Guitar Chat with Kai Muehlenbruch, Muris etc. 2007-08-23
Sep 7 2007, 05:08 PM
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12:21:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
12:22:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey
12:22:01 Slammer: LOL
12:22:06 Slammer: you're alive
12:22:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
12:22:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: practising ;)
12:22:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: wuzzup?
12:23:25 Slammer: not much
12:23:31 Slammer: *slap*
12:23:36 Slammer: I like to *slap* alot
12:24:15 Slammer: Batista
12:24:22 Slammer: whats up
12:24:24 Slammer: *slap*
12:24:25 Slammer: *slap*
12:24:41 Batista: Not much=P
12:24:44 Batista: There?
12:25:00 Slammer: nothing
12:25:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
12:25:04 Slammer: it's raining?
12:25:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: flower
12:25:20 Slammer: Batista you are from Germany right?
12:25:26 Batista: Norway;P
12:25:33 Slammer: Harrry Potta
12:25:39 Batista: Harry Plopper
12:25:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: mr.propper
12:26:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: somebody saw my face somewhere`?
12:26:18 Slammer: richard Simmons?
12:26:25 Slammer: do you kno wwho he is?
12:26:40 Batista: Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does. Can he swing, from a web? No he can't, his a pig. Watch out! Here comes the spiderpig
12:27:57 Slammer: LOL
12:28:40 Slammer: Kai
12:28:41 Slammer: *slap*
12:28:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: erm
12:28:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot is it?
12:29:06 Slammer: can you make a Metallica Lesson?
12:29:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
12:29:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: but why?!:D
12:29:20 Slammer: a Mettallica Hard Riffing Lesson
12:29:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah ok
12:29:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
12:29:30 Slammer: like James Hetfiled
12:29:32 Slammer: style
12:29:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
12:29:42 Slammer: because he is a Master Rythm player
12:29:53 Slammer: we all could learn his style
12:29:55 Slammer: :)
12:30:11 Slammer: Kinda in the Style of Master Of Puppets
12:30:22 Slammer: because that is what everyone wants to play
12:30:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: aha
12:30:49 Slammer: if there was a lesson simular to Master of Puppets.... then everyone would love it!
12:31:02 Slammer: at Least I think so
12:31:03 Slammer: LOL
12:31:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: but to me that is stuff like trademarks you know?
12:31:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure i can teach that stuff
12:31:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: but that techniques are also in my lessons
12:32:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: next lesson will be a lilttel differnt
12:32:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: perhabs later ;)
12:32:35 Slammer: LOL
12:32:41 Slammer: ok
12:32:42 Slammer: cool
12:33:14 Slammer: Batista *slap* *whip*
12:33:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok
12:33:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: +ijust came up with a metallica riff
12:33:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx for the advice slammer:D
12:33:55 Slammer: :P
12:34:00 Slammer: you welcome
12:34:07 Slammer: that will be $5.99
12:34:28 Slammer: $6 with tax
12:34:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: *TIRED*
12:34:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: everyone wants my money:D
12:34:55 Slammer: everyone eants your Guitar
12:35:01 Slammer: wants*
12:35:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: is that so?! :D
12:35:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: i dont think so
12:35:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
12:35:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: well lil one watch your mouth now :D
12:36:33 Slammer: Argh.... watch YOUR Mouth
12:36:38 Slammer: LOL
12:36:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: Aaarrrrrrrgh :df
12:36:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
12:36:50 [Action] Slammer: says LOL
12:36:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: your one funny guy
12:37:06 Slammer: I'm a Flower
12:37:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: slammer where are you from and how old are you
12:37:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?!
12:37:11 Slammer: LOL
12:37:14 Slammer: I'm 18
12:37:16 Slammer: from Miami
12:37:20 Slammer: vice city
12:37:45 Slammer: it is Ancient Formula you see.....
12:38:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: AAHHHHH
12:38:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: miami vice :D
12:38:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: no sry
12:38:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: i have no clue how live is over there
12:39:58 Slammer: SO many Hot Chicks
12:40:08 Slammer: LOL
12:40:25 Slammer: A lot of Immmigrants
12:40:31 Slammer: from Cuba and Mexico
12:40:49 Slammer: more people Speak Spanish than English
12:40:54 Slammer: *whip*
12:41:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah isee
12:41:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: gotta record that riffs i came up with;)
12:41:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: l8ter
12:41:22 Slammer: Ok dude take care

