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> 3nps Box Patterns
post Sep 6 2007, 10:25 PM
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Hey Andrew- it's your biggest theory fan again ! cool.gif

So i've finally learned all the pentatonic postions and labelled them 1, 2 3 etc in my mind.
Stage 2 should have been learning the 3nps major minor patterns- but im waaay to lazy. No matter how much i try to force myself- i dont want to learn it, my brain goes into sleep mode...

However...a breakthrough?

If i were to learn the first 3nps pattern of every mode of - for example C (D dorian, E phrygian etc) - and linked them together this would also be C major all over the fretboard? (ofcourse i would have to pay special attention to where the Cs are in the boxes so that i know where the root note is)

I want to learn it this way- and my (? blink.gif ultimate blink.gif ?) theory knowledge tells me it makes sense but i thought i'd ask you first.

I guess i want to learn it this way because i'm killing two birds with one stone- and as i play each position i'll be thinking of it as a mode- so i'll be more interested in learning it. I tried the way that Pavel shows us in his shred lesson but my mind didn't want to click.

And by the way this is purley for exercise purposes.

EDIT: i meant for the title to read BOX patterns lol sorry
Thanks for your help.

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Andrew Cockburn
post Sep 6 2007, 11:48 PM
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Yes, that's theoretically sound, provided you are careful, but you covered all the gotchas!

One additional thing to add for others reading this - Deep Root's strategy will only work for 3nps. If you try and use this with regular Major scale boxes you will get horribly confused. Why? Because we traditionally use 5 boxes for major scales, when in fact there are really 7 (2 of them are really close to other boxes so we tend to ignore them). 3nps (3 Note Per String) scales are looking at the neck as a whole, and don't work so much with boxes, or if you do split them into boxes you would usually use 7 boxes. The result of this is that there are no missing notes to get you out of sync with your modes.

So, yes, learn the root box of (for instance):

C Ionian
D Dorian
E Phrygian
F Lydian
G Mixolydian
A Aeolian
B Locrian

And you have also covered all 7 boxes of a major scale smile.gif Good thinking batman!

Now, a suggestion that might make this easier ...

Whether you perceive a scale as a particular mode or a major scale starting on a different note is all in the mind since the notes are identical. You need to be very conscious of which you are doing at a particular time. So, I suggest you make 2 or more backing tracks as follows:

1. Modal Backing track - pick a key, the right speed, and a number of repetitions, and for each mode, the backing track plays the modes root chord (could be a piano or strings or anything):

C Ionian - C
D Dorian - Dm7
E Phrygian - Em7
F Lydian - F Major 7
G Mixolydian - G7
A Aeolian - Am
B Locrian - Bm7b5 (or B diminished)

2. Major Backing Track - do the same but just play C major all the way through - this trains you to hear the boxes as major.

3. Added Bonus - focus on each mode by putting together a backing track that uses the characteristic chord for that mode, e.g. Am - Aeolian. That of course gives you Major and Minor for free smile.gif Then you can work each mode individually by going through all the boxes - the chord trains your ear to hear the modes correctly.

Go ahead, and let us know how it works out!

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post Sep 7 2007, 06:23 AM
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Thanks Andrew laugh.gif , that backing track idea sounds pretty great. I'll be trying that out this weekend!

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