Gutiar Chat 2007-09-03
Sep 13 2007, 08:10 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
00:05:07 shredmandan: hey man
00:05:32 PacmanProductions: hi
00:05:42 PacmanProductions: whats up?
00:06:06 shredmandan: just kicking back and jamming alittle bit what about u?
00:06:37 PacmanProductions: im tryin to play Recuerdos De La Alhambra....i hate the trem
00:06:47 PacmanProductions: so hard
00:07:23 shredmandan: what type of music is that?Havent heard of it
00:07:43 PacmanProductions: its by Tarrega
00:07:50 PacmanProductions: (classical
00:07:52 PacmanProductions: )
00:08:04 shredmandan: ok nice
00:08:35 shredmandan: so where you from
00:08:54 PacmanProductions: Pass Christian MS
00:08:56 PacmanProductions: US
00:09:05 shredmandan: tennessee here
00:09:14 PacmanProductions: nice...
00:09:17 PacmanProductions: what part?
00:09:28 shredmandan: bristol
00:10:43 shredmandan: so do you basically just play classical?What type of guitar do you play on?
00:11:44 PacmanProductions: Nahh, i play rock, classic, metal, whatever. I cant spell it correctly
00:11:50 PacmanProductions: the guitar's name
00:12:02 shredmandan: cool
00:12:26 PacmanProductions: i think its called a requinto
00:12:38 shredmandan: acoustic or electric
00:12:47 PacmanProductions: acoustic
00:12:51 PacmanProductions: nylon string
00:13:21 shredmandan: i would like to have one with nylon for classical.I have a fender strat and a acoustic
00:14:20 PacmanProductions: ahhh. i have a lil ole Greg Bennett Avion, and this requinto
00:14:43 PacmanProductions: and i sometimes play my dad's ramirez....
00:14:54 PacmanProductions: im too scared too tho
00:14:56 PacmanProductions: lol
00:15:02 shredmandan: cool so how old are you?Im 24
00:15:10 PacmanProductions: wow, i feel small.....12
00:15:16 shredmandan: lol
00:15:21 shredmandan: howlong you been playing
00:15:31 PacmanProductions: since Feb 2007
00:15:36 PacmanProductions: not long at all
00:16:37 shredmandan: how is it coming?
00:16:47 PacmanProductions: good, good,
00:18:15 PacmanProductions: so far i can play some jack johnson songs, some classical, Iron Man (solo and all), and a bunch of gabriel's lessons
00:18:24 PacmanProductions: oh and crazy train
00:18:34 PacmanProductions: and a bunch i cant remember
00:18:43 shredmandan: thats pretty good for the time you have been playing
00:18:53 PacmanProductions: those are just my "omg i can play this!" songs
00:18:59 shredmandan: lol
00:19:15 shredmandan: cool
00:19:20 PacmanProductions: almost forgot,
00:19:30 PacmanProductions: stairway to heaven (1st part)
00:19:39 PacmanProductions: finger picked tho
00:19:39 shredmandan: ofcourse
00:19:51 shredmandan: hey rob
00:20:00 RobM: hi
00:20:01 PacmanProductions: Hi
00:20:18 RobM: whats going on in here tonight?
00:20:39 PacmanProductions: nothin much
00:20:51 RobM: what we talking about?
00:21:15 PacmanProductions: general info about others i guess
00:21:23 shredmandan: sorry guys my son came over and smacked the keyboard and logged me out lol
00:21:30 PacmanProductions: lo
00:21:34 PacmanProductions: lol*
00:21:38 RobM: no problem, I know how that can be
00:21:53 shredmandan: so rob how old are u and were u from?Im 24 from tennessee
00:22:04 RobM: 47 from RI
00:22:22 PacmanProductions: lol, now i feel REALLY small now
00:22:31 shredmandan: what are u into playing?I saw your start on your pic
00:22:31 PacmanProductions: 12 from MS
00:22:35 shredmandan: lol
00:22:43 RobM: hehe I always get some kind of reaction when I say that
00:22:56 RobM: I have a son who is 12
00:22:57 shredmandan: dude we should feel old.Most people in here aer 12-19
00:23:33 RobM: nah, you are only old if you feel old
00:23:43 shredmandan: age doesnt really matter to me as we all can relate to music
00:24:07 RobM: true, music has no bounderies
00:24:18 PacmanProductions: exectly
00:24:24 PacmanProductions: oops
00:24:28 PacmanProductions: typo
00:24:37 PacmanProductions: exactly
00:25:15 RobM: I'm getting a new guitar and amp soon, thinking about getting an ibanez 25505e but not totally sold on it
00:25:34 PacmanProductions: nice...
00:25:35 RobM: hehe, 2550e
00:25:41 shredmandan: what type of music u play?
00:25:55 shredmandan: hey jvm
00:25:55 RobM: rock mostly
00:25:59 PacmanProductions: hi
00:26:04 shredmandan: classic or modern?
00:26:05 RobM: hey jvm
00:26:20 JVM: hey 8)
00:26:21 RobM: both but I'm still in learning mode
00:26:48 shredmandan: cool an Ibanez is nice .how much are you planning on spending
00:27:29 RobM: truthfully as much as my wife will let me, but probably $1500 for both the guitar and amp
00:27:40 shredmandan: lol i here that
00:28:05 shredmandan: married myself,well you should consider a les paul as well.Sounds like it would suit you well
00:28:11 RobM: I'm getting a settlement from a pharmacy chain that screwed up a presciption and almost killed me
00:28:26 shredmandan: really wow what exactly did they do?
00:28:31 PacmanProductions: whoa..
00:29:22 RobM: they filled a precription for one medicine as another that I was already taking but i was taking a generic and they gave me the brand name and poisoned me
00:29:54 RobM: so i was taking two of one and not the other that I needed and they really screwed me up
00:30:22 RobM: happened over a year ago now
00:30:31 shredmandan: man well glad your ok.I have to get prescriptions every month so i hope that doesnt happen to me lol
00:30:33 RobM: get this
00:30:37 PacmanProductions: how much are u gettin?
00:31:01 RobM: i was in a mcdonlads last night and the manager flipped out and started throwing food at me
00:31:08 PacmanProductions: why???
00:31:10 PacmanProductions: lol
00:31:12 shredmandan: lol
00:31:24 shredmandan: sue them to get some more gear lol
00:31:36 RobM: because he got the order wrong and I wanted him to make it right
00:31:52 shredmandan: thats insane
00:32:03 PacmanProductions: seriously
00:32:06 RobM: yah, he called my 10 y/o daughter names and everything
00:32:17 RobM: he totally flipped out
00:32:28 PacmanProductions: what did your daughter have to do with it?
