Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-08-04
Aug 17 2007, 01:26 AM
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00:00:02 JVM: well I've taken pre calculus
00:00:04 ch00ch00man: i say, follow your heart
00:00:14 JVM: I meant, to help my study of music
00:00:16 ch00ch00man: are you any good?
00:00:23 JVM: at math?
00:00:27 ch00ch00man: music
00:00:33 JVM: thats a bit objective
00:00:38 ch00ch00man: no its not
00:00:44 ch00ch00man: you know if your good
00:00:52 ch00ch00man: its not immodest
00:00:56 ch00ch00man: you just do
00:01:04 JVM: if you mean technically skilled
00:01:08 ch00ch00man: right
00:01:10 ch00ch00man: bingo
00:01:11 JVM: i'd say not as much as I'd like to be
00:01:28 ch00ch00man: thats not what i asked
00:01:42 JVM: then, creative?
00:01:52 JVM: to be honest with ya
00:02:02 ch00ch00man: we all want to get better, its only natural.
00:02:15 ch00ch00man: i mean, are you technically sound now
00:02:17 JVM: when it comes to classes, I think im the best one in my school
00:02:23 JVM: and that includes music
00:02:27 JVM: I try to be a little arrogant actually :)
00:02:46 ch00ch00man: its not arrogant if you can back it up
00:02:46 JVM: though I don't get the best grades, but thats not what you're talking about
00:02:55 ch00ch00man: right
00:03:03 ch00ch00man: hey, heres a question
00:03:06 JVM: well I try to be arrogant so that I can always back up what I say :P keeps me challenged
00:03:16 ch00ch00man: lol
00:03:27 ch00ch00man: you know pavel's ap lessons?
00:03:31 JVM: yeah
00:03:40 ch00ch00man: can you play them, at speed?
00:03:47 JVM: nope
00:03:55 JVM: though I havent tried them
00:03:55 ch00ch00man: 3/4?
00:04:00 ch00ch00man: oh
00:04:02 JVM: I'm not sure what the bpm is
00:04:09 Slammer: can you play them ch00ch00man?
00:04:10 ch00ch00man: very, very fast
00:04:12 JVM: I can do marcus's neoclassical at the intermediate level
00:04:15 Slammer: just wondering
00:04:17 ch00ch00man: almost
00:04:23 ch00ch00man: about 4/5
00:04:43 Slammer: So ch00ch00man, how long have you been playing?
00:04:47 ch00ch00man: took me 4 months of playing nothing but thise lessons
00:04:50 JVM: I just switched to alternate picking about 2 months ago
00:05:03 ch00ch00man: its the most basic of all techniques
00:05:11 JVM: yeah well, I was self taught until then
00:05:12 ch00ch00man: everything else builds of of that
00:05:27 ch00ch00man: i played 25 years ago
00:05:33 ch00ch00man: i was classicaly trained
00:05:38 JVM: and I never pushed myself to want to go beyond the speed that my downstrokes could take me to
00:06:05 ch00ch00man: you guys are to young to know what happened 3/19/1982
00:06:23 Slammer: yes we are
00:06:26 Slammer: tell us
00:06:27 ch00ch00man: lol
00:06:35 ch00ch00man: randy rhoads died
00:06:54 ch00ch00man: shatered my world
00:07:08 ch00ch00man: stopped playing for 25 years
00:07:33 Slammer: hey JVM you are too young to remember what happened on 5/08/1989
00:07:40 JVM: there isnt a player alive today that could make me stop playing by dying.. lol
00:07:43 JVM: what, were you born?
00:07:49 Slammer: yes!
00:07:51 JVM: hah
00:07:52 ch00ch00man: lol
00:07:52 Slammer: :P
00:08:14 ch00ch00man: well, i guess you never admired/loved anyone like that
00:08:15 Slammer: when Clapton Dies I will be really sad
00:08:23 Slammer: he is my Favorite
00:08:25 JVM: there's plenty of people I'd be sad for
00:08:42 Slammer: like the Stereophonic dude
00:08:43 JVM: but even if hendrix came back to life and then died again by being hit by a bus I wouldn't stop playing
00:08:45 ch00ch00man: randy rhoads was my whole world back then
00:09:38 ch00ch00man: anyway, to answer your question slammer, i started playing again seriously four months ago
00:09:48 Slammer: cool
00:09:53 ch00ch00man: 2 hours a day seven days a week
00:10:24 Slammer: Imagine if you hadn't stopped Playing.... you'd probably be a Teacher on here :)
00:10:36 ch00ch00man: thats not my thing
00:10:55 ch00ch00man: i wanna experience playing live, not teach
00:11:07 JVM: so you play randy rhoads type stuff eh?
00:11:14 ch00ch00man: i want to
00:11:32 ch00ch00man: my goals are to get enough chops to play anything
00:11:40 ch00ch00man: i mean within reason
00:11:41 JVM: my goal too
00:11:55 Slammer: don't you like playing Bach?
00:11:58 ch00ch00man: i would never get good enough to play rusty type stuff
00:12:03 ch00ch00man: or mab
00:12:06 JVM: yeah... I wouldnt go that far
00:12:12 JVM: I mean I wouldn't want to play that anyway
00:12:13 ch00ch00man: i love playing bach
00:12:23 ch00ch00man: me neither
00:12:24 JVM: I think I'd like to reach... paul gilbert speeds :p
00:12:25 Slammer: with the Elec.
00:12:34 ch00ch00man: although mab is very melodic
00:12:46 ch00ch00man: neoclassical is my thing
00:13:13 Slammer: that's like the Matrix set to Beethoven!
00:13:22 JVM: I guess I'd have to say that classic rock is my thing
00:13:23 ch00ch00man: lol
00:13:27 JVM: but I do all kinds of stuff
00:13:42 Slammer: Yeah me too
00:13:43 ch00ch00man: black sabbath?
00:13:50 Slammer: Paranoid!!
00:13:52 ch00ch00man: iron maiden?
00:13:54 Slammer: Great Riff
00:14:01 ch00ch00man: priest?
00:14:05 Slammer: not into Maiden that much
00:14:13 ch00ch00man: really!?
