Guitar Chat with Henrik Skotth, Muris etc. 2007-09-14
Sep 17 2007, 08:53 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
03:15:32 Asphyxia Feeling: hello
03:16:07 Henrik Skotth: hi :)
03:17:33 Asphyxia Feeling: i'm attempting to learn speedpickign
03:17:50 Asphyxia Feeling: it's difficult to not accidently economy pick when doing scale runs etc
03:17:57 Asphyxia Feeling: like a bad habit or something
03:18:30 Henrik Skotth: sorry, I'm mostly a tech guy here (working on improvements to the chat at the moment :) ), I know way to little about guitaring :(
03:18:58 Henrik Skotth: I'll be reloading a bit
03:19:30 Asphyxia Feeling: ohh i remember now. kris did a topic on you once.
03:19:39 Asphyxia Feeling: you're doing a really good job on the site.
03:19:41 Asphyxia Feeling: :)
03:19:49 Henrik Skotth: thanks :)
03:19:58 Henrik Skotth: we're about to make the chat look way cooler now :)
03:26:31 test: I cant see any stars
03:26:45 Henrik Skotth: ok
03:26:55 test: Except for you of course! ;)
03:27:04 Henrik Skotth: hehe
03:27:19 Asphyxia Feeling: hah
03:31:56 test: hehe this is starting to look coool! :D
03:49:27 Henrik Skotth: yeah, check this out!
03:50:43 Asphyxia Feeling: whoa
03:51:02 Henrik Skotth: try reloading, Asphyxia :)
03:51:12 test: hehehy
03:51:24 Asphyxia Feeling: AHHH
03:51:31 Henrik Skotth: nice, huh? :)
03:51:32 Asphyxia Feeling: much more colorful :D
03:51:36 Asphyxia Feeling: yes
03:52:06 Henrik Skotth: try the avatars!
03:52:13 Asphyxia Feeling: !
03:52:18 Asphyxia Feeling: very very cool
03:52:51 Asphyxia Feeling: botoxfox?
03:52:58 Asphyxia Feeling: that name is crazy like a fox
03:53:00 Asphyxia Feeling: and i like it
03:53:02 botoxfox: yo
03:53:31 Asphyxia Feeling: are you new to GMC?
03:53:48 botoxfox: Been here since late december
03:53:59 Asphyxia Feeling: woo longer then
03:54:00 Asphyxia Feeling: me
03:54:03 Asphyxia Feeling: i joined in april
03:54:07 Asphyxia Feeling: amazing place!
03:54:44 botoxfox: Didn't join the forum until february though
03:54:57 botoxfox: What's happened here?
03:55:10 Asphyxia Feeling: hemlok's been doing some work on it
03:55:13 Asphyxia Feeling: looks cooler now
03:55:21 Asphyxia Feeling: henrik*
03:55:22 Asphyxia Feeling: hahaha
03:55:24 Asphyxia Feeling: whoops
03:55:42 botoxfox: Cool avatars
03:55:47 Asphyxia Feeling: yes
03:55:51 [Action] Henrik Skotth: will call himself Hemlok from now on
03:55:56 Henrik Skotth: hehe ;)
03:56:17 Asphyxia Feeling: :p
03:56:24 botoxfox: :D
03:57:07 [Action] Asphyxia Feeling:
03:57:15 [Action] Asphyxia Feeling: is testing
03:57:18 Asphyxia Feeling: awesome
03:57:21 Asphyxia Feeling: just like WoW
03:59:38 botoxfox: Can't say that les paul is my favorite guitar though
04:00:20 Asphyxia Feeling: yeah
04:00:33 Asphyxia Feeling: not a big fan of epiphone/gibson really.
04:01:03 botoxfox: Me neither
04:01:53 Asphyxia Feeling: right now i've been digging fender/ibanez
04:02:57 botoxfox: yeah, ibanez for me too
04:03:50 Asphyxia Feeling: i'm playing my ibanez right now haha. trying to learn how to speed pick properly. starting with alt picking
04:03:59 Asphyxia Feeling: i've had that economy picking bad habit
04:04:04 Asphyxia Feeling: trying to root it out
04:05:22 botoxfox: I've had that habit aswell
04:07:10 botoxfox: Who hasn't?
04:09:13 botoxfox: We'll, gotta go eat some breakfast, lunch or whatever
04:09:21 botoxfox: c ya later
04:42:28 Gen: awesome
04:42:43 Gen: lol
07:07:49 Hemlok: wowee cool chat!
07:10:22 Hemlok: glad they have a les paul there not an ibanez! im outta here. cya Robin
07:17:55 JVM: ooh
07:17:56 JVM: new chat
07:27:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wow nice
07:34:43 Hungus: hmm interesting new chat.... not that I saw the last one.
09:17:22 Iluha: *slap* hey robin
09:17:39 Robin: Hey
09:17:43 Robin: whats up?
09:17:57 Iluha: nothin much... how bout you?
09:18:37 Robin: practicing fingerpicking blues. making a song :D
09:18:51 Iluha: ah cool lemme hear it when you'r done :)
09:19:02 Robin: sure :D
09:19:13 Iluha: mmm you heard my "ballad" right?
09:19:25 Robin: getting a new recording studio soon. Like a mini studio thing
09:19:26 Robin: yeah man
09:19:29 Robin: I commented aswell
09:19:31 Robin: it was great
09:19:36 Iluha: I rewrote the second solo.. and could use some opinions.. mind being my test monkey for a moment?
09:20:03 Iluha: I still don't know how i'm going to record it.. no real recording gear :(
09:20:14 Robin: ah ok :(
09:20:21 Robin: sure, have you posted the new solo?
09:20:23 Robin: on the forum
09:20:44 Iluha: nah I'm not gonna post it.. I think I'll just post when I get it recorded somehow
09:20:59 Iluha: what's you e-mail? Ill send it to you
09:21:11 Robin: [email protected]
09:22:04 Iluha: do you want the GP file? or does it not work you?
09:22:11 Robin: dont have GP
09:22:28 Robin: :(
09:22:34 Iluha: ah ok so ill send just the midi
09:23:08 Robin: ok thanks
09:23:55 Iluha: ok sent
09:24:41 Robin: Hello
09:25:07 Robin: when does the second solo start? is it at the end?
09:25:23 Robin: at 1:50?
09:26:34 Iluha: yeah
09:26:45 Robin: ok
09:26:48 Robin: Hi
09:26:49 Iluha: 1:46 to be exact
09:27:04 Iluha: hey jeff and aerohit
09:27:24 Robin: I cant really seem to find anything negative about the solo. I think its great
09:27:25 jeff: Hey Iluha
09:27:52 Iluha: thanks, the thing I'm not that sure of is the begining of it
09:28:12 jeff: Iluha you made that collobaration awesome
09:28:30 jeff: I've been so busy. I wish I could have added more
09:28:37 Iluha: thanks! :) I just wish I could have contributed a solo as well
09:29:17 Iluha: maybe next time :P
09:29:47 jeff: checking out the new avatars...
09:30:02 Iluha: Yeah their preety good
09:30:17 Robin: test
09:30:19 Iluha: what he really should do though is have our forum avatars here
09:30:21 Robin: :D
09:30:29 Robin: yeah
09:30:32 Robin: that would have been awesome
09:30:54 jeff: you know what would be a cool collaboration is to take one of the lessons and each person take a different part
09:31:08 Robin: that would have been cool
09:31:12 jeff: play over the backing tracks
09:31:21 Robin: ssounds like a good idea
09:31:22 Iluha: yeah that's a nice idea
09:31:43 jeff: any lessons in particular?
09:32:15 Iluha: Well my favourite backings are the one's on levedell's
09:32:48 jeff: I wish I could play his stuff!:(
09:32:59 Iluha: Me too..
09:33:16 Robin: his neoclassical lesson is kinda easy. Not the advanced, but the intermediate
09:33:18 Iluha: I can play the 3 level intermidiate level
09:33:21 Robin: Hello
09:33:29 jeff: DNAFT is old but might work well for everyone
09:33:30 botoxfox: yyo
09:33:35 Robin: the advanced are CRAZY!
09:33:47 Robin: the advanced ones are crazy*
09:33:52 jeff: no doubt!