13:35:24 Owen: Aye like
13:35:26 Owen: whatsup?
13:35:29 Slammer: you doing a Collab?
13:35:50 Slammer: a guitar Collab
13:35:54 Slammer: Recording
13:36:23 Slammer: *pretty fly, for a white guy*
13:36:31 Owen: Yeaaaaah
13:36:44 Owen: I'm trying to see if I can do vox for the full rock out one :P
13:37:06 Slammer: remember the Offsrping
13:37:19 Slammer: Offspriing*
13:37:27 Owen: ?
13:37:32 Slammer: :P
13:37:35 Slammer: Offspring*
13:37:48 Slammer: remember them?
13:38:21 Owen: yes, vaguely
13:38:32 Slammer: LOL
13:38:49 Slammer: why don't you get a Job,
13:38:53 Slammer: I remember that song
13:39:20 Owen: your confuzing me
13:39:23 Owen: lol
13:40:04 Slammer: No No why don't you get a job
13:40:13 Slammer: remember that Song
13:40:14 Slammer: ?
13:40:16 Slammer: :P
13:40:46 Slammer: well, I think you know the Song Pretty Fly for a White Guy
13:41:07 Slammer: LOL
13:41:47 Owen: Vaguely as vaguely can be
13:41:54 Slammer:
13:41:56 Slammer: LOL
13:42:22 Slammer: funny stuff
13:43:14 Slammer: hello Ezravdb
13:43:19 ezravdb: hello guys
13:43:25 ezravdb: whats up :P
13:43:28 Owen: Hey
13:43:30 Slammer: not much
13:43:40 Slammer: r u making another lesson?
13:43:45 Owen: Sleep chatting
13:43:45 Slammer: :D
13:43:56 ezravdb: hmm depends on Kris
13:44:06 Slammer: LOL
13:44:06 Owen: I couldnt bear it if you made another lesson, the last one nearly made me cry
13:44:18 Owen: You were so much better than me V_V
13:44:22 Slammer: Kris doesn't mind you making lessons
13:44:36 Slammer: on the Aspiriing instructor Board
13:44:42 ezravdb: ofcourse not
13:44:53 Slammer: you could probably make as many as you want
13:44:56 ezravdb: what would you do when somebody makes free lessons for you :P
13:45:36 ezravdb: but the thing is if Kris doesn'r reply I ain't going to make another lesson
13:45:44 ezravdb: he hasnt replied yet
13:45:49 ezravdb: its up for week now
13:45:51 ezravdb: almost
13:45:54 Owen: looooooooool
13:45:56 Slammer: well
13:46:03 Slammer: Kris is kinda busy
13:46:31 Owen: I'm sure Kris wants to sex you pretty bad for that one
13:46:38 Owen: lol
13:46:43 ezravdb: dude nasty :P
13:47:05 Slammer: alot of people make Asp. Instructor Lessons, But Kris doesn't Usually Reply to every one of them
13:47:16 Slammer: But you're Special right :)
13:47:43 ezravdb: I hope so
13:47:46 Owen: he's Dutch
13:47:55 ezravdb: me? yeah I am
13:47:58 Owen: Kris has to go under the assumption that he is therefor much taller than him!
13:48:10 ezravdb: wth? :P
13:48:21 Slammer: So are you Expecting Kris to make you a Full Time Instructor?
13:48:21 ezravdb: what has dutch and tall in common?
13:48:23 Owen: So, if he doesnt reply, go to Sweden and have a chat with him
13:48:25 Owen: lol
13:48:47 Owen: that would be strange, I think I'd cry
13:48:51 Owen: more
13:48:56 Owen: with big soapy tears
13:49:01 Slammer: :P
13:49:18 Slammer: Rockwouldbe has made alot of Lessons
13:49:33 ezravdb: yup
13:49:54 Slammer: if Owen made a lesson Kris wouldn't reply to his
13:49:56 Slammer: :P
13:50:07 Slammer: Kris didn't reply to mine
13:50:12 Slammer: or Leedbreak
13:50:17 Slammer: or other guys toos
13:50:41 Slammer: Maybe he's Busy
13:50:44 Slammer: LOL
13:50:46 Slammer: DUH
13:51:19 Owen: Obviously he would reply to me
13:51:47 Owen: otherwise I'd have to withdraw my wonderous personality from the forums
13:51:48 Slammer: yeah he prob would
13:51:58 Slammer: He just didn't reply to mine
13:52:00 Slammer: :(
13:52:05 Owen: which would probably mean there were less arguements...
13:52:07 Owen: lol
13:52:08 Slammer: I'm gonna jump out the Window
13:52:12 Slammer: :P
13:52:14 Owen: Its ok man
13:52:19 Owen: we all have our moments
13:52:20 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:26 Owen: I know lol
13:52:28 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:29 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:29 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:30 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:30 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:31 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:52:36 Slammer: I'm kidding People
13:52:42 Slammer: I'm a Happy man
13:52:44 Slammer: :)
13:53:47 Owen: No-ones happy until they meet me
13:54:40 Slammer: LOL
13:56:12 Slammer: *slap*
13:56:15 Slammer: whats up
13:56:33 ezravdb: im kinda busy
13:57:03 Slammer: yes, and Chatting is the best thing to do when you are busy
13:57:07 Slammer: :D
14:00:57 ezravdb: lol
14:02:15 Slammer: *slap*
14:02:17 Slammer: Owen
14:02:18 Slammer: Owen
14:02:20 Slammer: *slap*
14:02:21 Slammer: *slap*
14:02:26 Slammer: *whip*
14:02:28 Slammer: LOL
14:03:01 Owen: YEaas?
14:03:13 Slammer: sup?
14:03:26 Slammer: *whip*
14:03:44 Slammer: :(
14:03:54 Slammer: hmm
14:05:15 Slammer: LOL
14:05:18 Slammer: sup guys
14:05:27 Kurt: hi
14:05:43 Slammer: just listen to Bold as Love by Hendrix
14:05:51 Slammer: Crazy
14:05:56 Slammer: I'm listening I mean
14:06:06 Slammer: how he uses the Flanging
14:06:20 Slammer: and that was in the 60's
14:06:31 Slammer: He was the King
14:06:32 Slammer: LOL
14:06:37 Kurt: lol
14:06:38 Slammer: How's it going
14:06:40 Slammer: ?
14:06:48 Kurt: its all ok...thx
14:07:06 Kurt: I just practiced a little bit some of gabes lessons^^
14:07:15 Slammer: yeah there cool
14:07:23 Slammer: but JVM is one of the best
14:07:30 Slammer: he can play like Jimmy Page
14:07:55 Kurt: from where should I know JVM?
14:08:10 Slammer: he is on Chat
14:08:15 Slammer: *whip*
14:08:16 Kurt: I think I don´t know his playing^^
14:08:31 Kurt: ahhhhh yes lol
14:08:50 Slammer: *slap* JVM wake up!
14:08:50 Kurt: has he vids on the page?
14:09:01 Slammer: ah ha
14:09:15 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow*
14:09:20 Slammer: Yeah!
14:09:35 Slammer: :P
14:09:37 Kurt: is he an instructor? lol
14:10:07 Slammer: I think he gives Lessons
14:10:20 Kurt: I mean on this page?
14:10:23 Kurt: on gmc?
14:10:34 Kurt: has he videos here?
14:10:55 Kurt: I can´t remember sorry^^
14:11:32 JVM: ooh uh
14:11:33 JVM: hi
14:11:49 Slammer: I think he has videos on youtube
14:12:07 JVM: i put jimmy to shame
14:12:10 Slammer: yep
14:12:18 Slammer: JVM is the Lead guitarist of CORN
14:12:21 Slammer: a Local band
14:12:29 Kurt: cool^^
14:12:51 Kurt: sounds like fake of korn lol
14:12:55 Kurt: sorry
14:13:07 Slammer: well, he plays Country Music
14:13:14 Slammer: it's pretty Corny
14:13:20 Kurt: cool
14:13:25 Slammer: :P
14:13:39 Kurt: so why then do you think of jimmy page?
14:13:39 Slammer: I'm just Messing with you
14:13:43 Slammer: I don't know JVM
14:13:52 Kurt: lol
14:13:55 Slammer: but I like to joke around
14:14:03 Slammer: :P
14:14:05 Kurt: ok now I know ;)
14:14:06 Slammer: *slap*
14:14:14 JVM: right
14:14:20 JVM: now help me figure out how to record this thing slammer
14:14:34 Slammer: press Record
14:14:42 JVM: im using cool edit pro
14:14:46 JVM: and i dont see record anywhere :P
14:15:10 Slammer: dude
14:15:24 Slammer: look at the JVM tab
14:15:38 Slammer: you couldn;t hear the *whip* ?
14:15:43 Slammer: LOL
14:16:22 JVM: *whip*
14:16:27 JVM: wait
14:16:32 JVM: maybe its because i have the thing plugged in
14:16:39 JVM: now?
14:16:42 JVM: yep
14:16:45 Slammer: *slap*
14:16:51 JVM: the thing i plugged into the front
14:16:56 JVM: drains my audio
14:16:58 JVM: is it supposed to?
14:17:47 JVM -> Slam's Recording Advice: lol
14:17:49 Slammer -> Slam's Recording Advice: Thank you
14:17:53 Slammer -> Slam's Recording Advice: NOW LISTEN
14:17:55 JVM -> Slam's Recording Advice: other people may want to know
14:18:11 Slammer -> Slam's Recording Advice: but other People might
14:18:18 Owen -> Slam's Recording Advice: White boys stole my chat room!
14:18:19 Slammer -> Slam's Recording Advice: Laugh at me
14:18:27 Slammer -> Slam's Recording Advice: poor Kurt
14:18:32 Owen -> Slam's Recording Advice: :(
14:18:36 Owen -> Slam's Recording Advice: how could you guys
14:18:38 Slammer -> Slam's Recording Advice: ok JVM
14:18:39 Owen -> Slam's Recording Advice: so immature
14:18:43 Owen -> Slam's Recording Advice: xD
14:18:46 JVM -> Slam's Recording Advice: lol
14:18:47 Owen -> Slam's Recording Advice: fooool!
14:19:00 Slammer: ok now listen
14:19:02 Owen: yes
14:19:08 Slammer: NOt you
14:19:11 Slammer: :P
14:19:18 Slammer: JVM
14:19:20 Slammer: :P
14:19:38 Slammer: JVM
14:19:48 Slammer: you want advice?
14:20:04 Owen: he wants your love
14:20:11 JVM: I want both :(
14:20:18 Slammer: :{
14:20:26 Slammer: LOL
14:20:27 Slammer: well
14:20:35 Slammer: I'll be happy to help
14:20:40 Slammer: but you gotta listen
14:20:55 JVM: ive been listening :p
14:20:56 Slammer: Which you arent
14:21:28 Slammer -> JVM advice: Now I'll walk you trough step by ste[
14:21:37 Slammer -> JVM advice: what version do you have of Cool Edit
14:21:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: 2.0?
14:21:45 JVM -> JVM advice: 2.1
14:21:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:21:53 Slammer -> JVM advice: that'll work
14:22:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: first thing is you gotta set up
14:22:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: your Sound
14:22:14 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:22:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: I'm Assuming you have it in Edit
14:22:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: Click on Options
14:23:00 JVM -> JVM advice: and
14:23:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to Device Order
14:23:28 Slammer -> JVM advice: I'm sorry
14:23:37 Slammer -> JVM advice: Properties
14:23:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: I mean
14:23:45 Gen -> JVM advice: hey guys
14:23:51 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to Device Properties
14:23:54 Slammer -> JVM advice: hey GEN!
14:24:02 JVM -> JVM advice: one sec
14:24:03 JVM -> JVM advice: phone
14:24:09 Slammer -> JVM advice: helping JVM learn to Record
14:24:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:24:16 Gen -> JVM advice: oh okay cool :)
14:24:23 JVM -> JVM advice: okay nm its no one i need to talk to :p
14:24:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: your Mom...
14:24:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: how dare you
14:24:38 Gen -> JVM advice: lol
14:24:53 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok once you are at D Prop
14:25:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: click the Wave in tab
14:25:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok?
14:25:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: there should be
14:25:25 Gen -> JVM advice: well...okay
14:25:28 Gen -> JVM advice: lol
14:25:29 JVM -> JVM advice: when im in properties i cant talk back to you
14:25:33 JVM -> JVM advice: gen shut up :p
14:25:37 Gen -> JVM advice: :D
14:25:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:25:48 JVM -> JVM advice: okay done
14:25:59 Slammer -> JVM advice: wait
14:26:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: do you have it plugged in the Front?
14:26:18 JVM -> JVM advice: not at the moment
14:26:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: how many do you have in the Front?
14:26:46 Slammer -> JVM advice: how many holes
14:26:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: GEN....
14:26:51 JVM -> JVM advice: one 1/8
14:26:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: don't go there
14:26:56 JVM -> JVM advice: and 2 usb
14:26:58 JVM -> JVM advice: okay
14:27:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: no not you
14:27:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:27:16 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:27:20 Slammer -> JVM advice: is it a Heaphone jack?
14:27:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: in the front?
14:27:41 JVM -> JVM advice: it doesnt specifically say headphone
14:27:45 JVM -> JVM advice: but it is headphone sized lol
14:28:00 Slammer -> JVM advice: does it have a pic of a Headphone or anything?
14:28:06 JVM -> JVM advice: no pic
14:28:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok, if I were you I'd plug it in the Back
14:28:45 Gen -> JVM advice: going to practice a bit, i ll be back later
14:28:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: in the no gen
14:28:48 Gen -> JVM advice: bye
14:28:51 JVM -> JVM advice: which one in the back?
14:28:52 Slammer -> JVM advice: NO GEN
14:28:53 Slammer -> JVM advice: Stay
14:28:58 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah practice here :P
14:29:03 Gen -> JVM advice: lmao
14:29:14 Slammer -> JVM advice: well, if you must
14:29:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:29:35 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok JVM
14:29:49 Slammer -> JVM advice: plug how many are in the back?
14:29:57 Slammer -> JVM advice: besides the Speaker one?
14:29:58 Gen -> JVM advice: my amp is in another room now :D, my new studio !!! ( 30 w amp :| ) lol
14:29:58 JVM -> JVM advice: lemme check
14:30:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: SWEET!
14:30:05 JVM -> JVM advice: i wanna say 3 or 4
14:30:06 Gen -> JVM advice: i ll be back later, cya
14:30:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: AMP
14:30:09 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok GEN
14:30:16 Slammer -> JVM advice: are they Colored?
14:30:20 JVM -> JVM advice: the amp im playing through now is 90w :P
14:30:22 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah they all are
14:30:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: like Green or Pink
14:30:38 JVM -> JVM advice: which do i want?
14:30:39 Slammer -> JVM advice: look at Owen
14:30:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
14:30:46 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:31:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok make sure it's not a Headphone
14:31:20 Slammer -> JVM advice: is there a Blue one?
14:31:22 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:31:24 JVM -> JVM advice: ive got yellow red light blue and black
14:31:29 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:31:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: do they have any pic of anything on them
14:31:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: or Words
14:31:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: like IN or Mic
14:32:10 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah they all have symbols that i cant really make o ut
14:32:13 JVM -> JVM advice: what they're supposed to be
14:32:21 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:32:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: before you try to plug your amp in
14:32:41 Slammer -> JVM advice: test them out with just your guitar
14:32:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: plug the 1/4 in your guitar
14:32:57 JVM -> JVM advice: will that record sound? lol
14:33:09 Slammer -> JVM advice: VERY quietly
14:33:14 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
14:33:15 Owen -> JVM advice: shh
14:33:25 JVM -> JVM advice: which one
14:33:25 Slammer -> JVM advice: but it won't blow out your Speakers Either
14:33:26 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:33:29 JVM -> JVM advice: blue?
14:33:33 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok try the Blue One first
14:33:50 JVM -> JVM advice: affirmative
14:34:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to Device Properties
14:34:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: Wave in
14:34:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: click the down button thing
14:34:18 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
14:34:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: what does it say?
14:34:38 JVM -> JVM advice: soundmax digital audio
14:34:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:34:47 JVM -> JVM advice: 3 tunebite high speed dubbing
14:34:49 JVM -> JVM advice: etc
14:34:51 Slammer -> JVM advice: anything else?
14:34:51 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:34:59 Slammer -> JVM advice: like Blue Input
14:35:01 JVM -> JVM advice: 4 actually
14:35:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: or something?
14:35:10 JVM -> JVM advice: uh no
14:35:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: or Input?
14:35:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: or Line In
14:35:25 JVM -> JVM advice: no
14:35:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: man... it's hard to explain over the Chat :D
14:35:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: but ok
14:36:17 Owen -> JVM advice: older ones have black inputs
14:36:20 Owen -> JVM advice: sometimes
14:36:35 Owen -> JVM advice: or mine has a yellow for mic >_<
14:36:46 Slammer -> JVM advice: what kinda PC do you have?
14:36:53 JVM -> JVM advice: me?
14:36:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: yes
14:37:00 JVM -> JVM advice: dell dimension 4700 :P
14:37:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:37:16 Owen -> JVM advice: I would laugh but I have a Compaq
14:37:19 Owen -> JVM advice: xD
14:37:33 JVM -> JVM advice: i have this thing hot rodded baby
14:37:39 Slammer -> JVM advice: I have HP
14:37:51 JVM -> JVM advice: radeon x1950
14:37:55 JVM -> JVM advice: 2 gigs of ram
14:37:56 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:38:13 Owen -> JVM advice: 1 Gig here
14:38:17 Owen -> JVM advice: up from 256 >_>
14:38:21 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude does it look like this?
14:38:22 Owen -> JVM advice: I have 4 ram slots
14:38:24 Slammer -> JVM advice:
14:39:01 JVM -> JVM advice: more or less
14:40:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:40:12 Slammer -> JVM advice: I'm reading the Spec
14:40:13 Slammer -> JVM advice: s
14:40:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: it says that the Front Panel is a Headphone
14:40:49 JVM -> JVM advice: so when i had that plugged into my amp
14:40:53 JVM -> JVM advice: was the sound coming out of my amp? lol
14:41:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: no because you had the Amp plug in output
14:41:34 JVM -> JVM advice: ah
14:41:41 JVM -> JVM advice: HAHA
14:41:52 JVM -> JVM advice: thats funny
14:42:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: hmm
14:42:06 JVM -> JVM advice: *phew*
14:42:14 Slammer -> JVM advice: I'm taking that as Sarcastic
14:42:26 JVM -> JVM advice: i plugged it into the input
14:43:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok dude
14:43:25 Slammer -> JVM advice: what you gotta do is find the Input
14:43:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: and set it up to record
14:43:32 JVM -> JVM advice: trial and error eh?
14:43:43 Slammer -> JVM advice: well, If I was there it would be easier
14:43:44 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:43:51 Slammer -> JVM advice: but over the Pc
14:43:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: not to easy
14:43:57 Slammer -> JVM advice: to guess
14:43:59 Slammer -> JVM advice: the Colors
14:44:00 Slammer -> JVM advice: etc.
14:44:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: but I'll try to fig. it out
14:44:13 JVM -> JVM advice: ill try some others
14:44:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: give me one Mintue
14:46:52 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:47:12 Kurt -> JVM advice: huh?
14:47:54 Slammer -> JVM advice: hmm
14:48:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: your PC may not have a Audio Input
14:48:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
14:48:10 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:48:12 Slammer -> JVM advice: they might all be Outputs
14:48:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: for Speakers
14:48:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: Surround Sound
14:48:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: etc.
14:48:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: but there should be at least a Mic
14:48:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: that would work
14:49:43 JVM -> JVM advice: red kinda looks like a mic
14:50:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: JVM
14:50:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: does it look like this
14:50:15 Slammer -> JVM advice:
14:50:34 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
14:50:37 JVM -> JVM advice: the sound part does anyway
14:50:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: with the Same colors
14:50:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: ?
14:50:56 JVM -> JVM advice: yep
14:51:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: which one is the Speaker connected to?
14:51:47 JVM -> JVM advice: green
14:51:58 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:52:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: try the Red
14:52:05 JVM -> JVM advice: sec
14:52:07 Slammer -> JVM advice: plug into the Red
14:52:15 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
14:52:29 JVM -> JVM advice: nothing new on the wave in
14:52:44 Slammer -> JVM advice: but does it say
14:52:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: MIC or anything
14:52:51 Slammer -> JVM advice: ?
14:52:59 JVM -> JVM advice: in the drop down menu?
14:53:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: yeah
14:53:12 JVM -> JVM advice: no
14:53:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: :(
14:53:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok than
14:53:29 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to Device Order
14:53:46 JVM -> JVM advice: wait
14:53:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: and click on the Recording TAB
14:53:58 Slammer -> JVM advice: no YOU wait
14:54:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
14:54:07 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:54:09 JVM -> JVM advice: ok go on
14:54:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: did you doo it?
14:54:19 JVM -> JVM advice: yep
14:54:20 Slammer -> JVM advice: doo :P
14:54:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: how many are there?
14:54:39 JVM -> JVM advice: on the right side?
14:54:44 Slammer -> JVM advice: how many devices?
14:54:53 Slammer -> JVM advice: either side?
14:54:57 JVM -> JVM advice: zero on the left side
14:55:00 JVM -> JVM advice: and 6 on the right
14:55:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: MAN
14:55:07 JVM -> JVM advice: which are the same as the drop down menu
14:55:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: if you don't mind...
14:55:22 Slammer -> JVM advice: could you name them one by one
14:55:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
14:55:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:55:31 JVM -> JVM advice: wave mapper (EV)
14:55:38 JVM -> JVM advice: soundmax digital audio
14:55:48 JVM -> JVM advice: and then four tunebite high-speed dubbing
14:56:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: hmm
14:56:09 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
14:56:16 Slammer -> JVM advice: EV stands for
14:56:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: Edit View
14:56:26 Slammer -> JVM advice: when you record
14:56:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: move
14:56:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: Soundmax
14:56:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: to the Top
14:56:57 Slammer -> JVM advice: and click use in EV
14:57:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: on it
14:57:23 JVM -> JVM advice: sec
14:57:29 JVM -> JVM advice: you want me to do that now?
14:57:46 Slammer -> JVM advice: YES
14:57:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: now now
14:57:50 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
14:57:52 Slammer -> JVM advice: before it's too late
14:57:56 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
14:57:58 JVM -> JVM advice: done
14:58:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: somthing tells me that the Black one is it
14:58:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: But I'm just guessing now
14:58:46 Slammer -> JVM advice: But I have a Feeling
14:58:53 JVM -> JVM advice: More Than A Feeling
14:59:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: YES early 80's!
14:59:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: early 80's music was great
14:59:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: Commordores
14:59:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: etc.
14:59:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: Marvin Gaye
14:59:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
14:59:51 Slammer -> JVM advice: Anyways
14:59:57 Slammer -> JVM advice: did you do it/
14:59:58 Slammer -> JVM advice: ?
15:00:04 JVM -> JVM advice: eons ago
15:00:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: Hey
15:00:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: I mean did you plug it in>
15:00:36 Slammer -> JVM advice: to the Black?
15:00:39 JVM -> JVM advice: no
15:00:43 Slammer -> JVM advice: do that
15:00:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW!
15:00:56 JVM -> JVM advice: done
15:01:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok now
15:01:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to
15:01:16 Slammer -> JVM advice: Control Panel
15:01:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: in XP
15:01:28 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
15:01:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: click on the Sound
15:01:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: Speech
15:01:36 Slammer -> JVM advice: whatevr
15:01:43 Slammer -> JVM advice: now
15:01:52 Slammer -> JVM advice: click on Sounds and Audio
15:02:03 JVM -> JVM advice: devices
15:02:16 Slammer -> JVM advice: yes
15:02:26 Slammer -> JVM advice: you there?
15:02:31 JVM -> JVM advice: yep
15:02:38 Owen -> JVM advice: lol lol lol lol
15:02:41 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
15:02:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: now click on Audio Tab
15:02:56 JVM -> JVM advice: already there
15:03:13 JVM -> JVM advice: checking out my volumes, my mic in volume is up high but my line in volume is down quite low if it matters
15:03:14 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to Sound Recording
15:03:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: is it set to Sound Blaster?
15:03:53 JVM -> JVM advice: no
15:03:56 JVM -> JVM advice: soundmax digital audio :p
15:04:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: Whatever
15:04:07 Slammer -> JVM advice: @#@#%
15:04:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
15:04:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: now You know how to Adjust the Volume
15:04:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: so Adjust it
15:04:53 Slammer -> JVM advice: but not too high
15:04:59 JVM -> JVM advice: for the line in?
15:04:59 Slammer -> JVM advice: Not at the top
15:05:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: can you do it for the SoundMAX?
15:05:23 JVM -> JVM advice: well
15:05:29 JVM -> JVM advice: when i hit adjust volume
15:05:43 JVM -> JVM advice: it gives me three sliders, for "cd player" "microphone" and "line in"
15:05:52 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok skip that part then
15:05:53 JVM -> JVM advice: and only lets me select one at a time
15:06:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:06:07 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude go back to Cool Edit
15:06:14 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
15:06:16 Slammer -> JVM advice: and click Options
15:06:24 Slammer -> JVM advice: click Windows Recording Mixer
15:06:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: what happens?
15:06:35 JVM -> JVM advice: same thing
15:06:48 JVM -> JVM advice: cd player microphone line in
15:06:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: brings you to Adjust Volume right?
15:06:50 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:06:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok well
15:06:59 Slammer -> JVM advice: on the Line in
15:07:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: take it down from the Top
15:07:22 Slammer -> JVM advice: to about 70% of the way up for now
15:07:26 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
15:07:58 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok now is your guitar plugged in?
15:08:06 JVM -> JVM advice: to the black slot
15:08:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: now for the Moment of Truth
15:08:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: if this doesn't work
15:08:32 Slammer -> JVM advice: then I'm fired
15:09:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: no2
15:09:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOw*
15:09:18 JVM -> JVM advice: im excitred
15:09:21 JVM -> JVM advice: excited * lol
15:09:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: go to options and
15:09:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: click Monitot Record Level
15:09:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: and Strum
15:09:57 Slammer -> JVM advice: do you see anything happen?
15:10:14 JVM -> JVM advice: no
15:10:16 Slammer -> JVM advice: FUDGE
15:10:28 Slammer -> JVM advice: :{
15:10:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: Damn
15:10:37 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
15:10:39 Slammer -> JVM advice: well
15:10:49 JVM -> JVM advice: however
15:10:52 JVM -> JVM advice: plugged into the red slot
15:10:54 JVM -> JVM advice: it does work
15:10:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: but do you see the green bars
