Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-08-14
Aug 26 2007, 12:35 AM
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00:00:00 The Uncreator: greta stuff
00:00:19 kethcup: I don't think I was blessed with Midi-Chlorians because when I try to levitate shit, nothing happens.
00:00:30 JVM: =/
00:00:34 JVM: thats unfortunate
00:00:36 JVM: but
00:00:38 The Uncreator: i stayed up and watched the like 600 hour Miniseries opf Dune on the Sci-Fi channel once
00:00:49 JVM: you can still train in the weirding way
00:00:56 kethcup: lol
00:00:57 The Uncreator: I wanna be a Jedi
00:01:01 The Uncreator: who Shreds
00:01:06 kethcup: I have two light sabers
00:01:09 JVM: shreds with no hands
00:01:16 JVM: you know that would be funny
00:01:19 The Uncreator: Oh yeah i have....13!
00:01:21 JVM: you'd be like look.. one hand!
00:01:22 The Uncreator: ...
00:01:24 JVM: loook.. no hands!
00:01:32 kethcup: you have 13 light sabers?
00:01:41 The Uncreator: no....i just wish
00:01:44 kethcup: oh
00:01:55 kethcup: I have the red and blue
00:02:02 kethcup: I want the green and purple
00:02:10 JVM: green all the way
00:02:12 The Uncreator: i want the green one
00:02:18 kethcup: I can't find it
00:02:22 JVM: but I wont stand for any of that plastic fold in stuff
00:02:25 JVM: I want a real one
00:02:27 kethcup: but I haven't really looked all that hard
00:02:32 The Uncreator: Anyone ever play KOTOR?
00:02:36 kethcup: No, I have the glass ones
00:02:36 JVM: yes!
00:02:42 The Uncreator: its Addicting as hell
00:02:48 JVM: the glass ones arent enough either :p
00:02:50 The Uncreator: welcome back?
00:02:56 JVM: uncreator, how about jedi academy?
00:03:02 The Uncreator: i never finsihed it
00:03:05 kethcup: Jedi Academy ruled!
00:03:08 The Uncreator: i still have it though
00:03:09 kethcup: I beat it
00:03:11 The Uncreator: somewhere
00:03:12 JVM: \m/
00:03:16 JVM: the multiplayer is awesome
00:03:21 JVM: I still play it sometimes
00:03:30 kethcup: man that makes me want to install it
00:03:35 JVM: do it!
00:03:39 The Uncreator: I played KOTOR 2, And i was just evil as hell lol
00:03:45 shredmandan: so how did you become a gmc senoir so quick uncreatpr
00:03:48 JVM: oh yeah, I had to play each kotor twice
00:03:49 kethcup: I didn't dig KOTOR
00:03:54 The Uncreator: I have no idea
00:04:04 The Uncreator: i got a PM one day saying they chose me
00:04:06 JVM: must be all the album reviews :D
00:04:12 shredmandan: cool
00:04:30 The Uncreator: i think its because of how much time i spend on the forum
00:04:39 The Uncreator: and i try to help whenever possible
00:04:45 The Uncreator: if i can that is
00:04:48 kethcup: I wish I had the time to spend more time
00:04:52 The Uncreator: lol
00:04:54 kethcup: I work too much
00:05:00 kethcup: sucks
00:05:06 The Uncreator: what are your hours?
00:05:17 kethcup: 7-5:30
00:05:33 The Uncreator: mine are 11:30 - 8:30
00:05:41 kethcup: eww
00:05:42 The Uncreator: wastes the whole day
00:05:44 shredmandan: i work in the night from like 3-9am
00:05:52 kethcup: third?
00:05:55 kethcup: yuck
00:05:57 The Uncreator: what do you do?
00:06:11 kethcup: who?
00:06:13 shredmandan: then sleep till afternoon i do a paper route lol
00:06:21 The Uncreator: lol
00:06:23 kethcup: nice lol
00:06:25 JVM: 7-5
00:06:38 The Uncreator: I work in a restaraunt
00:06:43 The Uncreator: sucks
00:06:50 kethcup: McDonalds?
00:06:53 kethcup: :p
00:06:55 kethcup: jk
00:06:59 The Uncreator: Hah, hell no lol
00:07:23 The Uncreator: I just do Mainteance stuff, and odd jobs, and i hate dealing with customers
00:07:23 shredmandan: mcdonalds was my first job.i worked there for 3 days
00:07:39 kethcup: customer service sucks
00:07:46 The Uncreator: Yesterday a customer asked me for 20 packest of mayonaisse
00:07:56 JVM: I hate mayo
00:07:58 The Uncreator: and didnt use one of them damnit!
00:07:59 JVM: with a passion
00:08:00 kethcup: My first job was KFC. I was a mad chicken flipper
00:08:04 The Uncreator: lol
00:08:07 kethcup: :)
00:08:11 kethcup: I love Mayo!
00:08:21 JVM: mayo or ketchup! you have to decide mate
00:08:27 kethcup: both!
00:08:30 The Uncreator: My first job was working at a Childrens thrift store, puting away the merchandise, inventory i guess
00:08:30 JVM: lol
00:08:46 kethcup: Where do you live uncreator?
00:08:46 The Uncreator: fun job, i got to make fun of kids all day
00:08:52 The Uncreator: Florida
00:08:57 kethcup: yea? where?
00:08:57 The Uncreator: St. Pete
00:09:00 kethcup: cool
00:09:07 kethcup: my brother lives in Orlando
00:09:13 kethcup: I have a friend in Miami too
00:09:27 The Uncreator: Yeah there wise to stay away from St. Pete
00:09:32 The Uncreator: its boring
00:09:50 kethcup: How old are you? If you don't mind me asking
00:09:59 The Uncreator: 18 in like 4 months
00:10:05 kethcup: right one
00:10:07 shredmandan: im 24 u
00:10:09 kethcup: on*
00:10:10 The Uncreator: so 17 now :)
00:10:15 kethcup: damn... I'm the old one
00:10:18 kethcup: 30
00:10:20 JVM: *high five(
00:10:21 kethcup: lol
00:10:22 JVM: **
00:10:25 The Uncreator: *whip*
00:10:27 JVM: 17 year olds unite
00:10:41 kethcup: I'm hangin out with some little kids
00:10:42 kethcup: lol
00:10:44 JVM: lol
00:10:47 shredmandan: wow i though the uncreator was an older guy lol
00:10:52 kethcup: I'm gonna be on dateline and shit
00:10:54 The Uncreator: Everyone does
00:10:57 The Uncreator: i dont knwo why
00:11:02 shredmandan: your a preditor
00:11:11 JVM: yeah i thought you were 23 or something :p
00:11:18 kethcup: come here little kid... look at my neat toy!
00:11:21 kethcup: eww
00:11:24 The Uncreator: <--Your that Guy!!!
00:11:24 JVM: lol
00:11:29 kethcup: haha
00:11:44 JVM: ;)
00:11:46 The Uncreator: Thats guys is like the Date Rape guy
00:11:59 kethcup: man where's Muris, I know he's older!
00:12:03 JVM: isnt the date rape guy like fat and stuff? :p
00:12:17 The Uncreator: Andrew is older to i think :)
00:12:28 kethcup: Now Andrew is that guy lol
00:12:28 JVM: and tank
00:12:43 The Uncreator: Does anyone play WOW? i got a funny story...
00:12:50 JVM: I used to at one point
00:12:54 kethcup: nope
00:13:06 shredmandan: you all are crazy lol
00:13:12 The Uncreator: Well, my friend is obsessed with it, and he looks at his birthdays as "Leveling up" lol
00:13:17 JVM: lol
00:13:29 kethcup: oh wow, that's scary
00:13:31 JVM: going to take him a while to get to the endgame
00:13:38 The Uncreator: i cant play video games for long periods of time
00:13:43 The Uncreator: Except Final Fantasty
00:13:50 The Uncreator: thats liek crack to me
00:14:11 shredmandan: i only like the ww2 games and i have already played them all
00:14:25 JVM: played company of heroes?
00:14:27 kethcup: I play BF2 once in a great while, but that's about it
00:14:43 shredmandan: no i havent is it good?
00:14:44 The Uncreator: I dont play many games that much, when i hang out with fridns every now and then, and i have an RPG Collection that ui turn to every so often
00:14:48 JVM: its great
00:15:09 JVM: won a lot of awards and such even
00:15:24 The Uncreator: Did you know if you are awesome at Guitar you are predisposed to SUCK At guitar Hero
00:15:33 JVM: its TRUE!
00:15:35 kethcup: lol
00:15:37 JVM: i am terrible at guitar hero
00:15:44 The Uncreator: im horibble at that
00:15:47 Sircraigery: holy busy tonight!
00:15:53 shredmandan: dude i got the hang of it but i coudnt play at hard leval\
00:15:56 Sircraigery: what's up y'all
00:15:58 The Uncreator: i give up and im like "Give me a real one damnit!!"
00:16:03 JVM: I can play medium
00:16:07 shredmandan: whats up
00:16:09 kethcup: hey sir...
00:16:14 JVM: but i never play it so maybe thats the reason :p
00:16:17 The Uncreator: welcome welocome
00:16:32 Sircraigery: i've never tried that game, kinda want to though
00:16:39 The Uncreator: I went to a local show, and teh band sucked, so me and my firnds played Guitar Hero for 6 hours in the VIP Area
00:16:48 JVM: lol
00:16:53 The Uncreator: we sucked for 6 hours
00:17:13 kethcup: I'm waiting for Madden 08
00:17:25 Sircraigery: is that football?
00:17:28 kethcup: yep
00:17:29 The Uncreator: Then we got stuck with no ride 150 miles from any home...Fun night
00:17:40 JVM: well gentlemen I must call it a night
00:17:42 JVM: good talkng to you
00:17:45 The Uncreator: Ok cya lter
00:17:46 kethcup: right on
00:17:48 kethcup: ...
00:17:50 shredmandan: bye
00:17:52 The Uncreator: have a good sleep
00:18:20 The Uncreator: I want a robot
00:18:47 kethcup: a robot chicken?
00:18:55 The Uncreator: lol funny show
00:18:59 kethcup: yea it is!
00:19:11 The Uncreator: the first season alone made me piss all my pairs of pants
00:19:19 kethcup: lol
00:19:28 kethcup: Seth Green rules
00:19:29 The Uncreator: i love the star wars special to
00:19:33 kethcup: oh yea
00:19:34 The Uncreator: that was hilarious
00:19:46 The Uncreator: where the stormtrooper is on the toilet :)
00:20:00 shredmandan: well im going to jam some be back later
00:20:01 kethcup: "You mean to tell me that Ewoks take over the Empire?!"
00:20:05 kethcup: lol
00:20:06 The Uncreator: lol
00:20:10 The Uncreator: oj cya Shredmandan
00:20:14 kethcup: see ya shred
00:20:17 The Uncreator: have a good Shred!!
00:20:21 Sircraigery: i like the one where the robots are making fun of you got served
00:20:32 The Uncreator: yeah thats funny
00:20:32 kethcup: I haven't seen that one
00:20:52 The Uncreator: its with that one TV Show...Voltron i think?
00:21:02 The Uncreator: Voltron got served ot something lol
00:21:14 Sircraigery: yeah lol , and the golden girls
00:21:20 The Uncreator: HA! Yeah
00:21:22 kethcup: haha
00:21:38 The Uncreator: anyone see athfcmfft?
00:21:44 Sircraigery: nope
00:21:46 kethcup: say what?
00:21:53 The Uncreator: Aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters!
00:21:55 kethcup: oh
00:21:58 kethcup: nope
00:22:03 The Uncreator: it was hilarious!!
00:22:10 Sircraigery: just the opening credit you posted
00:22:17 The Uncreator: and it made NO sense
00:22:29 kethcup: lol
00:22:35 The Uncreator: still funny as hell
00:22:50 The Uncreator: the day it came out me and some friends saw a midnight showing
00:22:52 Sircraigery: oohhhh i got a new comment on my youtube videos brb
00:22:58 The Uncreator: lol
00:23:04 The Uncreator: okey dokey
00:23:36 The Uncreator: Man, tommorrow i am definetly gonna get my Jedi On....
00:24:17 kethcup: I wanna be a Sith Lord
00:24:23 kethcup: I wanna be Lord Helmet
00:24:25 kethcup: lol
00:24:29 The Uncreator: lol
00:24:33 Sircraigery: meh, ....the comment wasn't really personable lol
00:24:45 Sircraigery: damn site join thingy
00:24:59 The Uncreator: I wanna be Sith Lord with Light side powers and Dark Side Powers!!
00:25:06 The Uncreator: Mwhahaahahaha!!!
00:25:12 The Uncreator: <---Nerd
00:25:17 The Uncreator: <--Geek
00:25:35 kethcup: you didn't need to explain that :p
00:25:39 The Uncreator: lol
00:25:42 The Uncreator: i never do
00:25:50 The Uncreator: people figure it out when they walk in my room
00:25:53 kethcup: nah.. I'm down with the light sabers
00:26:09 kethcup: I've dreamed of those ever since I was a kid
00:26:09 The Uncreator: Light Sabers are awesome
00:26:23 kethcup: I dreamed once that it rained light sabers
00:26:31 The Uncreator: Whoa!! Badass!!
00:26:34 kethcup: but only in my yard and noone else could get them
00:26:36 kethcup: lol
00:26:40 The Uncreator: haha! lol
00:27:07 The Uncreator: i dreamt i was a ninja in the Edo Period but with a lightsaber katana
00:27:13 The Uncreator: :)
