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> Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn, Lavendell, Pavel, Muris etc. 2007-08-19
post Aug 30 2007, 05:31 PM
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00:11:55 Victafor: i g2g
00:11:59 Victafor: c ya
07:32:41 shredmandan: hey
07:32:46 moles: hey dude
07:32:56 shredmandan: hows it going man
07:33:06 moles: not too bad
07:33:09 moles: its raining
07:33:13 moles: and cold
07:33:17 moles: and its meant to be summer =P
07:33:24 shredmandan: where u at?
07:33:28 moles: scotland :P
07:33:49 shredmandan: im in US
07:33:59 shredmandan: hot here
07:34:00 moles: ah cool
07:34:13 moles: yeah over here. you cant say hot
07:34:20 moles: you just say.. ahh its very.. mild today
07:34:33 shredmandan: really? never gets hot over there
07:34:51 moles: thats what im saying :P
07:35:04 shredmandan: lol
07:35:54 shredmandan: do you know much about changing your pic on avatar ?You know the pic thatsby your user name
07:37:22 moles: uhm
07:37:33 moles: you want to change it?
07:38:53 shredmandan: yeah i dont understand it to well.I changed it to another one and now i try the same way i did the last one and it doesnt switch.weird, also you know the pics that move or have action in them?when i try to put those on here they dont move at all
07:39:08 moles: hmm
07:39:10 moles: lemme check
07:52:27 Iluha: hello
07:52:45 Iluha: *slap*
07:52:54 shredmandan: *meow*
07:53:45 Iluha: I called Andrew to the chat, we'll see if he makes it
07:53:58 shredmandan: he did for me last time
07:54:05 shredmandan: shallowm
07:54:07 shredmandan: lol
07:55:30 Iluha: there's mr. chubby :)
07:55:49 Andrew Cockburn: You talking top me ???
07:56:08 Iluha: Yeah what's up? :)
07:56:25 Andrew Cockburn: Just waking up really ...
07:56:35 Andrew Cockburn: on my first cup of coffeee
07:56:42 shredmandan: yep are time its earl early
07:57:04 Andrew Cockburn: I won;t be functional for anpother hour or so ...
07:57:12 Andrew Cockburn: see, I can;t even type ;)
07:57:21 shredmandan: ol
07:57:23 shredmandan: lol
07:57:45 shredmandan: me either but fromlack of sleep just got off work.i do the night thing
07:57:55 Andrew Cockburn: Ouch - I could never do that
07:58:20 Iluha: Yeah I hate doing things other then drinking at night
07:58:24 shredmandan: yep it makes you miss all the day alot andyou feel like a vampire
07:58:48 Andrew Cockburn: lol
07:59:03 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, night is a time for relaxing, playing and beering
07:59:35 shredmandan: exactly thats why im going to find somethng else after this month
08:00:27 shredmandan: ilhua did i say that right shallow=hello ?
08:00:36 Iluha: shalom*
08:00:44 shredmandan: got it
08:01:17 Andrew Cockburn: Thats whaty I thought
08:02:05 Andrew Cockburn: Thhink there was a typo in your post Iluha
08:02:15 shredmandan: well guys i will be back on here in just a few minutes.I got to try and record this guitar part so i can get this track made.Be back in a min
08:02:21 Iluha: which post?
08:02:36 Iluha: have fun with it..
08:02:49 shredmandan: hasent been fun so far lol
08:03:44 Iluha: Andrew which post?
08:04:09 Iluha: *slap*
08:04:55 Andrew Cockburn: Sorry - your hebrew post - you said Shalow = Hello
08:05:09 Andrew Cockburn: SHould it be Shalom?
08:05:24 Iluha: oh haha right
08:05:46 Iluha: tnx
08:07:32 Andrew Cockburn: ok, gotta run and do some stuff now ...
08:07:45 Iluha: see ya
08:07:48 Andrew Cockburn: seeya later !
08:09:01 Owen: Alive People?
09:59:18 shredmandan: shalom
09:59:54 Iluha: shalom
09:59:57 Iluha: :)
10:00:47 Iluha: I pmed marcus to come here, but I doubt he will :(
10:01:28 shredmandan: i know i asked him as well but really dont here back from him.I would love to chat with him.Hes my favorite
10:02:25 Iluha: I can't get that intermidiate solo out of my head :x
10:02:53 shredmandan: its awesome
10:08:53 lavendell: Hello everyone! :)
10:09:38 Iluha: oh
10:09:40 Iluha: it worked lol
10:09:47 lavendell: hehe... yep!;)
10:10:05 Iluha: what's up marcus?
10:10:47 lavendell: not much... just waiting for my girlfriend!!
10:10:53 Iluha: I gotta ask you this, how do you make that pinch in the intermidiate solo, I mean, where is that sweet spot?
10:11:34 lavendell: hm... I think it's just above the middle pickup
10:12:06 lavendell: so, you're doing the three-level-solo?
10:12:07 shredmandan: Wow he made it.Whats up lavendell
10:12:20 lavendell: hehe!! Hello Shreddie! what's up?
10:12:24 Iluha: yeah, I can't get it out of my head
10:12:31 lavendell: cool :P
10:12:46 Nick325: hey guys
10:12:50 shredmandan: trying to get some stuff made to post on gmc u?
10:12:52 lavendell: wait til the advanced lesson si published :P
10:13:06 lavendell: Yes
10:13:11 Iluha: I saw the advanced part on youtube... I don't think I can do that yet heheh..
10:13:18 lavendell: 2 sec... (phone call)
10:13:23 shredmandan: lol
10:14:48 shredmandan: iluda are you talking about the harmonic at the begining of his new lesson
10:14:54 Iluha: yeah
10:15:23 shredmandan: the first note is made by tapping the fret 12 frets away from the note
10:15:30 Iluha: that I know
10:15:35 Iluha: Im talking about the pinch
10:15:40 shredmandan: oh
10:15:50 Iluha: I really such at pinch harmonics
10:15:56 Iluha: suck*
10:16:17 lavendell: there... I'm back!! :)
10:16:25 shredmandan: im pretty good at them as long as i have a good output humbucker and lots of gain'
10:16:32 shredmandan: welcome back dude
10:16:34 Nick325: practice them at the 12 th fret
10:17:08 Iluha: I got a really crappy 15 watt peavey.. it makes pinching alot harder
10:17:37 shredmandan: im sure especially if its a blaxer or raptor peavy amp they really stink
10:17:52 Iluha: nah it's a rage
10:17:59 shredmandan: oh no
10:18:02 Nick325: try and get them on clean channel first and then you can do it on distortion and load up the gain
10:18:03 Iluha: but I have it for the last 4 years now lol :P
10:18:48 lavendell: So, for how long have you guys been playing?
10:18:52 shredmandan: ofcourse your playing will make just as much difference in sound as your amp and guitar will.I think thast one thing lavendell proves by seeing him play
10:18:56 Nick325: 3 years
10:19:10 Iluha: about 4 on and off
10:19:14 shredmandan: about 11years for me lavendell you make me feel like i stink lol
10:19:29 lavendell: hehe... I'm sorry about that! :P
10:19:54 Nick325: well actually its not how many years you play its how many hours
10:19:57 lavendell: 3 and 4 years... so you're up at advanced level soon huh?
10:19:57 Nick325: :D
10:19:58 shredmandan: thats good just makes me work harder your vibrato is just so killer and beyond every one else i have heard
10:20:11 Smurkas: Hey y'all
10:20:17 shredmandan: hey smurkas
10:20:19 Iluha: I can play some advanced stuff... :P
10:20:28 lavendell: Thanks Shreddie
10:20:29 Nick325: me 2
10:20:35 lavendell: Hello Smurkas!
10:20:59 shredmandan: you know i didnt really evn know that much about vibrato till i saw you play.Now im working on it and thankful to you
10:21:08 Nick325: ya me 2
10:21:17 lavendell: that's great! You won't regret it!
10:21:19 Nick325: im practicing the first vibarto lesson
10:21:21 Smurkas: anyone who feels like intonating a floyd rose guitar in their spare time? ;)
10:21:23 shredmandan: metallica doesnt really use vibrato lol
10:21:59 Iluha: I disabled the floyd rose in mine... god I need new equipment
10:22:05 shredmandan: thats what got me playing
10:22:08 shredmandan: metallica
10:22:08 Smurkas: Shredman, was there supposed to be a recording with the last email you sent?
