Guitar Chat with Muris, Kai Muehlenbruch etc. 2007-08-21
Sep 3 2007, 07:44 PM
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08:29:03 shredmandan: hit the whip if u wanna chat lol
09:33:21 Smikey2006: *whip*
09:33:24 Smikey2006: hey shred
09:33:29 shredmandan: hey dude
09:33:45 shredmandan: cool i never have got the chance to chat with you yet
09:33:56 Smikey2006: oh maybe not lol im not sure
09:34:08 Smikey2006: never alot of ppl in here so i don't check it out too often
09:34:37 shredmandan: i know i just sit here and open up another tab til someone comes thats why i say crack the whip lol
09:34:46 Smikey2006: yea haha it was a good plan
09:35:04 Smikey2006: i just listen to music and browse myspace but then i miss stuff because of the music
09:35:51 shredmandan: yep. Once you get a teacher in here in like 5 sec everybody and there grandmother is in here
09:36:00 Smikey2006: haha yea i kno
09:36:07 Smikey2006: always gotta be l;earning haha
09:36:23 shredmandan: so hows your store coming along
09:36:39 Smikey2006: slow
09:36:49 Smikey2006: haha umm our programmer guy is on holidays
09:37:34 Smikey2006: and our money guy is getting evicted on september 1 and he was going to move into a house with a guy.. but the other guy has dropped out on him.. so hes looking for a place to go
09:37:59 Smikey2006: and im working on getting patchchords on the site
09:38:01 Smikey2006: and cases
09:38:25 shredmandan: its hard work.So if you dont mind me asking how old are u?Im 24
09:38:56 Smikey2006: 19
09:39:34 Smikey2006: im just undermotivated in school and all i wanna do is go on tour with my band so i need a job i can do and waste my life with
09:39:55 shredmandan: wow your young to be getting ready to open a store.Look at it this way you have pleny of time to get it going and im sure now that your already on the road to getting it done it will definatly happen
09:40:15 shredmandan: so u got a band?
09:40:41 Smikey2006: yup :) little bit of a deathmetal band.. and also a prog something going on with a bassist and a drummer
09:40:53 Smikey2006: got sum demos out for the first and we are recording 3 songs of the other
09:41:18 Smikey2006: hey muris
09:41:18 shredmandan: cool im into metal as well ofcourse
09:41:29 shredmandan: any chance u would upload some of your playing
09:41:30 muris: ni metalheads :)
09:41:35 muris: hi*
09:41:38 shredmandan: mand your head muris lol
09:41:39 Smikey2006: lol
09:41:45 muris: lol
09:41:49 Smikey2006: well my stuff aint so thrilling i play rythem
09:42:02 Smikey2006: got sum cool chord progressions but all the fun stuff i dun get to do :(
09:42:58 shredmandan: dude i had one i was working on for awhile and just got it mixed and am dissapointed with it.I really dont want to just throw something on here to upload now unless im 100% happy with it as i have already uploaded some of me just playing around
09:43:14 Smikey2006: haha well maybe ill upload something
09:43:29 Smikey2006: i can't really record anything :(
09:43:35 shredmandan: Muris i had been waiting for u to gt in here.As soon as one comes the rest always do lol your either alone of with a group
09:43:40 Smikey2006: we've got a label so we just use there studio
09:43:51 shredmandan: wish i had a studio
09:44:00 Smikey2006: its not great haha
09:44:04 Smikey2006: wayyyyyt o much preasure
09:44:10 Smikey2006: like.. u have an hour to do a song GO!
09:44:11 shredmandan: i use an mp3 player to record lol
09:44:38 Smikey2006: haha thats what im doing nexttime im just gunna get a 2 way headphone jack and just plug my line 6 into my comp and use garage band lol
09:44:57 muris: garage band...guess you're on Mac?
09:45:04 shredmandan: im sure its alot of preasure just me recording something.I can play it fine but once i hit that button i tense up and get nervious
09:45:12 Smikey2006: no but we foind a way to get it to work on pc :)
09:45:19 muris: ahh ok :)
09:45:28 Smikey2006: the rest of my band is on mac
09:45:42 Smikey2006: i just prefer pc.. if it makes it any better my acer does have a mac sticker on it :D
09:46:02 muris: yep
09:46:09 muris: apple sticker does the job
09:46:10 muris: :)
09:46:23 shredmandan: i about lost my internet today.I had a disconnect notice and i called and payed it yesterday and when i got home my internet was out.I was like NOOOOO but i called and thankfully got it back on.I dont know what i would have done because i hate watching tv
09:46:37 Smikey2006: haha same
09:46:44 Smikey2006: but its okay to watch if u have a guitar haha
09:46:53 shredmandan: true
09:47:18 Smikey2006: but yea im supposed to be doing some recording with my prog guys.. so no label for that.. so we might put it up today lol
09:47:33 shredmandan: my son always tries to grab and smack my guitar though,and he always takes off my knob on the toggle switch and try's to eat it lol
09:47:39 Smikey2006: hahah
09:47:44 Smikey2006: thats no good
09:47:57 Smikey2006: no children for me yayyyaa lol
09:47:59 shredmandan: i know i just have to put it up now when he's up
09:48:05 muris: those parts are Not for under 4 years use
09:48:06 muris: lol
09:48:11 shredmandan: there great but best to wait awhile
09:48:17 Smikey2006: yea
09:48:28 shredmandan: i try to tell him that but he just smiles at me lol
09:48:37 Smikey2006: lol oh kids haha
09:48:41 muris: guess so :0
09:48:52 Smikey2006: so muris hows the new custom comin
09:49:26 shredmandan: so Muris who inspired you on your vibrato?if anyone did at all
09:49:30 muris: shall be done next weekend
09:49:43 shredmandan: sorry didnt see your question smikey lol
09:49:44 muris: tho I'am going on vacation at that time
09:49:51 Smikey2006: haha np
09:50:05 muris: guees I'll stay day or two and come back lol
09:50:29 Smikey2006: yea haha thats not fun.. waiting when yer on vacation.. u try and enjoy the break but then you want the new git
09:51:08 muris: yeah..hard task to be done :)
09:51:52 muris: Dan,you think of my left hand vibrato?
09:52:05 shredmandan: \yep
09:52:15 muris: hmm..there are few I use
09:52:41 muris: but it's something like...
09:53:11 muris: Steve Vai's,Y.J.M's,Eric Johnson's,Luke's etc
09:53:23 shredmandan: you know every time i practice a lesson from marcus i rip my second finger all up.i guess from all the hard bends
09:53:34 Smikey2006: haha
09:53:38 shredmandan: kil the skin
09:53:43 Smikey2006: ye ha lol
09:53:45 muris: yeah
09:53:59 Smikey2006: i can't actually say ive been doing too many of the solos and riffs i like the exersizes most
09:54:02 muris: Marcus has fretboardgreat for stuff like that
09:54:09 muris: it's all scaloped
09:54:11 shredmandan: there great though .what life it adds to your playing
09:54:33 Smikey2006: its the wrong stuff for what im playing tho haha.. i love kai's stuff tho
09:54:34 Smikey2006: its boss haha
09:54:46 shredmandan: yep you dont see many of those especially were i live .You know they dont have you scaloped fret board at my local guitar shop
09:55:09 shredmandan: kai is cool just need more lessonas out
09:55:12 muris: I see
09:55:21 muris: it depends of many factors
09:55:38 shredmandan: only one i have ever seen is malmsteens fender
09:55:44 Smikey2006: yea
09:55:54 muris: neck scale,tyoe of strigs,tuning(Markus is usualy half spet down) etc
09:55:58 Smikey2006: muris i love your 1 lession ahh what is it.. it was one of your first
09:56:12 Smikey2006: mighta been your first i just can't play it all haha
09:56:34 muris: is it Pentatonic Substitution?
09:56:50 Smikey2006: maybeee.. ill look it up.. all i know is it sounds wicked lol
09:57:01 shredmandan: i like the lesson on acoustic with nylon strings but man what type of acoustic is that? the body is very thin
09:57:22 muris: it's Epiphone Chet Atkins sign model
09:57:31 shredmandan: nice
09:57:41 muris: actually,it's not acoustic in a first place :)
09:57:56 Smikey2006: uh oh hha
09:57:59 muris: doesn't have body hole ;)
09:58:15 shredmandan: oh my bad,makes me sound dumb lol
09:58:24 muris: no worries :)
09:58:42 muris: it's called acoustic cause it's nylon guitar
09:59:21 Smikey2006: hmmm i need to buy an accustic.. ive been looking at a sweeet warwick something or other
09:59:22 shredmandan: timefor my boys diaper change be back in 1 sec lol/ yep thats what made me think it was some time of acoustic because the lesson was called that i think and it had nylon strings
09:59:28 Smikey2006: but ive got no money :(
10:00:04 Smikey2006: gotta save for education :)
10:00:31 muris: that's fair tho :)
10:01:23 Smikey2006: lol i hate having my own business right now.. its not making enough to sustain its self soo it feels like im working only to spend my money on more work haha
10:01:44 Smikey2006: oh by the way it is the pentatonic substitution
10:02:14 Smikey2006: those slides are a killer for me
10:02:25 muris: ahh i see
10:02:35 muris: that's a bit tricky part
10:02:42 muris: moves are almost the same
10:02:47 muris: but they aren't
10:03:04 shredmandan: ok im back.Im a master diaper changer.So any of you guys ever played on a seven string before?
10:03:06 muris: must have real control over fretboard for that
10:03:15 Smikey2006: yea.. i kno haha i don't have it
10:03:17 Smikey2006: i have a 7 :)
10:03:22 Smikey2006: damien 7 by schecter :)
10:03:29 muris: I tried it few times
10:03:30 shredmandan: awesome you play it alot
10:03:39 Smikey2006: umm i try haha its ... hard lol
10:03:43 muris: looking forward to custom 7 tho :)
10:03:44 Smikey2006: its got a huggee neck lol
10:03:58 Smikey2006: yea they siund awsome and u can do some sweet stuff with them
10:04:23 Smikey2006: like im trying to play some LTE now that im starting to get a hang of the extra string but it really is a bit tricky..
10:04:28 shredmandan: yep thats the down side.I really want to get one but think i would only use it for rythem and just play a six for lead
10:04:45 Smikey2006: yea its asome for rythem .. lower i don't use it tho
10:05:48 shredmandan: Im thinking of buying one on ebay and maybe just geting a cheap model and replacing the pickups ect. I just dont want to buy one thats to cheap and mody and neck are porley made and or bad wood
10:06:03 Smikey2006: damien 7 aint too expensive
10:06:05 Smikey2006: thats why i got it
10:06:12 Smikey2006: and schecter is boss :)
10:06:18 muris: what 7 do you have Smikey?
10:06:25 Smikey2006: damien 7 by schecter
10:06:25 muris: Schecter?
10:06:31 muris: ok :)
10:06:57 Smikey2006: jhaha im schecter all over.. except for that 1 guy.. he beats me .. oh whats his name.. hes like a schecter freak tho
10:07:18 shredmandan: i really think schecter makes some beautiful guitars
10:07:18 muris: ;)
10:07:52 Smikey2006: haha i love em.. when i get good and famous im gunna send them my stuff id love to be endorsed by schecter and krank
10:07:55 Smikey2006: theres my dream right there
10:08:24 muris: :)
10:09:08 Smikey2006: k guys ill brb gotta find the nearest guitar and do some scales while im on here haha
10:09:20 muris: go ahead :)
10:10:00 Smikey2006: found 1 :D
10:10:26 muris: ;)
10:14:13 Smikey2006: okay heres the question :D.. would i be allowed to upload something on guitar my drummer wrote but i play lol...
10:14:42 muris: why not :)
10:15:02 shredmandan: ill be back guys
10:15:31 Smikey2006: lol its an awsome riff.. maybe ill just ask him first haha
10:15:49 Smikey2006: ive actually got 2 ive got sometthingg.. and the a 10 9 8 mode lol
10:16:25 muris: ok :)
10:23:31 Smikey2006: \brb
11:37:08 Street Musician: *whip*
12:26:49 shredmandan: helo
12:27:00 shredmandan: hit the whip lol
12:32:08 JVM: hey
12:39:02 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
12:39:08 Slammer: :P
12:39:13 Slammer: hello
12:39:21 Slammer: anyone here?
12:39:25 shredmandan: *whip*
12:39:31 Slammer: DAN!
12:39:35 Slammer: whatsup?
12:39:46 shredmandan: same old thing u/
12:39:54 Slammer: likewise
12:40:05 Slammer: long time no chat :P
12:40:18 shredmandan: yep where u been?
12:40:32 Slammer: around...
12:40:35 shredmandan: good review jvm
12:40:47 Slammer: yeah JVM....
12:40:52 Slammer: JVM....
12:40:58 shredmandan: *meow*
12:41:02 Slammer: he saw me on so he left
12:41:04 Slammer: :(
12:41:08 shredmandan: lol
12:41:23 Slammer: I'll wake him up
12:41:35 Slammer: *whip* *meow* *slap* *slap* *whip* *meow*
12:41:44 Slammer: ......
12:41:47 Slammer: ..............
12:41:54 Slammer: Noooooo....
12:42:15 JVM: yo
12:42:16 Slammer: any second now he is gonna sign out
12:42:19 Slammer: LOL
12:42:21 Slammer: nvm
12:42:22 shredmandan: lol
12:42:35 Slammer: JVM and I are in a Band
12:42:41 shredmandan: really?
12:42:42 Slammer: it's true
12:42:48 JVM: yep
12:42:50 Slammer: we're called Corn
12:43:00 shredmandan: i see
12:43:09 Slammer: we gig at the Orange Peel in North Carolina
12:43:13 JVM: \m/
12:43:26 Slammer: Smashing Pumpkins gigged there before
12:43:57 JVM: yep
12:44:09 Slammer: Hey
12:44:16 Slammer: where did he go?
12:44:28 Slammer: I knew it... sorry Dan
12:44:36 shredmandan: lol i dont care
12:44:46 Slammer: I know you wanted to chat with him
12:44:49 Slammer: :(
12:44:58 shredmandan: whats \m/ meam
12:45:22 Slammer: it's the Rock and Roll sign you make with your fingers.
12:45:32 shredmandan: oh
12:45:32 Slammer: like KISS etc.
12:45:44 Slammer: aka the Devil Horns
12:45:53 shredmandan: yep
12:46:28 Slammer: whoever thought of how to type it was pretty smart \m/
12:46:39 shredmandan: so u been working on any guitar ?
12:47:04 shredmandan: yeah i see al kinds of stuff like that and im like how did they rigure that out
12:47:13 Slammer: yep, I've been practising looking at myself in the mirror, so I can see what I look like on Stage
12:47:18 Slammer: LOL
12:47:40 Slammer: with a Guitar I mean
12:47:59 shredmandan: lol
12:48:34 shredmandan: i want to get the guitar spin down where you throw it around your back and catch it again ll
12:48:39 Slammer: hey dude do you want to do a Collab?
12:48:43 Slammer: BLueGrass!
12:49:11 shredmandan: i dont really know alot about bluegrass but yeah i would do a collab
12:49:30 Slammer: I can make a BT and you can play a Crazy Vai solo
12:49:33 Slammer: LOL
12:49:49 shredmandan: yep that would work lol ill do it if you get it started
12:50:06 Slammer: I wish I had the Time
12:50:29 Slammer: signed up yesterday for GED at Miami Dade College
12:50:36 shredmandan: just got to make the time i have 2 kids and its really hard for me as well
12:50:41 Slammer: I have to Study alot
12:50:49 Slammer: taking a Break right now
12:50:51 shredmandan: to get your ged?
12:51:11 Slammer: well, I have to take the Pretest Tommorow I guess
12:51:38 Slammer: I'm taking that route
12:51:44 shredmandan: cool you know i got my ged and i passed it by only 2 points no joke
12:51:54 Slammer: LOL
12:51:55 Slammer: dang
12:52:07 shredmandan: i was so happy just to have it done
12:53:08 shredmandan: i mostly slept and layed out of school for so long . i never made it past freshman and i never got a credit in high school because i always missed more than the maximum amount of days allowed
12:53:28 Slammer: yeah, well I'm gonna take it a Miami Dade College, I was walking around yesterday, and there are So many Hot chicks there, I forgot what I was there for :P
12:53:55 shredmandan: hell yeah talk to some of them
12:54:04 Slammer: I wish
12:54:17 Slammer: I studder around hot chicks
12:54:25 Slammer: LOL
12:54:34 Slammer: JVM *slap* your back
