what you're thinking
08:22:17 muris: :)
08:22:26 Owen: do you?
08:22:27 Owen: :P
08:22:30 muris: lol
08:22:32 muris: joke
08:22:32 Owen: what am I thinking?
08:22:32 dynamite_dude: hehe
08:22:37 Owen: :P
08:22:40 muris: it was awesome indeed
08:22:43 dynamite_dude: feel let down now, owen? :p
08:22:49 muris: great vibes
08:23:03 muris: and stagemlight etc
08:23:06 dynamite_dude: I can't even imagine how it must've been.. it's just such a great event
08:23:23 Owen: I can imagine, with *envy*
08:23:29 dynamite_dude: hehe
08:23:42 muris: that's ok tho :)
08:23:58 muris: horible stuff in UK lately
08:24:08 Owen: musically?
08:24:11 muris: no
08:24:11 dynamite_dude: lmao
08:24:17 muris: neam of terorism
08:24:21 dynamite_dude: aye, we know what you mean
08:24:25 muris: but it's such a mess
08:24:25 Owen: meh
08:24:28 Owen: its all hype
08:24:44 muris: like Islam terorism
08:24:54 dynamite_dude: it's not nice.. I was in prague and it all started happening while I was gone.. airport's being shut-down, etc
08:24:58 Owen: Islaming extremist counted for a total of 0.5% of all the terrorist attacks accross Europe in the last decade
08:25:03 muris: there;s no religion in conection with terorism
08:25:07 dynamite_dude: and granted that I absolutely hate flying :l
08:25:30 muris: they SAY they are doing it in name of Islam
08:25:30 Owen: well obviously, I'm just saying people who take a radical stance on what something means
08:25:36 muris: but it's totaly wrong
08:25:53 Owen: exactly, I dont condone it, but the whole thing has been blown out of proportion
08:26:00 muris: yeah
08:26:02 muris: too much
08:26:05 dynamite_dude: sad thing is, you can't just get rid of these people, aye
08:26:21 dynamite_dude: if only there was a button somewhere..
08:26:39 muris: get rid of who?
08:26:40 Owen: well thats what we seem to think we can do
08:27:06 dynamite_dude: the idiots who actually take part in these attacks
08:27:08 Owen: we forget that these people are integrated into our society as much as we are, but still we go and bomb innocents
08:27:27 muris: yeah
08:27:40 muris: everybody make mistakes
08:27:52 Owen: I refuse to believe that 1/40th of the population of Iraq were terrorists
08:28:02 dynamite_dude: oO
08:28:12 muris: of course
08:28:13 muris: I mean
08:28:30 muris: guys that kills a man in NY for money
08:28:33 muris: same thing
08:29:02 muris: terorism is all around
08:29:07 muris: diferent shapes and names
08:29:38 dynamite_dude: aye
08:29:49 dynamite_dude: it's generalised too much
08:29:58 Owen: yeah, its sad that we live in societies were people are prepared to do these things
08:30:06 muris: yeah
08:30:17 muris: it goes from school,street,TV etc
08:31:02 muris: main problem is the name
08:31:12 muris: Islamic terorism
08:31:26 muris: Islam forbids every act of violence
08:31:34 muris: like every religion
08:31:43 muris: it's bettle of east and west
08:31:49 muris: not that much of religions
08:32:00 Owen: yeah, so does christianity, but there was still the crusades =/
08:32:11 muris: yeah
08:32:22 muris: that is a black chapter for sure
08:32:26 dynamite_dude: a lot of things [most] are just bastardized by the media
08:32:27 Owen: i think its this concept of doing something "for the greater good"
08:32:31 muris: but it's all done by man
08:32:36 muris: not holly book
08:32:36 dynamite_dude: but you can't have much control over that at all..
08:33:34 muris: man is the sinner,in every way :)
08:34:43 Owen: hmm, there will always be war and it will probably be our undoing
08:34:51 muris: yeah
08:34:55 muris: sad but true
08:35:54 dynamite_dude: so... anybody around here know what a guitar is? ;)
08:36:06 Owen: :P
08:36:08 dynamite_dude: sorry I just hear too much on the topic daily.. :p
08:36:32 muris: yeah
08:36:32 Owen: I hear a guitar is one of those wooden things with random bits of metal attached
08:36:37 muris: just wanted to sat the same
08:36:39 muris: :)
08:36:41 Owen: makes a funny noise if you hit it in the right way
08:36:43 dynamite_dude: percussion I've heard.. haha
08:36:52 dynamite_dude: ouch, same line of thought
08:36:55 dynamite_dude: :p
08:37:34 dynamite_dude: still need to lay it off for another day
08:37:46 dynamite_dude: fretting hand's wrist is still messed up
08:37:47 dynamite_dude: >.<
08:38:06 Owen: ouch, how'd you manage that?
08:38:09 muris: is it getting better?
08:38:33 dynamite_dude: yeah it is, had it several time's actually
08:38:44 dynamite_dude: it's either that I don't play with a relaxed hand
08:39:11 dynamite_dude: or that I don't warm-up properly, race to the fast stuff... or a combination of the two
08:39:18 dynamite_dude: it's a real downer, but my fault in the end
08:40:06 dynamite_dude: I get it whenever I come back to give a real go at serious practice.. so 6 hours / day actual practicing, or whatever. I do that for 2, 3 days.. and by then the pain's already there.. always same part of the wrist
08:40:22 Owen: I normally just go straight to the fast stuff, but I think I have pretty relaxed hand positioning
08:40:54 dynamite_dude: just a bit tired of not having made much progress [learning song-wise] in the last few months and would like to start a band when I get back to uni this year
08:41:37 muris: hope you'll be back in shape again :)
08:41:41 muris: must go now guys
08:41:46 muris: have some job to do
08:41:52 muris: talk later
08:41:57 muris: ;)
08:42:08 dynamite_dude: thanks man, take care!
08:42:14 dynamite_dude: ah, timing.
08:42:42 Owen: :P
08:43:04 Owen: although I do have majorly wierd wrists :D
08:43:41 dynamite_dude: such luck :p
08:43:54 Owen: seriously, they protrude
08:44:21 dynamite_dude: hm.. so does that make holding the neck easier for you?
08:44:27 dynamite_dude: well, I guess you have nothing to compare to
08:45:12 Owen: haha not really
08:45:18 Owen: but every time someone notices they are like
08:45:20 Owen: Ewwwww
08:46:19 dynamite_dude: lol, such critics
08:46:49 dynamite_dude: I don't really think it's bad to any extent, and anybody who says so has nothing better to say
08:47:14 Owen: but I have majorly sucky circulation too, haha, my hands swell in winter, so sometimes I cant play guitar
08:48:04 dynamite_dude: your hands swell? hm..
08:48:15 Owen: literally
08:48:21 Owen: the fingers become all puffy
08:48:25 dynamite_dude: I was starting to think my circulation was bad in my hands, but definately not to that extent
08:48:35 Owen: my knuckles go purple and occassionally the skin bursts open
08:48:35 dynamite_dude: is this even at home?
08:48:41 dynamite_dude: yeouch.
08:48:53 Owen: if I use keyboard too much in winter, it happens
08:49:34 dynamite_dude: it can get quite cold up there, heh?
08:50:47 Owen: my room = tiny radiator xD
08:51:02 dynamite_dude: hehe
08:52:06 dynamite_dude: what pisses me off too is that.. well, I can't believe I only just figured this out [or perhaps it's slight paranoia, lmao], but I think I'm putting way too much effort into my bends, by not using leverage at all
08:52:51 dynamite_dude: like whenever I try to play fast-bendy parts, i.e. first solo first bar, mr crowley.. they're meant to be the easiest section of the solo, yet turn out to be the hardest
08:53:13 Owen: :P your not using levarage?
08:54:15 Owen: e*
08:55:45 dynamite_dude: well, take any bend
08:56:12 dynamite_dude: you need to put your thumb over the top, and twist your forearm
08:56:36 dynamite_dude: using leverage off the neck/index finger area
08:57:00 dynamite_dude: I, on the other hand, don't twist, but just push straight up with my fingers
08:57:27 dynamite_dude: very subtle difference in technique.. but it seems to make a difference :/ vibrato at the top of big bends is a bitch
08:58:05 Owen: is it humanly possible to bend at the first fret?
08:58:46 dynamite_dude: .. uhuh :p
08:58:57 dynamite_dude: a semitone or so :p
08:59:30 Owen: :P only on the low e
09:00:26 dynamite_dude: just tried it on the high e
09:00:36 dynamite_dude: .. shredded my skin, but it worked, just :p
09:01:34 Owen: If you dont twist you dont catch the string right I notice
09:01:40 Owen: thats only for bends up
09:01:43 Owen: bends down seem easy
09:02:44 dynamite_dude: aye, and it adds to irregular vibrato, makes it much harder than it should be
09:03:03 dynamite_dude: so I guess I use a hybrid between the two.. no simple explanation, but I have to 'untrain' that bad habit
09:03:22 Owen: I find myself untraining stuff all the time
09:03:37 Owen: thats the bad thing about being self taught
09:04:51 dynamite_dude: hm, I've had more than a few lessons, but teachers kept changing
09:05:08 dynamite_dude: most of my primary stuff is self taught though
09:06:22 Owen: like, how many fingers to you finger pick with, if you want to cross say 5 strings
09:07:27 dynamite_dude: everything minues the pinky? I never use finger picking though :l
09:07:38 dynamite_dude: really depends on what I'm playing
09:07:47 Owen: I use all 5 :P
09:10:44 Owen: which is strange because everyone always tells me not to use the pinky xD
09:11:00 dynamite_dude: don't see why you shouldn't
09:11:09 dynamite_dude: I mean, it's there to be used
09:11:19 dynamite_dude: I don't have any power in my pinky, on the right hand though
09:14:52 Owen: I have decided Reaper is so cool
09:15:27 Owen: I have the wierdest intro ever xD
09:16:04 Owen: I took my voice down 5 semitones and added a synth in the backgroud
09:16:18 Owen: and then started spurting random stuff from that truthism website
09:17:22 Owen: now I just need a drumbeat for the stoner rock riffing to come next
09:17:23 Owen: :P
09:17:27 dynamite_dude: lol nice
09:17:29 Owen: and I have a phobia of drum machines xD
09:17:34 dynamite_dude: never used the thing
09:17:39 dynamite_dude: it's all good :p
09:18:06 dynamite_dude: ouch my ears just got blasted
09:18:31 dynamite_dude: have to turn up speakers extra loud on films, for some reason. and pressed back by mistake.. started playing hellraiser.. very loudly
09:22:10 Owen: :P
09:22:27 Owen: I was sending someone some random math metal the other night
09:22:34 Owen: it was like 2 in the morning
09:22:46 Owen: when suddenly winamp opened and started playing it really loud
