Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-09-08
Sep 13 2007, 10:09 PM
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00:01:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: officer esj *slap* *whip* *meow*
00:01:31 Hemlok: oh sorry
00:01:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:01:34 PacmanProductions: :P
00:01:46 Hemlok: i was playing guitar, got a bit carried away
00:01:50 Hemlok: busted out in a mad long solo
00:01:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: any of you get woken up by a kitty ?
00:01:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
00:02:06 Hemlok: woken up by a kitty?
00:02:09 Hemlok: what kind of kitty?
00:02:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like a cats *meow*
00:02:33 Hemlok: a cat woke me up, or the dog, cant remember
00:02:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:03:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are you guys doing guitar wise
00:03:51 PacmanProductions: nuthin really
00:03:58 Hemlok: i am playing in DADGAD tuning capo 3rd
00:04:07 Hemlok: just improvising
00:04:26 Hemlok: on acoustic that is
00:04:43 Hemlok: it is 12pm in Western Australia
00:04:51 Hemlok: going lawn bowling in an hour
00:05:27 PacmanProductions: :P its 11:05 pm here
00:06:24 Hemlok: why are you still up!
00:06:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its 12:06 in am so its really late
00:06:59 PacmanProductions: cuz im good like that
00:07:21 Hemlok: you are both up late past my bedtime
00:07:36 PacmanProductions: ?
00:07:39 Hemlok: I don't like playing guitar tired
00:08:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
00:08:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
00:09:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I find playing late at night you remember more in the morning
00:09:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and my new thing is playing in the dark
00:09:44 Hemlok: yeah playing in the dark is good
00:09:51 Hemlok: especially if you dont want to see
00:09:56 Hemlok: 8)
00:10:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:10:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well its not just about not seeing
00:10:11 Hemlok: why dont you just not look at the guitar, or close your eyes
00:10:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont want the temptation of looking
00:10:39 Hemlok: lol, so you make sure if you do look, you cant see anyway
00:10:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: exactly
00:10:56 Hemlok: and how is this working for ya?
00:11:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I learn a sequence normal first
00:11:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it works well
00:13:09 Hemlok: well groovy then :)
00:13:20 Hemlok: i have decided if im gonna learn a song, to do it by ear
00:15:42 Hemlok: gonna learn this song
00:18:15 PacmanProductions: interesring song
00:18:18 PacmanProductions: :P
00:22:11 RobM: what going on?
00:22:21 PacmanProductions: nuthin really
00:22:52 RobM: Shred never made it in here huh?
00:24:43 Hemlok: was shred meant to make it in here?
00:25:07 Hemlok: everyone is in and out
00:26:23 PacmanProductions: yeah
00:47:32 Jenkinson: hey bros
00:47:36 Hemlok: Hi Jenkinson
00:47:50 Jenkinson: man ive just been working on the "shred scale"
00:47:56 Jenkinson: nothing has improved my speed like this puppy
00:48:03 Hemlok: lol sweet
00:48:09 Hemlok: brb
00:48:17 Jenkinson: after those monster stretches, playing the chromatic scale is like a cakewalk
00:48:28 Jenkinson: pacman you there?
00:48:44 Hemlok: i will *whip* him
00:48:53 Jenkinson: lol
00:48:59 Jenkinson: so hemlock
00:49:06 Hemlok: yup?
00:49:06 Jenkinson: how long have you been playing
00:49:17 Hemlok: well i got my first guitar 4 years ago
00:49:22 Hemlok: so i guess, 4 years
00:49:34 PacmanProductions: yeah im here
00:49:37 Jenkinson: and how long seriously practicinfg?
00:49:41 Jenkinson: hi pacman
00:49:45 Hemlok: 6 months
00:49:45 PacmanProductions: sup
00:50:02 Jenkinson: ive been playing about 10 months now
00:50:10 Jenkinson: i was with gmc from the beginning
00:50:12 Hemlok: i wanted drums and my parents bought me a guitar instead, so took me a while to get into it lol
00:50:17 Jenkinson: lol
00:50:18 Hemlok: oh really? cool
00:50:23 Jenkinson: i wanted to play drums in 6th grade
00:50:29 Jenkinson: parent wouldnt let me
00:50:34 Jenkinson: so i played trumpet
00:50:34 Hemlok: too loud :P
00:50:39 Jenkinson: parents
00:50:46 Jenkinson: now... 8 years later
00:50:49 Jenkinson: i get my first guitar
00:50:57 Jenkinson: and i start taking lessons
00:51:03 Jenkinson: and i sign up with gmc back in december
00:51:23 Jenkinson: and it wasnt until like 2-3 months ago that i got decent enough to actually learn a lesson
00:51:30 Hemlok: :)
00:51:33 Jenkinson: without putting in 10 hrs a day
00:51:45 Jenkinson: and now i can pretty much put a lesson away in 2 days
00:52:06 Hemlok: excellent
00:52:13 Hemlok: hey im sorry but i have to go
00:52:14 PacmanProductions: niice
00:52:18 Jenkinson: aight
00:52:20 Jenkinson: see you around hem
00:52:22 PacmanProductions: k cya
00:52:26 Hemlok: ive got a game of lawn bowls and beer drinking to attend :)
00:52:28 Hemlok: cya later guys
00:52:30 Jenkinson: lol
00:52:31 Jenkinson: have fun
00:52:34 Jenkinson: pacman
00:52:36 Jenkinson: whats your story?
00:52:48 PacmanProductions: well,
00:52:57 PacmanProductions: i was born in a log cabin 12 years ago
00:52:59 PacmanProductions: nahh im jkin
00:53:03 Jenkinson: lol
00:53:06 Jenkinson: i like that
00:53:21 PacmanProductions: well i think im the youngest on gmc
00:53:26 Jenkinson: age?
00:53:27 Jenkinson: 12?
00:53:33 PacmanProductions: at 12 i think ist most likely
00:53:39 Jenkinson: man
00:53:48 Jenkinson: you are waaaaay fortunate to have started soo young
00:53:59 Jenkinson: im in 10 months and I have people tell me Im good
00:54:11 Jenkinson: i cant imagine having been playing for 8 years already
00:54:18 Jenkinson: i would definately rock
00:54:34 Jenkinson: if i had started at your age
00:54:39 Jenkinson: i would probably be touring right now
00:54:45 Jenkinson: e:)
00:54:49 PacmanProductions: every time i play for someone there always sayin, "dude when ur 20 ur gonna be the next Randy Rhodes!
00:54:55 Jenkinson: lol
00:54:56 Jenkinson: nice
00:55:01 Jenkinson: how far in are you now
00:55:31 PacmanProductions: and im like, well, if ima get a record deal, ima get a large pack of money and go solo
00:55:40 Jenkinson: lol
00:55:41 PacmanProductions: lol
00:55:43 PacmanProductions: NOT!
00:55:51 Jenkinson: how long have you been playing
00:55:52 Jenkinson: ?
00:55:57 PacmanProductions: since feb
00:56:00 PacmanProductions: :P
00:56:03 Jenkinson: nice
00:56:11 Jenkinson: like pavels quote says
00:56:14 Jenkinson: its not how many years
00:56:17 Jenkinson: its how many hours
00:56:21 PacmanProductions: exactly
00:56:31 Jenkinson: but see
00:56:33 Jenkinson: you being young
00:56:45 Jenkinson: you can set your priorities with guitar being near the top
00:56:47 Jenkinson: if not the top
00:57:06 Jenkinson: im trying to get my degree in mechanical engieering right now, and my time is dominated with studying while school is in session
00:57:16 Jenkinson: and unfortunately for me, school doesnt stop until i graduate
00:57:29 Jenkinson: so i squeeze hours in on the guitar whenever i can
00:57:30 PacmanProductions: ooo yeah
00:57:43 Jenkinson: so im trying to make up for lost years :(
00:57:54 Jenkinson: im 20 already :/
00:58:08 Jenkinson: but i learned that 20 is not to late to learn
00:58:13 Jenkinson: what kindof axe you got?
00:58:31 PacmanProductions: just a Greg Bennett Avion
00:58:39 Jenkinson: you got a pic of it somewhere
00:58:44 Jenkinson: i havent heard of that
00:58:53 PacmanProductions: ppl say its better than the epiphone sg seac
00:58:58 PacmanProductions: speacail*
00:59:05 PacmanProductions: or how ever u slepp it
00:59:06 Jenkinson: special
00:59:09 PacmanProductions: spell
00:59:13 PacmanProductions: dang!
00:59:21 PacmanProductions: wow im off tonite
00:59:24 PacmanProductions: P
00:59:24 Jenkinson: its a starter guitar?
00:59:31 PacmanProductions: :P
00:59:35 Jenkinson: thats ok
00:59:39 PacmanProductions: well yeah for me
00:59:48 PacmanProductions: but no
00:59:48 Jenkinson: i started on a Yamaha Pacifica
01:00:05 Jenkinson: moved up to a mexican strat
01:00:13 Jenkinson: which some say isnt better than the yamaha
01:00:16 Jenkinson: but i disagree
01:00:24 Jenkinson: strats are amazingly loose guitars
01:00:30 PacmanProductions: hey ryan
01:00:30 Jenkinson: but my only complaint is 2 things
01:00:35 Ryan: hey
01:00:37 Jenkinson: since i have single coils
01:00:46 Jenkinson: my palm mutes arent as agreesive as id like
01:00:53 PacmanProductions: oohhh
01:00:58 Jenkinson: and i cant play some parts of pavels lessons becuase i only have 21 frets
01:01:03 Jenkinson: hey ryan
01:01:06 Ryan: hey Jen
01:01:24 Jenkinson: my goal is to learn all of pavels material
01:01:32 Jenkinson: i finished his Metal Blues today
01:01:35 Ryan: On this subject, I say strats are great guitars, Yea just gotta know how to use them :P
01:01:37 Jenkinson: whoa is that thing fun to play
01:01:43 Jenkinson: definately
01:01:54 Jenkinson: and I think that is shown by Marcus' playing
01:02:02 Jenkinson: he is amazing
01:02:05 Ryan: I love all marcus's
01:02:14 Ryan: Im currently working on Winding roads
01:02:19 Jenkinson: realy?!
01:02:26 Ryan: i just cant seem to keep some parts clean when playing at full speed :(
01:02:36 Jenkinson: how long have you been playing?
01:02:38 Ryan: but very tasty solo it is (yoda quote)
01:02:43 Jenkinson: lol
01:03:04 Ryan: 3 years, only about 10 months seriously (meaning: Leanring to ap, and sweep, and use the metrenome to get good :P)
01:03:18 Ryan: you?
01:03:23 PacmanProductions: heres a vid of an avion...
01:03:27 Jenkinson: 10 months strong
01:03:38 PacmanProductions: oops
01:03:40 Ryan: Awesome, whats your top playign speed?
01:03:41 PacmanProductions: nvm
01:03:53 Jenkinson: hmm
01:03:56 Jenkinson: top playing speed?
01:03:59 Jenkinson: well
01:04:03 Ryan: or, whats the hardest lesson youve learned?
01:04:08 Jenkinson: hmmm
01:04:12 Jenkinson: hardest
01:04:15 Ryan: yeah
01:04:40 Jenkinson: probably sweep picking etude by pavel
01:04:50 Ryan: yeah thats a fun one, i like the feel of it
01:04:54 Jenkinson: tempo is 140 i think
01:04:59 Jenkinson: and i play it @ 70
01:05:01 Jenkinson: or 80
01:05:11 Jenkinson: but
01:05:12 Ryan: I think its at 120
01:05:15 Jenkinson: i only have 21 frets
01:05:17 Ryan: maybe 110
01:05:18 Jenkinson: yeah ok 120
01:05:23 Ryan: You only need 21 for that song
01:05:27 Jenkinson: so im getting close
01:05:28 PacmanProductions:
01:05:29 Jenkinson: no no
01:05:38 Ryan: i can play it on my strat just fine
01:05:39 Jenkinson: 1 sweep goes up to fret 22
01:05:40 Ryan: wait no
01:05:41 Ryan: 22
01:05:42 Ryan: srry lol
01:05:47 Jenkinson: : (
01:05:56 PacmanProductions: jen, theres the vid
01:06:03 PacmanProductions: well darn
01:06:08 PacmanProductions: nvm then
01:06:28 Ryan: Yeah, i just posted a song i just made :( its embarrasing :( i had to use gp to record it. check it out guys and comment, its a softy :P
01:06:33 Jenkinson: just watched it
01:06:37 Jenkinson: looks like a les paul
01:06:45 PacmanProductions: yeah
01:06:51 Jenkinson: ryan
01:06:58 Ryan: yeah?
01:07:02 Jenkinson: i dont do alot of speed pushing w/ a metranome
01:07:04 Jenkinson: yet
01:07:17 Jenkinson: but i did just play the chromatic scale in 16th notes @ 110
01:07:20 Ryan: I dont either, its hard to keep in time, and listen to the metrenome
01:07:25 Ryan: aweosme
01:07:30 Jenkinson: so im getting there
01:07:35 Ryan: cool cool
01:07:47 Jenkinson: this shred scale ive been working on really helps
01:07:50 Ryan: thats about where im at, also, maybe faster maybe not dunno really im around there though
01:07:52 Jenkinson: a teacher of mine gave it to me
01:07:57 Ryan: shred scale?
