Guitar Chat 2007-09-02
Sep 13 2007, 08:00 PM
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00:00:02 Gustavo: XD, its a forum of metal
00:00:13 Gustavo: i got 1.2k of post there XD
00:00:16 Slammer: or Metala as you call it
00:00:20 Slammer: :P
00:00:24 Slammer: LOL JK JK
00:00:26 Slammer: *slap*
00:00:30 Slammer: *whip*
00:00:31 Gustavo: :O
00:00:33 Slammer: *meow*
00:00:38 shredmandan: *meow*
00:00:42 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *meow*
00:00:45 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *meow*
00:00:49 Gustavo: *meow*
00:00:49 Slammer: LMAO
00:00:53 Gustavo: XD
00:00:54 shredmandan: lol
00:01:06 Slammer: Dan
00:01:10 Gustavo: :?
00:01:20 shredmandan: so i see your question was answered from kris slammer
00:01:27 Slammer: LOL
00:01:28 Slammer: yep
00:01:43 Slammer: I used to go to Memphis all the time
00:02:15 Slammer: because, my family had Friends there
00:02:22 Slammer: you in Nashville?
00:02:23 Slammer: *slap*
00:02:26 shredmandan: close
00:02:42 shredmandan: i go down there ever couple of months .really cool place
00:02:58 Gustavo: u study ppl?
00:03:02 Slammer: country Music?
00:03:19 Gustavo: XD, university XD
00:03:35 shredmandan: yep but its really a big mix of different music and yes vanderbilt universaty is awesome
00:03:57 shredmandan: gibson shop is in nashville
00:03:58 Slammer: what about Volenteers>?
00:04:14 shredmandan: i sold a 20,000 dollar guitar in nashville
00:04:15 Slammer: u follew sports at all?
00:04:22 shredmandan: knoxville
00:04:27 shredmandan: no lol
00:04:44 Slammer: you sold a $20,000 guitar?
00:04:47 Slammer: how??????
00:04:51 Gustavo: :O
00:04:54 Slammer: as a job?
00:04:54 Gustavo: wich??!
00:05:06 Gustavo: dimebags guitar?? XD
00:05:25 shredmandan: yep about 6 years ago.My first guitar was a 1941 martin d-28 left to me by my grandfather
00:05:36 Gustavo: 1941?!?!?!? :o
00:05:40 Slammer: :(
00:05:44 Slammer: you sold it??
00:05:52 Gustavo: thats gold!
00:06:02 Slammer: you sold it?? :O
00:06:11 Slammer: :o :o :o :o :o :o
00:06:22 shredmandan: didnt know much about it at the time and once i knew i was broke like i am now and went to nashville and got 5,000 for a 20,000 guitar .i got ripped by a smart man
00:06:33 Slammer: SOB
00:06:37 Gustavo: u r broke?
00:06:38 shredmandan: was made with brazilian rosewood which is now extinct
00:06:39 Gustavo: :S
00:06:46 Gustavo: holy crap!
00:06:47 Slammer: dude
00:06:48 shredmandan: always broke
00:07:02 Slammer: I would call you a Idiot but I guess you were just dumb
00:07:05 Slammer: :P
00:07:18 Gustavo: im playing my classic guitar XD
00:07:21 shredmandan: limited production because in 1941 ww2 was going on very rare'
00:07:51 shredmandan: i have called myself an idiot while everyone else has.It was one of the top 3 biggest mistakes of my life
00:08:02 Slammer: LOL
00:08:05 Slammer: dude
00:08:08 Gustavo: top ten :P
00:08:14 Slammer: imagine if you would have kept it
00:08:18 Slammer: now day
00:08:24 Gustavo: the best sound ever XD
00:08:36 shredmandan: the value by the time my kids were grown would have doubled
00:08:45 Gustavo: X
00:08:46 Gustavo: XD
00:08:57 shredmandan: yes the thing had a sound like a cannon .the wood aged over 65 years
00:10:32 Gustavo: zZzZz
00:10:40 shredmandan: funny thing was after i sold it i went on vacation for over 2 weeks to the beach at South Carolina then other places on the way home and payed bils ofcourse.Sad thing was dude called me 15 mins after i left and said his dad would have loaned me money
00:11:02 shredmandan: i missed the call
00:12:00 Slammer: the guy you sold it to prob. could sell it for 50 grand soon
00:12:06 shredmandan: i was young i think 18 at time and that was alot of money to me.The guy that bought the guitar was a millionare and had a shop just of vintage martin gibson ect.He showed me a 1893 martin when i was there\
00:12:07 Slammer: at a Guitar show
00:12:24 Gustavo: 1893 :O
00:12:29 shredmandan: oh yes he is a very famous guy here in the states his name is gruhn
00:12:30 Slammer: Zorro
00:12:45 shredmandan: dude it was beautiful very cool just to say i held it
00:13:21 shredmandan: this is the dude that bought my guitar
00:13:21 Slammer: him?
00:13:24 Slammer:
00:13:29 shredmandan: yep lol
00:13:42 Slammer: Son of a ....
00:13:45 Slammer: LOL
00:13:50 Slammer: SUCKER :P
00:13:50 shredmandan: he is a crook
00:13:56 Slammer: yep
00:14:09 Slammer: back then you didn't know about Ebay right>
00:14:10 Slammer: ?
00:14:40 shredmandan: nope if i did i would have definatly got the 20,000 out of it.sad thing is now i sell on ebay for a living
00:14:54 Slammer: LOL
00:14:57 shredmandan: lol to bad i didnt know then
00:15:24 Gustavo: damn!
00:15:25 shredmandan: i tryed to get guitar back 6 months later and he said he sold it
00:16:11 shredmandan: thats a cheap price for a 70's les paul dont u think?
00:16:47 Gustavo: yep XD
00:16:54 Gustavo: maybe is fake :P
00:17:01 Slammer: dan would know
00:17:10 shredmandan: ok it isnt al original and it has been repared and guitar was 100
00:17:19 shredmandan: 100% original
00:18:23 shredmandan: i have learned alot since i sold that guitar.i love b=vintage instruments.remeber i told you history was my only good subject.I love guitar history as well
00:18:34 Slammer: LOL
00:19:29 shredmandan: i still remember the serial number of that guitar ,thats my curse and i will never forget it.I can tell you just by the serial number around what year a martin is
00:19:32 Gustavo: i've been playing for 9 months and i don't know anything about guitar history XD
00:19:46 Slammer: :(
00:20:00 Slammer: well, dude does Tenn have Mega Millions?
00:20:02 Slammer: :P
00:20:03 shredmandan: they were made in new york for only a few years and since then they are made in anzareth pennisylvannia
00:20:10 shredmandan: nazartj
00:20:15 shredmandan: lol
00:20:23 shredmandan: i cant type or spell though lol
00:20:27 Slammer: did you hear about the Jackpot?
00:20:31 shredmandan: no
00:20:37 Slammer: 330 million
00:20:39 shredmandan: tell me did someone win
00:20:41 Slammer: 4 ppl won
00:20:47 shredmandan: lol
00:20:48 Slammer: damn...
00:20:50 Gustavo: shit! XD
00:20:51 Slammer: 330
00:20:57 shredmandan: figures goes from noone to 4 people
00:20:59 Slammer: Crazy
00:21:04 Gustavo: 82.5 millions each people XD
00:21:14 Gustavo: person*
00:21:18 shredmandan: before taxes lol but man i would be happy
00:21:44 Slammer: well, atfer taxes prob. like 30 million
00:21:47 Slammer: but still
00:21:48 Slammer: dude
00:21:52 Slammer: :O
00:21:53 shredmandan: i plan on winning the lottery on Monday
00:21:55 Slammer: crazy
00:21:59 shredmandan: lol
00:21:59 Slammer: yeah me too
00:22:01 Slammer: dude
00:22:03 Slammer: :(
00:22:14 Slammer: I blew all my money on lotto tickets
00:22:19 Slammer: now I'm broke
00:22:25 Gustavo: :(
00:22:41 shredmandan: damm.i was addicted to the scratch tickets when they came to tennessee 5 years ago lol
00:22:51 Slammer: did you ever win?
00:22:54 shredmandan: luckey 7's
00:22:54 Slammer: any?
00:23:10 shredmandan: $27.00 a few times lol
00:23:12 Slammer: LMFAO
00:23:14 Gustavo: XD
00:23:18 Slammer: well,
00:23:27 Slammer: I haven't won anything yet...
00:23:43 Slammer: Although I've just turned 18 so I haven't been playing long
00:23:43 Slammer: :P
00:24:04 Gustavo: im 15 :( i cannot play or work ... grrr
00:24:08 shredmandan: best way to play the scratch tickets is just to buy one one in a blue moon
00:24:09 Slammer: LOL
00:24:15 Gustavo: :O
00:24:17 Slammer: yeah
00:24:29 Slammer: I will usally go for the state Lotto
00:24:33 shredmandan: dont worry your time for work will come and never go away lol
00:24:43 Slammer: when it gets over 19
00:24:46 Slammer: 10*
00:24:46 Gustavo: XD
00:24:48 Slammer: or 19
00:24:50 Slammer: LOL
00:24:52 Slammer: dude
00:25:01 Slammer: be happy your still a Kid
00:25:03 Gustavo: i want to study first XD
00:25:13 Gustavo: i know XD
00:25:17 shredmandan: good idea
00:25:19 Gustavo: all say that to me
00:25:31 Gustavo: ur an adolescent, its the best part of the life
00:25:32 Slammer: when you work you gonna wish you were 15 again
00:25:38 Gustavo: then u have to work always XD
00:25:38 Slammer: I mean
00:25:56 Slammer: I'm only 18 but still it's not the same as when I was 15
00:26:09 shredmandan: being a teen is the best times of your life in most cases
00:26:55 Slammer: dude I love it how you said " i plan on winning the lottery on Monday" LMAO Best quote EVER!
00:27:21 Slammer: LOL
00:27:27 shredmandan: lol
00:27:50 Slammer: Great timing
00:27:52 Slammer: LOL
00:27:56 Slammer: dude did you see
00:28:11 Slammer: the number of Members that have signed up?
00:28:13 Slammer: :P
00:28:22 shredmandan: \no
00:28:25 Slammer: LOO
00:28:27 Slammer: LOL
00:29:00 shredmandan: loo??
00:29:17 Slammer: Laughing out load typo
00:29:19 Slammer: :P
00:29:30 shredmandan: oh
00:29:37 Slammer: just like LOUD
00:29:39 Slammer: :
00:29:40 Slammer: :P
00:29:44 Slammer: damn...
00:29:48 Slammer: I'm tired
00:29:55 Slammer: typing up all wrong
00:29:56 Slammer: :OL
00:29:58 Slammer: LOL
00:29:59 Slammer: man
00:30:00 shredmandan: yep same here
00:30:11 Slammer: but I was out all day so I wanna chill
00:30:34 shredmandan: im usally uplate on weekends
00:31:27 Slammer: yep
00:31:39 Slammer: getting ready for a busy week ahead?
00:31:42 Slammer: :P
00:31:50 shredmandan: oh yes
00:32:01 Slammer: dude I wanna be like you when I grow up
00:32:12 shredmandan: lol thanks
00:32:24 Slammer: chillin on the PC all day
00:32:28 shredmandan: there is a time for it for sure its just not yet
00:32:33 Slammer: while the Wife works :P
00:32:37 shredmandan: lol
00:33:03 shredmandan: i much rather would go to work then watch the kids.Watching kids is very hard as odd as it sounds
00:33:34 shredmandan: wiping but isnt the funest thing to do all week
00:33:48 Slammer: but you could get a job right?
00:34:57 shredmandan: well maybe ,.dude i dont want to get into exact detail of what happened soplease leave it at that but,i was in an accident about 3 years ago.thats why i am at home instead of working and im on disability.
00:35:11 shredmandan: I almost died
00:35:12 Slammer: LOL
00:35:16 Slammer: Oh
00:35:18 Slammer: sry
00:35:22 shredmandan: no its cool
00:35:28 Slammer: I didn't read the second post
00:35:34 shredmandan: i know
00:35:45 Slammer: well, it's not too bad right?
00:35:55 Slammer: you get to Play guitar aLot
00:35:57 Slammer: !!
