Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn, Pavel, Kai Muehlenbruch etc. 2007-08-16
Aug 30 2007, 01:01 AM
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00:55:11 JVM: yo
00:58:12 shredmandan: hey man
00:58:53 JVM: sup?
00:59:21 shredmandan: same old thing just was looking at another window wiating for someone to chat with
00:59:25 shredmandan: u
00:59:44 JVM: trying out a new picking technique lol
00:59:54 shredmandan: what would that be?
00:59:59 JVM: well i mean
01:00:02 JVM: just holding it a different way
01:00:25 shredmandan: lol same here im trying to get the closed fist style down and its hard for me to change
01:01:04 JVM: i know me too
01:01:09 JVM: I think my chords sound horrible with it
01:01:45 shredmandan: its supposed to improve your speed on picking but at this point it holds me back buy ofcourse thats because im not used to it
01:02:18 JVM: my chords definitely sound better without it
01:02:31 JVM: can't help it :
01:02:51 shredmandan: i just noticed that style in kai;s lesson then seen pavel using it in his last lesson
01:03:18 shredmandan: muris said though that its almost impossible to string skip in that method though
01:03:28 JVM: with the closed?
01:03:33 shredmandan: yes
01:04:12 shredmandan: i play with myother 3 finger's out as i have for the whole time i have been playing
01:04:26 JVM: heh
01:04:30 JVM: yeah it is harder to skip
01:04:58 JVM: but pavel uses it in his string skipping lesson
01:05:04 shredmandan: really hasent caused me any bad habits just seems like the other method can really help on speed more ,so they say
01:08:18 JVM: honestly I think my tone is better using the three fingers method
01:10:20 shredmandan: same here i think i will check into the other method more and find out if it will truly speed your playing up and if it's the only way to get that real fast picking,dont get me wrong i can double pick really fast just when trying these fast scales leads it tends to slow down a bit
01:11:16 JVM: well im happy with playing as fast as mark knopfler
01:11:22 JVM: and he plays with his fingers, so i think ill be fine
01:12:00 shredmandan: he plays with his fingers?i didnt know that .i really like there first 2 albums and that new track out
01:12:15 JVM: yep, pure finger picking
01:12:19 JVM: thats how he gets his awesome tone
01:12:40 shredmandan: he is using a barritone guitar now isnt he?i know he tunes down alot
01:12:47 JVM: not sure
01:12:55 JVM: also im happy with satriani speeds
01:13:01 shredmandan: sure
01:13:04 JVM: and he doesnt get his speed from picking, he gets it from legato
01:13:09 JVM: i mean, he can speedpick sure
01:13:23 shredmandan: his legato is one of the best
01:13:28 JVM: and i bet he uses the two finger fist method but its mainly legato
01:13:54 JVM: yeah, so I've been working on my legato a lot for the past 2 months
01:14:25 shredmandan: i would like to learn some of those multi fingered tapps .you know what im talking about?were they use 2or3 fingers on picking hand plus freting as well
01:14:51 shredmandan: legato is a huge tech. especially in lead
01:15:08 JVM: yeah some multi finger tapping would be sweet
01:15:18 JVM: a good way to train for that might be to fingerpick
01:15:27 shredmandan: never seen a lesson like that on here
01:15:31 JVM: and get your individual right hand fingers up to strength
01:16:12 shredmandan: definatly need to do that ,fingerpicking is one of my weakness and i cant use my pinky on fingerpicking at the moment
01:16:37 JVM: try muris' acoustic fingerpicking one, its helped me a bit
01:17:06 shredmandan: that was a sweet lesson, wasent it the one were he used a clasical guitar with nylon strings?
01:17:14 JVM: i dont think it was a classical one
01:17:18 JVM: but nylon strings yeah
01:17:21 shredmandan: ok
01:18:12 shredmandan: i dig some of the classical guitar .they use some chords that seem to almost be obsolute now on guitar like bach and mozart ect
01:18:26 JVM: like what?
01:18:29 shredmandan: very dark and melodic
01:20:49 shredmandan: i really need to improve on my clean playing as well,i tend to play metal so much stuff that used to seem simple and clean on guitar takes alittle more work now because my style ostly consists of constand double picking,palm muting, trill vibrato ect
01:21:13 shredmandan: i've put alot of work into lead guitar for awhile now
01:22:03 JVM: what do you mean by double picking?
01:22:08 shredmandan: moonlight sonota has a part where the chords are almost dark and dimonic andi love it
01:22:19 shredmandan: alternate picking ect
01:22:22 JVM: oh
01:22:43 JVM: which part of moonlight?
01:23:54 shredmandan: it's bout halfway through the song dont know how i could explain ectaly were,its done on the top three strings and is almost like a backwords power chord
01:24:07 JVM: i mean like the first movement?
01:25:10 shredmandan: it's been awile man i have it ina guitar book ,havent checked it out n bout a year or so but just remember when i worked on it i really liked it
01:25:19 shredmandan: do you play clasical
01:25:29 JVM: a little
01:26:05 shredmandan: i have much respect for it although i know little i thinkits easly one of the hardest styles
01:27:01 JVM: yes it can be quite hard
01:34:31 JVM: can't wait til I buy a new amp
01:34:42 JVM: though I wish OI could spend a little more and get a nice tube amp
02:18:11 CrashOops: knock knock?
02:18:16 JVM: hey :)
02:18:30 CrashOops: how's it going
02:18:33 JVM: good
02:18:37 JVM: im writing up a big post
02:18:53 CrashOops: fun?
02:19:12 JVM: I'm being torn apart
02:19:22 CrashOops: I just thought I'd stop by for a min and see how thigns are going in here. havent had a chance to even pick up my guitar for more than 10 mins in like a week
02:19:30 CrashOops: ah from what?
02:19:31 JVM: ahh that sucks!
02:19:33 JVM: amp indecision
02:20:02 CrashOops: hmm
02:20:16 CrashOops: find the most expensive one you can afford
02:20:20 CrashOops: then buy the next model up ;)
02:20:54 JVM:
02:20:56 JVM: there :p
02:21:26 CrashOops: oh btw vox valtronix is pretty wicked
02:21:27 CrashOops: I love mine
02:21:35 JVM: I know, thats why i'm so torn up :p
02:22:19 CrashOops: well if you dont have a whole lot to spend I dont think you can beat the vox in it's pricerange
02:22:35 JVM: well I'm definitely willing to shell out the cash for any of those carvins
02:24:15 CrashOops: well I'll tell you what I think here, and not bother replying to the thread. Unfortunately I dont know a whole lot about amps in general. and get slightly more lost when it comes to tube amps other than the fact they sound much more full and well real. your simply going to have to try each amp at volume and see which appeals to your style more
02:25:28 CrashOops: which is nothing more than what everyone else is going to say to you
02:25:35 JVM: I know :(
02:25:50 CrashOops: unfortunately when it comes to thinks like non modelling tube amps you really have to like how they sound because well that's all it can really do
02:26:05 CrashOops: things*
02:26:18 CrashOops: and pretty well everyone without a bias is going to tell you that you need to try it out for yourself
02:26:23 JVM: well from the sound clips, they sound absolutely amazing but I do wish I could tyr them
02:26:29 JVM: try*
02:26:32 CrashOops: yeah
02:26:52 CrashOops: well I havent looked at the website but see if you can contact them and find out who carries their amps
02:26:55 CrashOops: and go from there
02:31:22 CrashOops: anyway wait for faithful MikeM to come to the rescue on your thread. I gotta go to bed take care and hope you figure this one out!
02:31:37 JVM: thanks :) take care
07:26:25 shredmandan: hey
07:31:27 shredmandan: hey man
07:36:46 shredmandan: looking for some one else to chat with man?
07:37:37 shredmandan: guess so
07:37:41 ZaKk WyLdE: no
07:37:45 ZaKk WyLdE: hmm just a question
07:37:59 ZaKk WyLdE: how much costs a marshall 30 watt?
07:38:03 ZaKk WyLdE: or 25 watts?
07:39:04 shredmandan: we are in different countrys i think im in usa what about u?
07:39:40 ZaKk WyLdE: belgium
07:39:47 ZaKk WyLdE: but how does it cost in dollars?
07:40:13 shredmandan: $300.00 to $600.00 over priced in my opinion
07:40:27 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah
07:40:35 ZaKk WyLdE: i think it should be near 100
07:40:52 shredmandan: there's much more out there than just marshall especially for the money
07:41:06 ZaKk WyLdE: fender for example
07:41:14 ZaKk WyLdE: are there goods?
07:41:16 shredmandan: yes thats a good one
07:41:27 ZaKk WyLdE: the 32 watts one
07:41:36 shredmandan: i actually have a 30watt fender amp that rocks
07:41:45 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
07:42:10 ZaKk WyLdE: since how many years have u played guitar?
07:42:13 ZaKk WyLdE: are u gd?
07:43:06 shredmandan: about 11 years / you can decide that by listening to my uploads in the upload forum under shredmandan .I feel like im good for what i like to play . how about you?
07:43:25 ZaKk WyLdE: i began 2 months ago
07:43:36 ZaKk WyLdE: but i found guitarmasterclass 1 week ago
07:43:49 shredmandan: wow so you still got a long way to go
07:43:55 ZaKk WyLdE: and decided to follow kris lessons
07:44:05 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah
07:44:22 ZaKk WyLdE: is it rili hard to play really gd ?
07:44:30 shredmandan: if you stay devoted you will learn lots here
07:44:32 ZaKk WyLdE: how many hours did u practice very day?
07:45:37 shredmandan: before wheni started like 6 hours a day now atleast 2hours does take lots of work but its not impossible just constantly keep working on it and you will get it
07:45:59 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah,and did u see ezra video
07:46:02 ZaKk WyLdE: man it s awesome
07:46:09 ZaKk WyLdE: afte one year
07:46:15 ZaKk WyLdE: n how did u practice?
07:46:19 ZaKk WyLdE: i mean for 6 hours
07:46:22 ZaKk WyLdE: what did u rpactice?
07:46:36 ZaKk WyLdE: did u follow kris lessons/
07:47:17 shredmandan: i was impressed by what ezra did. I worked on metallica songs in that time.I just got on gmc a few months ago.Kris lesons are really good though just have to put the work into them
07:47:33 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah
07:47:45 ZaKk WyLdE: is ti really ahrd to create a song/
07:47:50 ZaKk WyLdE: like ezra
07:47:52 shredmandan: So you are in France?How doyou know how to type english
07:48:12 ZaKk WyLdE: i learned english for 3years
07:48:18 ZaKk WyLdE: so i would say i have a good base
07:48:46 shredmandan: yes you do, i would say about making a song no its not hard you just have to put some time into it
07:49:07 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah
07:49:32 ZaKk WyLdE: but what sucks here in my town,it s that every guitarists n drumers are in a band already
07:49:41 ZaKk WyLdE: so i dunno how i m gonna figure it out to play in a band
07:49:56 ZaKk WyLdE: maybe i could play really gd n maybe i m gonna be recruited
07:49:57 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
07:50:05 ZaKk WyLdE: dunno
07:50:08 shredmandan: lol
07:50:32 shredmandan: yes just work on your skills first then the band will come,so how old are u? im 24
07:50:50 ZaKk WyLdE: 14
07:50:53 ZaKk WyLdE: just got 14
07:51:16 ZaKk WyLdE: but i learned Enter Sandman riffs even before learning the absics stuff in GMC
07:51:32 ZaKk WyLdE: i subscribed just one week ago so
07:51:42 shredmandan: thats cool
07:51:48 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh it s weird
07:52:08 ZaKk WyLdE: difficult things are not so hard to play
07:52:35 shredmandan: cool
07:53:03 ZaKk WyLdE: what guitar do u own?
07:53:19 shredmandan: A fender stratocaster how about u?
07:53:40 ZaKk WyLdE: a BC Rich Warlock
07:53:47 shredmandan: nice
07:53:48 ZaKk WyLdE: i ehard BC Rich was rili gd
07:54:03 shredmandan: they are
07:54:14 ZaKk WyLdE: the fender stratocaster sell is huge
07:54:27 ZaKk WyLdE: so many people buy it
07:54:39 shredmandan: yes they sell like crazy
07:55:14 ZaKk WyLdE: what are the descriptiosn of ur fender 30 watts?
07:55:22 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz i m gonna buy one tomorrow
07:55:37 shredmandan: its called a fender champion 110
07:55:50 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