10:22:31 Smurkas: cool, metallica is what got me playing too :D
10:22:41 shredmandan: yes i am so stupid i keep forgetting i will send it now and u check it out ok
10:22:43 Iluha: The reason I started playing is rather dumb, I saw Stained's video for "Outside" :P
10:23:15 shredmandan: man i hate that song but admit loved it when it came out.Good exampe of radio killed the radio star
10:23:18 Nick325: macrus i have a quesiton
10:23:29 lavendell: shoot :)
10:23:47 Nick325: when doing vibrato how do you do it when you bend
10:23:57 shredmandan: ?
10:24:07 Nick325: because when i do it when i bend it seems to bring the bend sound down a step or a half
10:24:39 shredmandan: isnt that vibrato moving he string like that in and out of a step?
10:25:00 lavendell: I'm sorry... could you rephrase that?
10:25:08 shredmandan: me
10:25:15 lavendell: no :) Nick
10:25:19 shredmandan: ok
10:25:38 Iluha: I think he means that he's having a hard time holding the bend while vibrating it.
10:25:40 lavendell: Shreddie - you got it right
10:25:50 lavendell: ah... ok
10:26:16 lavendell: Andrew asked me that same question
10:26:16 Nick325: for expamble in your lesson on the first video the last note you play a bend and then vibrato while your still holding it up
10:26:42 Nick325: because i when i try it brings the bend down a half step and then sounds wierd
10:27:55 Nick325: im asking what iluha said
10:27:55 lavendell: Ok, I see now
10:28:08 shredmandan: sent it right this time smurk check it out
10:28:24 lavendell: First make sure you have a good grip of the neck
10:28:28 Smurkas: got it
10:28:34 shredmandan: awesome
10:28:43 lavendell: so place the thumb on the upper side of the neck
10:29:18 Smurkas: I have two fret boards to clean, does anyone have any tips on what to use?
10:29:26 Nick325: k
10:29:28 Iluha: polish I guess
10:29:45 lavendell: how dirty is it?
10:29:53 Smurkas: really dirty :D
10:29:57 lavendell: hehe
10:30:03 Nick325: marcus you want me to post what it sounds like when i do it so u know
10:30:17 Iluha: Nick also I think you allready know this, but don't bend with only one finger, have some behind it for support
10:30:19 lavendell: sure, that would be awesome!
10:30:20 Smurkas: my first guitar, lent it to a friend and got it back today, he did not take care of it cleaning wise
10:30:55 lavendell: that's sad :(
10:31:07 Smurkas: shredman now you're sounding like lamb of god :P
10:31:16 shredmandan: freinds dont let friends borrow guitars lol
10:31:20 Smurkas: yeah, it's a really nice guitar
10:31:30 shredmandan: is that bad
10:31:38 Iluha: I'm hooked on this solo
10:31:42 Smurkas: no lamb of god are really cool
10:31:46 shredmandan: does it sound like im copying them or just inthe style of
10:31:54 Smurkas: in the style of
10:31:59 shredmandan: ok good
10:32:31 Smurkas: I'm importing it now to see if it fits
10:32:44 shredmandan: still needs lots of work but that should fit in the drum track you sent me i would liketo here it mixed if you would so i can work more i=on it and finishit
10:34:01 shredmandan: so lavendell who influenced you to play guitar?
10:34:05 Smurkas: we have a fit!
10:34:13 Iluha: I'm guessing Yngwie!
10:34:35 lavendell: Well, actually it was Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
10:34:36 shredmandan: thank goodness like i said im going to redo the whole thing smurk just wanted to find out if the bpm timing would work]
10:34:41 Nick325: it says it all in his faq
10:35:03 shredmandan: wow ,lavendell thats a shocker but i guess he influenced many
10:35:16 shredmandan: im tolazy to read faqs lol
10:35:25 shredmandan: andi cant spell haha
10:35:32 Iluha: I get offend by the term faq, j/k :)
10:35:35 shredmandan: i try to type to fast
10:35:39 Iluha: offended*
10:36:03 lavendell: who influenced you guys?
10:36:13 lavendell: besides Metallica :)
10:36:47 shredmandan: like i said metallica for me.I was die hard fan .Wrote metallica all over my book bag my desk at school and wore a different metallica shirt for each day of the week lol
10:36:52 Iluha: Initial was as I said, Stained, but to really get into playing was In Flames and my friends who can play really well
10:36:58 shredmandan: pantera megadeth
10:37:18 lavendell: those are great bands!
10:37:40 lavendell: what do you think of Symphony X?
10:37:53 Smurkas: I think symphony X are really cool
10:37:59 Iluha: I used to like them.. but recently Iv'e been kinda put off completely by pure shred
10:38:12 shredmandan: havent really listened to them but have heard of them.Are they good in leads lavendell?
10:38:40 Iluha: Their better then Dream Theatre in my opinion..
10:38:52 lavendell: I agree
10:39:09 Victafor: hello
10:39:13 lavendell: Check out the guitarist, Michael Romeo
10:39:15 Iluha: hi hi
10:39:16 Victafor: wutsup shredman
10:39:17 lavendell: Hello
10:39:35 Victafor: hello lavendell
10:39:38 Victafor: nice new lesson
10:39:47 Victafor: when is the advanced version coming out?
10:39:47 lavendell: thanks man!!
10:39:50 Iluha: god I'm hooked on this stu hamm solo, and it's great to play on guitar as well
10:40:07 shredmandan: hey victafor
10:40:11 Victafor: sup
10:40:15 lavendell: hm... I'm not sure! It's finished, but Kris decides when it will be published
10:40:18 Smurkas: I have an instructor video with Romeo
10:40:20 Victafor: oh
10:40:22 Victafor: i c
10:40:33 Victafor: youtube is hard to communicate on
10:40:57 Nick325: yo victafor
10:41:55 Victafor: sup nick
10:42:00 Nick325: gutar u
10:42:08 Victafor: i just woke up lol
10:43:35 Nick325: ( cricket cricket)
10:44:27 Iluha: :)
10:45:47 Iluha: *slap*
10:45:51 Iluha: WAKE UP!
10:46:01 Victafor: lol
10:46:04 Nick325: *meow* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow*
10:46:11 Nick325: i think that did
10:46:15 Victafor: yup
10:46:21 Iluha: *lave on face*
10:46:25 Iluha: oh doesn't work
10:46:33 Victafor: lol
10:46:38 Victafor: playin guitar is sooo boring
10:46:45 Iluha: take that back!
10:46:49 Victafor: fine
10:46:53 Victafor: lol
10:46:55 Nick325: :o
10:46:59 Victafor: im jk dude
10:47:04 Victafor: its like the funnest thing
10:47:07 Iluha: :)
10:47:09 Victafor: well its right next to paintball
10:47:11 Nick325: lol u better be
10:47:12 Nick325: lol
10:47:17 Nick325: ya i luv paintball
10:47:23 Victafor: ive only done it once
10:47:28 Victafor: but i schooled lots of guys
10:47:40 Nick325: i got all my own stuff i ive gone a bunch of times
10:48:03 Iluha: all I got is my guitar.. and my pride
10:48:10 Nick325: :D
10:48:12 Victafor: lol
10:48:19 Victafor: dude
10:48:26 Victafor: dont u hate it when u play in front of new ppl
10:48:34 Victafor: and you mess up in places you never ever mess up
10:48:39 Nick325: si
10:48:49 Iluha: I dont know.. never really playd a gig hehe :(
10:48:54 Victafor: not a gig
10:48:56 Nick325: me 2
10:48:57 Victafor: just like
10:49:04 Victafor: in front of friends or sumthin
10:49:14 Iluha: oh mm.. yeah actually it happend to me last week
10:49:15 Victafor: i messed up on a friggen whole note half bend -.-
10:49:24 JVM: hey people
10:49:28 Victafor: lmao
10:49:31 Victafor: sup jvm
10:49:31 Nick325: yo
10:49:38 Iluha: a friend from the army(female) came to my house, she asked me to play her something
10:49:47 Victafor: ahah!
10:49:49 Iluha: So I playd this:
10:50:03 Iluha: atleast the slow beginning of it till he start's tapping and slapping
10:50:04 shredmandan: cracks me up there is never this many people in chat of they just log in and them right back outuntil today
10:50:24 Iluha: and I forgot the middle section of it :(
10:50:30 Iluha: hi JVM :)
10:50:43 Victafor: lol
10:50:48 Nick325: we just need Gen and slammer
10:51:10 Victafor: dude you play bass iluha?
