Guitar Chat with Kosei Kubota, Kai Muehlenbruch, Luciana etc. 2007-09-20
Sep 21 2007, 11:18 PM
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00:00:08 Ryan: ha
00:00:11 peterorg54: GOOD ONE
00:00:20 peterorg54: FUNNY
00:00:21 peterorg54: LOL
00:00:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: no joke
00:00:25 peterorg54: .
00:00:26 peterorg54: .
00:00:47 Kosei Kubota: samurai is warrior. so it does not mean good or bad.
00:00:58 peterorg54: OHHH
00:00:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: surely :D
00:00:59 Ryan: hmm
00:01:02 Ryan: i should have guessed
00:01:42 Kosei Kubota: and ninja is like 007
00:01:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i respect everyone as far as he does not harm anyone
00:01:48 Ryan: eys i know
00:01:51 peterorg54: SCARY..
00:02:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: i know that...
00:02:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: i just was like goofing around you know?
00:02:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: this is a bit weird to me...
00:02:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: because i really do respect asian culture but i really do have no clue so...
00:03:02 peterorg54: Ninja is like come to my back and cut off my fcking neck..
00:03:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: please don get me wrong ;)
00:03:09 peterorg54: Just "achoo!"
00:03:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: well as far as i know...
00:03:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: well who cares...
00:03:58 peterorg54: *meow* *slap*
00:04:26 peterorg54: well going to practice
00:04:27 peterorg54: bye
00:04:30 Ryan: have fun
00:04:33 Ryan: pff
00:04:38 Ryan: So hows it going guys?
00:04:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kosei?
00:05:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: Ryan: notin much...just a lil caht befor finally going to bed;)
00:05:37 Ryan: ahh
00:05:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: its 6.05 over here ;)
00:06:01 Ryan: Im sitting here pissed, ucs i cant do vibrato after like 6 months of practice :(
00:06:11 Kosei Kubota: here i am. i was watching babyname site..
00:06:31 Ryan: 6 months of practice on vibrato, not on how long ive been playign guitar
00:07:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: ryan ...
00:07:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: seriosly
00:07:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: dont get that frustrated
00:07:24 Ryan: pfff
00:07:34 Ryan: I wanted to smash my guitar earlier
00:07:40 Ryan: I just nee dto sleep
00:07:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: Dont you dare to
00:07:53 Ryan: i know
00:07:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: for christ sake
00:07:57 Ryan: this guitar gosted to much
00:07:58 Ryan: lol
00:08:00 Ryan: and also
00:08:03 Ryan: thats illegal
00:08:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: your guitar is holy
00:08:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: Not kidding!
00:08:13 Ryan: its like one of the 10 commandments
00:08:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: listen!
00:08:33 Ryan: im listening, i know my guitar is holy
00:08:37 Kosei Kubota: i know how to practice vibrato..
00:08:48 Ryan: how?
00:09:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: the vibrato is like one of the things that makes a guitarist stand out from another
00:09:08 Ryan: I know
00:09:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: some guys to practise for years
00:09:21 Ryan: omg
00:09:24 Ryan: i dont want to be one of them
00:09:24 Ryan: :(
00:09:27 Ryan: ;((
00:09:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah,... but what is the point in going like:
00:09:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: HAHAHHAHA the guys on youtube are so frikkin good
00:10:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: i wanna smash my guitar now?!?!?!?!
00:10:19 Kosei Kubota: go up and down really slowly. like one note per second.
00:10:19 Kosei Kubota: once you got it smoothly, start to make it faster a little by little.
00:10:32 Ryan: hmm
00:10:37 Ryan: 1 note per cecond
00:10:41 Ryan: yeah and thats true Kai
00:10:50 Ryan: Its just been a bad day
00:10:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kosei tells right ;)
00:11:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: it is
00:11:38 Kosei Kubota: i learned it from my daugter's violin lesson.
00:11:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: to me it is always like practising to be slow to get fast
00:11:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: even with vibrato
00:12:13 Ryan: Should i do wide vibrato or narrow vibrato for practice anywas int he beginnign?
00:12:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: guitarists all want to get fast
00:12:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: my students are always rushing
00:12:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: so am i
00:12:55 Ryan: rsuhign is not good, i learned the hard way wasted 2 good months of practice
00:13:00 Kosei Kubota: wide and slow to begin with. like a big wave.