07:56:32 ZaKk WyLdE: enough to play in a small concert or not
07:56:56 shredmandan: if you had it miced through a pa system maybe
07:57:07 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh but the ampli alone
07:57:09 ZaKk WyLdE: is it?
07:57:13 shredmandan: no
07:57:25 shredmandan: you needmore watts or power for that
07:57:41 ZaKk WyLdE: what are the minimum watts for a small concert?
07:57:42 ZaKk WyLdE: 100?
07:57:50 shredmandan: that would be good
07:58:06 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
07:58:30 ZaKk WyLdE: any suggestions?cuz i m gonna buy a second hand fender ampli tomorrow/
07:58:43 ZaKk WyLdE: i dunno how to look to know if it is still good
07:58:47 ZaKk WyLdE: try the guitar on
07:58:50 ZaKk WyLdE: n what else?
07:59:39 shredmandan: just play it and make sure to turn it up and see how good it sounds loud.Make sure that all the buttons work and try to talk them down on price
07:59:59 ZaKk WyLdE: ok thanks
08:00:30 ZaKk WyLdE: wer do u live in the US?
08:01:01 shredmandan: Tennessee itts very country. So what type of music do you like to play?
08:01:36 ZaKk WyLdE: solos,dimebag's,megadeth's
08:01:39 ZaKk WyLdE: riffs
08:01:47 ZaKk WyLdE: shredding interests me too
08:01:51 shredmandan: awesome i like the same stuff
08:01:54 ZaKk WyLdE: fast play,awesome
08:02:18 ZaKk WyLdE: but i hate blues,funk,rock n else
08:02:20 shredmandan: im still trying to improve on shred and i have been playing along time.its very hard
08:02:26 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
08:02:52 ZaKk WyLdE: ok bye
08:02:53 ZaKk WyLdE: gtg
08:03:00 shredmandan: see ya
08:03:02 ZaKk WyLdE: see ya later
08:26:32 Andrew Cockburn: *whip*
08:26:37 Andrew Cockburn: ANyone there ???
08:26:44 shredmandan: hah you made it
08:26:50 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, got you PM
08:27:02 Andrew Cockburn: HOws it going?
08:27:27 shredmandan: good how about you?It's pretty hot down here in tennessee what about up there?
08:27:49 Andrew Cockburn: Low 70s but getting humid
08:28:01 Andrew Cockburn: Think we'll get a storm tonigh :(
08:28:37 shredmandan: in the 90's for i dont know how long here.We had a bad storm last night and dude wreaked and hit a power pole and my electric went out for hours
08:28:39 Pavel: hello guys!
08:28:44 shredmandan: hey pavel
08:28:49 Andrew Cockburn: nasty
08:28:52 Andrew Cockburn: hey Pavel!
08:29:20 shredmandan: so andrew you started out on classical right?
08:29:45 Andrew Cockburn: yes i did
08:30:05 Andrew Cockburn: (so did Pavel!)
08:30:44 shredmandan: great way to start,takes lots of skill and dedication, yes i know pavel did i red his bio you can see it in his playing
08:30:51 Pavel: Now when you cracked me...i did :D :D :D
08:31:01 shredmandan: lol
08:31:22 Andrew Cockburn: It gets you on the right road theory wise
08:31:28 Andrew Cockburn: but very different technique
08:31:34 Andrew Cockburn: I stayed on it too long!
08:32:00 shredmandan: but it builds your talent up much better than say rock or metal rythem
08:32:25 Pavel: you can't build TALENT
08:32:25 shredmandan: i was a metallica man starting myself for the first few years
08:32:44 shredmandan: skill than:D
08:32:44 Pavel: it builds you overall music approach and undestanding of dynamics
08:33:14 Pavel: for example: if you play electric guitar with wrong hand posiion you can still play it
08:33:24 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, but kills specific for classical guitar
08:33:38 shredmandan: true
08:33:44 Pavel: but you can't play classical guitar with wrong hand position
08:34:00 Pavel: and that's what was so great about starting on classical guitar
08:34:07 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah because the neck is wider and the frets further apart
08:34:26 shredmandan: so u both used classical guitars with nylon strings?
08:34:34 Pavel: yes
08:34:35 shredmandan: when you started
08:34:37 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, thts the only kind really
08:34:51 Pavel: classical guitar means NYLON strings
08:34:56 Pavel: acoustic guitar means steel strings
08:35:04 Andrew Cockburn: Exactly!
08:35:21 Andrew Cockburn: (although Nylon replaced silk and gut, but still the same principle)
08:35:59 shredmandan: i like the feel of nylon strings although i feel you loose someof the volume with them there still nice
08:36:27 Pavel: you don't loose anything
08:36:34 Pavel: if you play correctly you don't losoe a thing
08:37:01 Pavel: strings, or pickups, or neck - nothing is mroe important to sound and you playing than YOURSELF
08:37:17 Pavel: so geenral advice is: stop looking for a guilty thing and practice more :D :D
08:37:24 shredmandan: lol
08:37:41 shredmandan: i need much more practice as i guess we all do
08:38:18 Andrew Cockburn: Always!
08:38:28 Pavel: guess waht am i doing the whole day today?
08:38:31 Andrew Cockburn: Technique helps with volume on nylon for sure
08:38:40 shredmandan: whats that pavel?
08:38:44 Andrew Cockburn: Its a more definate and strong mivement
08:38:48 Pavel: guess?
08:38:49 Andrew Cockburn: what?
08:38:53 Andrew Cockburn: PLaying Guitar!
08:38:56 shredmandan: playing guitar
08:38:58 Pavel: JACKPOT!!!
08:38:58 shredmandan: lol
08:39:01 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
08:39:10 Andrew Cockburn: ANd that's why Pavel is that good - dedication
08:39:21 Pavel: and now i am practicing a riff to one of my songs....
08:39:33 Pavel: kilelr pickign riff....
08:39:53 shredmandan: you have that drive in you pavel,i had it for years when i first started but went in wrong directions now its harder for me to get it back
08:40:39 shredmandan: i used to take my guitar everywhere even sleep with it until i met my wife lol
08:40:56 Andrew Cockburn: Same here - I wish I had put in the effort when I was younger
08:41:01 Pavel: no wife for me ntil i get my career going!!
08:41:06 Andrew Cockburn: That's the best time
08:41:12 Andrew Cockburn: Good plan Pavel!
08:41:23 Pavel: You know Rhapsody? my favorite band?
08:41:29 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah?
08:41:29 Pavel: well they are all over 35
08:41:30 shredmandan: better stick to that pavel i always wondered if you had a women in your life you just about cant to get it done
08:41:34 Pavel: and none of them is married
08:41:43 Andrew Cockburn: See, dedication )
08:42:05 Andrew Cockburn: Its good to have a vision and goal Pavel - I know you;ll get where you want to be
08:42:13 shredmandan: for sure
08:42:33 Pavel: i don't even ook for girl-friend
08:42:36 Pavel: don+'t have time for that
08:42:37 shredmandan: Andrew i loved the sound on your Martin yiou recorded
08:42:44 shredmandan: smart man pavel
08:42:58 shredmandan: there great but why setle so young like i did lol
08:43:06 Pavel: sometimes i am asking myself if i am doing the right thing!
08:43:16 Pavel: everybody around has a irl/friend - i DON?T :D :D :D
08:43:39 shredmandan: everybody isnt as good at guitar around you either though right ?
08:43:47 Pavel: right :D
08:44:09 Pavel: and nobody works at GMC!
08:44:43 shredmandan: do you enjoy what you do here on gmc?
08:44:50 Pavel: of course i do!!!
08:44:53 Andrew Cockburn: :)
08:45:04 Andrew Cockburn: Glad you liked the Martin Shredman
08:45:05 Pavel: i'm playing guitar, i'm in a graet guitar community with basicalyl same goal as mine...
08:45:16 Andrew Cockburn: Yea, thats what I love about GMC
08:45:25 shredmandan: what about those new camera views enjoy them lol
08:45:31 Andrew Cockburn: I never had that before, mostly played on my own
08:45:39 Pavel: i can afford the dream guitar, and i earn by actualyl practicing
08:45:47 Andrew Cockburn: lol =perfect!
08:45:50 Pavel: lessons are difficult to make but i think it's worth it
08:46:03 shredmandan: i really like it here as well i enjoy being able to talk with other guitarist
08:46:24 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, theres always a new angle to explre
08:46:36 Andrew Cockburn: on your opwn you just stagnate
08:46:36 Pavel: and camera angle to record! :D
08:46:39 Andrew Cockburn: lol
08:47:00 Andrew Cockburn: Guys, gotta run, I'm supposed to be working and I'm not even dressed yet ...
08:47:06 Andrew Cockburn: Good to chatr with you
08:47:10 Pavel: ok Andrew! see ya alter!
08:47:20 shredmandan: see ya andrew thanks for the chat
08:47:21 Pavel: i ahve to rebbot the system....brb
08:47:28 Andrew Cockburn: Seeya!
08:51:14 Pavel: back
08:51:20 shredmandan: so pavel did you ever get your 7 string
08:51:29 Pavel: October!
08:51:43 shredmandan: have you played one yet?
08:51:56 Pavel: yes
08:52:18 Pavel: RG 1527, Universe, Shecter...
08:52:26 shredmandan: there sweet i really want one
08:53:04 shredmandan: i love how the body is cut on the rusty model .better access to the last frets on neck
08:53:12 Pavel: yep
08:53:16 Pavel: that's why i ordered taht one
08:53:44 shredmandan: i've been listening to his song warcry
08:54:46 Pavel: and?
08:55:01 shredmandan: i really dig there drummer as well , like the song
08:55:19 Pavel: drummer is liek 24 years old
08:55:31 shredmandan: wow how about rusty?
08:55:37 Pavel: he's 39
08:55:56 shredmandan: you ever talked or chat with him?
08:56:29 Pavel: not really...he DOES post on Outworld's froum
08:56:52 Pavel: so actually he's a grat guy and communicates with hsi fans
08:57:01 shredmandan: thats cool
08:57:34 shredmandan: so you have any friends around that you jam with?
08:57:47 Pavel: no!
08:57:50 shredmandan: i dont wish i still did
08:58:50 shredmandan: so have you worked on your next lesson yet?
08:59:45 Pavel: i ahve them tabbed but hav eto record them
09:00:41 shredmandan: how do you decide what lesson you will make
09:00:53 Pavel: waht comes to m mind?
09:01:02 Pavel: the next one will be Rock Rhythmk and Solo 8
09:01:07 Pavel: than some Power metal Riffing
09:01:11 Pavel: and than back to sweeping
09:01:22 shredmandan: cool
09:02:19 Pavel: i offered to my friends to teach them - liek private lessons FOR FREE
09:02:32 Pavel: and they are so jealous about m playing that they jsut don't want it
09:02:43 Pavel: since than i don't want to jam with even 1 of them
09:02:56 Pavel: i don't care! i am making my own songs here and when i am done i'll try to release an album
09:03:06 shredmandan: so if you could give somebody advice on guitar whats the first or biggest thing you would say
09:03:33 shredmandan: would love to here an album from you
09:04:11 Pavel: the advice would be to practice classical way - with guitar on your left leg and learn from shredders - not 80's guitar players
09:05:04 shredmandan: give me example of shredder's
09:05:21 shredmandan: also what swrong with 80's players
09:05:23 Pavel: Michael Angelo, Rusty Cooley
09:05:35 Pavel: they are old school and they are BEGINNER school
09:06:15 shredmandan: bato and cooley are some great guitarist
09:06:23 Pavel: it's like having a PC with Riva TNT2 video card after the Radeon 2900 series are release
09:06:36 shredmandan: i see
09:07:00 Pavel: the world is changing, technology is developing
09:07:07 Pavel: so does guitar playing and techniques
09:07:46 shredmandan: true kind of like how 80's guitar tapping is totaly diferent from todays?
09:08:08 Pavel: 80's tapping is funny!
09:09:04 shredmandan: so what about 80's players like jason becker and marty friedman what d you think of them
09:09:32 Pavel: they are old-age shredders
09:09:53 Pavel: i liek becker - unfortunately he can't play himself...
09:10:17 shredmandan: very sad about becker thats the worst thing that could happen to a musician
09:11:08 shredmandan: so do you think we wil be calling angelo and cooly old age shredder's 20 years from now?
09:11:41 Pavel: yes
09:11:49 Pavel: 20 years from now they will be guitar NOOOOBS
09:12:11 shredmandan: crazy how it goes like that
09:12:15 Pavel: yeah it is
09:12:44 Pavel: you know what was considered a difficult classical piece to play on piano 100 years ago - today is played in 1st year of music academy as a warm-up exercise
09:13:35 shredmandan: lol you know if you really think about music has changed very much and continues .The talent just keeps going up and up
10:46:53 shredmandan: hey man
10:47:50 shredmandan: *whip*