09:22:51 Owen: I was like "shit shit shit"
09:23:01 Owen: I didnt even where it was coming from
09:24:50 Owen: but yeah, its pretty mental when your playing psycroptic at 2 am xD
09:25:54 dynamite_dude: hahaha
09:26:11 dynamite_dude: math metal.. y'know sikth?
09:26:26 Owen: nah?
09:26:30 dynamite_dude: doh.
09:26:33 dynamite_dude: nvm
09:26:47 Owen: I dont listen to it very often, but someone was spouting about dillinger
09:26:55 Owen: so I just sent them some psycroptic
09:28:59 dynamite_dude: hm, heard DEP.. I'll look up psycroptic
09:32:54 Owen: The Scepter Of The Ancients is their best album
09:33:49 The Uncreator: Anyone here?
09:35:31 Owen: meh, stick around? :P
09:36:00 dynamite_dude: haha
09:36:16 dynamite_dude: cheers for the suggestion
09:37:35 Owen: :P
09:37:45 Owen: you like them?
09:40:17 dynamite_dude: well, I haven't ventured out to listen to them yet :p
09:40:25 dynamite_dude: I just wouldn't have known which album to pick
09:42:24 Owen: i think its technically classified as tech death
09:42:31 Owen: but it sounds very mathy to me
09:46:47 dynamite_dude: I don't really get wound up in the description, if it's good it is GOOD.
09:46:48 dynamite_dude: :p
09:51:29 Owen:
09:51:34 Owen: always worth a listen first
09:57:27 dynamite_dude: thanks
10:16:57 dynamite_dude: yeah I know what you mean by the math metal sound
10:17:15 dynamite_dude: I guess the death part is due to the vocals?
10:20:43 Wallimann: Hi guys!
10:22:29 dynamite_dude: yo
10:22:34 dynamite_dude: ffs. haha
10:22:47 dynamite_dude: yo, hope you don't leave as fast as the last one :p
10:23:00 dynamite_dude: User Wallimann has entered this room. [Wallimann] Hi guys! User Wallimann has logged out. [dynamite_dude] yo [dynamite_dude] ffs. haha
10:23:01 Tank: hmm?
10:23:25 Tank: I think some of the seniors have been having problems with chat
10:23:31 dynamite_dude: ah.
10:24:11 dynamite_dude: anyway, sup? :)
10:24:27 Tank: Oh just trying to avoid work
10:24:29 Tank: :)
10:24:41 dynamite_dude: awesome :d
10:25:58 Tank: sorry if I'll be typing a bit slow. Can't completely avoid work!!
10:26:23 dynamite_dude: no problemo, me and owen look back to check chat now and again, whilest doing other things too
10:26:32 dynamite_dude: at least that's the impression I get! :p
10:27:51 Owen: Eee. I missed people! hey tank!
10:28:35 Tank: Heya Owen
10:29:22 dynamite_dude: how important would you say keeping your hands relaxed is in playing?
10:29:47 Tank: I wrote about this on a thread somewhere
10:30:19 dynamite_dude: oh? sorry, I don't really read a lot of that stuff.
10:30:23 dynamite_dude: one sec.
10:31:09 Tank:
10:31:42 dynamite_dude: I believe I have it, the one about breaking a plateu?
10:31:58 dynamite_dude: plateau*
10:32:10 dynamite_dude: hm, aye, the same
10:32:33 Tank: thats the one. Relaxed playing is the key to good playing
10:33:24 dynamite_dude: hm, was thinking about its relation to prevention of injury
10:33:48 dynamite_dude: it's just that I always manage to injure my fretting hand's wrist in serious practice sessions
10:33:53 dynamite_dude: and the pain stays for days
10:34:05 dynamite_dude: so either not warming up properly, or not playing in a relaxed way
10:34:46 Tank: It could be due to the stress that you are putting on the wrist. Are you trying to practice far above your natural limit?
10:36:19 Tank: You need to be careful with it. There isn't much natural muscle in the wrist, so any stress that you put it under will be carried by the tendons. And if you get tendonitus, game over
10:38:04 dynamite_dude: I'm definately trying to go further than I have before
10:38:12 dynamite_dude: usually I just play around, learning riffs, etc
10:38:27 dynamite_dude: but then I went into a phase of playing the alt picking exercises for 4 - 5 hours
10:38:34 Tank: Warming and stretching your wrist will help
10:38:36 dynamite_dude: probably a bit too much of a jump?
10:38:45 dynamite_dude: ah yes, I do that, ala rock discipline
10:38:57 Tank: If you are getting pain for 2 days, you are doing something seriously wrong
10:39:06 dynamite_dude: well, yes, 2 days +
10:39:22 dynamite_dude: the thing is, previous guitar teachers haven't noticed anything odd about the way I play
10:39:28 Tank: It might sound weird, but Aikido has wrist stretches that can help
10:39:52 dynamite_dude: oh, really. I'll try look that up, they always help
10:40:14 dynamite_dude: I try to do petrucci's fret stretching chords in his warm-up.. if you know what I'm talking about
10:40:22 dynamite_dude: that always stretches the part of the wrist that ends up in pain
10:41:42 Tank: The first three, kotegaeshi, nikyo, and sankyo
10:41:43 dynamite_dude: sorry, internet problems
10:42:25 dynamite_dude: cheers, will try it out when it fully heals
10:42:27 Tank: no worries
10:42:49 dynamite_dude: never had any pain in my right.. always been the left
10:43:05 dynamite_dude: bit of a downer really, if you want to put the work in, but just end up injuring yourself
10:44:40 Tank: Remember that you are training your body to do something new. Athletes need to rest or they overstress too
10:45:55 Tank: But if you play within your limits, you won't stress the joints
10:46:03 dynamite_dude: aye
10:46:11 dynamite_dude: I just don't know my limits, that's the problem
10:46:24 dynamite_dude: I can sometimes play for hours, and be fine
10:46:32 dynamite_dude: other times, it's different
10:46:56 dynamite_dude: I simply can't pinpoint the problem.. and I'd like to advance as quickly as possible, therefore putting more time into it, it's hit or miss really
10:47:27 Tank: generally a metronome will show you your limit
10:47:49 Tank: if your fingers can't hit the notes in strict time, you are beyond your limit.
10:48:27 Tank: Therefore you will naturally contract your muscles, to try and eek that speed out of them
10:48:33 Tank: but it doesn't work that way.
10:49:02 dynamite_dude: it's actually ironic that [most recently anyway] the injury happened when I went back to using a metronome for everything
10:49:14 dynamite_dude: slowing it down, bumping it by 3 bpm, going back, etc
10:49:31 dynamite_dude: I don't know if I just have a weak wrist or what
10:50:53 Tank: Tell me if I'm right here.
10:51:15 Tank: You sit down to practice, you get the picking pattern, and start ratcheting up the metronome
10:51:24 Tank: Eventually you hit "the wall"
10:51:28 dynamite_dude: aye
10:51:34 dynamite_dude: so I move it back down
10:51:36 Tank: so you go down 10, play for about 1 min
10:51:45 Tank: then start cranking up again
10:51:51 dynamite_dude: completely right so far
10:51:55 Tank: Right
10:52:05 Tank: You aren't spending enough time at the slow spped
10:52:19 Tank: you need to do about 1000 reps at the slower speed
10:52:27 dynamite_dude: aha.
10:52:27 Tank: then start moving up
10:52:33 dynamite_dude: that'd make perfect sense
10:52:43 dynamite_dude: hence the over-stressed wrist
10:53:05 Tank: Then, the next day, after you've rested, your Wall will move, because you'll have built up some finger muscle
10:53:44 Tank: Don't do the reps, then you don't get the finger muscle
10:54:05 dynamite_dude: however, it brings me to think.. exactly how much is the wrist involved in this? it seems to be more about the fingers themselves.. which wouldn't explain such an injury on the wrist
10:54:53 Tank: Make a fist
10:55:00 Tank: tight
10:55:13 Tank: Now try and rotate your wrist. Can you?
10:55:41 dynamite_dude: with some discomfort, yes
10:55:47 Tank: Now relax your hand completely. Try to rotate your wrist
10:56:09 dynamite_dude: sir, you have made a point :)
10:56:13 Tank: Should be much easier
10:56:22 dynamite_dude: aye, it all makes sense now
10:57:05 dynamite_dude: thanks again, I reckon that was precisely my problem! well done for getting to the root of it ever so quickly!
10:57:09 Tank: When you tense your fingers, your wrist gets pressure put on it
10:58:03 Tank: I know it's a pain to play slowly, when you just want to burn
10:58:21 Tank: but there is reason behind it
10:58:33 Tank: And you do get better, and faster, by playing slowly
10:58:56 Tank: more finger muscle, less sore wrist!
10:59:00 dynamite_dude: excellent :)
10:59:14 dynamite_dude: how's the guitar going for you then?
11:00:52 Tank: I'm trying to practice more. It's weird, because I'm so close to my goals, but it's that last 20% that is taking 80% of the time to get
11:01:47 dynamite_dude: heh, sounds frustrating
11:03:13 Tank: can be :)
11:03:36 Tank: But I've got to a decent level, I'm able to quickly learn some good stuff
11:04:24 Tank: I just need to take about 3 months off work, and practice 10 hours a day, and I'll be able to do what I want :D
11:04:29 dynamite_dude: and how long has this taken you?
11:04:31 dynamite_dude: haha
11:05:21 Tank: Only about 20 years
11:05:30 Tank: lol
11:05:38 dynamite_dude: .. :p
11:06:01 dynamite_dude: so what bands you into playing then?
11:06:16 dynamite_dude: or an example of what you're aspiring towards would be.. ?
11:06:38 Tank: To be honest, I only really started practicing seriously a few years back. And even then, I wouldn't have the time to put in 10 hours a day, so it will naturally take me longer
11:07:43 Tank: As far as my aspirations. mainly, I just like to be able to hear something, and go "that's doable". And play it
11:08:13 Tank: For instance, in January, I learned Eruption, and stuck it into the set, and started gigging with it
11:08:22 dynamite_dude: I see, but you must have some band/s that you'd often jam out to, which would match your technical level
11:08:34 dynamite_dude: you just learnt it, just like that?
11:08:43 Tank: Took me 2 weeks
11:08:47 dynamite_dude: nice
11:08:53 Tank: But to performance level
11:09:49 dynamite_dude: impressive stuff, I get flashes of my friend trying [and failing] to play that, hehe
11:11:49 Tank: I've always been honest with the playing level, so I can't "play" a song, unless I'd be happy to play it in front of a live audience
11:12:56 dynamite_dude: indeed, I think the same