00:27:17 kethcup: sweet!
00:27:31 Sircraigery: i had a dream yesterday that I found 3- 1Gb flash drives....
00:27:40 Sircraigery: and i wasn't sure what to do with all the memory LOL
00:27:44 The Uncreator: i found one in best buy
00:27:46 kethcup: lol
00:28:02 Sircraigery: an open one?
00:28:12 The Uncreator: Nope...
00:28:23 kethcup: I have like 5 of them but I never use them
00:28:25 Sircraigery: oh...the 'ole five finger discount lol jk
00:28:39 The Uncreator: it was sealed or something, no matter, cause my lightsaber katana cut right through the prtoective field
00:28:59 The Uncreator: then i fought a dragon
00:29:04 Sircraigery: i used to work for bestbuy, then i got fired for sticking it to the man...
00:29:10 The Uncreator: lol
00:29:12 kethcup: for real?
00:29:14 The Uncreator: How hard?
00:29:15 Sircraigery: yeah
00:29:15 kethcup: lol
00:29:25 Sircraigery: the man lost $9000
00:29:30 The Uncreator: Damn! lol
00:29:35 Sircraigery: it was an honest mistake though
00:29:47 Sircraigery: but i told them there was no way in hell i was paying them back
00:29:48 The Uncreator: That is one mad man
00:30:00 kethcup: how do you lose $9000?
00:30:06 The Uncreator: Ewoks
00:30:07 Sircraigery: so i got "the walk" to the front door lol
00:30:25 kethcup: Ewoks freak me out
00:30:32 The Uncreator: I want one
00:30:43 Sircraigery: did you used to watch that show?
00:30:54 Sircraigery: like 20 years ago
00:30:58 kethcup: The Ewoks cartoon?
00:31:00 Sircraigery: yeah
00:31:03 kethcup: yea lol
00:31:04 The Uncreator: i got fired from Toys R' Us once
00:31:11 Sircraigery: atta boy, what for
00:31:12 The Uncreator: stupid reason though
00:31:43 The Uncreator: i was riding bicycles around the store, nothing gogin on, no customers, and i ended up racing a alitle kid and apparantely the kid got in an accident and hurt himself
00:31:55 The Uncreator: i still beat him though
00:31:58 The Uncreator: and won the race
00:32:03 The Uncreator: oh yeah!
00:32:08 kethcup: lol
00:32:18 Sircraigery: that's determination
00:32:24 The Uncreator: and i also fought co-worker with the Hulk punching gloves
00:32:30 The Uncreator: won that to
00:32:37 kethcup: I got intentionally from flipping chicken - my first job
00:32:42 kethcup: fired*
00:32:47 The Uncreator: For?
00:32:55 The Uncreator: what ya do?
00:32:58 kethcup: telling someone to F*off
00:33:02 The Uncreator: ha
00:33:04 kethcup: :)
00:33:06 The Uncreator: Manager?
00:33:12 kethcup: Yep
00:33:15 Sircraigery: after bestbuy, i worked at futureshop (basically the same thing as bestbuy but canadian), and we had a circle of death in the stock room
00:33:25 The Uncreator: Awesome!
00:33:26 kethcup: lol
00:33:35 The Uncreator: Were there lightsabers?!?!?!
00:33:53 Sircraigery: we'd kick the shit outta each other, then tuck our shirts in and go sell TV'S
00:33:59 The Uncreator: LOL HAHA
00:34:02 Sircraigery: actually, we had those for a bit yes
00:34:37 Sircraigery: if anyone has ever seen the 40 year old virgin, the amosphere was exactly the same
00:34:40 The Uncreator: my friend got fired from Radioshack for ending up in a fistfight with a guy over a clock radip
00:34:48 The Uncreator: radio*
00:35:04 Sircraigery: was it a costumer?
00:35:05 The Uncreator: he has had like 30 jobs in 2 years
00:35:06 kethcup: Dude Michael Vic is screwed
00:35:10 The Uncreator: yeah it was a customer
00:35:15 Sircraigery: awesome
00:35:19 kethcup: sorry, watching ESPN
00:35:25 kethcup: I'm a sports freak
00:35:30 The Uncreator: Im not
00:35:41 The Uncreator: im that Nerdy lol
00:35:43 Sircraigery: me either, i was when i was wee
00:35:56 kethcup: I love sports, used to hate them
00:36:04 The Uncreator: Im ambivalent about them
00:36:23 The Uncreator: just never caught my interest
00:36:40 kethcup: nice word
00:36:46 The Uncreator: lol
00:36:47 kethcup: I've never heard that before
00:36:50 kethcup: :)
00:36:54 kethcup: I like new words
00:37:00 The Uncreator: I learned it from a Nevermore Song
00:37:00 Sircraigery: i run on the tread mill while i watch bundy's. that's about all i do
00:37:22 kethcup: Married with Children?
00:37:25 Sircraigery: yeah
00:37:31 kethcup: lol that's old school
00:37:40 The Uncreator: Kelly Bindy is hot
00:37:45 kethcup: used to be
00:37:46 The Uncreator: Buundy*
00:37:51 The Uncreator: Bundy*
00:38:25 The Uncreator: I forgot the wifes name, but she is the voice of Leela on Futurama
00:38:28 Sircraigery: yesterday al wanted this socket set, and peg wouldn't let him have it. and he's like "ah common peg, i'll be going around this house tightening more nuts than you did in high school" LOL
00:38:36 The Uncreator: Peg thats it!
00:38:42 The Uncreator: lol
00:38:51 kethcup: haha
00:38:57 Sircraigery: classic garbage humor
00:39:01 kethcup: yep
00:39:01 The Uncreator: what about ALl In The Family?
00:39:17 Sircraigery: that show's pretty good too
00:39:22 The Uncreator: Archy Bunker is classic
00:39:26 kethcup: haven't seen it
00:39:35 Sircraigery: yeah, she's such an asshole lol
00:39:45 Sircraigery: i mean he's
00:39:50 The Uncreator: why is the younger kid kows All in the family but the older guy doesnt lol
00:39:56 The Uncreator: knows*
00:39:58 kethcup: man... have you guys watched 300?
00:40:02 The Uncreator: LOVE IT
00:40:18 The Uncreator: Frank Miller is awesome, i lvoe his work
00:40:26 kethcup: It was ok
00:40:30 kethcup: wasn't that great to me
00:40:44 kethcup: seemed like a prequel to Gladiator
00:41:02 Sircraigery: i have peasent vision lol
00:41:07 The Uncreator: Its defiently for Miller Fans at heart
00:41:20 Sircraigery: haven't seen either
00:41:21 The Uncreator: i read teh 300 comic book 2 years ago
00:41:31 Sircraigery: i like movies like "the big lebowski"
00:41:35 kethcup: I bought the blu-ray version too
00:41:42 kethcup: kind of brought down
00:42:21 Sircraigery: i see they didn't fix your name yet
00:42:26 The Uncreator: My favorite movies, 'Star Wars', 300, Silent Hill, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Last Samurai, Macross, Appleseed and alot of others
00:42:30 kethcup: mine?
00:42:30 Sircraigery: what post was that in?
00:42:34 Sircraigery: yeah
00:42:45 kethcup: yea... oh well. builds character!
00:42:54 The Uncreator: As it should
00:42:57 Sircraigery: i always though it was your last name lol
00:43:08 kethcup: Gabe Kethcup
00:43:14 kethcup: nah.. doen't fit
00:43:16 Sircraigery: sure
00:43:17 The Uncreator: i wish my name was 'The Uncreator' that would be badass
00:43:19 kethcup: doesn't*
00:43:31 Sircraigery: i'm cikaluk (pronouced sick-a-luck)
00:43:40 kethcup: really?
00:43:43 kethcup: nice
00:43:53 kethcup: Canadian?
00:43:55 The Uncreator: if you could chaneg your REAL name to anything, what would it be?
00:44:08 Sircraigery: what's a rasist term for a ukrainian?
00:44:10 kethcup: YourTiny Penis
00:44:17 Sircraigery: lol
00:44:20 kethcup: :)
00:44:24 The Uncreator: mine would be 'unas godslayer' !!!
00:44:41 The Uncreator: i like to be over dramatic
00:44:57 kethcup: not sure of the ukranian slang
00:44:59 Sircraigery: mine would be "Bigablack D*ck" jki don't know
00:45:08 kethcup: lol
00:45:10 Sircraigery: me either, i'm trying to find out
00:45:27 The Uncreator: here is a good name...Al Lectricity
00:45:43 kethcup: Mike Hawk
00:45:44 The Uncreator: Al Koholic
00:45:45 Sircraigery: Ben Errover
00:45:52 The Uncreator: Tayka Dump
00:45:56 kethcup: haha
00:46:11 kethcup: I went to high school with a kid named Ben Dover
00:46:15 The Uncreator: lol
00:46:20 kethcup: he got so much shit it was unreal
00:46:25 Sircraigery: did he turn out to be gay?
00:46:31 kethcup: I can't beleive his parents would to that
00:46:32 The Uncreator: that would be Ironic
00:46:39 kethcup: nah... he was actually pretty cool
00:46:52 The Uncreator: Welcome Back
00:46:56 Sircraigery: that's probably what his old man said to his mom before he was made
00:47:03 kethcup: ok everyone be quiet ... shred's back
00:47:08 The Uncreator: ......
00:47:10 kethcup: :p
00:47:17 shredmandan: lol
00:47:18 kethcup: lol sir
00:47:19 Sircraigery: he can see the names lol
00:47:25 kethcup: oh
00:47:29 The Uncreator: i dont think were hididnf
00:47:34 The Uncreator: hiding*
00:48:00 The Uncreator: has anyone seen the Powerthirst video on youtube?
00:48:05 shredmandan: guitar playing didnt last long before wife said it was to loud
00:48:11 Sircraigery: nope, let's have it. got alink?
00:48:15 The Uncreator: that sucks
00:48:23 Sircraigery: damn wives...
00:48:30 kethcup: I haven't played today
00:48:30 The Uncreator: just search the word Powerthirst in you tube, its the first video
00:48:40 The Uncreator: i played 6 hours today
00:48:45 kethcup: wow
00:48:50 The Uncreator: and fell asleep on my acoustic
00:48:52 shredmandan: yeah the drums im trying record with just carry to loud
00:48:55 Sircraigery: i played for a bit, tried to record something...couldn't get in the groove and kept screwing it up
00:49:10 kethcup: don't you love that?
00:49:15 Sircraigery: i play everyday
00:49:17 The Uncreator: Oh yeah
00:49:19 kethcup: I try to
00:49:25 The Uncreator: i have to play everyday
00:49:33 Sircraigery: i still suck, but it gives me something to do
00:49:38 shredmandan: same here i just keep playing stuff that fits but isnt what i want
00:49:40 The Uncreator: every once in awhile ill take a day off though, its actually wuite healthy
00:49:41 kethcup: amen brutha
00:50:14 Sircraigery: weekends don't count sometimes, if i'm wasted haha
00:50:21 The Uncreator: I got a new amp recently so imstill messing with that
00:50:23 kethcup: lol
00:50:33 Sircraigery: ooohh what kind
00:50:49 The Uncreator: Carte GT212 120 Watt Solid State Amp
00:50:53 The Uncreator: Crate$
00:50:57 shredmandan: man i wish i had my own studio to just go kick back and jam in and party
00:51:01 Sircraigery: sweet, you like it?
00:51:05 The Uncreator: LOVE IT
00:51:10 Sircraigery: awesome
00:51:12 The Uncreator: its amazing
00:51:18 The Uncreator: i rviewd it like an hour ago
00:51:23 The Uncreator: its on the forum
00:51:24 Sircraigery: i'm liking my amp too, but i wish it was louder
00:51:28 Sircraigery: it's only a 1x12
00:51:34 kethcup: I just bought some Studio Monitors and Sonar 6 Studio
00:51:49 shredmandan: how you like it
00:51:56 The Uncreator: for $200 you can get a Crate GT212 120 Watt, its big and loud!!!
00:51:56 kethcup: still learning it
00:51:58 Sircraigery: lol is this the moneybags chat room? :p
00:52:00 kethcup: sounds great though
00:52:04 kethcup: lol
00:52:17 Sircraigery: :o i paid $550 for my peavey
00:52:25 shredmandan: what kind
00:52:28 kethcup: ok moneybags
00:52:29 kethcup: !
00:52:30 Sircraigery: valveking112
00:52:31 kethcup: :p
00:52:38 The Uncreator: I got lucky, mine was on sale because new models come in soon
00:52:48 shredmandan: cool
00:52:51 The Uncreator: marked down from $450 to $200
00:52:54 Sircraigery: oh that 'ole chestnut.... i've lucked out like that before
00:53:19 kethcup: I recently bought an Ibanez MDX350
00:53:23 kethcup: RG
00:53:26 The Uncreator: i bought my Ibanez for $550, a week later it was $399
00:53:33 The Uncreator: i was pissed
00:53:34 kethcup: lol shitty
00:53:45 Sircraigery: i get my new guitar neck tomorrow, it's off an old charvel
00:53:53 kethcup: Charvel's rule!
00:53:56 Sircraigery: yeah
00:53:58 kethcup: I had one of those
00:54:00 shredmandan: that will be sweet
00:54:00 The Uncreator: but i love my ibanez though, shes my baby!
00:54:03 kethcup: back in the day