00:14:18 Slammer: nah
00:14:24 ch00ch00man: one of my favorite bands
00:14:32 Slammer: I go from Zep to Metallica
00:14:41 ch00ch00man: like those too
00:14:51 JVM: I'm not much of a maiden fan either
00:14:54 JVM: I like them a lot though
00:14:57 JVM: priest however
00:15:00 JVM: are awesome :p
00:15:01 Slammer: :P
00:15:09 ch00ch00man: deep purple?
00:15:13 JVM: sure
00:15:15 Slammer: Smokeeeee!!
00:15:20 JVM: highway star..
00:15:22 ch00ch00man: highway star
00:15:22 Slammer: Cream!!!
00:15:24 ch00ch00man: lol
00:15:31 ch00ch00man: stop reading my mind
00:15:34 Slammer: :P
00:15:35 JVM: tales of brave ulysseys :p
00:15:39 Slammer: Yes
00:15:46 Slammer: same chords as White room
00:15:47 ch00ch00man: thats very impressive
00:15:53 JVM: is it really? lol
00:16:00 Slammer: we know our classic Rock!
00:16:01 JVM: well, badge too
00:16:03 ch00ch00man: 17 and 18 year olds in to classic rock
00:16:07 Slammer: Yes
00:16:12 ch00ch00man: excellent
00:16:15 JVM: politician
00:16:17 Slammer: Hendrix Clapton Zep are my Favs
00:16:32 Slammer: All along the Watchtower :P
00:16:36 ch00ch00man: i would have to say ozzy, maiden and priest
00:16:39 Slammer: inside joke*
00:16:44 JVM: haha
00:16:51 JVM: but yours is better than the dylan version..
00:17:22 Slammer: I prefer Hendrix
00:17:27 JVM: me too
00:17:30 JVM: im not big on dylan
00:17:31 ch00ch00man: never really got in to him
00:17:35 Slammer: who?
00:17:41 ch00ch00man: srv though, thats my man
00:17:45 Slammer: SRV RULES
00:17:46 ch00ch00man: hendrix
00:17:54 JVM: I'm not a big srv fan..
00:17:57 Slammer: John Mayer steals SRV licks
00:18:01 Slammer: LOL
00:18:03 Slammer: :P
00:18:08 Slammer: JVM loves John Mayer
00:18:10 JVM: he's good I suppose
00:18:16 JVM: I do like john mayer :p
00:18:26 ch00ch00man: are we on the playground?
00:18:43 ch00ch00man: johny likes suzzy
00:18:44 Slammer: I call dibbs on the Swings
00:18:49 ch00ch00man: lol
00:18:52 JVM: lol
00:19:06 Slammer: ch00ch00man can push us!
00:19:09 ch00ch00man: lol
00:19:09 JVM: that john mayer... he's such a handsome boy
00:19:10 JVM: haha
00:19:15 ch00ch00man: hey, watch that jr
00:19:19 Slammer: :P
00:19:22 ch00ch00man: :P
00:19:36 Slammer: JVM has a Man Cruch
00:19:37 Slammer: JVM has a Man Cruch
00:19:47 ch00ch00man: to each his own
00:19:51 Slammer: Crush*
00:19:54 JVM: but come on... I don't know how you can listen to the solo on in repair and not think its awesome!
00:20:02 Slammer: I love Bold As Love
00:20:14 JVM: well, the hendrix one is much better
00:20:37 Slammer: yeah did you know that the hendrix one had the first use of Flanger
00:20:43 ch00ch00man: favorite song of all time?
00:20:44 JVM: yep he invented it
00:20:50 JVM: it is one of my favorite songs
00:20:57 ch00ch00man: i didnt say one
00:21:04 JVM: well I can't pick a favorite
00:21:06 ch00ch00man: i said the one
00:21:10 JVM: whats yours
00:21:15 ch00ch00man: yes you can
00:21:17 Slammer: Fav song is not a Rock song actually
00:21:22 ch00ch00man: mr crowely
00:21:28 JVM: I was thinking it might be crowley
00:21:29 JVM: great song
00:21:29 Slammer: it's a cheesy Love song
00:21:34 ch00ch00man: lol
00:21:39 Slammer: my song I mean
00:21:44 ch00ch00man: oh
00:21:45 Slammer: my Favorite
00:21:54 JVM: well, what is it?
00:22:07 ch00ch00man: slammer, you awake?
00:22:11 Slammer: Endless Love by Lionel Richie
00:22:15 ch00ch00man: lol
00:22:18 ch00ch00man: :P
00:22:18 JVM: lol
00:22:28 Slammer: it's got great Strings in it
00:22:32 ch00ch00man: thats a good one
00:22:40 ch00ch00man: id never suspect
00:22:50 Slammer: I like Slow mellow songs
00:22:52 Slammer: alot
00:22:56 JVM: me too
00:23:01 ch00ch00man: two words
00:23:10 JVM: parisienne walkways
00:23:12 ch00ch00man: lol
00:23:13 Slammer: also have you ever heard Sail on by the commodores?
00:23:18 ch00ch00man: love that song
00:23:23 Slammer: yep
00:23:31 ch00ch00man: the jvm one
00:23:38 Slammer: :P
00:23:39 ch00ch00man: not the commodores
00:23:41 Slammer: I know
00:23:42 JVM: is sail on the one cartman sang?
00:23:42 ch00ch00man: :P
00:23:49 ch00ch00man: lol
00:23:57 Slammer: Idk
00:24:00 JVM: lol
00:24:10 Slammer: the commodores are cool
00:24:13 Slammer: LOL
00:24:14 Slammer: :P
00:24:19 ch00ch00man: did you here that whole cd?
00:24:32 JVM: which cd?
00:24:46 ch00ch00man: gary moore
00:24:54 JVM: I have a gary moore greatest hits
00:24:57 ch00ch00man: the live one
00:25:04 ch00ch00man: i cant think of the name
00:25:06 JVM: so no, I guess not
00:25:19 ch00ch00man: story of the blues
00:25:25 Slammer:
00:25:30 JVM: i'll have to check it out
00:25:30 Slammer: that's what I mean
00:25:35 Slammer: don't watch btw
00:25:38 Slammer: :P
00:25:48 JVM: lol
00:26:32 ch00ch00man: my computer is freaking out
00:26:35 JVM: its good
00:26:41 JVM: definitely not what cartman sang :p
00:26:47 ch00ch00man: i cant seem to paste the link :(
00:26:49 Slammer: LOL
00:27:06 Slammer: did you try Ctrl-V
00:27:08 Slammer: ?