00:32:41 RobM: she was the one who originally placed the order
00:32:46 PacmanProductions: ohhh
00:33:12 RobM: he tried to say she told him wrong, but she always order for me, it makes her fell gron up
00:33:28 RobM: hehe now I'm doing typos
00:33:32 JVM: man
00:33:42 JVM: i guess people are out to get you :D
00:33:58 RobM: yah people were yelling at him to stop and everything it was quite a scene
00:34:23 RobM: nah I just have stupid things happene to me every so often, lol
00:34:50 RobM: like shred said, more gera and more things for my house
00:35:11 RobM: he was some Iranin or iraqi guy
00:35:17 PacmanProductions: lol
00:35:17 shredmandan: lol
00:35:47 RobM: yelling, you mutha f'er you muth f'er you go now get out
00:36:04 RobM: I couldn't believe how he just snapped
00:36:18 RobM: no I know how road rage happens
00:36:24 shredmandan: man thats crazy.well i gotta go for a minute be back later
00:36:33 RobM: KK cya man
00:37:02 RobM: kind of dead tonight
00:37:16 PacmanProductions: yeah...JVM hasent said anythign
00:37:16 JVM: a little
00:37:19 JVM: im drifting in and out
00:37:23 PacmanProductions: ahhh
00:37:26 PacmanProductions: i see
00:37:36 JVM: don't think i've seen either of you on the chat before though
00:37:49 PacmanProductions: im kind of new
00:37:50 RobM: not me, never been in chat before
00:37:58 PacmanProductions: likewish
00:38:02 PacmanProductions: likewise
00:38:03 RobM: I been here for a couple of months now
00:38:25 JVM: ah
00:38:31 JVM: i know theres a coulple of robs on the forums
00:38:38 JVM: i've probably seen you around and just didnt know it :p
00:38:41 PacmanProductions: is one month "new"?
00:38:51 JVM: well im only about 3 months in myself
00:38:57 RobM: yah
00:39:00 JVM: but most of whats here has been added since I came
00:39:27 RobM: the site is really starting to look good and get organized
00:39:50 RobM: the search function will be great
00:39:53 JVM: yeah
00:39:54 JVM: thatll be nice
00:39:56 PacmanProductions: yeah
00:40:22 JVM: i hope theres a way to search through gear/album reviews
00:40:31 PacmanProductions: have u tried the demo in the fourms?
00:40:37 JVM: yeah its nice
00:40:44 RobM: I think it will be a toal seach function for everything on the site
00:40:56 JVM: hopefully
00:41:04 JVM: i didnt try to search for albums or gear though
00:41:19 PacmanProductions: ill go and see
00:41:26 PacmanProductions: brb
00:41:43 JVM: he didnt have to leave :p
00:42:03 RobM: yah i thought he could do that from here?
00:43:45 RobM: it does not work for album searches
00:43:47 JVM: lol
00:43:52 JVM: yeah i didnt think so
00:44:03 JVM: you can just search in the album review forum
00:44:06 JVM: but thats not as simple
00:44:09 RobM: I searched for a couple of different ones and it gave me an error
00:44:33 JVM: what kind of music do you like?
00:45:04 RobM: all kinds from old eagles to dream theater to aerosmith to metallica and ozzie
00:45:12 JVM: cool
00:45:22 JVM: im listening to some thin lizzy
00:45:45 PacmanProductions: cant find it...
00:45:46 RobM: I love tham I used to lsiten to them when they were actually a living group, hah
00:45:51 JVM: lol
00:45:54 JVM: yeah I love them
00:45:59 JVM: phil was such a great singer/bassist
00:46:04 RobM: I been around awhilke I
00:46:31 RobM: I've seen a lot of groups with original band members who are now dead, lol
00:46:37 JVM: lol
00:46:43 PacmanProductions: lol
00:47:16 RobM: they made what? two albums, right?
00:47:22 JVM: lizzy?
00:47:26 RobM: yah
00:47:31 JVM: no at least 5-6
00:47:40 JVM: lots of great stuff
00:47:51 RobM: hmm I thought it was less
00:48:03 JVM: nope, thats probably being conservative
00:50:58 RobM: I just checked they made 6 albums
00:51:13 JVM: there we go
00:51:21 JVM: 2-3 of which are really good
00:51:28 JVM: the others you may just have not heard about
00:52:01 RobM: yah boys are back in town and live and angerous were the best two
00:52:20 JVM: and some of gary moore's solo stuff is awesome
00:52:33 JVM: i have the double disc greatest hits
00:52:37 JVM: its like 30 something songs
00:52:41 JVM: all of em are great
00:52:48 JVM: minus one or two maybe
00:53:31 RobM: true, he went on and had a reat solo career aI saw him live in concert with peter frampton
00:53:41 JVM: that must have been pretty cool
00:53:47 JVM: i almost went and saw frampton last week
00:53:59 RobM: yah it was just as frampton was peeking
00:54:14 RobM: great concert to bring a girl to, lol
00:55:12 JVM: lol
00:56:39 RobM: oh well time to go, cya all agin some time soon'
00:56:46 JVM: later
01:01:24 PacmanProductions: so, JVM, where are u from and how old are u?
01:08:20 PacmanProductions: *crickets churping*
01:08:31 JVM: im 17
01:08:35 JVM: from durham in north carolina
01:09:16 PacmanProductions: cool, 12 from Pass Christian MS.....ok now the chat is obvously dead
01:09:27 JVM: well yeah just the two of us :p
01:09:36 JVM: how long have you been playing for?
01:09:43 PacmanProductions: since feb
01:09:45 PacmanProductions: 07
01:09:51 JVM: cool
01:09:57 JVM: hows it coming along?
01:10:15 PacmanProductions: good i guess....
01:10:23 PacmanProductions: how long have u been playing?
01:10:44 JVM: about 8 years, but for the first 7 i didn't do much beyond the basic chords
01:10:50 JVM: and some intros to a couple songs
01:11:00 PacmanProductions: 0.0
01:11:16 PacmanProductions: for 7 years u knew chords and intros?
01:11:18 PacmanProductions: lol
01:11:21 JVM: lol
01:11:22 JVM: yeah
01:11:29 JVM: well i didnt play nearly as much as I should have
01:11:34 JVM: and for a long time i didnt play at all
01:11:34 PacmanProductions: ohhh
01:11:38 JVM: but i had that basic knowledge
01:11:47 JVM: so that helped when i kicked in and started practicing
01:11:56 JVM: already had some finger strenght, etc
01:12:00 PacmanProductions: yeah i would think so....
01:12:01 PacmanProductions: yeah
01:12:21 PacmanProductions: ima go see if ne1 wants to come in chat
01:12:32 JVM: ok
01:13:36 PacmanProductions: ok, i sent somethin
01:13:47 PacmanProductions: what type of music u play?
01:14:01 JVM: all kinda
01:14:03 JVM: kinds*
01:14:10 JVM: been working on a lot of blues stuff lately
01:14:17 PacmanProductions: same here...
01:14:30 JVM: blues is good
01:15:27 PacmanProductions: im not a blues type of guy really...
01:15:43 JVM: what do you like?
01:15:54 PacmanProductions: still dont have boot thick fingertips
01:16:11 PacmanProductions: old rock is the best
01:17:04 JVM: classic rock is based in the blues so much though
01:17:07 JVM: that you might as well learn it
01:17:30 PacmanProductions: well yeah
01:18:10 PacmanProductions: like some of Slash's solos while in GNR
01:18:19 JVM: yeah
01:19:04 PacmanProductions: bob dylan's knockin on heaven's door has alot of tasty bends and stuff that Slash does
01:19:15 PacmanProductions: it is bob dylan's....right?