09:33:55 Robin: lavendells
09:33:57 Robin: yeah
09:34:00 Robin: :D
09:34:03 jeff: hey botox
09:34:08 Iluha: yeah it seems he doesnt really have an intermidiate level lol
09:34:22 Iluha: its usses a very easy, easy, freaking god how does he do it.
09:34:26 jeff: lol lol
09:34:49 jeff: that strat just kills me
09:35:28 Iluha: I just rememberd something, I have to change my strings
09:35:41 Iluha: I'm so scared of that floyd rose though :(
09:36:14 jeff: I have a peavy wolfgang that I never play because of the floyd
09:36:19 jeff: too many hassles changing strings
09:36:56 Iluha: I want to buy a new guitar that doesnt have one.. but it'll probably have to wait a few years
09:37:03 Iluha: unless I'll sattle for a cheap one
09:37:08 jeff: and forget about me playing muris alternate picking...
09:37:20 Iluha: Yeah I also can't touch that
09:37:26 Iluha: yet
09:37:44 jeff: good point!
09:38:38 botoxfox: It isn't too bad changing strings on floyd
09:39:07 Robin: I hear people say thats it is so hard, what is the problem? I have never changed strings on a floyd rose
09:39:21 jeff: When you change them, do you do one at a time?
09:39:21 Iluha: the problem is that on a floyd rose
09:39:36 Iluha: when you turn the peg of one string
09:39:47 Iluha: it will affect the tuning of the other strings as well
09:39:52 Robin: Yes I know
09:39:56 Robin: what seems to be the problem?
09:40:00 Robin: my guitar does that too
09:40:03 Robin: :D
09:40:06 Iluha: that you have to retune
09:40:09 Iluha: ALOT
09:40:13 Robin: yeah
09:40:20 Iluha: and also turn screws
09:40:41 Robin: I dont think its hard at all :P it only takes slighty longer time
09:40:47 Robin: 5-10 min extra
09:40:50 botoxfox: As long as you don't remove the strings all at once, it isn't that hard
09:41:10 jeff: Yeah and when you go back to your non-floyd you wander if the floyd is wort it. Especially if you don't do dive bombs, etc.
09:41:27 Robin: hm yeah I suppose
09:41:39 Iluha: only purpose of the floyd is the whammy bar.. which I don't use anyways :P
09:41:53 Robin: but if you actually use the whammy bar I think the extra time used on changing the strings is worth it :D
09:41:59 Robin: oh
09:42:04 jeff: on the other hand, you can get some crazy stuff with it! :D
09:42:06 Robin: then whats the point? I know it stays in tune
09:42:16 Iluha: Well it's preety hard to use something you'v lost lol
09:43:09 Robin: btw
09:43:26 Robin: those "dive bomb" thnigs or what they are called, you know those squeals dimebag do
09:43:47 jeff: breaking a string in the middle of a set with no back-up guitar sucks if you have a floyd too! I've done that :o
09:43:57 Robin: to do those, do you use more or less the same technique as pinch harmonics? Just that you do it with your left hand and over a fret
09:44:32 Robin: anyone know? :P
09:44:57 Iluha: have no idea.
09:45:03 botoxfox: you tap a natural harmonic with your left hand
09:45:06 Robin: Hi
09:45:09 Iluha: well im going for it, wish me luck and i hope ill be back :)
09:45:20 jeff: no - once you get the pinch harmonic you just grad the bar and go
09:45:40 muris: ahh,new BG,love it ;)
09:45:43 Robin: :D
09:45:49 jeff: hey muris
09:45:52 botoxfox: kris has a lesson on it on ug
09:45:56 muris: hi guys
09:45:59 botoxfox: yo
09:46:14 Robin: yeah I know... seen it some time ago. But I still didnt understand how it works xD
09:46:22 jeff: your cd is awesome. got it from itunes. love it man!
09:46:35 muris: is it about dive bomb effect?
09:46:43 muris: thanks Jeff :)
09:47:47 jeff: yes for me the dive bombs are done with both natural harmonics and pincj
09:48:17 muris: easier with natural tho
09:48:20 jeff: anything really just grab and go! lol lol
09:48:20 muris: imo
09:49:21 Robin: so you just sort of do a hammer on over a fret?
09:49:26 jeff: Eddie Van Halen is the king of that - imo
09:49:39 Robin: do you need to remove the finger again from the fret or something? :o
09:50:05 muris: best is to remove it after you play harmonic
09:50:16 Robin: ok
09:50:20 muris: or harmonics ;)
09:50:42 Robin: ok thanks everyone
09:50:46 Robin: I'll try it later
09:50:52 Robin: its so awesome, I want to learn it xD
09:51:05 jeff: it also fun to hold the bar down first, hit a note and let it up.
09:51:07 muris: sure
09:51:14 muris: that efx is cool :)
09:51:23 Robin: ok cool
09:51:49 muris: you'll get it with some practice
09:51:56 jeff: even drop it down so low that the strings hit the pickups like a deadened growl or something wicked
09:52:02 muris: but must have right TONE for it as well
09:52:13 Robin: alot of gain and treble, right?
09:52:22 muris: yep ;)
09:52:25 Robin: :D
09:52:31 muris: :)
09:52:33 jeff: yes TONE!!
09:53:09 Robin: damn, I have this guitar with a similar tremolo as floyd rose. It NEVER get out of tune etc. etc., but the problem is, the vibrato arm(or what its called) is missing >_<
09:53:19 Robin: so I think it would be good to do on that guitar
09:53:28 Robin: its amazingly easy to do pinch harmonics on it aswell
09:53:54 Robin: maybe I should just take a piece of wood and stick in there xD
09:54:05 jeff: can you get a new arm? should be fairly chear
09:54:11 Robin: yeah but you see
09:54:17 Robin: the guitar is like 20 years old
09:54:21 Robin: its not a known brand
09:54:32 Robin: I didnt find any information on the web about it, just barely a little
09:54:41 Robin: I have no idea what kind it is :D
09:54:47 jeff: then the neck is nice and broken in! seriously.
09:55:27 Robin: what do you mean? It have barely been used
09:56:18 muris: you can take real floyd and put in instead of that tremolo bridge
09:56:24 jeff: Well, I guess if it has not been used then it's not as broken in
09:56:31 Robin: ok :P
09:56:40 muris: really
09:56:51 Robin: its a Weststone guitar btw. Anyone even heard of it? :D
09:56:58 muris: I have same thing in my Axis and new custom as well
09:57:19 muris: hole is like for regular tromolo
09:57:23 jeff: Never heard of Westone
09:57:30 muris: tremolo *
09:57:36 jeff: But there are so many out there
09:57:49 jeff: different guitars that is
09:57:49 Robin: Weststone Pantera x275 is the exact model. I really like the guitar, just too bad the arm is missing.
09:57:55 Robin: indeed there is :D
09:58:25 jeff: is the arm hole threaded?
09:58:52 Robin: threaded? I dont even know what that means :D
09:58:59 jeff: my wolfgang is threaded with the floyd and my PRS is non-threaded
09:59:17 jeff: so arms screw in and other just plug in
09:59:21 Robin: ah ok
09:59:28 Robin: you have to screw it yes
09:59:30 Robin: I think
09:59:54 jeff: that rules out the standard fender arm
10:00:27 jeff: as a replacement
10:00:37 jeff: I take that back
10:00:48 jeff: I think fender makes screw in as well
10:01:11 jeff: it depends on the size of the screw hole, but should be standard
10:02:10 jeff: do you have different size bolts that you could see if they fit? Need to be careful of the type of threads
10:02:36 Gen: wow its crowed here
10:02:37 Gen: hi all
10:02:39 jeff: get a measurement and you might find a replacement
10:02:46 botoxfox: hi gen
10:03:01 Gen: hi mister fox hound :D
10:03:31 Robin: Jeff: i'll check later, I have one fender and another
10:03:46 Robin: ok thanks, I'll try to figure it out :D
10:03:52 Robin: Hi gen xD :D
10:03:53 botoxfox: That's foxhound :d
10:03:58 jeff: cool
10:04:00 Gen: hi rob xD
10:04:05 botoxfox: FFFF
10:04:18 botoxfox: FOXHOUND
10:04:23 Gen: yeah sisnt see i pushed the space button :D
10:04:39 Gen: didnt*
10:05:24 Gen: i have your avatar on my shoulder!
