Guitar Chat with Muris, Wallimann etc. 2007-08-08
Aug 17 2007, 01:28 AM
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13:08:33 Nick325: no one is ever in here\
13:08:39 Nick325: :(
21:03:56 muris: Helloooooooooooo
21:06:48 muris: :(
21:06:55 muris: I'm alone again
21:09:43 muris: :(
21:10:29 Nick325: hey
21:10:47 muris: hi
21:11:03 Nick325: someones actually in here lol
21:11:07 muris: ok :)
21:11:16 muris: how are you?
21:11:20 Nick325: wats up
21:11:24 Nick325: good u
21:11:41 muris: just came home from studio
21:11:52 muris: was doing takes for movie soundtrack
21:12:01 Nick325: o cool
21:12:03 Nick325: wat movie
21:12:17 muris: director is guy from Bosnia tho
21:12:26 muris: you probably haven't heard of him
21:12:32 Nick325: ya
21:12:43 muris: no big deal :)
21:12:48 Nick325: what language do you speak in your country
21:12:52 Nick325: ya ;)
21:12:54 muris: but hey,we got Oscar after all
21:12:56 muris: :)
21:13:09 muris: it's bosnian language
21:13:13 Nick325: o
21:13:18 Nick325: how do you say hello
21:13:25 muris: similar to croatian or serbian
21:13:35 muris: many ways to say that
21:13:40 Wallimann: Hello!
21:13:42 muris: David!
21:13:43 Wallimann: :-)
21:13:43 Nick325: what way do you say it
21:13:45 muris: hi :)
21:13:47 Nick325: hey david
21:13:52 Wallimann: How's everyone doing?
21:13:56 Nick325: good u
21:13:57 muris: all cool
21:13:59 muris: you?
21:14:02 Wallimann: great
21:14:16 muris: how's recording going?
21:14:21 Nick325: i just got back from futbol (soccer) lol practice
21:14:23 Wallimann: good!
21:14:29 Wallimann: I've been mixing a lot
21:14:29 muris: great :)
21:14:35 muris: awesome
21:14:36 Wallimann: Actually learning to mix...
21:14:39 Wallimann: I wanna get beter
21:14:40 muris: lol
21:14:43 muris: knew it
21:15:03 Nick325: whats the newest lesson you made
21:15:08 Wallimann: me?
21:15:12 muris: me?
21:15:14 muris: lol
21:15:16 Nick325: both of u
21:15:17 Wallimann: haha!
21:15:18 Nick325: lol
21:15:23 muris: hmm
21:15:28 Wallimann: I have a few uploaded that are not live yet
21:15:30 muris: fingerpicking I think
21:15:39 Wallimann: But just uploaded one on the Chromatic scale
21:15:40 muris: working of funk stuff at the moment
21:15:52 Nick325: cool muris cool wallman lol
21:15:59 muris: :)
21:16:23 Wallimann: Muris, I'm curious.. Do you do music full time?
21:16:23 Nick325: walliman i heard ur making a warm up lesson
21:16:34 muris: yeah
21:16:39 muris: it's all about music
21:16:47 Nick325: life = music
21:16:58 muris: sort of,yeah :)
21:17:04 Wallimann: hehe! Well, I had an idea but then when I read Steve Vai's lesson from Guitar World, I decided not to since it's basically the same thing...
21:17:09 Nick325: :)
21:17:23 Nick325: o that 10 hour workout thing
21:17:25 JVM: hey hey
21:17:26 muris: what did he say?
21:17:29 muris: ah that
21:17:31 muris: yeah
21:17:31 Wallimann: What do you do musically to get an income?
21:17:34 muris: hard work
21:17:57 muris: well,I'm playing with few bands and bigger stars here from region
21:18:13 muris: recording as a studio musician,guitarist,producer
21:18:16 Wallimann: Very cool
21:18:17 muris: give classes
21:18:23 Nick325: :)
21:18:30 muris: mean real time
21:18:32 muris: lol
21:18:41 Wallimann: :D
21:18:48 Nick325: classes like you teach ppl guitar
21:18:52 muris: also via webcam
21:19:02 muris: yeah
21:19:10 muris: those kind of classes
21:19:11 muris: :)
21:19:15 Wallimann: sounds like me
21:19:16 Wallimann: hehe
21:19:17 Nick325: id fly to bosnia everyweek for you to teach me lol
21:19:20 muris: JVM,hi :)
21:19:22 muris: sorry
21:19:27 muris: just saw you
21:19:32 JVM: i was beginning to feel left out..