12:54:37 shredmandan: i did too
12:54:51 Slammer: JVM *slap* your back
12:55:02 Slammer: JVM *whip* your back
12:55:06 Slammer: no use
12:55:47 shredmandan: lol
12:56:24 Nick325: yooooooooooooooooo\
12:56:42 Slammer: Nick
12:56:44 Slammer: Nick
12:56:45 Slammer: Nick
12:56:45 Slammer: Nick
12:56:46 Slammer: Nick
12:56:48 Slammer: Dan
12:56:48 Slammer: Dan
12:56:49 Slammer: Dan
12:56:49 Slammer: Dan
12:56:52 Slammer: JVM
12:56:52 Slammer: JVM
12:56:53 Slammer: JVM
12:56:53 Slammer: JVM
12:56:56 Nick325: slammer
12:56:58 Nick325: slammer
12:56:59 Slammer: YAY!
12:57:00 Nick325: slammer
12:57:03 Nick325: slammer
12:57:19 Nick325: theres a new collab
12:57:22 Slammer: ok I gtg
12:57:23 Nick325: go sign up for it
12:57:25 Slammer: cya
13:00:50 Slammer: hey where did everyone go?
13:01:04 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
13:01:12 Slammer: watch you leave too
13:01:18 Slammer: :(
13:07:46 Iluha: hola *slap*
13:07:53 Slammer: hola
13:07:56 Slammer: Ihula
13:08:00 Slammer: Iluha*
13:08:07 Iluha: What's up? :)
13:08:29 Slammer: not much
13:08:35 Slammer: gotta go study though
13:08:39 Slammer: Jvm Wake up
13:08:42 Slammer: JVM
13:08:44 Slammer: *slap*
13:08:51 Slammer: cya dude
13:08:51 Iluha: *bitchslap*
13:09:05 Iluha: ah you'r going? cya
13:09:11 Slammer: ok bye
13:10:23 Nick325: yo
13:13:41 Slammer: Iluha
13:13:49 Slammer: JVM
13:14:02 Slammer: forgot to say Bye!
13:14:06 Slammer: :D
14:17:02 Slammer: DAN *slap*
14:17:15 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
14:17:25 shredmandan: lol
14:17:31 Slammer: dang... :(
14:17:34 Slammer: oh nvm
14:17:36 Slammer: :D
14:17:48 shredmandan: hey i thought you didnt have time to do a collab :(
14:18:00 shredmandan: and whats mvn mean
14:18:07 shredmandan: never mind???
14:18:25 Slammer: I meant I don't have to Organize a Collab as far as making a Backing track..etc
14:18:34 shredmandan: oh
14:18:35 Slammer: but to Record a 30 sec solo
14:18:47 Slammer: LOL
14:19:13 Slammer: when I have time Dan and Slam can Collab and make something Awesome
14:19:21 Slammer: just not Rap
14:19:43 Slammer: :P
14:19:51 shredmandan: lol thats right.I would like that .So whats mvn mean again?
14:19:56 Slammer: Nevermind
14:19:58 Slammer: NVM
14:20:03 Slammer: :)
14:20:07 shredmandan: cool
14:20:12 Slammer: dude my Internet went down
14:20:19 Slammer: I couldn't reply to Muris
14:20:28 Slammer: DSL sucks
14:20:35 Slammer: Comcast FTW
14:21:17 shredmandan: i almost had mine go down for good because i was behind on my bill but payed some ofit yesterday and when i got home this morning it was out.Lucky i payed enough yuesterday and they turned it back on when i called
14:21:24 shredmandan: got comcast too lol
14:21:36 shredmandan: hey gen
14:21:36 Slammer: GEN!
14:21:41 Gen: hey guys
14:21:42 Slammer: Ghen
14:21:52 Slammer: I have to remind myself
14:21:53 Gen: :D
14:21:56 shredmandan: ohh its your best buddy lol
14:22:02 Slammer: that it's not JEN
14:22:12 Slammer: me and Gen are good pals
14:22:15 Gen: just think about that street fighter charachter u fouond lol
14:22:22 Slammer: although he Hates me
14:22:24 shredmandan: me to because my wifes name is jen lol
14:22:25 Gen: found*
14:22:36 shredmandan: i know
14:22:37 Gen: lol
14:23:15 Slammer: Ghengis Khan
14:23:15 shredmandan: so are you basically just going o play in a minor pentonic blues scale slammer?
14:23:30 Slammer: pretty much Dan
14:23:40 shredmandan: yeah same here
14:23:43 Slammer: I might throw in some Mixolydian stuff
14:23:49 Slammer: Jimmy Page style
14:24:04 shredmandan: i have never did one of these what about u?
14:24:14 Slammer: this is my first
14:24:23 shredmandan: im glad that nick kid came in here and said something or we would have missed it
14:24:31 Slammer: LOL
14:24:42 Slammer: I didn't think I was gonna do it
14:24:51 Slammer: Muris didn't see my post till later
14:24:57 Slammer: :D
14:24:57 Gen: lol
14:25:14 shredmandan: i just said sign up quick to my self and think about it later lol
14:25:55 Slammer: one of the first things I recorded
14:26:05 Slammer: not the Blues thing
14:26:10 Slammer: but something else
14:26:21 Slammer: I put in the Introduction Thread
14:26:26 Slammer: wanna hear it Gen?
14:26:28 Slammer: :P
14:26:40 shredmandan: wont let me here it ???
14:26:48 Slammer: you might Laugh :(
14:26:52 Slammer: that's why :(
14:27:03 shredmandan: why would i laugh but gen wouldnt
14:27:15 shredmandan: im not like that
14:27:26 Slammer: Ya I know
14:27:29 Slammer: I was Joking
14:27:41 Slammer: that;s why I put a :P after I said Gen
14:27:52 Slammer: of course you can listen
14:28:09 shredmandan: cool
14:28:14 Slammer: I wouldn't tell you about it If I didn't want anyone to hear
14:28:17 Slammer: LOL
14:28:17 Gen: okay, i want to listen
14:28:29 Slammer: Warning it's bad but here goes
14:28:56 Slammer:
14:29:09 Slammer: at the Bottem
14:29:15 Slammer: *blah
14:32:17 shredmandan: its not bad.I dont know why you always say that.Yeah at the end u went alittle off but its really good in my opinion.
14:32:51 Slammer: well, that was the 2nd thing I ever Recorded in my life, with Subpar Equitment
14:33:00 Slammer: I had no Idea what I was doing
14:33:01 Gen: i think its great :D
14:33:02 Slammer: LOL
14:33:04 Slammer: :P
14:33:54 shredmandan: i can tell now u will do a good job on this collab
14:34:15 Slammer: well at Least I have better Equitment
14:34:21 Slammer: and that was when I was 16 btw
14:34:45 shredmandan: im stuck with an mp3 player lol
14:34:54 Slammer: better than nothing
14:35:25 shredmandan: yep atleast i am able to join the coolab and post iploads
14:35:42 Slammer: If I had time you could send me the Files and I could Edit them, add EQ, and Mix it
14:36:04 Slammer: but I don't have any time :(
14:36:20 Slammer: Hey, but you have SMURKAS
14:36:46 Slammer: you are gonna need a Recording Program I think to be in the Collab
14:37:04 Slammer: or maybe not
14:37:06 Slammer: IDK
14:37:15 shredmandan: yes but i think i have drove him crazy this weekend with recordings that i didnt end up liking after i heard them mixed lol
14:37:34 Slammer: LOL
14:37:36 Slammer: GEN
14:37:43 Slammer: *slap*
14:37:45 Slammer: *slap*
14:37:45 Slammer: *slap*
14:37:46 Slammer: *slap*
14:37:47 Slammer: *slap*
14:38:24 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *whip* *slap*
14:38:28 Slammer: GEN
14:38:41 shredmandan: so were you close to that hurricane that hit slammer
14:38:46 Slammer: Nope
14:38:52 Slammer: not even close at all
14:39:02 shredmandan: where was it at/
14:39:10 Slammer: in the Ocean
14:39:16 Slammer: a few hundred miles away
14:40:03 Gen: back
14:40:07 Gen: sry
14:43:17 shredmandan: im trying to decide with type of amp setting i want to use on the upload.Ialways like distirtion to the max but i know its blues.Everytime i try something else though i just want to go back to my metal sound
14:43:35 Slammer: yeah It's because your so used to Metal
14:43:39 Slammer: what amp do you have
14:43:40 Slammer: ?
14:43:41 Slammer: ?
14:43:50 Gen: mesa boogie? :D
14:45:25 Slammer: he's probably gonna say, Marshall
14:45:30 Slammer: or Fender
14:45:32 shredmandan: no the one im using right now is a roland cube30.It has 7 different amp sounds like metal,tweed ,classic stack ect.Its got all the built in effects to .I will definatly use some delay but not sure which amp mod i will use
14:45:52 Slammer: Tweed is good for Clean Blues
14:45:55 Gen: oh okay
14:46:01 Slammer: Classic Clapton sound
14:46:05 Gen: yeah, i have it on my pod :D
14:46:10 shredmandan: no marshall as weird as it sounds i dont like marshall.I do have a fender amp and also a crate full stack
14:46:13 Gen: i play old love with it :D
14:46:33 Slammer: Classic Stack is good for Overdriven BLues, Jimi Hendrix and Cream style
14:46:57 shredmandan: yeah i might just have to play without distortion completly on this,maybe that will make it sound better
14:47:21 Slammer: dude they put the Collab BT on!
14:47:24 Gen: sorry guys, i gotta go now, i will coma back later, maybe
14:47:29 Gen: cya
14:47:32 Slammer: ok me too, I gotta go bake a Cake
14:47:35 shredmandan: by
14:47:47 Slammer: today is sister's birthday
14:47:55 Slammer: I'm the Resident Baker
14:47:57 shredmandan: so the track is on?
14:48:02 Slammer: Yep
14:48:05 Slammer: cya guys
14:48:07 shredmandan: ok see ya
14:48:10 Slammer: Chocolate ckae
14:48:15 Slammer: cake*
15:21:23 Sergeant_Ant: hey
15:21:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey
15:21:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see my topic ?
15:21:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
15:21:48 Sergeant_Ant: yepp :)
15:21:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats going on ?
15:22:12 Sergeant_Ant: nothin much, modifying an old squire strat, u?
15:22:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: practicing some stuff
15:22:39 Sergeant_Ant: cool, what lessons?
15:22:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
15:22:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: three level solo , interm.
15:23:02 Sergeant_Ant: cool
15:23:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: acoustic strumming, alternate picking lessons and a little blue fantasy
15:23:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you ?
15:23:50 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i been doin the steve vai style, sweep picking, and practicing a few solos by pantera and metallica
15:24:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice
15:24:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i love both those bands
15:25:40 Sergeant_Ant: o yea :) i saw Hellyea like 2 days ago at the family values tour, they have panteras drummer
15:26:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: kick ass stuff though
15:26:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: pantera was a real breakthrough in the music industry
15:26:39 Sergeant_Ant: oh yea, dimebag still blows most other players away
15:27:17 Sergeant_Ant: so whai kinda guitar u playin
15:27:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: jackson
15:27:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: be getting my ibanez prestige soon though
15:27:41 Sergeant_Ant: dude, sweet...
15:27:47 Sergeant_Ant: hows the jackson play tho
15:27:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
15:27:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: shitty
15:27:55 Sergeant_Ant: ah
15:28:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it was like 300$
15:28:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but like its decent I mean but it lacks what I need
15:28:55 Sergeant_Ant: o, so the prrestige got it?
15:29:25 Sergeant_Ant: like wat u missin?
15:31:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
15:31:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: for starts
15:31:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: a whammy
15:31:47 Sergeant_Ant: gah, i live off the wammy bar
15:32:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it makes bad shit sound godly
15:32:30 Sergeant_Ant: i have my Ibanez RG, its a 350, not a prestige, but the edge III works pretty good
15:32:42 Sergeant_Ant: think im goin 4 a JEM next
15:33:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
15:33:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats a common axe on this site
15:33:41 Sergeant_Ant: i kno, so many vai fans :)
15:34:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: that and the 350
15:34:33 Sergeant_Ant: the 350 is alot of guitar for the $
15:35:26 Sergeant_Ant: hey bjoerne
15:35:31 Bjoerne: hello =)
15:35:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: helloooooooo bjoerne
15:36:40 Sergeant_Ant: i need some good equipment next before another guitar, have a peavy amp using some no name amps as speakers and like a surround sound system for the stage
15:37:08 Sergeant_Ant: need a wireless next i think
15:37:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I love everything except my guitar
15:37:48 Sergeant_Ant: aw that sucks
15:37:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my amp and effects are great
15:37:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well like I dont mind my guitar
15:38:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just really want a new one
15:38:05 Sergeant_Ant: yea
15:38:09 Bjoerne: my guitar is the only thing i like :o
15:38:16 Sergeant_Ant: what you play?
15:38:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
15:38:27 Bjoerne: Ltd m-400 ^^
15:38:41 Bjoerne: probably not the best around but its ok for the stuff i like to play
15:38:42 Sergeant_Ant: nice, thats from ESP right?
15:38:45 Bjoerne: yeah
15:38:56 Bjoerne: 2 active emg 81 floyd rose
15:39:04 Sergeant_Ant: i thought about an ltd before i got my ibanez
15:39:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats all ya need
15:39:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: emg's scream
15:39:19 Sergeant_Ant: o yea
15:39:24 Bjoerne: they're nice :)
15:39:41 Bjoerne: and a cort action bass ofcourse ^^ , bought few days ago
15:39:47 Bjoerne: really enjoy playing bass actually
15:40:03 Sergeant_Ant: i actually have to teach my bass player how to play...
15:40:10 Bjoerne: oh, haha
15:40:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wow
15:40:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats ironic, sama here :p
15:40:22 Sergeant_Ant: lol :)
15:40:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: same *
15:40:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like im like, just play this and try to keep up
15:40:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
15:40:45 Sergeant_Ant: o nice
15:41:18 Sergeant_Ant: man, im in a few different bands but mostly im the only one with experience
15:41:45 Bjoerne: i wish i had a band , or atleast someone to practice with
15:42:14 Bjoerne: sure its fun to play guitar but it gets a little boring just sitting at home practicing to cd's
15:42:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true
15:42:42 Sergeant_Ant: o yea, im actually thinking about a fender G-DEC amp, its got the rest of the band built in
15:42:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sergeant i sorta have a band, but none of them are dedicated
15:42:56 Sergeant_Ant: i know what you mean
15:43:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my rhythm guitar player likes guitar hero alot better
15:43:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
15:43:47 Bjoerne: guitar hero is fun ! ^^
15:44:00 Sergeant_Ant: lol, maybe teach him some of the easy songs off the game and he might take interest
15:44:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true but id rather practice the real thing then be good at a game
15:44:21 Bjoerne: but ofcourse i understand it might be frustrating if you try really hard and he doesnt care that muhc
15:44:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
15:44:34 Sergeant_Ant: yea...
15:44:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so I need to write rhythm for him
15:44:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
15:45:04 Sergeant_Ant: when i teach i do some easy songs for them to play over and over and get some confidence and interest then start building
15:45:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true