10:51:25 Iluha: Well no, not really...
10:51:33 shredmandan: hey lavendell imworking on a new track.will you checkit out and post what you think when i get it up?
10:51:37 Iluha: I got a bass, but I don't touch it lol.. I playd it on the guitar
10:51:48 Victafor: lol
10:51:49 lavendell: of course Shredmandan
10:52:03 lavendell: :)
10:52:17 Iluha: I also wanna check it ou!
10:52:18 Victafor: if i had a bass i would play that too
10:52:20 Iluha: out*
10:52:23 Victafor: they are sooo fun
10:52:36 Victafor: shredman id like to check it out also
10:52:37 shredmandan: cool i see alot of people look but dont post to some of the uploads .I always try to post though so people will keep loading them and improving thats the point
10:52:41 Iluha: Slapping and Popping is harder then it looks...
10:52:44 JVM: oooh
10:52:50 Victafor: i kno
10:52:53 Victafor: ive tried
10:52:54 JVM: kris said he'd make t-shirts if someone designed one :p
10:52:59 Victafor: i hate it when ppl dont post!
10:53:01 Nick325: awsome
10:53:07 shredmandan: cool man it will take a few more days but you can checkout what i have already made just post after you listen please
10:53:13 Victafor: gmc t-shirts?
10:53:14 shredmandan: same here
10:53:16 Victafor: yep
10:53:19 Iluha: Yes, my thread got about 180 views now, and only 3 or 4 diffrent people replied :(
10:53:21 Victafor: i will post
10:53:27 Victafor: aluha
10:53:30 Victafor: which one is ures
10:53:46 Iluha: the one started by me lol
10:53:59 Victafor: which section -.-
10:54:01 Victafor: lol
10:54:03 Iluha: uploads
10:54:05 Victafor: k
10:54:20 shredmandan: go to uploads one is called shredman track and others are titled recoding i made and maybe 2 more just look throughthem and find the ones that have me at top of post
10:55:13 Victafor: shredman
10:55:16 JVM: shredman, did you get that backing track you were after?
10:55:19 Victafor: you dont have any on the shredman track
10:55:53 shredmandan: jvm yes i did but im still working on it .actually just sent part of it to smurk to mix
10:56:20 shredmandan: vic yes i do have an upload on shredman track just make sure to go to the very first page at top
10:56:21 Smurkas: Ok shred it's done
10:56:35 shredmandan: did u email it smurk?
10:56:39 Victafor: i am
10:56:43 Victafor: but it does not have any file
10:56:43 Smurkas: just mixed it out
10:56:48 Victafor: check it out ureself
10:57:00 Smurkas: going to give the mp3 a listen first to check so there's no fuckups
10:57:00 shredmandan: yes it has a file or atleast it should i will look ok
10:57:21 Victafor: k
10:57:22 shredmandan: u havent listened to the mp3 yet smurk
10:57:37 Smurkas: man if I had two of those shred this would really kick ass
10:57:53 Smurkas: I have now, it came out fine :D
10:57:56 Smurkas: emailing it now
10:57:59 Victafor: iluha i dont have guitarmasterclass
10:58:04 Victafor: i mean guitarpro
10:58:07 Iluha: what?... lol
10:58:14 Victafor: so i cant view ure file
10:58:16 Iluha: so just listen to the midi
10:58:35 Victafor: o i already commented it
10:58:42 Iluha: or download that tuxguitar free software
10:58:43 Victafor: when i used to have guitapro
10:58:52 Iluha: it works on it
10:59:07 shredmandan: wow that doesnt make since it is gone vic.i am going to have to ask someone why.It didnt have any bad language or anything try someof my other ones
10:59:37 Smurkas: man hotmail is so slow with attachments
10:59:48 shredmandan: two of those what smurk?
10:59:53 Victafor: ok
11:00:06 Victafor: iluha i just downloaded tux
11:00:15 Smurkas: the next time you record a guitar track, record the exact same thing twice
11:00:36 Victafor: your sweeping is gone too
11:00:38 shredmandan: ok i got it i plan on sending you more tracks to mix in
11:00:53 Iluha: oh right victafor you allready commented it :)
11:01:15 shredmandan: oh no ideleted them from my control panel but didnt think it would take them from post lol oh no
11:01:30 shredmandan: there gone forever
11:01:44 shredmandan: got better coming though
11:01:51 Smurkas: ok a rule when doing metal like this is at least two recordings for the rhythm track
11:02:03 Victafor: lol
11:02:10 Smurkas: I sent the mail, hope it lands on your doorstep soon :D
11:02:41 shredmandan: sounds good smurk just be patient with me my family takes so much time from me.I almost wanted to break my guitar yesterday because they wouldnt let me play and record lol
11:03:03 Smurkas: :D
11:03:54 shredmandan: i emailed you telling u i would send somethimg out 10 min later my wife and 2 kids were all over me the whole day
11:04:40 shredmandan: i cant belive i erased all my recordings on gmc
11:04:48 Victafor: =/
11:04:56 Victafor: shred how old r u?
11:05:07 shredmandan: 24 u
11:05:24 Victafor: 14...
11:05:32 Victafor: lol youve been playin since like my age
11:06:11 shredmandan: see you just have to be patient i was not as good as i am now when i started ofcourse lol
11:06:51 shredmandan: where u from vic
11:09:33 Victafor: im from the united states u?
11:09:35 Victafor: mass
11:09:40 Victafor: massachusetts
11:09:59 shredmandan: tennessee
11:10:45 Victafor: really?
11:10:52 Victafor: i was in tennesee for a month
11:10:58 Victafor: recently?
11:11:03 Victafor: what part are you from...?
11:11:38 shredmandan: kingsport its near bristol and hour away from knoxville and four hours away from nashvilee lo
11:12:14 Victafor: oh
11:12:24 Victafor: i visited williamsport if you know where that it
11:13:02 shredmandan: not off the top of my head vic
11:13:09 shredmandan: smurk u still there?
11:13:13 Smurkas: yup
11:13:13 Victafor: o
11:13:48 shredmandan: vic me and smurk are going to have a killer track out soon on here.I love it its heavy
11:14:34 Smurkas: you got the track?
11:15:14 shredmandan: oh yes smurk did you not get my message back saying howi want to get alot done by tonight?
11:15:39 shredmandan: i have a big smile on my face right now thanks to you smurk :D
11:15:47 Smurkas: no prob shred
11:16:02 Smurkas: you made a good recording of your amp this time
11:16:07 Smurkas: no clipping or anything
11:16:19 shredmandan: its going to be tighter than that to man,i just need to redo and get it from strat to finish
11:16:24 shredmandan: you did perfect
11:16:25 Victafor: ok
11:16:49 shredmandan: and i have my recording set so it doesnt clip now and i m not messing with my amp settings
11:17:05 Victafor: shred you and smurkas know each other
11:17:06 Victafor: ?
11:17:19 Slammer: Holy Cow.... you in here all night Vic?
11:17:22 Smurkas: no that was a good rhythm sound you set up
11:17:31 Victafor: lol slammer no
11:17:34 Smurkas: Vic I'm kind of an engineer for loaning :D
11:17:37 Victafor: i left when every one else did
11:17:46 Victafor: lol smurkas....
11:17:56 Slammer: JVM left as soon as I came :P
11:18:03 Victafor: XD
11:18:11 Smurkas: shred wanted a drum track so I hooked him up
11:18:11 Slammer: he hates me
11:18:15 Victafor: ahh
11:18:15 Slammer: LOL
11:18:35 Victafor: im so glad they have this live chat
11:18:40 Victafor: i didnt know about it till last night
11:18:59 Slammer: WOW
11:19:06 Slammer: and you've been here a while right?
11:19:14 Slammer: on GMC I mean
11:19:35 Victafor: only since like june 24
11:19:46 Slammer: almost 2 months
11:19:49 Victafor: yep
11:19:58 Victafor: i never really used the forum until like a month later
11:19:58 Slammer: and you never saw the chat?
11:20:00 shredmandan: so you know how long that record was smurk?
11:20:54 Smurkas: the one we just did?
11:20:58 shredmandan: yes
11:21:00 Nick325: slammer!!
