Guitar Chat With Muris Etc. 2007-08-18
Aug 30 2007, 05:25 PM
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00:00:20 shredmandan: im sure you could make up some cool stuff being old school and all lol]
00:00:33 kethcup: old school crap! :)
00:00:37 shredmandan: ha ha ha
00:00:45 shredmandan: I mean metallcia old school
00:01:00 kethcup: I could be down with that
00:01:25 kethcup: I'm a cover whore so original stuff is not one of my strong points
00:01:33 kethcup: but I guess it's a good challenge
00:01:51 shredmandan: oh yes, it still challanges me
00:02:32 Smurkas: learning other people's music is the way to writing good stuff of your own
00:02:43 shredmandan: yep
00:02:44 kethcup: that's a true statement
00:02:53 kethcup: I would like to start writing my own
00:03:41 kethcup: I am actually meeting up with a friend next weekend and we are going to record some stuff
00:03:53 kethcup: just goof around but you know... I think it will be good!
00:04:06 Smurkas: that's how I started out writing, deciding what kind of sound I wanted and getting in to bands playing those styles
00:04:08 shredmandan: thats how you get good
00:04:28 shredmandan: and you mix all the styles you like to make your own thing
00:04:38 kethcup: you know... I'm into the metal but I have a feeling when I write it's going to come out completely different
00:04:43 shredmandan: smurk did you finish those drums yet?
00:04:54 shredmandan: it very well could
00:05:04 Smurkas: just sent them
00:05:21 kethcup: I'm thinking it will probably sound Bon Jovi almost countryish!
00:05:38 kethcup: lol I'll quit playing if that day comes!
00:05:40 kethcup: jk
00:05:55 shredmandan: cool i have to go play with the woman now lol .Keth work on it and see what happens.Bon Jovi is very talented but cant say im a lover of country
00:06:41 kethcup: me neither!
00:06:50 kethcup: cool man... have fun with the fam! :)
00:07:33 shredmandan: smurk i will chck them out and im, leaving my computer on so if you all are still here when i done i will talk to you then.You all get to know each other and take care,your both the 2 coolest dudes i know on gmc
00:07:57 kethcup: rignt on man.. thanks for the kind words! :)
00:08:15 shredmandan: see ya keth if your here later i will talk to you if not ill be around forever tomorrow lol
00:08:35 kethcup: I'm going to Slayer tomorrow so... :)
00:08:47 kethcup: I'll be on here for a while tonight, I think
00:08:54 shredmandan: alllllllllllllllllllllllllll lucky hope you make it back home lol
00:08:58 kethcup: I took a nap earlier so I'll probably be up for a while
00:09:07 shredmandan: talk to you later cya
00:09:09 kethcup: me too! lol
00:09:14 kethcup: peace brutha
00:10:17 kethcup: So Smurkas... are you still around?
00:10:23 Smurkas: kind of
00:10:30 kethcup: that's cool too!
00:10:45 Smurkas: searching for new songs for my cover band
00:10:45 kethcup: just wanted to say hey... I don't think I've talked to you before. ?
00:10:55 Smurkas: no I started coming here today
00:10:57 kethcup: cool! What kind of material?
00:11:14 Smurkas: basically anything that's a crow pleaser
00:11:20 kethcup: I hear that.
00:11:24 Smurkas: started out as a kiss cover band though
00:11:32 kethcup: Are you limited to what the locals want to hear?
00:11:47 kethcup: or do they accept new stuff?
00:12:33 Smurkas: no man I decide :D
00:13:08 Smurkas: I basically toss in anything I think the crowd might swallow
00:15:35 kethcup: very cool
00:15:39 kethcup: Where you from?
00:31:06 Hemlok: hi ketchup, hi marcus
00:31:57 kethcup: Hey Hemlok
00:32:01 kethcup: How goes it?
00:38:12 Hemlok: oh not too bad thanks
00:38:26 Hemlok: just went and bought a costume to wear tomorrow
00:38:32 Hemlok: how are you?
00:38:38 kethcup: good man, thanks
00:38:41 kethcup: What's tomorrow?
00:39:07 Hemlok: lawns bowls competition, just having a dress-up and BBQ for a bit of fun
00:39:51 kethcup: right on. What are you going to be?
00:40:02 Hemlok: ooh a 60
00:40:05 Hemlok: *60
00:40:09 Hemlok: ....
00:40:13 Hemlok: *a 60's man
00:40:18 Hemlok: with an afro
00:40:24 kethcup: nice
00:40:55 Hemlok: yeah i got a nice vest and some pants, and crazy shirt and tie
00:41:09 Hemlok: doesnt look too bad tho. i might wear again haha
00:41:21 kethcup: just to wear it? lol
00:41:35 Hemlok: yep :P
00:41:53 Hemlok: i will give you a pic hold on
00:42:38 Hemlok:
00:43:25 Hemlok: $10 outfit :D
00:45:15 kethcup: nice!
00:45:20 kethcup: shwag!
00:46:03 Hemlok: haha
00:46:22 Hemlok: had to be comfortable enough to bowl aswell
00:46:59 kethcup: man I can't imagine polyester being ok to do anything in!
00:47:11 Hemlok: :P
00:47:28 Hemlok: time will tell
00:47:35 kethcup: true true
00:47:55 Hemlok: anyway, im gonna scoot. guitar time
00:48:03 kethcup: right on
00:48:07 Hemlok: catchya later ketchup, have a good day
00:48:16 kethcup: you too man.... peace out
06:49:30 Hemlok: im having so much fun
07:30:25 muris: wake up guys *slap* *whip* *slap* *whip*
07:30:30 muris: :)
07:30:47 Hemlok: aww muris
07:30:50 Hemlok: i was recording!
07:30:57 Hemlok: :P no matter i made an error anyway
07:31:00 muris: oups
07:31:06 muris: sorry );
07:31:29 muris: what do you record?
07:31:40 Hemlok: just recording the song i working on
07:31:46 muris: ahh cool
07:31:47 Hemlok: i can show you my ideas so far if you want
07:31:50 muris: is it going ok?
07:32:04 Hemlok: its going pretty nice so far
07:32:14 muris: do you have some mo3 of it?
07:32:19 muris: mp3*
07:32:38 muris: morning Dan :)
07:32:52 shredmandan: hello everyone just back homefrom work
07:33:17 muris: holy..what time is there?
07:33:30 shredmandan: its 7:30 am
07:33:42 muris: you worked 3dr shift?
07:33:42 shredmandan: u
07:33:49 shredmandan: yep always
07:33:57 muris: I see
07:34:01 Hemlok: ok i can upload a rough mp3 of it
07:34:12 muris: ok hemlok
07:34:25 shredmandan: are you uploading your playing hemlock
07:34:28 Hemlok: i just did a quick improv on the end so its not so boring :)
07:34:38 muris: oki doki :)
07:34:44 Hemlok: yup :) my part song idea thing
07:34:56 shredmandan: cool
07:35:41 shredmandan: is it up yet
07:37:10 shredmandan: so muris you ever seen kris come on here nad chat?
07:37:10 Hemlok: soon soon be patient :)
07:37:16 Hemlok: i have
07:37:22 Hemlok: he doesnt usually stay for long
07:37:30 shredmandan: im sure
07:37:49 shredmandan: very buisy man
07:38:12 muris: we chated once
07:38:22 muris: for some 10 mins
07:38:51 shredmandan: i have never seen lavandell,gariel, or kris on here yet
07:39:02 muris: same here
07:39:16 muris: I talked to Kris,Pavel,Andrew and Kai
07:39:28 muris: hope not to miss someone
07:39:37 shredmandan: same here just not kris
07:39:42 muris: I see
07:40:02 muris: we talked about music in general
07:40:05 Hemlok:
07:40:08 Hemlok: done
07:40:13 muris: he told me to upload stuff from my gigs etc
07:40:19 shredmandan: i would like to chat with lavendwll but i dont think he really does that kind of thing much
07:40:42 muris: great hemlok :)
07:41:01 shredmandan: imlistening
07:41:09 muris: I have an idea
07:41:17 Hemlok: good :)
07:41:19 muris: i can make you a small lead over it
07:41:41 Hemlok: i was hoping you would say backing, because i suck at rythm
07:42:09 muris: backing is fine
07:42:10 Hemlok: want me to upload it without my improve then?