15:45:32 Sergeant_Ant: if you try to start with chords and scales most people will loose interest
15:45:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but you cant make someone be interested
15:45:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its either there or isnt
15:46:26 Sergeant_Ant: o yea, but alot of people get it by listening to a certain rift or somethin :)
15:47:07 Sergeant_Ant: for me it was steve vai - bad horsie lol
15:47:07 Bjoerne: maybe u cant make them interested , but as sergeant said teach them their favourite song or so that's mre fun that to play some unknown stuff
15:47:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah but like ik what its like to have no interest and to just want to be good at the guitar , I was like that for like 4 months
15:47:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: steve vai-tender surrender
15:47:32 Sergeant_Ant: o my, i love that song :)
15:47:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and
15:47:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: john petrucci-glasgow kiss ( Better imo
15:48:17 Sergeant_Ant: he's just insane, i couldnt belive he could be that good
15:48:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
15:48:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so good
15:48:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: watch , love , listen , maybe get naked ?
15:48:59 Sergeant_Ant: lol, only on the weekends ;)
15:49:02 Sergeant_Ant: jk
15:49:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
15:50:19 Bjoerne: hmm i think i prefer his psycho execises :D
15:50:36 Sergeant_Ant: im watching that one right now lol
15:50:55 Bjoerne: haha they're awesome , same with the yngwie parodys
15:50:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: psh ha ha
15:50:58 Sergeant_Ant: when i play... people die... like their heads explode...
15:51:01 Bjoerne: hahaha
15:51:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wood from my homegrown trees
15:51:31 Sergeant_Ant: lol, my metronome was at 4 million...
15:51:44 Sergeant_Ant: *billion
15:52:09 Bjoerne: psycho execises 4 is pretty nice aswell ^^
15:52:18 Sergeant_Ant: he's hillarioius
15:52:38 Bjoerne: where he show his strings wich can exceed temperatures of the sun , afterall thats how hot it gets wehn he shreds^^
15:53:01 Sergeant_Ant: lol, hes great
15:53:14 Sergeant_Ant: im gonna post the vids on the forum
15:53:50 chast: hi
15:54:30 Pavel: evening! :)
15:54:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good afternoon pavel
15:54:47 Sergeant_Ant: hey pavel :)
15:55:05 Pavel: how's everybody?
15:55:24 Sergeant_Ant: oh, did you see the vid with michael angelo batio? the "secret practice vid"
15:55:29 Sergeant_Ant: pretty good, u?
15:55:35 Pavel: Sergeant_Ant i'm great
15:55:42 Pavel: secret practice vid??
15:55:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: secret practice video ?
15:56:08 Sergeant_Ant: youtube, john petrucci psycho excersices
15:56:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: please, due share :p
15:56:26 Sergeant_Ant: its the "secret tape"
15:56:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wait were talking about Mab right
15:56:52 Sergeant_Ant: hes in the vid, its funny
15:57:22 chast: michael angelo painted that guitar, not the guitar noob... :D
15:57:27 Sergeant_Ant: john playes and batio chimes in with holy crap thats impossibly fast! and john says shut up newb
15:57:40 Sergeant_Ant: hes so dumb but its funny
15:58:04 chast: show us the link :P
15:58:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh yeah ok
15:58:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: everyone
15:58:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: this may sound stupid
15:58:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but i need you to tell me I suck
15:58:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: at guitar
15:58:46 Sergeant_Ant:
15:58:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and make fun of me
15:59:20 Sergeant_Ant: ys that? motivation?
15:59:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just do it
15:59:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no time for questions
15:59:42 chast: remember i can time warp :D
15:59:54 Sergeant_Ant: ok, well maybe your guitars not the problem :P
16:00:02 Bjoerne: woho , someone jsut called and wanted to buy my old amp ^^
16:00:06 Pavel: i've seen it before....funyn vid
16:00:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no no
16:00:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just need motivation
16:00:22 Sergeant_Ant: ok, i tried, im a nice person lol, i dont think i can
16:00:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: someone make fun of me please
16:00:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: better
16:00:46 Sergeant_Ant: :P
16:01:15 Sergeant_Ant: erm...
16:02:13 Sergeant_Ant: so hows everyones practicin goin?
16:02:38 Bjoerne: slow , i think
16:02:55 chast: its fine
16:03:05 chast: but i have school again ^^
16:03:13 Bjoerne: had a nice metallica session today , was pretty tired after master of puppets:p
16:03:14 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i start in a week
16:03:19 Sergeant_Ant: lol
16:03:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im at that point where im not getting any better
16:03:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: a plateau
16:03:32 Bjoerne: i start tommorow :( , new school and stuff im pretty nervous
16:03:42 Sergeant_Ant: o, what grade?
16:03:53 Bjoerne: 1 year in "gymnasium"
16:03:58 chast: but i have nice teachers, except one :/
16:04:00 Sergeant_Ant: germany?
16:04:05 Bjoerne: swede
16:04:10 Sergeant_Ant: o, cool
16:04:22 Sergeant_Ant: whos ur not nice teacher chast?
16:04:23 Bjoerne: i dont know what its called in english really , college?
16:04:29 chast: in politics
16:04:45 chast: i had him some years before
16:04:48 Sergeant_Ant: college is after high school
16:04:57 chast: but i think he forgot about me :D
16:05:01 Bjoerne: first year in college then
16:05:02 Sergeant_Ant: lol
16:05:22 Sergeant_Ant: thats pretty cool, ive got 2 years left in high school
16:05:42 Bjoerne: ok , where you from? :)
16:06:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i go into highschool this year
16:06:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: woot
16:06:12 Sergeant_Ant: im from san antonio texas
16:06:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: far away from me
16:06:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
16:06:38 Sergeant_Ant: lol, high school isnt as bad as people say
16:06:44 Sergeant_Ant: where you from?
16:06:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Alaska
16:07:01 Sergeant_Ant: thats pretty cool :)
16:07:14 Sergeant_Ant: we have a double digit temperature difference
16:07:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha I would be if I was from there, im really from new york :p
16:07:38 Sergeant_Ant: i wanna visit alaska :( o well, so hows ny?
16:07:44 Iluha: hi all :)
16:07:48 Sergeant_Ant: ive never been but my dad visited alot
16:07:50 chast: hi iluha
16:07:50 Sergeant_Ant: hi!
16:08:16 Bjoerne: i were in alaska few years ago actually
16:08:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: New york is for lack of a better term
16:08:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: boring
16:08:53 Bjoerne: we were alot in denali , or is that what its called? :p
16:09:18 Sergeant_Ant: lol, i have no idea at the moment, im modifying my old strat
16:09:27 Sergeant_Ant: creating a monster
16:09:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: fender or squire strat
16:09:47 Iluha: Anyone intersted in trying to help me with a melody?
16:09:51 Sergeant_Ant: squire, i wouldnt touch a regular one
16:09:55 Sergeant_Ant: i will!
16:10:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: iluha , whats the problem ?
16:10:14 Iluha: Well it's not really a problem, I'm just stuck :)
16:10:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
16:10:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: melody is something you have to just really relax and vell the music
16:10:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: feel*
16:10:55 Iluha: Yeah I know, just listen to it maybe you'll feel something :)
16:11:02 Iluha: y0 ezra
16:11:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: eravdb , whats up
16:11:05 chast: its getting full :D
16:11:06 ezravdb: wow pretty crowded here :)
16:11:12 ezravdb: hey ppl
16:11:16 Bjoerne: hello :)
16:11:25 Sergeant_Ant: howdy :)
16:11:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my thead worked, aye ? :p
16:11:39 Iluha: anyways, if you wanna help me out or atleast hear it :) gimme you'r e-mail i'll send it
16:11:42 Sergeant_Ant: yea! :D
16:12:35 Iluha: *slap*
16:12:40 Iluha: WAKE UP!
16:12:58 Sergeant_Ant: !!
16:13:03 Sergeant_Ant: im up im up
16:13:43 Sergeant_Ant: sorry, im scalloping
16:13:44 Iluha: It's like suddenly everyone died
16:14:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: * rises from dead* did I miss anything ?
16:14:15 Sergeant_Ant: yea, world war 3 happened
16:14:21 Iluha: I won
16:14:38 Sergeant_Ant: cuz you rock :)
16:14:41 Bjoerne: petrucci killed everyone with his 4 billion notes per second sweep
16:14:50 Bjoerne: :o
16:14:54 Sergeant_Ant: lol, noooo!
16:15:00 Iluha: Chuck Norris > Petrucci
16:15:09 Sergeant_Ant: lol
16:15:35 Sergeant_Ant: oh chuck...
16:15:53 Iluha: Ant so you wanna give it a listen please? :)
16:16:07 Bjoerne: MacGyver owns them all ,
16:16:55 Sergeant_Ant: of course :)
16:17:09 Iluha: e-mail? messanger? whateva you preferr
16:17:12 chast: do you think mac gyver can build a new chuck norris ?
16:17:21 Bjoerne: think? i know
16:17:35 Sergeant_Ant: [email protected]
16:17:48 chast: that is scary oO
16:17:58 Bjoerne: and when hes done he could probably build a les paul out of chuck and play it like no one else
16:18:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: gtg felllllllaaaaassssss, later
16:18:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :)
16:18:06 chast: cya
16:18:08 Sergeant_Ant: he can build a bomb from anythin lol
16:18:10 Sergeant_Ant: l8ers
16:18:11 Bjoerne: bye
16:18:16 Bjoerne: haha yeah
16:18:43 chast: he can build a bomb out of chuck norris :D
16:18:52 Iluha: My favourite chuck norris fact is that "Chuck norris's tears cure cancer, too bad he never cries" lol
16:19:03 Sergeant_Ant: lol, nice
16:20:26 Iluha: Sent it Ant
16:20:38 chast: so mac gyver is the strongest?
16:20:47 Iluha: no he's the smartest
16:20:48 Sergeant_Ant: aye captain
16:21:02 chast: who can kill the most people ?
16:21:08 chast: i think petrucci :S
16:21:12 Iluha: He can make an atomic bomb out of a toothpick and his grandmother
16:21:17 chast: lol
16:21:20 Sergeant_Ant: poor grannie...
16:21:33 Iluha: no don't worry
16:21:42 Iluha: cause he made her an anti atomic bomb suit
16:21:57 Iluha: made out of the deadly combo of grass and dirt
16:22:06 Sergeant_Ant: oh, hes good...
16:22:35 chast: damn
16:22:42 chast: im getting scared of mac gyver
16:23:07 Sergeant_Ant: lol
16:23:34 Iluha: did you get it Ant?
16:23:48 Sergeant_Ant: not yet :(
16:23:57 Bjoerne: you shouldnt be scared of macgyver
16:24:29 Bjoerne: he fights for the good side ! ^^
16:24:37 Sergeant_Ant: WOO!
16:24:43 Iluha: are you sure you gave me the right mail adress?
16:24:49 Iluha: it says that domain doesn't exist
16:25:08 Sergeant_Ant: [email protected] ?
16:25:14 Sergeant_Ant: hmm
16:25:48 Sergeant_Ant: thats odd
16:25:58 Iluha: oh
16:26:06 Iluha: heh i wrote saxt instead of satx :)
16:26:14 Sergeant_Ant: lol, o
16:27:03 Iluha: should be there now
16:27:30 Sergeant_Ant: k, ill check
16:29:08 Sergeant_Ant: nothin yet. might b a while :( ill personal message u when i get it if ur not on
16:29:08 Pavel: guys i am off...gotta do something with my own music! see ya alter
16:29:22 Sergeant_Ant: hi
16:29:26 Nick325: pavel always leaves when i come in
16:29:27 Nick325: lol
16:29:33 Sergeant_Ant: lol, saw ya comin
16:29:58 Nick325: :(
16:30:11 Nick325: its sucks
16:30:17 Nick325: i cant play guitar
16:30:21 Sergeant_Ant: ?
16:30:25 Bjoerne: then we are 2 !
16:30:48 chast: 3
16:30:50 chast: ;)
16:31:06 Nick325: lol ya i have a stiff neck since yesterday so i cant look down or move my neck to much and then it hurts liike a biotch
16:31:23 Sergeant_Ant: ys that? lol
16:31:26 chast: you did too much headbanging ?:>
16:31:43 Sergeant_Ant: YES! family values tour was in town
16:31:46 Nick325: maybe ;)
16:31:54 Nick325: nah just it started to hurt
16:32:07 Sergeant_Ant: o, well i did 2 much headbangin lol
16:32:12 Nick325: lol
16:32:52 Nick325: so
16:33:07 Sergeant_Ant: man, the mosh pit was killler
16:33:10 Iluha: still didnt geti t?
16:33:20 Nick325: at wat a conerct
16:33:22 Sergeant_Ant: there it is
16:33:25 Iluha: woopie
16:33:52 Bjoerne: what concert have you been to ?
16:34:19 Sergeant_Ant: it was family values, like 2 weeks after ozzfest that was 2 weeks after warped
16:34:38 Nick325: o
16:34:52 Nick325: my brother was at the velvet revolver concert the other day
16:35:08 Iluha: heheh sounds like you had alot of fun the last month :)
16:35:17 Sergeant_Ant: o yea :)
16:35:25 Sergeant_Ant: wow, this song is great...
16:35:36 Nick325: which one
16:35:47 Sergeant_Ant: she sent me one
16:35:53 Sergeant_Ant: he
16:35:57 Sergeant_Ant: wait...
16:35:59 Iluha: lol
16:36:02 Nick325: who
16:36:05 Iluha: me
16:36:13 Nick325: o send it to me
16:36:15 Sergeant_Ant: im lost lol, im just a guy :P
16:36:23 Iluha: what's you'r e-mail?
16:36:27 Bjoerne: is it full song with drums and everything or jsut guitar?
16:36:39 Iluha: Well for now it's just guitars..
16:36:48 Iluha: and it's only in guitar pro form..
16:36:52 Sergeant_Ant: sounds like a lil drums too
16:37:04 Iluha: no there's no drums lol :P
16:37:16 Bjoerne: bah im getting curious now , send me aswell ^^
16:37:21 Sergeant_Ant: lol, well it sounded like piano-ish
16:37:29 Bjoerne: [email protected] msn/e-mail
16:37:35 Sergeant_Ant: but it sounded great
16:38:06 Iluha: Thanks :)
16:38:22 Iluha: ok sending you too :P
16:38:53 Nick325: didnt get it
16:39:21 Iluha: Give it a few minutes
16:39:29 Nick325: k
16:39:30 Iluha: Sent it to you Bjoerne
16:39:48 Bjoerne: oke =)
16:39:56 Batista: Hello=)
16:39:58 Bjoerne: guess it will take some time
16:40:02 Bjoerne: hello batista
16:40:02 Sergeant_Ant: hi :)
16:41:05 Sergeant_Ant: so hows it goin?
16:41:31 Batista: Talking to me?^^
16:41:56 Sergeant_Ant: si :)
16:42:58 Nick325: (yawnnnnnnnnnnn)
16:43:26 Sergeant_Ant: hey, im multi taskin :P
16:43:30 Iluha: Bjoerne got it yet?
16:43:30 Nick325: lol
16:44:10 Batista: It's going good with me=)
16:45:08 Sergeant_Ant: good, hows the guitar comin?
16:46:06 Batista: Good=) I have only played soon 5 months, so I ain't a superman on the guitar, but i'm becoming better wich i suppose is the point of it all
16:46:25 Sergeant_Ant: awesome :)
16:47:24 Nick325: yep
16:47:30 Batista: And yours?
16:47:47 Nick325: good
16:48:21 Sergeant_Ant: good :
16:49:35 Iluha: gah Nick my text in private got bad lol
16:49:43 Iluha: wont let me write other then hebrew
16:49:49 Nick325: lol
16:49:53 Nick325: o
16:49:55 Sergeant_Ant: lol
16:50:28 Nick325: anyone have a line 6 toneport or rifftracker???
16:50:55 Iluha: so do you like it?
16:52:01 Sergeant_Ant: agh, i gtg
16:52:15 Sergeant_Ant: l8ers guys
