Guitar Chat with Lavendell, Pavel, Kai Muehlenbruch etc. 2007-08-22
Sep 3 2007, 07:57 PM
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05:47:31 Hemlok: hi zakk
05:47:31 ZaKk WyLdE: hey hemlok
05:47:37 ZaKk WyLdE: can u help me out wit sumthin
05:47:44 Hemlok: i will try
05:47:51 ZaKk WyLdE: hmm,am i obliged to elarn with the backing tracks
05:48:15 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz i m learning the Megadeth riffing from Gabe n the backing tracks are at 145bpm n up,n i m new
05:48:20 ZaKk WyLdE: so i can t follow the temp
05:48:24 ZaKk WyLdE: too hard
05:49:36 Hemlok: sorry lost connection
05:49:50 ZaKk WyLdE: i ahve tor eexplain everything?
05:49:53 Hemlok: no you dont need backing track
05:50:01 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:50:09 Hemlok: if you cant follow at that speed you could use a metronome
05:50:12 ZaKk WyLdE: so what are their meanings?
05:50:16 Hemlok: and eventually build your speed up
05:50:29 ZaKk WyLdE: but am i bliged to play the song at 145bpm?
05:50:31 Hemlok: backing tracks are more fun to play with, sounds good
05:50:37 ZaKk WyLdE: can is top n change to an another lesson?
05:50:46 Hemlok: yeah go for it
05:50:53 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:51:00 ZaKk WyLdE: so i dun have to work my speed up
05:51:10 Hemlok: well you will want to im sure :)
05:51:12 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz it s been like 3 days of ahrd work that it ry to build my speed up
05:51:17 ZaKk WyLdE: n it fucks me uop
05:51:29 Hemlok: ah well have a rest and try some different lessons
05:51:37 ZaKk WyLdE: ye
05:51:38 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:51:40 ZaKk WyLdE: thanks
05:51:47 Hemlok: no worries
05:51:49 ZaKk WyLdE: n just one more thing
05:51:54 ZaKk WyLdE: hmm
05:51:57 Hemlok: yep?
05:52:00 ZaKk WyLdE: have u ever played in a band?
05:52:10 Hemlok: no i havnt :)
05:52:23 Hemlok: i have hardly even played much with other people
05:52:28 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:52:29 Hemlok: i dont know any musicians
05:52:35 ZaKk WyLdE: oh so it s okay
05:53:02 ZaKk WyLdE: i justw anted to ask if it was rili hard to play with a band in a show,cuz it should demand a lot of work to stay in the rythm with others of the ban
05:53:29 Hemlok: well im sure it takes a bit of practice
05:53:40 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:53:48 Hemlok: but you will learn good rythm if you just keep at it
05:54:02 Hemlok: thats what backing tracks and metronomes are good for
05:54:12 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
05:54:20 ZaKk WyLdE: but did u elarn megadeth riffing by Gabriel?
05:54:32 Hemlok: nah thats not really of interest to me
05:54:44 ZaKk WyLdE: oh ok
05:54:50 ZaKk WyLdE: what s ur interests?
05:55:11 Hemlok: basically what i want to learn is blues
05:55:17 Hemlok: and i also wanna shred
05:55:32 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:55:40 Hemlok: but lots and lots of practice ahead of me
05:55:45 ZaKk WyLdE: waht do u like bout blues?
05:56:02 ZaKk WyLdE: how many eyars have u been playing guitar?
05:56:21 Hemlok: 3 years, but only been practicing seriously for 6 months or so
05:56:46 Hemlok: i just love the blues, especially old 1920's-1950's blues
05:57:04 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
05:57:09 ZaKk WyLdE: rili old stuff
05:57:17 ZaKk WyLdE: how many hours do u practice per day?
05:58:36 Hemlok: 2-5
05:58:58 Hemlok: but if i drink whiskey, it just puts me to sleep and i dont get much practice in
05:59:11 ZaKk WyLdE: n how many days u use to learn a lesson?
05:59:30 Hemlok: i havnt learnt any lessons yet
05:59:47 Hemlok: i have just been trying to learn scales and make up my own stuff
06:00:03 ZaKk WyLdE: oh ok
06:00:10 ZaKk WyLdE: is it rili important
06:00:15 Hemlok: i will start learning some lessons soon
06:00:23 ZaKk WyLdE: to learn arpeggios,ionian,lydian n all that stuffs?
06:00:26 Hemlok: well it helps you know your way around the guitar
06:00:35 Hemlok: which is a very good thing
06:00:41 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
06:00:50 Hemlok: i have to go sorry, i will talk to you later, good luck
06:00:58 ZaKk WyLdE: so u suggest me to elarn allt eh arpeggios,lydian n all that stuffs?
06:01:03 ZaKk WyLdE: ok bye
06:01:10 Hemlok: start with pentatonic scales, cya
07:14:19 Hemlok: oh hey
07:16:05 ZaKk WyLdE: hey
07:16:13 Hemlok: what you up to?
07:31:55 ZaKk WyLdE: i m viewing the dean web site
07:31:58 ZaKk WyLdE: u?
07:32:05 Hemlok: trying to make a solo
07:32:15 Hemlok: in e minor
07:58:56 ZaKk WyLdE: y do u want to create ur own solo so soon?
08:00:38 Hemlok: it is for a GMC collab
08:00:49 Hemlok:
08:01:46 Hemlok: im also working on a song at the moment and i dont have a solo for it. so i can use all the practice and tips i can get
08:01:52 Hemlok: so the collab's are good
08:06:43 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
08:08:22 ZaKk WyLdE: is it hard to create a solo?
08:08:31 ZaKk WyLdE: u gotta learn all the scales right?
08:08:38 ZaKk WyLdE: it s not a obligation but it s better rite?
08:13:18 ZaKk WyLdE: hey u der?
08:21:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: hello @ all
09:43:50 Hemlok: hi dan
09:44:10 Hemlok: finished my recording zakk :)
09:44:12 Hemlok:;#entry55586
09:44:53 shredmandan: hey dude
09:48:45 shredmandan: good job hemlok
09:49:00 Hemlok: thanks, maybe would be better if i wasnt tired and drunk
09:49:11 shredmandan: drunk usally helps lol
09:49:18 Hemlok: not tired tho
09:49:28 shredmandan: true those to are a bad mix
09:49:42 shredmandan: im working on muris track right now
09:49:55 Hemlok: yeah the blues one right?
09:50:28 shredmandan: i destroyed my middle finger though yesterday on lavendells lesson.Vibrato like marucs style always ripps the skin right off when i play it
09:50:33 shredmandan: yep
09:51:04 Hemlok: oh ok
09:51:15 Hemlok: cool hopefully i can get in on the next collab
09:51:22 Hemlok: i need more practice
09:51:39 shredmandan: it filled in les than 5 min
09:51:50 Hemlok: gee whizz
09:52:23 Hemlok: i will try ask him to save me a spot :P since i did buy his cd yesterday lol
09:52:41 shredmandan: lol that should count for something right
09:52:57 Hemlok: id like to think so
09:53:59 shredmandan: b bak in a sec
09:54:08 Hemlok: ok
09:56:16 shredmandan: ok. man my guitar is driving me keeps slipping out of tune at the bottom strings and i have a real ear for that sort of soon as i hear its just a hair off tune i cant play till its back but it keeps slipping.
09:56:42 Hemlok: oh yeah, i have same problem
09:56:49 Hemlok: except mine doesnt slip out of tune
09:57:08 Hemlok: is it an old guitar?
09:57:36 shredmandan: i need to change strings but i hate doing it.also i have to go get my guitar set up.the intonation is out from where i installed a new bridge and didnt adjust it right.It sounds horrible especially past 12 frets . well yep its about 10 years old
09:58:14 Hemlok: oh ok
09:58:38 Hemlok: might need a pro set up and some fresh strings :)
09:58:48 Hemlok: and some fresh locking machine heads :O
09:59:20 shredmandan: im really close to buying a new guitar.but i cant decide if i want to buy a 7 string or not.I need something new but i feel like i dont want to make a mistake and buy a 7 string that will be harder for me to solo on.but man it would be great for my rythem playing
09:59:54 Hemlok: yeah, i dont see how it would be harder to solo on?
10:00:03 Hemlok: whats the tuning for a 7 string
10:00:14 shredmandan: definatly needs a pro setup i have a dude that does a awesome job every time only thing is i cant stand to leave my guitar for over a week.u know u cant go that long without your guitar lol
10:00:44 shredmandan: standard but the top stringis like A i think very low and heavy.perfect for the low metal stuff i like to polay
10:00:46 Hemlok: yeah, thats why i have 5
10:00:50 Hemlok: always got a backup eh
10:01:36 shredmandan: i used to but got broke many times in life i have had over 20 guitars since istarted but now only have 1 electric and one acoustic.sold many when i was a kid and recently the rest on ebay lol
10:02:16 Hemlok: but why?
10:03:34 shredmandan: because i have had bills to pay that i had no other way to get by.I wish i never had to especially the 1941 martin and recently the Jackson dk2 skulls.i will have to post a pic of that guitar for everybody on was amazing
10:03:57 Hemlok: oh i seen that guitar
10:04:06 Hemlok: when i bought my jackson warrior, i was eyeing that one off
10:04:19 shredmandan: u have a jackson warrior
10:04:20 Hemlok: its pretty :)
10:04:30 Hemlok: yeah i got a js30wr
10:04:42 Hemlok: its so boring next to my les paul
10:04:47 Hemlok: but good for metal
10:04:48 shredmandan: would u post a pic of it sometime so i could check it out
10:05:19 shredmandan: well it's not a les paul thats for sure .and the paul suits your style much more
10:06:18 Hemlok: yeah i will post a pic sometime, i will write down so i dont forget
10:06:26 shredmandan: cool
10:08:39 Hemlok: i think i might go to bed
10:09:14 Hemlok: or just lay in bed and play harmonica
10:09:23 shredmandan: take care'
10:10:30 Hemlok: cya later dan, and zakk if he returns
10:23:10 Iluha: Hello *slap*
10:32:23 shredmandan: hello
10:33:02 shredmandan: *whip*
10:33:20 Kurt: bonjour
10:33:35 shredmandan: hello kurt
10:33:47 Kurt: whats up today?
10:34:46 Kurt: you talked bout guitars?^^
10:34:52 shredmandan: yep
10:35:02 shredmandan: i am working on muris track
10:35:25 Kurt: ah cool which one?