07:42:13 muris: it's all picking
07:42:24 muris: no real rhythm stuff
07:42:26 muris: sure
07:42:32 muris: post BT :)
07:42:49 muris: and you can tell to everybody to do the same if you wish :)
07:42:59 Hemlok: alrighty
07:43:06 Hemlok: should i extend it longer?
07:43:13 muris: as you want
07:43:18 muris: it'll be cool
07:43:24 muris: but no big deal
07:43:26 shredmandan: cool hemlock
07:43:46 Hemlok: ok i will get cracking
07:44:05 shredmandan: muris when i get a cool metal style rythem down would you record a solo on it kind of like that shred one you let me here?
07:44:17 shredmandan: riff i ment
07:44:27 shredmandan: lol
07:44:42 muris: I'll give it a try
07:44:53 muris: just don't use it to make some money,ok?
07:44:56 muris: lol
07:45:03 shredmandan: cool i will have drums on it and hopefully bass
07:45:06 shredmandan: lol
07:45:08 Hemlok: i dont have any drums or bass
07:45:11 shredmandan: just for gmc
07:45:17 muris: ok ;)
07:46:13 shredmandan: you need to find someone on here top work with you on drums hemlock like i did.There is afew drum patterns in my posts like shredman track but they are more metal
07:46:34 shredmandan: use them if you like
07:47:50 shredmandan: do u use a drum program muris?well i guess thats dumb tp ask but which do u use?
07:48:30 muris: I use many
07:48:53 muris: Artist Drums,Addictive Drums,EZ Drummer..those are VSTs
07:49:01 muris: plus lots of audio loops
07:49:26 shredmandan: do u ever just have your drummer in band record parts for you or your lessons on gmc?
07:49:33 muris: no
07:49:40 muris: I do it by midi
07:49:47 shredmandan: cool
07:50:11 muris: it's hard to record drumms good
07:50:20 muris: this way is a lot easier for me
07:50:24 shredmandan: tell me about it
07:50:58 muris: of course,real drums is greatest stuff you can have on your record
07:51:05 muris: but too had to be done ...
07:51:24 muris: hard*
07:51:24 shredmandan: i see
07:51:44 Hemlok:
07:51:53 Hemlok: under my picture
07:52:20 muris: btw hemlok
07:52:36 muris: i have troubles to "download" stuff from GMC forum
07:52:50 Hemlok: how so?
07:52:55 Hemlok: does it come up as index
07:52:55 muris: it stays somewhere in memory of my browser
07:53:00 muris: doesn't go on HD
07:53:10 Hemlok: oh ok
07:53:25 Hemlok: how would you like me to do it then? email
07:53:28 muris: could you send it to me by email?
07:53:30 muris: yeah
07:53:32 Hemlok: ok
07:54:29 Hemlok: [email protected] is the go?
07:55:03 muris: yes
07:55:13 Hemlok: ok, i will let you know when it is sent
07:55:18 muris: ok
07:57:21 shredmandan: man i always get nervous when i hit that record butting how about u all
07:57:41 shredmandan: man im not spelling to well today lol
07:57:51 Hemlok: you need some sleep
07:57:57 shredmandan: correct
07:58:12 Hemlok: i dont get nervous when i hit record, i just play crap
07:58:26 shredmandan: got so much i want to work onthough i have had 4 hours of sleep in past 40 hours
07:58:29 Hemlok: and record over and over until i get it right :)
07:59:08 Hemlok: ok muris you should have the email now.
07:59:43 shredmandan: so did you say anyone is welcome to put a lead over that hemlock?Can yuo mix it together once you get the download?
08:00:47 Hemlok: i could try
08:00:54 Hemlok: i have never done before tho
08:00:56 muris: actualy,I'll posy track with BT and lead together
08:01:10 muris: just to hear my ideas for it
08:01:14 shredmandan: cool
08:01:32 Hemlok: :D
08:03:23 muris: hey,you didn't give me the intro part ):
08:03:31 Hemlok: oh you wanted that?
08:03:36 muris: sure :0
08:03:41 Hemlok: uh oh!
08:03:49 muris: plus this part after it
08:06:29 Hemlok: how did you like my outfit muris?
08:06:38 Hemlok: im going lawn bowling in it tomorrow
08:06:38 muris: cool ;)
08:06:58 Hemlok: ok it has been sent again
08:07:02 muris: ok
08:08:03 Hemlok: oh bugger it
08:08:10 Hemlok: i didnt take my lead off
08:09:02 muris: lol
08:09:04 muris: I see
08:09:11 muris: 3rd luck
08:09:29 shredmandan: man good luck guys lol
08:09:33 Hemlok: hahaha
08:09:48 Hemlok: i just noticed i am sitting on my knees
08:09:54 Hemlok: very uncomfortable
08:09:58 shredmandan: why
08:10:00 Hemlok: i need a whiskey brb
08:11:18 Hemlok: Ok muris it should be there now... sorry to stuff you around
08:11:26 Hemlok: *meow*
08:11:42 muris: it's fine :)
08:13:05 Hemlok: i was hoping to put some harmonica into this song
08:23:15 muris: check out your topic
08:23:45 muris: *meow*
08:23:55 Hemlok: ok
08:25:29 Hemlok: wow muris
08:25:35 Hemlok: thats fantastic
08:25:55 muris: ;)
08:26:39 Hemlok: i need get some good recording gear
08:27:23 muris: probably
08:29:44 Hemlok: oh you said the first part is F# minor
08:29:52 muris: yep
08:29:58 Hemlok: is that because the first note is F#?
08:30:19 Hemlok: because the same notes are in the C# minor scale, but i wasnt at all thinking it was F#
08:30:57 Hemlok: can that mean it is either? or do you go by the starting note?
08:31:28 muris: hmm
08:31:43 muris: there's one note of difference
08:31:51 muris: F# minor has D
08:32:03 muris: while C# has D#
08:32:05 Hemlok: oh yeah!
08:32:06 muris: check it out
08:32:09 Hemlok: i just noticed that then
08:32:25 Hemlok: when i harmonize i hit a D on 5th fret
08:32:34 Hemlok: :D well i am glad i know that now
08:32:35 muris: you see ;)
08:32:46 Hemlok: thanks muris!
08:32:51 muris: anytime
08:34:45 shredmandan: how muris that did really sound good over hemlocks part.Your tone sounds amazing,i know you have some delay on and maybe chorus?What else you using and were is your pickup set?
08:34:47 Hemlok: well i better keep working on it
08:35:17 muris: only Korg pandora PX4D
08:35:32 muris: pickups are DiMarzio customs on Musicman Axis
08:35:55 shredmandan: neck or bridge?which here u using there?
08:36:03 muris: neck
08:36:09 shredmandan: sweet
08:36:15 muris: but as a singe coli
08:36:27 muris: tho it's HB splited
08:36:41 shredmandan: how exactly does that work?
08:36:49 Hemlok: me - neck humbucker, full reverb, some delay, and crappy tone :)
08:36:54 muris: I have push-pull volume pot
08:37:14 muris: when it's up,pickups work as singles
08:37:45 muris: I made it by myself
08:38:00 muris: axis from factory doesn't have this feature
08:38:39 shredmandan: u know what ?i have a push buton onmy strat but not sure exactly if this is what it does but i think it combines my bridge humbucker and neck pickup in parralell,I know it gives you 7 pickup configurations but i have always been confused by it.I mostly leave it on and it fattens up my sound
08:39:00 muris: yeah
08:39:09 muris: those stuff are too comlex
08:39:20 muris: i prefer this way,regular and splited
08:40:54 shredmandan: its rare atleat for me to see one on a strat already stock .It really becomes a problem for me to find a replacment [pickguard because one it was original s/s/s now i had it modded to h/s/s and pickguard cut to size but as far as finding a pickguard with that button already cut its a pain
08:41:15 muris: can tell
08:41:40 shredmandan: there a pic of it in gear under topic gold hardware
08:42:07 muris: sure ..I saw it
08:42:07 shredmandan: i just got done replacing alot of the gold hardware
08:42:12 shredmandan: cool
08:42:16 muris: I don't like pickguard that much
08:42:22 shredmandan: if u look close you can see that button
08:42:33 muris: I'm fan of good finish tho
08:43:04 shredmandan: i want to find some pickguards so i can change it to something new as i have had this one for almost 10 years
08:43:10 Hemlok: me too :) i dont see point in having pickguard
08:43:11 muris: lots of fine laquire
08:43:34 muris: well,pickuarg is need on low quality finishs
08:43:42 shredmandan: makes it fancey thats all really and keeps body from extra scrathces
08:44:06 muris: I don' have it on Musicman
08:44:12 shredmandan: i love the finish on my guitar it transparent red
08:44:24 muris: and there's no stratche at all :)
08:44:25 Hemlok: transparent wine red for me
08:44:25 shredmandan: its not a have to thing
08:44:36 shredmandan: because your that slick muris lol
08:44:47 muris: might be ;)
08:45:06 muris: got to go guys
08:45:13 shredmandan: yeah hemlock your finish on your electric is sweet as well
08:45:15 Hemlok: cya muris!