00:54:05 The Uncreator: i never played one
00:54:13 Sircraigery: and this one has been on top of my boss's filing cabinet for years
00:54:20 Sircraigery: i'm getting the neck for $50
00:54:21 Sircraigery: !!
00:54:22 kethcup: They were Jackson's little brother
00:54:28 The Uncreator: Nice!
00:54:33 kethcup: is it warped?
00:54:43 Sircraigery: i had a jackson, but i sold it :( and i miss it
00:54:54 Sircraigery: nope it's straighter than skeeters peter
00:54:58 kethcup: I gave my jackson away just about a month ago
00:54:58 The Uncreator: lol
00:55:03 shredmandan: same here i had an awesome jackson
00:55:03 kethcup: lol
00:55:14 The Uncreator: i cant play jacksons
00:55:22 Sircraigery: mine was only a js30, $450 i paid, so nothing fancy
00:55:44 kethcup: I had the $500 model, whatever that is
00:55:50 shredmandan: i just wish i had the body of mine atleast the custom shop paint job was unreal
00:56:00 The Uncreator: The skull one>
00:56:00 kethcup: I gave it to a friend that wanted to start playing but didn't have the money
00:56:02 The Uncreator: ?
00:56:06 shredmandan: yes
00:56:07 Sircraigery: i have a washburn body that fits the charvel neck, so that's my prize in this neck....another guitar. back up to 6 :D
00:56:21 The Uncreator: 6 guitars? damn
00:56:27 Sircraigery: one of every kind
00:56:28 The Uncreator: i got 2
00:56:49 shredmandan: i've had quite a few now only one electric one acoustic
00:57:00 The Uncreator: I got 2 electric 1 acoustic
00:57:18 Sircraigery: 1 acoustic, 1 classical, 1 epi les paul, 1 fender strat, and the charvel/washburn
00:57:27 Sircraigery: sorry, that's 5, my jackson was six
00:57:28 shredmandan: too many times i sold my music equipment to party with lol
00:57:33 kethcup: I have a skin flute
00:57:37 Sircraigery: lol
00:57:44 kethcup: it plays real nice
00:57:45 Sircraigery: that's the only instrument my gf plays
00:57:46 kethcup: :)
00:57:55 Sircraigery: she practises alot!
00:58:00 kethcup: lol
00:58:04 The Uncreator: I want a girlfriend / wife i can talk guitar with
00:58:11 The Uncreator: that would be awesome
00:58:15 shredmandan: wish mine played
00:58:17 kethcup: keep dreaming
00:58:21 Sircraigery: a punk chick, yeah that'd be sweet
00:58:24 The Uncreator: dreami shall
00:58:27 Sircraigery: edmonton is filled with them
00:58:35 kethcup: dude
00:58:42 kethcup: I new you were canadian
00:58:46 The Uncreator: id love to have the conversation on which mode we should use to use in this song or something lol
00:58:56 The Uncreator: i love to argue about music
00:58:57 kethcup: I could tell by the way you spelled practicing!
00:59:05 The Uncreator: lol
00:59:15 Sircraigery: that's the way i learnt
00:59:21 kethcup: I have some friends in Canada
00:59:39 The Uncreator: 3 inches of blood is from canada, 3 inches of blood is awesome.
00:59:40 kethcup: I wanna go up there some time
00:59:54 Sircraigery: damn microsoft word is always screwing with me lol
01:00:00 kethcup: lol
01:00:04 The Uncreator: Yeah it sucks
01:00:13 The Uncreator: mine always freezes
01:00:17 Sircraigery: i really really tried to listen to them, but i couldn't find a song i liked
01:00:27 The Uncreator: I cant find one i dont lol
01:00:36 Sircraigery: well what's the best one?
01:00:49 Sircraigery: i love stuff like lamb of god, and obituary
01:00:49 kethcup: I'm stuck on DevilDriver and Children of Bodom
01:00:56 kethcup: take off Sir!
01:01:01 kethcup: I love Lamb of God
01:01:03 kethcup: :)
01:01:09 The Uncreator: for me its probabaly Forest King, Demons Blade, Axes Of Evil, or Night Marauders and Black Spire
01:01:24 The Uncreator: Obtuary are awesome
01:01:37 Sircraigery: wait i seen children on bodom on youtube, i liked it, i remember now
01:01:49 The Uncreator: i dont like Lamb Of God, but ive seen them live twice, excelletn shows
01:01:58 kethcup: Lamb of God rules
01:02:02 shredmandan: i dig afew children of bodom songs
01:02:15 The Uncreator: i dig every childern of bodom song
01:02:24 The Uncreator: Hate Me! especially
01:02:29 Sircraigery: the song "what i've become" got me into them ....and then the next song "ashes of the wake" has the best fast part ever
01:02:33 shredmandan: living dead beat
01:02:41 kethcup: uncreator how can you not like Lamb of God?
01:03:03 The Uncreator: i dont know, i dont wanna offend anyone but they bore me.
01:03:11 kethcup: no offense
01:03:13 The Uncreator: live show are excellent though
01:03:18 kethcup: it just surprises me
01:03:25 shredmandan: When im trashed i like all hard metal lol
01:03:28 The Uncreator: i givecredit where credit is due, lam of ogd are fantastic performers
01:03:38 The Uncreator: bad
01:03:39 shredmandan: there guitarist are awesome
01:03:45 kethcup: yes they are
01:03:57 Sircraigery: there doesn't seem to be many soad fans at gmc, i think they are great though
01:03:59 kethcup: that's cool man... to each there own
01:04:07 The Uncreator: Yeah exactly
01:04:16 kethcup: old SOAD is ok
01:04:21 kethcup: new is not so good imo
01:04:24 The Uncreator: SOAD, i couldnt get into them
01:04:33 shredmandan: that was the first band i saw live soad i just am into other stuff more
01:04:54 The Uncreator: my first real show was judas priest
01:05:07 kethcup: Mine was Megadeth
01:05:12 The Uncreator: nice
01:05:19 The Uncreator: they are amazing live
01:05:19 kethcup: it was ... very
01:05:23 kethcup: yep
01:05:25 Sircraigery: it's kind of weird, soad is like a metal band that features the drums, and has sort of a hidden guitar parts
01:05:34 kethcup: yea
01:05:35 Sircraigery: i like judas....check this out...
01:05:43 The Uncreator: When did you see Megadeth?
01:05:47 Sircraigery:
01:05:56 Sircraigery: i guess copy paste it lol
01:05:57 shredmandan: thats a show to see megadeth
01:05:57 kethcup: On the Countdown tour - years ago
01:06:04 The Uncreator: awesome
01:06:11 Sircraigery: we did living after midnight
01:06:31 kethcup: they opened up with Holy Whores and I was in love! :)
01:06:36 The Uncreator: Holy Wars is intense live, my neck was hurutn after that one
01:06:39 The Uncreator: hurtin*
01:06:47 Sircraigery: it was kind of a family show, and our lead singer goes and drops the f-bomb lol
01:06:54 The Uncreator: lol
01:07:00 shredmandan: lol
01:07:13 shredmandan: hello crabman
01:07:16 Sircraigery: just listen after the solo
01:07:26 The Uncreator: i played a gig last year where we tried to play Hangar 18, didnt turn out so well
01:07:33 The Uncreator: lol
01:07:40 crabman: Hi all
01:07:48 kethcup: Hangar 18 is a tough song man
01:07:49 The Uncreator: hey whats goin on
01:07:51 Sircraigery: yo
01:07:52 The Uncreator: yeah it is
01:07:54 kethcup: hey crab
01:07:55 shredmandan: did you nail the 50 solo's in hanger lol
01:08:00 The Uncreator: nearly impossible
01:08:10 The Uncreator: we got 3 or 4 then we just gave up lol
01:08:16 shredmandan: lol
01:08:27 kethcup: Sircraig... that's funny that you have that toto africa video I just dl'd that song from itunes
01:08:33 The Uncreator: switched into Symphony Of Destruction
01:08:34 shredmandan: i think thats the most solo's in one song
01:08:36 kethcup: that video is what made me want to get it
01:08:57 Sircraigery: that guys is amazing on guitar, if you haven't seen his other vids i strongly suggest you check them out man
01:09:01 The Uncreator: Helloweens "Halloween" has like 14 solos int it
01:09:09 shredmandan: so what type of music you dig crabman
01:09:15 kethcup: Helloween rules!
01:09:17 The Uncreator: Dragonforce probably hascrammed a few thousand into one song lol
01:09:23 The Uncreator: Helloween does rule!
01:09:26 The Uncreator: I want out!
01:09:36 shredmandan: dude i havent heard halloween
01:09:53 crabman: metallica, gnr ozzy
01:09:53 kethcup: old school stuff shred
01:09:54 The Uncreator: Its on master of the keys part 1 i belive
01:10:13 shredmandan: cool crabman metallica is oneof my favorites there old stuff
01:10:30 Sircraigery: as everyone almost hehe
01:10:36 The Uncreator: <---Iron Maiden for that man there
01:10:46 Sircraigery: i learned 90% of there stuff before i learn my first scale
01:10:57 shredmandan: maiden is one hell of a band as well
01:11:07 crabman: What songs are you working on shred
01:11:17 The Uncreator: I love em, i got a special connection with maiden
01:11:25 The Uncreator: there music means alot to me
01:11:46 shredmandan: mostly my own thing right now but i did just learn angry again and tornado of souls by megdeth a few days ago what about you
01:11:59 The Uncreator: Tornado Of Sould - Aweosmness
01:12:03 The Uncreator: Souls*
01:12:05 kethcup: yep
01:12:08 shredmandan: same with metalica for me uncreator
01:12:12 kethcup: have to agree with that
01:12:25 The Uncreator: Yeah, that usually how favorite bands owrk out
01:12:43 kethcup: I was just jamming out Trapped Under Ice the other day
01:12:53 Sircraigery: hey i just hve one question. what is a triad?
01:12:54 kethcup: That's one of my favs by metallica
01:13:03 shredmandan: thats an awesome one i can play the leads and all on that one
01:13:10 kethcup: a 3 note chord with 5ths?
01:13:17 crabman: one, sweet child o mine, for the love o God ,man in the box
01:13:28 The Uncreator: A triad is a 3 note chord with 5ths, atleast i think it is
01:13:33 The Uncreator: yeah im pretty sure
01:13:34 shredmandan: all good, one is awesome
01:13:43 Sircraigery: oh ok, so it's like 1st 5th and 10th?
01:13:57 kethcup: not sure
01:14:02 The Uncreator: We need andrew lol
01:14:03 shredmandan: im not good in theory i know very little
01:14:07 Sircraigery: lol
01:14:11 The Uncreator: mine knowledge is limited as well
01:14:13 kethcup: I'm terrible with reading music
01:14:13 crabman: yeah but Im struggling with the solo
01:14:27 The Uncreator: i can do it, just not fast
01:14:28 Sircraigery: 10 years of diddling got me to at least know the term existed
01:14:29 kethcup: I'm a play by ear kind of person
01:14:32 The Uncreator: im kinda slow at it
01:14:33 shredmandan: the solo on one crabman
01:14:41 The Uncreator: yeah me to, i like to play by ear
01:15:11 Sircraigery: i figured out messege in a bottle by ear....that was a new high for me
01:15:22 Sircraigery: not the solo of course
01:15:31 kethcup: great guitar in that song
01:15:36 Sircraigery: yep
01:15:44 The Uncreator: my greatest accomplishment was figuring out Symphony X's "The Odysses" by ear
01:15:53 The Uncreator: took me a week and a half
01:16:01 The Uncreator: minus 2 solos lol
01:16:02 kethcup: never heard it
01:16:12 The Uncreator: its 24 minutes long
01:16:18 kethcup: why?
01:16:27 Sircraigery: which part?
01:16:28 The Uncreator: ever read the odyssey?
01:16:33 kethcup: no
01:16:45 kethcup: I read text books
01:16:50 kethcup: that's about all I can read
01:16:50 crabman: how long did it take you guys to play by ear
01:16:54 The Uncreator: Well, in order to completly cover that story, a songs is gonna have to end up that long
01:17:08 shredmandan: anyone heard of martin before?Im sure many of you have
01:17:17 Sircraigery: i still can't man really man, it's alot of trial and error for me
01:17:17 kethcup: yep
01:17:20 The Uncreator: "The Odyesses" is an epic written by the blind greek poet homer
01:17:33 shredmandan: i had a 1941 martin and it was the biggest mistake of my life
01:17:33 Sircraigery: i can't listen to a chord and say "that's a Gsus2" or anything
01:17:55 The Uncreator: Playing by ear comes with time
01:17:57 The Uncreator: alot of time
01:18:01 The Uncreator: Alot alot of time