10:35:52 shredmandan: the collaberation where we make are own solo's over his backing track
10:36:26 Kurt: yeah thats cool
10:37:09 Kurt: what guitar are u playing?
10:38:18 shredmandan: im using a fender deluxe stratocaster,but is making me mad because the intonation is out from wherei installed a new bridge and didnt get the action and intonation adjusted correctly.I have to take it to a pro to aset up
10:38:37 shredmandan: i have a dude that does it very good but hate not having my guitar for a week
10:38:57 Kurt: yes I konw that problem^^
10:39:11 Kurt: thats the reason why I have tw0 guitars lol
10:39:36 shredmandan: i did. have had many but many times been stuck selling them to pay bills
10:40:37 Kurt: ah ok yes
10:40:43 Kurt: I have a les paul(epiphone) and a strat
10:40:53 Kurt: I just bought the strat....
10:41:04 Kurt: its a fender classic player 50s
10:41:17 shredmandan: just sold a les paul a week ago on Ebay.Not a Gibson but it was nice
10:41:18 Kurt: you know that series?^^
10:41:33 shredmandan: is it a 50's reissue
10:41:53 Kurt: yes
10:41:59 Kurt: relly cool and quite cheap^^
10:42:38 shredmandan: cool
10:42:38 Kurt: but I think I am more a typical les paul player
10:42:55 Kurt: it fits more to my style I think
10:44:57 shredmandan: i need a metal guitar like the Jackson i had to sell a few months ago.Maybe even a seven string while im wishing lol
10:46:03 Kurt: I would like to have an esp
10:46:15 shredmandan: very cool
11:49:17 Victafor: hello
11:50:01 Kurt: hi
11:50:49 Kurt: how are you?
11:51:45 Kurt: *whip*
12:11:01 Nick325: yo
12:11:15 Iluha: hey nick
12:11:17 Nick325: *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip*
12:11:20 Nick325: sup
12:11:36 Iluha: All good just came back from a swim :) , and yourself?
12:11:51 Nick325: nothing
12:12:39 Nick325: im in 2 collabs so i gotta get them done
12:12:50 Nick325: or get ideas
12:12:56 Iluha: I can never get in a collab
12:13:07 Iluha: because it gets filled after two minutes :P
12:13:57 Nick325: lol you gotta check quick
12:14:06 Nick325: i just made it into the harmonic minor one
12:14:33 Iluha: Doesn't matter really, since for now I lack any means of recording
12:14:43 Nick325: o
12:15:28 Iluha: Well I gots to go, cya man and good luck with that collab :)
12:15:45 Iluha: *whip*
12:28:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: hmmmmmmmmmm
13:36:10 rockownz: Hey everyone!
13:36:38 rockownz: Im asking about one thing.. i just got GMC working but i don't know how to use "live guitar lessons" could anybody help ? ?
13:37:22 rockownz: I mean how can I open the window so I could see fingers better :)
14:40:24 shredmandan: hey man
14:40:56 shredmandan: u there vic
14:41:09 shredmandan: *meow* *whip*
14:41:20 Victafor: hi
14:41:29 Victafor: dang i g2g
14:41:35 Victafor: lol just as you start talkign
14:41:38 Victafor: talking
14:41:44 Victafor: ill c ya
14:41:55 Victafor: *meow* *whip*
14:42:06 shredmandan: bye
15:40:08 Nick325: yo
15:40:40 Kurt: hi
15:40:45 Kurt: whats up?
15:51:28 Nick325: nmu
15:51:46 Kurt: sorry what?
15:52:46 Nick325: nothing much u
15:54:02 Kurt: ah ok ;)
15:54:12 Kurt: what are u practicing?
15:54:18 Nick325: sweeping
15:54:22 Kurt: cool
15:54:26 Nick325: u
15:54:58 Kurt: ähmmm....such speedpicking stuff
15:55:06 Kurt: alt picking exercices
15:55:13 Kurt: and yngwie lessons
16:04:52 lavendell: Hey guys!
16:04:52 Nick325: marucs!!!!!!!!!
16:05:04 lavendell: Hi Nick! What's up? :)
16:05:06 Kurt: hey marcus!
16:05:11 Nick325: nmu :)
16:05:12 lavendell: Hello Kurt!
16:05:19 lavendell: huh?
16:05:27 Nick325: nothing much u
16:05:37 lavendell: hehe... sorry!
16:05:41 Nick325: its ok
16:05:43 lavendell: nm here too
16:05:46 Kurt: I also didnt understand lol ^^
16:05:59 Nick325: just some internet language lol
16:06:04 lavendell: Hey, check out my new collaboration
16:06:07 Kurt: yes I know^^
16:06:18 Kurt: yeah I will do^^
16:06:23 lavendell: cool :P
16:06:50 Kurt: ;)
16:07:02 Nick325: h/o
16:07:10 Nick325: idk if i should join im already i two
16:07:43 lavendell: what? of course you should join in nick
16:07:48 lavendell: why not?
16:08:00 Nick325: is it gunna be due soon
16:08:42 lavendell: what do you mean?
16:08:56 Nick325: or u gunna want it to be put together soon or do i have some time
16:09:42 Nick325: k ill join marcus
16:09:52 Nick325: this is the 4th collab posted today
16:10:08 jeff: Hey guys
16:10:15 lavendell: Hey Jeff!
16:10:32 jeff: Marcus I just signed up for your collaboration
16:10:37 lavendell: Nick - the collab will take as long time as it needs... no deadline
16:10:50 Nick325: ok since its my third one
16:10:51 lavendell: Great Jeff! That's awesome! You're in
16:11:06 jeff: I'm gonna give up wallimans to do this one
16:11:24 Nick325: u can do both
16:11:27 jeff: Marcus what POD file were you thinking of
16:11:39 lavendell: Yeah, I'll post it a.s.a.p
16:11:47 Nick325: marcus can you post the pod file so i can download it
16:11:57 lavendell: Do you have any ideas for the song already? ;)
16:12:12 Nick325: what key is it marcus
16:12:32 jeff: I was thinking of same more samples from Kris like you had already done
16:13:15 lavendell: ok, sure!
16:13:31 lavendell: can you find some cool samples from his lessons maybe?
16:13:53 Nick325: how bout we make it dedicated to kris for all his hard work
16:13:54 lavendell: Nick, It's Drop-D tuning
16:14:00 jeff: Sure I think I can. He's got some stuff on UG too.
16:14:11 jeff: do you want .wav or mp3
16:14:15 lavendell: great! :)
16:14:26 Nick325: good idea eh? lol
16:14:29 lavendell: I prefer .wav (better quality)
16:14:48 lavendell: Awesome idea Nick!
16:15:15 lavendell: I hope he approves us stealing his voice though :)
16:15:16 jeff: Marcus, how about the guys who sings Winding Roads - he's incredible
16:15:44 jeff: yeah - we should ask him if he's ok with it. I'll do that.
16:16:56 lavendell: the Winding Roads singer is my friend Martin
16:17:05 lavendell: you want him to sing on this song?
16:17:11 lavendell: I can ask him..
16:17:45 lavendell: Hi Shreddie!!
16:18:00 jeff: yeah that guy is good man. I listen to that song all of the time. Even this morning.
16:18:18 lavendell: hehe... awesome!
16:18:27 lavendell: You should check out his band
16:18:52 jeff: do you have anymore songs like that posted somewhere with you playing?
16:19:22 lavendell:
16:20:02 jeff: cool. I'll check it out!
16:20:11 lavendell: Sorry Jeff... Hostile Cell is not me playing... it's Martin
16:20:34 lavendell: I'm recording their CD now
16:20:56 jeff: ok too bad though. You really inspire me with your guitar and writing
16:21:06 lavendell: really? thanks man
16:21:35 ezravdb: cool crowded here
16:21:41 jeff: Oh hell yeah man. I wish I had that strat of yours!:D
16:22:04 ezravdb: yeah lavendell you play really smooth
16:22:10 ezravdb: like you got it all under control
16:22:20 ezravdb: really awesome
16:22:24 Nick325: your vibrato gave me chills once :D
16:22:31 ezravdb: that too
16:23:02 ezravdb: that new collaboration is a god idea btw
16:23:05 ezravdb: good*
16:23:08 ezravdb: godly lol
16:23:09 Nick325: join dude
16:23:30 jeff: hey ezra I like your video
16:23:38 ezravdb: which hehe
16:23:42 ezravdb: AC/VH?
16:23:48 lavendell: Hey ezravdb, thanks man! are you in on the new collab?
16:23:59 ezravdb: yeah man !
16:24:04 ezravdb: how will it work?
16:24:14 ezravdb: shall I make all te guitars or just pieces like chorus
16:24:18 ezravdb: or a few riffs
16:24:19 lavendell: Great! Just send me your ideas
16:24:28 ezravdb: allright :)
16:24:36 Kurt: hey guys I am not very familiar with that collab things....
16:24:39 lavendell: send me anything you think might fit this song
16:25:04 Kurt: ah ok
16:25:09 lavendell: Kurt, we'll figure out the details as we go along
16:25:18 Kurt: I would do that but....
16:25:20 lavendell: are you interested in participating?
16:25:25 jeff: Harmony guitar leads somewhere would be cool
16:25:31 Kurt: I don´t have any recording material :(
16:25:32 ezravdb: great idea!!
16:25:46 ezravdb: not even a headset?
16:25:51 ezravdb: :(
16:26:04 lavendell: can you write tabs, Kurt?
16:26:06 Kurt: oh....a headset lol
16:26:09 jeff: get reaper - it's free
16:26:19 Kurt: yeah and I have a headset^^
16:26:29 Kurt: ok I will try^^
16:26:32 Kurt: thx
16:26:39 ezravdb: cool
16:27:00 lavendell: cool! I'm sure ezravdb can play your riffs then for the song!
16:27:04 lavendell: right? ;)
16:27:16 ezravdb: haha ofcourse , yes sir :)
16:27:19 ezravdb: ;P
16:27:27 Kurt: lol
16:27:39 Kurt: I said I will try ;)
16:28:04 Kurt: I ´ll do my best :)
16:28:13 ezravdb: the "are you ready" is cool
16:28:19 ezravdb: it could be are theme song hehe
16:28:51 Nick325: were dedicating it to kris
16:28:54 jeff: can you sample that and play it on the keyboard somehow?
16:29:14 ezravdb: as an effect?
16:29:23 ezravdb: some kayboards has memory
16:29:43 ezravdb: yo batista
16:29:45 Batista: Hello!
16:29:47 jeff: yeah effect or change the pitch of the voice via plug-ins
16:30:13 Batista: Whats up?
16:30:35 ezravdb: were discussing the collaboration of lavendell
16:30:41 Batista: Aha okei=)
16:30:44 lavendell: It will rock!!
16:30:49 ezravdb: out loud
16:31:02 Batista: Can't wait : )
16:31:07 jeff: Hi Batista - you interested?
16:31:27 Batista: I ain't good enough=P
16:31:39 Nick325: thats a bad spirit
16:32:12 Batista: Haven't played for more than 4 and a half month, and haven't been on this site for more than one, so I haven't learned anything before the last month=P
16:32:49 Batista: But I always tells myself I can do that and do this, so I hope that kind of evens my bad attitude=P