08:45:18 muris: my drummer is gettieng married in 2 hours
08:45:21 shredmandan: see ya
08:45:22 muris: :)
08:45:27 shredmandan: oh no!!!!!!!11
08:45:31 Hemlok: :P
08:45:34 shredmandan: tme to find new drummer lol
08:45:39 muris: wish him luck
08:45:43 muris: lol
08:45:47 shredmandan: yep
08:45:51 Hemlok: ball and chain
08:45:52 shredmandan: he needsit
08:46:00 muris: see ya guys
08:46:03 shredmandan: bye
08:46:03 muris: have a great time
08:46:05 Hemlok: bye muris
08:46:08 muris: bye
08:46:32 Hemlok: i need to win lotto and get a nice recording studio
08:46:49 shredmandan: same here anything beats the mp3 plyer
08:47:09 Hemlok: its a pretty good one tho
08:47:17 Hemlok: better than my recording quality
08:47:31 shredmandan: it works i guess
08:47:49 shredmandan: how cool was that muris recording over your guitar part
08:48:03 Hemlok: yeah i know! i have a lot of work to do
08:48:10 shredmandan: same here
08:48:31 shredmandan: my head is about to explode trying to get recording done over dru,s
08:48:39 shredmandan: drums'
08:48:47 Hemlok: ooh ok
08:48:59 Hemlok: frustrating i bet
08:49:27 shredmandan: yes everytime i make up a riff i have to change it to fit right into drum pattern and its geting difficult
08:50:03 shredmandan: i like to change my bpm alot up and down and on this i have to stay at on conctant bpm the whole track
08:50:16 Hemlok: yep its difficult
08:50:25 Hemlok: but would be too hard to try make your own drum track
08:51:14 shredmandan: exactl;y i cant do that .Dude makes awesome drum beats i just have to put alot of timeon them.I have to finish somethingf by tonight though
08:52:02 Hemlok: why the deadline?
08:52:04 shredmandan: so is hemlok just a name you came up with by mixing up your last name?.
08:52:37 Hemlok: thats correct
08:52:57 shredmandan: im just wanting it out because i have been talking with dude for over a wek now without really getting something out there. i tend to rush myself to,thats a bad thing because it brings dowm my music level and talent trying to rush
08:53:06 shredmandan: cool i though it was
08:53:32 Hemlok: yeah rushing is no good
08:54:12 shredmandan: why make something quick thats sloppy when you can wait and master it?Thats what i need to be telling myself
08:54:27 Hemlok: yeah, thats why i make little riffs and record them
08:54:35 Hemlok: cos im too lazy to write em down or tab em
08:54:43 shredmandan: same here lol
08:54:50 Hemlok: i hit record on webcam, and do diff angles so i can remember it
08:55:00 shredmandan: cool
08:55:12 Hemlok: im just watching back a half hour jam i did the other day
08:55:35 shredmandan: so how did you make your profile pick were it has you strumming the guitar like that?
08:55:48 Hemlok: macromedia flash mx
08:56:09 shredmandan: oh
08:57:44 shredmandan: well im going to leave my computer on but practice on this track some,talk to you later if your around .good job on the track again hemlock! c ya
08:57:58 Hemlok: ok cya dan have a good one
09:10:32 kethcup: yo brutha!
09:10:45 kethcup: Sorry man... I fell asleep last night and left this thing on
09:10:53 kethcup: I was really tired lol
09:11:04 shredmandan: hey
09:11:39 shredmandan: cool u remembered to click the away button atleast lol
09:12:01 kethcup: Anyway, once again I gotta run. I have to go mow my girlfiriends mom's 8 acre lawn!
09:12:11 kethcup: I'm gonna be burnt for Slayer man
09:12:13 shredmandan: i couldnt sleep knowing i was going to se slayer today
09:12:19 kethcup: lol
09:12:32 shredmandan: have fun
09:12:43 kethcup: I'll hit you up and give you the details when I get back
09:12:45 shredmandan: hope you make it back tonight alive lol
09:12:48 kethcup: should be good :)
09:12:52 kethcup: me too! lol
09:13:21 kethcup: anyway, sorry to be dissy. I'll chat with ya with undivided attention next time, promise! lol
09:13:25 kethcup: take care man...
09:13:34 shredmandan: u to see ya
09:34:27 chast: hi
09:34:29 chast: :)
09:34:52 chast: i have a question, can you transcribe ?
09:34:54 Iluha: whats up?
09:34:58 Iluha: yeah
09:35:12 chast: nothing, woke up an hour ago ;)
09:35:20 Iluha: me too actually :d
09:35:26 chast: do you think you can transcribe this for me:
09:35:30 chast: would be great :S
09:35:51 Iluha: darned pop up blocker
09:35:56 chast: xD
09:36:52 chast: do you need the link again ?
09:37:22 Iluha: mmmmm it doesnt work
09:37:25 Iluha: the file
09:37:31 chast: wait
09:37:36 chast: do you have vlc player?
09:37:46 Iluha: yeah should i try to play it there?
09:37:50 chast: yeah
09:38:01 chast: here it also only works with vlc :o
09:38:05 chast: winamp crashes
09:38:09 chast: if i try to play it
09:38:16 Iluha: yeah..
09:38:21 Iluha: and in vlc it just wont play it :x
09:38:25 chast: strange
09:38:30 chast: wait i try something
09:38:43 Iluha: the file size also seems very small
09:39:00 chast: its only 4 seconds ;)
09:39:01 Iluha: wav files are ussualy huge
09:39:21 Iluha: oh =p
09:39:34 chast:
09:39:39 chast: try this one
09:39:41 Iluha: oh it works with media player
09:39:42 Iluha: heheh
09:39:50 chast: oh okay^^
09:40:03 Iluha: i can hardly hear the lead though
09:40:12 chast: oO
09:40:17 chast: i only can hear the lead :D
09:40:26 Iluha: the power chords?
09:40:46 chast: dont you hear the lead guitar ? :o
09:40:58 Iluha: i hear it but it's very quiet
09:41:08 chast: hm than try the link above
09:41:14 chast: and playing it with winamp
09:41:23 chast: i converted it to mp3 and it works for me now in winamp
09:41:47 Iluha: nope it's still quiet lol..
09:42:04 chast: lol
09:42:11 chast: thats confusing
09:42:28 chast: i can hear the lead very good :D
09:42:54 Iluha: Ill try transcribing what I hear, and you tell me if i miss something :P
09:43:05 chast: okay :)
09:43:22 chast: im away for a few minutes
09:48:29 chast: back
09:51:45 chast: hey kai
09:52:56 Iluha: chast do you know what the bpm is supposed to be?
09:53:16 Iluha: i took a wild guess that it's 100
09:54:51 chast: about 85-90
09:55:40 Iluha: Ok i made it with 100, sounds right :P but you be the judge
09:56:07 chast: its okay ;)
09:56:10 Iluha: I'm preety sure it's wrong cause I can hear some shreding at the begining
09:56:21 Iluha: but I cant actually hear the notes.. don't know why
09:56:37 chast: show me what you got ;D
09:56:49 Iluha: where can i upload it?
09:56:59 chast: you can send it by mail: xxxxxxxxxxx
09:58:38 Iluha: ok sent
09:59:06 Iluha: hope the file works for you, for some reason most people have trouble with my gp files ;x
09:59:58 chast: it works
10:00:07 Iluha: how wrong is it? :)
10:00:20 chast: im gonna try it :p
10:00:54 Iluha: who recorded it?
10:01:06 chast: its of a g3 video
10:01:12 Iluha: oh lol
10:01:15 chast: :D
10:01:25 Iluha: satch?