12:39:11 AudunESP: hey
12:39:53 AudunESP: *meow*
12:40:11 shredmandan: hey audun
12:40:23 AudunESP: 'sup?
12:40:38 shredmandan: kicking back u
12:41:02 AudunESP: im looking after my lill' sis
12:41:16 shredmandan: hah i got my 2 kids
12:41:33 shredmandan: there into everything as always
12:42:22 AudunESP: hehe
12:42:51 AudunESP: how long have you bin playing?
12:43:02 shredmandan: about 11 years u?
12:43:29 AudunESP: 4 years
12:43:40 shredmandan: cool where you from?
12:43:44 AudunESP: Norway
12:43:55 shredmandan: USA
12:44:17 AudunESP: arrgghh! u friggin ameddicans!
12:44:26 shredmandan: lol
12:44:32 AudunESP: hehe, sorry, is from a british? show i seen
12:45:05 AudunESP: dont remember wich, just that i laughed my but of
12:45:36 shredmandan: so what typeof music you play
12:46:26 AudunESP: originally i was much into more melodic metal, but lately ive bin more into rock and stuff
12:47:03 shredmandan: im into thrash metal like old school metallica ,megadeth,pantera ect
12:47:15 shredmandan: also love lead and shred'
12:47:19 AudunESP: hehe, im a neverdying fan of metallica
12:47:25 AudunESP: me too
12:47:28 shredmandan: same here
12:47:51 AudunESP: not too much into shred though, i find myself best in a band
12:48:18 shredmandan: do you play ina band right now?
12:48:21 AudunESP: nop
12:48:43 shredmandan: me either used too
12:48:48 AudunESP: never played in a band actually, i dont know much musicians
12:48:57 AudunESP: im only 15 though
12:49:20 shredmandan: im 24
12:49:57 AudunESP: but i plan on beeing more intigratet to the underground musiclife
12:50:16 AudunESP: in the city
12:50:26 shredmandan: norway is big on metal right
12:50:30 AudunESP: yep
12:51:17 AudunESP: but as much as Finland i think
12:51:22 AudunESP: not*
12:52:15 shredmandan: what type of gear u use
12:53:29 AudunESP: i use a VERRY VERRY cheap amp, but i drive it through a Boss Metalzone, so i get pretty decent sound through
12:53:41 AudunESP: btw i play a ESP MH-250
12:54:44 shredmandan: nice how do you like the metal zone?i almost bought one awhile back but ended up buying a digitech death metal.Didnt care for it so i sold it.It had some masive low end though
12:55:47 AudunESP: low end, what does that meen?
12:55:52 shredmandan: bass
12:55:52 AudunESP: mean*
12:57:46 AudunESP: The metalzone bass is pretty good IMO, doesnt give you that extreme vibration if you know what i mean, it just make the sound thicker,
12:58:09 AudunESP: im not good at explaining stuff
12:58:20 shredmandan: lol
12:58:56 shredmandan: its cool
12:59:14 AudunESP: hey
12:59:20 The-Levy: wootness!!! whazzuup!! =)
12:59:24 shredmandan: hey there
12:59:39 The-Levy: hi lads!
12:59:44 AudunESP: hi lad
13:00:15 AudunESP: talking about the Metalzone gear at the moment
13:00:41 The-Levy: Metalzone.. I dont play metal but I like some metal music aka comercial bands like metallica
13:01:00 AudunESP: its a distortion pedal
13:01:09 AudunESP: from BOSS
13:01:13 shredmandan: yes
13:01:13 The-Levy: ah!! lol
13:01:28 The-Levy: I use a pod xt so i am out of pedals for a while
13:01:29 shredmandan: what do you mean commercial band
13:01:56 The-Levy: well.. bands that sacrifice their original sound for... more sales
13:02:02 shredmandan: what do you play country? lol
13:02:11 AudunESP: i dont agree with taht
13:02:17 The-Levy: lol... I actually like some country-rock
13:02:24 AudunESP: me too
13:02:27 shredmandan: just playing
13:02:43 The-Levy: lol you dont agree with country-rock or comercial bands
13:02:44 AudunESP: eating now
13:02:46 shredmandan: as long as its not rap i can take it lol
13:02:54 AudunESP: that MEtalica is sellout
13:02:57 The-Levy: amen to that shred
13:03:19 The-Levy: i like em but they are just not the same as when i was in high school
13:03:24 shredmandan: metallica made some mistakes but i dont think it was for the money
13:03:35 shredmandan: same here dude
13:03:43 The-Levy: u think so?? a lapsus brutus maybe??
13:04:20 shredmandan: i have been disapointed for the last 10 years but always be my favorite band,there what got me playing guitar years ago
13:04:49 The-Levy: is like... lets see... prince... u know his music.. and lets see him changing for a more pop
13:04:52 The-Levy: sound...
13:05:02 The-Levy: like britney style.... auuughhh
13:05:26 shredmandan: lol i dont really listen to prince but i will tell you he is a awesome guitarist
13:05:37 shredmandan: much respect
13:05:40 The-Levy: yes... lol
13:06:23 The-Levy: one thing is really good about here is they teach but they always remind you to set your own style
13:06:35 shredmandan: true
13:06:52 The-Levy: i am doing the play like slash lesson...
13:06:55 shredmandan: whats the hour glass mean by dude name up there in top right
13:07:19 The-Levy: maybe he is away? or thinking??? or eating?
13:07:21 shredmandan: slash is a good guitarist i havent checked out thtat lesson though
13:07:50 The-Levy: it is very easy, what is your level from 0-10 0 = noob 10 = van halen
13:07:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey everyone :)
13:08:06 The-Levy: yo! kai
13:08:07 shredmandan: i would say 7
13:08:11 shredmandan: hey kai
13:08:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehehe how are you guys?
13:08:26 The-Levy: I am like 5 and I did it in about 3 days
13:08:27 shredmandan: good u
13:08:35 The-Levy: doing great peep! how about you
13:08:40 AudunESP: im back
13:08:46 The-Levy: learned a lot from it...
13:08:54 The-Levy: specially mixing scales
13:09:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: im fine
13:09:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: but busy :P
13:09:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: like always :D
13:09:27 The-Levy: I am learning to to harmonics but not artificial... kinda cool
13:09:32 shredmandan: busy how?
13:09:35 The-Levy: great dude
13:10:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: i study music in collogne germany...i live in hannover, got a couple of jobs to get the money together ;)
13:10:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: right now its a struggle
13:10:25 The-Levy: It will pay off some day =)
13:10:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
13:10:34 AudunESP: i am at 5 i think
13:10:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure :)
13:10:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: i think so too
13:11:05 AudunESP: i can now play winding roads by Lavendell *proud
13:11:11 The-Levy: I know all the pentatonic positions and I can improvise over them but... after a while..
13:11:18 The-Levy: it just sounds the same...
13:11:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: wow i cant do winging you can be proud :)
13:11:36 shredmandan: i just need to learn sweep and them continue practice ofcourse
13:11:36 The-Levy: so I tough... what the heck lets mix some scales and try harmonics...
13:11:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
13:11:56 The-Levy: i hurt my hand practicing sweeping =(
13:12:06 shredmandan: cant nail the winding roads either its like his own technique
13:12:09 The-Levy: but it is awesome!!!
13:12:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: yould you hurt by practising sweeps?
13:12:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: try to relax :)
13:12:41 shredmandan: are you good at sweeping kai?
13:12:42 The-Levy: dont know.. it just hurts a bunch after a while.. maybe i am just too tense
13:12:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: i will give it a try...
13:13:03 shredmandan: very hard vibrato bends hurt my finger lol
13:13:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: all the instructors have cool stuff on their own i think :)
13:13:15 The-Levy: that peeps who gives the sweeping lesson is awesome!!
13:13:15 shredmandan: ys
13:13:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: man :D
13:13:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
13:13:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: could you :D
13:14:03 The-Levy: my fingers are really tough now... but I tense my hand so much when I play fast... it cramps!!!
13:14:35 shredmandan: legato and trills cramp my hand no and then
13:14:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: guys know what
13:15:02 shredmandan: what
13:15:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: victor wooten said a cool thing
13:15:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: i tried it also
13:15:26 The-Levy: legato?
13:15:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: he says if you do the more complecated stuff you must conzentrate on your breathing as well
13:15:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: if you breath slowly then also your muscles relax
13:16:05 The-Levy: that makes sense...
13:16:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: and you cant get nervous
13:16:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: usually i use that all the time
13:16:26 shredmandan: if you drink you get warm and relaxed as well lol
13:16:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: its a bit like in those martial art movies
13:16:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: no seriuosly
13:16:38 AudunESP: say "uhm" several times, that works
13:16:43 shredmandan: joking
13:16:44 The-Levy: hahahaha
13:16:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: it helps also if you get onstage
13:16:54 AudunESP: uhmmmmm,uhmmmmm....
13:16:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: if you breathe slowly you cant get nervous
13:16:57 The-Levy: lol
13:17:04 AudunESP: sounds a bit weird backstage though
13:17:11 The-Levy: think nice toughts... lol
13:17:13 shredmandan: you played live alot kai
13:17:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: jup
13:17:28 shredmandan: its a rush isnt it
13:17:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: i get nervous all the time
13:17:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: yah
13:17:45 The-Levy: I used to play every week. the worst are the stage lights making your hand swet
13:18:08 shredmandan: i played once for about 800 people and it was like a blur i coudnt make out one person because i was so nervous
13:18:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: when i played with galloglass, i used to do background vocals besides...
13:18:27 The-Levy: lol
13:18:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: the worst for me was the first 2 lines of people smoking
13:18:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: i could not breathe:D
13:18:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: speaking of smaller clubs
13:18:56 The-Levy: tell me you did not fainted!! lol
13:19:05 AudunESP: "oh my god! what if i sing like a sheep?!?"
13:19:06 shredmandan: it was like that at a Vai concert for me and i even smoke
13:19:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah but the lights are always a thing as well
13:19:34 shredmandan: true
13:19:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: i could change strings after a gig
13:19:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: because my sweat is like acid
13:20:00 shredmandan: lol
13:20:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: if i play like 6 hours the strings are done
13:20:18 shredmandan: heard that
13:20:21 AudunESP: seriously?
13:20:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: absolutly serious
13:20:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have a room in the basement
13:20:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: the air is quite wet...
13:20:49 shredmandan: so kai give us some more good tips on playing
13:20:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: lots of moisture...:D
13:20:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: that doesnt help eather:D
13:21:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: either
13:21:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry bad english
13:21:09 The-Levy: any of you knows about music composing and chor progressions?
13:21:26 shredmandan: not really
13:21:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: what tips where you guys thinking of?
