Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn etc. 2007-08-28
Sep 10 2007, 09:42 PM
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00:00:30 CrashOops: [email protected] strings getting stuck in bridge
00:00:38 Slammer: dude
00:00:42 Slammer: ok guys
00:00:44 Slammer: sry
00:00:47 Slammer: I gtg bed
00:00:50 CrashOops: k
00:00:52 Slammer: Study tommorow
00:00:58 Slammer: Midnight
00:01:00 Slammer: AAHH
00:01:03 Slammer: gonna be tired
00:01:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya
00:01:16 Slammer: H2O??
00:01:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: looks like a good diet
00:01:20 Slammer: :P
00:01:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bye
00:01:26 Slammer: ok guys
00:01:30 Slammer: bye bye
00:01:31 Slammer: bye bye
00:01:33 Slammer: bye bye
00:01:39 CrashOops: bye lol
00:01:52 CrashOops: dont you guys hate it when your strings get stuck in the bridge when changing them?
00:03:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
00:03:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sucks
00:03:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: guest sign up
00:03:22 CrashOops: atleast I'm not the only one
00:03:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
00:03:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
00:03:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im going to go play xbox
00:04:03 CrashOops: lol fine then
00:04:04 CrashOops: :P
00:04:06 CrashOops: night
00:04:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: night
00:04:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
00:06:15 CrashOops: hey shredmandan, you know anything about doing custom pickguards or anything?
00:07:56 shredmandan: like what kind exactly
00:08:19 CrashOops: well would an aluminum one affect anything?
00:08:25 CrashOops: I dont think it would it's non magnetic
00:09:13 shredmandan: no it wouldnt effect anything as far as the guitar goes.only thing i could even imagine is if you use single coil pickups it could add a hum sound to them but thats just a maybe
00:09:16 CrashOops: I'm planning on making myself a new aluminum picguard, and going to change my pickups, so thought while I'm at that I'd chagne to two single volume and two single tone knobs instead of a master volume and master tone
00:09:23 CrashOops: humbuckers
00:09:31 shredmandan: u would be fine then
00:09:34 CrashOops: ah
00:09:40 shredmandan: thats the way to go anyway
00:09:54 CrashOops: have you looked at the seymour duncan blackouts? they're pretty pimp. and since they ship all the pots you need figured I'd upgrade
00:11:09 shredmandan: havent seen those but heard of them.I use a s duncan sh-6 distortion humbucker at bridge and love it,i have also used the dimebucker in one of my guitars and liked it but didnt like the sh-12 george lynch screamon deymon
00:11:26 CrashOops: yeah
00:11:49 shredmandan: i like high out put and the demon was a mid out put
00:12:06 CrashOops: it's their new active pickups. listened to the sound clips and for the price think I'm going to get them. just going to find out if I can get them at the local guitar store.
00:12:37 shredmandan: is it in the body shape of a single coil just stacked or is it actually a humbucker
00:12:49 CrashOops: actual humbucker
00:12:58 CrashOops: high output, gobs of tone
00:13:35 shredmandan: yeah i think i have seen that one,it may be the one they make that has the highest output especially since its active right?
00:13:42 CrashOops: yup
00:13:56 shredmandan: dimebucker is as high as you can go without going active
00:13:58 CrashOops: with a lot less hum than most though
00:15:09 shredmandan: never used active pickups yet but thought about getting afew.What do you think of the emg 81 and 85? ever heard them?I have heard good and bad about them.i like as much distortion as i can get
00:15:29 CrashOops: well I was thinking of getting emg's because I really like metal
00:15:40 CrashOops: but talking to some people I found out that they only really do that one tone/noise
00:15:49 CrashOops: give you a great chunk for power chords and low riffing
00:15:53 CrashOops: but you lose all tone
00:15:57 CrashOops: so I found out about the blackouts
00:16:06 shredmandan: yeah thats what i heard and you want something more versatile
00:16:07 CrashOops: which have that great metal quality and yet have a lot of really good tone clean
00:16:30 CrashOops: give a listen to the samples on the website if you like
00:16:49 shredmandan: are they on the seymour duncan website?
00:16:56 CrashOops: yes
00:17:00 shredmandan: brb
00:17:06 CrashOops: k
00:18:46 shredmandan: dude thats the way to go i think
00:19:04 shredmandan: especially out of the pro shop and hum cancelling'
00:20:07 shredmandan: I will tell you i dont ever recommend using duncan designed pickups.I had them in a jackson and it was horrible for me atleast.Thats when i got the dimebucker
00:22:06 CrashOops: oh you mean like duncan wanabe's or third party duncans or w/e
00:22:35 shredmandan: yep they say duncan design on them and come in some mid range priced guitars
00:22:46 CrashOops: ah
00:22:58 CrashOops: so it's like the crappy version of duncans
00:23:04 shredmandan: i have heard better $10.00 pickups than them
00:23:06 shredmandan: yep
00:23:06 CrashOops: although I heard some in a couple ibanez and I liked them
00:23:20 CrashOops: lol
00:23:20 CrashOops: actually those were real duncans
00:23:43 CrashOops: dont mind me tearing my guitar apart right now to see what I need to do
00:23:48 shredmandan: maybe it was my model but dude they were in a jackson dk2 that cost me $1,000.00 US and i was so disapointed
00:23:49 CrashOops: never played with guitar electronics before
00:23:56 CrashOops: yeah
00:24:08 CrashOops: I guess ibanez uses actual seymour duncans and not duncan designed
00:24:09 shredmandan: are u going to replace the pots as well
00:24:18 CrashOops: yes
00:24:26 CrashOops: from what I read it looks like they ship all that stuff with it
00:24:41 CrashOops: atleast for the blackouts
00:24:42 shredmandan: are u going with the 250k or 500k pots?This is something i thought of doing
00:24:59 CrashOops: uhm w/e is in the installation manual for the pickups lol
00:25:30 CrashOops: I havent read a whole lot into this pickup thing to be honest. but I have a low end ibanez ( grx20) that I've put grover tuners into, and added a spring to the tremelo
00:25:47 CrashOops: just want new tuners and I'll be incredibly happy. I cant think of a guitar with a nicer neck for less than a grand
00:25:52 CrashOops: atleast not for me
00:26:13 shredmandan: oh you see i was considering changing mine from 250 to 500.There is a better difference in 500k lets more sound throughy but at a loss of tone.Its one of those things were its a give or take and you have to decide what you need more volume or tone
00:26:30 CrashOops: ah
00:26:32 CrashOops: tone for me then
00:26:50 CrashOops: now why would they ground to the tremelo ?
00:27:27 shredmandan: i replaced everythingon my guitar hardware wise except the tuners and string tree.I have gold hardware and lot of it faded over the years but i got new gold on it all.Im playing on finnishing it this week when i buy the tunner;s then it will all be nice shinney gold again
00:27:43 CrashOops: yeah
00:27:50 CrashOops: I'm really really really happy with the grover mini tuners
00:27:54 CrashOops: suposed to be the best
00:28:10 CrashOops: you dont have to screw around when tuning it just goes to where it belongs and stay there
00:28:12 shredmandan: im not sure why they ground on the trem but its like that on my fender strat and it was like that on the jackson i had
00:28:26 CrashOops: hmm
00:28:32 shredmandan: thats nice to not have to play around with tunning forever
00:28:37 CrashOops: damn I'm going to have to router out some wood to make some room
00:29:02 CrashOops: there goes some sustain/tone :(
00:29:22 CrashOops: any idea if the battery for active pickups is internal or external?