10:01:48 Iluha: petrucci? gilbert? who?
10:02:26 chast: petrucci
10:02:43 Iluha: is there a video of it on youtube? maybe there i'll be able to hear it better
10:03:46 chast: i will look for it
10:03:50 chast: one moment
10:04:56 chast: well i think what you tabbed isnt right, but it sounds great :D
10:05:12 chast: i will save it in my heads lick databse :>
10:06:06 Iluha: I actually think it's correct except for the beginning, which is the part i can't hear
10:06:28 chast: yeah
10:06:59 chast: i dont know really
10:07:05 chast: but i like the lick anyway
10:07:07 chast: :D
10:07:13 Iluha: heheh thanks :P
10:09:36 Iluha: one the funniest videos
10:11:55 chast: so i found a video now
10:12:02 chast: just have to look where he plays the lick
10:13:02 Iluha: gimme a link to the video :)
10:13:16 chast:
10:14:41 chast: from 2:30 to 2:34
10:15:11 Iluha: ah that's with vai, awesome :)
10:15:41 chast: the whole jam is great :D
10:16:03 Iluha: all g3 jams are great :D
10:16:07 chast: :D
10:18:29 Iluha: yeah now I can hear it
10:18:56 Iluha: wow i was totally wrong lol
10:19:00 chast: :D
10:19:25 chast: i love that lick oO
10:20:05 shredmandan: hey guys
10:20:09 chast: hi
10:20:13 Iluha: yo
10:20:29 shredmandan: whats the u tube stuff
10:20:51 chast: foxey lady g3 jam
10:21:01 chast: with satriani, vai and petrucci
10:21:01 shredmandan: oh
10:21:14 chast: and the other one is a video full of stupid people :D
10:21:50 shredmandan: ill check it out
10:25:12 shredmandan: i like the end were dude just comes up behind him and knocks him he's standing there all tough and bamm
10:26:53 shredmandan: so what are u all doing?working on guitar
10:27:48 chast: being hungry :D
10:28:18 shredmandan: im still working on same old thing
10:31:19 Iluha: ok now I got it kinda right
10:31:39 Iluha: the begining sounds more country'ish then how petrucci plays it but it's close
10:31:58 chast: thank you :)
10:32:40 Iluha: sent
10:33:43 chast: yeah sounds much more like it :D
10:34:13 Iluha: wow vai's solo there just kicks the other's ass
10:34:39 chast: i like it when petrucci makes this chinese sounds
10:34:40 chast: :D
10:34:54 chast: Didi didi diiiiiiiiiii
10:34:57 chast: didi diiiiiiiiii
10:34:58 chast: :D
10:35:08 Iluha: yeah I also liked it but not as much as vai's whammy at the end of his solo
10:35:17 chast: vai is too much freaky for me :D
10:36:19 Iluha: petrucci just seemed to copy cat the others in the final solo's
10:37:19 Iluha: anyways that's one of the best g3 jam's I heard
10:37:33 Iluha: prehaps only topped by the Red House jam with Eric Johnson
10:38:43 chast: these whole jams from g3 2005 tokyo
10:38:46 chast: are great
10:38:57 chast: i think there are all on youtube
10:39:37 shredmandan: by by nick
10:39:42 shredmandan: ;lol
11:24:26 shredmandan: hey smurkas
11:36:19 Nick325: hey
11:39:17 shredmandan: byby again there nick
15:42:14 Nick325: hey
15:46:58 Nick325 -> cheese: hey
16:17:23 Iluha: hi dan
16:17:30 shredmandan: hey
16:28:40 Nick325: hey
16:28:55 Nick325: sup dan
16:29:31 Nick325: hey
19:15:06 Nick325: hey
19:16:11 Owen: hey
19:16:23 Owen: sup Nick?
19:17:09 Nick325: nmu
19:17:29 Owen: I have no idea
19:17:39 Nick325: lol
19:17:42 Owen: I'm confused to hell
19:18:10 Owen: The guitar thing yesterday was the pre-crisis to the women trouble I'm having today lol
19:19:26 Owen: I'ma try my hand at writing something again tomorrow with the guitar, get back into the swing of things
19:20:26 Nick325: ya
19:20:41 Nick325: sry i was just checking out some pedals
19:21:09 Owen: lawl, I dont blame you for suggesting I quit the guitar yesterday
19:23:28 Nick325: sry dude if you took it the wrong way
19:23:50 Nick325: but you know sometimes its not for certain ppl even though i hope u dont quit
19:24:16 Owen: Naaaah its cool, I've been on the decline for months
19:24:24 Owen: I just kinda broke apart yesterday
19:24:52 Nick325: i think you need some inspiration
19:25:42 Owen: yeah probably, I'll learn some Opeth acoustic stuff or something
19:25:45 Owen: Hey Hemlok
19:25:52 Nick325: hey
19:26:15 Owen: *whip* alive?
19:26:18 Hemlok: howdy!
19:26:24 Owen: ah :)
19:26:25 Hemlok: alive and well
19:26:30 Hemlok: how are you guys?
19:26:58 Owen: On the slidey slope to nowhere :P
19:27:45 Owen: Up to much?
19:27:46 Hemlok: oh no still :(
19:28:02 Hemlok: i am listening to my recording that muris did a solo over :)
19:28:12 Owen: Haha, I'm having a female crisis today, my life is fun xD
19:28:43 Nick325: wats going on
19:29:03 Hemlok: show her who's boss owen
19:29:37 Nick325: lol
19:29:43 Owen: hahaha
19:29:58 Owen: I'm far too awkward for that xD
19:30:39 Owen: nah, its been a wierded up day
19:30:49 Owen: I think I've done more today than I've done in a year xD
19:31:02 Hemlok: done more damage?
19:31:23 Owen: I have no idea, thats what I'm considering
19:31:52 Hemlok: have you heard my recording yet?
19:31:56 Owen: I'm in the lurch dude! lol
19:31:58 Owen: no
19:32:02 Owen: shall I have a look? :P
19:32:20 Hemlok: well if you like
19:32:32 Hemlok: might cheer you up
19:32:38 Hemlok: i have a big stupid photo of me in my post
19:32:46 Hemlok:
19:32:53 Owen: haha, I'm not like sad, just confused to hell
19:33:08 Hemlok: oh this wont help you then
19:33:15 Owen: after yesterday I feel like the official forum emo xD
19:33:35 Hemlok: haha, i dont think so
19:33:43 Owen: I have guitar issues
19:33:47 Hemlok: give it some time
19:34:02 Owen: everyone else is so happy here :P and the whole thing just destroys me
19:34:30 Nick325: i had a little isue like this but it didnt last long though
19:34:39 Hemlok: has it always been like that? are you not inspired to play when you hear your favourite artists?
19:34:49 Nick325: just stop for a little listen to your inspiriations and then go back to it and
19:35:56 Owen: I've never really stopped to consider the music I listen to, I appreciate it sure but I only ever get driven to do things when I want to prove something
19:36:11 Hemlok: ive gotta go
19:36:19 Owen: nice hair good song
19:36:20 Hemlok: cya guys later, keep your head up owen
19:36:30 Owen: :P
19:36:38 Owen: Man I think I'm scaring people off
19:36:45 Owen: I gotta get outta this like
19:40:07 Nick325: lol
19:43:39 Nick325: hows things besides guitar and that girl
19:45:10 Owen: Eh, tbh I havent considered much else recently
19:45:17 Iluha: hello
19:45:24 Nick325: o
19:45:25 Owen: hiya
19:45:56 Iluha: I'm having a sleepless night
19:46:06 Owen: Yeah?
19:46:12 Iluha: yup
19:46:47 Iluha: did i scare him off? :)
19:47:23 Owen: Naaaaaaah
19:47:34 Owen: I get paranoid about that too xD
19:47:50 Owen: Everyone starts signing off when I come into chat lol
19:48:05 Iluha: a similar thing happens to me on the forums
19:48:16 Iluha: alot of time when I post something in a thread, it magiclly dies
19:48:29 Owen: Yeah, I do that on some boards quite a lot
19:48:51 Iluha: les take my upload thread for example
19:49:04 Iluha: 160 views
19:49:11 Iluha: maybe 3 diffrent people replied :P
19:50:04 Owen: lol, I never saw it, I dont really browse that part of the forums too often
19:50:51 Owen: I'll have a look
19:51:13 Iluha: Well, ussually only people who are begining to make up stuff of their own browse there
19:52:46 Owen: The GP file yeah?