13:21:29 AudunESP: nop :) i am a scale freak though
13:21:39 shredmandan: tabs and ear for me
13:21:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah--
13:22:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: i bumoed into the freak guitar website
13:22:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: and used to check out the scales and stuff there
13:22:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love unorthodox stuff
13:22:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: like japanese pentatonic for example
13:22:44 shredmandan: like diminished and exotic?thats the scales im into
13:22:52 AudunESP: that owns
13:22:54 shredmandan: those are sweat as well
13:22:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah
13:23:01 The-Levy: japanese penta??
13:23:06 AudunESP: but im not through the pentatonics yet
13:23:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: wholetone and halftone scales are also great i find
13:23:41 The-Levy: here is a tip for pentatonics
13:24:04 Kai Muehlenbruch:
13:24:05 The-Levy: u want the tip? =)
13:24:10 shredmandan: those scales just seem to have mor life to them and more intense than the average major pentonic stuff
13:24:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: check this out guys ;)
13:24:11 AudunESP: sure
13:24:22 AudunESP: let Levy talk pls
13:24:24 shredmandan: i dont like alot of the lydian either
13:24:30 The-Levy: ej: you play a song on C or Am penta wich is the same
13:24:32 shredmandan: sorry
13:24:35 chast: hi guys
13:24:52 The-Levy: you know c chord is composed of c e g
13:25:09 AudunESP: now i know
13:25:19 The-Levy: instead of using the C penta you use E (BM)
13:25:26 The-Levy: or G
13:25:26 shredmandan: ho chast
13:25:37 The-Levy: it gives an instereting sound
13:25:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
13:25:48 The-Levy: like vocal harmonies
13:25:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: i just love the gmc :)
13:26:05 AudunESP: cool
13:26:07 shredmandan: same here
13:26:10 AudunESP: need to check that out
13:26:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: chatting out here is so cool :)
13:26:15 The-Levy: was it a good tip?
13:26:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: guys check out the link ;)
13:26:22 AudunESP: sure it was
13:26:28 The-Levy: lol
13:26:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have to macke a phonecall and be back soon ;)
13:26:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: l8ter
13:26:41 chast: cu kai
13:26:41 The-Levy: laterz Kai
13:26:44 shredmandan: see ya
13:27:02 AudunESP: cya
13:27:45 shredmandan: wow now everybodys on here
13:27:46 AudunESP: hey slammer
13:27:59 Slammer: who is Slammer?
13:28:06 The-Levy: then what you do.... is you mix the pentatonic positions so you play around the same frets just mixing the positions
13:28:11 The-Levy: hello Slammer
13:28:28 Slammer: deep questions never work.....
13:28:32 Slammer: Hey guys!!!
13:28:45 shredmandan: hey man
13:28:54 Slammer: Shredman!!!
13:29:03 chast: do you guys know buckethead?
13:29:06 Slammer: nope
13:29:10 chast: just saw some vids of him
13:29:12 Slammer: never heard of him
13:29:13 shredmandan: yes
13:29:19 AudunESP: not personal, heard of him
13:29:21 chast: he looks weird with his mask and kfc head oO
13:29:27 Slammer: :p
13:29:31 shredmandan: played with g n roses for a short time
13:29:35 AudunESP: makes some pretty cool composions
13:29:44 Slammer: and he's Paul gilbert LOL
13:29:44 AudunESP: he did?
13:29:46 shredmandan: very talented
13:29:57 shredmandan: no way
13:30:02 Slammer: that's a Great Legend
13:30:10 Slammer: I think
13:30:11 shredmandan: is that true?
13:30:23 The-Levy: is he at GMC?
13:30:33 chast: hm, i heard some gilbert sounding licks in his playing
13:30:34 AudunESP: he is me
13:30:43 AudunESP: just kidding
13:30:45 Slammer: yep, Pavel and Muris take turns
13:30:48 The-Levy: lol
13:30:52 shredmandan: lol
13:30:57 AudunESP: do anyone actually knwo WHO he is?
13:31:05 Slammer: yep
13:31:06 shredmandan: so slammer what type of music you play?
13:31:09 chast: he is buckethead :D
13:31:15 Slammer: go to Wikipedia and search him
13:31:18 Slammer: LOL
13:31:22 AudunESP: oh
13:31:23 Slammer: I play Blues Rock mainly
13:31:35 chast: i think i would run away if i meet him in the dark oO
13:31:41 Slammer: and some Metal is always fun
13:31:48 shredmandan: yes!
13:32:00 Slammer: I enjoy all styles
13:32:08 shredmandan: just not rap lol
13:32:11 chast: im afk, im very hungry :D
13:32:17 Slammer: even the much dispised Nu metal
13:32:42 shredmandan: i dont understand the label of that genre
13:32:54 AudunESP: selling-metal?
13:32:54 Slammer: I do
13:33:12 shredmandan: give m,e a band thats nu metal
13:33:16 The-Levy: I will c u later lads!!
13:33:17 Slammer: POD
13:33:19 Slammer: Korn
13:33:24 chast: disturbed ?
13:33:31 The-Levy: bye
13:33:34 AudunESP: bye
13:33:42 chast: cu
13:34:09 Slammer: SLipknot
13:34:19 Slammer: Linkin Park
13:34:22 shredmandan: see thats crazy to me i think the hole genre thing is out of hand
13:34:32 AudunESP: Papa roach
13:34:44 shredmandan: james brown lol
13:34:48 AudunESP: limp biscit
13:34:50 chast: lol
13:34:55 Slammer: well, it's basicly drop D tuning your guitar and play 5th chords
13:35:03 Slammer: not much to it IMO
13:35:08 Slammer: I mean it's easy to play
13:35:12 Slammer: most of it
13:35:19 shredmandan: i see your point
13:35:28 Slammer: like BYOB isn't as hard as most would think
13:35:29 AudunESP: well, disturbed is pretty eatable though
13:35:55 AudunESP: BYOB is prog rock/metal it think,not nu-metal
13:36:11 shredmandan: dude those scales kai posted are pretty sweet, i checked themout
13:36:43 Slammer: yeah, some of SOAD stuff could be defined as that
13:37:05 AudunESP: i ment SOAD sorry
13:37:09 AudunESP: not the song
13:37:12 shredmandan: thats was the first band i saw live
13:37:28 Slammer: :P
13:37:30 Slammer: Scary
13:37:53 shredmandan: back when they first came out about 10 years ago,im not a big fan of then now though
13:38:08 Slammer: really? may I ask how old you are?
13:38:19 shredmandan: 24
13:38:31 shredmandan: u
13:38:40 Slammer: ok, well I was thinking... he was like 8 or 9....
13:38:44 Slammer: LOL
13:39:13 shredmandan: *whip*
13:39:15 Slammer: in Flesh I'm 18 in mind I'm 13 1/2
13:39:20 AudunESP: *meow*
13:39:33 chast: same here slammer :D
13:39:39 shredmandan: in flesh 24 in mind 30 lol
13:39:39 Slammer: sweet dude!!
13:39:56 Slammer: hey chast I got a new XBOX!!
13:40:02 chast: :D
13:40:09 chast: i thought about buying a wii
13:40:09 Slammer: isn't that sick dude?
13:40:16 AudunESP: in flesh 16 in two month, at look 15 in two month, in mind 20
13:40:21 Slammer: I'm joking BTW
13:40:28 Slammer: :P
13:40:34 chast: your 14 in your mind ? :P
13:40:48 AudunESP: noo! you saw right through me
13:40:56 chast: xD
13:41:01 Slammer: I'm actually 10
13:41:12 Slammer: still a big baseball fan!
13:41:48 Slammer: *whip*
13:41:53 Slammer: *slap*
13:41:55 Slammer: *meow*
13:41:59 Slammer: wake up
13:42:07 shredmandan: blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
13:42:09 AudunESP: hehe! like that one! *whip*
13:42:13 AudunESP: *meow*
13:42:36 Slammer: chast reminds me of something....
13:42:43 shredmandan: ive been up for like 30 hours now
13:42:59 AudunESP: whats the clock in shredmanland?
13:43:25 shredmandan: ha its 1:45 pm what about u all
13:43:28 Slammer: Chastity belt
13:43:34 chast: here it is 19:49 :D
13:43:48 AudunESP: its 19:43
13:43:52 AudunESP: in norway
13:43:56 shredmandan: hate military time
13:43:59 Slammer: here it's 13:43
13:44:02 chast: well my clock is wrong maybe^^
13:44:17 AudunESP: where do you live?
13:44:18 Slammer: why do you hate it?
13:44:24 shredmandan: so you are in same time zone as me slammer
13:44:36 shredmandan: just dont like it never have
13:44:50 Slammer: :P
13:45:01 Slammer: yep I'm on East coast
13:45:05 Slammer: USA
13:45:12 shredmandan: tennessee what about u
13:45:18 Slammer: FLA
13:45:27 Slammer: go Gators :P
13:45:39 shredmandan: hot as hell there?Its 96 here
13:45:47 Slammer: not really
13:45:56 Slammer: it's actually nice and overcast right now
13:46:06 Slammer: 80 or so
13:46:11 shredmandan: its been over 90 for like atleast 8 days now
13:46:25 Slammer: dman
13:46:25 chast: audun is there a city in norway where you can for party ? :D
13:46:38 shredmandan: what about you chast whee you from and how old?
13:46:55 chast: germany and sweet 18 years old^^
13:47:15 shredmandan: cool]
13:48:07 AudunESP: go for party? everywhere
13:48:26 chast: thats good :D
13:48:35 shredmandan: party party
13:48:42 Slammer: who wantsto hear a Norwiegian joke??
13:48:43 AudunESP: im 16 and not hangin with the badasses, so i dont party a lot
13:48:50 Slammer: maybe not AudunESP
13:49:06 Slammer: LOL
13:49:24 AudunESP: its pretty easy! just take a swede joke and call the swede a norvegian
13:49:27 shredmandan: thats a shame audun
13:49:28 chast: beer is so expensive in skandinavia
13:49:37 AudunESP: i kno
13:49:54 shredmandan: party while you can while your young lol
13:49:58 chast: man im always talking about beer when im in here :D
13:50:06 Slammer: how do you know jesus never went to norway? he couldn't find three wise men.
13:50:15 Slammer: LOL
13:50:17 Slammer: jk jk
13:50:24 AudunESP: hahaha!
13:50:30 chast: that also could be a joke over germany or usa :P
13:50:37 AudunESP: especially USA!
13:51:21 shredmandan: so why is americans so dislike around the world?not that it bother;s me just curious? lol
13:51:22 Slammer: of course because we all live in Trailers
13:51:28 shredmandan: lol
13:51:33 AudunESP: hehe
13:51:35 chast: well, having this girls like in skandinavia here in germany, i would be happf jesus never went here :P
13:51:38 shredmandan: im in a trailer lol
13:51:44 Slammer: Sweet
13:51:49 Slammer: I love Trailers
13:51:55 Slammer: wait really?
13:52:00 shredmandan: actually swetty lol
13:52:04 AudunESP: in skandinavia, girls are like WOW! not to me though, cus im born with them
13:52:05 Slammer: just curious?
13:52:18 chast: i like them :D
13:52:23 chast: maybe you like german girls :D
13:52:29 shredmandan: sure
13:52:36 AudunESP: i was verry picky at 14 year old, but then i went to ENGLAND
13:52:43 shredmandan: dont have hair under there arms right ? lol
13:52:50 chast: lol
13:52:55 AudunESP: and then i wasnt so picky at home
13:53:18 AudunESP: Shredman: they shave it!
13:53:22 shredmandan: yes
13:53:24 Slammer: my family used to have a Trailer and we went camping every year
13:53:27 Slammer: alot
13:53:39 Slammer: probably becuase It's cheap rent
13:53:47 Slammer: LOL
13:53:56 shredmandan: its not so bad i have room but /true rent is cheap
13:54:24 Slammer: I mean... All you really need is your Guitar and a PC and the trailers not to bad
13:54:26 AudunESP: slammer, youre killing mother earth, ZOTOO pigs!
13:54:39 chast: friend and me went on vacation and meet some skandanivian girls and we both were like "man... *dreamin*"
13:54:52 Slammer: chast where are you from
13:54:55 chast: germany :P
13:55:02 Slammer: Hola!
13:55:04 AudunESP: ah! explains a lot!
13:55:09 shredmandan: mocks ncks
13:55:10 chast: xD
13:55:38 Slammer: yo no habla espanol
13:55:42 AudunESP: some girls is like, you cant stop steering at them, though you swear youself never to steer
13:55:44 shredmandan: lol
13:55:50 chast: :D
13:55:58 chast: there was a girl with so big breasts
13:56:10 chast: i talked with her, it was so hard to look her in the face
13:56:18 chast: but she didnt stop talking
13:56:18 Slammer: Stare*
13:56:19 chast: oO
13:56:25 Slammer: :)
13:56:39 AudunESP: hehe, im good not to look at breasts, im a proffesionall womanizer
13:56:44 chast: :D
13:57:01 Slammer: there's more to women then Breasts.....
13:57:05 chast: for sure
13:57:05 AudunESP: yep
13:57:07 chast: :D
13:57:14 Slammer: lets not go there boys
13:57:15 chast: but i was on vacaction so...
13:57:19 shredmandan: 3 holes
13:57:26 Slammer: GOLF!!
13:57:35 shredmandan: lol
13:57:37 AudunESP: nop! 1!
13:57:51 Slammer: or 2 if thats what your into
13:57:54 Slammer: LOL
13:57:57 Slammer: NVM
13:58:01 Slammer: :P
13:58:07 chast: we should change the topic
13:58:08 chast: :S