00:13:01 Ryan: went back thte basics and went back up slowly
00:13:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: but the thing is to know when if i you know what i mean
00:13:05 Ryan: ok
00:13:18 Ryan: hmm
00:13:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: ...Kosei is cool :D
00:13:45 Ryan: very cool :P
00:13:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats exactly the word
00:13:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: its like wave
00:16:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: back even gain
00:16:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: again
00:16:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: :
00:17:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: well soon i really gotta sleep
00:17:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
00:17:28 Ryan: id have to say vibrato practice with a metrenome is really teh most boring thing to practice
00:19:27 Kosei Kubota: why don't you practice your vibrato and sing the notes. you'll get a nice vocal vibrato and will be a good singer!
00:20:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: wow...
00:21:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: that is exactly what i tried to explain to my stundent yesterday but di not find the words
00:21:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: the thing to me is
00:22:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: to like train your ears and musical have to be able to think of first what you want to play next
00:22:47 Kosei Kubota: actually, i am a very bad singer:(
00:23:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: a really cool player said : solo is like a converstion. if you have nothing to say you better say nothing
00:23:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: me also...but i bet you got the idea of the tones you want to sing
11:37:57 visi0n: heyy Luciana ..
11:38:23 Luciana: Vision... how are you?
11:38:31 visi0n: im fine .. how about you .. ?
11:38:54 Luciana: Im fine.. I working right now
11:39:02 visi0n: same, im at work too
11:39:14 visi0n: im pmed you twice, didnt got a pm back lol
11:39:55 Luciana: sorry,,, what's a pmed?
11:40:03 Luciana: message
11:40:07 Luciana: ?
11:40:14 visi0n: i PM ed .. Personal Message :P
11:40:27 Luciana: yes I recieved
11:40:30 visi0n: brb customer
11:40:43 Luciana: and I answered too
11:40:57 Luciana: where are you from?
11:44:45 Luciana: are you there?
11:45:55 visi0n: im back luc
11:46:07 visi0n: i had a customer
11:46:18 visi0n: im from the netherlands ..
11:46:31 visi0n: youre from Argentinia ?
11:46:43 Luciana: yes
11:47:28 visi0n: what time is it there in Argentinia ?
11:47:44 Luciana: quater to one
11:47:47 Luciana: pm
11:47:59 visi0n: its here quater to six
11:48:06 visi0n: im almost done with working
11:48:16 visi0n: :D
11:48:24 Luciana: me too
11:48:33 visi0n: cool :D
11:48:36 Luciana: i have to work till one
11:48:44 visi0n: :D youre lucky ..
11:48:46 Luciana: :D
11:48:48 visi0n: what for work you doing ?
11:48:50 Luciana: yeahhhh
11:48:52 visi0n: haha
11:49:01 Luciana: I am a secretary
11:49:17 Luciana: and then I´m a singer teacher
11:49:27 Luciana: I have students at home
11:49:32 visi0n: yes that i already now, you have a great great voice
11:49:37 visi0n: very warm voice
11:49:42 Luciana: txs
11:49:42 visi0n: and cute :$
11:49:53 visi0n: lol
11:49:59 Luciana: In pesos argentino?
11:50:23 Luciana: You have dollars there?
11:50:33 visi0n: no we have Euro's her
11:50:34 Luciana: we have Pesos here
11:50:34 visi0n: e
11:50:47 Luciana: for an idea
11:50:59 Luciana: 4 pesos= 1 euro
11:51:09 visi0n: 1 euro = 4 pesos
11:51:11 Luciana: too baaad
11:51:11 visi0n: lol
11:51:18 visi0n: yeahhh
11:51:43 Luciana: so.. tell me about your country
11:51:56 visi0n: well .. rain rain rain rain
11:52:03 Luciana: hahaha
11:52:03 visi0n: what can i tell :D
11:52:15 visi0n: always rainy day here
11:52:17 Luciana: always is raining?
11:52:20 visi0n: yes
11:52:32 Luciana: gosh!
11:52:35 Luciana: move on!
11:52:40 visi0n: i miss the sun here, but i had nice sun on vacation this year in turkey
11:53:26 Luciana: How is the culture there with woman
11:53:30 Luciana: ?
