Guitar Chat 2007-08-30
Sep 10 2007, 09:50 PM
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00:00:12 kethcup: what do you do smikey?
00:00:26 Smikey2006: i
00:00:28 CrashOops: youw ant to know what smikey does and not me? :(
00:00:32 Smikey2006: sell amplifiers haha :P
00:00:39 kethcup: ok ok what do you do crash?
00:00:42 Smikey2006: but i also work dairy at a grocery store :P
00:00:44 kethcup: nice
00:00:54 kethcup: what are you majoring in/
00:00:59 Smikey2006: business
00:01:00 Smikey2006: lol
00:01:08 kethcup: business management?
00:01:16 Smikey2006: commerse
00:01:19 CrashOops:
00:01:20 kethcup: cool
00:01:30 kethcup: crash... what do you do?
00:01:31 CrashOops: you mean you drop fries? no wait 10 is too much for that, your a mcd's manager
00:01:32 CrashOops: lol
00:01:40 Smikey2006: lol yp :)
00:01:40 kethcup: lol
00:01:46 CrashOops: lol your joking right?
00:01:47 Smikey2006: but sumhow i remain in good health
00:01:50 CrashOops: cause I was joking
00:01:50 Smikey2006: ... lol
00:01:55 kethcup: amazing!
00:02:07 Smikey2006: lol yea.. i dun do much better tho
00:02:10 CrashOops: sorry I'm a shipper/reciever for a company called trydor industries
00:02:10 Smikey2006: grocery store
00:02:11 Smikey2006: lol
00:02:25 kethcup: that's cool
00:02:29 CrashOops: ship high voltage and line equipment ( stuff you see on telephone poles)
00:02:36 Smikey2006: yay haha
00:02:39 CrashOops: I guess I'm also an order picker as well
00:02:43 Smikey2006: god bless u keeping our phones running :)
00:02:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sry about being absent I made myself some egg whites with toast at 12 in the morning :p
00:02:51 Smikey2006: haha awsome
00:02:52 Smikey2006: btw
00:02:53 CrashOops: you left out the best part
00:02:55 CrashOops: yoke
00:02:56 Smikey2006: its money time lol
00:03:00 CrashOops: bastid
00:03:04 CrashOops: I hope your amp is... good
00:03:06 CrashOops: not great
00:03:07 CrashOops: good
00:03:10 Smikey2006: lol
00:03:12 kethcup: ESJ what do you do?
00:03:18 Smikey2006: im just getting another cab lol
00:03:25 CrashOops: I hope it's just ok then
00:03:26 Smikey2006: need ta find the wallet.. brb
00:03:27 CrashOops: :(
00:03:41 CrashOops: anyone click on the link for silent civilian?
00:03:47 kethcup: nope
00:03:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats that kethcup ?
00:03:51 CrashOops:
00:03:56 kethcup: What do you do for a living?
00:04:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol I go to school and mow lawns im 14 :p
00:04:35 kethcup: ahh
00:04:38 kethcup: that's cool
00:04:45 CrashOops: he eat, sleeps, and dribbles jam on himself :)
00:04:45 kethcup: I mowed lawns at that age too!
00:04:48 Smikey2006: lol awsome
00:04:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I suppose
00:04:49 kethcup: I loved it
00:04:51 Smikey2006: i downloaded sum
00:04:52 Smikey2006: its sick
00:05:05 CrashOops: what's sick?
00:05:24 Smikey2006: silent
00:05:26 CrashOops: ah your all sick and I'm getting a bit buzzed lol
00:05:27 Smikey2006: civilian
00:05:30 Smikey2006: lol
00:05:36 Smikey2006: oo beer what a great substance
00:05:39 CrashOops: 2 cheers for whiskey?
00:05:49 CrashOops: hell make it 3
00:05:54 Smikey2006: lol
00:05:57 Smikey2006: maybe 4.. heh
00:06:12 kethcup: this silent rocks man
00:06:16 Smikey2006: yea
00:06:22 Smikey2006: reminds me of threatsignal
00:06:25 Smikey2006: or fearfactory
00:06:32 CrashOops: but yeah I really wanted to learn the intro to silent civilian live again but I can tget the tempo right
00:06:41 CrashOops: and there are only tab version not guitar pro
00:06:53 CrashOops: oh and it's in c standard or w/e aswel
00:07:05 CrashOops: which reminds me I was going to detune wasnt i lol
00:07:08 kethcup: is that the dude from Spineshank?
00:07:11 kethcup: the singer?
00:07:24 kethcup: he sounds familiar
00:07:26 CrashOops: I dont know to be honest, I dont look into who makes the music. I just enjoy it :(
00:07:34 kethcup: I think it's him
00:07:40 Smikey2006: huh
00:07:47 Smikey2006: i guess its not payday yet
00:07:53 kethcup: tomorrow dude
00:07:57 Smikey2006: cause my account only as 12$ in it.. ...\
00:08:03 Smikey2006: yea but it is tommorrow lol
00:08:07 kethcup: nope
00:08:08 Smikey2006: its 12:07am
00:08:22 kethcup: Friday at 12:00 am
00:08:22 CrashOops: you have to wait for thurs night/fri morning
00:08:26 Smikey2006: oo your saying payday is on friday\
00:08:30 kethcup: yep
00:08:30 CrashOops: cause tommorow is on the 30th thurs
00:08:34 Smikey2006: thats bollocks
00:08:35 kethcup: first paycheck?
00:08:41 Smikey2006: no
00:08:44 kethcup: oh
00:08:45 Smikey2006: just first 1 not on thursday
00:08:46 Smikey2006: lol
00:08:51 CrashOops: it's a 31 day month remember lol
00:08:56 CrashOops: I said it before and you said you knew
00:08:59 Smikey2006: well its the first 1 ive cared about haha
00:09:02 kethcup: I don't pay attention I guess
00:10:01 Smikey2006: k guys
00:10:06 Smikey2006: well im packing it in
00:10:07 Smikey2006: ttyl
00:10:11 kethcup: ...
00:10:23 kethcup: and then there were two
00:10:30 CrashOops: apparently
00:10:36 CrashOops: I'm around for about an hour and a bit still dont worry lol
00:10:56 CrashOops: I've decided to learn without sight - destroy the runner lol
00:11:37 kethcup: sweet
00:11:46 kethcup: I'm trying to learn this recording software
00:11:50 kethcup: it's tits man
00:11:58 kethcup: does all kinds of crazy shit
00:12:08 CrashOops: lol yeah
00:12:14 CrashOops: there is a manual I'm sure ;)
00:12:44 CrashOops: uh oh whiskey on keyboard :(
00:13:13 kethcup: I have the manual
00:13:18 kethcup: but it's about useless
00:13:26 kethcup: I'm just clicking around
00:13:42 kethcup: whiskey on the keyboard-OOO
00:13:43 CrashOops: yeah that's the man's way of doing it
00:13:57 CrashOops: new song right there, screw in the jaro, all over the keyboard UH
00:14:08 kethcup: werd lol
00:14:10 CrashOops: with the JamesUH styleUH
00:14:21 kethcup: James lost his balls man
00:14:24 kethcup: brings me down
00:14:25 CrashOops: lol
00:14:30 CrashOops: I like the new album
00:14:38 kethcup: it's cause Lars swallowed them
00:14:40 CrashOops: waits to get shot
00:14:40 kethcup: fag
00:14:43 CrashOops: lol
00:14:50 kethcup: what new album?
00:15:03 CrashOops: well "new"
00:15:07 kethcup: St. Anger?