01:07:59 Ryan: you mean
01:08:00 Ryan: 2nps
01:08:00 Jenkinson: lol
01:08:02 Jenkinson: ohhh yeah
01:08:02 Ryan: 3pns
01:08:05 Jenkinson: 3nps
01:08:06 Jenkinson: but
01:08:07 Ryan: 3nps
01:08:08 Ryan: lol
01:08:11 Jenkinson: its not just any 3n
01:08:17 Ryan: like pavels ionian scale
01:08:22 Jenkinson: mmm
01:08:23 Ryan: lesson
01:08:31 Jenkinson: dont know it well enough to say
01:08:33 Jenkinson: but its
01:08:39 Jenkinson: starting on the low E
01:08:45 Jenkinson: 578
01:08:51 Jenkinson: and ascending
01:08:54 Jenkinson: 578
01:08:57 Jenkinson: 579
01:08:59 Jenkinson: 579
01:09:02 Jenkinson: 6810
01:09:11 Jenkinson: 7810
01:09:19 Jenkinson: and back down
01:09:36 Jenkinson: one of my teachers works at a guitar school
01:09:47 Jenkinson: and he says thats what all the full blown shredders practice
01:09:49 Jenkinson: is thats scale
01:10:02 Jenkinson: monster stretches in that scale make the chromatic easy to play
01:10:03 Ryan: hmm
01:10:13 Ryan: havent heard of taht scale before
01:10:17 Jenkinson: its a beast
01:10:19 Jenkinson: try it
01:10:26 Jenkinson: your hand will burn with pain :)
01:10:28 Jenkinson: lol
01:10:42 Jenkinson: im from austin texas what about you guys?
01:10:55 Ryan: Kansas
01:11:02 PacmanProductions: Pass Christian, MS
01:11:09 Ryan: i got big hands so that scale isnt 2 hard, i can probably take it down to the 3rd fret
01:11:32 Jenkinson: yeah i got long fingers
01:11:37 Jenkinson: i can play it on the 1st fret
01:11:39 Ryan: nope 1st fret :P
01:11:46 Jenkinson: but i stick to 5th to build speed not strength
01:12:01 Jenkinson: it builds plenty of strength on the 5th anyways
01:12:05 Ryan: lol
01:12:13 Jenkinson: and
01:12:19 Jenkinson: the reason im focusing on this lately
01:12:27 Jenkinson: is I started with the blues minor penatonic
01:12:30 Jenkinson: for several months
01:12:37 Jenkinson: so my 2nps is really good
01:12:45 Jenkinson: but it makes you stuck in a blue sound
01:12:58 Ryan: marcus uses a lot of blues
01:12:59 Jenkinson: and ive been trying more 3nps to get more of a rock sound out of my playing
01:13:04 Jenkinson: yeah but he shreds blues
01:13:07 Jenkinson: i cant do that
01:13:12 Jenkinson: yet
01:13:26 Ryan: lol, its not hard, just take some of his licks, and flip them aroudn some and bam, you got a nice rocky blues shredding lick :D
01:13:41 Jenkinson: yeah
01:13:48 Ryan: It jsut takes tiem
01:13:54 Jenkinson: i know
01:14:05 Jenkinson: this week i only got to practice 2 days :/
01:14:10 Jenkinson: school is kicking my butt
01:14:12 Ryan: i get every day in
01:14:13 Ryan: :D
01:14:20 Jenkinson: i usually do
01:14:28 Jenkinson: in the summer i was putting in 3+ hrs a day
01:14:39 Jenkinson: pulled a couple of 8hr days
01:14:47 Jenkinson: but with school i cant do that
01:14:48 Ryan: usual days for me are 6 hrs
01:14:53 Jenkinson: damn
01:14:58 Jenkinson: you must be improving fast
01:15:02 Ryan: i pulled a few 12 hrs over the summer cus i was bored
01:15:05 Jenkinson: mentronome all 6 hrs?
01:15:07 Ryan: hmm well in the beginning
01:15:09 Ryan: noo
01:15:13 Ryan: lol
01:15:32 Jenkinson: if you played mentronome all 6 hrs you would notice monster improvement
01:15:45 Ryan: in the beginning of the summer, i tried Pavels lesson on, Luca terallis, or w/e time the came out to be, and coudlnt do it, now i can play it that, and faster now.
01:15:55 Ryan: lol yeah i know, but its 2 boring so i play with backing tracks
01:16:04 Jenkinson: really
01:16:17 Jenkinson: legato is something a want to work on within the next 6 months
01:16:26 Ryan: I try to get atleast 30 mins to an 1 hr in on the metrenome, of just straight 1 2 3 1 2 3, 123456, 123456
01:16:27 Jenkinson: but there is soo much material i want to cover before that
01:16:33 Jenkinson: and i want to learn to sweep better first
01:16:35 Ryan: ohh man im getting so good at legato now :D
01:16:41 Ryan: Sweeping is my problem
01:16:56 Jenkinson: like
01:17:03 Jenkinson: on pavels sweep etude
01:17:09 Jenkinson: i stop bfore the legato finish...
01:17:12 Jenkinson: i cant play that yet
01:17:14 Ryan: Even though i can sweep that slidding sweep in "As my guitar gently sweeps" lesson
01:17:19 Jenkinson: i havent spent any time on legato
01:17:41 Ryan: Legato is hard to a point, cus you need alot more coordiantio there cus you dont have your right hand to keep your left hand in check
01:17:48 Ryan: to help that for me, ive been doing this exercise
01:17:50 Ryan: like this
01:18:29 Ryan: 10h13p10h12p10h13p10h11p10h13, etc. etc.
01:18:37 Jenkinson: ohh god
01:18:44 Jenkinson: thats what i need to work on next
01:19:04 Ryan: No sliding involved or movemnt just working on some easy coordination exercise
01:19:09 Jenkinson: yeah
01:19:12 Jenkinson: thats good though
01:19:19 Jenkinson: makes your legato sound good
01:19:28 Jenkinson: i want to learn to play metal next
01:19:35 Jenkinson: and that takes me back to square 1
01:19:38 Ryan: lol
01:19:46 Jenkinson: because adding PM and xx is all new to me
01:19:47 Jenkinson: ALL new
01:19:54 Jenkinson: im like a baby when it comes to metal
01:19:56 Ryan: I need to get the trills down, ther diffcult
01:20:11 Jenkinson: my trills are suprisingly good
01:20:19 Jenkinson: i just cant hold one past like 5 seconds
01:20:32 Jenkinson: i take thyat back
01:20:34 Jenkinson: i can hold it
01:20:35 Jenkinson: just tried
01:20:39 Jenkinson: its just not very fast
01:20:39 Ryan: between your, middle, and ring, middle and pinky. ring and pinky, index, and pinky, index and ring??
01:21:12 Ryan: i can do my index, and middle pretty fast, not 2 bad, but other than those, PFF i go to hell for it
01:21:35 Jenkinson: my middle is the fastest
01:21:39 Jenkinson: ring is the strongest
01:21:47 Jenkinson: pinky has the worst of all the worlds lol
01:21:49 Jenkinson: slow and weak
01:21:55 Jenkinson: but ive been working on the pinkey lately
01:22:01 Jenkinson: i play classical guitar
01:22:04 Ryan: My pinky isnt 2 bad
01:22:07 Jenkinson: and i have several exercises
01:22:10 Ryan: awesome
01:22:11 Jenkinson: designed for the pinkey
01:22:28 Jenkinson: actually
01:22:35 Jenkinson: when i started taking classical lessons
01:22:39 Ryan: I just use the pinky in every run i can, and sometimes ill even do bends, with just the pinky full step bends
01:22:42 Jenkinson: my electric playing improved like crazy
01:22:47 Ryan: aweosme
01:23:00 Jenkinson: yeah i always bend with my pinky if its in the right place to bend when i need it
01:23:03 Jenkinson: like playing blues
01:23:09 Jenkinson: on B and e
01:23:21 Ryan: coo
01:23:21 Jenkinson: i always bend with my pinky
01:23:26 Jenkinson: whats your axe?
01:23:28 Jenkinson: strat?
01:23:39 Ryan: Ibanez, RGR 521 Ex2 Limited edition
01:23:41 Ryan: its not 2 bad
01:23:46 Jenkinson: 24 fretS?
01:23:51 Ryan: :D
01:23:51 Ryan: yeaa boyy
01:23:54 Jenkinson: \
01:23:54 Jenkinson: !!!!!!!
01:23:57 Jenkinson: lucky man
01:23:59 Ryan: but no trem bar :(
01:24:05 Jenkinson: i took mine out
01:24:10 Jenkinson: i have a solid vibrato
01:24:12 Ryan: I got jumbo frets though :D
01:24:14 Jenkinson: thats all i need for now
01:24:17 Jenkinson: yeah thats what i want
01:24:18 Ryan: vibrato, :((
01:24:21 Jenkinson: and some duncan pickups
01:24:21 Ryan: :(
01:24:26 PacmanProductions: lol, i forgot about the chat
01:24:27 Jenkinson: what?
01:24:30 PacmanProductions: lol
01:24:30 Ryan: I got emgs
01:24:38 Jenkinson: your vibrato is weak?
01:24:42 Ryan: lol
01:24:42 Ryan: yeah
01:24:44 Ryan: terrible
01:24:49 Jenkinson: today! i mastered the bend + vibrato
01:24:54 Ryan: but i just got the feel for it in my index finger
01:24:59 Ryan: a few day sago
01:25:04 Jenkinson: it makes your playing sound 100% more soulfull
01:25:12 Jenkinson: one of my teachers
01:25:23 Jenkinson: had me vibrato on every note when i played the chromatic scale
01:25:26 Jenkinson: all the way up and down
01:25:29 Jenkinson: that helped alot
01:25:32 Jenkinson: and its like this
01:25:36 Jenkinson: you try ad try and try and try
01:25:38 Jenkinson: and get no where
01:25:40 Jenkinson: and boom
01:25:45 Jenkinson: like 2 weeks later
01:25:48 Jenkinson: you pickup the axe
01:25:53 Jenkinson: and boom! solid vibrato
01:25:56 Jenkinson: and your like wow
01:25:58 Jenkinson: thats how it works
01:26:06 Jenkinson: but all it was is building that strength
01:26:13 Ryan: I want zakk wyldes vibrato :P
01:26:20 Jenkinson: hahah
01:26:23 Jenkinson: or slash
01:26:24 Ryan: he has crazy vibrato man
01:26:29 Jenkinson: guys
01:26:35 Jenkinson: let me know what you think about this guitar
01:26:37 Jenkinson: ill find a picture
01:26:39 Ryan: that or malmsteen both have the best vibratos right under Marcus haha
01:26:49 Ryan: Marcus wins :P
01:27:40 Jenkinson: weird
01:27:44 Jenkinson: it wont let me copy paste
01:28:13 Jenkinson: ok
01:28:14 Jenkinson: plan B
01:28:16 Jenkinson: go to google
01:28:17 Ryan: idk if you can do it on here
01:28:25 Jenkinson: and search: Schecter Lady Luck
01:28:28 Jenkinson: and look at the images
01:28:31 Jenkinson: in Racing Red
01:28:35 Jenkinson: let me know what you think
01:29:01 Ryan: Sweet
01:29:08 Ryan: I want a Schecter
01:29:12 Ryan: and a BC rich
01:29:20 Ryan: and all different kinds of guitars :P
01:29:26 Jenkinson: you saw the lady luck?
01:29:30 Ryan: yea
01:29:34 Ryan: C1 right?
01:29:37 Jenkinson: you dont think its too feminine
01:29:39 Jenkinson: yeah its a c1
01:29:48 Ryan: lol
01:29:53 Ryan: idk let me get a closer look lol
01:29:55 Jenkinson: i mean
01:30:02 Jenkinson: there is a chick with pom poms on the fret board
01:30:08 Jenkinson: but its a badass guitar
01:30:18 Ryan: No its not a ladies guitar
01:30:26 Ryan: lol girls dont want girls on there guitar ;P
01:30:28 Ryan: :P
01:30:31 Jenkinson: truth
01:30:32 Ryan: Mean do
01:30:32 Jenkinson: and
01:30:34 Jenkinson: good point
01:30:35 Jenkinson: men
01:30:35 Ryan: Men do
01:30:38 Ryan: lol
01:30:39 Jenkinson: true dat
01:30:43 Jenkinson: gotta keep that in mind
01:30:52 Jenkinson: man that thing is sexy
01:30:58 Jenkinson: i found an ibanez i wanted
01:30:59 Jenkinson: badly
01:31:04 Jenkinson: was going to buy it on the spot
01:31:10 Jenkinson: but i decided to wait and let it soak in
01:31:13 Ryan: Mine is more of a gothic look
01:31:20 Jenkinson: and then i was researching and i found that lady luck and omg i want it
01:31:27 Jenkinson: its black or what?
01:31:46 Ryan: ill get a pic hold up
01:31:54 Jenkinson: k
01:32:17 Ryan:
01:32:21 Ryan: there yea go
01:32:29 Ryan: I have a grim reaper inlay
01:32:34 Ryan:
01:33:01 Jenkinson: that is a bad pick
01:33:08 Jenkinson: but i have seen that guitar before
01:33:11 Jenkinson: i actually like it
01:33:19 Jenkinson: and im not usually a fan of dark guitars
01:33:22 Jenkinson: you play metal?
01:33:32 Ryan: I play what I feel like :P
01:33:42 Jenkinson: can you play metal?
01:33:48 Ryan: except country metal, or just coutry, cus idk it sounds way to weird for me
01:33:51 Ryan: Yeah
01:33:55 Ryan: its not hard
01:34:01 Ryan: to do it the easy way
01:34:05 Jenkinson: unless your like me and have never tried it
01:34:07 Ryan: do soem fast picking o nthe 2nd fret
01:34:16 Ryan: just radnom
01:34:19 Jenkinson: then what?