19:52:58 Iluha: If it'll work for you..
19:53:04 Iluha: if not then there's a midi of it
19:53:56 Owen: Cool, its working in tuxguitar
19:54:02 Owen: I like it, nice melody
19:54:21 Iluha: thanks, I got stuck on it now though..
19:54:28 Iluha: no inspiration :P
19:54:59 Owen: Enjoyable, I cant write stuff like that
19:55:25 Owen: Yet
19:56:14 Iluha: writing stuff mostly depends on the stuff you listen to.
19:56:43 Iluha: like, try remembering the time before you heard someone shredding
19:56:58 Iluha: you probably coudn't imagine anything shredy :)
19:57:19 Owen: I dont like shredding
19:57:32 Owen: I listen to metal but tbh I cant stand the speed
19:57:41 Owen: thats really why I like Opeth
19:57:55 Hemlok: Opeth are good to learn
19:57:56 Owen: there is no speed for the sake of it sections
19:57:58 Hemlok: Windowpane
19:58:07 Owen: Yeah, I was considering learning that
19:58:09 Iluha: actually my piece is mostly inspired by opeth
19:58:12 Hemlok: its the best solo's in my opinion and good technique
19:58:36 Hemlok: hello Iluha
19:58:42 Iluha: hey :)
19:58:52 Hemlok: whats this Angel business?
19:59:00 Iluha: I am god allmighty
19:59:05 Owen: although listening to it thats the sorta thing I would find really really hard
19:59:30 Hemlok: just do it owen and you will see :)
19:59:41 Owen: yeah I'll give it a crack
19:59:43 Iluha: recently Iv'e been more and more into learning simpler yet emotion driven solo's
19:59:49 Hemlok: i learnt that very long time ago, its not as hard as you think
19:59:55 Iluha: like the one in Lionel Richie's "Hello"
20:00:38 Iluha: I learnt A Fair Judgment a couple of days ago
20:00:46 Iluha: now my thumb has a blister heheh..
20:01:21 Hemlok: that is a very nice song Iluha
20:01:45 Hemlok: i might start learning some opeth. i havnt learnt a song in ages
20:02:07 Iluha: I don't really like them all that much... but they got a few really nice songs
20:02:22 Hemlok: hours of wealth is the one i am gonna learn
20:02:34 Iluha: Don't think I heard that one
20:02:55 Hemlok: it is on the ghost reveries album
20:03:09 Iluha: the ones I know how to play are Patterns in the ivy II, A Fair Judgment, Benighted and Ending credits :P
20:03:36 Hemlok: oh ending credits, i do like that too
20:03:43 Hemlok: they are not too hard?
20:03:57 Owen: Looks alright actually, sounds complex
20:04:06 Iluha: hmm the hardest one of the bunch in my opinion was benighted
20:04:21 Hemlok: yeah i figured that would be
20:04:24 Iluha: but it only takes a small amout of practice to get it under your fingers
20:05:07 Iluha: listening to hours of wealth on youtube now :)
20:05:52 Hemlok: :) yeah its a nice slow song, i would like it for singing practice too
20:06:10 Iluha: I love it how mikael throws in all those classic type acoustic licks.... that's the only thing I love about opeth :P
20:06:32 Hemlok: yeah i mainly listen to the mellow opeth songs
20:06:38 Owen: I have the full Opeth discography...
20:06:53 Hemlok: i think i have most of their cd's
20:07:09 Iluha: i got none *hides*
20:07:30 Iluha: well I got em all downloaded heheh..
20:07:44 Iluha: but it's not the same as owning them
20:07:49 Owen: *shakes head*
20:08:17 Owen: terrible... lol
20:08:31 Hemlok: oh that was quick
20:08:32 Owen: Man, one word from me and he is goooone
20:08:39 Hemlok: :P
20:08:55 Iluha: wow I really like it
20:08:57 Hemlok: he'll be back, he is always here
20:09:01 Iluha: I think i'll also learn it! :)
20:09:21 Hemlok: he must be starting work soon i think
20:09:32 Owen: Anyone have any idea how the intro for grand conjuration is done
20:09:35 Iluha: how old are you guys?..
20:09:39 Hemlok: 19
20:09:40 Owen: that dad-e-dum sound?
20:09:41 Owen: 16
20:09:46 Iluha: 20
20:09:57 Iluha: never heard that one Owen
20:10:03 Owen: OmGz I iz thee babie of the group!
20:10:18 Owen: youtube it - bound to be there lol
20:10:23 Iluha: yeah
20:10:39 Hemlok: it sure will be there, i think its a diff version to album
20:10:43 Iluha: voila
20:10:45 Hemlok: but intro is same i believe
20:10:57 Iluha: it even has a music video
20:11:08 Owen: because its one wierd sound to get with a guitar
20:11:31 Iluha: I think he just doesn a pull off on the 3rd down stroke :P
20:12:14 Iluha: I f****** hate it when they start growling
20:12:15 Hemlok: i had a dvd of em somewhere i think its not here
20:12:59 Owen: they're not a band I could listen to constantly
20:13:06 Owen: but they have their appeal
20:13:23 Hemlok: you guys seen em live?
20:13:27 Hemlok: they are excellent
20:14:03 Iluha: I live in Israel.. I don't even remember if they ever been here, or any other worthwhile band/musician
20:14:15 Hemlok: oh too bad
20:14:31 Hemlok: where i live at moment no bands at all
20:14:35 Iluha: I think they maybe been here once a year or two ago
20:14:37 Owen: I dont see anything live other than local stuff
20:15:06 Owen: I cant afford the transport/ticket money to go see big bands
20:15:17 Hemlok: yeah
20:15:48 Iluha: ah the magic of google :P
20:15:56 Owen: :P
20:16:07 Hemlok: blackle
20:16:07 Iluha: apparantly they were here in 2005, at the time I didn't really like em at all
20:16:57 Hemlok: owen got a tab for grand conjuration? looks pretty easy
20:17:06 Iluha: I put it as my homepage.. only because of it's looks
20:17:30 Owen: yeah, I'm rooting round on UG
20:17:35 Owen: I'll learn it tomorrow
20:17:37 Owen: if I have time
20:17:50 Owen: got a party to go to and beer to consume
20:18:15 Hemlok: well dont have so much that you will be hungover
20:18:37 Owen: I'm good with moderation
20:18:41 Hemlok: i did that last weekend, but i was still able to play guitar, in bed. :P
20:18:47 Owen: just right now WI think I want to be out of it
20:18:54 Owen: I*
20:19:09 Hemlok: hey you are 16 owen!
20:19:15 Hemlok: lol
20:19:17 Owen: Soooo?
20:19:17 Iluha: that's illegal!
20:19:25 Owen: Not if its in private
20:19:37 Owen: I'm not getting wasted on the streets xD
20:19:40 Hemlok: where do you live?
20:19:41 Iluha: Im sending this log to the police right now mister
20:19:44 Owen: Scotland
20:19:59 Hemlok: ooh nice
20:20:02 Owen: your allowed to drink alcohol in private at like 8 or something
20:20:09 Hemlok: good scotch there :D
20:20:19 Iluha: good beer too
20:20:21 Hemlok: mmm tullamore dew my fav
20:20:34 Owen: Meh, I just drink beer xD
20:20:48 Owen: preference is null, although I cant stand Budweiser that stuff is weak
20:21:03 Hemlok: never had it, dont plan to either
20:21:06 Iluha: I'm russian and I can hardly drink vodka :)
20:21:26 Owen: but its pretty tasteless...
20:21:32 Hemlok: hehe well thats understandable
20:21:42 Hemlok: i dont think it is tasteless
20:21:44 Hemlok: its brutal
20:21:46 Iluha: it's not tastles, it has a taste
20:22:01 Iluha: the taste starts with an s ends with a t
20:22:07 Hemlok: :P
20:22:21 Hemlok: tastes like a ghost has taken a wizz in your mouth
20:22:23 Iluha: I used to be able to drink gallons of it
20:22:28 Owen: Well comparitively
20:22:33 Iluha: and then one time I threw up my lunch
20:22:36 Iluha: of the past week
20:23:02 Iluha: and after that just the smell of it makes me nautious
20:23:14 Owen: I cant eat herb rolls any more
20:23:23 Owen: I put chocolate spread on one by accident
20:23:27 Owen: without realising
20:23:29 Owen: it was horrible
20:23:35 Iluha: for the reason I cant eat Snickers, Mars, and Twix anymore :(
20:23:36 Owen: not a good combination
20:23:51 Iluha: the same* reason
20:24:28 Hemlok: all this talk is making me hungry, hungry for guitar. im gonna go eat myself a tasty lick
20:24:29 Hemlok: cya folks
20:24:39 Owen: haha bye!
