Guitar Chat with Muris, Lavendell etc. 2007-09-21
Sep 24 2007, 06:29 PM
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09:30:04 botoxfox: *whip*
09:30:16 Gen: hey biggrin.gif
09:30:18 Gen: sup
09:30:26 botoxfox: hello
09:31:18 Gen: how s going
09:31:35 botoxfox: Fine I guess
09:31:45 botoxfox: how bout you?
09:31:55 Gen: fine
09:32:12 botoxfox: I'm just bored
09:32:20 Gen: oh
09:32:20 Gen: why
09:32:55 botoxfox: I'm just too lazy to do anything right now biggrin.gif
09:33:08 Gen: lol
09:33:21 Gen: reminds my my daily routine
09:33:24 Gen: lol
09:33:25 Gen: me*
09:33:45 Gen: what kind of guitar you got?
09:34:09 botoxfox: I've got 4 guitars
09:34:16 Gen: oh wow lol
09:34:34 botoxfox: Three Ibbies and on jackson
09:34:45 Gen: okay
09:34:52 Gen: how long have you been playin?
09:35:09 botoxfox: A little over 4 years
09:35:17 botoxfox: How bout you?
09:35:17 Gen: cool
09:35:30 Gen: i ve been playing for one year tongue.gif
09:35:36 botoxfox: What gear do you Have?
09:35:45 Gen: esp ltd viper 500
09:36:18 botoxfox: Aah, yes, that's in you're signature, right?
09:36:30 Gen: hum, nope
09:36:44 Gen: i mean, there s something written bout my gear but thats all
09:36:51 Gen: not any pic
09:37:22 botoxfox: I meant text
09:37:27 Gen: oh okay xD
09:37:43 Gen: how old are you?
09:38:18 botoxfox: 19 years and 9 months
09:39:36 Gen: lucky, you started to play early biggrin.gif
09:40:27 botoxfox: Well, I don't consider 15 to be that early biggrin.gif
09:40:42 Gen: yes it is
09:40:46 botoxfox: How old are you btw?
09:40:52 Gen: 18
09:41:25 botoxfox: Well, I've got a friend who's a pro violinist
09:41:35 Gen: cool
09:41:54 botoxfox: He's been playing since he was 4
09:42:04 Gen: wow
09:42:45 botoxfox: So that doesn't make 15 that early smile.gif
09:43:02 Gen: well, maybe
09:43:09 botoxfox: And I still suck at guitar imo
09:43:20 Gen: but i think its the good age to start guitar biggrin.gif
09:43:28 Gen: why do you think that?
09:43:59 botoxfox: When I think of classical musicians
09:44:14 botoxfox: they start very early
09:44:25 Gen: hey iluha
09:44:29 Gen: yeah ofc
09:44:37 botoxfox: yo iluha
09:44:39 Gen: but look at guitar players tongue.gif
09:45:28 botoxfox: Well, I always thaught that 12 was the perfect age
09:46:05 Gen: well, now im thinking that there s no perfect age biggrin.gif
09:46:17 botoxfox: Me neither
09:46:46 botoxfox: That was just the way I thought before
09:46:48 Gen: if you practice good, you re going to be good, at any ages
09:46:52 Gen: yeah
09:46:55 Gen: me too
09:47:19 Gen: wich lesson are you practicing?
09:47:24 Gen: if you re practicing one
09:48:09 botoxfox: It's just that the ability to learn is deteriorating all the time
09:48:29 botoxfox: I'm not practising any lessons for the moment
09:48:41 Gen: oh okay
09:48:57 Gen: so, whats the most difficult song you can play?
09:49:09 Gen: i know, this question is kinda stupid but i just wanna know
09:49:10 Gen: biggrin.gif
09:49:19 botoxfox: I was practising that tapping lesson by muris a few days ago
09:49:30 Gen: cool
09:49:51 botoxfox: I don't really know aany difficult songs sad.gif
09:50:16 Gen: so whats the song you can play the better
09:50:40 Gen: best*
09:50:44 botoxfox: I have really only learnt two song completely lol
09:50:55 Gen: wich songs biggrin.gif
09:51:11 botoxfox: Metal Gods by Judas Priest
09:51:31 botoxfox: Head over Heels by Accept
09:51:43 Gen: okay, i think i see
09:52:23 Gen: its cool
09:52:30 Gen: you can play them good?