01:18:08 kethcup: Uncreater you are a philosphist eh?
01:18:13 Sircraigery: just for the record i don't think G sus2 exists
01:18:14 kethcup: I can digg that
01:18:21 kethcup: lol sir
01:18:28 The Uncreator: not really, i just like history and stuff, and literature
01:18:35 kethcup: that's very cool
01:18:45 Sircraigery: i like physics n shit
01:18:49 The Uncreator: lol
01:18:52 Sircraigery: just recently gotten into it
01:18:53 shredmandan: i dig history its the only clas in high school i got a credit in
01:19:05 shredmandan: lol
01:19:10 kethcup: I like C Sharp
01:19:17 kethcup: cause I'm down with the nerd
01:19:26 The Uncreator: History i love! especially chineese and japaneese history, it all amazes me!
01:19:44 The Uncreator: Im weird like that
01:19:53 kethcup: History upsets me
01:19:57 The Uncreator: lol
01:20:00 kethcup: too much violence
01:20:03 Sircraigery: it's fine, i like watching the 'ole history channel
01:20:08 shredmandan: i really dig all the ww2 and old wars
01:20:09 The Uncreator: you can learn alot from it
01:20:10 Sircraigery: don't get it anymore though
01:20:24 shredmandan: i watch the history channel all the time
01:20:34 crabman: thanks for chating with me. my 1st time just wanted to see how it works. see ya
01:20:39 kethcup: That a very true statement uncreator
01:20:44 kethcup: see ya crabman
01:20:49 shredmandan: see ya im a virgin here too lol
01:20:50 kethcup: sorry... we're just kind of ranting
01:20:53 The Uncreator: i just finished reading up on the japaneese book on strategies to defeat an enemie, called the "36 Strategems of War" very cool stuff
01:20:54 Sircraigery: i have a copy of mein kampft somewhere....i'm really curious to see what was in hitler's head.
01:21:23 kethcup: ummm
01:21:24 The Uncreator: Mein Kampf pisses me off, Hitler was so damn ignorant...
01:21:27 kethcup: worls domination
01:21:27 The Uncreator: sorry about that
01:21:28 shredmandan: alot of good drugs in his head i wouldnt mind to have
01:21:37 Sircraigery: oh i agree, i just curious
01:21:45 The Uncreator: yeah i was to
01:21:56 kethcup: He was a sociopath
01:22:00 The Uncreator: his struggle was just ...stupid
01:22:04 The Uncreator: lol
01:22:09 Sircraigery: i think he was just spoiled
01:22:18 kethcup: he was doing it for god from what I understand
01:22:21 shredmandan: he was on pain meds really bad and it made him constipated lol
01:22:22 Sircraigery: the whole "why me?" syndroyme
01:22:36 The Uncreator: Mein Kampf in german means my struggle by the way :)
01:22:52 kethcup: nice to know that
01:22:54 The Uncreator: so hes just complaining through the whole book
01:23:10 Sircraigery: hahaha, his beer was warm lol jk
01:23:16 shredmandan: lol
01:23:18 kethcup: lol
01:23:30 shredmandan: im not much for the beer
01:23:35 kethcup: I am
01:23:36 Sircraigery: das ichen the order I's gives yous!
01:23:40 kethcup: Coors Light
01:23:47 Sircraigery: bud for me
01:23:54 shredmandan: i just get tired when i drink i like something that gets me wired
01:24:11 Sircraigery: i used to get tired when i smoked
01:24:14 The Uncreator: Mein Kampf Ist Ein Toilette!!!
01:24:20 Sircraigery: but man i can up with some weird stuff
01:24:33 kethcup: I can't smoke anymore
01:24:37 shredmandan: bud used to be my thing but i got into an accident and got stuck on pain meds prescribed but it doesnt matter because once you get on them you cant control them
01:24:38 kethcup: weirds me out
01:24:55 The Uncreator: i cant smoke because it kills me, affects me guitar playing, and smokes smells bad.
01:25:00 Sircraigery: i can sensitive teeth...and i can't stand that
01:25:10 Sircraigery: i get i mean
01:25:15 shredmandan: i used to smoke and come up with some cool riffs
01:25:35 Sircraigery: on another note i quit cigarettes a few months ago
01:25:39 Sircraigery: 10 years on those puppies
01:25:48 kethcup: lol I just started up again
01:25:51 shredmandan: same here but i havnt quit
01:25:58 The Uncreator: Wir Sprechen Sie Deutsch ?
01:26:00 Sircraigery: idiot! lol i know what it's like
01:26:02 The Uncreator: anyone?
01:26:05 Sircraigery: nope
01:26:06 kethcup: yep
01:26:21 kethcup: I'm a social smoker though.
01:26:28 Sircraigery: ok a bit haha, but very rusty at it
01:26:29 shredmandan: lol wish i was
01:26:43 The Uncreator: wow its 1:30 am here
01:26:48 Sircraigery: 11:30 here
01:26:49 shredmandan: same here
01:26:51 The Uncreator: i gotta and do that sleep thing
01:26:54 kethcup: 11:30 here
01:26:56 The Uncreator: beofre work
01:27:02 shredmandan: 1:30
01:27:07 Sircraigery: if ya got a job to go to today, should probably get 'er done
01:27:18 shredmandan: im up till day time then i crash
01:27:21 The Uncreator: thanks for the good conversations people!
01:27:26 The Uncreator: cya later!
01:27:28 kethcup: werd!
01:27:29 Sircraigery: my last day is tomorrow.....i quit! stickin it to the man!
01:27:31 kethcup: take care
01:27:33 shredmandan: c ya
01:27:34 Sircraigery: later man
01:27:46 kethcup: what do you do sir?
01:27:50 shredmandan: stick it to him
01:28:04 Sircraigery: i work for's a big oil company (big surprise being from alberta)
01:28:24 kethcup: do you plot on wear to dig?
01:28:36 kethcup: where*
01:28:40 Sircraigery: drill is the term hehe
01:28:45 kethcup: lol
01:28:51 shredmandan: lol
01:29:02 kethcup: Are you a master triginomitrist?
01:29:27 Sircraigery: nope, we go in after the hole is drilled, and we "log" the well...aka take geographical measurements to see how much oil is in the spot
01:29:40 kethcup: nice
01:29:43 kethcup: like it?
01:29:46 kethcup: oh wait
01:29:51 kethcup: you're quitting... I guess not
01:29:53 kethcup: lol
01:30:05 Sircraigery: well not really...cuz i have to fix the logging tool all the time because they are old and shitty lol
01:30:16 Sircraigery: no one else knows how
01:30:28 kethcup: why you are a commodity then, eh?
01:30:30 Sircraigery: i'm going back to university
01:30:37 kethcup: what for?
01:30:44 Sircraigery: petroleum engineering haha
01:30:50 kethcup: lol nice!
01:30:56 Sircraigery: alberta is 1005 about the oil
01:30:59 Sircraigery: %
01:31:12 Sircraigery: lots of millionaries i want to be one of them
01:31:18 Sircraigery: want to see something crazy
01:31:18 kethcup: nice
01:31:26 kethcup: I know some people in Alberta
01:31:30 Sircraigery: i'll give you a link to what a houe it worth here
01:31:34 Sircraigery: house
01:31:38 kethcup: cool
01:32:01 kethcup: shredman you still alive?
01:32:31 Sircraigery:
01:32:35 Sircraigery: hope that works
01:32:44 Sircraigery: my dad lives in fort mcmurray
01:32:59 kethcup: dude that's retarded
01:33:10 shredmandan: yeah just spinningmy son around
01:33:23 kethcup: cool. just checkin!
01:33:31 shredmandan: he is still up at 1:30 and he is 1
01:33:38 Sircraigery: wait bad example...because that was a nice house
01:33:39 shredmandan: lol
01:33:41 Sircraigery: look at this one
01:33:49 Sircraigery:
01:34:08 kethcup: wow
01:34:12 kethcup: why so much?
01:34:24 kethcup: well wait... what's the conversion rate?
01:34:32 kethcup: 1.4%?
01:34:37 Sircraigery:
01:34:48 Sircraigery: lol there is over 1000 for sale like that
01:35:01 Sircraigery: because $50/hr is common here
01:35:08 kethcup: that's like California here
01:35:12 Sircraigery: or at least in fort mac anyways
01:35:31 Sircraigery: mcdonalds workers make $25/hr if you can believe that
01:35:37 kethcup: your inflation is high!
01:35:44 shredmandan: wow
01:35:47 Sircraigery: but it's not all over
01:36:04 shredmandan: now i want to work at mcdonalds lol
01:36:05 Sircraigery: only in the cities, and the rest is minimum wage of 7/hr
01:36:25 kethcup: well I would work in the city and buy on the outskirts!
01:36:43 Sircraigery: man, i've tried that a tone! lol there is no way
01:37:01 Sircraigery: my friend just sold his place, that he bought 5 years ago, for 1.7 m
01:37:10 kethcup: frack me!
01:37:14 Sircraigery: he had an acre outside the city
01:37:21 kethcup: nice equity gain there, eh?
01:37:31 Sircraigery: lol no kidding
01:37:42 Sircraigery: i was too busy going to college....what a waste lol
01:37:47 kethcup: haha
01:37:52 kethcup: makes it seem so huh
01:38:31 Sircraigery: meh, i got no worries
01:38:45 kethcup: that's a good place to be in
01:39:01 Sircraigery: at least i don't have kids to look after...then i'd be screwed
01:39:13 shredmandan: yep
01:39:16 kethcup: yep.. if you're not ready for it, it makes it hard
01:39:17 Sircraigery: good buy craig's new truck and guitars lol
01:39:24 kethcup: lol
01:39:47 Sircraigery: you guys have kids?
01:39:58 shredmandan: i have 2
01:40:04 Sircraigery: age?
01:40:06 kethcup: nah
01:40:11 shredmandan: 6 and 1
01:40:21 shredmandan: and im 24 soon to be 25 lol
01:40:25 Sircraigery: your on your way then
01:40:30 Sircraigery: i turn 25 in oct
01:40:46 shredmandan: but i have always been there for them though regarless of age
01:40:57 kethcup: that's good man
01:41:03 kethcup: very important
01:41:04 Sircraigery: that's good. i'd buck up if i had to
01:41:23 shredmandan: got married at 18 wife was 16 and were all still together raising are 2 kids
01:41:39 kethcup: man you don't waste any time huh?
01:41:41 kethcup: lol
01:41:50 shredmandan: tell me about it
01:41:54 Sircraigery: early retirement! lol
01:42:23 shredmandan: It was hard but i wanted to be with her and was the kind of guy that wouldnt walk away from a child i made
01:42:32 Sircraigery: how old are you keth?
01:42:40 kethcup: old as mold
01:42:44 kethcup: 30
01:42:58 Sircraigery: my sister is 30, can't be that bad
01:43:05 kethcup: nah... it's not really
01:43:07 shredmandan: 30 isnt old to me
01:43:22 shredmandan: just that next step after 20's
01:43:29 kethcup: It's actually kind of cool man. You start growing up a little and life makes a little more sense
01:43:34 kethcup: at least for me
01:43:39 shredmandan: i can see that
01:43:55 Sircraigery: good, cuz i'm freakin lost lol i have no idea what i'm doing in life
01:44:00 kethcup: lol
01:44:04 kethcup: I don't either man
01:44:06 shredmandan: i look back 10 years and im a complete diffeent person
01:44:15 kethcup: I guess you just accept it lol
01:44:30 kethcup: yea me too man. completely different
01:44:32 Sircraigery: when i was 15 i was skateboarding and breaking things lol
01:44:53 kethcup: I was drinking and smoking alot of weed
01:45:12 Sircraigery: we all had that weed plant that was "just about to bud"
01:45:17 shredmandan: i smashed alot of mailboxes and stuff also the drinking and smoking thing
01:45:26 kethcup: lol
01:45:30 shredmandan: my plants never made it lol
01:45:37 kethcup: mine neither lol
01:45:38 Sircraigery: anytime a spec would show up it'd be picked clean lol
01:45:44 kethcup: haha
01:45:54 shredmandan: lol to hard to wait
01:45:57 kethcup: I just ate the seeds. I got tired of waiting
01:46:01 kethcup: yep haha
01:46:39 Sircraigery: my friend actually got 6 plants going a couple years ago, he just left the outside (again....rural in sin't an issue)
01:46:51 shredmandan: smoking isnt what it used to be.Even now it just makes me tired ,its ok out with old friends but thats about for me now a days
01:46:53 kethcup: nice
01:47:09 kethcup: I can't do that shit anymore man
01:47:13 kethcup: makes me weird out
01:47:27 kethcup: I'll be all up in Dee-bows chicken coupe
01:47:49 Sircraigery: i can, i sleep like a baby after. i wind up fairly easy, so i like it every once in a while
01:47:51 Sircraigery: lol
01:47:59 Sircraigery: f*ck you hectar!