15:11:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: WAIT
15:11:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: All this time it worked
15:11:13 Slammer -> JVM advice: or you just found out?
15:11:17 JVM -> JVM advice: no
15:11:23 JVM -> JVM advice: you had me doing it in the black slot and it didnt work
15:11:29 JVM -> JVM advice: so i just put it in the red one and it worked
15:11:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: and you can hear the guitar play?
15:11:44 JVM -> JVM advice: well
15:11:45 JVM -> JVM advice: no
15:11:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: but you see the bars move
15:11:57 JVM -> JVM advice: yes
15:11:57 JVM -> JVM advice: but the bars are moving
15:12:00 Slammer -> JVM advice: YES!!!
15:12:03 JVM -> JVM advice: haha
15:12:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: we are in Buiness
15:12:10 JVM -> JVM advice: nice
15:12:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: or are you Lying?
15:12:14 JVM -> JVM advice: no.. lol
15:12:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: OK THEN
15:12:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: Dude
15:12:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: this is the First step
15:12:29 Slammer -> JVM advice: this means you CAN record
15:12:33 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok next thing
15:12:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: you see the Bars moving right?
15:12:47 JVM -> JVM advice: the bars quickly move past 0 though
15:12:49 JVM -> JVM advice: which is bad right?
15:12:58 Slammer -> JVM advice: and they turn Red right?
15:13:02 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:13:06 JVM -> JVM advice: so just lower volume?
15:13:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok that's over clipping
15:13:21 Slammer -> JVM advice: do you have your amp or guitar plugged in?
15:13:39 JVM -> JVM advice: guitar
15:13:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: so Adjust the Volume for Mic
15:13:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: if it's all the way up
15:14:13 JVM -> JVM advice: adjustments complete sir
15:14:30 JVM -> JVM advice: chords still get it close to the red
15:14:33 JVM -> JVM advice: but otherwise i think im ok
15:14:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: bout time I get some Respect
15:14:55 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
15:14:56 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok now for the Real test
15:15:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: Press Record
15:15:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: the Red Circle
15:15:34 JVM -> JVM advice: ok
15:15:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: and see it you have a Sound Wave on your Screen
15:15:41 JVM -> JVM advice: i played something
15:15:46 JVM -> JVM advice: but it didnt really do much lol
15:15:47 Slammer -> JVM advice: did it record
15:15:54 Slammer -> JVM advice: anything at all
15:15:59 JVM -> JVM advice: when i hit record
15:16:04 JVM -> JVM advice: the bars go away lol
15:16:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: :|
15:16:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: u serious?
15:16:37 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:16:49 Slammer -> JVM advice: but do you see anything on the screen when you press record
15:16:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: ?
15:16:58 JVM -> JVM advice: just the line moving over the thing
15:17:01 JVM -> JVM advice: not getting any waves
15:17:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: is it a Straight Line
15:17:23 JVM -> JVM advice: yes
15:17:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: Dude..... Buy a Interface!
15:17:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: less hassle
15:17:42 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
15:17:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: like a MBOX mini or someting
15:17:49 JVM -> JVM advice: when i figure this out itll work fine for now
15:17:54 Slammer -> JVM advice: well
15:18:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: try to mess around with ti
15:18:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: try all the other holes
15:18:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: and don't forget to click Monitor Record Levels
15:18:35 Slammer -> JVM advice: to check
15:18:51 Owen -> JVM advice: \m/ >_< \m/
15:19:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:19:15 JVM -> JVM advice: well
15:19:25 JVM -> JVM advice: I cant monitor record levels when im recording
15:19:41 Slammer -> JVM advice: it's not set up right then
15:19:56 Slammer -> JVM advice: Dude i forgot to tell you
15:20:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUDE
15:20:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUDE
15:20:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUDE
15:20:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUDE
15:20:07 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUDE
15:20:09 JVM -> JVM advice: WHAT
15:20:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: Important
15:20:26 Slammer -> JVM advice: you CAN extract Audio from a Video With Cool Edit Pro
15:20:37 JVM -> JVM advice: too bad my camera is broken
15:20:46 Slammer -> JVM advice: 8)
15:20:49 Slammer -> JVM advice: but you lied
15:21:04 JVM -> JVM advice: well i just found out last night
15:21:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:21:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: greta timing
15:22:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude do you have friend who play guitar?
15:22:13 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:22:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: with Gear?
15:22:22 JVM -> JVM advice: and I know a guy who has good recording gear
15:22:32 JVM -> JVM advice: but he just moved for college ><
15:22:32 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUH
15:22:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: ask him to borrow
15:22:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: it
15:22:45 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
15:22:47 JVM -> JVM advice: he's gone
15:22:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: NO
15:23:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: anyone with a MutiFX pedal?
15:23:10 JVM -> JVM advice: maybe
15:23:11 JVM -> JVM advice: i dont know
15:23:13 JVM -> JVM advice: kinda doubt it
15:23:27 JVM -> JVM advice: most of my friends are tube purists
15:24:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: well, do you know anyone with a POD?
15:24:17 JVM -> JVM advice: no
15:24:20 Slammer -> JVM advice: Get some New Friends
15:24:22 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:24:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
15:24:33 Slammer -> JVM advice: well
15:24:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude
15:25:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: I wish I could help more
15:25:13 Slammer -> JVM advice: but
15:25:15 JVM -> JVM advice: WAIT
15:25:17 JVM -> JVM advice: i got something
15:25:28 JVM -> JVM advice: it recorded
15:25:28 Slammer -> JVM advice: $10 for my services
15:25:32 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:25:35 JVM -> JVM advice: and it sounded fairly decent
15:25:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: are you serious?
15:25:49 Slammer -> JVM advice: really?
15:26:00 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:26:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: DUDE
15:26:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: how
15:26:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: ???
15:26:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: ?????
15:26:13 Slammer -> JVM advice: what did you do
15:26:15 JVM -> JVM advice: apparently i was in multitrack view
15:26:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: how did it happen?
15:26:18 JVM -> JVM advice: up at the top left
15:26:25 Slammer -> JVM advice: YES!
15:26:27 Slammer -> JVM advice: that's it
15:26:29 JVM -> JVM advice: changed to edit view and it worked
15:26:35 Slammer -> JVM advice: Idiot
15:26:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: Me I mean
15:26:46 Slammer -> JVM advice: I should have thought of asking you
15:26:54 Slammer -> JVM advice: when you selected EV
15:27:00 Slammer -> JVM advice: that what it meant
15:27:06 Slammer -> JVM advice: Sweet
15:27:07 Slammer -> JVM advice: !!1
15:27:09 Slammer -> JVM advice: !!!!
15:27:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: !!!!
15:27:12 Slammer -> JVM advice: !!!
15:27:14 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
15:27:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude
15:27:26 Slammer -> JVM advice: you know what Multitrack is for right?
15:27:29 JVM -> JVM advice: lol it sounds decent ;P
15:27:35 JVM -> JVM advice: drum tracks etc
15:27:41 Slammer -> JVM advice: yeah Rythm
15:27:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: OverDubbing
15:27:58 Iluha -> JVM advice: Gimme an advice!
15:28:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: One track for Rythm and one for Lead
15:28:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: !
15:28:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: ETC.
15:28:57 JVM -> JVM advice: haha
15:29:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: I'm giving advice
15:29:01 JVM -> JVM advice: it sounds decent actually
15:29:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: Sweet
15:29:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude
15:29:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok now you gotta set it up for Multi Track
15:30:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: anyways
15:30:05 Slammer -> JVM advice: so dude
15:30:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: JVM
15:30:13 Slammer -> JVM advice: *slap*
15:30:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: *slap*
15:30:15 Slammer -> JVM advice: *slap*
15:30:28 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:30:34 Slammer -> JVM advice: try it withyour Amp now
15:30:39 Slammer -> JVM advice: LO
15:30:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:31:14 Slammer -> JVM advice: but keep the Volume low
15:31:42 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude are you recording in Mono or Stereo?
15:31:47 JVM -> JVM advice: im not sure
15:31:48 JVM -> JVM advice: how do I check
15:32:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: well is the sound coming out of both Speaker
15:32:19 JVM -> JVM advice: yeah
15:32:31 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok on Cool EDIt
15:32:36 Slammer -> JVM advice: look on the Bottom
15:32:41 Slammer -> JVM advice: and the bar
15:32:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: should say Stereo or Mono
15:33:01 JVM -> JVM advice: im in stereo
15:33:04 Slammer -> JVM advice: ok
15:33:12 Slammer -> JVM advice: you know the difference right?
15:33:22 Slammer -> JVM advice: other than that
15:33:40 Slammer -> JVM advice: Stereo takes more PC Space than Mono
15:33:57 Slammer -> JVM advice: but Mono is less Versatile
15:34:02 Slammer -> JVM advice: for editing
15:34:10 Slammer -> JVM advice: etc.
15:34:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: dude
15:34:38 Slammer -> JVM advice: *whip*
15:34:41 JVM -> JVM advice: WHAT
15:34:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: did you save it?
15:34:53 Slammer -> JVM advice: what you recorded?
15:35:08 Slammer -> JVM advice: you can save it as a Wav. or a Mp3.
15:35:10 JVM -> JVM advice: not yet
15:35:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: save it and send it to me
15:35:18 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW
15:35:24 Slammer -> JVM advice: you owe me one :P
15:35:36 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
15:35:42 JVM -> JVM advice: how do I clear a track and re-record?
15:35:52 JVM -> JVM advice: nm i got it
15:35:55 Slammer -> JVM advice: I spent a good 1 1/2 hours helping you
15:36:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: your Welcome :P
15:36:39 JVM -> JVM advice: er
15:36:41 JVM -> JVM advice: its all clean though
15:36:47 JVM -> JVM advice: i cant get any overdrive out of it
15:36:47 Slammer -> JVM advice: I don't care
15:36:49 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
15:36:53 Kurt -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: hello?
15:36:56 Slammer -> JVM advice: you gotta use your amp
15:36:58 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:37:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: I don't care how it sounds just send it
15:37:17 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
15:37:22 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW
15:37:23 Slammer -> JVM advice: :P
15:37:30 Slammer -> JVM advice: you know Email?
15:37:36 JVM -> JVM advice: hold on lol
15:37:48 Slammer -> JVM advice: and I'll Edit it on my cool Edit. and send it back :P
15:37:54 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:38:05 JVM -> JVM advice: lol
15:38:07 JVM -> JVM advice: with what
15:38:19 Slammer -> JVM advice: I gotta see it first
15:38:21 Slammer -> JVM advice: hear*
15:38:25 Slammer -> JVM advice: do it now
15:38:45 Slammer -> JVM advice: send it to Email?
15:38:47 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW
15:38:49 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW
15:38:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW
15:38:50 Slammer -> JVM advice: NOW
15:39:51 Kurt -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip*
15:39:54 JVM -> JVM advice: im trying to figure this out shut up :p
15:40:01 Slammer -> JVM advice: Hmm
15:40:03 Slammer -> JVM advice: Hmp
15:40:07 Slammer -> JVM advice: after all my help
15:40:13 Kurt -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: Owen?!?!?! *slap* *meow*
15:40:33 Slammer -> JVM advice: he still disrepects me
15:40:35 Slammer -> JVM advice: :(
15:40:47 Slammer -> JVM advice: just click Save
15:40:49 Slammer -> JVM advice: LOL
15:41:58 JVM -> JVM advice: saving
15:42:32 JVM -> JVM advice: haha
15:42:33 JVM -> JVM advice: funny
15:42:40 JVM -> JVM advice: okay
15:42:42 JVM -> JVM advice: now to send it
15:43:06 JVM -> JVM advice: email?
15:43:11 Slammer -> JVM advice: Private
15:43:56 Slammer -> JVM advice: PM
15:47:02 Kurt -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: *meow*
15:47:16 Kurt -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: hellllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo???????????????????????????? *slap*
15:47:50 Slammer: LOL
15:47:54 Slammer: wow that was fun
15:47:56 JVM -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: HI OWEN
15:48:10 JVM -> Bondage - Chat 4 Real Men!: bye now
15:48:30 Slammer: duddude
15:48:33 Slammer: I like it
15:48:39 Slammer: it has to much Hiss
15:48:43 Slammer: though
15:48:45 Slammer: but
15:48:48 Slammer: good Playing
15:48:52 Slammer: Better than Me
15:49:00 JVM: all that work made me hungry
15:49:05 Slammer: Lies
15:49:07 JVM: i need to grab like a bowl of cereal or something :p
15:49:14 Slammer: you just wanna leave
15:49:16 Slammer: :P
15:49:17 JVM: yeah well the tone seems to be way off
15:49:22 JVM: i cant seem to adjust it much
15:49:25 Slammer: not bad tone
15:49:30 Slammer: for straight to PC
15:49:35 Slammer: with your Amp
15:49:40 Slammer: it would be great
15:49:43 Slammer: Hold up
15:49:45 Slammer: ok nvm
15:50:02 Slammer: but hey
15:50:09 Slammer: It's something right?
15:50:12 JVM: yeah
15:50:14 Slammer: :D
15:50:16 Slammer: Cool
15:50:18 Slammer: Beans
15:50:39 JVM: word
15:50:40 JVM: lol
15:51:19 Slammer: I'm gonna look at it through cool edit
15:51:26 Slammer: it's not a Bad Program
15:51:32 Slammer: actually
15:51:34 Slammer: a little old
15:51:38 Slammer: but it works
15:51:52 Slammer: HOLY COW
15:51:59 Slammer: I just opened it
15:52:13 Slammer: it's all over the Place
15:52:14 Slammer: LOL
15:52:18 JVM: eh?
15:52:49 Slammer: LOL
15:52:51 Slammer: I mean
15:52:57 Slammer: If you don't mind
15:53:06 Slammer: can I run it through some EQ
15:53:13 JVM: do whatever you want
15:53:19 Slammer: I'll send it back
15:53:22 JVM: cool
15:53:24 Slammer: when I'm done
15:53:25 JVM: ill be back in like 2 minutes
15:53:29 Slammer: ok go EAt
15:53:32 JVM: lol
15:53:36 JVM: im gonna eat here
15:56:11 Slammer: well
15:56:24 Slammer: first thing I remove the Background noise
15:56:34 Slammer: and I added soe Reverb
15:56:56 Slammer: ran it through a EQ
15:57:17 JVM: nice
15:58:31 Slammer: LOL
16:00:56 Owen: Yess! Boys!
16:01:31 JVM: owen :P i have recorded! victory!
16:02:29 Slammer: JVM check your EMail
16:02:36 Slammer: in a minute
16:02:41 Slammer: gtg
16:02:43 Slammer: bye
16:05:14 Slammer: *whip*
16:05:16 Slammer: JVM
16:05:21 Slammer: JVM
16:05:21 Slammer: JVM
16:05:24 JVM: i got it
16:05:27 Slammer: ok cool
16:05:30 Slammer: :D
16:05:47 JVM: far too trebly for my tastes but thats not anything you did :p
16:06:07 Slammer: well, at least it's louder
16:06:11 JVM: yeah
16:06:26 Slammer: what was :P supposed to mean?
16:06:31 JVM: wonder if we can find a backing track for it
16:06:45 Slammer: when you said not anything i did?
16:06:55 JVM: nothing
16:07:06 Slammer: You Implying that I ruined your Track
16:07:07 Slammer: :(
16:07:12 Slammer: :?
16:07:21 Slammer: :o
16:07:32 Slammer: and that I made it too Trebley
16:07:35 Slammer: :(
16:07:36 Slammer: :(
16:07:36 Slammer: :(
16:07:43 JVM: lol no
16:07:56 Slammer: hey where did he go?
16:07:58 Slammer: Oh
16:07:59 Slammer: LOL
16:08:08 Slammer: dude if you want backingg tracks
16:08:16 Slammer: go to
16:08:19 Slammer: I think
16:08:31 Slammer: NO
16:08:33 Slammer: DOn't
16:08:35 Slammer: bad link
16:08:39 Slammer: too many Popups
16:08:41 Slammer: LOL
16:08:57 Slammer: only
16:09:25 Slammer: YEs
16:09:30 Slammer: there is a BT there
16:09:32 Slammer: there is a BT there
16:09:33 Slammer: JVM
16:09:36 Slammer: *whip*
16:09:39 Slammer: Take Care
16:09:41 Slammer: I gtg
16:09:46 Slammer: have fun
16:09:59 Slammer: And,
16:10:08 Slammer: if you need any more Advice
16:10:14 Slammer: Ask someone Else....
16:10:17 Slammer: :P
16:10:25 Slammer: Hey Dan
16:10:31 JVM: later slammer
16:10:31 Slammer: I'm on my way out
16:10:34 shredmandan: hello everyone
16:10:36 Slammer: cya Later
16:10:45 Slammer: bye
16:10:48 Slammer: bye
16:10:48 Slammer: bye
16:10:51 Slammer: :(
16:10:58 Slammer: :P
16:11:01 Slammer: :)
16:11:02 Slammer: :D
16:11:04 Slammer: LOL
16:11:20 JVM: lol
16:12:41 Kurt: hello
16:13:13 shredmandan: hey man
16:13:23 Kurt: ah wasup?
16:13:41 shredmandan: same old thing different day
16:13:57 Kurt: lol yeah me too
16:14:24 Kurt: OMG sorry I must leave
16:14:28 Kurt: cya
16:14:44 shredmandan: later all
16:19:10 ezravdb: lol
16:19:14 ezravdb: you are still here
16:19:29 Slammer: On and Off
16:19:31 Slammer: you too
16:19:43 Slammer: ezra where you from
16:19:57 Slammer: ok then... Ryan where ya from?
16:19:57 ezravdb: Holland
16:20:05 Slammer: LOL
16:20:14 Slammer: How are the chicks in Holland?
16:20:21 Ryan: whats up dudes!!
16:20:27 Ryan: im from kansas
16:20:31 Slammer: not much!!!
16:20:43 Ryan: Boring old kansas
16:20:48 Slammer: yeah, I've Chatting with you before believe it or not
16:21:00 ezravdb: chicks are okay in Holland
16:21:00 Slammer: u prob. don;t remember
16:21:03 Ryan: haha guess what i found out today
16:21:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey there
16:21:18 Slammer: What RYan?
16:21:33 Ryan: I can play REALLY FAST, but the biggest challenge for me is the muting
16:21:53 Ryan: is that normal?
16:21:59 Slammer: KAI??
16:22:18 Slammer: Yes, otherwise you will sound Sloppy :P
16:22:22 Slammer: Duh
16:22:25 Slammer: LOL
16:22:31 Ryan: lol
16:22:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: slammer?
16:22:36 Ryan: but i mean
16:22:39 Ryan: i dont like forget notes or nothign
16:22:45 Ryan: i just get alil extra string sound :D
16:22:47 Ryan: thats all
16:22:50 Ryan: little
16:22:54 Slammer: how's the Riff coming along
16:23:03 Slammer: ?
16:23:05 Slammer: Kai I mean
16:23:31 Slammer: Ryan why don't you do the Collab?
16:23:35 Slammer: the Blues
16:23:41 Ryan: my webcam broke
16:23:45 Ryan: anyways it would be fuzzy
16:23:45 Slammer: NO
16:23:46 Ryan: and bad
16:23:49 Ryan: or i would :D
16:23:54 Slammer: webcams aren't any good
16:23:57 Ryan: i iknow
16:23:59 Ryan: thats al i got though
16:24:04 Slammer: unless your chatting with a Chick
16:24:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: i recorded sum
16:24:06 Slammer: :P
16:24:09 Ryan: ahah
16:24:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: bass and drums are done
16:24:24 Slammer: cool
16:24:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i will change something..
16:24:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: it is not hard enough for you guys to play _D
16:24:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
16:24:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: no seriously im working on the stuff ;)
16:25:01 Ryan: what will it be though?
16:25:03 Slammer: Es ist groß, dass Sie Lektionen machen
16:25:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D:D:D
16:25:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: did you use a translator for that?
16:25:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: it sounds like altavista babelfish or so
16:25:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: but thank you :)
16:26:03 Slammer: Es überrascht, dass ich gelernt habe, wie Deutsch in 5 Minuten zu sprechen
16:26:18 Slammer: LOL
16:26:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
16:26:24 Slammer: RYAN
16:26:31 Slammer: he speaks Kansas
16:26:40 Slammer: LOL
16:26:58 Slammer: *slap*
16:27:10 Ryan: ahha
16:27:14 Slammer: ESJ
16:27:22 Slammer: !!
16:27:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: slammer
16:27:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: well oh well:D
16:27:42 [Action] Slammer: wonders why no one is talk
16:27:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: do you guys ever talk about guitarplaying here?
16:28:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like to
16:28:03 Slammer: LOL
16:28:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but no one ever does :p
16:28:13 Slammer: I used to
16:28:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: >:(
16:28:21 Slammer: but it's always the same
16:28:29 Slammer: How long you've been playing?
16:28:32 Ryan: ahha
16:28:34 Slammer: what guitar do you have?
16:28:35 Ryan: ill talk guitar kai
16:28:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what kind of music do you like, etc etc
16:28:45 Ryan: well
16:28:50 Ryan: lets start somethign new
16:29:01 Ryan: are you guys wokring on composing anything new lately?
16:29:07 Ryan: soem metal
16:29:08 Ryan: blues
16:29:11 Ryan: or any types of songs?
16:29:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
16:29:15 Ryan: hows that for a question?
16:29:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
16:29:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have different riffs and licks that sound really good, just havnt pieced them together yet
16:29:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: while there is time i work on new material
16:29:48 Ryan: aweosme
16:29:49 Ryan: me 2
16:30:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: was i asked with guitars and music likin?
16:30:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: or was it a question to everyone?
16:30:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry---im doing stuff besides :P
16:30:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no Kai
16:31:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer was just saying how thats all people ever talk about when they talk shop
16:32:25 Ryan: wow
16:32:38 Ryan: this level 3 solo business Marcus is puting up is werid
16:32:43 Ryan: the 2nd solo that is
16:32:47 Ryan: on video 4
16:32:58 Owen: everybody boogie!
16:33:06 Ryan: i havernt seen things done like that before its cool though he has great skills
16:33:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you mean the intermidiate one ryan ?
16:33:10 Ryan: eys
16:33:17 Ryan: video 4
16:33:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah I learned everything in that except the last video.
16:33:33 Ryan: its differnet
16:33:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Cool techniques in that one
16:33:37 Ryan: havent heard nothing like it beofre
16:33:39 Ryan: i know
16:33:40 Ryan: :D
16:33:46 Ryan: im pleased to be learning it :D
16:33:50 Ryan: i love the first video
16:33:59 Ryan: how he uses the natual and pinch harmonic
16:34:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the newest one he did (advanced) is pretty hard :|
16:34:16 Ryan: im gonna learn that one after this 1
16:35:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: everything is so fast
16:35:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my brain
16:35:13 Ryan: haha
16:35:20 Ryan: are you talking abou thte neo-classical lesson??
16:35:25 Ryan: or hte newest one he just made
16:35:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah the advanced one
16:35:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
16:35:30 Ryan: ohh
16:35:34 Ryan: see were tlakign differnet ones
16:35:40 Ryan: im talking about
16:35:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the interm
16:35:45 Ryan: three-level-solo
16:35:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ohhhh
16:35:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ohh ohhh
16:35:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ohhh
16:35:53 Ryan: he uses the koto techniqe in it
16:36:01 Ryan: which is also used my eric johnson
16:36:04 Ryan: Very cool techniq
16:36:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well I got confused because on the intermiediate lesson for the newer three level solo, he also does something with a artifical harmonic and a natural one
16:36:53 Slammer: Harmonica
16:37:14 Ryan: yes
16:37:18 Ryan: its the 1st video
16:37:26 Ryan: on teh 2nd part of the three-level-solo
16:37:28 Ryan: its great
16:38:01 Slammer: hey Ryan who is better, You or your Girlfriend?
16:38:07 Slammer: at guitar
16:38:39 Ryan: me
16:38:42 Ryan: by far
16:38:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah Ryan :D sry took me awhile to understand
16:38:48 Ryan: Oh no problem
16:38:55 Slammer: well, she makes up for it in other areas
16:38:56 Ryan: my g/f is doing lthings like
16:39:06 Kurt: hey guys
16:39:08 Ryan: ahha but not on the guitar
16:39:17 Ryan: it hurts me to say this
16:39:24 Ryan: but i dont think she will ever really get much better
16:39:32 Ryan: maybe get AP down, but other than that
16:39:34 Ryan: nope
16:39:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ohhh I get it she makes up for it in other areas :p
16:39:46 Ryan: but ill give her lessons after she moves in with me :D next year I cant wait
16:39:55 Ryan: lol
16:39:56 Ryan: yes
16:40:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: other none guitar areas lol
16:40:29 Slammer: yes
16:40:39 Slammer: like she has Boobs
16:40:44 Slammer: and you don't
16:40:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats it im starting a picture thread
16:40:46 Ryan: :D
16:40:49 Ryan: big ones 2
16:40:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: leave it to slammer
16:40:52 Slammer: :P
16:40:58 Ryan: i have man boobs
16:41:01 Ryan: like muscles
16:41:03 Ryan: not fat :D
16:41:08 Ryan: working otu for 2 years
16:41:09 Slammer: Slammer is a Dork
16:41:10 Ryan: does a lot :D
16:41:17 Slammer: everyone hates hims
16:41:21 Slammer: him*
16:41:23 Slammer: :P
16:41:29 Slammer: esp. ESJ
16:42:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: damn straight
16:42:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ;)
16:42:17 Slammer: :(
16:42:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *muah*
16:42:30 Slammer: :( :(
16:42:53 Slammer: Hey, Ryan why don't you tell your Lady to come to GMC
16:43:54 Slammer: she could be the One user of the Ladies of GMC board
16:44:00 Slammer: it's just sitting there
16:44:47 Slammer: *whip*
16:44:53 Ryan: lol
16:44:56 Ryan: she was goiugn to
16:44:57 Ryan: and then
16:45:01 Ryan: she noticed you ahd to pay
16:45:03 Ryan: she doesnt ahve a job right now
16:45:07 Ryan: she wants to get better
16:45:10 Slammer: you can pay for her
16:45:11 Ryan: so i reffered her here
16:45:16 Ryan: i dont have a job either
16:45:18 Ryan: lol
16:45:23 Slammer: and she can pay you back.....
16:45:25 Slammer: LOL
16:45:25 Ryan: i jsut quit mine cus im stupid
16:45:33 Ryan: in other ways that money :P
16:45:41 Slammer: YES!
16:45:44 Slammer: LOL
16:46:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok you can see me now slammer
16:46:12 Slammer: Shrink the Pic
16:46:14 Slammer: dude
16:46:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and my uberly bad pictures of myself with sunscreen
16:46:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how ?
16:46:36 Slammer: use the Program Andrew Suggested
16:46:42 Slammer: on the Forum rules
16:46:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ergh where
16:47:02 Slammer:
16:47:56 Slammer: well, your sister looks great
16:47:58 Slammer: :P
16:48:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol shut up
16:48:04 Slammer: I know I know
16:48:09 Slammer: Dude
16:48:18 Slammer: you are gonna get it from the other guys
16:48:26 Slammer: not about you
16:48:29 Slammer: but about her
16:48:36 Slammer: just warning you
16:48:38 Slammer: LOL
16:49:12 Slammer: She's a pretty girl.... There I said it