00:35:58 Slammer: :)
00:37:04 shredmandan: actually it is.I ripped my face almost apart.Reason i go to nashville every couple of months is to have surugry at vanderbilt.I have alot of reconstruction in the face to do.I am able to play guitar ofcourse but dude i really messed myself up from neck up
00:37:30 Slammer: man... Sry :(
00:38:04 shredmandan: oh its cool .like i said its been 3 years, but man its rough.Im just happy to be here and have a good family
00:38:11 Slammer: Yes
00:38:28 Slammer: and the chicks at Vanderbilt are hot
00:38:31 Slammer: ;)
00:39:00 shredmandan: yes they are!!When i woke up thats were i was and it was a hot nurse,there are many in training down there and very hot
00:39:45 shredmandan: its so nice down there.atlest the area i go to cause its all the rich area.Never been to the bad parts of nashville
00:40:08 Slammer: :D
00:40:14 Slammer: well, thats a plus
00:40:58 Slammer: dude it's funny
00:41:03 Slammer: no matter
00:41:05 Slammer: where
00:41:08 shredmandan: yep everything is cool,very happy to be here.Only thing that sucks is i will never look like i did before.The pic i uploaded was of me alittle over 3 years ago before this happened
00:41:09 Slammer: you're at
00:41:32 Slammer: there are always College Girls that are Hot
00:41:35 Slammer: :#
00:41:40 Slammer: :D
00:41:50 shredmandan: espeically the smart ones that can teach me how to spell
00:41:55 Slammer: LMAO
00:42:57 shredmandan: but remember me saying my wife was a really good one?Well this is a big reason i say that because she never left me dude.Many people would have left but she has always been there.I had to learn to walk talk eat everything all over again after my accident.She really helped me
00:43:09 Slammer: well dude, you have a Increadible wife and kids,
00:43:17 shredmandan: yep
00:43:28 Slammer: That is Real Love
00:43:48 shredmandan: exactly.Thats what i love is she has proven that to me
00:44:06 Slammer: to go beyond looks, and only see someones Heart, Is a Miracle
00:44:07 Slammer: :)
00:44:17 shredmandan: yep
00:44:53 shredmandan: i will tell you one thing thats funny.Im 6 foot and i used to be about 235 now im 135.I always wanted to be skinny and now i hate it
00:45:12 Slammer: Lmfao!!!!!!
00:45:14 Slammer: OMG
00:45:16 Slammer: dude
00:45:28 Slammer: that's the funniest thing
00:45:42 Slammer: everyone wants to be Skinny
00:45:44 Slammer: LOL
00:45:48 shredmandan: i had the man boobs but wasent really fat just big boned lol.I really wish i was that exact weight though because being skinny just isnt for me
00:46:12 Slammer: or at least 200 or so wouldn't be bad
00:46:29 shredmandan: yep i would be healthy at 180 to 205
00:46:45 shredmandan: im very under weight for my height
00:47:16 Slammer: :O
00:47:19 Slammer: yep
00:47:21 Gustavo: :O
00:47:24 Slammer: I'll bet
00:48:01 shredmandan: one sec son is wanting another bottle so he is smacking me and it hurts lol
00:48:36 Slammer: LOL
00:49:26 shredmandan: ok
00:50:04 Slammer: :P
00:50:09 shredmandan: my son is big,not fat but he is going to be a stalky boy.He definaty wont get picked on cause he drinks the shit out of some milk
00:50:19 shredmandan: lol
00:51:08 shredmandan: let me ask you guys long do you thinkyou could go without eating food through your mouth?
00:51:14 shredmandan: crazy question i know
00:51:15 Slammer: :(
00:51:20 Slammer: how else....
00:51:22 Slammer: Ewww
00:51:27 shredmandan: no
00:51:31 Slammer: LOL
00:51:35 Slammer: oh ok
00:51:53 shredmandan: i went over a half a year without being able to eat anything
00:51:56 Slammer: I don't think I could
00:52:01 Slammer: dude
00:52:06 shredmandan: 2 months without being able to drink anything
00:52:11 Slammer: how did you survive?
00:52:19 Slammer: through a tube?
00:52:23 Slammer: I mean the food
00:52:30 shredmandan: i had to have a tube through my stomach yep
00:54:05 shredmandan: very changes your whole perception of hunger.After a while you eat to live to because of taste.Thats why i lost so much weight.I actually just got that tube out 6 momths ago.Had it in for over 2 years straight
00:54:51 shredmandan: i have a scare that looks like a second belly button lol
00:55:17 Slammer: Dang...
00:55:23 Slammer: you should post a Pic
00:55:24 shredmandan: my son always trys to poke at it when my shirt is off
00:55:26 Slammer: :P
00:56:17 shredmandan: whats your email and il send one lol
00:56:24 Slammer: :(
00:56:27 Slammer: LOL
00:56:30 shredmandan: lol
00:56:38 Slammer: I'm a little Sqeaminsh
00:56:42 shredmandan: jk
00:56:49 Slammer: I can't even watch ER
00:56:54 Slammer: or shows like that
00:57:08 Slammer: Freaks me out a little
00:57:13 Slammer: :O
00:57:14 shredmandan: dud e its not like that,just like a scare u know.
00:57:22 Slammer: yeah
00:57:25 Slammer: I believe
00:57:26 Slammer: you
00:57:29 Slammer: :)
00:58:05 shredmandan: you learn to adapt in any situation.Just like you think you couldnt look at something,well if your life depended on it you would adapt
00:58:50 Slammer: yeah ture
00:58:53 Slammer: true*
00:58:57 Slammer: UGH
00:59:23 shredmandan: so u got a girlfriend slammer>
00:59:32 Slammer: were you able to play guitar while in treatment?
00:59:41 Slammer: NO I'm single ;)
00:59:54 Slammer: LOL
01:01:00 shredmandan: no.i woke up in hospital then i had to stay for two weeks till i got to go home.Once i got home it was really cool to pick up guitar.I nailed this malmsteen lead part .i had been working onit right before this happened and when i got home and picked up the guitar i got it
01:01:37 shredmandan: btw i wasent hitting on you slammer lol lol lol
01:01:48 Slammer: LMFAO
01:01:50 Slammer: :O
01:01:51 Slammer: :P
01:02:44 Slammer: I put the wink smilie just for a wink, but then I realized that it looks gay
01:02:50 Slammer: :P
01:02:52 shredmandan: lol
01:03:03 Gustavo: XD
01:03:06 Slammer: I mean who wink??
01:03:09 Slammer: ;)
01:03:11 Gustavo: :P
01:03:12 Slammer: LMAO
01:03:19 shredmandan: lol lol lol
01:03:23 shredmandan: hey hey hey
01:03:33 Slammer: Fat Albert?
01:03:39 shredmandan: yep
01:03:43 Slammer: lol
01:03:47 Slammer: ok guys
01:03:55 Slammer: it was great talking to ya
01:04:00 Slammer: but I gtg to bed
01:04:02 shredmandan: yep
01:04:02 Gustavo: i gonna to sllep
01:04:06 Slammer: late here
01:04:09 Gustavo: cya folks :D
01:04:10 Slammer: 1:04 pm
01:04:13 Gustavo: 2:04 am XD
01:04:13 shredmandan: its a night see ya all
01:04:14 Slammer: am*
01:04:17 Slammer: damn...
01:04:22 Slammer: see what I mean
01:04:25 Slammer: I'm tired
01:04:25 Slammer: :P
01:04:26 Gustavo: XD
01:04:32 Gustavo: u drunk :P
01:04:37 Slammer: nope
01:04:39 Slammer: tired
01:04:40 shredmandan: i did yesterday
01:04:45 shredmandan: lol
01:04:49 shredmandan: good night
01:04:53 Gustavo: cya
01:04:56 Slammer: I don't drink I play guitar Instead
01:05:05 Slammer: makes me feel better
01:05:09 shredmandan: your not old enough to drink
01:05:11 Slammer: :)\
01:05:12 shredmandan: lol
01:05:13 Slammer: LMAO
01:05:16 Slammer: yep
01:05:19 Slammer: that's why
01:05:27 Slammer: you see he asked
01:05:33 Slammer: anyways dude
01:05:34 shredmandan: sucks anyways fun only on occaion
01:05:35 Slammer: I gtg
01:05:38 shredmandan: see ya
01:05:39 Slammer: cya
04:25:18 shredmandan: ayen you around
10:36:05 Slammer: smao
10:36:11 Slammer: *slap*
10:36:23 Slammer: smao
10:36:25 Slammer: *slap*
10:36:43 Slammer: slapping my ass off
10:36:56 Slammer: *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap*
10:37:14 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow* *whip* *whip* *meow* *slap*
10:37:20 Slammer: :(
10:38:03 Slammer: LOL
10:38:08 Slammer: I guess you're busy
10:38:14 Slammer: man
10:38:23 Slammer: :P
10:38:23 Slammer: :P
10:38:24 Slammer: :P
10:38:24 Slammer: :P
10:53:59 Robin: Hi
10:54:01 Robin: *meow*
10:54:14 Slammer: LOL
10:54:15 Robin: what the fudge is up mother fudger
10:54:28 Slammer: been eating fudge
10:54:34 Robin: kool
10:55:19 Slammer: :P
10:55:58 Slammer: dude
10:56:01 Slammer: *slap*
10:56:10 Slammer: have you ever heard of Meshuggah?
10:56:11 Robin: dewd
10:56:24 Robin: heard of yes, but havent heard/seen it or anything
10:56:29 Slammer: LOL
10:56:32 Slammer: me niether
10:56:36 Robin: kool
10:56:45 Slammer: although I do have a Meshuggah Preset on my amp
10:56:53 Slammer: don't know what do use it for
10:56:56 Slammer: :P
10:56:57 Robin: huh
10:57:03 Robin: well, does it sound good?
10:57:04 Slammer: I think it's for Thrasf
10:57:08 Robin: mkay
10:57:09 Slammer: Thrash*
10:57:10 Robin: kewl
10:57:17 Slammer: and heavier stuff
10:57:22 Robin: I think its for trash
10:57:25 Robin: the trash can
10:57:28 Robin: Lool i r fany
10:57:41 Slammer: :P
10:58:23 Slammer: so robin
10:58:35 Slammer: when will Creep Colony be on MTV?
10:58:50 Slammer: *slap*
10:59:02 Robin: dunno
10:59:05 Robin: next week I think
10:59:09 Robin: :D
11:00:54 Slammer: :O
11:00:56 Slammer: cool
11:01:13 Slammer: are you signed to a record deal?
11:01:39 Robin: nope
11:01:40 Robin: not yet
11:01:54 Slammer: soon
11:01:58 Robin: but with our next CD I think we might have a chance
11:02:09 Robin: we havent released anything for over a year
11:02:17 Robin: and we sucked a year ago
11:02:21 Slammer: LOL
11:02:31 Slammer: don't worry you're gonna be big
11:02:33 Slammer: :)
11:02:40 Robin: heh thanks, I hope so xD
11:02:54 Slammer: because at least you have the guts to go out on Stage
11:03:21 Robin: well yeah, I'm pretty sure all metal bands go on stage xD
11:03:45 Slammer: well, some metal bands only like to Record
11:03:56 Slammer: and have NO stage Presence
11:04:04 Robin: oh
11:04:14 Robin: well yeah, theres still many that do play live xD
11:04:17 Robin: and are crazy
11:04:52 Slammer: but they never get signed :P
11:05:08 Robin: I think metallica is signed
11:05:11 Robin: :D :D
11:05:16 Slammer: pff
11:05:22 Slammer: they are sell outs
11:05:26 Robin: Indeed
11:05:45 Slammer: stick it to the man
11:05:47 Robin: but there are like a billion black metal bands that play live, and have record deals :P
11:05:58 Slammer: stick it to the man
11:05:59 Slammer: :P
11:06:08 Slammer: school of rock??
11:06:12 Slammer: you ever seen
11:06:20 Robin: yea btu I dont remember much from it
11:06:30 Slammer: LOL
11:06:42 Robin: have you seen Crossroads?
11:06:49 Robin: one of my favorite movies
11:07:23 Slammer: britney spears :(
11:07:27 Robin: haha låååål
11:07:31 Robin: the one from 1987
11:07:35 Robin: teh bluuuues movie
11:07:36 Slammer: ah
11:07:39 Slammer: YES
11:07:42 Slammer: YES Y
11:07:43 Slammer: YEs
11:08:07 Robin: after I saw it I starrted practicing fingerpicking and slide blues :D
11:08:11 Robin: the coolest style of all
11:08:21 Slammer: yes
11:08:23 Slammer: yes
11:08:23 Slammer: yes
11:08:25 Slammer: why?
11:08:46 Robin: its the coolest style ever
11:08:50 Robin: heard robert johnson?
11:08:52 Robin: bjørn berge?
11:08:55 Robin: lollerskaters?
11:09:04 Slammer: ry cooder?