11:53:46 visi0n: you cant trust most of the woman here
11:53:52 Luciana: (sorry about my english)
11:54:00 visi0n: no problem, my english is bad too
11:54:04 visi0n: lol
11:54:32 Luciana: you can married with more of one wife??
11:54:42 visi0n: euhhh .. i dont know really ..
11:54:43 Luciana: Can you?
11:54:49 Luciana: or something like tha?
11:55:06 visi0n: i really dont know sorry haha
11:55:12 Luciana: ok
11:55:12 Luciana: hahah
11:55:16 visi0n: haha i think not
11:55:27 Luciana: I just want to know about other cultures
11:55:43 visi0n: but im only 20 years old, im not thinking about marrieing
11:55:53 visi0n: yes i can talk with you the whole day about everything :D
11:56:13 Luciana: ok
11:56:21 visi0n: luciana i have to go, closing the store .. and go home ..
11:56:25 Luciana: choose a topic
11:56:30 visi0n: i saw your msn adres in your profile
11:56:41 visi0n: i added you, but i dont know if you use msn
11:56:48 Luciana: yes but i don't use it
11:57:03 Luciana: I going home too
11:57:11 Luciana: maybe we can talk later
11:57:15 visi0n: :D were done working at the same time ..
11:57:21 visi0n: oke, youre online here tonight ?
11:57:23 Luciana: yes..
11:57:34 Luciana: that's weird
11:57:44 visi0n: :D
11:57:56 visi0n: well luciana, is was nice to talking with you, a bit short
11:57:58 Luciana: ok see you later?
11:58:00 visi0n: but we both need to go home
11:58:04 visi0n: see you later :) (F)
11:58:10 Luciana: ok
11:58:11 Luciana: bye
12:44:24 Slammer: *slap*
12:44:33 Gen: lol
12:44:37 Gen: who are you
12:44:37 Slammer: *whip*
12:44:40 Slammer: LOL
12:44:48 Gen: sup!
12:44:54 Slammer: dude
12:45:01 Slammer: did you see my avatar
12:45:06 Slammer: LOL
12:45:11 Slammer: my new avatar
12:45:15 Gen: yeah maan
12:45:17 Gen: its awesome
12:45:18 Slammer: So fricken awesome
12:45:22 Slammer: My two heroes
12:45:23 Slammer: :D
12:45:39 Gen: :D
12:46:14 Gen: hey vision
12:46:17 visi0n: hi guys:D
12:46:23 Slammer: ello Govnah
12:46:36 visi0n: govnah :D ?
12:46:40 Slammer: :D
12:47:23 visi0n: what is a govnah ?
12:47:27 Slammer: LOL
12:47:29 Slammer: IDK
12:47:31 Slammer: :P
12:47:38 Slammer: A govener
12:47:41 Slammer: I think
12:47:45 visi0n: haha
12:47:46 visi0n: lol
12:51:06 Slammer: So what's up guys?
12:51:54 visi0n: nothing much was checkin out muris his lessons
12:51:58 Slammer: cool
12:52:21 visi0n: that srv lesson of him is pretty cool
12:52:48 Slammer: yes
13:59:16 Slammer: cya guys
13:59:17 Slammer: I gtg
13:59:19 Slammer: Bye
13:59:41 Gen: cya
16:19:44 Gen: hey vision :D
16:19:47 Gen: *slap*
16:19:56 visi0n: hey there
16:19:57 visi0n: :D
16:29:25 Kurt: hello
16:31:16 visi0n: hey kurt..
16:31:25 visi0n: i need to go now,
16:31:28 visi0n: see you
17:08:00 Kurt: yo chAST
17:08:55 Kurt: *slap*
17:10:29 Kurt: *meow* *slap* *whip*
17:36:03 chast: hi
17:36:07 Smikey2006: hello
17:36:10 Smikey2006: hiows it goin
17:36:23 chast: im fine
17:36:25 chast: and you ?
17:36:33 Smikey2006: awsome :) just picked up my new amp
17:36:42 Smikey2006: Peavey VK100 :)
17:36:57 chast: do you like it?
17:37:01 Smikey2006: love it haha
17:37:10 chast: thats fine
17:37:11 Smikey2006: as soon as i get a new patch chord im gunna write a review :)
17:37:16 Smikey2006: but now ive gotta run ttyl
17:37:24 chast: ok
17:37:27 chast: cya
19:37:21 PacmanProductions: hi smikey
19:37:28 PacmanProductions: *slap*
19:42:14 Smikey2006: hey
19:44:49 PacmanProductions: whats up?