00:27:40 ch00ch00man: oh man, now you ruined my night :P
00:27:53 ch00ch00man: i dont think ill sleep now
00:27:57 Slammer: why?
00:28:06 JVM:
00:28:09 ch00ch00man: im sitting here listening to the link
00:28:15 ch00ch00man: no way
00:28:20 ch00ch00man: fool me once ....
00:28:25 ch00ch00man: :P
00:28:27 JVM: brothers in arms
00:28:29 JVM: dire straits
00:29:07 ch00ch00man: much better :)
00:29:19 Slammer: hey guys... it's been real fun.... and thanks for coming in
00:29:20 JVM: the most epic song I have ever heard
00:29:23 Slammer: but I gtg
00:29:27 JVM: later slammer
00:29:28 Slammer: cya laterz
00:29:35 ch00ch00man: good night man
00:29:53 ch00ch00man: bed time?
00:30:09 JVM: it's only 12:30
00:30:16 ch00ch00man: im old, remember?
00:30:20 ch00ch00man: lol
00:30:28 JVM: lol
00:30:32 JVM: well, if you must
00:30:47 ch00ch00man: have a good night...
00:30:51 JVM: later
00:30:54 ch00ch00man: l8r
00:32:20 Slammer: wait
00:32:22 Slammer: JVM
00:32:27 Slammer: *meow* *whip* *slap*
00:32:36 JVM: yeah
00:32:40 Slammer: I wanted to ask you something
00:32:43 Slammer: LOL
00:32:50 Slammer: did you ever watch that movie?
00:32:58 JVM: which?
00:33:03 Slammer: Roadhouse
00:33:07 JVM: ahh I remember
00:33:10 JVM: no I didn't
00:33:13 Slammer: :P
00:33:28 Slammer: dude... my first Recommendation
00:33:39 JVM: I will :p
00:33:40 Slammer: :(
00:33:49 Slammer: sure that was over 6 weeks ago :P
00:33:54 JVM: lol
00:34:02 JVM: i'll get around to it
00:34:05 Slammer: 10 weeks later....
00:34:11 JVM: maybe ..
00:34:18 Slammer: nope still haven't seen it
00:34:21 Slammer: :P
00:34:23 JVM: lol
01:01:26 Slammer: cya
08:21:26 AudunESP: *slap*
09:25:23 AudunESP: *meow*
09:27:21 AudunESP: *meow* *whip* *meow* *whip*
16:00:45 Slammer: Gen I haven't talked to you in a long time... what made you come in
16:00:53 Slammer: LOL
16:00:55 Gen: lol
16:00:55 Slammer: :P
16:01:02 Gen: well i dont really know
16:01:19 Slammer: Gen is a Guitar Master
16:01:20 Slammer: !!
16:01:24 Gen: yeah ofc
16:01:28 Slammer: he taught
16:01:40 Gen: i can play with my...
16:02:47 Slammer: Omg dude lol
16:02:51 Gen: lol
16:03:26 Slammer: ?
16:03:26 Slammer: whats up
16:03:33 Gen: well, not a lot
16:03:37 Gen: playing guitar
16:03:40 Gen: and you?
16:03:46 Slammer: Suprise of the Century
16:03:56 Slammer: me too
16:04:12 Gen: lol
16:04:33 Slammer: Old Love can u play it?
16:04:47 Gen: i didnt learned the solo yet
16:48:06 Slammer: sup
16:48:21 muris: ;)
16:48:36 Gen: hey
16:48:39 Gen: muris
16:48:56 muris: hi :)
16:49:14 Slammer: what you guys up to?
16:49:29 muris: nothing big
16:49:33 Gen: playing some blues stuff
16:49:33 muris: just got home
16:49:39 Slammer: :)
16:50:18 muris: blues is going fine gen?
16:50:22 Gen: yeah
16:50:28 Slammer: I like BLues
16:50:30 Slammer: it's Tight
16:50:30 Gen: clapton helps :D
16:50:36 Gen: he s my teacher!
16:50:41 Gen: on youtube
16:50:41 muris: who doesn't :0
16:50:49 Gen: lol
16:50:54 muris: lol
16:51:01 Slammer: yes Vai lives Next door
16:51:03 muris: it's like basic and root
16:51:07 Gen: lol
16:51:23 Slammer: you know Clapton recorded all his hits in Miami
16:51:32 Slammer: 461 Ocean Blvd.
16:51:40 Gen: and u live in miami right? :D
16:51:40 Slammer: Miami Beach
16:51:44 Slammer: Yeah!
16:51:46 muris: Vice City,knew it :)
16:51:47 Slammer: LOL
16:51:50 Gen: lool
16:52:10 Slammer: Miami is nicknamed the Magic City these days
16:52:27 Gen: i want to go to miamy...
16:52:30 Gen: miami*
16:52:34 muris: I liked GTA Vice City
16:52:38 Gen: haha yeah
16:52:44 Gen: i just played yesterday :D
16:52:44 muris: running with a Katana
16:52:47 Gen: lol
16:52:47 muris: :)
16:52:51 Slammer: it that how you got so fast on guitar?
16:52:59 Gen: lol
16:52:59 muris: might be :)
16:53:05 Slammer: I knew it....
16:53:10 muris: hehe
16:53:11 Slammer: I'm getting a Xbox
16:53:16 Slammer: !
16:53:17 Gen: the new one?
16:53:27 Gen: xbox 360?
16:53:28 Slammer: hmm.... Xbox or Marshall?
16:53:34 muris: lol
16:53:35 Gen: lool marshall!!!
16:53:36 Slammer: Xbox or Marshall????
16:53:43 Gen: marshall for sure
16:53:48 Gen: no doubt
16:53:51 Gen: MARSHALL
16:53:56 Slammer: I pick Squier amp and Nintendo 63
16:53:59 Slammer: 64*
16:53:59 Gen: *slap* myself
16:54:11 Slammer: LOL jkjk
16:54:17 muris: you had Comodore 64?
16:54:17 Gen: the hello kitty squire??