16:52:23 Iluha: cya
16:52:42 Iluha: Nick325 did you like it or is that a deadly silence? :)
16:55:12 Nick325: o i already heard fretdancers version
16:56:01 Davidian: G'evening!
16:58:36 Nick325: peace out
17:44:31 Slammer: u back
17:44:35 Slammer: *slap*
17:44:42 shredmandan: lol
17:44:45 shredmandan: yep
17:44:48 Slammer: on and off I see
17:44:56 Slammer: u at work?
17:45:25 shredmandan: no , well i guess u could say that i am watching my to kids and man are they a job and a half
17:45:53 Slammer: stay at home dad?
17:46:02 shredmandan: i want to get stated on that track but got to wait
17:46:25 Slammer: dude brb
17:46:32 shredmandan: yep i am, and i am on disabilty so cant work .but i watch the kids and draw a check
17:51:35 Slammer: oh ok
17:51:39 Slammer: cool
17:51:41 Slammer: *slap*
17:51:58 Slammer: and you get to play guitar all Day!
17:52:06 Slammer: or at least chat!
17:52:12 Slammer: *slap*
17:52:58 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
17:53:11 Slammer: u still here
17:53:34 Slammer: well, I'm gonna go record that track
17:53:38 Slammer: cya around
17:59:14 Kurt: hello
17:59:20 shredmandan: hey man
17:59:44 Kurt: whats up?
18:00:15 shredmandan: same old thing sitting arounfd the house waiting to make up some stuff in guitar .how about u
18:00:31 Kurt: yeah me too^^
18:00:47 Kurt: and i´ve some trouble with my girlfriend :)
18:01:09 rokchik: Noisey
18:01:16 rokchik: Hey all
18:01:16 Kurt: but lets talk bout´s better ;)^^
18:01:20 Kurt: hi
18:01:30 shredmandan: true
18:01:42 shredmandan: my problem is money
18:01:45 rokchik: what's going on guys?
18:01:47 shredmandan: as always lol
18:01:55 shredmandan: hey rokchik
18:02:17 rokchik: Money..the root to all evil LOL
18:02:17 Kurt: read above^^
18:02:31 Kurt: how are you rokchik ?
18:02:34 shredmandan: oh yes
18:02:41 shredmandan: be right back ok
18:02:46 Kurt: ok
18:02:57 rokchik: good...just about to start practicing. figured I see what was going on in here
18:03:16 rokchik: How are you?
18:03:23 Kurt: yeah fine
18:03:24 Kurt: thx
18:03:36 Kurt: also practicing a lot^^
18:03:43 rokchik: cool
18:03:49 Kurt: I already played six hours today :)
18:03:50 rokchik: What r u working on?
18:03:57 rokchik: Wow
18:04:04 rokchik: I worked
18:04:12 rokchik: not as much fun LOL
18:04:21 Kurt: I can imagine ;)^^
18:04:38 rokchik: what r u practicing?
18:05:05 Kurt: ehm.... at this moment
18:05:17 Kurt: a lot of speedpicking stuff^^
18:05:32 Kurt: I want to get my alt picking up a little
18:05:41 Kurt: to speed it up
18:05:42 shredmandan: ok
18:05:44 rokchik: I C
18:05:46 Kurt: and become cleaner
18:05:52 Kurt: and you?
18:06:22 shredmandan: me?
18:06:27 rokchik: I've been doing a lot of Gabriels lessons lately and still practicing legato
18:06:36 Kurt: ah yes
18:06:46 rokchik: I love Gabriels lessons
18:06:57 Kurt: I think I have legato more in blood than picking :D
18:07:01 Kurt: yeah me too^^
18:07:11 shredmandan: i liked gabes megadeth style lesson
18:07:14 Kurt: his riffs are great^^
18:07:26 rokchik: I was gonna look at that one this evening actually
18:07:36 rokchik: Yeah Kurt they are great
18:08:08 Kurt: but do you know the velvet style lesson?
18:08:28 Kurt: from gabe^^
18:08:38 Kurt: velvet revolver style ?
18:09:23 rokchik: I did it last night...I'm not quite at the 160bpm but almost. I loved it!
18:09:48 Kurt: yeah but do you know the song she builds machines?
18:09:57 rokchik: yep
18:10:18 Kurt: isnt it nearly exactly the same riff?
18:10:31 shredmandan: it sounded exactl;y like velvet revolver . i almost thought he was actually playing ine of there songs
18:10:43 shredmandan: i think same thing
18:11:08 rokchik: hmmm....I know it sounded similar but I'll have another listen to see if exact
18:11:20 rokchik: brb
18:11:23 Kurt: yeah he stole the riff :D
18:11:43 shredmandan: lol
18:11:57 Kurt: or isnt it true?? ;)
18:12:50 shredmandan: to be honest i felt like that.If its different he is just playing one fret down if even that
18:13:04 shredmandan: so how long you been playing and how old are u ?im 24
18:13:24 Hemlok: 19 - 3 years
18:13:36 Kurt: I am 17 and play since 1 year
18:13:55 shredmandan: cool
18:14:09 Nick325: hey
18:14:16 Hemlok: hi nick
18:14:26 Kurt: yes I am totally overmotivatet lol ^^
18:14:26 Nick325: sup
18:14:57 Kurt: I practice until my fingers hurt that much that I must stop lol
18:15:10 Hemlok: good
18:15:10 Kurt: how are you playing shredmandan ?
18:15:12 shredmandan: thats what it takes to get good
18:15:23 Kurt: hope so ;)
18:15:24 Hemlok: only, you should play until they bleed
18:15:33 Kurt: hey:
18:15:37 shredmandan: Kurt do u mean how long have i been playng
18:15:38 Hemlok: and then play some more, and clean blood off guitar after
18:15:43 Nick325: lol
18:15:44 Kurt: when I say hut..... I mean bleed ;)
18:15:49 Kurt: hurt*
18:16:04 Hemlok: excellent :D
18:16:08 Kurt: yes I mean so shredmandan ^^
18:16:21 shredmandan: about 11 years
18:16:27 Hemlok: woooweee!
18:16:28 Kurt: wow cool^^
18:16:42 Hemlok: i wish i have been playing for 11 years
18:16:52 Kurt: but let me say one intelligent thing:
18:17:16 Kurt: it´s not how many years...but how many hours ;)
18:17:36 Hemlok: of course, i have been playing for 3 years, but not many hours :)
18:17:47 Kurt: yeah thats it
18:17:48 shredmandan: exactly and i have played many hours
18:18:10 Kurt: wow so you must be good If you practiced the right way
18:19:01 shredmandan: well i feel i didnt practice the way i should have.Instead i was big on just learning all my favorite bands songs especially metallica
18:19:18 muris: I see some bluesers here ;)
18:19:28 shredmandan: yeah!!!!!
18:19:30 shredmandan: lol
18:19:39 muris: well done Dan
18:19:40 shredmandan: im gonna rip it up lol
18:19:43 muris: glad you're in
18:19:44 rokchik: It's very close guys....
18:19:50 rokchik: Hey Muris
18:19:52 muris: hey Rock
18:19:57 Kurt: hi muris
18:19:57 muris: it's been a while
18:20:03 rokchik: Hey Hemlok and Nick
18:20:05 muris: hi Kurt
18:20:08 shredmandan: thanks for letting me do it muris glad to have a challange
18:20:15 muris: me too :)
18:20:37 shredmandan: be back in 1 sec got to get the boy
18:20:51 rokchik: So what is up gents
18:21:03 muris: all cool
18:21:20 muris: must take my rig to the bar,for tomorrow night gig
18:21:41 rokchik: very cool....I'm guitar shopping and just about to practice
18:21:43 muris: rack is about 69kgs
18:21:57 muris: and I'm not a Superman
18:22:19 rokchik: LOL
18:22:26 muris: really
18:22:39 muris: that box is toooooo heavy to carry
18:23:13 rokchik: yeah gear can get just need to get some roadies :)
18:23:33 muris: looks like ;)
18:24:11 rokchik: Your slide lesson looked really interesting Muris.
18:26:00 Hemlok: oh muris, put me down for next collab please :)
18:26:56 muris: thanks Rock
18:27:00 muris: sure Hemlok
18:27:04 rokchik: How's the Gibson Hemlok?
18:27:15 muris: it's just that you must be fast after I post it
18:27:23 Hemlok: gibson is superb
18:27:33 rokchik: Is it a Standard?
18:27:37 Hemlok: yep
18:27:51 rokchik: So is mine....they are a dream
18:28:07 Nick325: hey muris
18:29:39 Nick325: I killed the chat :(
18:30:13 muris: i'm here
18:30:15 muris: :)
18:30:20 Nick325: :)
18:30:25 Nick325: whats up muris
18:30:31 muris: ahh
18:30:36 muris: setting my rack up
18:30:48 muris: and ready to lift it...somehow
18:30:52 muris: lol
18:31:02 Nick325: lol
18:31:06 Nick325: i love your sound
18:31:20 muris: which one?
18:31:30 Nick325: the one u always use
18:31:34 muris: ahh
18:31:39 muris: that's not from my rack
18:31:41 Nick325: the deep fat awsome sound
18:31:43 Nick325: o
18:31:47 muris: nope
18:31:54 Nick325: which pedals r u using
18:32:05 muris: the sound for lessons and collabs is from Korg Pandora ;)
18:32:13 muris: small unit
18:32:15 Nick325: nice
18:32:18 muris: pocket size
18:32:29 muris: and rack is for live stuff
18:32:32 Nick325: i have a question wats a rack or wats it do
18:32:37 muris: Mesa and Prophesy
18:32:59 muris: rack is version of some units
18:33:11 muris: 9 inchs
18:33:22 muris: and there are many sizes
18:33:29 muris: mine is 6
18:33:30 Nick325: but its like an amp
18:33:36 muris: no
18:33:39 muris: rack is a box
18:33:44 muris: empty one
18:33:46 Nick325: that
18:33:50 Nick325: gives a sound
18:34:08 muris: you can put inside any unit in shape of rack type
18:34:19 muris: google it a bit
18:34:24 Nick325: o k
18:34:29 Nick325: do u need it if u play live
18:34:46 muris: well..that's what I use for live
18:34:50 muris: guess I need it :)
18:35:49 Nick325: o
18:36:14 Hemlok: i bought your cd last night muris
18:36:28 Hemlok: should be on its way now
18:36:31 Hemlok: :)
18:38:07 shredmandan: anybody still around?
18:38:12 muris: ahh
18:38:17 muris: I'm here again
18:38:21 muris: surfing a bit
18:38:23 muris: lol
18:38:49 rokchik: Well guys I'm gonna go practice a bit. Talk to ya later
18:38:51 shredmandan: just got the boy to bed for a nap atleast
18:38:58 muris: may force be with me
18:38:58 shredmandan: see ya
18:39:02 muris: see ya rock
18:39:03 Hemlok: cya rokchik
18:39:07 Nick325: cya
18:39:10 rokchik: c ya guys
18:39:19 Hemlok: dont break your back muris
18:39:28 muris: thanks :)
18:39:28 Hemlok: bend the knees
18:39:35 muris: but I always do...
18:39:37 muris: lol
18:39:48 Hemlok: until that one day you forget, and crack
18:39:54 Nick325: get a body builder lol
18:40:08 muris: yeah.must have some practice
18:40:21 muris: like Petrucci or som
18:40:22 muris: lol
18:40:22 Hemlok: what about a set of wheels to put under it?
18:40:38 muris: it HAS wheels
18:40:43 Nick325: o
18:40:47 muris: but stairs....
18:40:51 Slammer: muris I was wondering... We're supposed to record over the BT and post it on the thread right?
18:40:53 muris: into the car
18:41:00 Hemlok: oh stairs wouldnt be nice
18:41:12 muris: yeah slammer
18:41:17 muris: with BT and without
18:41:17 Slammer: ok cool
18:41:24 muris: same duration
18:41:26 Slammer: oh both
18:41:29 muris: yep
18:41:32 muris: is it ok?
18:41:39 Slammer: Oh, good thing I found out
18:41:43 Slammer: I didn't know
18:42:01 muris: now you do :)
18:42:14 muris: basic of collabs is to upload only guitar
18:42:21 Nick325: can i just put the solo idk how to mix
18:42:27 muris: and wiht backing helps to mix
18:42:42 Slammer: should I just post the solo?
18:42:50 Nick325: o sry
18:42:52 muris: anf with backing :)
18:42:57 Slammer: ok, cool
18:43:13 Slammer: I'm doing it right now
18:43:16 Slammer: :D
18:43:20 muris: great :D
18:43:30 shredmandan: so u do one where u play it alone and another with the bt along.Do you mix the one thats played alone muris?
18:43:32 Slammer: ok cya guys around
18:43:40 Hemlok: bye slammer
18:43:46 Nick325: cya
18:43:48 Slammer: LOL
18:43:55 muris: yeah,I'll take track with guitar only
18:44:03 shredmandan: cool
18:44:58 muris: forgot to say thanks Hemlok :)
18:45:24 Hemlok: no worries, thankyou for making the great music :D
18:45:33 muris: tnx :)
18:46:37 Nick325: brb
18:52:12 shredmandan: u there kurt
18:52:30 Kurt: yo
18:52:33 Kurt: wasup?
18:52:52 shredmandan: so what type of music u play? were u from
18:53:01 Nick325: back
18:54:55 Kurt: I am from austria
18:55:11 Kurt: and I like Blues, Hardrock
18:55:23 Kurt: and also such heavy stonerrock things^^
18:55:33 Nick325: cool
18:55:40 Kurt: and u?
18:56:21 shredmandan: i like metal and the stuff you listed above but prefer playing metal and lead guitar most.Im from america
18:56:49 Kurt: yeah cool
18:57:17 Kurt: I like crushing riffs with bluesy solos over them^^
18:57:46 shredmandan: yes that is actually what alot of metal players do as well .Like dimebagg
18:58:07 Kurt: yes
18:58:14 Kurt: do you like dimebag?
18:59:21 shredmandan: oh yes very much big inspiration for me
18:59:31 Kurt: jep for me too
18:59:37 Kurt: and also Tony iommi^^
18:59:48 Kurt: you also like him?
18:59:50 shredmandan: yep
19:00:06 shredmandan: if it wasent for him we may not have had metal
19:00:24 Kurt: yes and of course jimmy page
19:00:28 Kurt: i think^^
19:00:38 Hemlok: jimi hendrix!
19:00:43 Hemlok: cya everyone im goin to work
19:01:39 Kurt: whats your favourite band?
19:01:43 Nick325: there awsome
19:02:09 shredmandan: metallica is my all time favorite.there old stuff is what made me pick up a guitar'
19:02:27 Kurt: jep its really cool^^
19:02:42 Kurt: but for me it would be zeppelin or sabbath
19:03:10 shredmandan: there both one of the greatest bands ever.good choice
19:04:09 Kurt: yeah its really cool when you know much from zeppelin...they also did some reggea style stuff^^
19:04:20 Kurt: they werent only hardrock^^
19:04:27 shredmandan: which songs?
19:05:35 muris: All my love?
19:05:39 shredmandan: yo muris
19:05:50 Smikey2006: yay!
19:06:02 shredmandan: you consider that reggea?
19:06:08 Smikey2006: hey ppls
19:06:13 shredmandan: when i think of reggea i think bob marley
19:06:15 Kurt: wait a min then I can say
19:06:20 muris: well...smels a bit :)
19:06:21 shredmandan: ok
19:06:47 shredmandan: my favorite song by zepplin is babe im gonna leave you
19:07:09 muris: I'm not big fan of them
19:07:16 muris: know few songs
19:07:20 Smikey2006: same here
19:07:30 muris: tho I lestened to all
19:07:33 muris: long ago
19:07:45 shredmandan: i respect them but like i said im a metal man.But you cant denie there impact on rock
19:07:45 muris: didn't like the sound
19:07:48 muris: general sound
19:07:55 Kurt: I cant find it now sry
19:07:59 Smikey2006: they started stuff but i can;t listej to it anymore
19:08:02 Kurt: anywhere on my PC
19:08:14 Kurt: I cant remember them all^^
19:08:22 muris: I'm not denying Dan
19:08:26 muris: they are legends
19:08:33 Kurt: of course
19:08:33 shredmandan: not saying u were muris
19:08:34 muris: but I'm not a fan :)
19:08:52 Kurt: does anybody know something about page now?
19:09:01 Kurt: what he does now?
19:09:13 shredmandan: to be honest i havent listened to them in a long time and cant really listen to them now.just sayingthey were a good band to kurt
19:09:14 muris: mistery..
19:09:23 Smikey2006: yuo
19:09:46 muris: no worries Dan
19:09:50 muris: i see you point
19:09:55 shredmandan: same here dude lol
19:10:00 muris: ;)
19:10:05 Kurt: lol
19:10:11 shredmandan: dont take it like i was arguing lol
19:10:18 Smikey2006: i like
19:10:20 Smikey2006: firewind :)
19:10:22 shredmandan: even though i cant spell lol
19:10:49 muris: lol
19:10:58 shredmandan: i have had your track on repeat for over an hour muris.Getting idea's lol
19:11:14 muris: good,glad you like it :)
19:11:34 shredmandan: oh yeah .its one of those riffs that you could just whale a solo on
19:11:42 muris: yep ;)
19:12:14 shredmandan: i want to put a strong vibrato and bends on my solo to it just dont want to over do it
19:12:49 muris: wanna suggestion?
19:12:54 Smikey2006: guest!!! signup!
19:12:59 shredmandan: sure thats what im here for
19:13:00 muris: lol
19:13:00 Smikey2006: give kris money and learn to shred
19:13:03 muris: lol
19:13:03 Smikey2006: u can;t talk to us tho!
19:13:10 Smikey2006: so sign up! and come talk!
19:13:12 Smikey2006: its worth it!
19:13:13 Smikey2006: DO IT!
19:13:15 muris: lol
19:13:16 Smikey2006: :)
19:13:25 muris: so silly kid :)
19:13:30 Smikey2006: lol shh
19:13:33 Smikey2006: i am bored
19:13:39 muris: guess so
19:13:51 Smikey2006: maybe he will sign up because of me :D
19:13:58 muris: Dan...try with low distortion
19:14:08 muris: like OD..e