11:13:21 dynamite_dude: you can play the odd part of a song, and you'll impress people around you, but I'd never consider then going to play that at an actual gig
11:13:27 dynamite_dude: just.. not up to standards
11:13:31 dynamite_dude: could be so much better, etc
11:14:16 Tank: Well, I know so many players who can play "the start of" layla, or "the tapping bit" from One, etc
11:14:48 Tank: which is fine for practice
11:15:06 dynamite_dude: completely with you here
11:15:14 Tank: but I got caught out by this years ago
11:15:48 Tank: So I knuckle down and play the whole damn thing, or else I can't play it yet
11:16:33 dynamite_dude: damn straight! reminds me of the same friend who can just about do the tapping section to eruption .. but the rest? heh :p
11:17:59 Tank: I've wanted to do "Serana" by Jason Becker, but I think I'll try Eugenes Trick Bag as my next project. But I can't play it, until I can on stage :)
11:18:15 dynamite_dude: hehe, of course
11:18:17 dynamite_dude: hey Slammer
11:18:23 Slammer: !!!
11:18:29 Tank: hey slammer
11:18:32 Slammer: !!!
11:18:37 dynamite_dude: been put-off a bit by sweeps, but that song's an exception :p
11:18:55 dynamite_dude: I think someone's excited :p
11:19:00 Slammer: !!!
11:19:08 Slammer: you don't like sweeps?
11:19:22 dynamite_dude: you started the !!! before I sqeaked about that :p
11:19:34 dynamite_dude: I've seen them use tastelessly a lot..
11:19:38 dynamite_dude: used*
11:19:43 Slammer: or overused
11:19:44 dynamite_dude: but they have their place
11:19:48 dynamite_dude: both
11:20:15 dynamite_dude: when you start placing them in classic rock solo's.. eugh
11:20:23 dynamite_dude: and that was down in camden! >.<
11:20:24 Slammer: I like it when people use Sweeps to compliment a solo
11:20:36 Slammer: but only like one or two
11:21:05 dynamite_dude: aye, it's situational really
11:21:10 Slammer: but I don't like it when the Whole solo is pretty much Sweeping
11:21:19 Slammer: are you from Ireland?
11:21:24 dynamite_dude: agreed, unless, it just so happens to click
11:21:29 dynamite_dude: haha, no, london uk
11:21:33 Tank: I am
11:21:43 Owen: oh crap, mic just broke >_<
11:21:49 Slammer: :(
11:21:51 dynamite_dude: :/
11:21:58 Tank: d'oh
11:22:01 Owen: gonna be a pain
11:22:08 Slammer: and owen is from Scotland??
11:22:16 Owen: yas
11:22:24 Slammer: wow the Whole UK!
11:22:29 Slammer: almost
11:22:35 Owen: minus wales
11:22:39 Slammer: yes
11:22:55 Slammer: you guys ready for the Ironic twist
11:23:01 dynamite_dude: .. go on :p
11:23:05 Slammer: I was born in London
11:23:08 Slammer: :)
11:23:20 dynamite_dude: :o me too! but you had probably deduced that already :p
11:23:33 dynamite_dude: where you from, slammer
11:23:34 dynamite_dude: ?
11:23:38 Slammer: but I'm actually from US
11:23:42 dynamite_dude: aha
11:23:45 Owen: i was born in an exciting place called West Lothian! xD
11:23:49 dynamite_dude: lol, I wouldn't have guessed that one actually
11:23:57 dynamite_dude: ah, west lothian, I remember it well
11:23:58 Slammer: that's why it's the Ironic twist
11:24:02 Slammer: ::D
11:24:10 dynamite_dude: indeed :p
11:24:15 Owen: seriously? :S
11:24:32 dynamite_dude: haha, only kidding
11:24:41 dynamite_dude: not the first time I've heard of it though
11:25:19 Slammer: so here's my Question for you guys.... what do you think of David Beckham?
11:25:52 dynamite_dude: lmao
11:26:02 dynamite_dude: as a person? as a football player?
11:26:26 Slammer: overall... do you feel betrayed that he left etc.
11:26:52 Owen: xD
11:26:54 Owen: he's a gimp
11:27:12 Slammer: I mean he comes all the way over here
11:27:12 Owen: you can have him :L
11:27:22 Slammer: and he hasn't even played
11:27:22 dynamite_dude: betrayed? lol, no
11:27:27 Slammer: barely
11:27:29 dynamite_dude: that happened when he started playing for r madrid :p
11:27:42 dynamite_dude: there are better players
11:28:06 Slammer: the thing is... if he wasn't good looking, he would just be a average Player some people say
11:28:10 dynamite_dude: don't feel like we've 'lost' him either.. he's just playing for a club over there
11:28:17 dynamite_dude: perhaps
11:28:32 Slammer: are you a big soccar fan?
11:28:36 dynamite_dude: he had his period of being okay at footie
11:28:58 dynamite_dude: ironically, no, I love playing football but know nothing about the different leagues, the teams, etc
11:29:15 dynamite_dude: whereas, every other friend of mine knows every player's name around the globe etc :p
11:29:26 Slammer: are you in your 20's?
11:29:33 dynamite_dude: nop
11:29:38 Slammer: 30's?
11:29:38 dynamite_dude: verging on, but not quite
11:29:41 dynamite_dude: please.
11:29:41 dynamite_dude: haha
11:29:42 dynamite_dude: 19
11:29:48 Slammer: 18
11:29:56 Slammer: owen is 16
11:30:06 Slammer: and Tank is?????
11:30:08 dynamite_dude: and tank is 17!
11:30:14 dynamite_dude: sorry, I have no clue :p
11:30:14 Slammer: yes!
11:30:25 Owen: damn >_> youngest <_<
11:30:29 dynamite_dude: sucks.
11:30:31 Slammer: kiddie
11:30:41 Owen: :P
11:30:45 Tank: I'm 30 guys
11:30:50 Slammer: oldie!
11:30:54 Slammer: oops...
11:30:55 Slammer: :)
11:30:58 Tank: harsh, but fair
11:31:14 dynamite_dude: hehe, 30's just fine
11:31:16 Owen: its because your so beautful tank, he was judging by your complexion xD
11:31:16 Slammer: well you are only 11 years older than DD
11:31:44 Tank: Okay Owen, that's just a little weird lol
11:31:51 dynamite_dude: lmao
11:32:03 Owen: I kid, I kid
11:32:05 Owen: well actually
11:32:08 dynamite_dude: haha.
11:32:09 Owen: I am kid, I am kid
11:32:25 Tank: :)
11:32:28 Slammer: so tank.... is the Legal Drinking age in Ireland 11?
11:32:39 Owen: lol
11:32:43 Owen: it is in Scotland
11:32:45 Tank: I can't remember. I was drunk
11:32:57 Slammer: Stereotype no.!
11:32:58 Slammer: 1
11:33:43 dynamite_dude: haha
11:34:22 Slammer: A Scotsman visited London for his annual holiday and stayed at a large hotel. However, he didn't feel that the natives were very friendly. "At three o'clock every morning," he told a friend, "they hammered on my bedroom door, one the walls, even on the floor and ceiling. Sometimes they hammered so loud I could hardly hear myself playing the bagpipes."
11:34:37 Slammer: LOL
11:34:40 Slammer: jk owen
11:34:47 dynamite_dude: where do you get this stuff from :p lol
11:34:52 Tank: *groans
11:34:57 Tank: !!
11:34:58 Owen: haha
11:35:04 Slammer: LOL
11:35:09 Owen: no
11:35:10 Owen: xD
11:35:20 dynamite_dude: hehe
11:35:34 Tank: right guys, I've got to g
11:35:35 Tank: go
11:35:36 Slammer: hey owen do you offended by jokes?
11:35:40 Slammer: ok Tank
11:35:43 Slammer: take care
11:35:45 Tank: all the best
11:35:53 Tank: keep practicing dd
11:36:00 dynamite_dude: later dude, will do, thanks again!
11:36:06 Tank: no probs
11:36:07 Owen: :P
11:36:22 Owen: Boy gots good face cream xD
11:36:29 Owen: no, I'm not offended
11:36:34 dynamite_dude: and so the young ones remained
11:36:35 Owen: it'd be pointless
11:36:39 Slammer: There are many theories about the bagpipes, otherwise known as the missing link between music and noise. Some say they were invented by a Scotsman who trod on his cat and liked the noise. Others claim that they are based on the noise made by a dying octopus. The truth is, however, that they were given to the Scots by the Irish as a joke -but the Scots haven't seen the joke yet
11:36:42 dynamite_dude: *dives for cover
11:36:47 Owen: your just my overexcited neighbors xD
11:37:05 dynamite_dude: I'm starting to believe you memorised this rubbish :p
11:37:18 Slammer: nope
11:37:20 Slammer: LOL
11:37:24 Slammer: jk
11:37:44 Slammer: did you see the other chat logs?
11:37:50 dynamite_dude: which ones?
11:38:00 dynamite_dude: well, scrap that, I haven't seen any, so :p
11:38:01 Slammer: the ones where I tell a bunch of jokes
11:38:08 Slammer: all the time
11:38:11 Slammer: LOL
11:38:18 dynamite_dude: save me :p
11:38:35 Slammer: Where do you come from?" the Scotsman asked an American. "From the greatest country in the world," replied the American. "Funny," said the Scotsman, "you've got the strangest Scottish accent I've ever heard."
11:38:45 dynamite_dude: so what's the website you're using? :p
11:39:18 Slammer: one of them :)
11:39:23 Owen: now that ones good!
11:40:15 dynamite_dude: I've heard worse tbh
11:40:19 Slammer: LOL
11:40:19 dynamite_dude: so, yah
11:40:39 Slammer: I don;t even read them I just copy and paste
11:40:41 Slammer: LOL
11:40:48 dynamite_dude: who could tell?
11:40:50 dynamite_dude: lol
11:40:59 dynamite_dude: where in the us are you?
11:41:03 Slammer: the dynamite_dude!!!!
11:41:10 Slammer: Miami
11:42:11 dynamite_dude: sounds like a cool place from what I've heard
11:42:23 dynamite_dude: .. is it? oO
11:42:33 Slammer: hmm... is that suppose to be a joke?
11:43:07 dynamite_dude: I looked over that when I had finished typing.. but sadly, no
11:43:22 Slammer: well in that case
11:43:42 Slammer: Yep Miami is one of the Coolest places
11:43:48 Slammer: you will ever go too
11:43:50 Slammer: to*
11:44:04 Slammer: Awesome Weather
11:44:22 Slammer: Beautiful Women Everywhere
11:44:31 Slammer: what's not to love
11:44:53 dynamite_dude: the capitalisation of every word? :p
11:45:16 Slammer: Emphasis
11:45:19 Slammer: !!!
11:45:20 dynamite_dude: y'know, a place with too many beautiful women.. bratislava
11:45:32 dynamite_dude: went there on a eurotrip recently
11:45:48 dynamite_dude: and, damn, was tougher to find someone someone who wasn't beautiful..
11:46:05 Slammer: yeah I'll bet
11:46:08 dynamite_dude: although, we might have had too many a shot of absinth..
11:46:23 dynamite_dude: they don't sell that stuff over there, do they?
11:46:40 Slammer: IDK legal age is 21
11:46:47 Slammer: ok dude I gtg
11:46:52 dynamite_dude: alrighty
11:46:55 Slammer: cya laters
11:46:56 dynamite_dude: take care, later
11:47:28 Owen: its just me and you again now :P all alone
11:47:31 Owen: *runs*
11:47:36 dynamite_dude: quick owen, google some joke.. it's too silent
11:47:41 dynamite_dude: hah, yah
11:48:05 dynamite_dude: I'm gonna go rustle up something edible [hopefully]
11:48:07 dynamite_dude: brb
11:48:59 Owen: How many wives does the average American husband have?
11:51:06 Owen: ESJ!