01:34:26 Ryan: then throw in some power chords
01:34:49 Ryan: and a quick run, like say 7 8 10, 7 8 10, and then back down
01:35:08 Ryan: Or do it like this
01:35:29 Ryan: 2 2 2 2 2 3p2 2 2 2 3p2 2 2 2 2 2 3p2 2 2 2 3p2
01:35:40 Ryan: thats not exact just an example
01:35:54 Jenkinson: yeah i just played around with both of those ideas
01:35:56 Jenkinson: : )
01:35:58 Jenkinson: thanks
01:36:03 Ryan: Awesome
01:36:07 Ryan: no problem
01:36:13 Jenkinson: im learning 80s metal right now
01:36:16 Ryan: I dotn do much more than that, but yeah
01:36:18 Ryan: really
01:36:19 Ryan: thats cool
01:36:19 Jenkinson: started a band 4 days ago
01:36:25 Jenkinson: and we are covering
01:36:32 Jenkinson: Scorpions - No One Like You
01:36:33 Jenkinson: and
01:36:37 Jenkinson: Winger - Hungry
01:36:42 Ryan: HUNGRY WOO
01:36:45 Ryan: thats a badass song
01:36:46 Jenkinson: and Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
01:36:54 Ryan: skid row kicks some major balls :P
01:36:59 Jenkinson: hellz yeah
01:37:13 Jenkinson: their riffs are very fast and difficult
01:37:17 Ryan: lol awesome
01:37:20 Jenkinson: ive been working on youth gone wild for 4 months
01:37:24 Ryan: damn
01:37:24 Jenkinson: and its still not up to tempo
01:37:27 Jenkinson: but its getting there
01:37:30 Ryan: lol
01:37:47 Jenkinson: hmm
01:37:51 Jenkinson: what kind of amp do you use
01:37:57 Ryan: RMS
01:38:02 Jenkinson: whats that?
01:38:03 Ryan: G80
01:38:06 Ryan: Umm
01:38:08 Ryan: idk
01:38:13 Ryan: lol an amp
01:38:15 Jenkinson: a brand?
01:38:17 Ryan: its pretty good
01:38:18 Ryan: umm
01:38:19 Ryan: RMS
01:38:23 Jenkinson: k
01:38:29 Jenkinson: whats G80 the model?
01:38:35 Ryan: yeah
01:38:36 Jenkinson: k
01:38:40 Ryan:
01:38:43 Jenkinson: tube or solid state?
01:38:48 Ryan: solid i think
01:39:02 Ryan: im not that big into amps so im not fo rsure
01:39:09 Ryan:
01:39:19 Ryan: thats a song i posted, its sort of metalish,
01:39:26 Jenkinson: listening right now
01:39:28 Ryan: check it out :P,
01:39:28 Jenkinson: your fast
01:39:29 Ryan: awesome
01:39:31 Ryan: lol
01:39:32 Ryan: that snot me
01:39:36 Jenkinson: oh lol
01:39:40 Ryan: thats guitar pro haha
01:39:42 Ryan: it sounds like shit
01:40:04 Ryan: but i can play most of those licks though that fast HOW DO YOU THINK I CAME UP WITH IT :p
01:40:17 Jenkinson: yeah
01:40:26 Jenkinson: pavel could tear it up for you and post his playing :)
01:40:32 Jenkinson: hes my favorite instructor
01:40:46 Jenkinson: his 6 string sweeping lesson
01:40:52 Jenkinson: is absolutely brilliant
01:40:53 Ryan: I prefer Marcus, with his vibrato, and hes a true shredde man
01:41:01 Jenkinson: true
01:41:03 Ryan: umm pavel doesnt have a 6 string sweeping lesson :P
01:41:09 Ryan: that gabriel
01:41:10 Ryan: haha
01:41:41 Jenkinson: bah
01:41:44 Jenkinson: why wont it let me post
01:41:46 PacmanProductions: gabes got a 6 string sweep?
01:41:50 Ryan: yeah
01:41:50 Jenkinson: go to Exercises
01:41:54 Jenkinson: and go to page 3
01:41:57 Jenkinson: at the bottom
01:41:58 Ryan: yngwie malmsteen
01:42:16 PacmanProductions: #3?
01:42:18 Jenkinson: thats my next lesson to learn
01:42:20 Jenkinson: yeha page 3
01:42:38 PacmanProductions: no, lesson #3?
01:42:40 Ryan: Those are only 5 string sweeps
01:42:54 PacmanProductions: really there 3
01:42:59 PacmanProductions: #3
01:43:05 Ryan: The only 6 string sweeps we have full lesson, is Gabs ill find it for you
01:43:26 Jenkinson: pavel has 4 6 st5ring sweeps in tha tlesson though
01:43:57 Ryan:
01:43:59 Ryan: thats gabs
01:44:11 Ryan: he has like an upstroke one i think, but not like gabs!!
01:44:36 Jenkinson: Gabe is amazing
01:44:45 Jenkinson: although im not a big fan of neo classical
01:45:00 Jenkinson: i like all of gabes rocker stuff
01:45:01 Ryan: Yeah, but im not a big fan of gab, he sounds to close to other people on his lessons!!
01:45:21 Ryan: It all sounds the same to me, he never switch scales really out of lol, E pentatonic
01:45:34 Ryan: He sticks with around the 5th and 7th fret
01:45:42 Ryan: plays a few 0s
01:45:46 Jenkinson: lol yeah
01:45:51 Jenkinson: his blues lessons are good though
01:45:53 Ryan: and then jumps to like the 3rd, and 2nd fret for a bit
01:45:57 Ryan: back to the 5th and 7th
01:46:08 Jenkinson: and then slides up to the 12 :)
01:46:08 Ryan: yea i got to give that ot him, he is a awesome blues guy
01:46:12 PacmanProductions: and hes got the same tone in every lesson
01:46:21 Jenkinson: yeah he loves that warm slash tone
01:46:30 PacmanProductions: yeah.
01:46:34 Jenkinson: well
01:46:36 Ryan: he uses a lot of licks over and over again in eveyr elson a lot of slash
01:46:37 Jenkinson: hes better than me
01:46:38 Jenkinson: lol
01:46:40 Ryan: lol
01:46:52 Jenkinson: i give him props
01:46:57 Jenkinson: his is an amazing player
01:46:59 Jenkinson: you must admit
01:47:08 Ryan: idk i prefer marcus, cus its always new stuff, not always teh same licks or nothing really You can tell hes orginial
01:47:13 Ryan: yeah he is really good
01:47:30 Jenkinson: marcus is imho the best player on the site
01:47:38 Ryan: Yeah me 2
01:47:41 Jenkinson: but pavel is def. my favorite
01:47:51 Jenkinson: i think marcus has been playing seriously for like 15-20 years
01:48:01 Ryan: hes very inspiring for me, i love his tone to, so aggressive but can me so mellow all at the same time
01:48:04 Jenkinson: he manhandles that strat, same strat as me
01:48:05 Ryan: noo
01:48:06 Ryan: umm
01:48:11 Ryan: about 15 years i think
01:48:15 Ryan: wait lol
01:48:15 Ryan: yeah
01:48:17 Ryan: nvm
01:48:19 Ryan: 15 years
01:48:23 Jenkinson: wow
01:48:24 Ryan: he was 13, and now hes 28
01:48:27 Jenkinson: 15 years
01:48:30 Jenkinson: wow
01:48:42 Jenkinson: he feels as comfortable on a guitar as he does walking
01:48:43 Jenkinson: lol
01:48:47 Ryan: What about that other dude, umm Muris
01:48:51 Ryan: i know
01:48:51 Ryan: lol
01:48:54 Jenkinson: great player
01:48:58 Ryan: he just like jumps around when playign really fast and evyerhting
01:49:04 Jenkinson: i like his pentatonic substitution lesson
01:49:07 Jenkinson: that was cool
01:49:10 Ryan: I dont like his style, but he gots some skills
01:49:13 Jenkinson: and he fake picking sounded excellent
01:49:22 Ryan: yeah i know it looked crazy
01:49:28 Jenkinson: i watched his band play
01:49:31 Jenkinson: on that vid
01:49:34 Ryan: yeah me 2
01:49:35 Jenkinson: and i wanted it to stop : (
01:50:02 PacmanProductions: have yall heard muris' song "Mojo Oro"?
01:50:03 Ryan: I think he has a few good songs, but other than that its kind of weird stuff, not really for me
01:50:19 Jenkinson: what about walliman?
01:50:27 Ryan: Thats of them im talking about thats not really me, its really cool and all, but not for me
01:50:27 Jenkinson: i dont touch his lessons
01:50:29 Ryan: walliman
01:50:29 Ryan: well
01:50:42 Ryan: I dont mess with that either, idk hwy i just dont
01:50:49 Ryan: I know he tone gives me a headache
01:50:59 Jenkinson: his licks giff me a headache
01:51:06 Jenkinson: they all end on the wrong notes to my ear
01:51:07 Jenkinson: lol
01:51:19 Ryan: Same here, im just like ahhhh finsih finish finish
01:51:20 Jenkinson: and
01:51:31 Jenkinson: his huge hands are hard for me to watch
01:51:52 Ryan: lol, he looks idk weird hwen he plays fast licks, not so natural its like umm a worm type thing
01:51:56 Jenkinson: its like hes trying to play on a tootbrush or something
01:52:04 Ryan: lol
01:52:05 Jenkinson: lol
01:52:13 Jenkinson: its too bad we arent all local
01:52:18 Ryan: i know lol
01:52:20 Jenkinson: we could all meet up and have a sick jam
01:52:24 Ryan: yeah
01:52:25 Ryan: :D
01:52:44 Jenkinson: i guess its just as cool
01:52:49 Jenkinson: to know people from all over
01:52:56 Ryan: yeah
01:53:01 Jenkinson: and be connected through music to them
01:53:07 Ryan: yeah :P
01:53:09 Jenkinson: like i started a band like 4 days ago
01:53:11 Ryan: You guys like Roo?
01:53:14 Jenkinson: and when we start gigging
01:53:16 Jenkinson: hmmm
01:53:23 Ryan: i want in a band :(
01:53:23 Jenkinson: i liked his metal bluegrass
01:53:28 PacmanProductions: never learn his lessons
01:53:29 Jenkinson: i dont like his fantasy stuff
01:53:42 Jenkinson: when we get gigging and stuff
01:53:44 Ryan: I dont either, i play it cus i know it that it will help me gain some skill
01:53:48 Jenkinson: you can be like yeah i know those guys
01:53:49 Jenkinson: lol
01:53:49 Jenkinson: !
01:53:56 Ryan: lol
01:54:06 Ryan: damn well i need to get out of here guys i need to sleep sometime, its 1 am here
01:54:08 Ryan: so yeah
01:54:12 Jenkinson: same
01:54:13 Ryan: chat with yea guys tomorrow
01:54:14 Jenkinson: nice chatting
01:54:18 Ryan: u 2
01:54:18 Jenkinson: hope to see you gfuys arounf
01:54:22 Jenkinson: hello ayen
01:54:24 Ryan: you will definilty
01:54:25 Ayen: hey guys
01:54:26 Ryan: later ugy
01:54:26 Jenkinson: and later ryan and pac
01:54:31 Ryan: guys
01:55:05 Ayen: isnt this all too coincidental, i enter a room and everyone leaves :P
01:55:11 PacmanProductions: lol
01:55:49 PacmanProductions: i forgot i was in here so i really didnt know what was going on
01:57:14 Ayen: Well
01:57:27 Ayen: seeing as its 2 AM and i didnt get much sleep, im heading to bed
01:57:27 Ayen: later
11:12:12 Robin: hi
11:15:26 Kurt: oh hi robin
15:00:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
15:00:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: robin
15:00:58 Robin: hi
15:01:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey
15:01:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I made a topixc
15:01:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: topic*
15:01:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: were going to get a huge chat going
15:01:23 Robin: ah ok I see :F
15:01:28 Robin: I'll get Gen in here
15:02:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: alright
15:04:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Gen !
15:04:23 Gen: hey guys
15:04:30 Robin: Yo :D
15:04:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hello
15:04:36 Gen: woops, hay avatar
15:04:39 Gen: gay*
15:04:41 Gen: lol
15:04:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like my officer
15:05:17 Gen: i didnt do anything wrong officier
15:05:22 Gen: please dont hit me
15:05:24 Robin: me neither
15:05:31 Gen: hey rick wakeman!
15:05:33 Gen: lol
15:05:36 Robin: haha yeees
15:05:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: gen stop sending me links to redtube
15:05:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
15:05:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ;)
15:05:45 Gen: lmao
15:05:50 Gen: awesome site btw
15:05:51 Gen: rofl
15:05:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
15:05:55 Robin: :D
15:05:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im aloud im 14
15:06:17 Gen: well. yeah
15:06:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: * deletes cookies*
15:06:19 Gen: ...
15:06:20 Gen: lol
15:06:23 Robin: :D :D :D
15:06:32 Gen: no you re not allowed
15:06:38 Gen: porn is bad
15:06:57 Gen: you heretic children!
15:07:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im telling maria....
15:07:04 Gen: go wash your mouth
15:07:06 Gen: now!
15:07:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Maria !
15:07:09 Gen: lol lol
15:07:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: gen im so reportinig you to the admins,mods and everyone I can , expect a pm
15:07:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
15:07:39 Gen: lol
15:11:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: NIPPLE
15:11:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just had to get that out
15:11:31 Gen: lol lol lol
15:11:40 Gen: all right kyle, what its gonna be
15:11:44 Gen: tits or destiny
15:11:48 Gen: tits
15:11:50 Gen: lol
15:11:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
15:11:53 Robin: :D :D :D
15:11:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha ha ha
15:12:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: great movie
15:12:07 Gen: yeah
15:12:10 Robin: graet indeed
15:12:13 Robin: great*
15:12:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i thought superbad was way funnier though
15:12:26 Robin: havent seen. what is it about?
15:12:37 Gen: yeah, whats that
15:13:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
15:13:32 Robin: haha yeah saw that
15:13:34 Robin: not the movie
15:13:36 Robin: but the trailer
15:13:44 Robin: I want to watch it.