11:21:07 Slammer: NICK!!!!
11:21:26 Smurkas: I cut it down to 1 minute 12 seconds
11:21:41 Nick325: lol sup
11:21:43 Smurkas: I cut when you fell off the beat :D
11:21:46 shredmandan: cool i only have 2 min option to record on my mp3 player
11:21:53 shredmandan: lol
11:21:55 Smurkas: that's kind of bad
11:21:57 Slammer: not much, I wonder if the chat went on all night
11:22:00 shredmandan: good man'
11:22:10 Smurkas: you could record a few riffs at a time
11:22:29 Smurkas: when I do a real recording here at home I never play the song the whole way through
11:22:29 Slammer: hey Dan do you have a Audio editing Program
11:22:50 Victafor: hey guys im gonna go practice guitar
11:22:55 Slammer: NO
11:22:56 Slammer: stay
11:22:59 Slammer: :P
11:22:59 Smurkas: good luck Vic!
11:23:01 shredmandan: true i plan on recording the part again that you have but tighter and better to the end then sending you extra guitar and maybe a small solo
11:23:01 Victafor: lmao lol
11:23:03 Nick325: nooooooooooooooooooo
11:23:04 Victafor: ty
11:23:07 shredmandan: no slam
11:23:14 Nick325: dont u leave
11:23:16 Victafor: ill c u later
11:23:18 Victafor: haha
11:23:19 Slammer: NO
11:23:19 Nick325: no
11:23:20 Slammer: no
11:23:21 Slammer: no
11:23:22 Slammer: no
11:23:23 Nick325: ur staying
11:23:23 Victafor: ill be back on later
11:23:25 Slammer: :(
11:23:31 Nick325: you made me stay last noght
11:23:33 Nick325: ur staying now
11:23:36 Victafor: no i didnt...
11:23:38 Victafor: lol
11:23:42 Nick325: lol i no
11:23:55 Victafor: i must practice
11:23:58 Victafor: :p
11:24:00 Slammer: Bahh....
11:24:02 shredmandan: nice to talk to u vic come back and chat sometime with me
11:24:04 Slammer: that's what they all say
11:24:06 Victafor: i will
11:24:12 Victafor: slammer its not you!
11:24:13 Victafor: its me
11:24:17 Slammer: :P
11:24:18 Victafor: lol
11:24:21 Victafor: c ya
11:24:23 Slammer: u suck
11:24:26 shredmandan: by
11:24:27 Victafor: i know
11:24:29 Nick325: cya
11:24:38 Slammer: *cries*
11:24:48 Slammer: NONONO
11:24:56 Slammer: :{
11:25:08 shredmandan: so what do you think of it thus far smurk??
11:25:10 Slammer: dan u should use a program
11:25:16 Slammer: to mix
11:25:18 Slammer: and edit
11:25:23 Slammer: your songs
11:25:24 shredmandan: give me some money and i will?
11:25:31 shredmandan: lol
11:25:31 Slammer: there are Free ones
11:25:33 shredmandan: \lol
11:25:40 shredmandan: really
11:25:45 Slammer: of course
11:25:49 Smurkas: I think your track is really cool
11:25:51 shredmandan: but you have to have a guitar port right
11:26:02 shredmandan: thanks smurk but its u to
11:26:02 Slammer: well, what you can do is.....
11:26:08 Slammer: Dan
11:26:10 chast: hey
11:26:19 Slammer: ca you put the songs
11:26:20 Nick325: gtg breakfast
11:26:22 Slammer: on your PC
11:26:29 shredmandan: unless it embarasses u then we can say its just me smurk lol
11:26:29 Slammer: from your MP3 player?
11:26:39 Smurkas: :D
11:26:44 Slammer: Chast
11:26:46 Slammer: what's up
11:26:50 chast: my head
11:26:51 Smurkas: no I'll be your fake drummer
11:26:54 chast: akes
11:26:57 chast: :D
11:27:02 Slammer: hye chast aren't you 16?
11:27:12 chast: 18 :D
11:27:32 Slammer: close :P
11:27:38 Slammer: Dan
11:27:39 Smurkas: shredman have you listened to lamb of god?
11:27:48 Slammer: *slap*
11:28:12 shredmandan: not much dude.There guitar is killer from what i have heard though
11:28:23 chast: do you know that if you drink somethinng (too much) and you got awake by someone shouting ?
11:28:26 Smurkas: yeah they do some crazy shit
11:28:43 Slammer: can you put the songs
11:28:46 Slammer: from your MP3 player?
11:28:50 Slammer: on your PC
11:28:54 Slammer: Dan
11:28:54 shredmandan: yes
11:28:54 Smurkas: one of their guitarists doesn't know any theory whatsoever so he writes crazy off scale stuff
11:29:12 Slammer: then you can use a Program to edit them
11:29:16 shredmandan: i dont know aboutteory either dude,very very little
11:29:27 shredmandan: hook me up slammer
11:29:27 Slammer: like to Cut out part and rmove noise
11:29:57 Slammer: LOL
11:30:01 Smurkas: reaper is free shredman
11:30:22 Smurkas: with that you could edit the stuff you record with your mp3 player
11:30:41 Slammer: or Audicity
11:30:42 Slammer: too
11:30:45 shredmandan: i tryed to download that and it kept saying i hadto download something else and never worked for some reason
11:30:52 Smurkas: but I can do all the editing if you don't feel comfortable with it
11:30:54 Slammer: which?
11:31:26 shredmandan: if it doesnt bother u smurk i loveworking with you.Your a cool dude to talk to and enjoy mixing idea's with you
11:31:35 Smurkas: sure thing
11:31:53 Smurkas: I actually enjoy the engineering part so it's no problem
11:32:03 Slammer: Am I a cool dude too? :?
11:32:09 Slammer: LOL
11:32:11 Smurkas: no :P
11:32:15 Slammer: :(
11:32:15 shredmandan: lol
11:32:24 shredmandan: yeah your cool to slammer
11:32:28 Slammer: I'm gonna go Emo
11:32:35 shredmandan: beback in a sec ok
11:32:41 Smurkas: I think you get banned for that ;)
11:32:54 Slammer: :D
11:32:55 Slammer: :d
11:32:57 Slammer: :d
11:32:57 Slammer: :d
11:32:57 Slammer: :d
11:32:57 Slammer: :d
11:32:58 Slammer: :d
11:33:05 Slammer: Chast
11:33:08 Slammer: *slap*
11:33:09 chast: ?
11:33:14 Slammer: what's up?
11:33:18 Smurkas: they like revoke your membership but you have to keep paying anyway
11:33:28 chast: my head is aking
11:33:39 Slammer: hey smurkas aren't you from Germany too?
11:33:45 Slammer: like Chast
11:34:21 Slammer: maybe he isn't IDK.....
11:34:31 Slammer: what do you think Chast?
11:34:40 chast: what is IDK ?
11:34:52 Slammer: I don't know
11:34:59 chast: ^^
11:35:01 Slammer: ^
11:35:29 Slammer: *slap* *meow*
11:35:32 Slammer: hey guest
11:35:38 Slammer: you can't talk
11:35:46 Slammer: untill you sign up
11:35:55 Smurkas: no slammer I'm Swedish
11:36:00 Slammer: oh...
11:36:02 Slammer: :D
11:36:11 Slammer: do you know Kris?
11:36:17 chast: im going away a bit
11:36:19 chast: cu later
11:36:20 Slammer: NO
11:36:22 Slammer: No
11:36:22 Slammer: NO
11:36:26 Slammer: don't leave
11:36:36 Slammer: Damn,,,
11:36:38 Slammer: ESJ!
11:36:39 Smurkas: you keep wearing them Slammer
11:36:49 Slammer: Yes everybody Hates Slammer
11:36:55 Slammer: even ESJ
11:37:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
11:38:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats up felllllaaaaaaaasss ?
11:38:41 Slammer: nobody here is talking
11:38:46 Slammer: it seams
11:38:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im trying to play and talk ?
11:39:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: impossible ?
11:39:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: extreme legato ?
11:41:09 Slammer: EXTREME
11:50:49 shredmandan: im back yeah can the guest that come on here actually type and post on here?
11:53:36 shredmandan: slammer in not used to not hearing you say anything lol
11:54:08 Nick325: gtg
11:54:12 Slammer: NO
11:54:17 Nick325: jk lol
11:54:17 Slammer: you just came bacj
11:55:16 Slammer: well people TALK!