00:29:27 shredmandan: It was grounded on a screw in body under trem on jackson and on plate that holds trem springs on fender
00:29:38 shredmandan: dont know that one
00:30:10 shredmandan: so where u from man?im in USA tennessee and 24 u?
00:30:41 CrashOops: Abbotsford BC Canada, 21
00:30:56 shredmandan: cool
00:31:29 shredmandan: havent really seen you around here are you new or just dont post much?
00:31:55 CrashOops: not a huge poster
00:32:11 CrashOops: I dont like to post whore. if I have some input on something I give it
00:32:18 CrashOops: but I dont like to post " cool" to something
00:32:34 CrashOops: I need atleast a couple sentences worth of a response to bother
00:32:45 shredmandan: i see your point
00:32:51 CrashOops: I've also only been around for about 4 months
00:34:17 shredmandan: so whos your favorite instructor on here/?
00:34:28 CrashOops: well atleast all the solders are nice in this thing. although they did leave the ground a bit short making putting the pickguard back on a pain
00:34:29 CrashOops: uhm
00:34:53 CrashOops: at my playability level I'd have to say gabriel
00:35:02 CrashOops: most of his lessons I can atleast make a decent attempt at
00:35:11 CrashOops: I like pavels lessons but I'm not at that level yet
00:36:15 shredmandan: pavel is a great guitarist but i dont play that type of lead as much.The scales he uses are different from what i use.I really like marcus style especially his vibrato.
00:36:41 CrashOops: yeah
00:36:51 CrashOops: I've only been playing for about 5 months lol
00:37:07 CrashOops: well and a couple years of self taught ish acoustic back in highschool
00:37:17 shredmandan: wow well hows it coming along
00:37:24 CrashOops: I think it's going great
00:38:12 shredmandan: i was just going to say most people dont know anything about pickups starting out playinglet alone how to install them
00:38:20 shredmandan: it can be a pain i hate soldering
00:38:24 CrashOops: I can play things like the stoner rock lesson number one up until the very end where I cant quite get the rhythm down, megadeth style lesson I have nailed, velvet revolver I'm just getting the kinks out
00:38:47 CrashOops: Ah well I figure I'll look at it and figure it out, that's how I swapped my first car engine. If I can wire a car I'm sure I can figure out two pickups and a couple switches
00:38:53 CrashOops: not to mention I'm a second year electrical apprentice
00:38:54 CrashOops: lol
00:38:56 shredmandan: i love megadeth style guitar.its a great example of the style i play
00:39:19 CrashOops: how long have you been playing?
00:39:24 shredmandan: 11 years
00:39:33 CrashOops: nice
00:39:50 CrashOops: I wanted to play for so long. I remember when I had my acoustic going to the guitar store and wishing I had the money for the strat starter kit
00:39:55 CrashOops: that was back in like grade 9
00:40:18 CrashOops: didnt go and buy an electric till about 5 months ago, was a 80$ chinese, no name guitar with a 15$ amp
00:40:29 CrashOops: then I got my ibanez, with a vox valvetronix 15w
00:40:36 CrashOops: and started to modify the ibanez a bit
00:40:42 shredmandan: nice
00:40:49 CrashOops: playing on 11 - 49 with a wound 3rd
00:41:33 CrashOops: had to add a spring to the trem couse of them lol
00:41:41 shredmandan: i usally use 9-46 right now just because i play mostly lead right now
00:41:50 shredmandan: lol
00:42:06 CrashOops: well enough practice and I'll be able to play the 11's like 9's
00:42:25 CrashOops: played 9's for a bit today on my old crappy guitar cause I tuned it down to c to attempt to learn a silent civilian song
00:42:35 CrashOops: was so easy to bend and vibrato. the 11's are a great practice tool
00:43:27 shredmandan: i want another guitar so i can use heavier strings to tune down.Alot of rythem stuff i like to play is in C AND C# but need another guitar.i have had so many guitars but had to sell them to pay bills
00:43:57 CrashOops: the grx20 is only 180$ ;)
00:44:07 CrashOops: and that's canadian
00:44:29 CrashOops: I'm planning on buying a cheap used stop tail for a second guitar I think. cause I sold my old one to my freind for like 30$
00:44:55 shredmandan: so do u have that blackout right now installing it or just getting it rready?
00:45:11 CrashOops: I was just taking a peek to know what I'm getting myself into
00:45:22 CrashOops: I dont have the blackouts yet no, probably will have to wait till xmas
00:45:39 shredmandan: oh i hate the wait lol
00:45:42 CrashOops: gives me time to make a pick guard
00:45:50 shredmandan: true
00:45:57 CrashOops: well hey I can always get better in that time frame and make the blackouts really scream
00:46:13 CrashOops: then maybe I can give an audio sample in a review of them or something
00:46:22 shredmandan: that would be cool
00:46:51 CrashOops: yeah I saw an ad for them in guitarworld and had to take a look. was pretty much sold instantly because I love the sound of seymour duncans, atleast from what I've played in stores
00:47:20 shredmandan: yeah there great pickups my favorite brand
00:47:26 CrashOops: now I actually am going to change my strings which was the whole purpose of this in the first place lol
00:47:34 shredmandan: lol
00:47:51 shredmandan: thats another thing i hate doing but its time for me as well
00:47:52 CrashOops: how often do you change yours? I feel about every two weeks or so is okay for me
00:48:34 CrashOops: I cant remember if you replied to that thread
00:48:41 shredmandan: about the same.i like to change them in that time period but if i cant get out i can leave them for up to a month but best every 2 weeks to get best sound.
00:48:54 shredmandan: well dude gotta run
00:48:57 CrashOops: k
00:49:03 CrashOops: no problem. have a good night. nice chatting to you
00:49:17 shredmandan: its been cool chating with you come back on here some time im on here alot
00:49:29 CrashOops: yeah this is about when I'm on
00:50:01 shredmandan: same here i will look for you tomorrw and if i can get back on later ill see if your around take care
00:50:08 CrashOops: k
00:50:11 CrashOops: you too
08:43:19 Hemlok: *whip*
08:43:26 Robin: Hi
08:43:27 Hemlok: Hi Robin :)
08:44:22 Robin: whats up
08:44:57 Hemlok: ah just installing a game
08:45:01 Hemlok: FEAR
08:45:06 Robin: ahh
08:45:16 Robin: I've heard that its like the most scary game ever
08:45:27 Hemlok: ooh i hope so
08:45:31 Robin: haha :D
08:45:37 Hemlok: my mate plays it and told me to download it
08:45:45 Hemlok: because it is a free multiplayer shooter
08:45:58 Robin: ohh
08:46:06 Robin: its also this single player thing, isnt it=
08:46:07 Robin: ?
08:46:15 Robin: wich is supposed to be scary as hell
08:46:21 Hemlok: yeah on playstation or computer and stuff
08:46:32 Robin: ah ok
09:05:00 Batista: Halla;D
09:05:37 Robin: heja
09:09:24 Batista: Skjer?