15:14:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah lol
15:14:21 Gen: haha looks awesome
15:15:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it was
15:15:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: anyways
15:15:31 Gen: LMAO
15:15:34 Gen: awesome trailer
15:15:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are you guys doing guitar wise :p
15:16:02 Robin: fingerpickign blyues
15:16:04 Robin: making a song
15:16:20 Robin: also making some other songs, acoustic chord kinda thing
15:16:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: do you guys bend your thumb a little when you speed pick ?
15:16:45 Gen: still learning scales, techniques, impro etc...
15:16:59 Gen: yeah
15:17:06 Gen: why
15:17:09 Gen: is that a problem?
15:17:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
15:17:16 Robin: wich one? :P
15:17:20 Robin: the fretting hand?
15:17:20 Gen: you mean, the thumb of the left hand right?
15:17:25 Robin: I dont
15:17:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh
15:17:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my bad
15:17:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: right hand
15:17:30 Gen: yeah fretting hand
15:17:36 Robin: hmm bend it? No not really
15:17:37 Gen: oh lol, well, nope
15:17:37 Robin: :F
15:17:40 Gen: for me at least
15:17:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you just have at flat across
15:17:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and curve your index back
15:18:09 Robin: hi
15:18:16 Gen: hey iluha
15:18:17 Robin: well yeah my index is sort of curved teag
15:18:19 Robin: yeah*
15:18:21 Iluha: hey
15:18:33 Robin: but my thumb is totally straight :P
15:18:38 Gen: yeah me too
15:19:09 Iluha: my thumb is curved as well
15:19:26 Gen: i hold the pick exactly like paul gilbert does
15:19:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: link ?
15:20:06 Gen: i used to hold it like petrucci, but it wasnt comfortable for me, so i tried a comfortable way, and i saw i was holding it liek paul
15:20:10 Gen: yes, hold on
15:20:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey botox
15:20:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: -fox
15:20:59 botoxfox: Hello
15:21:04 Gen:
15:21:07 Gen: here it is
15:21:17 Gen: jey botoxfox
15:21:21 Gen: hey*
15:22:06 Robin: I also hold my pick sort of like that
15:22:15 Robin: maybe even a little less curve on my thumb
15:22:17 botoxfox: Aah, Technical Difficulties
15:22:47 Iluha: i don't fist my hand at all when holding a pick, just isn't comfortable for me
15:23:13 Iluha: kinda like MAB but without anchoring
15:23:14 Gen: yeah i see
15:23:26 botoxfox: What's the topic?
15:23:27 Robin: I dont fist my hand either
15:23:38 Robin: but when it comes to the thumd and index I sort of holds it like gilbert
15:23:51 Gen: really comfortable way :D
15:24:01 Gen: exellent for speed
15:24:02 Robin: we're just talking about how we hold the pick
15:24:04 Gen: at least, for me
15:24:22 Robin: I tried to pick the same way Pavel does, way too weird for me. With a fist
15:24:23 Gen: and also for slow stuff ofc
15:24:40 botoxfox: I also hold the pick kinda like Pablo
15:24:41 Gen: oh, i bit like walliman too ?
15:24:52 Iluha: I can't hold it like pavel :P...
15:24:54 Gen: he also makes a fist w
15:24:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
15:25:08 Robin: yeah I cant have it like a fist
15:25:09 Iluha: I think Lavendell's is the most similar looking to my hold
15:25:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think this is what you guys are getiting at
15:25:37 Gen: yeah esj i saw this vid :D
15:25:38 Gen: col
15:25:40 Gen: cool*
15:25:50 Robin: my three other fingers are almost a 100% straight out
15:26:24 botoxfox: I like to fist my hand because with hand open hand I tend bump into other strings
15:27:42 Gen: anyone holds the pick like marty friedman ? :P
15:27:44 Gen: hey dan
15:27:45 shredmandan: hey everyone
15:27:47 Robin: Hey
15:27:51 botoxfox: hi
15:28:06 shredmandan: cant say i know anyone else that holds a pick like marty
15:28:13 Gen: yeah lol
15:28:16 shredmandan: lol
15:28:20 Robin: haha Gen I just checked him out, man thats weird
15:28:25 Robin: twisting his arm
15:28:29 Gen: yeah
15:28:36 shredmandan: he is a awesome guitariist his solos
15:28:56 Gen: yeah
15:29:08 Gen: he s a self taught guitarist
15:29:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hes a very innovative guitarist
15:29:29 Gen: i noticed he alsmot never use his pinky
15:29:32 Gen: like clapton
15:29:35 Gen: :D
15:29:39 Gen: almost*
15:29:41 shredmandan: that suprises me
15:30:15 shredmandan: he must have one hell of a reach
15:30:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: marcus doesnt use his pinky much
15:30:34 shredmandan: well unless he has to
15:30:42 Gen: well, he uses it sometimes, but not often
15:30:56 botoxfox: haven't noticed
15:30:56 Gen: i mean about martx
15:30:58 Gen: marty*
15:31:44 shredmandan: its opposite for me as i use my pinky more than 3rd finger probably.I put lots of work into building my pinky and now have no problem ever using it
15:32:14 shredmandan: i think if you cant use your pinky your set up for a trap
15:32:17 Gen: yeah, its important to be able to use the pinky correctly
15:32:24 botoxfox: I try to use my pinky as much as I can
15:32:28 Gen: me too
15:33:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: why not use your pinky? Its kind of like crippling your self
15:33:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you know
15:33:33 botoxfox: Gotta go and take a shower
15:33:36 shredmandan: exactly
15:33:38 Gen: yea
15:33:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya
15:33:42 shredmandan: see ya
15:33:44 Gen: cya
15:33:52 botoxfox: see you soon
15:33:57 Gen: ttyl
15:34:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ya cya
15:34:51 shredmandan: anybody gonna watch the ufc fight tonight
15:35:02 Gen: nope
15:35:06 Gen: i dont have that here
15:35:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whos the match between
15:36:24 shredmandan: dude i cant wait. Rampage is fighting a dude from pride fighting and Bissping is fighting Matt Hammel.Just really good fights and its free on spike for USA i guess lol
15:37:00 muris: holy
15:37:09 muris: this is a huge one ;)
15:37:16 Gen: hey muris!
15:37:23 Robin: Hi muris
15:37:27 muris: hi guys
15:37:37 shredmandan: hello hello
15:37:44 muris: what are you talking about?
15:37:51 muris: hi bluesmandan
15:37:53 muris: :)
15:37:59 Iluha: back
15:38:01 shredmandan: a Fight on tv tonight lol
15:38:20 muris: might be nice efx for next collab
15:38:25 muris: take a sample of it ;)
15:38:35 shredmandan: lol you know it
15:38:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: picking muris, picking
15:38:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :)
15:38:59 muris: me chicken??
15:39:03 muris: never!!!
15:39:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Rampage Jackson is a beast
15:39:28 Gen: yeah but i prefer dean
15:39:33 shredmandan: oh yes i cant believe he knocked out chuck .
15:39:34 Gen: or fender
15:39:37 Gen: lol
15:39:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ik 1
15:39:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: !
15:39:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I prefer Nightmare
15:39:55 muris: is that some Jackson guitar?
15:39:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
15:40:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :)
15:40:05 shredmandan: a fighter
15:40:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: american fighting , like wrestiling
15:40:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but anyways on to guitar
15:40:18 muris: ahh
15:40:22 muris: got it
15:40:24 muris: ;)
15:40:40 shredmandan: so when you think u will make another colab muris and what style will you go for next?
15:40:46 muris: hmm
15:40:49 muris: shred one
15:40:50 muris: lol
15:40:53 Gen: country!
15:40:54 shredmandan: yep lol
15:40:54 Gen: :D
15:40:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wise choice
15:40:58 Gen: yeah shred lol
15:41:03 muris: wnna shred guys?
15:41:08 Iluha: I can't shred!
15:41:08 shredmandan: yes yes
15:41:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: id do it once I get my pod
15:41:13 shredmandan: u can try
15:41:13 muris: you got it :)
15:41:13 Gen: yeah, but i wont participate
15:41:15 Gen: ...
15:41:30 Gen: i dont have any recording gear
15:41:30 Iluha: no I just cant shred :P
15:41:38 Gen: and i dont know how to record too
15:41:44 muris: may I participate as well?
15:41:48 muris: ;)
15:41:48 Gen: oh, and i also cant shred ofc lol lol
15:42:06 shredmandan: come on what is all this cant cant stuff
15:42:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: anything is possible
15:42:30 muris: sure
15:42:31 shredmandan: exactly could you play anything when you first got a guitar ?
15:42:40 muris: you have seen Y J M lessons
15:42:42 muris: mean new one
15:42:48 muris: shred like that is fine too
15:42:50 muris: ;)
15:42:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ik !
15:43:01 Iluha: what new one? :P
15:43:02 shredmandan: who did that lesson?
15:43:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: malmsteen is the man, care to argue ?
15:43:15 shredmandan: lol
15:43:21 muris: the one where he says"I'm you G God"
15:43:22 muris: etc
15:43:34 Gen: well, gotta go practice now if i want to participate, im gonna practice my ass off until 8 am tomorrow
15:43:38 Gen: cya guys :D
15:43:45 Robin: bye gen :D
15:43:45 muris: bye Gen
15:43:48 shredmandan: thats right Gen
15:43:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: muris I heard slammer upset you that one time about that
15:43:55 jeff: hi all!
15:43:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hi jeff !
15:44:07 muris: hi Jeff
15:44:14 jeff: just posted some stuff for marcus colab
15:44:15 muris: yeah,Slam did a great job
15:44:29 muris: he is talking too much as you know
15:44:43 muris: so I thought his playing will be...lacking
15:44:48 muris: but he nailed it :)
15:44:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hes a good guy though
15:44:51 Robin: his blues playing is awesome
15:45:00 jeff: you guys did great on muris colab!!
15:45:01 shredmandan: Slammer got me pretty upset one night when murris was on here.You just have to learn that he jokes alot,now i can chat with him but before i took it personal; lol
15:45:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats what 5+ years of playing blues gets ya
15:45:17 muris: sure
15:45:22 muris: he's a great boy
15:45:26 shredmandan: yep slammer did a great job,he used trills and nobody else did that
15:45:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah me and him joke excessively with each other
15:45:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: mickem did
15:45:39 muris: it just that he gives much time on pc,net etc
15:45:59 muris: but he plays as well :)
15:45:59 Iluha: a great boy :)
15:46:07 jeff: muris is your new guitar finished?
15:46:15 muris: oh yeah :)
15:46:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Mickem and slammer were the only ones that used trills I believe
15:46:25 muris: must do some modification with pickups
15:46:25 jeff: need to see it on a video
15:46:33 muris: but guitar is awesome ;)
15:47:05 botoxfox: I'm back
15:47:15 shredmandan: im thinking about buying a washburn 7 string.Not my top choice of brands lol ,but its a good price i just wonder about the quailty
15:47:34 jeff: washburn makes nice guitars
15:47:39 shredmandan: i would just replace the electronics and it has a tune o matic bridge
15:47:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like the one jerry has except with 7 strings ?
15:48:17 shredmandan: this one is $199.00 USD though and makes me feel since its cheap in price could be cheap made
15:48:44 muris: washburn makes most of guitars in China etc
15:48:53 muris: low salary workers
15:48:59 shredmandan: muris didnt know that
15:49:02 muris: but still you might fine a nice guitar
15:49:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
15:49:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my next axe
15:49:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: comments ?
15:49:39 botoxfox: Hmm
15:49:42 muris: havy look
15:49:48 muris: heavy
15:49:49 shredmandan: i coudnt get used to that body but im sure you could rip some had sounds outta that one
15:50:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: metal oriented
15:50:17 muris: yep
15:50:26 shredmandan: i cant play a V dimebag guitar,explorer ect because i get uncomfortable especially bc rich
15:50:27 muris: it's Dan's choice
15:50:28 muris: lol
15:50:33 shredmandan: lol
15:50:35 jeff: just don't play it in a wedding band!lol
15:50:38 botoxfox: Can't say I like Avenged Sevenfold
15:50:41 muris: lol
15:50:41 Iluha: it's head looks kinda like a b.c rich guitar
15:50:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont love a7x eithier
15:50:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its not about the band though its about the axe
15:50:57 muris: my head looks like human head
15:51:00 muris: is that ok??
15:51:02 muris: lol
15:51:05 shredmandan: i love there lead guitarist .very smart he actually went to MIT school for music
15:51:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Syn, smart ?
15:51:22 shredmandan: very
15:51:32 botoxfox: He looks gay though lol
15:51:33 Iluha: yeah a7x kinda falls in the same catagory as My Chemical Romance
15:51:35 shredmandan: lol
15:51:44 Iluha: good guitarist, but the rest are preety much useless
15:51:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
15:51:54 shredmandan: agree but i do like the drummer
15:51:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hes not smart, theres proof
15:52:02 botoxfox: I don't get their image
15:52:22 Iluha: Gonna take a shower brb.
15:52:30 botoxfox: c ya
15:52:40 muris: tl
15:52:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: later
15:52:57 muris: who is watching socker game?
15:53:11 shredmandan: Eat-Sleep-andJam im not even wathing that lol it said he was drunk.Im talking about his guitar playing lol
15:53:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hes drunk alot
15:53:50 shredmandan: anybody that can get into mit or a top notch guitar school is smart to me.Did you know he studyed lots of jazz
15:54:01 shredmandan: ofcourse thats the rock and roll life style
15:54:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah well he may be musically smart but, I think some lights are off in the attic
15:54:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sober or not sober
15:54:29 botoxfox: Agreed
15:54:36 shredmandan: im sure thats true.hard partying takes its toll on anyone
15:54:57 shredmandan: Ever notice i dont spell that well?? lol jk
15:55:15 jeff: anyone interested in a harmony guitar collaboration?