00:15:13 CrashOops: yes
00:15:22 kethcup: chwwww... I can fart and make it sound better
00:15:27 CrashOops: lol
00:15:29 CrashOops: ahwell
00:15:33 CrashOops: I think it's very very angry and evil
00:15:35 CrashOops: and I like that
00:15:39 kethcup: I don't
00:15:51 kethcup: I think it's a wanna be attempt to reestablish them selves
00:15:54 CrashOops: but I can see how people wanting metallica hated that album
00:16:00 kethcup: which they fucked up in doing
00:16:13 CrashOops: I think it would have been better releasing that album under a different band name or something
00:16:25 kethcup: a different producer
00:16:28 kethcup: and band
00:16:41 kethcup: I'm sorry but they fucked up with Bob Rock
00:16:45 kethcup: and Lars
00:16:56 kethcup: they should have kicked his ass out in the beginning
00:17:11 kethcup: sorry... I get a little excited about Metallica
00:17:23 kethcup: I grew up with them
00:17:53 CrashOops: yeah
00:18:00 CrashOops: hey man like I said I dont get that into them
00:18:02 CrashOops: I just like what I like
00:18:19 kethcup: that's cool
00:18:21 CrashOops: I only know some front men and that's about it.
00:19:01 CrashOops: that's cool being hardcore into metallica and really rooting for what they did and wishing they maybe did some different things but unfortunately it happens to all bands
00:19:26 CrashOops: look at linkin park, and a7x, completely changed. I know not nearly as epic when it comes to changing the face of music as we know it
00:19:30 CrashOops: but it does happen sadly
00:19:51 kethcup: yep
00:20:01 kethcup: I mean... good for them in knowing what they want to do
00:20:11 kethcup: it's just hard to accept when you loved what they did
00:20:36 CrashOops: yeah I know what you mean completely
00:20:56 CrashOops: at one point I was ready for a skull with angel wings on my arm
00:21:01 CrashOops: then the new a7x came out lol
00:21:09 kethcup: lol
00:21:19 kethcup: good call!
00:21:22 CrashOops: still love the early stuff and the symbol does look cool but still
00:21:28 kethcup: yep
00:21:33 CrashOops: still waiting to get my first bit of ink
00:21:36 CrashOops: think I'm getting something big
00:21:44 CrashOops: gonna do it go big right lol
00:21:46 kethcup: I'm not a tattoo kind of person
00:21:52 kethcup: right on
00:22:10 CrashOops: I've always wanted one, my dad has a bunch and that was always the coolest thing to me. told myself though I'd wait till I was 19 befoer I got one
00:22:11 kethcup: I almost got Slayer's Divine Intervention on my chest
00:22:14 CrashOops: that was 2 years ago still want one
00:22:21 CrashOops: yeah
00:22:36 kethcup: what would you get?
00:23:24 CrashOops: well I was wanting a dragon on my right shoulder/arm
00:23:31 CrashOops: but then I thought so hard to find a good dragon picture
00:23:35 CrashOops: decided I want to get a polish eagle
00:23:39 CrashOops: because my mother is polish
00:23:56 CrashOops: then find something that adequately defines my dad and put that elsewhere at a later date maybe
00:23:56 kethcup: never seen one I don't think
00:24:13 kethcup: that's a really cool idea man
00:24:16 CrashOops: it's a red stylized eagle with wings and legs out, looking to it's right
00:24:20 CrashOops: with a crown
00:24:26 kethcup: right on
00:24:31 CrashOops: because you gotta know where you come from right
00:24:36 kethcup: werd
00:24:54 kethcup: I always love asking people about there tatt's
00:25:01 CrashOops: well yeah
00:25:09 CrashOops: and I think there should be meaning to it
00:25:09 kethcup: you end up hearing some of the most unique and best stories
00:25:15 kethcup: ya know?
00:25:17 CrashOops: not because it's what's cool
00:25:18 CrashOops: yeah
00:25:22 kethcup: yep yep
00:25:32 CrashOops: ever watch miami ink? that's what got me into thinking I should get something that matters
00:25:48 CrashOops: some of the stories of the people that go in there to get work done, they have very very good reasons for them
00:25:52 kethcup: I've heard alot about it but haven't seen it
00:26:00 CrashOops: ah I've only seen it a handful of times
00:26:04 CrashOops: very good artists though
00:26:08 kethcup: that's cool
00:26:29 kethcup: I don't know what I would get that I could live with forever
00:26:44 CrashOops: yeah that's the tough part
00:26:49 CrashOops: a git?
00:26:51 CrashOops: but which one
00:26:52 CrashOops: lol
00:26:58 kethcup: lol right
00:27:16 kethcup: just cause I like this one now doesn't mean I will in 5 years!
00:27:22 CrashOops: yeah that's true
00:27:43 kethcup: I would probably be somewhat cliche and get one of Jesus
00:27:48 CrashOops: ah.
00:27:53 CrashOops: religious fellow?
00:27:59 kethcup: he's a big part of my life so it would fit
00:28:04 kethcup: not really
00:28:10 kethcup: I just beleive
00:28:20 kethcup: he was an amazing man
00:28:23 CrashOops: now that is something I can respect
00:28:46 CrashOops: someone that actually believes, not someone who is afraid of not knowing
00:29:13 kethcup: that's a cool way to put it
00:29:27 CrashOops: I am not a very religious person, grew up roman catholic, read a lot about a lot of different religions and basically none of it works for me
00:29:44 CrashOops: I know there is something I dont know what, I respect everyones opinion and belief on the matter so long as it's not pushed onto me
00:29:50 kethcup: I grew up catholic myself
00:29:51 CrashOops: but I have to say that I really really like your answer to that
00:30:04 kethcup: right on, thanks
00:30:15 CrashOops: I dont know why but it works lol.
00:30:15 kethcup: religion never really worked for me either man
00:30:42 kethcup: I mean... I dig religion's message and meaning, but I don't dig humans that use it wrong
00:30:44 CrashOops: there's something I just dont find myself consciously thinking about it or worrying about it. I figure life is for the living
00:30:59 kethcup: very well said
00:31:03 CrashOops: and that people should be good end of story
00:31:04 CrashOops: lol
00:31:09 kethcup: lol
00:31:17 kethcup: preach on brutha!! lol
00:31:22 kethcup: I can dig that
00:31:28 CrashOops: :)
00:31:50 kethcup: yea so anyway... it would probably be a tatt of Jesus if I ever did get one
00:31:57 kethcup: that I could live with
00:32:10 CrashOops: yeah that's cool
00:32:16 CrashOops: where would you have it though
00:32:39 kethcup: over my heart
00:32:47 CrashOops: makes sense
00:32:52 kethcup: yep
00:33:01 CrashOops: jesus holds out his hands generally what would he be holding?
00:33:05 CrashOops: a shred machine?
00:33:10 kethcup: lol
00:33:25 kethcup: a joint and a coors light?
00:33:35 CrashOops: lawl
00:33:39 CrashOops: no jesus drank good beer
00:33:43 kethcup: haha
00:34:09 kethcup: I don't know man... I was thinking just his face
00:34:30 kethcup: with the crown of thorns on his head and him shedding a tear of blood
00:35:07 kethcup: but then I don't want it to be all depressing so maybe just him smiling
00:35:10 kethcup: I dunno
00:35:11 CrashOops: ah
00:35:17 CrashOops: hence why you dont have one yet
00:35:24 kethcup: exactly
00:35:25 CrashOops: maybe a 3d one in different angles it changes lol
00:35:34 kethcup: lol there ya go!
00:36:32 CrashOops: :)
00:36:36 CrashOops: I am the solver of problems
00:36:44 CrashOops: some would call me a solverproblem
00:36:58 CrashOops: others would say, the problem that needs to be solved
00:37:00 kethcup: my friend has a great one man... it's a picture of a two faces... half is jesus and half is the devil
00:37:07 CrashOops: lol
00:37:14 kethcup: :)
00:37:23 kethcup: I think it has great meaning
00:37:31 kethcup: the struggle within
00:38:01 kethcup: alrighty then!