11:55:24 Nick325: about...
11:55:32 Slammer: Guitars
11:55:36 Slammer: Spice Girls
11:55:43 Nick325: ;)
11:55:47 Slammer: Apple Pit
11:55:51 Slammer: PIE*
11:56:26 shredmandan: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
11:56:33 Nick325: cheese
11:56:36 Slammer: talk to smurkas
11:56:38 shredmandan: nipples
11:56:44 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *whip*
11:56:47 Nick325: turds
11:56:49 shredmandan: sounds like a plan
11:58:17 Slammer: well I'm just chlling don't mind me
11:58:34 shredmandan: i wont now
11:58:45 Nick325: im bored
11:59:05 Slammer: yeah
11:59:09 Slammer: I killed the Chat
11:59:11 Slammer: right ESJ
11:59:23 Slammer: *slap*
11:59:31 Smurkas: no Slammer you are the chat
11:59:31 Nick325: lol
11:59:38 Nick325: slammer where gen
11:59:39 Slammer: wow deep
11:59:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
11:59:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: shredman
11:59:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
11:59:52 Smurkas: no you just talk all the time :P
11:59:54 Slammer: Gen is fun to talk with
12:00:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I was reading down and then I just read nipples
12:00:04 Nick325: yep me u n him
12:00:09 Nick325: lol
12:00:10 Slammer: yep
12:00:15 Slammer: he will show up here
12:00:21 Slammer: soon he always does
12:00:25 shredmandan: and do the *meow* thing
12:00:48 Smurkas: haha I just muted your asses
12:01:12 shredmandan: how do u do that smurkas
12:01:30 Smurkas: it's in the control panel just above the typing field
12:01:33 Nick325: im watching south park
12:01:50 Smurkas: I think I have played too much today
12:02:12 Nick325: i did too much yesterday when i tried playing early my fingers like BURN
12:02:24 Smurkas: yeah I got that feeling
12:02:37 Nick325: it hurts
12:02:49 Smurkas: I'm up to 7 hours today so I'm going to give it a rest
12:02:56 Slammer: yes
12:03:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I gotta get out of chat so I can really practice
12:03:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya laterrrrrrrrrr
12:03:39 shredmandan: yes
12:03:40 Nick325: and when i touch the =string it leave a mark on my finger
12:03:45 Nick325: noooooooooooooo slammerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
12:05:15 shredmandan: see this is what i was talking about earlier smurk.when i get on here just one person comes or goes but when lavendell was here you couldnt get anyone to leave
12:05:23 Smurkas: :D
12:19:12 shredmandan: hey vic
12:19:13 Victafor: hello
12:19:18 Victafor: lol
12:19:24 Victafor: im about to leave
12:19:27 Victafor: anyways
12:19:30 Victafor: ive got to shower
12:19:40 Victafor: cause im goin to a party
12:19:43 Victafor: :D
12:19:50 Victafor: ill c aya
12:19:51 Victafor: later
12:19:54 shredmandan: cool
12:19:59 shredmandan: see ya
12:36:26 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
12:36:35 Slammer: Slammer
12:36:44 [Action] Slammer: says goodbye
12:37:04 Slammer: GOODBYE!
12:39:24 Smurkas: back again eh?
12:40:11 shredmandan: ok i im back .Yeah i did tool.I was trying to see if i could just use the private window but it woudnt let me.I used to really love aenima
12:40:28 shredmandan: every song on that album rocked
12:44:27 shredmandan: u still there smurkas ?
13:10:09 shredmandan: smurkas wake up dude i got the first layer of the track done and im sending it to you now lol *meow*
13:10:18 shredmandan: *meow*
13:10:39 rokchik: It's noisy in here today :)
13:12:30 shredmandan: yep
13:13:13 rokchik: So what are you guys discussing?
13:13:44 shredmandan: were working on a track right now.Im getting the guitar parts done and he's got the drums
13:14:38 shredmandan: hey vic
13:14:40 Victafor: sup
13:14:49 Victafor: hi rokchik
13:15:11 Victafor: the party is tommorow
13:15:16 rokchik: Hey Vic
13:15:18 Victafor: 8)
13:15:22 Victafor: thought it was today lol
13:15:36 shredmandan: its was an early party at that,must have been a b=day party right lol
13:15:43 rokchik: Shredmandan is that for the collaboration or something else?
13:16:51 shredmandan: well its a collaboration between me andsmurkas but we will put it in the uploads forum.Hopefully will be done tonight.Not sure if i want to put lead on this one at all or just do 2 seperate to upload.want to check it out whenwere done?
13:17:18 shredmandan: vic i thought you were talking about party party lol
13:18:14 rokchik: For sure....I don't have any recording software...yet but would love to one day take part in the collaboration forum
13:19:15 shredmandan: check this out.i have to use my mp3 player to record lol.But smurkas is awesome at mixing and hasall thegood equipment so i send him my guitar tracks and he gets the sound quality alot better for me
13:19:30 Iluha: I'm back.. again
13:19:34 shredmandan: What type of music you like rokchik
13:19:37 shredmandan: hey
13:19:43 shredmandan: vis u still there
13:19:48 shredmandan: vic
13:20:41 Victafor: yea
13:20:43 Victafor: im here
13:20:50 rokchik: LOL! I listen to alot of different stuff but mostly hard rock/ alternative. Led Zeppelin, RATM, GNR stuff like that. You?
13:21:19 shredmandan: hope u didnt take what i said offensive vic just saying thought like drinking party and its early thats all
13:22:03 Iluha: What's rokchick been a while since I talked to ya :)
13:22:09 Victafor: no lol im too young for drinking
13:22:13 Iluha: what's up* i got alot of typos today
13:22:16 Victafor: im 14 remmber?
13:22:19 shredmandan: mostly thrash metal like old school metallica ,megadeth,pantera ect.But i like all the bands u listed as well just the other is more of what my playing style is and what the recording is similar to
13:22:27 shredmandan: sorry vic lol
13:22:31 Victafor: its fne lmfao
13:22:31 rokchik: It has buddy...I've been on vacation and since I got back work has been crazy
13:22:44 Victafor: rok chik how oldare you?
13:22:46 rokchik: What have you been up to Iluha?
13:22:53 rokchik: 30 Vic
13:22:56 Victafor: i think on ure topic u said u were 30
13:22:58 Victafor: oh
13:23:00 Victafor: lol
13:23:05 shredmandan: 24 here
13:23:10 Victafor: 14
13:23:50 rokchik: I wish I had started playing when I was your age Vic....or even younger
13:24:16 shredmandan: how long u played rokchik
13:25:03 Victafor: i wish i started like at 7
13:25:07 rokchik: 2yrs.....but only really seriously since I joined GMC in March. Before that I only wanted to learn a few songs on acoustic to play at I'm all into techniques and theory :)
13:25:09 Victafor: ive seen some kids like that
13:25:11 Iluha: Iv'e been to absoulutly nothing, my life is at a very boring point right now :)
13:25:41 shredmandan: thats good rokchik keep up the work
13:25:42 rokchik: :)....besides vacation I've not done much either buddy
13:26:02 shredmandan: vacation is nice
13:26:02 rokchik: Thks long have you been rocking out?
13:26:08 shredmandan: about 11 years
13:26:09 rokchik: yes it is
13:26:15 rokchik: very cool
13:26:25 rokchik: what kind of stuff do you play?
13:27:04 shredmandan: never stoped i have always loved playing.I play the same style stuff i listed above except im really into shred and lead guitar as well
13:28:19 shredmandan: I feel like a little kid .I wish i could get ahold of smurk right now because i just sent him the guitar track and i have no patience.I want to get that track out on gmc bad lol
13:28:26 rokchik: cool...i'm starting to understand the allure of metal. I was never a huge fan. I liked Metallica, Megaceath ya know the kind of main stream stuff. But since I joined GMC my horizans are broadening
13:28:50 rokchik: LOL...ya it's awful when ya want something and can't get it
13:29:21 shredmandan: if you listen to it please be cool and post a comment on it.Even if you dont like it post that .I hate when people dont post when they check it out or post a conversation withsomeone else on there that has nothing to do with topic
13:29:30 shredmandan: true
13:29:40 shredmandan: ha
13:30:04 Pavel: hey there!
13:30:10 Iluha: Privet!