15:55:31 shredmandan: jeff explain a little better
15:56:06 jeff: I would play a lead and then post the gp file and then someone else plays the harmony in 3rds or something like that
15:56:36 shredmandan: that would be cool.i dig that kind of stuff but i dont have or use gp
15:56:49 jeff: you just need my tab that's all
15:56:50 muris: we dont need GP fpr that
15:57:26 shredmandan: great im up for it
15:57:33 botoxfox: I'm in for it
15:57:41 jeff: agreed. plain tab would work well
15:57:56 muris: just post wave and explain keys
15:58:01 jeff: i'll try to post something and see what type of ideas we can come up with
15:58:01 muris: that shall be enough
15:58:02 muris: imo
15:58:09 jeff: agreed
15:58:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you know the forum needs to get downsized a bit imo , a little to big
15:59:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or condensed
15:59:10 jeff: you mean the screen size?
15:59:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no like the forum itself is pretty big,
15:59:36 shredmandan: i felt that way too,i like how it was before but the search engine is a useful tool ,could have maybe put it at bottom though
15:59:45 muris: I noticed the screen is bigger
15:59:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true
15:59:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah it is
15:59:52 muris: but i'm ok with it
15:59:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ditto
15:59:57 shredmandan: it works
15:59:58 jeff: I would like the videos to be bigger
16:00:01 botoxfox: I have a 27"
16:00:07 shredmandan: lol
16:00:17 muris: who has plasma?
16:00:18 muris: lol
16:00:36 botoxfox: It's my TV
16:00:40 jeff: I have lcd tv it's lighter
16:00:48 botoxfox: I use it as a monitor
16:00:52 jeff: cool
16:02:57 botoxfox: It's a bit unpractical as I must press the source button a lot when starting up
16:03:18 jeff: probably cool for games though!
16:03:25 botoxfox: Very
16:03:49 botoxfox: although I haven't played lot sadly
16:03:50 muris: mine is 19''
16:03:54 muris: regular monitor
16:03:56 muris: tft
16:04:36 muris: about bigger vids
16:04:53 muris: it'll take a eternity for upload
16:05:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im Yjm and im all of your gods with my new god 100" montior bow down at my neo-shred-wickenessssssss
16:05:04 jeff: yeah your right
16:05:16 jeff: lol
16:05:17 muris: and putting larger player on small ress videos
16:05:21 muris: no use
16:05:31 PacmanProductions: sweet, its packed here
16:05:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :)
16:05:49 botoxfox: vælkømmin
16:05:49 PacmanProductions: hi everyone
16:05:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy
16:05:55 muris: hi pac
16:05:58 jeff: hi pacman
16:05:59 shredmandan: hey PacmanProductions
16:06:02 botoxfox: hello
16:06:06 PacmanProductions: hi Muris
16:06:25 muris: how's it going?
16:06:29 shredmandan: how did u come up with that name PacmanProductions ?
16:06:43 muris: just wanted to ask the same ;)
16:06:49 botoxfox: +1
16:06:55 shredmandan: curious
16:07:04 muris: we all are!!!
16:07:11 botoxfox: yup
16:07:22 PacmanProductions: :P well, my cousin put out his first "rap" CD and he asked me if i would "produce" it
16:07:34 PacmanProductions: so he called me PacmanProductions
16:07:41 PacmanProductions: and btw
16:07:43 muris: why Pacman?
16:07:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: why not ?
16:07:58 shredmandan: yeah where did that part come from
16:07:58 muris: lol
16:08:00 PacmanProductions: my intials are PAC so we picked my PACMAN
16:08:07 shredmandan: cool enough
16:08:10 jeff: cool
16:08:12 PacmanProductions: (omit my)
16:08:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my friends call me" Mino"
16:08:14 muris: yep
16:08:16 botoxfox: cooool
16:08:23 PacmanProductions: brb
16:08:28 shredmandan: why Eat-Sleep-andJam
16:08:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: because I like creativity and im semi retarded
16:08:55 shredmandan: oh i see \
16:09:15 shredmandan: sorry to here that
16:09:15 botoxfox: semi retarded huh?
16:09:24 shredmandan: lol
16:09:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah well my mind consists of 2 things
16:09:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hot babes on left side of brain- right side is guitar
16:09:44 botoxfox: sleeping and jamming
16:09:48 shredmandan: thats why i laughed cause i new u were jk
16:10:07 jeff: lol
16:10:12 botoxfox: got one right
16:10:13 PacmanProductions: ok, im bakc
16:10:15 PacmanProductions: back*
16:10:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: because I lack *
16:10:34 muris: how old you Pac?
16:10:42 PacmanProductions: i had to watch the beginning of Once Upon a Time in Mexico
16:10:45 shredmandan: too old lol
16:10:47 PacmanProductions: 12.... :P
16:10:58 muris: really?
16:10:59 shredmandan: see
16:11:01 PacmanProductions: yeah
16:11:13 muris: and you prduced a rap cd...
16:11:18 muris: thumbs up :)
16:11:24 shredmandan: +1
16:11:25 PacmanProductions: it was all not dude by me
16:11:33 PacmanProductions: done*
16:11:51 PacmanProductions: his friend has a reconrding studio in his house
16:11:54 shredmandan: are u a rapper?
16:11:57 PacmanProductions: recording*
16:12:01 PacmanProductions: heck no!
16:12:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thank god
16:12:14 botoxfox: +1
16:12:14 muris: so what you did in that project?
16:12:18 shredmandan: lol second that
16:12:59 shredmandan: PacmanProductions do you have anybody around u that u can jam with?
16:13:02 PacmanProductions: really nuthing....he asked me to help him but then he found out his friend had his studio and i just really left the picture
16:13:15 botoxfox: Anyone listened to finnish rap?
16:13:26 shredmandan: never heard of it
16:13:28 muris: not me
16:13:38 PacmanProductions: not me either
16:13:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol I love how were like interagating pacman
16:13:47 shredmandan: although i dont listen to any
16:13:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: h aha
16:14:01 PacmanProductions: yeah, im like what did i do??
16:14:09 botoxfox: It's kinda funny,although i do speak finnish
16:14:14 jeff: I can't even understand english rap lol
16:14:20 PacmanProductions: u think ima terrorist or sumthin?
16:14:22 shredmandan: true true
16:14:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well you are the devil
16:14:30 muris: no pac
16:14:34 muris: was curious
16:14:34 PacmanProductions: :P
16:14:39 PacmanProductions: im jkin
16:14:43 muris: that's all
16:14:46 PacmanProductions: i know
16:14:51 PacmanProductions: just kiddin around
16:14:56 muris: producing is a huge task
16:15:01 muris: and you are 12
16:15:07 muris: no big deal ;)
16:15:19 PacmanProductions: really it was no big deal
16:15:27 shredmandan: so if your already playing guitar you should be able to put out your own album by 18
16:15:37 PacmanProductions: :)
16:15:46 muris: you have some recordings of you?
16:15:50 muris: demo or som
16:15:50 shredmandan: good think your starting so young
16:15:55 PacmanProductions: no....
16:16:02 PacmanProductions: i dont have a way to
16:16:15 shredmandan: then how do you produce lol
16:16:15 PacmanProductions: and im not friends with the guy with the studip
16:16:18 PacmanProductions: studio*
16:16:22 muris: lol
16:16:23 shredmandan: answered question
16:16:28 muris: lol
16:16:38 muris: killermandan
16:16:40 muris: lol
16:16:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
16:17:00 botoxfox: lol
16:17:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bluesmandan lol muris
16:17:23 muris: sorry Pac
16:17:26 shredmandan: im joking pac
16:17:29 muris: we are to silly
16:17:34 muris: no offence
16:17:36 PacmanProductions: way are u sorry?
16:17:39 PacmanProductions: :P
16:17:43 PacmanProductions: why*
16:17:49 muris: so,you play guitar?
16:17:54 PacmanProductions: yeah
16:17:54 PacmanProductions: gosh i cant spell
16:17:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no hes on the site for chat :p
16:18:03 botoxfox: obviosly
16:18:09 shredmandan: so tell me pac do u have anyone to jam with at home?
16:18:23 jeff: see you guys later - gotta roll. bye
16:18:29 botoxfox: bye
16:18:30 muris: bye jeff
16:18:33 PacmanProductions: cya
16:18:33 PacmanProductions: not electric "guitar-wise"
16:18:39 Iluha: back
16:18:42 shredmandan: see ya jeff
16:18:44 PacmanProductions: more of spanish acoustic
16:18:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cya
16:18:59 shredmandan: acoustic pac?
16:19:10 PacmanProductions: ?
16:19:12 PacmanProductions: yeah?
16:19:42 shredmandan: still this will help you very much.Just like a metronome is recommended on here so much playing with another guitarist is a great thing for practice
16:19:46 muris: you play regular finger picking or flamenco?
16:20:05 PacmanProductions: Viva flamenco!
16:20:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
16:20:14 PacmanProductions: was u could say both
16:20:18 shredmandan: i could never let my fingernails get that long lol
16:20:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ahhhh thats the trick
16:20:39 botoxfox: gotta love flamenco
16:21:05 botoxfox: we should have flamenco lesson
16:21:10 shredmandan: kinda seem like it would hurt to playing with long finger nails
16:21:19 shredmandan: very beatiful style of music
16:21:22 PacmanProductions: really it doesnt
16:21:27 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
16:21:39 muris: you need right nail care
16:21:42 muris: all the time
16:22:04 shredmandan: im sure and if you break a nail you will through a fit worse than a woman lol
16:22:07 Iluha: but doesn't it limit you at bed with woman? lol
16:22:08 muris: i played it 4 years in music high school
16:22:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nail care, what next changing are underwear ? :p
16:22:13 shredmandan: lol
16:22:17 PacmanProductions: yeah, cuz if ur dont....then ur screwed
16:22:32 PacmanProductions: not to ESJ's comment
16:22:33 muris: and cutted it of just after grabing my degree
16:22:35 muris: lol
16:22:42 Wyvernx: It's been a while since I've been in one of these!
16:22:42 botoxfox: I'm an onycophagist
16:22:45 shredmandan: muris your a good example of what learning several different styles can do for you as a guitarist
16:23:04 muris: thanks Dan
16:23:19 shredmandan: if u have an open mind to all music ,besides rap lol it will take you a long way
16:23:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and a good example on how to pick up the babes with your sick skilles Muris !
16:23:36 muris: yeah,the more styles,the bigger posobilities
16:23:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: skills*
16:23:46 muris: lol
16:23:48 muris: sure
16:23:55 muris: babes are fine
16:24:06 Wyvernx: I agree!
16:24:13 muris: tho they are not sticking on guitar like 30 years ago
16:24:15 muris: ;)
16:24:24 shredmandan: i always feel like this is the only way a new style will be made when somebody mixes all these styles to gether to create a new one.Thats what im going for
16:24:35 botoxfox: +1
16:24:47 Iluha: babes love string bends
16:24:54 Iluha: fact.
16:24:54 Wyvernx: heh that's why I started getting into Buckethead
16:24:55 muris: ahhh
16:24:56 shredmandan: babes love me
16:24:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
16:24:59 shredmandan: lol jk
16:24:59 muris: lol
16:25:09 Wyvernx: Thrash metal and some techno sounds
16:25:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wait is Maria krises g.f ?
16:25:21 muris: lol
16:25:22 shredmandan: love thrash its my favorite of all
16:25:37 shredmandan: thats my roots of guitar playing
16:25:39 Wyvernx: Yeah it helps relieve stress!
16:25:44 muris: trash and garbage
16:25:48 muris: my fav mix ;)
16:25:54 Wyvernx: serious headbanging!
16:25:56 Iluha: I want to mix Vai style things with techno music..
16:26:07 Wyvernx: That would be cool
16:26:07 Robin: anyone likes Hobbs angel of death? Excellent thrash metal
16:26:09 Iluha: wierd + wierd = awesom
16:26:28 Robin: I hate techno/trance, but electronica can be pretty awesome
16:26:38 Wyvernx: Yeah like Daft Punk
16:26:48 Iluha: I like mostly psychodelik techno/trance
16:26:50 Wyvernx: well the Discovery album at least
16:26:54 shredmandan: Thrash is like a theorpy for I can take all my anger out on the guitar and then feel better
16:27:06 Iluha: because it's kinda like metal, even has riffs here and there :P
16:27:07 botoxfox: Humppa!
16:27:34 PacmanProductions: LOL!
16:27:39 Iluha: rofl
16:28:06 PacmanProductions: What tha heck is that???!!!
16:28:11 PacmanProductions: german tribute
16:28:13 PacmanProductions: ?
16:28:16 Iluha: HUmppa
16:28:18 shredmandan: there is so much other music i like that i cant listen to because of vocals especially black metal ect.I always have loved that style of instrumental music but i cant stand a 100% roar on every song non stop
16:28:40 Iluha: yeah I 100% agree with you dan
16:28:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: +1 shredman dan
16:28:44 Iluha: I hate the roars
16:28:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it kills it so much
16:28:54 Wyvernx: Yeah me too I love clean but powerful vocals
16:29:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont mind a roar everyonce in awhile but the whole song, come on now
16:29:12 Wyvernx: Like Iced Earth and Rhapsody
16:29:12 shredmandan: its the final countdown botoxfox lol
16:29:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
16:29:23 Iluha: kaparasty hoompa!
16:29:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: europe much ?
16:29:46 Robin: how can you hate vocals like this? :)
16:30:10 muris: speaking of final countdown
16:30:14 botoxfox: It's Elakelaiset, they make humppa covers of famous song
16:30:15 shredmandan: i knew that would get robin talking lol
16:30:19 Robin: well, actually the link I gave now isnt actually growling, nevermind :D thought it was different version
16:30:21 muris: have you seen that funny live version?
