Making Music In 2022? Big Changes Ahead Part 2
Todd Simpson
Jan 14 2022, 05:28 PM
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Another pandemic related opportunity is in Virtual Events. To be sure, this does require some degree of audience building before it makes sense. If you hold a virtual even and nobody shows up, you have not gained much. If you have a following, you can leverage it by using Virtual Events and streaming live to your fans. This can be a formalized event or as simple as a youtube, or other streaming platform, live stream where participants can donate in real time.

As we have started spending even more time on our mobile devices, a new trend in viewership has emerged. Very very very short form content. TIK TOK has taken the world by storm and has provided many musicians with a very comfortable living. As with any streaming platform, the income is directly related to the size of your audience. Until you reach critical mass, there is no money to be had, sadly. Youtube has started its “Shorts” program which also provides funding to content creators. The same rules of engagement apply. Instagram also has “Reels” which focuses on content around a minute or less. So “in short” start creating very short form content for these platforms or chop up content you already have. The more eyeballs, the better.

One of the most important trends that is likely to continue and magnify is the continuing fragmentation of Music in general. More and more artists are competing for ears and eyes and they are finding ways of connecting with their audience by hyperfocusing on a particular set of ears. So styles of music will probably continue to fragment until we have Technical Tribal House Disco Showtune Death Metal as it’s own genre with it’s own adherents and several discord channels. Streaming events will continue to put pressure on the ecosystem as “direct to fans” experience continue to become more important. These live streams/sessions help fans and creators connect in a world where the pandemic continues to make connections tricky.

We don’t know how long the world will be shaped by factors like the pandemic and we don’t know what form music will take in the end other than to say music will always be with us as will fandom. So no matter what happens, it will still come down to musicians creating something cool and wanting to share it with people who will appreciate it.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Sure, the pandemic has pushed the music business to adapt even more quickly to allow for the lost revenue of live shows which was the primary revenue driver in many cases. However, in every calamity, there is opportunity. Use this time to try to leverage everything you’ve created and repurpose your content as needed to slot it in wherever it fits. Keep creating and let being creative about how you get your music out there as important as the music itself and you are far more likely to find success.



*This article was very helpful in writing this piece.

*I found this vid very informative on the subject of the future of music.

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