01:48:05 kethcup: lol
01:48:10 shredmandan: lol
01:48:57 kethcup: I guess I'm mellow enough as it is so when I get blazed I mellow out so much I forget to breathe and shit
01:49:06 shredmandan: lol
01:49:26 Sircraigery: well boys, i should hit the rested for my last day when i tell the boss to lick my taint! lol later guys
01:49:31 shredmandan: it's just one of those things thats awesone as a kid
01:49:36 Sircraigery: legs up!
01:49:37 kethcup: haha
01:49:38 Sircraigery: lol
01:49:40 shredmandan: good luck
01:49:42 kethcup: right on man...
01:49:45 kethcup: it's been good
01:50:10 Sircraigery: yeah for sure. bye
01:51:09 shredmandan: well i guess im going to try and jam again and see what happens.Talk to you later
01:51:35 kethcup: right on man. I'm just sitting here fighting getting up and brushing my teeth. Too much work!
01:51:44 kethcup: it's been good talking with you man
01:51:53 kethcup: sup argitblues
01:52:15 shredmandan: same here if i get tired of jamming ill be back if your around
01:52:15 Argieblues: Hi people, regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina
01:52:58 kethcup: Sorry Argie, you just caught me on my way to bed. It's very late here and I have to work in the morning.
01:53:16 kethcup: I'll check ya out some other time. Nice to meet you!
01:53:26 JVM: yo
01:53:26 Argieblues: No problem, good night
01:53:31 kethcup: yo JVM
01:53:38 kethcup: I'm outtie 5
01:53:38 JVM: leaving?
01:53:43 kethcup: yea... gotta crash
01:53:44 kethcup: sorry
01:53:46 JVM: later
01:53:49 kethcup: ...
01:54:06 JVM: hey
01:54:11 Argieblues: yeah
01:54:17 JVM: whats up
01:54:23 JVM: haven't seen you around, you new?
01:54:43 Argieblues: nothing soo great, just coming to the chat for the first time
01:54:50 Argieblues: yes, form Argentina
01:54:54 Argieblues: (from)
01:55:00 JVM: cool
01:55:05 JVM: isnt gabe from argentina?
01:55:05 Argieblues: you?
01:55:10 JVM: i'm from north carolina
01:55:16 Argieblues: yes, he is from here too....
01:55:21 JVM: \m/
01:55:36 Argieblues: North carolina.......there are a luthier there making nice fenders
01:55:44 JVM: there is?
01:55:54 JVM: hey dan
01:56:05 Argieblues: there IS.......(excuse my bad english please)
01:56:13 JVM: no problem.. i understood you
01:56:21 JVM: im just not aware of any good luthiers around here
01:56:23 shredmandan: hey man every time i try and go jam something goes wrong tonight
01:56:24 Argieblues: Do you know Rick Mariner?
01:56:32 JVM: i've heard the name
01:56:37 JVM: sounds familiar
01:56:39 Argieblues: he`s the one I mean
01:56:45 JVM: hmm
01:56:48 JVM: ill have to investigate
01:56:52 JVM: lol
01:56:59 Argieblues: he did a Tele for me
01:57:03 JVM: sweet.
01:57:05 JVM: I love teles
01:57:37 shredmandan: i wouldnt mind to have a tele
01:57:43 Argieblues: Butterscothch, EMG pick ups, sweet and enough aggresive if you want it
01:57:49 JVM: they're really comfortable
01:57:53 JVM: the necks
01:58:17 Argieblues: well I never played a more comfortable guitar, perhaps better ones in other aspects for sure
01:58:25 shredmandan: im about to have to get a new neck or mine refretted one or the other
01:58:32 JVM: you should try a parker nitefly
01:58:37 Argieblues: what guitar?
01:58:43 JVM: I thought I'd never find a more comfortable guitar than my telecaster, but this is it
01:58:55 Argieblues: a Parker?
01:58:58 JVM: it's the same guitar kris and david walliman have
01:59:00 shredmandan: im sure it is lucky
01:59:10 shredmandan: lol
01:59:15 Argieblues: yes, there`s not much parkers here
01:59:24 shredmandan: same here
01:59:29 JVM: theres not many anywhere unfortunately
01:59:44 Argieblues: we are depending of the`s near impossible to pick a Gibson, as example
01:59:48 JVM: but if you get an opportunity, snatch one! take my advice, from a tele player :P
01:59:55 JVM: gibsons are wonderful
01:59:58 JVM: but far too expensive
02:00:02 Argieblues: will do
02:00:06 JVM: i imagine they're really expensive imports
02:00:27 shredmandan: I bet , gibsons are really nice just not my thing
02:00:27 Argieblues: yes, but I saw a les Paul not sooo expensive......coulñd be a LP studio =??=
02:00:46 JVM: well, any LP as long as its a gibson is good
02:00:51 JVM: studio, special, custom
02:01:30 shredmandan: i played a sweet studio but it was heavier than a cender block no joke
02:01:32 Argieblues: I`ve seen a studio , monochrome, not so much high quality details, but still a LP, my son wants one, anyone tried an Epi Les Paul?
02:01:43 JVM: epis arent as good
02:01:49 JVM: yeah dan, theyre so heavy :D not my thing
02:02:07 Argieblues: but could it be enough good for a 16 years old beginning rocker?
02:02:16 JVM: complete beginner?
02:02:26 Argieblues: heavy in weight do you mean ?..or sound?
02:02:31 JVM: both really!
02:02:38 shredmandan: i had a epi it was a cheap speciall 2 model but it sounded ok.Definatly for a 16 year old it would be good they just differ by woods used and parts
02:02:39 JVM: they've got a really fat sound
02:02:48 JVM: but yeah, theyre like, 12 pounds or more
02:02:49 Argieblues: not complete, he`s doing it pretty well with the gabe SRV lesson....
02:03:05 JVM: whats he playing now?
02:03:20 Argieblues: I have an Epi Casino here, but it`s other kind of instrument as a fender, definitely
02:03:27 JVM: well
02:03:28 Argieblues: he`s playing a Mex Strat
02:03:33 JVM: an epi casino is a GREAT guitar
02:03:43 JVM: but an epi les paul is not in the same league as a casino
02:03:56 Argieblues: I feel the Casino just like a beautiful woman-.....
02:04:05 JVM: lol
02:04:12 Argieblues: yes..I`ve tried an Epi SG and it was crap
02:04:22 JVM: yeah I'd suggest not getting an epi
02:04:27 Argieblues: a question
02:04:37 shredmandan: yes i would like a casino model.I wouldnt play it that much but nice to add to a collection and play some styles with
02:04:48 Argieblues: There is an American Standard Strat ´96 for 1500.....
02:05:04 Argieblues: high, good, low price?
02:05:07 JVM: I'd say probably not, but im not an expert on strats
02:05:12 JVM: that sounds like a pretty high price to me
02:05:19 Argieblues: aha
02:05:22 JVM: you can get a really good strat for under 1000
02:05:22 shredmandan: what s the exchange rate
02:05:38 shredmandan: he is in argentia
02:05:52 JVM: oh, I almost forgot :p
02:05:52 Argieblues: I will go to test it ..I`m dispossal to buy it if I like it.......
02:06:03 Argieblues: Not here JVM, remember my far location
02:06:10 JVM: yeah
02:06:22 Argieblues: when a ghood guitar appears in the music store, people go running to test
02:06:35 shredmandan: are they that rare around there?
02:06:54 JVM: just make sure everything feels solid, like make sure the knobs are going to stay on and everything :p
02:06:54 Argieblues: too much musicians for a few good instruments, you know
02:06:59 JVM: and if it sounds good I'd say go for it
02:07:25 Argieblues: not rare, but there aren´t enough to the whole musicians panorama
02:07:41 shredmandan: is there alot of used guitars for sale maybe?
02:07:52 JVM: used is the way to go a lot of the time
02:07:57 Argieblues: yes, I wish to get one with real low action but still perfect tune all over the fretboard
02:08:29 shredmandan: I have to have my guitars set to low action all the way till if you went lower it would buzz
02:08:36 Argieblues: There are a lot of used guitars here, but not much really good (Gibsons or Original USA fenders) too much squier or Tela Mex, you know
02:09:19 Argieblues: tele / Strat Mexican I meant
02:09:28 shredmandan: some of the mex strats are still really good.I have one thats a stratocster deluxe series and i just put a duncan humbucker init and its awesome
02:10:07 shredmandan: pickups make a big difference to you know
02:10:09 Argieblues: yes, I "touched" the Mex Strat of my son, (tune machines, jack, saddles,. etc) and it becomes really better than orioginal.
02:10:36 Argieblues: yes, sure,. pick ups are the sound core
02:10:40 shredmandan: some you do just have to watchout for the cheap hardware
02:11:14 Argieblues: exactly, remove the cheap stuff for something better and the guitar raises its quality
02:11:50 Argieblues: Anyone afraid for craching strings?, I`m using those graphite saddles and they are really great
02:11:59 Argieblues: cracking I meant
02:12:04 shredmandan: i have replaced almost all the parts on mine.It has gold hardware and over the past 10 years alot faded and i just put new ones on a few days ago
02:12:15 Argieblues: great
02:12:23 shredmandan: i have wondered about those saddles
02:12:35 shredmandan: thought about buying some
02:12:47 Argieblues: They are a wonder, don`t doubt, youcan bend to infinite
02:13:13 shredmandan: i definatly need that especially since i love using a vibrato in my solo's
02:13:31 Argieblues: sure......what kind of saddles do you have?
02:14:11 shredmandan: i just have a basic steel saddle right now with gold plating over them to match my guitar
02:14:39 Argieblues: they have some of entire graphite, and others with graphite inserts
02:14:56 shredmandan: i have a pick of it on gmc it;s under a topic called gold hardware in gear
02:15:05 Argieblues: I really can´t figure why the great musicians doesn´t use that stuff, is really great.....
02:15:21 shredmandan: yep
02:15:35 Argieblues: I will take a look second tele already has gold hardware....
02:15:52 shredmandan: what all you got?
02:16:11 Argieblues: do you remember the Harrison´s Tele on Let it be?
02:16:26 shredmandan: yeah
02:16:35 Argieblues: well, I entrusted this one in rosewood , hollow body, with golden hardware
02:16:44 shredmandan: cool
02:17:01 Argieblues: it`s incredibly sweet, fretboard is the same as the SRV Strat
02:17:28 shredmandan: sounds nice
02:17:34 shredmandan: you still alive jvm
02:17:46 JVM: yep
02:17:48 JVM: metronoming lol
02:17:53 Argieblues: lol
02:17:56 shredmandan: lol
02:18:06 shredmandan: ill be back in a minute
02:18:36 Argieblues: I am a medium to bad guitarist, but my goal is never needed a metronome...I think it`s my only good fact with the instrument, the tempo.......
02:18:40 Argieblues: ok
02:19:02 JVM: right now im using it to help my picking
02:19:27 JVM: im trying to put my right hand on autopilot to the tempo while I do something with my left hand
02:20:03 Argieblues: it`s incredible what Internet brings to guitarists....I think if I had this tools on my 16´years old I would be a really good one...
02:20:31 JVM: how long have you been playing?
02:20:58 Argieblues: 30 years?....I`m 46 now...
02:22:10 JVM: I bet you're pretty good
02:22:54 Argieblues: no...I was mainly a singer and second guitar all my life....
02:23:43 JVM: well
02:23:45 JVM: I wish I could sing
02:24:04 Argieblues: how old are you?
02:24:08 JVM: 17
02:24:41 Argieblues: One more than my major son, you have ALL the time , man...I mean ALL lol
02:25:11 JVM: thats why I joined gmc ;)
02:25:26 JVM: I want to make the best use of my time
02:25:50 Argieblues: yes , GMC is a really good oriented academy I think
02:25:57 Argieblues: good think
02:26:10 JVM: how long have you been here again?
02:26:37 Argieblues: I´ve read Kris saying thet you an play 20 years BAD and learn more in 20 days or so....I can´t sign that appreciation, believe me
02:26:48 Argieblues: I`m new, less than a month
02:28:33 JVM: so
02:28:36 JVM: you like the blues eh? :D
02:29:33 Argieblues: yes, but this is some strange. I love The play and sing, you know, but when it become just to play my guitar, I