16:54:18 Gen: lol
16:54:30 Slammer: no I never had that
16:54:33 Gen: yeah i know this one
16:54:39 Slammer: although N64 is fun
16:54:41 muris: yeah,you're too youn
16:54:43 Slammer: I still have mine
16:54:49 muris: wow,that was a unit
16:55:05 Gen: lionel ritchie created that console
16:55:12 Gen: lol
16:55:12 muris: :)
16:55:21 Slammer: LMAO
16:55:48 Slammer: Lionel Richie is cool
16:55:52 Gen: yeah
16:56:00 Slammer: I've been digging his music Lately
16:56:07 Slammer: Soft smooth stuff
16:56:20 Slammer: that song Endless love is great
16:56:34 muris: yeah,chilling stuff
16:56:38 Gen: have u heard his new stuff?
16:56:42 Slammer: no
16:56:50 Slammer: but the Song Easy is Awesome
16:56:51 Gen: he made a crappy song with a french dj
16:56:55 Gen: yeah
16:57:01 Gen: thats to bad
16:57:02 Slammer: Easy like sunday morining...
16:57:21 Slammer: do you know who Barry white is?
16:57:25 Gen: yeah
16:57:35 Slammer: that song just the way you are?
16:57:44 Slammer: is great
16:57:48 Gen: well, i dont know the song names...
16:57:50 Slammer: one of my Favs
16:57:53 Gen: but maybe if i hear it
16:58:52 Gen: anyone know who thomas newman is?
16:59:02 Gen: knows*
16:59:05 muris: sounds familiar
16:59:12 Gen: awesome composer
16:59:28 Slammer: I love this song
16:59:44 Gen: he made the music of the movie american beauty, road to perdition and many others
16:59:48 muris: Newman makes movie music?
16:59:52 muris: ohh yeah
16:59:55 muris: of course
17:00:15 Gen: :)
17:00:19 Gen: yeah slammer, i know this song
17:00:24 Gen: awesome
17:00:26 muris: Danny Elfman?
17:00:36 muris: he's my fav
17:00:39 Gen: hell yeah!! one of my favorites
17:00:53 Gen: have u checked his old band, oingo boingo?
17:01:01 muris: no
17:01:11 Gen: u gotta check it!!!
17:01:16 muris: but I got chils ebey time I hear Batman main theme
17:01:20 muris: :)
17:01:21 Gen: just write oingo boingo on youtube
17:01:37 Gen: yeah, i have the cds
17:01:44 Gen: batman score
17:01:50 muris: great one
17:02:17 muris: Wiliams is classic tho
17:02:26 muris: but Elfman has something unique
17:02:43 Gen: yeah
17:02:53 Gen: i love his stuff he made for spiderman
17:03:06 Slammer: hey gen
17:03:06 muris: always leaves his mark
17:03:13 Gen: hey slam!
17:03:17 Slammer:
17:03:36 Gen: ROFLMAOOO
17:03:40 Gen: i remember
17:03:43 Gen: lol lol lol
17:04:01 Slammer: rap cat is so cool
17:04:05 Gen: yeah
17:04:09 Gen: he s my ido
17:04:11 Gen: idol*
17:04:34 Gen: i have big posters on my room
17:04:38 Gen: rap cat rule!
17:04:45 Slammer:
17:05:54 Slammer: LOL
17:06:03 Gen: omg!
17:06:05 Gen: lol
17:06:08 Gen: awesome vid
17:06:23 Gen: i hate this guy, but still, the vid was really good
17:06:32 Slammer: LOL
17:06:45 Slammer: hey Muris we didn't know you could sing
17:06:54 Gen: yeah, great voice man
17:07:20 Slammer: better than George Harrison on the High notes
17:07:21 muris: tnx guys :)
17:07:35 muris: every musicain must sing
17:07:36 muris: imo
17:07:48 Slammer: Steve Vai has a really good voice
17:07:54 muris: except of drummers
17:07:56 muris: lol
17:08:12 muris: joking
17:08:17 muris: it's needed
17:08:20 Slammer: well the Drummer from the Eagles isn't too bad
17:08:30 muris: of course
17:08:33 muris: and many more
17:08:59 muris: what happened to Gen?
17:09:04 muris: is he a Jedi????
17:09:16 Slammer: I think his Internet Crashed
17:09:22 Slammer: it happens all the time
17:09:32 muris: maybe force took him
17:09:33 Slammer: he'll be back in few mintues
17:09:49 Slammer: or his GirlFriend came visited
17:09:55 Slammer: GEN!!!
17:09:57 Slammer: G
17:09:59 muris: HEY
17:10:08 Slammer: We missed you!!
17:10:14 muris: YEAH
17:10:20 Slammer: I'm Boring
17:10:27 Gen: internet crashed ¬_¬
17:10:29 Gen: lol
17:10:34 Slammer: I knew It!!!
17:10:47 Gen: i dont have a girlfriend lol
17:10:52 Slammer: y not??
17:10:55 muris: I thought you were Jedi again
17:10:59 muris: lol
17:11:01 Gen: i dont have time for a girl friend
17:11:02 Gen: lol
17:11:12 Gen: my only girlfriend is my guitar
17:11:13 Slammer: because you need your time to Chat!
17:11:19 Gen: yeah ofc lol
17:11:22 Slammer: LOL
17:11:28 muris: yeah
17:11:29 Gen: hey the highlander!
17:11:33 The_Highlander: Hi
17:11:34 Slammer: wow!!!
17:11:41 Slammer: Watch your heads boys
17:11:43 Gen: u re the real highlander?
17:11:45 Gen: loool
17:12:01 Slammer: *feels neck*
17:12:04 Gen: i looove the music of the movie
17:12:42 muris: Salut to Christofer Lambert :)
17:12:45 Slammer: Elvis vs. the Beatles who would you rather see?
17:12:51 The_Highlander: My cousin suggested that nickname for me once. I thought it sounded cool so i took it. But the truth is that I dont really know what it means.
17:13:02 Gen: oh lol okay
17:13:06 Gen: i choose elvis
17:13:19 Slammer: Elvis is cool
17:13:23 Gen: yeah
17:13:27 muris: one for the money
17:13:38 muris: two for The Beatles
17:13:41 muris: lol
17:13:42 Slammer: as ESJ would say... Elvis ftw
17:13:44 Gen: lol
17:13:52 Gen: haha yeaH
17:14:07 The_Highlander: Can you guys play any other instruments?