11:09:26 Robin: lål I dont even know who that is
11:09:40 Robin: but john lee hooker and robert jr. lockwood also pwn at fingerpicking blues
11:09:53 Robin: and tons of otharz
11:10:07 Slammer: you DO know who he is
11:10:17 Slammer: yep
11:10:31 Slammer: *slap*
11:10:45 Robin:;w_e0039.jpg there he is
11:11:03 Slammer: he was the one who actually Played the guitar on Crossroads
11:11:11 Slammer: not the Karate kid
11:11:18 Slammer: all the Slide was him
11:11:21 Robin: of course its not karate kid
11:11:24 Slammer: :P
11:11:26 Robin: he is an actor :D
11:11:33 Slammer: I mean
11:11:43 Robin: oh I heard someone say that Vai played everything. But he cant play delta blues that good! :D
11:11:43 Slammer: Ry is one of the Best Bluesers
11:11:46 Robin: cool
11:11:49 Robin: I gotta check him out
11:11:58 Robin: I also heard that Snooks Eagle is good. I just ordered a CD
11:12:02 Robin: but it takes ages before I get it :(
11:12:08 Slammer: and you could tell by Watching the Movie you have heard him alot
11:12:13 Slammer: LOL
11:12:20 Robin: hahaha yeah
11:12:40 Slammer: dude look at this Slide
11:12:42 Slammer: guitar
11:12:43 Slammer:
11:13:09 Robin: I got that DVD
11:13:11 Robin: :D
11:13:13 Robin: awesome song
11:13:15 Slammer: yeaH
11:13:16 Robin: freakin awesome
11:13:16 Slammer: :p
11:13:17 Slammer: i KNOW
11:13:21 Slammer: You told me
11:13:27 Slammer: :P
11:13:37 Robin: claptons bassist is kewl
11:13:47 Robin: also doyle bramhall II
11:13:49 Slammer: Nathan East
11:13:52 Robin: left hand upside down :D
11:13:54 Robin: yeah thats the name
11:14:03 Slammer: is one of the Best Bass players on Earth
11:14:12 Slammer: it's true
11:14:14 Robin: he's kewl
11:14:23 Slammer: just like Steve Gadd is one of the Best drummers
11:14:45 Robin: this oen is cool
11:14:47 Robin: same DVD
11:14:52 Robin: robert johnson song
11:15:14 Slammer: you know he's dead right?
11:15:19 Robin: really? I didnt know
11:15:21 Robin: too bad
11:15:26 Robin: he looks really old so
11:15:29 Robin: thats from 2001
11:15:31 Slammer: Yep, Just last year
11:15:43 Slammer: Robert Jr Lockwood died
11:15:48 Robin: ah too bad
11:16:00 Slammer: and the crossroads guitar festival was from 2004
11:16:04 Robin: its gonna suck when bb king, clapton, johnny winter etc. dies
11:16:15 Robin: hubert sumlin, buddy guy
11:16:17 Robin: all those
11:16:27 Slammer: you know about him Robert Jr Lockwood
11:16:30 Slammer: I mean
11:16:31 Robin: then I'll go junp
11:16:36 Slammer: his History
11:16:40 Slammer: right?
11:16:40 Robin: then I'll go jump in the river and die*
11:16:46 Robin: ah no not really
11:16:50 Robin: havent really checked :P
11:17:02 Slammer: well, he was Robert Johnson's Step son
11:17:10 Slammer: so RJ taught him
11:17:13 Slammer: how to play
11:17:14 Robin: are you freakin kidding me?
11:17:17 Slammer: nope
11:17:18 Robin: keeeeeeeeeeewllllllllll
11:17:48 Slammer: Robert Lockwood Jr. was born in Turkey Scratch, a hamlet west of Helena, Arkansas. He started playing the organ in his father's church at the age of 8. The famous bluesman Robert Johnson lived with Lockwood's mother for 10 years off and on after his parents' divorce. Lockwood learned from Johnson not only how to play guitar, but timing and stage presence as well. Because of his personal and professional association with the music of Robert Johnson, he became known as "Robert Junior" Lockwood
11:18:11 Robin: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
11:18:11 Slammer: Crazy
11:18:14 Robin: robert junior
11:18:17 Robin: nowwwww it makes sense
11:18:19 Robin: KEEEWL!
11:18:27 Slammer: but now he's gone :(
11:18:36 Robin: :'(
11:18:37 Slammer: one of the True Pioneers
11:18:44 Slammer: of Delta Blues
11:18:58 Slammer: Imagine he was Taught by the Master Himself
11:19:06 Robin: yeah omg
11:19:07 Slammer: but SRV beats them all :P
11:19:17 Robin: well yeah, kinda different style :D
11:19:33 Robin: delta blues is like 10 times harder to play. And cooler, in my opinion
11:19:47 Robin: fingerpicking blues is a living nightmare to learn, seriously
11:19:57 Robin: living hell*
11:20:04 Robin: though its worth it
11:20:09 Robin: funny and kewl as hell
11:20:26 Slammer: dude
11:20:43 Slammer: check out this Awesome Video of Delta Blues
11:21:13 Robin: woooow keeeewl
11:21:16 Slammer: :P
11:21:18 Slammer: LMAO
11:21:19 Robin: they are so excellent blues mucisians
11:21:22 Robin: musicians*
11:21:22 Slammer: yes
11:21:30 Slammer: Lol lol lol lol
11:21:33 Robin: better than SRV
11:21:35 Slammer: Gen favorite band
11:21:36 Robin: they are so good at playing guitar
11:21:39 Robin: hhahahha
11:21:54 Slammer: I heard Nick Carter plays guitar
11:21:58 Slammer: :P
11:22:23 Robin: he can probably strum a couple of minor chords so he can make sad boyband songs
11:22:27 Robin: nothing more, I bet
11:22:36 Slammer: :P
11:22:49 Slammer: I bet when you were a Kid you wanted to be in a Boy band
11:22:58 Slammer: so you could get all the chicks
11:22:59 Slammer: :P
11:23:03 Robin: haha
11:23:17 Robin: do girls really want homosexuals anyway? Ah I forgot, they do
11:23:22 Slammer: :(
11:23:22 Robin: if you ever come to norway
11:23:31 Robin: you wont be able to see the difference on guys and girls
11:23:35 Slammer: :(
11:23:41 Robin: becuase they dress like girls here, and act like girls
11:23:45 Slammer: do you?
11:23:47 Robin: why the long face?
11:23:49 Robin: haha no
11:23:58 Slammer: but you're a Boy
11:24:07 Robin: well, not ALL the guys in norway
11:24:10 Robin: but 90% of them
11:24:15 Robin: specially in the south
11:24:20 Slammer: only the ones who aren't metalheads
11:24:30 Robin: its grows walking around in the city, watching guys who wear girl clothes
11:24:34 Robin: pink clothes
11:24:40 Robin: and alot of stuff in their hair
11:24:41 Slammer: :O
11:24:44 Slammer: :O
11:24:44 Slammer: :O
11:24:52 Robin: I mean, if they are homosexuals thats fine, but man
11:24:55 Slammer: that's why people make fun of Norway
11:25:02 Slammer: :P
11:25:09 Robin: its like that south park episode, when its "in" to be homosexual
11:25:15 Robin: do they? :D
11:25:51 Slammer: I am :P
11:25:53 Slammer: LOL
11:25:55 Slammer: JK JK JK
11:25:58 Robin: :D
11:26:07 Robin: well I make fun of USA alot, everyone does xD
11:26:15 Robin: about how stupid people are there :D :D miss south carolina!
11:26:20 Slammer: I don't blame you
11:26:22 Robin: and thoser funny youtube videoes
11:26:25 Robin: those*
11:26:30 Robin: they are probably edited alot though
11:26:33 Robin: pretty amazing, still
11:26:49 Slammer: check out this guitar player his name is robin too
11:26:52 Slammer:
11:27:26 Robin: lol.
11:27:28 Slammer: LOL
11:27:32 Slammer: dude I hate that guy
11:27:45 Robin: but if its a guy, why does he sing like a little girl?
11:27:49 Slammer: he has the most annoying voice ever
11:27:51 Robin: I dont see the point
11:27:59 Slammer: Because he thinks he black
11:27:59 Robin: Indeed
11:28:04 Robin: hahahahahahaha
11:28:17 Slammer: so he thinks he can sing in a High Voice
11:28:21 Slammer: it's true
11:28:31 Slammer: he's a R&b singer
11:28:39 Slammer: like the only one I think
11:28:45 Slammer: the only white one
11:28:49 Robin: Well, I think he's a doodoo singer
11:28:51 Slammer: :P
11:28:52 Slammer: LOL
11:29:29 Robin: hehehe låwl
11:29:47 Slammer: Blue-Eyed Soul
11:29:53 Slammer: is what it's called
11:29:54 Slammer: :P
11:30:02 Robin: I call it doodoo soul
11:30:04 Robin: from hell
11:30:06 Slammer: LOL
11:30:27 Robin: I want to have a band name that ends with "from Hell"
11:30:34 Robin: like, Spice Boy from Hell
11:30:39 Slammer: dude did you know that in April and May that song was like no.1 in US
11:30:47 Robin: really?
11:30:50 Slammer: Crazy
11:30:52 Slammer: Yep
11:30:54 Robin: well people likes crap nowdays
11:31:02 Slammer: Like the Most Played song for a while
11:31:05 Slammer: :O
11:31:07 Slammer: :O
11:31:17 Slammer: Good thing I had SRV to listen too
11:31:25 Robin: :D
11:32:27 Slammer:
11:32:30 Slammer: really cool
11:32:55 Robin: clapton is so crazy
11:33:17 Robin: pretty good singer that lenny guy
11:33:21 Slammer: LOL
11:33:27 Slammer: that lenny guy?
11:33:29 Robin: got a little hendrix feeling :D
11:33:37 Robin: lenny kravitz
11:33:39 Slammer: you have heard of him right?
11:33:42 Robin: of course
11:33:42 Slammer: :P
11:33:50 Robin: like a billion years ago
11:33:53 Slammer: have you heard American WOmen
11:33:54 Robin: before he was born
11:33:56 Robin: yeah
11:33:59 Robin: dont remember though
11:34:00 Robin: :D
11:35:42 Slammer: dude
11:35:48 Slammer: what do think about the riff?
11:35:50 Slammer:
11:36:26 Robin: sounds pretty kewl
11:36:37 Robin: reminded me alot of robert randolph and the family band
11:36:40 Robin: their latest album
11:36:46 Slammer: he used a POD to Record his Guitar
11:36:56 Slammer: LOL
11:37:32 Robin: zomg
11:38:05 Slammer: :O
11:38:06 Robin: freakin kewl band
11:38:07 Slammer: what
11:39:22 Slammer: Lap Steels
11:39:23 Slammer: are
11:39:26 Slammer: CRAZY!@
11:39:56 Robin: yeah
11:40:02 Robin: robert randolph is awesome
11:40:23 Slammer: SRV beats them all
11:40:34 Slammer: *meow* or something
11:40:40 Robin: lol
11:41:27 Slammer: what do you think about KISS?
11:41:31 Slammer: or Alice Cooper
11:41:44 Slammer: or Marilyn Manson?
11:41:46 Robin: havent really listened much to them
11:41:50 Slammer: they are Freaks
11:41:52 Slammer: :P
11:41:57 Robin: BLEH marilyn manson
11:42:01 Robin: dont like the music, at all
11:42:07 Robin: he seems like a pretty ok guy though
11:42:08 Slammer: I've never heard
11:42:11 Slammer: anyways
11:42:13 Slammer: :O
11:42:18 Slammer: He is a Freak
11:42:36 Robin: mkay :D
11:42:41 Slammer: mkay???
11:42:50 Robin: Mkay.
11:42:54 Slammer: ???
11:43:59 Robin: smoking is bad mkay
11:44:46 Slammer: LMAO
11:45:58 Robin: dude
11:46:04 Robin: *bark* or something
11:46:08 Robin: want to laugh your ass off?
11:46:10 Robin: *meow*
11:46:21 Robin: pay attention to the lyrics and song titles
11:46:23 Robin: hahahha
11:46:34 Slammer: LOL
11:46:40 Slammer:
11:47:33 Robin: awesmoe :D
11:47:46 Slammer: LOl
11:48:41 Robin: cartman singing is the most fun thing on this planet
11:50:04 Slammer: LOL
11:53:05 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:21 Robin: *meow*
11:53:26 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:32 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:32 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:33 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:33 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:33 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:34 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:34 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:34 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:36 Slammer: :D
11:53:41 Robin: 8)
11:53:42 Slammer: beat that :P
11:56:45 Slammer: *slap*
11:56:51 Robin: lål
11:58:32 Robin: AWESOME!
11:58:35 Robin: I know that song on guitar
11:58:41 Robin: though I cant sing it :D yet
11:58:55 Robin: but man that guy(girl? :D ) got a good voice
11:59:25 Robin: turns out he has beard, its a guy then nvm :D
11:59:36 Slammer: LOL
12:00:42 Robin: going away now btw
12:00:50 Robin: see you later slambzor
12:01:47 Slammer: why?
