Guitar Chat with Kai Muehlenbruch, Muris etc. 2007-09-09
Sep 13 2007, 10:19 PM
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00:00:04 Ryan: yeah
00:00:13 Ryan: on the 3rd part of it
00:00:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the one with tapping in the intro right ?
00:00:51 Ryan: hmm
00:00:57 Ryan: yeah
00:00:58 Ryan: that one
00:01:04 Ryan: its the part right after that one
00:01:18 Ryan: going from the B and G string
00:01:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: send me a link because im lazy and your prolly already to it
00:01:53 Ryan: lol
00:01:55 Ryan: ahha
00:01:55 Ryan: yoru right
00:02:02 Ryan:
00:02:50 Ryan: Its the forth video
00:02:55 Slammer: dude
00:03:02 Ryan: i guess you dont have to say there trill, but thats pretty much what it is
00:03:08 Slammer: if you learn that solo you could pick up any chick
00:03:13 Ryan: lol
00:03:14 Ryan: well idid
00:03:20 Ryan: and thats the only part i can really do
00:03:22 Ryan: cant
00:03:35 Ryan: the tapping part wasnt really all that hard
00:03:53 Hemlok: *whip* im back!
00:03:54 Slammer: WB
00:03:55 Ryan: haha pick up any chick iwht it...thats funny
00:04:01 PacmanProductions: :P
00:04:03 Hemlok: thanks
00:04:12 Ryan: whats up hemlock
00:04:17 Ryan: hemlok*
00:04:39 Slammer: You know I've been reading Eric Clapton's Biography
00:04:39 Hemlok: not much, just bought pink floyd Pulse DVD
00:04:50 Ryan: aweosme
00:05:01 Hemlok: you should read Room Full of Mirrors, hendrix biography if you havnt already
00:05:05 Ryan: Whats special about Eric's life?
00:05:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: \that solo is is difficult
00:05:12 Ryan: Is it any good
00:05:17 Slammer: :O
00:05:19 Slammer: :(
00:05:27 Ryan: NOO Eat-Sleep-andJam itsn not that hard relaly
00:05:29 Slammer: *runs off crying*
00:05:35 Hemlok: didnt clapton go crazy on drugs so he could get the blues?
00:05:43 Slammer: :p
00:05:44 Ryan: lol
00:05:53 Slammer: it's actually Very Interesting
00:05:56 Slammer: I guess
00:06:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ryan , well yeah it is. to be played perfectly it would take some time
00:06:05 Slammer: cuz CLapton is my Fav
00:06:11 Hemlok: oh yeah
00:06:14 Slammer: but still :P
00:06:21 Hemlok: do you like clapton and the yardbirds?
00:06:31 Ryan: ive been doing it for like 2 weeks or so, but yeah its not all that difficult. It just takes time, and mostly the problem is the muting
00:06:31 Slammer: somewhat
00:06:41 Ryan: Well with me anyways
00:07:14 Ryan: I can get a lot of string noise while tapping sometimes, and when doing the lil trill part, but other than muting, its not so difficutl just relaly fast playing
00:07:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what vid is the trill part in
00:07:34 Ryan: 4
00:07:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats what I thought
00:07:52 Hemlok: i think it is lunch time
00:08:01 Ryan: noo its midnight snack almost
00:08:03 Ryan: :P
00:08:28 Hemlok: lol
00:09:30 Ryan: Damn i wish i could have marcus's tone, wow the bends he can pull sound someone is screaming, and everythign..idk if i need to use a harmonic there to pull it off or just scream instead of bend :P
00:09:31 Hemlok: why is slammer so quiet, he is usually a blabber mouth
00:09:43 Ryan: thats what i was wondering
00:09:45 Slammer: :(
00:09:55 Ryan: from what everybody says yoru the funny guy
00:10:01 Ryan: i remember a few times before lol
00:10:03 Hemlok: marcus usually puts his podxtl patch up for download doesnt he?
00:10:19 Slammer: who says I'm funny??? they are lying
00:10:31 Hemlok: they sure are, you are a bully
00:10:34 Ryan: yeah he does, but i dont have a pod YET
00:10:35 Hemlok: lol
00:10:41 Ryan: lol
00:10:43 Slammer: I'm dull :(
00:10:55 Ryan: well nice to meet you
00:11:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer likes Maria
00:11:04 Slammer: :(
00:11:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just thought Id share that
00:11:18 Hemlok: oooh ooh slammer's got a crush on the foxy lady
00:11:23 Ryan: :P
00:11:27 Ryan: lvoe is in the air
00:11:34 Hemlok: doo doo doo, doo doo do
00:11:39 Ryan: lol
00:11:55 Hemlok: that would be a good song to cover
00:12:09 Ryan: yea
00:14:19 Ryan: whats up Fret
00:14:29 FretDancer69: hey whats up guys
00:14:30 FretDancer69: :)
00:14:42 PacmanProductions: hi fret
00:14:48 FretDancer69: hi pacman, hi ryan
00:14:52 FretDancer69: hi everyone :D
00:15:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Hi Dancer
00:15:43 Ryan: Hows the playin goin Fret?
00:15:57 FretDancer69: well very good, but kinda bad as well
00:16:14 FretDancer69: im having a problem
00:16:19 FretDancer69: but i think its psychological lol
00:16:27 Ryan: lol
00:16:28 FretDancer69: you see, everytime i start a lesson
00:16:29 Ryan: what is it?
00:16:40 FretDancer69: i learn the first parts, and then i start jamming with them for hours
00:16:48 FretDancer69: and i never finish the lesson
00:16:49 PacmanProductions: i do the same thing
00:16:51 Ryan: lol
00:16:56 FretDancer69: :O
00:17:01 Ryan: I do that ever now and again ahha
00:17:05 Ryan: its cus its like school
00:17:13 PacmanProductions: i was doin Pavel
00:17:13 Ryan: what fun is it to sit down and do homework?
00:17:19 PacmanProductions: his lesson
00:17:23 FretDancer69: yeah, thats true
00:17:24 Ryan: Which 1?
00:17:25 PacmanProductions: (*oops clicked enter)
00:17:41 FretDancer69: Blues Bending by Muris
00:17:50 Ryan: Never did that one
00:17:58 Ryan: Im stuck on Marcus's stuff
00:18:04 Ryan: especially his winding roads solo WOW
00:18:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I learned it and then forgot it
00:18:07 Ryan: thats hard stuff
00:18:10 Ryan: lol
00:18:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not winding roads
00:18:16 Ryan: so it must not be that imporatn huh
00:18:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: blues bending
00:18:27 Ryan: or that cool atleast
00:18:30 FretDancer69: Winding roads is very hard
00:18:33 Ryan: i know
00:18:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yea
00:18:41 Ryan: especially taht part, with the sweep
00:18:43 Ryan: i cant do that
00:18:49 PacmanProductions: the rhapsody of fire one has a great rythem and i kept figuring out differnet choards to go with it
00:18:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: makes me want to put a baby in a microwave and hit potato
00:19:00 Ryan: lol
00:19:07 PacmanProductions: so i forgot about the rest of it
00:19:08 FretDancer69: lol
00:19:09 Ryan: yeah that lesson by pavel is fun to play
00:19:18 PacmanProductions: very east too
00:19:20 Ryan: sometimes i do my own stuff iwth it too
00:19:23 Ryan: i know
00:19:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats what I did
00:19:31 Ryan: Im just not that great of a muter
00:20:30 Slammer: Hi fretdancer69!
00:20:35 Ryan: I dont know how pavel can mute , then play a speed run muting still, and unmute for a just a second
00:20:38 Ryan: i know practice but damn
00:20:43 FretDancer69: hey Slammer! :)
00:20:45 Hemlok: Hi Fretty! What's your name?
00:20:46 Slammer: LOL
00:21:02 FretDancer69: well
00:21:02 FretDancer69: lol
00:21:10 FretDancer69: James
00:21:13 FretDancer69: in english
00:21:18 Hemlok: Well hello James
00:21:23 FretDancer69: hello :)
00:21:24 Ryan: I know i guy james
00:21:26 Ryan: HES WEIRD
00:21:31 Ryan: :P
00:21:34 PacmanProductions: ok, everyone's real names..... :P
00:21:39 FretDancer69: :?
00:21:39 Ryan: umm
00:21:40 Slammer: Slam!
00:21:41 Ryan: Ryan
00:21:42 Ryan: :D
00:21:45 Hemlok: Brent
00:21:47 FretDancer69: lol
00:22:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: John but my friends call me " Mino" ! :)
00:22:08 PacmanProductions: ?
00:22:11 PacmanProductions: why
00:22:15 Ryan: Mino like a fish?? or like Amino acid?
00:22:22 PacmanProductions: rofl
00:22:24 Hemlok: because he is part minotaur
00:22:29 Ryan: ohh lol
00:22:36 FretDancer69: lmao lol
00:22:41 Ryan: thats great
00:22:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: mino like a fish and its cause I have a small d*ck, lol jk jk
00:22:46 Ryan: lol
00:22:48 Ryan: wowo
00:23:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its because my last name is MINOIA hence mino
00:23:01 Ryan: you konw
00:23:02 Hemlok: 8)
00:23:09 Hemlok: thats better
00:23:13 FretDancer69: lol
00:23:25 Ryan: 85% of time people say jsut kidding after stating a comment there just lieng :P
00:23:32 FretDancer69: true that
00:23:32 Slammer: Hemlok your name is Brent?
00:23:34 FretDancer69: :P
00:23:46 Ryan: IM in the 15%
00:23:48 Ryan: :D
00:23:49 Slammer: I thought it was Hemlik
00:23:52 Slammer: Lok*
00:24:12 Hemlok: oh really
00:24:24 Hemlok: thats what i changed my name to in my past life
00:24:34 Hemlok: not this life tho, so im brent
00:24:44 Ryan: umm
00:24:47 Ryan: sory
00:24:51 Hemlok: :P
00:25:06 Ryan: thats weird are talking like well nvm ill let you be brent :P
00:25:07 Hemlok: oh i got ripped off
00:25:22 Slammer: my name is John
00:25:28 Ryan: Like a toilet :P
00:25:34 Hemlok: johnny boy
00:25:40 Slammer: like ESJ
00:25:51 Slammer: :P
00:25:51 Hemlok: ESJ is a toilet too?
00:26:07 Ryan: lol
00:26:13 Hemlok: i bought a 4 blade shaver
00:26:16 Hemlok: its a beast
00:26:16 Ryan: I thought ESJ was a drug
00:26:21 Slammer: I gotta 5
00:26:27 Ryan: :(
00:26:27 Ryan: I dont shave :((
00:26:33 Hemlok: i didnt know they made 5's!
00:26:37 Slammer: yep
00:26:42 Slammer: Gillete Fusion
00:26:45 Hemlok: damn, australia is behind the times
00:26:50 Ryan: LOL
00:26:58 Slammer: btw my name is Sam
00:27:00 Slammer: slammer
00:27:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Esj is the street name for evil-stinky-junglesniffs
00:27:05 Hemlok: sammer
00:27:12 Slammer: yes
00:27:26 Ryan: is taht a drug?
00:27:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: which is a deadly drug
00:27:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yes
00:27:33 Ryan: thats what i though :P
00:27:43 Ryan: Havent heard of it though...was just guessing
00:27:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: want a link on wikipedia ?
00:27:53 Slammer: hey Guys do you know the AM pentatonic?
00:27:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sounds crazy Ik
00:27:58 Slammer: :)
00:28:06 Ryan: [u]Yes
00:28:08 Hemlok: i think I do
00:28:13 Slammer: Great
00:28:14 Slammer: !!
00:28:25 Ryan: why so great?
00:28:28 Ryan: its not that hard
00:28:33 Hemlok: it is cool
00:28:33 Slammer: now when I count to three lets all play it at the same time
00:28:40 Hemlok: ok
00:28:51 Slammer: changing subject *
00:28:53 Hemlok: im not gonna be able to tho, im in DADGAD tuning :|
00:28:54 Slammer: :D
00:28:56 Ryan: sorry string broke on my guitar today got lazy and dint fix it :P
00:29:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is this one of your clever ways to try to get us naked slammer
00:29:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:29:09 Ryan: lol
00:29:17 FretDancer69: rofl lol
00:29:30 Slammer: Roflmao :{
00:29:48 Hemlok: :P
00:30:04 Hemlok: brb i need a beer
00:30:07 Slammer: :O
00:30:12 Hemlok: oh no i didnt buy beer
00:30:12 Ryan: :O sound awesome
00:30:15 Slammer: Hey Fretdancer
00:30:16 Slammer: DUDE
00:30:17 Ryan: damn
00:30:25 Slammer: that hurricane hit you didn't it?
00:30:25 FretDancer69: ?
00:30:26 Ryan: Slammer hes been here a while
00:30:28 FretDancer69: yeah
00:30:29 Hemlok: thats kinda what i went to the shop for..
00:30:32 FretDancer69: actually
00:30:38 FretDancer69: a market got flooded yesterday
00:30:42 FretDancer69: it was horrible
00:30:46 FretDancer69: a woman died
00:30:48 Ryan: yeah terrible
00:30:59 FretDancer69: but the way it happened, its orrinle
00:31:00 Ryan: Waht all happened to you? and was it really bad?
00:31:02 FretDancer69: horrible**
00:31:16 FretDancer69: well, not really, it wasnt that bad, like our last hurricane
00:31:27 Ryan: damn yoru just a lucky guy huh
00:31:28 Slammer: what do you mean I've been here awhile?
00:31:35 FretDancer69: i guess
00:31:40 Slammer: like in the chat?
00:31:41 PacmanProductions: which hurricane?
00:31:46 FretDancer69: Felix
00:32:02 PacmanProductions: oh dang.....
00:32:43 Ryan: Nothin slameer nvm mind on that :(
00:32:43 PacmanProductions: i was hit by Katrina in 05 so were looking at destruction at the same perspective i guess.
00:32:50 Slammer: what what
00:32:51 Slammer: tell me
00:32:52 Slammer: tell me
00:32:52 Slammer: tell me
00:33:02 Slammer: or I'll never stop asking
00:33:14 FretDancer69: im not sure about that, i think Katrina was worse
00:33:17 Ryan: lol
00:33:20 FretDancer69: because, supposedly
00:33:29 Ryan: Well you said Hey Fretdancer
00:33:32 Ryan: so i was like
00:33:35 Ryan: hes been here a while
00:33:38 Ryan: its stupid i know :(
00:33:38 PacmanProductions: well, i think not...
00:33:39 FretDancer69: when Felix arrived, it stopped being a hurricane
00:33:40 Ryan: shoot me
00:33:42 FretDancer69: after a while
00:33:44 Slammer: LMAO
00:33:47 PacmanProductions: oh it did?
00:33:48 Slammer: I don't get it :(
00:33:52 Ryan: lol
00:33:56 FretDancer69: yea
00:34:01 FretDancer69: but the weird thing is
00:34:05 Ryan: it doesnt matter it was a bad one anyway
00:34:10 FretDancer69: that yesterday it rained alot, and thats why that dissaster happened
00:34:13 PacmanProductions: well, katrina was a huge deal just of New Orleans...
00:34:21 FretDancer69: yeah.
00:34:24 Ryan: that bad part about that Pacman
00:34:30 Ryan: is that weve donated tons of money
00:34:39 Slammer: yeah , I know there was a Member here named Fretdancer before Fretdancer69 came
00:34:40 Ryan: and not much has been fixed i mena how many people still have no homes??
00:34:51 FretDancer69: yea i think andrew mentioned that
00:34:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Alot
00:34:59 PacmanProductions: while over here in MS my town is GONE!
00:35:00 FretDancer69: when i did the Introduction thread
00:35:45 Slammer: the sun came out?
00:35:56 PacmanProductions: what?
00:36:06 Slammer: btw
00:36:13 Slammer: it's 12:35 am
00:36:14 Slammer: here
00:36:22 Slammer: gonna be morning soon
00:36:25 Ryan: 11:36PM
00:36:29 PacmanProductions: 11:36 here
00:36:32 FretDancer69: its 10:35 here
00:36:34 Slammer: in fact it is Sunday Morning here already
00:36:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 12:36 here
00:36:52 Ryan: I got 23 minstue before :P
00:37:06 Hemlok: 12.36 sunday arvo
00:37:13 Slammer: :O
00:37:17 Slammer: but dude
00:37:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 12:36 at night here :)
00:37:23 Slammer: even though your ahead
00:37:26 Hemlok: i got another game of lawn bowls in 2 hours
00:37:28 Slammer: your Behind
00:37:33 Hemlok: thanks
00:37:39 Slammer: LOL
00:38:24 Slammer: Like the next time Britney spears get arrested you won't find out about it till you wake up
00:38:26 Slammer: :P
00:38:35 Ryan: lol
00:38:42 Slammer: dude
00:38:48 Slammer: I used to think she was so Hot
00:39:02 FretDancer69: she used to be
00:39:05 FretDancer69: lol
00:39:13 Slammer: before she became bald
00:39:19 Slammer: and a HO
00:39:20 Slammer: :P
00:39:21 Slammer: JK JK
00:39:44 FretDancer69: lol i heard that her sister is pregnant might be 8)
00:39:50 Slammer: wtf?