10:05:30 Gen: a tatoo
10:05:34 muris: hi Gen
10:05:39 Gen: hi muris
10:05:44 botoxfox: Really?
10:05:49 Gen: nope jk lol
10:06:02 botoxfox: Thoughy so
10:06:10 botoxfox: tought*
10:06:20 Gen: im not meryl xD
10:07:10 botoxfox: Well that was a fake tattoo if I remember correctly :D
10:07:17 Gen: :D
10:07:40 muris: I'm off guys
10:07:44 muris: must do few things
10:07:50 botoxfox: Maybe she has
10:07:50 Gen: okay muris, cya around
10:07:50 muris: have a great day tho :)
10:07:53 jeff: by muris
10:07:56 muris: bye
10:07:58 botoxfox: bye muris
10:08:09 jeff: me too. gotta go. cya
10:08:15 Gen: okay cya
10:08:19 botoxfox: gotten a real tattoo for mgs4
10:08:30 Robin: bye
10:08:31 Gen: oh
10:08:35 Gen: didnt play yet
10:08:40 Gen: guess why :D
10:08:52 botoxfox: ?
10:09:01 Gen: nvm
10:09:25 Gen: cant wait to finish this saga :D
10:09:41 Gen: Who are the patriots!
10:09:43 Gen: lol
10:09:50 botoxfox: lalilulelo
10:09:57 Gen: tatituteto
10:10:08 Gen: mamimumemo
10:10:16 Gen: rarirurero
10:10:22 Gen: well i ll stop now
10:10:24 Gen: lol
10:10:32 botoxfox: :D
10:10:37 Gen: old kojima s joke i think
10:10:58 botoxfox: old kojima?
10:11:17 Gen: an old joke by hideo kojima
10:11:30 botoxfox: aah
10:11:34 Gen: :D
10:12:29 Gen: well, gotta go play some opeth soloes :D cya guys
10:12:34 Robin: haha bye :D
10:12:42 botoxfox: toodeloo
10:13:01 botoxfox: I have to go too
10:13:07 botoxfox: c ya
10:29:42 Robin: Hello
10:30:39 let`s born to rock: hi :D
10:32:37 let`s born to rock: i am quite confused, i just signed in an have no idea where to start. any useful avices?
10:33:02 let`s born to rock: advices* ment to say.
10:33:14 Robin: Yes, give me a second, I'll find some good lessons
10:33:24 Robin: how long have you played?
10:33:56 let`s born to rock: i started before summer holidays, so not that long.
10:34:02 Robin: ok
10:34:38 Robin:
10:34:46 Robin: I think the beginner section will be good to go trough
10:34:52 Robin: I'll find a coulpe of others
10:35:16 Robin:
10:35:30 let`s born to rock: thanks a lot!
10:35:32 Robin:
10:35:43 Robin: this is what I started with
10:35:44 Robin: when I joined
10:35:49 Robin: I think they are pretty good for starting
10:36:06 Robin: and here is the third one
10:36:09 Robin: :D
10:36:13 let`s born to rock: :DD
10:39:15 let`s born to rock: if you started with the first one you got to be some nature gifted :`D
10:39:31 Robin: hehe xD
10:39:46 Robin: even if lessons are hard you can try them, just start REALLY slow! :)
10:40:15 let`s born to rock: yeh, reallyreallyreally slow.
10:40:34 Robin: speed will come with timke
10:40:36 Robin: time*
10:40:52 Robin: just got to learn the lessons first really slow, and work your way up to speed with time
10:41:04 let`s born to rock: well, it won`t do any harm if i try them!
10:41:46 Robin: :D
10:41:48 let`s born to rock: and i know i can`t play quick before i have learned the basics :)
10:41:58 Robin: but I suggest to try the beginner section at first, its great
10:42:18 Robin: and later the other ones I linked, Pentatonic one-on-one lessons
10:42:58 let`s born to rock: ok, following your advices.
10:43:02 Robin: :D
10:44:54 let`s born to rock: how long have you been played guitar?
10:45:04 Robin: about 5 years soon
10:45:13 Robin: but the first 4 years I didnt know anytihing :D
10:45:19 Robin: but I joined GMC 9 months ago
10:45:26 Robin: and I have improved ALOT since I joined
10:45:40 let`s born to rock: :D
10:46:18 let`s born to rock: did youl learned by yourself or whit teachers?
10:47:11 Robin: for the first 4 years I didnt learn anything xD I never had any teacher
10:47:26 Robin: thank goodness I discovered GMC
10:47:32 Robin: or else I would still have been a noob
10:47:36 let`s born to rock: :DDDD
10:48:33 Robin: :D
10:50:28 let`s born to rock: well, i moved with my family to the Helsinki and my teacher ( who was great!!!) left Oulu AND my electric guitar too, my father didn`t let me take it -.-``
10:50:51 Robin: ahh :(
10:50:52 Robin: too bad
10:50:56 Robin: good that you joiend GMC
10:51:05 Robin: what guitar do you have now?
10:52:23 let`s born to rock: acoustic :`D and i play once a week on my school with electric. and that isn`t enough.
10:52:31 Robin: ah ok
10:52:42 Robin: its hard to do bends and stuff with acoustic
10:52:58 Robin: maybe you should get an electric. There are many really cheap beginner guitars
10:53:08 Robin: Squier got some cheap ones
10:53:31 Robin: Brb btw, 5 minutes :p
10:54:17 let`s born to rock: i know, i am saving money for that.. i wouldn`t like to by a cheep one what brakes on a week, but...
10:55:39 let`s born to rock: :`D
10:58:34 Robin: hehe :D
10:59:44 Iluha: back
10:59:57 Robin: Hi again :)
11:02:05 Iluha: I changed those strings! hallelujah :P
11:02:19 Robin: hurray
11:02:20 Robin: :D
11:04:08 let`s born to rock: good job :D
11:05:02 let`s born to rock: hmmm what bands do you both listen?
11:05:18 Robin: the list is too long
11:05:19 Robin: :D
11:05:22 Iluha: indeed
11:05:38 Iluha: I listen to preety much everything..
11:05:49 Iluha: From Tiesto to Children of bodom :P
11:06:11 Robin: I can mention a few though, Bjørn berge, robert johnson, miles davis, coltrane, darkthrone, burzum, aura noir, slayer, hobbs angel of death, atheist, Edvard grieg, Carl Nielsen, Odd nordstoga, and the music from riverdance
11:06:13 Robin: also folk music
11:06:22 Robin: thats just a tiny bit of the whole list
11:06:25 Robin: so many >_<
11:06:29 let`s born to rock: interestin :D
11:06:31 Robin: uriah heep, zeppelin, black sabbath
11:06:32 Robin: etc.
11:06:32 let`s born to rock: g*
11:06:33 Robin: xD
11:07:20 let`s born to rock: i am basicly fallen in metal music, and hardrock. :D
11:07:50 Robin: I think most opeople on GMC are :D
11:08:25 Robin: brb gonna eat dinner now, see you later
11:08:55 let`s born to rock: see you!
11:10:30 let`s born to rock: i know there is a cake down stairs at the kitchen and it`s calling me, but i have already eat half of it so, it would be fair to left some to others too..
11:11:07 Iluha: brb
11:11:21 let`s born to rock: BUT i have never been fair so bye. gotta do my duty. byt.
11:11:26 let`s born to rock: bye*
11:39:14 Flaringo: hi
11:41:43 Robin: Hello :)
11:42:08 Flaringo: How are you mate?
11:42:21 Robin: good, how are you?
11:42:42 Robin: going to band rehearsal soon. What are you up to?