20:59:43 Slammer: ello govnah
20:59:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ello george
21:05:16 Slammer: sup
21:05:21 Slammer: DG06
21:06:18 drummingguitarist06: Omfg.
21:06:23 drummingguitarist06: I hate Internet Explorer.
21:06:31 drummingguitarist06: And the site doesn't show up right on Mozilla.
21:06:43 drummingguitarist06: Anyway, I just got out of class. You?
21:07:38 drummingguitarist06: Is there anything any of you all know of that can make this site do right for Mozilla Firefox?
21:09:33 Slammer: LOL
21:09:48 Slammer: I don;t have Mozilla
21:10:41 drummingguitarist06: Gah.
21:10:44 drummingguitarist06: I hate IE.
21:11:05 drummingguitarist06: much as I hate changing strings w/ a Floyd Rose trremolo.
21:11:08 Slammer: so I'm guessing you like the Drums alot more than guitar>
21:11:36 drummingguitarist06: Actually no.
21:11:38 drummingguitarist06: :)
21:11:42 drummingguitarist06: I just started out playing drums.
21:11:48 drummingguitarist06: Hence why it's first.
21:12:05 Slammer: who are your favorite Drummers?
21:12:25 drummingguitarist06: Well, keep in mind I wasn't a kit drummer until about when I started playing guitar.
21:12:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Hey im Esj on of the new instructors here
21:12:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: one*
21:12:51 Slammer: yes
21:12:52 drummingguitarist06: But so far....probably Joey Jordison, Neil Peart, Alex Van Halen.
21:12:59 drummingguitarist06: Awesome.
21:13:03 drummingguitarist06: I see your name everywhere. :P
21:13:06 Slammer: ESJ just got Promoted yesterday
21:13:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I know Neil Peart personally
21:13:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice man
21:13:19 drummingguitarist06: Tell him to gimme his talent lulz
21:13:20 drummingguitarist06: :)
21:13:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: are you talking about my promotion or did you get promoted ?
21:13:36 Slammer: they are gonna Annouce it tommorow
21:13:38 drummingguitarist06: Only drummer I know personally is Mark Herndon...drummer to Alabama.
21:13:39 Slammer: your Promo
21:13:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh yeah
21:13:46 Slammer: to a Instructor
21:13:49 Slammer: Oopsss
21:13:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol I though you were talking about you
21:13:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: for a sec
21:13:59 Slammer: No one was supposed to know about it
21:14:01 Slammer: :?
21:14:06 Slammer: untill Tommorow
21:14:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so when are you gonna gig with Satch slammer ?
21:14:09 Slammer: OMG
21:14:21 Slammer: it's funny you bring that up
21:14:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is that next week in miami ?
21:14:28 Slammer: today I was at Sam Ash
21:14:38 Slammer: and Eric Johnson, stopped by
21:14:42 Slammer: because
21:14:53 Slammer: he is on his North American Leg of his tour
21:15:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh nice
21:15:02 Slammer: and every Once in awhile
21:15:09 Slammer: Famous Guiarist will stop by
21:15:10 drummingguitarist06: Whoa wait...giggin' wit THE SATCH!?! Who ARE you people?
21:15:15 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
21:15:16 Slammer: the Sam Ash store
21:15:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
21:15:23 Slammer: Man.
21:15:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: we just know som people
21:15:30 Slammer: Satch is so cool
21:15:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: some*
21:15:35 drummingguitarist06: Man, I wish I did.
21:15:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Satch is a great guy
21:15:36 drummingguitarist06: :P
21:15:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: met him back in Juno
21:15:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 3 years ago
21:15:47 Slammer: I'm gonna Ask him for Legato Lessons
21:15:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good call
21:15:59 drummingguitarist06: I need to ask him for lessons period lol.
21:16:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
21:16:12 Slammer: he doesn't give lessons
21:16:19 Slammer: to Civilians
21:16:27 Slammer: only his Friends
21:16:29 Slammer: :P
21:16:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Slammer when did you say Steve Vai was coming to Miami to record the new instructional with satch and you ?