00:39:53 FretDancer69: the one that has a show
00:39:59 Slammer: isn't she like 13?
00:40:03 FretDancer69: i have no idea
00:40:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bald chicks, well at least there hair doesnt get in the way
00:40:09 FretDancer69: but i laughed so hard when i got told
00:40:14 Slammer: ESJ????
00:40:18 Slammer: :P
00:40:43 Slammer: dude some chicks are still hot when they're bald
00:40:51 Slammer: like Natalie Portman
00:41:00 Slammer: in V for Vendetta
00:41:24 FretDancer69: i was thinking of her when you mentioned that lol
00:41:47 Slammer: Mi Madre es de Costa Rica
00:41:59 FretDancer69: really?
00:42:03 Slammer: close to Fretdancer
00:42:08 Slammer: 69*
00:42:11 Hemlok: and that bald one with the big headlights in, you know.
00:42:11 FretDancer69: yea,
00:42:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: v for vendetta rocked
00:43:18 Ryan: V for Vendetta was alright
00:44:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
00:44:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: me on my first day of school
00:44:22 Slammer: LMAO
00:44:24 Hemlok: how many guitars have you all got?
00:44:41 Ryan: lol
00:44:42 Ryan: thats great
00:44:43 Slammer: Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
00:44:46 PacmanProductions: LMAO
00:44:48 Hemlok: he has a big lunchbox
00:44:56 Ryan: Hemlok I got 4 guitars
00:44:57 Hemlok: i bet he has 3 more in his backpack
00:45:01 PacmanProductions: i remember seein that pic on a myspace
00:45:03 FretDancer69: LMAO
00:45:03 Ryan: lol
00:45:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im hungry what can I say
00:45:16 FretDancer69: i got 3 guitars
00:45:19 Ryan: lol thats great
00:45:49 FretDancer69: i bought one recently
00:45:52 FretDancer69: like 2 or 3 weeks ago
00:45:54 Slammer: I have 2
00:45:55 Hemlok: 5
00:45:56 Ryan: hwat guitar?
00:45:59 Hemlok: *6
00:46:00 Slammer: one elec and one Acoustix
00:46:05 FretDancer69: Ibanez grg 270
00:46:16 Slammer: Showmaster
00:46:21 Slammer: I've called it
00:46:26 Ryan: i got an Ibanez RGR 521 :O
00:46:35 Slammer: Red and Black fender guitar
00:46:43 FretDancer69: never heard of that model..
00:46:44 Hemlok: very nice
00:46:48 Ryan: its limited edition
00:46:50 PacmanProductions: ive got 3 of my own
00:46:53 FretDancer69: oh :O
00:46:53 Ryan: Ex2 :D
00:47:00 Ryan: its not 2 bad
00:47:08 PacmanProductions: but i can play 7
00:47:13 PacmanProductions: im "allowed to"
00:47:18 Ryan: lol
00:47:22 Ryan: hwos that Pacman?
00:47:22 Hemlok: i can play about 12
00:47:28 Slammer:
00:47:42 Slammer: thats mine
00:47:43 Ryan: thats a sweet lookin guitar dude
00:47:47 Ryan: yoru lucky
00:47:53 Slammer: well
00:47:56 PacmanProductions: what do u mean, ryan?
00:47:57 Hemlok: thats pretty
00:47:58 Ryan: is it bad?
00:48:02 Slammer: it doesn;'t sound too bad either
00:48:05 Slammer: LOL
00:48:10 Ryan: How do you get to play extra Pacman??
00:48:22 PacmanProductions: threre my dad's
00:48:34 Ryan: thats cool
00:48:41 Slammer: WB
00:48:48 Slammer: Welcome back
00:48:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:48:57 Slammer: your Dreams were your ticket out
00:49:09 Slammer: Welcome back.....
00:49:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: every have like your junk stick to your leg and you have to take that long step to get it out, I had to do that :p
00:49:26 Hemlok: ok enough of that, dont want him to feel too welcome
00:49:35 Slammer: LOL
00:49:41 Ryan: lol
00:49:43 PacmanProductions: ......
00:49:52 Slammer: Hey Fretdancer69
00:49:58 FretDancer69: ?
00:50:00 Hemlok: Not me ESJ
00:50:15 Slammer: what do you like better? Arroz con pollo or Tamales?
00:50:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is there something your not telling us Hemlok ?
00:50:25 FretDancer69: arroz con pollo all the way!
00:50:28 PacmanProductions: sweet.....
00:50:28 Slammer: dude
00:50:29 Ryan: What the hell is Arroz con Pollo
00:50:32 FretDancer69: if i eat a tamal
00:50:34 Slammer: LMAO
00:50:37 PacmanProductions: i just figured out Holy Diver...
00:50:44 FretDancer69: i spend the rest of the day in the bathroom
00:50:45 Slammer: Rice with Chicken*
00:50:46 FretDancer69: lol
00:51:00 FretDancer69: lol jk
00:51:00 Hemlok: the ring of fire
00:51:09 FretDancer69: i dont like tamales
00:51:10 Slammer: dude you know my aunt she was visiting from Costa Rica
00:51:21 Slammer: and she made all the Claasic dishes
00:51:25 Slammer: Great Food
00:51:37 Slammer: probably simular to what you eat in Honduras
00:51:40 FretDancer69: im glad you liked it. Arroz con pollo is very good
00:51:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg tai food gives me flaming bunhole syndrome
00:51:44 FretDancer69: yeah i bet its very similar
00:51:48 Ryan: lol
00:51:48 PacmanProductions: lool
00:51:53 PacmanProductions: lol
00:51:57 Ryan: thats great haha
00:51:59 Slammer: mucho Arroz con Frijoles :(
00:52:06 Hemlok: isnt is mexican?
00:52:15 Slammer: what?
00:52:22 Hemlok: nothing
00:52:26 Slammer: :O
00:52:31 Slammer: nothing is Mexican
00:52:31 FretDancer69: :O
00:52:36 Slammer: :O
00:52:42 Hemlok: is your strat?
00:52:46 Slammer: Nope
00:52:50 Slammer: Korean
00:52:52 Slammer: :OP
00:52:53 Slammer: :P
00:52:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Life is mexican
00:52:59 Ryan: noooo
00:53:00 Hemlok: oh flash
00:53:19 Slammer: 50 percent of Metro Atlanta is Mexican
00:53:33 Slammer: no wait
00:53:37 Ryan: 50% of USA is mexicans
00:53:41 Slammer: YES
00:53:42 Hemlok: lol
00:53:46 Slammer: what I was gonna say
00:53:52 PacmanProductions: and about 80% of Southern MS is mexicans
00:53:53 FretDancer69: lol
00:53:59 PacmanProductions: lookin for work
00:54:10 Hemlok: well im not coming to USA for a holiday
00:54:15 Ryan: lol
00:54:18 FretDancer69: lol
00:54:21 Ryan: damn illegals
00:54:40 Ryan: Its getting really gay here about the illegal immigrants to
00:54:45 Hemlok: i will go to sweden, track Kris down, and play his parker
00:55:02 Ryan: you are starting have to be bilingual to even get a managers job at some fast food places
00:55:17 Slammer: 50 % of ppl in Mexico are opposed to Border Patrol, the other 50% are already here
00:55:23 Ryan: lol
00:55:25 PacmanProductions: lmao
00:55:27 FretDancer69: lmao
00:55:27 Ryan: thats aesome
00:55:30 Hemlok: lol
00:55:47 Slammer: dude
00:55:54 Slammer: in Kansas its like that?
00:55:58 Ryan: yeah
00:55:59 Slammer: about the Jobs
00:56:02 Slammer: Damn
00:56:03 Ryan: yes
00:56:06 Ryan: it sucks
00:56:12 Slammer: I'm in Miami like 70% Illegals
00:56:12 Ryan: if you work at burger kind
00:56:13 Ryan: king
00:56:18 Slammer: but still
00:56:19 Hemlok: aOAHHA
00:56:25 Slammer: I wouldn't think Kansas
00:56:27 Slammer: :O
00:56:29 Ryan: o yeah
00:56:38 Ryan: they take jobs from everywher
00:56:42 Slammer: OMG
00:56:49 Slammer: you never think that
00:56:50 Ryan: adn there not cheap either they got paid more than me wtf
00:56:56 Slammer: I know
00:56:57 Slammer: man
00:57:09 Ryan: they got paid like 6.50 i was getting paid like 5.25
00:57:15 Ryan: its messed up
00:57:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: fight the power !
00:57:45 Slammer: these days it's easier for a Illegal with no papers to get any job, when I as a American would go and try to get the same job they prob would hire me cuz I don't speak SPanish
00:57:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: flavor, flavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
00:58:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeahhhhhhh boyyyyyy
00:58:07 Ryan: Noo esj nooooooo
00:58:08 Slammer: LMAO
00:58:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:58:11 Ryan: lol
00:58:12 FretDancer69: lol
00:58:21 Slammer: omg it's 1 am
00:58:22 FretDancer69: "flavor flav" lmao
00:58:26 Slammer: :O
00:58:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol ik
00:58:38 Slammer: dude
00:58:59 Hemlok: this chat is getting too saucy im gonna play guitar outside
00:59:06 Hemlok: cya round, flava flav
00:59:06 Slammer: :O
00:59:07 Ryan: lol
00:59:09 FretDancer69: im jamming while reading lol
00:59:14 FretDancer69: cya
00:59:18 Ryan: later
00:59:18 Slammer: Kethcup isn't even here :O
00:59:29 Ryan: i love ketchup
00:59:37 Ryan: its great
00:59:40 Slammer: the GMC member?
00:59:44 Ryan: no
00:59:46 FretDancer69: lol
00:59:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
00:59:48 Ryan: lol
00:59:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ketchup is like sex in a bottle !
01:00:00 Ryan: lol
01:00:04 PacmanProductions: lol
01:00:04 Ryan: its better
01:00:15 Slammer: PP
01:00:23 Slammer: PacmanProductions aren't you 12?
01:00:26 PacmanProductions: yeah
01:00:36 Slammer: dude it's kinda late isn't it
01:00:46 PacmanProductions: what de heck u talkin buot
01:00:49 PacmanProductions: bout*
01:00:54 Ryan: bed time mister
01:00:57 FretDancer69: lol
01:01:00 Ryan: lol
01:01:19 PacmanProductions: shut the heck up miss
01:01:23 PacmanProductions: :P
01:01:25 Ryan: lol
01:01:40 Ryan: its hell :P
01:02:09 PacmanProductions: what u mean?
01:02:13 Ryan: not heck
01:02:26 PacmanProductions: ok then
01:02:29 Ryan: nvm
01:02:30 FretDancer69: i dont think its hell either
01:02:33 FretDancer69: lol
01:02:36 Ryan: :D
01:02:40 PacmanProductions: shut de hell up miss
01:02:42 PacmanProductions: happy?
01:03:01 Ryan: lol im j/k
01:03:25 PacmanProductions: Omg im going to kill my amp
01:03:34 Ryan: cussing is bad dont get inot that habit you dont sound smart cussing
01:03:40 PacmanProductions: well, no its not my amp...
01:03:54 PacmanProductions: ok mom
01:04:01 PacmanProductions: Gotcha!
01:04:02 FretDancer69: lol
01:04:03 PacmanProductions: ....
01:04:05 FretDancer69: l:O
01:04:11 Ryan: :D
01:04:17 Ryan: nice
01:04:35 PacmanProductions: thx i guess..
01:05:03 Slammer: ok boys.... I think it's time we gave PacmanProductions a talk about the birds and the Bees.
01:05:07 Slammer: :P
01:05:07 Slammer: LOL
01:05:09 PacmanProductions: lol
01:05:09 Ryan: :D
01:05:12 FretDancer69: lol
01:05:20 Slammer: ok son
01:05:24 FretDancer69: lol
01:05:25 Slammer: there comes a time
01:05:29 Ryan: lol
01:05:29 Slammer: in every boys life
01:05:34 FretDancer69: thats right
01:05:38 Ryan: yup
01:05:40 Slammer: when he likes a Female
01:05:52 PacmanProductions: ....
01:06:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cough Maria cough cough
01:06:00 PacmanProductions: :P
01:06:01 FretDancer69: listen!!
01:06:04 FretDancer69: lmao
01:06:07 Ryan: lol
01:06:12 Slammer: now you gotta keep your underwere on other wise you're gonna have grandkids when your 27
01:06:15 FretDancer69: listen to those wise words
01:06:19 Slammer: :P
01:06:23 Slammer: Jk jk jk jk jk jk jk
01:06:23 PacmanProductions: lol
01:06:25 Ryan: lol
01:06:39 PacmanProductions: yeah, dont wanna be like ryan
01:06:43 Slammer: I'm a Idiot don't mind me
01:06:46 Ryan: :P
01:06:49 PacmanProductions: hehehe
01:06:59 Ryan: thanks Pacman
01:07:06 PacmanProductions: welcome!
01:07:08 PacmanProductions: :P
01:07:18 Ryan: :D
01:07:43 Ryan: Thats not a good sign :(
01:07:48 Ryan: i was tlaking about babies earlier :(
01:08:46 PacmanProductions: I bet u "guest-6053" is sayin, "what tha hell is wrong with these people???!?!
01:08:51 Slammer: LMAO
01:08:53 Ryan: umm
01:08:56 FretDancer69: lmao yeah
01:08:56 Ryan: that guest
01:08:57 Ryan: is my g/f
01:09:01 Ryan: :D
01:09:04 Slammer: NO way
01:09:04 FretDancer69: lol
01:09:08 FretDancer69: :o
01:09:12 Ryan: yes way :P
01:09:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Guest6053 llikes boys !!!!!
01:09:17 Slammer: no way
01:09:23 Ryan: no
01:09:26 Ryan: she loves ryan :D
01:09:27 Slammer: LMAO
01:09:32 PacmanProductions: so ur not a boy?
01:09:36 Ryan: NOOO
01:09:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
01:09:42 FretDancer69: You scared her away
01:09:43 FretDancer69: lol
01:09:44 Slammer: ryan doublecrossed us
01:09:44 Ryan: Im far from a boy
01:09:45 Ryan: lol
01:09:48 PacmanProductions: ......
01:09:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha ha
01:09:53 Slammer: to the Duengeon
01:09:56 Ryan: shell be back
01:10:00 Ryan: she got timed out
01:10:06 Ryan: :(
01:10:07 Ryan: noooo
01:10:09 Ryan: im sorry
01:10:19 Ryan: i swear ill never :P do it :P again :P
01:10:22 Slammer: just exit GMC and get back in
01:10:45 Ryan: i let her know htat
01:10:51 Slammer: Football season starts tommorow
01:10:53 Slammer: !!!
01:10:55 Ryan: :(
01:10:56 Slammer: YEAH!
01:11:10 Ryan: when does guitar season start?? why cant we have a guitar season
01:11:44 PacmanProductions: speaking of football and guitar,
01:11:49 Slammer: it's ALWAY guitar Season!
01:11:55 Ryan: :d
01:12:01 PacmanProductions: no, its wabbit season
01:12:06 Ryan: lol
01:12:08 Ryan: kids
01:12:12 Ryan: that was good though
01:12:20 PacmanProductions: ok, now
01:12:21 Ryan: i havent seen that show in forever
01:12:33 Ryan: I miss it :(
01:12:57 Ryan: ok keep it pg guys
01:13:03 Ryan: we gots a guest :P
01:13:04 Slammer: dude remember the Bugs Bunny and Tweety show?
01:13:07 FretDancer69: lol
01:13:09 Ryan: YEAH
01:13:10 FretDancer69: a special guest
01:13:10 Ryan: :D
01:13:12 FretDancer69: XD
01:13:13 Ryan: yes
01:13:14 Slammer: I love that show
01:13:15 Ryan: :P
01:13:24 Slammer: I used to watch animaniacs
01:13:25 Ryan: it was great
01:13:31 Ryan: i also like tom and jerry :P
01:13:33 Slammer: and Pinky and the Brain
01:13:37 FretDancer69: tom and jerry rocked
01:13:38 Ryan: YEAH
01:13:44 FretDancer69: funny as hell lol
01:13:47 PacmanProductions: our highschool football team were playing against another highschool and they had a 4 guitars, a bass, and 2 kep boards in there band...
01:13:48 PacmanProductions: :P
01:13:58 PacmanProductions: key*
01:14:01 Ryan: yoru in highschool?
01:14:06 FretDancer69: :O
01:14:16 Slammer: he's 12!
01:14:17 PacmanProductions: in the same school as seniors
01:14:17 FretDancer69: i think its time for more wise words then..
01:14:35 Ryan: thats weird i thought you started highschool when you were 13 atleast
01:14:35 Slammer: dude remember that show Smart guy?
01:14:35 PacmanProductions: school goes from 7-12 grade
01:14:39 Ryan: ohh
01:14:40 Ryan: i c
01:14:44 Ryan: ours is 9-12
01:14:50 Ryan: my mistake
01:15:22 Ryan: where do you live Pacman?