11:42:53 Flaringo: ah, practising some guitar xD
11:43:09 Flaringo: i'm terrible and it doesn't look like i'm getting better
11:44:30 Robin: sure you do! it just takes time
11:44:45 Robin: if you feel stuck maybe you should try some new styles or someting :)
11:44:53 Robin: like a totally different new GMC lesson
11:45:27 Flaringo: i suppose, i've been playing for a good 3, maybe 4 months now
11:45:38 Flaringo: but i can't really do anything else than play power chords
11:46:26 Flaringo: i don't really know what else to practise, or how to practise
11:49:23 Flaringo: i've gotta go now, i'll be staying in the chat though
11:49:54 Robin: bye
11:49:55 Robin: :)
11:50:18 Robin: 3-4 months is not much, stick with GMC and you'll get incredible in a few years
11:50:34 Robin: well I got to go aswell now, bye :)
12:22:31 atomix1337: hio
12:26:22 rokchik: Hello
12:26:51 Kizaze44: hi, never been here before. gmc is great
12:27:01 rokchik: Yes it is
12:27:18 rokchik: The chat can be pretty cool too
12:27:46 Kizaze44: I see. Where are you writing from?
12:28:00 rokchik: I live in Labrador,
12:28:15 Kizaze44: New York City
12:28:30 rokchik: of my good friends lives in NYC
12:28:49 Kizaze44: Gotta get back to work! Talk soon!
12:28:49 rokchik: So how long you been with GMC/playing guitar
12:28:57 rokchik: Cool...c ya
12:28:58 Kizaze44: been here since July
12:29:03 Kizaze44: bye
12:39:17 Pavel: hey there
12:40:16 Pavel: :?
12:46:12 rokchik: Hey Pavel
12:46:25 rokchik: oops I missed you...sorry was posting :(
12:56:26 Iluha: *slap* hihi
12:56:40 rokchik: Ouch that hurt...:)
12:56:51 rokchik: how r u?
12:57:21 Iluha: I'm kinda in pressure lol.. I have to record my ballad in a week, and still can't find a way to record it
12:57:52 rokchik: that sucks and I'm absolutley no help to you as I don't record :(
12:58:49 Iluha: I talked with levendell and he agreed to help me out, so I just need to record some clean guitar tracks
12:59:00 Iluha: but my sound card really suks and I can't even do that :P
13:00:17 rokchik: that's a bad deal dude...I hope it all works out for ya. Can Levendell clean it up for you after you record it?
13:00:52 Iluha: I sent him a pm asking just that a few minutes ago, but I really wouldn't count on it
13:01:20 Iluha: Im gonna try recording on my dad's computed maybe there it will better I dunno
13:01:31 rokchik: I C. he may be able to though ya never know
13:01:55 rokchik: I'm clueless with that kind of stuff
13:03:34 Iluha: I just hope it will all work out =p
13:04:06 rokchik: I'm sure it will
13:04:32 rokchik: Those collaberations have been great....very impresive I must say
13:05:14 Iluha: Thanks I didn't do any guitar work though, I only wrote the melody
13:06:07 rokchik: cool...your working on the "are you ready" one aren't you?
13:06:23 Iluha: yups
13:06:51 rokchik: I'm downloading the latest version of it right now
13:06:52 Iluha: I wrote the singing melody.. and that little solo thing after the first chorus but that's preety much it ^^
13:08:21 rokchik: It sounds really good
13:09:34 Iluha: what are you practicing at the moment?
13:10:25 rokchik: I just started Gabriels latest yesturday
13:10:31 rokchik: how about you?
13:11:54 Iluha: Havn't been really practicing for a while.. lack of time but i'm getting back to some sweeping now
13:13:04 rokchik: cool....I'm also back doing Andrews Theory lessons...I had stopped for a bit as work was kind of nuts for a while
13:16:49 Iluha: Yeah I sould probably do that sometime as well
13:18:09 rokchik: yeah I'm glad I started back at them. I find it makes things easier to learn when I understand the theory behind it.
13:18:45 Iluha: I also began studying alot of classical stuff
13:19:02 rokchik: cool
13:19:29 rokchik: Hey born to rock
13:19:39 rokchik: oops he left
13:20:07 rokchik: now when you say classical stuff do mean guitar or just classical music in general?
13:21:10 Iluha: classical music on guitar =p
13:21:27 Iluha: My classical guitar is disfunctional so I play it on the electric
13:22:17 rokchik: cool....did you check out Kosei's new lesson?
13:22:44 Iluha: Yeah still havn't learnd it
13:23:03 Iluha: Im trying to learn Bach prelude bwv 846
13:23:14 Iluha: you probably know it wait ill give you a link
13:23:33 rokchik: I tried to learn the "Classico" song from the Tenacious D movie....only made it about half way through
13:23:40 rokchik: :)
13:23:53 Iluha:
13:24:54 rokchik: That's a great song....Bach is probably my fave
13:25:01 rokchik: hey Botoxfox
13:25:09 botoxfox: hello
13:25:13 Iluha: indeed but it has such insane fingerings sometime
13:25:39 Iluha: im strugling nailing it on the electric I can only imaging how hard it is on a classical
13:25:43 rokchik: yeah it is...I can't do it
13:26:24 rokchik: botoxfox what are you practicing?
13:26:39 botoxfox: Not much really
13:27:22 botoxfox: JUst leanrd muris' last lesson
13:27:51 rokchik: cool....Muris is amazing
13:28:04 Iluha: I really should write myself a practice plan and stick to it
13:28:30 rokchik: I had thing I did really
13:34:30 rokchik: well boys gott run....great talking to ya. Chat again soon
13:34:37 Iluha: cya
16:07:12 Slammer: Woah!! Pretty
16:07:21 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip*
16:07:30 Robin: Knewi t!
16:07:33 Slammer: I just saw the new chat
16:07:35 Robin: knew it*
16:07:38 Slammer: Holy
16:07:40 Slammer: avatar
16:07:43 Robin: yea nice lookin?
16:07:50 Robin: I sort of miss the wizard though
16:07:57 Slammer: LOL
16:07:59 Robin: but these new ones are niec
16:08:05 Slammer: LOL
16:08:09 Robin: :D
16:08:10 Slammer: I'm a monitor
16:08:16 Slammer: :P
16:08:18 Robin: :D
16:08:22 Slammer: ok dude
16:08:23 Slammer: cya
16:08:25 Robin: actually isnt that a speaker? :D
16:08:30 Robin: bye :(
16:08:32 Slammer: LOL
16:08:39 Slammer: I was just checkin the new chat
16:08:41 Slammer: gtg
16:08:44 Robin: ok bye :P
16:08:48 Slammer: may be back in a while or so
16:08:50 Slammer: cya
16:15:25 shredmandan: hey robin
16:15:37 shredmandan: pretty cool how they changed the background on chat
16:16:05 shredmandan: hello
16:16:11 silentkap: hi
16:16:11 shredmandan: slammer !!!!!!!!!!!11
16:16:16 Slammer: LOL
16:16:17 Slammer: :P
16:16:17 shredmandan: i caught u
16:16:24 silentkap: is the chat background new ?
16:16:26 Slammer: sup guys
16:16:29 Slammer: LOL
16:16:35 Slammer: yep before it was white
16:16:35 silentkap: sup
16:16:42 Slammer: and plain
16:16:52 silentkap: i like this much more
16:16:57 shredmandan: same here
16:16:59 Slammer: before the guitars and notes
16:17:01 Slammer: :P
16:17:04 Slammer: LOL
16:17:05 Slammer: Dan
16:17:24 Slammer: you started to get a little political in the Rap thread :P
16:17:29 shredmandan: what u ben into slammer
16:17:31 Slammer: LMAO
16:17:47 shredmandan: i know maybe i should edit it . i cant help it though
16:17:52 Slammer: LOL
16:17:54 shredmandan: is it to harse?
16:17:59 Slammer: yeo
16:18:01 Slammer: yep
16:18:11 shredmandan: brb
16:18:13 Slammer: I can tell you why the BET is called that
16:18:21 Slammer: *slap*
16:18:23 Slammer: :P
16:18:37 silentkap: does someone now how i can make a daftpunk voice ?
16:18:38 Robin: Hi guys
16:18:49 silentkap: hey
16:19:24 silentkap: how you doing ?
16:19:41 Robin: good :) howbout you guys?
16:19:54 silentkap: im feeling pretty good
16:19:56 shredmandan: Slammer why bet?