13:30:16 Pavel: zdarov!
13:30:17 shredmandan: i notice people do that all the time wheni m on here log in then just log out.I wonder if its me lol
13:30:20 rokchik: not a problem shredmandan....if I look at something I usually post
13:30:31 rokchik: Hey Pavel
13:30:31 shredmandan: \you made it back pavel it wasent me good lol
13:30:44 shredmandan: hey pav
13:30:48 Pavel: no - it's just - sometimes i log in but can't get cursor for typing in the box so i ahve to refresh
13:31:06 rokchik: Shredmandan don't take it personal...a lot of times it's a server thing
13:31:31 shredmandan: oh i know at least one dude that always leaves if its just me in the chat.i just say oh well
13:31:45 Pavel: hahaha
13:31:46 Pavel: not me! :D
13:31:50 shredmandan: cool
13:31:55 Iluha: maybe me :)
13:32:01 Pavel: Traitor!!!!!!! :d
13:32:02 shredmandan: i knew it was u lol
13:32:10 rokchik: LOL
13:32:26 shredmandan: got anything else coming out soon iluha
13:32:42 Iluha: Im trying to work on those two things as we speak...
13:32:55 Iluha: But nothing comes to my head :(
13:33:03 Victafor: pavel
13:33:07 Pavel: yeah
13:33:10 shredmandan: keep tying i had a hard time this week as well
13:33:10 Victafor: ure icon looks soo much like you
13:33:15 Pavel: hahahaha
13:33:18 Victafor: i thought it was u for sooo long
13:33:19 Victafor: lmao
13:33:24 Iluha: who?
13:33:27 Iluha: luca?
13:33:27 Pavel: i hope i am the re-incarnation of Luca's soul hahahahaha
13:33:33 Victafor: :p
13:33:38 Pavel: but i guess i am not as he is still alive hahaha
13:33:54 Iluha: then maybe you'r his soul mate :)
13:34:03 Pavel: yeah maybe :D :D :D
13:34:14 Victafor: lol
13:34:17 Pavel: love that guy so much ....
13:34:22 Iluha: sharing one soul of some shredding phenomenon
13:34:23 Pavel: can't stop lsitening to his music
13:34:24 Victafor: yea he is really good
13:34:47 Victafor: i checked him out
13:35:01 Victafor: one of his songs sounded like your 5-string-sweep lesson
13:35:07 Victafor: i think its the third sweep serie
13:35:18 Victafor: the third lesson in the sweep serie*
13:35:21 Pavel: it's not even close but i know what you mean...
13:35:24 shredmandan: so pavel do you ever work on any of the other teacher's lessons like for say marcus?
13:35:25 Victafor: k
13:35:27 Pavel: it's the Unholy Warcry solo you heard
13:35:32 Victafor: i think maybe
13:35:40 Pavel: shredmandan no
13:35:55 shredmandan: you never practice or learn there stuff
13:36:04 Pavel: i haev SO MUCH of my own stuff to practice that i never get onto practicing somebody's stuff
13:36:17 shredmandan: understand
13:36:46 shredmandan: so rokchik where u live?im in tennessee in usa
13:37:14 Victafor: i like the ancient forest of elves
13:37:25 rokchik: I'm in Labrador Canada.
13:37:34 Pavel: Victafor yeah it's a really cool song!!!
13:37:39 shredmandan: cool
13:37:42 Victafor: yep yep
13:37:50 Pavel: listening to it right now
13:37:56 Victafor: me too lol
13:38:04 shredmandan: rokchik what type of gear u use?
13:38:25 Pavel: Victafor you can see in his playing how cool does 1 note riffing sound
13:38:26 Victafor: ive never been into rhapsody that much but thanx to you i listen to em now
13:38:29 Pavel: he barely uses powerchords
13:38:36 Victafor: i know!
13:39:01 Pavel: BUT it's not easy to tremolo-pick 1 note at that BPM
13:39:02 Victafor: his playing is just sooo grand
13:39:05 shredmandan: i like the bands that mix it up and just dont play power chords all day
13:39:08 Victafor: yep
13:39:17 Pavel: it's not his playing but arrangement that makes songs amazing
13:39:41 Pavel: i lvoe his guitar work but actually what attracts me mroe is the melody and arrangement in all of his music
13:39:51 Victafor: yes
13:39:52 Victafor: i kno
13:40:18 Victafor: i dont ussually admire guitarist for their skill but for their music quality
13:40:37 rokchik: Soory Shredmandan...posting on forum. I have a Gibson LP standard and a Vox AD30VT amp
13:40:46 shredmandan: wow nice
13:41:04 shredmandan: did u ever post your gear on forum>?
13:41:09 Pavel: Victafor in this case - you got both! awesome guitarist and graet composer
13:41:23 Victafor: yep!
13:41:29 Pavel: and - my God he's good in writing lyrics!!!
13:41:35 Victafor: haha yes
13:41:59 Victafor: i havent heard many of his songs but i like the ones ive heard and they are very tasteful
13:42:03 Pavel: in one of hsi interviews he also said that that's his favorite song
13:42:11 rokchik: Nope as have no pics on internet
13:42:18 Victafor: the forest of elves?
13:42:20 Pavel: Ancient Forest Of Elves
13:42:21 rokchik: well except facebook I guess
13:42:22 Pavel: yep
13:42:37 Victafor: yea that one is definately goin up as one of my favorites
13:42:44 Pavel: and Emerald Sword from Rhapsody's stuff
13:42:46 rokchik: Shredmandan what r U rocking with?
13:43:28 Victafor: actually im checkin out emerald sword right now
13:43:34 Victafor: im very new to rhapsody
13:43:58 Pavel: Victafor spend some time on them! You'll love it!
13:44:28 Victafor: i will
13:44:34 Victafor: omg!
13:44:38 Victafor: ive heard this song be4
13:44:40 shredmandan: a Fender Deluxe Strat modifyed with a seymour duncan sh-6 distortion humbucker.I have a crate full stack,but mostly play on my Roland cube 30 or a fender110 champion.The fender i love but not really for my style ,thats why i had to put a dist humbucker in it because it was all single coil pickups
13:44:46 Victafor: but i could never find it on the internet
13:44:53 Victafor: and i always wanted to cause it was soo good
13:45:04 Pavel: which one?
13:45:18 Victafor: emerald sword
13:45:37 shredmandan: theres a pic of the body in gear under gold hardware if you want to see it later i just got done replacing all the gold parts
13:45:58 Pavel: Victafor it kicks ass!!!
13:46:03 Victafor: yes it does!
13:46:05 Victafor: lol
13:46:09 Victafor: hi andrew
13:46:18 shredmandan: oh yeah its a chat room now that andrews here lol
13:46:24 Pavel: :D
13:46:31 Andrew Cockburn: hi guys !
13:46:33 Pavel: Welcome Andrew The ibanez player
13:46:33 Victafor: pavel you have any other songs of them i should check out?
13:46:34 rokchik: Oh yeah I saw that...very nice
13:46:38 rokchik: Hey Andrew
13:46:40 Victafor: lol
13:46:45 Andrew Cockburn: HI Pavel - the Ibanez Player :)
13:46:49 Andrew Cockburn: Hry Rok !
13:46:55 Nick325: hey guys n rokchik
13:46:56 Victafor: im buyin an ibanez jem7v too
13:47:13 Pavel: Victafor Wisdom Of The kings, Symphony Of The Enchanted lands, Sacred Power Of Ranging Winds...
13:47:19 Pavel: waht not to check - it's all amazing!
13:47:40 Victafor: ok im checkin those out
13:47:56 Nick325: o rhapsodys albums
13:48:05 shredmandan: rokchik so what music have you been working on latley
13:48:17 Andrew Cockburn: Victafor - Great plan 7v rocks!
13:48:28 shredmandan: yes they rock
13:48:47 Victafor: good
13:48:57 Victafor: ive never really played on one but i heard they are incredibly
13:49:00 Victafor: incredible*
13:49:34 Nick325: i havent seen any jems at my guitar center but i want to try it out even though i wont get it:(
13:50:41 Pavel: i didn't see any JEMs until i got to Moscow and alter to Italy :D
13:50:57 Nick325: o
13:51:05 shredmandan: do u live close to italy pavel?