00:38:02 CrashOops: oops
00:38:19 CrashOops: still here man
00:38:26 CrashOops: accidentally closed window, had a different tab open
00:38:26 kethcup: that's cool lol
00:38:35 kethcup: thought I bored you too death
00:38:48 CrashOops: lol no
00:38:54 CrashOops: I'd say your boring as hell screw you and left
00:39:15 kethcup: lol at least your honest
00:39:27 CrashOops: honest, mean same thing right?
00:39:49 kethcup: ?
00:39:58 CrashOops: honest and mean, it's the same thing isnt it?
00:40:04 CrashOops: if your being nice it's probably not very honest
00:40:05 kethcup: hmmm
00:40:16 kethcup: I'd have to ponder on that
00:40:23 kethcup: but I get what your saying
00:40:23 CrashOops: depends on who you are
00:40:26 kethcup: yep
00:40:33 CrashOops: if a fat chick says do I look fat what do you say
00:40:39 kethcup: yep
00:40:42 kethcup: lol
00:40:51 CrashOops: this is where I'm a liar
00:40:52 CrashOops: lol
00:40:57 kethcup: lol
00:41:07 CrashOops: girlfriend says does she look fat I dont have to lie, cause she's smokin :)
00:41:11 kethcup: well it depends if I'm going to get something out of it
00:41:23 CrashOops: yeah or if you have to deal with them for any period of time
00:41:29 kethcup: yep
00:41:32 CrashOops: at the same time some people are nice regardless of size
00:41:40 CrashOops: so you would feel bad if you haad feelings
00:41:52 kethcup: yea... it just depends on the situations
00:42:08 kethcup: I'm known to be an asshole sometimes but I feel it's for the better cause
00:42:16 CrashOops: but I think most people are dumb and they know it :)
00:42:30 kethcup: amen to that
00:42:45 kethcup: it's scary how many dumbasses you meet today
00:43:03 kethcup: it's even better how many sleepwalkers you meet
00:43:28 CrashOops: yeah well lets see for the dumbass list, there's this one courier we have, oh and you
00:43:31 CrashOops: j/k
00:43:36 kethcup: lol
00:43:45 CrashOops: :)
00:43:50 CrashOops: your a good guy, just pullin your chain
00:43:56 CrashOops: in a non sexual way
00:43:59 kethcup: all good man... I can take it
00:44:35 kethcup: doesn't it just amaze you that type's of people you meet at work?
00:44:44 kethcup: I imagine it's the same all around the world
00:44:49 CrashOops: yup
00:45:03 kethcup: there's always the same personallity types no matter where you go
00:45:13 CrashOops: well for me I mostly deal with a few of our salesmen, the machinist, the lab guys, my fellow shipper ( dumber then dumb) and couriers
00:45:27 CrashOops: the couriers are the ones that change from time to time
00:45:27 kethcup: lol
00:45:41 CrashOops: some of them must have had a puddle for a gene pool, and some of them really nice people
00:46:02 kethcup: the best part ran down daddy's leg kind of dumb?
00:46:11 CrashOops: no it's mommy leg
00:46:16 CrashOops: your gay if it's running down your leg
00:46:19 CrashOops: :O
00:46:21 kethcup: lol
00:46:30 kethcup: I guess if you look at it that way
00:46:30 CrashOops: not that there's anything wrong with that
00:47:02 kethcup: don't worry man... I love the female
00:47:30 CrashOops: lol to be honest I could care less if you liked guys or girls. it doesnt change the person you are
00:47:40 kethcup: werd
00:47:43 CrashOops: good to know I dont have to worry about you sending naked pictures of yourself to my email though
00:47:48 kethcup: lol
00:48:00 CrashOops: naked girls though, be my guest lol
00:48:03 kethcup: here's one of me jerkin it jiggyjerkin.jpg
00:48:05 kethcup: lol
00:48:36 kethcup: oh... did I say too much :?
00:48:46 CrashOops: hmm I have a feeling learning this destroy the runner stuff will really help my rhythm guitar and picking control
00:49:01 CrashOops: the kind of thing I like it's fairly simple once your hands get used to moving that way
00:49:03 kethcup: 4 months?
00:49:03 CrashOops: lol
00:49:11 CrashOops: 4 months of what?
00:49:15 kethcup: playing serious?
00:49:21 CrashOops: semi serious?
00:49:27 kethcup: *shrug*
00:49:38 CrashOops: I cant always practice every day, and when I do it's only like 30 mins to an hour
00:49:42 CrashOops: sometimes I get like 2 hours
00:49:49 kethcup: that's about what I get too
00:49:49 CrashOops: but I think I progress well
00:50:08 CrashOops: here I'll show you a quick clip of the megadeth style lesson. I screwed up in it a bit but it gives you an idea
00:50:43 kethcup: Megadeth rules
00:50:46 CrashOops:
00:50:49 kethcup: I'm going to see them in a couple of weeks
00:51:34 CrashOops: that link didnt work gimme a sec
00:51:55 kethcup: it worked
00:52:01 kethcup: that was pretty good man
00:52:11 CrashOops: oh thanks
00:52:15 kethcup: I didn't hear you mess up... maybe I missed it?
00:52:40 CrashOops: the second part of it
00:52:53 kethcup: ah.. I think I just heard a misfret
00:52:57 kethcup: but nothing serious
00:52:57 CrashOops: supposed to go to 5th fret then 3rd fre
00:53:06 CrashOops: yeah like I said little mistake
00:53:12 CrashOops: but enough to get an idea of what I can do
00:53:17 kethcup: the only thing I would suggest is a little bit of palm muting
00:53:19 CrashOops: I have a video from like a couple weeks ago horrible
00:53:27 CrashOops: yeah that's what shredman dan said to work on
00:53:41 CrashOops: so I've been doing that today
00:53:42 kethcup: you sound good overall though man... keep it up for sure
00:53:51 CrashOops: thanks I appreciate it :)
00:53:55 kethcup: np! :)
00:54:07 CrashOops: I dont have anyone at all here to play with other than a friend of mine that started after I did
00:54:18 kethcup: I hear ya man.. I don't either
00:54:21 CrashOops: so I dunno where to improve on etc.
00:54:25 CrashOops: that's why I love gmc so much
00:54:31 kethcup: it's a great site
00:54:43 kethcup: keeps me motivated in playing
00:54:52 CrashOops: yup
00:55:00 kethcup: I wanna learn that megadeth style now
00:55:00 CrashOops: you have msn at all?
00:55:03 kethcup: yep
00:55:07 CrashOops: it's really quite easy
00:55:14 CrashOops: ah mines [email protected]
00:55:14 kethcup: that's a really catchy riff
00:55:19 kethcup: right on
00:55:24 kethcup: mine's [email protected]
00:56:40 CrashOops: and into the gmc slot you go
00:56:45 kethcup: btw: my name is gabe
00:56:57 CrashOops: Dan, if you havent figured that one out lol
00:57:02 kethcup: lol
09:40:13 Robin: GOd eftermiddag
09:40:24 Batista: God dagen ja
12:14:47 Nick325: yo
12:33:27 Slammer: *slap*
12:33:35 Slammer: *whip*
12:33:39 Slammer: *meow*
12:33:41 Robin: Hi ho
12:33:46 Slammer: hey sup?
12:33:56 Robin: not much, just came home from band practice
12:33:56 Slammer: just checkin in
12:33:59 Robin: just readin tghe forum
12:34:02 Robin: and stuff
12:34:05 Slammer: On my way to Schoo;
12:34:10 Slammer: school*
12:34:15 Slammer: gtg
12:34:16 Slammer: :P
12:34:17 Slammer: cya
12:34:35 Slammer: *whip*
12:34:37 Slammer: LOL
12:34:46 Robin: bye
12:49:59 Owen: Zomg its Robin!
12:50:19 Robin: zamg itz oewnz
12:50:26 Robin: whats up?