13:58:13 Slammer: YES!!
13:58:20 AudunESP: actually they have 10
13:58:25 Slammer: it was shredmandan's fault he started it
13:58:26 AudunESP: like us
13:58:28 chast: nannaana
13:58:29 shredmandan: horray
13:58:35 shredmandan: lol
13:58:53 AudunESP: ears, mouth, nose...and so on
13:59:03 chast: stop it^^
13:59:04 shredmandan: mouth my favorite
13:59:12 Slammer: you have 7 holes on your head
13:59:22 AudunESP: and holes in the skin where the sweat goes out
13:59:33 Slammer: aka pores
13:59:54 AudunESP: that means, they have millions
14:00:15 chast: what do you think ? are women going to toilette ?
14:00:28 Slammer: shredmandan got offended and left
14:00:32 chast: making something big in it ? Oo
14:00:33 shredmandan: lol
14:01:11 shredmandan: actually i left for a sec to check my holes lol
14:01:12 chast: shredmandans nickname reminds me of scatman john :/
14:01:14 AudunESP: no they dont! they only say so, in fact, they are communicating to where they all came from; space!!
14:01:21 chast: lol
14:01:28 Slammer: hey dude I'm not trying to be offensive or anything but I'm curious do you live in a Campground?
14:01:36 shredmandan: no
14:01:38 Slammer: like a KOA
14:01:46 Slammer: I used to live in KOA
14:01:50 shredmandan: no but theres on close by
14:02:06 shredmandan: i live on my own land
14:02:15 chast: here in germany they always go twosome on the toilette and till now i didnt get it why
14:02:20 Slammer: to tell you the truth I live in campgrounds most of my kid years
14:02:23 shredmandan: not much just 1 acre but its atleast not in a park
14:02:34 Slammer: always traveling
14:02:42 shredmandan: this is my low in my life lol
14:02:57 Slammer: I loved motorhomes
14:03:07 Slammer: you can drive it around
14:03:16 Slammer: dude you know, If I was rich
14:03:31 shredmandan: they get the job done and i dont have neighbors like i would in an apartment
14:03:38 Slammer: I would buy a Really nice Motorhome and Travel around
14:03:47 shredmandan: tour bus
14:03:48 Slammer: better than Hotels
14:04:40 shredmandan: chast started thinking of boobs again and went to the bathroom
14:04:40 Slammer: Chast is a Mad Shredder
14:04:46 Slammer: :P
14:04:47 chast: lol
14:04:50 shredmandan: lets here some
14:04:59 chast: im anything else than a shredder :D
14:05:08 Slammer: a Grater
14:05:22 shredmandan: leave the shred to the shredman lol
14:05:35 Slammer: he Shreds carrots
14:05:42 chast: :D
14:05:43 shredmandan: for my fans
14:05:58 Slammer: yep for his pet alligator
14:06:22 shredmandan: dude you actually have alligators out there in florida dont you
14:06:36 chast: why tigers have to grow, i would like to have a small one :(
14:06:38 Slammer: yep we Sure do
14:06:56 shredmandan: i would be a puss around them lol
14:06:57 AudunESP: they do it so they can EAT YOU ALIVE
14:07:05 Slammer: in the Campgrounds they swim in the Lakes :P
14:07:33 Slammer: flatearth
14:07:41 AudunESP: that must be scary
14:07:47 AudunESP: dont they eat people?
14:07:52 shredmandan: snakes are my biggest fear
14:07:56 Slammer: me and all my friends were all misunderstood
14:08:26 Slammer: throw in a little John Mayer reference
14:08:53 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* wake upi B*tches
14:09:04 AudunESP: hahahahaha!! funny!
14:09:05 shredmandan: awake now
14:09:05 chast: *meow*
14:09:18 AudunESP: actually i didnt quite take the joke
14:09:19 shredmandan: had t scratch my balls
14:09:29 shredmandan: lol
14:09:52 Slammer: do you guys know who I am?
14:10:02 AudunESP: your the slammer guy
14:10:02 shredmandan: your slammer
14:10:03 Slammer: before I came into Chat I mean?
14:10:10 AudunESP: nop
14:10:14 shredmandan: guess not]
14:10:19 Slammer: have you seen me around the forums
14:10:22 Slammer: :P
14:10:24 AudunESP: dont think anyone here know who i am
14:10:31 AudunESP: nothing i can remember
14:10:44 Slammer: :(
14:10:46 shredmandan: yes i have seen both of you post what about me
14:10:53 Slammer: *cries*
14:11:03 Slammer: shredmandan has the Avatar
14:11:04 AudunESP: noticed you shredman
14:11:27 Slammer: I don't hardly post anymore
14:11:28 shredmandan: chast yo back yet
14:11:39 chast: oO
14:11:43 Slammer: I use to post Alot all the time
14:11:46 shredmandan: i prefer to chat and i dont post to people that dont forme]
14:11:47 chast: im kinda confused at the moment^^
14:12:04 Slammer: how long have you guys been here?
14:12:11 chast: only 2 or 3 weeks
14:12:12 shredmandan: since feb
14:12:18 AudunESP: since juni
14:12:22 AudunESP: juny*
14:12:34 Slammer: well except for Dan you guys are new here
14:12:40 shredmandan: u
14:12:44 Slammer: April
14:13:29 Slammer: I put a stupid song I recorded in the Uploads section
14:13:32 Slammer: :P
14:13:37 shredmandan: when?
14:13:38 Slammer: I'm gonna take it off
14:13:44 Slammer: back in June
14:13:51 shredmandan: i have like 3 in there any of you checked them out?
14:13:51 Slammer: long time ago
14:14:06 shredmandan: can u remove them?
14:14:15 Slammer: I haven't been on GMC much in the past month
14:14:20 Slammer: only like 3 times or so
14:14:57 AudunESP: i have 1 song in the uploads, verry reasonly
14:14:59 Slammer:
14:15:03 Slammer: it sucks
14:15:08 Slammer: me trying to play blues
14:15:10 chast: i never got one song to an end
14:15:13 Slammer: don't listen
14:15:15 Slammer: btw
14:15:30 chast: i just listen to it
14:15:37 Slammer: heck june 17th
14:15:39 Slammer: while ago
14:15:39 AudunESP: dont post a link then XD
14:15:42 Slammer: :P
14:16:00 Slammer: shredmandan ask me when it was so I was showing him
14:16:10 Slammer: not that he would care
14:16:12 Slammer: LOL
14:16:14 chast: i like it
14:16:18 Slammer: Gen!!!!!!!!
14:16:21 shredmandan: it really doesnt suck for blues
14:16:30 Gen: hey guys :D
14:16:33 chast: hi gen
14:16:33 shredmandan: it actually does sound good
14:16:36 shredmandan: hello
14:16:39 Slammer: Gen is one of my Best Pals on GMC!!
14:16:47 Gen: :D
14:16:48 AudunESP: thats pretty cool
14:16:53 shredmandan: havent met gen yet
14:16:59 Slammer: he's too cool
14:17:02 Gen: lol
14:17:04 Slammer: Meet now!
14:17:10 shredmandan: hello gen
14:17:15 shredmandan: im the shredman
14:17:20 Gen: nice to meet you shredmandan
14:17:23 AudunESP: i mean the blues! Good job!
14:17:25 Gen: :D
14:17:36 AudunESP: hello gen, im the ESPAudun
14:17:38 Slammer: Gen is laughs at the dumbest things
14:17:46 Gen: lol
14:17:47 Gen: lol
14:17:47 Slammer: See what I mean
14:17:48 Gen: lol
14:17:50 Gen: lol
14:17:50 Gen: lo
14:17:52 Gen: llé
14:17:54 chast: i think i already talked to gen :D
14:17:56 Gen: woops
14:17:59 Gen: lol
14:18:02 Gen: yeah yesterday
14:18:05 chast: yeah^^
14:18:13 Slammer: hey Gen what was the Emergency?
14:18:38 Slammer: about 2 weeks ago
14:18:40 Gen: oh, some personal problems :D
14:18:53 Gen: well, i cant hide it anymore, im constipated...
14:18:54 shredmandan: see i know of gen to he's the one with the floyd rose bridge pic on profile right?
14:18:56 Gen: lol jk jk
14:18:59 Slammer: his high e string Snapped and sliced his finger
14:19:14 Gen: yeah
14:19:16 Gen: thats my pic
14:19:23 Slammer: he works at a Bank :P
14:19:38 shredmandan: not bad
14:19:46 Gen: lol how do you know that?? im amazed
14:19:50 Gen: lol
14:20:06 Slammer: I'm psyhic remember?
14:20:14 shredmandan: you in the USA to gen
14:20:18 chast: i love bad jokes :D
14:20:21 Gen: your an indigo child slam!!
14:20:31 Gen: no, im in switzerland :D
14:20:31 chast: especially when i drunk too much beer
14:20:52 Slammer: Gen is the coolest swiss I know..... mainly because he's the only one
14:20:58 chast: lol
14:21:10 Gen: lol lol
14:21:12 Slammer: and he speaks french!!
14:21:28 chast: hm, im thinking about should i go meeting some friends or not
14:21:40 Gen: we are your friends!!
14:21:40 chast: im too lazy to stand up from my chair and walking to them
14:21:42 Gen: dont go
14:21:47 Gen: stay staaay
14:21:49 Slammer: Gen est le fils est Steve Vai
14:21:50 Gen: lol
14:21:51 chast: :D
14:22:00 chast: omg, plz stop talking french
14:22:01 Gen: lol, slam can speak french too
14:22:03 Gen: lol
14:22:26 chast: next week school starts again
14:22:28 chast: oO
14:22:29 Slammer: Warum ich Sie machen werde, nicht mögen Sie Französisch
14:22:34 chast: than i have french again
14:22:48 chast: no, i dont like it :D
14:22:57 AudunESP: Est le porbrule est nuise di marko
14:23:11 chast: olla, que tal
14:23:13 Gen: lol
14:23:18 chast: vamos a la playa
14:23:23 chast: these are the only words i know
14:23:24 chast: ^^
14:23:31 Slammer: Audenesp kan tale 12 språk
14:23:51 Slammer: hola actually
14:23:52 AudunESP: ska sei
14:24:06 AudunESP: skal si*
14:24:06 chast: i dont know, never had spanish at school or something :D
14:24:25 AudunESP: e la probula di marko infinito Steve VAI
14:24:27 Slammer: slammer er Dum slammer est Stupide slammer ist Dumm
14:24:29 AudunESP: me neither XD
14:24:33 Gen: lool
14:24:35 shredmandan: be back in a min
14:25:07 AudunESP: Slammer when did you learn Norvegian?
14:25:25 Slammer: slammer sent comme la Vidange
14:25:32 Gen: lool
14:25:45 chast: which language was that ? :(
14:25:52 Gen: french
14:25:54 chast: lol
14:25:57 Gen: your fave^^^^
14:25:58 Gen: lol
14:25:58 chast: well you see...
14:26:14 chast: im not that good at french xD
14:26:29 Slammer: slammer bruker Freetranslation com til å tale Nordmann
14:26:45 chast: im away for 5 minutes
14:26:49 chast: brb
14:26:50 AudunESP: Gues what: dette språket EIER, viss du ikke kan dette språket, som er verderns RÅESTE, er komplette tilbakestående karer
14:26:55 Slammer: slammer benutzt, Deutsch zu sprechen
14:27:00 Gen: lool
14:27:06 AudunESP: hehe
14:27:12 Slammer: slammer utilise le pour parler français
14:27:41 Slammer: slammer uses to speak English thats for Dan
14:27:42 chast: i only know "örl" or something like that
14:27:56 chast: its swedish i think
14:27:59 Slammer: that was a Quick 5 minutes
14:27:59 chast: and means beer :D
14:28:04 chast: well
14:28:09 chast: i didnt even move my ass :D
14:28:14 chast: away now ;)
14:28:22 Gen: lol
14:28:44 Slammer: esel
14:28:53 Slammer: what does that mean?
14:28:58 AudunESP: donkey
14:29:01 AudunESP: or ass
14:29:07 Slammer: LOL
14:29:14 Gen: what a smart word :D
14:29:16 Slammer: YES
14:29:21 AudunESP: not butt but moknkey"ass"
14:29:33 AudunESP: its that in
14:29:39 AudunESP: USA right?
14:29:46 Slammer: Boden
14:29:53 Slammer: what does that mean
14:29:57 AudunESP: table i think
14:30:00 Slammer: LOL
14:30:12 Slammer: Kolben
14:30:16 Slammer: how about that?
14:30:30 Slammer: Bout in French
14:30:41 Slammer: GEN
14:30:42 Slammer: GEN
14:30:45 Slammer: GEN
14:30:45 Slammer: GEN
14:30:46 Gen: what
14:30:46 Slammer: GEN
14:30:48 Slammer: Bout??
14:30:58 Slammer: what does it mean?
14:31:08 Gen: oh lol, a piece
14:31:15 Gen: a piece of something
14:31:21 Slammer: Ane
14:31:28 Gen: i dont really now how to say it in english
14:31:32 Gen: oh ane is donkey
14:32:07 Slammer: me cul es hurting
14:32:15 Gen: ROFLMAO
14:32:21 Gen: lol lol lol
14:32:22 chast: boden is floor :P
14:32:36 AudunESP: then fenster is table?
14:32:43 chast: no its window
14:32:57 Gen: die katze ist in der baum!
14:33:06 Slammer:
14:33:13 Slammer: LOL
14:33:14 Slammer: GEN
14:33:24 Gen: lol , i didnt clicked but im sure its the rap cat
14:33:26 chast: hm, its so hard... staying at home and having a guitar or going away to have beer oO
14:33:26 Gen: am i right?
14:33:32 Slammer: Gen loves the Rap Cat
14:33:37 Slammer: dude your good
14:33:44 Gen: lol
14:33:53 Slammer: Gen loves the Rap Cat
14:33:56 Gen: *meow* *meow*
14:34:01 Gen: yeah i love
14:34:05 Gen: RAP CAT!
14:34:08 Slammer: he does
14:34:10 AudunESP: going to do my things ill be back in seconds
14:34:13 chast: teh rap cat
14:34:18 Gen: ok
14:34:22 Slammer: Rap cat scared him away
14:34:23 Gen: yeah, rap cat rule
14:34:26 Gen: lol
14:34:36 Slammer: Meow
14:34:36 Slammer: Meow
14:34:37 Slammer: Meow
14:34:37 Slammer: Meow
14:34:37 Slammer: Meow
14:34:37 Slammer: Meow
14:34:38 Slammer: Meow
14:34:38 Slammer: Meow
14:34:39 Slammer: Meow
14:34:39 Slammer: Meow
14:34:40 Slammer: Meow
14:34:40 Slammer: Meow
14:34:41 Slammer: Meow
14:34:41 Slammer: Meow
14:34:42 Slammer: Meow
14:34:42 Slammer: Meow
14:34:43 Slammer: Meow
14:34:44 Slammer: Meow
14:34:51 Slammer: :D