16:33:04 Nick325: so then try it
16:33:21 lavendell: Batista, maybe you can write lyrics?
16:33:24 ezravdb: you can atleast send your ideas :P
16:33:24 Nick325: its not like u have to write a super hard solo were writing a song
16:33:50 Nick325: ive got so marcus
16:33:54 Nick325: u ready????/
16:33:55 ezravdb: "are your ready to go from zero to hero :P
16:33:57 ezravdb: "
16:34:14 Batista: Yeah of course=) I will look at it tomorrow, but I ain't that good with scales yet either=P I know a few, but not how to use them properly yet=\
16:34:26 jeff: Marcus how should we send ideas via PM?
16:34:45 ezravdb: if you post everyone can see it
16:34:51 Nick325: lets not post them cause then kris will see it
16:34:58 Nick325: and lets suprise him with it
16:34:59 Batista: ^^
16:35:20 jeff: He'll see this chat log already so cat is out of the bag
16:35:29 ezravdb: yeah...
16:35:32 Nick325: dang it
16:35:32 ezravdb: :(
16:35:38 ezravdb: darn :P
16:35:50 Nick325: maybe he can pretend to forget about
16:35:51 Nick325: it
16:35:55 Nick325: :P
16:36:02 ezravdb: thatsnot fun lol
16:36:08 Batista: God damn, pushed wrong button^^
16:36:15 jeff: Actually, I hope that he want's to participate
16:36:21 Nick325: ok then it wont be a surpirise
16:36:23 ezravdb: yeah sing or something
16:36:26 Batista: But my super major problem will be that I don't have PODxt^^
16:36:44 ezravdb: as levendell says in his topic he can fix that
16:36:56 ezravdb: with running the clean sound through his pod
16:37:02 Nick325: i dont have podxt
16:37:11 ezravdb: or someone has to play your stuff
16:37:15 Nick325: i have toneport so it doesnt matter cause we all have the gearbox thing
16:38:05 Batista: Yeah, I can try to put the jack straight into the soundcard and record that way..
16:38:10 ezravdb: yup
16:40:08 Batista: By the way ezra, your lessons rocks donkeyballs!! Love them =)
16:40:17 jeff: Hey ezra do you have a Paul Gilbert instructional DVD you recommend?
16:40:25 ezravdb: Intense Rock
16:40:29 ezravdb: thanks batista :)
16:40:37 Nick325: do u have it
16:40:38 ezravdb: already saw AC/VH?
16:40:41 ezravdb:;#entry55634
16:40:41 ezravdb: its here
16:40:47 Batista: Yes I have=)
16:40:51 ezravdb: yeah I saw it
16:41:00 ezravdb: there are also videos on youtube from it
16:41:22 ezravdb: Intense Rock 1 is mostly licks
16:41:28 Nick325: is it good
16:41:33 ezravdb: and Intense Rock 2 is more techniques
16:41:45 ezravdb: en then you have Guitars from Mars mor einto theory
16:41:48 jeff: I keep forgetting about youtube...:o
16:41:53 ezravdb: yup they're pretty interesting
16:43:04 ezravdb: Paul gilbert also did lessons in Guitar World I rhink
16:43:12 ezravdb: either Guitar one or gitasr world
16:43:22 ezravdb: I think it was guitar world lol
16:44:02 ezravdb: My teacher at home is subscrived to guitar techniques and guitar world and also has lots of guitar one's
16:44:10 ezravdb: He always lend them out to me
16:44:13 ezravdb: great fun
16:44:33 Batista: How long have you been playing guitar ezra?
16:44:46 jeff: Guitar world has Steve Vai and Satch this month. Pretty good
16:45:07 ezravdb: almost 1 year at gmc
16:45:19 ezravdb: and half year without
16:45:33 Nick325: i got the november issue alreayd
16:45:42 ezravdb: in december I have my guitar officialy 2 years :P
16:45:45 jeff: I can't believe how good you are for 1 year. You must practice all of the time
16:45:49 Batista: Ahh okey, so total of 1 1/2 year then? And your are 91 right?^^
16:46:03 ezravdb: 15 lol
16:46:11 Batista: Born in 91 then? lol
16:46:15 ezravdb: yes:P
16:46:19 ezravdb: haha
16:46:23 Batista: ^^
16:46:26 Nick325: ezra were born on the same day
16:46:53 Batista: Then your are one year older than me, so I still have some time to reach your^^
16:46:55 jeff: Gotta go guys - take it easy
16:47:05 ezravdb: see ya later jeff
16:47:05 Nick325: cya jeff
16:47:07 Batista: See you mate
16:47:51 ezravdb: I lately bought myself an eletric battery from yamaha
16:47:54 ezravdb: drums
16:48:01 ezravdb: the yamaha dd 55
16:48:09 ezravdb: is suck great fun!
16:48:14 ezravdb: such* lol
16:48:18 ezravdb: haha
16:48:22 Nick325: lol
16:48:24 Batista: Cool! So now you can be a "One Man Ban' " right?^^
16:48:38 ezravdb: hmm almost
16:48:48 Kurt: Hey I play also drums :)
16:48:58 Kurt: and piano lol
16:49:00 Batista: Cool =)
16:49:10 ezravdb: I can play jump from van halen on keyboard :P
16:49:16 Kurt: cool^^
16:49:19 ezravdb: great riff
16:49:20 Nick325: nic
16:49:24 Nick325: e
16:49:25 Kurt: I have no keyboard :(
16:49:32 Nick325: i do but i dont play it
16:49:48 Batista: Haha^^
16:50:04 Nick325: well because someone was throwing it out
16:50:09 ezravdb: If you ever wana practice polyphonic tapping you can use the keyboard to get used to it
16:50:10 Nick325: but its in perfect condition
16:50:18 Nick325: like never used
16:50:23 ezravdb: niceeee
16:50:28 Kurt: so you wanna sell it to me lol
16:50:31 Kurt: joke^^
16:50:37 Nick325: lol im a junk collector
16:50:44 Kurt: lol
16:50:47 ezravdb: lol
16:51:02 ezravdb: my mom cant stand junk
16:51:12 ezravdb: in my room
16:51:31 ezravdb: its pretty cool actually
16:51:39 Nick325: same here dude
16:51:44 ezravdb: when its a mess she always cleans it because she cant stand it haha
16:51:59 ezravdb: I dont have to do anything
16:52:09 ezravdb: ^^
16:52:26 Batista: I got scared to death tonight! I had a scary nightmare about a dude cutting peoples hands of, and then I suddenly woke up because something where "falling" down on my bed, and I realized my hand was moving by itself, and I couldn't control it, so I got scared to death because I thought that one of the hands the nightmare-dude cutted of felt down on my bed^^
16:52:42 ezravdb: OMG
16:52:45 Nick325: lol
16:52:52 Kurt: wowowowowow lol
16:52:59 ezravdb: I would shit my bed lol
16:53:01 Batista: It was seriously kick-ass scary!
16:53:26 ezravdb: anyways I gotta go, Ive got to go to crappy work ealy tomorrow
16:53:32 ezravdb: early
16:53:35 ezravdb: see ya guys later
16:53:38 Batista: Think i blacked out or something because i didn't woke up untill morning^^
16:53:40 Kurt: bye
16:53:41 Batista: See you dude!
16:53:46 ezravdb: bye :)
16:53:48 Davidian: Cya
16:53:51 Batista: Bye bye
16:54:24 Batista: Gotta go too, cya guys
16:54:31 Kurt: ok cu
16:54:51 Nick325: i would jump out of bed and start smacking it against the wall lol
16:55:03 Batista: I nearly did^^
16:55:10 Kurt: yeah of course lol
16:55:16 Kurt: I can image^^
16:55:17 Batista: I seriously shat my pants!
16:55:37 Kurt: na comment lol
16:55:40 Batista: Would be fun to see my parent reaction if I stood there smashing my hand into the wall^^
16:55:47 Nick325: ya lol
16:55:59 Batista: But bye
16:56:03 Nick325: cya dude
16:56:08 Kurt: ok see ya
16:56:28 Kurt: from where are you?
16:56:35 Batista: Me?
16:56:43 Kurt: everyone here :)
16:56:47 Batista: Norway
16:56:52 Kurt: cool
16:56:56 Batista: And you?
16:57:02 Kurt: austria :)
16:57:07 Batista: Cool
16:57:13 Batista: : )
16:57:30 Kurt: so we have nearly the same time ;)
16:57:42 Batista: Yeah, clock is 22:57 here
16:57:49 Kurt: yeah exactly
16:57:52 Kurt: here too
16:58:02 Batista: Exact same time then=)
16:58:08 Kurt: yep
17:00:02 Nick325: new york
17:02:05 Nick325: gtg record stuff
17:23:57 shredmandan: hello all
17:24:54 shredmandan: so who r u waiting for kurt?
17:35:19 Nick325: slammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:38:08 Slammer: *slap(
17:38:12 Slammer: *slap*
17:38:33 Kurt: yoyoyoy
17:38:38 Kurt: slow down lol
17:38:48 Slammer: Cobain....could it be??
17:39:01 Kurt: yep ;)
17:39:10 Slammer: u suck
17:39:12 Slammer: LOL
17:39:13 Slammer: :P
17:39:15 Slammer: JK JK
17:39:26 Kurt: lol
17:39:32 Slammer: Kurt
17:39:35 Slammer: whats up
17:39:40 Slammer: Can't chat long
17:39:43 Kurt: nothing.....
17:39:45 Slammer: just checking in
17:39:55 Slammer: gotts to go cook
17:40:31 Kurt: ok
17:40:35 Slammer: cya
17:40:37 Slammer: Around
17:40:40 Slammer: bye
17:40:46 Kurt: bye
17:48:09 Kurt: hey
17:48:25 Kurt: *slap*
17:48:27 Nick325: hey
17:48:38 Kurt: whats up?
17:48:48 Nick325: guitar u
17:48:57 Kurt: not lol
17:49:02 Nick325: lol
17:49:20 Kurt: I am too lazy and too sad now lol
17:49:53 Kurt: for pacticing^^
17:50:00 Nick325: y u sad
17:50:10 Kurt: ohoh.....
17:50:21 Kurt: don´t ask^^
17:50:31 Kurt: its bout my girlfriend^^
17:50:44 Kurt: troubles in relationship
17:50:52 Nick325: o :(
17:50:56 Kurt: Biiiiiiigg troubles lol
17:51:01 Nick325: like wat
17:51:14 Kurt: like quitting it ;)
17:51:20 Nick325: o :(
17:51:25 Kurt: yep
17:51:41 Kurt: but i am still married with my guitar lol
17:51:54 Nick325: good choice lol
17:52:06 Kurt: she never quits ;)^^
17:52:12 Kurt: the guitar
17:52:21 Nick325: lol
17:52:24 Kurt: but she has no name until now lol
17:52:33 Kurt: yours?
17:52:40 Nick325: nah
17:53:04 Kurt: you know B.B king?
17:53:20 Kurt: his guitar is called lucille lol ^^
17:53:30 Kurt: did you know?
17:53:54 Nick325: nope
17:54:16 Kurt: now you know
17:54:26 Kurt: very important ;) ^^
17:54:30 Nick325: yep
17:54:54 Kurt: what are u playing?
17:55:47 Nick325: coming up with stuff for collabs
17:55:59 Kurt: cool
18:02:43 Nick325: so
18:02:56 Kurt: what now? :)
18:03:10 Nick325: idk we talked about guitar
18:03:26 Nick325: i think thats wat were supposed to do
18:03:37 Kurt: of course ;)
18:04:18 Kurt: so what style do you prefer ?
18:05:17 Nick325: wat u mean
18:06:29 Kurt: style?
18:06:42 Nick325: o hardrock/classic rock n blues
18:06:48 Kurt: cool
18:06:54 Kurt: the same as me :)
18:06:59 Nick325: :D