11:51:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Kilt ! :p
11:51:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: And own as for your questions above, It depends on the size of his, you know
11:52:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Owen *
11:52:57 Owen: 10, 1 at home and 9 in Utah.
11:52:59 Owen: xD
11:54:36 Owen: sorry, that was bad
11:55:06 Owen: I hear they increased the minimum drinking age in Tennessee to 32
11:55:19 Owen: apparently they want to keep alchohol out of the high schools :P
11:55:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good luck with that
11:55:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: My highschool is invested with heroin
11:56:06 Owen: seriously?
11:56:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
11:56:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im not part of it but a good amount of people are
11:57:21 Owen: most that happens here is the moshers and neds beating each other up
11:58:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ouch
11:58:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: theres some gang violence where I live aswell
11:58:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg Ive kinda had a bad guitar week
12:04:01 Owen: I've had a bad guitar year
12:04:02 Owen: xD
12:04:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
12:04:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you just gotaa take a day and really practice
12:04:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: look for inspiration in the stuff around you and youll get better
12:04:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I also had a bad guitar year ;)
12:05:11 Owen: I dont actually know what I want to achieve
12:05:15 Owen: thats the problem
12:05:22 Owen: I couldnt care if I learnt to sweep or not
12:05:30 Owen: I just want to have a coherent styling
12:05:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: same with me
12:05:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idt would be nice
12:05:41 Owen: it doesnt have to be really technical
12:05:43 Owen: just new
12:05:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think it would be nice
12:05:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well basically what your saying is you want to be innovative
12:06:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: right ?
12:06:28 Owen: yeah, I dont really want to be amazingly technical
12:06:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: over time though you will be
12:06:47 Owen: hell, I prefer slow solo's and grooved up riffing
12:07:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so why dont you do the blues lessons
12:07:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or the new knopler thing
12:07:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I gotta go eat some breakfast, peace
12:22:59 Nick325: hey
16:39:06 Guitar34: hey
16:58:02 Slammer: *meow* *slap*
16:58:09 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
16:58:37 Owen: yee!
16:58:46 Slammer: LOL
16:58:51 Slammer: Owen
16:58:55 Owen: my name is :
16:58:57 Owen: :P*
16:59:08 Owen: whats upppp?
16:59:36 Slammer: just checkin in
16:59:39 Slammer: :)
16:59:45 Owen: oh yeah homeboy xD
16:59:51 Slammer: quick.... what is your Favorite Vai song?
17:00:05 Owen: I dont listen to Vai :P
17:00:11 Owen: odd as that may sound to you :D
17:00:21 Slammer: not quite
17:00:24 Owen: and I'm currently listening to electronica, shock horror!
17:00:26 Slammer: niether do I
17:00:33 Slammer: :D
17:01:13 Owen: :P
17:01:19 Owen: I never really bothered with it actually
17:01:28 Owen: I quite liked the concept of Buckethead
17:01:35 Owen: but I got bored
17:02:20 Slammer: *slap*
17:02:35 Slammer: does the private chat work?
17:02:47 Owen: huh?
17:03:16 Slammer: BadG3r
17:03:22 Owen: :P
17:03:22 Slammer: is a Steve Vai fan
17:03:26 Owen: I love that name xD
17:03:39 Slammer: I can tell by the G#
17:03:44 Slammer: G3
17:03:48 Slammer: :)
17:04:16 Owen: He's not speaking
17:06:48 BadG3r: hello
17:06:53 Slammer: hi
17:07:03 BadG3r: so what are two up to
17:07:13 Slammer: not much
17:07:17 Slammer: just chillin
17:07:25 Owen: Hangin' low xD
17:07:29 BadG3r: chatting i guess :P and no im not a vai fan
17:07:40 Slammer: but... G3???
17:07:47 Slammer: BadG3r
17:08:18 BadG3r: yeah this was my unique way to overcome the fact that in the ost forums my name is taken
17:08:46 BadG3r: sry to let you down :)
17:09:10 Slammer: no prob. I'm not a Vai Fan either
17:09:49 Slammer: I'm a Blues-Rock
17:09:51 Slammer: Guy
17:10:10 Slammer: SRV Clapton Hendrix for me
17:10:20 BadG3r: you guys... do you know if there is a section about how to hold a guitar right or better: place the hand well???
17:10:22 Owen: I listen to indie and death metal
17:10:29 BadG3r: for me its fall of troy
17:10:43 Slammer: hmm....
17:10:46 Owen: xD
17:11:00 Slammer: have you watched all of kris's 101 lessons?
17:11:07 BadG3r: when i can play his riffs im done... and that will take... mhhh forever
17:11:34 BadG3r: no... im through the first four beginner lesons
17:11:44 BadG3r: ill check it out
17:11:48 Slammer: so you're new to guitar?
17:12:32 Owen: I think I am, and I've been playing 2.5 years now lol
17:12:43 Slammer: Not you..
17:12:45 Slammer: LOL
17:13:03 Owen: I was just saying
17:13:08 Slammer: :D
17:13:09 Owen: I realise that was not directed at me
17:13:11 Owen: :L
17:13:14 Owen: :P*
17:13:17 Owen: :p
17:13:19 Owen: dammit!
17:13:19 Slammer: LOL
17:13:25 Slammer: :P
17:13:27 BadG3r: bought my guitar over 7 years ago... or so. but never managed to play right. wrote some songs and stuff but listening to the fall of troy... i want more
17:13:28 Slammer: :P
17:13:58 Owen: Gabe's made me want to start a stoner rock band, but I have no hash
17:14:00 Owen: what shall I do?
17:14:11 Slammer: Curious... how old are ya Badger?
17:14:25 Slammer: 25?
17:14:30 Slammer: 20?
17:14:34 Slammer: 33!!
17:14:40 BadG3r: 23
17:14:42 Slammer: 17?
17:14:45 Slammer: 23!!
17:14:49 Slammer: close enough
17:15:00 Slammer: I'm guessing you're from Alabama
17:15:03 BadG3r: you just guessed 4 time :)
17:15:31 BadG3r: hows that.. no im from germany... maybe when i change the letters... no.. still germany
17:15:45 Slammer: Germany
17:15:53 Slammer: hola
17:15:55 BadG3r: and i have stubby fingers
17:15:57 Slammer: nvm
17:16:02 Owen: oh so many stereotypes so little time
17:16:08 BadG3r: haha
17:16:11 Owen: what am I saying
17:16:12 Slammer: Owen is from Scott
17:16:15 Slammer: Land
17:16:17 Owen: I'm Scottish lol
17:16:54 Slammer: so do you remember when the Berlin wall came down?
17:17:27 Owen: I'm guessing he doesnt :P
17:17:33 Slammer: he was 5!
17:17:35 BadG3r: yeah i remember... although the whole political aspect wasn't clear to me then...
17:17:51 Slammer: you just remember people talking about a Wall!
17:17:59 Slammer: or maybe you saw it
17:18:00 Slammer: idk
17:18:03 Slammer: LOL
17:18:20 Slammer: hey guys brb
17:18:51 BadG3r: seeing people celebrating a falling all... i was six and why not celebrating a falling wall ... ^^
17:19:19 Owen: :P
17:19:36 Owen: the idea of it always reminds me of that Sex Pistols lyric
17:19:57 Owen: "Ima gonna go under the berlin wall! Ima gonna go over the berlin wall!"
17:20:45 Slammer: Colin Farell??
17:20:52 Slammer: is he from Scott?
17:20:59 Owen: ywhat?
17:21:12 BadG3r: talks scottish... damn weird accent
17:21:17 Slammer: he left
17:21:24 Slammer: and now he's back
17:21:27 BadG3r: collin
17:21:28 Owen: woop
17:21:32 Owen: sorry :p
17:21:49 Slammer: Collin Farell is he your hero?
17:21:50 Owen: Irish
17:21:54 Owen: you fool
17:21:56 Slammer: ooh...
17:21:57 Slammer: LOL
17:22:00 Owen: lol
17:22:02 BadG3r: :d
17:22:11 Slammer: who is Scottish??
17:22:17 Slammer: Connery?
17:22:18 BadG3r: sean connery
17:22:31 Owen: yes
17:22:41 Owen: only he's got the most wierd scottish accent ever
17:22:50 Owen: he tends to hold on to the words
17:22:54 Slammer: who do you like better, Connery, Pronsan, or Daniel Craig
17:23:01 Owen: Hiiiii myy naaames SEEEEAAAAN
17:23:11 BadG3r: connery
17:23:11 Owen: Connery was the best
17:23:46 Owen: he was the least cheesey methinks
17:23:47 Slammer: Brosnan* LOL
17:23:52 Owen: naaaaah
17:23:56 Owen: he's alright
17:24:05 Slammer: I like Daniel Criag better
17:24:10 Slammer: more Action
17:24:36 Slammer: Connery always got beaten up by the Chicks
17:24:37 BadG3r: he is more american fighter than james bond but i nhavent actually see hi min action..
17:24:53 Owen: Daniel Craig's a bit
17:24:53 BadG3r: i loooove getting beaten up by chicks...
17:25:01 Slammer: but then he would sleep with them
17:25:02 Slammer: LOL
17:25:05 BadG3r: as long they are as hot as bond girls
17:25:10 Owen: well, its more about the image
17:25:12 Owen: theres no style
17:25:15 Owen: its a bit more tacky
17:25:26 Owen: but yeah, waste of time talking about the men lol
17:25:50 Owen: obviously the more recent bond girls are the best because they're not already 60 or whatever lol
17:26:05 Slammer: Lindsay lohan or Hillary duff?
17:26:07 Slammer: LOL
17:26:09 BadG3r: who cares :P
17:27:00 Owen: Duff because she was at a Rock show and they dragged her on stage and made her sing lol
17:27:01 BadG3r: just give thewm a bit pott or any other drug and they will do it... damn pop drug queen
17:27:06 Slammer: Jolie or Jessica Alba?
17:27:17 BadG3r: thats a tuff choice
17:27:19 Owen: T0mb Raiderz!
17:27:27 BadG3r: angeka alba
17:27:35 BadG3r: angelina alba
17:27:39 Slammer: Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel?
17:27:50 BadG3r: tough again
17:28:16 BadG3r: in any case i wouldn't close the door
17:28:36 Slammer: ok Jolie or Adriana Lima
17:28:38 Slammer: LOL
17:29:05 BadG3r: scarlett johannson or halle berry
17:29:22 Slammer: answer my question first LOL
17:29:38 Owen: I'm so tempted to say all 4 at once...
17:29:43 Slammer: I'd pick Halle Berry because Scarlett is too stuck up
17:30:22 BadG3r: id take lima cause jolie has pitt and over 1 million children when she s done with adopting
17:30:42 Slammer: NO one can Compete with Pitt :(
17:30:54 BadG3r: i stick with owen... without him then of course.. :P