01:19:18 JVM: yeah
01:19:27 JVM: well dylan didnt do the solo
01:19:45 PacmanProductions: i ment Slash's solo
01:19:47 PacmanProductions: in it
01:19:54 PacmanProductions: when gnr did it
01:20:47 PacmanProductions: oww......
01:20:55 JVM: yeah i know
01:21:02 JVM: im not sure there was a solo in the song before slash made one
01:21:04 JVM: so its all his
01:22:13 PacmanProductions: gosh...after deep-sea fishing, pickin up an electric guitar doesnt feel too
01:24:12 PacmanProductions: ohhhhhh
01:24:24 PacmanProductions: no wonder the chat is pretty much dead
01:24:32 PacmanProductions: only 25 members on
01:24:36 JVM: yeah
01:24:38 JVM: well its late
01:24:47 PacmanProductions: true
01:25:08 PacmanProductions: what time is it kinda full?
01:25:32 JVM: what timezone are you in?
01:25:42 PacmanProductions: central
01:25:50 PacmanProductions: well its 12:25 here
01:25:56 PacmanProductions: so idk what zone
01:25:58 JVM: ah midwest timezone
01:25:59 JVM: well
01:26:06 JVM: usually around 5pm your time
01:26:11 PacmanProductions: oh ok....
01:27:35 PacmanProductions: well, i know im zooming of subjects here but whats your fav. lesson?
01:27:45 JVM: thats hard to pick
01:27:47 JVM: best sounding one?
01:27:49 JVM: most helpful one?
01:28:04 PacmanProductions: sounding
01:28:05 JVM: marcus, gabriel and muris are my favorite instructors
01:28:09 JVM: ahh well then by far
01:28:17 JVM: marcus's vibrato 3 lesson
01:28:34 PacmanProductions: thats a tough one...
01:29:25 JVM: the one that helped me the most is way harder to pick
01:31:03 PacmanProductions: im torn btwn gabe's intermediate rock and pavel's Rhapsody of fire one on sounding good
01:31:48 JVM: hey ayen
01:31:49 Ayen: Hey guys
01:31:51 PacmanProductions: hi
01:31:55 JVM: as far as metal rhythm ones go
01:31:58 JVM: i love both of kai's
01:32:02 JVM: he's awesome
01:32:14 PacmanProductions: yeah
01:32:44 PacmanProductions: now, most helpful
01:32:50 Ayen: hmm
01:33:02 JVM: probably gabes blues licks 2
01:33:11 Ayen: damn, sorry to leave so soon guys
01:33:16 PacmanProductions: lol
01:33:19 Ayen: 'fraid i cant stay awake, exhausted
01:33:23 JVM: lol
01:33:27 JVM: okay well cya
01:33:30 Ayen: see you later
01:33:32 PacmanProductions: bye
01:33:33 JVM: i might hit the sack too
01:33:38 PacmanProductions: ok
01:33:43 PacmanProductions: i was about to also
01:33:45 JVM: later
01:33:49 PacmanProductions: my shoulder is killing me
01:33:49 PacmanProductions: cya
09:44:47 Hemlok: Hi Robin
09:49:54 Robin: Hi
09:51:35 Hemlok: whatcha up to?
09:53:31 Robin: playin guitar
09:53:33 Robin: just jammin atm
09:53:40 Robin: just learned supernaut by black sabbath
09:57:13 Hemlok: oh cool
09:57:20 Hemlok: im trying to record a song
09:58:03 Hemlok: the sound lags so i cant have playback while recording, so i have to record with no volume and its hard!!! :( i keep stuffing up
09:58:23 Robin: ahh yeah that must be difficult
09:58:34 Hemlok: im also just getting used to this reaper software
09:59:39 Hemlok: oh well, i been messing around with that recording for last few hours and its frustrating, gonna relax and play acoustic now
10:05:09 Robin: ah ok :D
10:12:12 Hemlok: my nails are too long, time for a trim
10:13:31 Hemlok: ah bugger it, im going to bed, i will get up early and play instead
10:13:35 Hemlok: night Robin
12:13:18 PacmanProductions: hi
12:13:51 Robin: Hi
12:14:30 PacmanProductions: whatcha up to?
12:32:11 Robin: playni guitar
12:32:19 Robin: *meow* sorry for the late answer
12:32:30 Robin: I'm practicing the Dorian scale
12:32:33 PacmanProductions: ahhh
12:32:37 Robin: jammin a little
12:32:41 PacmanProductions: me too
12:32:41 Robin: what are you up to?
12:32:45 Robin: ah ko cool F:
12:32:46 Robin: :D
12:32:52 Robin: with wah wah xD
12:32:55 Robin: really cool
12:33:14 PacmanProductions: i want a wah wah pedal....
12:33:18 PacmanProductions: =(
12:33:42 Robin: :F
12:33:43 Robin: _D
12:33:45 Robin: :D
12:34:00 Robin: I'm using a Boss ME-50, its a multi effect pedal. With wah wah and alot of cool stuff
12:34:19 PacmanProductions: cuz i hate when u get a nice speedy run and try to bend it to make it sound "wah wahfyed"
12:35:11 Robin: yeah :P
12:37:25 PacmanProductions: YES!
12:37:29 PacmanProductions: finally!
12:38:04 Robin: what? :F
12:38:11 PacmanProductions: i got a nice loud arti harmonic
12:38:17 Robin: wow nice
12:38:20 PacmanProductions: been workin on those
12:38:27 Robin: is that those really high noise you do with your whammy bar?
12:38:34 PacmanProductions: not with whammy
12:38:38 Robin: oh ok
12:38:49 PacmanProductions: got a les paul clone or somthin like that
12:38:54 PacmanProductions: diff brindge
12:39:26 Robin: ah ok, but is it artificial harmonic, is that when you do make a really high screathcing sound?
12:39:33 Robin: almost like a squealie
12:39:34 PacmanProductions: yeah
12:39:40 PacmanProductions: same thing
12:39:44 Robin: cool
12:39:45 PacmanProductions: diff name
12:39:46 Robin: I want to learn that
12:41:01 PacmanProductions: pavel did a lesson on it
12:41:12 PacmanProductions: u could check it out
12:45:07 Robin: cool
12:48:11 Robin: ohh artificial harmonics, I know how to do that :D I was thinking about that other thing
12:48:15 Robin: dimebag thing
12:49:27 PacmanProductions: ohhh
12:49:47 PacmanProductions: funny thing about that dime lesson
12:52:10 PacmanProductions: i was lookin at it a while back and my cousin had her back to me talkin on the phone, completely forgiting i was there, and i turned the volume up all the way and put the speaker by her ear and played it
12:52:59 Robin: xD
12:53:31 PacmanProductions: she screams and drops the phone and jumps into a dresser which causes her to fall on the ground
12:53:44 Robin: haha :D
12:54:06 PacmanProductions: ALL, while im laughing uncontrolably
12:55:31 Robin: :D:D
13:17:17 PacmanProductions: g2g cya
15:14:02 Kurt: hey robin
15:14:25 Kurt: *meow*
15:14:44 Robin: hey
15:14:59 Kurt: oh wasup robin? :)
15:15:42 Robin: not much
15:15:45 Robin: listening to music
15:15:50 Robin: chatting a little
15:15:51 Robin: :D
15:16:10 Robin: just waiting for a new comedy show thats gonna start 21:30 on the TV
15:16:27 Robin: howbout you? what you up to? :)
15:16:46 Kurt: cool... I just checked out some old clapton songs and jammed a little to it :D
15:16:54 Robin: nice :D
15:17:19 Kurt: yeah I love playing my new strat lol
15:17:26 Robin: new? Nice
15:17:37 Kurt: yes ...about two weeks old ;)
15:17:41 Robin: singlecoils, right? You talked about it yesterday :D
15:17:43 Robin: oh nice
15:17:47 Kurt: yep 3 lol
15:17:48 Robin: always nice with a new gutiar.