21:16:34 drummingguitarist06: Oh...what is that a social class? :P
21:16:42 Slammer: yep
21:16:44 Slammer: Like
21:16:48 Slammer: ESJ and Slammer
21:16:52 drummingguitarist06: Man...I hate you people lol. That's like, friggin' ridiculous.
21:16:54 Slammer: we're buddies
21:17:03 Slammer: I always hangout with him
21:17:04 drummingguitarist06: Well I figured as much.
21:17:10 Slammer: Whenever I'm gigging in NY
21:17:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hard to believe
21:17:21 drummingguitarist06: And with names you are throwing around, I'm guessing you both are professionals.
21:17:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: slammer post the pics tommarow
21:17:33 Slammer: sure
21:17:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah 20 years, still need alot more practice
21:17:44 Slammer: once I get them back from the Studio
21:18:05 drummingguitarist06: Ha...2 and a half years here :|
21:18:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: youll get there !
21:18:18 Slammer: yeah
21:18:22 drummingguitarist06: Not with the way I'm practicing.
21:18:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: slammer did you see my new axe ?
21:18:34 Slammer: the JEM?
21:18:51 drummingguitarist06: Right now, I'm not working on IMPROVING anything, cause of a REALLY strict I'm just doing a lot of wailing blues/neoclassical stuff, that I'm comfortable in.
21:18:56 drummingguitarist06: You got a JEM?
21:18:57 drummingguitarist06: Sweet.
21:19:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
21:19:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Heyy Soul just get back from your Europe tour ?
21:19:57 Slammer: OHHH that new Axe
21:20:11 Soul_Decision: Yeah
21:20:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice man
21:20:22 drummingguitarist06: Soul, did you like that riff I put out? I know it's noobish, but like, I was in a damn good mood yesterday. Thought I would tell the world.
21:20:23 drummingguitarist06: :P
21:20:26 Slammer: Aww sweet
21:20:32 Soul_Decision: Tour was awesome
21:20:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nice man
21:20:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how was timmons
21:21:06 Soul_Decision: He was good
21:21:11 Slammer: Soul... so are we set to Tour South America next Month?
21:21:12 Soul_Decision: But not as good as I was
21:21:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good to hear
21:21:26 Soul_Decision: Hell yeah
21:21:35 Soul_Decision: I'm looking forward to it
21:21:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah count me in , I have to cancel my E-true hollywood story though :p
21:21:46 Slammer: More like
21:22:01 Slammer: Yeah
21:22:12 Slammer: anyways
21:22:13 Slammer: today
21:22:14 drummingguitarist06: Wait.
21:22:19 drummingguitarist06: What holly wood story?
21:22:25 Slammer: the John
21:22:30 drummingguitarist06: WHAT? Omg. Am I allowed in this room or is it like, VIP? :P
21:22:30 Slammer: hollywood Story
21:22:33 drummingguitarist06: I love you guys. :P
21:22:43 Slammer: no your not :P
21:22:43 Soul_Decision: Your riff is decent, Drummer
21:22:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha its cool drumming
21:22:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: we like you
21:23:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: slammer you should have this kid meet satch
21:23:19 drummingguitarist06: FO' SHO'. Cause Satch blows my mind.
21:23:36 drummingguitarist06: He's fantastic, and his legato and melodic tones, blows me completely away.
21:23:52 Slammer: yeah he's not bad
21:24:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: slammer makes satch look like a noob
21:24:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
21:24:09 Slammer: nah
21:24:11 Slammer: I make Vai
21:24:14 Slammer: look like one
21:24:16 drummingguitarist06: LOL.
21:24:17 drummingguitarist06: Nice.
21:24:18 Slammer: Satch is the Best
21:24:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
21:24:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Vai is total noob
21:24:41 Slammer: Although Today I hung out with Eric Johnson, and We bought like 6 new Strats
21:24:48 Slammer: Like
21:24:54 Slammer: the EJ signature Strat
21:24:54 Soul_Decision: What???
21:25:01 Soul_Decision: You got to the strats before me
21:25:02 drummingguitarist06: NICE.
21:25:19 drummingguitarist06: Guys, I gotta get gone.