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Kristofer Dahl
Sep 3 2007, 07:52 PM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.339
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
19:14:08 muris: like OD..even a clean sound

19:14:16 Nick325: ya sign up yo

19:14:31 shredmandan: i know muris its hard for me lol.I am using a tweed style amp on this one with a slight bit of delay

19:14:38 Nick325: sry i was checking out some pedals online

19:14:39 muris: it'll fit better than dist tone

19:15:18 muris: deley is ok

19:15:21 shredmandan: your right .Its so odd for me after always using max distortion.To be honest i almost started to just play it clean

19:15:29 muris: i'm talking of preamp stuff

19:16:24 Smikey2006: hmm

19:16:32 Smikey2006: overdrive clean always sounds good

19:17:25 muris: overdrive clean?

19:17:30 shredmandan: lol

19:17:31 muris: what's that?

19:17:33 muris: lol

19:17:55 Smikey2006: lol

19:18:04 Smikey2006: overdrive on a clean setting.. sry im using a modelling amp haha

19:18:19 Smikey2006: so i have to choose clean + pverdrive hahah

19:18:22 muris: ahhh

19:18:25 muris: got ya!!!!!!!!

19:18:30 muris: digital guy!!!!!!!!!!

19:18:33 muris: lol

19:18:33 Smikey2006: well right now im using a modeling amp lol sry for being un clear

19:18:36 Smikey2006: no i use krank usually

19:18:44 Smikey2006: just right now its in my room my praci haha

19:18:49 Slammer: muris I finished mine

19:18:57 Slammer: should I post it?

19:18:58 muris: Slammer!holy

19:19:04 muris: is that posible???

19:19:16 muris: sure!!!!!!

19:19:17 Smikey2006: i guess soo :)
19:19:21 Slammer: LOL gotta go for dinner

19:19:28 Slammer: post it later

19:19:29 Nick325: muris for the collab
19:19:33 Nick325: distortion or clean

19:19:33 muris: so you did it in a hury...

19:19:41 Slammer: nope

19:19:47 muris: ok Slam

19:19:50 Slammer: I spent a good 1 1/2 hours

19:20:00 muris: Nick..OD or opinion

19:20:17 Nick325: so it doesnt matter

19:20:27 Slammer: but I gotta study the rest of the week, So today is all I have

19:20:30 Slammer: :D

19:20:34 muris: it does...dist will sound wrong

19:20:40 Nick325: o ok

19:20:43 muris: like Yngwie over Bee Gees

19:20:44 muris: lol

19:20:51 Smikey2006: :D

19:20:57 Smikey2006: i like the sound opeth gets

19:20:57 shredmandan: lol good one muris lol

19:21:01 Smikey2006: its almost cleann

19:21:11 Slammer: ok, so one last time so I don't forget, Solo with BT and Solo by itself

19:21:16 Slammer: on the Thread

19:21:25 muris: yeah

19:21:26 Slammer: OK got it.

19:21:26 muris: both

19:21:36 Slammer: be up in a Couple hours

19:21:38 Slammer: cya

19:21:43 muris: cya :)
19:23:40 Smikey2006: hey muurriss wanna go listen to sum opeth and make a opeth style lession for me :D

19:27:26 muris: ahh

19:27:36 muris: listened once or twice

19:27:40 muris: must be honest

19:28:00 muris: copy of DT or Sym X

19:28:07 muris: and out of my taste

19:28:17 shredmandan: so what type of vacation u going on Muris?

19:28:38 muris: hmm...resting type?

19:28:40 muris: lol

19:29:34 muris: off to sea cost with my girlfriend...10 days

19:29:39 shredmandan: cant wait till i get to got back on vacation.Last one we went and rented a nice cabin out in the mountains .Had a pool table hot tub ect.I miss it lots of fun

19:29:53 shredmandan: cool so you gotta girl friend

19:30:01 muris: sure

19:30:11 muris: we're together about 8 years

19:30:28 muris: as Dickinson said one...long lines of a long distance runner

19:30:33 muris: lol

19:30:41 shredmandan: wow thats just about how long i have been married

19:30:59 muris: you're 24 right?

19:31:26 shredmandan: she cool with your music .yep i got married right when i turned 18

19:31:34 muris: wow

19:31:37 shredmandan: i will be 25 in dec'

19:31:49 muris: was it too fast?

19:32:48 shredmandan: well yeah,I m happy and were doing good together as its been 7 years.but i really loved her and once found out she was preganant with are daughter i decided to just get married

19:33:32 shredmandan: definatly were to young though but have grown and learned from are mistakes

19:33:45 muris: I see

19:33:59 shredmandan: still together plan to keep it that way for life

19:34:01 muris: I'm glad you've been ok all these years :)
19:35:16 Nick325: its like that show underage and engaged lol

19:35:41 shredmandan: well thats not to say we havent had problems but thats the cool part.We have went through so much that normal people especially are age would have already got devorced so i feel if we have made it through this we will be together forever

19:36:19 muris: everybody have certain problems

19:36:21 shredmandan: somewhat.but i hate that show and u know to be honest people that get married at this age have almost a 95% devorce rate

19:36:35 shredmandan: exacly its how you handle them and move on

19:36:45 muris: but you;re still together having a kid,and that's all that counts

19:36:46 muris: :)
19:37:40 shredmandan: yep then we had the wild one Ryan, my son that just turned 1.He is so cool and here so happy to have him because it feels likeare family is cmplete.And im done having kids now lol

19:37:53 muris: lol

19:37:56 muris: well said

19:38:20 shredmandan: u think you will ever marry your girl?

19:38:44 muris: probably

19:38:49 muris: don't know when

19:38:52 muris: will see

19:39:06 Nick325: shredman
19:39:09 shredmandan: just take your time.There's no need to rush it

19:39:15 muris: sure :)
19:39:16 shredmandan: yeah dude (nick(

19:39:17 Nick325: u gunna teach ur son to play guitar

19:39:26 muris: i'm off guys

19:39:29 muris: have a great time

19:39:31 muris: talk soon

19:39:31 Nick325: cya muris

19:39:35 shredmandan: see ya muris

19:39:35 muris: bye :)
19:40:02 shredmandan: thats my dream but i cant force him. i think he will play though he already seems to like it

19:40:14 Nick325: thats awsome

19:40:51 shredmandan: so u got anything down yet on the blues solo yet?

19:41:25 Nick325: nah i cant really play today

19:41:53 shredmandan: im in that boat till tonight when i get the house to myself when everyone goes to bed

19:42:18 Nick325: o cool

19:42:36 shredmandan: u have any idea what your gonna do

19:43:09 Nick325: i no some cool blues licks add some stuff to it

19:43:16 Nick325: idk ill figure it out
19:44:25 shredmandan: im just playing what i feel sounds good with it rather than trying to play straight out of a scale,but if you get stuck you can look on the theory lessons under minor pentonic and they have the blues scales there

19:45:02 Nick325: ya i no all the pentatonic scales
19:45:06 Nick325: first ones i learned

19:45:08 shredmandan: cool

19:46:28 Nick325: hey rok

19:46:36 rokchik: Shredmandan you still here

19:46:40 rokchik: Hey Nick

19:47:01 rokchik: Whatch guys yarnin about

19:47:49 Nick325: the blues collab

19:48:03 rokchik: I's it going?

19:48:04 shredmandan: yep whats upi rok

19:48:25 rokchik: Hey Shredman remember our conversation about Gabes lesson

19:48:38 Nick325: gabe rocks
19:48:39 shredmandan: im going to run some bath water for the kids and be right back

19:48:45 Nick325: k

19:48:47 shredmandan: u all rock lol

19:48:47 rokchik: cool

19:49:14 rokchik: \m/

19:49:25 Nick325: so do y

19:49:29 Nick325: u

19:49:38 rokchik: LOL

19:49:47 rokchik: So nick how's life?

19:50:02 Nick325: good except for today

19:50:23 rokchik: I C....having one of them days are we?

19:50:46 Nick325: kinda its more that i have a stiff neck :(
19:51:22 rokchik: Ahhh. That's never fun. Makes every movement hurt. Bummer man. Hope it gets better soon.

19:51:38 Nick325: hopefully by tomorrow thanks

19:51:55 Nick325: n it sucks because i cant play guitar i gotta look down u know

19:52:26 rokchik: yep...injuries are never a joy.
19:52:42 Nick325: it just happened when i was riding around with my friends

19:53:13 rokchik: Did you kink it up? Like move quick and it like seized up?

19:53:45 Nick325: probly that way because i think it was when i turned around when i was riding bikes
19:55:00 rokchik: Yeah....It happens to me sometimes. Just relax and take it should go away after a day or so.

19:55:26 Nick325: ya ive been sitting on the computer in here all day with a hot towel thing

19:56:19 rokchik: well even being on the computer isn't the best thing....massage it a bit too every now and then just to keep circulation going

19:56:36 rokchik: work out any knots

19:56:44 Nick325: well im using my bros laptop so im sitting on my bed

19:56:54 rokchik: cool

19:57:26 rokchik: I find sometimes at the computer I tighten up along my shoulders and neck if at it a while

19:57:42 shredmandan: tell me about it lol

19:57:46 Nick325: ya so i sit up straight well try to

19:57:57 rokchik: hey Shredman your back

19:58:06 shredmandan: yep for a little bit

19:58:22 rokchik: yeah me too Nick but I have a lagging injury to my shoulder too so that doesn't help

19:58:25 Nick325: ur kid likes taking baths?

19:58:30 Nick325: o

19:58:47 rokchik: Oh yeah Sgredman remember the little discussion about Gabes lesson earlier

19:58:48 Nick325: i used to when i was a wee lad

19:58:53 shredmandan: oh yes they drive me crazy begging me to get in there and play

19:59:05 rokchik: ****Shredman** sorry

19:59:08 Nick325: lol do u
19:59:40 shredmandan: sorry about what rokchik
20:00:25 rokchik: yeah it was bugging me a bit so I learned the Velvet Revolver song....not completely the same. close but it is suppose to be "in the style of"

20:00:42 Nick325: i like gabes lesson on it

20:00:51 shredmandan: ok cool.i wasent 100% but some parts were very close

20:00:52 rokchik: so do I...Love it actually

20:01:04 shredmandan: gabe is very good

20:01:16 shredmandan: marcus is my man though lol

20:01:25 rokchik: oh yeah very close but they are tweeked a bit. And like I said it was suppose to be in the "style off" lesson

20:02:11 shredmandan: true

20:02:17 rokchik: It just bugged me that we kind of implied they were the same. I would never accuse anyone of that. So I just wanted to let ya know

20:02:33 shredmandan: yeah i understand

20:03:12 rokchik: Gabe's probably my favorite

20:04:18 shredmandan: Marcus just plays in the style i am most into and his vibrato has really added alot of life to my playing.He is the one person thats puts out lessons that still rip my fingers to this day lol

20:04:53 rokchik: I've looked at Marcus's lessons but I haven't attempted any

20:05:51 shredmandan: there very hard,even wheni look at a beginner level of his lesson im like man are people that have just ben playing ayear supposed to just pick this up because i have to work at it to get it lol

20:07:24 rokchik: That's what I thought too. I guess one of these days I'll try one. I've only been out of the beginner section for about a month...even though I still go back from time to time. I've tried some of Pavels lessons but I get frustrated very easy.

20:08:28 rokchik: Gabriels lessons appeal to my sense of musical taste and even though a few may be above my playing level I work at them more bcause it's the style I like.

20:09:11 rokchik: Now Muris would be a very close second...but I'm still not good enough for some of his stuff

20:09:19 rokchik: :)
20:09:26 shredmandan: lol yeah Pavels'lesons are like just a thousand notes played per second .I tend to be in a different dtyle than that though in lead and rythem .He is a great guitarist though.Man those bands like rapsody and stuff that sing about lord of the rings stuff lol i just cant listento even though there guitar is awesome

20:10:04 rokchik: Yes Pavel can definatley play...there is no argument on that one

20:10:13 shredmandan: I really like Muris .His lessons arnt always in my style but talented and his really the only one that chats with people .He is a really cool guy

20:10:27 Nick325: yep

20:10:43 rokchik: yes he is...Andrew chats alot too

20:10:54 rokchik: I mean ya gotta like Andrew

20:11:14 rokchik: He's the Theory god!

20:11:26 rokchik: ;)
20:11:34 shredmandan: one word obsessed!Thats how Pavel is were he is at today.I had that drive the first few years as i learned all of metallicas songs but once i had a kid and got married i had to cut back some and i have payed for it.Never stoped playing but went from over 6 hours a day to like 1

20:11:41 shredmandan: Andrews the man

20:13:30 rokchik: Yes there comes a time when life gets in the way....That's my only gripe with guitar. I wish I had started younger so I had more time. Instead of at 28 when I was just starting my career, buying a house and all that stuff. No kids yet but 2 dogs and a boyfriend...almost the same LOL

20:14:21 Nick325: lol

20:14:24 shredmandan: yep i've even said before animalsare more work to take care of then kids lol

20:14:58 rokchik: yes but you can put the animal ina they sort of frown on that type of thing

20:15:11 rokchik: law wise I mean

20:15:26 Nick325: lol

20:15:39 rokchik: LOL

20:16:13 rokchik: Nick you aren't at this worrysome age are you?

20:16:47 shredmandan: lo

20:16:50 shredmandan: lol

20:17:08 shredmandan: man i cant wait till i can buy a house over rent

20:17:26 rokchik: best thing I ever did.

20:17:39 Nick325: wat rok

20:18:02 Nick325: im only 14
20:18:25 rokchik: That's what I meant Nick

20:18:26 shredmandan: im sure .you cant go wrong investing in a place to call your own

20:18:39 Nick325: at 14???

20:18:39 rokchik: You don't have a house or kids to worry about

20:18:43 rokchik: That's all

20:18:43 shredmandan: so does your boyfriend play music rokchik
20:18:58 Nick325: brb
20:19:07 rokchik: That's what I meant sorry

20:19:18 rokchik: Shredmandan no he doesn't

20:19:32 rokchik: If it doesn't have an engine he's not interested

20:19:38 shredmandan: lol why cant are spouses ever play music with us

20:19:47 rokchik: IDK

20:19:55 rokchik: it would make life so much easier

20:20:00 shredmandan: man that would be killer to have a girl that jammed with me

20:20:13 shredmandan: really good quality time as well

20:20:14 rokchik: or a guy in my case :)
20:20:22 rokchik: that it would be

20:20:51 rokchik: imagine the gear you'd have....since both would want it you could spend more

20:23:08 rokchik: Hey Kai

20:23:10 shredmandan: lol that would be awesome.You know i saw this girl on youtube that was like playing a shred style ibanez or jackson guitar .She was really like rippingit up playing shred like at a steve Vai leveland i have amazed.Alli could do is keep thinking how cool it would be to have my wife be like that lol

20:23:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey there

20:23:19 shredmandan: wow hi kai

20:23:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: i wont tell anyone what i just did:D

20:23:45 shredmandan: go ahead

20:23:49 shredmandan: lol

20:23:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:23:51 rokchik: LOL Shredman

20:24:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: well youtube is always a good place to check out live stuff

20:24:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: bootlegs n so on

20:24:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: to ruin everything ill say it now :D

20:24:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: i like avril lavigne :D

20:24:58 shredmandan: lol

20:25:02 rokchik: LOL

20:25:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: ****g**

20:25:21 shredmandan: as a musicain or as a girl
20:25:25 rokchik: I like here last album actually....besides she's a fellow Canuck

20:25:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: well how can i know her in person

20:25:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: the song are fine

20:25:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: whoever wrote them

20:25:48 rokchik: LOL

20:25:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: she does a good job

20:25:49 shredmandan: lol

20:26:05 rokchik: I don't like her new album so much
20:26:10 shredmandan: i dont really like her but hey we all have different likes

20:26:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: lets respect good entertaining ;)
20:26:20 shredmandan: respect

20:26:26 rokchik: true dat

20:26:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: lol i was not METAL enough

20:27:04 rokchik: LOL

20:28:11 shredmandan: so kai when are u gonna get a new lesson out?and stay loged in chat lol .No seriously have you got one made yet?I would like to see u put out sometyhing very difficult that shows what u got

20:28:28 shredmandan: maybe he wont be back

20:28:36 rokchik: I think he left us Shredmandan

20:28:40 shredmandan: lol u made it again'

20:28:48 rokchik: oh he's trying anyways

20:28:52 shredmandan: spoke to soon

20:28:56 rokchik: LOL

20:29:34 rokchik: So how are the collab's coming along shredmandan

20:29:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: well

20:29:54 rokchik: are you here to stay Kai? :)
20:30:02 rokchik: Jk

20:30:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am definetly

20:30:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: but my connection has some hickup i guess

20:30:29 rokchik: I get connection problems too sometimes

20:30:34 shredmandan: i have some good idea's but the fact of using overdrive rather than distortion on the blues work with muris is difficult for me as im 99% of the time maxed out metal cranked distortion

20:30:59 rokchik: That would be an issue yes.
20:31:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: new lessons huh`?

20:31:15 rokchik: But it will be different and maybe you'll like it

20:31:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: well sure i am workin on them

20:31:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have a lot to do these days :/

20:31:55 rokchik: Kai I have to addmit something to you.....