12:50:27 Owen: *whip*
12:50:33 Owen: eeek
12:50:34 Owen: too slow
12:50:38 Owen: Listening to music
12:50:41 Owen: I really have stuff to do
12:50:48 Owen: but I've ended up here
12:50:50 Owen: lol
12:50:53 Robin: Heh, yeah
12:51:13 Robin: GMC got a spell of addiction or soemthing
12:51:35 Owen: Nah, I've just got nothing better to do
12:51:46 Robin: :D
12:51:58 Owen: Kinda sad but it happens when you live in nowhere
12:52:25 Robin: Pfffh, sad! GMC is my life :D
12:52:29 Robin: well, guitar is...
12:52:39 Owen: ha, wish I could say the same
12:52:47 Owen: I'm at a dead end with everything right now
12:53:07 Robin: HMm really? Try out a new style or something
12:53:45 Owen: I do literally mean with everything - social life, education, guitar
12:53:56 Owen: my mind is drawing a blank regularily
12:54:13 Owen: someone asks me a question and I stare at them completely pokerfaced
12:54:18 Robin: Ah mkay, well that doesnt sound very good :D
12:54:28 Owen: Its not really
12:54:34 Robin: But I'm pretty much like that aswell, so
12:54:37 Robin: :D
12:55:20 Owen: I've just come to a halt aand yknow, when you do that, everyones on your back about it
12:55:28 Owen: "you could do so much better"
12:55:37 Owen: lol
12:55:51 Robin: Heh, yeah :P
12:56:42 Owen: but then you start to ask why, and why is a terrifying single syllabel question xD
12:57:40 Owen: You can repeat it time and time again :P
12:58:07 Owen: Anyway, this is all psychobabble, hows your band going?
12:58:13 Robin: :D
12:58:21 Robin: going good thank you very much
12:58:31 Robin: we made a cool groovy rock song couple of days ago
12:58:43 Robin: sort of going into a new zone now, black'n'roll
12:58:53 Robin: hows your drummer? :D
12:59:01 Owen: He's alive again
12:59:09 Owen: but it looks like we're kicking a guitarist
12:59:23 Owen: which possibly means I will be on guitar again in a band for teh first time in a yeare
12:59:32 Owen: the* year*
12:59:34 Robin: Whats wrong with the guitarist?
13:00:19 Owen: He's technically very good, but his communication is really poor, he literally cant put any of his ideas across, he's totally uninspired and in the middle of playing one riff he goes off on a random powerchord binge
13:00:45 Robin: >_<
13:00:59 Robin: but
13:00:59 Robin: we had this amazing guitarist jamming with us once, he was CRAZY
13:01:21 Robin: when we tried to play songs like, Reign in blood for instance, he kept playing STAIGHT ahead, without following the drums :D
13:01:40 Robin: so even if they can sweep like madmen, it doesnt matter if they cant play in a band
13:02:17 Owen: Yeah
13:02:20 Owen: redundant
13:07:47 Robin: I'm gonna watch some south park while practicing some fingerpicking blues. Talk to you later, bye
14:17:43 Robin: Hello
14:23:25 Kurt: yo robin hood lol
14:24:35 Robin: hi kurt cobain :)
14:24:47 Kurt: wasup?
14:25:43 Robin: practicing some fingerpicking/slide blues
14:25:48 Robin: whats up over there? :)
14:26:30 Kurt: cool I also would like to do that.... I just checked the new remix of the collab
14:26:41 Robin: oh cool, I need to check those out
14:27:15 Kurt: yeah...marcus took one of my riffs as solo-background...but you can hardly hear it :(
14:28:14 Robin: ah ok :/
14:45:02 Robin: Hi
14:45:09 shredmandan: hey man
14:45:46 shredmandan: robin you ever tune down in your playing?
14:46:15 shredmandan: like to C
14:48:50 Robin: yeah
14:48:59 Robin: or not like when playing metal
14:49:12 Robin: I tried to tune it like bjørn berge, like... open C or soemthing
14:49:23 Robin: *meow*
14:49:43 Owen: I used cgcfad a lot
14:52:10 shredmandan: COOL
14:53:38 shredmandan: i have very low gauge strings on right now like 8's on bottom for lead.but i have a set of 10-46 and wondering if thats still to low a gauge of string.Just dont want to get that floppy sound that sucks when you tune down with low gauge strings
14:54:10 Robin: I think I have 0.10 now, I used an acoustic when I tuned down.
14:54:18 Robin: the one I'm usnig now..
14:54:21 Robin: think I had 0.10
14:55:22 shredmandan: i really woudnt like anything lower than 10 on bottom cause i play alot wanting to go back and play some old pantera though and ofcourse have to tune down to C and C# alot
14:55:36 shredmandan: higher than 10 lol
14:55:46 Robin: yeah just go for 0.13 :D
14:56:12 Robin: have you heard bjørn berge?
14:56:23 shredmandan: dont think so
14:56:24 Robin: 12 string slide gutiar tuned in C..........
14:56:33 Robin: gonna see if I can find any good videoes of him
14:56:39 shredmandan: oh yeah you posted a video right?
14:56:52 Robin: yeah I think I have
14:57:05 shredmandan: yep that dude was really good
14:57:32 Owen: I think I use 9's
14:58:17 shredmandan: thats about were i like to be
14:58:31 Robin: I love his style, this is a RHCP cover
14:58:53 Robin: after I tried 0.10 I couldnt go back to 0.9 :P now I think its horrible
14:59:00 Robin: eventhough I played for like 4 years with 0.9
14:59:19 shredmandan: il check that out real quick
15:01:34 shredmandan: thats a cool cover of the chili peppers.Were's dude from?I love how he strikes the stings
15:01:52 Robin: he's norwegian
15:02:09 Robin: he got some cover songs, and he plays them REALLY good
15:02:14 Robin: Ace of Spades for instance
15:02:20 Robin: btu his own songs are also amazing
15:02:25 shredmandan: that would be awesome
15:18:49 Owen: I have 50's!
15:18:54 Owen: on my bass :P
15:19:33 Robin: :D
15:20:21 Owen: I think I'm better at bass than guitar lol
15:22:19 shredmandan: well bass is easier than guitar,pending on what style you are playing
15:25:19 Owen: I dunno bout that xD
15:25:24 Owen: Heeeeyage1
15:25:26 Owen: !*
15:25:33 Batista: Hey : D
15:25:49 Batista: Whats up?
15:25:57 Owen: Not a lotttt
15:26:04 Owen: In fact, I'm gonna have to go
15:26:10 Owen: got to get some stuff done for tomorow
15:26:13 Owen: sorrry
15:26:15 Owen: byee!
15:26:18 Batista: Ohh, bye bye=)
15:26:24 Owen: if you *whip* robin he may come alive
15:26:34 Robin: bye
15:26:37 Robin: godag
15:26:43 Batista: god kveld
15:30:38 Nick325: yo
15:31:24 Robin: hi
15:31:29 Nick325: sup
15:32:30 Robin: Hello
15:32:33 Robin: not much
15:32:37 GuitarDude: hi
15:32:44 Robin: same old, practicing fingerpicking blues
15:32:59 Nick325: practicing pavles major scale speediciking
15:33:23 GuitarDude: me to =D
15:33:43 Nick325: im just not sure about something though
16:32:52 chast: hi
16:33:03 Robin: Hello
16:33:24 chast: hey nick
16:33:37 Nick325: yo
16:34:06 Nick325: sup
16:34:28 chast: going to sleep in a few minutes
16:34:33 chast: :p
16:34:37 Nick325: o
16:34:44 Nick325: u have schoo
16:34:49 chast: yes
16:35:02 Nick325: o :(
16:35:06 chast: its not late, but im too tired ;)
16:35:20 Nick325: o ;)
16:35:36 Nick325: ;)
16:35:38 Nick325: ;)
16:35:40 Nick325: ;)
16:35:48 chast: but tommorow i havent got much school
16:36:00 Nick325: why half day
16:36:02 chast: just till 11:10 o clock
16:36:14 chast: and then its weeknd :D
16:36:20 Nick325: nice
16:40:26 chast: i hate gmc, it always stops me from going to bed :P
16:43:32 Nick325: lol
16:47:06 chast: well
16:47:09 chast: im going to sleep
16:47:13 chast: have a good night
18:36:27 Slammer: *slap*
18:36:51 Slammer: you can't post
18:37:36 Slammer: would your name happen to be Gen?