13:51:14 Nick325: im from italy
13:51:25 Pavel: 3-4 hours driving
13:51:31 rokchik: Again sorry posting...I've been working on Gabreils lessons a fair bit. Mostly the interm. rock lesson. As for actually songs been learning a few by GNR. Mr. Brownstone and Nighttrain
13:51:33 Pavel: Nick325 really???
13:51:34 shredmandan: thought u in new york nick?
13:51:42 Nick325: ya but im italian :D
13:51:46 Nick325: lol
13:51:49 Pavel: oh...
13:51:57 Nick325: i wish i lived there
13:52:16 shredmandan: rokchik nice need to say sorry i do the same thing look around when on here lol
13:52:17 Pavel: i don't think so...
13:52:28 rokchik: yeah I'm bad for it
13:52:35 Pavel: i would rather live in USA jsut to ahve all those music stores with real prices
13:52:42 Pavel: not 500% over-priced gear
13:52:48 Victafor: =/
13:52:55 Victafor: ebay has a lot of good prices
13:52:59 Nick325: ya but if i didnt play guitar then it wouldnt matter :)
13:53:01 Pavel: rokchik ni didn't say that to you :)
13:53:14 Victafor: you can get an ibanez jem7v for 1000$
13:53:15 Pavel: Victafor i can't use ebay
13:53:18 rokchik: no problem Pavel...I never took it that way
13:53:20 Pavel: and i don't like "used" stuff
13:53:21 Victafor: why not?
13:53:35 Pavel: i can't use PayPal in Croatia
13:53:36 Victafor: why cant you use it
13:53:37 Victafor: oh
13:53:38 rokchik: I feel your pain about the guitar stores. There is not one where I live
13:53:39 Victafor: dang
13:54:09 Victafor: yea on ebay sometimes its new
13:54:28 Pavel: Victafor i still ahve more confidence in music stores
13:54:35 Pavel: where i can get it back if it's broken or something
13:54:38 rokchik: Pavel I agree on the "used" thing. If I'm gonna pay good money for something I want it new
13:54:45 Pavel: rokchik exactly
13:54:45 Victafor: i c
13:54:49 rokchik: and with warranty
13:54:58 Andrew Cockburn: agree
13:55:05 Nick325: and you can always return it
13:55:11 Nick325: o wait rokchik said that :D
13:55:14 Victafor: well im not trying to convince you guys anything but i think that there is something like that in ebay
13:55:20 Nick325: :?
13:55:26 Victafor: if its not described as the seller says
13:55:29 Victafor: you can return it
13:55:58 Victafor: i have no idea where to buy the ibanez jem 7v though
13:56:03 Victafor: except ebay
13:56:05 Nick325: but you cant try it out before hand '
13:56:39 Victafor: true
13:56:44 Nick325: if you got to a guitar center or something you can probly have them get it shipped from ibanez or something
13:56:55 Victafor: i never new that
13:57:02 Pavel: you see this new amp i want - i can't try it anywhere
13:57:25 Pavel: and if i order it i will spend 3000$ on head, cabinet and foot controller
13:57:28 rokchik: I feel your pain Pavel...I was the same when bought my Vox.
13:57:29 Nick325: danm n i ur not gunna buy it before you try it right
13:57:59 Nick325: o wait i can answer that myself
13:58:00 Nick325: lol
13:58:01 Pavel: no - i WILL buy it before i try it - so far my lucky guesses never failed me
13:58:20 Andrew Cockburn: Line6 147?
13:58:26 Pavel: i never tried Ibanez RG370DX and i got it from ukraine
13:58:28 rokchik: I actually had the sales guy get a web cam and play it for me.
13:58:35 Pavel: i never tried my amp, i never tried my current pedals i own
13:58:42 Pavel: and so far - it all worked awesome for me
13:58:46 Pavel: Andrew Cockburn YEP
13:58:48 Nick325: or you could come to over here and go to a guitar center
13:58:53 Victafor: what pedals and amp do you own?
13:59:05 Pavel: Digitech DF-7 and Digidelay, boss PW-10
13:59:14 Pavel: amp is Marshall AVT50
13:59:17 Andrew Cockburn: Line6 is good - you will ove it Pavel
13:59:25 Pavel: now i want this Line 6 HD147 amp
13:59:25 Victafor: yea i dont have anypedals
13:59:28 Victafor: just a guitar and amp
13:59:32 Victafor: so im saving
13:59:33 Victafor: up
13:59:33 Nick325: im getting the digitech df7
13:59:44 rokchik: Pavel...with some stuff you just expect it to be good. Like I bought my LP without playing first. It's a LP it SHOULD be awesome.
13:59:51 Pavel: when i get this amp i won't need any pedal at all
13:59:57 Victafor: i have like an 9 watt emp
13:59:58 Victafor: amp
14:00:03 Pavel: rokchik yeah! exactly!
14:00:11 Nick325: but is your marshall a stack or it is a normal sie one
14:00:15 Pavel: i know the bands who play this HD147 amp - and if THEY paly it i am sure it roks
14:00:18 Nick325: because dont heads on on stacks
14:00:18 Andrew Cockburn: And I bought a Jem cos Pavel said it was good !
14:00:30 Nick325: a perfect reason :D
14:00:30 Pavel: Andrew Cockburn and did it dissapoint you?
14:00:42 Andrew Cockburn: nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!
14:00:45 Pavel: :D :D :D i know i know!!!
14:00:56 Pavel: Nick325 it's a combo
14:01:06 Victafor: yea i always wanted the jem7v but when pavel said it was good, i decided to get it
14:01:07 Andrew Cockburn: Current;y playiung tender surreender on it ~
14:01:11 Nick325: o like whats theat mean
14:01:11 rokchik: yeah...some stuff is just expected to be awesome. Pedals and stuff I think I'd want to play first though....just to make sure the sound is what I want. But that's just me.
14:01:13 Victafor: but i havent gotten it yet >.<
14:01:17 Andrew Cockburn: My vesrion is differebt to SVs though ;)
14:01:20 Nick325: like you can put heads on it if u want
14:01:29 Victafor: i dont think any1 plays it like sv
14:01:40 Victafor: :p
14:01:48 Andrew Cockburn: Never heard anyone nail one of his songs apart from him
14:01:51 Pavel: Nick325 no - it's head + speaker together
14:01:58 Nick325: o
14:02:10 Pavel: but the one i want is HEAD+CAbinet
14:02:33 Victafor: k i cant stop listening to emerald sword!
14:03:06 Pavel: Victafor hahah i know the feeling
14:03:15 Victafor: lol
14:03:48 Pavel: Andrew Cockburn that HD147 allows you to set your sounds using PC and also that crazy HUGE floor controller is like POD XT LIVE
14:03:58 Pavel: so if i get that amp that's the only thing i'll EVER need
14:04:02 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - best of all worlds!
14:04:05 rokchik: is the build going?
14:04:14 Pavel: no pedals, no nothing! it has it's own effects for wah, delay, reverb, flanger, chorus...CRAZY
14:04:32 Andrew Cockburn: Still waiting for parts and ... ahem discovered that I am still completely crap at woodwork
14:04:37 Nick325: any have yngiwe malmsteens rising force?
14:04:44 rokchik: Pavel my Vox has the the HD147 a modelling amp?
14:05:00 rokchik: LOL Andrew! How many watts will it be by the way?
14:05:12 Andrew Cockburn: 5 I think
14:05:24 Andrew Cockburn: which is plewnty for a tube practice and recording amp
14:06:11 rokchik: Ahhh cause I was thinking...since you went with a Vox inspired speaker you could name your amp an A.C. 5. I know lame but just a spin on the Vox thing :)
14:06:20 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
14:06:26 Andrew Cockburn: I need a name for it
14:06:31 rokchik: and your initials fit perfect
14:06:34 Andrew Cockburn: That's pretty good actually
14:06:36 Andrew Cockburn: Yp
14:06:38 Andrew Cockburn: I like it!
14:06:50 rokchik: just remeber the dots so no trade,ark infrinjment
14:06:54 Andrew Cockburn: Except I'll call it AC1 cos its my first
14:06:58 rokchik: sorry can't spell
14:07:05 rokchik: very true
14:07:05 Andrew Cockburn: A.C> 1
14:07:11 Andrew Cockburn: A.C.1
14:07:14 Andrew Cockburn: ACone
14:07:19 Andrew Cockburn: ACE1
14:07:49 rokchik: LOL...the possibilities
14:08:24 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - I like it :)
14:08:51 rokchik: I'm glad...I say in your post you were looking for a name
14:09:00 rokchik: * saw*
14:09:14 Andrew Cockburn: A.C.1 it is :)
14:09:31 rokchik: cool. :)
14:09:40 Nick325: anyone have mamlsteen rising force?