20:32:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: go ahead :P

20:32:06 shredmandan: i will like it i like a challange always

20:32:15 rokchik: I haven't tried any of your lessons yet :(
20:32:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: well,...young lady whats the problem with that :D

20:32:44 shredmandan: honesty is good though lol

20:32:45 rokchik: I'm not a metalhead....I like some metal but I'm more of a blues/rock girl

20:33:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah thats really cool

20:33:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: i luv srv

20:33:22 shredmandan: well i can see that.most girls arnt metal heads more the crazy skanky ones lol joking

20:33:26 rokchik: yes....I think it's law actually that you have to

20:33:39 rokchik: like SRV I mean

20:33:51 rokchik: LOL shredman

20:34:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have to do the silly ASL question sry

20:34:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: just curiosity :P

20:34:38 rokchik: Now my appriciation for metal is growing....I'm buying an Ibanez and everything. So maybe one day I'll be a metalhead

20:34:48 shredmandan: u see even metal heads like diffeent kai and avril lol.just like i can listen to soft acoustic stuff and at the same time listen to slayer

20:34:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D how sweet :)
20:35:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: no seriously

20:35:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: i study jazz just to let you know ;)
20:35:48 rokchik: Well my musical tastes run from Led Zeppelin to Frank Sinatra, from Metallica to Eminem.

20:36:02 rokchik: Jazz is awesome

20:36:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: jupp

20:36:09 shredmandan: i really dont listen to death and black metal.I dont like the vocals but i really dig the guitar .I would say metallica megadeth pantera,killswitch engage thats the kind of metal i like to play and listen to if you call that metal

20:36:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love swing

20:36:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: sinatra is one great guy...but well real swing...

20:36:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: well

20:36:30 shredmandan: thats one think about me though i cant listen to any rap

20:36:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:36:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: shredmandan

20:37:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: you call yourself shred man and give us a list of riff orientated metalbands

20:37:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: :) cooooool

20:37:15 rokchik: Rap is an aquired death metal

20:37:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: i started out in a deathmetalband when i was 14

20:37:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:38:19 shredmandan: everyone has there own opinoin and i respect it but i dont respect rap as i feel it doesnt have much talent and doesnt really require real instruments or musicians

20:38:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys wanna see one cool guitarist

20:38:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: perhaps you already know him

20:38:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: but his tone and feel is of the chain

20:39:02 rokchik: See my "metal" taste is what I consider mainstream......Metallica, Megadeath, Sabbath those types of bands. I mean even people who say they hate metal usually like Metallica and Black Sabbath

20:39:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: shredman dan is right...

20:39:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: BUT

20:39:06 shredmandan: dont get me wrong i listened to people like slayer ,morbid angel, ect.The stuffi listed are just what i started out on in rythem and my favorite bands

20:39:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: rap still is made from black people

20:39:22 shredmandan: true

20:39:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: sounds strange perhaps

20:39:30 shredmandan: lol

20:39:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: i respect them all the time

20:39:53 shredmandan: cool

20:39:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: just carry that burden and then well

20:40:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: blacks are cool

20:40:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: i just know a few

20:40:18 rokchik: I don't like what I concider "club rap" which is basically everything you here on the Radio

20:40:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: but all of them are so realxed

20:40:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: rapmusic back in time is really cool i thi9nk

20:40:55 Slammer: Hi Guys!

20:40:56 rokchik: I like guys like Run DMC, KRS1, Common, Public Enemy....people that have something to say besides how big their tires are

20:41:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: since i am a child and fan of the 80s i like stuff like public enemy and ice t and even..well

20:41:11 Slammer: :)
20:41:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: WTF?!

20:41:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: how can i:D

20:41:18 shredmandan: yep thats the only rap i ever listened to like snoop, bone thugs in harmony and dr dre

20:41:23 rokchik: Hey Slammer

20:41:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am a metal instructor:D

20:41:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: hi slammer

20:41:41 Slammer: I bet you like the Beastie boys?

20:41:42 shredmandan: flavor flavvvvvvvvv

20:41:44 Slammer: :D

20:41:45 shredmandan: yes

20:41:45 rokchik: good stuff shredman....I'm ot much into Snoop though

20:41:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: so please answer the asl question would you?

20:41:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: asl = age sex location ;)
20:41:59 shredmandan: i liked doggy style lol

20:41:59 Slammer: me.....

20:42:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: 25 male hannover germany :D

20:42:20 shredmandan: 24 male america lol you?

20:42:41 Slammer: 18 guy US

20:42:41 rokchik: age...30 sex...yes please (sorry Austin Powers joke) Female....location Canada

20:42:51 Slammer: :D

20:42:59 Slammer: I'm a Baby

20:43:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: sex yes please :D:D:D:D

20:43:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: Loooooooooooool
20:43:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: good one

20:43:45 Slammer: DAN!

20:43:49 Slammer: ****slap**

20:43:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: there is a german word id love to bring in :D

20:43:55 rokchik: I try

20:43:57 shredmandan: be carefull

20:44:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: hahaha spankin

20:44:08 Slammer: DAN!

20:44:15 shredmandan: yo

20:44:21 Slammer: I recorded my solo

20:44:29 shredmandan: is it on there to hear

20:44:37 Slammer: yeah...nothing special

20:44:41 Slammer: but it's there

20:44:44 rokchik: Well boys I must go....gotta work in the morning
20:44:56 shredmandan: im going to check it out now then be right back

20:45:05 shredmandan: take care rokchik

20:45:10 Slammer: ok Rokchick

20:45:15 Slammer: cya
20:45:17 rokchik: see ya later

20:45:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: l8ter

20:45:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok lets get the beers ou t

20:45:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: shes gone :D

20:45:49 Slammer: :P

20:46:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: so you guys did practise today?
20:46:26 Slammer: yeah

20:46:31 Slammer: I played some blues

20:46:36 Slammer: :D

20:46:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: coooool^^

20:46:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: ^

20:46:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot type o blues

20:46:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: 12 bar :P

20:46:57 Slammer: for Muris Collab

20:46:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: in a minor

20:47:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah i see

20:47:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: Muris is awesome

20:47:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: like his calmness

20:47:37 Slammer: who would you rather meet.... Muris or Vai?

20:47:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: he looks relaxed all the way

20:47:55 Slammer: LOL dumb Question right

20:48:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: well both

20:48:06 Slammer: hiya Guest

20:48:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: perhabs muris since...what would be the point in meeting vai?

20:48:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: the thing is... if you meet those "idols"

20:48:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: the most stupid thing is to say

20:48:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: Hey you are so cool
20:48:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:49:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: lemme tell you did that a couple of times

20:49:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: and well

20:49:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:49:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: just keep cool^^

20:49:27 Slammer: LOL

20:49:40 Slammer: Vai looks like a pretty nice guy

20:49:43 Slammer: at least on TV

20:49:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah sure

20:49:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: he surely is...

20:50:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: bu tell me one thing you would say to him

20:50:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey cool

20:50:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: nice pair o shoes :D?

20:50:23 Slammer: I would say.... Hey, how are you doing...

20:50:47 Slammer: and he would shoot me with his Laser Guitar

20:50:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: that is a good start for sure:)

20:50:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: LOL

20:51:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: nope

20:51:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: he would say

20:51:13 Slammer: Him and Satch are a Crime fighting Team

20:51:15 shredmandan: good job slammer

20:51:23 Slammer: :P thanks man

20:51:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: "triplets are a matter of three"

20:51:35 Slammer: didin't have much time

20:51:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: and then hover away

20:51:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: like yoda or so:D

20:51:53 Slammer: today is my only day to Record

20:52:02 Slammer: so I had to make do

20:52:27 shredmandan: you did good with what time u had.

20:52:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: ****meow**

20:52:38 Slammer: Well, Thanks man

20:52:43 shredmandan: i will have to get some time so i can work on it

20:52:45 Slammer: Let's hear yours soon

20:52:48 shredmandan: ****whip**
20:52:53 Slammer: tommorrow

20:52:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: ****sausages**

20:52:58 Slammer: Kai

20:53:01 Slammer: Kai!!

20:53:01 shredmandan: i will try to get it worked on tonight

20:53:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?

20:53:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: jawohl?

20:53:11 Slammer: Vai vs. Kai

20:53:16 shredmandan: lol

20:53:20 Slammer: guitar duel

20:53:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: :d:d:d:d:d:d:d
20:53:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot the heck

20:53:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: what could i do :D

20:54:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: play like

20:54:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: a minor and look stupid

20:54:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:54:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: o no

20:54:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: lets take g major

20:54:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: and smile

20:54:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: all the way

20:55:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: i did a nice lil monologue here :/

20:55:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: what guitars you guys play?

20:55:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: 10

20:55:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: 9

20:55:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: 8

20:55:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: 7

20:55:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: 6

20:55:45 Slammer: ok guys I gotta run

20:55:49 Slammer: cya later

20:56:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: k man

20:56:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: hum

20:57:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am so alone

20:59:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok guys im off
20:59:09 shredmandan: hey kai sorry i was busy for the min

20:59:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

20:59:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok then ill stay

20:59:25 shredmandan: cool

20:59:38 shredmandan: so how long have u ben playing again

20:59:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: lloc

20:59:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: guitar?

20:59:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: erm

21:00:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: serious playing since i was like 12

21:00:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: u?

21:00:44 shredmandan: i have been playing seriously for about 11 years

21:01:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
21:01:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: guitar is a great instrument

21:01:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: but also it has been like a curse sometimes to me :D

21:01:39 shredmandan: yesit is my favorite.i do wish i could play drums though

21:01:47 shredmandan: how so?

21:02:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am a perfectionist

21:02:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: always high goals

21:02:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: it only works if the goals are reachable you know;)

21:02:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: teaching helped me to advance also

21:03:02 shredmandan: thats good

21:03:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: because i though a lot about what i say you know?

21:03:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know you could say anything ...its important the guys really listen

21:03:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: and you choose the right words

21:04:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
21:04:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: well

21:04:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: i finally am back on track with line 6 train :)
21:04:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: pod xt kicks butt

21:05:00 shredmandan: you like the line 6

21:05:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: again

21:05:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: i sold my guitapoort

21:05:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: since i had ti get a stand alone unit

21:05:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: and the vamp was better for me back in time

21:06:08 shredmandan: i would like to have some type of guitar port to hook up to my computer

21:06:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: the new update sounds of line6 are insanely close o original

21:06:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: well were is the problem?

21:06:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: and how you wanna generate the sound?`

21:07:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey jvm

21:07:30 JVM: whats going on :)
21:07:40 shredmandan: im broke thats the problem lol and i dont have any experince with using computer guitar equiment like that

21:07:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: hum...

21:07:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: chat :D

21:08:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: you dont need that much money

21:08:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: first think then buy

21:08:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: what are you up to in detail?

21:08:31 shredmandan: so who was your biggest influence on guitar Kai

21:08:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: wow a good one

21:08:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: erm...

21:09:02 shredmandan: what exactly do you mean up to in detail

21:09:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: vai say to be honest

21:09:23 shredmandan: big one

21:09:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: i listened to his tone and had no chance

21:09:41 shredmandan: lol

21:09:58 shredmandan: very hard to get his exact sound

21:10:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: i mean what you wann do with an interface in detail

21:10:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: record a demo or jsut anything without a clear goal

21:10:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: or ?

21:10:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: no not really i think

21:10:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: the sound is not the problem

21:11:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: to get into how he moves his fingers yes:D

21:11:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: hes of the chain

21:11:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: nothin new huh?

21:11:33 shredmandan: well i would love to be able to record and layer my own guitar parts atleast 4 tracks and ofcourse i would need to have some good distortion ,delay ect out of it

21:12:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure

21:12:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: hum...

21:12:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: a good delay to me needs to be analog

21:12:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: but!

21:12:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: WE
21:12:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: HAVE

21:12:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: LINE&

21:12:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:12:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: line6 sry

21:12:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: it should be forbidden to useit

21:13:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: no kidding

21:13:06 shredmandan: from what i have heard line 6 is the way to go

21:13:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: the fx are insan

21:13:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: aight

21:13:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: ****listening to gordon lightfoot - if you could read my mind**

21:14:13 shredmandan: cool

21:14:26 shredmandan: so how long till the next lesson again?

21:15:13 Nick325: hey

21:15:37 shredmandan: Well gys have to go for a few minutes .be back in a little bit see ya

21:15:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: guys i have no clue

21:16:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: ..sry

21:16:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: too much stuff
21:16:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know i am wroking constantly on stuff but the thing is...

21:16:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have to stay on time shedule of other people also
21:16:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats the ting

21:17:04 Nick325: o

21:17:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: status quo - in the army now

21:17:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
21:18:48 Nick325: when u doing a new lesson

21:19:48 Slammer: ****slap**

21:19:51 Slammer: what up

21:20:01 Nick325: kai?

21:20:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: ja

21:20:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?

21:20:17 Nick325: when u doing a new lesson?

21:20:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: i really do appreciate you guys asking me :)
21:20:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: read a bit up there

21:20:39 Slammer: Awww

21:20:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: i answerded a couple o times ;)
21:20:54 Nick325: ya i love ur lessons there awsome \m/

21:21:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx m8

21:21:01 Slammer: Awww

21:21:02 Nick325: i didnt see sry

21:21:05 Slammer: so much love

21:21:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: np

21:21:21 Slammer: ****sniff**

21:21:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: wuzza slammer?

21:21:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:21:32 Slammer: wuzza what

21:21:32 Nick325: when kai

21:21:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: u tell me:D

21:21:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: talking of too much luv

21:21:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: there never can be ;)
21:21:58 Nick325: lol

21:22:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: so i am in germany ...

21:22:20 Victafor: hi kai

21:22:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: its 3.22 now :D

21:22:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: hi vic

21:22:30 Victafor: whens the next lesson comin out..?

21:22:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
21:22:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D:D:D:D

21:22:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: omg

21:22:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: soon

21:22:50 Victafor: lol sry

21:22:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: np

21:23:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am working on it ;)
21:23:06 Victafor: did a lot of ppl ask that already?

21:23:11 Nick325: k

21:23:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: no

21:23:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:23:19 Victafor: lmao

21:23:22 Slammer: JVM stopped talking when I came

21:23:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: ****styx - mr roboto**

21:24:00 Slammer: JVM ****slap**

21:24:02 Slammer: JVM ****slap**

21:24:02 Slammer: JVM ****slap**

21:24:03 Slammer: JVM ****slap**

21:24:09 Slammer: Yep

21:24:27 Victafor: ****whip**
21:24:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: uh a mosquito sting me

21:24:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: or so

21:24:57 Nick325: mosquito bites r itchy

21:25:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: mitches you mean

21:25:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: so do i have the attention of the class

21:25:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?

21:26:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: u guys care for a cool song?

21:26:13 Slammer: we always care

21:26:15 Slammer: :(
21:26:19 Slammer: maybe he didn't

21:26:22 Slammer: :)
21:26:25 Slammer: :(
21:27:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: lol

21:27:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys care for an instructor that always leaves the chat because of internet hickup :D

21:27:58 Slammer: we love Kai

21:28:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: pfffff

21:28:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:28:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool

21:28:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: guys

21:28:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: check this out

21:28:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: the song really means a lot to me

21:28:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: awesome underrated band

21:28:38 Kai Muehlenbruch:

21:29:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: ****silence**

21:31:48 Slammer: VIC

21:32:01 Slammer: Victafor

21:32:09 Slammer: ****slap**

21:32:10 Slammer: ****slap**

21:32:10 Slammer: ****slap**

21:32:11 Slammer: ****slap**

21:32:23 Victafor: yes lol?

21:32:30 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****meow** ****slap** ****whip** ****whip** ****slap** ****meow**
21:32:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: erm

21:32:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: go on:D

21:32:43 JVM: Thats enough!
21:32:44 Slammer: Wake up

21:32:45 Slammer: !

21:32:48 Victafor: im up

21:32:58 Slammer: hey it worked

21:33:05 Slammer: :)
21:33:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: so whats the thing with that harry potter avatar here Slammer?

21:33:44 JVM: hey dude your collaboration was pretty cool

21:33:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: looks like a magician or so

21:33:52 JVM: :)
21:33:53 Slammer: no it stinks

21:33:57 Slammer: I hate it

21:34:09 JVM: its good dude

21:34:11 Slammer: :P

21:34:22 Slammer: JVM knows me, I hate all my stuff right?

21:34:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: well ladies i forwarded a link

21:34:36 JVM: lol

21:34:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: anyone noticed?

21:34:59 Slammer: the Triupmh?

21:35:06 Slammer: however it is?