16:30:42 shredmandan: dont think so muris
16:30:58 muris: some band,amateurs for sure..great one :)
16:31:04 Iluha: there's only ONE song I ever heard that I felt the roaring was apropriate
16:31:10 shredmandan: yep Robin thats not the roar inging im talking
16:31:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill find a example
16:31:19 muris: wait.must find link
16:31:22 Iluha:
16:31:27 Robin: this is awesome. Check out the vocals. I love it
16:31:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
16:31:45 Wyvernx: Hey I was wondering would a Fender Squire be able to handle a whammy harmonic? I'd try it but my guitar gets out of tune like nothing
16:32:10 muris:
16:32:14 muris: here it is ;)
16:32:19 shredmandan: they all will go out of tune by fender imo.You must use a floyd thats just what i think
16:32:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i doubt it wyvernix
16:32:36 Wyvernx: Yeah I thought so
16:32:41 Iluha: lol muris I saw that about a month ago
16:32:48 Wyvernx: Alright thanks
16:32:59 Wyvernx: I will have to upgrade
16:33:01 Iluha: I can't bealive they preformed with that vocalist..
16:33:09 muris: guys are great
16:33:09 botoxfox: lol
16:33:18 PacmanProductions: wow thats
16:33:22 Iluha:
16:33:27 muris: enjoy it!!!!
16:33:29 muris: lol
16:33:31 shredmandan: lol
16:33:46 PacmanProductions: well thats gonna be hard...
16:33:50 muris: wait for solo
16:33:53 muris: ;)
16:34:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol muris
16:34:04 shredmandan: you know just that one verse ''its the final countdown'' then the keyboards kickingin is what made that song a hit
16:34:08 Wyvernx: I like their cover of Hallowed vy Thy Name
16:34:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: luciania needs lesson from that guy
16:34:21 botoxfox: What do think about this?
16:34:21 Wyvernx: *be
16:34:38 Iluha: OH MY GOD
16:34:42 Iluha: he ruined that solo
16:34:48 Iluha: *throws a spear at him*
16:35:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
16:35:51 Iluha: what's that fox?
16:35:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sounded quite well if I dont say so myself
16:35:54 shredmandan: botoxfox what are they speaking?
16:36:09 botoxfox: That's some swede
16:37:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
16:37:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: watch this lol
16:37:24 shredmandan: pretty cool,i though sweeds spoke english
16:37:45 PacmanProductions: ESJ, thats awesome
16:37:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cracks me up
16:37:56 botoxfox: cool dog
16:38:21 Iluha: Rofl poor dogs
16:38:23 Iluha: their in pain
16:38:54 PacmanProductions: the last won sounded like a crying person
16:38:59 PacmanProductions: one*
16:39:07 Iluha: he said I love my bum bum lol
16:39:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol or something close
16:39:26 shredmandan: that was funny
16:39:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill bb soon guys
16:39:34 shredmandan: cya
16:39:57 muris: brb
16:40:02 shredmandan: ok
16:44:27 Iluha: lol this is a classic
16:45:20 botoxfox: Has anyone seen vids from this dude?
16:47:24 PacmanProductions: no
16:54:43 Iluha: well cya guys time to get some sleep :)
16:54:49 PacmanProductions: sleep??
16:54:58 PacmanProductions: here its 3:45 pm
16:55:05 PacmanProductions: what time is it there?
16:55:58 botoxfox: 22:55 here
16:56:02 PacmanProductions: ohh
16:56:31 shredmandan: this was on that post u did botoxfox.This is horrible playing by Jake e Lee imo what do u all think
16:57:04 Iluha: 23:55 here
16:57:11 Iluha: but I gotta wake up at 6 am
16:57:17 botoxfox: The Clapton one is best IMO
16:58:10 PacmanProductions: i think its funny how when he played over the video he was slow
16:59:40 botoxfox: I think those are the best guitar parodies I've ever seen
16:59:42 Iluha: I wish I had Jake's feel
17:00:10 Iluha: he's solo's are unbealiveable
17:00:56 PacmanProductions: i wish i knew where slash's and clapton's REAL videos were
17:01:59 Iluha: anyways gota go bye guys
17:02:05 PacmanProductions: cya
17:03:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im back
17:03:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
17:03:34 botoxfox: finally
17:03:38 PacmanProductions: IN BLACK!!
17:03:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :)
17:03:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
17:03:45 PacmanProductions: :P
17:04:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I thought at a quick glance you said " IM BLACK"
17:04:14 PacmanProductions: LOL
17:26:00 Kurt: hey guys
17:26:06 botoxfox: hi
17:26:33 Kurt: at first it seems like this place is kickin.... lol
17:26:56 Kurt: much people here.... but where are they? lol
17:27:21 botoxfox: It's been rather quiet lately
17:27:39 Kurt: yep ;)
17:27:54 Kurt: whats up dude ? :)
17:28:10 botoxfox: Not much really
17:28:18 botoxfox: how 'bout you?
17:28:36 PacmanProductions: im here
17:28:47 Kurt: I got my strat hanging round my neckand chatting lol
17:28:54 Kurt: yo pacman :)
17:29:04 PacmanProductions: sup
17:29:09 Kurt: nmu
17:29:29 muris: hey Jedi ;)
17:29:41 PacmanProductions: finnally Muris is back
17:29:43 PacmanProductions: :P
17:29:47 botoxfox: Muris!
17:29:57 muris: Kurt is my Jedi budy
17:30:02 PacmanProductions: ?
17:30:02 muris: right?
17:30:06 Kurt: ok lol
17:30:09 PacmanProductions: 8)
17:30:11 muris: ;)
17:30:17 Kurt: if you say that ;)
17:30:27 PacmanProductions: lemme guess.... long story?
17:30:34 muris: not that much
17:30:39 Kurt: lol
17:30:46 muris: from myspace
17:30:49 muris: ;)
17:31:03 PacmanProductions: muris, u got a myspace?
17:31:12 muris: yep
17:31:18 PacmanProductions: ima go add u
17:31:20 PacmanProductions: brb
17:31:27 muris: website as well ;)
17:31:41 Robin: what does "ima" mean? I've been wondering about that for a long time :D
17:31:50 PacmanProductions: IM A
17:31:51 muris: in my opinion
17:32:01 muris: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
17:32:04 Robin: hm no "imo" is in my opinon
17:32:07 botoxfox: in my ass
17:32:09 muris: yep
17:32:12 muris: lol
17:32:14 Robin: :D
17:32:43 muris: in bosnia "ima" means "has"
17:32:50 Robin: ah ok
17:33:27 Kurt: you are from sarajevo muris right?
17:33:31 muris: yeah
17:33:35 Kurt: ah ok :)
17:33:59 botoxfox: I was in love with a bosnian girl once
17:34:10 Kurt: from where are u? lol
17:34:10 muris: in US or?
17:34:45 botoxfox: me?
17:34:49 Kurt: yep
17:35:00 botoxfox: I live in Norway
17:35:05 muris: yeah
17:35:20 Kurt: so how can u fall in love with a bosnian girl then? lol
17:35:25 muris: many people from Bosnia went to Scandinavia durring war
17:35:40 Kurt: ah ok...didn´t know that ;)
17:35:45 muris: actually,they went world wide
17:35:48 muris: as refugees
17:36:03 Kurt: homie from me too lol
17:36:36 botoxfox: I'm not quite norwegian though
17:36:55 muris: you must be bosnian then ;)
17:37:25 botoxfox: No, I'm half Finnish, half Swedish
17:37:40 Kurt: :o
17:37:48 muris: still you're near homeland
17:38:24 botoxfox: Well I've lived all my life in Norwat though
17:39:04 muris: are you born in Norway as well?
17:39:09 botoxfox: yup
17:39:14 Kurt: hey muris which lesson can we expct next of you? :)
17:39:33 muris: what would you like?
17:39:41 PacmanProductions: :P i was about to ask that
17:39:52 Kurt: hmm.....
17:39:55 Kurt: lol
17:40:03 muris: was thinking of some legato
17:40:08 botoxfox: cool
17:40:11 muris: haven;t dome that one
17:40:16 muris: done*
17:40:27 muris: or maybe more picking
17:40:30 muris: dunno
17:40:44 Kurt: I would definitly need more picking lol
17:40:54 botoxfox: anything would be cool
17:40:55 muris: alternate or?
17:41:00 Kurt: yep ;)
17:41:08 muris: easier or advance?
17:41:30 Kurt: hmmm... I practiced a lot AP last time so I thnk more advanced :)
17:41:39 muris: you got it :)
17:41:46 muris: you got my first lesson down?
17:41:59 Kurt: yep.... you mean your AP exercice?
17:42:04 muris: yeah
17:42:10 Kurt: yesI did it :)
17:42:22 muris: in real tempo?
17:42:46 Kurt: yep I can do it now in the real tempo... It needed very much practice lol
17:42:54 muris: I see :)
17:42:57 muris: well done
17:43:08 muris: could you make a video or even audio playing it
17:43:15 muris: to see what are we up to?
17:43:43 Kurt: yeah I would always like to record my playing but I don´t have any recording stuff :(
17:44:00 Kurt: I would also need that stuff for collabs^^
17:44:01 muris: handy cam?
17:44:06 muris: cell with cam?
17:44:20 Kurt: cell with cam?
17:44:25 Kurt: what is that? lol
17:44:28 PacmanProductions: im so happy, i just found out that the multi pedal i ordered can record
17:44:31 muris: cellphone
17:44:40 muris: mobile
17:44:43 muris: you name it
17:44:44 muris: ;)
17:44:58 muris: camera?
17:45:20 Kurt: ahh...yes I coud do a video with my cam but it would be to fast for it and you couldn´t hear anything lol
17:45:39 Kurt: nope... but soon i hope i´ll get a toneport :)
17:45:50 Kurt: or stuff like that
17:45:51 muris: i would really love video :)
17:46:00 muris: and you could post it on forum as well
17:46:13 muris: so we could all see your progress
17:46:23 Kurt: yeah maybe i´ll ask a homie with a camera ;)
17:46:31 muris: great :)
17:46:44 Kurt: or I send you a gp5 file lol
17:46:55 muris: yep,GP is fine tho
17:46:57 muris: lol
17:46:59 botoxfox: My playing sucks, haven't been practising much lately
17:47:00 Kurt: lol
17:47:11 muris: so,we have a deal then?
17:47:28 Kurt: I can´t promise anything sorry :(
17:47:37 Kurt: If i get a camera ;)
17:47:58 muris: you sound like you're from middle of Africa ;)
17:48:11 Kurt: it´s austria here
17:48:14 Kurt: lol
17:48:21 muris: you see lol
17:48:36 muris: any camera i lacking in Austria
17:48:45 muris: think I heard about it on CNN ;)
17:48:57 Kurt: lol
17:49:09 muris: anyhow,it'll be great
17:49:24 muris: some members alredy posted clips playing few lessons
17:49:32 Kurt: yes I know :)
17:49:51 PacmanProductions: in the forums?
17:49:58 muris: I'll try to give iniciative
17:50:04 muris: to get more stuff like that
17:50:15 Kurt: you must just go to upload or member uploads PacmanProductions ^^
17:50:18 muris: that's the purpose of lessons in a first place
17:50:20 Kurt: uploads
17:50:31 PacmanProductions: oh ok
17:50:32 Kurt: yes I can imagine ;)
17:51:05 muris: seeing memebers playing it is best way to give advice ,sugestion or whatever
17:51:10 muris: if needed of course
17:51:32 Kurt: yeah of course it would be cool :)
17:52:36 Kurt: hey muris another question....
17:53:21 Kurt: if you are playing for yourself...are you only playing your own stuff or are you also still playin stuff of famous musicians...?
17:53:40 Batista: Cheers fellow-GMC'ers =)
17:53:42 Kurt: or famous bands...^^
17:53:45 botoxfox: hello
17:53:53 muris: what do you mean by for myself?
17:54:02 muris: mean like sitting and jamming in my room or ?
17:54:18 Kurt: yep :)
17:54:23 muris: well
17:54:32 muris: i'm not thinking that much of it
17:54:39 muris: I play something
17:55:03 muris: mine,from some other,something new,maybe composing, idea
17:55:20 Batista: I use to play songs from others if they contain any technique I am trying to learn, and sometimes im just playing around and see if I can make some cool riffs or solos or something
17:55:22 Kurt: aha ok lol
17:55:43 muris: I just play what I like in that moment
17:55:54 muris: yeah,ego is killing me
17:55:55 muris: lol
17:55:57 Kurt: hmm...and what do you like in the moment? lol
17:56:11 muris: right now?
17:56:17 Kurt: yes
17:56:24 muris: i don't play at the moment
17:56:30 muris: watching soccer game
17:56:31 muris: ;)
17:56:33 Kurt: :p
17:56:51 muris: or trying to watch
17:56:52 muris: lol
17:56:56 Kurt: no but...what music or stuff would you prefer at the moment?
17:56:57 PacmanProductions: whos playing?
17:57:05 muris: many things
17:57:15 muris: I realy like too many stuff
17:57:19 botoxfox: Video game songs are cool to play
17:58:33 Kurt: do you have anything like a favourite guitarist? :)
18:00:05 muris: of course
18:00:11 muris: but they are too many as well
18:00:24 Kurt: yeah I know that problem lol
18:00:43 muris: it'll unfair to list just few of them,right?
18:00:55 muris: brb
18:01:41 botoxfox: Think I'm gonna hit the sack
18:01:50 botoxfox: toodeloo
18:01:57 PacmanProductions: what time is it there?
18:02:08 botoxfox: 00:02
18:02:13 PacmanProductions: ohhh
18:02:26 botoxfox: good night
18:02:30 PacmanProductions: good night
18:06:40 PacmanProductions: well cya everyone
18:11:59 muris: I'll pass too guys
18:12:10 muris: was nice chating as always
18:12:14 muris: see ya soon
18:12:15 muris: :)
18:12:20 muris: bye
20:14:19 kethcup: yo yo
21:22:24 Robin: Hi there
21:22:26 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip*
21:22:30 Slammer: :P
21:22:35 Robin: whats up
21:22:57 Slammer: nithung much
21:23:03 Robin: thats amazing
21:23:11 Slammer: :O
21:23:20 Robin: actually the clock is 3:30 in the night here, so I'm off to bed now
21:23:32 Robin: see you later elephant
21:23:50 Robin: great solo btw on the blues collab
21:23:57 Robin: laterszzsz
21:24:02 Slammer: no stay
21:24:03 PacmanProductions: hey slammer
21:24:05 Slammer: :)
21:24:09 Slammer: sup?