01:15:33 Slammer: neverneverland?
01:15:33 PacmanProductions: Pass Christian, MS
01:15:52 Ryan: lol
01:15:54 Ryan: nice slammer
01:16:08 PacmanProductions: no.... ryans not my roommate..
01:16:16 Slammer: Sarcasm :(
01:16:17 Ryan: HEY
01:16:22 PacmanProductions: cuz i know he lives in neverneverland
01:16:23 Ryan: i love nevernever land
01:16:24 PacmanProductions: jk jk
01:16:27 Ryan: i want to stay a boy
01:16:28 Ryan: forever
01:16:32 Ryan: screw growing up
01:16:37 Slammer: like Michael Jackson
01:16:37 Ryan: to much responsibilty
01:16:41 Ryan: lol
01:16:41 Slammer: dude
01:16:42 FretDancer69: lool
01:16:43 PacmanProductions: i thought i said u went a boy earlier
01:16:49 PacmanProductions: wernt*
01:16:52 Ryan: im not
01:16:56 Ryan: i was just kidding
01:17:02 Ryan: im a dude
01:17:38 Slammer: like Pinocchio
01:17:42 Slammer: a Real BOy!
01:17:46 Ryan: lol
01:17:56 Ryan: noo
01:17:59 Ryan: hes a tranny
01:18:12 PacmanProductions: liek a granny?
01:18:19 PacmanProductions: with a big fanny
01:18:25 Ryan: umm
01:18:26 Slammer: I would say something now, but it isn't appropiate
01:18:28 Slammer: :P
01:18:29 Ryan: nope hes not a nooo robot
01:18:30 PacmanProductions: who's name is sammy
01:18:33 Ryan: say it
01:18:38 Slammer: nah
01:18:41 Ryan: do it
01:18:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: BOOB
01:18:43 Slammer: I really shouldn't
01:18:46 PacmanProductions: :P
01:18:47 Ryan: do it
01:18:50 Ryan: you konw you want to
01:18:53 FretDancer69: lol
01:19:02 FretDancer69: ESJ has spoken
01:19:09 PacmanProductions: lmso
01:19:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: pacman you know 12 is the age where it starts to be ok to look at naked ladies
01:19:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so dont feel bad
01:19:13 PacmanProductions: lmao*
01:19:19 PacmanProductions: wtf?
01:19:21 Ryan: lol
01:19:24 FretDancer69: lol
01:19:26 Ryan: thats great ESJ
01:19:43 PacmanProductions: why are yall doggin on my age?
01:19:46 Ryan: IDK though kids these days get kinda crazy with that stuffy
01:19:53 Ryan: were not doggin
01:19:53 FretDancer69: lmao yeah
01:19:54 PacmanProductions: :? :? :?
01:19:56 Ryan: wer just tlaking
01:20:06 PacmanProductions: :|
01:20:30 Ryan: plus thats some of the beneifits of being older :P
01:20:46 Slammer: PacmanProductions one day you will be 15
01:20:52 PacmanProductions: NO DUH!
01:20:52 Slammer: :)
01:20:55 Ryan: there will come a time when a boy become a man
01:20:56 Slammer: :P
01:21:05 Ryan: pff
01:21:42 FretDancer69: (trailer guy voice) 1 man, 1 chance...
01:21:48 FretDancer69: lol
01:21:50 Ryan: lol
01:21:59 Ryan: Getter done right?
01:22:02 PacmanProductions: 1 ring to rule them all
01:22:06 PacmanProductions: :P
01:22:15 FretDancer69: Lol, that is correct mister
01:22:18 FretDancer69: :P
01:22:19 Ryan: :D
01:22:24 Ryan: damn im smart
01:22:37 PacmanProductions: wrong again buddy
01:22:40 PacmanProductions: jk
01:22:45 Ryan: why is that?
01:22:49 Ryan: im never wrong
01:22:50 PacmanProductions: idk
01:22:53 Ryan: even ask my g/f :P
01:23:03 PacmanProductions: who, guest 6056?
01:23:05 Slammer: what is 2(2xy) x 5(5x)
01:23:07 FretDancer69: Lol
01:23:08 Ryan: yeah lol
01:23:26 FretDancer69: 4xy * 25x
01:23:36 Slammer: :P
01:23:36 Slammer: LOL
01:23:41 FretDancer69: lol im not done yet
01:23:43 Ryan: 4x2y x 25x?? havent done math a in afew years
01:24:07 FretDancer69: 100xy
01:24:13 Ryan: umm
01:24:15 FretDancer69: ?
01:24:15 Ryan: noo
01:24:19 FretDancer69: lol
01:24:21 Ryan: thats not right fret i know that one isnt right
01:24:23 Slammer: LMAO
01:24:34 Ryan: cus xy cant go with x
01:24:37 Slammer: ok what does y equal?
01:24:38 Slammer: :P
01:24:40 Slammer: LOL
01:24:49 Slammer: dude I'm so fricken tired
01:24:51 FretDancer69: god, i cant wait for my grade results then
01:24:53 FretDancer69: lol
01:24:56 Ryan: lol
01:24:58 Ryan: thats great
01:24:58 Slammer: it's 1:24 am
01:25:03 Slammer: sunday mornig
01:25:05 PacmanProductions: its 12:25
01:25:11 Ryan: i think its 4x2y x 25x
01:25:14 Ryan: just a ugess though
01:25:29 Ryan: yeah i think im right
01:25:30 Ryan: :D
01:25:39 Slammer: I wouldn't know :P
01:25:43 Ryan: it is
01:25:50 Ryan: cus theres a 1 in front of the y SECRETLY
01:25:58 Slammer: :O
01:26:00 FretDancer69: true but shhh
01:26:03 Ryan: lol
01:26:04 Slammer: omg
01:26:04 PacmanProductions: dun duuuuuun
01:26:06 Ryan: ok
01:26:09 FretDancer69: lol
01:26:17 Slammer: now the Earth is gonna crack open
01:26:24 Ryan: shit my bad sorry guys
01:26:26 Slammer: and we're all gonna fall in
01:26:31 Ryan: not me
01:26:36 Ryan: im gonna fly away
01:26:40 Ryan: in my car
01:26:44 PacmanProductions: dun duuuuuuuuuu(crack) oh crap!!!!!!!! (desending whistle)
01:26:46 Ryan: like grease
01:26:50 Slammer: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
01:26:53 Ryan: lol
01:26:55 Ryan: aweosme
01:27:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg paul gilbert is my hero
01:27:25 PacmanProductions: *random*
01:27:32 Ryan: yea just a lil
01:27:33 FretDancer69: what were you doing...?:O
01:27:48 FretDancer69: :O
01:27:57 Slammer: dude you know I really dig the Steve Miller Band
01:28:05 Slammer: u ever heard?
01:28:10 Ryan: Is it like
01:28:15 Ryan: the Dave Matthew band?
01:28:20 Slammer: no
01:28:23 Slammer: old school
01:28:25 PacmanProductions: they rock
01:28:26 Slammer: 70's
01:28:29 Ryan: nvm
01:28:34 Slammer: ever Heard Fly like a Eagle?
01:28:41 Ryan: yeah
01:28:43 Ryan: thats them?
01:28:43 Slammer: or I'm a Joker, I'm a Smoker
01:28:54 Ryan: that sounds like a stoner rap song
01:28:55 Ryan: lol
01:28:56 Slammer: I'm a Midnight Toker
01:28:56 FretDancer69: ive heard that one
01:29:00 PacmanProductions: it does
01:29:11 FretDancer69: ive heard that one! :D
01:29:13 Ryan: that is a stoner rap song
01:29:20 Ryan: lol
01:29:23 FretDancer69: lol
01:29:37 Ryan: But i dont remeber though because i got high
01:30:18 Slammer: :o
01:30:34 Slammer: well, in other news
01:30:38 Ryan: lol
01:31:00 Slammer: Britney spears got Arrested again, for trying to give her kids to the pound
01:31:06 Ryan: lol
01:31:11 Slammer: no
01:31:12 PacmanProductions: lmao
01:31:15 Slammer: that's wrong
01:31:17 Slammer: :(
01:31:28 Slammer: go ahead and *slap* me
01:31:33 PacmanProductions: paris got another DUI?
01:31:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good
01:31:39 FretDancer69: Jesus
01:31:41 FretDancer69: that scared me
01:31:43 Ryan: ooo it doenst matter
01:31:45 Ryan: shes rich
01:31:59 Ryan: they both are
01:33:41 PacmanProductions: (dramatic pause)
01:33:44 FretDancer69: lol
01:33:45 PacmanProductions: hey dan!
01:33:53 shredmandan: hey guys
01:33:54 FretDancer69: hello !
01:33:57 FretDancer69: :)
01:33:59 Ryan: hey
01:34:12 Slammer: hey dan
01:34:17 shredmandan: hey slammer
01:34:36 shredmandan: dude you had a sweet solo on that blues collab
01:34:37 FretDancer69: hi there !
01:34:42 FretDancer69: yeah
01:34:48 FretDancer69: actually, they all did great
01:34:53 FretDancer69: i cant stop listening to that collab
01:34:57 FretDancer69: its awesome!:D
01:34:57 Slammer: Dan, you know. it seems like everytime you come In I always leave, and it's not because of you, right now I gtg bed it's late
01:35:03 Slammer: :P
01:35:05 CrashOops: same just stopped in
01:35:06 shredmandan: lol
01:35:07 Ryan: lol
01:35:11 FretDancer69: lol
01:35:21 CrashOops: shredmandan you gotta log into msn more often
01:35:24 Slammer: vya guys
01:35:27 Slammer: cya*
01:35:29 PacmanProductions: cya
01:35:29 shredmandan: i was the last one at on the blues collab
01:35:36 Slammer: btw Dan
01:35:37 FretDancer69: ima leave too, im so sleepy right now.
01:35:38 CrashOops: not sure why I logged in cause the g/f wants me to come to bed. guess I'll be going to lol
01:35:43 Slammer: you had the Best Blues solo
01:35:45 Slammer: Hands down
01:35:45 FretDancer69: lol
01:35:47 FretDancer69: you better go
01:35:48 shredmandan: my computer crashed and i had to completly reinstall windows lol
01:35:48 FretDancer69: ;)
01:36:02 Ryan: that sucks
01:36:17 CrashOops: lol I'll log in tommorow night maybe you guys will be here.
01:36:24 shredmandan: i dont know slamm i was thinking it was you
01:36:34 Slammer: Dan was first then Andrew then JVM then Nick, then Mick
01:36:34 shredmandan: ok CrashOops cya
01:36:35 Ryan: well im goin to bed guys later on!!
01:36:42 Slammer: then
01:36:44 PacmanProductions: no
01:36:49 shredmandan: nope i was at the end lol slammer
01:36:49 PacmanProductions: andrew was first
01:36:53 Slammer: Ryan played a better solo then me
01:37:04 shredmandan: ryan didnt play in the colab
01:37:08 Ryan: lol
01:37:09 PacmanProductions: then leed
01:37:09 shredmandan: lol
01:37:13 Slammer: exactly
01:37:15 shredmandan: u do need sleep
01:37:19 FretDancer69: lol
01:37:21 Ryan: :D my recording stuff broke
01:37:25 Ryan: i got in but iddnt do it
01:37:33 shredmandan: u were the only one that used trills in your solos
01:37:37 Ryan: recording stuff haha idk why i call it that its just a webcam
01:37:38 shredmandan: that was cool
01:37:49 Ryan: No mattuck did
01:37:49 Slammer: you see, he probably would have kick all our Ass*s
01:37:58 Ryan: idk im not a big blues person
01:38:06 Ryan: but i can pull a few licks htough :P
01:38:06 shredmandan: same here
01:38:10 Slammer: it doesn't matter you got the chops
01:38:22 Ryan: im glad someone beleieves in me :D
01:38:35 Slammer: hey your Better than me
01:38:37 Slammer: :(
01:38:42 shredmandan: yep your recording was pretty cool
01:38:46 Ryan: idk i can get sloppy on stuff
01:38:54 Slammer: I'm sloppy on everything
01:38:55 shredmandan: we all can
01:39:07 shredmandan: i prefer sloppy seconds lol jk
01:39:13 Ryan: yea but im working on muting im getting really great at tappin glike marcus and mute its almost perfect
01:39:27 Ryan: and up to speed to :D
01:39:30 Ryan: its great
01:39:33 Slammer: I think that I shall take Lessons from Ryan, cuz I've heard he's like the Master or something
01:39:37 shredmandan: i have problems muting on my sweeps thats whats holding ,me back right now
01:39:39 Ryan: lol
01:39:40 Ryan: i wish
01:39:47 Ryan: same here dan
01:39:55 Ryan: Im no master
01:39:59 Slammer: I think I shall take Lessons from Dan too
01:40:00 Ryan: im always a student :D
01:40:08 Slammer: and Fretdancer69
01:40:09 Ryan: theres always something new for me to learn
01:40:12 Ryan: slammer
01:40:12 shredmandan: were not to far away slammer
01:40:14 shredmandan: lol
01:40:18 FretDancer69: ??
01:40:20 Ryan: it dont matter how many teachers you got
01:40:20 Slammer: and Pacmanproductions
01:40:22 Ryan: yoru helpless
01:40:33 PacmanProductions: what about me?
01:40:34 Slammer: and Guest-8954
01:40:37 FretDancer69: lol
01:40:38 Slammer: and ESJ
01:40:39 PacmanProductions: :P
01:40:39 shredmandan: lol
01:40:48 Ryan: lol
01:40:49 Slammer: and andrew
01:40:58 Slammer: and Mattachuk
01:41:01 Ryan: nope your still unhelpable
01:41:02 Slammer: and Gen
01:41:04 Slammer: and JVM
01:41:05 shredmandan: id like to take theory lessons from andrew
01:41:08 Ryan: Gen is cool
01:41:22 Slammer: and ryan can teach me how to play a "D" chord
01:41:25 Ryan: i havent talked to him in forever we used to caht on msn all the time
01:41:27 Ryan: lol
01:41:30 PacmanProductions: lol
01:41:31 Ryan: tahts the problem
01:41:37 Ryan: idk what the D chord is. im not big on names :P
01:41:43 Slammer: and Dan can teach me how to play a "Em" chord
01:41:52 FretDancer69: thats the hardest chord
01:42:04 Ryan: the D chord really
01:42:04 FretDancer69: we need a lesson on that
01:42:06 Slammer: and PacmanProductions can teach how to sweep at 230 bpm
01:42:11 PacmanProductions: yeah, i have no clue where to put my finger
01:42:15 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
01:42:26 Ryan: dude Pacman you can become my new teacher also
01:42:35 PacmanProductions: :P
01:42:44 Slammer: and Guest-8954 can teach how to Tap with 8 fingers
01:42:49 Ryan: wow
01:42:50 Slammer: and 1 toe
01:42:52 Ryan: she can teach me also
01:42:52 PacmanProductions: no
01:42:53 Ryan: lol
01:42:58 Slammer: and Fretdancer
01:43:09 PacmanProductions: he can teach us the art of playing wtih teeth
01:43:15 Slammer: YES!
01:43:19 Ryan: on the side not "she can teach me any day :P" sorry that was not meant to typed
01:43:25 Ryan: note*
01:43:35 Slammer: Sure
01:43:42 Slammer: anyways
01:43:45 Ryan: lol
01:44:03 Slammer: dan can teach how to play behind hisback while changing a diaper
01:44:09 Ryan: lol
01:44:18 shredmandan: im good at that years of practice
01:44:21 Ryan: Slammer your helpless
01:44:23 PacmanProductions: and enjoying a tequila
01:44:24 Slammer: with his feet
01:44:25 Slammer: :(
01:44:28 Slammer: this is true
01:44:35 Slammer: I'm afraid I'm helpless
01:44:45 Slammer: LOL
01:44:49 Ryan: i think i made her mad :( im gonna pay for tha t
01:44:50 shredmandan: actually vodka tonight
01:45:05 Slammer: I think I scared the Guest away :P
01:45:06 shredmandan: rare occasion for the ufc fight tonight
01:45:08 Slammer: LMAO
01:45:08 Ryan: nvm she got timed out pffff thats a relieve
01:45:09 FretDancer69: lol
01:45:19 Slammer: dude
01:45:25 Slammer: I'm GREAT at being annoying
01:45:29 Ryan: i know

01:45:48 Ryan: great
01:45:49 Ryan: :D
01:45:52 Ryan: that lagged my computer
01:45:53 Ryan: lol
01:46:21 Slammer: cuz I'm a joker
01:46:24 Slammer: I'm a smoker
01:46:31 Slammer: I'm a midnight toker
01:46:32 shredmandan: a midnight toker
01:46:33 FretDancer69: lmao
01:46:33 Ryan: midnight toker?