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Kristofer Dahl
Sep 7 2007, 05:34 PM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.350
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
16:49:12 Slammer: She's a pretty girl.... There I said it, other might be that nice :P

16:49:30 Slammer: night Not*

16:49:31 Ryan: haha now time for the the 3rd level of the 3 level solo

16:49:33 Ryan: omg

16:49:35 Ryan: its gonan be fun :D

16:49:40 Slammer: might not*

16:50:03 Slammer: ****slap**

16:50:11 Slammer: ESJ

16:50:16 Slammer: are you shrinking it?

16:50:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah I did

16:50:33 Slammer: ok

16:50:40 Slammer: did u use that program

16:50:42 Slammer: or something

16:50:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah

16:50:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wasnt hard

16:50:58 Slammer: ok dude

16:51:08 Slammer: you should put a note in that thread

16:51:15 Owen: Did I miss something?

16:51:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sayinggggg

16:51:20 Slammer: about keeping them down to size

16:51:53 Slammer: ****slap**

16:51:58 Owen: Ouchies

16:51:59 Slammer: you're a happy kid I see

16:51:59 Ryan: lol

16:52:02 Ryan: this solo by marcus

16:52:03 Ryan: OMG

16:52:04 Slammer: LOL

16:52:05 Ryan: Its so crazy
16:52:18 Slammer: dude, I'm gonna say this right now

16:52:27 Slammer: on the Record

16:52:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the advanced part of the first 3 level solo is indeed crazy

16:52:43 Slammer: Marcus is the BEST guitarist on GMC

16:52:44 Owen: Yes?

16:52:53 Slammer: hands Down

16:52:56 Owen: Hmmmm

16:52:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: unn

16:53:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: umm*

16:53:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: depends

16:53:09 Owen: I like Gabe

16:53:11 Ryan: for sure

16:53:19 Slammer: not saying who we like

16:53:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think technically Pavel is really good

16:53:27 Slammer: I think Marcus has it all

16:53:32 Ryan: marcus is i think is actually the best shredder we got

16:53:37 Slammer: as far as a guitarist

16:53:38 Ryan: from how pavel explains a shredder

16:53:42 Ryan: a master of all techniques

16:53:45 Owen: Yeah, well I prefer him, if It was all about tech I'd probably say Muris

16:53:45 Slammer: Yes

16:53:46 Ryan: well marcus is defintly that

16:53:49 Ryan: he uses everythign

16:53:55 Ryan: even the koto techniqe

16:54:03 Ryan: which ive never seen used other than by eric johson

16:54:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah but all around im going to have to go with Muris and Kris

16:54:20 Ryan: marcus for sure for me

16:54:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: They can play just about anything

16:54:27 Slammer: We'll

16:54:34 Slammer: I've seen Marcus
16:54:36 Slammer: Sweep

16:54:37 Slammer: Tap

16:54:39 Slammer: Shred

16:54:41 Ryan: i thin honestly kris puts a werid feel into his playing for me anywyas

16:54:43 Owen: I'm not a big fan of Pavel's style, I feel it's only really proficient in one genre

16:54:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like all the Gmc instructors

16:54:49 Ryan: harmonics lik no other

16:54:56 Slammer: I'm not saying Marcus is my Fav

16:55:05 Slammer: I'm saying I think he's the Best

16:55:08 Slammer: GEN

16:55:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im really liking Juan, the new instructor
16:55:17 Gen: hey guys

16:55:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hello chuck norris

16:56:06 Gen: :D

16:56:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i gtg take a shower

16:56:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill bb in like 15 minutes

16:56:41 Gen: okay, cya later

16:58:00 Ryan: GEN

16:58:01 Ryan: My main man
16:58:04 Ryan: hows it hangin?

16:58:05 Slammer: :(
16:58:06 Gen: hey ryan :D

16:58:16 Slammer: LMAO

16:58:19 Ryan: how the guitar going?

16:58:26 Gen: just stoped practiciing a bit

16:58:30 Ryan: ohh

16:58:34 Ryan: i just put it down

16:58:45 Ryan: im learnign the tapping part in the marcus's three-level-solo

16:58:55 Gen: oh yeah, cool lesson

16:58:56 Ryan: its actually not the diffuclt

16:59:04 Ryan: very cool once you get inside it

16:59:09 Gen: marcus s playing is really good

16:59:09 Slammer: Ok guys

16:59:12 Ryan: i got to go get new shoes

16:59:15 Ryan: soo

16:59:19 Gen: okay :D

16:59:19 Ryan: ill chat with you all later

16:59:21 Gen: bye

16:59:22 Ryan: bye guys

16:59:23 Slammer: who gonna be the next one to put a pic of them selves

16:59:28 Gen: lol

16:59:30 Gen: YOU

16:59:32 Slammer: No

16:59:33 Gen: its an order

16:59:34 Slammer: YOU

16:59:35 Gen: lol

16:59:37 Gen: lol

16:59:38 Gen: lol

16:59:39 Gen: lo

16:59:40 Gen: l

16:59:40 Gen: llol

16:59:41 Gen: lo

16:59:41 Gen: ol

16:59:41 Gen: loll

16:59:42 Gen: lo

16:59:45 Gen: woops lol

16:59:46 Slammer: do you have any?

17:00:03 Gen: i will do one, just got to get some cool sunglasses :D

17:00:12 Gen: like satch sunglasses :D :D

17:00:24 Gen: or john lennon
17:00:28 Gen: cool too

17:00:40 Slammer: Yes me too

17:00:57 Gen: and a cool hat!!!

17:01:00 Gen: blues hat

17:01:04 Gen: or sombrero lol

17:01:07 Slammer: LOL

17:01:09 Slammer: ok dude

17:01:12 Slammer: I gtg

17:01:16 Gen: okay
17:02:00 Slammer: talk to ya later

17:10:40 Owen: Waaaaaah i am alone!
17:29:12 Kurt: hey

17:29:23 Kurt: ****slap**
17:29:29 Kurt: ****whip**
17:29:50 Kurt: OWEN!!!!!!!! ****meow** ****slap** ****whip**
17:31:34 Kurt: ****whip**
17:40:23 Owen: hey

17:40:28 Owen: ****whip**

17:40:39 Kurt: hey

17:40:47 Owen: Sorry, I was talking to a few folks
17:40:52 Owen: on MSN!

17:40:55 Owen: Cos I is kewl

17:41:01 Kurt: oh yes me too

17:41:07 Kurt: lol

17:41:51 Owen: Sorry Kurt

17:41:59 Owen: but talking to girls > talking to you :P

17:42:02 Owen: lol

17:42:06 Owen: Just kidding

17:42:09 Owen: Ily really

17:42:22 Kurt: I also talk to girl at this moment lol
17:42:44 Kurt: I everytime like to talk with lots of people at the same time ;)
17:43:00 Owen: I just talk with a few particular folks

17:43:06 Owen: most other people just annoy me on MSN

17:43:10 Owen: its like

17:43:11 Owen: whatsup

17:43:14 Owen: nm u?

17:43:22 Kurt: nope

17:43:27 Owen: not a lot dude, just chillin lol

17:43:37 Kurt: yeah

17:44:00 Kurt: how old are u?

17:44:06 Owen: 16

17:44:09 Owen: yourself?

17:44:21 Kurt: 17 since a few days lol

17:45:02 Kurt: omg I remember bad things when I think of msn^^

17:45:32 Owen: loool

17:45:35 Owen: Join the club

17:45:54 Kurt: no you don´t know what i m talkin about....

17:46:00 Kurt: yesterday:

17:46:22 Kurt: my girlfriend quit our relationship via msn lol

17:47:06 Kurt: that sucks^^

17:47:24 Kurt: yo steve

17:47:27 steve25: hey

17:47:28 Kurt: wasup?

17:47:41 steve25: not much u?

17:47:55 Kurt: nope^^

17:47:59 Kurt: also not much

17:48:02 Owen: yeaaah

17:48:11 Owen: hey!

17:48:20 steve25: hi owen

17:48:29 Owen: I've started a few relationships via MSN, last one ended in 100 phone calls in one night

17:48:41 Owen: as such I do not recommend the internets as a starting point xD

17:48:44 steve25: 100 in 1 night?

17:48:49 Owen: Oh yeah

17:48:50 steve25: lol

17:48:58 Kurt: I know that^^

17:49:03 Owen: It was like "Owen I want to talk to youuuu"

17:49:07 Kurt: it was the same here^^

17:49:08 steve25: i also have done internet relationships

17:49:12 Owen: "piiiissss awwwf!"
17:49:16 steve25: lol

17:49:19 Kurt: its horrible lol

17:49:26 steve25: yeah not 2 good

17:49:48 Owen: you need to find something you both really share an interest in, otherwise its like talking to a brick wall when you actually meet them

17:49:49 Owen: xD

17:50:02 steve25: i didnt get to meet mine

17:50:08 steve25: her parents wouldnt let us :/

17:50:31 Owen: lool

17:50:45 Owen: it can be an awkward couple of hours if you do

17:50:53 Owen: but I suppose all relationships start like that

17:51:00 Kurt: yep lol ^^

17:51:08 steve25: ye guess so well we were good online friends to begin with

17:51:13 steve25: had been for a few years

17:51:37 Kurt: how old a you steve?

17:51:41 steve25: 18

17:51:43 Kurt: are*

17:51:46 Kurt: ok

17:51:48 steve25: and ur 17 right?

17:51:52 Kurt: yep

17:51:54 Owen: Im teh baby!

17:51:57 Owen: 16 V_V

17:51:57 steve25: yep

17:52:00 steve25: owen is the 16er

17:52:46 Kurt: I just watched lavendells stuff on youtube....

17:52:53 Kurt: he´s a genius

17:52:54 steve25: ah right ive not seen it

17:52:57 steve25: good on here tho

17:53:02 Kurt: must see it^^

17:53:08 steve25: havent attempted to play it yet myself

17:53:28 Kurt: he does a great yngwie medley

17:53:38 Kurt: on youtube^^

17:53:56 steve25: havent heard much yngwie tbh

17:54:14 Kurt: me too...I even don´t like yngwie much...

17:54:26 Kurt: but how he plays it is great^^

17:54:41 steve25: u got a link?

17:55:48 Kurt: <>

17:56:01 Kurt: ^^ here you can chose his vids^^

17:56:13 Kurt: sorry

17:56:20 Kurt: youtube lol

17:56:20 steve25: ok cool

17:56:27 steve25: yeah noticed the n lol

17:56:33 Kurt: sorry

17:57:32 Owen: gtg guys

17:57:38 Owen: ILY ALL!

17:57:43 Kurt: ok cya

17:57:45 Owen: &lt;3!

17:57:58 Owen: (specially Kurt - sorry steve!) lol

17:58:05 Kurt: lol

17:58:53 Kurt: sorry gtg too

17:58:59 Kurt: cya steve

18:19:06 Nick325: hi

18:19:14 Nick325: no ones here yippe! :(
19:35:55 Slammer: ****whip** ****slap** ****meow**
20:06:25 Slammer: dude your so rude

20:06:27 Slammer: :P

20:06:44 Slammer: ****whip**

20:06:49 JVM: yo :P

20:06:50 Slammer: LOL

20:07:07 Slammer: if you don't wanna reply at least reply and tell me :P

20:07:49 JVM: lol

20:07:52 JVM: i got audacity

20:07:54 JVM: for recording

20:08:02 JVM: but i'm busy tonight so i'll have to do it tomorrow

20:08:48 Slammer: dude does it work?

20:08:51 Slammer: Audicity

20:08:55 JVM: im not sure

20:08:57 JVM: i just downloaded it

20:09:02 Slammer: It's harder to set up

20:09:07 Slammer: but good luck

20:09:08 Slammer: :P

20:09:12 JVM: i'll figure it out

20:09:20 JVM: i figured out photoshop and 3dsmax

20:09:40 Slammer: well, that didn't help you with Cool Edit Pro did it mr Savvy?

20:09:44 Slammer: :P

20:09:46 Slammer: LOL

20:09:52 JVM: i could have figured it out myself

20:09:58 Slammer: Yeah

20:09:59 JVM: all I had to do was hit the damn edit button :p

20:10:02 Slammer: ok

20:10:07 Slammer: whatever you say

20:10:10 Slammer: :P

20:10:24 Slammer: ****ungrateful little punk**

20:10:32 Slammer: LOL

20:10:52 JVM: yep

20:10:53 JVM: its working

20:11:13 Slammer: cool

20:11:27 Slammer: although Audacity is a Pain for Editing

20:11:35 Slammer: but have fun

20:11:37 JVM: it sounds better actually

20:11:56 Slammer: yeah, that's not the Problem

20:12:18 Slammer: the Noise and Static and Hiss is alway the Problem

20:12:19 JVM: the distortion works :P

20:12:27 JVM: unlike on cool edit

20:12:51 Slammer: digital Distortion is always Weak

20:13:02 JVM: it is

20:13:05 JVM: but its better than nothing

20:13:17 Slammer: but you shouldn't settle for it

20:13:17 shredmandan: true but it does clip alot

20:13:27 Slammer: you have a Fender amp

20:13:47 JVM: well the solid state kind of sucks i guess

20:13:53 JVM: but itll be better with the deluxe

20:14:06 shredmandan: i like solid state

20:14:58 Slammer: hey JVM why don't you put a picture of yourself on the Pic thread?

20:15:02 JVM: i mean mine specifically dan :P

20:15:07 Slammer: you too DAN

20:15:08 JVM: I would if my camera was working

20:15:12 shredmandan: your solid state amp

20:15:17 JVM: yep

20:15:20 Slammer: I don't buy that JVM

20:15:26 JVM: I could use my phone but i dont know how to get them off of the phone

20:15:27 JVM: lol

20:15:33 Slammer: you have Pics of yourself

20:15:47 Slammer: on your PC

20:15:47 JVM: yeah I have a few but they're pretty old

20:15:51 Slammer: who cares

20:15:54 Slammer: LOL

20:15:54 JVM: so I'll wait til i get new ones

20:16:02 Slammer: it isn't a Beauty contest

20:16:07 Slammer: :P

20:16:16 JVM: but i look very different now :p

20:16:41 Slammer: you know I've notices all the Really good guitarists weren't very good looking dudes

20:16:53 Slammer: LOL

20:17:10 JVM: most of them arent

20:17:11 JVM: lol

20:17:13 JVM: like brian may

20:17:29 Slammer: or Page

20:17:40 JVM: page was decently good looking

20:17:45 JVM: better than clapton

20:17:51 Slammer: LOL

20:17:53 Slammer: :P

20:18:23 Slammer: Jeff Beck

20:18:36 JVM: oooh he is one ugly mutha

20:18:48 Slammer: Clapton was better looking than Page IMO

20:18:55 Slammer: Page is all Fat now

20:19:36 JVM: well better than page is now maybe

20:19:59 Slammer: well, who cares.
20:20:07 Slammer: I don't look at dudes anyways

20:20:19 JVM: sure you don't

20:20:26 JVM: how come you dont have a picture up eh?

20:20:38 Slammer: where?

20:21:23 Slammer: ****slap**

20:21:42 JVM: lol

20:21:45 JVM: im recording damn it!

20:21:57 Slammer: you want me to put a pic up?

20:22:00 Slammer: LOL

20:22:04 Slammer: Fine

20:22:19 Slammer: I'll go to the Mirror and Take a Pic of my Ugly Mug

20:23:17 JVM: i'm doing some multi track stuff

20:23:31 Slammer: ok got it

20:23:37 Slammer: :P

20:23:40 JVM: haha

20:23:43 Slammer: If I put one up

20:23:44 JVM: i love the intro i did to this

20:23:46 JVM: its cool

20:23:56 Slammer: you gotta put one up too

20:24:02 JVM: as soon as I can

20:24:06 Slammer: today

20:24:10 Slammer: LOL

20:24:22 Slammer: ****whip** ****slap** ****meow** ****meow** ****slap** ****whip**
20:24:24 Slammer: DAN

20:26:18 Slammer: ****whip** ****slap** ****meow** ****meow** ****slap** ****whip**
20:26:21 Slammer: :P

20:26:22 JVM: so dude

20:26:27 Slammer: what

20:26:27 JVM: show me how to eliminate the hiss

20:26:33 shredmandan: wow uwant to talk to me?

20:26:33 JVM: then I want to send something to you

20:26:58 Slammer: why JVM just so you can later say that you could have figured it out by yourself

20:27:02 Slammer: :P

20:27:07 JVM: lol

20:27:12 JVM: no so i can send this to you :P

20:27:27 Slammer: Well, I haven't Used Audacity much

20:27:40 JVM: they may be a bit similar though

20:27:44 Slammer: but there is a Noise Reduction tool

20:28:00 Slammer: best bet is to go to help and look there

20:28:13 Slammer: because on what I use there is a Specific Technique

20:28:34 Slammer: like getting the Source of Noise

20:28:46 Slammer: and removing from the Wave

20:29:09 Slammer: kethcup

20:29:15 kethcup: what up fella's

20:29:23 Slammer: do you know how to record

20:29:43 kethcup: a little

20:29:48 kethcup: I'm kind of learning that now

20:29:58 kethcup: What program?

20:30:02 shredmandan: whats up kethcup?

20:30:10 kethcup: yo shred! How's ya?

20:30:24 shredmandan: good just waiting for someone to chat with

20:30:30 kethcup: right on

20:30:41 shredmandan: u

20:30:49 kethcup: chillin like a scrillin

20:30:52 Slammer: Dan doesn't want ot chat with me :(
20:31:03 shredmandan: no you 2 dont want to chat with me

20:31:08 Slammer: UMM

20:31:08 kethcup: just got home from work a little while ago
20:31:12 Slammer: since when

20:31:18 shredmandan: always get quite when i come in

20:31:26 Slammer: who me LOL

20:31:27 kethcup: psstt... it's cause you smell

20:31:30 kethcup: :p

20:31:35 shredmandan: lol

20:31:35 Slammer: dude I chat with you all the time

20:31:55 Slammer: and I've been trying to tell you that I like your Collab Solo

20:31:56 shredmandan: except today you and jvm either stop of leave when i come in lol

20:32:00 kethcup: would you guys like to chat with my friends lefty and righty?

20:32:05 shredmandan: never heard that slammer

20:32:07 kethcup: would that help you talk to each other?

20:32:13 kethcup: lol I crack myself up!

20:32:18 shredmandan: lol

20:32:27 shredmandan: whos in the middle lol

20:32:39 kethcup: pole

20:32:46 kethcup: he's real cool

20:32:49 kethcup: lol

20:33:04 Slammer: never heard what?

20:33:04 shredmandan: my wifes favorite lol

20:33:22 shredmandan: that u likedmy collab or anything from u yet actually

20:33:38 shredmandan: see jvm still hasent said anythinglol

20:33:38 kethcup: what do you have shred?

20:33:42 JVM: lol

20:33:48 JVM: slammer im going to send you another thing

20:33:49 kethcup: did you post something?

20:33:59 shredmandan: he never talks to me cause im a metal head lol

20:34:00 JVM: its pretty sloppy improv stuff but see what you think

20:34:18 shredmandan: yep in the collaberation with muris

20:34:28 kethcup: nice!

20:34:39 shredmandan: its weak but i got tired of hitting record and stuff and just said settle with this

20:34:51 kethcup: how do I find it?