21:19:36 muris: lol
21:19:36 JVM: jk lol
21:19:38 muris: nooooooo
21:19:39 Nick325: lol
21:19:57 Wallimann: Guys, I'm very sorry. I'm gonna go spend time with my wife
21:20:01 Wallimann: Just wanted to say hey
21:20:05 muris: no prob David
21:20:06 Nick325: k cya
21:20:09 JVM: have a good time
21:20:10 muris: send my regards to her
21:20:12 Wallimann: I hope I can come more often and hang out with you guys
21:20:19 Wallimann: will do
21:20:22 Nick325: me 2
21:20:25 muris: talk soon
21:20:28 Wallimann: Talk to you soon!
21:20:32 muris: :)
21:20:33 Nick325: peace out lol
21:20:55 Nick325: i go to go ill be back in 10 mins
21:21:01 muris: ok
21:21:02 JVM: ok
21:21:06 Nick325: cya
21:21:29 muris: JVM,have you seen Prison Break?
21:21:35 JVM: I havent
21:21:40 JVM: I dont watch too much tv
21:21:44 muris: ah,ok
21:21:53 JVM: i've heard a lot about it though :P
21:22:02 muris: it's cool must say
21:22:07 muris: just got 2 seasons
21:22:11 muris: I'm eating it
21:22:13 muris: :)
21:22:23 JVM: well I may check it out if I get a chance
21:22:34 JVM: I need to catch up on lost and a dozen other things too apparently..
21:22:43 muris: yeah
21:22:46 muris: Jericho
21:22:47 muris: etc
21:22:55 JVM: jericho does sound really interesting..
21:23:00 JVM: didn't they cancel it though?
21:23:01 muris: it is
21:23:10 muris: but it stoped after one season
21:23:13 muris: no idea why
21:23:17 JVM: yeah :(
21:23:26 JVM: they cut firefly off too
21:23:33 muris: yeah
21:23:36 JVM: now thats a tv show I could get into lol
21:23:41 muris: lol
21:24:07 JVM: so are you watching it now?
21:24:52 muris: not at this moment
21:24:59 muris: but yeah
21:25:14 muris: I'm on 17th episode
21:25:19 muris: first season
21:25:39 muris: they are still in jail tho
21:25:41 muris: lol
21:26:09 JVM: lol
21:26:22 JVM: im attempting to organize all my music files
21:26:40 JVM: itunes just isnt really cutting it anymore
21:26:41 muris: in folders or via iTunes or som?
21:26:46 muris: ah ok
21:27:37 JVM: I did reorganize all the files earlier last month or so
21:27:55 muris: guess you're downloading a lot :)
21:27:57 JVM: so then itunes forgot where they were and I had to re-import everything, but it crashes every time I try to
21:28:22 JVM: I do download stuff I cant find anywhere
21:28:36 muris: I see
21:29:18 JVM: but yeah my library is just too big and itunes cant handle it anymore :P
21:29:35 muris: ;)
21:29:52 JVM: and I've a dozen other things going too
21:30:01 JVM: would you believe that last night was the first night I really used a metronome
21:30:19 muris: and how long have you been playing?
21:30:22 JVM: years
21:30:34 muris: how much?
21:31:05 JVM: well about 8 years
21:31:08 muris: ok]
21:31:16 JVM: but I havent practice correctly for the majority of that time
21:31:21 JVM: practiced*
21:31:25 muris: but you are probably playing along with BTs or tunes
21:31:27 muris: right?