01:46:34 shredmandan: lol
01:46:39 Slammer: LMAO
01:46:41 FretDancer69: LMAO
01:46:44 Slammer: yes
01:46:47 FretDancer69: that song is funny
01:47:03 FretDancer69: i think ima go sleep
01:47:16 Ryan: me 2
01:47:16 Slammer: It's like Black water by Doobie Brothers
01:47:18 Ryan: late ugys
01:47:20 Slammer: yeah
01:47:25 Slammer: It's almost 2 am
01:47:26 shredmandan: yep im out for now.May be back later if anyone is around
01:47:31 shredmandan: same here
01:47:33 FretDancer69: cya guys, nice chat!
01:47:40 Slammer: goodluck trying to wake me up in the moring
01:47:41 FretDancer69: cya again sometime
01:47:41 PacmanProductions: k cya
01:47:42 Slammer: :P
01:47:56 shredmandan: crash
01:48:00 Slammer: bye
10:48:08 Smikey2006: hey robin

11:41:47 Slammer: hey dude
11:41:54 Slammer: I forgot to ask you something
11:42:35 Slammer: Robin *slap*
11:42:44 Slammer: damn....
11:43:07 Slammer: Robin wake up *whip*
11:43:15 Slammer: :(
11:43:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: helllo
11:43:23 Slammer: :P
11:43:25 Slammer: sup ESJ
11:43:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nothing
11:43:30 Slammer: long time
11:43:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sorry I x'd out of chat last night and It wouldnt let me back in
11:43:47 Slammer: it's been oh.... 10 hours
11:43:53 Slammer: LOL
11:43:57 Slammer: dude
11:43:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol I went to bed at 3 last night
11:44:04 Slammer: you just bailed on us
11:44:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it wasnt my fault it wouldnt let me back in
11:44:21 Slammer: we were just getting to the good part of the chat
11:44:23 Slammer: :P
11:44:25 Slammer: LOL
11:44:39 Slammer: anyways... I'll ask you what I was gonna ask robin
11:44:46 Slammer: what kinda Amp do you have?
11:45:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
11:46:39 Slammer: aw sweet
11:46:47 Slammer: nice amp man
11:46:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thanks :)
11:47:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what kind do you have ?
11:47:05 Slammer: :(
11:47:21 Slammer: Line6 Spider 3 75
11:47:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: those are sweet !
11:47:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: shitty clean channel thats why I didnt get it
11:47:43 Slammer:
11:47:46 Slammer: LOL
11:47:59 Slammer: the Distortion isn't too bad
11:48:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats the best part
11:48:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh theres a blues channel thats why you got it :p
11:48:44 Slammer: actually you'd be surprised
11:48:59 Slammer: I play on the Metal channel 90% of the time
11:49:09 Slammer: I need the Over Driven sound
11:49:17 Slammer: the Blues can be a little weak
11:49:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh nice
11:49:23 Slammer: Unless you tweak it
11:49:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont have overdrive on my amp
11:49:34 Slammer: ?
11:49:35 Slammer: :O
11:50:02 Slammer: do you use a Pedal?
11:50:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I use df-7
11:50:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: stompbox
11:50:49 Slammer: oh yeah
11:50:50 Slammer: you told me
11:50:51 Slammer: :P
11:50:55 Slammer: like 3 times
11:51:09 Slammer: well, you exited about Football season?
11:51:14 Slammer: Jets rights?
11:51:17 Slammer: right*
11:51:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
11:51:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: titans
11:51:24 Slammer: :O
11:51:25 Slammer: but
11:51:26 Slammer: but
11:51:35 Slammer: that's a Sacrilege
11:51:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and no im not I could honestly care less about it all I like watching the draft though
11:51:45 Slammer: LOL
11:52:03 Slammer: well, I like football
11:52:09 Slammer: but I like Baseball better
11:52:22 Slammer: and when Football season comes around it usually means
11:52:32 Slammer: Baseball season is just about to end :(
11:53:05 Slammer: and then you have to wait all the way till April for the next MLB season
11:53:06 Slammer: :(
11:53:20 Slammer: bt
11:53:21 Slammer: btw
11:53:29 Slammer: have you ever seen roadhouse?
11:53:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
11:53:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: do you play sports ?
11:53:53 Slammer: Nah, I'm like to watch though
11:53:59 Slammer: I*
11:54:42 Slammer: LMAO
11:54:43 Slammer: dude
11:54:49 Slammer: your probably tired as heck
11:55:09 Slammer: LOL
11:55:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
11:55:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im make the energizer bunny look like a pansy
11:55:48 Slammer: :O
11:55:53 Slammer: well he IS pink
11:56:00 Slammer: kinda makes you wonder...
11:56:01 Slammer: :P
11:56:28 Slammer: LOL
11:56:31 Slammer: ok dude
11:56:34 Slammer: I gotta run
11:56:37 Slammer: cya around
11:56:41 Slammer: Bye
11:56:44 Slammer: *waves*
11:56:50 Slammer: adios
11:57:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: c ya
11:57:23 Slammer: LOL
11:57:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
13:26:30 Kurt: hi
13:30:01 Batista: Yo guys
13:30:10 Kurt: yo wasup?
13:30:48 Batista: Nothing much, think I'm gonna geek a little bit WoW soon=P
13:31:00 Kurt: ah ok..nice ;)
13:31:13 Batista: And dangerous=P
13:31:29 Kurt: yeah of course :p
13:33:29 Batista: lol
13:35:40 Batista: Cya, WoW time=P
13:35:50 Kurt: ok bye ;)
13:35:57 Kurt: have fun ;)
13:36:06 Batista: Thanks, and you too=)
13:36:12 Kurt: thx :)
13:51:58 PacmanProductions: hi people
14:14:31 Robin: HI
14:16:58 PacmanProductions: what u up to?
14:17:24 Robin: not much
14:17:30 Robin: listening to riverdance atm
14:17:38 Robin: think I'm gonna go take my acoustic and practice a litt
14:17:40 Robin: little*
14:17:42 Robin: howbout you?
14:17:59 PacmanProductions: cool....nm
14:20:36 PacmanProductions: execpt that my effects pedal stuff hasnt come in
14:20:43 PacmanProductions: still*
14:21:50 PacmanProductions: :|
14:28:38 Slammer: Hello
14:28:39 Slammer: *slap*
14:28:48 PacmanProductions: :P
14:28:49 Robin: GHi
14:28:51 Robin: hi
14:28:54 botoxfox: hello
14:28:54 Slammer: GHI!
14:29:05 Robin: Glol
14:29:26 PacmanProductions: i was looking at another webpage when i heard the *slap* and i said "ahhh its Slammer.."
14:29:34 PacmanProductions: lol
14:29:39 Robin: I think the same every time I hear that sound :D
14:30:12 Robin: its burned into my mind now for the rest of my life. next time I hear a cat, whip or slapping I will instantly think "Slammer! :O "
14:30:31 PacmanProductions: :P
14:31:00 Robin: GHi
14:31:28 Slammer: slammer is becoming Synominous with the *slap*
14:32:02 Slammer: synonymous*
14:32:04 PacmanProductions: if u could change ur name from slammer to somethin else i think it should be "slapper"
14:32:11 PacmanProductions: :P
14:32:16 Slammer: :O
14:32:17 Slammer: :(
14:32:22 Slammer: *cries*
14:32:30 PacmanProductions: im jk
14:32:59 Slammer: ;)
14:33:05 Slammer: So what's new guys?
14:33:48 Robin: not møch
14:34:23 Slammer: :O
14:34:27 botoxfox: moo
14:34:40 PacmanProductions: bark
14:34:48 PacmanProductions: *meow*
14:35:04 Robin: Hi
14:35:05 PacmanProductions: hey ezra
14:35:08 Slammer: Slik Rødstrupe, Hvorfor folk i Norge liker Svart Metall slik mye ?
14:35:18 ezravdb: hey pacman
14:35:26 botoxfox: greetings
14:35:46 Robin: fordi vi er lol
14:35:49 ezravdb: did you guys have the latest total guitar?
14:35:50 Slammer: Ezravdb die u spreekt Nederlands?
14:35:53 ezravdb: do*
14:35:53 Robin: fordi vi er lol.
14:35:57 ezravdb: bijna:P
14:36:00 ezravdb: almost
14:36:03 PacmanProductions: no
14:36:13 Slammer: LOL
14:36:13 ezravdb: Spreekt u Nederlands?
14:36:18 PacmanProductions: i might get it if i go to walwart
14:36:24 ezravdb: cool
14:36:36 ezravdb: Muse's Matt Bellamy is on the cover
14:36:42 PacmanProductions: sweet
14:36:44 Slammer: Ik ben Vlot in Nederlands, kan ik hem betere dan Engelse spreken
14:36:51 ezravdb: echt?
14:36:54 Slammer: :P
14:36:59 ezravdb: serieus:P
14:37:03 ezravdb: dat is cool
14:37:10 ezravdb: waar heb je dat geleerd?
14:37:12 botoxfox: En ymmärrä mitään
14:37:28 Slammer: Ik kan het Freetranslation punt com gebruiken om Nederlands te spreken
14:37:41 ezravdb: -_-
14:37:43 Slammer: :P
14:37:46 ezravdb: :P
14:37:47 ezravdb: :d
14:37:58 ezravdb: you got me there :(
14:38:09 Slammer: Ik moet gaan
14:38:13 ezravdb: haha
14:38:16 ezravdb: see ya later
14:38:19 Slammer: Jeg må til å dra
14:38:32 Slammer: J'ai à aller
14:38:41 Slammer: Tengo que ir
14:38:50 Slammer: Ho per andare
14:39:04 Slammer: Я должен пойти
14:39:16 Slammer: Tenho que ir
14:39:20 Slammer: I have to go
14:39:23 Slammer: :P
14:39:23 botoxfox: Nährään
14:39:23 Slammer: Cya
14:39:45 Robin: btye
14:39:49 Slammer: Adios
14:39:51 Slammer: Cya
14:39:53 Slammer: :(
14:39:55 ezravdb: botoxfox is your name called after that cosmetical shit?
14:39:56 Slammer: BByue
14:39:57 Slammer: :D
14:40:01 Robin: byeasea
14:40:08 botoxfox: yes
14:40:10 PacmanProductions: :P
14:40:14 ezravdb: lol
14:40:20 PacmanProductions: why?
14:40:24 ezravdb: do you use it haha?
14:40:43 botoxfox: botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin
14:40:56 ezravdb: right :)
14:41:14 ezravdb: can you still move your eyebrows?
14:41:19 ezravdb: :P
14:41:23 botoxfox: I'ts one the most potent neuro toxins in excistence
14:42:04 botoxfox: Well, it's hard come up with good forum names
14:42:14 botoxfox: :D
14:42:27 ezravdb: well done :P
14:42:46 botoxfox: Just call me fox for short
14:42:50 ezravdb: aight
14:43:16 ezravdb: are you guys into muse?
14:43:50 botoxfox: Can't say I am
14:44:11 ezravdb: I've been digging after total guitar's article on them
14:44:26 ezravdb: Ive listened to 10 songs till now
14:44:56 botoxfox: I try to keep and open mind about music
14:45:38 botoxfox: Maybe I should check them out
14:45:48 ezravdb: yeah :D
14:45:58 ezravdb: Stockholm Syndrome and Hysteria are pretty cool
14:46:05 ezravdb: and a few others too
14:46:22 ezravdb: if you liked gabriels lesson on muse you'll luike theese songs
14:46:47 botoxfox: Yeah, that lesson sounded pretty cool
14:47:17 ezravdb: these 2 songs I just named are also in that style
14:47:20 ezravdb: with open strings
14:47:28 botoxfox: cool
14:48:24 ezravdb: do you prcactice your singing?
14:48:28 ezravdb: sometimes
14:48:45 botoxfox: Nope, do you?
14:48:59 ezravdb: me either but I thought heck
14:49:02 ezravdb: at this moment
14:49:16 ezravdb: im doing some humming now lol
14:49:53 botoxfox: I have a total inability do play guitar and to sing at same time
14:50:26 ezravdb: try Down To Mexico from Paul Gilbert
14:50:33 ezravdb: i you nail the guitar part
14:50:37 ezravdb: the singing is easy
14:50:48 ezravdb: its really fun too
14:51:13 botoxfox: Man, envy I Paul Gilbert
14:51:31 botoxfox: He can sing and shred at the same time
14:52:14 ezravdb: envy?:P
14:53:02 botoxfox: I don't think I will ever be able to sing and shred at the same time
14:53:23 ezravdb: okay
14:53:26 ezravdb: hello
14:53:32 silentkap: hi
14:53:38 botoxfox: hello
14:54:04 silentkap: im new here im trying stuff out
14:54:14 ezravdb: have fun
14:54:34 PacmanProductions: hey AliMO
14:54:34 silentkap: jou filmpjes op youtube zijn echt vet ezra
14:55:02 ezravdb: ben je nederlands of vertaal je het?
14:55:06 AliMo: wow this chat has been pretty good lately
14:55:06 ezravdb: :P
14:55:09 AliMo: always a bunch of people here
14:55:09 silentkap: ben nederlands
14:55:14 ezravdb: ok cool :)
14:55:21 ezravdb: bedankt
14:55:33 ezravdb: ze worden jammer genoeg wel een beetje oud onderhand
14:55:41 ezravdb: als ik dan een comment krijg dnek ik shit
14:55:52 ezravdb: ik moet binnenkort maar eens nieuwe erop zetten
14:56:14 silentkap: ik speel al een tijdje gitaar, maar op deze site leer ik toch meer
14:56:14 ezravdb: maar gelukkig zijn de meeste nog wel positief :)
14:56:20 ezravdb: ja he
14:56:38 silentkap: elke dag zijn er wel weer een paar lessen bij
14:56:48 ezravdb: ja :D
14:56:52 ezravdb: heb je msn?
14:56:57 botoxfox: Hei, mähän voin puhua suome itelleni!
14:56:57 silentkap: yep
14:57:11 botoxfox: suomea*
14:57:38 silentkap: [email protected]
14:58:11 ezravdb: thanks :)
14:58:18 botoxfox: Eller kanskje æ ska snakk trøndersk te mæ sælv?
14:58:28 silentkap: speel jij in een bandje ?
14:59:51 ezravdb: binnenkort ga ik van start met me leraar een nog een leerling van hem
15:00:02 ezravdb: en een vriend van me leraar
15:00:18 silentkap: ik speel in een bandje "young&desperate"
15:00:53 ezravdb: leuk
15:00:59 ezravdb: zelf gevormd?
15:01:02 ezravdb: of bij gegaan
15:01:07 silentkap: gevormd
15:01:16 silentkap: vrienden uit de buurt
15:01:21 ezravdb: ok
15:01:31 silentkap: en we hebben al in de melkweg, p60 gespeelt
15:02:37 ezravdb: in amsterdam?
15:02:46 ezravdb: voor hoeveel mensen?
15:03:05 silentkap: zeker wel aan de 1000
15:03:15 silentkap: dat was zo focking vet
15:03:59 ezravdb: wow
15:04:01 ezravdb: cool
15:04:05 ezravdb: hoe oud benje?
15:04:11 silentkap: net 16
15:04:32 ezravdb: en kwamen ze voor jullie of waren jullie een gedeelte van een evenement ofzo
15:04:52 silentkap: het was een talentenjacht van over de hele wereld
15:05:10 ezravdb: en gewonnen natuurlijk;P
15:05:16 silentkap: was het maar zo
15:05:23 silentkap: we waren de jongste daar
15:05:37 ezravdb: en speelden jullie allemaal originele nummers/
15:05:45 silentkap: eigen materiaal
15:05:53 ezravdb: oke dan
15:05:56 silentkap: je mocht geen cover spelen
15:06:25 ezravdb: nee oke
15:06:35 silentkap: die talente jacht heette Emergenza
15:06:44 ezravdb: nooit van gehoord
15:07:16 ezravdb: heel misschien kom ik in het voorprogramma van Delain met me leraar
15:07:30 silentkap: vet
15:07:49 silentkap: ik heb gister in het voorprogramma gestaan van gino vanelli
15:08:03 ezravdb: gig je veel?
15:08:14 ezravdb: elk weekend ofzo
15:08:25 silentkap: niet elk weekend
15:08:33 ezravdb: ok
15:08:38 ezravdb: beter dan niks zoals ik :D
15:08:41 silentkap: nu hebben we weer ff rust en gaan we weer aan nieuw materiaal beginnen
15:09:18 silentkap: je kent toch wel chipz die kinder band ?
15:09:21 ezravdb: pacman has no clue what we are talking about :D
15:09:26 ezravdb: ja ken ik :(
15:09:31 PacmanProductions: wow i have absolutly no clue as the what has been going on here for the last 15 mins.....
15:09:40 botoxfox: Neither do I
15:09:40 ezravdb: lol
15:09:41 silentkap: daar hebben we ook in het voorprogramma gestaan
15:09:42 AliMo: lmao same here
15:10:12 ezravdb: ok leuk
15:10:19 silentkap: die gasten kunnen niet eens echt zingen, allemaal pleback
15:10:33 PacmanProductions: im sittin here like "what tha hell does that mean"?
