80's Movies Being Remade, Again.
Todd Simpson
Mar 25 2020, 04:32 AM
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Yup. The decade of decadence is making yet another comeback in Movies for through no less than 10 remakes of Eighties era classic movies. The Eighties is the "Decade that Won't Die". The Big Four of Thrash came from the era, as did most of what we think of as "Classic/Traditional" Metal. The films of the era were no less impactful on culture. This was a time before the internet was a thing, so popular media had an importance that it has since somewhat lost. People connected through the moves and tv and music that they loved. Much the way we connect today via social media. These days we talk about media on social media, but back in the day, embracing a film/band was more a matter of identity than just a passing preference. Here are the ones I'm actually stoked to see and hope to God they don't destroy.

This is one of my fave movies of all time to be honest. If you have not seen it, it's worth a watch. One of the best post apocalyptic films I've ever seen. It's decades old so bits of it are very very very dated, but it's still a fun film and Kurt Russel is amazing. It's John Carpenters best film imho (Director) other than BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA of course. James Cameron was on board this movie doing practical effects. He took the city model used in the glider sequence and put glow in the dark tape all over it so it looked like a grid which is what they used instead of a Computer Graphic wire frame model of the city for the shots that needed CGI. This was back when CGI was just too expensive to be practical, so creativity had to make up the difference. If they make a crap remake I'll never forgive them smile.gif Anyone else seen this film?

Here is the bit with the glider/fake cgi.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: This was pure kitch cheese in it's purest form. It would be hard to mess this one up as the first one was so bad that it would be hard to make a worse film. I still loved it. It's got Dolph Lundgren, who was in just about every action movie in the perioid, during his prime. The acting is so bad that it's honestly funny.

The trailer is just as cheese as the movie. Put it on your quarantine watch list!

SCARFACE: This one is actually an honest to goodness classic. Beloved by huge numbers of fans and critics alike. This is a very well made movie and despite looking a bit dated, the original still works. If you have not seen this movie by now, you should have! Put it on your watch list for sure. It's referenced constantly by just about everyone in everything. If they mess this one up, I pity anyone involved as they will reap a bitter harvest on social media until the end of time.

It even got a BLURAY HD release a while back

HIGHLANDER: I loved the original. The sequels embraced major cheese but I liked em anyway. The first film is the best though. It's got an actual plot, storyline, characters, The acting is good and though it too is obviously dated, still works. Liked the series as well. Any fans of the original film?

It got a 4k restoration a bit back for the 30 year anniversary.

Last but not least

FLASH GORDON: This is the best cheeseball sci fi action film EVER. It has since become a cult classic. The soundtrack by queen RAWKED. It was a big flop at the time, but I love this movie to death. I even had it on Laser Disc at once point. smile.gif It's become a touchstone for modern comedy as well like family guy which makes reference to it all the time. The budget was huge. The costumes are works of art, as is the set design. It contrasts sharply with the kitch/cheese vibe which is what makes it so fun imho. Also Max Von Sydow (R.I.P) as Ming was perfect casting. This one also got the HD treatment.

Here is a quick run through of all 10. Any of this list you want to see?

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