21:25:20 Soul_Decision: I heard they weere sold out :/
21:25:24 drummingguitarist06: Got some studyin' to do. :(
21:25:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok
21:25:25 Slammer: nah
21:25:27 Slammer: he had
21:25:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and drumming
21:25:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: by the way
21:25:34 Slammer: Reserved them
21:25:41 drummingguitarist06: Yeah.
21:25:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: everything we have sad is bullshit welcome to gmc :p
21:25:47 drummingguitarist06: I knew that.
21:25:48 Soul_Decision: :)
21:25:54 drummingguitarist06: You think I'm that stupid? :)
21:25:59 drummingguitarist06: I like to play too.
21:26:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: we try it on everyone
21:26:04 drummingguitarist06: But you almoist had me convince.
21:26:07 drummingguitarist06: convinced*
21:26:10 drummingguitarist06: Like, for real.
21:26:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
21:26:12 Slammer: I don't know about those guys??? But everything I said was True
21:26:14 Slammer: It was
21:26:16 Slammer: :{
21:26:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
21:26:27 drummingguitarist06: :)
21:26:30 drummingguitarist06: Alright guys I'm out.
21:26:30 Slammer: nah reallu
21:26:33 drummingguitarist06: I'll catch you later.
21:26:35 Slammer: I met EJ today
21:26:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya man peace
21:26:37 Slammer: I did
21:26:40 Slammer: :D
21:26:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
21:26:54 Slammer: dude PM for one sec
21:26:57 Slammer: :P
21:28:29 Slammer: anyways
21:28:32 Slammer: what's up?
21:28:35 Slammer: Soul
21:29:03 Soul_Decision: Not much
21:29:08 Soul_Decision: Bored half to death
21:29:15 Soul_Decision: Just learning a song
21:29:29 Soul_Decision: What about you guys?
21:30:07 Slammer: nmu
21:30:15 Slammer: just uploading some new songs
21:30:19 Slammer: and junk like that
21:30:23 Soul_Decision: Cool
21:31:39 Slammer: you?
21:31:45 Slammer: wait
21:31:51 Slammer: I already asked that
21:32:05 Soul_Decision: Hahaha
21:32:09 Slammer: dude
21:32:11 Slammer: man
21:32:16 Slammer: where you from>
21:32:18 Slammer: Texas?
21:32:20 Slammer: NY?
21:32:23 Slammer: California
21:32:33 Soul_Decision: I travel around the U.S
21:32:37 Slammer: :O
21:32:40 Soul_Decision: Currently I'm in Nevada
21:32:43 Slammer: like the Circus
21:32:59 Soul_Decision: You could put it that way
21:33:24 Soul_Decision: I prefer a traveling musician
21:33:32 Slammer: :D
21:33:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Dont do drugs
21:33:52 Soul_Decision: :lol: he left
21:33:53 Slammer: LOL
21:33:54 Slammer: thanks
21:33:59 Soul_Decision: wow
21:34:10 Slammer: never heard that one?
21:34:22 Slammer: Look we have a Guest
21:34:27 Slammer: I shall say hello
21:34:29 Slammer: :D
21:34:34 Slammer: Hello Guest
21:34:37 Soul_Decision: Hi guest
21:34:58 Slammer: I shall send Guest a PM, because they get to write one Sentence on PM
21:35:05 Soul_Decision: :)
21:35:15 Slammer: :O
21:35:43 Soul_Decision: What?!?!
21:35:51 Slammer: LOL
21:35:54 Soul_Decision: I can't take the suspence
21:35:56 Soul_Decision: OMg
21:35:59 Soul_Decision: It's killing me
21:36:05 Slammer: wait
21:36:22 Slammer: LOL
21:36:25 Slammer: he has alot to say
21:36:30 Slammer: I think
21:36:38 Slammer: or he is slow typer
21:36:40 Slammer: :O
21:36:56 Soul_Decision: :o
21:37:09 Soul_Decision: Or he is blind
21:37:13 Slammer: nope
21:37:16 Slammer: He wrote
21:37:26 Slammer: Hello GUys just browsing the GMC site It seems to be very good for my guitAR pLAYING
21:37:29 Slammer: :D
21:37:32 Soul_Decision: :)
21:37:35 Slammer: I told him to sign up
21:37:39 Slammer: right Away
21:37:43 Soul_Decision: Guest
21:37:46 Soul_Decision: Sign Up!!!