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+Quote Post
Kristofer Dahl
Aug 30 2007, 01:16 AM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.588
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
14:34:53 Gen: lol u forgot the *^^

14:34:59 Slammer: Noonoonnnononono
14:35:01 Slammer: :(
14:35:11 Slammer: I'm leaving

14:35:15 Slammer: goodbye boys

14:35:19 chast: seey ou

14:35:42 Slammer: cya

14:35:47 Slammer: adois

14:35:50 Slammer: adios*

14:35:50 Gen: cya dude

14:36:00 Slammer: au revoir

14:36:07 Slammer: Auf Wiedersehen

14:36:07 Gen: :D

14:36:17 Gen: sayonara

14:36:18 Slammer: Tot ziens

14:36:27 Slammer: arrivederci

14:36:37 Slammer: 再见

14:36:40 Gen: lol

14:36:43 Slammer: that's chinese

14:36:57 Slammer: it's pronounces Square Square

14:37:05 AudunESP: im back in black [8]

14:37:05 Gen: lol

14:37:11 Slammer: Pun

14:37:13 Gen: cool, i now a word in chinese now

14:37:24 Slammer: Jackie Chan!

14:37:28 Gen: well, square square slammer

14:37:32 Gen: lol

14:37:34 Slammer: Jet Li

14:37:46 Slammer: rumble in the bronx

14:37:48 AudunESP: hun

14:37:49 Gen: im more into jacky chan :D

14:37:53 Slammer: Cya dudes layter
14:37:56 Gen: cya

14:38:50 Gen: hey audunesp

14:38:58 chast: beer or guitar ?

14:39:01 chast: oO

14:39:04 Gen: both!

14:39:05 AudunESP: guitar

14:39:14 AudunESP: im not aloud to drink

14:39:17 shredmandan: guitar

14:39:20 Gen: oh okay lol

14:39:23 AudunESP: my parents wont let me

14:39:27 AudunESP: KIDDING

14:39:31 Gen: how old are oyu?

14:39:34 Gen: you*

14:39:35 AudunESP: 16

14:39:38 Gen: okay

14:39:44 AudunESP: im mentaly old enough to drink

14:39:47 chast: with 16 you are allow to drink beer here :D

14:39:48 AudunESP: but ppl wont let me

14:39:48 Gen: lol

14:40:01 AudunESP: lucky lucky bastrd

14:40:08 Gen: here too
14:40:17 AudunESP: its 18 here

14:40:21 Gen: oh okay

14:40:25 shredmandan: 21 here

14:40:28 Gen: wishky is 18 here^^

14:40:34 chast: yeah same here

14:40:42 AudunESP: some of the governement wants it at 21(evil evil people)

14:40:42 chast: with 18 you can drink everything^^

14:40:50 Gen: lol

14:41:07 AudunESP: btw. beer tastes...breowhll...

14:41:30 AudunESP: :s

14:42:17 Gen: audun, what kind of axe you have?

14:42:21 Gen: esp ?

14:42:43 AudunESP: nop, At the moment LTD Mh-250

14:42:51 Gen: oh okay

14:42:55 Gen: almost esp^^

14:43:06 AudunESP: thinking of changing my name to audunLTD XD

14:43:07 Gen: i got an esp ltd viper - 500

14:43:11 Gen: oh lol

14:44:35 Gen: hey matt!!

14:44:40 mattacuk: hey dudes!

14:44:41 Gen: :D

14:44:41 AudunESP: hello there

14:44:45 mattacuk: :D

14:45:17 AudunESP: pretty fun name you hae , becous in norvegian, cuk(kuk) means the male pistol

14:45:33 Gen: lmao

14:45:48 Gen: well, maybe he already knows that ;)
14:46:21 Gen: so matt, whats up?

14:46:27 mattacuk: well

14:46:33 mattacuk: not much lol

14:46:34 Gen: lol

14:46:43 mattacuk: as you can see im now the devil

14:46:52 AudunESP: im the angel! screw you!

14:46:52 Gen: im a flower!

14:46:55 Gen: :D

14:47:10 chast: you all lost

14:47:12 mattacuk: look at me im maximum bob

14:47:14 chast: im the mighy wizard

14:47:14 Gen: im ian anderson from jethro tull!

14:47:17 Gen: lol

14:47:21 AudunESP: i have the power og GOD!

14:47:27 AudunESP: of* sorry

14:47:33 chast: i created god with my magic!