15:10:34 ezravdb: ik weet niet of ik daarvan in het voorprograma van wil staan
15:10:41 ezravdb: maar beter dan geen gig
15:10:44 silentkap: het was een wijkfeest
15:11:08 AliMo: lol im sittin here not knowin wuts goin on so im watchin the jet game
15:11:16 PacmanProductions: :P
15:11:26 ezravdb: PacmanProductions its about guitars
15:11:29 ezravdb: hehehe
15:11:42 silentkap:
15:11:51 AliMo: lol as long as your not makin fun of us without us knowing
15:12:00 PacmanProductions: ahhh
15:12:02 silentkap: lol
15:12:18 PacmanProductions: +1 with AliMo
15:12:28 ezravdb: -1 lol
15:12:39 AliMo: 8)
15:12:45 botoxfox: And in other news, I gonna take a shower
15:12:51 botoxfox: toodeloo
15:13:05 silentkap: bye
15:13:13 ezravdb: laters
15:13:14 AliMo: later
15:16:40 silentkap: op de site van ons staat ook een aantal liedjes van ons
15:19:17 ezravdb: ik ben al aant lusiteren
15:19:34 silentkap: ze zijn niet allemaal goeie kwaliteit
15:19:47 silentkap: maar binnenkort komen er wat nieuwe bij
15:21:48 PacmanProductions: well since this chat is basicly not interesting cuz its in another language, im gonna do somthin else
15:21:55 PacmanProductions: still gonna be online tho
15:22:04 AliMo: lol ya im just practicing while pretending to be here
15:22:29 ezravdb: lol
15:22:36 ezravdb: sorry :P
15:22:48 PacmanProductions: im just playin "tank ball" on maid marian
15:22:49 silentkap: i will talk english now
15:22:50 AliMo: don't worry about it, I should be practicing anyway
15:25:21 silentkap: check this the ddrummer of my band
15:25:36 botoxfox: Back I am
15:25:54 silentkap:
15:25:58 botoxfox: Is the language still dutch?
15:26:10 silentkap: no, i will talk english now
15:26:46 silentkap: do u guys use effect pedals ?
15:29:10 botoxfox: cool drumsolo
15:30:43 silentkap: i have lessons of the best drummer of holland
15:34:47 AliMo: whered everyone go?
15:35:08 ezravdb: me firefox freezed
15:35:25 AliMo: o
15:35:52 ezravdb: but I gotta do soem homework now
15:35:57 ezravdb: learning chemics
15:36:00 ezravdb: and english
15:36:15 botoxfox: aah, homework
15:36:20 botoxfox: good luck
15:36:24 ezravdb: yes dammit
15:36:25 ezravdb: thanks
15:36:26 ezravdb: laters
15:36:32 botoxfox: toodeloo
15:36:39 AliMo: c ya
15:37:25 AliMo: welcome back
15:37:38 silentkap: hi
15:39:37 silentkap: were u from ?
15:41:40 AliMo: new york
15:41:41 AliMo: y?
15:41:44 AliMo: u**
15:42:13 silentkap: the netherlands, rotterdam
15:42:51 AliMo: cool, how long you been playin
15:43:27 silentkap: almost 3 years
15:43:51 AliMo: cool, almost a year for me
15:44:15 silentkap: how old ?
15:44:21 AliMo: 17
15:44:31 silentkap: 16
15:47:52 AliMo: how bout the rest of you guys
15:48:39 silentkap: do u like anime ?
15:48:47 silentkap: like naruto ?
15:49:25 AliMo: i used to watch anime all the time back when i was like 13, 14
15:49:51 AliMo: mostly naruto and dragonball z
15:50:15 silentkap: there is coming a dragonball movie to the cinema
15:50:32 silentkap: over one year
15:50:35 AliMo: cool
15:51:29 botoxfox: Hmm
15:53:28 silentkap: im going
15:53:32 silentkap: see u later guys
15:55:18 PacmanProductions: g2g cya l8r
15:57:43 Robin: HI
15:57:47 Nick325: yo
15:57:52 botoxfox: hello
15:58:29 Nick325: sup
15:58:59 Robin: broke a string on my acoustic for the first time ever :P just listening to some riverdance at the moment
15:59:02 Robin: howbout you?
15:59:15 Nick325: nm maybe gunna play soon
15:59:23 botoxfox: Riverdance?
15:59:29 Robin: yeah music
15:59:46 Robin: its like this tap dancing show with irish folk music
15:59:49 Robin: its great :)
16:00:07 botoxfox: Off course what riverdance is
16:00:17 botoxfox: I know*
16:00:37 Robin: mkay :D
16:00:41 Nick325: hows the fingerpicking blues
16:00:56 Robin: Heh pretty good thank you :D just finished my first fingerpicking blues song
16:01:06 Nick325: is it a dvd or book
16:01:32 Robin: actually its a VHS. You know, a video cassette. I think my dad buoght it back in the 80's or something :D
16:01:41 Nick325: o
16:01:55 Nick325: so its pobly not around anymore
16:01:55 Robin: but I think you can get it on dvd aswell
16:02:08 Robin: I think it is on DVD
16:02:16 Robin: I can see if I can find it, pretty sure I saw it the other day
16:02:17 Nick325: o
16:02:43 Nick325: k
16:05:30 Robin: didnt find it, but its a video by Stefan Grossman. He have tons of instructional DVD's
16:19:22 Slammer: *slap*
16:19:27 Slammer: yep that's right it's slammer
16:19:58 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *whip* *slap*
16:20:03 Slammer: :P
16:20:12 botoxfox: *meow*
16:20:13 Robin: Hi slamber
16:20:22 Slammer: Botoxfox?
16:20:28 botoxfox: yup
16:20:32 Slammer: whats with the name?
16:21:03 botoxfox: It was the only thing I came up with
16:21:59 Slammer: LOL
16:22:02 Slammer: sure
16:22:50 Slammer: you know I got November Rain stuck in my head
16:23:01 Slammer: the solo i mean
16:23:23 botoxfox: yeah?
16:24:06 Slammer: Robin?
16:24:10 Slammer: *slap*
16:24:17 Robin: Slamber
16:24:22 Robin: sup
16:24:22 Slammer: do you like Hockey?
16:24:46 Robin: hmm not particulary no
16:24:53 Slammer: good
16:24:58 Robin: :D
16:25:03 Slammer: do any of you guys like sports?
16:25:10 botoxfox: Not me
16:25:17 Slammer: well, that's good
16:25:20 Slammer: I love sports
16:25:26 Slammer: but it really sucks
16:25:29 Slammer: because
16:25:41 Slammer: When you team loses you feel like Sh*t
16:25:45 Slammer: :(
16:25:51 Robin: :/
16:25:56 Robin: I only love music and my guitar
16:25:58 Robin: and GMC
16:26:07 Robin: Hi kurt
16:26:08 botoxfox: I know how it feels
16:26:14 Kurt: hi
16:26:17 botoxfox: Howdy ho
16:26:19 Slammer: Like I do right now, I spent 3 hours watching a Game only to see them lose in the last second
16:26:24 Slammer: :(
16:26:30 Slammer: this sucks man
16:26:42 Robin: the only sports I like is skateboarding and snowskating(no not snowboarding, snowskate). But then again, I'm not sure if I could call it sports
16:26:43 Slammer: Guys, Don't EVER get into sports, it'll ruin you
16:26:45 botoxfox: I feel for sorry you...
16:26:59 Slammer: :P
16:27:02 Kurt: skateboarding is no sport
16:27:06 Robin: nah I know
16:27:06 Kurt: its an art ;)
16:27:09 Robin: well art
16:27:14 Robin: dunno what to call it
16:27:21 Robin: its great, thats what it is :)
16:27:29 Kurt: yeah lol
16:27:33 botoxfox: Hmm
16:27:36 Robin: no assholes yelling at you when you do something wrong :D Soccer for the loooose :D
16:27:47 Kurt: yes man lol
16:28:02 Slammer: Speaking of Science I really should be Studying Science for Tommorow, But I'm so bummed out
16:28:12 botoxfox: There's way to much soccer in Norway
16:28:16 Robin: indeed
16:28:20 Robin: nothing but soccer
16:28:25 Robin: on TV
16:28:27 Robin: and everywhere
16:28:28 Slammer: botoxfox you are from Norway?
16:28:37 botoxfox: :|
16:28:41 botoxfox: yup
16:28:45 Slammer: LOL
16:28:49 Slammer: do you know Robin?
16:28:53 Robin: nop
16:28:56 botoxfox: nope
16:29:03 Slammer: you guys should meet
16:29:13 Slammer: and JAM!
16:29:14 Robin: :P
16:29:51 botoxfox: That'd be cool
16:31:39 Slammer: hey guys
16:31:54 botoxfox: Hey
16:32:02 Slammer: what do you think about Vince Niel of Motley Crue?
16:32:14 Slammer: and Quiet Riot
16:32:34 botoxfox: Don't know much about them
16:32:40 Slammer: *slap*
16:32:41 Robin: me neither
16:32:48 Kurt: I don´t know any song of them :(
16:32:55 Slammer: what about Quiet Riot?
16:32:59 Robin: though they have one awesome song, Kickstart my heart!
16:33:10 botoxfox: Metal Health is a cool song
16:33:26 Slammer: you know here in Florida
16:33:32 Slammer: at the Baseball games
16:33:37 Slammer: on Saturday nights
16:33:51 Slammer: after the games there is a Concert on the Field
16:34:02 Slammer: there has been some good ones this year
16:34:05 Slammer: Kansas
16:34:09 Slammer: :P
16:34:09 Slammer: American Idols
16:34:17 Slammer: Disco fever :P
16:34:34 Slammer: Joan jett and the Black hearts
16:34:43 botoxfox: ocol
16:34:55 Slammer: and on September 22 is the final one
16:35:02 botoxfox: cool*:D
16:35:18 Slammer: it's gonna be Vince Neil of Motley Crue with Quiot Riot
16:35:21 Slammer: LOL
16:35:28 Slammer: I'm not gonna go but
16:35:52 Slammer: not a bad price, because the Concert is free when you pay for the Baseball game
16:36:00 botoxfox: Must be something
16:36:10 Slammer: starting at $12
16:37:32 Slammer: $12 is Equal to 68 Norwigien Kroner
16:37:35 Slammer: :P
16:37:44 Slammer: *whip* ya
16:37:50 JVM: yo
16:37:54 Slammer: JVM
16:37:56 Robin: hi
16:38:01 Kurt: yo LVM
16:38:02 Slammer: what do you think of
16:38:05 botoxfox: hallo
16:38:07 Kurt: JVM lol
16:38:08 Slammer: it's gonna be Vince Neil of Motley Crue with Quiot Riot
16:38:17 Slammer: Quiet*
16:38:45 Slammer: what do you think of them JVM?
16:38:56 JVM: ?
16:38:56 JVM: crue and riot
16:39:08 Slammer: no Vince
16:39:10 Slammer: Neil
16:39:12 JVM: he's okau
16:39:12 Slammer: I guess
16:39:14 JVM: okay*
16:39:28 Slammer: I think he will be singing with Quiet Riot
16:40:03 Slammer: at the Baseball game on Sept 22 they will be playing a Concert after the game
16:40:08 Slammer: :P
16:40:31 botoxfox: That would be quite cool I recon
16:40:51 Nick325: yo
16:41:09 Slammer: Sup Nick
16:41:11 Nick325: sup
16:41:11 Slammer: *meow*
16:42:22 botoxfox: yttyyyyyyyyyyyyrk
16:43:46 Slammer: guys wanna see the best Stairway to heaven solo ever!
16:43:50 Slammer: *slap*
16:44:05 Slammer:
16:44:31 Kurt: ok i´ll check it out ;)
16:44:35 Slammer: :P
16:44:48 Nick325: wow
16:44:50 Kurt: lol
16:44:52 Slammer: LMAO
16:44:54 Slammer: Suckers
16:44:55 Slammer: :P
16:44:57 Kurt: is this you? lol
16:45:02 Slammer: no way :P
16:45:08 Kurt: ;)
16:45:12 Slammer: I hate the Yankees
16:45:12 botoxfox: that wass cooool
16:45:41 botoxfox: And I hate Cnfederates
16:45:44 Kurt: its a tribute to page....
16:45:47 Slammer: :O
16:45:50 Kurt: he´d be proud lol
16:45:54 Slammer: yes
16:46:02 Slammer: that it got the lowest rating on Youtube
16:46:02 botoxfox: lol
16:46:10 JVM: lol
16:46:13 Slammer: out of the 600 covers
16:48:04 botoxfox: I gave it a 5 lol
16:48:33 Slammer: :O
16:49:24 Slammer: JVM
16:49:29 JVM: si
16:49:42 Slammer: have you ever seen "Have you ever loved a Women" by Clapton
16:49:53 Slammer: it's him at his best blues playing
16:49:58 Kurt: nope..^^
16:50:04 Kurt: never seen :(
16:50:09 Robin: I've heard it, not seen :P
16:50:14 Slammer: check this
16:50:18 Slammer:
16:50:42 Slammer: you gotta watch like the first 2 mintues
16:50:47 Slammer: or so I guess
16:52:24 Slammer: that is Fine blues playing
16:52:54 botoxfox:
16:53:48 Slammer: LMAO whatever :P
16:54:01 Slammer: I could have overdubbed that better
16:54:02 Slammer: :P
16:54:47 botoxfox: There's actually someone who think's that's real
16:54:52 Slammer: LMAO
16:54:53 Slammer: :P
16:54:55 botoxfox: lol
16:54:58 Robin: HAH
16:55:06 Robin: who the hell could think something liike that?
16:55:08 Robin: about clapton
16:55:11 Robin: that its real
16:55:26 Robin: looks real though :D funny video
16:55:33 Slammer: *slap*
16:55:36 Slammer: LOL
16:55:39 JVM: lol
16:55:50 JVM: you've all seen the tender surrender screwed up video right?
16:56:23 Slammer: no
16:56:27 botoxfox: I think so
16:57:15 Slammer: JVM you ever heard Fleetwood Mac?
16:58:00 Slammer: before they became a Pop band?
16:58:05 Slammer: *slap* lol :p
16:58:06 JVM: yeah
16:58:18 Slammer: back when they were a Blues Band
16:59:04 Robin: Hahaha jesus funking christ, i'm reading some of the comments on that clapton video, some peopel are just so stupid!! Haha
16:59:14 Robin: I'm*
17:00:00 Robin: unless they are the ones fooling us... :O
17:01:05 botoxfox: Hmm
17:01:48 JVM:
17:01:56 JVM: wait
17:01:58 JVM: wrong one lol
17:02:08 JVM:
17:02:09 Slammer: uh YEAH
17:02:10 JVM: this ones so funny
17:02:35 Slammer: LMAO
17:02:37 Slammer: :P
17:02:41 JVM: watch the whole thing
17:02:54 Robin: that one is awesome
17:03:20 botoxfox: :D
17:03:47 Slammer: AAAAA I have headphones on.... giving me a headache
17:03:50 Robin: it looks so god damn funny with those totally emotional face expressions he gets :D
17:04:00 Robin: and "his" lpaynig sucks :D
17:04:29 Slammer: who do you think makes the Better faces? John Mayer, SRV or Vai?
17:04:50 Kurt: of course Vai ;)
17:05:03 Slammer: John Mayer looks like a Idiot
17:05:18 Robin: dave murray pwns them all
17:05:19 Kurt: yeah...but at vai it looks not bad ;)
17:06:29 Slammer: ok guys, who do you think is the Most Underated Guitarist of all time
17:06:39 botoxfox:
17:06:48 botoxfox: Shawn Lane
17:07:00 JVM: under appreciated but not under rated
17:07:04 Slammer: yes
17:07:18 Slammer: I'd say "The Edge" maybe...
17:07:20 Robin: dave murray and adrian smith. Seems like the only fans they got is 12 year old maiden fans dotn know squit
17:07:33 Robin: got are*
17:07:40 Robin: nvm
17:07:46 Robin: :P
17:08:11 Slammer: also Richie Sambora
17:08:18 Slammer: :P
17:08:37 Slammer: when you think of Bon Jovi
17:08:44 Slammer: you mainly think of Jon
17:08:45 JVM: j mascis is definitely under appreciated and rated
17:09:04 Slammer: but Richie Sambora is actually a Damn good player
17:09:10 JVM: so is mascis :p
17:09:42 botoxfox: Who is mascis?
17:09:52 JVM: dinosaur jr
17:10:00 Slammer:
17:12:47 JVM: heres mascis doing a short version of maggot brain
17:12:48 JVM:
17:12:49 Slammer: *slap* where did everyone go?
17:13:00 JVM: he's one of my favorites
17:13:00 Kurt: i am still here...
17:13:13 Kurt: watching that clapton song the 3rd time now lol
17:13:21 Kurt: really cool^^
17:13:23 botoxfox: :p
17:13:26 Slammer: the Parody?