21:24:21 Robin: slammer
21:24:21 PacmanProductions: nm
21:24:28 Robin: have you heard Snooks Eaglin?
21:24:40 Slammer: no
21:24:42 Slammer: have you?
21:24:44 Robin: mkay
21:24:45 Slammer: :P
21:24:46 Robin: awesome stuff
21:24:49 Robin: Heh, yeah :D
21:24:53 Robin: fingerpicking blues
21:24:53 Slammer: doh
21:25:06 Slammer: you know who is good fingerpicker?
21:25:26 Slammer: Kris in his Borat parody
21:25:30 Slammer: :O
21:25:32 Slammer: :P
21:25:33 Robin: yeha
21:25:35 Robin: yeah
21:25:40 Robin: too good to be true
21:25:48 Robin: he is cheating
21:25:53 Robin: somehow
21:25:53 Slammer: LOL
21:26:00 Slammer: what time is it?
21:26:16 Robin: over here?
21:26:38 Robin: 3:25 in the night/morning
21:26:41 Slammer: in Africa?
21:26:51 Robin: 14:56
21:27:41 Slammer: maybe...
21:28:06 Slammer: LOL
21:28:09 Robin: anyway I'll go to bed now
21:28:13 Robin: :D lol :D lol
21:28:23 Robin: see you later aliskator
21:28:27 Robin: LOL.
21:28:33 Slammer: :(
21:28:35 Robin: bye
21:28:40 Slammer: ok cya
21:28:42 Robin: :D lol :) ;) :D lol
21:31:44 Slammer: *slap*
21:31:47 Slammer: sup PP?
21:32:42 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
21:32:44 Slammer: ?
21:36:16 Slammer: ok
21:36:17 Slammer: dude
21:36:19 Slammer: I gtg
21:36:29 Slammer: I may be back in a hour or so
21:36:31 Slammer: cta
21:36:33 Slammer: cya*
22:07:11 Slammer: Back
22:09:05 PacmanProductions: heyhey
22:09:37 Slammer: LOL
22:09:45 Slammer: whats new?
22:09:46 Slammer: *slap*
22:10:00 PacmanProductions: nuthin, i found this game website
22:10:15 PacmanProductions: pretty fun
22:10:18 Slammer: cool
22:10:28 Slammer: what kinda guitar do you have?
22:10:40 PacmanProductions: Greg Bennett Avion
22:10:55 Slammer: :O
22:10:57 Slammer: wow
22:11:03 Slammer: never heard of it
22:11:08 Slammer: what is it?
22:11:08 PacmanProductions: ohhh...
22:11:15 PacmanProductions: lemme get a link
22:11:19 Slammer: I mean a Elec
22:11:21 Slammer: Acoustic?
22:11:25 PacmanProductions: elec
22:12:18 Slammer: nice
22:12:37 PacmanProductions:
22:13:36 Slammer: well
22:13:39 Slammer: it looks nice
22:14:01 PacmanProductions: some say its better than epiphone sg special
22:14:07 Slammer: yeah
22:14:27 Slammer: it probably
22:14:28 Slammer: is
22:14:43 Slammer: epiphones are pretty Average guitars
22:15:05 PacmanProductions: what type of guitar do u have?
22:15:07 PacmanProductions: wait,
22:15:13 PacmanProductions: u have Barbra?
22:15:29 Slammer: ?
22:15:31 Slammer: LOL
22:15:33 Slammer: what?
22:15:38 PacmanProductions: no...
22:15:43 PacmanProductions: thats Hemlok
22:15:46 Slammer: LOL
22:15:53 PacmanProductions: he named his guitar Barbera
22:16:24 Slammer: I have a Fender Showmaster
22:17:14 PacmanProductions: never heard of that model
22:18:03 Slammer:
22:18:17 Slammer: that is mine same color
22:18:25 Slammer: what Amp you play with?
22:18:33 PacmanProductions: damn....nice
22:18:44 PacmanProductions: umm lemme see
22:18:59 PacmanProductions: Peavey Rage 158
22:19:11 Slammer: Cool
22:19:15 Slammer: Nice AMp
22:19:25 PacmanProductions: thx
22:19:33 PacmanProductions: like what, 85$
22:19:35 PacmanProductions: US
22:19:38 Slammer: IDK
22:19:41 Slammer: :P
22:19:57 Slammer: It was better than my first amp
22:20:12 PacmanProductions: what ammp do u play with?
22:20:38 Slammer: right now?
22:20:40 PacmanProductions: yeah
22:20:48 Slammer: Line 6 Spider 3 75
22:21:18 Slammer:
22:21:30 PacmanProductions: nice
22:21:41 Slammer: makes a pretty nice combo with my guitar
22:21:55 Slammer: Alot of tones
22:22:03 Slammer: actually 400 presets
22:22:07 Slammer: on the amp LOL
22:22:11 PacmanProductions: dang
22:22:48 Slammer: LOL
22:22:57 PacmanProductions: do u have any effect pedals
22:22:58 PacmanProductions: ?
22:23:01 Slammer: man do you wanna get a Chat Party going
22:23:08 PacmanProductions: sure
22:23:11 Slammer: No I don't have any pedals
22:23:13 Slammer: dude
22:23:19 PacmanProductions: yeah?
22:23:35 Slammer: go to the Master Class Guitar Forum, and make a "COme into Chat Thread"
22:23:43 PacmanProductions: ive got one
22:23:50 Slammer: LOL
22:24:12 Slammer: Saturday night chats are always fun
22:24:38 Slammer: :D
22:24:53 Slammer: *slap*
22:24:59 Slammer: esp when people talk
22:25:00 Slammer: :OP
22:25:01 Slammer: :P
22:25:51 Slammer: HEY :(
22:25:55 Slammer: you said you
22:26:15 Slammer: are really board in chat
22:26:17 Slammer: :(
22:26:22 Slammer: :P
22:26:23 Slammer: LOL
22:26:26 Slammer: LMAO
22:26:28 PacmanProductions: "yesterday"
22:26:33 Slammer: omg LMAO
22:26:36 Slammer: dude
22:26:36 PacmanProductions: sent a new one just now
22:26:40 PacmanProductions: what?
22:27:01 Slammer: NOOOOO
22:27:04 Slammer: NOOOOOOOO
22:27:09 PacmanProductions: what??
22:27:18 Slammer: 'you told them SLammers' in
22:27:23 PacmanProductions: ohh yeah
22:27:29 Slammer: now they'll never come
22:27:30 PacmanProductions: u talk way too much
22:27:32 PacmanProductions: lol
22:27:34 Slammer: :(
22:27:48 Slammer: fine then I guess I'll leave then
22:27:51 Slammer: :(
22:27:55 PacmanProductions: ?
22:28:06 Slammer: if I talk to much :(
22:28:13 PacmanProductions: im jkin
22:28:20 Slammer: :D
22:28:22 Slammer: :)
22:28:29 Slammer: dude
22:28:35 PacmanProductions: what??
22:28:37 Slammer: is that you in your avatar?
22:28:43 PacmanProductions: yeah
22:28:47 Slammer: LOL
22:28:56 PacmanProductions: what?
22:28:59 Slammer: you a Business man?
22:29:03 PacmanProductions: no....
22:29:05 PacmanProductions: :P
22:29:10 Slammer: LMAO
22:29:22 Slammer: you look like a kid working in a Office
22:29:28 PacmanProductions: when i went to spain there was a resterant named "DA PAOLO"
22:29:30 Slammer: at a Board meeting
22:29:35 Slammer: LOL
22:29:37 PacmanProductions: and my name is Paolo
22:29:46 PacmanProductions: so i thought it was funny
22:30:08 Slammer: it looks like that is you sitting in the Board room of the buiness you own
22:30:11 Slammer: LOL
22:30:21 PacmanProductions: lol
22:30:38 Slammer: Graphic Design or Something :P
22:31:35 Slammer: have you ever heard Eric Clapton?
22:31:40 PacmanProductions: who hasnt
22:31:57 Slammer: well,
22:31:58 Slammer: they
22:32:04 Slammer: are some Metalheads
22:32:06 Slammer: on this site
22:32:07 Slammer: :P
22:32:11 Slammer: who probably haven
22:32:15 Slammer: 't
22:32:23 PacmanProductions: true
22:32:41 Slammer: CLapton or SRV?
22:32:50 Slammer: who do you pick?
22:33:11 PacmanProductions: and there like, well, well, have u heard of "Dunkinstrugdorftron''? the finnish death metal band????
22:33:13 PacmanProductions: clapton
22:33:25 Slammer: LMAO ^
22:33:31 Slammer: have you ever Heard SRV?
22:33:36 PacmanProductions: yeah
22:33:42 Slammer: you know
22:33:55 Slammer: Eric Clapton is Actually my All time Favorite guitarist
22:33:59 Slammer: yep
22:34:01 Slammer: Laugh
22:34:04 Slammer: :(
22:34:17 PacmanProductions: well, hes a great guitarist
22:34:24 PacmanProductions: im not surprized
22:34:49 Slammer: I thought you were like :O
22:35:25 Slammer: have you ever heard Scuttle buttin?
22:35:34 PacmanProductions: him, i have not
22:35:41 Slammer: no the song :P
22:35:48 PacmanProductions:
22:35:55 Slammer: you haven't?
22:35:58 Slammer: :O
22:36:07 Slammer: it's a Great SRV song
22:36:09 PacmanProductions: i probly have
22:36:18 PacmanProductions: just dont recognize the name
22:36:30 Slammer:
22:37:39 PacmanProductions: i thought that was Mary had a little lamb
22:37:46 Slammer: LOL
22:38:05 PacmanProductions: i know his song, mary had a little lamb
22:38:13 Slammer: do you like Shred?
22:38:18 PacmanProductions: ?
22:38:18 Slammer: Alot right?
22:38:31 PacmanProductions: "to shred?"
22:38:34 Slammer: I mean everyone loves Shred on GMC!
22:38:42 Slammer: or to listen?
22:38:42 PacmanProductions: or shreadmandan?
22:38:45 Slammer: LOL
22:38:51 Slammer: LMAO
22:38:53 PacmanProductions: :P
22:39:00 Slammer: omg
22:39:03 Slammer: dude LMAO
22:40:26 Slammer: Hi
22:40:28 Slammer: *slap*
22:40:35 PacmanProductions: what?
22:40:39 Slammer: nothing
22:40:40 Slammer: dude
22:40:45 Slammer: you should start a New thread
22:40:47 Slammer: LOL
22:41:02 Slammer: call it "saturday night chat"
22:41:05 Slammer: :P
22:41:11 Slammer: before the night is over
22:41:23 PacmanProductions: hey zakk
22:41:27 Slammer: LOL
22:41:29 Slammer: hey Zakk
22:41:35 ZaKk WyLdE: hey
22:41:35 Slammer: how's Ozzie?
22:41:41 ZaKk WyLdE: he s fine actually
22:41:42 PacmanProductions: :P
22:42:09 Slammer: dude how's those Speedy Pentatonic runs coming along
22:42:30 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
22:42:39 Slammer: so is he your Fav guitarist?
22:42:41 Slammer: :P
22:42:47 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
22:42:51 ZaKk WyLdE: he s the best
22:42:55 Slammer: hey Zakk aren't you from the South
22:43:09 ZaKk WyLdE: no
22:43:14 ZaKk WyLdE: rite now i m in asia
22:43:14 Slammer: LOL
22:43:18 PacmanProductions: ...
22:43:20 Slammer: :P
22:43:20 ZaKk WyLdE: but i m belgian
22:43:25 PacmanProductions: little off slam
22:43:48 Slammer: what do you mean?
22:44:01 Slammer: oh nvm
22:44:02 Slammer: :P
22:44:12 Slammer: well I'm bad at guessing
22:44:13 Slammer: :(
22:44:27 ZaKk WyLdE: hey don t u guys know how to put a vibrato on a BC RIch?
22:44:33 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz there s no hole for it
22:44:34 Slammer: maybe you are from South Belgium?
22:44:37 Slammer: :P
22:44:42 Slammer: brb
22:44:58 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
22:45:07 ZaKk WyLdE: no i mean,how to put the bar on
22:45:17 PacmanProductions: well, idk....slam might
22:45:38 PacmanProductions: brb...
22:45:49 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz i need it for dimebag's squealings which is rili cool
22:45:58 Slammer: dude
22:46:00 Slammer: Zakk
22:46:06 Slammer: there is no hole?
22:46:12 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
22:46:20 ZaKk WyLdE: there isn t
22:46:26 Slammer: then how are you gonna put a Whammy bar on?
22:46:43 ZaKk WyLdE: thats the question i asked u
22:47:08 ZaKk WyLdE: can i change
22:47:11 ZaKk WyLdE: all the
22:47:16 ZaKk WyLdE: how can is ay that
22:47:20 ZaKk WyLdE: hmmm
22:47:21 Slammer: LOL
22:47:23 Slammer: dude
22:47:25 ZaKk WyLdE: all the box
22:47:33 Slammer: you're probably gonna have to either
22:47:42 Slammer: Get a New Bridge installed
22:47:46 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
22:47:50 Slammer: or buy a New ugitar
22:47:55 Slammer: :P
22:47:55 Slammer: with a Whammy
22:48:04 ZaKk WyLdE: is it rili important?
22:48:12 Slammer: what a Whammy?