20:34:57 Slammer: Dan

20:35:00 shredmandan: yo

20:35:01 Slammer: I just told

20:35:06 Slammer: you I liked it

20:35:07 Slammer: :)
20:35:14 Slammer: only one thing

20:35:15 shredmandan: thanks

20:35:23 shredmandan: tell kethcup how to find it

20:35:23 Slammer: you can hear the TV in the Back

20:35:40 kethcup: &lt;-- retarted, sorry

20:35:51 shredmandan: i know before i played it said man killed 32 people then himself them the music started lol

20:35:59 Slammer: go to Guitar Collab

20:36:16 shredmandan: lol wasent saying that im retarded i think you look under collaberations ?

20:36:27 Slammer: and clikc Blues

20:36:29 shredmandan: \atleast you all cant type fast and still spell lol

20:36:49 JVM: I can :p

20:37:07 shredmandan: see just i cant

20:37:32 Slammer: JVM did you send something

20:37:42 shredmandan: see thats how had it is to play and record around here .you could hear my tv really bad in the ercordings&gt;?

20:38:00 Slammer: ****whip**

20:38:23 kethcup: all I hear is a blues rythym track

20:38:25 JVM: no i didnt

20:38:28 shredmandan: slammer how bad was the tv sound?

20:38:30 kethcup: amd I in the wrong please?

20:38:30 JVM: i had to download something to export it

20:38:34 JVM: im sending it in a second slammer

20:38:40 kethcup: place*

20:38:56 Slammer: well I'm using headphones

20:38:57 shredmandan: no need to correct spelling keth im in here lol

20:39:07 Slammer: so I could hear it really loud

20:39:16 Slammer: but through Speakers

20:39:27 Slammer: it will sound different

20:39:44 Slammer: you could edit that out

20:39:50 JVM: okay dude i sent it

20:39:52 Slammer: ok

20:39:54 kethcup: nice Slammer! :)
20:40:00 kethcup: I just got to your part

20:40:04 shredmandan: maybe i will record it again tonight and see if muris cares.because i could have made it better anyway.i like the end but the begining needs to be more tight like my anis lol

20:40:07 JVM: it needs some cleaning up and its pretty sloppy in the first place :P

20:40:25 kethcup: lol shred

20:40:40 shredmandan: are you talking about me jvm?

20:40:45 JVM: nope

20:40:47 JVM: slammer

20:40:51 Slammer: LOL

20:40:54 shredmandan: ok

20:41:11 Slammer: HEY

20:41:42 Slammer: ok JVM I got it

20:41:43 shredmandan: u know i just got reaper but it wouldnt let me upload the recording i made on there so i had to play it and record it with my mp3 player once again lol

20:42:00 Slammer: JVM not bad playing

20:42:05 JVM: really sloppy..

20:42:07 Slammer: it just needs to be mixed

20:42:10 JVM: just wanted to get something down

20:42:16 Slammer: Levels are out of place

20:42:20 Slammer: you know?

20:42:21 JVM: yeah i know

20:42:28 kethcup: dude I wanna do a blues lead!
20:42:33 Slammer: but your Savvy? it's not too hard

20:42:33 JVM: i raised the volume of the lead track thing that came in

20:42:41 JVM: shut up :P

20:42:45 Slammer: :P

20:42:55 Slammer: well, dude I gtg wash the dishes

20:43:00 JVM: i need to watch a movie

20:43:05 Slammer: ok

20:43:06 Slammer: LOL

20:43:09 Slammer: cya DAN

20:43:11 shredmandan: JVM i know exactly how you feel about just wanting to get something down

20:43:16 JVM: yeah man!

20:43:17 shredmandan: cya slammer

20:43:25 JVM: if you give me your email I can send it to you :p

20:43:41 shredmandan: have you not posted it yet?

20:43:46 JVM: not going to

20:43:49 shredmandan: why

20:43:58 JVM: maybe another one

20:44:00 Slammer: and JVM, even though you hate Admiting that I helped you. If you need any advice, drop me a line

20:44:06 Slammer: :P

20:44:09 JVM: we'll see slammer

20:44:10 JVM: we'll see

20:44:11 JVM: lol

20:44:17 shredmandan: so your not going to do this one with muris?

20:44:24 JVM: oh no i am

20:44:29 JVM: this is different though

20:44:41 JVM: just a first recording experiment

20:44:54 kethcup: sdmf75's is nice sounding!

20:45:20 shredmandan: wish i could have did the one with lavendell but he's talking like you gotta have pod x and soundcards and all.i didnt think that was really fair.its like saying only people with marshall stacks can record on this lol

20:45:27 shredmandan: keth u there?

20:45:31 JVM: lol

20:45:32 shredmandan: be backin 1 sec

20:45:32 Slammer: drop me a line, pull me out of the Pit, and I'll push you in

20:45:36 JVM: well you can send him a clean recording too

20:45:40 Slammer: :P

20:45:42 JVM: and he'll put it through his pod for you

20:47:48 kethcup: nice shred.... very nice

20:47:53 JVM: hey slammer

20:47:58 JVM: did you like the album name
20:48:18 Slammer: oh yeah dude

20:48:22 JVM: lol

20:48:22 Slammer: Great

20:48:58 JVM: well anyhow

20:49:00 JVM: movie time for me

20:49:02 JVM: later chaps

20:49:24 kethcup: cya JVM

20:49:26 Slammer: ok

20:49:31 Slammer: keep making hits

20:49:57 kethcup: Slammer I dug your stuff dude

20:50:00 kethcup: that was good

20:50:08 shredmandan: kethcup what were you saying was nice? my spelling lol

20:50:20 kethcup: nah man... I dug your solo!

20:50:26 kethcup: that was really good!

20:50:31 Slammer: LOL thanks man

20:50:49 kethcup: yep, for sure man

20:50:58 shredmandan: oh thanks really would have liked most of it to sound a little better t.the only part i really was satisfied with was the end

20:51:02 Slammer: clapton influence

20:51:16 Slammer: :)
20:51:34 shredmandan: ill tell you what s nice.Tonight is the first night i have had off in over 2 months
20:51:35 kethcup: Hail Clapton!
20:51:46 kethcup: that's a good feeling huh?

20:51:53 Slammer: lol

20:51:57 Slammer: ok guys cya later

20:52:02 kethcup: cya slammy

20:52:15 shredmandan: o yeah

20:52:46 kethcup: is that blues recording in E?

20:52:54 shredmandan: G

20:54:17 kethcup: cool

20:54:22 kethcup: do you have the backing track?

20:54:31 kethcup: oh wait

20:54:34 kethcup: it's on there huh

20:54:36 shredmandan: ITS on the first post on topic

20:55:26 kethcup: I wanna play around with it and see if I can make anything of it

20:56:14 shredmandan: yep you should.its good practice i enjoyed it to a point .Just its hard to get any playing especially recording done here

20:57:49 shredmandan: sometimes i think to myself man if you wernt married and everything you would have all the time to di this,but i would just then be unhappy with being alone and i will always have kids regardless.just hate thinking i cant jam like i wanttotill years from now when im wearing depends lol

20:58:42 kethcup: lol it'll come sooner than you think man

21:00:17 shredmandan: yep i know.Just hard to look at it when i want that time now.Dude i watch my kids all day long.I work for the night time then watch the kids all day while my wife is at work.Love the kids but i dont want to be the house dad

21:00:53 kethcup: does your wife work during the day?

21:01:23 shredmandan: yep and by that above i dont mean dont want to be around kids just dont want to play the mommy role

21:02:17 shredmandan: im done with this job after sunday.its to much and my wife just got a good job which means im daddy day care 24 7 now lol

21:02:50 JVM: apparently i'm not going to be watching a movie after all

21:02:50 kethcup: yea but didn't you just say you dind't wanna play the mom role?? lol

21:02:56 kethcup: wb JVM

21:03:24 shredmandan: oh yeah i dont want to but i have no choice

21:03:39 kethcup: de ja vu

21:03:43 kethcup: wow...

21:03:45 shredmandan: unless i was the type to not take care of my kids which im not like that

21:04:04 shredmandan: what keth?

21:04:13 kethcup: I just had de ja vu

21:04:16 kethcup: was sort of cool

21:04:21 shredmandan: about what

21:04:59 kethcup: dunno... just about this moment

21:05:08 kethcup: conversation, setting, etc...

21:05:13 kethcup: ever get that?

21:05:15 shredmandan: wow

21:05:15 JVM: lol

21:05:17 JVM: nope

21:05:57 shredmandan: have had it very little .Its mostly about a dream i had then i realize what it meant days later but very rare

21:06:28 kethcup: I get it here and there

21:07:13 kethcup: brb... gonna jam out Trapped Under Ice. Old school jive

21:07:28 JVM: nice

21:07:28 shredmandan: ride the lightning

21:07:55 JVM: dan can I get your email? i need you to be my guinea pig

21:08:30 shredmandan: sure its [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

21:08:48 JVM: expect a short mp3 in a minute then :P

21:09:39 shredmandan: ok .man im looking for the post on muris collab but dude there has been like 50 since he started his .you notice that

21:09:46 JVM: yeah

21:09:56 JVM: I just want you to tell me how the general sound quality is
21:10:20 JVM: sent

21:11:33 shredmandan: ill go check brb

21:11:37 JVM: thanks

21:13:00 kethcup: cool

21:13:12 shredmandan: ok .it sounded fine the quality is just fine.what are you using?is it one of those chat mics that hook up to your computer

21:13:24 JVM: i plugged right into the computer

21:13:33 JVM: amp-&gt;computer

21:13:36 kethcup: lol

21:13:39 JVM: lol

21:13:49 kethcup: sorry that was funny

21:13:52 shredmandan: how? you have a plug that fits your guitar cable?

21:14:02 shredmandan: in computer

21:14:17 JVM: yeah a 1/4 guitar cable that has an adapter to a 1/8 headphone jack

21:14:31 JVM: goes in the back and you can record with it. where a mic would be

21:14:41 kethcup: what do you record with JVM?

21:14:48 JVM: audacity

21:14:54 kethcup: right on

21:15:17 shredmandan: so let me get this right you have a standard guitar cable then put a adapter thats small enough to plug it in your computer right

21:15:23 JVM: si

21:15:28 kethcup: yes'ms

21:15:46 JVM: the cable goes into the headphone or preamp output on your amp

21:15:57 JVM: then to the computer, with the guitar hooked up to the amp like normal

21:16:17 shredmandan: wow thats giving me a brain fart

21:16:20 JVM: lol

21:16:29 JVM: they're about 5 bucks at radioshack

21:16:35 JVM: i was afraid the sound quality was going to be horrible

21:16:39 shredmandan: cool though glad u found a generic way like i did to upload lol

21:16:50 JVM: you're using a mic?

21:17:01 shredmandan: no a mp3 player

21:17:04 JVM: ahh

21:17:07 JVM: i have one of those too :p

21:17:11 JVM: my zen

21:17:18 JVM: but i cant figure out how to get recordings off of it

21:17:30 shredmandan: it has a record function i guess for voice and ofcourse i use it for guitar

21:17:57 JVM: yeah
21:18:06 JVM: so hopefully i can have something decent by the 26th

21:18:34 kethcup: you can get a guitar port for like $100

21:18:40 kethcup: they work pretty well

21:18:46 JVM: hey muris :)
21:18:49 kethcup: sup muris

21:18:51 muris: hey guys

21:18:53 muris: Dan

21:18:57 muris: saw your post

21:19:01 muris: no need to rerecord

21:19:05 muris: I'll kill TV :)
21:19:21 muris: ahhh
21:19:24 muris: he's off

21:19:32 kethcup: nah ... he's here

21:19:33 shredmandan: yeah there muris

21:19:42 muris: ok :)
21:19:43 JVM: lol

21:19:46 shredmandan: ok good save me the head ache lol

21:19:54 muris: JVM,will you have it before 26th?

21:20:06 JVM: not sure yet

21:20:17 JVM: i have the recording process down so it's just a matter of coming up with something

21:20:23 shredmandan: i got my kids always asking me stuff daddy this and daddy that lol

21:20:27 muris: how much time you need to record it?

21:20:36 JVM: well recording isnt a problem

21:20:42 JVM: i just havent written anything yet

21:20:49 shredmandan: is there anyone besides jvm that hasent posted muris

21:20:51 muris: Inspiration?

21:21:04 JVM: been a bit busy :) i'm going to work real hard tomorrow and come up with something basic

21:21:09 JVM: maybe i'll even finish tomorrow

21:21:10 muris: Nick325 is still missing

21:21:26 JVM: so if I get a basic thing tomorrow

21:21:36 JVM: and expand upon it saturday night and through sunday ill definitely have it

21:21:48 muris: I'm off at sunday

21:21:55 muris: early in the morring

21:21:58 JVM: ah

21:22:03 muris: plus I'm 6 hours ahead

21:22:05 JVM: yeah

21:22:09 muris: have that in mind ;)
21:22:13 JVM: well let's hope i can have something by saturday then

21:22:21 muris: but

21:22:30 muris: I have gig on sathurday night

21:22:37 muris: so

21:22:39 JVM: pushy pushy

21:22:48 muris: tomorrow will be the best

21:22:51 muris: if not

21:22:53 JVM: i'll try

21:22:56 muris: when I'm back home

21:22:57 JVM: can't make any promises though

21:23:05 muris: ok

21:23:09 JVM: this is my first composition and all

21:23:15 JVM: except for this thing here

21:23:19 muris: I see

21:23:23 muris: take your time

21:23:28 muris: but not too much :)
21:23:32 JVM: lol yeah

21:23:37 muris: LOL

21:23:42 JVM: well i'd definitely have it before you got back

21:23:44 muris: ohh Dan btw

21:23:53 muris: I've heard some WS in your post

21:24:00 shredmandan: whats ws

21:24:14 muris: White Snake

21:24:18 muris: but only few notes

21:24:26 muris: dont get me wrong

21:24:34 muris: David is one of my fav singers

21:24:38 muris: :)
21:24:40 JVM: lol

21:24:53 shredmandan: lol you dont think i copied them do u lol

21:24:57 muris: and you putted it sooo good

21:25:07 muris: I noticed it only without backing track :)
21:25:17 muris: noooooooo

21:25:18 JVM: it sounds great dan

21:25:21 muris: you GOT me wrong

21:25:23 muris: LOL

21:25:26 shredmandan: ok lol

21:25:30 muris: really

21:25:31 shredmandan: thanks guys

21:25:34 muris: just heard it

21:25:40 muris: you know which tune is?

21:25:53 shredmandan: what do u mean tune?

21:25:58 muris: yeah

21:26:05 shredmandan: my brain has been farting alot today

21:26:10 shredmandan: lol

21:26:11 muris: lol

21:26:17 muris: first letter is M

21:26:20 muris: one word

21:26:29 muris: rocking tune..great

21:26:33 shredmandan: thinking

21:26:40 muris: I've been M.......

21:26:58 muris: i..

21:27:00 muris: s......

21:27:10 muris: cmon:)

21:27:15 shredmandan: im clueless lol

21:27:19 shredmandan: tell me

21:27:27 muris: ahhh

21:27:33 muris: you know it for sure

21:27:42 muris: you prabably did it without knowing

21:28:03 muris: but it sounds like that tune only without BT

21:28:08 muris: really :)
21:28:25 shredmandan: man does it sound like it exactly though

21:28:30 muris: no

21:28:38 shredmandan: i hate when bands copy me lol

21:28:39 muris: just few notes of main theme

21:28:42 muris: not whole theme

21:28:46 muris: lol

21:29:29 shredmandan: so you ready for your trip in a few days

21:29:37 muris: guess so

21:29:39 muris: :)
21:29:42 JVM: oops

21:29:45 muris: ;)
21:30:20 muris: about that JEM cometition David told us

21:30:28 muris: I'm gona shoot vid tomorrow

21:30:33 muris: :)
21:30:36 muris: who knows

21:30:44 muris: and if me or him grab it

21:30:49 shredmandan: cool why not go for it

21:30:54 muris: I'll take the neck,let he has the body

21:30:59 shredmandan: lol

21:30:59 muris: sounds fair tho

21:31:01 muris: lol

21:31:15 shredmandan: you can spit the hardware as well lol

21:31:22 muris: yep ;)
21:31:47 shredmandan: keth u still jamming trapped under ice

21:31:57 kethcup: nah

21:32:02 kethcup: my girl just got home

21:32:06 kethcup: was talking with her

21:32:15 shredmandan: :(
21:32:18 shredmandan: lol

21:32:21 muris: lol

21:32:41 shredmandan: mine will be home in a hour or so

21:32:49 shredmandan: :{
21:33:07 kethcup: do you not like your girl?

21:33:08 shredmandan: lol thats her ringing on the phone now speaking of the devil

21:33:57 shredmandan: love her she's everthing just fun to joke about like calling her the old ball and chain plus helps with kids lol

21:34:41 muris: ;)
21:35:26 shredmandan: shes really cool.I never get tired of being around her,sometimes just like my time to myself to play music

21:35:45 JVM: hey muris

21:35:53 JVM: better soundcards help with recording right?

21:36:00 muris: of course

21:36:10 muris: better AD/DA converter actually

21:36:21 JVM: ad/da? lol

21:36:35 kethcup: audio digital / digital audio

21:36:36 muris: analog digital/digital analog ;)
21:36:43 kethcup: oops lol

21:36:46 kethcup: I meant analog

21:36:46 muris: lol

21:36:48 muris: almost

21:36:50 muris: :)
21:37:23 muris: anyhow..yeas,better card will produce better record

21:37:26 JVM: whats that do for ya exactly? everything? lol

21:37:39 kethcup: converts

21:37:49 kethcup: analog to binary then back to analog

21:38:03 muris: or it stays in digital

21:38:05 JVM: will it improve my direct to computer setup? like decrease any extra hum etc?

21:38:08 muris: like yours probably

21:38:29 muris: not really

21:38:44 muris: hum is something you need to cut before it come into PC

21:39:01 muris: can do small makeup after

21:39:07 muris: but it's better gefore

21:39:14 muris: before*

21:39:16 muris: :)
21:39:20 kethcup: sounds like a bad ground

21:39:29 muris: mgiht be

21:39:36 kethcup: or too close to some electronics/speakers, etc...

21:39:43 muris: yeah

21:39:50 muris: move away from PC

21:39:54 muris: and turn off TV

21:39:56 muris: lol

21:40:18 muris: Slammer ;)
21:40:18 Slammer: brb

21:40:21 Slammer: brb

21:40:26 muris: brb

21:40:28 muris: brb

21:40:29 muris: brb

21:40:30 muris: brb

21:40:33 shredmandan: lol

21:40:36 muris: lol

21:40:53 JVM: wow

21:40:53 shredmandan: yep u would be suprised how easy the tv will pick up

21:42:09 muris: I was thinking of ground

21:42:18 muris: but it comes in sound as well

21:42:31 muris: Oprah fits in quite nicely

21:42:33 muris: lol

21:42:36 shredmandan: lol

21:43:14 muris: I have that "fish" sound in my recording too often

21:44:01 kethcup: I get a clean recording

21:44:05 kethcup: I guess I'm lucky

21:44:18 shredmandan: yep

21:44:30 kethcup: finding the noise can be a pain

21:44:43 muris: that "fish" sound...comes from..sup fish..I'm watching Prison Brek all the time

21:44:48 muris: lol

21:44:53 shredmandan: lol

21:45:03 kethcup: lol muris... I dunno man

21:45:05 kethcup: lol

21:45:08 muris: lol

21:45:21 kethcup: grab my pocket fish!