15:17:50 Robin: cool
15:17:56 Robin: I also have a singlecoil strat.
15:18:00 Robin: LOVELY blues sound
15:18:11 Robin: or, actually its my dads, but he dont use it anymore
15:18:16 Robin: its 25 years old :D
15:18:32 Kurt: wow... standard strat you said right?
15:18:51 Robin: I'm thinking of buying on of those Scetcher hellraiser c-1 or something, dnot remember exactly. For metal
15:18:57 Robin: I'm not sure actually, I think it is
15:19:02 Robin: how many different models are there?
15:19:08 Robin: its an american strat, thats all I know
15:19:12 Kurt: what colour? :D
15:19:28 Robin: my dad colored it actually, many years ago. Its sort of pink/red :D
15:19:32 Robin: I can find a pictuer, 2sec
15:19:40 Kurt: ok :)
15:21:37 Robin:
15:21:45 Robin: if you scroll down the page you can see soem pictures of it
15:21:51 Kurt: ok thx
15:22:51 Kurt: oh yeah thats great :)
15:22:58 Robin: :D
15:23:03 Kurt: must be something like 60s
15:23:12 Kurt: because of the dark neck
15:23:20 Robin: ah yeah dunno
15:25:04 Kurt: I am just thinking of maybe giving my guitar a hmubucker at the bridge
15:25:27 Kurt: so that I could also get such harder sounds as iron maien for example :D
15:25:33 Robin: oh ok. I really love the single coil sound
15:25:38 Robin: ah yeah
15:25:56 Robin: I want to use the strat as pure blues and get a new guitar for only metal :D
15:26:22 Kurt: i love the single-coil sound too but i play mostly at neck-position
15:26:38 Kurt: yeah until now I got my les paul for metal and stuff
15:26:40 Robin: ah yeah, actually you're right about that
15:26:54 Robin: the bridge can more or less just be replaced with humbuckers yea
15:27:03 Robin: I want this one, think I'm gonna buy it
15:27:12 Kurt: yep...thta was my thought ;)
15:27:51 Kurt: cool... i donno much bout those schecters...but i still looks really cool :D
15:28:11 Robin: yeah, it got nice hardware aswell
15:28:25 Robin: its really cheap compared to how good it is, people say that :D
15:28:57 Kurt: yes would be really cool as metal guitar :)
15:29:04 Robin: btw do you know anything about Active pickups? It says that the scetcher hellraiser got it.
15:29:10 Robin: isnt that with batteries?
15:29:26 Kurt: I don´t know what active pickups are lol
15:29:32 Robin: ah ok :D
15:29:41 Kurt: sorr I can´t help you with that stuff lol
15:29:48 Kurt: sorry*
15:29:49 Robin: :D
15:29:54 Robin: I think the design is also really nice
15:30:05 Kurt: yep... i like the colour :)
15:30:30 Robin: btw I'm gonna watch a show on the TV now
15:30:32 Robin: see you later :)
15:30:37 Kurt: ok bye
16:03:30 JVM: hey
16:42:44 PacmanProductions: hi everyone
17:08:24 Robin: Hi
17:13:52 PacmanProductions: i was wondering, what type of wah wah pedal would u suggest?
17:13:59 PacmanProductions: cuz im on ebay rt now
17:14:10 PacmanProductions: and im lookin for 1
17:14:14 Robin: I dont know
17:14:19 Robin: I think JVM suggested one on the forum
17:14:27 PacmanProductions: ahh ij
17:14:29 PacmanProductions: ok*
17:14:33 PacmanProductions: ill go and see
17:14:36 Robin: I use a Boss ME-50 multi effect pedal, it got a great wah wah :D
17:14:47 Robin: there
17:14:50 Robin: MickeM it was
17:15:37 PacmanProductions: ohh ok
17:15:45 PacmanProductions: oh and nice solo ur wrote
17:15:48 PacmanProductions: u*
17:16:13 PacmanProductions: very lynyrd skynyrd sounding
17:16:43 Robin: thanks alot!! :D :D
17:17:55 PacmanProductions: i thought it was funny how u had a nice clean solo and at the end u got to heavy distorted sound
17:18:11 Robin: haha yeah I was just joking at the end raelly xD
17:44:01 PacmanProductions: found exactly what i was looking for
17:47:41 Robin: wahwah?
17:48:21 PacmanProductions: yeah
17:49:05 PacmanProductions: btw, is $160 US dollars a good price....or too much
17:49:06 PacmanProductions: ?
17:49:36 PacmanProductions: Slash's signarture wah wah pedal
18:00:50 PacmanProductions: nvm....cya
18:31:32 Nick325: yo\
18:31:39 Nick325: \m/
18:49:36 Robin: Hi again
18:49:50 Robin: 160$ for a wahwah you say?
18:50:31 Robin: doesnt sound like its too much
18:50:45 Robin: I dunno. As MickeM said, those cheap dunlop ones were pretty good
18:50:48 Robin: I dunno :P
18:50:54 Robin: *meow*
18:52:58 PacmanProductions: ok
18:53:14 PacmanProductions: well i just found somthin else
18:53:52 Robin: cool, wich one=
18:53:53 Robin: ?
18:54:22 PacmanProductions: im trying to put a hyperlink but it wont work
18:54:41 Robin: hmm ok :s
18:56:06 PacmanProductions: well, go to ebay and search NEW ZOOM G1X
18:56:36 PacmanProductions: its the last one on the page
18:57:12 Robin: pk
18:57:14 Robin: ok
18:57:38 PacmanProductions: make sure its listed "ending soonest"
18:57:54 PacmanProductions: sorted*
18:59:23 PacmanProductions: brb
19:01:50 PacmanProductions: did u check it?
19:02:04 Robin: yeah
19:02:18 PacmanProductions: good, bad?
19:02:24 Robin: I have no experience with it so I dont know :D
19:02:29 Robin: but it sure looked ok
19:02:56 PacmanProductions: 54 effects for 80 bucks
19:03:19 Robin: cool
19:03:29 Robin: 80$ is pretty cheap
19:03:33 Robin: for a multi effect
19:03:57 PacmanProductions: 3 left.....