20:24:51 Iluha: now i want to lick a chick.
20:25:24 Iluha: those are the times I miss having a girlfriend :)
20:25:35 Owen: haha
20:25:58 Owen: yeah, then you remember all the reasons why sometimes its not preferable
20:26:48 Iluha: yup...
20:27:11 Iluha: Especially after my last girlfriend, oh boy.. she was one crazy you know what.
20:27:22 Owen: haha
20:27:27 Owen: I think thats always the best excuse
20:27:31 Owen: "she was crazy"
20:27:36 Iluha: When I told her I wanted to break up she threatend to kill herself... but let's not get into details
20:27:49 Owen: I share your pain, my last one was a nut
20:28:02 Owen: after we broke up I got phoned over 100 times in one night
20:28:05 Iluha: no man, she was very crazy, all my friends say it so it ain't just me lol
20:28:14 Owen: and at one point I left her to talk to the floor for ten minutes
20:28:19 Owen: and when I came back she was still talking
20:28:23 Iluha: lol
20:29:03 Owen: not good xD
20:29:54 Iluha: after we broke I remember that she went to some of my female friends and told them I want to have sex with them
20:30:09 Iluha: which was preety funny actually
20:30:35 Iluha: cause they playd along and told her that they would also like to have sex with me (god damn liars!)
20:30:48 Owen: lol lol
20:31:23 Owen: Bet that got you a tad optimistic
20:31:50 Iluha: yeah for exactly two minutes, when my friend's right hand met my chick.
20:32:07 Iluha: or chik, however you spell it
20:34:11 Owen: Yeah, well I'm having a crisis of confidence today because I had one I really liked expressing an interest, and I met up with her today and now I dunno what to think xD
20:35:21 Iluha: wait, she experessed interest, but today she didn't?
20:35:46 Owen: nah it was just a really awkward day kinda, long story
20:36:06 Iluha: It's very hard to understand wtf girls want..
20:36:21 Owen: tell me about it
20:36:32 Iluha: I have this friend who a few years back, litterally was talking to me about us having sex
20:36:55 Iluha: a day after it suddenly, nothing
20:37:43 Owen: huh, wierd
20:40:17 Iluha: yeah, she is, very
20:40:57 Owen: tbh I'm not a great communicator, I'm relatively quiet, which I'm sure doesnt help a lot
20:42:06 Iluha: yeah I got the same problem :P
20:42:29 Iluha: I also got a wierd problem of getting crushes on girls that got boyfriends..
20:42:33 Owen: Which is great if you find a person that cant stfu, but I rarely like those sorts of people
20:43:36 Iluha: When I'm tired, and awake, I start talking alot lol :P
20:44:38 Owen: I'm not really lacking in confidence, its just sometimes I have literally nothing to say
20:45:03 Iluha: Exactly my problem...
20:45:11 Iluha: It's a curse I think
20:45:29 Iluha: I think it's called "Don't wanna talk bullshit"
20:46:07 Owen: Yeah
20:47:37 Iluha: ANyways about the problem I mentioned
20:47:44 Iluha: Recently I have this crush on my friend
20:48:00 Iluha: who not only has a boyfriend for about 3 years now
20:48:14 Iluha: she's also about to move to Hungary for the next 6 years
20:48:31 Iluha: It's like I want the most impossible to get girls heh..
20:49:34 Owen: ha, I fancied a friend of mine for 2 years
20:49:52 Owen: Recently another friend told me it was obvious she had a bit of a crush on me
20:50:08 Owen: and this was just after I realised that I found her really really annoying
20:50:13 Owen: >_<
20:50:23 Iluha: Happens,
20:50:34 Iluha: I have one friend Iv'e known since I was 16
20:50:55 Iluha: When I only met her she had a big crush on me that lasted about two years..
20:51:21 Iluha: but I didn't want, didn't like her appearance as shallow as it sounds...
20:51:39 Iluha: but after those two years I suddenly started having feelings for her
20:51:45 Iluha: but she allready didn't :)
20:52:30 Owen: huh, sucks
20:53:02 Owen: love is f'd up xD
20:53:29 Iluha: indeed
20:55:54 Owen: as is my sleeping pattern >_<
20:56:33 Iluha: haha..
20:56:52 Iluha: in scotland.. it's about 5 am right?
20:57:00 Iluha: or was it 3? :s
20:57:18 Owen: 2:20
20:57:39 Owen: I'm meant to be going back to school at waking up at 7 am on tuesday xD
20:58:00 Iluha: what? you'r behind me by a hour and 40 minutes? is that even possible? =p
20:58:08 Owen: woops
20:58:13 Owen: I'm reading my dodgy clock
20:58:19 Owen: yeah its 1:58
20:58:28 Iluha: yeah that's more like it :)
20:58:33 Owen: but Im still shattered xD I've been around the universe today lol
20:59:34 Iluha: really?
21:00:25 Iluha: what do you mean by around the universe?
21:01:10 Owen: haha, It just feels like it, done all today what I would usually do in a month lol
21:02:06 Owen: anyway
21:02:08 Owen: I gtg
21:02:12 Owen: sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
21:02:27 Owen: ttyl Iluha nice chatting to you
21:03:04 Iluha: hey nick
21:03:16 Nick325: hey
22:17:48 Slammer: LOL
22:17:48 Gen: lol
22:17:49 Gen: lol
22:17:50 Gen: lol
22:17:54 Slammer: I just knew it!
22:18:01 Gen: me too!!
22:18:15 Slammer: :P
22:18:36 Gen: :?
22:18:39 Gen: lol
22:18:54 Nick325: hey
22:18:57 Gen: hey nick
22:19:10 Slammer: LOL my thread must have works
22:19:17 Nick325: yep i saw it
22:19:26 Gen: wich one?
22:19:30 Gen: jk jk lol
22:19:35 Nick325: lol
22:20:14 Slammer: hey guys I want to get this chat going.... can you guys do me a favor? just respond to the thread and say " I'm in" or something
22:20:25 Nick325: k
22:20:26 Gen: ok
22:20:26 Slammer: we can have a Party!!
22:20:37 Slammer: with 6 or so people I hope
22:21:12 Nick325: k done
22:21:19 Slammer: :D thanks
22:21:48 Slammer: so whats up guys?
22:21:53 Gen: done
22:21:56 Gen: not much
22:22:01 Nick325: playing guitar
22:22:08 Slammer: LOL
22:22:13 Nick325: i cant barely play anymore but i still am
22:22:16 Gen: playing some blues licks with my new multiple pedal effects :D
22:22:22 Slammer: Nick are you getting ready to go back to school?
22:22:38 Nick325: not till september 5 or 6
22:22:54 Slammer: damn here in FL it starts on Monday :(
22:23:04 Slammer: 2 days
22:23:05 Nick325: august 20 damn
22:23:06 Gen: ill start the 27
22:23:33 Nick325: but it feels like i already started school anyway cause im taking a course there this week and last week
22:23:43 Slammer: Where did the Summer Go.....
22:23:45 Slammer: :(
22:23:51 Slammer: it went to fast for me
22:23:54 Nick325: i no yo it went mad fast
22:23:58 Gen: yah me 2
22:24:07 Slammer: and it isn't even over for you yet
22:24:09 Slammer: LOL
22:24:19 Gen: lol
22:24:26 Gen: but in a few days... :(
22:24:27 Nick325: ya
22:24:35 Slammer: well, at least this summer I learn the opening riff to CLiffs of Dover
22:24:42 Nick325: i got 3 more weeks to play guitar and chill wit friends
22:24:45 Slammer: but thats about it
22:24:47 Gen: awesome
22:24:59 Gen: love eric johnson s playing :D
22:25:11 Nick325: i think i practced more guitar this summer than i did over the past 3 years lol
22:25:19 Gen: lol
22:25:34 Slammer: LOL
22:26:11 Gen: im also trying to get the opening riff of "manhattan"
22:26:27 Slammer: and Nick is from New York!!!