17:31:10 Owen: :P big knives can compete with Pitt
17:31:16 BadG3r: lol
17:31:44 Slammer: but you would piss off Jolie and her 50 kids
17:31:47 Slammer: Attack!!
17:31:50 Owen: after an excursion with one he would be feeling pretty "Pitt"iful
17:32:37 Slammer: ok BadG3r any chick from all time who would you pick?
17:32:52 Owen: the girl next door?
17:32:56 BadG3r: nice
17:32:57 Owen: lol
17:33:03 Owen: I dont have one
17:33:11 BadG3r: me neither
17:33:14 Owen: I cant comment, I believe its a big hairy shepard dude
17:33:14 BadG3r: lol
17:33:19 BadG3r: lol
17:33:22 Slammer: LOL
17:33:29 Owen: lol all round?
17:33:33 Owen: hey muris
17:33:36 muris: Slammer???
17:33:40 muris: holy
17:33:41 Slammer: LOL
17:33:44 Slammer: day off
17:33:45 muris: great to see you :)
17:33:53 Slammer: today is day off
17:33:58 Slammer: from work
17:34:02 Slammer: LOL
17:34:09 muris: same you
17:34:36 muris: everybody,how's it going?
17:35:00 BadG3r: great still pickin best girl of ever
17:35:05 Slammer: LOL
17:35:15 muris: cool :)
17:35:19 Slammer: Eva Longoria or Jessica Alba??
17:35:28 BadG3r: alba... def
17:35:52 Owen: their guitar skills are so weak they have to resort to day dreaming lol
17:35:59 Slammer: LOL
17:36:01 BadG3r: i think i stick with johannson... shes got something
17:36:02 muris: ;)
17:36:07 Owen: work harder on your shredding boys!
17:36:09 BadG3r: shhh.. don't wake us
17:36:21 Owen: your sleep talking now?
17:36:22 Slammer: Owen is just as guilty
17:36:22 BadG3r: shredding while reading your stuff
17:36:34 BadG3r: in no skills??
17:36:48 Slammer: no in daydreaming
17:36:50 Slammer: LOL
17:36:52 Owen: :P
17:36:53 muris: brb
17:36:55 Slammer: ok
17:37:14 Owen: Buttering Rabid Bunnies?
17:37:34 Owen: muris are you trying to make us go vegitarian!
17:37:42 BadG3r: what??
17:37:49 Owen: lol
17:37:57 Owen: BRB
17:38:11 Slammer: ok guys what is your favorite cheesy Love song
17:38:32 BadG3r: love me tender... cheesies of the cheesy
17:38:45 Owen: Damageplan - F**k you :)
17:38:51 BadG3r: lol
17:38:51 Slammer: Endless love by Lionel richie
17:38:53 Slammer: LOL
17:39:02 Owen: its got such a lovely sentiment
17:39:05 BadG3r: hello lionel richie
17:39:09 Owen: it really pulls my heart strings
17:39:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: My Heart Will go on - Celine Dion :)
17:39:17 BadG3r: perform by me fist and the gimme gimmes
17:39:22 Slammer: dude I like the song Sail on
17:39:31 Slammer: it's nice....
17:39:33 Slammer: LOL
17:39:40 Slammer: hey ESJ!!!
17:39:44 Slammer: long time
17:39:46 Slammer: no chat
17:39:47 Slammer: LOL
17:39:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammmmmmmmm3rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
17:39:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ik right ?
17:39:59 Slammer: YEAH
17:40:05 Owen: his name is by far more than it seems
17:40:18 Owen: lol
17:40:24 Owen: Slammer, are you a slammer?
17:40:36 Slammer: nope
17:40:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thought Id chat because I have a gears of war clan match at 11 and I need to kill time
17:40:42 BadG3r: he told you.. blues rock
17:40:56 Owen: :P ?
17:41:10 muris: nice one Owen :)
17:41:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg guys lets talk guitar
17:41:26 Owen: I have 3
17:41:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I hate modes, ( there I started it ;) )
17:41:31 Owen: onr has four strings
17:41:35 Owen: its special
17:41:38 Owen: its called a bass!
17:41:50 BadG3r: never heard of the heresy
17:41:51 Owen: it also sucks, but lets not go into the build quality :P
17:42:11 Owen: also, telecasters rule :P
17:42:22 Slammer: Country Bumpkins
17:42:23 muris: ]knew it lol
17:42:42 Owen: you knew what now? :P
17:42:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Telecasters are cool but look a little bit mental challenged
17:42:50 muris: tele stuff :)
17:42:50 Slammer: Brad Paisley... Alcohol
17:43:24 Slammer: hey muris when are we gonna see a Country Lesson?
17:43:45 muris: soon I promise :)
17:43:47 Owen: have you seen mine?
17:43:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: his new knopler lesson is so good
17:43:53 muris: wnna some chicken picking too?
17:43:55 Owen: it looks better than mentally challenged
17:44:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yes muris chicken picking please ! :)
17:44:16 Slammer: I love Kris's Chickin Pickin Lesson LOL
17:44:17 muris: ok ,you got it
17:44:18 Slammer: LOL
17:44:32 Owen: is that the one with the hippy vibe?
17:44:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Chicken Picking , I think is what makes country what it is
17:44:40 Slammer: yeah
17:44:43 muris: yeah
17:44:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: without chickens wheres the country you know ? :)
17:44:47 muris: trademark of it
17:45:24 Slammer:
17:45:33 Slammer: Kermit is Awesom
17:45:34 BadG3r: ok guys im off... need sleep and tomorrow is work to do...
17:45:44 BadG3r: see you
17:45:46 muris: ok,see ya
17:45:49 Owen: tomorrow I sit around being lazy :P
17:45:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Germans, Psssh :) ;)
17:45:52 Slammer: ok cya
17:45:55 Owen: enjoy your work!
17:45:57 BadG3r: :P
17:46:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris
17:46:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: can you give me a run down of modes
17:46:23 muris: lol
17:46:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
17:46:30 muris: was that Slammers's idea?
17:46:39 Owen: I have no idea yet and I'm meant to be doing this lydian thing :P
17:46:42 Slammer: hey ESJ.... who do you like better Kermit or Brad?
17:46:46 Owen: can I get away with just learning a scale?
17:46:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: From muppets show ?
17:47:04 Slammer:
17:47:06 muris: oh yeah Owen,you're in colab thing right?
17:47:28 Owen: yep :P
17:47:37 muris: which one is your?
17:47:52 Owen: I opted for another because I want to force myself to work at my guitar, and this way I have no excuses
17:47:55 Owen: I have G
17:47:56 Slammer: Frog wins!
17:48:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:48:11 muris: G is cool :)
17:48:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Metal country sounds really cool
17:48:19 muris: have you sterted recording?
17:48:26 muris: started*
17:48:34 Owen: nah I've not, I'm just starting to look at the scale
17:48:45 Owen: and what I can do with it
17:48:45 muris: ok
17:49:11 muris: are you going to shred or do more melodic stuff?
17:49:35 Owen: I'm imagining its gonna have to be melody because I cant really shred and I dont really have much desire too
17:49:56 muris: honest :)
17:50:03 Owen: :P
17:50:11 muris: no really
17:50:15 muris: speaking of desire
17:50:16 Owen: theres something that doesnt appeal to me about fast guitaring
17:50:26 muris: for sure
17:50:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well I need to learn modes and get recording software before I can participate with you guys :)
17:51:01 Owen: sure its good, but I feel I'd leave a lot more options open if I took the slower route
17:51:35 muris: can't agree with that but I see your point
17:51:37 Owen: because I listen to really technical bands and I think, yknow this has been done so much that its actually quite boring
17:52:13 Owen: well I suppose not more options, as options that I'm more likey to want to approach
17:52:26 muris: yeah,correct :)
17:52:36 Slammer: what about fast guitar like this
17:52:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris If im doing like Major scales right now and stuff in my playing am I ready for modes ?
17:53:08 muris: probably,I guess
17:53:24 Owen: see, I like that, but that has melody, its not like a blur of notes
17:53:45 muris: yeah,fast is ok..but fast what??
17:54:07 Owen: hmm?
17:54:51 muris: as you said,fast is ok if it has melodie or som inside
17:54:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think Fast has its times. I love shred , but im also a sucker for a slow solo thats so melodic it could bring a tear to my brown eyes
17:55:22 Slammer: like the Ending to November Rain
17:55:29 Owen: well, I do listen to music with fast shred stuff in it, I just dont feel its a route I want to approach just now
17:55:40 Owen: if that makes sense?
17:55:47 muris: totaly understand :)
17:55:48 Slammer: yeah all guitarist go through fazes
17:56:06 Slammer: SRV, Shred, Classical, Jazz
17:56:24 Slammer: I started with Folk
17:56:29 Slammer: then Classical
17:56:32 Slammer: then SRV
17:56:34 Slammer: LOL
17:56:53 muris: that smells on you lol
17:57:06 Slammer: smells??
17:57:08 Slammer: LOL
17:57:20 muris: fast typing
17:57:27 muris: like shred typing
17:57:30 muris: lol
17:57:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:57:34 Slammer: LOL
17:57:43 Owen: I can shred type!
17:57:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Omg Shred typing ftw :)
17:57:55 muris: yeah
17:58:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ( for the win ;) )
17:58:10 muris: ;)
17:58:15 Slammer: :)
17:58:46 Owen: :P
17:59:16 Slammer: Cheesy love song of the Week
17:59:21 Slammer: LOL
17:59:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ouch I just did something mean
17:59:38 Slammer: what?
17:59:38 Owen: :(
18:00:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Idk like my on and off girlfriend was like Ik you dont like me anymore and Id like you eithier
18:00:20 Slammer: dude
18:00:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and im like " Well this will make cheating on you alot easier "
18:00:26 Slammer: dude
18:00:35 Slammer: dude.....
18:00:38 Owen: looooow
18:00:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: of course I wasnt cheating on her
18:00:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just said it out of anger
18:01:05 Owen: you got her paranoid when she wanted reassurance!
18:01:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well this happened a 2 weeks ago
18:01:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just relized it was mean now
18:01:31 muris: sorry