19:04:07 PacmanProductions: there was5 ten mins ago
19:04:22 Robin: oh :D
19:04:26 PacmanProductions: sure going fast
19:04:47 Robin: yeah seems so
19:05:55 PacmanProductions: ill get it and see
19:06:23 Robin: cool :D
19:06:33 Robin: have you read any reviews on it?
19:06:36 Robin: or maybe check youtube
19:06:50 Robin: I usually check if people have vidoes of things I'm gonna buy
19:52:40 Robin: Going to bed, bye
20:01:20 Nick325: yo
20:22:20 Ayen: Hey
20:22:36 Ayen: hey slammer
20:22:39 Slammer: LOL
20:22:41 Slammer: sup?
20:22:50 Ayen: playing monster hunter 2 on psp, you?
20:22:51 Slammer: how was the Flick?
20:23:06 Ayen: they didnt have it!
20:23:17 Slammer: I mean the one you watched last night
20:23:23 Ayen: i know
20:23:25 Ayen: they werent playing it
20:23:33 Slammer: what was it?
20:23:39 Ayen: super bad
20:23:42 Slammer: LOL
20:23:45 Slammer: *slap*
20:23:51 Slammer: sup Pacman
20:23:55 Slammer: ?
20:23:56 Slammer: ?
20:24:06 Ayen: im so happy, i finally got a new pack of strings and replaced my high E
20:24:10 Slammer: :D
20:24:13 Slammer: nice
20:24:17 Slammer: what brand?
20:24:19 Ayen: but i cant play anything fun because my guitar is a nightmare to tune
20:24:24 Ayen: d'adario
20:24:35 Slammer: what guitar is it?
20:24:46 Ayen: ibanez rg4ex
20:25:11 Ayen: hold on ive got a pic somewhere
20:25:18 Ayen:
20:25:37 Slammer: Sweet
20:25:56 Slammer: I have the Same Design on my Fender
20:25:59 Ayen: too bad its satan in a small wooden box lol
20:26:10 Slammer: except it's Red and Black
20:26:19 Ayen: ah
20:26:24 Ayen: i saw a V Blade at Guitar Center today
20:26:27 Ayen: almost had to change my pants
20:26:56 Slammer: see what I mean
20:26:59 Slammer:,8...06b881112f5.jpg
20:27:07 Slammer: LOL
20:27:15 Ayen: WOAH
20:27:16 Ayen: that looks so freaking cool
20:27:32 Slammer: almost the Same Design except a Fender :P
20:27:43 Slammer: LOL
20:27:44 Ayen: fixed bridge, lucky bastard
20:27:50 Slammer: LOL
20:28:00 Slammer: well I don't use the Whammy
20:28:03 Slammer: at all
20:28:06 Ayen: oh
20:28:39 JVM: hey
20:28:44 Ayen: hey jvm
20:28:47 Slammer: sup JVM
20:28:59 JVM: hows it goin fools?
20:29:05 Slammer: :(
20:29:08 JVM: lol
20:29:24 Ayen: going pretty well
20:29:30 Slammer: nmu as they say
20:29:35 Ayen: got a new pair of strings, shoes, and a game, today is great
20:29:45 JVM: nice
20:29:47 JVM: what game
20:30:24 Ayen: psp
20:30:24 Ayen: monster hunter 2
20:30:31 JVM: cool
20:31:08 Slammer: JVM you have Flexable?
20:31:39 Slammer: *whip*
20:31:45 JVM: no
20:31:47 Ayen: flexible what, if i may ask?
20:31:47 JVM: what is it
20:31:56 Slammer: theVai Album?
20:31:59 JVM: oh
20:32:01 Ayen: ohh
20:32:01 Slammer: Vai
20:32:04 Slammer: LOL
20:32:06 JVM: i have leftovers
20:32:10 JVM: flex-able leftovers
20:32:11 Slammer: LMAO
20:32:14 Slammer: I know
20:32:28 Slammer: dude that song "Go %$% yourself"
20:32:32 Slammer: you know it?
20:32:32 JVM: yeah :D
20:32:34 Slammer: LMAO
20:32:36 JVM: with a hose
20:32:37 Slammer: dude
20:32:52 Slammer: that is the weirdest song ever
20:32:55 JVM: yep
20:32:58 JVM: its a good album though
20:33:03 Ayen: brb guys
20:33:07 Slammer: bye
20:33:33 Nick325: yo
20:33:52 Slammer: soy :P
20:33:57 Slammer: that's for JVM
20:34:05 Slammer: *slap*
20:34:16 Nick325: be that way
20:34:19 JVM: lol
20:34:26 JVM: its soy
20:34:27 JVM: no yo!
20:34:35 Slammer: sup Nick?
20:34:42 Slammer: supper
20:34:49 Nick325: nm checking out some pedals
20:34:53 Nick325: wahs
20:34:55 JVM: ahh the wahs
20:34:56 JVM: yeah
20:35:00 JVM: i'd like to try the slash wah
20:35:06 JVM: let me know how it is compared to the other ones will you?
20:35:17 Nick325: thats one of the ones im thinking of getting
20:35:17 Slammer: LOL
20:35:22 JVM: yeah i saw the thread
20:35:25 Nick325: ok
20:35:27 JVM: i'd try the vox too!
20:35:29 JVM: i have the vox
20:35:32 JVM: its really good
20:35:35 Nick325: im probly gunna go try out the couple
20:35:36 Slammer: slash wah is overated
20:35:37 Nick325: vox wat
20:35:47 JVM: vox is a brand
20:35:48 Slammer: It's just a Reg wah that says Slash on it
20:35:53 JVM: hendrix and clapton used it
20:35:56 JVM: its pretty good.
20:35:58 Slammer: :P
20:36:09 Nick325: listen to it
20:36:15 Slammer: dude what about Morley you trying those?
20:36:18 JVM: you know the song voodoo chile?
20:36:27 JVM: child*
20:36:28 JVM: lol
20:36:35 Slammer: chile too
20:36:37 JVM: yeah
20:36:42 Nick325: no
20:36:43 JVM: but its more well known as child
20:36:48 JVM: ahh thats too bad man
20:36:52 JVM: you dont listen to hendrix much?
20:36:54 Slammer: (Slight Return)
20:36:57 JVM: yes yes
20:36:59 Nick325: no i do
20:37:06 Nick325: i was asking about the morley thing
20:37:14 Slammer: Voodoo Chile or Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
20:37:17 JVM: yeah well its one of the most famous uses of the wah :p
20:37:17 Slammer: :P
20:37:22 JVM: and he used the vox on it
20:37:28 Nick325: srv does it too
20:37:35 Nick325: vox wat
20:37:36 Slammer: I thought Dunlop Srybaby
20:37:43 Slammer: Cry*
20:37:57 Slammer: Hendrix used a Crybaby
20:38:01 JVM: he used both
20:38:10 JVM: he used the clyde mccoy wah on voodoo chile
20:38:15 JVM: which is a vox
20:38:41 JVM: which is a lot of money actually
20:38:49 Slammer: LOL
20:38:57 JVM: but i have the "v847" wah
20:38:58 Slammer: Steve Vai uses a Morley
20:39:09 JVM: which is like the clyde mccoy but not quite as good, but still really good and much cheaper
20:39:21 Nick325: digitech has a new wah pedal with a bunch of wahs in it
20:39:30 Nick325: ex7 expression factory
20:39:43 Slammer: Digital isn't as good
20:39:44 JVM: you have to use the effects with the wah though
20:39:49 JVM: i dont like that one
20:39:50 Nick325: o
20:39:51 Slammer: as Analog
20:39:53 JVM: cause each one is paired with an effect
20:40:03 Nick325: i dont like it i just said it
20:40:14 Slammer: this is Vai's signature Wah
20:40:29 Slammer: LOL
20:42:02 Slammer: *slap*
20:42:07 Slammer: sup?