17:14:20 Slammer: not quite
17:14:27 Slammer: Muris can
17:14:27 Gen: no...
17:14:32 Gen: well i can
17:14:48 The_Highlander: What?
17:14:51 Gen: its a really difficult instrument
17:15:00 Gen: i think slammers know what it is
17:15:01 Gen: lol
17:15:05 muris: lol
17:15:06 The_Highlander: well what is it?
17:15:10 Slammer: the Triangle!!
17:15:24 Gen: bingooo
17:15:28 Gen: lol
17:15:29 The_Highlander: hehe:D
17:15:36 Slammer: he's great at it
17:15:36 muris: Highlander,how old are you?
17:15:41 The_Highlander: 18
17:15:45 Slammer: me too!!
17:15:47 muris: ok
17:15:55 Slammer: so is Gen
17:16:02 muris: so was I
17:16:04 muris: lol
17:16:07 Slammer: three 18 year olds
17:16:12 Slammer: in one chat
17:16:13 The_Highlander: hehe
17:16:21 The_Highlander: Where are you guys from?
17:16:25 Slammer: US of A
17:16:28 Gen: brb
17:16:30 Slammer: aka Florida
17:16:30 muris: I'm from Sarajevo
17:16:40 The_Highlander: wgat does brb stand for?
17:16:45 Slammer: be right back
17:16:47 muris: lol
17:16:49 The_Highlander: im from sweden by the way.
17:16:49 muris: nooooooo
17:16:54 muris: yo have better one
17:16:59 Slammer: do you know Kris?
17:17:19 muris: or y.j.m?????
17:17:31 Slammer: Kris might be more Accessible
17:17:34 The_Highlander: no he lives on the east coast (Stockholm) and I on the westcoast.
17:17:47 Slammer: ahh few hours away....
17:17:55 muris: was joking Slam :)
17:17:55 Slammer: I'd visit :P
17:18:01 Slammer: yeah I know
17:18:02 The_Highlander: about five hours with car.
17:18:07 Slammer: maybe he didn't :P
17:18:12 muris: really??
17:18:18 muris: lol
17:18:32 Slammer: you never know....
17:18:48 The_Highlander: Muris what type of guitar do you use?
17:19:13 Slammer: I still think it's a OLP??
17:19:16 muris: Musicman Axis the most
17:19:23 muris: and some acoustic as well
17:19:31 muris: waiting for new custom as well
17:19:55 The_Highlander: What manufacture? Or perhaps you already told?
17:20:03 muris: custom?
17:20:28 The_Highlander: well its cool anyway.
17:20:56 Slammer: My Dream Custom guitar is a Gibson Les Paul with Tex Mex pu's and a Whammy
17:21:19 Slammer: LOL
17:21:20 muris: nice :)
17:21:41 muris: have you played on Les Paul with Floyd?
17:21:45 Slammer: no
17:21:53 muris: I did :)
17:22:08 Slammer: GEN has
17:22:11 Gen: sorry guys, i got an emergency here, i gotta go
17:22:13 muris: tho it was not a full floyd type
17:22:16 Gen: cya tomorrow mabye
17:22:21 Slammer: emergency????
17:22:24 muris: sure gen
17:22:25 Gen: bye
17:22:26 muris: see ya
17:22:26 Slammer: What???\
17:22:29 Slammer: What???
17:22:32 Slammer: :(
17:22:57 Slammer: I hope his high E sting didn't snap and cut his hand off
17:23:11 muris: shame on you :)
17:23:18 Slammer: or some Freak Accident
17:23:18 The_Highlander: hehe
17:23:35 Slammer: poor guys
17:23:37 Slammer: guy8
17:23:40 Slammer: guy*
17:23:42 Slammer: :)
17:23:50 muris: lol
17:23:52 Slammer: so The_Highlander what you play?
17:23:55 muris: shred typing again
17:23:58 Slammer: YES!!
17:24:04 Slammer: I'm fast
17:24:06 Slammer: watch
17:24:07 Slammer: watch
17:24:07 Slammer: watch
17:24:07 Slammer: watch
17:24:07 Slammer: watch
17:24:07 Slammer: watch
17:24:08 Slammer: watch
17:24:08 Slammer: watch
17:24:12 Slammer: see!
17:24:15 muris: you're our new God
17:24:17 muris: lol
17:24:39 Slammer: sorry Yngwie will be there awhile
17:24:45 The_Highlander: well I like rock music. But I recently sarted to listen to Rush.
17:24:52 Slammer: RUSH!!
17:24:55 muris: Rush is cool
17:24:59 muris: great band
17:25:14 The_Highlander: I bought the album Hemispheres.
17:25:21 Slammer: I love the song Summer Breeze by seals and Croft
17:25:25 muris: like it?
17:26:32 The_Highlander: well I had heard the song "circumstances" before and I really like that song. But I must listen some more to the other songs.
17:26:49 muris: yeah
17:26:58 muris: hard to get it all from one listening
17:26:58 The_Highlander: I also like Limelight.
17:27:06 The_Highlander: yeah
17:28:25 The_Highlander: Do you recommend any songs with Rush?
17:28:54 muris: for listening or playing/practicing?
17:29:00 The_Highlander: both
17:29:02 Slammer: ok guys... catch you later
17:29:04 Slammer: cya
17:29:08 muris: see ya slam
17:29:09 The_Highlander: cya
17:29:20 muris: well hardto tell
17:29:30 muris: there are too many
17:29:41 The_Highlander: any good album?
17:29:44 muris: just listen a bit and find your favs
17:29:50 muris: everything
17:29:57 The_Highlander: ok
17:30:03 muris: or Toto
17:30:07 muris: same thing
17:30:19 The_Highlander: Ive haerd three songs with Toto
17:30:40 muris: probably Africa,Rossana and Hold The Line :)
17:31:23 The_Highlander: two of them were right. I havent heard Rossana but some other song called "the seventh one"
17:31:31 muris: ahh yeah
17:31:38 muris: from same titled album
17:32:00 The_Highlander: perhaps I should check tah one out.
17:32:16 muris: they are awesome band
17:32:38 muris: and studio musicians as well
17:32:57 The_Highlander: yeah i´ve heard that.
17:33:02 muris: like Holy Book for every profi player
17:33:05 muris: :)
17:33:15 The_Highlander: hehe
17:33:36 The_Highlander: Do you play in any band?