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Kristofer Dahl
Aug 8 2007, 07:59 PM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.340
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
18:01:31 muris: sorry

18:01:35 muris: was kicked

18:01:37 muris: :)
18:01:37 Owen: I'm in love with your conscience xD

18:01:46 Owen: can I borrow it please?

18:02:05 Owen: normally I only last a day before I have to go back and admit I said something stupid

18:02:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: for a price
18:02:16 Slammer: hey ESJ

18:02:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well like I last a month maybe 2

18:02:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah slamm ?

18:02:54 Slammer: nothing I just like saying ESJ!

18:03:10 Slammer: LOL

18:03:54 Owen: you know your listening to stoner metal when the song thats on windows media player is called "the ballad of solomon eagle"

18:04:05 Owen: lol

18:04:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol owen

18:05:38 Owen: its good

18:05:47 Owen: but Orange Goblin have a lot to answer for

18:05:58 Owen: the whole album is an endorsement for being out of it

18:06:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: One man , One kilt, and the earth in his hands

18:06:23 Owen: :P

18:06:28 Owen: I dont have a kilt :(
18:06:36 Owen: I gotta start a stoner kilt band

18:06:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: better get one

18:06:41 Owen: how cool would that be

18:06:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: then I wont feel so lonely ?

18:06:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and wont have to wear underwear under my kilt ?

18:08:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *cries and drinks a bottle of hot fudge

18:08:15 Owen: :P

18:08:24 Owen: Kilt Stoner Metal, its a brilliant combination

18:08:34 Owen: lol

18:09:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not as good as arabian retro poptart super gallatic ancient maple guitar funk-

18:09:29 Owen: Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

18:09:36 Owen: are actually a band

18:09:38 Owen: ...

18:09:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Peter piper picked a pack of pickled peppers ?

18:10:39 Owen: and threw them at his roadie

18:12:01 Slammer: what's the coolest Drum solo you have ever seen?

18:12:01 Owen: :p

18:12:14 Owen: I dunno if its technically a drum solo

18:12:39 Owen: but the huge fill at the start of the wolf is loose by mastodon always gets me, its the only drum thing I really like

18:12:52 Slammer: <>

18:13:01 Slammer: too great

18:13:19 Owen: I can stand stuff like Moby D*ck by Led Zep where they all go away for a pint whilst the drummer bores teh audience to tears lol

18:13:23 muris: which drum solo is that?

18:13:30 muris: can't watch it now

18:13:40 muris: I'm uploading and dowloading at the same time

18:13:54 Slammer: Moby D*ck is too cool

18:14:00 muris: lol

18:14:05 muris: * is needed

18:14:08 Owen: only we cant say the name

18:14:09 Slammer: yes

18:14:10 Owen: lol

18:14:22 Slammer: Moby

18:14:28 muris: wow

18:14:34 Slammer: Moby DlCK

18:14:37 Slammer: LOL

18:14:44 muris: Kris!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:14:46 muris: lol

18:14:49 Slammer: LOL

18:14:57 Slammer: he is Zeppelin Fan

18:14:59 Slammer: I think

18:15:03 Owen: I think Kris has a phobia of drummers

18:15:06 muris: who isn't :)
18:15:14 Owen: me?

18:15:17 Owen: lol

18:15:18 Slammer: NO!!!

18:15:21 muris: same here

18:15:23 Slammer: Owen Wilson

18:15:23 muris: :)
18:15:28 Owen: ?

18:15:40 Slammer: how can you not like Zepp

18:15:44 muris: I'm not kind a fan of LZ

18:15:45 Slammer: they're too cool

18:15:46 muris: never was

18:15:48 Owen: you got 4 letters of my last name right

18:15:49 muris: they are

18:15:56 muris: but just not my style

18:16:07 muris: mean sound :)
18:16:24 Slammer: I was alway Partial to Cream

18:16:31 Slammer: LOL

18:16:32 Owen: I like Floyd

18:16:44 Slammer: Cream beats Floyd

18:16:46 Slammer: in Singing

18:16:50 Slammer: and Drumming

18:16:55 muris: I'm uploading solo of Comfortably Nubm at the moment :)
18:17:02 Slammer: and Guitar Solos

18:17:05 Slammer: LOL

18:17:27 Owen: I love the guitar on Floyd, thats really the only bit I go for, the lyrics are good too

18:17:39 Owen: sure the vocals arent brilliant in the sense of the word, but they do the job

18:17:43 muris: they are legends for sure

18:17:48 Owen: Gilmour is just fantastic though

18:17:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: acid maybe ?

18:17:57 Slammer:

18:18:05 Owen: Acid Bath!

18:18:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the whole band was on acid

18:18:26 Owen: have the worlds greatest oxymoron song title

18:18:39 Slammer: Honest Politician?

18:18:41 Slammer: LOL

18:18:51 Owen: Scream of the Butterfly

18:18:55 Owen: :P

18:19:10 Owen: I was thinking more "Military Intelligence"

18:19:15 Owen: or "Microsoft Works"

18:19:50 Slammer: Almost Ready

18:20:12 Slammer: Expect the unexpected
18:20:20 Slammer: LOL

18:20:25 Slammer: oxymorons are fun

18:20:43 Slammer: Live Recording

18:20:48 Owen: :P

18:21:32 Owen: ZomG, he's disappeared

18:21:37 muris: and that's how Slammer became Jedi

18:21:37 Owen: into thin cyberworld!

18:21:41 muris: lol

18:21:43 Owen: lol

18:22:25 muris: hey GD

18:22:30 Owen: Hey!

18:22:36 GuitarDude: hi all!

18:23:04 Owen: S'happenin'?

18:23:39 Owen: and they all fell asleep =/

18:23:45 muris: not me

18:23:49 muris: I'm dying here

18:23:56 Owen: NOOOOOO!

18:24:06 muris: rendering vids from a gig

18:24:12 Owen: ****Epic Diving Towards Saving Movie Pose Type Thing**

18:24:14 muris: the most bouring job

18:24:20 Owen: is it?

18:24:24 Owen: whats so boring about it?

18:24:30 muris: rendering,ohh yeah

18:24:36 muris: waiting :)
18:24:43 GuitarDude: =P

18:25:01 Owen: yeah well I suppose

18:25:19 muris: I felt :(
18:25:21 Owen: is this from the big stadium gig?

18:25:26 muris: no

18:25:33 muris: that DVD is not made yet

18:25:40 muris: it's from a Pub

18:25:48 muris: we played my tunes and some covers

18:25:56 muris: there's topic at forum

18:26:17 GuitarDude: do you have a band site? =)

18:26:33 muris: not band's but mine

18:26:42 muris: <>

18:26:44 muris: or

18:26:53 muris: <>

18:27:29 muris: what a Jedi!!!!!

18:27:51 Owen: I just added you

18:27:54 muris: in,out,in,out.....

18:27:59 muris: yeah?

18:28:02 muris: cool:)

18:28:06 Owen: my page is the one with the questionable pink flamingo's

18:28:18 muris: let me see

18:28:52 Owen: and the daft name

18:29:00 GuitarDude: xD

18:29:17 GuitarDude: nice stuff muris

18:29:22 Owen: that wouldnt make sense to anyone with english as a primary language, let alone secondary lol

18:29:27 muris: posted a cooment :)
18:29:40 muris: tnx GD

18:29:58 Owen: :P

18:30:04 Owen: groovy

18:30:49 Owen: now do a UK tour lol

18:31:25 GuitarDude: europe tour =P

18:31:37 GuitarDude: come to sweden xD

18:31:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sorry im not talking much trying to play and learn and what not :)
18:32:00 Owen: no wai dude, you've got Kris! We want Muris! lol

18:32:08 muris: lol

18:32:33 GuitarDude: what are you practecing

18:33:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: uh trills , the new knopler lesson

18:33:39 GuitarDude: ok

18:33:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: major scale 101 theory lesson

18:33:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and alot of other stuff

18:34:01 Owen: Gabs Stoner Rock at the mo

18:34:44 GuitarDude: =) this is what im doing &gt;
18:34:45 Owen: I considered learning the major earlier, but I already have G lydian to learn, so that's more priority

18:35:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well im going to move into modes soon

18:35:45 muris: have you got G lydian?

18:35:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ik nothing about them
18:36:20 Owen: yeah, muris how do I vote for you on the battle of the bands thing?

18:36:42 muris: ahh it's finished tho

18:36:47 Owen: ahh

18:36:51 Owen: to slow :(
18:36:53 muris: blog is still there

18:36:54 Owen: :P

18:36:59 muris: or banner

18:37:04 muris: must remove it

18:37:07 muris: :)
18:37:46 Owen: haha, I'm loving that Hyper Cowboy song

18:37:56 GuitarDude: got to go im going to turkey tomorrow =)

18:38:03 muris: done

18:38:14 GuitarDude: bye

18:38:16 muris: like Hyper one?

18:38:23 muris: bye GD

18:38:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris is the minor scale just a smaller version of the major ?

18:38:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: with less notes ?

18:39:04 muris: nope

18:39:12 muris: it has same number of notes

18:39:25 Owen: major is different layout to the minor I believe, they have the same style boxes, but you are to regard them as of different scales completely

18:39:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idk why I said notes

18:40:00 Owen: I think.. If I have been reading andrew enough :P

18:40:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok

18:40:12 muris: almost :)
18:40:21 muris: different layouts for sure

18:40:31 muris: but boxes as well

18:40:39 Salivtomte: hi ppl

18:40:45 muris: hi :)
18:40:53 Salivtomte: just saw ur live thingy muris

18:41:06 Salivtomte: that was relly impressive

18:41:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah thats waht I was trying to say like they look different but like I could pull out the same scale within the major

18:41:13 muris: yeah?