21:45:25 kethcup: sup gen

21:45:29 Gen: hey guys

21:45:31 Gen: not much

21:45:41 shredmandan: hey gen

21:45:42 muris: and pocket fish is?

21:45:45 muris: hey gen

21:45:53 muris: what's new in geneva?

21:46:13 Gen: lol nothing

21:46:14 Gen: as usual

21:46:34 muris: ;)
21:46:38 kethcup: it's a prison term. a prisoner will turn his pocket inside out and make the new guy grab it and hold on to it. If he lets go of it then he gets the beat down. Hence, fish = bitch

21:46:42 kethcup: :)
21:46:49 Gen: we had john mayall and the bluesbreakers here 2 month ago

21:46:53 muris: ahhhhhhhh

21:46:53 shredmandan: lol

21:46:59 muris: yeah

21:47:07 muris: T-Bag does it all the time

21:47:09 muris: lol

21:47:12 Gen: lol

21:47:16 shredmandan: lol

21:47:23 kethcup: hey shred

21:47:31 kethcup: grab my pocket

21:47:31 shredmandan: yo
21:47:34 kethcup: lol

21:47:36 Gen: lmao

21:47:40 muris: Scofield amlost grabbed it once

21:47:42 shredmandan: sorry cant today
21:47:43 muris: almost

21:47:45 muris: lol

21:48:45 kethcup: I need a beer

21:48:51 Gen: :D

21:48:58 muris: I need water

21:49:00 shredmandan: you know i was reading in my new guitar world today and it said that Joe Satrioni ? lol played for deep purple for a very very short time.did any of you know that

21:49:01 muris: brb

21:49:15 muris: sure

21:49:17 Gen: nope

21:49:18 muris: he did few gigs

21:49:19 Gen: didnt know

21:49:19 kethcup: nope

21:49:23 JVM: he also played with mick jagger

21:49:27 shredmandan: i never new that

21:49:50 JVM: played for a solo tour of his in the 80s I think

21:49:50 kethcup: I jammed with the bass player of Mudvayne

21:50:03 Gen: wow cool

21:50:06 kethcup: does that make me famous?

21:50:11 Gen: lol

21:50:12 Gen: maybe

21:50:18 Gen: how was your jam?

21:50:20 kethcup: want my autograph??

21:50:26 kethcup: Ketchup

21:50:26 Gen: oh yeah!!!

21:50:29 kethcup: there ya go

21:50:29 shredmandan: no way are u serious?

21:50:31 Gen: lmao

21:50:33 kethcup: yep

21:50:41 kethcup: It was before they were big

21:51:02 kethcup: me and my brother had a jam place and he used to come over and jam once in a while

21:51:15 kethcup: he used to work with my mom as a chef

21:51:22 shredmandan: dude he is an awesome bass player.He really made muddvaynes sound

21:51:29 shredmandan: lol

21:51:34 shredmandan: wow thats really cool

21:51:37 kethcup: yep. awesome he is

21:51:49 kethcup: that's my 15 minutes of fame, I guess

21:52:12 muris: guys,ever heard of FAKE PICKING?

21:52:22 kethcup: no

21:52:26 Gen: lol no

21:52:29 Gen: whats that&gt;?

21:52:30 shredmandan: no do u mean rake picking?

21:52:33 muris: ok :0

21:52:36 kethcup: is that where you just want to look flashy?

21:52:40 muris: I came up with something

21:52:42 muris: few days ago

21:52:46 muris: was jamming a bit

21:52:52 muris: next lesson is about that

21:53:01 muris: didn't know how to call it

21:53:03 Gen: about fake picking?

21:53:09 muris: and fake picking is most closer

21:53:15 muris: yeah

21:53:18 muris: you'll see

21:53:22 muris: cool trip :)
21:53:27 Gen: oh, you invented a new way to pick? :D

21:53:31 muris: ahh

21:53:33 muris: not really

21:53:34 Gen: awesome

21:53:38 muris: picking is regular

21:53:41 kethcup: anyone ever heard of a wanna be player?

21:53:43 kethcup: &lt;--

21:53:47 kethcup: :)
21:53:48 Gen: LMAO

21:53:50 shredmandan: lol

21:54:21 Gen: u jammed with the bassist of mudvayne

21:54:26 kethcup: yep

21:54:34 Gen: so your famous now:D

21:54:37 kethcup: Mr. Ryan Martini

21:54:43 Gen: go out and play some music!!!

21:54:46 kethcup: oh that's right... yay for me!

21:54:46 Gen: do some gigs

21:54:50 Gen: lol

21:55:01 Gen: try to call him

21:55:02 kethcup: I would do them if I could play well enough

21:55:06 Gen: he will help you

21:55:07 Gen: maybe

21:55:09 Gen: lol

21:55:15 kethcup: I don't know him like that dude

21:55:26 kethcup: we had all kinds of people come over and jam with us

21:55:37 shredmandan: tell him your broke and need money lol

21:55:40 kethcup: it was just good times... I miss them

21:55:43 Gen: yes but...try to be his friend lol

21:55:46 kethcup: lol

21:55:50 Gen: use the force!

21:55:54 kethcup: YES!

21:55:57 Gen: :D

21:56:01 kethcup: I love the force

21:56:07 shredmandan: use the bum power lol

21:56:08 kethcup: I am filled with midi-clorians

21:56:18 Gen: lol awesome

21:56:28 kethcup: they just don't seem to work!

21:56:33 kethcup: I got duds

21:57:03 kethcup: I have two light sabers

21:57:11 kethcup: did I tell you?

21:57:16 Gen: lol no

21:57:21 Gen: wich color?

21:57:23 kethcup: I am very proud of them

21:57:24 Gen: wich color?

21:57:26 Gen: lol

21:57:27 kethcup: red and blue

21:57:32 kethcup: wanna see them?

21:57:42 Gen: lol you have some pics?

21:57:45 kethcup: yep

21:57:51 Gen: haha here we go then

21:57:52 kethcup: I'm telling you I'm a jedi

21:57:59 kethcup: <>

21:58:01 Gen: im amazed dude

21:58:02 kethcup: that's me

21:58:03 Gen: :D

21:58:27 Gen: Roflmaooooo
21:58:29 Gen: AWESOME

21:58:35 kethcup: :)
21:58:43 kethcup: told you

21:58:44 kethcup: lol

21:58:51 Gen: lamb of god in backing :D

21:58:57 kethcup: but of course!

21:58:58 Gen: hahahah the pic is awesome !!!

21:59:04 shredmandan: who is that myspace guy?

21:59:06 kethcup: right on

21:59:11 Gen: lol lol lol

21:59:17 kethcup: yours truly shred!

21:59:29 shredmandan: really i though your name was keth

21:59:34 kethcup: no lol

21:59:43 kethcup: I just spelled ketchup wrong

21:59:45 kethcup: lol

21:59:54 kethcup: I can't type

21:59:56 Gen: LOL

22:00:12 shredmandan: damm well why didnt you tell me that the whole time i was calling u keth lol? if ou called me frank i would tell you no its dan lol

22:00:20 kethcup: lol

22:00:25 Gen: hahaha

22:00:31 kethcup: dunno... I just went with it haha

22:00:38 JVM: okay fellas, i need to hit the sack

22:00:39 shredmandan: you lier

22:00:40 Gen: :D

22:00:42 shredmandan: lol

22:00:46 muris: see ya JVM

22:00:46 kethcup: cya jvm

22:00:50 shredmandan: se ya jvm

22:00:51 Gen: cya jvm

22:01:14 kethcup: .. and, I am very honored to have Muris as a friend on there! :)
22:01:26 Gen: yeah i saw :D

22:01:37 muris: ohh yeah

22:01:45 muris: we add each other loong ago ;)
22:01:49 Gen: i got to create a myspace account :D

22:01:50 kethcup: yep yep

22:01:59 Gen: but im too lazy lol

22:02:03 shredmandan: same here

22:02:07 kethcup: me too! I never update mine

22:02:09 muris: same here

22:02:11 Gen: lol

22:02:12 muris: lol

22:02:27 kethcup: it takes thought - which I have very little of

22:02:28 shredmandan: brb

22:03:50 muris: so,fake picking is free of copyrights?

22:03:53 muris: you sure?

22:03:59 kethcup: ****shrug**

22:03:59 muris: lol

22:04:49 muris: it sounds like you're useing well timed delay

22:04:54 muris: is 16th

22:05:17 kethcup: so what do you do... hammer on and then pick?

22:05:27 muris: sort of

22:06:54 Gen: hey zakk

22:06:59 ZaKk WyLdE: hey

22:07:07 muris: hi

22:07:09 ZaKk WyLdE: what ug uys talkin' bout?

22:07:13 Gen: slammer!

22:07:13 shredmandan: ok im black.i mean back lol

22:07:16 Slammer: LOL

22:07:18 Gen: lol

22:07:19 Gen: lol

22:07:20 Gen: lol

22:07:21 Gen: lo

22:07:22 muris: lovely pict Slam

22:07:23 Gen: l

22:07:26 Slammer: I had to do the Dishes

22:07:27 muris: ;)
22:07:31 ZaKk WyLdE: lol

22:07:36 Slammer: what was that all about? btw?

22:07:38 Gen: yeah, cool pic

22:07:51 Slammer: why did you "Always the same"

22:07:58 Gen: lol

22:07:58 Slammer: why did you say?

22:08:07 muris: lol

22:08:09 Gen: he s offeneded

22:08:14 muris: ahh

22:08:15 Gen: he s gonna cut his wrists

22:08:18 Gen: quick

22:08:20 Gen: answer

22:08:21 Gen: lol

22:08:21 muris: I was thinking in funny way

22:08:22 kethcup: ewww

22:08:25 shredmandan: what slammer?

22:08:27 muris: you are funny guy,right?

22:08:46 ZaKk WyLdE: hey giuys one question,i'vea BC Rich warlock n what anooys me is that i can t put a vibrato on it

22:08:49 Slammer: LOL oh, I didn't get the joke though

22:08:56 muris: lol

22:08:58 ZaKk WyLdE: isn t there a way to put one on it

22:09:00 Gen: slammer didnt get a joke??

22:09:07 shredmandan: i just typed it and insted of changing it just left it cause it was funny to me

22:09:09 Gen: how could this be

22:09:12 muris: pure lie,but never midn

22:09:13 muris: lol

22:09:13 Gen: lol

22:09:16 shredmandan: nothing racist

22:09:18 Slammer: I don't see whats so funny??

22:09:28 Slammer: LOL

22:09:36 Gen: hey nick!

22:09:36 muris: ahh

22:09:39 Nick325: yoooooooooooooooooooo

22:09:41 muris: missing Mr Blues Man

22:09:43 shredmandan: wow the chats really filling up

22:09:45 muris: yoooooo

22:09:59 Nick325: muris i should have my blues part up tomorrow

22:10:03 muris: ok ;)
22:10:04 Nick325: suppppppppppppppppp

22:10:13 muris: you missed fish

22:10:14 muris: lol

22:10:19 Nick325: ?

22:10:23 Slammer: OK now I get it

22:10:25 shredmandan: you better nick lol jk

22:10:38 Slammer: you thought it was funny that I took a pic in the Mirror

22:10:39 Nick325: im confused

22:10:40 Slammer: LOL

22:10:44 muris: lol

22:10:48 Gen: lol

22:10:57 muris: was that a mirror?????

22:10:57 Slammer: well, it's easier

22:10:58 Nick325: stop lauging at me :(
22:10:59 muris: lol

22:11:05 shredmandan: lol

22:11:43 shredmandan: gabe from now on you are no longer keth to me!

22:11:54 kethcup: lol k

22:11:56 Nick325: yo gtg take a shower be back in 10

22:12:05 kethcup: &lt;-- on the phone

22:12:08 kethcup: brb

22:12:14 muris: in the bathroom

22:12:26 muris: on the stairs

22:12:28 Slammer: Alright guys, I put my MUG on the thread it's YOUR turn :P

22:12:31 muris: out of car

22:12:39 Gen: lol

22:12:42 muris: lol

22:13:03 Slammer: DAN you next

22:13:05 shredmandan: did u post a pic of u or something slammer

22:13:11 Slammer: yeah :P

22:13:16 muris: yep

22:13:30 muris: give us your photo Dan...the best one

22:13:31 muris: lol

22:13:31 shredmandan: ill have to check it out

22:13:38 shredmandan: lol

22:13:49 Slammer: It's a Stupid Picture :P

22:13:51 Slammer: LOL

22:14:09 Slammer: your turn DAN

22:14:11 Slammer: then GEN

22:14:16 Slammer: then ZAKK

22:14:21 Slammer: then ketchup
22:14:33 Slammer: we all know what Muris looks like

22:14:43 muris: you don;t know what ketchup looks like??????????

22:14:44 Nick325: no i dont lol

22:14:48 Gen: lol

22:14:49 muris: lol

22:14:51 Gen: maaaan

22:14:53 Slammer: and you too Nick

22:14:57 Nick325: shwat

22:14:57 Gen: kethcup is a jedi

22:15:01 Gen: you have to knnow that

22:15:02 Slammer: Nick you next
22:15:06 muris: noooo

22:15:12 Nick325: wattttt

22:15:15 muris: ketchup is well pressed tomato

22:15:23 Gen: lmao

22:15:24 muris: go back to school

22:15:35 Gen: no i wont :D

22:15:42 Nick325: ok im actually gunna go now lol be back i 10

22:15:52 muris: I'm in in 5

22:15:56 muris: or 7

22:15:58 muris: dunno

22:16:01 Gen: or 8?

22:16:03 Gen: maybe

22:16:05 muris: hmmm

22:16:07 muris: might be

22:16:09 Gen: lol

22:16:10 muris: ;)
22:16:11 ZaKk WyLdE: hey,i m gonna play Cemetary gates of Pantera in a concert

22:16:19 Gen: awesome

22:16:20 ZaKk WyLdE: and can sumeone help me out
22:16:21 muris: cool

22:16:23 Gen: alone ?

22:16:26 Slammer: LOL

22:16:28 Slammer: LOL

22:16:28 Slammer: LOL

22:16:29 muris: lol

22:16:32 ZaKk WyLdE: cqan sumeone explain how to do the squealings?

22:16:39 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz it s th eonly things i can t do bout the solo

22:16:42 Gen: whammy bar tricks

22:16:42 Slammer: Pinch Harmonics?

22:16:47 Gen: with harmonics i think

22:16:48 ZaKk WyLdE: explain

22:16:57 Slammer: Muris is the King

22:17:03 Slammer: of Techniques

22:17:08 muris: Pinch King haaa

22:17:09 Slammer: :)
22:17:12 Gen: :D

22:17:15 muris: thanks a lot Slam

22:17:17 ZaKk WyLdE: lol

22:17:19 muris: lol

22:17:31 shredmandan: muris u never worked on that sweep lesson did u lol

22:17:43 muris: which one

22:17:46 Gen: lol

22:17:48 muris: Pinch sweep?

22:17:50 muris: lol

22:18:03 shredmandan: the one u said u would put out like a few weeks ago on sweeps

22:18:06 shredmandan: lol

22:18:24 shredmandan: long time ago when you were viewing mine and fretdancers sweepas

22:18:39 Slammer: LOL

22:18:59 Slammer: I'm still waiting for his Bosnian Folk music Lesson

22:19:10 Slammer: :P

22:19:17 Slammer: LOL JK JK

22:19:36 Gen: lol

22:19:39 muris: ahh that one

22:19:41 shredmandan: lol

22:19:48 ZaKk WyLdE: what,muris is in Bosnia?

22:19:49 muris: still working on your stuff guys

22:19:53 muris: need more practice

22:19:59 muris: gimme some time,ok?

22:20:21 muris: have some probel with Bosnia?

22:20:30 muris: lol

22:20:35 Slammer: hey Muris, remember when I asked you for a Kansas style finger picking Lesson?

22:20:38 ZaKk WyLdE: no,i thought it was communist there

22:20:47 shredmandan: lol

22:20:49 muris: they were

22:20:50 ZaKk WyLdE: n everybody were obliged to go work in the farm

22:20:51 ZaKk WyLdE: lol

22:20:52 muris: 29 years ago

22:20:54 ZaKk WyLdE: it s weird

22:21:00 shredmandan: lobg time

22:21:02 ZaKk WyLdE: that there s a guitarist in bosnia

22:21:03 ZaKk WyLdE: thats all

22:21:04 muris: or 20

22:21:07 muris: dunno

22:21:16 ZaKk WyLdE: ok

22:21:23 shredmandan: im sure theres many guitarist in bosnia

22:21:26 muris: hold a sec

22:21:26 Slammer: yes Zakk, people in other parts of the World Play guitar too!

22:21:27 ZaKk WyLdE: i heard u have a band there

22:21:33 Gen: LMAO

22:21:33 shredmandan: like everywhere else

22:21:34 muris: so you think we are out of...

22:21:35 Slammer: LOL

22:21:35 ZaKk WyLdE: is it cool to play there?

22:21:36 muris: what?

22:21:38 muris: lol

22:21:56 Slammer: no they Shoot people who play

22:21:57 muris: you're from states right?

22:22:00 muris: lol

22:22:03 Gen: hahahahahah

22:22:04 shredmandan: me

22:22:04 Slammer: Of course it's cool

22:22:06 muris: lol

22:22:23 ZaKk WyLdE: lol

22:22:29 shredmandan: im from the birth place of country music

22:22:33 shredmandan: baby

22:22:39 muris: yeah!!!!!

22:22:40 Gen: tenessee

22:22:42 muris: dan is my man

22:22:44 Slammer: and the Toothbruth

22:22:48 Slammer: LOL

22:22:49 muris: Slam doesn't like country tho

22:22:50 Slammer: nvm

22:22:53 muris: he admited

22:22:55 muris: ling ago

22:22:56 Slammer: I love country

22:22:57 Gen: lol

22:23:00 muris: lol

22:23:03 Slammer: ok not so much...

22:23:12 muris: lol

22:23:15 muris: you see?

22:23:21 Slammer: I don't like the Slow Country Ballads
22:23:26 Slammer: with Violin

22:23:26 muris: lol

22:23:28 Slammer: or Fiddle

22:23:31 Slammer: LOL

22:23:35 muris: All my exes live in Texas?????

22:23:50 shredmandan: and thats why i live in tennessee lol

22:23:50 Slammer: that's why I live in Tennesee

22:23:52 Slammer: LOL

22:23:54 shredmandan: lol

22:23:55 muris: ahhhhhhhhhhhh

22:23:56 muris: yeah

22:23:58 muris: lol

22:24:02 Slammer: Muris fav song

22:24:09 muris: you know what

22:24:11 muris: GTA

22:24:17 Gen: vice city!

22:24:17 muris: San Andreas

22:24:20 shredmandan: i really dont like country but love that song

22:24:20 Gen: lol

22:24:23 muris: nope

22:24:24 muris: SA

22:24:29 Gen: san andreas

22:24:31 Gen: cool

22:24:32 muris: used to drive for hours

22:24:41 muris: with country station on

22:24:43 muris: ;)
22:24:44 kethcup: ok

22:24:45 Gen: lol

22:24:49 Gen: cool

22:24:51 kethcup: I just posted me on the forum

22:24:54 kethcup: if you wanna see

22:25:03 Gen: in your jedi costume??

22:25:07 kethcup: yep!