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Kristofer Dahl
Aug 26 2007, 12:40 AM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.350
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
02:29:33 Argieblues: yes, but this is some strange. I love The play and sing, you know, but when it become just to play my guitar, I always run to the blues......I really don`t know why....

02:29:49 JVM: its fun to play

02:29:52 JVM: and so are the beatles

02:30:05 JVM: maybe because the blues are so expressive by themselves

02:30:21 Argieblues: I grew up with The beatles, perhaps it`s a generational thing........

02:30:29 Argieblues: yes, you`re right

02:30:39 JVM: so

02:30:42 JVM: paul, or john?

02:32:14 Argieblues: Both. Paul as a musician, John a poet, a really perfect and "one and only" couple

02:32:20 JVM: I agree

02:32:27 JVM: I think paul has the better voice

02:32:41 JVM: but I'd have to pick john if it came right down to it

02:32:50 Argieblues: and get the Harrison solo stuff also.....there are real gems there

02:32:54 Argieblues: jajaja, sure.......

02:33:11 JVM: I do have some harrison solo stuff

02:33:17 JVM: my dad is a big beatles fan as well

02:33:26 JVM: also been a guitar player for 40 years

02:33:40 Argieblues: really?, He still playing?

02:33:43 JVM: yep

02:33:44 JVM: he's 55

02:33:58 shredmandan: So did your dad get you into playing jvm?

02:34:10 JVM: I suppose he's probably the reason I was interested to play

02:34:16 JVM: but he never really taught me anything :p

02:34:33 Argieblues: Does he support you as a musician?

02:34:55 JVM: he's buying me a new amp pretty soon here :p

02:35:07 JVM: he and I play a lot of the same stuff

02:35:09 Argieblues: well done!

02:35:16 JVM: but I play a lot more stuff than him

02:35:29 JVM: he's mainly just classic rock/folk rock kind of stuff

02:35:37 JVM: bob dylan, the band, neil young etc

02:35:52 Argieblues: well, that how the things should be, our kids must be better than ours lol

02:36:02 Argieblues: ours?...nono, US

02:36:26 JVM: or you could have said.. our kids skills must be better than ours :p

02:36:34 JVM: you speak english pretty well

02:37:00 Argieblues: thanks for the lie! lol

02:38:01 JVM: es preferible que mi español

02:38:33 Argieblues: well. ,for english speaking people is more difficult the spanish than the english for us, spanish speaking people.....

02:38:47 JVM: really?

02:39:04 Argieblues: yes, that`s what english speaking people say

02:39:24 JVM: hm

02:39:29 JVM: I never thought of that

02:39:49 Argieblues: in fact, spanish is a more complex languaje than english

02:39:59 JVM: i'll say!

02:40:05 JVM: its just, a lot of english doesnt make sense :p

02:41:13 JVM: do you guys ever put your ear to the neck of your guitar and play? :p

03:21:19 shredmandan: hello anyone

07:40:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: hmmmm

07:40:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok im off again ;) bye all

09:45:38 Rvddps: hey

09:45:47 Smikey2006: hey whats up

11:48:18 Nick325: hola

15:55:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: hi

18:21:24 Nick325: hey

18:47:05 Nick325: high again

18:47:08 Nick325: hi*

19:22:20 shredmandan: hello

19:40:43 shredmandan: jello

19:41:14 muris: hi :)
19:41:30 muris: ****meow**
19:41:44 shredmandan: whats going on muris

19:41:52 muris: not much

19:42:01 muris: watching some TV show

19:42:03 muris: you?

19:42:26 shredmandan: watching my kids trying to kick back

19:42:35 muris: cool :)
19:42:46 muris: how old are you,if I may ask?

19:42:54 shredmandan: 24 u

19:42:59 muris: 27

19:43:16 shredmandan: im young to have kids lol

19:43:30 muris: well not really

19:43:42 muris: even younger have few :)
19:43:52 shredmandan: i dug your last lesson wanting to mix that up in my own style

19:44:02 muris: ahh

19:44:05 muris: funk stuff

19:44:07 muris: ok :)
19:44:29 shredmandan: yeah i mostly play metal and lead stuff but its cool to mix all that up into one style

19:44:37 muris: sure

19:44:43 muris: fusion is all about

19:45:03 shredmandan: ever get your new guitar working?

19:47:15 shredmandan: i just replaced alot of the old hardware on mine

19:48:22 shredmandan: u still there

19:48:57 muris: yeah

19:49:04 muris: got some msn stuff

19:49:10 shredmandan: cool

19:49:15 muris: new one shall be done in this weekend

19:49:20 muris: I hope :)
19:49:41 shredmandan: so how long have you been playing

19:49:53 muris: about 13-14 years

19:50:22 shredmandan: about 11 for me and im disapointed in what i know in that amount of time

19:50:31 muris: well

19:50:48 muris: right answer isn't in years actually

19:50:59 muris: but in hours :)
19:51:06 shredmandan: i think i just got stuck doing the same old thing for past years after getting married and learning all the metallica stuf

19:51:16 muris: I mean you can play since 60s

19:51:21 muris: but not much ofetn

19:51:33 muris: often*

19:51:58 shredmandan: i play atleast a few hours a day

19:52:07 muris: that's ok

19:52:37 shredmandan: what i really lack on is sweep and the big guys like malmsteen vai ect

19:52:54 muris: music probably isn't your primare occupation so have nothing to be worry about tho

19:53:04 shredmandan: just feel if i would have set my goals better when i started i would already be there

19:53:12 muris: yeah

19:53:23 shredmandan: true its not but i hope for it for my son now and i plan to teach him

19:53:24 muris: goals must be setted up

19:53:30 shredmandan: agree

19:53:43 muris: wish you luck with your kid :)
19:53:55 muris: tell me if I can be of any help

19:54:04 shredmandan: thanks i pray everyday that he will want to play and i think he will

19:54:10 muris: biggest succes is just to get them off the streets

19:54:40 shredmandan: agree / he's just one now my girl is 6

19:54:54 muris: yeah

19:55:02 muris: you're still ok

19:55:09 muris: teen age is nasty

19:55:36 shredmandan: lol tell me about it / what a worry / so you got working on that sweep leson yet

19:56:01 muris: it almost done

19:56:16 shredmandan: cant wait

19:56:17 muris: must wait for other to be running

19:56:26 muris: than I'll upload that one

19:56:52 shredmandan: so what inspired you to play guitar?

19:56:59 muris: war :)
19:57:04 muris: had nothing else to do

19:57:17 shredmandan: your from bosnia right?

19:57:21 muris: yep

19:57:33 shredmandan: i see / thats had to be hard

19:57:47 muris: it was really bad

19:57:57 muris: but are doing fine now

19:58:05 muris: still in rebulid stage

19:58:09 muris: but it's ok :)
19:58:33 shredmandan: thats good its getting better/ i think many people here take advantage of how easy we have had it

19:58:54 muris: guess so

19:59:15 shredmandan: alot of the dudes i used to jam with are now in Iraq and i hate that for them

19:59:35 muris: yeah,politics sucks everywhere

19:59:41 shredmandan: agree

20:00:04 shredmandan: i dont have anybody around now to jam with

20:00:21 shredmandan: atleast not at an intermidaite level

20:00:23 muris: sorry to hear that

20:00:46 shredmandan: did you have some friends when you started to jam with?

20:00:46 muris: which town you're from?

20:01:25 shredmandan: Im in Tennessee very country in USA people still ride horses out here to get places lol

20:01:36 muris: lol

20:01:37 muris: ok

20:01:53 muris: I'll ask to your question by question

20:02:11 muris: what do you think how many bands were in Sarajaevo durring the siege?