12:01:50 Slammer: *slap*
12:02:00 Slammer: why don't you sign out
12:02:01 Slammer: LOL
12:02:04 Slammer: *meow*
12:05:05 Slammer: ok dude
12:05:07 Slammer: Cya
12:05:10 Slammer: bye
12:55:09 Gustavo: lol
12:55:11 Gustavo: XD
15:15:03 Nick325: y
15:15:04 Nick325: o
15:27:04 Davidian: Hello
15:28:10 Robin: HI
15:28:14 Robin: Whats up?
15:28:26 Davidian: I'm kinda bored
15:28:28 Davidian: You?
15:28:54 Robin: Hi
15:28:54 Robin: Not much, watching some awesome youtube video atm
15:28:57 JVM: hey
15:29:09 Robin: seen this video like 5 times now
15:29:12 JVM: are you watching one of instrumentalcase's videos?
15:29:23 Robin: never heard such a good voice
15:29:31 Robin: ah no, some guy playing Come back baby
15:29:49 Davidian: I'll give it a look ^^
15:29:58 JVM: sounds pretty good
15:30:39 Robin: yeah its amazing
15:30:43 JVM: he has a nice voice but I dont like how hes singing it honestly :p
15:30:51 JVM: just the part like come back BABYYYYYY
15:31:00 Robin: Well, I havent heard the original yet, so I dont know xD
15:31:07 Robin: you know who has the original? I'd love to check it out
15:31:11 JVM: no idea
15:31:15 Robin: ah ok
15:33:14 Robin: Ray Charles seem to be the guy who wrote it.
15:34:00 Davidian: I think it's awesome!
15:34:23 JVM: cool
15:34:28 JVM: rays good :)
15:35:34 JVM: i heard this awesome classical piece last night
15:36:09 Davidian: Do you have a link to it, or something like that? (Name, ... ?)
15:36:13 JVM: well
15:36:16 JVM: it was on the radio
15:36:23 JVM: so just now im looking up the playlist for what they played last night
15:36:25 JVM: give me a sec
15:37:12 Davidian: Oh, ok ^^
15:37:16 JVM: bah
15:37:26 JVM: they only have it updated to august 25th
15:38:50 Robin: actually it turns out Lighting Hopkins wrote Come back baby btw...
15:39:14 JVM: wheres ray charles come in then?
15:39:27 Robin: probably just a cover song
15:39:35 Robin: it says it was recorded by him, in 1054
15:39:37 Robin: 1954*
15:39:43 JVM: lol
15:40:04 Davidian: 1045 is quite some time ago! Didn't knew they could record stuff back then :D
15:40:17 JVM: yes actually
15:40:18 Robin: :D :D
15:40:29 JVM: until the normans came in and ruined all of our technology for the next few hundred years
15:40:39 Robin: :F
15:40:41 Robin: :D
15:41:05 Davidian: Bastards
15:42:24 Davidian: But... I've got to go
15:42:25 Davidian: Cya
15:42:42 JVM: later
15:45:14 Robin: I'm gonna go watch Crossroads while practicing fingerpicking blues... :D See you later :)
15:45:28 JVM: later
16:11:23 Nick325: yo
17:05:41 Owen: hey Kurt
17:59:54 Kurt: yo wasup dan?
18:00:20 Kurt: lol
18:00:22 shredmandan: lol sorry
18:00:27 Kurt: no problem ;)
18:00:27 shredmandan: same old thing
18:00:29 shredmandan: u?
18:00:45 Kurt: OMG... i hate that question lol
18:00:53 shredmandan: yep
18:01:11 Kurt: what you playing at the moment?
18:01:19 Robin: Hi guys
18:01:26 Kurt: hi rob
18:01:31 shredmandan: a solo im working on making
18:01:36 shredmandan: hey robin
18:01:46 Kurt: cool...which style is it?
18:02:02 shredmandan: metal ofcourse lol or rock whatever you want to cal it
18:02:18 shredmandan: thats really all i ever play'
18:02:51 shredmandan: i guess you could say the scale has a classical vibe to it,but i always try to throw stuff like that into making it metal
18:03:04 Kurt: usually too...but I just bought a strat and now I am triing much old classic stuff..blues and all that
18:03:14 shredmandan: thats cool
18:03:19 Kurt: SVR for instance :)
18:03:35 shredmandan: for the first time in 11 years i liked the song of a single coil last night
18:03:49 shredmandan: svr is in a league of his own
18:04:14 Kurt: yes thtas true ...nearly impossible t copy his playing ;)
18:04:20 shredmandan: i have much respect for that dude
18:04:33 Kurt: yes me too...he has a sick style :)
18:04:38 shredmandan: went from a cocaine addict to beating before he died awesome man
18:05:08 Kurt: i don´t know much bout him... just like his music lol
18:05:37 shredmandan: very hard to fight an addiction and he made it through before he passed i just think thats awesome.he died in peice
18:06:07 Kurt: yeah that must be true :)
18:06:41 shredmandan: he ripped a hole in Jimi's ass in my opinion lol
18:06:49 shredmandan: Hendrix
18:07:14 Kurt: lol oh yes... I especially love his tone and feel....its sick how he hits the strings :)
18:08:12 shredmandan: exactly,i have never seen another guitarist do it like him.He felt something when he played and i dont feel people can copy that just try and put there spin to it.thats what makes him
18:09:00 shredmandan: i could almost cry watching him play lol thats how much emotion he put into his playing.and like i said im mainly metal
18:09:36 Kurt: I cryed last time when I saw steve vai´s tender surrender live lol
18:09:59 shredmandan: lol dudei saw a video not to long ago and i about did the same thing lol
18:10:17 shredmandan: saw him live about 2 and half years ago it was amazing
18:10:42 Kurt: yes... I think he´s is the most emotional musician in the world lol
18:11:27 shredmandan: yep,dude that video of him playing that song was unreal just how much he put into it,very much a art
18:11:37 shredmandan: hey hemlok
18:11:42 Kurt: hi
18:12:11 shredmandan: do u like the sound of single coils kurt
18:12:13 Robin: hi
18:12:39 shredmandan: what about u robin>?
18:12:49 Kurt: normally i prefer humbuckers but at the moment I am very into the single coil-sound of strats :)
18:12:52 Robin: My dad has a single coil strat. Its like benig SRV :D
18:12:57 Robin: I looooove the sound
18:12:59 Robin: just pure blues
18:13:16 Robin: and there so huge difference beetween the mics when you swtich them
18:13:45 Robin: no need for distortion, I usually dont use distortion when I play the strat
18:13:59 shredmandan: yep , i just never found the use for them untill last night working on that solo.Just for metal rythem there horrible to me ,but ofcourse stuff clean or like blues there great if you get past the hum
18:14:51 Robin: Yeah I hate playnig metal on my strat
18:14:59 Kurt: when using my strat I never use more distortion than 6 or something like hat ;)
18:15:08 Robin: I had to use it on band rehearsal the other day, metal band, it doesnt sound very good
18:15:18 shredmandan: i had to put a duncan distortion humbucker in my strat lol
18:15:21 Robin: but maaaaaaan when I'm playin the blues with the strat omg
18:15:29 shredmandan: ill post a link to my guitar
18:15:57 Kurt: which strat are u playing?
18:16:35 shredmandan: this is my guitar i have for sale right now.i listed it high because i really dont wantr to sell it unless i have enough money to buy something really nice again
18:17:02 Hemlok: Hello everyone :)
18:17:02 shredmandan: its a deluxe stratocaster
18:17:08 shredmandan: hey dude
18:17:10 Robin: hi
18:17:18 Kurt: yeah man thats a great guitar :)
18:17:36 Kurt: looks awsome and even has a humbucker at bridge ;)
18:17:58 shredmandan: that was custom done
18:18:30 shredmandan: was all single coil i just need to get all black pickup cover;s were there white or gold
18:18:46 Kurt: cool :)
18:19:16 shredmandan: replaced every gold part on it this month except the tuner's.i plan on buying some ofthose in the next few days
18:19:31 Kurt: but its a mexican too, right?
18:19:38 shredmandan: yep lol
18:19:42 Kurt: lol
18:19:52 shredmandan: it always comes down to mexican or american lol
18:20:06 Kurt: lol yeah I got also a mexican
18:20:16 Hemlok: not me, i dont have a strat :)
18:20:18 Hemlok: not yet
18:20:20 Robin: I got american :D
18:20:23 Kurt: classic player 50s relic :)
18:20:29 Robin: whats the difference btw?
18:20:34 Robin: is it just that its made in mexico?
18:20:39 Robin: the hardware is the same and all=
18:20:40 Robin: ?
18:20:49 Kurt: yes and its a little cheaper ;)
18:20:58 Robin: yeah its much cheaper, for some reason :P
18:21:06 Kurt: I payed only 600 euro :)
18:21:22 shredmandan: but this oneis really nice mexican like i said its a deluxe i payed $699.99 for it so it wasent cheap and i have dropped over $300.00 in it
18:21:34 shredmandan: oh hell euro's lol
18:21:47 shredmandan: i need a currency translater on here lol
18:21:53 Hemlok:
18:22:49 shredmandan: how do u do that so quick hemlok lol
18:22:55 Hemlok: im awesome
18:22:58 Hemlok: :P
18:23:06 shredmandan: guess so
18:23:08 shredmandan: lol
18:23:12 Hemlok: i just know that site, i use it a bit
18:23:23 Hemlok: when buying things overseas
18:23:56 shredmandan: so there really isnt a big difference in euro and dollar is there?Just about exact same value?
18:24:20 Hemlok: thats almost double for me
18:24:24 Hemlok: $1000
18:24:39 Hemlok: not nice :(
18:24:56 shredmandan: so $100.00 US dollars equals how many euro's?
18:25:24 Hemlok: 70 or so i think
18:25:33 Hemlok: its fairly close
18:26:14 shredmandan: cool
18:26:49 Hemlok: well my martin guitar is stuck at customs and needs to be cleared :(
18:26:57 Hemlok: so i better sort that out today i want my bloody guitar
18:27:44 shredmandan: that always sucks about shipping to another country.i sold something to canada on ebay and it was a pain
18:28:06 Hemlok: oh yeah?
18:28:10 shredmandan: damm its been a long time since you ordered yoyr guitar
18:28:39 Hemlok: yup takes a while to get from miami to western australia i guess
18:29:22 shredmandan: what type of martin was it again?a d-18 d-28? i dont think either of those were it what was it
18:30:03 Hemlok: d-15
18:30:09 shredmandan: kurt you mad or something lol lol
18:30:24 Kurt: why? lol
18:30:30 shredmandan: quite
18:30:31 Kurt: more sad
18:30:34 shredmandan: why?
18:30:34 Kurt: lol
18:30:52 Kurt: no..... I was afk for some time ;)
18:31:15 shredmandan: whats afk mean? lol i saw that last night and dont know what it means
18:31:18 Hemlok: i dont know what afk means
18:31:21 Hemlok: lol
18:31:24 shredmandan: lol
18:31:27 Kurt: really?
18:31:40 Hemlok: i thought it meant away from computer, or away from Komputer??
18:31:41 Hemlok: lol
18:31:51 Kurt: Keyboard lol
18:31:57 shredmandan: oh lol
18:32:02 Hemlok: ahahah ofcourse! so obvious
18:32:16 Hemlok: ah well, thanks for clearing that up kurt
18:32:25 Kurt: you´re welcome lol
18:32:31 Hemlok: everytime someone says it i just think about it for a bit and get nothing
18:32:54 Hemlok: its almost time to go to work
18:33:07 shredmandan: oh i bet your so happy
18:33:17 Hemlok: im gonna start luciana's lessons tonight
18:33:28 shredmandan: damm tough
18:33:32 Kurt: singing? lol
18:33:39 Hemlok: yeah i know, but i gotta do it
18:33:49 Hemlok: i wanna learn wish you were here - pink floyd
18:33:53 shredmandan: lol i though youmeant a pavel lesson never mind lol
18:33:54 Hemlok: and i cant sing for bulls
18:34:28 Kurt: I would like to sing some Nirvana songs lol
18:34:39 Kurt: but I can´t sing that high ;)
18:35:07 shredmandan: try hitting freddi notes from queen lol
18:35:22 Kurt: lol oh yes....or Robert Plant
18:35:23 Hemlok: i reformatted my computer 3 times this week
18:35:30 shredmandan: i always say to get that high you have to get kicked in the balls
18:35:32 Hemlok: took me that many times to work out what my error was
18:35:55 Hemlok: or put some cayenne pepper on your balls
18:36:00 shredmandan: lol
18:36:05 Kurt: a lot of years ago they did this for young opera-singers lol
18:36:12 shredmandan: or just a light pinch before hitting note
18:36:15 Kurt: they cut their balls ^^
18:36:20 Kurt: really
18:36:38 Hemlok: eeeek! dont say that kurt you gave me a cold shiver
18:36:52 Kurt: lol but thats true
18:37:04 Kurt: I am just giving you history lessons lol
18:37:18 Hemlok: you are a painful history teacher
18:37:29 Hemlok: damn this coffee is just what i needed
18:37:37 Kurt: lol
18:37:49 Hemlok: payday tomorrow! i wanna buy a new guitar :(
18:38:07 Hemlok: im gonna wait til january though and then buy a strat
18:38:41 Kurt: aren´t you the one guy who is a les-paul fanatic? lol
18:38:51 Hemlok: nah thats fkalich
18:38:56 Hemlok: i just have a les paul and love it
18:39:03 Kurt: yeah me too :)
18:39:22 Hemlok: fkalich the cat man :P
18:39:30 shredmandan: lol
18:39:33 Hemlok: 8 cats, gosh, im struggling with one i hate the bastard
18:39:44 Kurt: lol
18:47:56 Hemlok: i think i might listen to muris's album on the way to work
18:48:00 Hemlok: cya later guys
18:48:05 Robin: bye
18:48:06 Kurt: ok bye
18:56:13 Nick325: yo
18:59:00 Robin: Hi
19:05:14 Kurt: yo n-nick lol
19:05:29 Kurt: *slap*
19:05:39 Nick325: sup n-kurt
19:05:51 Kurt: mnu n...a lol
19:06:38 Kurt: wasuo bout your solo for the collab?