22:25:10 Gen: awesome

22:25:13 Gen: i ll check itout

22:25:14 Gen: lol

22:25:15 kethcup: and another

22:25:19 muris: I know what ketchup looks like...I'm fine
22:25:32 Slammer: LOL

22:25:33 Slammer: RED

22:25:38 muris: noooo

22:25:47 muris: I saw his picts on MySpace Slam

22:25:50 muris: you silly kid

22:25:52 muris: lol

22:25:58 Slammer: :(
22:26:06 Slammer: now I'm sad

22:26:10 Slammer: :(
22:26:11 kethcup: why?

22:26:16 Slammer: :P

22:26:17 muris: it's Still I'm Sad

22:26:21 muris: and Blackmoore

22:26:29 muris: lol

22:26:31 ZaKk WyLdE: anyone in here listens to some heavy metal stuff?

22:26:36 Gen: ye

22:26:36 kethcup: me !

22:26:37 Gen: p

22:26:40 muris: me!!!

22:26:41 ZaKk WyLdE: ok cool

22:26:51 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz all i heard in here was country musics

22:26:59 Slammer: so you're not the Guy with Sunglasses?

22:27:03 Gen: country is cool :D

22:27:08 muris: have problem with country as well???

22:27:09 Slammer: Kethcup?

22:27:11 muris: and Bosnia???

22:27:11 kethcup: nope

22:27:14 muris: and me?????

22:27:17 kethcup: I'm on the left

22:27:19 muris: lol

22:27:19 Gen: LMAO

22:27:24 Slammer: I thought you were in your 30's

22:27:26 ZaKk WyLdE: its cool but not the style i woulkd play in concerts
22:27:27 ZaKk WyLdE: so

22:27:34 kethcup: I am

22:27:40 Gen: wow

22:27:42 Slammer: :o
22:27:43 shredmandan: Which one are u in the pic gabe the dude with glasses or other?

22:27:47 kethcup: well... I'm 30 so I guess that counts

22:27:48 Gen: thought you was 18 :D

22:27:52 kethcup: on the left

22:27:54 Slammer: you look like 26-27

22:28:02 kethcup: nope, I'm old

22:28:02 shredmandan: ok

22:28:12 shredmandan: man 30 isnt old at all

22:28:16 Slammer: same age as Rokchik

22:28:20 kethcup: I was 29 in that pic

22:28:29 Slammer: you were still young

22:28:32 Slammer: back then

22:28:32 kethcup: we were doing a motorcycle ride for Emily Keyes

22:28:40 kethcup: she got shot at a high school

22:28:47 Slammer: I Get it!!

22:28:47 Gen: oh

22:28:59 Slammer: He's Really Zakk Wylde!!

22:29:05 Gen: lol

22:29:07 Slammer: NO Really!!

22:29:24 Slammer: dude do you ever play anything other than the Pentatonic?

22:29:25 Gen: hey, can i have an autograph?

22:29:25 shredmandan: man i just heard yesterday in front page of paper dude i used to be good friends with was shot and killed.Crazy to bec