21:35:27 Slammer: JVM you should Try

21:35:34 Slammer: to so a Collab

21:35:35 JVM: I would if it wasnt full

21:35:39 Slammer: LOL

21:35:42 JVM: i called the next one :p

21:35:44 Slammer: you want my spot?

21:35:46 JVM: muris is a witness lol

21:35:51 JVM: aw shut up lol

21:36:10 Slammer: that's no way to talk to a Officer of the law

21:36:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: Loooooooooool
21:36:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys kik arese

21:36:33 Victafor: lol

21:36:37 JVM: you're just a one of these

21:36:54 Victafor: wtf is this

21:37:03 Victafor: a neutron or somethin?

21:37:07 Slammer: Uranus

21:37:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: pink

21:37:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:37:19 JVM: lol

21:37:21 Victafor: lol

21:37:22 JVM: having a good time kai?

21:37:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: avril lavigne from behind

21:37:31 JVM: lol

21:37:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: not bad huh?

21:37:33 Victafor: ahaha

21:37:47 Slammer: I'm a Angel!

21:37:50 Victafor: well i like some of avril lavingnes songs

21:37:54 Slammer: I play the harp

21:38:03 Slammer: JVM thinks that Avril's hot

21:38:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: LOOOOOOL

21:38:12 Victafor: omg

21:38:13 Victafor: i do too

21:38:14 Victafor: lol

21:38:17 Slammer: he's a american boy

21:38:17 JVM: lol

21:38:21 Slammer: typical

21:38:24 JVM: slammer you make so much shit up :p

21:38:24 Victafor: lmfao

21:38:39 Slammer: but, I never Curse.... Cuz I'm a Angel!

21:38:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: how to change myself into a cool thing

21:38:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: like you guys :(
21:39:14 Slammer: click the two masks next to the Song note

21:39:15 Victafor: lol

21:39:18 Victafor: click on the masks down there

21:39:23 JVM: lol'

21:39:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: my word is the LAW!

21:39:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: IN PINK!

21:39:32 JVM: what are you a pirate?

21:39:37 Victafor: anybody want to buy some crack...?

21:39:42 JVM: lol

21:39:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: :d:d:d:d:d:d:d
21:39:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D:D:D:D:D

21:39:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D:D:D:D:D

21:39:48 Slammer: I'm Moe from the Three Stooges

21:39:49 JVM: uh yeah

21:39:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: omg

21:39:51 JVM: how much

21:39:51 JVM: lol

21:39:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: i fell of the cahir

21:39:57 Victafor: lol

21:40:38 Slammer: Richard Simmons!!!!

21:40:42 JVM: lol

21:40:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: anyone saw poc 3?

21:40:50 JVM: ?

21:40:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:40:56 Slammer: Hey you're MOE too

21:40:57 JVM: i dont know why this is an option

21:41:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: the buttercup is back:D

21:41:09 Victafor:

21:41:10 Slammer: for all the Pansies

21:41:15 Slammer: Like Richard!

21:41:24 Victafor: look at the vid lol

21:41:50 Slammer: that is wrong

21:41:55 Slammer: LOL

21:41:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: i always fail :(
21:42:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: i ahve bad timing

21:43:05 Victafor: why do u keep leavin?

21:43:08 Victafor: is it ure internet?

21:43:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: hello my name is angela merkel

21:43:20 Victafor: dang my icon will not leave till he sells some crack

21:43:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: noone of you guys know me

21:43:30 Victafor: who is angela merkel?

21:43:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i am the ruler of germany :D

21:43:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: wait a second

21:43:47 Victafor: im jason bourne

21:43:55 Slammer: GEN!

21:44:00 Victafor: no!

21:44:03 Victafor: jason bourne

21:44:23 Slammer: wanna come over? My Dad built a New Treehouse!

21:44:23 Kai Muehlenbruch:

21:44:27 Gen: hey ho guys

21:44:30 Gen: hey kai

21:44:35 Slammer: who you callin a Ho?

21:44:38 Victafor: argh ye maties

21:44:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: jo ho

21:44:46 Gen: you slam :D

21:44:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: someone coped my style

21:44:49 Victafor: i found some buried trasure in me mates back yard!!

21:44:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D:D:D:D

21:45:32 Victafor: im always the first to die in the game!

21:45:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: angela merkel = federal councelor of germany

21:45:36 Victafor: oops

21:45:38 Victafor: wrong icon

21:45:44 Gen: lol

21:45:50 Victafor: im always the first to die in the game!

21:45:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: do not play backwards

21:45:58 Victafor: why does the queen get to be soo special..?

21:46:05 Victafor: or the bishop

21:46:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: you must not use c major

21:46:12 Victafor: how come the pawn can only move one space

21:46:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: a good pick is made from clay

21:46:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: wel..

21:46:40 Victafor: lol..?

21:46:53 Slammer: JVM ****slap** ****whip** ****meow** ****meow** ****slap** ****whip** where did ya go?

21:46:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: my word is the law_D

21:47:05 JVM: watching some family guy :D

21:47:10 JVM: <>

21:47:11 Gen: :D

21:47:13 Victafor: family guy own!!

21:47:15 Slammer: your a Daisy!

21:47:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey everybody show me your farkin green cards

21:47:35 Victafor: lmao

21:47:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: whats so funny

21:47:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: at least i am readheaded

21:47:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:48:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys tell me what time is it over there?

21:48:31 Slammer: I am Majesto the Wizard

21:48:40 Gen: its 3:44 am here

21:48:45 Slammer: and I'm Richard Simmons!!!!!

21:48:52 Victafor: 9:48 pm

21:49:00 Victafor: lol

21:49:02 Slammer: 9:48 pm

21:49:13 Victafor: we must not go to askaban!

21:49:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: 3.49am

21:49:17 Victafor: i am harry potta

21:49:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: no i am not

21:49:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am lucius melthoy

21:49:46 Slammer: He's not Spider Pig... He's Harry Popper

21:49:46 Victafor: !!!

21:49:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: slytherin

21:49:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: !!!

21:49:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: house o snakes

21:50:03 Victafor: slytherin &gt;8-(

21:50:06 Victafor: i hate slytherin

21:50:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D

21:50:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah we took you brains out

21:50:26 Victafor: lol dumbledorf hates slytherin too!

21:50:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats y your scar is there

21:50:33 Slammer: JVM and I are gonna have a Duel

21:50:35 Victafor: no!

21:50:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: Dumble dorf
21:50:42 Victafor: not my brain!!

21:50:48 Slammer: Right JVM?

21:50:51 Gen: what kind ofr duel sllam?

21:50:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: mind that "dorf" is the german word for "village"

21:51:00 Victafor: lol

21:51:03 Slammer: we're gonna take two swords....

21:51:07 Slammer: LOL

21:51:08 Gen: lol

21:51:16 Slammer: Were gonna have a Guitar Duel

21:51:19 Slammer: He will Cream me

21:51:28 Slammer: he's the Master MASTER!

21:51:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: who if tis not me :D

21:51:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry

21:51:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: trippin out again

21:51:48 Victafor: lol

21:51:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: too much booze

21:52:20 Slammer: JVM is one of the Best Lead Guitarist on GMC

21:52:29 Slammer: if not THE Best

21:52:34 Slammer: Right JVM

21:52:35 Gen: with me :D

21:52:46 Slammer: ****whip** ****slap** ****meow** ****slap** ****slap** ****whip** ****slap**
21:52:49 JVM: yo!

21:52:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: i took the guitar of alxi laiho

21:52:57 JVM: what are we talking about :p

21:52:59 Gen: i can play guitar and triangle at the same time

21:53:10 Victafor: who is good at guitar?

21:53:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am the black thief one

21:53:12 Slammer: YES GEN and JVM are Tied for the Best on GMC

21:53:23 Victafor: i own them

21:53:32 Gen: how dare you

21:53:34 Slammer: I'm at 12,790

21:53:35 Gen: lol

21:53:36 Victafor: rawr!!

21:53:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: i was thinking of one huge jam track for gmc

21:53:39 Slammer: on the list

21:53:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: involving everyone

21:53:48 Gen: wow

21:53:50 Slammer: Dude

21:53:53 Gen: lol

21:54:01 Slammer: Gen and JVM would own that

21:54:02 Victafor: is the Uncreator any good?

21:54:04 JVM: kai!

21:54:09 Victafor: ive talked to him but ive never heard him play

21:54:09 JVM: as soon as I get my metal muff pedal

21:54:13 JVM: lets do a metal collab :P

21:54:18 Victafor: he seems decent

21:54:22 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!

21:54:24 Gen: yeah

21:54:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: metal sux :D

21:54:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: well

21:54:34 kethcup: what up whatup!

21:54:35 Slammer: no Blues Sux

21:54:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry

21:54:42 Victafor: blues owns

21:54:47 Slammer: No I hate it

21:54:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am harry potter

21:54:51 Gen: lol

21:54:52 JVM: yeah

21:54:54 Slammer: Only Metal for Me

21:54:55 JVM: blues sux

21:54:57 Gen: yeah slam, clapton sucks
21:55:00 JVM: hehe

21:55:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am lucifer

21:55:03 Slammer: I hate him

21:55:06 Gen: lol

21:55:08 kethcup: Metal up your a$$ :)
21:55:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: buttercup

21:55:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: well

21:55:22 JVM: kai, you're having way too much fun with this :D

21:55:24 Slammer: He can't play 1237464895 notes per secong

21:55:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: jan and jim

21:55:32 Slammer: Clapton sucks

21:55:36 Gen: lol

21:55:47 Slammer: Only Yngwie is King

21:55:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: hello

21:55:54 Gen: he cant use his pinky correctly, and he play only on the pentatonic

21:55:55 Victafor: i can play 1237464894 notes per second

21:55:56 Gen: he sucks

21:55:58 kethcup: Clapton is a great guitarest

21:55:58 Slammer: and Rusty is Number one

21:56:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: can i show you how to loose your soul?

21:56:05 Victafor: ah

21:56:09 Victafor: its the devil

21:56:11 Slammer: hey Kethcup

21:56:13 Victafor: dude
21:56:14 kethcup: hey

21:56:15 Victafor: devil

21:56:19 Victafor: you got way too much of tan

21:56:23 Slammer: we're just being Idiots right now

21:56:24 Victafor: thats one nasty sunburn

21:56:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: just gimme some attention

21:56:29 Gen: lol

21:56:29 kethcup: right on

21:56:37 Slammer: Clapton is Actually my Fav guitarists

21:56:41 kethcup: nice

21:56:44 Slammer: I making fun of myself

21:56:46 Slammer: with this

21:56:48 Slammer: LOL

21:56:51 kethcup: :)
21:56:54 Victafor: slammer ure a girl?

21:56:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: clapton is killer

21:56:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: o

21:56:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: damn

21:57:00 Gen: lol

21:57:08 Slammer: Gen why don't you answer that

21:57:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: red brown and green

21:57:16 Gen: answer what?

21:57:22 Slammer: if I'm a Girl

21:57:25 Slammer: :P

21:57:28 Gen: oh yeah

21:57:33 Slammer: LMAO

21:57:33 Gen: slammer is a girl

21:57:36 Gen: caled heidi

21:57:41 Gen: he lives in switzerland

21:57:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: my beard looks like ...wot evers

21:57:42 Slammer: with Blond Hair

21:57:45 Gen: called*

21:57:48 Gen: yeah

21:57:49 Slammer: and I never Grow Old

21:57:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: i still have a cool bandana

21:57:54 Slammer: I'm Swiss

21:58:00 Gen: yeah

21:58:02 Slammer: and I milk Cows

21:58:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: slammer is swiss?

21:58:06 Gen: lool

21:58:07 Slammer: LMAO

21:58:10 Gen: :D

21:58:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: reallyy?

21:58:18 Slammer: yes

21:58:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: mal im ernst?

21:58:23 Gen: actually, im swiss, slammer is from vice city :D

21:58:26 Slammer: Holy cheese
21:58:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: vice city:D:D:D

21:58:34 kethcup: &lt;-- milks himself :?
21:58:35 Victafor: gen

21:58:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: GTA!!!!

21:58:37 Victafor: you said

21:58:39 Gen: lol

21:58:41 Victafor: slammer is a girl

21:58:45 Victafor: he lives in switzerland

21:58:48 Gen: lol jk

21:58:48 Victafor: wtf...?

21:58:50 Slammer: this is the Funnest Chat I've ever been in

21:58:51 Victafor: lol

21:58:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: slammer is a girl

21:58:55 Slammer: JVM you're missing it

21:58:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: me likes girls

21:59:02 Victafor: hehe

21:59:03 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip** ****slap** ****meow**
21:59:07 Gen: lool

21:59:09 Slammer: TO bad I'm a Dude

21:59:12 Gen: llo

21:59:13 Victafor: hey kai

21:59:14 Gen: l

21:59:14 Slammer: :P

21:59:20 Slammer: and I'm Ugly too

21:59:23 Slammer: LOL LOL

21:59:25 Victafor: we are both white guys with bandanas and beards

21:59:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: no someone copid my style again

21:59:28 Victafor: we are tough

21:59:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: i hace to change

21:59:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: to somtehing least expected :D

21:59:41 Gen: i am the oracle now

21:59:44 Victafor: flower

21:59:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am nothing

21:59:54 Victafor: ure a friggen pawn

22:00:02 Victafor: i am nothing

22:00:08 Slammer: Poor kethcup... he came in here to chat about guitars... and we;re being Idiots

22:00:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am one with the univers

22:00:11 Victafor: ha

22:00:19 Gen: lol

22:00:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: the white

22:00:20 Victafor: i have horns

22:00:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: look at the shape i am made of

22:00:34 Victafor: and wings

22:00:39 Gen: lol lol kai

22:00:48 Victafor: ive seen that shape be4

22:00:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: i

22:00:55 Victafor: but i dont know where exactly

22:00:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am

22:00:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: perfect

22:01:02 Slammer: Kethcup!! ****slap**

22:01:04 Victafor: i know

22:01:10 Victafor: you dont even use upstrokes

22:01:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: i just wont move

22:01:16 Gen: lol

22:01:20 Slammer: Kethcup!! ****slap** ****whip** ****slap** ****meow** ****slap** ****whip**
22:01:31 Gen: he had a heard attack

22:01:34 Victafor: ****whip** ****slap**
22:01:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am a white form

22:01:45 Slammer: we must have Scarred him awat

22:01:46 kethcup: sorry, reseting my tremolo

22:01:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: somewotever form

22:01:50 kethcup: what's up?

22:01:55 Slammer: not much you?

22:02:08 kethcup: notta

22:02:09 Victafor: lol

22:02:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: look into the white
22:02:14 Victafor: kai lol

22:02:16 Gen: lol

22:02:16 Slammer: where you from keth?

22:02:21 Victafor: hey guys

22:02:22 kethcup: Denver, CO

22:02:25 Victafor: i gotta go watch family guy

22:02:27 kethcup: USA

22:02:35 Slammer: Cool

22:02:35 Victafor: im from denver co

22:02:36 Gen: kethcup likes lamb of god! right?

22:02:42 Slammer: I'm from the Vice City

22:02:42 kethcup: yep!

22:02:45 Gen: :D

22:02:51 Victafor: kethcup

22:02:54 kethcup: victafor you live in denver?

22:02:55 Gen: yeah, slam is from vice city

22:02:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: sausages

22:02:57 Victafor: im from denver

22:03:00 kethcup: nice

22:03:03 kethcup: where at?

22:03:06 Victafor: u first

22:03:10 kethcup: lol

22:03:12 Slammer: Colorado?

22:03:14 kethcup: yea

22:03:15 Victafor: yep

22:03:19 kethcup: colfax

22:03:20 Slammer: NO WAY!

22:03:24 Victafor: omg me 2

22:03:29 Victafor: im in colfax

22:03:32 Gen: slamm, how was the cocaine buisness today?

22:03:34 Gen: :D

22:03:40 Slammer: Rockies or Broncos?

22:03:42 kethcup: in colfax huh?

22:03:47 Victafor: im the only one who sells crack

22:03:52 kethcup: that's pretty neat considering it's a street

22:03:54 kethcup: lol

22:04:02 Victafor: exactly

22:04:03 Slammer: Rockies or Broncos? who do you guys like?

22:04:08 kethcup: both!

22:04:09 Victafor: i live on colfax

22:04:16 Victafor: st

22:04:20 kethcup: righhhht

22:04:25 Victafor: im the white house

22:04:29 kethcup: lol

22:04:34 Victafor: serious!

22:04:35 Gen: wb

22:04:38 Victafor: go knock on the door

22:04:39 kethcup: that's cool

22:04:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: F U C K

22:04:44 kethcup: I'll be right there!