18:07:18 Kurt: and I like also a litle metal and stonerrock
18:07:26 Nick325: ya a little
18:07:34 Kurt: ;)
18:07:45 Kurt: how long you play?
18:07:49 Kurt: guitar?
18:07:50 Nick325: ;) ;)
18:07:54 Nick325: 3 years u
18:07:58 Kurt: 1
18:08:12 Kurt: but very much :)
18:08:25 Nick325: its the hours not the years :D
18:08:36 Kurt: yeah lol
18:08:45 Kurt: were you here last time?
18:08:51 Kurt: as I said that?
18:09:06 Nick325: probly
18:09:18 Nick325: i read that from pavel
18:09:25 Kurt: yeah me too
18:09:40 Kurt: originally I think batio
18:09:51 Kurt: its from batio i think^^
18:10:54 Nick325: probly
18:11:07 Kurt: yep
18:11:21 Kurt: but I don´t really like batio^^
18:12:12 Nick325: know doubt hes got skills but i dont like that music
18:12:25 Nick325: its just play as fast as u can
18:12:34 Kurt: yeah exactly^^
18:12:52 Kurt: he forgets melody and rhythm^^
18:13:00 Nick325: yep
18:13:11 Kurt: its all about skills and speed at his playing
18:13:40 Nick325: even though the double guitar solo is sick
18:13:59 Kurt: yeah of course sick ;)
18:14:11 Nick325: yep :D
18:14:22 Kurt: but you can´t hear it when you wana listen to good music lol
18:14:31 Nick325: nioe
18:14:33 Nick325: nope
18:14:54 Nick325: o wait i mean yep
18:14:55 Nick325: lol
18:15:10 Kurt: lol
18:16:49 Nick325: *meow*
18:19:30 Nick325: gtg ttyl
18:19:30 Kurt: yes?
18:19:45 Kurt: what?^^
18:19:57 Nick325: got to go talk to you later
18:19:58 Nick325: lol
18:20:02 Kurt: pls not too much web language lol
18:20:11 Kurt: ok bye
18:20:15 Nick325: cya
18:49:19 JVM: hey hey
18:49:39 Pavel: evening there!!! :)
18:49:50 JVM: how late is it over there pavel? lol
18:50:28 Pavel: sleepy :D
18:50:33 JVM: hehe
18:50:35 Pavel: 00:50
18:50:38 JVM: ah
18:50:41 JVM: hey kai
18:50:51 Kurt: oh hi guys :)
18:50:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey there
18:50:54 JVM: hey kurt
18:51:02 Pavel: JVM: your time
18:51:06 Pavel: ?
18:51:11 JVM: 18:51
18:51:12 Kurt: 00:51
18:51:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: all in ballance
18:51:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: it is all a matter of ballance
18:51:27 JVM: 6:51
18:51:29 Kurt: I am from austria
18:51:37 JVM: haha kai
18:51:42 Pavel: Kai Muehlenbruch is that Morpheus i hear talking?? hahahaha
18:51:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: did you see his myspace stuff
18:51:56 JVM: whose?
18:52:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: Looooooooool
18:52:15 Pavel: kai - cut the cr....
18:52:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: no
18:52:36 Pavel: i'll send my dragon to eat you :D
18:52:44 Kurt: lol
18:52:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: if i ask somethnig about guitar or so
18:52:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: i usually get no attention
18:53:07 JVM: <--- watching batio play rainforest
18:53:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: so i try some psycho
18:53:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: psylocholo
18:53:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: psy
18:53:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot eve
18:53:35 Pavel: khm kmh....somebody is drunk over here....
18:54:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: Dragon parking is not allowed
18:54:16 JVM: lol
18:54:30 Pavel: Kai Muehlenbruch hey that's my sentence!!!!!1
18:54:42 Kurt: OMG thats to much for me.....I go lol
18:54:47 Kurt: bye guys
18:54:53 JVM: later kurt
18:55:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: i steal everything from pavel
18:55:16 Pavel: bye Kurt
18:57:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: so jvm is hre
18:57:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: and like i learned yesterday jvm seems to be a good guitarist :)
18:58:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys share files?
18:58:31 JVM: slammer and I?
18:58:33 JVM: lol
18:58:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: ja
18:58:46 JVM: you have to take everything slammer says with a grain of salt
18:58:51 JVM: i'm not as good as he makes me out to be
18:59:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
18:59:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats a good answer :)
18:59:22 JVM: but
18:59:30 JVM: im doing something with lavendell's collaboration
18:59:36 JVM: so you'll be able to hear me if you want
18:59:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool
18:59:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: when and where?
18:59:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: you see i am here to learn also ;)
19:01:32 JVM:
19:01:39 JVM: I havent done anything yet but I will :p
19:07:07 Nick325: hey guys
19:07:08 Pavel: hey nick
19:07:32 Nick325: sry but i gtg going to a party
19:07:39 Nick325: ill be on later
19:08:40 Pavel: i'm off!
19:08:42 Pavel: good night guys!
19:13:28 JVM: well kai
19:13:30 JVM: its you and me
19:14:58 JVM: *whip*
19:15:01 JVM: I said its you and me dude
19:15:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah sry...
19:15:31 JVM: lol
19:15:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: i fell asleep
19:15:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
19:15:39 JVM: what do you think of theorion?
19:15:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: no kidding
19:15:43 JVM: therion*
19:15:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool band
19:16:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i only like a couple o the old dongs
19:16:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: from the vovin album for instance
19:16:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry i gotta sleep
19:16:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: night
21:27:17 Gen: lol lol lol
21:27:43 Gen: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow*
21:28:56 Gen: hey slammer
21:28:59 Gen: whats up
21:29:00 Slammer: my Volume was down
21:29:04 Gen: long time no see
21:29:09 Slammer: YES
21:29:12 Slammer: 23 hours
21:29:12 Gen: :D
21:29:15 Gen: lol
21:29:34 Slammer: did you record today?
21:29:41 Gen: record what?
21:29:53 Gen: what for?
21:30:02 Slammer: chuck *cough* *cough* Norris
21:30:10 Gen: omg
21:30:13 Gen: LMAO
21:31:50 Slammer: :P
21:31:58 Gen: no, i dont have the gear
21:32:02 Gen: for recording
21:32:08 Slammer: y not?
21:32:19 Gen: lol, because i dont have it
21:32:46 Slammer: do you know who the three stooges are?
21:32:47 Gen: i dont even know what to buy for recording and stuff
21:32:51 Gen: i dont know how to do it
21:32:53 Slammer: do you know who the three stooges are?
21:33:05 Gen: iggy pop?
21:33:10 Slammer: :P
21:33:11 Gen: band
21:33:15 Gen: or idk lol
21:33:17 Slammer: no from the movies
21:33:29 Gen: nope
21:33:52 Slammer: look at my avatar
21:33:59 Gen: ok hold on
21:34:04 Slammer: He is Moe from the three Stooges
21:34:06 Slammer: NO
21:34:11 Slammer: On Chat I mean
21:34:14 Slammer: *slap*
21:34:16 Slammer: *slap*
21:34:17 Slammer: *slap*
21:34:18 Slammer: *slap*
21:34:20 Gen: oh lol
21:34:27 Slammer: he is MOe
21:34:33 Slammer:
21:34:36 Gen: moe...okay
21:34:50 Gen: LMAO
21:34:56 Gen: love the hair cut :D
21:35:12 Gen: awesome expression on his face :D
21:35:38 Slammer: yes, they were from the 1940's
21:35:43 Slammer: American Movies
21:35:48 Slammer: Really Funny
21:35:50 Gen: oh okay
21:35:59 Slammer:
21:36:14 Slammer: they Beat each other up
21:36:23 Gen: lol lol looks really funny :D
21:36:26 Slammer: Poke each other in the Eyes
21:36:31 Gen: lol
21:36:36 Slammer: and Smash heads with a hammer
21:36:39 Slammer: LOL
21:36:52 Gen: oh, i see what kind of stuff it is :D
21:37:04 Gen: i like old stuff like thatr
21:37:06 Gen: that*
21:37:23 Slammer: want to watch it?
21:37:26 Slammer: LOL
21:37:37 Gen: you have a link?
21:37:46 Slammer: there's always youtube
21:37:48 Slammer: :P
21:37:49 Gen: i just want to check it out
21:37:54 Gen: oh okay :D
21:37:58 Gen: i ll search
21:38:24 Slammer: no I got it
21:38:27 Gen: but not now cuz im playing :D
21:38:33 Gen: what?
21:38:50 Slammer: :P
21:38:56 Slammer: u should Record
21:38:58 Slammer: brb
21:39:59 Gen: yeah, but i cant with a crappy webcam :D
21:40:09 Slammer: Ok
21:40:23 Gen: i think i will do it, if i have a good recording gear
21:40:34 Gen: even if i suck :D
21:41:43 Slammer: LOL
21:43:08 Slammer: Whazzup?
21:43:51 Gen: :D
21:44:59 Slammer: LOLLOL
21:45:36 Slammer: :P:
21:45:42 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:44 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:45 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:45 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:46 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:46 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:47 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:48 Slammer: *slap*
21:45:49 Slammer: LOL
21:45:55 Gen: *whip*
21:46:02 Slammer: Imagine if someone comes in
21:46:05 Slammer: all the slap
21:46:08 Gen: lol
21:47:47 Slammer: *slap*
21:47:58 Gen: *meow*
21:50:58 Gen: have you see the new lesson?
21:51:04 Gen: by the new instructor?
21:51:46 Gen: *slap*
21:51:49 Gen: *whip*
21:52:50 Gen: hey moe
21:53:03 Gen: *whip*
21:53:07 Gen: *meow*
21:53:48 Slammer: LOL
21:54:27 Gen: i wonder what you re doing just now lol lol
21:54:27 Slammer: dude
21:54:30 Slammer: *slap*
21:54:31 Gen: what
21:54:32 Slammer: *slap*
21:54:35 Slammer:
21:54:36 Slammer: this
21:54:38 Slammer: :P
21:55:28 Gen: ROFLMAO
21:55:37 Gen: "hmmmm im poisened"
21:55:39 Gen: LMAO
21:56:15 Slammer:
21:56:19 Slammer: *slap*