09:11:08 Robin: spiller gitar
09:11:11 Robin: lager riff til bandet :D
09:11:21 Robin: hva driver du med?
09:17:37 Batista: Kult, blir det noe bra da? Pleier langefingeren min på høyrehanda så jeg kan starte å tappe igjen=P Øver på en tapping solo, men er så sår på tappe-"fingeren" at det gjør vondt:P
09:18:01 Robin: ahh ja, blir fort ondt når man øver på nye nytt :p
09:20:31 Robin: noe* :P
09:23:11 Batista: Ja, men jeg ble merkelig nok aldri sår på fingrene av den gamle gitaren min, men av den nye blir jeg det i løpet av en dag eller noe:S
09:24:11 Robin: ah merkelig
09:24:23 Robin: skifta tykkelse på strengene eller noe? :P
09:25:14 Batista: Hmm kanskje
09:25:17 Batista: Metal-band eller?
09:28:12 Robin: jepp
09:28:35 Robin:
09:29:32 Batista: Nice:D Alle banda rundt der jeg bor er opptatt, eller alle brukbare musikere rundt her har band=P
09:29:57 Robin: ahh ja, ofte tungvint å finne band :/
09:30:51 Batista: Ja=P
16:34:55 Slammer: *slap*
16:34:59 Slammer: *whip*
16:35:06 Slammer: *meow*
16:35:08 Slammer: :D
16:39:15 Iluha: :)
16:39:15 Iluha: hey
16:39:41 Slammer: LOL
16:39:42 Slammer: sup?
16:39:47 Iluha: all good and you?
16:39:55 Slammer: great :)
16:40:05 Slammer: you playing??
16:40:41 Iluha: yeah
16:40:50 Iluha: Advance Wars :)
16:40:53 Slammer: :P
16:40:53 Iluha: not the guitar
16:40:59 Slammer: Guitar
16:40:59 Slammer: Guitar
16:41:00 Slammer: Guitar
16:41:07 Slammer: is what you need to play
16:41:09 Iluha: I'm done with the guitar for the day
16:41:12 Slammer: :O
16:41:16 Slammer: No
16:41:25 Slammer: you can never be "done"
16:41:32 Slammer: with guitar
16:41:51 Iluha: :)
16:42:09 Iluha: I poseted a new Idea I had for the collab :P
16:42:44 Iluha: its a really, and I mean reallly, small thing
16:42:47 Iluha: it's only 1 second
16:43:42 Slammer: LOL
16:43:47 Slammer: is it up?
16:43:59 Batista: Hello=)
16:44:06 Iluha: avecourse :P been up for the last few hours
16:44:09 Iluha: hey batista
16:44:28 Batista: Whats up?
16:45:05 Iluha: all nice and wel, and you?
16:45:49 Batista: Listening to music
16:46:30 Slammer: LOL
16:46:34 Slammer: suriprise
16:47:28 Batista: lol
16:49:23 Batista: but gotta go lol see ya
16:50:11 Slammer: *slap*
16:50:15 Iluha:
16:50:22 Iluha: one of the funniest sites ive seen lol
16:50:33 Slammer: LMAO
16:50:35 Slammer: wtf?
16:50:37 Slammer: :P
16:53:25 Slammer: LOL
16:53:26 Slammer: ok
16:53:28 Slammer: dude
16:53:31 Slammer: I gotta run
16:53:34 Slammer: Take Care
16:53:36 Slammer: *slap*
16:53:37 Slammer: cya
16:53:41 Iluha: cya
17:36:09 Slammer: Slammer
17:36:15 Slammer: I'm back
17:36:21 Slammer: but no one else is
17:36:23 Slammer: :P
17:50:27 Gen: lol
17:50:43 Slammer: lol
17:50:49 Slammer: sup
17:50:50 Slammer: ?
17:51:02 Gen: not much, exept
17:51:31 Slammer: 1+1 is 2! 2+2 is 4!!
17:51:37 Gen: no dude
17:51:40 Slammer: LMAO
17:51:41 Gen: your wrong
17:51:48 Gen: 1+1 = 11!!!
17:51:54 Slammer: Cat = C-a-t
17:51:56 Slammer: LOL
17:52:00 Gen: lol
17:52:08 Gen: do you know van damme?
17:52:09 Slammer: yes and 2+2= 986365473
17:52:18 Gen: lol
17:52:20 Slammer: Yeah, I know him
17:52:25 Slammer: he's my Cousin
17:52:28 Gen: lmao
17:52:46 Gen: he s right when he says that 1+1=11
17:52:52 Gen: lol lol
17:53:22 Gen: but you cannot understand that if you re not "aware" !
17:53:30 Slammer: :(
17:58:32 Slammer: hey andrew
17:58:34 Gen: hey andrew
17:58:38 Slammer: :D
17:58:40 Andrew Cockburn: hi guys
17:58:43 Gen: hey andreww
17:58:47 Gen: whats up!
17:58:55 Slammer: now that you're here the chat will fill up
17:58:58 Andrew Cockburn: fed up with work playing my Jem instead
17:59:10 Slammer: Yep
17:59:13 Gen: can you send me your jem?
17:59:18 Slammer: not a bad alternitive
17:59:20 Gen: i ll give you my adress
17:59:24 Andrew Cockburn: Sure, whats your email address
17:59:25 Gen: lol lol
17:59:59 Slammer: Gen, I can draw you a pic of one
18:00:05 Gen: lol
18:00:10 Gen: i can draw it
18:00:16 Gen: i can draw all
18:00:30 Gen: i am your new god little boys
18:00:51 Slammer: Andrew you should make a tutorial on Basic Home Recording Techniques
18:00:57 Gen: yeah!!!
18:01:10 Slammer: it would save a lot of questions
18:01:17 Slammer: asked
18:01:20 Andrew Cockburn: I "should" do lots of things, but I rarely do :)
18:01:20 Gen: that would be awesome
18:01:25 Slammer: :(
18:01:26 Gen: lol lol
18:01:28 Andrew Cockburn: But I was thinking about that
18:01:32 Slammer: :( :(
18:01:49 Andrew Cockburn: In purely selfish tems it would save me a lot of time
18:01:54 Slammer: maybe Muris could...
18:01:57 Gen: haha
18:02:02 Slammer: he's good
18:02:06 Gen: yeah, lets ask muris
18:02:12 Iluha: hello
18:02:13 Gen: hey iluha
18:02:20 Slammer: he's been taking Requests for the last 2 months
18:02:30 Slammer: everyday almost
18:02:31 Slammer: :P
18:02:33 Gen: lol
18:02:40 Andrew Cockburn: He'll soon see thought you all and stop trying to please you ;)
18:03:01 Slammer: ?
18:03:21 Iluha: the podxt costs allmost as much as my guitar did :X
18:03:30 Andrew Cockburn: kidding slammer
18:03:34 Gen: lol
18:03:39 Slammer: :(
18:03:40 Andrew Cockburn: I might well do a recoring how to or something
18:03:42 Gen: what kind of guitar do you have?