21:31:38 JVM: yeah sometimes
21:31:46 muris: same thing as metronome
21:31:49 JVM: if I'm trying to get something specific down
21:31:51 muris: no big deal :)
21:32:05 muris: just take something to counts beats
21:32:05 JVM: but more often than not I would practice just my own exercises without a metronome
21:32:11 JVM: without a backing track or anything
21:32:18 muris: that's cool tho
21:32:29 muris: but count it from time to time
21:32:40 JVM: yeah it's already helping me :p
21:32:45 muris: :)
21:33:06 muris: had gig few nights ago
21:33:11 muris: 10.000 or som
21:33:19 muris: monitoring system was horrible
21:33:29 muris: but that's not the worst part
21:33:44 muris: i had hard time to hear mates from band
21:33:47 muris: that's okk
21:34:05 muris: but to see drummer at the end of song?
21:34:07 muris: yeah
21:34:25 muris: they were hiting smoke effect toooo often
21:34:30 muris: lol
21:34:31 JVM: lol
21:35:04 muris: me and bassist were running through it to hit at the same time with drummer
21:35:14 Nick325: back
21:35:15 muris: :)
21:35:18 JVM: lol
21:35:22 JVM: he nick
21:35:25 JVM: hey*
21:35:27 Nick325: hey
21:36:04 JVM: whats up :)
21:37:06 Nick325: nmu
21:37:24 JVM: at the moment I have a problem :p
21:37:27 Nick325: wat
21:37:34 muris: sweet one :)
21:37:35 JVM: well I bought my parker nitefly recently
21:37:45 muris: ahh
21:37:46 Nick325: ya i saw your thread on it
21:37:48 JVM: from a bass player on ebay
21:37:54 muris: was thinking of reorganizing music
21:37:56 muris: :)
21:38:02 Nick325: and....
21:38:04 JVM: well I looked at the pickguard and then at the diagram provided with it
21:38:12 JVM: and it seems the guy added two screws
21:38:19 muris: no match?
21:38:28 JVM: so I took them out, one of them just went into nothing, into the cavity of the body
21:38:30 JVM: and the other into the wood
21:38:36 Nick325: why isnt it fine the way it should come
21:38:42 JVM: it should be
21:38:46 JVM: but the worst part
21:38:49 Nick325: stupid person
21:39:07 JVM: is when I took the second one out, the screws are made out of some cheap metal that didn't even match the other screws
21:39:14 JVM: and so the head broke off of the second one
21:39:23 muris: it ruined the wood I guess
21:39:28 Nick325: :?
21:39:34 JVM: so now I have a piece of screw lodged into the body and a hole in my pickguard
21:39:46 muris: that sucks
21:39:50 Nick325: could you buy antother pickguard
21:40:01 JVM: i was thinking I'd just put some filler in the hole and put a sticker over it or something
21:40:13 JVM: I probably could
21:40:21 muris: yeah
21:40:26 muris: unfortunately
21:40:38 Nick325:
21:40:46 Nick325: there expensive though
21:40:53 muris: and guy didn't say anything about screws?
21:41:01 JVM: nope
21:41:05 muris: just great
21:41:08 Nick325: thats why ebay can be bad
21:41:13 muris: yeah
21:41:17 Nick325: you know what you can do
21:41:20 JVM: its possible he didn't do it himself
21:41:24 muris: must look out at his score,feedback
21:41:24 JVM: so he may have never known
21:41:30 Nick325: give him bad feedback
21:41:33 muris: of course
21:41:33 Nick325: lol
21:41:34 JVM: well he had 100%
21:41:36 muris: lol
21:41:42 JVM: im not sure if its his fault or someone elses :p
21:41:43 Nick325: so give he 99.9%
21:41:43 muris: hit him hard
21:41:48 JVM: lol
21:41:51 Nick325: ya stick it to him
21:41:51 muris: lol
21:41:54 Nick325: lol
21:41:58 muris: screw him
21:42:00 muris: lol
21:42:08 Nick325: make him get banned from ebay
21:42:10 Nick325: lol
21:42:15 JVM: hmm theres some interesting pickguards here though
21:42:20 JVM: a bit expensive but
21:42:21 Nick325: o
21:42:32 Nick325: i just typed it in on google
21:43:00 muris: why don;t you look for a screw with same head and biger body?
21:43:08 muris: mean more meat
21:43:36 JVM: I was thinking since its cheap metal I could just get a really solid screw and just ... go through it :P
21:43:46 JVM: unfortunately these pickguards are all HXH and I have HSS
21:43:52 Nick325: o
21:44:00 muris: ou can use that one after all
21:44:06 Nick325: :(
21:44:16 muris: just must firuge out how to menage screw thing
21:44:30 Nick325: ya you;ll figure it out
21:44:33 JVM: yeah.. they have tools that will just drill right though it though eh?