21:58:31 Slammer: *slap*
21:58:36 Slammer: gen u still here
21:59:48 Slammer: *slap*
21:59:49 Slammer: *slap*
21:59:49 Slammer: *slap*
21:59:51 Slammer: gen u still here
21:59:53 Slammer: ???
22:01:21 Gen: no im dead
22:01:26 Gen: X_X
22:01:29 Gen: :P
22:01:41 Slammer: where you been?
22:01:51 Slammer: *slap*
22:01:51 Slammer: *slap*
22:01:53 Gen: i watched the vid
22:02:01 Gen: and checked the main page
22:02:41 Slammer: GMC
22:02:43 Slammer: Rules
22:02:53 Gen: hell yeah
22:04:11 Slammer: :{
22:04:14 Slammer: LOL
22:04:18 Gen: who s the best instructor in youor opinion?
22:04:34 Gen: your*
22:04:57 Slammer: Satch
22:05:04 Gen: on gmc lol
22:05:16 Slammer: Kris
22:05:21 Slammer: and Marcus
22:05:25 Slammer: and Pavel
22:05:31 Slammer: and
22:06:17 Slammer: Ben
22:06:20 Slammer: and Kai
22:06:23 Gen: yeah lol, that was a stupid question, all the instructors are awesome :D
22:06:24 Slammer: and David
22:06:28 Slammer: And David
22:06:33 Slammer: and Muris
22:06:40 Slammer: and Gabe :)
22:06:52 Slammer: LOL
22:07:05 Slammer: I'm watching a funny Laurel and Hardy Vid
22:07:11 Gen: lol
22:07:56 Slammer: you don't know who they are?
22:07:58 Slammer: LOL
22:08:04 Slammer: I grew up on this stuff
22:08:05 Gen: lol ofc i know
22:08:38 Gen: just didnt know the three stooges because we didnt have it on tv here
22:08:50 Gen: but ofc i know laurel and hardy
22:08:53 Gen: hey kethcup
22:09:07 kethcup: what's up fella's
22:09:24 Slammer: u ever watch the Laurel and Hardy where they're at the Soda Fountain
22:09:25 Gen: not much
22:09:25 Slammer: LOL
22:09:39 Slammer: CLassic
22:09:43 Slammer: LMAO
22:09:54 Gen: lol dont remeber the episodes, i watched when i was yougner
22:10:13 Slammer: how old is Kethcup?
22:10:15 Slammer: 21?
22:10:17 Slammer: 25?
22:10:19 Slammer: 66?
22:10:21 Slammer: 33?
22:10:24 Slammer: 43?
22:10:24 Gen: lol
22:10:26 Gen: 120
22:10:28 Gen: maybe?
22:10:29 Slammer: 13?65?
22:10:33 Slammer: 89?
22:10:35 Slammer: 73?
22:10:38 Slammer: 363?
22:10:40 Gen: 69 :D
22:10:41 Slammer: oops
22:10:42 kethcup: I'm 68
22:10:51 Gen: almost got it
22:10:54 kethcup: and looking for a nice 13 year old little boy
22:10:56 kethcup: :)
22:11:02 Gen: lol
22:11:05 kethcup: any prospects?
22:11:16 kethcup: nah man.. I'm 30
22:11:22 Slammer: sorry I'm Ugly and Fat
22:11:27 kethcup: you'll do
22:11:29 Gen: lmao
22:11:30 kethcup: I'm in need
22:11:32 kethcup: lol
22:11:41 Slammer: no Comment
22:11:48 Gen: lol
22:11:49 Slammer: *whistles*
22:12:06 kethcup: So what's the haps tonight?
22:12:11 kethcup: anything exciting?
22:12:30 Slammer: not Really
22:12:32 Slammer: LOL
22:12:41 Slammer: I'm Moe from the Three Stooges
22:13:02 kethcup: I'm krusty the clown from the simpsons
22:13:31 Gen: lol
22:13:43 Gen: im sideshow bob then
22:14:05 kethcup: no wait... I'm Ben Afflek
22:14:16 kethcup: no... that's too f'd up to be that dude
22:14:21 Gen: lol
22:14:22 kethcup: I'll stick with Krusty
22:14:26 kethcup: I have some dignity
22:15:00 kethcup: man... I can't seem to get any faster on the guitar
22:15:05 kethcup: it's a total bring me down too
22:15:13 Gen: how long have you been playin?
22:15:17 Slammer: hey Ket remember, Bozo the Clown?
22:15:17 kethcup: too long
22:15:22 kethcup: yep lol
22:15:29 Slammer: :P
22:15:44 kethcup: I've played all my life really but not too seriously
22:15:45 Slammer: crazy dude
22:15:50 Slammer: not you
22:15:52 kethcup: Bozo was my dad
22:15:53 Slammer: Bozo
22:16:00 kethcup: he's from Chicago
22:16:28 Slammer: Bozo is my Dad too....
22:16:32 kethcup: that would suck to have to tell people what your dad did if he was Bozo lol
22:16:44 Slammer: He's on tv!
22:16:49 kethcup: true
22:17:15 kethcup: I guess it's better than a custodial engineer
22:17:40 Slammer: or a Garbage Man
22:17:59 Slammer: u ever watch Dirty jobs?
22:18:12 kethcup: nah
22:18:19 kethcup: never heard of it
22:19:35 Slammer: wow Andrew saw me in....
22:19:39 Slammer: :(
22:19:51 Slammer: Ant whats up?
22:19:56 kethcup: did you upset him slammer?
22:19:59 Sergeant_Ant: hey guys :)
22:20:04 kethcup: hey sergeant
22:20:11 Slammer: Nope
22:20:18 kethcup: did you give him so cburn?
22:20:19 Slammer: he probably just got a Glitch
22:20:19 Sergeant_Ant: cool icon thingies by the way
22:20:23 kethcup: haha sorry had too jk
22:20:26 Slammer: LOL
22:20:36 kethcup: werd
22:20:50 kethcup: man I can't type tonight
22:20:57 kethcup: I can't type
22:21:01 kethcup: it's too hard
22:21:04 Gen: howdy sergeant
22:21:09 Sergeant_Ant: howdy :)
22:21:29 Sergeant_Ant: man, i fell on the stairs and sprained my wrist... so theory lessons today!
22:21:41 kethcup: wow that sucks
22:21:48 Gen: wow
22:22:03 Sergeant_Ant: o well, its my pickin hand so i can still do some legato
22:22:07 Slammer: quick, how do you make a AM chord?
22:22:10 Gen: :D
22:22:22 kethcup: that's worse than wiping and the toilet paper ripping
22:22:22 Gen: u learn it :D :D
22:22:36 Slammer: 1, b3, 5
22:22:39 Slammer: LOL
22:22:43 Gen: lol
22:22:47 Sergeant_Ant: nice slammer :)
22:22:56 Slammer: you know
22:23:02 Sergeant_Ant: i lost my formula cheat sheet...
22:23:05 Slammer: I tell you a funny story
22:23:13 Slammer: if you wana hear.
22:23:14 kethcup: k
22:23:23 Sergeant_Ant: of course, im interested
22:23:33 Slammer: well, for the longest time
22:23:42 kethcup: what up shreddy?!
22:23:53 Sergeant_Ant: hi shred
22:23:55 shredmandan: hey keth whats going on?
22:23:57 Gen: hey shred and nick :D
22:24:02 shredmandan: hello all
22:24:07 Slammer: I couldn't seam to Figure out how Chord Construction worked
22:24:11 kethcup: notta man... trying to practice and type a little
22:24:15 Slammer: and the Theory behind it
22:24:18 Sergeant_Ant: ah, i kno how u feel
22:24:56 shredmandan: i cant hardly see straight right now but i gotta work on the muris collab some more
22:25:09 Sergeant_Ant: have fun shred
22:25:32 Gen: slammer s work is awesome
22:25:37 Gen: i mean for the colab :D
22:25:40 shredmandan: yep i liked it
22:25:41 Gen: collab*
22:25:43 Slammer: But, one night... A few days ago... I was lying in my Bed, I couldn't sleep. and All of a Sudden It dawned on me.. I Realized what ut all meant LOL I know it sounds Pretty Crazy, but it's true
22:25:59 Slammer: out of Nowhere
22:26:07 Sergeant_Ant: lol, thats great, just like a smack in the face it came to you?
22:26:14 kethcup: the subconcious is always at work!
22:26:22 Slammer: No I know what the heck a Cmaj7#9 is!
22:26:27 Sergeant_Ant: :0
22:26:32 kethcup: I don't
22:26:35 shredmandan: i just got reaper but im just learnin my way around it
22:26:37 kethcup: I wish I did
22:26:38 Slammer: or a Cadd2
22:26:48 Slammer: or a E9 Etc.
22:26:52 Slammer: Wierd
22:27:01 Sergeant_Ant: lol
22:27:09 Slammer: I still need some Practise to be Able to get it Perfect
22:27:16 Slammer: but now it's all so Clear
22:27:19 kethcup: I know what a G chord is, I think. And that's about as far as my intellect goes
22:27:36 Sergeant_Ant: lol, better than nothin
22:27:39 Slammer: I mean, I actually have a Basic Idea of what the Theory means
22:27:41 Slammer: LOL
22:27:43 kethcup: lol I guess
22:27:50 kethcup: nice Slammer!
22:27:56 kethcup: that's way cool to hear man
22:28:19 Slammer: It's funny, Before I thought it was So hard... but now I wish I had know that it was this easy like 2 years ago
22:28:28 Slammer: I could have shown off so much more
22:28:34 Slammer: :P
22:28:36 Sergeant_Ant: thats pretty rad
22:28:36 Slammer: JK JK
22:28:47 kethcup: that's freakin gnarley
22:28:54 Slammer: :P
22:28:58 Slammer: GEN
22:29:13 Slammer: *slap*
22:29:15 Gen: yep?
22:29:30 kethcup: *slap*
22:29:36 Slammer: you know alot of Theory
22:29:49 Gen: no lol, not much :D
22:30:05 Slammer: do you know the Major Scale?
22:30:12 Gen: i know all the theory about the triangle, but i dont know al the guitar stuff yet :D
22:30:14 Gen: yeah
22:30:19 Gen: ttsttts
22:30:41 Slammer: then with the Major Scale, you Can Learn a bunch of theory
22:30:45 Slammer: it;s so easy
22:30:47 kethcup: the theory of the triangle is that it has three acute points
22:30:56 kethcup: <-- smart :|
22:31:10 Sergeant_Ant: -head explodes-
22:31:20 Gen: lol shredmandan doesnt likes the triangle :P
22:31:27 Sergeant_Ant: lol
22:31:29 kethcup: lol
22:31:41 Gen: wb
22:31:42 kethcup: wb!
22:31:53 kethcup: you don't like the triangle, or what?
22:32:02 shredmandan: whats the triangle there gen lol i made it back
22:32:04 kethcup: we can talk about squares... or circles
22:32:08 Gen: lol, no i think his internet crashed :D
22:32:11 Gen: lol
22:32:13 kethcup: oh :)
22:32:19 shredmandan: the sausage triangle ????
22:32:24 Gen: the triangle is the coolest instrument ever
22:32:27 Sergeant_Ant: i gots to go, ill talk to ya l8ers
22:32:31 Gen: cya
22:32:36 kethcup: hey now... no sward fighting in my world!
22:32:43 kethcup: sword*
22:33:04 Slammer: what is the Circumference of....
22:33:07 Slammer: Aaaahahahah
22:33:09 Slammer: NO
22:33:12 Gen: lol
22:33:13 Slammer: Guitar Guitar
22:33:14 Slammer: Guitar Guitar
22:33:18 Gen: lmao
22:33:21 Gen: you re right
22:33:27 kethcup: lol
22:33:29 Gen: i ll start school monday :(
22:33:31 kethcup: sup JVM
22:33:31 Gen: aaaaaaaaaaaaargh
22:33:33 Gen: hey jvm
22:33:36 kethcup: poopy
22:33:37 Slammer: Quick Gen how do you make a Cmaj7 chord?
22:33:51 JVM: he does it with one hand
22:33:55 kethcup: \m/ like that?
22:33:55 JVM: and one finger
22:33:58 JVM: cause hes gen
22:34:01 Gen: u write, Cmaj7 chord on youtube :D :P
22:34:05 kethcup: lol
22:34:14 Gen: yeah, jvm completly right :D
22:34:20 Slammer: JVM
22:34:35 Slammer: you need a Good Audio Editing Program