20:42:18 Slammer: whazzup?
20:42:32 Slammer: *whip*
20:42:35 Slammer: :(
20:42:39 Nick325: wat
20:42:50 Nick325: those noies r so gay
20:42:53 Slammer: hey JVM
20:43:31 Slammer: *meow*
20:43:49 Nick325: *slap*
20:43:54 JVM: ahh
20:43:56 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *meow*
20:44:00 Slammer: :P
20:44:16 JVM: you know whats better than #(*$% yourself though slammer?
20:44:22 Slammer: hey dude did you get the toneport?
20:44:24 Slammer: What is?
20:44:33 JVM: no i might cancel it and buy a real pod :D
20:44:39 JVM: sir psycho sexy
20:44:47 Nick325: pod xt
20:44:49 Slammer: u serious about the Pod?
20:44:53 JVM: i would be a 2.0
20:44:56 JVM: not an xt
20:45:00 Slammer: but dude
20:45:03 Slammer: no USB
20:45:13 Slammer: if it's for recording
20:45:20 Slammer: you might as well get the toneport
20:45:28 Nick325: i dont think pods record
20:45:45 Slammer: because at least you can plug your guitar Straight in
20:45:50 Slammer: to your PC
20:45:56 Slammer: and edit the tones
20:45:56 JVM: well maybe i wont cancel it
20:45:59 Slammer: LOL
20:46:01 JVM: but im probably going to gett a pod
20:46:11 Slammer: for live?
20:46:18 JVM: yeah :p
20:46:23 Slammer: then you Need a PODxt Live
20:46:25 Slammer: :P
20:46:29 JVM: no you don't
20:46:47 Slammer: yep for gigging
20:46:49 Slammer:
20:47:12 JVM: then explain to me
20:47:19 JVM: why in the2.0 reviews
20:47:24 JVM: there is a guy who said he used it for recording
20:47:25 Slammer: the buttons are too small for you to press on Stage with a POD 2.0
20:47:31 Slammer: LOL
20:47:32 JVM: and a guy who said he used it for live giging and it sounds great
20:47:46 Slammer: well I will
20:47:51 Slammer: :P
20:47:53 JVM: marcus uses his for recroding
20:47:59 Slammer: he had xt
20:47:59 JVM: recording*
20:48:13 Slammer: right?
20:48:16 Slammer: has*
20:48:22 JVM: yeah
20:48:31 Nick325:
20:48:36 Slammer: XT and 2.0 are different when it comes to recording
20:48:46 Slammer: Xt has USB and 2.0 doesn't
20:48:48 Slammer: LOL
20:49:19 JVM: well you can record with it
20:49:21 JVM: so how do you?
20:49:58 Slammer: you'd have to do it the same way with a 1/4 plug
20:50:01 Slammer: into a Mixer
20:50:12 Slammer: yep
20:50:15 Slammer: but it
20:50:25 Slammer: can be done so I
20:50:30 Slammer: am all for it
20:50:48 Slammer: except for Recording Guitar USB is alway Better
20:50:52 Slammer: IMO
20:51:21 Slammer: Like the TOneport would be Better for Recording a Guitar
20:51:26 Slammer: then a 2.0
20:51:33 Slammer: while the 2.0 IS better for tones
20:51:54 Slammer: but then again... Don't listen to me I'm DUMB :(
20:52:03 Slammer: Like Patrick from Spongebob
20:52:06 Slammer: <8)
20:52:09 JVM: well actually
20:52:14 JVM: this is for my dad but i'd be using it
20:52:30 JVM: and im going to end up buying an interface when i get a new laptop anyway
20:52:45 Slammer: :) wonderful
20:53:07 Slammer: did you know that on the Cream reunion tour the Clapton used a Jimi Hendrix Wah
20:53:17 JVM: cool
20:53:26 Slammer:
20:53:30 Slammer: Crazy I say
20:53:42 Slammer: it's like Satch using a Vai pedal
20:54:21 Slammer: Also Pete Townsend uses a Eric Clapton Stratocaster
20:54:33 Slammer: he probably lost a bet
20:54:35 Slammer: :P
20:55:07 JVM: well clapton didnt teach hendrix :p
20:55:25 JVM: and clapton gave pete a strat once didnt he
20:55:32 Ayen: back
20:55:35 JVM: wb
20:55:52 Ayen: thanks
20:55:58 Slammer: yeah, maybe but Pete uses Clapton Strats regularly at Concerts
20:56:04 Slammer: btw have you seen them?
20:56:09 Ayen: do any instructors come to the chat room?
20:56:14 Slammer: :P
20:56:20 JVM: yeah
20:56:36 Slammer: once in awhile
20:56:45 Slammer: Muris always is in
20:56:50 Slammer: when he's here
20:56:55 Slammer: and Pavel
20:56:56 Ayen: ah
20:56:59 Ayen: cool
20:58:12 Slammer: I've chatted with Kris twice, Pavel like 4 times David Walliman once, Muris like 20 times, Kai a few times, Gabe, Luciana
20:58:29 Slammer: so they do come in once in a while
20:59:34 Nick325: i have never seen gabe or luciana or kris in here
20:59:42 Nick325: only muris pavel and dave
21:01:40 Nick325: so whats up guys
21:03:06 Ayen: eh, just messing around on guitar
21:04:49 Ayen: you?
21:11:23 Slammer: *slap*
21:28:11 Slammer: *slap*
21:28:14 Slammer: *whip*
21:28:16 Slammer: *meow*
21:28:19 Slammer: anyone here?
21:36:00 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *whip*
21:36:02 Slammer: :(
21:36:08 Slammer: where did everyone go?
21:56:02 JVM: im back
21:56:12 JVM: *whip*
21:56:12 Slammer: LMAO
21:56:25 Slammer: you just left when I came in :P
21:56:28 JVM: lol
21:56:39 Slammer: Go #$^#$^ yourself
21:56:50 JVM: no you go #(*%# yourself!
21:57:08 Slammer: that is one strange song
21:57:12 JVM: yep
21:57:16 Slammer: did you hear Walliman's Album>
21:57:22 JVM: but you know sir psycho sexy dont you?
21:57:22 Slammer: Reminds me alot of Vai
21:57:27 JVM: yeah wallimans stuff is cool
21:57:31 Slammer: earier stuff
21:57:35 Slammer: from Flexable
21:57:53 Slammer: you ever hear the Song Little Green men?