18:41:16 muris: thanks :)
18:41:30 Salivtomte: yeah, i enjoyed it:D

18:41:38 muris: appreciate it a lot

18:41:43 muris: sound will be better

18:41:45 Owen: hey!

18:41:53 Owen: I'm abit slow but yeah :P

18:41:59 muris: must take it from guy that worked over mixer

18:42:34 Salivtomte: the sound was the sound recrded by a camera?

18:42:48 muris: yep

18:42:59 muris: it'll be better when I get this one

18:43:29 Salivtomte: Its great the way it is, but that would be great

18:43:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im going to get eat something later guitar nubsssssssssssssss

18:43:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ;)
18:43:43 muris: thanks :)
18:43:49 muris: see ya esj

18:44:25 Owen: :P

18:44:28 Owen: boi has ego!

18:44:33 Salivtomte: muris, may i ask for advice on something?

18:44:47 muris: anytime :)
18:45:08 muris: that;s why I'm here for

18:45:16 Salivtomte: im working on walking between pentatonic boxes

18:45:18 Owen: muris is guitar jesus!

18:45:22 muris: lol

18:45:24 Owen: or should I say, Gsus

18:45:34 muris: G,C,D

18:45:37 muris: my new nick

18:45:45 Owen: lol

18:45:48 muris: lol

18:46:10 Salivtomte: like, learning the boxes is done in a day, but learning to walking between them, is ont the same pice of cake :)
18:46:30 Salivtomte: are you a pentatonic master ? :)
18:46:33 muris: it isn't indeed

18:46:40 muris: must take them all

18:46:55 muris: individualy and then make tyem work together

18:46:59 Owen: :P i'm still working on that bit

18:47:04 Owen: but I need to change my strings

18:47:09 Owen: 1 and a half years old now

18:47:16 muris: ahh

18:47:20 Salivtomte: god, thats not good dude

18:47:21 Owen: and manky as hell, my fretboard is going mouldy xD

18:47:25 muris: taht's rusty

18:47:34 Salivtomte: im switching every 2 weeks

18:47:35 muris: cooly??

18:47:40 Owen: I cant afford a new pair

18:47:46 Owen: set even*

18:48:05 muris: I;m cahnging it every week or two

18:48:07 muris: depends

18:48:27 Owen: :O

18:48:33 muris: yeah

18:48:40 Owen: that'd annoy me, it takes a day to break them in :P

18:48:41 muris: my hands are sweting too much

18:48:48 muris: and I'm playing a lot tho

18:48:49 Salivtomte: i mine online 6 sets 30$

18:48:58 Owen: you know elixers?

18:49:03 Owen: you know how they're not meant to rust

18:49:08 Owen: mine did :(
18:49:10 muris: used it

18:49:17 muris: I burn everything

18:49:18 muris: lol

18:49:33 muris: now I'm on DR

18:49:35 Owen: I'm telling you, hands of Gsus kill the fretboard lol

18:49:42 Salivtomte: elexir is great, but thats just the wrapped strings that are good

18:49:52 Salivtomte: rest is pretty much the same a cheap set

18:49:59 muris: true

18:50:25 Salivtomte: so ull have to switch the higher ones before the complete set is worn out

18:51:00 muris: I'm throwing everyhting

18:51:14 muris: sometimes only high E goes out of tune

18:51:21 Salivtomte: yeah, thats what one should

18:51:25 muris: which means set :)
18:51:44 Salivtomte: bet u get em for free :D

18:51:54 muris: lol

18:51:59 muris: you knew?

18:51:59 Salivtomte: true?

18:52:12 Salivtomte: by the looks of your video i could tell

18:52:16 Salivtomte: : )

18:52:22 Owen: :O maaan, I wanna be fast player now xD

18:52:27 muris: well,I have a deal with music store here

18:52:29 Owen: Free strings!

18:52:49 muris: I do some showcases for them form time to time

18:52:50 Salivtomte: Jimi hendrix once visited my home town in swe

18:52:57 Salivtomte: not one of the largest

18:52:59 Salivtomte: in the 60's

18:53:04 muris: they pay me and give some equipment as well

18:54:09 Salivtomte: and walked in to the music store, one hour later the owner of the store called the internatinal fender office in the states, "there was some random black kid here, he was asking for a free guitar, i told him to piss off"

18:54:27 muris: lol

18:54:27 Owen: hahahaahah

18:54:35 Salivtomte: :D

18:55:42 Salivtomte: I need a lesson on making the boxes work together, would you make one for me and all other guitar freaks? :D

18:56:01 muris: think I have one already

18:56:13 muris: have you seen it?

18:56:18 Salivtomte: there is?

18:56:23 muris: yeah

18:56:32 muris: pentatonic substitution

18:56:32 Salivtomte: ok, brb

18:56:42 muris: in excercises I think

18:56:54 Owen: :P he has one for every ocassion, he's like a video santa, although I dont think santa has a chord named after him :(
18:57:15 muris: lol

18:57:31 Owen: Asussanta anyone?

18:57:34 Owen: invent it?

18:57:36 Owen: :P

18:58:01 Salivtomte: lol, thats great

18:58:30 muris: funny comment Owen

18:58:32 muris: thanks :)
18:59:26 Owen: :P

18:59:55 Salivtomte: that flashing pick is really helpfull

19:00:07 Salivtomte: every GMC teacher should posess one

19:00:20 Owen: do you get free versions of them too? as you endorse them?

19:00:31 muris: yeah,guides in right direction ;)
19:00:40 muris: I'm an endorser,yes

19:01:13 muris: so,leeson is helpful?

19:01:20 Salivtomte: Whats your guys position on transcribing by ear, versus learning quicker with tabs?

19:01:22 muris: lesson*

19:01:46 Owen: everyone says do it by ear, but I dunno where to start learning with that

19:02:24 Salivtomte: yeah, im defenelty going to learn that, switching keyes really made the thing sound more interesting

19:02:37 muris: ok :)
19:02:53 Salivtomte: muris; tabs vs ear transcribing?

19:03:00 Owen: does the backing chord need to change to be able to mess with different keys as the lead?

19:03:15 Owen: or do you have to stay consistant with the key as the chord at the particular point

19:03:16 muris: key is the same

19:03:27 muris: pentatonics are changing

19:03:42 Owen: yeah, I meant the key of the scale :P

19:04:01 Salivtomte: yeah, thats a good question

19:04:27 muris: key is tonality guys

19:04:33 muris: chord is something else

19:05:26 Salivtomte: Yeah but i guess what he means is, A backing track has the chord progression Am Dm G etc

19:05:35 Salivtomte: and its played in the key of Am

19:05:40 muris: it has

19:05:56 muris: but you can play all those pentationic over Am chord

19:06:01 muris: or G

19:06:03 muris: or F

19:06:06 muris: or Dm

19:06:11 Salivtomte: and where do you move you pentatonic scaleshape

19:06:11 muris: or Em

19:06:26 muris: as long the key is Am

19:06:44 Salivtomte: im lost :(
19:06:54 muris: guess so

19:07:02 Owen: so your saying we could play g minor pentatonic over an Am chord?

19:07:07 muris: must get better view over key

19:07:08 Salivtomte: guess thats something that comes with theory

19:07:19 Owen: or g pentatonic even

19:07:21 muris: key has 7 notes,right?

19:07:47 muris: guys?

19:07:49 Salivtomte: yeah, right
19:07:53 muris: ok

19:08:19 muris: everything you have inside one key..chords,scale,patterns etc

19:08:28 muris: is made of those 7 notes

19:08:35 muris: ok?

19:09:08 Salivtomte: ok . ..
19:09:10 Salivtomte: :D

19:09:25 muris: are you able to folow me?

19:09:25 Salivtomte: thats with a major scale

19:09:45 Salivtomte: what notes would that be, in the key of A

19:09:55 muris: notes of Am scale

19:10:07 muris: those notes defined everything

19:10:20 Owen: B# ?

19:10:28 muris: let me make this easier

19:10:33 Salivtomte: but in a pentatonic scale that would only be five notes?

19:10:37 muris: what was purpose of my lesson ?

19:10:41 Salivtomte: A C D E G

19:10:59 Owen: I need more sleep I think V_V

19:11:16 muris: ok Owen

19:11:34 Salivtomte: :D

19:11:40 muris: ;)
19:11:40 Owen: although I'm gonna continue to ignore my eyes and read on :P

19:11:49 muris: so

19:11:52 muris: purpose?

19:11:52 Salivtomte: yeah

19:12:23 Salivtomte: with that video lesson?

19:12:27 muris: yeah

19:12:39 muris: just see the text

19:13:30 Salivtomte: to avoid usual sound of playing only A minor pentatonic"
19:13:44 Salivtomte: ?

19:13:56 muris: yes

19:13:58 muris: you see

19:14:30 muris: one of the first thing that each guitar player learns is pentatonic slace

19:14:36 Salivtomte: yeah, im on with that

19:14:37 muris: scale

19:14:42 Salivtomte: yes

19:14:44 muris: now

19:14:58 muris: he plays it over any chord progression

19:15:05 Salivtomte: and with now further knowledge the player would get stuck in this penta key

19:15:10 Salivtomte: for the rest of his life

19:15:10 muris: in same key of course

19:15:21 muris: yes

19:15:25 muris: now

19:15:43 muris: in every major/minor scale there are 3 pentatonics

19:15:45 Salivtomte: what is the chord progression in the baking?

19:16:09 muris: Am,Dm ,Em

19:16:18 muris: latter we have F and G

19:16:27 Salivtomte: ok, now i am lost again, how would you define "a pentatonic"

19:16:45 muris: scale of 5 tones

19:16:49 Salivtomte: there is 3 pentatonics in a major scale

19:16:50 muris: has that blues sound

19:16:54 Salivtomte: yes

19:16:56 muris: or japanese :)
19:17:03 muris: speaking of major

19:17:23 muris: but you can see it in regular major,minor scale

19:17:30 muris: got that?

19:17:38 Salivtomte: so a pentatonic is basically a major/minor scale, with notes removed

19:17:49 muris: correct :)
19:17:50 Salivtomte: yeah

19:17:56 Salivtomte: okok

19:18:03 Salivtomte: now i am there again

19:18:08 muris: great

19:19:31 Salivtomte: so the harmonic minor scale contains all the notes from pentatonics in 3 different keyes?