18:03:45 Slammer: LOL
18:03:47 Gen: iluha
18:03:47 Andrew Cockburn: I already wrote an intro for the Wiki
18:03:48 Slammer: LMAO
18:03:53 Iluha: ibanez random number
18:03:59 Slammer: 1?
18:04:01 Gen: oh okay cool
18:04:02 Iluha: no
18:04:09 Slammer: 2783?
18:04:10 Andrew Cockburn: GR123?
18:04:17 Iluha: no it starts with a 3 that im sure of
18:04:26 Andrew Cockburn: RG350DX
18:04:41 Iluha: nah I don't think it was a round number
18:04:49 Iluha: maybe a 365 i dunno
18:04:57 Slammer: Ibanez 365!
18:05:02 Gen: lol
18:05:09 Iluha: theres too many numbers
18:05:11 Iluha: :[
18:05:20 Iluha: it's allmost like pokemon
18:05:23 Slammer: Gen have you ever seen 'Thunder in Paradise" ?
18:05:24 Gen: hahha
18:05:29 Gen: gotta catch them all
18:05:32 Gen: nope slam
18:05:35 Slammer: LOL
18:05:35 Gen: whats that
18:05:44 Slammer: A show with Hulk Hogan
18:05:56 Slammer: where he rides a Boat around all day
18:06:00 Gen: what kind of show is that
18:06:04 Gen: OH LMAO
18:06:06 Iluha: im guissing action
18:06:08 Gen: ofc i saw
18:06:09 Slammer: yeah
18:06:29 Gen: his name in the show is spencer right?
18:06:31 Gen: lol
18:06:33 Iluha: wow buckethead's song Running From The Light is really touching my heart
18:06:37 Slammer: I guess the Swiss go crazy for Hulk
18:06:38 Gen: :D
18:06:43 Gen: haha
18:06:49 Gen: because he s blond
18:06:51 Slammer: just like their Chees?
18:06:56 Gen: and his second name is heidi
18:06:59 Slammer: :P
18:07:03 Iluha: just like their knife!
18:07:06 Slammer: and he milks cows?
18:07:10 Iluha: hes deadly
18:07:12 Gen: thats true, he told me when i was on his boat
18:07:22 Slammer: I don't think he's the Farmers Daughter
18:07:34 Iluha: and then he threw you off you cause you knew too much, right?
18:07:42 Gen: haha yeah
18:07:53 Gen: i had to swim....
18:08:02 Slammer: Hey Andrew
18:08:07 Gen: and i came back home swimming
18:08:11 Andrew Cockburn: ye?
18:08:12 Gen: in geneva dude
18:08:13 Iluha: yeah I bet a boat chasing you can make you swim really fast
18:08:21 Gen: lol lol
18:08:26 Slammer: I had a question about MIDI and Audio Interface
18:08:27 Slammer: :P
18:08:29 Iluha: speaking of sweeming! today I coached for the first time after two years
18:08:33 Gen: now my arms are bigger that my legs
18:08:36 Slammer: JK JK
18:08:39 Slammer: :P
18:08:43 Andrew Cockburn: hah!
18:08:47 Andrew Cockburn: I know nothing ...
18:08:52 Iluha: 4 12 year old's got to be my victims
18:09:02 Gen: lol
18:09:05 Slammer: I think you've had a Long day
18:09:08 Iluha: I made em sweat :)
18:09:12 Slammer: LOL
18:09:13 Gen: :D
18:09:14 Andrew Cockburn: you bet
18:09:26 Andrew Cockburn: I ahte everyone
18:09:29 Slammer: and he takes his Frustrations out on Me :P
18:09:32 Andrew Cockburn: (except GMC of course)
18:09:37 Slammer: :(
18:09:39 Gen: lol
18:09:42 Andrew Cockburn: :)
18:09:46 Slammer: :(
18:09:48 Andrew Cockburn: GMC and GMCers are cool
18:09:57 Iluha: yay!
18:10:00 Gen: yeah, all teh people are cool here
18:10:04 Gen: exept slammer
18:10:07 Slammer: :(
18:10:09 Gen: lol lol
18:10:10 Iluha: the rest of the world are geeks
18:10:15 Slammer: :?
18:10:19 Gen: haha
18:10:26 Iluha: except for hot chicks
18:10:32 Gen: :D :D
18:10:36 Slammer: quick lets cheer up Andrew!
18:10:38 Gen: oh, like miss south carolina?
18:10:39 Gen: lol
18:10:40 Slammer: Gen tell a joke
18:10:49 Iluha: i dont know whos she? ?
18:10:54 Gen: nvm :D
18:10:58 Andrew Cockburn: Neither does she ...
18:10:59 Slammer: LOL
18:11:01 Gen: lol
18:11:10 Iluha: Miss Israel this year looks like crap..
18:11:18 Gen: oh, damn...
18:11:38 Iluha: my friend used to date her, wow she is ugly, but I mean you would still do her, cause she's mis israel :)
18:11:48 Gen: lmao
18:12:04 Slammer: hey GEN
18:12:07 Slammer: you Ready?
18:12:07 Gen: so you would do hilary clinton?
18:12:10 Gen: iluha$
18:12:14 Slammer: for the Classic?
18:12:19 Gen: okay lol
18:12:20 Iluha: is she Miss America?
18:12:24 Gen: nope
18:12:25 Gen: lol
18:12:27 Iluha: so no!
18:12:30 Gen: not really
18:12:48 Slammer: hey GEN
18:12:51 Gen: hey slam
18:12:54 Slammer: Everyone knows what the Swiss are like. Swiss men like to wear tight shorts, white shirts, braces and William Tell caps, usually with feathers in. They spend most of their time up in the mountains, singing as they walk. They also enjoy yodelling and playing their 12m long Alpine horns. They are ruddy cheeked, fairly rich, and pretty smug because they have so much fresh mountain air and because their trains always run on time. They survive on a diet of chocolate and holey-cheese. The women are mostly blonde, never grow old, like to help milking the cattle and are usually called Heidi. They live in wooden huts on the mountainside, and each room has at least one cuckoo clock. All this is different if the individual happens to be from Zurich. Zurich dwellers are sharp-suited secretive bankers who make their living by hoarding Nazi gold and helping out corrupt politicians and gangsters. The whole country is spotlessly clean and they are obsessed with the environment
18:12:59 Slammer: LOL
18:13:02 Gen: LMAO
18:13:11 Iluha: what, the hell?
18:13:14 Slammer: LMAO
18:13:19 Gen: lol
18:13:31 Slammer: singing as they walk...
18:13:34 Slammer: :P
18:13:37 Gen: lol lol
18:14:06 Gen: lol
18:14:06 Gen: i think you cant do more cliche than that
18:14:12 Slammer: dude that is all wrong...right??
18:14:16 Slammer: :P
18:14:30 Iluha: Most women named Heidi lol
18:14:46 Slammer: each room has at least one Cookcoo clock
18:14:54 Slammer: LOL
18:15:27 Andrew Cockburn: SOunds like a cool place ... 8)
18:15:28 Iluha: dude, what the hell, no one's checking my new idea in the collab!
18:15:34 Slammer: gen how many girls named Heidi do you know?
18:15:45 Gen: haha, no one
18:15:49 Slammer: LOL
18:16:01 Gen: or maybe one, in an old comics
18:16:11 Slammer: do they never grow old?