22:26:29 Slammer: right?
22:26:33 Gen: lol
22:26:34 Nick325: si
22:26:47 Slammer: and Nick speaks Spanish!!!
22:26:51 Nick325: lol
22:26:57 Gen: lol
22:27:00 Gen: cool
22:27:03 Slammer: Gen speaks french
22:27:16 Gen: cool... :|
22:27:18 Gen: lol
22:27:20 Nick325: and Nick was gunna go to manhattan today too!!!!
22:27:37 Gen: :D
22:27:50 Slammer: Nick is cooler than me....
22:27:56 Slammer: :(
22:27:59 Nick325: :)
22:28:09 Slammer: Gen is the coolest
22:28:24 Nick325: :(
22:28:27 Nick325: lol
22:28:30 Gen: yeah, im the boss dudes
22:28:39 Gen: i ve got the P.O.D!
22:28:48 Slammer: I was thinking BOSS
22:28:59 Nick325: ya me 2
22:29:05 Nick325: :D
22:29:06 Gen: i ve got The Pick Of Destiny!
22:29:11 Gen: :D
22:29:16 Nick325: they sell copy of those
22:29:16 Slammer: Slammer only has a Cheap digitech RP80
22:29:29 [Action] Slammer: is King
22:29:48 [Action] Slammer: is Cooler than all you little boys
22:29:48 Gen: lol
22:29:51 Nick325:
22:30:08 Nick325: we aint no little boys
22:30:15 [Action] Slammer: thinks that's funny
22:30:39 [Action] Slammer: says :P
22:31:07 Nick325: nice thinks its funny if me and gen leave so slammers all alone
22:31:13 Nick325: :P
22:31:30 Slammer: LOL
22:31:43 Gen: lol
22:32:28 Nick325: lol
22:32:33 Nick325: i think we scarred him away
22:32:38 Gen -> cool people only: omg
22:32:38 Slammer -> cool people only: LOL
22:32:39 Gen -> cool people only: lol
22:32:45 Slammer -> cool people only: dude
22:32:47 Slammer -> cool people only: LOL
22:32:58 Slammer -> cool people only: oh no
22:33:01 Gen -> cool people only: thats bad, but its soo funny
22:33:02 Gen -> cool people only: lol
22:33:21 Gen: oh lol
22:33:22 Gen: nick
22:33:28 Gen: nick? :?
22:33:35 Gen: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
22:33:36 Slammer: :(
22:33:38 Gen: nooooooooooooooooo
22:33:42 Gen: where are you gone?
22:33:45 Gen: noooooooo
22:34:14 Slammer -> slammers wierd: nick is wierder
22:34:17 Slammer -> slammers wierd: :P
22:34:21 Gen -> slammers wierd: lol
22:34:38 Slammer -> slammers wierd: LOL
22:35:06 Gen -> slammers wierderest: lol
22:35:09 Nick325 -> slammers wierderest: lol
22:35:15 Nick325 -> slammers wierderest: who uses silly
22:35:30 Gen -> slammers wierderest: well, lets go on the main room :D
22:35:43 Gen: lol
22:35:57 Gen -> Nick the Clown: LOOL
22:36:06 Nick325 -> slammer the turd: haha
22:36:09 Nick325 -> slammer the turd: i win
22:36:10 Slammer -> slammer the turd: :P
22:36:15 Slammer -> slammer the turd: not quite
22:36:34 Slammer -> Nick the Prick: LOL
22:36:35 Gen -> Nick the Prick: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
22:36:40 Gen -> Nick the Prick: lol
22:36:48 Slammer -> slammer eats hammers: :P
22:36:51 Slammer -> slammer eats hammers: nice try
22:36:51 Nick325 -> slammer eats hammers: lol
22:37:04 Nick325 -> slammer eats hammers: its all i could think that rimmed with slammer
22:37:09 Gen -> slammer eats hammers: lol
22:37:36 Slammer: well what do you know
22:38:00 Nick325: look who came crawling back slammer
22:38:18 Nick325: look who it is
22:39:20 Gen: lol who s nicole?
22:39:30 Slammer: Nick's full name :P
22:39:37 Gen: oh lol
22:39:41 Gen: is that true?
22:39:43 Gen: nick?
22:39:46 Slammer: Lol lol lol
22:39:49 Gen: lol
22:39:56 Gen: or should i say
22:39:58 Gen: NICOLE!
22:40:02 Gen: lol jk
22:40:13 Slammer: Nick325 is cool
22:40:13 Nick325: ok jenifer :p
22:40:29 Gen: Lopez :P
22:40:34 Slammer: it's actually pronounced GHEN
22:40:38 Nick325: yep thats u
22:40:45 Slammer: like Ben with a G
22:40:46 Nick325: so its close to sounding the same
22:41:14 Gen: the g is pronounced like the g in gain
22:41:55 Slammer: or GHOST!!
22:41:56 Gen: but no one cares lol
22:41:59 Gen: yeah
22:42:00 Gen: lol
22:42:03 Nick325: yep
22:42:06 Nick325: :P
22:42:28 Slammer: I'm gonna guess that Nick is a Mets fan
22:42:33 Nick325: nah
22:42:36 Nick325: yankees
22:42:40 Slammer: BOO
22:42:42 Nick325: even though i hate baseball
22:42:43 Slammer: LOL
22:42:50 Slammer: Knicks?
22:42:53 Slammer: Jets?
22:42:58 Slammer: Rangers!
22:43:03 Nick325: yes and yes and yes
22:43:14 Slammer: Orangemen
22:43:19 Nick325: ??
22:43:25 Slammer: LOL
22:43:35 Slammer: NVM
22:43:50 Slammer: do you have any videos of you on youtube?
22:43:55 Slammer: playing?
22:43:58 Nick325: me?
22:44:04 Slammer: u or Gen
22:44:28 Gen: oh me? no, i only have favourites vids lol
22:44:32 Nick325: nah i dont have a video camera
22:44:33 Gen: 87 i think
22:44:37 Gen: llo
22:44:38 Gen: l
22:44:56 Slammer: I think that Nick is a Steve Vai fan
22:45:00 Slammer: right>
22:45:01 Slammer: ?
22:45:07 Gen: steve vai is really cool
22:45:10 Nick325: one my inspirations
22:45:20 Slammer: 80% of GMC is fans
22:45:23 Slammer: at least
22:45:41 Nick325: r u physic or r u guessing
22:45:50 Slammer: both
22:45:52 Slammer: LOL
22:45:57 Gen: :D
22:46:08 Nick325: :?
22:46:14 Nick325: im scarred
22:46:15 Nick325: lol
22:46:17 Nick325: j
22:46:18 Nick325: k
22:46:20 Slammer: but u are a big SLash fan
22:46:24 Gen: lol im playing gta vice city on psp
22:46:30 Gen: slammer, its where you live!
22:46:33 Gen: lol
22:46:39 Gen: in miami
22:46:39 Nick325: not a obesser but i like him
22:46:49 Slammer: LOL GEN
22:46:59 Slammer: Miami Vice
22:47:06 Gen: its a beautiful city
22:47:23 Nick325: gunna go eat some nachos be back in 5
22:47:30 Gen: but i think it has changed a bit now, cuz the game is in 1980 lol
22:47:32 Slammer: yes and the Video Game is the best way to see it :p
22:47:33 Gen: okay
22:47:39 Gen: lol
22:47:43 Slammer: ok Nick cya
22:47:48 Nick325: ill be back though
22:48:02 Slammer: *laughs* that's what they all say
22:48:09 Gen: lol
22:48:10 Nick325: o ya
22:48:14 Slammer: HEY
22:48:18 Nick325: haha
22:48:31 Nick325: dont u be disrecspeting me while im gone
22:48:44 Nick325: lol
22:48:46 Gen: now im scared, i dont think im going in miami one day, there s many gangs and drugsters and mad people, at least, its like that in the game!
22:48:52 Gen: lol lol jk jk
22:49:38 Gen: :? slammer?