14:47:34 mattacuk: lol

14:48:10 mattacuk: im so sleepy lol

14:48:17 Gen: lol

14:48:42 AudunESP: hi uest

14:48:43 Gen: hey

14:48:46 Gen: guest

14:49:02 mattacuk: so whats everyone listening too

14:49:10 AudunESP: my own playing

14:49:16 Gen: aome mr.big stuff :D

14:49:17 AudunESP: wich is like heaven

14:49:20 Gen: some*

14:49:41 mattacuk: mr big, v cool

14:49:49 Gen: anyone knows the song: green tinted sixties mind?

14:49:55 mattacuk: uhuh

14:50:02 mattacuk: famous song

14:50:07 Gen: so awesome

14:50:19 Gen: paul gilbert is a great composer

14:50:26 mattacuk: damn straight

14:50:53 AudunESP: ups, now he saw what ppl that was hanging here, so he got scared and ran away

14:51:03 Gen: lol

14:51:57 Gen: he saw the name paul gilbert, he wrote it on youtube and he just left gmc cuz he was blown away

14:51:58 Gen: :D

14:52:18 mattacuk: lol

14:52:35 mattacuk: im waiting for pauls intense rock dvd

14:52:51 Gen: oh, cool!

14:53:08 mattacuk: i want to learn some of his licks

14:53:21 Gen: yeah, love his string skipping stuff :D

14:53:40 chast: ARG, im getting crazy

14:53:45 Gen: why?

14:53:46 chast: go out or not

14:53:49 chast: damn

14:53:50 Gen: oh lol

14:53:51 chast: xD

14:53:59 Gen: wait wait wait

14:54:11 AudunESP: isnt it clear chast? ruun to the hiiiils!

14:54:14 Gen: are u going out to drink some beer?

14:54:18 Gen: lol

14:54:19 chast: for sure^^

14:54:33 Gen: well, i think youo know what u have to do

14:54:38 chast: hm

14:54:43 chast: im gonna phone a friend

14:54:49 Gen: ruuun to the hillss! run for aaa beeer!

14:54:53 Gen: :D

14:55:38 AudunESP: lol
14:56:00 Gen: well guys, i gotta go practice with distortion, so cya around! :D

14:56:01 Gen: bye

14:56:11 AudunESP: cya

14:56:17 mattacuk: ciao

14:56:22 mattacuk: from Satan

14:59:13 chast: im away now

14:59:15 chast: cu

14:59:44 AudunESP: shredman, you are there i hope

15:00:04 shredmandan: jammin but here

15:00:16 AudunESP: im jammin 2

15:01:22 shredmandan: i have been trying to make a song out of this drum track dude gave me on here for like three days now.It's under shredman track and its the one thats 125bpm if you wanna check it out

15:01:33 AudunESP: sure

15:02:32 shredmandan: i dont have the guitar made up on it yet but you can here the drums,there awesome

15:06:42 AudunESP: hearing it now

15:08:13 AudunESP: its the one that smurkas posted?

15:08:19 shredmandan: yes

15:08:29 shredmandan: he made 2

15:08:51 AudunESP: is it the last one?

15:08:57 shredmandan: yes

15:09:04 AudunESP: ok

15:09:08 shredmandan: the other had 2 many changes

15:09:44 AudunESP: ok

15:10:00 AudunESP: pretty cool

15:10:28 shredmandan: i like it but for some reaon its giving me trouble on making riffs over it

15:10:45 AudunESP: hehe, not hard to understand why

15:11:13 AudunESP: btw. i like the track you made at the first poast

15:11:16 AudunESP: post*

15:11:20 AudunESP: its pretty nice

15:11:27 shredmandan: i like to have my guitar riffs alrady made rather than make them to fit the drums

15:11:43 shredmandan: thanks

15:12:19 shredmandan: i did that one quick and once again i felt that the guitar i had already made up didnt fit welllwith drums but wanted to put something up

15:13:44 shredmandan: i tend to fill like i have to play at the exact same pace as the drums all the time rather than let the drums be fast and play some slow parts.I guess its my lackof playing with drums for a long time

15:14:15 shredmandan: my drumer back in the day always made beats from what i was already playing

15:14:33 AudunESP: well, its that way it works in bands isnt it?

15:14:58 shredmandan: depends on who and what type you are for me thats how it went

15:15:31 shredmandan: you should try and jam along with some of the drum beats its good practice and there a slower one called rage rip off in the uploads
15:16:00 AudunESP: thanx for the idea, ill try it

15:17:21 shredmandan: its really good practice ,i think its much better than a metronome because if you ever get in a band there not some dude that plays the metronome just drums

15:17:38 shredmandan: lol

15:17:47 AudunESP: hehe

15:18:02 AudunESP: "the metronomer!"

15:18:13 shredmandan: click click click

15:18:27 shredmandan: so you said you played for 4 years now?

15:18:32 AudunESP: soon

15:18:39 AudunESP: i think

15:18:48 AudunESP: im not too sure actualy

15:19:30 shredmandan: do you fill like your good/not to bragg ofcourse bu do you fill you can play some of the stuff you lie

15:19:43 shredmandan: like sorry

15:19:52 AudunESP: mostly yes

15:20:23 AudunESP: dont feel like im "king" or something, but some of my friends just stands there saying nothing after ive played some things

15:22:11 shredmandan: you see where im at everybody looks at me like some great guitarist ,not bragging but i feel like its just because there all beginner level,there is no one aound here that can out play me let alone keep up with me.Still for how long i have been playing im really disapointed im not playing just like steve Vai or someone like that

15:23:17 AudunESP: yeah i know, here at gmc i hear so much cool stuff from ppl here, so i feel a little beginner, but in the little world around me, im kinda the best guitarist i know

15:23:31 AudunESP: know in person

15:23:39 shredmandan: gmc instructors make me feel like i suck lol

15:23:52 shredmandan: especially pavel

15:24:04 AudunESP: well, concider im 16, i dint feel the same way....maybe with pavel though

15:24:10 AudunESP: dont*

15:26:11 shredmandan: let me tell you from my own mistakes.The biggest thing you need to do if you want to be the next legend on guitar is practice very wisley and look up to someone and learn from someone very talented like the best in the world.My mistake was getting hooked on metallica forever.Thats great and i love it,learned everyone of there songs but now the stuff i want to do is in a whole new league

15:26:47 AudunESP: yep! god bless GMC

15:28:34 shredmandan: its really what you want out of guitar.Like if you just want to have fun with it and sound good playing you dont have to be obsessed but if you want to be a great you must devote your whole life and time to it like a nun does god.No woman or partying because all that stuff gets in the way and thats what happened to me

15:30:11 AudunESP: i kinda used my whole vacation on playing guitar, so i have a goal

15:31:19 AudunESP: i want to be proffesional, not just play guitar and listen to music all day, but i want to live my life on something i burn for

15:31:29 AudunESP: thats my goal

15:31:58 AudunESP: at the start of the vacation i wasnt nearly at that level i am today

15:33:46 shredmandan: you are at the age and without all the extra baggage like wife and kids where you can really do that if you want it bad enough and take it serious.You really have to decide though its totaly up to you.Would you live life rough and hard for several years just to make it?Thats what it takes alot of hard stuff to get up top.I promise you though man if you really want it and put ALL the work into it i can tell you without a doubt 100% you could do it.

15:34:29 AudunESP: thanks man!

15:36:33 shredmandan: the way it goes for me ,my dream has changed from me making it to my son making it.He is 1 now but i dream for him to let me teach him and that he will learn very quick and dedicate to it.I know what it takes now just have to much baggage to do it without not being here for my family

15:37:13 shredmandan: welsome guest

15:37:25 AudunESP: welcome

15:37:42 shredmandan: can you chat on here without being a member

15:38:01 AudunESP: maybe he cant

15:38:22 AudunESP: Guest! dont leave i have to tell you somethiong

15:39:54 AudunESP: look through the video Kris sendt you several times, read the signup stuff several times

15:39:56 AudunESP: ok?

15:40:14 shredmandan: lol

15:40:22 shredmandan: i dont think they can chat

15:40:29 AudunESP: hehe, me neither

15:40:47 shredmandan: i see them now and again and never see them respond

15:40:58 AudunESP: maybe they cant respond

15:42:06 AudunESP: but seriously, when i first found this site, i was thinking HARD weither to sign up or dont sign up, if i wouldnt sign up, i wouldnt be near the level i am today

15:43:20 shredmandan: thats good

15:45:12 shredmandan: im going to reload the chat one sec

15:45:33 shredmandan: ok

15:45:44 AudunESP: bad conection?

15:46:12 shredmandan: it just got a little blurry where are names were for some reason

15:47:22 AudunESP:

15:47:36 AudunESP: this makes me feel like i suck

15:50:15 shredmandan: that was pretty good

15:50:22 AudunESP: i know

15:51:11 shredmandan: kris is a great teacher

15:51:21 AudunESP: yep he is

15:51:33 AudunESP: i kinda wish that boy was me

15:52:12 shredmandan: it would be nice to have him to teach right in front of you

15:58:52 AudunESP: yeye! would be cool with a really funny guitarteacher, my live teacher is boring :(
15:59:51 shredmandan: so you have one now?

16:00:25 AudunESP: yep! its on a "cultural school" where people can learn to sing, dance, play music and so on

16:00:42 AudunESP: dont know if they have that in US

16:01:05 shredmandan: im sure they have something like that around here

16:03:55 AudunESP: is there a musical "mileou" "miljø" (wtf you call it in US, like you know ppl who do music and you go together with some other musicians, talk, maybe jam, form a band with some other people, best way i can explain it) in the nearest city of you?

16:04:58 shredmandan: its a good ways from where i live.I have never been to something klike that before but sounds cool

16:06:12 AudunESP: something like that is verry much in the underground of Stavanger City, the nearest "big" city (150.000 ppl)

16:07:21 shredmandan: do you like it?

16:07:32 AudunESP: im not verry intigrated in it

16:08:10 AudunESP: dont know so very much of the people who hang around, but ive heard much of it

16:08:37 shredmandan: so what time is it ove there?

16:08:45 AudunESP: 22:08

16:10:12 shredmandan: 4:00 here . i work night shift and i have been up for over a day.Im so dam tired but im trying to fight it untill later that way i sleep all through the night cause im off finally

16:10:58 AudunESP: that must really suck! what do you work as?

16:11:11 AudunESP: like, whats your work?

16:11:27 shredmandan: im running a new paper route right now

16:11:45 AudunESP: paper route?

16:11:56 shredmandan: news papers yes

16:12:00 AudunESP: oh

16:12:22 shredmandan: gets me some money

16:12:37 AudunESP: you mean you are running a newspaper like NY times, maybe not THAt big ? :)
16:13:01 shredmandan: yes definatly not that big but same concept

16:13:11 AudunESP: cool

16:13:19 AudunESP: then you must earn alot

16:13:54 shredmandan: yeah its enough to get what i need

16:14:24 AudunESP: what gear are you using?

16:16:03 shredmandan: hey dude my wife just got home gotta go for now.If your on here later and im up ill look for you.Its been cool chatting with you and i will see ya around

16:16:15 AudunESP: cya

16:49:09 Nick325: hey
16:49:24 Nick325: no ones here again :(
18:37:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: lol

18:37:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: hi pavel

18:38:02 Pavel: hey Kai!

18:38:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey nice to meet you dragonlord :P

18:39:26 Pavel: Where did you park your dragon?

18:41:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: well we both know :D

18:41:52 Pavel: my ***

18:41:55 Pavel: :D :D :D
18:42:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: wt...

18:42:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

18:42:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: man...