22:34:38 Slammer: to do that
22:34:42 Slammer: Duh
22:34:44 Slammer: LOL
22:34:45 JVM: lol
22:34:49 JVM: the video audio thing?
22:34:50 Slammer: but it's easy
22:35:04 Slammer: what programs do you have?
22:35:12 JVM: uh
22:35:14 JVM: for what?
22:35:18 JVM: i have a lot of programs >.>
22:35:19 kethcup: Paint, Solitare, notepad...
22:35:24 Gen: LMAO
22:35:28 Gen: good one
22:35:34 Slammer: Audio , Visual?
22:35:50 JVM: not much really
22:36:16 kethcup: I have Sonar6 Studio. But I don't know how to use it yet
22:36:31 Gen: have you ever tried? :D
22:36:35 Gen: lol
22:36:39 kethcup: a couple of times
22:36:43 Gen: oh okay
22:36:48 kethcup: there were too many buttons so I closed it
22:36:51 Gen: must be a complicated prog
22:36:55 kethcup: indeed
22:36:55 Gen: LOL
22:36:56 Gen: aweosm
22:37:00 Gen: awesome*
22:37:21 kethcup: I get in there on the weekends when I have the energy. It's looks like a kickass program
22:37:36 Gen: :D
22:37:46 Slammer: JVM
22:37:49 kethcup: Has anyone in here ever used it?
22:37:50 Slammer: *slap*
22:37:56 Gen: nope
22:37:57 Gen: not me
22:38:05 kethcup: k
22:38:13 Slammer: *slap*
22:38:14 Slammer: *slap*
22:38:17 Slammer: JVM
22:38:19 Gen: here we gooo
22:38:20 Gen: :D
22:38:22 Slammer: JVM
22:38:26 JVM: what?
22:38:26 Slammer: *slap*
22:38:28 Slammer: who was more Badass? SRV or Hendrix?
22:38:31 Slammer: LOL
22:38:34 JVM: hendrix :p
22:38:37 Gen: try the *whip*, it sounds louder :D
22:38:37 Slammer: NO
22:38:39 Slammer: NAH
22:38:43 Slammer: ok Maybe
22:38:45 kethcup: wow Slammer... you can really type fast huh?
22:38:45 Slammer: LOL
22:38:45 JVM: slammer help me figure this audio thing out :p
22:38:54 kethcup: I can't keep up!
22:38:54 Slammer: yep
22:38:55 Slammer: yep
22:38:55 Slammer: yep
22:38:55 Slammer: yep
22:39:01 Slammer: fastest fingers
22:39:02 Slammer: fastest fingers
22:39:02 Slammer: fastest fingers
22:39:05 Gen: lol
22:39:05 Slammer: :P
22:39:23 kethcup: you're like ... the fastest typer ever. You should enter a competition
22:39:28 Slammer: I'm like a ninja Typer!
22:39:30 JVM: pfft
22:39:32 Gen: lol
22:39:47 Gen: and you listen to some ninja metal !!
22:39:53 JVM: pirate metal!
22:39:55 Gen: lo
22:39:57 kethcup: lol
22:39:57 Gen: ll
22:40:09 Gen: dragon lord of the rings and stuff metal!
22:40:17 kethcup: butthole surfers?
22:40:19 Slammer: Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom who do you hate the most?
22:40:21 Gen: lol
22:40:27 Gen: orlando bloom
22:40:39 Slammer: why cuz, all the chicks you like ,Love him
22:40:41 Slammer: LOL
22:40:45 Slammer: :P
22:40:46 kethcup: Josh Harnett or Ben Affleck
22:40:55 JVM: who is josh harnett
22:40:56 Gen: lol no, johnny depp has made some legends movies
22:40:57 Slammer: Affleck is a Whiner
22:41:02 Gen: and orlando bloom...
22:41:02 kethcup: Pearl Harbor
22:41:03 Gen: lol
22:41:11 Slammer: My wittle red sox didn"t win
22:41:38 Slammer: what about Brad Pitt or Matt Damon?
22:41:45 kethcup: Matt Damon
22:41:47 kethcup: lol
22:41:48 Gen: yeah
22:41:51 Slammer: you hate him more?
22:41:51 Gen: lol
22:41:54 Gen: yeah
22:41:59 kethcup: Team America ... "Matt Dammmonnnn"
22:42:01 kethcup: lol
22:42:02 Gen: brad pitt was in fight club :P
22:42:03 Slammer: Bourne is cool
22:42:16 JVM: lol
22:42:20 Gen: so i eliminate matt :D
22:42:30 kethcup: neither one of them can act
22:42:46 kethcup: they are about as good as Ben Affleck
22:42:52 Gen: :D
22:43:01 kethcup: or that one blonde headed dude
22:43:07 kethcup: Owen Wilson
22:43:09 Slammer: if no one objects, Lets talk about the Chicks now
22:43:09 kethcup: lol
22:43:19 Slammer: Jolie or Aniston?
22:43:19 Gen: i think brad pitt was pretty good in that movie about vampires, with tom cruise, cant remember the name >_<
22:43:23 kethcup: Aniston!
22:43:26 Slammer: No way
22:43:27 Gen: yeah
22:43:29 Slammer: No way
22:43:30 JVM: dude
22:43:31 Gen: aniston
22:43:32 kethcup: Lesta!
22:43:34 Nick325: hey
22:43:35 Slammer: OH
22:43:35 kethcup: Lestat!
22:43:38 JVM: aniston is way hotter
22:43:39 JVM: sorry
22:43:43 kethcup: Interview with a Vampire
22:43:44 Gen: yeah true :P
22:43:49 Gen: yeah kethcup
22:43:50 kethcup: great book
22:43:50 Slammer: I forgot to say that the Chicks we Like
22:43:53 Gen: awesome movie
22:44:00 Gen: and book 2 :D
22:44:10 Slammer: I forgot to say that it's about the Chicks we Like
22:44:11 kethcup: I love Jessica Alba
22:44:15 Gen: oh okay
22:44:15 Slammer: YES
22:44:17 kethcup: god bless her
22:44:22 Gen: i love jennifer love hewitt :D
22:44:22 Slammer: Alba or Biel?
22:44:28 Gen: both !
22:44:34 kethcup: alba
22:44:46 kethcup: I'd almost let her fart in my mouth she's so hot
22:44:48 kethcup: lol
22:44:54 Gen: lma
22:44:55 Gen: o
22:45:09 Nick325: lol
22:45:23 Slammer: Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz?
22:45:31 Gen: salma hayek
22:45:34 kethcup: Salma
22:45:44 kethcup: Jennifer Lopez or Shakira?
22:45:51 kethcup: both big bootie hoe's!
22:45:54 Gen: lol
22:46:02 Slammer: I'd take Shakira
22:46:05 kethcup: werd
22:46:07 Slammer: JLO is Stuck up
22:46:08 kethcup: me too
22:46:17 kethcup: you know her?
22:46:19 kethcup: :p
22:46:26 Gen: lol
22:46:50 kethcup: oh oh I got one
22:46:58 kethcup: oh wait ...
22:47:02 kethcup: oh well
22:47:06 Gen: :D
22:47:11 kethcup: Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox
22:47:15 Gen: aniston
22:47:17 kethcup: Rachel or Monica
22:47:23 Gen: rachel :D
22:47:34 kethcup: I dunno dude... Monica be lookin right sometimes
22:47:37 kethcup: ya know?
22:47:40 Gen: yeah
22:47:50 JVM: how about
22:47:53 JVM: .... cameron diaz
22:48:03 kethcup: she's alright
22:48:08 Slammer: Pff. this is who I Pick
22:48:09 JVM: lol
22:48:12 kethcup: Jada Pinkett Smith?
22:48:28 Gen: to slim imo
22:48:33 Gen: the image :D
22:48:34 Slammer: WHAT
22:48:35 kethcup: She kinda looks like a dude Slammer
22:48:39 Slammer: No way
22:48:44 Gen: lmaoo
22:48:49 Gen: roflmao
22:49:09 kethcup: I'm not listening to Slammers advice on women anymore
22:49:09 Slammer: here we go
22:49:12 Slammer:
22:49:13 kethcup: lol jk
22:49:14 Gen: lol
22:49:30 Nick325: nicee
22:49:31 kethcup: werd on that one yo
22:49:40 Nick325: (in borat voice)
22:49:49 Nick325: lol
22:49:52 Gen: lol
22:49:57 kethcup: never seen it
22:50:03 Nick325: r u serious
22:50:06 kethcup: very
22:50:07 Nick325: u gotta
22:50:12 Nick325: best movie ever
22:50:21 kethcup: hmmm... I'll have to ponder about that
22:51:04 Gen: here s one of my favorites :D
22:51:27 kethcup: she's alright
22:51:41 Nick325: ehh ok...
22:51:59 kethcup: don't get me wrong I wouldn't say no but...
22:52:10 Gen: but what?
22:52:16 Gen: she s beautiful imo :D
22:52:19 kethcup: I dunno... just but. ?
22:52:46 Nick325: gtg
22:52:47 Nick325: cya
22:52:50 kethcup: cye
22:52:50 Gen: k cya
22:52:56 kethcup: I got one
22:53:00 kethcup: this is good...
22:53:17 kethcup: would you do the president's wife for 100k?
22:53:29 Slammer: would you?
22:53:33 Gen: lol
22:53:34 kethcup: I'm asking!
22:53:37 kethcup: lol
22:53:44 Slammer: he's thinking of laura
22:53:47 kethcup: no wait... let's make it better
22:53:47 Slammer: .....
22:54:02 kethcup: Rosie O'Donnell for $50,000
22:54:08 kethcup: wb JVM
22:54:11 Slammer: Laura is Better Looking than Hillary
22:54:14 kethcup: any takers?
22:54:15 Gen: hey jvm
22:54:23 JVM: lol
22:54:26 kethcup: c'mon ... Rosie for $50k
22:54:27 Gen: :D
22:54:40 kethcup: Rosie for $75k?
22:55:05 Slammer: Rosie's Wife for $80K?
22:55:12 kethcup: who's that?
22:55:16 Slammer: IDK
22:55:19 Gen: lol
22:55:22 Slammer: but she isn;'t fat
22:55:34 kethcup: I bet she's the butch though
22:55:42 kethcup: if you can imagine that
22:56:03 Slammer: looks kinda Femm to me LOL
22:56:24 kethcup: Oprah for $50k?
22:56:31 Gen: lol lol
22:56:56 kethcup: I'd get it wet for $50k
22:57:01 kethcup: I'm easy!
22:57:33 Slammer: I want no part of this Dissucion :o
22:57:42 kethcup: hmmm
22:57:44 kethcup: k
22:57:53 Gen: i ll do jessica simpson for 50 k
22:57:58 Gen: even free :D :P
22:57:59 kethcup: yea right
22:58:04 kethcup: you'd have to pay her
22:58:08 Gen: yeah
22:58:10 Gen: lol
22:58:19 kethcup: she's mean anyway
22:58:51 Gen: she was with john mayer right?
22:59:00 Gen: (question for slam) lol
22:59:02 kethcup: I guess
22:59:15 Gen: slam knows all about john mayer :D
22:59:19 Gen: *whip*
22:59:23 Slammer: he's bold as love
22:59:27 Gen: lol
23:00:21 kethcup: I want some ice cream
23:01:05 Gen: then go out an buy one :D
23:01:09 Gen: thats not hard to do :P
23:01:16 kethcup: don't have to... have some in the freezer
23:01:21 Gen: lmao
23:01:24 kethcup: :)
23:01:36 kethcup: chocolate in fact... slow churned
23:01:39 kethcup: mmmmm
23:01:41 Gen: :D
23:01:42 kethcup: brb
23:01:45 Gen: lol okay
23:01:47 Gen: i wonder why
23:01:50 Gen: :P
23:02:14 Slammer: sry guys I'm busy
23:02:19 Slammer: watching old love
23:02:21 Slammer: LOL
23:02:28 Gen: lol i was going to say, slammer died :D
23:02:40 Gen: yeah, ooold loove
23:02:45 Gen: so awesome
23:02:59 Gen: i can almsot play the entire song now :D
23:03:05 Gen: almost*
23:04:28 Gen:
23:04:41 Slammer: school started already here
23:04:48 Gen: oh, sucks
23:04:51 Slammer: today I went to Miami Dade College
23:04:56 Slammer: too many hot chicks
23:04:59 Gen: lol
23:05:26 Gen: have you tried something slam? lol
23:05:29 Gen: or just watched :D
23:05:31 Slammer: ???
23:05:33 Slammer: ????
23:05:34 Slammer: ??????
23:05:36 Slammer: ?????
23:05:38 Slammer: ???????????????????????
23:05:42 Gen: i mean, talked or something
23:05:46 Gen: you perv
23:05:49 Gen: lol
23:05:54 Slammer: no I stand and watch
23:05:58 Gen: LMAO