18:37:44 Slammer: :P
18:38:58 Hemlok: BOO!
18:39:05 Slammer: were u the guest?
18:39:07 Hemlok: lol
18:39:12 Slammer: :P
18:39:25 Hemlok: I see why not many come in here then
18:39:37 Slammer: why?
18:39:37 Hemlok: not much to do
18:39:49 Slammer: what do u mean?
18:39:57 Hemlok: i wanted to whip ya
18:40:09 Slammer: *whip*
18:40:14 Slammer: ouch
18:40:21 Hemlok: *whip*
18:40:24 Hemlok: yeah
18:40:31 Slammer: u keep trying to kill the Story threafd
18:40:36 Slammer: thread*
18:40:37 Hemlok: :P
18:40:43 Hemlok: is it going again?
18:40:59 Slammer: IDK
18:41:02 Slammer: LOL
18:41:10 Hemlok: i will go see and keep it going
18:41:15 Slammer: why?
18:41:20 Hemlok: but i am gonna use five words
18:41:26 Slammer: :P
18:41:29 Slammer: dude you know
18:41:39 Slammer: on another Forum I was on
18:41:56 Slammer: some guy wanted ppl to answer his question
18:42:07 Slammer: and he thought no one would
18:42:15 Slammer: look at his thread
18:42:23 Hemlok: alright
18:42:37 Slammer: So he Called his Thread "Naked Pics of my Girlfriend"
18:42:44 Slammer: :P
18:42:51 Hemlok: lol and what was his question?
18:43:01 Slammer: and he got like 5000 views in the first day
18:43:06 Hemlok: yeah i bet
18:43:11 Slammer: it was about Action on the Guitar
18:43:11 Hemlok: haha
18:43:15 Slammer: or something stupid
18:43:18 Slammer: LOL
18:43:24 Slammer: but it worked
18:43:31 Slammer: everyone was So Pissed at him
18:43:34 Hemlok: and the replies were related to the guitar?
18:43:50 Slammer: well, the First 10 were like, Dude I hate you
18:43:56 Hemlok: haha
18:44:04 Hemlok: whats the point of posting that
18:44:10 Slammer: people were mad :{
18:44:17 Slammer: LOL
18:44:33 Slammer: and well, it worked he got people to Read it
18:44:38 Slammer: Great Idea IMO
18:44:40 Slammer: :P
18:44:46 Hemlok: gonna try it?
18:45:18 Hemlok: will have same affect here, but admin will get rid of it straight away :P
18:45:28 Slammer: NO
18:45:33 Slammer: please don't
18:45:34 Slammer: :P
18:45:47 Slammer: nah
18:45:51 Slammer: dumb Idea
18:46:05 Hemlok: to do it here yes, everyone reads your post anyway
18:46:29 Hemlok: thats why this forum is the best
18:47:06 Slammer: LOL
18:47:08 Robin: Hello
18:47:15 Slammer: no one reads MY post
18:47:16 Slammer: :(
18:47:24 Hemlok: hi robin
18:47:29 Slammer: Hey Dave
18:47:33 Slammer: I mean Robin
18:47:42 Robin: Hi ho
18:47:43 Hemlok: 8)
18:47:50 Slammer: who you calling ho?
18:47:58 Slammer: LOL
18:47:58 Robin: I dont know
18:48:06 Slammer: then lets go
18:48:15 Robin: alright
18:48:24 Slammer: I love to Rhyme I do it all the Time
18:48:31 Slammer: :P
18:48:44 Robin: throw away your guitar and start rappin then :)
18:48:48 Hemlok: you are very good at it, you should make your ryhmes into songs sometime
18:49:46 Hemlok: you could start a ryhmes thread Slammer
18:50:01 Hemlok: i might read it
18:50:20 Slammer: Robin might beat me to it :(
18:50:30 Slammer: LOL
18:50:47 Hemlok: yeah he is probably posting it right now
18:50:52 Slammer: Hey Robin *slap*
18:51:01 Slammer: let's make a Rap
18:51:17 Slammer: it'll sound like crap....
18:51:25 Slammer: But who cares?
18:51:44 Hemlok: because the sounds rolling down the stairs
18:52:00 Robin: hi
18:52:10 Slammer: got caught in Robin's Hair
18:52:15 Robin: yo momma will care
18:52:30 Hemlok: if she finds clean washing in the demons lair
18:52:31 Robin: becuase I saw a teddybear
18:52:37 Robin: and a easter hare
18:52:45 Hemlok: with no underwear
18:53:03 Robin: omg there are great lyrics, I'm writing it down
18:53:08 Robin: these*
18:53:09 Slammer: :P
18:53:18 Hemlok: haha
18:53:25 Slammer: this is a great Rap for a CLown
18:53:28 Hemlok: rap thread will suck
18:53:36 Slammer: like a really bad
18:53:38 Slammer: ....
18:53:40 Slammer: :P
18:53:49 Hemlok: lets do it!
18:53:52 Slammer: Nah
18:53:59 Slammer: to many Europeans here
18:54:04 Slammer: they only like Metal
18:54:09 Slammer: and most Hate rap
18:54:09 Hemlok: lol
18:54:14 Hemlok: i hate rap
18:54:18 Hemlok: its just a bit of fun
18:54:30 Slammer: robin
18:54:39 Hemlok: it can help you write lyrics
18:54:51 Slammer: why is it that every European I see has long hair and Likes Metal?
18:54:57 Robin: Hey Robin *slap* Lets make a rap It'll sound like crap But who cares? because the sounds rolling down the stairs got caught in Robin's Hair yo momma will care if she finds clean washing in the demons lair becuase I saw a teddybear and a easter hare with no underwear
18:55:00 Robin: amazing
18:55:20 Robin: every european?
18:55:36 Robin: my parents are european, they dont have long hair and dig meta
18:55:37 Robin: l
18:55:40 Slammer: Hip Hop a hip to the hippy hip hop hopping you don't stop
18:55:46 Hemlok: best metal is european so keep it up
18:55:50 Robin: Indeed
18:55:54 Slammer: I meant
18:56:01 Slammer: Young guys like our age
18:56:03 Slammer: Like
18:56:06 Slammer: you and Gen
18:56:10 Robin: :D
18:56:11 Slammer: for instants
18:56:18 Slammer: NOt EVERY european
18:56:26 Hemlok: every european GMCer
18:56:34 Robin: where I live its only 3 guys that have long hair and dig metal. And those three guys are me and my two band mates
18:56:38 Robin: well actually four
18:56:53 Slammer: I wouldn't want to see Granny with a Maiden Shirt and a Mohawk
18:57:13 Robin: we got those crowing at our gigs man
18:57:17 Slammer: :(
18:57:17 Robin: maybe you saw my thread
18:57:21 Slammer: :P
18:57:21 Slammer: yeah I did
18:57:22 Hemlok: haha i did
18:57:23 Robin: crowding*
18:57:28 Slammer: eww
18:57:39 Robin: well she didnt exactly have a maiden T-shirt and that kind of hair
18:57:48 Robin: but she said to me "eyy I'm an old rocker"
18:57:57 Hemlok: lol
18:58:06 Slammer: HOLY....
18:58:17 Slammer: did you see the Uncreator's Metal list?