18:42:15 Pavel: didn't know your dragon si that small!
18:42:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: :d:d:d:d:d:d
18:43:59 Pavel: here comes a dragon meal! :D
18:44:06 Pavel: hey Nick!

18:44:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehehe ****groooooooaaaarrrr**

18:44:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: hi nick

18:44:42 Pavel: Nick is parking his dragon....

18:44:55 Pavel: yeah it's a tough job to pull off in such a small valley!

18:47:10 Pavel:

18:47:35 Pavel: so aki when is your 7-string arriving?

18:47:38 Pavel: Kai* :D

18:48:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: dunno

18:48:35 Nick325: o hey guys
18:48:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey there

18:48:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
18:48:42 Nick325: sry i went to go feed my dog

18:48:43 Pavel: they didn't tell you when???

18:48:56 Pavel: Nick325 no probs!

18:49:07 Nick325: i might get a 7 seven string down the road

18:49:09 Pavel: i have a dog myself and it always makes something wrong in the wrong time

18:49:18 Nick325: lol

18:49:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: LOL

18:49:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: girldragons from outerspace

18:49:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: imagine that as a movie

18:49:51 Nick325: at night my dog becomes a dragon and goes out into the night
18:49:55 Pavel: After reading our last chat session nothing is surprising :D

18:50:42 Pavel: Kai - what are the pickups on your 7s?

18:50:58 Pavel: Seymour Duncan's?

18:51:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: nope

18:51:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: emg

18:51:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: although i dont like them...

18:51:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: but still good pickups

18:51:34 Pavel: oh....yeah you said they are like cheramic ....

18:51:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: i plan to change them

18:51:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: jup

18:51:55 Pavel: Rusty had Seymour Duncan's Blackouts on his RC prototype

18:51:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: all designed for high output

18:52:01 Pavel: and than he replaced them with 707s

18:52:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah!

18:52:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah

18:52:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am also not really a fan of highgain sounds

18:52:37 Pavel: i played on EMG only once - it ws Ibanez RG 350 with EMG's

18:52:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: so there is no need for such pickups

18:52:53 Pavel: to be honest i didn't notice the difference between shitty pickups stock RG has and EMGs...

18:52:54 Nick325: if i get a 7 string it would probly be this one becuase i dont want to spend to much $$ on it

18:52:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: i plan to throw in custom pickups as soon as i can effort some money

18:53:39 Pavel: Nick325 fixed bridge??

18:53:43 Pavel: why?

18:53:47 Nick325: ???

18:54:10 Pavel: 7321 has fixed bridge doen't it?

18:54:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: what`

18:54:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: `?

18:54:28 Nick325: whats a fixed bridge :?
18:54:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: y fixed bridge?

18:54:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: no trem

18:54:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: no whammy

18:54:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: its a tune o matic type thing i guess

18:55:04 Nick325: :o never mind that
18:55:08 Nick325: i love whammy bars

18:55:10 Pavel: yeah 7321 has fixed bridge! checked it on Ibanez site....

18:55:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: me don needs it :P

18:55:32 Pavel: RG 1527 has floating bridge

18:55:36 Nick325: o well its the only 7 string i could find in that price range since i dont wanna spend too much

18:55:53 Nick325: even though im not getting it now anyway

18:56:04 Pavel:'s quite cheap....

18:56:09 Pavel: 1527 is twice as much

18:57:03 Nick325: o :(
18:57:45 Pavel: well if you ever get some serious intent to buy a 7-string don't buy the cheapest one

18:57:57 Nick325: lol i no
18:58:03 Nick325: i just dont wanna spend to much

18:58:37 Owen: Parrrtayy on down
18:58:46 Owen: :P

18:58:53 Owen: Everyones asleep

18:58:56 Owen: how sweet:D

18:59:02 Nick325: yo owen

18:59:12 Owen: Heey

18:59:16 Nick325: sup
18:59:41 Pavel: Heyowen

18:59:47 Owen: listening to music, although windows wants to format the linux partition of my harddrive xD so I cant access half my stuff :P

19:00:08 Nick325: pavel im not going to be getting one soon anyway so i wont worry about it yet anyway

19:00:46 Pavel: Nick325 :) no probs!

19:01:05 Nick325: right now im looking at some ibanez 6 strings lol

19:01:19 Owen: also, I'm lusting over fender jaguars...

19:01:45 Pavel: k guys! You keep chatting about gear - i am off to bed!

19:01:52 Pavel: too tired to type anything---

19:01:55 Owen: bye bye!

19:01:58 Pavel: Good night!!

19:02:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah im off to sleep now to

19:02:05 Nick325: cya
19:02:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: its 1.02 i gotta get up early

19:02:13 Owen: Instructors run when I come in the room

19:02:15 Owen: :P

19:02:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: good night guys... :)
19:02:26 Owen: Gnight!

19:02:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure i always run form owen ;)
19:02:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: not at all my man;)

19:02:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: take care everyone ;)
19:03:24 Owen: I am alone in my fender loving universe

19:04:05 Owen: I think I love guitars everyone else dislikes xD

19:05:38 Nick325: i have a fender

19:06:10 Owen: yeah, but its probably a strat xD

19:06:17 Owen: I love telecasters and jaguars

19:06:28 Nick325: yep it is

19:06:29 Owen: ie the one's that no-one actually has xD

19:07:21 Nick325: o

19:07:50 Nick325: ****meow**
19:08:05 Owen: <>

19:08:07 Owen: I mean

19:08:09 Owen: YEAH?!

19:08:53 Nick325: i nver saw that one

19:09:34 Owen: Its awesome :P

19:22:23 Nick325: gtg
19:22:26 Nick325: be on l8r

19:52:55 Slammer: ****slap**
19:53:12 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:53:21 Gen: lol lol

19:53:23 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:53:23 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:53:23 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:57:39 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:57:39 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:57:40 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****whip**
19:57:43 Slammer: Rap Cat

19:58:00 Gen: lol

19:58:28 Robin: Hello everybady!

19:58:35 Slammer: Robin hiya

19:58:42 Slammer: I'm on my way out

19:58:55 Robin: kewl

19:59:10 Gen: hey rob :D

19:59:18 Robin: :P

20:01:42 Robin: well.. talk to you on msn gen :P

20:02:48 Slammer: cya later dude

20:02:55 Slammer: gotta go watch Football

20:03:01 Slammer: and Baseball

20:03:27 Gen: cya

20:44:46 Nick325: ****meow**
20:44:49 Nick325: ****slap**
20:44:52 Nick325: ****whip**
20:44:56 Nick325: ****slap**
20:44:59 Nick325: ****whip**
20:45:04 Nick325: ****meow**
23:29:36 Smikey2006: hey ketchup

23:33:42 kethcup: yo yo

23:33:53 kethcup: what's up bro

23:40:34 Smikey2006: man

23:40:51 Smikey2006: well basically parents just ruined my life basically haha

23:41:01 Smikey2006: took like everything i need for uni haha

23:41:09 kethcup: say what?

23:41:12 kethcup: what do you mean?

23:41:15 Smikey2006: and are basically making me move out haha

23:41:25 Smikey2006: umm like theyve stopped funding my uni and telling me to leave haha

23:41:29 Smikey2006: almost stole my guitar today

23:41:35 kethcup: uni = ?

23:41:38 Smikey2006: took my credit cards.. MY creditcards haha

23:41:39 Smikey2006: university

23:41:42 kethcup: ahh

23:41:48 kethcup: what did you do?

23:41:52 Smikey2006: idk :D

23:41:56 Smikey2006: which is really the funny thing

23:41:57 kethcup: lol whatever

23:42:07 Smikey2006: they just like.. told me to overhaul my life. and im like wtf

23:42:09 Smikey2006: lol

23:42:16 kethcup: wow!

23:42:30 kethcup: What uni do you go to?

23:42:58 Smikey2006: Western right now

23:43:07 Smikey2006: but i might be switching to either windsor or Rirerson

23:43:19 kethcup: Where's Western?

23:43:59 Smikey2006: london ontario

23:44:05 kethcup: right on

23:44:12 Smikey2006: its an awsome school cause i can live at home :D

23:44:15 Smikey2006: but not for long hahaha

23:44:21 kethcup: I guess not! lol

23:44:33 kethcup: Wow, how long did they give you?

23:47:24 Smikey2006: no time limit

23:47:31 Smikey2006: but like.. they just came on so sudden

23:47:41 Smikey2006: lol they think im wasting my life with music haha

23:47:56 kethcup: puch

23:48:00 kethcup: ouch*

23:48:05 kethcup: that's a low blow!

23:48:45 kethcup: What are you majoring in?

23:48:56 Smikey2006: B Com

23:49:02 Smikey2006: Business of Commerse

23:49:08 kethcup: cool

23:49:09 Smikey2006: i hope haha

23:49:10 kethcup: Minor?

23:49:24 Smikey2006: minor is just entrapraneauraship

23:49:28 Smikey2006: spelt reallly wrong

23:49:42 kethcup: that seems to be popular these days

23:49:45 Smikey2006: yea
23:49:55 Smikey2006: i've started my own guitar shop :)
23:49:59 kethcup: yea?

23:50:04 kethcup: That's awesome dude!

23:50:07 Smikey2006: yup <>

23:50:11 Smikey2006: but its going slowly

23:50:16 Smikey2006: so its still underconstruction haha

23:50:29 Smikey2006: there shud be a few items up there in a few days like a hardcase

23:50:43 Smikey2006: lol i spent like 120$ on a new hardcase and my parents are making me sell it hahaha

23:50:49 Smikey2006: so im putting it on the site for 100 haha

23:51:08 kethcup: hey, it's a good start to your business!! :)
23:51:14 Smikey2006: well not really haha

23:51:16 Smikey2006: i lose 20 bucks
23:51:18 Smikey2006: but meh lol

23:51:25 kethcup: but you gain exposure

23:51:26 Smikey2006: so if you need a new hardcase eh :P

23:51:28 Smikey2006: yea true

23:51:43 kethcup: what's the case hold?

23:51:53 Smikey2006: just a regular electric

23:52:10 Smikey2006: its in mint condition haha

23:52:11 kethcup: I have an RGMDX350 that I just bought that I could use a case for

23:52:22 Smikey2006: it wud hold it haha

23:52:25 Smikey2006: black velvet lining

23:52:28 Smikey2006: its even got a lock haha

23:52:35 Smikey2006: its a nice case.. i want it lmao

23:52:51 kethcup: just hide it under your bed dude
23:52:55 kethcup: they won't see it

23:52:57 Smikey2006: haha i have no bed lmao

23:53:01 Smikey2006: only a matress :P

23:53:07 kethcup: car?

23:53:12 Smikey2006: yea i cud

23:53:18 Smikey2006: but then its not doing its job haha

23:53:20 Smikey2006: :)
23:53:25 kethcup: true true

23:53:26 Smikey2006: ill just sell it and buy a new 1 soon

23:53:48 kethcup: Why are they making you sell it?

23:54:50 Smikey2006: to make my life difficult haha

23:55:12 kethcup: So what do they want you to be?

23:58:39 Smikey2006: lol sry they want me to be an accountant

23:58:43 Smikey2006: make big money and be really bored

23:58:54 kethcup: accounting blows man

23:59:01 Smikey2006: yea

23:59:08 kethcup: I manage accounting software and I would never be an accountant

23:59:14 Smikey2006: thats basically what im taking in school tho.. like out of school i cud go be an accountant

23:59:18 Smikey2006: but i would hate it

23:59:35 kethcup: I dunno... I guess it's cool if you're into it

23:59:38 kethcup: just not my thing

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