18:16:16 Gen: i mean, an old tv show
18:16:19 Slammer: :P
18:16:32 Gen: yeah, in the tv show she was young suring all the 17 seasons
18:16:36 Gen: lol lol
18:16:39 Gen: during*
18:16:46 Slammer: Iluha
18:16:50 Iluha: you had a tv show with 17 seasons?!
18:16:52 Slammer: where is it at?
18:17:00 Slammer: link?
18:17:04 Iluha: in lavendell's collab thread, the last post.
18:17:08 Gen: nope lol, i dont know how many seasons heidi has
18:17:30 Iluha:;#entry57871
18:17:34 Slammer: maybe because It's a Zip File?
18:17:40 Iluha: so?....
18:17:44 Slammer: ppl like Mp3
18:17:46 Slammer: LOL
18:17:49 Iluha: but it's midi
18:17:51 Iluha: :[
18:17:55 Slammer: hmm
18:17:56 Iluha: I can't record
18:18:06 Gen: iluha!
18:18:09 Slammer: maybe if it was a MIDI file?
18:18:11 Gen: i can see in your mind!!
18:18:12 Slammer: IDK
18:18:15 Slammer: I'm dumb
18:18:20 Slammer: :(
18:18:21 Gen: i know you like satch!!!!
18:18:23 Gen: isnt it?
18:18:27 Iluha: OH YES!
18:18:32 Gen: damn im good
18:18:41 Iluha: praise be to gen
18:18:42 Gen: i think i will do it my job
18:18:45 Gen: yeah
18:18:54 Gen: im the best
18:18:57 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm. Fascinating as this is guys, my Wife jsut got home so I have to go and talk to her ...
18:18:58 Gen: of the universe
18:19:11 Slammer: I can sence the Sarcasm
18:19:14 Slammer: :(
18:19:14 Iluha: yeah go talk to that uncool person
18:19:22 Gen: lol
18:19:23 Andrew Cockburn: Oops, did it slip out ??? Sorry ;)
18:19:25 Iluha: we the cool guys will stay here
18:19:27 Iluha: forever
18:19:35 Andrew Cockburn: SHe is my wife, she is cool by association with me!
18:19:36 Gen: yeah in gmc
18:19:42 Gen: lol
18:19:43 Andrew Cockburn: I'll be back ...
18:19:43 Slammer: is she on GMC?
18:19:46 Gen: forgot thatr
18:19:48 Gen: that*
18:19:50 Andrew Cockburn: Nah
18:20:01 Andrew Cockburn: she doesn;t play guitar and she likes RAP music :(
18:20:06 Slammer: she could be the second girl to Post on the Ladies Thread
18:20:07 Gen: omg
18:20:07 Iluha: but dont go away for too long or you'r coolness will run out
18:20:19 Andrew Cockburn: l8r guys :)
18:20:20 Iluha: it's kinda like going underwater :)
18:20:22 Gen: cya
18:20:24 Gen: :D
18:20:25 Slammer: ok
18:20:27 Iluha: bye
18:20:37 Slammer: cya Drew
18:21:22 Iluha: download the damned thing! it's only 1 second of pure joy!
18:21:24 Slammer: he was just bored :(
18:21:33 Slammer: sry Iluha
18:21:35 Gen: yeah, because of you slam
18:21:37 Slammer: I don't have GP
18:21:39 Slammer: :(
18:21:44 Gen: :P
18:21:46 Iluha: but it also contains a midi file
18:21:56 Slammer: what is MIDI?
18:22:04 Iluha: gay computer noises.
18:22:07 Slammer: :P
18:22:23 Gen: lol
18:22:26 Gen: lol lol
18:22:28 Gen: LMAO
18:22:40 Iluha: aww come on, now I feel like I wrote that long explanation for nothing
18:23:16 Slammer: ok I dl it
18:23:16 Gen: no you didnt wrote it for nothing
18:23:24 Gen: it made you one more post :D
18:23:39 Iluha: oh that right! one more step to being ultra cool :)
18:23:43 Gen: lol
18:25:13 Slammer: I heard it
18:25:13 Iluha: Well, I'm off to bed, maybe all the guys living on the other side of the planet will tell me how perfect it is when I wake up lol
18:25:31 Slammer: it's Outstanding
18:25:37 Slammer: :)
18:25:44 Iluha: no seriously gimme a true review now
18:25:46 Slammer: a little short
18:25:49 Slammer: TOO CHORT
18:25:51 Slammer: SHORT
18:25:55 Slammer: but not bad
18:26:00 Slammer: kinda like
18:26:01 Iluha: did you read the explanation?
18:26:06 Slammer: a Neoclassical
18:26:19 Iluha: it's going up some random scale
18:26:27 Iluha: but fast! :)
18:26:30 Slammer: yes
18:26:34 Iluha: Original! I know!
18:26:35 Slammer: GEN is faster
18:26:54 Iluha: then maybe Gen will play it cause I can't reacord it
18:26:58 Gen: im faster than steve va
18:27:00 Gen: i
18:27:27 Iluha: good so play it and record it, NOW!
18:27:37 Slammer: give me tabs
18:27:42 Slammer: and I'll record it
18:27:53 Gen: haha okay, i ll record it with my imaginary recording gear, right now!!!
18:27:55 Gen: here we go
18:27:57 Iluha: here it is: :)
18:28:10 Slammer: :(
18:28:28 Iluha: on the A string: 12 14
18:28:37 Iluha: oh sorry
18:28:39 Iluha: thats 12 15
18:28:49 Iluha: then on the D string 15 17 19
18:29:00 Slammer: LOL
18:29:10 Iluha: and then the G string 14 15 17 19(pinched)
18:29:12 Slammer: gen can record it
18:29:25 Gen: lol
18:31:03 Slammer: *slap*
18:31:17 Slammer: whats up?
18:31:25 Iluha: not my penis.
18:31:44 Gen: lol
18:32:00 Iluha: I'm off to bed, cya guys
18:32:11 Iluha: piece out *whip*
18:32:13 Slammer: ok man
18:32:16 Slammer: have fun
18:32:22 Gen: cya
18:32:24 Iluha: did I just mispell peace?
18:32:25 Iluha: wtf?
18:32:38 Iluha: anywaysm bye
18:41:25 Slammer: ok guys
18:41:26 Slammer: Cya
18:41:28 Slammer: Bye
21:48:29 Slammer: *slap*
21:48:35 JVM: yo
21:48:48 Slammer: how long you been in here>?
21:49:07 Slammer: LOL
21:49:16 JVM: eh not long
21:49:21 JVM: 20 minutes maybe
21:49:36 Slammer: well, your name doesn't show
21:49:39 Slammer: LOL
21:49:46 Slammer: so no one knew
21:50:07 Slammer: But, I think you somehow figured Slammer would show up sooner or Later
21:50:16 Slammer: :P
21:50:28 JVM: lol
21:50:29 Slammer: To *whip* ya
21:50:36 JVM: yeah
21:51:13 JVM: im building a laptop
21:51:16 JVM: "building"
21:51:17 JVM: online lol
21:51:25 JVM: going to be upgrading my computer eventually
21:51:36 JVM: not sure but i might get an apple
21:51:39 Slammer: crazy
21:51:40 JVM: im used to pcs though
21:51:41 Slammer: stuff
21:51:46 JVM: but i want to use it for audio mostly
21:51:56 Slammer: Laptops are a Bitch for Recoring
21:52:02 Slammer: that's a Fact
21:52:05 JVM: whys that
21:52:22 Slammer: A lot of reasons... but don't take my word for it
21:52:24 Slammer: LOL
21:52:38 Slammer: Countless ppl have talked about how Laptops aren
21:52:45 Slammer: 't Great for Recording
21:52:47 Slammer: Unless....