21:37:50 Slammer: or we will throw him in Dungeon
21:37:54 Slammer: :{
21:38:02 Soul_Decision: >:)
21:38:04 Slammer: :D
21:38:17 Slammer: <8)
21:38:23 Slammer: Patrick from spongebob ^^
21:38:29 Slammer: :D
21:38:30 Soul_Decision: lol
21:38:45 Slammer: [8)] << Spongebob
21:38:53 Slammer: *bows*
21:38:55 Slammer: LOL
21:38:55 Soul_Decision: Awesome
21:39:10 Soul_Decision: My turn my turn
21:39:12 Soul_Decision: Ok ok
21:39:15 Soul_Decision: Watch this!!
21:39:42 Soul_Decision: .
21:39:46 Soul_Decision: Yeah
21:39:51 Soul_Decision: That was awesome
21:39:56 Slammer: :O
21:40:03 Slammer: *applause
21:40:12 Slammer: sry guest
21:40:16 Slammer: you must sign up
21:40:21 Slammer: :D
21:40:21 Slammer: then you can chat
21:40:26 Soul_Decision: Yes
21:40:43 Soul_Decision: It is well worth the 1 minute spent to sign up
21:41:04 Slammer: LOL
21:41:39 Soul_Decision: Resident Evil comes out tomorrow
21:41:44 Soul_Decision: I want to see the movie sooo bad
21:41:46 Slammer: the movie
21:41:50 Slammer: or the game?
21:41:55 Soul_Decision: But the nearest theater is 1 hour away :/
21:41:57 Soul_Decision: Movie
21:42:17 Slammer: LOL
21:42:23 Slammer: the Main GMC page says
21:42:29 Slammer: ESJ is still on chat
21:42:30 Slammer: :P
21:42:36 Soul_Decision: hahahaha
21:42:55 Slammer: maybe he is ghost
21:42:56 Slammer: :O
21:43:04 Soul_Decision: I want invisble chat room powers
21:43:06 Soul_Decision: But wait
21:43:14 Soul_Decision: Maybe he changend his name to guest!!
21:43:21 Slammer: LOL
21:43:34 Slammer: that would be the Greatest name ever
21:43:36 Slammer: OMG
21:43:38 Soul_Decision: lol
21:43:40 Soul_Decision: yeah
21:43:43 Slammer: imagine
21:43:53 Slammer: the possibility
21:43:55 Slammer: LOL
21:44:13 Soul_Decision: >:)
21:46:06 Slammer: so are you gigging?
21:46:15 Soul_Decision: I wish
21:46:28 Slammer: :D
21:47:04 Soul_Decision: I've been practicng guitar for 5 months now
21:47:13 Soul_Decision: Signed up on here like 4 days ago
21:47:14 Slammer: LOL
21:47:32 Soul_Decision: And the toughest song I'm learning is Altitiudes!!
21:47:40 Slammer: LOL
21:47:42 Slammer: so
21:47:46 Slammer: you said
21:47:57 Slammer: you are a traveling Musician
21:48:23 Soul_Decision: Yeah, my parents forced me to travel with them, I'm 19
21:48:32 Soul_Decision: It's very boring
21:48:37 Slammer: are they Musicians?
21:48:38 Soul_Decision: All I have is my guitar
21:48:41 Soul_Decision: No
21:48:44 Slammer: LOL
21:48:48 Slammer: well
21:48:53 Slammer: are you in a Bus?
21:48:58 Soul_Decision: RV
21:49:02 Slammer: LOL
21:49:04 Slammer: cool
21:49:10 Soul_Decision: It's alright
21:49:12 Soul_Decision: Not much space
21:49:25 Slammer: Believe Me I know
21:49:25 Soul_Decision: But yeah
21:49:32 Slammer: more than you'd think
21:49:35 Soul_Decision: Yeah?
22:10:14 Slammer: I gtg
22:10:14 Slammer: cya
22:10:23 Soul_Decision: Laterts
22:10:27 Soul_Decision: laters
23:01:29 Slammer: hello
23:01:32 Slammer: LOL
23:01:34 Slammer: sry
23:01:37 Slammer: I gtg
23:01:42 Slammer: see ya around
23:01:43 Slammer: :D
23:01:46 Slammer: Take care
23:01:49 Slammer: Bye
23:18:50 ace_frehely: hello???
23:37:50 shredmandan: *whip* *meow*

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