22:48:24 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz many guitarists play with guitar without whammy bar
22:49:59 Slammer: Well
22:50:18 Slammer: I'll let Hemlok answer that
22:50:24 Slammer: or ESJ
22:50:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hellloooo felllllassss
22:50:50 Slammer: guys is it really Important to play with a Whammy Zakk wantsa know
22:50:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
22:50:59 JVM: yo
22:51:04 Slammer: soy :P
22:51:10 JVM: no
22:51:10 PacmanProductions: im back
22:51:12 Hemlok: no not important, unless you want to use it
22:51:12 JVM: yo mama
22:51:16 PacmanProductions: whoa....
22:51:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well the thing about a whammy , you really dont need it
22:51:25 PacmanProductions: alot of ppl here
22:51:28 PacmanProductions: SLAM
22:51:28 Hemlok: i for one do want to use one, but i dont have one, until next year
22:51:34 Slammer: LMAO
22:51:35 Slammer: see
22:51:35 PacmanProductions: u said no one would come
22:51:37 ZaKk WyLdE: i want to,but on my bc rich,there s no hole for it,so should i change the bridge?
22:51:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah i getting one on my new ax, more fun !
22:52:01 Hemlok: BC Rich? what animal?
22:52:01 Slammer: LOL PacmanProductions see the chat did fill up
22:52:07 Slammer: :P
22:52:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
22:52:13 PacmanProductions: Slammer u said no one would come
22:52:13 ZaKk WyLdE: warlock
22:52:18 Slammer: :P
22:52:23 Slammer: LMAO
22:52:26 Hemlok: really, my warlock has a floyd rose.
22:52:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill bb in a little bit I want to go watch ufc for awhile
22:52:39 ZaKk WyLdE: u've a warlock?
22:52:41 PacmanProductions: any one watchin the LSU game?
22:52:42 Hemlok: although mine is a platinum series or something
22:52:47 Slammer: :I
22:52:54 Slammer: <8)
22:52:55 ZaKk WyLdE: oh ok
22:52:59 ZaKk WyLdE: i've got the bronze one
22:53:00 Slammer: hey JVM
22:53:01 ZaKk WyLdE: sucks
22:53:06 Slammer: LMAO
22:53:13 Hemlok: yeah i dont have it with me, gave to friend because the floyd rose was too much for me
22:53:27 ZaKk WyLdE: i dun like bc rich rili much
22:53:29 ZaKk WyLdE: u like it?
22:53:32 Hemlok: no they suck
22:53:37 ZaKk WyLdE: for sure
22:53:40 ZaKk WyLdE: they suck for real
22:53:44 Hemlok: they just look good
22:53:50 ZaKk WyLdE: i would rather buy a gd Dean guitar
22:54:01 Hemlok: i would rather buy another gibson les paul
22:54:25 Hemlok: brb need to kick the dog
22:54:51 PacmanProductions: :P
22:55:04 AliMo: wutsup everyone
22:55:17 Slammer: Woah
22:55:19 Slammer: full chat
22:55:20 Slammer: :P
22:55:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: all thanks to my brilliant thread !
22:55:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: jk lol
22:55:42 PacmanProductions: no, mine
22:55:43 PacmanProductions: lol
22:55:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: we had a good chat earlier though
22:56:03 PacmanProductions: with Muris
22:56:13 PacmanProductions: and like everyone else
22:56:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
22:56:34 PacmanProductions: then like 7 ppl said "brb"
22:56:41 PacmanProductions: and 3 came back
22:56:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im running back and forth because im watching some deaf guy kick the shit out of another dude on ufc
22:56:51 Slammer: omg
22:56:52 PacmanProductions: and robin just sat thwew
22:56:53 PacmanProductions: lol
22:56:59 Slammer: that's wrong
22:56:59 PacmanProductions: there*
22:57:01 Slammer: :P
22:57:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
22:57:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: channel 43 slammer
22:57:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or what everchannel spike tv is on
22:57:33 Slammer: I have Directv
22:57:40 Slammer: and I'm not in my room btw
22:57:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how dare you !
22:57:48 Slammer: LOL
22:58:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i like rock of love anyone see that show ?
22:58:29 PacmanProductions: its ok
22:58:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your ok!
22:58:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
22:58:45 PacmanProductions: thanks
22:58:49 PacmanProductions: :P
22:58:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bb in like 5 minutes
22:59:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer likes maria
22:59:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: he told me
22:59:09 PacmanProductions: AWWWW
22:59:14 PacmanProductions: HOW CUCTE
22:59:17 PacmanProductions: CUTE*
22:59:20 PacmanProductions: :P
23:00:21 PacmanProductions: AliMo
23:00:34 PacmanProductions: i saw u liked avenged sevenfold...
23:01:21 PacmanProductions: *crickets churping*
23:01:28 Hemlok: so they should be
23:01:59 PacmanProductions: what?
23:02:26 Hemlok: :?
23:03:06 PacmanProductions: chat just died...
23:03:06 JVM: *WHIP*
23:03:14 PacmanProductions: cuz....
23:03:26 PacmanProductions: JVM *whip* ed it to death
23:03:31 JVM: has anyone seen once upon a time in china?
23:03:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i like a7x im getting synsters axe but only because I like the guitar not him
23:03:49 Hemlok: not me, i have seen once upon a time in mexico
23:03:50 Slammer: yeaf
23:04:04 PacmanProductions: that movie was on today
23:04:13 PacmanProductions: i love the intro
23:04:50 JVM: lol
23:04:50 JVM: china or mexico?
23:04:52 AliMo: lol sry 4got I was in chat, was trying to find out the locatins of that iron maiden tour
23:05:00 PacmanProductions: ohh
23:05:03 PacmanProductions: :P
23:05:05 AliMo: yes I like A7x very much
23:05:12 PacmanProductions: whats ur favorite song?
23:05:14 AliMo: how bout you guys, wut you like
23:05:27 AliMo: not sure, either seize the day or unholy confessions
23:05:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like a7x um prolly beast and the harlot, and the seize the day solo
23:05:49 PacmanProductions: seize the day solo is awesome
23:06:02 AliMo: yep my favorite solo
23:06:23 Hemlok: *yawn* im going shopping, cya everyone
23:06:41 AliMo: later
23:06:41 Hemlok: oh slammer, i like your blues collab
23:06:42 PacmanProductions: shopping at 10:06 pm?
23:06:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
23:06:49 Hemlok: 11.06am
23:06:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: austriala time zone
23:06:55 PacmanProductions: whoa
23:07:07 Slammer: umm thanls
23:07:09 Slammer: thanks
23:07:42 Slammer: I think JVM was the best solo
23:08:04 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip*
23:08:16 JVM: *whip* *slap*
23:08:40 JVM: you certainly critisized it enough at first
23:08:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: in blues collab, honestly slammer and shredman did the best
23:09:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: * and the crowd goes wild *
23:09:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
23:09:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *whip*
23:09:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *meow*
23:09:51 Slammer: LOL
23:10:06 Slammer: I didn't Critisize it?
23:10:22 JVM: did so
23:10:24 JVM: lol
23:10:32 Slammer: no I didn't :(
23:10:43 Slammer: NO I DIDN
23:10:50 Slammer: :{
23:11:04 JVM: lol
23:14:21 PacmanProductions: wow, slam's solo in blue collab is great
23:15:35 AliMo: listening to it now............
23:16:43 Slammer: JVM rules
23:16:45 Slammer: the Solo
23:16:56 Slammer: It's true
23:17:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: this is my favorite " bluesy" song of all time
23:17:14 JVM: timmons is good
23:18:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: JVM was that a typo ? did you mean " timmons is god* ? :)
23:18:12 PacmanProductions: lol
23:18:27 Slammer: yngwie would throw a fit
23:18:30 Slammer: if he read that
23:19:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ynwgie is masterbating in burgers as we speak
23:19:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yngwie*
23:19:24 PacmanProductions: probably
23:21:10 AliMo: wow just finished listening to the blue collab
23:21:14 AliMo: everyone did great
23:21:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:21:20 PacmanProductions: yeah
23:21:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: andrew has a nice vibrato
23:21:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no marcus lavendell but its nice
23:21:52 AliMo: lol
23:22:48 Slammer: LOL
23:22:54 Slammer: he'll get there on day
23:22:57 Slammer: one*
23:22:58 Slammer: soon
23:23:03 Slammer: like we all will
23:23:05 Slammer: :)
23:23:25 PacmanProductions: :P
23:27:41 PacmanProductions: so, what type of guitars does everyone have???
23:27:55 AliMo: got an ibanez and a schecter
23:27:59 AliMo: how bout you?
23:28:01 JVM: parker nitefly
23:28:10 PacmanProductions: greg bennett avion
23:28:35 PacmanProductions: how do they play 1-9
23:29:17 AliMo: eh the schecter was my first guitar and i got it for 100 bucks used from a friend of mine so id say like a 4
23:29:44 AliMo: but my new ibanez is just so perfect, I love it. At the least its an 8
23:29:44 PacmanProductions: :P ok, now the ibanez?
23:29:51 PacmanProductions: kewl
23:30:11 AliMo: what about yours, I've never heard of that brand.
23:31:36 PacmanProductions:
23:33:17 AliMo: wow that looks nice, that the one you have?
23:33:51 PacmanProductions: no, it looks similar to that one execpt this the second guitar's color
23:33:59 PacmanProductions: but a little lighter
23:35:03 AliMo: nice, hows it play
23:35:20 PacmanProductions: about a 8 1/2
23:35:47 Slammer: *slap*
23:35:49 Slammer: JVM
23:35:50 AliMo: lol
23:35:54 JVM: *whip*
23:36:07 Slammer: so how has your life changed since getting the Parker
23:36:12 Slammer: Picking up more chicks
23:36:12 JVM: dramatically
23:36:16 JVM: of course man
23:36:21 JVM: theres nothing like bending on a parker
23:36:30 JVM: the glass and carbon fibre fretboard is so smooth
23:36:31 CrashOops: dear god there's a lot of people in here
23:36:36 Slammer: :(
23:36:42 PacmanProductions: lol
23:37:08 Slammer: Joseph
23:37:18 Slammer: *slap*
23:37:21 Slammer: Joe Miller
23:37:23 JVM: *whip*
23:37:27 JVM: Stop slapping me
23:37:33 Slammer: :O
23:37:53 Slammer: dude
23:38:02 Slammer: what happened to your Fender?
23:38:05 Slammer: ugitar
23:38:07 Slammer: Tele?
23:38:10 JVM: the tele
23:38:12 JVM: i still have it
23:38:21 Slammer: Can I buy it from you?
23:38:27 Slammer: along with your Glasses
23:38:28 Slammer: :P
23:38:29 JVM: lol
23:39:13 Slammer: so dude
23:39:26 Slammer: how did I Crit. your Piece?
23:39:39 JVM: you didnt like the tone
23:39:48 Ryan: hows it going guys
23:39:51 PacmanProductions: hey ryan
23:40:08 Slammer: sup Ryan
23:41:12 Ryan: Hows the playing going?
23:41:33 Slammer: Great
23:41:38 Ryan: awesome
23:42:10 Slammer: how's the GF?
23:42:13 Slammer: :P
23:42:16 Ryan: wow
23:42:20 Ryan: complications
23:42:22 Ryan: complications
23:42:31 Ryan: more so of us, rather than her parents now
23:42:39 Slammer: man
23:42:42 Ryan: hows the dog going??
23:42:51 Slammer: if I had one I'd tell ya
23:43:02 Ryan: cat?
23:43:14 Slammer: nope
23:43:16 Ryan: bird?
23:43:19 Slammer: nope
23:43:33 Ryan: hmm
23:43:38 Ryan: the yankees?
23:43:47 Slammer: :O
23:43:48 Slammer: never
23:43:51 Ryan: lol
23:44:28 Ryan: so whats new?
23:44:44 JVM: what do you guys think of jeff's peter framptonization of the song writing collab?
23:45:26 Ryan: Hows that song writing collab going anyways havent checked on it in a few days last time i heard it, it was going pretty good
23:47:41 Ryan: Hey JVM whos gonna be the actual singer?? Will it be Kris?? Or is it just who ever?
23:50:02 Slammer: it could be you
23:50:06 Slammer: Yes
23:50:16 Slammer: can you sing
23:50:34 Ryan: lol
23:50:36 Ryan: good one
23:50:37 Ryan: haha
23:50:53 Slammer: You can
23:51:00 Ryan: noooo wayy lol
23:51:54 Ryan: Damn have you check out Juan Valero's stuff on the members upload only board?
23:52:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:52:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: his solo stuff
23:52:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: really well constructed
23:53:14 Ryan: its kickass im listening to umm let me check idk its the first one but it kickass his tone is aweosme
23:53:32 Ryan: Its called Final Sacrfice
23:55:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah that was my favorite
23:56:17 Ryan: Hes pretty good
23:56:26 Ryan: hes the guy that made that touch guitar lesson right?
23:56:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: polyphonic one, yes he made it !
23:56:50 Ryan: thats do
23:56:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah I didnt even try
23:56:59 Ryan: I tried :( and failed miserblly
23:57:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: his other tapping lesson was so fast I couldnt do that eithier
23:57:19 Ryan: lol
23:57:19 Ryan: OH wow tired that one to
23:57:23 Ryan: that didnt go to wlel either
23:57:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like i didnt think it would be hard with the middle and ring finegr, little did I know :p
23:57:58 Ryan: lol me 2 ahha
23:58:13 Ryan: How much of Marcus's stuff have you tried?
23:58:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: me ????
23:58:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
23:58:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont do that stuff thats tuned down a half a step
23:59:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but recently ive done the vibrato lessons and the new 3 lesson one
23:59:34 Ryan: that new 3 lesson one..thats fun to play but that trill part int eh advanced lesson is harder than everything else
23:59:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: are we talking bout the same one ?
23:59:55 Slammer: cya Joe

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