19:06:44 Kurt: wasup*
19:06:59 Kurt: *whip*
19:07:11 Nick325: nmu
19:07:19 Nick325: nah i didnt get around to it yet
19:07:34 Kurt: but you have an idea so far?
19:07:51 Nick325: nopr
19:07:52 Nick325: nope
19:08:12 Kurt: you wanna olay my solo ni....a ? lol
19:08:18 Kurt: *play
19:08:20 Nick325: idk u want me to
19:08:29 Kurt: what? lol
19:08:33 Nick325: want me to
19:08:56 Nick325: ?
19:09:22 Kurt: mean you place in the collab? lol
19:09:30 Nick325: nvm
19:09:47 Kurt: please speak in whole words lol
19:09:54 Nick325: i was asking if u wanted me to play ur solo but nevermind
19:10:25 Kurt: what are u meaning by nevermind? lol
19:10:43 Nick325: i was but i dont want to
19:11:00 Kurt: ahhhhhhh lol
19:11:23 Kurt: you already saw it?
19:11:58 Nick325: ya but i cant see it cause i dont have guitar pro
19:12:10 Kurt: oh lol
19:12:36 Kurt: me too not but I downloaded the demoversion ;)
19:13:07 Nick325: o but that only lasts like 10 days
19:13:18 Kurt: 15 :)
19:13:34 Nick325: :P
19:14:26 Kurt: what guitar are u playing nick?
19:15:02 Nick325: fender strat
19:15:13 Kurt: cool...standard?
19:15:17 Nick325: yeah
19:15:19 Nick325: u
19:15:40 Kurt: a fender strat classic player 50s relic :)
19:15:46 Nick325: cool
19:15:57 Kurt: yeah just bought it....
19:16:01 Nick325: k
19:16:06 Kurt: my main guitar is a les paul
19:16:25 Kurt: from epiphone...but now I like the strat more ;)
19:16:38 Nick325: epiphone are close to gibsons
19:16:50 Kurt: yes of course
19:17:03 Kurt: but waaaaaaaay cheaper lol
19:17:28 Nick325: yeah which is a good thing
19:17:42 Kurt: if I had 8000 euros......
19:18:01 Kurt: I would buy a Gibson les paul Jimmy Page sigature :)
19:18:09 Nick325: those r niceeeeeee
19:18:25 Nick325: how much is 8000 euros compared to us dollars
19:18:49 Kurt: i don´t know..... of course more lol
19:19:01 Kurt: like 10000 lol
19:19:10 Kurt: no idea exactly lol
19:19:12 Nick325: o
19:20:30 Kurt: <<<<<<<<look lol
19:20:57 Nick325: wat about it
19:21:20 Kurt: <<<<<<you know what that is? lol
19:21:38 Nick325: a person
19:21:46 Kurt: lol
19:37:29 Slammer: *meow* or something
19:37:38 Robin: Hi
19:37:42 Slammer: :P
19:37:47 Slammer: you on chat all day?
19:38:06 Robin: pretty much
19:38:08 Slammer: LOL
19:38:14 Robin: I only turn of my computer at night
19:38:19 Slammer: how many ppl have been in?
19:38:28 Robin: been a few, I think it was 4 at the most
19:38:31 Slammer: the Usual
19:38:33 Slammer: Gen
19:38:35 Slammer: JVM
19:38:37 Slammer: ESJ
19:38:42 Slammer: Dan
19:38:49 Slammer: LO
19:38:51 Slammer: LOL
19:38:56 Robin: nick, JVM, Shredmandan, Kurt, owen
19:38:59 Slammer: and slammer!
19:39:00 Robin: as I can think of
19:39:06 Robin: yeah and slambzorz
19:39:11 Slammer: :(
19:39:37 Slammer: what time is it in Norway?
19:39:42 Slammer: is Oslo in Norway
19:39:50 Robin: about 1:35 in the night
19:39:54 Robin: yes, its the capital of norway
19:40:01 Slammer: do u live there?
19:40:11 Robin: No, I live on the other side of the countru
19:40:13 Robin: country*
19:40:17 Slammer: boslo
19:40:23 Robin: O_o
19:40:26 Slammer: :P
19:40:38 Slammer: <8) hey Squidward
19:40:52 Robin: hey patrick o_O
19:41:03 Slammer: let's go jelly fishing
19:41:09 Robin: låååwl
19:41:46 Slammer: <8( you ate my last candy bar, Now I'm gonna starve
19:41:56 Robin: lollerskaters
19:43:06 Slammer: *slap*
19:43:08 Slammer:
19:43:44 Slammer: LOL
19:43:49 Robin: that ones great
19:43:53 Robin: it even looks realistic
19:43:54 Robin: :D
19:43:56 Slammer: yes
19:44:15 Slammer:
19:44:16 Robin: :D
19:44:16 Robin: maybe they have trained a bear :O
19:44:31 Robin: seen that one xD
19:44:41 Slammer: yeah
19:44:42 Slammer: LOL
19:44:44 Slammer: :P
19:45:16 Robin: Simpson, Homer Simpson!
19:45:18 Robin: hohhoh
19:46:12 Slammer: LOL
19:46:29 Slammer:
19:46:33 Slammer: *slap*
19:46:55 Slammer: LMAO
19:47:26 Robin: what movie is that?
19:47:30 Robin: I love jim carrey
19:48:15 Robin: I want to marry him
19:48:38 Slammer: LMAO
19:48:42 Slammer: so Funny that vid
19:48:53 Slammer: Liar Liar is what it's called
19:48:58 Slammer: the Movie
19:49:07 Robin: cool
19:49:09 Robin: never heard of it
19:49:11 Robin: looks great
19:49:14 Robin: best commedian ever
19:49:49 Slammer: LOL
19:49:55 Slammer: did you watch the whole thing
19:49:59 Robin: yeah
19:50:05 Robin: pass out at the end xD
19:50:09 Slammer: at the end he's like Ok Dickhead
19:50:12 Slammer: :P
19:50:16 Slammer: LOL
19:50:16 Slammer: LOL
19:50:46 Robin: :D:D:D
19:51:21 Slammer: LMAO
19:51:23 Slammer: LMAO
19:51:24 Slammer: LMAo
19:51:26 Slammer: brb
19:51:27 Slammer: rbr
19:51:28 Slammer: brb
19:51:29 Slammer: brb
19:51:30 Slammer: brb
19:51:34 Slammer: *slap*
19:51:35 Slammer: *slap*
19:51:36 Slammer: *slap*
19:51:56 Slammer: Be right Back
20:04:27 Slammer: ask and you shall recieve
20:04:33 Slammer: *slap*
20:04:40 Robin: hi
20:04:50 Nick325: yo slammer
20:05:11 Slammer: Sup?
20:05:20 Nick325: nmu
20:05:58 Slammer: been practising?
20:06:31 Nick325: yeah
20:06:54 Nick325: u
20:07:14 Slammer: not reallu
20:07:19 Slammer: just Jammin!
20:07:28 Nick325: :o :D
20:07:37 Slammer: so you're from Long Island right?
20:08:22 Slammer: Like Steve Vai and Satch *slap*
20:09:02 Robin: see you later alligator
20:09:13 Nick325: yep
20:09:24 Slammer: LOL
20:09:25 Nick325: and petrucci i think
20:09:29 Slammer: Robin Left :O
20:09:37 Slammer: I'm Surprised
20:09:38 Slammer: !!
20:09:59 Nick325: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo\
20:10:15 Slammer: well you put a Thread
20:10:25 Slammer: ya might get 1 or 2 more ppl in
20:10:33 Nick325: post and say im in so more ppl see it
20:10:41 Slammer: most likeky Gen will come
20:10:44 Slammer: :P
20:10:55 Slammer: Dude, If I say I'm in ppl won't come :(
20:11:08 Slammer: Becuase I'm always in and no one comes in :(
20:11:17 Nick325: ya then they see and say yay ppl
20:11:59 Nick325: ur the life of the chat
20:12:15 Slammer: :P
20:12:29 Slammer: well, Gen and you are the only ones ever in
20:12:33 Slammer: Also esj and jvm
20:12:40 Slammer: and Dan
20:12:59 Slammer: only about 10 regualar Users of Chat
20:13:09 Slammer: But I'll reply to your thread anyways
20:13:10 Slammer: :P
20:13:29 Slammer: dude
20:13:31 Slammer: *slap*
20:13:46 Nick325: o sry
20:13:46 Slammer: you should have posted in the Masterclass Forum
20:13:52 Slammer: then more ppl would see it
20:13:55 Slammer: LOL
20:13:59 Nick325: ;(
20:14:00 Slammer: but lets seee
20:14:02 Nick325: ;(
20:14:04 Nick325: :(
20:14:31 Slammer: ok Replied
20:14:33 Slammer: :D
20:14:48 Slammer: dude
20:14:57 Slammer: I have a Big Feeling Dan will come in
20:15:07 Nick325: k
20:15:09 Slammer: because Shredmandan Always Chats!
20:15:13 Slammer: LO
20:15:14 Slammer: L
20:15:18 Nick325: lol
20:16:03 Slammer: I wish More Instructors would come in
20:16:06 Slammer: :(
20:16:25 Nick325: muris is usually in but hes away now :(
20:16:31 Slammer: like Kris or gabe
20:16:37 Slammer: gabe was in once
20:16:40 Slammer: I chatted
20:16:45 Nick325: ya they never here
20:16:47 Slammer: also David Walliman
20:16:54 Slammer: and Pavel like 4 times
20:17:02 Slammer: Muris all the time
20:17:08 Slammer: Kris twice
20:17:11 Slammer: LMAO
20:17:14 Slammer: Nick
20:17:15 Slammer: !!
20:17:16 Slammer: *slap*
20:17:16 Nick325: dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
20:17:20 Nick325: lol i no
20:17:34 shredmandan: cause shredman always chats ?????
20:17:40 Slammer: I just said 3 mintues ago "O have a feeling dan will come in"
20:17:44 Slammer: LMAO
20:18:04 Slammer: it's true
20:18:08 Slammer: and here you are!
20:18:09 Slammer: :)
20:18:10 shredmandan: yep be carful as im always watching lol
20:18:31 Slammer: well, It's the truth isn
20:18:33 Slammer: it?
20:18:55 Slammer: :P
20:19:00 Slammer: I'm Psychic
20:19:04 Slammer: :D
20:19:18 shredmandan: brb
20:22:32 Slammer: *slap*
20:22:33 Slammer: nick
20:22:37 Slammer: where you at?
20:22:42 Nick325: *slap*
20:22:46 Nick325: slammer
20:22:57 Slammer: what's new
20:23:08 Nick325: nothing
20:23:16 Slammer: hit me up on myspace
20:23:17 Slammer: :P
20:23:29 Nick325: whats the link
20:23:32 Slammer: LMAO
20:23:40 Slammer: sry I just always wanted to say that
20:23:43 Nick325: o lol
20:23:45 Slammer: :
20:23:45 Slammer: I don't have one
20:23:47 Slammer: :P
20:23:53 Slammer: but's it fun to say it
20:23:56 Slammer: hit me up on myspace
20:23:59 Slammer: Lol lol lol
20:24:06 Slammer: do you have one/
20:24:07 Slammer: ?
20:24:13 Nick325: idk maybe
20:24:21 Slammer: LOL
20:24:31 Slammer: you don't know?