20:02:26 shredmandan: 10

20:02:30 muris: lol

20:02:46 muris: at that time Sarajevo had about 700.000 citizens

20:02:52 muris: and more than 100 bands

20:02:54 muris: :)
20:03:04 shredmandan: wow

20:03:21 muris: yeah

20:03:41 muris: that was the best way to have fun,spend time and stay alive tho

20:03:50 shredmandan: there's really not any good bands around in my area
20:04:05 muris: lack of motivation

20:04:05 shredmandan: im so glad my kids dont have to wory like that now

20:04:20 shredmandan: maybe that or talent lol

20:04:29 muris: no mate

20:04:38 muris: talent is about 1 %

20:04:47 muris: 99% is wish

20:05:00 muris: and if you'll work hard :)
20:05:13 shredmandan: there only like 3 places out here to plat at and most are just starting when there good they move to the city

20:05:33 muris: I see

20:05:57 shredmandan: you get what you put into the guitar and i need to put alot more in

20:06:25 shredmandan: wish my idol would have been a shred man when i first started

20:06:47 muris: :D
20:06:55 muris: so who was is?

20:07:30 shredmandan: Metallica was my idol i guess i wish it would have been someone like malmsteen or someone like that

20:08:08 muris: I started with Hetfield and Hammet stuff too :)
20:08:33 shredmandan: you know how do we decide who is the best at guitar ?is it by speed? i mean hendriz is looked at like a god and his stuff is nothing compared to some of these peolple

20:08:41 muris: was learning everything from Kill'em'All to Black

20:09:04 shredmandan: same here i stoped at load

20:09:13 muris: yeah

20:09:22 muris: since's just wrong

20:09:28 muris: Black was the top

20:09:29 shredmandan: agree

20:09:32 muris: and that's it

20:10:00 shredmandan: so what made you play the style you do now?

20:10:18 muris: not sure what my style is in a first place :)
20:10:26 shredmandan: good answer

20:10:29 muris: I'm all mixed

20:10:37 muris: love to play many stuff

20:10:51 muris: so you like shred?

20:10:58 shredmandan: thats the way to do it because if you can mix it up enough you may make your own

20:11:31 shredmandan: love shred just about all of it.some times it gets silly or overboard but most people that play shred i love

20:11:47 muris: ok :)
20:11:59 muris: I'm not shreder..generaly speking

20:12:06 muris: but i DO have one tune

20:12:12 muris: for my next album..

20:12:22 shredmandan: i can tell you are capable of it though

20:12:25 muris: and there's a battle between keyboard and guitar

20:12:35 shredmandan: like to here that
20:12:40 muris: well

20:12:54 muris: promise me that you'll only listen to it..not download it

20:12:59 muris: and I'll link you :)
20:13:18 shredmandan: sounds good im a man of my word

20:13:28 muris: ok

20:13:43 shredmandan: so you make a living off the guitar alone?

20:13:50 muris: it's still unmixed,guitars are info tracks but you'll get the idea

20:14:23 shredmandan: cool

20:15:23 muris:

20:16:05 shredmandan: im checking it out

20:17:50 shredmandan: dude its sounds really cool right up my alley you got to use that/ and i didnt download it as you requested

20:18:04 muris: thanks twice :)
20:18:28 muris: it'll be on next album

20:18:48 muris: I'm recording final guitar tracks as soon as I get my new custom

20:19:03 shredmandan: i wish i could make a living doing something with the guitar even working in a guitar shop would be awesome to me

20:19:23 muris: yeah,it's a bless to do what you like

20:19:39 muris: unfortunately,many don;t have that privilege

20:20:06 shredmandan: its just something im very passionet about i love how some songs can make you cry,happy,sad, ect

20:20:21 muris: yep,music IS a miracle :)
20:20:23 shredmandan: passionet lol cant spell to great

20:21:17 shredmandan: if i could relate what im going for on the guitar by instructor i would have to say marcus style is what im shooting for at this time

20:21:17 muris: hello owen

20:21:44 muris: got your pointe,sort of neo-shred

20:21:54 Owen: hey

20:21:57 shredmandan: i have respect for all the instructor's and enjoy there lessons

20:22:13 shredmandan: musicians respect musicians// hey owen

20:22:37 muris: that's great to that your name?

20:22:55 shredmandan: correct lol well its daniel but go by dan

20:23:06 Owen: I enjoy the theory and the message board more than the videos I think, I like to toy with stuff until I find what I like, but I remember that the discussion and the theory really isnt the bit I'm paying for :)
20:23:08 muris: cool...nice to meet you tho :)
20:23:26 shredmandan: same here muris

20:23:36 muris: ;)
20:23:39 shredmandan: never had a chance to talk to you til now

20:24:05 shredmandan: andrew is a great guy to learn from on the theory

20:24:34 muris: sure

20:24:52 muris: Andrew knows a lot regarging to theory

20:25:03 shredmandan: i lack theory in my playing alot// i have learned little but would love to get it all down

20:25:19 muris: theory really helps

20:25:22 muris: in many ways

20:25:43 shredmandan: i agree

20:26:26 shredmandan: got to reload
20:26:33 Owen: Yep, although I think some people are good better at the spontienity of writing riffs without it

20:26:50 muris: agree

20:26:56 shredmandan: my son came over and smacked my keyboad ;lol

20:26:56 muris: must use it in real time

20:26:59 Owen: I have friends that can write much better material than me but know much less theory

20:27:01 muris: lol

20:27:04 muris: tell him hi

20:27:11 Owen: ****waving** :P

20:27:17 shredmandan: lol

20:27:31 shredmandan: dude he's so rotten right now into everything

20:27:45 muris: can tell :)
20:28:29 muris: Owen,it is that theory sometime locks you inside some rules etc

20:28:55 muris: but having it among with bunch of musicality
20:28:55 shredmandan: in trying to work on a track myself right now.Smurkas on here hooked me up with some drums and im wanting to get it out soon

20:29:01 muris: that's the hit :)
20:29:33 Owen: :P

20:29:48 muris: looking forward to hear that Dan :)
20:29:57 muris: guys,got to go now

20:30:06 muris: it's late here,must get up at 9

20:30:06 shredmandan: thanks just check in the uploads/ see ya muris

20:30:07 Owen: ttyl!

20:30:18 muris: see ya :)
20:30:19 muris: bye

20:30:43 Owen: ah, I wrote a wierd and badly mixed song today

20:30:49 shredmandan: so where you live man? in in USA 24 u

20:30:52 Owen: I have concluded I need a better drum machine :P

20:30:58 Owen: Scotland, 16

20:31:26 shredmandan: i cant use a drum machine good but dude on here hooked me up with some patterns

20:31:57 shredmandan: used to have a drum machine but had problems making drum fills and changing parts in songs

20:32:03 Owen: yeah, I end up writing some really wierd time signatures and patterns if left to my own devices

20:32:09 Owen: it can end up a bit incoherent

20:32:30 Owen: I'm no drummer so it ends up a bit random lol

20:32:36 shredmandan: same here

20:33:27 shredmandan: what type of guitar you use? i use a fender strat and i had to put a duncan distortion humbucker in it though

20:33:40 Owen: I have a Telecaster

20:33:46 Owen: although its pretty unique

20:33:49 shredmandan: nice

20:34:19 shredmandan: always wanted a tele to play my clean stuff on

20:34:32 Owen: I think it was a Squier, but someone changed the decal on the headstock, replaced the pick guard, changed the neck plate and added humbuckers lol
20:34:55 Owen: having a tele with two humbuckers is a bit of an oxymoron

20:35:05 shredmandan: cool i just replaced most the parts on mine as well

20:35:20 shredmandan: that is wild i have never seenit done lol

20:36:13 Owen:

20:36:14 Owen: its like that

20:36:18 Owen: only with a fender decal

20:36:28 shredmandan: ill be right back in a sec ok

20:36:30 Owen: and its natural finish

20:36:41 Owen: it used to be orange gloss but I sanded the whole lot down

20:36:42 Owen: ah k

20:39:37 shredmandan: ok had to lay my boy down

20:40:19 shredmandan: wow i didnt even know they did make humbuckerd tele's lol

20:40:29 Owen: Theres a few :P

20:41:08 Owen: It's pretty unique I reckon, relatively good action and sound too and I got it at an alright price for the Uk at least

20:41:52 shredmandan: cool i got my parts that i redid on guitar really cheap

20:42:03 Owen: ah cool

20:42:14 Owen: whats your guitar like then?

20:43:00 Owen: I'd imagine it'd be pretty different having a duncan humbucker in a strat too :P

20:43:49 shredmandan: i have a pic in the gear area although it doesnt look as good on pic but i have all new gold hardware except for the tuning pegs and its transparent red with tortise shell pickguard i love it just hate its 21 fret

20:44:05 Owen: ah

20:44:09 Owen: mines in the gear bit too

20:44:15 Owen: I'll have a look :P

20:44:27 shredmandan: i had to have the humbucker specially put in because it was a 3single before had to cut pickguard to be it came out perfect

20:45:27 shredmandan: i really want to buy a seven string or atleast a guitar with 2 humbucker's and 24 fret

20:46:17 shredmandan: so whats the box my are names mean when it pops up?is it that someone is typing?

20:46:47 Owen: yeah, its a picture of a key

20:46:55 Owen: its an "A" I believe

20:47:05 shredmandan: cool

20:47:18 Owen: I'm actually really envious of some of the guitars posted in the gear topic :P

20:47:30 Owen: mine looks pretty boring amongst them :D

20:47:48 shredmandan: so does the chat room get alot of people?i just finally got my computer to load it last night//is your guitar posted in the gear forum?

20:49:01 Owen: Sometimes it does yeah, I'm in quite a lot, I've seen upwards of 8 people on at some points

20:49:17 Owen: most of the time its quite quiet tho

20:49:22 shredmandan: is it hard to chat with that many in at once

20:49:34 Owen: yeah, I find it annoying

20:49:55 Owen: normally it just reverts to a two people conversation and everyone else just watches or somethign

20:50:06 shredmandan: lol

20:51:51 shredmandan: what u think of marcus lesson today?

20:53:19 Owen: Not had a look yet

20:53:25 Owen: my net connection has gone all laggy

20:53:34 Owen: its only four times faster than dialup at present

20:53:39 Owen: loading video's is a nightmare

20:54:46 shredmandan: i can imagine i have cable which is great here but dial up is horrible

20:55:24 Owen: Yeah, it used to be much faster, but my ISP sucks

20:55:48 shredmandan: if i dont pay my bill mine will suck too lol

20:56:43 Owen: Yeah, ISP hates me because I download so much free music no doubt

20:56:46 Owen: :P

20:56:57 Owen: it now takes an hour to download an album ¬_¬

20:57:14 shredmandan: lol

20:57:55 Owen: Nightmare, what am I to do :P

20:58:27 shredmandan: i'm just going to leave my name on here but i will beback on here in around 30min nice talking to you

20:58:56 Owen: k

20:58:58 Owen: I may go to bed

20:59:01 Owen: its lateish here

21:01:29 Owen: hey

21:01:36 moles: helo

21:01:50 moles: anyone liking the new forum layout thing? =P

21:02:12 Owen: its confusing the hell outta me, I can never find the aspiring instructors board anymore :P

21:02:28 moles: lol

21:02:37 moles: i dont like the pictures

21:02:40 moles: looks random

21:03:21 Owen: I thought that at first

21:03:25 Owen: I got used to it tho

21:03:37 moles: yeah

21:03:39 moles: i guess

21:03:53 moles: and the whole click to see a post is getting on my nerves too =P

21:04:30 moles: is there a way of chaning it back? =/

21:04:37 Owen: click to see?

21:05:16 moles: open a topic

21:05:23 moles: and you have to click the responses to see them

21:05:29 moles: well i have to atleast xD

21:05:44 Owen: :P must be in your options

21:05:48 Owen: I dont get that :)
21:06:20 moles: dang

21:06:23 moles: i gotta fix that =P

21:06:44 Owen: haha, strange problem, I've never heard of that before

21:06:48 Owen: I'll look for the option

21:06:50 moles: i havent changed anything tho

21:07:01 moles: just happened like

21:07:03 moles: an hour ago
21:08:15 Owen: =\ strange

21:11:36 moles: aha!