17:13:39 Kurt: I never saw clapton play that fast and emotional lol
17:13:41 botoxfox: I love the saxophone part
17:13:47 Kurt: nope
17:13:55 Slammer: the Jazzy clapton song:P
17:14:06 Kurt: "have you ever loved a woman"
17:14:12 Slammer: Yeah,
17:14:16 Slammer: like I said
17:14:21 botoxfox: Aah, that one
17:14:24 Slammer: it's Clapton playing at some of his best
17:14:25 JVM:
17:14:25 JVM: and watch this one
17:14:32 JVM: quality isnt good
17:14:37 JVM: but it shows what he does
17:14:42 Slammer: pff Kurt Cobain is better
17:14:50 Slammer: :P
17:14:53 JVM: long freak out solos :p
17:14:54 Kurt: ;)
17:14:58 Slammer: dude
17:15:13 Slammer: that Dinosuar JR guy sounds like everyone else
17:15:26 JVM: there would be no nirvana without mascis
17:16:05 Slammer: :O
17:16:12 Slammer: or if Kurt never died
17:16:18 Slammer: they wouldn't be as big
17:16:21 Kurt: 8)
17:16:54 Slammer: they would just be like Soundgarden.... like Really Famous, but not Legends in Music History
17:17:06 Slammer: which Nirvana has become
17:17:09 Slammer: since he died
17:17:26 Kurt: what you think about dave grohl and his foo fighters?
17:17:33 Slammer: there alright
17:17:46 Slammer: although I liked there song from the Madden 06 game
17:17:57 Kurt: that would be? lol
17:18:52 Kurt: which song do you mean?
17:19:00 Slammer: No Way Back
17:19:16 Kurt: ahh ok yes..its not bad ;)
17:19:52 Slammer:
17:19:53 Kurt: but I don´t like their kind of music although very much ^^
17:20:29 Slammer: LOL
17:20:37 Slammer: I like that song's music
17:20:44 Kurt: do you think dave is a better drummer than the foo fighters drummer? lol
17:20:55 Slammer: YES!
17:21:19 Slammer: *slap*
17:21:20 Slammer: LOL
17:21:23 Kurt: Isn´t that crazy lol ^^
17:21:28 botoxfox: *meow*
17:21:32 Slammer: what?
17:21:45 Kurt: that he ´d be the better drummer ;)
17:21:52 Slammer: LOL
17:22:00 Slammer: JVM got tired of the *slap*
17:23:06 botoxfox: I don't blame him :?

17:25:15 botoxfox: +1
17:25:24 botoxfox: lol
17:33:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: what is this?!
17:33:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: hello guys
17:33:34 Slammer: LOL
17:33:36 Slammer: hey KAI
17:33:37 Slammer: :P
17:33:41 botoxfox: Hallo
17:34:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: HAarrrrrrrrrrr you guys need a strong hand :D so i will do the pirate guitar dragon guru again harrrrrrr
17:34:47 botoxfox: Where's the rum?
17:34:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: *handoverapint*
17:35:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: There you are:d
17:35:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: pint of rum:D:D
17:35:22 botoxfox: yummy
17:35:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: :P
17:35:51 botoxfox: lol
17:35:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: what yr you guys doing ?
17:36:20 botoxfox: Nothing I guess..
17:37:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah i can see that
17:37:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
17:37:23 Slammer: :O
17:37:24 Slammer: :(
17:37:37 Slammer: I'm practising my Scales and Arpeggios
17:37:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: just kidding ;)
17:37:44 Slammer: :P
17:37:45 Slammer: me too
17:37:47 Slammer: :D
17:37:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: jajajaja slammer
17:38:01 Slammer: ok guys Bye
17:38:03 Slammer: I gtg
17:38:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: here you are your special cookie:D
17:38:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh
17:38:16 botoxfox: toodeloo
17:38:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: dont go slammer
17:38:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: :(
17:38:21 Slammer: cya botoxfox
17:38:26 Slammer: cyz Kai Muehlenbruch
17:38:30 Kurt: bye slammer
17:38:33 Slammer: cya Kurt
17:38:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: bye slammer :)
17:38:40 Slammer: cya robin
17:38:45 Slammer: cya Nick325
17:38:48 Kurt: lol
17:38:49 Slammer: cya Slammer
17:38:52 Slammer: oh nvm
17:38:59 Slammer: :P
17:39:01 Slammer: bye
17:39:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: *TIRED*
17:39:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
17:39:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: man this slammer :D
17:39:37 Kurt: well its late here too ;)
17:39:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: i like him:D
17:39:50 Kurt: yeah slammer ´s cool ;)
17:40:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: hes always so...quiet:D
17:40:14 Kurt: lol
17:40:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: doesnt talk that much:D
17:40:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: just like me :D
17:40:26 Kurt: you know...
17:40:32 Kurt: he´s very shy lol
17:40:35 botoxfox: I guess he's the *slap* man
17:41:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: chihihiihihi
17:41:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
17:41:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
17:41:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: anyone watched pritates of the carribean 3=
17:41:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
17:41:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
17:41:46 Kurt: man...give up this pirate -stuff lol
17:41:52 botoxfox: Haven't seen any of those movies
17:42:04 Kurt: we know you´re not a real pirate kai lol
17:42:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: haarrr
17:42:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
17:42:26 Kurt: :p
17:42:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: how did you guys look through my clever disguise?!??!
17:42:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am a true pirate damn it:D
17:43:03 botoxfox: I guy that I know actually wanted to become a sailor after watchin' pirates of the carib
17:43:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
17:43:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: man...
17:44:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: my parents have a boat...
17:44:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: i used to go almost everywhere in germany by boat...
17:44:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: but well i am not yet a pirate :D:D:D
17:45:08 botoxfox: No, you're kidding, right?
17:45:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: no really
17:45:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: that is true;)
17:45:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: but seeing this movie and want to become a sailor?! :D
17:46:10 botoxfox: Yeah, it's crazy
17:46:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: i see sence in it becoming a pirate :D but a sailor...well wot ever
17:46:18 botoxfox: :D
17:46:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: :P
17:46:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: still harry potter
17:46:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: hairy pottar
17:46:58 botoxfox: cool
17:47:05 botoxfox: Flower Power
17:47:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: atom power makes flowers ...erm shower?!?
17:47:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: stupid rhymes without sense make Kai smile
17:48:00 botoxfox: lol
17:48:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: once a while
17:48:13 botoxfox: shower power then
17:49:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah!
17:49:44 Kurt: OMG :(
17:49:52 Kurt: where is the pirate? :(
17:49:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: no parking from 3.14 til 3.16...
17:50:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: harrr
17:50:05 Kurt: :)
17:50:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
17:50:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: this is just to stupid
17:50:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: luv it
17:50:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: what guitar do you guys play?
17:50:49 botoxfox: Ibanez
17:50:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: coool :P
17:50:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: rg?
17:50:58 Kurt: fender and....
17:51:03 Kurt: Epiohone ;)
17:51:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehe :)
17:51:13 botoxfox: RG550MXX
17:51:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool :)
17:51:25 botoxfox: 20th model
17:51:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh wait i have to look that one up
17:51:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: not sure but i think i tryed one
17:51:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: you have a link?
17:52:04 botoxfox: Wait a sec
17:52:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: 550 is cool anyways
17:52:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i still dont like floyds:D
17:54:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: erm yeah
17:54:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: internet
17:55:50 botoxfox: Kai went away... Well here's the link anyway
17:57:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool
17:57:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats these new things i knew it :D
17:57:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: tried them also
17:57:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: nice stuff
17:58:35 botoxfox: Bought it mainly becaus of the color
17:58:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
17:58:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah ok...still a cool guitar
17:58:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: i like that signal red one
17:59:02 botoxfox: It's great
17:59:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i can play that good with that thin wizzard necks :)
17:59:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: still a great guitar :)
17:59:42 botoxfox: Yeah
18:04:12 botoxfox: Too bad Ibanez is following Henry Ford's idea these days...
18:05:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok guys internet doesnt like me and my headache kills me
18:05:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: im of to bed ;)
18:05:56 botoxfox: mee too
18:06:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: c ya later ;)
18:06:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: bye
18:06:08 botoxfox: toodeloo
18:29:59 Jenkinson: sup kurt
19:23:36 Slammer: *slap*
19:23:44 Slammer: :D
19:24:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
19:24:29 Slammer: User Eat-Sleep-andJam has entered this room.
19:24:37 Slammer: hmm...
19:24:41 Slammer: what's new?
19:24:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and what a sexy user he is
19:25:08 Slammer: dude... don't ever get into sports
19:25:11 Slammer: it
19:25:16 Slammer: will ruin you
19:25:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: believe me ik
19:25:26 Slammer: I mean as far as watching a team
19:25:29 Slammer: dude
19:25:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I play basketball
19:25:43 Slammer: I spent 3 hours today watching a Football game
19:25:52 Slammer: and they Lost in overtome :(
19:25:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but like all my friends are crazy for sports, and im like none of you are good enough to play professionally
19:26:11 Slammer: :P
19:26:22 Slammer: I love your motivational talks
19:26:26 Slammer: LMAO
19:26:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
19:26:38 Slammer: None of you are good enough! Just give up
19:26:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
19:26:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not like im making it up its me being blunt, and speaking the truth
19:27:05 Slammer: well...
19:27:08 Slammer: I guess
19:27:43 Slammer: did you see on the Blues Collab thread... Mickem is like "I was just kidding your tone sucked"
19:27:45 Slammer: :P
19:28:12 Slammer: talking to JVM
19:28:14 Slammer: LOL
19:28:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slam there was only one professional sports player to come out of endicott it was Isiah Kasivitsky and hes not that good eithier
19:28:54 Slammer: I think the Name ruined his chances
19:29:00 Slammer: I mean
19:29:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: he made it to the Nfl
19:29:16 Slammer: Roger Clemens rolls off the tongue
19:29:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
19:29:27 Slammer: but...Isiah Kasivitsky
19:29:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hes my sports hero
19:29:31 Slammer: not so much
19:29:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
19:29:37 Slammer: :P
19:29:50 Slammer: yeah, I saw Clemens when he pitched for the Astros
19:29:56 Slammer: dude
19:30:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I saw his 300th win against the cardnials
19:30:06 Slammer: I bet you thought he was done right?
19:30:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol i didnt know what was going on
19:30:38 Slammer: :P
19:30:40 Slammer: LOL
19:30:45 Slammer: 300 only???
19:30:48 Slammer: :P
19:31:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: shut up no one on the Marlins ever did anything big
19:31:15 Slammer: we all have good Baseball Memories
19:31:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
19:31:31 Slammer: my best one was
19:32:00 Slammer: Last June 16th I caught a Home Run ball, Which had been a dream of mine like my whole life
19:32:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well I was at a redsox , yankees game and I got Kurt Schillings autograph and bronson arroyo
19:32:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it was pretty sweet
19:33:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
19:33:38 Slammer: ugh
19:33:38 Slammer: DASL
19:33:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
19:33:43 Slammer: sucks
19:33:48 Slammer: dsl*
19:33:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol I was like whats dasl ?
19:34:18 Slammer: *holding myself back from answering*
19:34:23 Slammer: :P
19:34:32 Slammer: let's keep it Kosher around here
19:34:35 Slammer: :P
19:34:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
19:34:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I was shooting a gun today with my dad, pretty fun
19:35:05 Slammer: :O
19:35:12 Slammer: who died?
19:35:17 Slammer: pet Bird :(
19:35:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol the guy who sold the gun to my dad goes , " what are you going to use it for," me being a wise ass said, " Target Practicing um maybe a little murder "
19:36:13 Slammer: dude... I'm too much of a nice guy... otherwise I'd be messing with you a little
19:36:15 Slammer: :P
19:36:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dont make me get out the pms
19:36:36 Slammer: :O
19:36:38 Slammer: :(
19:36:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wimp with the frown faces !
19:36:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :( im so sad omg give me a hig
19:37:00 Slammer: :{ beat that
19:37:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hug*
19:37:07 Slammer: :P
19:37:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Dasl >
19:37:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ?
19:37:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats that ?"
19:37:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dassssssolllline ?
19:37:34 Slammer: The Data and Story Library
19:38:07 Slammer:
19:38:18 Slammer: that's what it is
19:38:19 Slammer: NOw...
19:38:22 Slammer: whats a Hig?
19:38:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it lives in flordia and looks for women to feed on
19:38:46 Slammer: :)
19:38:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
19:39:06 Slammer: I know the Hig
19:39:09 Slammer: !
19:39:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Eric Johnson is a beast layer
19:39:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: player*
19:39:56 Slammer: beast layer... sounds Sci fi
19:40:13 Slammer: dude that would be a Great Band Name
19:40:20 Slammer: Beast Layer
19:40:34 Slammer: D
19:40:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ithink my bands name will be Twisted Manifest
19:40:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or someting like that
19:40:58 Slammer: Meavy hetal is a Classic
19:41:39 Slammer: LO
19:41:45 Slammer: la
19:42:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
19:42:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg
19:42:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: this is why I love paul gilbert
19:42:51 Slammer: can you do that?
19:42:58 Slammer: u probably can
19:43:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: psh no
19:43:20 Slammer: with Practise
19:43:23 Slammer: anyone can
19:43:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats like extreme capo sweeping or something
19:43:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Id need more arms
19:43:36 Slammer: LOL
19:43:40 Slammer: dude
19:43:43 Slammer: what do you play?
19:43:49 Slammer: like songs or Riffs?
19:43:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like shred
19:44:05 Slammer: what about RHCP songs?
19:44:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im just trying to develop technique
19:44:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no not really
19:44:28 Slammer: can you play Dani California>
19:44:29 Slammer: ?
19:44:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont like learning songs , I did ! But I stoped
19:44:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um idk I never really tryed it
19:44:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I love the solo with the syntesizer
19:44:58 Slammer: it's actually quite easy
19:45:01 Slammer: 3 chords
19:45:09 Slammer: Am G Dm
19:45:22 Slammer: for the verse
19:46:58 Slammer: yep
19:47:16 Slammer: you ever heard Summer Breeze?
19:48:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
19:48:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
19:48:29 Slammer: it's a Great songs...
19:48:32 Slammer: Actually
19:48:34 Slammer: you know
19:48:40 Slammer: I don't listen to music
19:48:45 Slammer: it's funny but
19:49:02 Slammer: I only listen to songs like..
19:49:11 Slammer: only when I'm at the PC
19:49:13 Slammer: on youtube
19:49:20 Slammer: no Mp3 players or anything
19:49:30 Slammer: saving my ears :P
19:50:11 Slammer: I love the Intro on that Song
19:50:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh
19:50:19 Slammer: actually the music is Great IMO
19:50:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: get out of my yard just made me to want to play music professionally
19:50:40 Slammer: LOL
19:50:45 Slammer: nothing's stopping you
19:52:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you know man your right
19:52:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: except I need a third arm
19:52:43 Slammer: :O
19:53:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: can you sweep slammer?
19:54:10 Slammer: when I clean the Kitchen
19:54:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: seriously
19:54:22 Slammer: :P
19:54:46 Slammer: well, I haven't Focused as much on that Technique as I have others
19:55:03 Slammer: So, I'm not that good of a Sweeper
19:55:21 Slammer: now, If I would have practised Hardcore Sweeping like a Year ago
19:55:27 Slammer: I most likely could
19:55:44 Slammer: but I have practised other Tech.
19:55:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bending
19:55:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: vibrato
19:55:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: double stops
19:56:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bluesy stuff right >?
19:56:12 Slammer: LMAO LOL
19:56:33 Slammer: more like Phrasing alot
19:56:40 Slammer: cuz if you can Phrase
19:56:49 Slammer: you can make anything sound good
19:56:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats true
19:56:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I need to learn more scales
19:57:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im kinda doing c-major right now
19:57:21 Slammer: cool stuff
19:57:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I developed a nice vibrato in 2 years of playing
19:57:59 Slammer: SRV and Jimmy Page videos Inspired me to play onstage
19:58:06 Slammer: but I'm still too chicken
19:58:09 Slammer: you know
19:58:12 Slammer: this guy
19:58:18 Slammer: wants me to gig with him
19:58:25 Slammer: but he's like 55 :P
19:58:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
19:58:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wanna meet on myspace ?
19:58:45 Slammer: meet who?
19:58:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol like him saying to you
19:58:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
19:59:00 Slammer: Nah
19:59:09 Slammer: He's a Friend of the Family
19:59:18 Slammer: known him for awhile
19:59:21 Slammer: nice guy
19:59:22 Slammer: but
19:59:39 Slammer: He plays Acoustic Bluesy stuff
19:59:57 Slammer: wants me to come with him to Open Mike Nights
20:00:00 Slammer: and studd
20:00:03 Slammer: Stuff*
20:00:13 Slammer: at a Elk Lodge
20:00:25 Slammer: to play for old Drunk guys :P
20:00:36 Slammer: should I do it?
20:02:57 Slammer: sup PP
20:02:58 PacmanProductions: hey ppl
20:03:01 Slammer: *whip*
20:03:05 Slammer: how ya been?