14:10:58 Nick325: i guess not
14:11:07 Pavel: rokchik sorry - been away! yeah it's amodeling amp
14:11:12 Pavel: and it has 300Watts output :D
14:11:31 Nick325: damnnnnnnnnnnnnn
14:12:33 rokchik: wow....that's some power. Mine has 30. LOL!
14:12:55 Nick325: me 2
14:13:03 Nick325: your is times 10
14:13:05 Pavel: current amp has 50....
14:13:06 Nick325: mine
14:13:12 rokchik: The wah setting on mine is kind of crap so be careful of that.
14:13:20 Pavel: and for rehearsals it sucks and also waht's cool about modeling amps is taht you always ahve your sound
14:13:41 Pavel: so you don't even have to MIC it on live gigs and recording can also work with direct mixer input
14:14:31 Pavel: rokchik this one has great wah! it's a 1700$ amp! Luca Turilli himself uses this amp and also other guitarist of Rhapsody, kamelot guitarist also uses it, Dave Msutain palys on Line 6 modeling amp...
14:15:44 Pavel: as you said! It can't be bad!
14:16:31 Nick325: pavel where do u get all this money
14:16:42 Nick325: u got a jem, a 1700 line 6 amp\
14:16:45 Nick325: a rusty cooley sig
14:17:01 Pavel: don't have the amp yet
14:17:11 rokchik: Very cool. It sounds like a great amp. I love mine too...the wah setting was the only issue I had. It sounds very digital. Not really what I wanted so I just use a pedal.
14:17:12 Pavel: plan to get it on like 6 months...
14:17:17 Nick325: o
14:17:24 Nick325: but how u gett all this $$
14:17:45 rokchik: But the modelling amps are very fun to play around with. So many possiblities for tone. I love them
14:17:46 Pavel: the answer is quite obvious - don't you think?
14:17:57 Andrew Cockburn: 2 lessons a week @ GMC!
14:18:03 Nick325: o
14:18:09 Nick325: i forgot about that
14:18:09 rokchik: That wold have been my guess
14:18:13 Pavel: unfortuantely - these 2 months it was less than 2...but i was busy
14:18:25 Nick325: but u can pay for all this just by gmc lessons
14:18:27 Pavel: btw. i am uploading a new lesson right now
14:18:33 Nick325: about....
14:18:33 Victafor: what is it caleld?
14:18:34 rokchik: very cool
14:18:37 Pavel: JEM was bought before i joiend GMC
14:18:42 Nick325: o
14:18:51 Pavel: and i worked for 2 years on a very LOW PAYED jobs to get it
14:19:12 Nick325: i wont to start working but i cant find a job at 14
14:19:15 Pavel: Rusty's sig is 100% GMC earned! Thanks to GMC of course!
14:19:22 Nick325: o ok
14:19:33 Pavel: must ship in the upcoming 2 months
14:19:36 Victafor: i got a job at my dads business
14:19:38 Pavel: it's still in the factory
14:19:57 Victafor: pavel what is ure new lesson about?
14:20:05 Nick325: when u get it r u doing a 7 string lesson
14:20:06 Pavel: Rock Rhythm And Solo 8
14:20:13 Victafor: yes!
14:20:14 Nick325: damn 8 :D
14:20:15 Pavel: Nick325 yeah - i'm sure i will do one
14:20:20 Nick325: k goood
14:20:22 Victafor: rock rythem and solo are my favorites
14:20:31 Pavel: nice!! this one is my favorite
14:20:32 Nick325: cause i wont to see what its like if i should get one
14:20:42 Victafor: ive learned them all except 1, 4, and the end of 5
14:20:43 Nick325: i like 6 ans 7
14:21:02 Pavel: thisone has a cool groove in it so i think you'll enjoy it
14:21:16 Nick325: k cool
14:21:22 Victafor: :P
14:21:35 Victafor: rock rythem n solo 5 is still not finished lmfao
14:22:00 Pavel: i said it to Krisž
14:22:08 Pavel: it has something to do with the new lesson system...
14:22:27 Pavel: once the lesson is lived i can't do a thing to fix something so it's all in kris's hands
14:22:29 Andrew Cockburn: oops, goptta run - seeya guys later
14:22:37 Victafor: bye
14:22:40 rokchik: c ya Andrew
14:22:42 Nick325: cya
14:22:42 Pavel: bye andrew
14:22:46 Andrew Cockburn: bye all
14:22:51 Nick325: anyone have a paul gilbert cd
14:23:01 rokchik: nope
14:23:11 Nick325: o cause im looking at get out of my yard
14:23:34 Victafor: pavel how many hours do you play a day now
14:23:55 rokchik: Nick...I've heard it but don't own.
14:24:01 Nick325: o
14:24:12 Nick325: its sound ok
14:24:20 Pavel: Victafor not too much :( GMC lesson take LOADS of time and i also compose my own stuf so it takes a lot of time
14:24:21 Nick325: but i dont like it enoguh
14:24:29 Victafor: i see
14:24:30 Pavel: i f i practice i tend to play like 4 hours at least
14:24:38 Victafor: nice
14:24:58 Victafor: its soo hard imagining you mess up
14:25:03 Nick325: i practiced 4 hours yesterday and i could pick up the guitar today cause my finger tips where burning when i touch it
14:25:07 Victafor: you should post a vid of an outake or something lol
14:25:12 Nick325: lol
14:25:36 rokchik: Nick...the album is OK...but I'm not a huge fan
14:25:52 Pavel: Victafor hahahaha
14:25:52 Nick325: ya i dont like it
14:25:57 Victafor: lol
14:26:01 Nick325: im checking out a bunch of albums like
14:26:17 Nick325: vai, santriani, cooley, malmsteen, angelo,
14:26:34 rokchik: really going for the guitar gods aren't ya? :)
14:26:39 Nick325: yep
14:26:44 Pavel: Good job going for guitar masters
14:26:48 Nick325: i already have a bunch of other band albums
14:26:55 Nick325: there my influences so
14:27:14 Nick325: well pavel doesnt have a cd :D
14:27:23 Nick325: if he did i would get it
14:27:26 Victafor: dude if pavel made a cd
14:27:28 Victafor: i would get it
14:27:34 rokchik: I kind of did the same when I started playing. I got a bunch of Malmsteen and Vai and just listened.
14:27:50 Nick325: ive been playing for 3 years though
14:27:58 rokchik: me for 2
14:28:14 Victafor: me for .48
14:28:18 Pavel: Victafor thanks guys!! i will have a CD one day
14:28:19 rokchik: LOL
14:28:20 Victafor: no wait
14:28:23 Victafor: .38
14:28:24 Pavel: i jsut want to make it a big one right away
14:28:27 Victafor: sry miscalculation
14:28:28 Nick325: im getting them cause there my infulences n pavel too :D
14:28:45 Victafor: pavel your cd would rock
14:28:47 Pavel: jsut like Rusty did - he released his first CD and blew everybody away by his playing, got loads of endorsments....
14:28:56 rokchik: that was for Vic Pavel not you. Aren't you actuallt working on one? I thought I read that somewhere
14:28:58 Slammer: HOLY COW!
14:29:09 Slammer: 8 people
14:29:09 Nick325: yo slammer!!!
14:29:19 Nick325: i have an idea
14:29:25 rokchik: hey Slammer
14:29:27 Pavel: rokchik yep!
14:29:29 Slammer: and now that I come in everyb
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More than 9 years later... I am 24 now... What the heck was I on about in that chat! Honestly that's embarrassing! haha
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QUOTE (Victafor @ Dec 12 2016, 06:48 PM) *
More than 9 years later... I am 24 now... What the heck was I on about in that chat! Honestly that's embarrassing! haha

Heh! Welcome back to GMC smile.gif

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QUOTE (Victafor @ Dec 12 2016, 05:48 PM) *
More than 9 years later... I am 24 now... What the heck was I on about in that chat! Honestly that's embarrassing! haha

I was checking my old youtube account of 8 years ago. all i can say is that i can relate. laugh.gif

It's a proven fact that guitar faces have a bigger impact on tone than wood does.

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