20:24:36 Slammer: JK JK
20:24:44 Slammer: I'm not into myspace anyways :P
20:24:47 Nick325: nope
20:26:24 Nick325: slammmer wheer u live
20:26:25 Slammer: so what's new?
20:26:28 Slammer: FL
20:26:37 Nick325: o cool
20:26:38 Nick325: nmu
20:27:16 Slammer: btw dude don't worry I was just kidding about the myspace :P I don't care if you have one
20:27:36 Slammer: :P
20:27:36 Slammer: and even if you did I wouldn't wanna see it
20:27:42 Slammer: LOL
20:27:55 Nick325: i wouldnt lie if i have one
20:28:04 Slammer: LOL
20:28:06 Nick325: idc i think there gay but i have em cause my friend do
20:28:25 Slammer: sure....
20:28:28 Slammer: :O
20:28:35 Nick325: :|
20:28:36 Slammer: so whats you been playing?
20:29:08 Nick325: stuff
20:29:16 Slammer: ......
20:29:58 Nick325: .....
20:30:12 Nick325: dans back
20:30:16 shredmandan: whats your myspace slammer? post it on here
20:30:18 shredmandan: yep
20:30:55 Nick325: i dont think he has one unless hes just saying that 8)
20:30:56 Slammer: LOL
20:31:02 Slammer: I don't have one ofcourse
20:31:11 Slammer: I don't have enough Friends :(
20:31:48 shredmandan: oh lol i was interested to see it.I have one but never use it,dont see the point .guess i dont have any friends either lol
20:32:25 Slammer: LOL
20:32:31 Nick325: r any of u good at sweeping cuase i have a question
20:32:38 Slammer: I'm bad
20:32:42 Slammer: but dan is Great
20:32:47 shredmandan: lol
20:32:58 shredmandan: you have heard my sweeping before right ?
20:33:04 Nick325: nope
20:33:41 shredmandan: i had it posted on here but erased it my mistake.I am at a very beginner level but understand the concept well.what your question
20:34:00 Nick325: well its a concept part
20:34:14 shredmandan: explain
20:34:47 shredmandan: 5
20:34:48 shredmandan: 4
20:34:49 shredmandan: 2
20:34:49 shredmandan: 3
20:34:51 shredmandan: 1
20:34:55 shredmandan: lo
20:35:01 shredmandan: lol
20:35:17 Nick325: for muting do u mute each string after u play it so theres no sound or u just dampen them with ur palm
20:36:19 shredmandan: yes you want to basically Stop each string you just played so they are not played together.The whole point of sweep is one note rings and then another one starts.
20:36:51 Nick325: but doesnt it kind of do that when u dampen them
20:38:24 shredmandan: this is the difference between strumming down and sweeping down.You see how when you strum they all ring together?You must do the opposite in sweep.And dampen is ok but a better word i think is kill lol.You want that last note dead silent as soon as you move on to the next.Thats were the sweep sound copmes from
20:38:44 shredmandan: Its a very hard technique dude ,my opinion the hardest of all on the guitar
20:39:07 shredmandan: im going to look and see if my sweeps are stil on the computer one sec.
20:39:14 Nick325: k
20:39:39 Slammer: sry
20:39:57 Slammer: PC
20:39:57 Slammer: buruning a CD right now
20:40:02 Slammer: s runniong a bit slow
20:40:13 Slammer: damn
20:40:22 Slammer: can upre streight
20:40:27 Slammer: Type*
20:40:33 Slammer: Can't
20:40:40 Slammer: Straight*
20:42:10 shredmandan: hell no there long gone.You see i was in gmc control panel and it said attachments and i figured well hell ican remove them now since i already posted them and what it did was take all the audio out of my posts lol
20:42:35 Nick325: o
20:43:50 Nick325: i uploaded my sweeps the other day
20:44:08 Nick325: maybe check em out and see if im doing it the right way or should do i the other way
20:44:56 Nick325:
20:45:00 Nick325: post # 11
20:45:01 shredmandan: my advice nick you probably wouldnt like but ,i think you have been playing for some 2 years or so.I would work on the other techniques and master them before i tryed to master sweep.I;ve got 11 years in now and i still am just going over the other stuff because i dont wan to continue sweep and get sloppy or bad habits.I can sweep 5 string sweeps much easier than 5 they just sound cleaner and more like sweeps.I can do the 3 string as well but im not satisfied with it and want to improve in other are's before i take it farther
20:45:19 Slammer: sound Advice
20:45:32 Slammer: is a great store for Stereos
20:45:55 Nick325: well i dont just practice that all day everyday i practice it a little and slowly building up my bpm
20:46:00 Nick325: im practicing other thing
20:46:03 Nick325: 's
20:46:32 Slammer: you should learn how to play Mary had a Little Lamb
20:46:46 shredmandan: thats good,like pavel said it took him years to get sweeping at were he is at now,and he spent several hours a day doing it
20:47:01 shredmandan: somewhere over the ranbow
20:47:15 shredmandan: i could make a killer metal solo out of that lol
20:47:43 Nick325: k
20:48:30 Slammer: (here is my Rap version) Somewhere over da rainbow, my b***** and my H*'s fly
20:48:44 Slammer: LMAO
20:48:46 Slammer: sorry
20:48:48 Slammer: :P
20:49:01 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk j
20:49:06 Slammer: Don't be hating
20:49:07 Slammer: :(
20:49:12 Nick325: 8)
20:50:05 Slammer: *slap*
20:50:08 Slammer: Dan
20:50:20 shredmandan: back
20:50:23 shredmandan: lol
20:51:19 Nick325: :(
20:51:27 Slammer: why the :( ?
20:51:36 Nick325: idk
20:51:40 Slammer: dude
20:51:43 Nick325: lol
20:52:07 Slammer: go back and reply to that thread and say COME ON IN PPL
20:52:28 Nick325: im not :( bout that
20:52:52 Slammer: ??
20:52:55 Slammer: what?
20:53:12 Nick325: idk
20:53:14 shredmandan: it's really upto you Nick.If you think your ready to learn sweep go for.Just understand it's a skill that takes forever to learn and cant be picked up in a day or week or even month
20:53:20 Nick325: *slap*
20:53:23 shredmandan: lol
20:53:34 Nick325: i no that dan
20:54:53 shredmandan: 11 years here and i cant completly do everything on sweep.I havent put the work in though so i know its my own fault.I just want to improve in other area;s before i work on it again.Also need the time to practice in the first place
20:55:37 Nick325: ya so just becuase u been playing for 11 years doesnt mean u been practicing sweeping for 11 years
20:56:11 shredmandan: exactly i didnt even know what sweeping was till i had played for atleast 5 years.Metallica never sweeped lol
20:56:12 The Uncreator: What up all
20:56:18 shredmandan: hey man
20:56:21 Nick325: sup
20:56:31 The Uncreator: JUST got off work
20:56:35 The Uncreator: i want to die now
20:56:54 shredmandan: figured it would be at work not once you got off
20:57:02 Slammer: hey Uncreator
20:57:09 The Uncreator: hey slammer
20:57:20 The Uncreator: nice stalker you got there as an avatar
20:57:20 Slammer: long time no chat
20:57:22 Slammer: :P
20:57:32 The Uncreator: or a Unabomber
20:57:41 Slammer: were the Florida boys :)
20:57:47 The Uncreator: Yeah :D
20:57:56 Slammer: dude you hear about Felix?
20:58:00 Slammer: the Hurricane
20:58:06 The Uncreator: yeah
20:58:08 Slammer: man
20:58:13 Slammer: it seams like every week
20:58:14 The Uncreator: thats like the 6th names one so far
20:58:26 The Uncreator: Hurricanes HATE Florida
20:58:30 Slammer: I'm glad there missing us....
20:58:36 The Uncreator: yeah me too
20:58:37 Slammer: but one of these days
20:58:38 Slammer: :(
20:58:42 Slammer: LOL
20:58:44 The Uncreator: unfortunately
20:58:46 Nick325: yeah 8)
20:59:11 Slammer: so something we've all been wondering
20:59:29 Slammer: How has your Life Changed since you became a Senoir Member
20:59:30 Slammer: ?
20:59:34 The Uncreator: ill brb, gonna buy something off amazin real quick
20:59:39 Slammer: LOl
20:59:44 Slammer: answer my Question
20:59:46 Slammer: :PO
20:59:48 Slammer: :P
21:00:01 Slammer: Hey!!
21:00:04 The Uncreator: Has my life changed?
21:00:07 The Uncreator: well.....
21:00:07 Slammer: Amazin I love it
21:00:16 Nick325: wat u buying
21:00:17 shredmandan: i never liked amazon.I could buy stuff on ebay and sell it amazon higher because people on amazon always pay more lol
21:00:25 Slammer: :P
21:00:35 The Uncreator: Im buiying the new Nightwish single, and preodrering teh CD
21:00:42 Slammer: do u get more chicks now?
21:00:46 The Uncreator: Oh yeah
21:00:47 shredmandan: oh not a bid difference then
21:01:01 The Uncreator: i get 1000 chicks a day.....
21:01:04 Slammer: dude
21:01:05 The Uncreator: ...not really :(
21:01:17 Slammer: your a Senoir Member
21:01:25 Slammer: the Ladies love the Senior Member
21:01:28 Slammer: :P
21:01:37 The Uncreator: Slammer is the closest person i know in florida who knows of GMC
21:01:47 Slammer: LMAO
21:01:52 Slammer: dude
21:01:57 Slammer: you should tell ppl
21:02:05 Slammer: you save $10 a month
21:02:31 The Uncreator: it buys me lunch at work
21:02:41 Slammer: well...
21:02:45 Slammer: one lunch right
21:02:49 The Uncreator: yeah lol
21:03:04 Slammer: he works at a Fish joint
21:03:09 Slammer: I remember
21:03:09 Nick325: isnt it free when ur a senior member
21:03:17 The Uncreator: Yes it is NIck
21:03:21 Slammer: :P
21:03:26 The Uncreator: yeah my 'fish joint' sucks
21:03:34 Slammer: :)
21:03:36 Slammer: :(
21:03:39 Slammer: thats never fun
21:03:48 The Uncreator: its work and i get paid, so i saty
21:04:21 Slammer: dude have you ever thought of working at like a Sam Ash?
21:04:24 Slammer: or something?
21:04:34 The Uncreator: Closest one is to far for me to go to everyday
21:04:35 Slammer: guitar center
21:04:56 The Uncreator: But there is a local music store that might hire to help the guitar tech out with installing pikcups and stuff like that
21:05:01 Nick325: i wanna work at my gutiar center
21:05:02 Slammer: brb
21:05:07 Nick325: its take like 5 mins to get there
21:05:14 The Uncreator: Awesome
21:05:22 The Uncreator: that would be a fun job
21:05:26 Nick325: ya
21:05:42 Nick325: unless i get put in the drum section
21:05:45 Nick325: :P
21:05:49 The Uncreator: "hey Kick...Go test every guitar now!!!!"
21:05:53 The Uncreator: nik*
21:05:56 The Uncreator: nick*
21:05:59 The Uncreator: i cant spell...
21:06:02 Nick325: lol
21:06:13 Nick325: i havent seen a jem there
21:06:16 The Uncreator: And take home this $5000 ibanez!!!
21:06:18 Nick325: :(
21:06:37 Nick325: and if i work there long enough everything id 1/2 off
21:06:47 The Uncreator: now THATS awesome
21:07:03 Nick325: i hope or i think lol
21:07:32 Slammer: I don't think
21:07:34 Slammer: LOL
21:07:41 The Uncreator: The guys at sam ash sold me my Washburn Dime Signature V For only $300 because of a VERY Small crack, list price is $650
21:07:52 Nick325: damnn
21:07:57 Slammer: not even the Manager can get half off
21:08:01 Slammer: :P
21:08:04 Slammer: well
21:08:07 Slammer: he could
21:08:21 Slammer: but it's prob. against the Rules :P
21:08:29 The Uncreator: I could 100% off if i could out run EVERY employee in Sam Ash
21:08:36 Slammer: yes
21:08:44 Nick325: lol
21:08:46 The Uncreator: thats unlikely though
21:08:50 Slammer: win the lotto and Buy your own Sam Ash!
21:08:53 The Uncreator: id have to run 50 miles home
21:09:02 Slammer: dude
21:09:08 Slammer: you ever play the Fl lotto?
21:09:20 The Uncreator: and won? lost?,,,,Yes
21:09:24 Slammer: LMAO
21:09:26 Slammer: dude
21:09:43 Slammer: I blew all my money on Lotto :( It's fixed I tell ya!
21:09:52 The Uncreator: probably
21:09:59 The Uncreator: your mor elikely to get by lightning
21:10:05 The Uncreator: hit by*
21:10:06 Nick325: uncreator what ibanez u got
21:10:12 The Uncreator: RG350MDX
21:10:13 Slammer: twice!