20:03:10 PacmanProductions: good
20:03:46 Slammer: Eat-Sleep-andJam is Either: Eating, Sleeping, Or Jamming
20:03:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg
20:04:01 PacmanProductions: Oh...never thought of that
20:04:03 PacmanProductions: :p
20:04:05 Slammer: LOL
20:04:08 Slammer: :P
20:04:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im just like thinking maybe if I masterbate to paul gilberts videos Ill play like him ?
20:04:35 Slammer: :O
20:04:39 PacmanProductions: ...
20:04:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: :p
20:04:40 Slammer: in other news...
20:04:53 Slammer: Paris Hilton Bought LA
20:04:58 PacmanProductions: agian
20:05:05 PacmanProductions: then got arrested.....
20:05:08 PacmanProductions: again
20:05:13 PacmanProductions: in her LA
20:05:28 Slammer: Eat-Sleep-andJam
20:05:38 Slammer: have you ever heard Layla?
20:05:56 PacmanProductions: the song?????
20:06:03 Slammer: no the Chick...
20:06:09 Slammer: of course the song
20:06:12 PacmanProductions: :P
20:06:15 PacmanProductions: omg...
20:06:24 PacmanProductions: i was just playin that song when u said that
20:06:28 Slammer: :O
20:06:31 Slammer: wow
20:06:34 Slammer: heavy!
20:07:05 Slammer: PacmanProductions
20:07:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: gety out of my yard by paul gilbert is easily the best thing ive ever heard
20:07:31 PacmanProductions: yeah?
20:07:34 Slammer: you ever heard the song Summer Breeze?
20:07:42 PacmanProductions: umm i cant say i have
20:07:58 Slammer: it's gotta be one of the coolest things I ever have heard
20:08:01 Slammer:
20:08:32 PacmanProductions: yeah i have
20:08:41 Slammer: I love music
20:08:48 Slammer: the music*
20:08:59 Slammer: the music* in the song
20:09:00 Slammer: :P
20:09:09 PacmanProductions: :P
20:10:09 PacmanProductions: so relaxing
20:10:44 Slammer: yes
20:12:32 PacmanProductions: slam, have u heard of the website MaidMarian?
20:12:50 Slammer: no why?
20:12:55 PacmanProductions: oh nvm
20:13:01 Slammer: LOL
20:13:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: omg
20:13:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I need to learn how to play this
20:13:19 Slammer: what?
20:13:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its brillian
20:13:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: brilliant*
20:13:34 Slammer: what?????
20:13:42 Slammer: *slap*
20:13:57 PacmanProductions: summer breeze?
20:14:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
20:14:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not quite
20:14:52 PacmanProductions: oh lol
20:15:13 Slammer: maybe PacmanProductions can be you human capo
20:15:29 PacmanProductions: 8)
20:15:39 Slammer: BTW ESJ I think Scarified is cooler then that song
20:16:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont trust slammer behind me
20:16:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and scarified isnt as good as that masterpiece
20:16:23 Slammer: :?
20:16:29 PacmanProductions: omg....does he talk into the pickup???
20:16:33 Slammer: Freak
20:16:34 Slammer: :P
20:17:04 Slammer: I think Scarified is cooler what about you PP?
20:17:29 PacmanProductions: dont think ive heard it
20:17:33 Slammer:
20:19:09 Slammer: I love the how insync the Bass player and guitarist are
20:19:42 PacmanProductions: i still like "get out of my yard
20:19:58 Robin: Hiho
20:19:59 Slammer: Get out of my yard is just guitar
20:20:09 PacmanProductions: but the bassist tapping is awesome
20:20:11 Robin: Get out of my yard is the best title ever
20:20:16 Slammer: You need some Rythm behind you
20:20:17 Robin: and coolest album cover
20:21:06 Robin: sup
20:21:14 Slammer: sup?
20:21:16 Slammer: Robber
20:21:20 Robin: zUpz
20:21:26 Robin: not much
20:21:31 Robin: listening to snooks eaglin
20:21:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and the best song
20:22:08 Robin: get out of my yard?
20:23:40 Slammer: hey Robin
20:23:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yes
20:23:44 Robin: actually I was a bit dissapointed when I heard the song. With such an awesome title I would have expected it to be more like Down to Mexico stylish. I still think its a pretty awesome solo though.
20:23:50 Robin: hey slamber
20:23:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
20:24:00 Slammer: I found a Song you really like
20:24:06 Slammer:
20:24:25 Slammer: :P
20:24:35 Robin: thats awesome
20:24:40 PacmanProductions: :P
20:24:55 Slammer: he's like "I'm a Man..."
20:24:57 Robin: I think you will like this one slammer
20:24:58 Robin:
20:24:58 PacmanProductions: OMG.....
20:25:23 Slammer: WTF????
20:25:25 PacmanProductions: get out of my yard has the longest
20:25:33 PacmanProductions: look at the tab
20:25:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wow delay takes away all my mistakes
20:25:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well pacman
20:25:50 Slammer: Robin check this
20:25:53 Slammer:
20:25:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats because he has a human capo meaning someone elses hand
20:26:15 PacmanProductions: hey muris
20:26:23 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
20:26:27 Robin: barney is pretty awesome
20:26:28 PacmanProductions: :P
20:26:29 Robin: Hi muris
20:26:32 muris: hello there :)
20:26:48 muris: Gilber is a topic??
20:26:58 Slammer: Sup Muris
20:27:02 muris: Gillbert *
20:27:03 Robin: Hey slammer
20:27:05 Robin: check this out
20:27:07 muris: all fine Slam
20:27:08 muris: you?
20:27:10 Robin: isnt that just a great song
20:27:17 Slammer: Muris.. there is sometihng we all want to know
20:27:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well Muris im so impressed with this
20:27:31 muris: Nothing but Love is my fav Paul did
20:27:38 Slammer: How were the Chicks on your Vacation?
20:27:41 muris: and solo as well ;)
20:27:49 Slammer: whereever you went
20:27:51 Slammer: LOL
20:28:08 muris: I was with my girlfriend
20:28:13 Slammer: :O
20:28:17 PacmanProductions: get out of my yard is really, pretty easy
20:28:19 Slammer: oops.... Nvm
20:28:21 muris: soo watch your language young man ;)
20:28:22 Slammer: :D
20:28:49 Robin: this beats anything, anywhere, anytime, always
20:29:16 PacmanProductions: :P
20:29:22 PacmanProductions: the beginning
20:29:25 muris: I know this guy
20:29:29 muris: Mike Elsner
20:29:44 muris: we talked few times
20:30:36 muris: he holds a cappo for Paul
20:30:44 muris: a human cappo :)
20:30:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dude
20:30:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Id be honored
20:30:51 Robin: cool :D
20:31:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: paul is so godly he has human capos
20:31:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
20:31:28 muris: ;)
20:31:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: excuse me sir would you like to move you finger on my fretboard all well I shred a billion notes per second, Id love to !
20:32:08 Slammer: Muris should make a Paul Gilbert Style Lesson
20:32:23 PacmanProductions: :P
20:32:25 muris: why is that Slam?
20:32:35 muris: you think a play a lot like Paul or?
20:32:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris im pretty sure your good enough to play like anyone
20:32:57 Slammer: because Alot of people like Paul Gilbert here... and many would like to learn his style
20:33:00 PacmanProductions: yeah seriouly
20:33:06 PacmanProductions: seriously*
20:33:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: When I closed my eyes you sounded just like knopler
20:33:18 muris: thanks :)
20:33:28 muris: yeah,Mark is my odl time fav
20:33:32 muris: old*
20:33:50 muris: will try with Paul's style
20:34:32 muris: You know the tune Nothing but Love?
20:34:38 muris: MrBig
20:34:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah !
20:35:08 muris: Paul wrote that tune,if I reccal correct
20:35:27 muris: right?
20:35:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
20:35:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not sure
20:35:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: beautiful song though
20:35:44 muris: which album is that?
20:35:47 PacmanProductions: :P i just found out a simple verison of Get out of my yard.... :)
20:35:52 muris: can't remember
20:36:42 muris: there are also Colorado Buldog,The whole world is gonna know etc on that album
20:36:56 muris: but I can't remeber the name of it
20:37:11 muris: anybody?
20:37:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Japandemonium
20:37:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is that it ?
20:37:58 muris: nope
20:38:02 muris: for sure
20:38:20 muris: few words I think
20:38:27 Slammer: Bump Ahead
20:38:32 muris: ahhhhhhhh
20:38:38 muris: thanks Slam :)
20:38:42 Slammer:
20:38:44 Slammer: NP
20:38:47 Slammer: :)
20:39:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: pacman
20:39:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: send tab for simple version :p
20:39:10 muris: and Gilbert wrote that tune ;)
20:40:17 PacmanProductions: :P
20:40:17 Slammer: I love Cliffs of Dover
20:40:25 Slammer: it's a Great song
20:40:44 Slammer: DUDE
20:40:53 PacmanProductions: it sounds technally the same...just not going down all the strings
20:41:01 Slammer: Wikipedia has over 2 million articles!!
20:41:19 Slammer: dude, I remember when it had like six hundred thousand
20:41:24 Slammer: :O
20:41:34 muris: it grows everyday
20:41:38 Slammer: yes
20:41:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: some of the articles are bs though
20:41:49 muris: and who doesn't like Cliffs of Dover
20:41:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im gonna edit one and saw Ynwgie was born in my house
20:42:06 muris: I made a tune fully inpired with it
20:42:06 Slammer: LOL
20:42:27 Slammer: Muris will probably have a Article soon
20:42:42 Slammer: Almost everyone does these days
20:42:50 muris: tnx :)
20:42:54 Slammer: ;)
20:43:09 muris: you know which tune was inspired with Cliffs?
20:43:13 Slammer: you know I created the Cocaine(song) Article
20:43:15 Slammer: which song?
20:43:24 muris: yeah,from my album
20:43:34 muris: it's quite obvious
20:43:42 muris: I think soo
20:43:44 Slammer: I'll check
20:44:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Heyy Muris I have a question in this video paul gilbert tunes all three of his bottom strings to E within octaves or something but would it be possible to play sweep shapes and create a very similiar sounding tune ?
20:44:33 muris: some found it right away,some never's not really like Cliffs
20:44:42 muris: but has same feel I believe
20:44:44 PacmanProductions: dude slam
20:44:58 PacmanProductions: i just made a thread about that
20:45:08 PacmanProductions: or topic
20:45:32 Slammer: what?
20:45:36 PacmanProductions: well a simiar one
20:45:46 PacmanProductions: on how to tune them... :P
20:46:16 PacmanProductions: without a tuner
20:46:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: are you trying to talke to me PP ?
20:46:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: talk *
20:46:30 PacmanProductions: is ur name slammer?
20:46:32 PacmanProductions: :P
20:46:34 Slammer: :P
20:46:38 Slammer: What the heck?
20:46:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: on weekends, thats what im known a
20:46:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: as*
20:46:48 Robin: actually I think it was ESJ that said the thing about tuning, not slammer :D
20:46:58 PacmanProductions: it was?
20:47:04 Robin: yep :P
20:47:12 Slammer: Muris is it Called
20:47:19 Slammer: The Water
20:47:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah get owned Pacman :p
20:47:29 muris: you are kidding me again ;)
20:47:44 muris: ESJ,are you sure he tuned it that way?
20:47:44 Slammer: I mean the song on your Album
20:47:47 Robin: anyway, I'll go to bed. Bye everyone.
20:47:48 PacmanProductions: ....
20:47:52 PacmanProductions: cya
20:47:53 muris: it looks like regular tunning to me
20:48:14 Slammer: Where we all belong?
20:48:15 muris: no Slam,it's Put a smile...
20:48:20 Slammer: ahh
20:48:27 muris: and you know it ;)
20:48:32 Slammer: Reminds me of the Vitamin C song
20:48:49 Slammer: Put a smile on your face... makes the world a better place
20:48:52 Slammer: I mean the title
20:48:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris, read the comment 1 month ago, I guess so ? and the bottom neck only has 3 strings
20:50:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Paul Gilbert has the biggest hands ever
20:50:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: there almost like feet
20:50:32 Slammer: oh yeah
20:50:48 PacmanProductions: lol
20:50:50 Slammer: I just heard the Sample of that song muris I like! :)
20:50:57 muris: ok,this is what I think
20:51:23 muris: he uses high E,G and "D" string
20:51:42 muris: G is down to E\minor third
20:52:02 muris: and "D" is actually a low E
20:52:10 muris: so he has 3 octaves
20:52:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hmm
20:52:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but how does that correspond to him only having the bottom 3 strings on that neck ? He mus have a B string no ?
20:52:59 muris: is you take a good look, he's not playing on B string
20:53:01 Slammer: no?
20:53:08 Slammer: I don't know
20:53:21 Slammer: :(
20:53:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ahhh yesss, hes skipping right over ! String Skipping , WOooooOoo!
20:53:59 Slammer: Ah
20:54:13 muris: sorry,my mistake
20:54:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: actually its hard to tell , idk
20:54:24 muris: he uses high E instead of B
20:54:38 muris: he has 2 high E,G to E and low E
20:54:58 muris: just to avoid skipping,I think
20:56:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: man
20:56:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is it more is this hard
20:56:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: me or *
20:56:37 Slammer: Muris, If I was playing a Rock solo, with the E Minor Pentatonic... and I wanted to incorperate some tapping licks into it. is there a Certain Patern I should play?
20:56:54 Slammer: like on the high E string?
20:57:07 muris: you can play anything you like
20:57:15 muris: here is most common
20:57:29 muris: play E and G 12 and 15 fret
20:57:38 muris: and tap on 17
20:57:53 muris: use same frets on B string as well
20:58:18 muris: is that it?
20:58:18 Slammer: cool I've been 12-14-15 and tap on 17th
20:58:47 muris: well,14 fret is F# abd you don't have it in pentatonic
20:58:53 muris: it's note of E minor scale
20:59:07 Slammer: yeahso it would sound wierd then
20:59:15 muris: not weird
20:59:22 muris: but just out of pentatonic
20:59:27 muris: and still in E minor
20:59:28 muris: ;)
20:59:30 Slammer: oh ok :)
20:59:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so like just do a open string tapping lick ? like this ?
21:01:15 muris: yeah,just wanted to say you could play tap insted of having human capo
21:01:33 PacmanProductions: tap is alot easier
21:01:33 muris: need more streching for sure
21:01:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so would I still have to change the tuning ?
21:01:48 muris: can't be :)
21:01:53 muris: yeah
21:01:55 PacmanProductions: well not alot
21:02:05 muris: same tuning,different technique
21:02:28 muris: can you play it pac,anyhow?
21:02:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think im going to learn scarified first, more do able
21:03:16 PacmanProductions: i cant tune it like that
21:03:28 muris: hardest way is without capo and tap for sure
21:03:40 muris: like this guy started a bit
21:04:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the tuning is kinda confusing , I have a chromatic tuner but Idk how Id do it
21:04:30 Slammer: :D
21:04:47 muris: lower G string 1 and half step down to E
21:04:55 Slammer: If I could change the world... I would be the sunlight in your Universe
21:05:02 Slammer: that's a Great song
21:05:09 Slammer: :)
21:05:12 muris: it is
21:05:48 muris: I'd take you as my Queen...I have no other way ;)
21:06:02 Slammer: now THat's how you get chicks
21:06:08 muris: yep
21:06:09 Slammer: :D
21:06:22 muris: I sing that tune on gigs here and there
21:06:29 Slammer: really cool
21:06:35 muris: acoustic gigs
21:06:45 muris: not with whole band
21:07:19 Slammer: well, it's a nice Mellow song
21:07:28 Slammer: kinda like Summer Breeze
21:07:33 Slammer: Seals and Croft
21:07:51 muris: oh yeah
21:08:02 muris: and Kiss for a Rose
21:08:13 muris: Cartman's version ;)
21:08:20 muris: from a Rose*
21:08:41 muris: have you heard that one?
21:09:24 Slammer: LOL
21:09:25 Slammer: yeah
21:09:36 muris: I love it lol
21:09:41 muris: nja nja nja nja nja
21:10:21 PacmanProductions:
21:10:28 PacmanProductions: (off subject)
21:10:37 PacmanProductions: i hate the original
21:10:43 PacmanProductions: thought this was funny
21:10:53 Slammer: :P
21:11:40 Slammer: Fuel - Hemorrhage(in my hands)
21:11:46 Slammer: you ever heard it PP?
21:11:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I love that song
21:12:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: leave love bleeding, in my hands , in my hands againnnnnn
21:12:17 Slammer: what about Higher my Creed?
21:12:19 PacmanProductions: cant say i have....
21:12:24 Slammer: by*
21:12:52 PacmanProductions: i think i have
21:13:18 PacmanProductions: yeah
21:13:34 Slammer: what about Brick house by the Commodores?
21:13:45 Slammer: :P
21:13:47 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
21:14:04 Slammer:
21:14:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris ?
21:14:20 Slammer: Spongebob is a Great guitarist
21:14:36 muris: yep?
21:14:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris is it wrong to anchor some of like 1 or two of your fingers well alt. picking ?
21:14:58 PacmanProductions: "bum bum bummmmmm"
21:15:10 Slammer: LOL
21:15:27 muris: like pinky and ring?