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+Quote Post
Kristofer Dahl
Sep 7 2007, 05:48 PM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.350
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
22:29:25 Gen: hey, can i have an autograph?
22:29:25 shredmandan: man i just heard yesterday in front page of paper dude i used to be good friends with was shot and killed.Crazy to because no shootings ever happen her
22:29:30 muris: May the force be with you ketch
22:29:39 muris: you ARE real Jedi
22:29:41 kethcup: :)
22:29:45 muris: :)
22:29:46 kethcup: thanks!
22:29:53 muris: anytime ;)
22:29:55 kethcup: yea shred... shootings are never fun
22:30:07 kethcup: it's very sad and unfortunate
22:30:19 muris: why?
22:30:27 shredmandan: just odd here because really never happens at all ,people shooting others
22:30:39 muris: ahh
22:30:41 muris: sorry
22:30:46 Slammer: happens all the time in my neck of the woods
22:30:49 Slammer: LOL
22:30:51 muris: was thinking of shootin pictures
22:30:52 Slammer: Vice City
22:30:55 muris: my fault
22:30:57 Slammer: remember
22:30:59 Gen: lol
22:31:01 kethcup: I'll be back in a bit
22:31:02 muris: lol
22:31:14 kethcup: the girl wants to tickle me fancy! *blushing*
22:31:17 kethcup: :)
22:31:34 muris: give her pure A power chord
22:31:41 muris: it solves everything
22:31:42 shredmandan: had some good memorys with him.I remember we were with some friends and one of my buddies kicked him in the nutts and he went ahhhhhhhhhh and was gasping for air it was the funnist thing i have ever seen lol
22:32:01 Gen: lol
22:32:18 Slammer: Guns don't kill people, Stupid People with guns Kill People
22:32:28 muris: smart one Slam
22:32:29 ZaKk WyLdE: true
22:32:50 shredmandan: yep i dont know what it was over ,im not sure yet
22:33:04 muris: I saw many guns
22:33:07 muris: and killings
22:33:11 muris: not pretty
22:33:13 ZaKk WyLdE: in Bosnia?
22:33:17 muris: no
22:33:20 shredmandan: lol
22:33:20 muris: in Japan
22:33:21 muris: lol
22:33:23 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
22:33:24 Slammer: It can be Scary
22:33:37 Slammer: I almost saw it happen once
22:33:37 shredmandan: never have seen a killing or a shooting thnkfully
22:33:47 Slammer: Scared the heck outta me
22:33:48 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah me too
22:33:51 shredmandan: my buddies have seen plenty though unfortunatlty
22:33:57 muris: friend of mine..a girl...died in my arms
22:34:04 muris: it was after school time
22:34:07 ZaKk WyLdE: but i saw guys killing other with knifes
22:34:09 muris: we were about 15
22:34:10 shredmandan: sad sorry'
22:34:16 Slammer: DUDE that's Terrible
22:34:21 muris: yeah
22:34:22 muris: horror
22:34:26 Slammer: And a girl
22:34:26 ZaKk WyLdE: y?
22:34:30 ZaKk WyLdE: y did she die?
22:34:34 Slammer: of all thing
22:34:35 muris: yeah
22:34:37 Gen: yeah, whats happened?
22:34:38 shredmandan: atleast its in the past now and things are finally better now
22:34:39 muris: sharpnel
22:34:50 Slammer: Stupid people in the World
22:35:12 ZaKk WyLdE: anyone listens to saliva?
22:35:12 Slammer: Why kill a Girl? that is So stupid
22:35:20 ZaKk WyLdE: n anone plays saliva stuffs?
22:35:20 muris: granade
22:35:26 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz i need help bout sumthing
22:35:27 muris: in mass of people
22:35:34 shredmandan: why kill anyone
22:35:38 Slammer: Yeah
22:35:38 Gen: yeah
22:35:43 muris: that's what Serbs were doing durring ocupation of Sarajevo
22:35:46 ZaKk WyLdE: Click Click Boom
22:35:47 Slammer: but a Girl is Worst
22:35:55 Slammer: cuz girls are Cute
22:36:03 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
22:36:04 Slammer: ;)
22:36:12 Gen: :D
22:36:49 Gen: my mother is from eastern coutries
22:36:58 Gen: and her brother died in the war
22:37:18 Gen: killed by serbs too
22:37:27 shredmandan: brb
22:37:30 ZaKk WyLdE: my uncle died in Congo while rescuing belgians by helicopter
22:37:32 Slammer: I like Pie :)
22:37:35 ZaKk WyLdE: he was shot by a bazooka
22:37:36 Gen: LMAO
22:37:45 Gen: wow bazooka
22:37:47 Gen: damn...
22:37:52 ZaKk WyLdE: yeah
22:38:00 ZaKk WyLdE: the thing it s that he was resceuing
22:38:02 ZaKk WyLdE: so..
22:38:02 Slammer: think happy thoughts
22:38:15 Gen: yeepeeee
22:38:42 Slammer: I been wondering about something?
22:39:02 ZaKk WyLdE: *meow*
22:39:05 Slammer: what ever happened to the Classical guitarist teacher?
22:39:19 Slammer: the asain guy
22:39:22 muris: Kosei?
22:39:28 Slammer: yeah
22:39:29 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
22:39:31 muris: no idea
22:39:36 ZaKk WyLdE: i learned Spanish romance by him
22:39:58 ZaKk WyLdE: but muris are u well paid for ur lessons?
22:40:40 Slammer: he never tells
22:40:42 Slammer: LOL
22:40:43 Gen: lol
22:40:44 Slammer: :P
22:40:48 Nick325: backkkkkkkkkkkkkk
22:41:07 ZaKk WyLdE: it s between 50 n 100 dollars
22:41:07 muris: hmm
22:41:09 ZaKk WyLdE: well paid
22:41:10 Nick325: i think he would be hes got awsome lessons
22:41:13 muris: wrong question Zakk
22:41:14 Nick325: ;)
22:41:17 muris: another one maybe
22:41:18 muris: lol
22:41:24 ZaKk WyLdE: Gabriel for allt he lessons he gave,he must be rich
22:41:26 Slammer: like
22:41:33 Gen: lol
22:41:39 Slammer: Muris does Kris pay you well?
22:41:42 Slammer: LOL
22:41:43 Slammer: :P
22:41:46 Gen: lmao
22:41:47 ZaKk WyLdE: it s awesome,all gabe's lessons
22:41:49 muris: would you like to do a lesson Zakk?
22:41:50 ZaKk WyLdE: it s rili awesome
22:41:55 ZaKk WyLdE: many kinds of style
22:42:00 ZaKk WyLdE: megadeth,blues
22:42:01 Gen: hey choochooma
22:42:04 Gen: n
22:42:05 ZaKk WyLdE: different style
22:42:07 ZaKk WyLdE: it s awesome
22:42:13 Slammer: choochooma!
22:42:17 Slammer: n*
22:42:21 Gen: lol
22:42:27 ch00ch00man: hey guys, gals, good evening
22:42:31 muris: hi Boris :)
22:42:36 ch00ch00man: Slammer!
22:42:45 ch00ch00man: muris, how are you?
22:42:48 muris: fine
22:42:51 muris: thanks
22:42:52 muris: you?
22:42:58 ZaKk WyLdE: i m still new to this website,so for me there s no way for em to make a lesson
22:43:09 Gen: cute kids choochooman :D
22:43:17 ch00ch00man: not bad at all, still trying to catch my breath from Marcus' latest lesson
22:43:21 ch00ch00man: lol
22:43:26 muris: lol
22:43:27 ch00ch00man: thanks man
22:43:28 Slammer: Gen wishes he was your KID
22:43:33 ch00ch00man: its all my wife
22:43:35 muris: lol
22:43:41 Slammer: so he could play your guitar
22:43:48 Slammer: :P
22:43:50 ch00ch00man: lol
22:44:04 Gen: lool
22:44:11 ch00ch00man: anytime any of you guys are in my neck of the woods you are welcome
22:44:15 Gen: what kind of guitar you have?
22:44:16 ZaKk WyLdE: wat's choochooman guitar?
22:44:35 muris: it's Jedi guitar
22:44:35 Slammer: NICK lives in your neck of the Woods
22:44:42 ch00ch00man: its an Ibanez UV77MC
22:44:49 muris: ahh
22:44:49 ch00ch00man: 90 or 92
22:44:50 Gen: cool
22:44:56 ZaKk WyLdE: cool
22:45:03 muris: 7 strings?
22:45:07 ch00ch00man: yep
22:45:12 muris: nice ;)
22:45:17 ZaKk WyLdE: oh,i dun like dat very miuch
22:45:18 ZaKk WyLdE: weird
22:45:20 ch00ch00man: take a look at the picture i posted
22:45:21 Slammer:
22:45:25 ZaKk WyLdE: 7 strins's weird
22:45:25 Slammer: LOL
22:45:29 Slammer: there it is
22:45:33 ch00ch00man: thanks slammer, whos better then you
22:45:42 Slammer: GEN and everyone else
22:45:46 ch00ch00man: lol
22:45:52 ch00ch00man: you crack me up
22:46:00 Gen: awesome pick
22:46:07 Gen: really nice body
22:46:11 Slammer: DUDE
22:46:12 ch00ch00man: thanks
22:46:14 Slammer: LOL
22:46:27 ch00ch00man: im trying toi get her some friends
22:46:28 muris: great guitar Boris
22:46:33 ch00ch00man: i think she is lonely
22:46:36 muris: condition is awesome
22:46:39 ch00ch00man: thank you
22:46:47 Slammer: Muris wishes he was your Kid now
22:46:52 ch00ch00man: its been sitting in the case for all its life
22:46:55 Gen: lol
22:46:57 ch00ch00man: lol
22:46:58 muris: or cus if none less
22:47:01 muris: lol
22:47:06 shredmandan: ok back just was looking at some of your pics and loaded up one of mine
22:47:10 ch00ch00man: muris, start the adoption proceedings
22:47:10 ZaKk WyLdE: ok bye evryone
22:47:12 ZaKk WyLdE: gtg
22:47:17 ZaKk WyLdE: i m gonna practice a bit
22:47:17 Slammer: ok Zakk
22:47:21 Slammer: say hi to Ozzie
22:47:23 muris: Boris,I need aletter
22:47:28 muris: and that's all :)
22:47:30 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
22:47:32 ch00ch00man: lol
22:47:32 ZaKk WyLdE: i will
22:47:33 muris: lol
22:47:37 ch00ch00man: tell me what to write
22:47:39 ZaKk WyLdE: that guy sucks,ozzy osbourne
22:47:41 ch00ch00man: im there
22:47:41 ZaKk WyLdE: can t sing
22:47:44 ZaKk WyLdE: his music's shit
22:47:45 muris: like
22:47:49 Slammer: Muris will be like " Daddy!! can I play your guitar?"
22:47:51 muris: Muris is a poor child
22:47:55 ch00ch00man: lol
22:48:03 muris: loves guitar
22:48:08 ch00ch00man: lol
22:48:10 Gen: lol
22:48:12 muris: doesn;t know to play
22:48:15 muris: but loves
22:48:22 muris: can I take him with me?
22:48:23 Gen: bye zakk
22:48:27 ch00ch00man: oh, guys, you have no idea how much i needed this
22:48:43 ch00ch00man: had a craoppy day at work, great to laugh a bit
22:48:47 Gen: :D
22:48:52 muris: laugh is cure
22:48:54 muris: ;)
22:48:58 ch00ch00man: you said it
22:49:05 Gen: just like heaven :D
22:49:07 ch00ch00man: it just picks you right up
22:49:12 Slammer: I always make Gen laugh
22:49:19 muris: lol
22:49:22 ch00ch00man: me to, slammer
22:49:23 Gen: u always make everyone laugh
22:49:35 Slammer: :)
22:49:38 muris: ;)
22:49:42 Slammer: :)
22:49:54 Gen: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
22:49:57 Slammer: No?
22:50:06 Gen: my cup with peanuts in it just felt on the ground
22:50:07 muris: quiet here!!!!
22:50:08 Gen: damn...
22:50:14 ch00ch00man: muris, i came across your legato lesson on your website
22:50:22 Nick325: arghhhh
22:50:28 muris: yeah?
22:50:28 ch00ch00man: its killing my fingers
22:50:29 Nick325: he has a legato lesson?
22:50:33 ch00ch00man: but i love it
22:50:39 ch00ch00man: very dificult
22:50:41 muris: yeah,pinky has hard task
22:50:42 Slammer: seriously... who eats Peanuts in a CUP?
22:50:44 Slammer: Gen....
22:51:02 muris: thanks,glad you liked it Boris :)
22:51:19 ch00ch00man: i love it, and the speedpicking lesson is great oo
22:51:22 ch00ch00man: too*
22:51:22 Slammer: I'll sell ya Peanuts half price, I'll even throw in this free Car
22:51:27 ch00ch00man: thanks for posting them
22:51:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer
22:51:30 muris: tnx :)
22:51:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I
22:51:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: looooooooove you
22:51:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ;)
22:51:39 muris: I'll do more stuff
22:51:41 muris: probably
22:51:50 Slammer: I'm harry potter
22:51:52 ch00ch00man: much appreciate it
22:51:52 muris: hey John
22:51:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats going on muris
22:52:05 muris: ahh
22:52:07 Slammer: ESJ loves me.... I'm Scared :?
22:52:08 muris: cleaning the mess
22:52:12 muris: can't you see?
22:52:27 muris: I'ma cop
22:52:29 muris: or som
22:52:32 muris: lol
22:52:39 ch00ch00man: yeah, whats up with that?
22:52:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hmm
22:52:40 Nick325: muris how did ur gig go?
22:52:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dont hate me because I robb banks
22:52:59 muris: it was great
22:53:06 muris: we played Mojo oro twice
22:53:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats your best song fyi
22:53:22 muris: yeah
22:53:28 muris: mian tune from album
22:53:41 Nick325: cool
22:53:43 muris: main*
22:53:45 muris: ;)
22:53:54 Gen: im back
22:54:02 ch00ch00man: welcome!
22:54:04 muris: good to have you Gen
22:54:06 muris: ;)
22:54:11 Gen: :D
22:54:39 ch00ch00man: for all those performing in front of an audience, can i ask a question?
22:54:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy everyone im glad to announce that im in a platuea which means im not getting and better at all which is just wonderful :D :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{
22:55:25 muris: to me Boris?
22:55:49 ch00ch00man: when im alone, i can play pretty well. relaxed and everything. when i try and play for someone, i freeze. how do i get over that?
22:56:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: drugs
22:56:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lok jk
22:56:07 ch00ch00man: my fingers just refuse to move
22:56:07 muris: someone has that fear always
22:56:08 Gen: lol
22:56:09 ch00ch00man: lol
22:56:09 Nick325: lmao
22:56:17 muris: or maybe you need more live appereances
22:56:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have the same thing boris
22:56:31 Nick325: guys how do i get my sound back its not working and i have the volume on
22:56:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its one of those things, the more you do it, the better you get
22:57:03 ch00ch00man: so, just do it. over and over. and like everything else, it gets easier
22:57:11 muris: probably
22:57:13 Nick325: gtg cya
22:57:17 Gen: cya
22:57:18 ch00ch00man: l8r
22:57:21 muris: some guys have it all the time
22:57:22 Slammer: ok Nick
22:57:22 Nick325: peace
22:57:24 muris: and they are pro
22:57:31 ch00ch00man: never to get over it?
22:57:35 ch00ch00man: thats scarry
22:57:36 muris: yeah
22:57:42 muris: it's just like that
22:57:55 ch00ch00man: what about you, did you ever have it?
22:57:56 muris: while others kill it with time,gigs etc
22:58:02 muris: guess so
22:58:07 muris: at starting point
22:58:14 muris: can't remeber really
22:58:26 ch00ch00man: hmmm
22:58:45 ch00ch00man: how long habe you been guiging
22:58:54 muris: since 96 or som
22:59:01 ch00ch00man: 11 years
22:59:05 muris: yeah
22:59:09 ch00ch00man: and you dont get it anymore
22:59:16 muris: fear?
22:59:20 ch00ch00man: yeah
22:59:23 muris: no
22:59:26 muris: not at all
22:59:28 muris: actually
22:59:38 muris: I get it sometimes BEFORE gig
22:59:46 muris: and I can;t wait to get on stage
22:59:49 ch00ch00man: interesting
22:59:51 muris: to get rid of it]
23:00:00 ch00ch00man: once on stage, its gone
23:00:03 muris: yeah
23:00:08 ch00ch00man: interesting
23:00:16 muris: I'm in best shape on stage with my buddies
23:00:26 ch00ch00man: im thinking of starting slow
23:00:34 muris: giging?
23:00:38 ch00ch00man: i just ordered a camcorder
23:00:42 Slammer: Muris would you ever Consider making a Lesson on how to play Mojo Oro?
23:00:48 ch00ch00man: i will play for it
23:00:49 Gen: wow
23:00:56 Gen: that would be cool
23:00:57 ch00ch00man: and post it for others to judge
23:01:10 muris: that'll be cool Boris
23:01:24 muris: give us a shot or 2
23:01:37 muris: about Mojo Oro
23:01:40 muris: I'll see
23:01:43 muris: not sure jet
23:01:48 muris: yet*
23:02:08 Gen: "lesson in the style of"
23:02:11 Gen: "muris"!!
23:02:12 ch00ch00man: hey, that would actually be really great, i second, third, fourth... that
23:02:14 muris: lol
23:02:17 Gen: :D
23:02:34 ch00ch00man: to be honest 30 second lessons are nice, but a whole song is better
23:02:46 muris: it is
23:02:51 ch00ch00man: and whats better then mojo oro?
23:02:54 muris: bu it'll take tooo much time
23:03:02 ch00ch00man: i think that would be great
23:03:09 ch00ch00man: yes it would
23:03:10 muris: guess so
23:03:18 muris: i'll take that in consider tho
23:03:31 ch00ch00man: but once i adopt you, that will be a stipulation ;)
23:03:37 muris: ;)
23:04:00 muris: you're in states Boris,right?
23:04:06 ch00ch00man: new york
23:04:17 muris: which part of it?
23:04:23 ch00ch00man: rockland county
23:04:29 Gen: the next GTA will be in manhattan :D
23:04:32 ch00ch00man: about 20 miles out of the city
23:04:32 Slammer: aka???
23:04:38 muris: really???
23:04:40 ch00ch00man: i work in manhattan
23:04:42 Gen: yeah
23:04:46 muris: cool :)
23:04:47 Gen: cool
23:04:52 Gen: but on ps3
23:04:55 ch00ch00man: no gen, not cool
23:05:01 muris: and on PC ;)
23:05:05 ch00ch00man: dont like the commute a bit
23:05:08 Gen: oh yeah lol
23:05:10 Gen: oh lol
23:05:15 Slammer: ch00ch00man are you Russian?
23:05:21 ch00ch00man: the city is very crowded
23:05:27 ch00ch00man: by birth, yes
23:05:32 muris: I'm planing to move from Bosnia soon
23:05:34 Gen: have you ever played in the movie "golden eye"?
23:05:36 Slammer: ok explains the Name
23:05:38 Slammer: LOL
23:05:39 Slammer: GEN
23:05:40 ch00ch00man: been a us citizen for ~30 years
23:05:41 Gen: lol
23:05:46 ch00ch00man: lol
23:05:53 ch00ch00man: i do him really well
23:06:03 ch00ch00man: Im invinsible
23:06:04 Gen: :D
23:06:04 Slammer: BORIS!!
23:06:07 Gen: awesome
23:06:21 ch00ch00man: lol
23:06:34 ch00ch00man: everytime i do it, my wife cracks up
23:06:39 Gen: lol
23:07:10 Slammer: tu habla Espanol?
23:07:24 Gen: un pokito
23:07:25 ch00ch00man: mi lapis es amarilo
23:07:30 ch00ch00man: lol
23:07:45 muris: jel moze nesto na mom jeziku?
23:07:45 Slammer: No Comprendo
23:07:49 muris: ahh
23:07:50 muris: miss
23:07:51 Gen: oh
23:07:53 muris: lol
23:07:56 Gen: wich language?
23:08:08 muris: bosnian
23:08:11 Gen: oh okay
23:08:25 ch00ch00man: what did it say?
23:08:41 muris: may I say something in my language?
23:08:48 ch00ch00man: please do
23:08:53 muris: lol
23:08:54 Gen: lol
23:09:00 muris: that's what I said above
23:09:03 ch00ch00man: lol
23:09:06 ch00ch00man: i know
23:09:07 muris: lol
23:09:13 ch00ch00man: just yanking your chain
23:09:20 muris: ahhhhhh
23:09:22 muris: ahhhhh
23:09:26 ch00ch00man: lol
23:09:26 muris: ;)
23:09:48 ch00ch00man: muris, one more guitar question?
23:10:19 muris: sure
23:10:33 ch00ch00man: when speed picking. i find dessending runs to be much easier then assending. what gives?
23:10:59 muris: lacking of practicing assending runs
23:11:03 muris: guess so :)
23:11:07 ch00ch00man: lol
23:11:10 muris: lol
23:11:12 ch00ch00man: you crack me up
23:11:17 ch00ch00man: is that it?
23:11:23 muris: I see through walls
23:11:28 muris: up to NY
23:11:31 ch00ch00man: no perlly words of wisdom?
23:11:32 muris: ;)
23:11:32 Gen: lol
23:11:42 ch00ch00man: lol
23:11:43 muris: yeah really
23:11:48 ch00ch00man: lol lol lol lol
23:12:01 muris: you probably jaming here and there
23:12:11 muris: and you're avoiding assending runs
23:12:13 muris: with time
23:12:22 muris: difference is bigger and bigger
23:12:35 ch00ch00man: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
23:12:42 muris: might be?
23:12:55 ch00ch00man: you know, i do spend less time on assending
23:13:03 muris: you see
23:13:08 ch00ch00man: not much, but i do tend to avoid it
23:13:16 ch00ch00man: because its harder
23:13:20 muris: that's more then enought
23:13:23 ch00ch00man: i dont like things that are hard ;)
23:13:31 muris: as I said ..with time difference is bigger
23:13:44 Sircraigery: holy, full house tonight
23:13:52 muris: hey Sir
23:14:00 ch00ch00man: ola dude (im assuming of-course)
23:14:04 Sircraigery: what's up y'all?
23:14:12 ch00ch00man: correct me if im wrong
23:14:13 Gen: hey sirc
23:14:31 muris: what Boris?
23:14:48 Sircraigery: guess what, i got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, and while i was out my account expired
23:15:00 muris: lol
23:15:10 Sircraigery: and i forgot my paypal i'm screwed lol
23:15:16 muris: lol
23:15:22 ch00ch00man: and the dog ate your homework, and the wife ran away with the mailman....
23:15:35 ch00ch00man: oh wait, im projecting
23:15:40 ch00ch00man: nevermind
23:15:42 muris: sad story it is
23:15:45 Sircraigery: with my luck, it could be
23:15:47 muris: ;)
23:16:06 ch00ch00man: all four wisdom teeth, that must have hurt
23:16:16 Sircraigery: yeah, i didn't even get put under
23:16:17 muris: ok guys
23:16:21 muris: I'm off to bed now
23:16:22 ch00ch00man: i had one, and was miserable for days
23:16:30 muris: wag great as always
23:16:33 Sircraigery: night muris
23:16:34 ch00ch00man: goodnight muris
23:16:40 muris: night to all
23:16:43 muris: :)
23:16:46 Gen: good night
23:16:46 muris: till soon
23:16:49 muris: bye
23:16:52 Gen: cya
23:17:07 Sircraigery: but i quit my job, and had to have them all pulled before my employer benefits ran out on friday
23:17:08 ch00ch00man: where did you get it done?
23:17:20 Slammer: LOL
23:17:31 Sircraigery: ...stickin' it to the man!
23:17:36 ch00ch00man: lol
23:17:48 Sircraigery: i swear, i got every penny i could outta that place
23:17:48 ch00ch00man: sounds like they stuck it to you ;)
23:18:00 Sircraigery: even a set of glasses!
23:18:02 ch00ch00man: they didnt put you under
23:18:21 Sircraigery: nope, cuz i still ahd to pay 10%, so it was a cheaper option
23:19:02 Gen: well guys, i gotta go to bed, cya around
23:19:03 Sircraigery: and i made myself a "severants package" of a garbage bag worth of supplies and tools lol
23:19:09 Sircraigery: night
23:19:14 ch00ch00man: night gen
23:19:19 ch00ch00man: good talking
23:19:42 Sircraigery: what have you been up to?
23:19:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh man chat is kind of dieing
23:20:18 ch00ch00man: had a fairly crappy day at work, logged on here, got cheared up
23:20:48 Sircraigery: crappy days at work are fairly common.....
23:21:01 ch00ch00man: had a few laughs, thinking of jumpling the misses
23:21:07 ch00ch00man: yourself?
23:22:05 ch00ch00man: actually, i like what i do. its not often that work sucks. today was just one of those days
23:22:50 Sircraigery: yeah, to be honest my work was kinda fun too, but it didn't pay the bills. puts a damper on why your there
23:23:07 Sircraigery: i've been on the couch all day eating ice creams sandwiches lol
23:23:34 ch00ch00man: tough life. is that what you do for a living ;)
23:23:45 ch00ch00man: just kidding
23:24:46 Sircraigery: i was a electronics tech for weatherford (the oil company)
23:24:58 Sircraigery: now i'm heading back to school for year 5
23:25:22 ch00ch00man: where to?
23:25:27 Sircraigery: regina, ab
23:25:49 ch00ch00man: what will you be studying?
23:26:00 Sircraigery: petroleum engineering
23:26:50 ch00ch00man: at the present rate of consumption, there wont be much petrolium left to engineer in a decade or so
23:27:01 Sircraigery: rubbish lol
23:27:08 Sircraigery: i'm from alberta remeber :d
23:27:09 ch00ch00man: do tell
23:27:55 Sircraigery: fort mcmurray has enough oil to keep current production for like 200 years, then there's still that same layer of oil sands across BC ans saskatchewan
23:28:29 Sircraigery: plus that huge find in mexico, saudi, we'll never run out
23:28:31 ch00ch00man: do you know something the rest of us dont?
23:28:38 ch00ch00man: really?
23:28:56 ch00ch00man: your the first person i ever heard say that
23:29:18 ch00ch00man: not even industry ceos say things like that
23:29:25 Sircraigery: yeah, i think the only reason oil is going up in price is inflation (and people who are in power of certain places are getting greedy)
23:29:36 ch00ch00man: plus, never is a prety long time
23:29:52 Sircraigery: by never i mean i'll be long long dead :D
23:29:57 ch00ch00man: and earth is finite
23:30:10 ch00ch00man: what about your kids?
23:30:20 ch00ch00man: and theirs...
23:30:23 ch00ch00man: ...
23:30:23 ch00ch00man: ...
23:30:24 ch00ch00man: ...
23:30:36 Sircraigery: then they can go to school for something else
23:30:42 ch00ch00man: lol
23:30:45 ch00ch00man: good one
23:30:59 Sircraigery: the whole hydrogen car thing is close
23:31:05 ch00ch00man: scares me
23:31:11 ch00ch00man: to volitile
23:31:28 ch00ch00man: i can see masive craters forming already
23:31:55 Sircraigery: but the goverments won't let that become an industry. people rely too much on the oil would be another 1930's if the ever got it right
23:32:03 ch00ch00man: and in todays news, another hydrogen plant blew up killing 300000...
23:32:46 Sircraigery: better than hearing about lindsay lohan anymore lol ZING!
23:32:47 ch00ch00man: what about other forms of "renewable" energy
23:32:53 ch00ch00man: lol
23:33:02 ch00ch00man: true
23:33:37 ch00ch00man: solar? wind? any of those gonna get up to speed anytime soon?
23:33:38 Sircraigery: there's a ton out there. but i'm ignorant, being from oil country
23:34:10 Sircraigery: wind is slowly taking shape, but it's still a dead industry
23:34:28 Sircraigery: not much point in it yet, not until the engineering gets much much better
23:34:39 Slammer: ok guys bye
23:34:44 Sircraigery: later homes
23:34:46 ch00ch00man: SLAMMER
23:34:51 ch00ch00man: l8r man
23:34:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: later slammer
23:35:01 Slammer: LOL
23:35:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so what are we talkin about felllers
23:35:54 Sircraigery: ex: all the energy it takes to make the props, set up the field, run the cables, maintain's almost lose/ far as money goes
23:36:22 Sircraigery: energy
23:36:23 ch00ch00man: whats on your mind eat?
23:36:52 ch00ch00man: we can talk about anything you like. pick a topic
23:37:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
23:37:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
23:37:20 Sircraigery: yep, just filling some cyberspace with crap lol
23:37:26 ch00ch00man: guests are not alowed to post, right?
23:37:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sounds like grown up talk right now
23:37:32 ch00ch00man: lol
23:37:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: guests arent allowed to post
23:37:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: correct
23:37:52 ch00ch00man: thats too bad for them
23:37:57 Sircraigery: i wouldn't say that....i may be 24, but i'm not where near grown up. just a bit smarter i guess
23:38:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: now dont get carried away
23:38:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
23:38:18 ch00ch00man: grown up is a state of mind eat
23:38:25 ch00ch00man: :P
23:38:34 Sircraigery: Yeah....poop!
23:38:37 ch00ch00man: lol
23:38:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh boy
23:38:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im telling
23:38:48 ch00ch00man: lol
23:39:09 ch00ch00man: seriously, whats on your mind?
23:39:16 ch00ch00man: girl trouble?
23:39:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: boris you have beautiful family btw
23:39:20 Sircraigery: oohhh, so i'm peicing together a new guitar
23:39:33 ch00ch00man: oh, thanks man, really appreciate it
23:39:46 ch00ch00man: from what?
23:39:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your little baby ( Girl ?) is adorable
23:40:09 ch00ch00man: shes the lite of my life
23:40:18 Sircraigery: charvel neck, and a washburn body. it looks A LOT like a jackson.
23:40:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wait till shes 18 ;)
23:40:23 ch00ch00man: if i was to tell you her story, you wouldnt believe me
23:40:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: try me
23:40:34 Sircraigery: let's hear it
23:40:44 ch00ch00man: i will be the happiest man in the world
23:40:57 ch00ch00man: she was born perfect
23:41:35 ch00ch00man: at four months she was diagnosed with an insanely rare neurological condition called PMG
23:41:51 ch00ch00man: i wont go in to details. every time i do i start crying
23:41:55 ch00ch00man: you can look it up
23:42:03 ch00ch00man: she is almost two years old
23:42:11 ch00ch00man: she almost died twice
23:42:26 ch00ch00man: she still isnt walking, but making great progress
23:42:54 ch00ch00man: all the doctors are saying she is a miricle baby. most dont survive, let alone thrive
23:43:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: god bless you and your little girl
23:43:17 ch00ch00man: its been a tough haul, but we are getting there
23:43:25 ch00ch00man: thank you very much :)
23:43:40 ch00ch00man: i appreciate it more then you can know
23:43:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my little cousin was just born with down syndrome so I kinda feel where your coming from
23:44:01 Sircraigery: that's crazy man, i hope she does well for herself, and for your family
23:44:06 ch00ch00man: oh, man, i feel for you. its a terible condition
23:44:42 ch00ch00man: there is very little worce in this world then having a sick child
23:44:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you know regardless of the disorder, shes beautiful she really is
23:45:17 ch00ch00man: thank you. she is a gem. thankfuly my wifes genes are dominant
23:45:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :)
23:45:43 ch00ch00man: if she looked like me, i would feel really sorry for her
23:45:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :D
23:45:55 ch00ch00man: lol
23:46:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your a good father I can tell
23:46:19 ch00ch00man: if nothing else, crap like this really puts things in perspective
23:46:32 ch00ch00man: really lets you know whats important and what isnt
23:46:46 Sircraigery: that's true
23:47:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah and I read up on the disorder. But ik its a sensitive topic so I wont go in on it. But If you give me her name Ill put her under the blessed mother statue at my grandmas home
23:48:01 Sircraigery: i've been really lucky. i can honestly say my life has been a breeze so far, when i hear stuff like this
23:48:04 ch00ch00man: your too kind man. i welling up with tears
23:48:10 ch00ch00man: her name is sasha
23:48:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sasha.suits her
23:48:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ill be sure to tell my grandma all about her
23:48:54 ch00ch00man: i tell you, im 41 and other then this and one other thing, my life too, has been an absolute dream
23:49:18 ch00ch00man: and to be honest, as horible as this is, i dont feel cursed
23:49:32 ch00ch00man: i brought us all closer together
23:49:35 ch00ch00man: it*
23:49:41 Sircraigery: i had a bad experience once with this chick trying to stick me with a baby....but that's different
23:49:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well besides the death of both my uncles I suppose my life has been alright so far
23:50:02 ch00ch00man: was it yours?
23:50:08 Sircraigery: shit no
23:50:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
23:50:44 ch00ch00man: well, at 24, you are definitely too young for kids. but they do chenge your life when they come
23:50:49 Sircraigery: she was 4 months prego when i met her, and she knew (her doctor told me she was in before), and she didn't tell me. i just thought she was a bit fat
23:50:50 ch00ch00man: change*
23:51:04 ch00ch00man: lol
23:51:13 ch00ch00man: thats scummy
23:51:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
23:51:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no thats hot, jk jk :p
23:51:38 ch00ch00man: sicko ;)
23:51:43 Sircraigery: isn't it? lol it was kind of heart breaking too. but what do ya do
23:51:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you move on
23:51:58 ch00ch00man: love the woman, love the baby
23:52:07 Sircraigery: someone's got a fetus!.....i mean fetish! lol
23:52:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: move the 5 teeth shes missing :p
23:52:20 ch00ch00man: lol
23:52:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: love*
23:52:35 ch00ch00man: to each his own
23:52:55 Sircraigery: then lol, funny story
23:53:16 Sircraigery: after that mess, i was at a resturant with my sis, and the waitress was really hot
23:53:26 ch00ch00man: no, if the woman is honest, and if you love her, im sure it can work out. it has in the past. yours is not a unique story
23:53:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: craig but if it was yours that fairytale would have ended" Till meth do us part
23:53:31 Sircraigery: so i was like "hey sis, should i ask her out or what?"
23:53:43 ch00ch00man: but if she is trying to stick you without telling you, thats diferent
23:54:03 Sircraigery: and she's says to me "she's pregnant you idiot, look at the curve in her shoulders!"
23:54:10 Sircraigery: so she gave me some tips
23:54:46 ch00ch00man: i think you have a prego fetish, without knowing
23:55:02 ch00ch00man: you seem to be attracted to them
23:55:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats means safe loving though ;)
23:55:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sorry had to say it
23:55:08 ch00ch00man: lol
23:55:17 Sircraigery: no man, she's a nurse and can tell. with works with the pregnant moms....
23:55:48 ch00ch00man: yeah, but if you are drawn to them, then you must be subconciously attracted to them
23:55:49 Sircraigery: i should no better trying to find a woman at my age that hasn't got any baggage.
23:56:02 ch00ch00man: literaly
23:56:40 Sircraigery: i've gotten a bit laid back with my woman standards, so it's back to the under 100lbs rule
23:56:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: some times a little extra "baggage" is good
23:56:52 ch00ch00man: &lt;100ld
23:56:56 ch00ch00man: ???
23:56:57 Sircraigery: or what i like to call "5-90's" lol 5' 90 lbs
23:57:00 ch00ch00man: are you dating kids?
23:57:13 Sircraigery: no, 20 year olds
23:57:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
23:57:28 ch00ch00man: how tal are you?
23:57:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: "Next time on how to catch a predator "
23:57:35 ch00ch00man: lol
23:57:36 Sircraigery: 5'8
23:57:41 ch00ch00man: lol lol lol lol lol lol
23:57:48 ch00ch00man: that figures
23:57:53 Sircraigery: alright i'm heading out.
23:57:55 ch00ch00man: you like em pettite
23:57:59 ch00ch00man: lol
23:58:01 ch00ch00man: l8r
23:58:09 ch00ch00man: ill do the same
23:58:13 ch00ch00man: hight all

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