16:20:05 Slammer: LOL
16:20:21 shredmandan: because if your black its ok to be racist?
16:20:27 Slammer: no
16:20:43 silentkap: cool avaters
16:20:54 Slammer: Because, Blacks are still considered a Minority and have always been
16:21:08 Slammer: actually that's pretty much the truth
16:21:12 shredmandan: its getting ready to be the latino's
16:21:18 Slammer: Yeah I know
16:21:20 Slammer: :
16:21:22 Slammer: :P
16:21:26 Slammer: dude I'm in miami
16:21:33 Slammer: like 20 channels are in spanish
16:21:34 Slammer: :O
16:21:37 shredmandan: im not happy with the way things are going
16:22:36 Slammer: LOL
16:22:43 shredmandan: think about this.if its ok to have a seperated black and white television chaneel,whats stopping them from having there own bathrooms and stores?They even already have there own clothing line fubu and stole tommy lol
16:22:54 Slammer: :P
16:23:14 Slammer: :P
16:23:14 Slammer: well, every other channel on tv is "White Entertainment"
16:23:16 shredmandan: im not rasist just rasist against blacks being rasist lol
16:23:16 Slammer: LMFAO
16:23:34 shredmandan: but not labeled white entertinment thats what makes it ok
16:23:38 Slammer: LOL
16:23:51 Slammer: This is simple Socail Studies
16:24:09 Slammer: Whites make up a majority of the US (thats a fact)
16:24:23 Slammer: so they will always be considered Majority
16:24:28 Slammer: :P
16:24:46 Robin: Hello
16:24:49 Slammer: hey Norven
16:24:53 Norven: hello
16:24:56 Slammer: HI
16:24:57 silentkap: alot of difficult english words i dont understant
16:25:03 Norven: wazup?
16:25:03 Slammer: LOL
16:25:15 Slammer: where are you from Silentkap?
16:25:18 shredmandan: to be honest whites will be manority in 10 years if we arnt already.Latinos out number blacks and whites in usa
16:25:19 silentkap: wazzzzaaaaaaaa
16:25:26 silentkap: the netherlands you ?
16:25:34 Slammer: Miami
16:25:37 Slammer: Florida
16:25:37 shredmandan: but never labeled that
16:25:44 Slammer: LOL
16:26:03 Slammer: yep, Ethnic discussions aren't for me
16:26:06 Slammer: :)
16:26:10 shredmandan: Slammer theres no way i could live in florida
16:26:14 Slammer: cuz I like to Rock and Roll
16:26:17 Slammer: :D
16:26:41 Slammer: yeah, I couldn't see myself in Tenn
16:26:45 shredmandan: Slammer fair enough.Thats why i edited my post and just keep that to myself
16:27:01 shredmandan: ethnic dis
16:27:02 Slammer: I'm not a fan of the South
16:27:06 Slammer: :P
16:27:13 shredmandan: im not a fan of the north lol
16:27:17 Slammer: I lived in Georgia
16:27:18 Slammer: :O
16:27:20 Slammer: ugh
16:27:23 Slammer: hated it there :P
16:27:39 silentkap: how is the weather now in miami ?
16:27:43 Norven: only people from USA here?:O
16:27:45 shredmandan: people up noth sound very rude
16:27:52 shredmandan: i am
16:27:54 Robin: No, I'm from Norway
16:27:55 shredmandan: in usa
16:27:55 Slammer: Sunny about 80 degrees
16:28:19 Slammer: I'm glad it ain't raining :P
16:28:29 Norven: Oh hi neigbour:) Swedish guy here:P
16:28:32 shredmandan: raining here lol
16:28:45 silentkap: here in the netherlands it is 15 graden celcius
16:28:59 Slammer: :O
16:29:03 silentkap: and it is raining too
16:29:09 Slammer: I'm not a big fan of the Cold
16:29:17 Robin: :D
16:29:18 Slammer: but here it's sunny all year round
16:29:23 Slammer: the coldest is like
16:29:32 Slammer: 50 degrees at the most
16:29:34 Norven: I don´t like the cold either, but the snow is fantastic
16:29:44 silentkap: this year we havent actually got a summer
16:30:00 Slammer: :P
16:30:00 Slammer: in the winter it's usually like in the 60's when it's cold
16:30:04 Slammer: LOL
16:30:08 Norven: haha
16:30:11 shredmandan: thats sad.I love the cold.Makes me mad it doesnt realy snow here that much like it used to cause the whole globel warming thing.Seeing snow makes me happy
16:30:14 shredmandan: lol
16:30:22 Slammer: I grew up in MO
16:30:29 Slammer: snowed every year
16:30:34 Slammer: :{
16:30:39 Slammer: caught so many colds
16:30:43 Norven: don´t you miss it?:P
16:30:46 shredmandan: we havent had a decent snow here in 4 years
16:30:47 Slammer: nope
16:31:05 silentkap: netherlands the land of drugs lol
16:31:06 shredmandan: it just makes me happy and makes me think of santa lol lol
16:31:13 Slammer: :O
16:31:13 shredmandan: silentkap really?
16:31:18 Norven: yeah, santa is for real!
16:31:23 shredmandan: lol
16:31:29 silentkap: weed is legal here
16:31:32 Slammer: Welcome to GMC chat - please note that chat logs are being published in GMC forum.
16:31:34 Norven: lol
16:31:35 Slammer: :P
16:31:41 shredmandan: only in ampsterdamm right
16:31:44 Slammer: LOL
16:32:01 silentkap: not only in amsterdam
16:32:05 shredmandan: Slammer why do u say that slammer
16:32:14 Slammer: slammer
16:32:16 Slammer: LOL
16:32:20 shredmandan: silentkap i thought that was the only place
16:32:23 Slammer: I'm just joking with you all
16:32:27 Slammer: :P
16:32:28 shredmandan: ok
16:32:35 Slammer: I don;t care
16:32:40 Slammer: :P
16:32:40 Slammer: I'm not the one saying it
16:32:41 shredmandan: isit just bud thats legal there
16:32:49 Slammer: hey Robin :P
16:32:50 silentkap: it is legal in hole netherland
16:32:53 Slammer: *slap*
16:32:54 shredmandan: were just talking about agroculture slammer
16:32:56 Slammer: *whip*
16:32:58 Robin: hey
16:32:58 Slammer: Robin
16:33:02 Slammer: Robin
16:33:07 Robin: Slammer Slammer Slammer
16:33:19 Slammer: I've been reading the Eric Clapton Biography
16:33:29 Slammer: actually I finished it
16:33:35 shredmandan: was it good?
16:33:38 Robin: cool. was it interesting?
16:33:42 Slammer: Interesting YEs
16:33:50 shredmandan: i prefer to watchthe tv show on it lol
16:33:54 Slammer: I found out some cool things
16:33:57 Slammer: about him
16:33:59 Slammer: Like
16:34:07 Slammer: At the Cream Farewell concert
16:34:14 Slammer: YES was the other band playing
16:34:49 shredmandan: i really cant listen to that old music anymore.I respect it and stuff just burnt out on it a long time ago
16:35:07 Slammer: and Clapton had Steve Lukather with him at a Session
16:35:16 shredmandan: making out? lol
16:35:18 Slammer: on one of his albums
16:35:28 Slammer: that would have been great to see them jam
16:35:49 botoxfox: hellooooo
16:35:57 Slammer: hey Botofoz
16:36:01 Slammer: Fox*
16:36:26 shredmandan: botoxfox hey man
16:36:33 botoxfox: Botofoz sounded cool :D
16:36:52 shredmandan: botoxfox do u use botox lol
16:37:08 botoxfox: Nah, not for me
16:37:11 botoxfox: yet
16:37:12 silentkap: lol
16:37:21 shredmandan: ok just had to ask cause your name
16:37:25 shredmandan: lol
16:37:51 botoxfox: only thing I came up with :lol:
16:38:02 botoxfox: lol
16:38:14 shredmandan: Slammer how long have they had the chat like this>?where they changed stuff around
16:38:47 botoxfox: since this morning
16:38:55 shredmandan: oh its cool
16:39:16 Slammer: LOL
16:39:17 Slammer: IDK
16:40:08 Robin: Hello
16:40:10 Ayen: so this is where everyone is
16:40:13 Ayen: cool background
16:40:18 Slammer: LL
16:40:19 Ayen: hey robin
16:40:19 Slammer: LOL
16:40:24 silentkap: does someone now this show
16:41:16 Ayen: so whats everyone donig
16:41:18 Ayen: doing* rather
16:41:25 shredmandan: my wife lol
16:41:29 shredmandan: jk
16:41:32 Ayen: oh.