21:52:53 JVM: well if you build one specifically for it
21:53:00 Slammer: unless....
21:53:04 JVM: there's no magical difference between desktops and laptops :P
21:53:12 Slammer: You get a Good Pair of Studio Monitors
21:53:19 JVM: explain
21:53:20 JVM: lol
21:53:20 Slammer: yep
21:53:39 Slammer: you know what Monitors are?
21:53:44 JVM: not really
21:53:49 JVM: not by that term anyway
21:55:01 Slammer: the Big Speakers that they use in Studios to show what your Mix really sounds like... Because sometimes your PC speakers won't give a Accurate sound, and when you play the song on a Stereo or CD player It will sound alot different
21:55:22 Slammer: than when you just use your PC speakers
21:55:44 JVM: so that makes it good for recording? lol
21:55:50 JVM: i know laptop speakers suck
21:56:15 Slammer: something like this
21:56:23 Slammer:
21:56:55 JVM: well desktops dont have those
21:56:57 JVM: most dont
21:57:08 Slammer: I know
21:57:17 Slammer: that's why you should buy some
21:57:27 Slammer: wheather you use PC or Laptop
21:57:34 Slammer: it's true
21:58:15 Slammer: you may think I'm just Running my mouth and stuff, But I'm telling you the Basics of what any body else would tell you
21:58:28 JVM: wait wait
21:58:32 JVM: but thats just playback
21:58:34 JVM: isnt it?
21:58:43 JVM: that doesnt affect the actual recording
21:58:45 JVM: does it
21:59:06 Slammer: yeah, but it gives you an Accurate Picture of what you Recording REALLY sounds like
21:59:15 Slammer: which is thre Most Important thing
21:59:24 Slammer: u know
21:59:29 JVM: its not as important as having your recording sound good :D
22:01:36 Slammer: look who it is
22:01:40 Slammer: LOL
22:01:46 Andrew Cockburn: The one and only ... ME
22:01:50 Slammer: yep
22:02:01 Slammer: before you all of sudden Ditch us :(
22:02:14 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, seeya, have to go now ...
22:02:17 Slammer: :(
22:02:18 Slammer: dude
22:02:21 Slammer: not cool
22:02:24 Slammer: :P
22:02:25 Andrew Cockburn: :D
22:02:34 Andrew Cockburn: Just got in from dinner
22:02:46 Slammer: So there is something I have always wanted to ask you
22:02:49 Andrew Cockburn: Messing about on my computer for a little while before I hit the sack
22:02:52 Andrew Cockburn: ok
22:03:00 Andrew Cockburn: Better not be rude ...
22:03:10 Slammer: How has your Life changed since becoming a full time MOD
22:03:21 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm. Good question
22:03:21 Slammer: is it busier?
22:03:33 Andrew Cockburn: A little busier but not a lot ...
22:03:33 Slammer: or you spend a lot more time on right
22:03:34 Slammer: :P
22:03:50 Andrew Cockburn: I would always read all the posts anyway ... now I just have to edit one occasioanlly
22:03:58 Slammer: alot of reading
22:04:12 Andrew Cockburn: I did it anyway, such was my GMC addiction ...
22:04:35 Slammer: and since Kris really doesn't spend alot of time on GMC, you pretty much are the Main guy right?
22:04:39 Andrew Cockburn: But now i have da power!!!
22:04:46 Slammer: LOL
22:05:07 Andrew Cockburn: Krsi does drop in occasionally but he is busier doing other stuff for GMC
22:05:14 Slammer: of course
22:05:14 Andrew Cockburn: so he pretty much leaves the forum to ne yes
22:05:39 Andrew Cockburn: But if anything interesting (good or bad) happens, you can be sure I make sure he sees it
22:05:50 Slammer: It's always Refreshing to see Kris around the Boards
22:06:06 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, he is a funny guy, and the main reason a lot of us are here
22:06:11 Slammer: yes
22:06:19 Slammer: he WAS the reason why I signed up
22:06:28 Andrew Cockburn: Me too
22:06:37 Andrew Cockburn: Curious Coincidence :)
22:06:38 Slammer: Although when I got here, he stopped making lessons :(
22:06:46 Slammer: I mean at the time
22:06:47 Slammer: :P
22:07:01 Andrew Cockburn: I'm sure the two aren;t connected lol
22:07:09 Slammer: hmm
22:07:22 Slammer: You read the Guitar Grimoire?
22:07:32 Andrew Cockburn: Which one?
22:07:36 Andrew Cockburn: Theres about 6 of them
22:07:39 Andrew Cockburn: I have 2
22:07:43 Slammer: any/all?
22:07:50 Andrew Cockburn: One on scales
22:07:54 Andrew Cockburn: and one on chords I have
22:07:57 Slammer: ya I know that one
22:08:05 Andrew Cockburn: I refer to the scales one occasionally when I write wierd lessons
22:08:07 JVM: 8) :?
22:08:09 Andrew Cockburn: Hi JVM
22:08:11 JVM: hadn't noticed i left the chat ;P
22:08:15 JVM: sorry slammerl ol
22:08:17 JVM: lol*
22:08:21 Slammer: :P
22:08:31 Slammer: the reason why I asked about that book is
22:08:38 Slammer: it's funny
22:08:40 Andrew Cockburn: there he goes again
22:08:41 JVM: bah
22:08:45 Andrew Cockburn: sorry go ahead slammer
22:09:22 Slammer: There is a guy here in Miami, who Advertises himself, He gives Piano Lessons Music lessons etc.
22:09:43 Slammer: He was the Music teacher of the Guy who wrote those Books
22:10:02 Slammer: I went and took one lesson from him
22:10:03 Andrew Cockburn: Cool
22:10:08 Andrew Cockburn: How was it?
22:10:08 Slammer: but stopped
22:10:14 Slammer: it was free
22:10:23 Slammer: the first lesson
22:10:24 Andrew Cockburn: Good price...
22:10:27 shredmandan: hello all
22:10:27 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Shred
22:10:30 Andrew Cockburn: Dan
22:10:39 shredmandan: same thing lol
22:10:39 Slammer: but $25 a hour, once a week
22:10:47 Andrew Cockburn: :)
22:10:54 Andrew Cockburn: Was it any good slammer?
22:11:03 Slammer: I signed up for GMC the Next Week
22:11:06 Slammer: LOL
22:11:10 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
22:11:11 Slammer: Yeah he is really good
22:11:21 Slammer: I mean he plays Piano mainly
22:11:24 Andrew Cockburn: But expensive ...
22:11:27 Slammer: yeah
22:11:33 Andrew Cockburn: And on GMC you have me!