17:33:46 muris: many
17:34:07 muris: I posted links to some vids
17:34:11 muris: my solo stuff
17:34:20 The_Highlander: Do you tour anything?
17:34:29 muris: yeah
17:34:37 muris: in region and Europe as well
17:34:44 muris: was in states few times too
17:34:52 The_Highlander: ok cool
17:35:34 The_Highlander: what type of music do you mostly play?
17:36:19 muris: hard to say cause I live from music
17:36:28 muris: many stuff
17:36:32 muris: everything :)
17:37:04 The_Highlander: thats good for inspiration.
17:37:14 muris: yep
17:37:25 The_Highlander: have you ever olayed in sweden?
17:37:36 muris: no unfortunetaly
17:37:42 muris: was in Denmark tho
17:37:56 The_Highlander: In Copenhagen?
17:37:59 muris: and central and west Europe
17:38:04 muris: yeah
17:38:09 muris: and few smaller towns
17:38:41 muris: was in 2001 I think
17:38:50 Owen: hey hey hey!
17:38:52 muris: hey Owen
17:39:01 The_Highlander: hello
17:39:27 Owen: havent interupted have I ? :P
17:39:35 The_Highlander: no its okay.
17:39:46 muris: no :)
17:40:23 Owen: I just came back from band practice
17:40:31 Owen: it was fun, but my throught it ruined
17:40:37 Owen: I need a new vocal technique
17:41:26 Owen: =/
17:41:48 muris: lol
17:41:53 The_Highlander: whats your bands name?
17:41:56 muris: your singing is that bad?
17:42:02 Owen: lol
17:42:34 Owen: The screaming for metal, I dont have the technique proper, it sounds fine, it just means I lose a section of my voice for a bit afterwards
17:42:52 muris: I see
17:43:17 Owen: Eee, I've looked up everything I can on the topic, its not helping
17:43:42 muris: Metal type of singing can really ruin your voice
17:43:47 muris: be careful
17:44:27 The_Highlander: I wonder how death metal singers are doing?
17:44:47 muris: never tried
17:44:48 The_Highlander: Cannibal corpse for example?
17:44:56 muris: and I'm not going to :)
17:44:58 Owen: its not too bad just now,Its just lost a tiny patch of range, but I'm getting acid reflux a bit
17:45:08 The_Highlander: hehe
17:45:29 muris: it is not singing actually
17:45:29 Owen: Thing is I'm just practicing say once every week or so at the moment
17:45:45 muris: there are no real notes
17:45:48 Owen: but I really need to get a new tech before I do worse
17:45:58 muris: just dead ones
17:46:19 muris: my sugestion is to try some real singing
17:46:26 muris: and to avoid that metal stuff
17:46:50 muris: latter on you can add that hard fell into it
17:47:03 Owen: not really a viability
17:48:19 The_Highlander: I have a question?
17:48:28 Owen: to whom ? :P
17:48:57 The_Highlander: to anyone who can answer it (:
17:49:13 The_Highlander: I wonder how to start new topics in the guitar forum?
17:49:28 The_Highlander: I know it sounds a litlle dumb.
17:50:09 Owen: first, select the forum section of your choice
17:50:14 Owen: click into it
17:50:14 The_Highlander: ok
17:50:34 The_Highlander: ok
17:50:34 Owen: then go to the top right corner just below the grey bar to the blue button that says new topic
17:50:42 Owen: click that
17:51:14 The_Highlander: thanks
17:51:37 muris: Owen rules this place :)
17:51:59 Owen: haha, I spend far too long on here V_V
17:52:09 muris: ;)
17:53:28 Owen: :P
17:54:13 muris: there's a lesson
17:54:44 The_Highlander: on what?
17:54:59 muris: no tongue alowed
17:55:00 muris: lol
17:57:04 Owen: huh?
17:57:05 Owen: :P
17:57:19 muris: joking :)
17:57:23 The_Highlander: Are good at playing by ear?
17:57:36 The_Highlander: Are you guys good at playing by ear?
17:57:50 muris: I am...I guess
17:57:52 Owen: niiiii
17:57:57 Owen: nooo*
17:58:04 muris: hey kurt
17:58:04 Owen: hey Kurt
17:58:16 Kurt: hi guys
17:58:19 The_Highlander: hi
17:59:59 Owen: Shmooth?
18:01:20 muris: what??
18:01:30 Kurt: lol
18:01:54 Kurt: what do you mean Owen ?
18:03:13 Kurt: why is nobody talking??
18:03:33 muris: f*** me
18:03:54 muris: dsiconected myself
18:04:03 muris: iStupid
18:04:03 Kurt: ^^
18:04:29 Kurt: don´t be too hard with you lol
18:05:38 The_Highlander: hehe
18:07:36 Owen: :P
18:07:40 Owen: I've done it plenty times
18:08:41 muris: almost hit woman with the car today
18:08:55 muris: plenty of times too
18:08:57 muris: lol
18:10:20 Kurt: muris
18:10:26 Kurt: sry^^
18:10:50 muris: ;)
18:11:08 The_Highlander: bye guys.
18:11:13 Kurt: bye
18:11:24 muris: see ya
18:11:32 Kurt: muris what guitar are you playing in your videos?
18:12:13 muris: Musicman Axis
18:12:42 Kurt: ah ok
18:12:53 Kurt: what pickups does it have
18:12:57 Kurt: `?
18:13:05 muris: DiMarzio cuctoms
18:13:19 muris: but I'll get Stan's customs in few days hto
18:13:25 muris: tho
18:13:28 muris: to replace them
18:14:09 Kurt: aha ok
18:14:35 Kurt: soon I want to buy a fender strat but I don´t know which one^^
18:15:13 Kurt: any cheaper one... maybe mexican ^^
18:16:16 muris: mexican is cheaper for sure
18:16:46 Kurt: yeah I know that but do you know whats exactly the difference??