16:41:32 Ayen: ah, always fun
16:41:32 shredmandan: jk
16:41:33 Ayen: haha
16:41:33 shredmandan: jk
16:41:44 shredmandan: dont want to get in trouble lol
16:42:05 shredmandan: were so safe here on gmc .cANT SAY MUCH
16:42:34 Ayen: ah well, its for the youngins after all
16:42:38 Slammer: of course you can say whatever you want, except everyone on GMC reads it
16:42:38 Slammer: :P
16:42:42 shredmandan: TRUE
16:42:53 shredmandan: but shouldnt they be in bed?
16:43:00 shredmandan: lol
16:43:03 shredmandan: jk
16:43:10 Ayen: haha, only 4:30 over here
16:43:21 silentkap: 22:43 here
16:43:22 shredmandan: same here dude i was just playing around
16:43:31 Ayen: ah
16:43:44 botoxfox: 22:4
16:43:45 shredmandan: your on the east coast to Ayen right?
16:43:56 botoxfox: 22:43 here as well
16:43:59 Ayen: yep, new york
16:44:06 shredmandan: tennessee
16:44:27 Ayen: oh cool
16:44:56 shredmandan: Ayen so what have u been jamming latley?
16:45:00 silentkap: im going bye syl = see you later
16:45:11 Slammer: syl
16:45:13 Slammer: Cool
16:45:36 Ayen: actually, marcus's vibrato lesson 1 at the moment
16:45:47 Ayen: how bout you?
16:46:03 Slammer: Hey, dan do you like Johnny Cash?
16:46:06 Slammer: *slap*
16:47:05 Slammer: *whip* *slap* what bout you Robin?
16:47:13 Robin: yeah
16:47:20 Robin: johnny is pretty awesome
16:47:20 Slammer: do you like Carl Perkins?
16:47:25 Robin: dont know
16:47:28 Slammer: LOL
16:47:32 Robin: :D
16:47:47 Slammer: have you ever seen the Video of Johnny cash and Eric clapton playing together?
16:47:53 Robin: omg no
16:48:01 Slammer: and Carl Perkins
16:48:05 shredmandan: Slammer he has a good guy.Im not big on listening to that style but he was a great for what he did
16:48:11 Ayen: liking the avatars
16:48:26 Slammer: he was one of the best Country guitarist of the 60's and 70's (Carl Perkins)
16:48:34 shredmandan: i like the '' i feel into a burning rind of fire lol
16:48:43 shredmandan: i walk the line lol
16:49:07 Ayen: if not for that movie, i wouldnt know who cash is
16:49:24 Slammer: LOL
16:49:48 shredmandan: always knew who he was.That movie was pretty good.I liked the part were it started showing him go all to hell on his pill binges
16:50:25 Slammer: :P
16:50:58 shredmandan: my little girl has her first school dance here in an hour
16:51:08 shredmandan: i got to get her dressed up all pretty lol
16:51:15 Slammer: are you taking her?
16:51:20 Ayen: awww
16:51:20 Robin: awesome :D
16:51:22 shredmandan: boys touch her i will slowly break there little fingers
16:51:26 Ayen: make sure you equip her with a shotgun
16:51:29 Ayen: haha i was about to get to that
16:51:30 shredmandan: yep i gotta take her
16:51:38 Ayen: how old?
16:51:45 shredmandan: she is 6
16:51:51 shredmandan: 1st grader
16:51:53 Slammer: Robin
16:51:54 Slammer: *slap*
16:52:03 Robin: *slap*
16:52:04 Slammer:
16:52:06 Ayen: oh, boys probably wont get near her then haha
16:52:06 Slammer: LOL
16:52:16 Ayen: unless they know how to play "show me yours ill show you mine"
16:52:20 Slammer: :P
16:52:24 Ayen: in which case, commence finger breakage
16:52:28 Slammer: yes
16:52:39 shredmandan: yep im hoping they will just have fun and not be doing anything wrong lol
16:53:17 shredmandan: i have a boy thats just 1 year old,its hard having a girl cause your always so worried about the boys
16:53:46 shredmandan: i cant wait to scare the hell out of them as she gets older.Have the dad talks eith them,it will be fun lol
16:53:59 Ayen: yeah i think boys are definitely easier, because the stuff you wouldnt want a girl to get into, you probably wouldnt mind if your son did
16:53:59 Slammer: LOL
16:54:06 Slammer: I bet you've been waiting all you life
16:54:07 Slammer: :P
16:54:13 shredmandan: u know it lol
16:54:35 shredmandan: i really want to make them piss there pants after they talk to me lol
16:54:41 Slammer: I'm sitting would a Matchbox....
16:54:44 Slammer: :P
16:54:58 Ayen: haha you should just start randomly telling them war stories from vietnam
16:55:02 Slammer: sorry I like that Country jam
16:55:08 Slammer: *slap*
16:55:21 Slammer: :P
16:55:28 shredmandan: are u big on country Slammer ?
16:55:31 Slammer: NO way
16:55:35 Slammer: but
16:55:47 Slammer: Clapton is my fav guitarist of all time
16:55:56 Slammer: so I don't mind the Vid
16:55:57 shredmandan: Slammer but he isnt country?

16:56:13 Slammer: How dare you?? :O
16:56:16 shredmandan: u can tell us dont be shy,u love country
16:56:23 Slammer: no way
16:56:28 Slammer: did you watch the vid?
16:56:30 Slammer: :P
16:56:51 shredmandan: Slammer so whats makes you not really into heavier style music like thrash and metal ?
16:56:57 shredmandan: yep
16:57:02 shredmandan: vid is cool
16:57:13 botoxfox: thrash is metal
16:57:22 Ayen: what the heck, do people not tab out Firewind anymore?
16:57:23 shredmandan: a genre of metal lol
16:57:25 Slammer: Well, I've always had a Ear for Blues-Rock
16:57:35 Slammer: Metal has never been my fav
16:57:41 Slammer: doesn't mean I don't listen to it
16:57:49 Slammer: I listen to metal all the time
16:57:54 botoxfox: I like polka
16:57:56 shredmandan: Slammer thats cool,its just metal is what makes me feel good. lol
16:58:10 Slammer: I do like POD's Alive
16:58:16 Slammer: nu metal
16:58:33 Slammer: and Master of Puppets is a fun Jam
16:58:43 Robin: black metal is the way to go :)
16:58:43 shredmandan: oh yes
16:58:46 Slammer: :P
16:58:48 Slammer: balh
16:58:50 Slammer: blah
16:58:52 Slammer: SRV
16:59:05 Slammer: dan you ever heard SRV?
16:59:32 Slammer: LOL
17:00:11 Slammer: *whip*
17:00:14 Slammer: Hello ppl
17:00:20 Robin: hello slammer
17:00:26 Slammer: hi robin!
17:00:31 botoxfox: *slap* *slap* *slap*
17:01:10 Slammer: Robin
17:01:12 Slammer: *slap*
17:01:26 Slammer: this is the most Badass Blues Jam ever
17:01:33 Slammer:
17:01:40 Slammer: ofcourse you've seen it
17:01:45 Slammer: LOL
17:01:58 Robin: I'll check it alittle later
17:02:07 Slammer: NO NOW!
17:02:12 Slammer: NOW
17:02:13 Slammer: NOW
17:02:14 Slammer: NOW
17:02:14 Slammer: NOW
17:02:18 Slammer: :P
17:02:20 Robin: jammin with my dad at the moment. We're gonna play a concert in grandomoms birthday :D
17:02:28 Slammer: :O
17:02:42 Slammer: Shredmandan
17:02:44 Slammer: *slap*
17:02:49 Slammer: he left already
17:03:32 Ayen: im still here
17:03:37 Ayen: just trying to write something fun for me and some friends to play
17:03:38 Slammer: Ayen
17:03:43 Slammer: HOw about
17:03:47 Slammer: EM
17:03:51 Slammer: G
17:03:53 Slammer: and A
17:03:54 Slammer: :P
17:03:56 Ayen: emg?