22:11:39 Slammer: LOL
22:11:40 Andrew Cockburn: I'm cheap :D
22:11:49 shredmandan: hey crash
22:11:57 Slammer: Although, He did print me out a bunch of free stuff
22:11:59 JVM: hi
22:12:09 Slammer: he said he INvented a Method
22:12:12 CrashOops: he guys
22:12:14 Slammer: for teaching Music
22:12:18 Andrew Cockburn: Good for him
22:12:24 Slammer: LOl
22:12:33 Andrew Cockburn: MEthods are good ... but so is practice
22:12:48 Slammer: LOL
22:13:12 Slammer: it's a Color method, for teaching the Modes and Scales
22:13:13 Slammer: LOL
22:13:31 Andrew Cockburn: Interesting ...
22:13:37 Slammer: LOL
22:13:55 Andrew Cockburn: Like, Dorian is Blue, Phrygian is pink???
22:14:02 Slammer: I think
22:14:13 Slammer: he sent me his whole Ebook
22:14:14 Andrew Cockburn: SOunds very pretty
22:14:16 Slammer: too long
22:14:17 Nick325: hey guys
22:14:21 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Nick
22:14:24 shredmandan: hi
22:14:24 Slammer: I never read it LMAO
22:14:26 JVM: hey nick
22:14:36 Nick325: sup
22:15:20 Slammer: but, he Explains the Modes in this Fashion, if I would have stayed I prob. would be pretty good on Piano, but 100 a month I didn't want to spend
22:15:30 Slammer: LOl
22:15:44 Andrew Cockburn: Its a lot ...
22:15:53 Slammer: yes
22:16:28 CrashOops: andrew is just jealous of anyone else that wants to teach theory :P
22:16:42 Slammer: LOL
22:16:49 Andrew Cockburn: Hah! He obviuously has no idea - colours! Hah!
22:16:50 CrashOops: theory is his baby
22:17:16 CrashOops: I wouldnt happen to be interrupting a designated chat time would I? I'd feel bad :(
22:17:27 Slammer: NOPE
22:17:30 Andrew Cockburn: NOPE
22:17:31 Slammer: LOL
22:18:52 Slammer: sry to keep talking about it but.... I'm Laughing, I just looked in my Email box and I still have all his Books that he sent, back from March 14th :P I feel bad I never paid him for his lesson LOL
22:19:02 Slammer: 7 of them
22:19:03 Slammer: JVM
22:19:05 Slammer: *slap*
22:19:09 CrashOops: lol
22:19:23 Andrew Cockburn: lol
22:19:23 Slammer: Chapter 3. Interval Names
22:19:25 Nick325: who u talking abourt
22:19:25 Slammer: LOL
22:19:31 Slammer: :P
22:19:37 Slammer: I never Read them
22:19:41 Slammer: LOL
22:19:43 Slammer: :P
22:19:45 Slammer: *slap*
22:19:49 Slammer: DAN
22:19:50 Slammer: !!
22:19:52 Slammer: SUp?
22:19:54 CrashOops: yeah?
22:19:55 Slammer: where did you go?
22:19:59 CrashOops: oh
22:20:04 CrashOops: two dans..
22:20:06 shredmandan: back again.had a sale on ebay
22:20:07 Slammer: hey your DAn too
22:20:20 shredmandan: who's the other dan
22:20:27 CrashOops: me
22:20:31 shredmandan: oh
22:20:47 shredmandan: well my name is really daniel if that helps lol
22:21:03 CrashOops: my name is Daniel. but only my mother calls me that, all the others that did are dead?
22:21:20 CrashOops: lol
22:21:41 shredmandan: opposite for me everyone calls me daniel except my mom dad and people here lol
22:22:04 shredmandan: u get your guitar back together
22:22:08 CrashOops: oh yeah
22:22:18 CrashOops: I had it restrung within about 10 mins of you logging off
22:22:22 Nick325: wat happened
22:22:27 Slammer: If you would like to observe an example of an extremely simple II V I progression start by playing a random assortment of tones in key of C Major with your right hand. Then while playing random white notes in your right hand hold down a “D” with your left hand, followed by a “G”, and then a “C.” The result will be a very simple II V I progression. Here is a simple example:
22:22:30 CrashOops: nothing I just popped the cover for a look.
22:22:33 Slammer: LOL
22:22:58 Slammer: JVM
22:22:58 CrashOops: getting ideas for what I'll need to do come new pickup time.
22:23:01 Slammer: *slap*
22:23:04 Slammer: Wake up
22:23:09 shredmandan: dead
22:23:15 shredmandan: megadeth lol
22:23:22 CrashOops: going to go buy some aluminum this weekend I think and draw out a pattern for a new pickguard
22:23:42 Andrew Cockburn: If you would like to observe an example of an extremely simple II V I progression start by playing a random assortment of tones in key of C Major with your right hand. Then while playing random white notes in your right hand hold down a “D” with your left hand, followed by a “G”, and then a “C.” The result will be a very simple II V I progression. Here is a simple example:
22:24:02 Slammer: ?
22:24:06 Slammer: LOL
22:24:06 Nick325: ............
22:24:34 Slammer: I don't really know what that means :P
22:24:41 shredmandan: andrew how were u able to learn all of this without getting bored or frustraighted?
22:25:01 CrashOops: some people have an ear for theory
22:25:08 Slammer: that was from Chapter 5. Modes!
22:25:30 Slammer: :P
22:25:39 Nick325: in wat
22:25:51 Slammer: LOL
22:25:52 Slammer: Nvm
22:26:14 Nick325: fine :|
22:26:16 Slammer: some email
22:26:22 Slammer: that I got from
22:26:30 Andrew Cockburn: I have an ear for music
22:26:40 Slammer: my old Teacher of one day
22:26:42 Andrew Cockburn: Theory is putting names to stuff I already kind of understood
22:27:18 Slammer: Nick I'm gonna send you those 7 chapters :P
22:27:20 Slammer: LOL
22:27:21 Slammer: JK JK
22:27:28 Nick325: ok
22:27:37 Slammer: you might fall asleep
22:27:47 Slammer: Maybe I'll send them to Andrew
22:27:48 Nick325: nah ill try n read them
22:27:49 Slammer: :P
22:27:57 Andrew Cockburn: PLease do ...
22:27:58 Slammer: so he can delete them for me
22:28:06 Andrew Cockburn: Would be interesting
22:28:12 Slammer: really?
22:28:17 Slammer: I can right now
22:28:21 Slammer: if you want
22:28:26 Slammer: LOL
22:28:29 Nick325: send to me too plz
22:28:30 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah why not - I'll recycle them and you can learn them off my theory pages
22:28:33 Andrew Cockburn: Sure
22:28:37 Andrew Cockburn: [email protected]
22:28:45 Slammer: ok I'm doing them right now
22:28:45 Andrew Cockburn: Thanks :)
22:28:51 Slammer: doc. files
22:29:01 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - I'll let you know what I think of them
22:29:14 Slammer: LOL
22:29:19 shredmandan: does the uk at end of email mean united kingdom ?
22:29:23 CrashOops: anyone have an idea what a cheap router costs about?
22:29:26 Slammer: I don't care about them
22:29:29 Slammer: :P
22:29:37 CrashOops: ah hell I'll look on the canadian tire website..