21:15:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
21:15:43 muris: I do that sometimes
21:15:45 muris: a bit
21:15:51 muris: depends of lick
21:16:12 muris: guess it's not wrong
21:16:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just do it for fast alt picking , helps me stay accurate
21:16:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and clean
21:16:34 muris: sure
21:16:46 muris: giving them a bit of space is ok
21:16:49 Slammer: sadly this is the Best of American Television :(
21:16:57 muris: just don't kay it down on guitar
21:17:04 muris: lay *
21:17:06 Slammer:
21:18:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah i dont
21:18:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: there kind of bended
21:18:34 muris: that's fine
21:18:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok cool thanks :)
21:18:57 muris: ;)
21:19:23 muris: youcan see I do the same in the video on LickLibrary
21:19:59 muris: I put them out of closed fist a bit
21:20:11 muris: don't know why..I just do
21:20:43 muris: don;t think it's cause of accuracy
21:20:51 muris: I think is for comfort
21:21:22 Slammer: cya guys next week
21:21:29 muris: k slam
21:21:37 PacmanProductions: cya
21:21:39 Slammer: LOL
21:21:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: k slamm see ya
21:21:41 Slammer: bye
21:21:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: slammer loves Maria
21:21:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: had to say it bye :p
21:22:00 muris: what time is there Slam?
21:22:09 Slammer: 9:21 pm
21:22:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ditto
21:22:22 muris: so you'll be here in few hours then ;)
21:22:30 Slammer: LMAO
21:22:32 Slammer: maybe
21:22:42 Slammer: at 12 it will be the next week
21:22:44 Slammer: :P
21:22:45 Slammer: nah
21:22:50 Slammer: I be back on Tuesday
21:22:52 Slammer: or so
21:22:55 muris: ok
21:23:00 Slammer: Gotta Study
21:23:18 Slammer: how to make salt with Sodium in a tube :(
21:23:23 Slammer: :P
21:23:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
21:23:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya buddy
21:24:03 Slammer: ok
21:24:10 muris: just don;t make a bomb
21:24:12 muris: lol
21:24:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
21:24:18 Slammer: :O
21:24:25 Slammer: salt in everyones eyes!
21:24:45 muris: i had it enough last weeks
21:24:48 muris: ;)
21:24:53 Slammer: LOL
21:26:11 muris: Slam,you gave me 6 on LickLibrary right?
21:26:27 Slammer: well, I couldn't find your VId
21:26:31 Slammer: it's hard to find
21:26:37 Slammer: unless I have a Link
21:26:50 muris: ahh sorry
21:26:53 muris: someone did
21:26:56 Slammer: :O
21:26:57 muris: thought it was you
21:27:02 muris: ;)
21:27:05 Slammer: so ya thought it was me :(
21:27:15 muris: joking
21:27:20 muris: was my turn
21:27:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris your on lick library ?
21:27:33 Slammer: :D
21:27:45 muris: yeah
21:27:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hows that site ?
21:28:03 muris: I saw David's entry and decided to try the same
21:28:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh for steve vai contest
21:28:26 muris: yeah
21:28:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: link to video ?
21:28:35 muris: sec
21:28:42 Nick325: yooo
21:28:54 Slammer: Yo wassup Nick
21:28:54 muris: hi Nick
21:28:58 muris:
21:28:58 Nick325: sup guys
21:29:00 Slammer: Word
21:29:24 PacmanProductions: hey nick
21:29:37 Nick325: muris u rock that whole competition
21:29:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Wow Muris, you want it bad dont you :p
21:29:56 muris: i don't know
21:30:07 muris: there's still planty of time
21:30:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I honestly think you and david's were the best
21:30:23 muris: many great players still to come i believe
21:30:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im not just saying that because your instructors on the site eithier
21:30:41 muris: tho deadline is not posted
21:30:50 Nick325: ya u guys rocked it
21:30:54 Slammer: OMG
21:31:02 Nick325: muris is that black thing ur homemade dampener
21:31:05 Slammer: It's pointless I'm giving up guitar
21:31:08 Slammer: :(
21:31:19 muris: yeah,I made it
21:31:24 muris: works fine by now
21:31:32 Nick325: wats it made of
21:31:45 Nick325: cause it looks like those ones u buy ;)
21:31:54 muris: piece of lastic,plastic and blanket
21:32:18 muris: and glue of course ;)
21:32:27 Nick325: yep :D
21:32:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your should make a patient like Mab did with his dampener
21:32:48 Nick325: ya
21:32:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or however its spelled
21:33:00 Nick325: i wanna see ur dampener up close
21:33:11 Nick325: like pics so i can make one
21:33:20 muris: I have Mab too
21:33:31 muris: botu i'm not too stisfied with it
21:33:35 Nick325: i would get it but i dont wanna spend 90$
21:33:36 muris: I prefer this one
21:35:01 Nick325: how was ur vacation muris
21:35:28 muris: it was great,thanks
21:35:33 muris: untill last hour
21:35:38 muris: ;)
21:35:38 Nick325: o ya ur foot
21:35:41 muris: injury
21:35:44 muris: yep
21:35:45 PacmanProductions: what happend?
21:35:53 Nick325: glad to have u back :)
21:36:00 muris: missed last stair
21:36:03 PacmanProductions: oooo
21:36:03 muris: thanks Nick :)
21:36:36 muris: ankle was like a ball
21:36:38 muris: a huge
21:36:45 muris: ice helped
21:36:50 Nick325: is it better now
21:36:59 muris: it's better yeah
21:37:06 muris: still must see doctor
21:37:10 PacmanProductions: did u break it, or like twist it, or what?
21:37:13 muris: to take a picture
21:37:19 Nick325: o
21:37:23 muris: i twisted ligaments
21:37:27 PacmanProductions: ohhh
21:37:37 Nick325: stupid step :{ lol
21:37:47 muris: at least i hope it isn't broken
21:37:48 muris: lol
21:39:28 muris: Slam lol
21:39:44 Nick325: did it make a *whip*
21:39:45 muris: your post about recording made me laugh tooo much
21:39:51 Slammer: say what
21:39:51 Nick325: sound and then u went *meow*
21:39:53 Nick325: lol
21:40:00 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
21:40:01 Slammer: oh LOL
21:40:03 Slammer: :P
21:40:14 muris: great one ;)
21:40:32 Slammer: Spur of the moment kinda thing
21:40:59 Slammer: :P
21:41:14 Slammer: so nick
21:41:18 Slammer: Sup?
21:41:43 muris: and listen to this
21:41:54 muris: i came home with foot like that
21:42:04 muris: I was driving for about 5 hours tho
21:42:28 muris: had about 40 picts and few vids on my cell phone
21:42:53 muris: i answered to a call and system went down........
21:43:12 muris: picts and vids from vacation...lost
21:44:12 PacmanProductions: ooooo
21:44:13 PacmanProductions: that stinks
21:44:22 muris: yep
21:44:38 Nick325: damn
21:44:38 muris: and i lost many names from phone book as well
21:44:44 Nick325: sup slammer
21:45:09 Slammer: SUp
21:45:15 Slammer: Nicolas
21:45:58 muris: sup fish??
21:46:46 Nick325: dont call me that :{ lol
21:47:02 Nick325: and its spelled nicholas by the way :D
21:47:15 Slammer: :O
21:47:22 Slammer: nicholas cage?
21:47:23 muris: are you Nicholas Cage??
21:47:26 muris: lol
21:47:31 Slammer: :O
21:48:23 Nick325: :o how did u know?
21:48:40 muris: me or Slam?
21:48:46 Slammer: both?
21:49:02 muris: well,we saw you in movie Face Off
21:49:04 muris: right?
21:49:24 Slammer: National Tresure
21:49:35 muris: wait,that was Travolta
21:49:57 muris: ;)
21:50:03 Nick325: lol
21:51:22 Nick325: so
21:51:37 Nick325: *whip* *meow* *slap*
21:51:48 muris: sort of yeah
21:51:51 Slammer: Money
21:51:52 muris: tho I was like
21:51:53 Nick325: wat
21:51:54 muris: ccc
21:52:24 muris: what Money?
21:52:32 Nick325: what ccc?
21:53:25 muris: you said it whip and then i mouw it
21:53:32 muris: i was more like ccc
21:53:38 muris: no real sound
21:53:45 Slammer: the Pink Floyd song
21:53:48 muris: and i slap with my suitcases
21:54:01 Nick325: o
21:54:02 Nick325: lol
21:54:06 muris: ;)
21:54:16 muris: you like Money Slam?
21:54:30 Slammer: the song
21:54:33 muris: yeah
21:54:34 Nick325: who doesnt
21:54:36 muris: like it?
21:54:38 Nick325: oooo the song
21:54:44 Slammer: it Groovy
21:54:50 Slammer: in every sence of the word
21:54:52 Nick325: the bass is cool in it
21:55:02 muris: live version or?
21:55:23 muris: you know who is Guy Pratt?
21:56:09 muris: has played with PF for last 20 years or som
21:56:15 muris: bass guitar
21:56:28 muris: his live solos in Money are awesome
21:57:16 Nick325: o
21:59:40 muris: *slap* *slap* *slap*
21:59:46 muris: now what?
21:59:54 Slammer: LOL
22:00:04 Slammer: we;ve never seen Slammer this Quiet
22:00:13 PacmanProductions: WOW!
22:00:15 muris: hmm yeah
22:00:18 PacmanProductions: :P
22:00:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer <3's esj ?
22:00:39 PacmanProductions: ...
22:00:46 Slammer: NO responce
22:01:48 muris: so,who wants to be in my next collab?
22:01:52 muris: shred one
22:02:00 Slammer: ..........
22:02:04 Slammer: :(
22:02:21 Slammer: not me I guess
22:02:26 Slammer: I can't shred :(
22:02:33 muris: no worries
22:02:41 muris: i'll make a country one soon
22:02:42 muris: lol
22:02:46 Slammer: :O
22:03:12 muris: must find few advanced members fro this one
22:03:24 muris: who are they?
22:03:31 PacmanProductions: ........i blew my amp........
22:03:33 muris: it's hard to tell from forum
22:03:42 PacmanProductions: or its just not working
22:03:51 muris: that sucks pac
22:03:54 Slammer: you Pavel, Kris, Marcus, David w. Roo, Juan V.
22:03:59 Slammer: yep
22:04:02 muris: no instructors :)
22:04:03 Slammer: thats about it
22:04:42 muris: i still believe there are many advanced members at GMC
22:05:03 muris: maybe they are not often in action
22:05:17 Slammer: because they are better than us :(
22:05:33 PacmanProductions: omg that scared me
22:05:34 muris: that's not the point ;)
22:05:55 PacmanProductions: i accidentally hit the post gain knob
22:06:01 muris: stupid question...did you check power cable?
22:06:16 muris: ahh ok
22:06:18 PacmanProductions: it fixed
22:06:20 muris: solved
22:06:21 PacmanProductions: :P
22:08:29 Nick325: back
22:08:43 Nick325: wat u say about a collab
22:09:04 Slammer: Muris I need advice
22:09:16 Slammer: on how to write the Worlds Greatest song
22:09:18 Slammer: !
22:09:21 muris: lol
22:11:06 Slammer: no really I do
22:11:10 Slammer: :?
22:11:32 Slammer: :P
22:11:51 muris: try with A min chord
22:11:55 Slammer: :O
22:11:55 muris: and then....
22:11:58 Slammer: wow!
22:11:58 muris: a C???
22:12:00 muris: lol
22:12:12 Slammer: then G then D
22:12:20 muris: Dmin ;)
22:12:27 Slammer: right
22:12:30 Slammer: Dmin then G
22:12:37 muris: wow!!
22:13:03 PacmanProductions: i dont think Dmin sounds good
22:13:12 Slammer: :O
22:13:13 muris: it sucks,I know
22:13:18 Slammer: how dare you
22:13:26 muris: ;)
22:13:51 PacmanProductions: no, im just sayin in the lil song..... Dmin is a nice chord
22:14:14 Slammer: how about finger picking
22:14:20 muris: I see
22:14:26 Slammer: C c/b am f g
22:14:31 muris: you don't like Dmin in A min key
22:14:39 muris: fair enough
22:14:45 muris: let's go for Dorian ;)
22:14:57 Slammer: no wait
22:15:09 Slammer: C c/b am g f g
22:15:19 Slammer: that was it
22:15:26 muris: G/B ;)
22:15:37 Slammer: where?
22:15:44 muris: second one
22:15:50 muris: G chord,B in bass
22:16:01 Slammer: isn't b already there?
22:16:03 Slammer: :P
22:16:11 muris: it is
22:16:16 muris: but it not root
22:16:18 muris: ;)
22:16:42 Slammer: anyways
22:16:57 Slammer: I recorded that progression
22:17:11 Slammer: and played Piano Scales over it
22:17:16 Slammer: :O
22:17:31 muris: mean like white keys?
22:17:41 Slammer: yeah dumb stuff like that
22:17:53 muris: that's not dumb
22:18:00 muris: you're in right key
22:18:02 muris: lol
22:18:19 Nick325: guys i gotta go do something and then gunna go practice be4 i sleep so ill see ya later
22:18:27 muris: ok Nick
22:18:31 muris: I'll pass too
22:18:36 muris: it's 4 am here
22:18:37 Slammer: well, I made a Melody and everything for the dumb song
22:18:43 Slammer: but I deleted it
22:18:46 Slammer: LOL
22:18:49 muris: ;)
22:18:51 Nick325: and ur only going to sleep now
22:18:52 Nick325: lol
22:19:03 Nick325: sleep till like 5pm
22:19:06 Nick325: lol
22:19:09 muris: see ya soon guys
22:19:12 Nick325: cya
22:19:14 muris: bye
22:19:16 Slammer: wait
22:19:17 Slammer: wait
22:19:18 PacmanProductions: cya
22:19:20 Nick325: wat
22:19:30 Nick325: ..............
22:19:30 Slammer: you know how I know I spend to much time on chat>
22:19:31 Slammer: ?
22:19:40 Nick325: maybe :D
22:19:45 Slammer: I had a Dream the other night I was in GMC chat
22:19:47 Slammer: :OI
22:19:48 Slammer: :O
22:19:51 muris: lol
22:19:53 Nick325: omg omg omg omg
22:19:54 Nick325: lol
22:19:56 Slammer: it's true
22:19:57 Slammer: :(
22:19:57 muris: lol
22:20:06 Slammer: scared the heck outta me
22:20:07 Nick325: wait muris
22:20:12 muris: go and take some rest
22:20:21 Nick325: is the shredneck good
22:20:28 muris: it is
22:20:29 Nick325: or is it a waste cause its 7 frets
22:20:34 muris: i use it all the time
22:20:46 muris: must go now\
22:20:50 muris: for real ;)
22:20:51 Slammer: doesn't it Endores you?
22:20:56 Nick325: can u practicing anything cause its so small
22:20:57 muris: yeah
22:21:05 muris: they endore me
22:21:10 Slammer: :P
22:21:13 muris: it's warm up tool
22:21:17 Nick325: o
22:21:23 Nick325: k cya guys
22:21:27 PacmanProductions: cya
22:21:27 muris: not for real practicing
22:21:31 muris: bye now :)
22:21:32 Slammer: Ok Muris
22:21:34 Slammer: get some sleep
22:21:38 Slammer: Leave now!
22:21:39 Slammer: :)
22:21:43 Nick325: :(
22:21:49 Slammer: you too Nick
22:21:53 Nick325: :(
22:22:04 Slammer: and PP too
22:22:13 Nick325: maybe u should leave to u gmc obsesser lol
22:22:21 Nick325: gmc chat*
22:22:22 Slammer: :(
22:22:36 Slammer: hey at Least I USE it
22:22:37 Nick325: im addicited to gmc its ok
22:22:41 Slammer: not very many ppl do
22:23:01 PacmanProductions: about that chord proggression
22:23:10 Slammer: u gonna leave too?
22:23:21 PacmanProductions: did u make up a stumming pattern?
22:23:42 Slammer: no I finger picked it
22:24:24 PacmanProductions: try this...... D d udud
22:24:45 PacmanProductions: (down down up down up down)
22:25:01 PacmanProductions: Amin-C-G
22:25:16 Slammer: thanks :)
22:25:46 PacmanProductions: and while ur switching chords, do a quick updown
22:26:19 Slammer: and around
22:26:27 PacmanProductions: town
22:26:44 Slammer: like a
22:26:52 PacmanProductions: clown in a gown with a frown
22:27:57 Slammer: in a Gown
22:28:09 PacmanProductions: i already said that
22:28:15 PacmanProductions: hey ketchup
22:28:18 PacmanProductions: nvm then
22:28:29 Slammer: LMAO
22:28:36 Slammer: he didn't like the Rhymes
22:30:21 PacmanProductions: well, ima go shoot ppl in tanks on
22:30:33 PacmanProductions: so cya
22:31:30 Slammer: ok man
22:31:32 Slammer: bye
22:31:38 Slammer: have fun
22:31:39 Slammer: :P

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