22:04:47 Victafor: k

22:04:51 Victafor: ill be waiting

22:04:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: how i love to be a metallian

22:04:54 Kai Muehlenbruch:

22:05:05 kethcup: ****slap**
22:05:16 Victafor: lol kai

22:05:21 Gen: lol

22:05:24 Victafor: kethcup im serious

22:06:10 Slammer: are you guys Serious?

22:06:33 Gen: what slam?

22:06:40 kethcup: ok

22:06:43 kethcup: that's cool

22:06:44 Slammer: if you guys really Nieghbors?

22:06:47 Victafor: no

22:06:51 Slammer: :P

22:07:30 kethcup: victafor can you ask your mom if you can come over to play some ball?

22:07:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: you better listen to some real music

22:07:35 Kai Muehlenbruch:

22:07:43 Slammer: u guys should Jam

22:07:47 Slammer: well

22:07:54 Slammer: if you don't mind me asking

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+Quote Post
Sep 3 2007, 07:53 PM
Posts: 1.040
Joined: 23-April 07
From: Stockholm, Sweden
22:07:56 Victafor: lol
22:07:59 kethcup: he doesn't live in denver dude
22:08:07 Slammer: Bitch......
22:08:10 Victafor: lmfao
22:08:12 Victafor: i g2g
22:08:13 kethcup: I've already pinged his isp
22:08:14 Victafor: cya
22:08:16 kethcup: late
22:08:22 Slammer: your going to Jail son
22:08:26 kethcup: lol
22:08:31 Victafor: lol
22:08:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: YO-HO!
22:09:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: Noones going to farkin jale
22:09:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have an "o" as a mouth
22:09:39 kethcup: nice
22:09:42 kethcup: can I use it?
22:09:43 kethcup: lol
22:09:46 Gen: lol
22:09:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: LOOOOOOOL
22:10:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: how can one play an "o" on the guitar
22:10:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: this is all about guitars
22:10:30 kethcup: ummm Open E?
22:10:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: play a 16th line on the "o" string please
22:10:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: then slightly bring in the "z"
22:10:59 Gen: lol
22:11:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: "z" phrygian
22:11:11 Slammer: Kai... can you Explain to us why there is no H note?
22:11:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh ...
22:11:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: serioulsy?
22:11:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: <aäpsegfäi<sgi<s LY?
22:11:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry for bad typing
22:11:35 Slammer: yes we'd love to heat
22:11:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
22:11:47 Slammer: Hear*
22:11:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: the short way would be
22:12:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: h only exists in the german note system
22:12:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: the international thing doesnt cover that
22:12:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: the long version
22:13:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: as far as i know it goes back to a monk that did a mistake in notation
22:13:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: but the thing thats important to us here is to know what note we talk of right ?
22:13:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: so
22:14:05 kethcup: ummm
22:14:05 Slammer: cool thanks
22:14:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: the german system is
22:14:12 kethcup: joke gone bad?
22:14:21 kethcup: *slap*
22:14:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: a-b-h-c- etc.
22:14:31 Slammer: :P
22:14:40 Slammer: I've always wondered that
22:14:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: im sorry?
22:14:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: i did not finish
22:15:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: ...
22:15:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
22:15:29 Slammer: ok
22:15:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: halfsteps u see
22:16:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know the other way?
22:16:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: your way
22:16:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: :P
22:16:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
22:16:33 Slammer: oh yes
22:16:38 Slammer: Jvm wake up!!
22:16:43 Gen: lol
22:16:51 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip* *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
22:16:57 Slammer: LOL
22:17:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: Bb is so cool to say im
22:17:01 JVM: sorry dude :p
22:17:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: beef let
22:17:07 JVM: im a lil busy at the moment
22:17:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: be flat
22:17:10 JVM: but ill be back soon
22:17:15 Slammer: then leave!!!
22:17:18 Slammer: :P
22:17:20 Slammer: LOL
22:17:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: be fat
22:17:23 Slammer: no Prob
22:18:11 JVM: kai have you ever tried a metal muff?
22:18:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: we should invent a special gmc greeting form
22:18:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: metal muff?
22:18:44 Gen: muffin?
22:19:00 JVM: well there is the english muff'n
22:19:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: nope
22:19:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: i use guitar pick cable amo
22:19:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: amp
22:19:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats it
22:19:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:19:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
22:19:39 JVM: lol
22:19:53 Slammer: Metal Muff.... Reminds me of a BLack Pitbull
22:19:54 Gen: hey esaj
22:20:00 Gen: lol
22:20:01 Slammer: ESJ
22:20:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the party is here ;) heyy guys
22:20:07 Slammer: Yep
22:20:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: i ill check put that muff
22:20:17 Slammer: we've got plenty of Ketchup
22:20:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: couple o guy asked me for it
22:20:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: are we playing dress up? :p , lol
22:20:38 Slammer: no... we're the Village people
22:20:44 Gen: yeah :D
22:20:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh
22:20:49 Gen: YMCA
22:20:56 Slammer: I'm the Police
22:21:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: AMCY
22:21:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Kai
22:21:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are 16th notes
22:21:06 Slammer: Kai is the Pirate
22:21:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure i am
22:21:16 Slammer: JVM is the Flower
22:21:20 Gen: lol
22:21:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: everyone listen
22:21:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: !
22:21:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: NOW!
22:21:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: aye aye mate-e
22:21:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: tell me what does the word viking mean?
22:22:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: a large norse soldier who is brave against all
22:22:31 Slammer: Fat guy with Horns
22:22:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:22:35 Gen: looool
22:22:36 Gen: lmao
22:22:39 Slammer: and Braids
22:22:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: gotta luv slmaaer :D
22:22:49 Slammer: we hate SLamma!
22:22:53 Gen: lol
22:22:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Someone tell me what 16th notes are before i hurt the villiage people
22:23:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: 16th notes are one more than 15th notes:D
22:23:28 Gen: lmao
22:23:28 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:29 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:30 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:31 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:31 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:31 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:32 Slammer: LMFAO
22:23:34 Slammer: Great
22:23:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
22:23:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: couldn hold that one back
22:23:57 Gen: 16th notes are 4 notes per beat right?
22:24:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg you all are going to hell !
22:24:08 JVM: lol
22:24:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: me for sure
22:24:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: since i am german
22:24:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: and a viking
22:24:21 Slammer: Not Me!!
22:24:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well anyone in the ymca :p
22:24:32 Gen: in the navy$
22:24:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: so the word "VIKING"
22:24:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: is from the word "wikingr"
22:24:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: which is old german
22:24:58 Slammer: I'm Moe from the three Stooges
22:25:00 Gen: wow, enormous difference :D
22:25:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: and means nothing more than PIRAT
22:25:08 Slammer: hey
22:25:10 Gen: oh okay
22:25:12 Slammer: I'm MOE
22:25:16 Gen: hey, here s my clone
22:25:17 Slammer: not you
22:25:25 Slammer: no your Ringo Star
22:25:28 Gen: lol
22:25:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: wanna be cool too
22:25:47 Gen: lmaoo
22:25:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: everyone folow the trend
22:26:04 Gen: esj
22:26:12 Slammer: ESJ is a real Ladies man I hear
22:26:20 Gen: lol
22:26:25 Gen: *slap*
22:26:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: oliver onions
22:26:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:26:36 Slammer: Hey
22:26:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: bud spencer music
22:26:41 Gen: oh, he s got offended
22:26:47 Slammer: why did he leave?
22:26:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have to set my itune better:D
22:26:52 Gen: no one answered him about 16th notes
22:27:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh sry
22:27:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: that was my part
22:27:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i am the kraut anyways
22:27:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: so
22:27:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: flowerkruat
22:27:35 Gen: i think your answer was god :D
22:27:39 Gen: good*
22:27:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: no gos is ok for me :D
22:27:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: darn
22:27:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: GOD
22:27:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:28:08 Gen: lol
22:28:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: so nun wollen wir mal den sprachvorteil ausnutzen
22:28:24 Slammer: Esj your back
22:28:25 Gen: well, lets be jordan rudess
22:28:30 Slammer: what happened?
22:28:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: wer versteht mich noch ihr nasen?
22:28:39 Gen: ?
22:28:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I hate to go bathroom
22:28:46 Slammer: We thought you got Offended
22:28:47 Slammer: LOL
22:28:50 Gen: lol
22:29:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and I went with the seat down again, which sucks
22:29:20 Slammer: dude
22:29:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so I had to clean it up
22:29:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kai Muehlenbruch: so nun wollen wir mal den sprachvorteil ausnutzen = so now lets use the advantage of speaking foreign language
22:29:38 Gen: lol
22:29:45 Gen: okay i ll speak french
22:29:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kai Muehlenbruch: wer versteht mich noch ihr nasen? = whom of you noses understands a word i say?
22:29:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Mio Parli Italiano ;)
22:30:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: moi ausi
22:30:04 Gen: lol
22:30:07 Gen: aussi*
22:30:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
22:30:14 Gen: :D
22:30:16 Slammer: Ich kann benutzen, Deutsch Zu Übersetzen
22:30:24 Slammer: LOL
22:30:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: cest tres dificicle
22:30:31 Gen: lol
22:30:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: je suis un anne
22:30:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: ane
22:30:36 Gen: no its not :D
22:30:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 16 notes !
22:30:44 Gen: lol, well, u said it
22:30:46 Gen: lol
22:30:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 16th notes !
22:30:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: 57th codes?
22:31:04 Gen: lol
22:31:10 Slammer: ESJ perché la fa va alla Stanza da bagno col Posto giù
22:31:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you all are being reported to the ADMINS ! :{
22:31:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: ai!
22:31:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: for foul foriegn language
22:31:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and sexy talk
22:31:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: je mápelle Kai
22:31:39 Gen: lol
22:31:43 Slammer: not me please....
22:31:45 Slammer: :(
22:31:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and supporting germany
22:31:48 Slammer: :(
22:31:49 Slammer: :(
22:31:49 Slammer: :(
22:31:50 Slammer: :(
22:31:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: je ne parle becoupe de francaise:D
22:32:00 Gen: lol
22:32:05 Slammer: Amo l'Italia
22:32:10 Gen: you re using a translation site kai?
22:32:15 Gen: or u learned it?
22:32:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: nope
22:32:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: i tried to forget about french
22:32:34 Gen: lol
22:32:35 Slammer: ESJ
22:32:42 Slammer: do you Speak Italian?
22:32:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: school was like a huge pain in the ARSE
22:32:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
22:32:51 Gen: :D
22:32:59 Slammer: do you Speak Italian?
22:33:01 Slammer: ESJ
22:33:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: wtf am i a farkin flower
22:33:09 Slammer: *slap*
22:33:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: man i need more whine
22:33:18 JVM: lol
22:33:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: Up and atom!
22:33:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your all in timeout
22:33:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: ATOM ANT!
22:33:33 JVM: kai, this is hilarious :D
22:33:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot?
22:33:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dont talk to me unless you bring worthy knowledge
22:33:47 Slammer: do you Speak Italian?
22:33:49 Slammer: ESJ
22:33:51 Gen: lol
22:33:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am just stupid thats all
22:33:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Your in timeout slammer
22:34:01 Slammer: Amo le Ragazze italiane
22:34:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: i will take a time out and get myself more booze
22:34:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
22:34:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammero ino timeouto
22:34:27 Slammer: LOL
22:34:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: beeing a good instructir n stuff
22:34:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;D
22:34:36 Slammer: Laughing out Loudo
22:34:43 Gen: LMAO
22:34:44 Gen: LMAO
22:34:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: errrrrrrrr
22:35:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bad kitty !
22:35:50 Gen: lol why dont you guys tell him what are 16th notes?
22:36:16 Gen: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip*
22:36:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
22:36:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: 16th notes...
22:36:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: are fast...
22:36:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:37:01 Gen: LMAO
22:37:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
22:37:12 Slammer: Kai isn't a Shredder
22:37:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: i kinda like hit quite a few sometime
22:37:19 Slammer: he needs to Ask Pavel
22:37:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:37:27 Slammer: or Muris
22:37:29 Slammer: IMO
22:37:30 Gen: lol
22:37:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys
22:37:35 Slammer: no offence Kai
22:37:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
22:37:39 Slammer: :)
22:37:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: you seem to know me quite well so far:D
22:38:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: explain what is shred to you?
22:39:44 Slammer: When I said you weren't a Shredder, what I meant is that, it seams like the Lessons that you do are Rthym Lessons and not a lot of Shred
22:39:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure:D
22:40:04 Slammer: you probably are a Shredder
22:40:06 Slammer: IDK
22:40:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: to let the dragon out
22:40:14 Slammer: because I don't know you
22:40:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: pavel and me could be brothers
22:40:27 Slammer: GEN does
22:40:33 Gen: llo
22:40:34 Gen: l
22:40:42 Gen: i know everyone
22:40:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: when i was in his age i got my major deal...
22:41:00 Gen: i created human beings
22:41:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: and that did not made me any better
22:41:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: but tought me a lot
22:41:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: on what is important to do as a guitarist
22:41:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: shredding is real fun
22:42:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: back in time i was all about speed
22:42:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: i worked hard to gain a more accuracy in palying
22:42:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: which is always a good thing to do if you wann a record
22:42:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: imo
22:43:09 Slammer: cool stuff
22:43:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: or do it like other bands and play just one bar then the next
22:43:16 Gen: hey kai, how long have you been playing?
22:43:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: i got an ukulele when i was 3 years old:D
22:43:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: perhaps thats the reason y i cant shred
22:43:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
22:43:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: ,,,
22:44:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: no seriously
22:44:07 Slammer: guitar is NOT all about Shredding as we all Know
22:44:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: i became serious when i was like 12
22:44:29 Slammer: I can't Shred at all
22:44:32 Gen: wow lol thats early
22:44:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: and you dont have to at all
22:44:49 Gen: well, guys i have to ask somthing
22:45:00 Gen: anyone likes potatoes here?
22:45:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: i started with piano at the age of 6 or so
22:45:05 Gen: or peanuts?
22:45:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: but nothing to serious
22:45:10 Slammer: I like Sweet Potatoes
22:45:28 Gen: piano is cool
22:45:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: potatoes are my middlename
22:45:36 Gen: and how about peanuts slam?
22:45:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
22:45:39 Gen: lol
22:45:55 Slammer: JVM *slap* *Meow*
22:45:57 Slammer: JVM *slap* *Meow*
22:45:58 Slammer: JVM *slap* *Meow*
22:45:59 Slammer: JVM *slap* *Meow*
22:45:59 Slammer: JVM *slap* *Meow*
22:46:02 Gen: here we goo
22:46:03 Slammer: he hates me
22:46:05 Gen: lol
22:46:05 Slammer: LOL
22:46:15 Gen: hey joe
22:46:18 Gen: wake up
22:46:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: it is all a matter of ballance
22:46:26 Gen: donni, wake up
22:46:37 Gen: donni darko, wake up
22:46:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D:D:D:D
22:46:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: great movie
22:46:46 Gen: :D
22:46:48 Gen: yeah
22:47:34 Gen: brb
22:47:39 Slammer: ok I gtg
22:47:44 Slammer: talk to ya guys later
22:47:47 Slammer: Bye
22:47:49 Slammer: Byu
22:47:50 Slammer: Byu
22:47:51 Slammer: Byu
22:47:51 Slammer: Byu
22:47:53 Slammer: Bye
22:47:55 Slammer: Bye
22:47:56 Slammer: Bye
22:47:57 Slammer: Bye
22:47:57 Slammer: Bye
22:47:58 Slammer: Bye
22:48:04 Slammer: cya
22:48:20 Slammer: bye......:(
22:48:24 Slammer: bye...... :(
22:48:29 Slammer: anybody
22:48:34 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:40 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:41 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:42 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:43 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:43 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:44 Slammer: *slap*
22:48:53 JVM: im still here bro :p
22:49:20 Slammer: I'll refrain from what I'm about to say
22:49:32 Slammer: cuz it ain;t Polite
22:49:39 Gen: back
22:49:50 Slammer: ok cya Gen
22:49:57 Gen: cya slammer :D
22:51:27 Gen: well guys, its late here, 4:48 am :D so i g2g play a little bit and sleep
22:51:29 Gen: cya all
22:51:33 Gen: *slap*
23:11:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: helllo
23:11:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: chat
23:11:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *whip* *slap* *meow*
23:11:29 JVM:
23:11:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: im sorry gotta take a nap guys
23:12:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: c ya
23:12:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: n8
23:12:13 JVM: you've got to watch that
23:12:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: grossssss
23:13:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im out peace

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