22:49:53 Slammer: :P
22:49:58 Gen: *cryes*
22:50:01 Gen: lol
22:50:21 Slammer: nah that is a Stereotype of miami from back in the 80's
22:50:43 Gen: lol i know
22:51:08 Gen: i d love to go to miami
22:51:11 Gen: or las vegas
22:51:15 Gen: or los angeles
22:51:16 Slammer: :P
22:51:16 Gen: ...
22:51:21 Gen: i would love...
22:51:22 Slammer: or the plain old US
22:51:23 Gen: one day
22:51:24 Gen: lol
22:51:30 Slammer: u should come
22:51:50 Slammer: some of the Most beatiful girls of all of US live in miami
22:51:56 Gen: :D
22:52:06 Slammer: and we could hang out at the beach
22:52:12 Gen: i want to go to mississipi :D
22:52:13 Slammer: :P
22:52:19 Gen: yeah, that would be cool
22:52:25 Slammer: mississipi is Boring
22:52:36 Slammer: I've been there
22:52:36 Gen: i want to see the crossroads :D
22:52:43 Gen: like in the movie :D
22:52:53 Slammer: it's just a Street
22:53:00 Slammer: you have those in Sweden
22:53:19 Gen: im talking bout the one in the movie
22:53:32 Gen: and im not swedish!!!!
22:53:33 Gen: lol
22:54:18 Slammer: :P
22:54:36 Gen: i wanna go to hollywood :P
22:54:49 Slammer: it's just a big dirty city
22:55:05 Gen: lol
22:56:30 Slammer: :)
22:56:52 Slammer: GEN
22:56:53 Slammer: HEN
22:56:56 Slammer: LOL
22:56:57 Slammer: oops
22:57:03 Gen: whats hen?
22:57:11 Slammer: a mother Chicken
22:57:22 Gen: lol lol lol
22:57:25 Slammer: lays the Eggs
22:57:30 Slammer: Hen!
22:57:55 Slammer: dude do you want to see a cool vid?
22:57:59 Gen: here s a weird egg, on my avataer
22:58:04 Gen: avatar*
22:58:05 Gen: :D
22:58:15 Gen: yeah, show me
22:59:29 Slammer:
23:00:22 Slammer: LOL what do u think?
23:00:30 Gen: yeah i now this vid
23:00:43 Gen: he s pretty good for an 8 year old kid
23:01:25 Slammer: he's pretty good for a 40 year old man
23:01:33 Gen: oh lol yeah ofc
23:02:47 Nick325: back
23:02:49 Slammer: Nick is back!!!
23:03:04 Gen: lol, guys, watch this
23:04:00 Slammer: :P
23:04:04 Slammer: crazu
23:04:09 Gen: :D
23:04:10 Slammer: crazy*
23:04:23 Slammer: gen do you know the Song Crazy on you?
23:04:41 Gen: ah, nope
23:05:03 Nick325: i do
23:05:23 Slammer: by the Band Heart
23:05:29 Slammer: Girl Band
23:05:35 Slammer: good girl guitarists
23:05:39 Gen: i dont know the band
23:05:48 Slammer: you prob. know the Riff
23:05:53 Gen: oh, maybe
23:05:54 Nick325: its in guitar hero
23:06:07 Nick325: those nachos were yummy
23:06:18 Nick325: :D :D :D
23:06:26 Gen: :D
23:07:08 Nick325: y did u guys stop talking when i came in here
23:07:11 Nick325: :(
23:07:18 Slammer: nope
23:07:22 Gen: guess why
23:07:26 Gen: lol jk
23:07:26 Slammer: GEn
23:07:34 Gen: im just watching a vid on youtube
23:07:34 Nick325: y
23:07:47 Gen: yes slam?
23:08:01 Nick325: Gen Y?
23:08:03 Slammer: Great guitar
23:08:08 Gen: Y what?
23:08:36 Slammer: you said "guess why"
23:08:41 Nick325: ya
23:08:43 Slammer: *slap*
23:08:57 Gen: oh lol, and then i said jk
23:09:01 Gen: but nvm
23:09:07 Nick325: no
23:09:09 Nick325: say it
23:09:18 Nick325: :{
23:09:20 Gen: damn good guitars slam
23:09:34 Gen: it was obviously a joke nick
23:09:37 Gen: but nvm
23:10:27 Gen: thats a really good song
23:10:32 Slammer: I love that riff
23:10:38 Slammer: Easy too
23:10:43 Gen: damn...i didnt know this band
23:10:50 Slammer: The Tab is really easy to play
23:10:52 Nick325:
23:10:56 Nick325: sick song
23:11:23 Gen: Ozzy rules :D
23:11:50 Nick325: si si
23:12:21 Gen: i almsot learned all the song "bark at the moon"
23:12:25 Gen: you know it?
23:12:53 Slammer: dude my internet went down!!
23:12:53 Nick325: ya
23:12:58 Nick325: sick
23:13:01 Slammer: :x
23:13:03 Gen: :D
23:13:06 Gen: oh, why slam?
23:13:13 Gen: hey victafor
23:13:18 Slammer: Hey Vic
23:13:24 Victafor: sup
23:13:35 Victafor: ive never seen u guys on gmc
23:13:41 Gen: lol
23:13:47 Slammer: BUT.....
23:13:49 Slammer: BUT.....
23:13:50 Slammer: BUT.....
23:13:51 Gen: well, we are the ghosts of gmc
23:13:55 Slammer: :(
23:13:56 Victafor: :D
23:14:03 Victafor: lol
23:14:07 Gen: or at least, i am
23:14:08 Slammer: Slammer is a Dork and everyone hates him
23:14:09 Gen: lol
23:14:13 Victafor: i know
23:14:17 Victafor: slammer is a loser ;)
23:14:22 Gen: slammer, dont be that rude
23:14:27 Victafor: rofl
23:14:32 Gen: its a bit true, but calm down
23:14:34 Gen: lol
23:14:36 Slammer: "I wish my grass was emo, then it would cut itself"
23:14:38 Gen: lol lol
23:14:42 Victafor: whats the hardest lesson u guys have tried?
23:14:48 Victafor: 4 u guys
23:15:05 Slammer: Pavels Sweeping
23:15:17 Victafor: he has like 5 sweeping lessons lol
23:15:23 Slammer: all of them!
23:15:29 Victafor: omg every time you say l.o.l it turns to lol
23:15:31 Gen: yeah, pavels sweeping are fast :D
23:15:36 Slammer: UEP
23:15:38 Slammer: YEP
23:15:40 Slammer: *
23:15:43 Victafor: ive been workin on the sweeps all this month
23:15:50 Nick325: me 2
23:15:53 Slammer: is this your first time in Chat>
23:15:54 Victafor: i can do his alternate picking and sweeping lesson up to speed
23:15:55 Slammer: ?
23:15:59 Victafor: yes it is
23:16:04 Slammer: Welcome!!!!
23:16:07 Gen: welcome in the chat>!
23:16:10 Victafor: thanks
23:16:11 Gen: :D
23:16:15 Slammer: I'm dull
23:16:18 Slammer: :(
23:16:21 Victafor: are you guys always on the chat?
23:16:26 Gen: so vic, how long have you been playing?
23:16:27 Slammer: YES
23:16:30 Gen: lol
23:16:30 JVM: what up peopless!!!
23:16:32 Slammer: I'm always
23:16:34 Victafor: 5 months
23:16:35 Gen: hey jvm!
23:16:36 Slammer: JVM!
23:16:36 Nick325: when im bored but no ones in here when i am
23:16:37 Victafor: you?
23:16:40 Nick325: yo jvm
23:16:40 JVM: gen its been a long time :p
23:16:52 Gen: yeah :D
23:16:53 Slammer: YES!
23:16:57 Victafor: gen ive played 5 months how bout you?
23:17:04 Nick325: where u guys from
23:17:05 Gen: Vic: 11 months now
23:17:06 Slammer: JVM GEN and I are part of a band
23:17:09 Victafor: cool
23:17:12 JVM: yep
23:17:16 JVM: triple lead guitar attack
23:17:19 Slammer: the Chat Crew
23:17:20 Victafor: :D
23:17:21 Gen: lol
23:17:24 Nick325: :o
23:17:36 Victafor: have you guys ever tried the metal solo licks?
23:17:37 Slammer: G34 plays the Triangle
23:17:41 Victafor: by pavel?
23:17:43 Nick325: ya
23:17:44 JVM: lol
23:17:46 Nick325: i can play it
23:17:51 V

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