18:58:21 Slammer: dude
18:58:27 Robin: yeah
18:58:31 Robin: but I helped alot! :D
18:58:37 Slammer: has he Never listened no Music
18:58:40 Slammer: To*
18:58:52 Slammer: LOL
18:58:53 Slammer: dude
18:58:55 Robin: uncreator is crazy
18:59:09 Robin: 17 years old and he knows more about music than most people
18:59:36 Hemlok: 17? bugger me
18:59:52 Hemlok: yeah he is one with the knowledge alright
19:00:34 Slammer: I've only heard of Metallica
19:00:47 Robin: cool
19:00:48 Slammer: LOL
19:01:27 Slammer: Robin
19:01:36 Slammer: you ever heard SRV speaks?
19:01:40 Robin: yeah
19:01:44 Slammer: LOL
19:01:58 Slammer: I think I might do something Simular
19:02:03 Slammer: Slammer Speaks
19:02:05 Slammer: LMAO
19:02:05 Robin: lol.
19:02:07 Robin: hahaha
19:02:23 Slammer: Rocky!
19:02:24 Robin: "Slammer Speaks"... haha even the name cracks me up
19:02:27 Robin: hi rokish
19:02:35 rokchik: hello
19:02:35 Hemlok: hey rok
19:02:40 Slammer: Rock Chicken
19:02:49 Robin: hahaha
19:02:52 rokchik: I'm not chicken
19:03:05 Slammer: robot chicken?
19:03:11 rokchik: very funny show
19:03:15 Slammer: LOL
19:03:21 Robin:
19:03:26 Robin: like that?
19:03:33 Slammer: Yeah!
19:03:36 Robin: is that a rock chicken
19:03:39 Slammer: IDK
19:03:41 Slammer: LOL
19:03:42 Slammer: :P
19:03:53 rokchik: LOL
19:04:18 rokchik: so what are you guys yacking about anyways
19:04:26 Robin: we're not yacking, we're rappin
19:04:36 Slammer: did you know that
19:04:37 Robin: right slammer?
19:04:47 Slammer: Robin is Dave Gilmours Son
19:04:56 Robin: turns out its true
19:05:00 rokchik: I can handle rappin...I knew that already
19:05:04 Robin: but Gen and Slammer have been hiding it from me all my life
19:05:11 Slammer:
19:05:20 rokchik: that wasn't very nice of them
19:05:32 Robin: I just got to grow some beard, then I'll look just like my father david
19:05:37 Slammer: yep he's Robin's Dad
19:06:14 rokchik: Wow....amazing....see the info you find out on GMC....guitar, music, parental rights....just great
19:06:23 Robin: hahahahhah
19:06:41 Robin: GMC should change name to something that covers everything, not only guitar
19:07:13 rokchik: very true......I like Metalpedia and other stuff
19:08:41 Slammer: tell me you don't see the Resembelence
19:08:45 Slammer:
19:08:59 Slammer: LOL
19:09:16 Slammer:
19:09:18 Slammer: DUDE
19:09:23 Slammer: Crazy
19:09:30 Slammer: *whip*
19:09:32 Robin: well guess what slammer
19:09:35 Robin: I found your father
19:09:38 Robin:
19:09:43 Slammer: snore*
19:09:45 Robin:
19:09:52 Slammer: LMAO
19:10:04 Slammer: funny
19:10:22 Robin: its like staring right into a mirrior, isnt it?
19:10:27 Slammer: although he's a little too young
19:10:44 Robin: Nah
19:10:53 Robin: people get kids at all kinds of age nowdays
19:11:00 Slammer: :P
19:11:01 rokchik: very true
19:11:15 Slammer: how many kids do you have Rockchik?
19:11:24 rokchik: none
19:11:36 rokchik: 2 dogs....they are like having kids
19:12:23 Slammer: LOL
19:12:24 Slammer: LOL
19:12:24 Slammer: LOL
19:12:32 Slammer: robin *slap*
19:12:38 Robin: Hi
19:12:54 rokchik: On the main page it says Muris is in here chatting....I don't see him....
19:13:05 Slammer: LOL
19:13:09 Robin: I think its buggin a little
19:13:11 rokchik: Forum main page I mean
19:13:26 Robin: I often see people in here, but when I join the chat theres noone... wonder why..
19:13:43 Robin: :D
19:14:16 Slammer: maybe they see you coming
19:14:30 rokchik: Nice recommendations by the way Robin....that list is getting huge
19:14:39 Robin: thanks. yeah its gettin kinda huge
19:14:46 Robin: I dont get how the uncreator can know that much bands
19:14:49 Robin: its crazy
19:14:57 Robin: that many bands*
19:15:47 rokchik: I know.....I'm actually am surprised I remembered that many Glam bands.....been a while since I listened to a lot of that stuff
19:15:57 Robin: Heh yeah it was quite alot :D
19:17:00 Slammer: ok guys I gtg
19:17:07 Robin: mkay bye
19:17:15 Slammer: bye
19:17:16 rokchik: A few where just already established but had done glam Judas Priest only on album and Pantera was so Glam when they started but I notice he removed them on his master list
19:17:17 Slammer: bye
19:17:18 Slammer: bye
19:17:19 Slammer: bye
19:17:19 rokchik: c ya
19:17:20 Slammer: bye
19:17:21 Slammer: bye
19:17:22 Slammer: bye
19:17:23 Slammer: bye
19:17:24 Slammer: bye
19:17:25 Slammer: bye
19:17:26 Slammer: bye
19:17:27 Slammer: bey
19:17:30 Slammer: bye*
19:17:33 Robin: dude
19:17:33 Slammer: :D
19:17:45 rokchik: Ahhhh Slammer.....
19:17:58 Slammer: Ahhhhh rokchik?
19:18:19 Slammer: cya
19:19:27 Robin: yeah I know pantera used to be sort of glam
19:20:03 rokchik: They were SO glam their first two albums....kind of started to get a bit heavier on 3 but still glam
19:20:28 Robin: heh yeah, I think their music were pretty cool back then aswell
19:21:01 rokchik: yes it was....I've just started to listen to them again
19:21:17 Robin: I love the song Killers
19:21:24 rokchik: How did the recording go for that album you were working on by the way?
19:21:29 rokchik: great song
19:21:35 Robin: ah it went ok... its weird hearing yourself...
19:21:39 Kurt: hello
19:21:43 rokchik: I can imagine
19:21:43 Robin: Hello
19:21:47 rokchik: hey Kurt
19:21:58 Robin: I think my version I made at home were much better, becuase then I decide a 100% myself
19:22:18 Robin: I mean, I worked with two swedes that I have never even met. Hard to get it exactly as you want :)
19:22:20 rokchik: other peoples take on your stuff must be odd
19:22:56 Robin: and my guitar solo was sloppy. I wanted to take it again, but they were like "nooo maaan this solo rocks!!"
19:23:06 Robin: >_< :p
19:25:29 rokchik: Well at least they liked it
19:25:42 Robin: heh yeah :P
19:25:49 rokchik: I'm gonna go and practice now guys so I'll catch ya later
19:25:55 Robin: ok bye, I'm going to bed
19:25:55 rokchik: c ya
19:25:59 Robin: its late in norway
19:26:00 Robin: bye
19:51:43 Slammer: Kurt!
19:51:43 Kurt: yo slammer :)
19:51:46 Slammer: LOL
19:51:50 Kurt: lol
19:51:50 Slammer: sup?
19:52:14 Slammer: I'm getting ready to Watch a football game
19:52:19 Slammer: Miami Dolphins
19:52:24 Slammer: :)
19:52:25 Kurt: nothing much.... here its nearly 2 o clock but I am too lazy to go to bed lol
19:52:31 Slammer: What!
19:52:36 Slammer: Go to leep
19:52:38 Kurt: from where u?
19:52:44 Slammer: Me from US
19:53:00 Kurt: yeah cool and what time do u have now?
19:53:23 Slammer: 7:53 PM
19:53:24 Slammer: EST
19:53:50 Slammer: ?
19:53:50 Slammer: your in Norway right>
19:53:56 Kurt: nope....