21:11:47 moles: on any topic

21:11:54 moles: on the top right there is an options box

21:12:08 moles: i was messing about with it and must of changed it to "outline"

21:15:13 Owen: ah k :P

21:15:31 Owen: I'm not in favour of the whisky option lol

21:15:37 moles: :D

21:15:49 moles: its worth a shot

21:15:58 Owen: but to equal it out I'd have to drink substancial amounts of beer

21:16:13 moles: that is true =P

21:17:09 Owen: whisky being probably more expensive anyway lol

21:17:40 moles: if thats the cost of being able to growl

21:17:50 moles: its not really worth it =P

21:18:04 Owen: nah I believe there is some tech

21:18:09 Owen: I however have no idea

21:18:12 moles: unless ofcourse you get the right amount of flem to throat ratio

21:18:14 Owen: and no-one wants to tell me lol

21:18:19 moles: hehe

21:18:31 Owen: I think there must be a secret growler society

21:18:47 Owen: the secret of not killing yourself is held by precious few lol

21:19:01 moles: :P

21:19:21 moles: i still think smokes and booze will do the trick :P

21:20:07 moles: i just had another idea

21:20:09 Owen: tell me if it works

21:20:12 moles: :P

21:20:13 Owen: I cant smoke lol

21:20:20 moles: well

21:20:25 moles: you can take some chilli

21:20:32 moles: tabasco, w/e floats your boat

21:20:36 moles: and gargle it

21:20:38 Owen: :D

21:20:39 moles: see what that does lol

21:20:53 moles: once you get over the gagging and coughing

21:20:55 moles: it may work

21:20:58 Owen: I have crap circulation anyway, I'm a mutant lol

21:21:51 moles: hehe

21:22:19 moles: so wherbouts you from?

21:22:26 Owen: Scotland :P

21:22:37 Owen: land of haggis, shortbread, red hair and cabers

21:22:42 moles: LOL

21:22:44 Owen: lest we forget nessie lol

21:22:53 moles: same here dude =P

21:22:56 moles: where abouts?

21:23:02 Owen: Fife

21:23:04 Owen: Yooou?

21:23:07 moles: aberdeen

21:23:30 Owen: Crap, I thought I was the only Scot on the board V_V

21:23:36 Owen: I'm gonna have to rethink my image!

21:23:37 moles: hehe =P

21:23:38 Owen: lol

21:23:57 Owen: being from Aberdeen can you lay claim to being radioactive?

21:24:10 moles: semi

21:24:22 moles: ive become magnetic

21:24:28 Owen: loooool

21:24:33 Owen: I'd be tempted to believe that

21:24:37 moles: =P

21:25:44 Owen: Hey!

21:25:55 moles: hi leedbreak

21:25:57 leedbreak: hi all

21:26:29 leedbreak: hi ant

21:26:33 Owen: now it starts to get crowded ^_^ hey!

21:26:40 moles: :P

21:26:41 Sergeant_Ant: hey :)
21:27:20 leedbreak: whats everyone doing right now?

21:27:35 Sergeant_Ant: playing guitar and chattin with yall

21:27:41 leedbreak: beside look at this:D
21:27:47 Owen: listening to punk at half two in the morning lol

21:28:03 Sergeant_Ant: wow, its only 8:30 in Texas

21:28:06 moles: im chopping bits of rubber into tiny pieces

21:28:14 leedbreak: same here is AL

21:28:28 Sergeant_Ant: poor rubber...

21:28:32 moles: lol

21:28:40 leedbreak: I guess that is what moles do

21:28:48 moles: no we dig.

21:28:50 moles: :P

21:28:54 Sergeant_Ant: lol

21:29:05 leedbreak: I been trying to kile moles all summer

21:29:12 leedbreak: ll

21:29:14 Sergeant_Ant: aw thats not nice

21:29:14 moles: and failed!

21:29:18 Owen: you have an enemy!

21:29:18 moles: im still here ;)
21:29:19 Owen: :P

21:29:27 leedbreak: killed 2 but still more to go

21:29:33 moles: well im safe atleast

21:29:39 Sergeant_Ant: what kinda equipment yall play?

21:29:42 moles: the curvature of the earth shall save me

21:30:03 leedbreak: chavel, shector, pod xt my computer

21:30:14 Owen: he wouldnt want to kill you anyway, your a radioactive, magnetic, talking mole

21:30:18 Owen: you must be worth a fortune

21:30:23 moles: lol!
21:30:36 moles: and plays guitar! xD

21:30:41 Sergeant_Ant: magnetic... how does that affect your pickups?

21:30:49 leedbreak: plays while digging too

21:30:54 moles: with my feet

21:31:06 leedbreak: and blind to I hear

21:31:06 Owen: - Line 6 Flextone II, Telecaster Custom 72 Reissue, Ovation Applause, Big PC

21:31:11 moles: ant. i'd say it adds more of a dynamic tone =P

21:31:19 moles: yes. its true

21:31:20 Sergeant_Ant: makes every note epic...

21:31:25 Owen: lol

21:31:30 moles: :D

21:31:42 Owen: do you crawl over the strings to get that authentic sweep picking sound?

21:31:52 Sergeant_Ant: Plays a d# and sounds like friggen pantera

21:32:00 moles: no

21:32:04 moles: but i dont need a pick

21:32:07 moles: i just use my claws

21:32:20 leedbreak: plays so well he kills the grass above him

21:32:31 moles: its true

21:32:32 Owen: battle hardened from beating up glasweigans!

21:32:33 Sergeant_Ant: is there an underground guitar center or sam ash or somethin?

21:32:41 Sergeant_Ant: HI!

21:32:46 Owen: LOW!

21:32:47 shredmandan: hello all

21:32:49 Owen: MIDDLE!

21:32:54 Sergeant_Ant: LEFT

21:32:56 Sergeant_Ant: ...

21:32:58 Owen: RIGHT

21:33:04 leedbreak: tom

21:33:07 moles: Northnorthwest
21:33:07 leedbreak: top

21:33:14 Owen: BOTTOM

21:33:16 Sergeant_Ant: RED!

21:33:18 Sergeant_Ant: wait...

21:33:26 Owen: Never eat shredded wheat
21:33:28 leedbreak: perpendicular

21:33:39 leedbreak: lol

21:33:43 Sergeant_Ant: shredmans like wtf>?

21:33:48 Owen: lol

21:34:02 moles: :P

21:34:08 shredmandan: yes lol

21:34:14 Sergeant_Ant: sorry, we just happen to be a random bunch

21:34:22 shredmandan: cool

21:34:32 Sergeant_Ant: so whats up?

21:34:41 leedbreak: moles, ants man sombody close the door

21:34:43 shredmandan: same old thing u

21:34:52 Owen: I'matired random, I'm gonna stop listening to the clash and go to bed lol

21:35:03 Sergeant_Ant: i can go under the door ;)
21:35:09 Sergeant_Ant: lol, ok ok

21:35:11 shredmandan: getting ready to try and record some stuff to upload tonight

21:35:16 Owen: talk to you all later dudes!

21:35:21 Sergeant_Ant: awesome, whats it sound like?

21:35:22 shredmandan: see ya

21:35:24 Sergeant_Ant: l8er owen

21:35:26 leedbreak: yall be good, gotta go

21:35:30 moles: cya fifer =P

21:35:40 Sergeant_Ant: l8ers leedbreak

21:35:41 Owen: gotta get up early for the caber tossing
21:35:48 moles: me too

21:35:53 shredmandan: iplay mostly thrash style of metal

21:35:56 Owen: cant compete with you mutated aberdeeners

21:36:04 moles: we have three arms

21:36:08 moles: thus the advantage

21:36:09 Sergeant_Ant: aww im sorry...

21:36:11 Owen: the radioactive genetic disorder makes you much stronger

21:36:18 Sergeant_Ant: anyone go to any good concerts?

21:36:34 moles: nope :D

21:36:40 shredmandan: yes

21:36:45 Sergeant_Ant: o?

21:37:30 moles: ****meow**
21:37:32 shredmandan: Steve Vai , Sevendust,Creed,Taproot,deftones,system of the down, cold,breaking bengimins ect

21:37:40 Sergeant_Ant: nice!

21:37:40 moles: ooh

21:38:29 shredmandan: steve was the last one i saw about 2 years ago

21:38:52 moles: i so wanna see him live ^^

21:38:54 Sergeant_Ant: man, i havent got to see him live :(
21:39:03 Sergeant_Ant: hes the one who got me playin

21:39:15 shredmandan: he is great, the faces he makes when he plays is so cool

21:39:22 moles: lol

21:39:33 Sergeant_Ant: i kno :D
21:39:55 moles: im off guys. cyall later

21:40:05 shredmandan: ill be back in a sec

22:09:22 shredmandan: hello

22:10:56 shredmandan: hello stratman by stratman lol

22:55:55 DRBguitar09: hey everyone

23:44:44 kethcup: what up what up

23:46:24 shredmandan: hey man

23:46:55 shredmandan: i have been waiting for someone to get on here

23:47:09 kethcup: how are ya?

23:47:22 shredmandan: doing good how about u

23:47:48 kethcup: good man, good

23:48:07 kethcup: just chillin and winding down before bed

23:48:38 shredmandan: im just starting my day basically

23:48:59 shredmandan: tired of the graveyard thing

23:49:28 kethcup: I bet man

23:49:34 kethcup: do you sleep through the day?

23:50:00 shredmandan: yes thats what i hate about it everyday i get up and its to late to get stuff i need done
23:50:13 kethcup: that sucks man

23:50:22 shredmandan: im like a vampire lol

23:50:39 kethcup: vampmandan! :D

23:50:48 shredmandan: sounds right

23:50:57 shredmandan: so how long have you been on gmc?

23:51:09 kethcup: ummm since about early june I think

23:51:30 shredmandan: i've been here since feb

23:51:34 kethcup: I started checking it around May or so but then signed up in June

23:51:38 kethcup: right on

23:51:49 kethcup: it's a pretty cool place, I think

23:51:57 shredmandan: did you see marcus new lesson today?

23:52:02 kethcup: not yet

23:52:10 kethcup: haven't had a chance to check anything out

23:52:16 shredmandan: i like it here talking to people that love guitar is cool

23:52:25 kethcup: definitley!
23:52:34 kethcup: it keeps me motivated in playing

23:52:38 shredmandan: cant find that in many other chat rooms

23:52:43 shredmandan: definatly

23:53:12 kethcup: so how long have you been playing?

23:54:25 shredmandan: about 11 years although im dissapointed in my skill for time.I think i got stuck just in rythem for to long then got delayed from family.Wish i would have started serious shred when i first started .How about u

23:55:16 kethcup: I started when I was about 13

23:55:23 shredmandan: dont get me wrong i can play pretty good especially anything on the radio ect just the stuff that dropps your jaw like shred im just learning especialy sweep

23:55:46 shredmandan: same here now im 24 so right about 11 years and your 30

23:55:51 kethcup: yep

23:55:57 kethcup: so about 17 years lol

23:56:01 kethcup: sounds funny to say that

23:56:01 shredmandan: so you have been playing awhile as well

23:56:07 shredmandan: i know

23:56:17 kethcup: well... I've played off and on since 13 I should say

23:56:22 kethcup: mostly off

23:56:54 shredmandan: i never stoped playing but i guess stoped learning for to many years and didnt have that drive to improve
23:58:08 kethcup: Yea... I did the same thing
23:58:24 kethcup: I'm a rythym whore myself man

23:58:41 kethcup: I never solo'd when I did play seriously

23:58:55 kethcup: But now I really wish I had!

23:59:10 shredmandan: lol i am just wanting to get all the stuff down and be the best i can be lol

23:59:24 kethcup: werd!

23:59:31 shredmandan: i know i have the talent just dont know about the time and drive

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