09:52:35 botoxfox: Yesterday I learnt the intro of that maniac song from flashdance biggrin.gif
09:52:43 Gen: ah lol
09:53:05 botoxfox: That synth riff is so cool
09:53:45 Gen: biggrin.gif
09:53:57 botoxfox: Yeah and I can play those songs properly, yeah smile.gif
09:54:56 Gen: cool! biggrin.gif
09:55:33 botoxfox: I have pretty much forgotten the guitar solos though sad.gif
09:56:07 Gen: relearn those biggrin.gif
09:56:31 botoxfox: I will wink.gif
09:56:43 botoxfox:
09:56:52 botoxfox: lol
09:57:00 botoxfox: maniac
09:58:25 Gen: yeah its a cool song biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
09:58:54 Iluha: hey guys
09:59:01 botoxfox: yo
09:59:03 Gen: hey iluha
09:59:13 botoxfox: Whre you beenn?
09:59:20 Iluha: Watching the davis cup
09:59:25 Iluha: Israel Vs Chile
09:59:28 botoxfox: aha
09:59:29 Iluha: wow what a match that was
09:59:58 Iluha: 2-6 7-6 6-2 3-6 10-8
10:00:12 botoxfox: tennis right?
10:00:14 Iluha: We won after 5 hours biggrin.gif
10:00:16 Iluha: yeah
10:00:29 botoxfox: 5 hours...
10:00:37 Gen: biggrin.gif
10:00:39 botoxfox: you watched it all?
10:00:44 Iluha: nah.. tongue.gif
10:01:01 Iluha: I watched the entire 1st set, 3rd set, and final set
10:01:16 botoxfox: Right
10:01:25 Iluha: This was the doubles game, yesterday there was 2 single games
10:01:33 Iluha: the first one took them 5:15 hours lol
10:01:36 Gen: brb guys
10:02:30 botoxfox: 5 hours and fifteen min...
10:03:00 botoxfox: It must be quite tedious for them
10:03:09 Iluha: yeah..
10:03:17 Iluha: they looked preety beat after it
10:03:38 botoxfox: I can believe that biggrin.gif
10:04:34 botoxfox: So how's life in the army?
10:06:45 Iluha: sux as usual tongue.gif
10:07:53 botoxfox: I understand
10:08:14 botoxfox: I have to go now
10:08:21 Gen: ok guys, gotta go
10:08:24 botoxfox: Must make dinner
10:08:24 Gen: cya later
10:08:43 botoxfox: laters
11:36:24 Slammer: *slap*
11:36:27 Slammer: ah, hello
11:36:59 Slammer: *whip*
11:37:01 Slammer: HI?
11:37:03 Slammer: sad.gif
11:37:08 botoxfox: yo
11:37:13 Slammer: LOL
11:37:15 Slammer: sup?
11:37:32 botoxfox: nothing...
11:37:36 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:37:37 botoxfox: bored
11:37:44 Slammer: well
11:37:57 Slammer: hows the guita rcoming?
11:38:11 botoxfox: Hmm, yeah
11:38:23 botoxfox: Don't know really
11:38:30 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:38:38 Slammer: but don't you play?
11:38:49 botoxfox: Offcourse
11:38:52 Slammer: hello
11:38:55 Slammer: Vision
11:38:57 visi0n: hello guys biggrin.gif
11:39:00 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:39:05 botoxfox: HI visiOn
11:39:07 Slammer: how's the wife and kids?
11:39:42 visi0n: hi botox smile.gif
11:40:11 Slammer: LOL ^ that was a joke btw tongue.gif
11:40:51 visi0n: haha..
11:40:58 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:40:58 visi0n: wife kids .. o.O im just 20 man
11:40:59 visi0n: biggrin.gif
11:41:06 Slammer: LOL
11:41:09 visi0n: lol
11:41:11 Slammer: I'm 18
11:41:13 Slammer: but...