17:04:01 Slammer: Em
17:04:01 Ayen: emga?
17:04:06 Slammer: E minor
17:04:07 Ayen: OH
17:04:08 Ayen: haha
17:04:10 Slammer: :P
17:04:15 Ayen: i thought you meant like a band or something
17:04:17 Slammer: classic progression
17:04:35 Ayen: eh, im just gunna mess around for a few hrs and see what i get
17:04:52 Slammer: do you have a drummer?
17:05:02 Ayen: not yet
17:05:05 Slammer: :O
17:05:07 Slammer: a bass?
17:05:10 Slammer: player?
17:05:12 Ayen: yep
17:05:20 Slammer: so only guitar and Bass
17:05:30 Ayen: 2 guitars, keyboard and bass
17:05:44 Slammer: who plays lead?
17:05:54 Ayen: me and other guitarist switch off
17:06:04 Ayen: our drummer recently quit to pursue "other dreams"
17:06:09 Ayen: which i interpret as some chick
17:06:28 Slammer: do you know her?
17:06:34 Slammer: :P
17:06:37 Ayen: nope
17:06:41 Slammer: LOL
17:06:50 Slammer: maybe he wants a career in Fashsion
17:06:51 Slammer: :P
17:07:20 Ayen: knowing him, probably
17:07:23 Slammer: :O
17:07:27 Slammer: LOL
17:08:23 Slammer: LOL
17:08:28 Slammer: where did everyone goe?
17:08:31 Slammer: *slap*
17:08:41 Slammer: *whip* *whip* *slap* *meow* *whip* *whip* *slap* *whip*
17:08:44 Slammer: :P
17:08:46 Robin: lawl
17:08:48 botoxfox: Here I am
17:08:59 Slammer: :O
17:09:05 botoxfox: Rock you like a hurricane
17:09:25 Slammer: ok guys I'll head out too
17:09:28 Slammer: cya around
17:09:32 Robin: bye
17:09:33 botoxfox: c ya
17:09:35 Slammer: Bye
17:10:18 Robin: I'll leave aswell now, see you guys later
17:45:32 Nick325: yo
17:46:09 Nick325: fine be tbat way
17:46:39 Nick325: :|
17:46:50 Kurt: lol
17:47:00 Kurt: dude sup?
17:47:11 Nick325: :|
17:47:23 Nick325: lol jk :P
17:47:26 Nick325: nmu
17:47:34 Kurt: the same
18:00:26 PacmanProductions: sup kurt
18:02:15 Robin: Hi
18:03:28 PacmanProductions: dude, the chat is friggin awesome now!
18:05:00 Robin: yeah
18:05:03 Robin: its really nice
18:05:15 Robin: I love the avatars xD
18:05:56 Kurt: ahh...sry I was afk nmu
18:09:45 Robin: (I'm watchign simpsons, make some noise if you want to talk to me :P )
21:13:14 Nick325: hi
21:13:41 Nick325: cool avatars
22:19:27 Nick325: yoooooooo
22:19:37 Slammer: LOL
22:19:39 Slammer: sup?
22:19:47 Nick325: cool avatars eh? nmu
22:19:58 Nick325: watching a show about drug addicts
22:20:29 Slammer: :P
22:20:49 Slammer: LOL
22:21:01 Slammer: I recorded a Blues of me singing
22:21:08 Slammer: for the Luciana thread
22:21:08 Nick325: let me hear it
22:21:09 Slammer: :P
22:21:34 Slammer: idk
22:21:38 Slammer: If I'll post it
22:21:38 Nick325: u post it yet
22:22:08 Nick325: do it
22:22:11 Slammer: IDK if I should
22:22:27 Nick325: well u would be brave unlike a lot of ppl
22:22:33 Slammer: :P:
22:22:34 Slammer: :P
22:22:38 Nick325: noones gunna make fun of u
22:23:14 Nick325: chat looks cool
22:23:17 Slammer: btw
22:23:21 Slammer: I did it for fun
22:23:27 Slammer: Like Joking around
22:23:28 Slammer: :P
22:23:30 Slammer: a bit
22:23:31 Nick325: :P
22:23:43 Slammer: I think I might post it
22:23:44 Slammer: :P
22:23:54 Nick325: coolio
22:23:57 Slammer: It's not serious...
22:24:04 Nick325: just post it yo
22:24:27 Slammer: but I think the funniest thing will be if Luciana starts telling me what I need work on :P
22:24:33 Nick325: ya
22:24:35 Nick325: lol
22:24:36 Slammer: LMAO
22:24:52 Slammer: it's not ment to be a Display of me singing :P
22:25:00 Slammer: but I'll have it up in 2 mintues :P
22:25:02 Slammer: brb
22:25:23 Nick325: k
22:27:44 Slammer: LOL
22:27:46 Slammer: *slap*
22:27:49 Slammer: dude
22:27:51 Slammer: it's up
22:27:52 Slammer: :P
22:28:00 Nick325: k hold on
22:28:03 Slammer: LMAO
22:28:04 Slammer: :P
22:29:11 Nick325: LMAO
22:29:22 Slammer: LMFAO
22:29:24 Slammer: dude
22:29:34 Slammer: it's like the funniest thing I ever did
22:29:35 Slammer: :P
22:29:42 Nick325: who did the guitar
22:29:51 Slammer: Me
22:29:58 Slammer: I don;'t have anyone else
22:29:59 Slammer: :P
22:30:41 Nick325: o
22:30:56 Slammer: I hope ppl realize it's a joke :P
22:31:31 Slammer: not me trying to be serious or anything... I would have tried harder if it was serious :P
22:31:37 JVM: :D
22:31:45 Slammer: just something I threw together in 5
22:31:46 Slammer: :P
22:31:51 JVM: it was funny
22:31:58 Slammer: thanks :P
22:34:09 JVM: i'd record something if i had a mic
22:34:16 Slammer: :P
22:34:18 Slammer: buy one
22:34:21 Slammer: :D
22:34:50 JVM: i may
22:35:00 Nick325: k gtg cya
22:35:09 Slammer: ok man
22:35:13 Slammer: take care
22:35:14 Slammer: :P
22:35:28 Nick325: have fun singing :P
22:35:34 Slammer: :D
22:35:39 Slammer: Slammer can't sing
22:35:47 Slammer: niether can you :P
22:36:00 JVM: lol
22:36:56 Slammer: LMAO
22:37:13 Slammer: Dude
22:37:15 Slammer: JVM
22:37:17 Slammer: *slap*
22:37:25 Slammer: At least I got the thing going :P
22:37:28 JVM: i know
22:37:32 JVM: you basically jumpstarted it
22:37:38 Slammer: it was never gonna start
22:37:40 Slammer: :D
22:37:59 Slammer: now is when all the great singers like you come in
22:38:34 JVM: yeah
22:38:38 JVM: move over man
22:38:41 JVM: i'll show ya how its done
22:38:45 Slammer: LMAO
22:39:03 Slammer: Slammer can't sing, niether can you :P
22:39:17 JVM: good line :p
22:39:22 Slammer: dude you should buy a Mic
22:39:28 JVM: I may
22:39:31 JVM: but theres stuff i need first
22:39:31 Slammer: like a Condenser MIC
22:39:42 Slammer: Condenser MIC is what you need
22:39:47 Slammer: not a Dynamic
22:40:13 JVM: would a condenser be okay for mic'ing an amp?
22:40:20 Slammer: no
22:40:25 Slammer: thats the problem
22:40:51 Slammer: I wish I wouldn't have gotten Suckered by the Guy at the shop trying to make a sell
22:41:16 Slammer: Condenser MIC aren't made for Mic;ing amps
22:41:27 JVM: but dynamic mics arent made for singing
22:41:28 Slammer: More for Vocals and Acoustic guitar
22:41:46 Slammer: Dynamic Mics are for singing LIVE
22:42:00 Slammer: but for recording Condensers
22:42:20 JVM: whats a mic that can do recording for vocals and micing an amp? :p
22:43:07 Slammer: Slammer's new line of MIC's only $288.88
22:43:18 JVM: lol
22:43:25 Slammer: Slammer mics
22:44:02 Slammer: yep
22:44:04 Slammer: dude
22:44:05 JVM: hey man
22:44:07 JVM: make a backing track
22:44:10 JVM: and start a new collab
22:44:12 Slammer: what for?