21:10:20 The Uncreator: I reviewed it
21:10:28 The Uncreator: its in the gear reviews somewhere
21:10:34 Nick325: ya i saw it
21:10:46 The Uncreator: I love it so much!! :) : ) :)
21:11:20 Nick325: but i was asking it cause i thought it was the 350dx but it had a rosewood neck but the 250mdx i saw was black and maple and urs is white and maple so i was confused
21:11:45 The Uncreator: 350DX and the 350MDX Are the same, except paint
21:11:51 Nick325: yeah
21:11:56 Nick325: and the 350ex is nice to
21:12:04 The Uncreator: Yeah it is.
21:12:08 The Uncreator: any Ibanez is Nice
21:12:12 Nick325: same typ
21:12:25 The Uncreator: the 350EX is part of the anniversary series i think
21:12:39 Nick325: o
21:12:49 The Uncreator: well, not all of them
21:13:02 The Uncreator: but i think there is an anniversary 350EX out
21:13:46 Slammer: aby Ibanez is nice? I think that's just a little Bias :P
21:13:50 Nick325: how old r u
21:14:15 The Uncreator: wait, Hold on, the 350EX is the Black/ Silver version of the 350DX
21:14:15 Slammer: any*
21:14:20 The Uncreator: Im 18 pretty soon
21:14:21 Nick325: yeah
21:15:01 Slammer: I'm 18 last May :(
21:15:11 The Uncreator: why is that bad?
21:15:25 Slammer: LOL
21:15:44 Slammer: I wish I was younger again :( I had more time to play guitar
21:15:52 The Uncreator: lol i see now
21:15:53 Nick325: like me im 14
21:16:19 The Uncreator: i got collecge next year so im gonna be packed with no time
21:16:30 The Uncreator: plus my job
21:16:32 The Uncreator: school
21:16:34 Nick325: u no where ur going to college
21:16:35 The Uncreator: yeah i miss summer
21:16:53 The Uncreator: Not Where yet, i need to decide which college has the best Music Prgram
21:17:01 Nick325: o
21:17:11 Nick325: whcih r u deciding between
21:17:14 Slammer: really what you taking? Chemical Engineering
21:17:36 The Uncreator: Chemical Engeneeriing lol
21:17:38 The Uncreator: NEVER
21:17:50 Slammer: LMAO
21:17:57 The Uncreator: that involves math
21:18:04 The Uncreator: and im mathmatically retarded
21:18:31 The Uncreator: and i have to take Physics Honors this year! :(
21:19:06 The Uncreator: too much math involved
21:19:11 Slammer: so what does X equal ??
21:19:18 The Uncreator: Thast Vague
21:19:22 The Uncreator: and mean
21:19:24 The Uncreator: :(
21:19:39 The Uncreator: X Can kiss my ass
21:19:46 The Uncreator: i hate him
21:19:52 The Uncreator: he just isnt cool
21:20:19 The Uncreator: GMC owns.
21:20:47 Slammer: LOL
21:21:08 The Uncreator: wanna hear a funny story?
21:21:25 Slammer: Si Si
21:22:09 The Uncreator: Ok so im at work....and thre is a baby across the diner making faces at me, and he is doing it for like 2 hours, so finnaly i make the meanest, nastiest face i can at him
21:22:14 The Uncreator: ...and he cries lol
21:22:23 Nick325: lol lmao
21:22:32 The Uncreator: i made a babay cry lol
21:22:42 Nick325: meanie
21:22:43 Nick325: lol jk
21:22:56 The Uncreator: that littel devil made some pretty wicked faces at me
21:23:04 The Uncreator: another baby almost killed me today
21:23:18 Nick325: how
21:23:37 The Uncreator: throwing fists at me when i walked through a door, he freaked me out
21:23:46 The Uncreator: i almost kicked him
21:23:48 The Uncreator: lol
21:23:53 The Uncreator: not really
21:23:59 The Uncreator: but he did scare me
21:24:18 Nick325: y not
21:24:33 The Uncreator: i would probably have been charged with murder
21:24:52 The Uncreator: or sever disfigurment of a baby
21:25:12 Slammer: So dude, How many hot chicks do you see at your work every day?
21:25:16 The Uncreator: ALOT
21:25:22 The Uncreator: I take notice
21:25:25 The Uncreator: lol
21:25:29 The Uncreator: *whip*
21:26:00 Nick325: *meow*
21:26:06 The Uncreator: lol oh yeah!
21:26:29 The Uncreator: me and my friends Dan and Scott like to mess around with them while there eating lol
21:26:41 Nick325: lol
21:27:06 The Uncreator: walk over and be like "...So hey Babay.....Like the mayonaiises stained shirt i got on....yeah i know im sexy...Yep"
21:27:16 Nick325: lol
21:27:17 The Uncreator: there rections are funny
21:27:23 Nick325: where u work
21:27:31 The Uncreator: Restaraunt
21:27:35 Nick325: cool
21:27:42 The Uncreator: not really lol
21:27:52 Nick325: well the babes part
21:28:00 Nick325: ;)
21:28:00 The Uncreator: ever seen the movie "Waiting"
21:28:05 Nick325: n
21:28:06 Nick325: o
21:28:29 The Uncreator: if you see that, thats and EXACT Replica of how my work is
21:28:36 Nick325: o
21:28:44 The Uncreator: funny ass movie
21:28:58 Slammer: LMAO
21:29:08 The Uncreator: have you seen it?
21:29:35 Slammer: oh man. this is running so slow
21:29:48 Slammer: I can't even see what I'm writing
21:29:59 The Uncreator: that sucks
21:30:05 The Uncreator: hit your computer
21:30:14 Slammer: there because I'm running another program aso sorry if worsds come out Blurredd I' can;t even see :(
21:30:27 The Uncreator: Yeah alright
21:30:41 The Uncreator: i cant see when i take my glasses off....
21:30:57 The Uncreator: everything becomes like a jason pollack painitng
21:31:36 Slammer: LOL
21:31:46 The Uncreator: So what lessons you guys practicing lately?
21:32:31 The Uncreator: I've been doing Gabriel's Power Metal Rhythm Lesson and Pavels Rhapsody Of Fire Rhythm Lesson.
21:32:43 Slammer: I wish I could :(
21:32:48 The Uncreator: Practice
21:32:56 The Uncreator: And it shall Come!
21:33:33 Nick325: a bunch of different lessons
21:34:03 Slammer: hey Dude has school already strarted in Tampa? Cuz in dade County it started on the 20th of august
21:34:03 The Uncreator: Ive also been doing Juans 8 finger tpping one 2 hours everyday
21:34:13 The Uncreator: mine started the 21st
21:34:29 Nick325: i start the 5th of september
21:34:38 The Uncreator: this week....
21:34:41 The Uncreator: im sorry
21:34:42 Nick325: yeo
21:35:10 Slammer: cuz when my Bro used to live in Tampa he was starting College in August
21:35:58 Slammer: Oh yeah now I see what you wrotre NVM
21:36:31 Slammer: Damn... there is like a 2 mintue Delay between posts on chat
21:36:32 Slammer: I'm using a Vid converter
21:36:32 Slammer: damn
21:36:32 Slammer: :(
21:36:44 The Uncreator: Hey Megadeth is gonna be in florida next month, you should ee if there coming near you
21:37:03 Slammer: to Convert Avi to Mpg
21:37:13 The Uncreator: Ah i see.
21:37:19 Slammer: not Fun
21:37:24 The Uncreator: probabaly not
21:37:54 The Uncreator: Im listening to Hammerfall, so i have a +10 to all stats :)
21:37:59 Slammer: cuz it slows down my PC
21:38:54 The Uncreator: Man, i cant wait till rommorrow
21:39:04 The Uncreator: my only day off this week
21:39:05 Nick325: y
21:39:11 Nick325: o
21:39:19 Slammer: like Molasses on a umid day in FL
21:39:20 Slammer: :P
21:39:27 The Uncreator: im gonna sleep in and shred all day!
21:39:41 Nick325: nice
21:39:54 The Uncreator: then do homework :(
21:40:07 Nick325: :(
21:40:19 The Uncreator: Hey, 3 Chapters of Physics
21:40:20 Nick325: hey gustavo
21:40:23 The Uncreator: hey Gustavo
21:40:25 The Uncreator: welcome
21:40:28 Gustavo: wassup ppl :D
21:40:37 The Uncreator: Nothin much
21:40:38 Nick325: jammin u
21:40:48 Gustavo: listening megadth XD
21:40:49 The Uncreator: headbaning to After Forever
21:41:18 The Uncreator: atlast were all rockin out in way or another
21:41:33 Gustavo: XD
21:41:51 Nick325: yep
21:42:42 The Uncreator: Man, i just realized that my Cat is freaking out over a fly in my room. this is funnier that watching a blind man run from a lion
21:42:55 Nick325: lol
21:43:00 Gustavo: lol
21:43:11 The Uncreator: Ha, He just ate it
21:43:16 The Uncreator: that cant be good....
21:43:19 Gustavo: LMAO!
21:43:48 Gustavo: how many years has the cat?
21:43:52 Slammer: ok guys I'm gonna check out for right now, thias is too slow prob. be back in 20 minutes or so if you guys are still here great... if not Nice talking to ya take care
21:44:02 The Uncreator: alright cya then
21:44:31 The Uncreator: so anyone seen any cool guitar vids lately?
21:44:53 Nick325: ya gmc lessons :P
21:44:59 The Uncreator: lol gouche
21:45:04 The Uncreator: touche*
21:45:25 The Uncreator: ive been wathcing alot of Bob Zabek vids
21:45:53 The Uncreator: makes me jealous
21:46:58 The Uncreator: alright guys its almost 10 pm here, i gotta finish up a surreal project for my Drawing II class, so ill cya guys tomoorow on the forums or maybe here
21:47:10 Nick325: k cya dude
21:47:20 The Uncreator: Keep Shreddin'!!!! and Practice Practice Practice!!!
21:47:48 Nick325: where u from gustavo
21:49:30 Gustavo: argentina XD
21:49:35 Nick325: like gaberiel
21:49:37 Gustavo: and u?
21:49:42 Gustavo: yes
21:49:52 Nick325: cool i have a friend whos argentinian (Sry)
21:49:54 Nick325: usa
21:51:56 Nick325: gtg be back
21:52:07 Nick325: cya
22:04:54 Ayen: Hi
22:05:08 Slammer: hey
22:05:09 Slammer: sup
22:05:32 Ayen: trying to find a tab, you?
22:05:42 Slammer: trying to Burn a DVD
22:05:58 Slammer: Lighter won't light :{
22:06:01 Slammer: LOL
22:07:34 Slammer: which tab you looking for
22:07:35 Slammer: ?
22:07:39 Ayen: sorry was afk
22:07:45 Ayen: between heaven and hell by firewind
22:07:53 Ayen: haha, what DVD?
22:08:20 Slammer: my Dad's copy of the Bourne Identity
22:08:25 Ayen: ah
22:08:30 Slammer: which he bought!
22:08:33 Ayen: entire trilogy is great
22:08:34 Slammer: :)
22:08:50 Ayen: you should go see the Bourne Ultimatum, really good movie
22:08:55 Slammer: yeah
22:09:00 Slammer: never saw the Second one
22:09:10 Slammer: LOL
22:09:12 Slammer: WB
22:09:16 Ayen: Woops!
22:09:18 Ayen: haha thanks
22:09:24 Slammer: dude what did you think of 300?
22:09:39 Ayen: loved it, but only for the gore and fighting
22:09:42 Ayen: wasnt much of a movie
22:10:03 Slammer: and the chicks
22:10:05 Slammer: :P
22:10:12 Ayen: especially the chicks haha
22:10:19 Ayen: too bad they
22:10:20 Ayen: uh
22:10:25 Ayen: shouldnt really go into detail here
22:10:30 Slammer: yeah, all the Abs made me feel bad
22:10:34 Slammer: :(
22:10:41 Ayen: yeah it was like
22:10:43 Ayen: 300 men
22:10:48 Slammer: girl
22:10:52 Ayen: 1800 abs
22:11:13 Ayen: made me wanna go bench press a horse
22:11:22 Ayen: and i realized i max out at like 50
22:11:31 Slammer: yeah
22:12:44 Slammer: dude what about Batman Begins?
22:12:49 Ayen: never saw it
22:12:57 Slammer: great IMO
22:12:58 Ayen: used to love superheroes as a kid but never watched movie adaptations
22:13:43 Slammer: but christian Bale is a Good actor on it
22:13:47 Slammer: good job
22:13:49 Slammer: as Batman
22:13:53 Slammer: IMo
22:13:56 Ayen: ill check it out sometime
22:13:59 Slammer: although Superman sucked
22:14:02 Slammer: :(
22:14:11 Ayen: im heading to an FYE tomorrow with a good friend, ill pick up batman
22:14:15 Slammer: LOL
22:14:20 Slammer: or you could rent it
22:14:39 Slammer: but, do you buy every movie you watch?