19:19:45 muris: not keys

19:19:47 muris: remeber

19:19:54 muris: for key you need 7 notes

19:19:55 muris: not 5

19:19:57 muris: :)
19:20:27 muris: and it's not harmonic minor

19:20:32 muris: it's natural minor

19:20:46 Salivtomte: the Aminor scale contains the notes from the Am, Dm and Em Pentatonic?

19:20:54 Salivtomte: ok, natural

19:20:55 muris: yes!! :)
19:21:08 Salivtomte: right one, i just learned something :D

19:21:30 muris: and if you write them down'you'll be able to see them

19:21:52 Salivtomte: yeah, guess youre not lying :D

19:21:59 muris: :)
19:22:04 Owen: :P

19:22:17 Owen: huzzah for silent reading!

19:22:28 muris: ;)
19:23:01 Salivtomte: and the A major scale contains what Major pentatonics?

19:23:12 Salivtomte: A D E?
19:23:29 muris: wow

19:23:34 muris: there you go

19:23:38 Owen: :P

19:23:42 Salivtomte: cool, thx

19:23:50 muris: no prob

19:23:56 Stratman58: waaasup

19:24:03 muris: hi :)
19:24:04 Salivtomte: hello stratman

19:24:41 Owen: hey!

19:24:53 Stratman58: ok I would talk to you all, but nature's calling

19:24:54 Stratman58: !

19:24:59 Salivtomte: muris, have you learned out of tabs or ear transcribing?

19:25:07 muris: ear

19:25:23 muris: the best way

19:25:36 muris: latter on I learned to read notation

19:25:40 muris: and that;s it

19:25:43 muris: :)
19:25:51 Salivtomte: i guess it is, i just started on it, doesnot speed things up really, but i guess i pays off in the end

19:26:00 muris: of course

19:26:07 muris: I said this milion times

19:26:22 muris: use tab only whaen it's needed

19:26:54 Salivtomte: thats something for GMC, all lesson tabs should be hidden

19:27:03 muris: good question

19:27:09 muris: we can't hide it

19:27:14 muris: it's there

19:27:22 muris: but be smart while using it

19:27:25 muris: :)
19:27:53 Salivtomte: you could make it visible with a push of a button

19:28:05 Salivtomte: wich would inquire a sercret password

19:28:24 muris: too coplicated I guess

19:28:24 Salivtomte: wich would only be known by the instructor

19:28:28 Salivtomte: :D

19:28:31 muris: this way it makes you to think

19:28:43 muris: do I need to look at the tab from the start?

19:28:44 muris: etc

19:28:59 Salivtomte: its hard not seeing it
19:29:02 Salivtomte: its there

19:29:12 muris: see your point tho :)
19:29:14 Salivtomte: atleast, you should have to scroll down

19:30:01 Salivtomte: i think that would be great, the staff hasnt really explained the benefits of ear transcribing

19:30:12 Salivtomte: .D

19:30:32 Salivtomte: so you started playing guitar without tabs?

19:30:38 muris: lol

19:30:48 muris: i started playing without guitar indeed

19:30:52 muris: for 2 years

19:31:05 Salivtomte: without guitar?

19:31:20 muris: I was borough it from neighbours

19:31:33 muris: few hours from each

19:31:43 muris: until I got my guitar :)
19:31:46 Salivtomte: and soon you got your hands on it you would listen to cd's?

19:31:53 muris: lol

19:31:56 muris: no cd

19:31:59 muris: tapes

19:32:02 Salivtomte: cool

19:32:05 muris: war time

19:32:09 Salivtomte: i see

19:32:21 Salivtomte: acoustic?

19:32:23 muris: it comes with motivation

19:32:28 muris: yeah

19:32:28 Salivtomte: it does

19:32:32 muris: acoustic

19:32:47 muris: latter on,after 5years of playing I got electric

19:33:09 muris: was like hypnoside

19:33:10 Salivtomte: what songs would you work on, for a start, an acoustic guitar sure does decrease the amount of songs possible to play

19:33:11 muris: :)
19:33:31 muris: well

19:33:41 muris: I played everything on that acoustic

19:33:51 muris: from Dire Straist to Metallica

19:33:52 Salivtomte: like what?

19:33:55 Salivtomte: lewl

19:34:00 muris: yeah

19:34:04 Salivtomte: nylon or steel?

19:34:05 muris: only guitar,you must

19:34:17 muris: some nylon,some steel

19:34:31 muris: depends of neighbour :)
19:34:52 muris: three were missing string of course

19:34:54 Salivtomte: what metallica songs did you learn to play on an acoustic?

19:34:55 muris: but who cares

19:34:57 Owen: I started on a steel

19:34:59 muris: :)
19:35:00 Owen: baptism of fire

19:35:18 muris: I leaned everything

19:35:25 muris: and solos

19:35:32 muris: hard to explain

19:35:37 muris: I just wanted it

19:35:38 Salivtomte: yes, i dont understand

19:35:51 Salivtomte: did it sound good?

19:35:51 muris: you can't go out

19:35:56 muris: play soccer or som

19:36:00 muris: you're at home

19:36:10 muris: playing and waiting for power to comes

19:36:21 muris: to play some tapes and learn new stuff

19:36:45 Salivtomte: thats a good enviornment for a musician imo

19:36:51 Salivtomte: nothing else to do

19:37:05 Salivtomte: thats inspiring

19:37:09 muris: except to die 8)
19:37:46 Salivtomte: no teachers involved?

19:37:57 muris: nope

19:38:03 Salivtomte: cool

19:38:08 muris: my brother showed me few chords

19:38:13 muris: A,D G etc

19:38:16 Owen: :O

19:38:18 muris: that's it

19:38:28 Salivtomte: thats a really cool story

19:38:41 Salivtomte: we are to spoiled and lazy

19:38:44 muris: that's really common story in Bosnia

19:38:46 Salivtomte: having, mp3s

19:38:53 Salivtomte: gmc

19:38:58 muris: mean during war time

19:39:02 muris: yeah

19:39:11 muris: having a lot id not always the best

19:39:25 Salivtomte: no, thats for certain

19:39:44 Salivtomte: so you would play all day long?

19:39:46 muris: at least on the begining

19:39:53 muris: latter on you need more stuff

19:40:04 muris: but let it be a bit harder on start

19:40:06 muris: imo

19:40:17 Salivtomte: hard to work out scales and stuff without guidance

19:40:33 muris: well

19:40:34 Salivtomte: cool, will remember that

19:40:40 muris: I played them all by ear

19:41:00 muris: figured out by myself

19:41:06 Salivtomte: but, if noone explained the benefits of them, or the shapes etc of them

19:41:30 Salivtomte: that most have taken some serious amount of time

19:41:38 muris: if you want or need,you can have by yourself

19:41:46 muris: with few answers of course

19:42:40 Salivtomte: thats so awsome, and inspiring

19:42:54 Salivtomte: i have to go to sleep, great talking to you guys

19:43:00 Salivtomte: owen, muris

19:43:06 muris: everyone has it's own path

19:43:15 muris: but goal is only that counts :)
19:43:37 Salivtomte: for certain, good night guys !

19:43:42 muris: night

19:44:55 Owen: Ooops

19:44:57 Owen: I'm too late

19:44:58 Owen: :(
19:45:01 Owen: ah well

19:45:22 Owen: Trying to find a suitable bassist in my local area who's up for some jamming

19:45:27 Owen: not having much luck

19:45:35 muris: in Uk?

19:46:15 muris: miss? :(
19:49:10 Owen: yeah

19:49:49 Owen: its a bit of a pain, musical interest seems to be dictated by who is the coolest over here, rather than who has the most talent

19:51:58 muris: guess so

19:52:52 muris: added 4th vid :)
19:53:02 Owen: ah, where about?

19:53:25 muris:;#entry49773 <>

19:54:39 Owen: so is the rest of your band essentially just session?

19:55:44 muris: not sure if I understood

19:56:14 Owen: they dont take part in the creation of the music they just play live or record?

19:56:25 muris: just live by now

19:56:44 muris: i'll do more live recording for my new album

19:56:53 muris: some of them'll be involved as well

19:58:01 Owen: cool, I dont think I could ever just play someone elses music though :P it'd annoy me :D
19:58:18 muris: :)
19:59:48 Owen: so does some of your stuff have vocals?

20:00:34 muris: not still

20:00:36 muris: but will

20:01:48 Owen: ah cool, is it something your learning?

20:03:00 muris: mean like life story or?

20:03:35 Owen: vocals?

20:03:50 muris: learning what?

20:04:58 Owen: how to sing? or have you just not incorporated into the music it thus far

20:05:13 muris: no

20:05:18 muris: I sing all the time

20:05:29 Owen: :)
20:05:29 muris: but I did first record all instrumental

20:05:32 muris: thats'l all

20:05:36 muris: :)
20:06:06 Owen: ah I just wondered, because you looked like you were singing live and it seemed strange that there was none on the record :P

20:06:17 muris: yeah

20:06:22 muris: many asked the same

20:06:24 muris: dunno

20:06:36 muris: just wanted it this way

20:07:40 Owen: yeah, I like the instrumental thing, I was just wondering though :)
20:09:21 muris: :)
20:10:05 Owen: woo! I got another review on the GMC front page :P go me! :D

20:11:23 muris: lol

20:11:25 muris: you see

20:11:39 muris: we can make evrything if we work together

20:11:50 muris: ;)
20:12:17 Owen: :P

20:12:36 Owen: 2 to me in the album reviews, 2 to the Uncreator :P

20:12:53 muris: thumbs up

20:13:06 Owen: now I need to find more indie bands to review :P
20:13:46 muris: cool

20:13:55 muris: search around myspace

20:13:59 muris: many there

20:14:13 Owen: or I could review that Notting Hillbillies cd :P I'm listenin to that just now actually
20:14:24 muris: great :)
20:14:41 muris: your own sweet way

20:14:44 muris: what a tune

20:14:58 Owen: I guess it makes up for my general lack of guitar advice on the forums :P I'm not gearhead :)
20:15:04 Owen: no*

20:15:26 muris: no need for it :)
20:16:19 Owen: yeah, theres plenty other folks who are :D

20:16:31 muris: ;)
20:16:38 Owen: area's for everyone to contribute
20:17:26 muris: indeed

20:17:59 muris: i'll finish movie I started yesterday :)
20:18:13 muris: was nice talking as always

20:18:35 muris: bye

20:18:40 Owen: I gtg too

20:18:41 Owen: sleep

20:18:43 Owen: :P

20:18:52 Owen: bye! same to you too :)
20:18:57 muris: :)

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