22:44:21 JVM: a blues one :p
22:44:24 Slammer: LOL
22:44:31 JVM: cause i'll have my toneport monday hopefully
22:44:39 Slammer: I had fun playomg the Guitar on the Singing BT
22:44:43 Slammer: Playing*
22:44:50 Slammer: :P
22:45:03 JVM: seems like you just kind of varied around your vocal lines
22:45:08 JVM: or was it the other way around?
22:45:57 Slammer: what do you mean?
22:46:15 Slammer: like???
22:46:30 JVM: well your guitar parts
22:46:35 JVM: are pretty similar to the vocal parts
22:46:38 JVM: but with some variety
22:46:47 JVM: i mean thats how the blues works mostly but yeah :p
22:47:09 Slammer: like Call and Respond
22:47:26 Slammer: well, I had the Guitar already recorded
22:47:35 JVM: ah
22:47:35 Slammer: from a different take
22:47:55 Slammer: but I sang over it because I already knew the melody
22:49:07 JVM: so yeah
22:49:09 JVM: make a backing track
22:49:36 Slammer: I can't :(
22:49:45 JVM: wwhy not
22:50:10 Slammer: cuz it's rough
22:50:15 Slammer: Bass Drums
22:50:25 Slammer: Syncro etc
22:50:26 JVM: just make a little riff
22:50:32 JVM: we'll get someone else to do bass and drums
22:50:39 Slammer: :P
22:50:48 Slammer: JVM and SLammer's Blues
22:50:50 Slammer: :P
22:51:13 Slammer: I'll be clapton and you can be VAI :(
22:51:19 JVM: lol
22:51:51 Slammer: btw
22:52:06 Slammer: I just finish Clapton's Biography
22:52:13 Slammer: Interesting Stuff
22:53:27 JVM: cool
22:53:44 Slammer: LOL
22:54:03 Slammer: dude I never Realized all the Ppl Clapton Jammed with
22:54:11 Slammer: in concerts and Studio
22:54:53 Slammer: steve lukather in Recordind sessions
22:55:15 Slammer: on one of his Albums
22:55:30 Slammer: and SRV
22:55:39 Slammer: man I wish they would have gotten that on tape
22:55:53 Slammer: Clapton and SRV on stage jamming together
22:57:08 JVM: yeah
22:59:45 Slammer: JVM seems rather absent
22:59:51 Slammer: in the chat
22:59:52 Slammer: :OP
22:59:54 Slammer: :P
22:59:55 Slammer: *slap*
23:01:17 JVM: just a little bit
23:01:55 Slammer: omg
23:02:28 Slammer: dude
23:02:42 Slammer: I just found about a Awesome Clapton song
23:02:47 Slammer: I never heard before
23:03:20 Slammer: One of the songs he Wrote after his son died, besides Tears in Heaven
23:03:38 Slammer: Called "The Circus left left town"
23:03:50 Slammer: dude
23:04:17 Slammer: It's such a Beautiful song :O
23:04:29 Slammer: no vid but the song
23:04:31 Slammer:
23:05:08 JVM: listening
23:06:06 Slammer: dude I love those fills in the intro
23:06:39 Slammer: I never heard it untill like 5 minutes ago,
23:06:44 Slammer: But It's a awesome song
23:06:46 Slammer: :O
23:06:55 JVM: its good
23:08:44 Slammer: LOL
23:08:51 Slammer: so what's new ??
23:08:52 Slammer: :P
23:11:33 JVM: lol
23:11:34 JVM: nothing much
23:14:13 Slammer: I see
23:14:22 Slammer: *slap*
23:14:26 Slammer: JVM is the king
23:14:27 Slammer: of
23:14:35 Slammer: Coming into chat and Not talking
23:14:36 Slammer: :P
23:15:24 JVM: you're the king
23:15:28 JVM: of bad jokes
23:15:39 Slammer: No, I'm the king of the *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap*
23:15:46 JVM: hah
23:15:48 JVM: okay you win
23:15:50 Slammer: :P
23:15:50 JVM: ill give you that
23:15:58 Slammer: bad joke??? :(
23:16:30 Slammer: like what?
23:16:35 Slammer: :O
23:16:36 Slammer: :(
23:16:43 Slammer: AHA!
23:16:46 Slammer: No, I'm the king of the *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap*
23:19:07 Slammer: if you could jam with either Clapton or SRV who woul you pick?
23:19:18 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *slap* *slap*
23:19:58 JVM: clapton
23:20:18 Slammer: cuz you could upstage him?
23:20:20 Slammer: :P
23:21:06 JVM: obviously
23:21:34 Slammer: what about srv or hendrix?
23:22:25 JVM: hendrix
23:22:33 Slammer: you don't like SRV?
23:23:05 JVM: who said that
23:23:31 Slammer: I thought you would say you'd jam with him for sure
23:23:32 Slammer: :O
23:24:27 JVM: well i would
23:24:31 JVM: but hendrix and clapton come first
23:24:56 Slammer: well, Clapton would definetly be the easiest
23:24:57 Slammer: :P
23:25:02 Slammer: :P
23:25:02 Slammer: I love bad jokes
23:25:04 Slammer: LMAO
23:26:56 Slammer: omg have you ever seen Clapton Play Hendrix?
23:26:58 Slammer: songs
23:27:11 Slammer: He adds his own spin on it
23:27:23 Slammer: like Little Wing
23:27:38 JVM: no
23:27:40 JVM: man
23:27:53 JVM: we have this kid with one of those squier 200$ packs that come with an amp and everything
23:27:58 JVM: and he thinks he can play but he sucks
23:28:00 JVM: makes me mad
23:28:05 Slammer: :P
23:28:11 Slammer: are you messing with me?
23:28:50 JVM: and he has an epi les paul
23:28:54 JVM: one of the really cheap ones
23:28:57 JVM: lol
23:28:57 JVM: .. hes just a poser
23:29:07 Slammer: I think you are messing with me??
23:29:14 Slammer: O_o
23:30:29 JVM: now why would I be messing with you
23:30:44 Slammer: because everyone hates Slammer :(

23:39:30 Slammer: Cya too jvm
23:39:31 Slammer: :P
23:40:38 PacmanProductions: sup
23:42:30 Slammer: sup?
23:42:32 Slammer: :P
23:42:45 PacmanProductions: nm
23:43:05 PacmanProductions: our school football team creamed the other team AGAIN
23:43:16 Slammer: LOL
23:43:19 Slammer: cool
23:43:22 Slammer: WB JVM
23:45:08 Slammer: *slap*
23:45:09 JVM: hola
23:45:09 Slammer: :P
23:45:14 Slammer: lol
23:45:17 Slammer: lola
23:45:35 JVM: l-o-l-a lola
23:46:03 Slammer: what's new?
23:50:26 Slammer: *slap*
23:50:28 Slammer: anyone?
23:50:33 PacmanProductions: im here
23:50:57 Slammer: LOL
23:50:59 Slammer: cool
23:52:18 PacmanProductions: the vid to novermber rain is soo awesome
23:52:24 PacmanProductions: im watchin it
23:52:36 Slammer: LOL
23:52:42 Slammer: I like the outro
23:53:15 PacmanProductions: gives me chills right before the solo
23:53:26 PacmanProductions: when slash is walkin out of the church
23:54:04 Slammer: Yeah
23:54:05 Slammer: :D
23:54:16 JVM: arrrg
23:54:17 Slammer: wb
23:55:31 Slammer: omg
23:55:42 Slammer: I just found a Great
23:55:45 Slammer: guitar video
23:55:47 Slammer: :O
23:55:58 PacmanProductions: put a link
23:55:58 Slammer:
23:56:04 PacmanProductions: well that works
23:57:02 PacmanProductions: omg wow

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