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+Quote Post
Kristofer Dahl
Sep 3 2007, 08:00 PM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.340
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
23:05:58 Gen: LMAO

23:06:02 Gen: awesome

23:06:07 Slammer: as all those girls, who could Be Models

23:06:12 Slammer: walk past me

23:06:17 Gen: lol

23:06:21 Slammer: Stare and Watch

23:06:24 Slammer: Stare and Watch

23:06:30 Slammer: or get Slapped

23:06:35 Gen: haha

23:06:37 kethcup: ****slap**

23:06:57 kethcup: Denver only has a select few hotties

23:07:06 Slammer: at UC?

23:07:15 Slammer: however it's said?

23:07:27 kethcup: well.. there are some but I'm sure not as many as Miami

23:07:31 kethcup: DU

23:07:35 Slammer: nope

23:07:38 kethcup: Denver University

23:07:38 Slammer: LOL

23:07:57 Gen: damn..i hope i will see some hot chiks monday, especially those with blond hairs who are called heidi

23:08:00 Gen: lol lol

23:08:01 kethcup: I'm just talking the club scene anyway

23:08:10 Slammer: for some reason, almost all the chicks anywhere here are hot

23:08:14 kethcup: gyea! blonde is good

23:08:29 kethcup: it's the climate

23:08:30 Slammer: but GEN is from Swiss

23:08:34 Gen: lol

23:08:36 Slammer: he is in the best place

23:08:36 kethcup: it draws them there

23:09:23 Gen: well, there s amny hot chiks here but there s also many rap influenced chiks...hwo are almost like guys....

23:09:31 Gen: who*

23:09:35 Gen: many*

23:09:44 kethcup: rap chicks?

23:09:51 Gen: yeah...

23:10:01 kethcup: ah... swoog lovers?

23:10:08 Gen: swoog?

23:10:13 kethcup: brutha

23:10:21 Gen: lol brutha?

23:10:29 kethcup: african??

23:10:35 Gen: oh lol

23:10:39 kethcup: lol

23:10:51 Gen: not really, just chiks who are fans of rap

23:10:55 Gen: u know rap

23:10:57 Gen: lol

23:10:58 kethcup: yep

23:10:58 Gen: crap

23:11:00 Gen: lol

23:11:07 kethcup: 50 cent
23:11:10 Gen: yeah

23:11:12 kethcup: he's my idol

23:11:16 Gen: lol

23:11:17 Gen: lol

23:11:26 kethcup: what a guy

23:11:28 kethcup: I tell ya

23:11:34 Gen: clapton sucks, 50 cen is da best!

23:11:38 Gen: cent*

23:11:41 Gen: lol

23:11:43 kethcup: such a positive influence to the world

23:11:46 Slammer: :P

23:11:48 Gen: lmao

23:12:43 kethcup: I could be a rapper

23:13:05 kethcup: all you have to do is steal other peoples music and talk about money

23:13:05 Gen: damn..i hope i will find a drummer, a bassist and a singer on my new class :D :P

23:13:10 Gen: yeah

23:13:27 kethcup: ketchup&Mustard

23:13:31 Gen: sing on some midi songs copied from other 80s famous songs...