21:58:22 JVM: no
21:59:29 Slammer: LOL
22:01:09 Slammer: *slap*
22:01:19 JVM: *whip*
22:01:21 Slammer: dude
22:01:30 PacmanProductions: whoa...
22:01:32 Slammer: listen to the sample
22:01:37 PacmanProductions: im still logged in
22:01:42 Slammer: LMAO
22:01:45 Slammer: duh
22:01:49 Slammer: :P
22:01:54 PacmanProductions: ive been gone for 3 hors
22:01:55 PacmanProductions: hours
22:01:59 Slammer: :O
22:02:03 Slammer: I know
22:02:18 Slammer: I was in here by myself for awhile
22:02:34 Slammer: so I was wondering why you weren't answering
22:02:35 Slammer: :P
22:02:40 PacmanProductions: where do u get the lil dude?
22:02:45 Slammer: *whip*
22:02:51 PacmanProductions: like the avatar
22:03:00 Slammer: click on the two Masks
22:03:08 Slammer: next to the note
22:03:15 PacmanProductions: BEAST!
22:03:18 Slammer: LOL
22:03:18 PacmanProductions: lol
22:03:23 Slammer: *whip*
22:03:24 Slammer: JVM
22:03:27 JVM: wat
22:03:29 JVM: lol
22:04:02 Slammer: LOL
22:04:06 Slammer: nvm
22:04:15 PacmanProductions: *meow*
22:04:33 PacmanProductions: *woof*
22:04:36 PacmanProductions: awww...
22:04:43 Slammer: what?
22:04:50 PacmanProductions: it wont woof
22:06:00 Slammer: *smack*
22:06:03 Slammer: nope
22:06:11 JVM: *slap*
22:06:31 PacmanProductions: *whip*
22:06:36 PacmanProductions: *slap*
22:07:25 Slammer: *karate chop*
22:07:42 PacmanProductions: *guitar solo*
22:07:52 PacmanProductions: ...
22:08:10 JVM: lol
22:08:13 JVM: *facemelt*
22:08:22 PacmanProductions: hi
22:08:24 Slammer: *smack you all*
22:08:28 Slammer: at once....
22:08:39 PacmanProductions: with a flat brimmed hat
22:08:44 Slammer: Yes!
22:08:49 Slammer: *slam*
22:08:54 Slammer: body slam!
22:08:58 PacmanProductions: *murder*
22:09:02 PacmanProductions: jk jk
22:09:02 Slammer: LMAO
22:09:04 Slammer: :P
22:09:11 Slammer: oh Kristofer.....
22:09:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ollie ollie oxin freeeeeeeeeeeeeee
22:09:22 Slammer: :P
22:09:35 Slammer: *whip*
22:09:38 Slammer: damn...
22:09:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
22:09:48 Slammer: *slap* you back
22:09:49 Slammer: :P
22:09:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap* my butt
22:10:05 Slammer: nah, I'll *whip* it
22:10:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ouch
22:10:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *meow*
22:10:17 PacmanProductions: whoa whoa...
22:10:23 PacmanProductions: watch it now
22:10:25 Slammer: then I'll *whip* and *slap* you cat *meow*
22:11:10 JVM: hey ESJ
22:11:12 JVM: whats up
22:11:46 Slammer: *slap*
22:11:49 PacmanProductions: so, whats everyone doing
22:11:54 JVM: practicing
22:12:00 Slammer: Chatting my life away :(
22:12:02 PacmanProductions: besides *slap*img cats
22:12:08 PacmanProductions: ing*
22:12:58 PacmanProductions: oh well thats helpful in life
22:13:04 PacmanProductions: lol
22:13:39 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:40 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:40 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:41 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:41 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:41 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:42 Slammer: Kethcup!!!!!!!
22:13:43 Slammer: HI!
22:13:52 kethcup: what up lol
22:13:56 PacmanProductions: sup ketcup
22:13:59 Slammer: were *slap*
22:13:59 PacmanProductions: oh
22:14:01 Slammer: ing
22:14:03 PacmanProductions: kethup
22:14:11 kethcup: yo o
22:14:14 PacmanProductions: not ketchup
22:14:14 kethcup: yo yo I mean
22:14:21 PacmanProductions: my bad
22:14:57 kethcup: ok
22:15:08 kethcup: what's up fella's?
22:15:17 Slammer: nmu
22:15:25 kethcup: chillin like a villan
22:15:34 kethcup: drinkin some good old coors light
22:15:36 PacmanProductions: just playin wrathchild
22:15:39 kethcup: nice
22:15:42 kethcup: maiden rules
22:15:58 PacmanProductions: the main riff is so easy
22:16:06 PacmanProductions: yet sound so kool
22:16:27 kethcup: they are the masters of harmony
22:16:40 PacmanProductions: voice or guitar
22:16:54 kethcup: guitar
22:17:03 PacmanProductions: oh, bout ta say...
22:17:10 kethcup: welll
22:17:24 kethcup: old Brucey is pretty good but not sure about harmonizing
22:17:37 kethcup: he can definitely hold his own though!
22:17:37 Slammer: holy cow
22:17:41 Slammer: the avatars
22:17:48 Slammer: are making me get mixed up
22:17:54 PacmanProductions: oh yeah...
22:17:58 kethcup: <-- nuetron
22:18:02 kethcup: that's me
22:18:12 kethcup: or should I say ... atom
22:18:25 PacmanProductions: <---devilish gangsta
22:18:27 PacmanProductions: thats me
22:18:33 Slammer: or planet Kethcup
22:18:43 Slammer: I'm Moe from the Three Stooges
22:18:54 kethcup: nuce
22:18:57 kethcup: nice*
22:19:04 kethcup: planet ketchup
22:19:06 PacmanProductions: im the devil from hell and ima eat ur heaty
22:19:10 kethcup: it's even red like ketchup
22:19:12 kethcup: it rules
22:19:14 PacmanProductions: heart*
22:19:21 Slammer: heaty?
22:19:29 Slammer: is it like Meaty?
22:19:36 PacmanProductions: i meant heart
22:19:40 Slammer: LOL
22:19:40 PacmanProductions: gosh
22:19:41 Slammer: ya I know
22:19:46 PacmanProductions: moe ur an IDIOT
22:19:49 Slammer: 8)
22:19:56 PacmanProductions: thats y ur in the 3 stooges
22:20:01 PacmanProductions: makes since
22:20:03 PacmanProductions: jk jk
22:20:12 Slammer: so are you from Europe Pacman?
22:20:16 PacmanProductions: no
22:20:18 kethcup: sense*
22:20:18 PacmanProductions: MS
22:20:19 PacmanProductions: US
22:20:27 Slammer: Mass?
22:20:34 Slammer: Red Sox?
22:20:34 PacmanProductions: Miss
22:20:38 Slammer: oh
22:20:39 kethcup: Mississippi
22:20:40 Slammer: LOL
22:20:43 PacmanProductions: yeeah
22:20:49 PacmanProductions: no,
22:20:55 PacmanProductions: mistersippi
22:20:59 PacmanProductions: ....
22:21:10 Slammer: hey have you ever seen the Crossroads?
22:21:20 PacmanProductions: movie??