18:17:08 Kurt: between Mex and USA Fender^^
18:17:38 muris: I'm not big fan of Fender tho so I'm not involved a lot into that matter
18:17:52 muris: but buliding is probably better in USA models
18:17:57 muris: think so
18:18:34 muris: hard to explain price difference otherwise
18:18:45 Kurt: yeah until now I also wasn´t a fender fan but I treid it some time ago in a shop and it was a great feeling^^
18:19:00 Kurt: *tried
18:19:00 muris: maybe I said it wrong
18:19:06 muris: Fender is great guitar
18:19:25 muris: but it can't use it on gig for all time
18:19:36 muris: I play many stuff
18:19:48 muris: soft,heavy
18:19:58 muris: and it stucked when I come to heavy
18:20:02 muris: :)
18:20:11 Kurt: :)
18:22:28 Kurt: i use my Les Paul to play heavy stuff usually but now I want something different...
18:22:35 muris: I see
18:55:02 muris: guys,you liked clpis from gig?
18:55:08 muris: clips*
18:55:19 muris: *slap*
18:55:22 muris: :)
18:55:31 Owen: yeaaah
18:55:40 Owen: sorry, my throughts starting to kill now
18:55:44 Owen: not good
18:55:54 muris: ohh
18:56:00 muris: have some pastels?
19:01:45 Owen: not got any V_V
19:02:18 muris: look for some
19:02:32 muris: it helped me many times
19:02:41 muris: I sing a lot on gigs
19:02:51 muris: and drink cold water a lot
19:03:12 muris: which kills my voice to often
19:09:12 chast: hi
19:10:56 Guitar34: hi
19:11:42 Guitar34: was up?
19:17:13 muris: hey :)
19:17:18 muris: how's it going?
19:35:00 chast: im fine and you ?
19:42:57 Nick325: hey guys
19:43:11 chast: hi
19:43:18 Nick325: sup
19:43:34 chast: chilling^^
19:44:16 Nick325: why isnt any talking
19:44:35 Nick325: besides u n me
19:44:36 chast: they are scared of our unbelievable guitarskills :S
19:44:44 Nick325: :D
19:44:59 chast: *slap*
19:45:07 Nick325: random
19:45:19 muris: hey :)
19:45:29 Nick325: hey muris
19:45:39 Nick325: hows ur guitar going
19:45:58 Nick325: custom one
19:49:22 Nick325: is anyone there??
19:49:29 muris: i'm here
19:49:31 Nick325: o
19:49:31 muris: sory
19:49:38 muris: working something :)
19:49:38 Nick325: lol
19:49:44 muris: it's going fine
19:49:45 Nick325: on a lesson??
19:49:49 chast: im here also^^
19:49:52 muris: not really
19:49:55 Nick325: o
19:49:59 Nick325: :(
19:49:59 muris: backing track for one tune
19:50:06 muris: for a singer
19:50:09 chast: im so excited about the funk lesson^^
19:50:20 Nick325: ya
19:50:37 muris: cool :)
19:50:47 muris: I'll be doing it during next week
19:50:54 muris: first rhythm part
19:50:57 muris: and then solo
19:51:02 muris: like Nuno or som :)
19:51:39 chast: rhythm like nuno or solo like nuno?^^
19:51:48 muris: Nuno solo I guess
19:51:53 muris: but not really
19:51:55 muris: sort of
19:54:36 Nick325: i customized my guitar today
19:55:11 chast: what materials do you take?
19:55:20 Nick325: i redid the body
19:55:28 Nick325: i posting pics of it now
19:55:47 muris: it's mahagony and maple for body
19:55:52 chast: you are doing it on your own ?
19:56:01 muris: and birds eye maple and rosewood for neck
19:56:03 Nick325: ya
19:56:09 chast: nice :)
19:56:11 Nick325: i made it look like evh guitar
19:56:18 muris: yeah ,ti is :)
19:56:30 chast: is it hard work, nick ?
19:56:37 Nick325: but i didnt paint the body because i didnt wanna ruin it so i used tape but its likes exactly like it
19:56:50 muris: I see :0
19:57:11 Nick325: no but it took me 3 hours to finish it looking good
19:57:19 Nick325: hold on im posting a thread on it now
19:57:40 chast: you bought a kit with neck body etc. or made everything on your own ?
19:58:08 Nick325: i didnt make a whole new guitar for it i just used my strat
19:58:42 chast: ah
19:59:07 Nick325: but it still looks sick
19:59:11 muris: Mirza is making mine from piece of wood
19:59:16 Nick325: o
19:59:19 muris: it's really exciting :)
19:59:26 chast: thats why its custom i think^^
19:59:33 muris: yeah
19:59:39 Nick325: ya mine not totally custom its just my normal guitar
19:59:59 chast: muris do you know wes mon(t)gomery?
20:00:31 muris: of course
20:00:38 muris: thumb master
20:00:39 muris: :)
20:01:03 chast: what makes him so special except using his thumb ?^^
20:01:49 Nick325: i have a question
20:01:52 muris: its just his trademark
20:01:55 muris: that;s all
20:02:01 Nick325: how do i get pics from my camera to the thread
20:02:05 Nick325: instead of using a url
20:02:16 chast: with attachement
20:02:49 Nick325: o
20:02:55 chast: i just asked about wes because my teacher likes him a lot ^^
20:02:59 Nick325: lol now i see it
20:03:03 chast: ;)
20:03:33 muris: Wes is a legend
20:03:37 muris: indeed
20:05:06 chast: it seems that all famous jazz players are legends :D
20:05:14 muris: yeah :)
20:07:14 chast: but why?^^
20:07:21 chast: is jazz so hard to master?
20:07:51 Nick325: brb
20:09:55 Nick325: back
20:10:32 muris: well
20:10:48 muris: many wnat to play Jazz to early
20:10:50 muris: want
20:10:52 muris: imo
20:10:57 muris: Jazz is final step
20:11:24 muris: after you get bouring with rock,funk,blues,county etc
20:11:36 muris: then you shall get some Jazz
20:11:56 Nick325: whats imo mean
20:12:09 muris: in my opinion :)
20:12:15 Nick325: o
20:13:17 muris: but feel free to search it a bit
20:13:21 muris: basics or som
20:13:33 muris: Ben has some nice lessons about it
20:13:36 chast: jazz isnt my style so far^^
20:14:05 muris: that's what I mean :)
20:14:29 Nick325: i posted the pics
20:14:39 muris: link us
20:14:52 Nick325:;#entry50301
20:15:29 muris: looks very nice
20:15:39 muris: but resize picutes a bit
20:15:42 Nick325: thanks and its only tape
20:15:42 muris: too large
20:15:46 Nick325: i dont know how to
20:16:03 chast: yeah but it reminds me more of petrucci when he played ibanez :D
20:16:34 Nick325: how do u resize the pics
20:17:01 muris: have photoshop?