19:54:00 Kurt: Austria :)
19:54:14 Kurt: Robin hood is from norway lol
19:54:31 Slammer: ARNOLD
19:54:36 Kurt: what?
19:55:26 Kurt: *slap*
19:55:57 Kurt: *whip*
19:56:03 Kurt: *meow*
19:56:24 Slammer: Termenator
19:56:30 Slammer: ARNOLD
19:56:33 Slammer: :P
19:56:36 Kurt: yeah he´s from autria too
19:56:58 Kurt: he is from the same district as me ;)
19:57:15 Slammer: do you have musules like him?
19:57:33 Kurt: of course..... maybe even better ;)
19:57:44 Slammer: LOL
19:57:46 Slammer: ok man
19:57:53 Slammer: I gtg watch Football
19:58:00 Kurt: ok cya soon
22:20:37 JVM: hey
22:35:40 Nick325: yo
22:36:01 CrashOops: hi
22:36:14 CrashOops: how's it going
22:36:23 Nick325: good u
22:36:31 CrashOops: not bad sitting here bored
22:36:54 Nick325: theres never ppl in here when u want them to be
22:37:00 CrashOops: lol nope
22:37:10 CrashOops: and all the good conversations happen when I should be going to bed
22:37:21 Nick325: o lol
22:37:45 Nick325: muris is usually in here but hes away ;(
22:37:49 Nick325: :(
22:37:54 CrashOops: yeah where is the guy
22:38:47 CrashOops: havent seen him here in a while
22:38:57 CrashOops: mind you it's been a while since I've been other than this week
22:40:07 CrashOops: anyway I'm going to go back to crimsonland for a bit wonder if anyone else will show
22:40:47 Nick325: hes away
22:41:01 CrashOops: ah
22:41:08 CrashOops: anyway I'm away but here kind of thing
22:41:12 CrashOops: if anyone really wants to chat
22:47:26 Nick325: k
22:47:37 Nick325: sup dan
22:47:46 shredmandan: hey man same old thing
22:48:36 Nick325: same
22:49:02 shredmandan: ever get the arpeggio thing down?
22:50:24 Nick325: uh ya i kinda understand that theory part of it
22:50:35 Nick325: i was just asking it for how u get the 3 string sweeps
22:51:47 shredmandan: im confused on the whole theory thing.Like an arpegio is a session of chords but you can use them in solo's thats what throws me off.When i here chords i think of strumming chords
22:52:34 Nick325: an apreggio is notes of a chord played seperatley
22:52:37 Nick325: slammer
22:52:39 Nick325: !!!!
22:52:46 Nick325: :o
22:53:07 Slammer: Nick325
22:53:14 Nick325: and if ur using them for sweeping it doesnt sound like a chord its just the notes from a chord
22:53:17 Nick325: Slammer Slammer Slammer
22:53:27 Slammer: Dan
22:53:32 Slammer: *slap*
22:53:38 shredmandan: hello hello
22:54:20 shredmandan: not much to say.i need to practice my guitar lol
22:54:42 Slammer: :O
22:54:47 Nick325: or theory :D
22:54:51 shredmandan: both
22:54:58 Nick325: im not a theory genius either
22:55:27 Slammer: a2 + b2 = c2?
22:55:28 shredmandan: only knowledge of theory i have is i can pick out notes on a guitar but sometimes i have to add it up lol
22:55:46 Nick325: lol
22:56:02 Slammer: dude do you know Chord forming theory?
22:56:19 shredmandan: not sure what do u mean lol
22:56:29 Slammer: LIKE how a Chord is Made
22:56:34 Slammer: which Notes etc.
22:56:49 Nick325: isnt formed from its scale
22:56:51 Slammer: like 1,3,5,
22:57:25 Nick325: so if it was an a chord it would be a= root, 3=c, 5=e ???
22:57:31 shredmandan: no just know for example like if you said what note is the top string 5th fret that its A.Stuf like that and your strumming chords other than that no other theory know
22:57:51 Slammer: it's actually quite simple
22:57:57 Slammer: like a C major Chord
22:58:01 Slammer: Open C
22:58:26 Slammer: if you use the notes from the C major scale.
22:58:33 Slammer: 1,3,5
22:58:41 Slammer: C E G
22:58:57 Slammer: like
22:59:01 shredmandan: 8) 8)
22:59:11 shredmandan: lol thats how it sounds to me
22:59:16 Slammer: You know the C major scale right?
22:59:43 shredmandan: well thats same as g major but farther down neck right?
23:00:06 Slammer: well you can play it on the 3rd fret 5 string
23:00:16 Slammer: just one Octave
23:00:28 Slammer: like the G major Scale
23:00:39 Slammer: just starting on the 5 string
23:00:39 shredmandan: ok i get that
23:00:48 Slammer: ok do you have your guitar?
23:00:51 Slammer: on you?
23:01:01 shredmandan: in my hand
23:01:06 Slammer: LOL
23:01:11 Slammer: ok start playing it
23:01:23 Slammer: the first note of the C major scale is ????
23:01:43 Slammer: :P
23:01:44 shredmandan: 3rd fret 5th string
23:01:47 Slammer: yeah
23:01:56 Slammer: what note is it?
23:02:05 shredmandan: C
23:02:07 Nick325: c
23:02:15 Slammer: ok now whats the second note
23:02:21 shredmandan: D
23:02:22 Nick325: its teh root even though u can start on the second string
23:02:35 Slammer: ok but we'll skip the 2nd
23:02:39 Slammer: whats the thrid
23:02:48 shredmandan: a
23:02:48 Nick325: well do u know all the notes on the guitar
23:02:50 Nick325: e
23:02:59 Nick325: the way i remmeber is
23:03:05 shredmandan: i was wrong
23:03:12 shredmandan: it is e
23:03:14 Nick325: c =1 , d=2, e=3
23:03:23 Slammer: ok now whats the 5th?
23:03:27 Nick325: 4=f 5= g
23:03:44 shredmandan: g
23:03:46 Nick325: well thats the way i do it LD
23:03:49 Nick325: :D
23:03:51 Slammer: ok now what are the 1 ,3 and 5 notes?
23:03:57 Slammer: of that scale
23:04:02 shredmandan: C E G
23:04:03 Nick325: c e g
23:04:08 Slammer: Yeah
23:04:17 Slammer: thats the C major Chord
23:04:20 Slammer: triad
23:04:30 shredmandan: Triad meaning 3
23:04:35 Slammer: Yes
23:04:44 Slammer: now play a C Chord
23:04:47 Slammer: Open c
23:04:50 Slammer: you got it?
23:04:53 shredmandan: YEP
23:04:58 Nick325: and say al the notes if u need
23:05:08 Slammer: ok what note is the first string?
23:05:18 shredmandan: C
23:05:20 Slammer: and the Second?
23:05:23 shredmandan: E
23:05:30 Slammer: No LOL
23:05:33 shredmandan: LOL
23:05:37 Slammer: String one
23:05:42 Slammer: is E right?
23:05:50 Slammer: cause it's open
23:06:10 shredmandan: oh i dont play the top string in a c i start at the second string lol
23:06:20 Slammer: yes
23:06:24 shredmandan:
23:06:30 shredmandan: fretted ike= that
23:06:32 Slammer: yep
23:06:37 Slammer: ok any ways
23:06:45 Slammer: high e string is?
23:06:49 Slammer: which note
23:06:52 Slammer: LOL
23:06:53 shredmandan: E
23:06:55 shredmandan: LOL
23:07:01 Slammer: and the Second strong?
23:07:04 Slammer: String*
23:07:15 shredmandan: A but fretted C
23:07:21 shredmandan: LOL
23:07:27 Slammer: 3rd?
23:07:36 shredmandan: E FRETTED
23:07:42 Slammer: Wait
23:07:49 Slammer: EADGBE
23:07:52 Slammer: right?