23:13:31 kethcup: yea... that's it

23:13:34 Gen: lol

23:13:39 kethcup: werd

23:14:00 kethcup: I put ketchup on my ketchup

23:14:07 Gen: haha

23:14:10 kethcup: that would be my ghetto slang

23:14:15 kethcup: hard core

23:14:18 Gen: your a tough guy

23:14:25 kethcup: fo sho

23:14:31 Gen: lol

23:14:42 kethcup: 8)
23:14:53 kethcup: I think the sugar is getting to me

23:15:01 Gen: lol

23:15:26 kethcup: You can find me in the club... rollin on some dubs

23:15:30 Gen: one more year and i ve finished school :D

23:15:35 Gen: lol

23:15:40 kethcup: nice!

23:15:43 kethcup: what school?

23:15:52 kethcup: high school?

23:15:54 kethcup: COllege?

23:15:55 Gen: a school of art

23:16:05 kethcup: right on

23:16:12 Gen: drawing and stuff

23:16:17 kethcup: very cool!

23:16:18 Gen: modelisation

23:16:19 Gen: etc...

23:16:24 kethcup: I can't draw shit

23:16:33 kethcup: I admire the people that can

23:16:38 Gen: but i doubt i will find a job with a diplomlike that lol

23:16:47 Gen: especially here

23:16:59 kethcup: where's here?

23:17:06 Gen: geneva switzerland

23:17:10 kethcup: ahh

23:17:21 kethcup: the home of the g8 summitt?

23:17:39 Gen: yep

23:17:43 kethcup: cool

23:17:52 kethcup: so what do you want to do?

23:18:01 Gen: play guitar :D :D

23:18:04 Gen: lol

23:18:08 kethcup: yea!!

23:18:10 Gen: what a pathetic idea

23:18:15 Gen: play guitar, pfff

23:18:17 Gen: lol

23:18:20 kethcup: lol

23:18:37 Gen: thats what my mom said when i bought my first one :D

23:18:52 kethcup: What do you wanna do with your life!?!@[email protected]!
23:18:57 kethcup: ... I wanna rock

23:19:04 Gen: LMAO

23:19:06 Gen: hell yeah

23:19:12 kethcup: Twisted Sister! :)
23:19:19 Gen: :D

23:19:35 kethcup: might be a little old for you, eh?

23:19:39 Gen: nope

23:19:42 kethcup: right on

23:19:43 Gen: i love old stuff :D

23:19:47 kethcup: me too!

23:21:00 kethcup: I don't wanna work tommorrow

23:21:45 Gen: i think no one wants to worl

23:21:48 Gen: work*

23:21:54 Gen: exept rockers :D

23:22:03 kethcup: yea... it's a really pisspoor idea

23:22:10 Gen: lol

23:22:12 kethcup: whoever made it up should be shot!

23:22:31 Gen: imediatly

23:22:36 Gen: music is useless

23:22:56 kethcup: music is the drive of life!

23:23:02 kethcup: and the soul

23:23:07 kethcup: can I get an amen?!

23:23:21 Gen: lol

23:23:25 Gen: amen

23:23:32 kethcup: werd

23:23:39 kethcup: alright ... that was my grand finale

23:23:43 kethcup: it's bed time for me

23:23:50 Gen: okay okay

23:23:56 Gen: lol its 5 am here

23:24:00 kethcup: wow...

23:24:03 Gen: im a bit sleepy 2 :D

23:24:13 kethcup: it's 9:30 pm here

23:24:28 Gen: cool

23:24:43 kethcup: dude what the H are you doing in a chat room @ 5 in the morning??

23:24:50 kethcup: lol

23:24:55 kethcup: sup Smikey!

23:24:57 Gen: lol dont have anything other to do :D

23:25:00 Smikey2006: hello guys'

23:25:02 Gen: hey smikey

23:25:08 Smikey2006: did someone say 5 in the morning :D

23:25:10 kethcup: I'd be doing it too if I didn't have to work

23:25:12 Gen: lol

23:25:20 Smikey2006: its not yet but soon haha

23:25:31 kethcup: crikey!

23:25:42 Smikey2006: i forgot my guitar downstairs and now im bored :@ haha

23:25:49 Gen: lol

23:26:13 Gen: i dont have this problem here

23:26:16 kethcup: alright fella's... I'm out

23:26:22 Gen: cuz i dont have downstairs :Dlol

23:26:24 Smikey2006: alright cya ketchup lol

23:26:26 kethcup: ketchup says.... CYA

23:26:29 kethcup: :)
23:26:30 Gen: okay, cya kethcup

23:26:31 Smikey2006: lol
23:26:48 Smikey2006: its just not here lol.. the only 1 here has no strings :@

23:26:59 Gen: oh lol

23:27:14 Gen: then, polish the one with no strings lol

23:27:14 Smikey2006: but ive got painting to do tommorrow so i might head out sooner than later

23:27:26 Smikey2006: lol but my cloth isn't here either :(
23:27:32 Gen: lol

23:27:34 Smikey2006: its a string of unfortunate events

23:27:39 Gen: with your tongue :P

23:27:42 Smikey2006: lol

23:28:10 Gen: so, what kind of guitar you play?

23:29:12 Gen: ibanez?

23:29:15 Gen: fender?

23:29:16 Gen: dean

23:29:18 Gen: esp

23:29:22 Gen: ?

23:29:40 Gen: jackson?

23:29:54 Gen: schecter?

23:29:56 Smikey2006: im a schecter guy lol

23:30:02 Smikey2006: lol sry i was eating :D

23:30:02 Gen: got it :P

23:30:08 Smikey2006: but i like jacksons too

23:30:20 Gen: yeah, jacksons are really cool

23:30:29 Smikey2006: yea id also have a dean v if i cud afford 1

23:30:36 Smikey2006: i love the dave mustaine signature

23:30:43 Gen: dean guitars are wesome

23:30:53 Gen: yeah, i saw it 2 month ago !

23:30:57 Gen: for real :P

23:31:02 Smikey2006: oo

23:31:09 Gen: cuz i saw megadeth and dream theater live :D

23:31:32 Smikey2006: awsome haha

23:31:37 Smikey2006: i just saw dream theater

23:31:37 Gen: and i think i said that thousand times lol, but...dave mustaine gave me his pick :D

23:31:39 Smikey2006: it was amazing lol

23:31:42 Gen: yeah

23:31:43 Smikey2006: omg lol

23:31:47 Smikey2006: lucky u haha

23:31:50 Gen: :D

23:31:54 Slammer: ok guys gtg

23:31:57 Slammer: bye

23:31:59 Gen: okay slam cya

23:31:59 JVM: as do I :p

23:32:01 JVM: later

23:32:02 Smikey2006: cya

23:32:05 Gen: cya

23:32:10 JVM: we were discussing recording :p

23:32:16 JVM: later guys

23:32:17 Gen: :D

23:32:20 Gen: later jvm

23:32:34 Smikey2006: was it dream theaters systematic chaos tour?

23:32:38 Smikey2006: or did u see something else?

23:32:39 Gen: yes

23:33:12 Smikey2006: haha my favorite part of that show was the cartoon haha

23:33:14 Gen: but they played some songs of the new album, and james labrie said that it was a special gig, and they played all the images and words album

23:33:25 Gen: + some train of thought album songs

23:33:26 Smikey2006: during dark eternal night lol

23:33:30 Gen: :D

23:33:33 Smikey2006: did u see the movie haha

23:33:43 Gen: the movie?

23:33:52 Smikey2006: lol the cartoon

23:33:56 Smikey2006: during dark eternal night..

23:34:06 Gen: oh uh no

23:34:10 Smikey2006: oh darn haha

23:34:11 Gen: you have a link?

23:34:20 Smikey2006: no its not availible anywhere :o

23:34:24 Smikey2006: but it was really funny haha

23:34:29 Gen: i saw a cartoon for the song octavarium but thats all

23:34:34 Gen: oh okay

23:35:26 Smikey2006: oh lol

23:35:35 Smikey2006: yea they had like cartoonified all the members haha

23:35:40 Gen: yeah

23:35:45 Smikey2006: and called the the north american dream squad

23:35:49 Smikey2006: and they fought a demon lol

23:35:52 Gen: and jordan rudess is like my avatar :D

23:36:24 Gen: oh, u mean on the dark eternal night cartoon?

23:37:00 Smikey2006: lol

23:37:06 Smikey2006: yea thats what i said haha

23:37:17 Smikey2006: dark eternal night cartoon haha i said it above lol

23:37:34 Gen: i thought you also saw the octavarium cartoon :D

23:37:52 Gen: they have also cartoonified all the members in it :D

23:37:58 Smikey2006: no i didn't see the octavarium 1

23:38:09 Gen: and rudess is exactly like my avatar :D

23:38:18 Gen: in the octavarium one

23:38:42 Smikey2006: lol

23:38:44 Smikey2006: yea i kno

23:38:52 Smikey2006: hes a freaken wizard

23:38:58 Smikey2006: different beard tho

23:39:08 Gen: here is it :D

23:41:11 Smikey2006: yay

23:41:36 Gen: wb

23:42:33 Gen: <> woaa awesome

23:43:36 Gen: well, i gotta go now, cuz its late :D so cya around

23:43:42 Smikey2006: saw it live haha :)
23:43:44 Smikey2006: okay cya

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Sep 4 2007, 10:22 AM
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Test test. I'm seeing if I can operate this chat room. How am I doin?


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Sep 5 2007, 07:39 PM
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QUOTE (edgor67 @ Sep 4 2007, 09:22 AM) *
Test test. I'm seeing if I can operate this chat room. How am I doin?


To get in the chatroom you need to scroll all the way up on the forum page, and click on the "GMC Chat" icon all the way to the upper right smile.gif

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Sep 6 2007, 07:43 AM
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QUOTE (edgor67 @ Sep 4 2007, 03:22 AM) *
Test test. I'm seeing if I can operate this chat room. How am I doin?


laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

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Don't miss today's free blues, jazz & country licks. Plus all our lessons are packed with free content!

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