22:29:46 Andrew Cockburn: yes, I used to live in the UK
22:29:52 Andrew Cockburn: Routers are $50 upwards
22:29:58 CrashOops: thanks andrew
22:30:37 shredmandan: wow didnt know that. i keep getting fake emails from there about how i have won the lottery there 10 times already in past 2 days lol just send them all my info and im set lol
22:30:54 Andrew Cockburn: lol
22:32:14 CrashOops: hey andrew shouldnt you be building an amp or something?
22:32:16 CrashOops: slacker
22:32:17 shredmandan: brb
22:32:33 CrashOops: :P
22:32:47 Andrew Cockburn: oops, yes!
22:32:54 Andrew Cockburn: Still waiting for some wire to arrive
22:33:23 CrashOops: ah
22:33:37 Slammer: wire for what?
22:33:51 Andrew Cockburn: The Amp I'm making
22:34:03 Slammer: how's it coming?
22:34:20 Andrew Cockburn: Its a metal box with 4 spacers screwed into it so far ...
22:34:37 Andrew Cockburn: a long way to go still, will get som done this long weekend
22:34:42 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, have to go guys
22:34:51 CrashOops: have a good one
22:34:54 JVM: later
22:34:59 Andrew Cockburn: Seeya - its been real ...
22:35:02 Andrew Cockburn: :)
22:35:21 Andrew Cockburn: Seeya slammer - thanks for the books
22:35:23 Andrew Cockburn: bye
22:36:36 Nick325: peace
22:39:36 Slammer: *slap*
22:39:39 Slammer: the chat has die\d
22:39:41 Slammer: died
22:39:43 Slammer: JVM
22:39:51 Slammer: what I was gonna say is
22:40:12 Slammer: the Way to KNOW if you have a Good Sound is with Studio Monitors
22:40:22 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:40:32 CrashOops: k
22:40:35 Slammer: :D
22:43:00 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:43:08 Slammer: where has everyone gone?
22:44:06 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:44:08 Slammer: :(
22:44:11 CrashOops: I'm here
22:44:16 Slammer: lets chat!
22:44:16 CrashOops: fiddling with my guitar
22:44:19 Slammer: :)
22:44:27 Slammer: you know CrashOops
22:44:41 Slammer: you were the first person I ever chatted with on GMC
22:44:46 CrashOops: lol yeah
22:44:51 CrashOops: I didnt know that
22:44:53 Slammer: it was you and Kris and Scott
22:45:04 Slammer: and I came in
22:45:11 Slammer: and my chat wasn't working
22:45:22 Slammer: so I said somethin is wrong with my PC
22:45:34 Slammer: and Kris said "Or your eyes"
22:45:45 Slammer: :P
22:46:04 CrashOops: haha yeah
22:46:18 Slammer: back in May I think
22:46:19 CrashOops: ah there we go. my low e wasnt staying tuned, realized it wasnt sitting in the bridge all the way
22:46:20 Slammer: :P
22:46:27 Slammer: Low E?
22:46:31 CrashOops: low e string
22:47:04 Slammer: yeah I know
22:47:06 Slammer: LOL
22:47:07 CrashOops: changed strings lastnight and was wondering today why my low e wasnt stayin in tune, specially cause I put grover tuners in, which are like sex when it comes to tuning machines. the but end of the string wasnt all the way in the bridge
22:47:16 Slammer: :O
22:47:28 CrashOops: so is good now, just had to tug on it a bit
22:47:29 CrashOops: lol
22:47:37 Slammer: cool
22:48:42 CrashOops: sorry to interrupt your reminiscing
22:48:49 CrashOops: you were saying? lol
22:49:12 Slammer: notihng
22:49:13 Slammer: LOL
22:49:19 Slammer: but it was funny
22:49:26 Slammer: after Kris left you said
22:49:31 Slammer: Ok I gotta go
22:49:40 Slammer: and I said "I get it I'm Boring"
22:49:43 Slammer: :P
22:49:48 CrashOops: lol
22:50:02 CrashOops: well I'm on the west coast so my times a bit different
22:50:10 Slammer: and you said it was your gf
22:50:15 Slammer: :P
22:50:19 Slammer: Lies!
22:50:19 CrashOops: ah
22:50:22 CrashOops: that could have been it
22:50:22 Slammer: LOL
22:50:26 CrashOops: I dunno that was a long tiem ago
22:50:31 CrashOops: oh yeah
22:50:35 CrashOops: yeah I went over there
22:50:36 Slammer: you live in canada
22:50:39 Slammer: I remember
22:50:40 CrashOops: rgr
22:50:46 Slammer: rgr?
22:50:53 CrashOops: roger
22:50:57 Slammer: LOL
22:50:59 Slammer: great
22:51:21 Slammer: where is JVM and DAN?
22:51:40 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* *ship* *whap*
22:51:45 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* *ship* *whap*
22:51:47 JVM: im kind of here
22:51:49 Slammer: dude
22:51:49 CrashOops: dan is afk
22:51:54 CrashOops: and jvm likes men?
22:52:09 JVM: lol what
22:52:09 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* *ship* *whap*
22:52:11 Slammer: LOL
22:52:20 Slammer: more like wtf?
22:52:23 CrashOops: dont mind me I just stir the pot
22:52:59 Slammer: of JVM?
22:53:45 CrashOops: lol slammer with all this time you spend in chat do you even ever pick up your guitar?
22:53:55 Slammer: not quite
22:53:57 Slammer: LOL
22:54:02 Slammer: actually
22:54:08 CrashOops: atleast righ tnow I'm kinda plucking away at mine
22:54:16 CrashOops: and I jsut finished practicing for a little over an hour
22:54:23 Slammer: but thanks for trying to get rid of me :)
22:54:32 CrashOops: I do my best :)
22:54:40 CrashOops: well not really. you'd be gone if i did ;)
22:54:48 Slammer: oohh
22:54:50 CrashOops: :D
22:54:54 CrashOops: just buggin
22:54:57 Slammer: bitch*slap*
22:55:14 CrashOops: ugh
22:55:16 CrashOops: so bored
22:55:25 CrashOops: g/f's out of town for the week and now I have nothing to do
22:55:36 Slammer: :D
22:55:48 Slammer: LOL
22:55:56 Slammer: nothing do to???
22:55:57 Slammer: nothing do to???
22:56:09 Slammer: well, you're not THAT desperate
22:56:13 Slammer: :P
22:56:25 Slammer: jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk j
22:56:27 Slammer: k
22:56:48 CrashOops: if I was I'd fly out there for your mom :O
22:57:22 CrashOops: that pm did not make sense
22:57:24 Slammer: I don't think so
22:57:25 Slammer: :P
23:04:34 Slammer: *meow* *whip* *slap*
23:05:27 Slammer: *meow* *whip* *slap*
23:05:29 Slammer: JVM
23:05:32 Slammer: 'DAN
23:05:36 Slammer: :(
23:07:02 Slammer: cya
23:07:10 Slammer: I may brb
23:07:12 Slammer: or not
23:07:14 Slammer: LOL
23:07:15 Slammer: :P
23:09:53 CrashOops: damn bored
23:21:44 kethcup: what up
23:31:37 CrashOops: you there daniel?

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