20:17:13 chast: or irfanview
20:17:16 chast: also works
20:17:20 muris: yeah
20:17:32 muris: easier to work tho :)
20:17:42 chast: and its free :)
20:18:00 Nick325: o
20:18:03 muris: ;)
20:21:46 Nick325: gunna go play some guitar ;) be back l8r
20:23:21 muris: ok :)
20:37:46 muris: he posted huge pictures
20:38:01 muris: had to see them on 19 " monitor too :)
21:11:00 atomix1337: hey hey
21:11:03 atomix1337: *whip*
21:11:04 atomix1337: *whip*
21:11:09 atomix1337: *whip* :D
21:11:13 atomix1337: *whip*
21:14:19 muris: wow
21:14:23 muris: that hurts
21:14:24 muris: :)
21:14:42 muris: *slap* *whip* *slap* *whip* *slap*
21:14:47 atomix1337: :D
21:14:48 atomix1337: *whip*
21:14:50 atomix1337: smack
21:14:51 atomix1337: pow
21:14:52 muris: lol
21:14:59 chast: re from playing warcraft :p
21:14:59 atomix1337: get out of here!
21:15:01 atomix1337: go practice!
21:15:07 atomix1337: i quit warcraft a few months ago
21:15:09 atomix1337: sold my account
21:15:18 chast: i dont play world of warcraft
21:15:21 atomix1337: o
21:15:24 atomix1337: wc3 is fun then :)
21:15:27 chast: yeah :D
21:15:29 atomix1337: tft o.o
21:16:13 atomix1337: soooooo
21:16:18 atomix1337: what have you guys been practicing today
21:16:21 atomix1337: *whip*
21:16:25 chast: hm
21:16:29 chast: nothing really
21:16:33 chast: just played a bit around
21:16:43 chast: tried to connect pentatonic scales
21:16:55 atomix1337: me too :D
21:17:02 muris: so,is it going?
21:17:05 atomix1337: i played around on some nooby theory lessons
21:17:08 atomix1337: is what going?
21:17:20 muris: connecting pentatonics
21:17:23 chast: a bit
21:17:24 chast: ^^
21:17:26 atomix1337: :)(\
21:17:27 atomix1337: :)
21:17:39 muris: ok :)
21:17:42 chast: i cant really connect them so far
21:17:51 chast: only the 1st and the 2nd
21:18:02 muris: mean of positions?
21:18:11 chast: ?
21:18:23 muris: what 1st ans 2nd?
21:18:25 chast: i only can connect the first and the second scale :p
21:18:26 muris: lol
21:18:36 muris: which scales?
21:18:40 chast: pentatonic
21:18:43 chast: minor
21:18:47 muris: names?
21:18:55 muris: G,D A?
21:19:03 chast: im a bit confused
21:19:13 chast: what do you want to know ? :D
21:19:14 muris: what scales you're connecting?
21:19:26 atomix1337: I was connecting Am penta :P
21:19:34 atomix1337: like in kris' vid :p
21:19:38 muris: ahh
21:19:47 atomix1337: im total n00b at theory
21:19:49 atomix1337: :(
21:19:50 muris: like boxes(positions)
21:19:53 atomix1337: yep
21:19:58 atomix1337: i learned all 5 boxes
21:20:01 atomix1337: today =)
21:20:02 chast: thats what im talking about :D
21:20:11 muris: box is the same as position
21:20:20 muris: I use term position more often
21:20:22 chast:
21:20:29 chast: these i try to connect :D
21:20:37 muris: I see
21:20:56 chast: but fluently i only can connect the first and the second
21:21:07 atomix1337: same thing I was workin on ;D
21:21:16 muris: the point is to memorize root note
21:21:23 muris: its locations
21:21:27 chast: yeah
21:21:32 muris: :)
21:22:02 chast: kind of easy if i would only knew the fretboard a bit better :p
21:23:07 chast: brb, going to toilette ;)
21:23:18 atomix1337: :o
21:23:44 muris: yeah
21:24:04 muris: knowing of whole fretboard solves many problems indeed :)
21:26:31 chast: re
21:26:46 muris: ok :)
21:26:52 chast: ^^
21:35:34 atomix1337: im hungry
21:35:41 atomix1337: and im want to watch a good movie :p
21:37:42 muris: ok :)
21:39:10 muris: i'm off too guys
21:39:13 muris: night
21:39:17 muris: see ya soon
21:41:26 chast: so
21:45:24 chast: what are you doing?^^
21:52:24 atomix1337: riffin' :P
21:55:08 chast: =)
21:55:17 chast:
21:55:24 chast: thats what im trying to do :p
21:55:56 atomix1337: i learned that allready
21:56:02 atomix1337: loved it from the moment i first heard it
21:56:05 atomix1337: pavel = god :D
22:00:06 chast: i dont get the speed :(
22:20:29 chast: hi^^
22:20:37 Sircraigery: yo
22:20:47 Sircraigery: what's up?
22:20:55 chast: nothing :p
22:21:15 Sircraigery: i just woke up
22:21:30 chast: where do you live?^^
22:21:48 Sircraigery: alberta
22:21:59 Sircraigery: you?
22:22:07 chast: is that a country or a city ? Oo
22:22:13 chast: i live in germany
22:22:16 Sircraigery: a province in canada
22:22:19 chast: ah
22:22:27 chast: many people from canada @gmc
22:22:29 chast: :)
22:22:47 Sircraigery: yeah i've chatted with 5 or 6
22:23:45 Sircraigery: how long have you been playing?
22:24:01 chast: 2 years and 6 months
22:24:11 chast: something around that
22:24:15 Sircraigery: practice everyday?
22:24:18 chast: 5,6 or 7 month
22:24:22 chast: no^^
22:24:32 Sircraigery: me either...i should though hahaha
22:24:54 Sircraigery: i used to, but now maybe every 2 days i'll play for a couple hours
22:27:20 chast: i always want to practice more
22:27:29 chast: but i dont practice more :/
22:33:06 chast: man, i love petruccis sound

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