21:44:46 JVM: there's already some marks on the finish, but at least its under the pickguard
21:44:54 Nick325: hey you should send a message to the seller and explain what happend
21:44:59 muris: you should pull it out
21:45:02 muris: but gently
21:45:10 JVM: its sticking out of the body slightly
21:45:15 JVM: I did try to pull it out but it wont budge
21:45:26 muris: I see
21:45:36 muris: well,take it to a mechanic guy or som
21:45:42 muris: they have a tools for that
21:45:45 JVM: yeah
21:45:51 muris: and probably a srew that'll fit
21:45:56 muris: screw
21:46:09 Nick325: so what r u guys practicing
21:46:31 muris: me none,sadly
21:46:55 Nick325: o :o im practicing sweeping
21:47:02 muris: cool :)
21:47:09 muris: is it going ok?
21:47:09 JVM: im just doing some metronome triplets
21:47:34 Nick325: ya actually i got everything down just practing the speed buildup
21:47:39 Nick325: im on 50bpm
21:47:46 muris: you prefer sweeps with hammers/pull-offs or without?
21:48:15 Nick325: i dont mind them just not too too many
21:48:31 Nick325: i like them at the top of the apreggio
21:48:41 muris: yeah
21:48:49 JVM: I havent gotten into sweeping much
21:48:55 muris: seen my lesson about sweeping?
21:48:59 muris: not at GMC tho
21:49:00 Nick325: no
21:49:02 Nick325: o
21:49:02 JVM: but just a question... is sweep-tapping possible?
21:49:05 Nick325: where is it
21:49:08 muris: on my website
21:49:10 Nick325: ya i think JVM
21:49:11 muris: sec
21:49:46 Nick325: same like normal sweeping except when u pick u tap :)
21:49:51 muris: sweep+tap is possible
21:50:06 muris: but hardly in the same time
21:50:09 muris: :)
21:50:13 Nick325: muris could u make a lesson on that maybe :D
21:50:18 JVM: is it just too hard?
21:50:29 muris: it's imposible guys
21:50:37 Nick325: o ;(
21:50:42 Nick325: :(
21:50:49 muris: you can't play with pick and do tap at the same time
21:50:52 muris: no use of it
21:50:55 Nick325: o
21:50:58 Nick325: i have a question
21:51:10 muris: you can do tap AFTER
21:51:10 Nick325: pick tapping i saw it in the forums today
21:51:16 Nick325: what is that exactly
21:51:21 muris: but not at the same time
21:51:24 Nick325: like u tap with the side of your pick
21:51:30 muris: ahh that
21:51:41 muris: you're just using pick instead of finger
21:51:52 Nick325: o like the side of the pick
21:51:59 muris: no need
21:52:03 Nick325: o
21:52:05 muris: it can be front of it
21:52:14 muris: i'm not watching at it at all
21:52:16 Nick325: because i can hit the string with the tip of the pick
21:52:22 Nick325: i miss it and hit the fretboard
21:52:25 Nick325: lol
21:52:27 muris: lol
21:52:39 muris: well
21:52:48 muris: longer side is the better
21:54:13 muris: i'm having troubles to open my site
21:54:20 muris: must tell this to admin
21:54:49 Nick325: o
21:54:52 Nick325: i got it up
21:55:02 Nick325: o wait no
21:55:16 Nick325: it says it unavailable
21:55:19 muris: yeah
21:55:29 muris: something's wrong with server I guess
21:55:35 Nick325: maybe
21:56:35 muris: try it tomorrow
21:56:41 Nick325: k
21:56:41 muris: it's in section lessons
21:56:48 muris: sweeping or som
21:57:02 Nick325: i saw it be4 but never tryed it
21:57:15 muris: :)
21:58:57 muris: Im off to bed guys
21:59:06 muris: have a nice practicing :0
21:59:10 muris: see ya soon
21:59:12 Nick325: cya
21:59:54 Nick325: yt JVM

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