23:08:10 shredmandan: i thought you were talking about the C chord lol not open tunning
23:08:17 Slammer: on your Guitar?
23:08:38 Nick325: well if a c chord is
23:08:50 Nick325: the 3rd string is open which is a d note
23:08:54 Nick325: i mean g lol
23:09:07 Slammer:
23:09:27 shredmandan: that is the way i play a C
23:09:41 shredmandan: so the 3rd dtring is E
23:09:46 shredmandan: FRETTED
23:09:52 shredmandan: lol
23:10:15 Slammer: First is E, Second is C, 3rd is G , 4th is E, 5th is C 6th is E
23:10:25 Slammer: in other words, C E G
23:10:27 shredmandan: ok i see
23:10:34 Slammer: three notes make up the Chord
23:10:41 Slammer: really easy stuff
23:10:47 Nick325: and if u want to play a 3 string sweep in c major
23:10:57 shredmandan: ok that helps so a chord has to have 3 notes. can it have more
23:11:02 Slammer: :|
23:11:05 Nick325: it would be 15 12 13 12 13 e b g
23:11:09 Slammer: Of course
23:11:24 Slammer: that was just a Basic C major Chord
23:11:32 Slammer: there are lots of Chords
23:11:35 Slammer: C7
23:11:37 Slammer: Cmaj7
23:11:38 shredmandan: so it has to have atleast 3 notes to be a chord
23:11:42 Slammer: no
23:11:45 shredmandan: lol
23:11:46 Slammer: But
23:11:49 Slammer: wait
23:11:56 Slammer: You're just messing with me
23:11:58 Slammer: :(
23:12:07 Slammer: Duped
23:12:08 shredmandan: no im not i really just get confused
23:12:10 Slammer: huh?
23:12:47 Slammer: well, did you at least learn how to find the 1,3,5 of a Scale?
23:13:12 shredmandan: im trying to find like facts to go by .like for example there has to be atleast x amount of notes to make chord or x amount of notes to make a scale ect ect
23:13:21 shredmandan: yes
23:13:30 Slammer: ok now try with G major
23:13:32 shredmandan: thats the 1st 3rd and 5th note of scale right
23:13:38 Slammer: using G major Scale
23:13:42 shredmandan: 1,3,5,
23:13:47 Slammer: yes
23:14:07 shredmandan: ok on to g major scale
23:15:15 shredmandan: u gave up on me lol
23:15:17 Nick325: u can do it ;)
23:15:53 shredmandan: sad thing is i have played guitar for 11 years straight without any knowledge of theory
23:16:09 Nick325: well i help u
23:16:17 shredmandan: cool
23:16:19 Nick325: g= 1 becuase its the root
23:16:29 Nick325: so wats 3 notes up from g
23:16:36 shredmandan: so root is the start of the scale
23:16:46 Nick325: most of the time
23:17:08 Nick325: because sometimes the root is on the 5th string and its starts on the sixth string
23:17:43 Slammer: do it the same way as C major Sclae
23:17:57 Nick325: 3 notes up from g
23:18:17 shredmandan: thats the stuff that makes it hard were it changes like that,but to answer your question if playing he g major scale the 3rd note playd after g is C right'
23:18:41 Slammer: b
23:18:52 Nick325: becuase u go up from g
23:19:00 Nick325: g a b
23:19:10 shredmandan: ok i just added wrong but thats the second fret second string right
23:19:17 Slammer: yes
23:19:20 shredmandan: ok
23:19:23 Slammer: and the 5?
23:19:30 shredmandan: A'
23:19:41 Slammer: d
23:19:59 shredmandan: LOL thinking of top string but im getting it
23:20:37 Slammer: ok guys I gtg
23:20:39 Nick325: just count up from the root
23:20:40 Slammer: seeya
23:20:42 Slammer: bye
23:20:42 Nick325: k cya
23:21:37 shredmandan: so let me ask this . a scale does it always go in order in notes?For example if you start at A does the next notes have to go B,C,D,E, ECT?
23:22:02 Nick325: um
23:22:30 Nick325: note every single note but sometimes alot of them do
23:22:50 Nick325: for example if ur using a minor pentatonic scale
23:23:34 Nick325: the notes are a,c,d,e,g,a,b,c#,d,f,a,c
23:23:43 Nick325: from top to bottom
23:24:28 shredmandan: OK but a scale could never go back a note in order.for example it couldnt go a,c,e,b?
23:25:06 Nick325: im pretty sure no
23:25:24 Nick325: unless u play the scale backwards but it still would mix of like that
23:25:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah dan I think you have the right concept
23:25:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: even though im no theory god
23:26:24 Nick325: same here
23:26:28 shredmandan: ok basically im trying to find the facts of things or rules we can say.It hard to learn one thing when it can change to another and go a different way.Thats what makes it so confusing
23:26:47 shredmandan: im actually suprised you all know theory
23:26:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
23:26:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: believe me
23:27:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I know near nothing
23:27:09 Nick325: there arent really [u]exact
statements for it
23:27:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I know enough to get buy and im taking it as it comes
23:27:20 shredmandan: just because so many people im around are great players but lack theory
23:27:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true
23:27:34 Nick325: dan i gtg any last questions
23:27:48 shredmandan: no dude take it easy
23:28:01 Nick325: k if u need help ill be here tomorrow
23:28:10 shredmandan: cool thanks
23:28:28 Nick325: k cya guys u could always ask andrew
23:28:31 Nick325: k cya
23:28:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: c ya
23:28:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and then there was 2
23:28:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
23:28:51 shredmandan: lokl
23:28:54 shredmandan: lol
23:29:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: CrashOops usually comes in late at around this time
23:29:21 shredmandan: yep i have chated with him last to nights
23:30:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice guy
23:30:13 shredmandan: think he was here earlier
23:30:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: probably
23:30:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are you working on shredman ?
23:32:14 shredmandan: not too much at the moment.I just have ben trying to keep up my speed and accuracy in my picking and fretting.Was working on some recording but am waiting to get a better mic i ordered
23:32:20 shredmandan: how about u?
23:32:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: alt picking 4, major scale stuff and yeah pretty much my alternate picking
23:32:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im trying to incorporate those stupid accents
23:33:18 shredmandan: i know i sound stupid but whats accents?
23:33:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I said the same thing when I first heard about them
23:34:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: SLAMMER
23:34:08 Slammer: It works great
23:34:21 shredmandan: slammer just left cause i was making him mad :(
23:34:26 Slammer: LMAO
23:34:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: watch video 1 to understand accents shredman dan
23:34:37 shredmandan: ok
23:34:41 Slammer: no I had to help my dad
23:35:23 shredmandan: ok watched but what is it lol
23:36:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: now
23:36:03 shredmandan: hell while im at it whats 6 tuplets
23:36:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: video 1
23:36:07 shredmandan: ok
23:36:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 6 tuplets= 6 notes per beat= really really fast
23:37:39 shredmandan: so thats like 6 motes per second right??
23:39:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
23:39:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sort of
23:39:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: depends how long exactly a beat is
23:39:21 shredmandan: well cause its beats oer minute
23:39:28 shredmandan: bpm lol
23:39:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I suppose then
23:39:45 shredmandan: ok so i kinda get the accent thing
23:41:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah basically like making the first note of each of the speed runs stand out, makes it more smoother
23:42:25 shredmandan: that makes much more sense
23:45:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:47:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: do you get 6 tuplets dan ?
23:47:42 shredmandan: yep
23:48:20 shredmandan: i will have to reload my son smacked my keyboard and its making crazy noises lol
23:57:52 Slammer: *slap*
23:58:01 kethcup: sup fella's
23:58:31 kethcup: dude
23:58:43 kethcup: that chick is hot that's on the post your pic forum
23:58:44 kethcup: :)
23:58:55 Slammer: LOL
23:59:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg keth
23:59:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha

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