22:21:25 Slammer: no the Road
22:21:29 Slammer: LOL
22:21:34 Slammer: down in Miss
22:21:52 PacmanProductions: where in miss...:?
22:21:56 Slammer: idk
22:21:57 Slammer: :P
22:21:58 PacmanProductions: :?
22:22:01 PacmanProductions: lol
22:22:07 kethcup: dude Slammer
22:22:13 kethcup: Crossroads rules!
22:22:17 kethcup: I love that movie
22:22:51 PacmanProductions: well dont make fun of me.... :(
22:22:57 PacmanProductions: :P
22:24:00 kethcup: pacman are you new to GMC?
22:24:11 kethcup: I don't think I've seen you before... or at least thename
22:24:26 PacmanProductions: third time in here
22:24:28 PacmanProductions: in chat
22:24:44 kethcup: that's cool
22:24:47 kethcup: nice to meet ya!
22:24:48 PacmanProductions: kinda new
22:25:09 PacmanProductions: nice ta meet ya too
22:25:16 kethcup: I'm ketchup
22:25:20 kethcup: I just can't spell
22:25:22 PacmanProductions: i can see
22:25:30 PacmanProductions: :P
22:25:32 kethcup: :)
22:25:45 kethcup: did you sign up for GMC or just the forum?
22:25:58 PacmanProductions: GMC
22:26:06 PacmanProductions: love the lessons
22:26:08 kethcup: sweet!
22:26:14 kethcup: they are great, aren't they?
22:26:24 PacmanProductions: whats ur fav lesson?
22:26:30 kethcup: not sure yet
22:26:40 kethcup: I just learned the in they style of Megadeth today
22:26:46 kethcup: really great riff!
22:26:52 PacmanProductions: havent finished that one
22:27:00 kethcup: I want to learn the Mark Knoppfler one next I think
22:27:08 kethcup: he's an amazing guitarist!
22:27:35 PacmanProductions: yeah, i just finished marcus's newest solo
22:27:47 kethcup: very cool
22:28:47 kethcup: I'm starting on solos myself
22:28:57 kethcup: I've been a rythym whore all of my life
22:29:37 PacmanProductions: :P
22:32:05 Slammer: ok guys bye
22:32:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol rythym whore
22:33:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
22:33:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wake upppppppppppp
22:34:07 PacmanProductions: (off subect), which instructor comes here the most
22:34:14 kethcup: *slap*
22:34:17 kethcup: Muris
22:34:20 kethcup: I would say
22:34:20 JVM: *slap*
22:34:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im
22:34:24 JVM: oh shit
22:34:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um*
22:34:28 JVM: look out, police!
22:34:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
22:34:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats right , im the law ! Pavel comes in here enough
22:34:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: muris does as well
22:35:12 kethcup: the cop is the gay avatar
22:35:18 kethcup: if you use the cop you're gay
22:35:20 kethcup: lol
22:35:22 PacmanProductions: the devil is beast
22:35:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: if you spell ketchup wrong your gay
22:35:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
22:35:40 kethcup: if you're 14 you're gay
22:35:42 kethcup: :)
22:35:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so you were gay like 90 years ago right, old man ? :p
22:36:02 kethcup: haha nice
22:36:03 JVM: if you're not JVM you're gay
22:36:21 PacmanProductions: Wait hold 1 SECOND....
22:36:28 PacmanProductions: oops
22:36:39 PacmanProductions: didnt mean to cap the "second"
22:36:44 JVM: "never mind guys, im okay with being gay"
22:36:51 PacmanProductions: ...
22:36:53 PacmanProductions: 0.0
22:36:55 kethcup: gayness in the anus
22:37:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats a recipe for aids
22:37:14 kethcup: ESJ has feelings of gayness in the anus
22:37:27 kethcup: he's confused as a young 14 year old
22:37:32 PacmanProductions: yeah he knows ALL about that...
22:37:34 PacmanProductions: jk jk
22:37:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: feelings ive inherited from my grandpa, kethup
22:37:52 kethcup: just touch the starfish ESJ ... you'll feel better
22:37:53 kethcup: haha
22:38:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol arent you do for taking your viagra about now ?
22:38:23 kethcup: oh yea
22:38:31 PacmanProductions: :P
22:38:35 kethcup: I'm down with the V
22:39:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: once you break 40 its all you have left
22:39:11 kethcup: nah... I got your mom's
22:39:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: she has a 2 inch requirement m, you wouldnt meet those standards :p
22:39:45 kethcup: I guess 9 is too big?
22:39:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: even with your V
22:39:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 9 cm, way to big
22:39:57 kethcup: cool
22:40:06 kethcup: she'll get use to it, don't worry
22:40:16 kethcup: I'll go easy with her
22:40:34 PacmanProductions: how can she get used to it if she cant see it?
22:40:41 kethcup: oh she can see it
22:40:49 PacmanProductions: with a telescope
22:40:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: she can as long as she has a microscope handy
22:40:50 kethcup: she's all about it
22:41:02 kethcup: she gobbles it and chokes
22:41:05 kethcup: haha ok ok
22:41:08 kethcup: I'll quit
22:41:13 kethcup: sorry man... just playin
22:41:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bring your lightsabers with you, I here It gives you confidence :p
22:41:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im done
22:41:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
22:41:27 kethcup: lol
22:41:31 kethcup: werd
22:41:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol wait till Maria read this
22:41:50 PacmanProductions: yeah, this is gettin kinda weird
22:41:56 PacmanProductions: lol
22:42:00 PacmanProductions: forgot about that
22:42:08 kethcup: no kidding... I'll be kicked out of GMC
22:42:10 kethcup: nice
22:42:22 kethcup: the first to get expelled from class
22:42:24 kethcup: lol
22:42:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha we didnt mean anything personal
22:42:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so I think its ok
22:43:05 kethcup: I second that!!
22:43:07 PacmanProductions: JVM is probaly just settin there laughing
22:43:07 kethcup: :)
22:43:11 kethcup: yep
22:43:12 PacmanProductions: i third it
22:44:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
22:44:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: most likely
22:44:50 PacmanProductions: what do u mean?
22:45:05 PacmanProductions: about JVM ?
22:51:56 PacmanProductions: did everyone die?
22:53:26 kethcup: yes'msss
22:53:32 kethcup: sorry gotta run
22:53:35 kethcup: a little busy
22:53:37 kethcup: ...
22:53:39 PacmanProductions: k cya
22:59:12 Ayen: hey
23:00:45 PacmanProductions: hi
23:00:54 Ayen: whats up
23:01:01 PacmanProductions: nothin much
23:01:07 Ayen: how do you have the avatar?
23:01:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: we bought them
23:01:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: in avatar land
23:01:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
23:01:36 PacmanProductions: see the task bar above the place where u type a message?
23:01:42 PacmanProductions: click the masks
23:01:43 Ayen: damn, they kicked me out for violating bestiality laws there...
23:01:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bottom icons click the one with the mask's
23:01:44 Ayen: ah
23:02:09 Ayen: yay
23:03:09 PacmanProductions: :P
23:03:29 PacmanProductions: well, g2g, cya l8r guys
23:03:50 Ayen: me too, later

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