22:16:00 Slammer: *slap*
22:16:34 Slammer: LOL
22:16:36 Ayen: not used to this thing haha
22:16:42 Ayen: nah i rarely do
22:16:58 Ayen: hey dan
22:17:00 Slammer: Dan is back
22:17:01 Ayen: sorry about last night
22:17:07 Slammer: where did you go
22:17:09 Slammer: :O
22:17:11 shredmandan: hey man no prob
22:17:15 Slammer: LMAO
22:17:22 Ayen: sounds really odd haha
22:17:24 Slammer: as a Spectator
22:17:32 Slammer: LMAO
22:17:42 Slammer: hey dan.... Sorry about last night
22:17:45 Slammer: :P
22:17:47 shredmandan: lol
22:17:47 Slammer: LMAO
22:17:58 shredmandan: when u winked at me
22:18:05 Ayen: that was special.
22:18:06 Slammer: I didn't see nothing or hear nothing
22:18:33 Slammer: :P
22:20:19 shredmandan: so what are u into playing ayen
22:21:26 Ayen: it depends on my mood
22:21:40 Ayen: sometimes i go from zeppelin to trivium in a minute
22:21:58 shredmandan: cool love trivum riffs
22:22:02 Ayen: yeah
22:22:05 Ayen: how bout you guys?
22:22:28 Slammer: I play Bluegrass
22:22:40 Slammer: like on a Banjo
22:22:46 Ayen: always fun
22:22:46 shredmandan: Some Pantera ,Megadeth ect solo's shred stuff like that
22:22:56 Ayen: hmm
22:23:10 Ayen: have you seen a tab of A tout le monde from the United abominations album?
22:23:17 Slammer: and sometimes I get to play on a Acoustic guitar!!
22:23:22 Ayen: i can only find the old one, cant figure out the damn solo
22:23:23 Slammer: only if I've been good
22:23:41 shredmandan: i thought that song was from youthanasia
22:23:48 Ayen: yeah it is, but they redid it
22:23:55 Ayen: and added a bit to the solo that nobody seems to tab out
22:23:59 shredmandan: havent seen the new one
22:24:13 Ayen: darn
22:24:32 Ayen: thanks anyway
22:27:21 Slammer: LOL
22:27:26 Slammer: where did he go?
22:27:32 Ayen: no clue
22:28:05 Slammer: so have you seen superbad?
22:28:32 Slammer: *meow*
22:28:54 Ayen: nah
22:28:58 Ayen: wanted to, looked really cool
22:29:27 Slammer: you a Mets fan?
22:29:37 Slammer: LOL
22:29:39 Slammer: *slap*
22:29:42 Slammer: LOL
22:30:29 Ayen: sorry, watching video
22:30:38 Ayen: nah dont follow sports, so i cant really say
22:30:44 Ayen: but if i was, yankees
22:32:55 Victafor: *slap* *meow* *whip*
22:33:01 Ayen: hi
22:33:01 Slammer: dude
22:33:03 Slammer: LOL
22:33:06 Victafor: lol
22:33:12 Ayen: damn, found the price of a guitar i wanted to get :(
22:33:13 Slammer: vic is from NY too right?
22:33:22 Victafor: im sorry did i wake you up?
22:33:29 Victafor: no im from massachustts
22:33:32 Slammer: close
22:33:36 Slammer: :P
22:33:42 Slammer: Red Sox?
22:33:45 Victafor: yea
22:33:51 Slammer: of course
22:33:54 Victafor: but i dont really watch baseball
22:34:26 Slammer: everyone in Mass is a Red sox fan By Default even if they don't watch baseball
22:34:31 Slammer: LOL
22:35:10 Victafor: lol
22:35:11 Victafor: yep
22:35:21 Victafor: im gonna buy the ibanez jem v7u
22:35:23 Victafor: v7*
22:35:37 Slammer: dude
22:35:42 Slammer: Pricey
22:35:45 Victafor: yes?
22:35:48 Victafor: a littl
22:35:54 Slammer: a littl?
22:35:56 Slammer: LOL
22:35:59 Victafor: i make 1000 for every contract i get my dad
22:36:02 Slammer: well, if you can
22:36:07 Slammer: dude
22:36:10 Slammer: LOL
22:36:15 Slammer: 1000
22:36:17 Slammer: :O
22:36:19 Victafor: yes
22:36:20 Victafor: lol
22:36:25 Slammer: you could buy a LP
22:36:32 Victafor: yep
22:36:36 Slammer: what kinda guitar you have now?
22:36:51 Victafor: fender stratocaster
22:36:53 Victafor: black
22:37:08 Slammer: dude you like it?
22:37:15 Victafor: its good
22:37:23 Victafor: id rather an ibanez
22:37:27 Slammer: LOL
22:37:29 Victafor: i have nothing to compare it too
22:37:32 Victafor: its my first guitar
22:37:54 Slammer: so, Dropping $1,500 on a American Strat isn't a big deal to you huih?
22:37:57 Slammer: LOL
22:37:58 Slammer: :P
22:38:18 Slammer: you should see the eric Clapton Strat
22:38:39 Slammer: or the John Mayer Strat too
22:38:46 Slammer: I heard they're Great
22:38:56 Slammer: Instrements
22:39:34 Ayen: i have to stop forgetting im on this chat
22:39:48 Ayen: i want this signature guitar from ESP
22:39:50 Ayen: but its 3k plus
22:40:07 Slammer: 3 contracts right?
22:40:08 Slammer: :P
22:40:21 Slammer: *slap*
22:40:41 Slammer: don't worry I'll keep reminding you
22:40:42 Slammer: :P
22:40:46 Ayen: fraid i dont understand that..
22:41:29 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:42:01 Victafor: lol
22:42:07 Victafor: yea 3 contracts
22:42:10 Victafor: sorry i was in the bathroom
22:43:01 Slammer: dude, I'm not gonna ask cuz it's not polite. But this is Bugging me to death wondering what the heck Contracts you're talking about, but it's none of my buiness
22:43:02 Slammer: LOL
22:43:19 Slammer: *slap*
22:43:22 Slammer: *whip*
22:43:24 Slammer: *meow*
22:43:27 Slammer: trifecta
22:43:30 Slammer: :P
22:43:37 Victafor: o
22:43:38 Victafor: lol
22:43:45 Victafor: my dad owns a business
22:43:50 Victafor: a construction business
22:43:55 Slammer: oh LMAO
22:43:57 Slammer: ok
22:43:58 Victafor: so i get him jobs (contracts)
22:44:02 Slammer: oh
22:44:03 Victafor: lol
22:44:10 Victafor: and he makes money
22:44:13 Victafor: and so do i :)
22:44:15 Slammer: I thought you were a talent Agent or something
22:44:21 Victafor: 008
22:44:28 Slammer: or a Sports Agent
22:44:33 Victafor: lol nope
22:44:41 Slammer: sign the Big Contracts
22:44:45 Slammer: LOL
22:44:51 Slammer: 3 year 30 million
22:44:56 Ayen: im gunna go watch a movie with some friends, later guys
22:45:00 Slammer: for a Baseball player
22:45:02 Slammer: ok ayen
22:45:03 Victafor: lol
22:45:06 Victafor: bye ayen
22:45:07 Slammer: have fun
22:45:10 Ayen: will do
22:45:11 Slammer: bye
22:45:15 Slammer: dude
22:45:17 Slammer: lol
22:45:20 Victafor: ha
22:45:29 Slammer: so you are part of your dad's buiness?
22:45:32 Victafor: yep
22:45:38 Slammer: that's cool
22:45:46 Victafor: yes!
22:46:03 Slammer: so when you get out of School are you gonna work full time with him?
22:46:21 Victafor: im gonna be an architect and get 50k+ a contract
22:46:35 Slammer: :P
22:46:39 Slammer: damn
22:46:41 Victafor: lol
22:46:46 Slammer: you gonna go to college
22:46:48 Slammer: ?
22:46:49 Victafor: yea
22:47:00 Slammer: I can be your Best Friend :)
22:47:02 Slammer: LMAO
22:47:06 Slammer: Lol lol lol lol lol
22:47:09 Slammer: :P
22:47:10 Victafor: lol
22:47:10 Victafor: yes indeed
22:47:11 Slammer: JK JK JK
22:47:19 Slammer: hey dude lets hangout ;)
22:47:21 Slammer: LOL
22:47:25 Slammer: anyways
22:47:36 Slammer: so when are you gonna get your Jem?
22:47:38 Victafor: lol
22:47:46 Victafor: im hopeing before december
22:48:05 Victafor: cause my dad is very busy right now
22:48:10 Victafor: hes building our new house
22:48:21 Slammer: like Bob the Builder
22:48:24 Victafor: lol
22:48:25 Victafor: yes
22:48:35 Victafor: dont mistake my family for rich ppl
22:48:41 Victafor: we are far away from that
22:48:42 Slammer: :P
22:48:47 Slammer: yeah I know
22:48:57 Slammer: I was just joking with you btw
22:49:02 Victafor: i know
22:49:03 Victafor: lol
22:49:07 Victafor: how old r u
22:49:10 Slammer: 18
22:49:13 Victafor: jeez
22:49:21 Victafor: an 18 yr old hangin out with a 14 year old
22:49:26 Slammer: LMAO
22:49:31 Slammer: I didn't know till now
22:49:32 Victafor: roflmfao
22:49:37 Slammer: goodbye
22:49:44 Victafor: XD
22:49:45 Slammer: LMAO
22:49:47 Slammer: jk jk
22:49:51 Victafor: dude
22:49:54 Victafor: did you know how old i was?
22:49:58 Slammer: no
22:50:04 Victafor: how old did i seem
22:51:06 Victafor: *whip*
22:52:13 Victafor: u actually left lool
22:52:24 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:52:25 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:52:26 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:52:28 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:52:29 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:52:31 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:52:32 Victafor: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:53:27 Slammer: LOL
22:53:30 Slammer: sorry
22:53:34 Slammer: i was in the other rrom
22:53:37 Slammer: room
22:53:45 Victafor: lol
22:53:49 Victafor: how old did u think i was
22:53:57 Slammer: I thought you were like 15-16
22:54:01 Victafor: k
22:54:03 Victafor: kool
22:54:12 Slammer: but now I know you're a kid
22:54:14 Slammer: :P
22:54:16 Slammer: JK JK
22:54:22 Victafor: ha
22:54:28 Slammer: all my best pals are 14
22:54:37 Victafor: coool
22:54:38 Slammer: sad isn't it
22:54:42 Victafor: lol yep
22:54:42 Slammer: no offence
22:54:45 Victafor: u goin to college?
22:54:51 Slammer: yeah...
22:54:57 Victafor: sweet
22:55:00 Slammer: u?
22:55:06 Victafor: i answered that already lol
22:55:10 Victafor: but yeah
22:55:12 Slammer: o yeah
22:55:13 Slammer: :P
22:55:15 Slammer: :)
22:55:18 Victafor: what you gonna major
22:55:38 Slammer: the D chord
22:55:44 Victafor: :D
22:55:48 Slammer: LMAO
22:55:53 Slammer: I'm gonna Major
22:55:55 Slammer: :(
22:55:57 Slammer: IDK
22:55:59 Slammer: IDK
22:56:00 Slammer: IDK
22:56:01 Slammer: :(
22:56:11 Slammer: maybe I'll ask my 14 year old pals
22:56:13 Slammer: they
22:56:20 Slammer: will say "CHicks"!!
22:56:23 Victafor: lol
22:56:35 Slammer: LOL
22:56:42 Slammer: sadly it's true
22:56:51 Slammer: se habla espanol?
22:57:14 Victafor: si senor
22:57:23 Slammer: por que?
22:57:48 Slammer: de donde?
22:58:01 Slammer: I though you were from Boston
22:58:02 Slammer: :P
22:58:23 Slammer: *slap*
22:58:38 Slammer: *slap*
22:58:38 Slammer: *slap*
22:58:39 Slammer: *slap*
22:59:15 Slammer: *whip*
22:59:19 Slammer: :(
22:59:23 Slammer: and now I'm alone
22:59:24 Slammer: :(
22:59:25 Slammer: :(
22:59:26 Slammer: :(
22:59:27 Slammer: :(
22:59:30 Slammer: and now I'm alone
22:59:31 Slammer: and now I'm alone
22:59:32 Slammer: :(
22:59:33 Slammer: :(
23:01:15 Slammer: ok then
23:01:20 Slammer: I guess I'll go then
23:01:21 Slammer: bye
23:01:22 Slammer: Cya
23:49:56 shredmandan: Hit the whip if u wanna chat,im looking in other tabs right now till someone gets in here

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