11:41:22 Slammer: you COuld have a wife tongue.gif
11:41:26 visi0n: i think im going to post the recording of vibrato lesson 1 tonight on the forum
11:41:35 Slammer: nice
11:41:47 visi0n: i have a beta version recorded now
11:41:52 visi0n: its tricky with timing
11:42:02 botoxfox: beta version eh?
11:42:11 visi0n: ye, thats how i called it
11:42:12 visi0n: lol
11:42:25 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
11:43:10 Slammer: like the google internet that uses the toilet
11:43:14 Slammer: remember that one?
11:43:44 botoxfox: ?
11:43:47 Slammer: LOL
11:43:50 Slammer: remember
11:43:55 Slammer: when they said
11:44:03 Slammer: you could connect to the Internet
11:44:10 Slammer: using the Toilet
11:44:21 Slammer: you plug into your Toilet bowl
11:44:25 Slammer: and the water
11:44:31 Slammer: powers your Internet
11:44:39 Slammer: Google was giving them out for free
11:44:41 Slammer: LOL
11:44:47 botoxfox: lol
11:45:16 Slammer: *slap*
11:45:18 Slammer: botoxfox
11:45:30 botoxfox: yeah?
11:45:36 Slammer:
11:45:38 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:46:08 Slammer: do you think it's real?
11:46:57 botoxfox: If it had been the 1. of April maybe
11:47:25 botoxfox: Although it sounds crazy
11:48:22 botoxfox: Aah, yes
11:48:23 Slammer: LOL
11:48:26 botoxfox:
11:49:21 Slammer: LMAO
11:49:24 Slammer: yeah I know
11:49:51 botoxfox: Thought you did biggrin.gif
11:50:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:50:27 Slammer: so whats new>
11:50:30 Slammer: ???
11:50:44 Slammer: ok dude
11:50:45 Slammer: I gtg
11:50:48 Slammer: cya around
11:50:50 Slammer: Bye
11:50:53 botoxfox: c ya
12:23:12 visi0n: yo boto
12:49:12 Wallimann: Hi guys
13:17:51 Iluha: y0
13:18:00 Iluha: hey visi0n great job recording again smile.gif
13:18:14 Iluha: *slap*
13:18:25 Gen: hey biggrin.gif
13:18:31 visi0n: thanks
13:18:32 visi0n: biggrin.gif
13:18:50 Iluha: that sound you'r getting, you'r using Marcus's preset or something?
13:19:00 visi0n: nope totally not
13:19:00 Iluha: it sounds exactly the same
13:19:12 visi0n: using fender amp with pod2
13:19:38 Iluha: well yeah, but the preset on the pod, sounds preety similar to the one Lavendell's is using on the lesson
13:19:50 visi0n: im using modern higain
13:19:54 visi0n: with some delay on it
13:20:00 visi0n: a bit reverb on that recording
13:20:09 Iluha: I should really get me a pod or a toneport tongue.gif
13:20:43 visi0n: biggrin.gif
13:22:54 Iluha: I think I'm gonna order one next week... a bit pricey.. but I gotta have it
13:33:13 Iluha: Dunno how to buy one in Israel though......
14:10:55 Slammer: *slapping* my *slap* off
14:17:59 chast: hey
14:18:15 Slammer: btw Chast, I couldn't see your Face in the video
14:18:18 Slammer: LOL
14:18:20 chast: yeah
14:18:23 chast: too dark sad.gif
14:18:35 chast: next time ^^
14:18:53 Slammer: LOL
14:19:16 chast: i could also costume myself
14:19:21 chast: hm...
14:20:04 chast: nanana
14:20:09 chast: going to a pub soon
14:20:12 chast: :>
14:20:15 Slammer: how ya been?
14:20:36 chast: what do you want to tell me?^^
14:20:50 Slammer: I don't know sad.gif
14:20:53 chast: lol
14:22:00 chast: im working on this beginner lesson since i joined gmc and i dont get it^^
14:25:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:25:42 Slammer: why not?
14:26:00 chast: im too noobish
14:26:08 chast: and dont practice enough
14:26:55 chast: but its getting better
14:26:59 Slammer: well
14:27:02 Slammer: it;s good
14:27:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:27:24 chast: lol im just watching the video that kai posted in off topic^^
14:27:31 Slammer: LOL
14:28:02 botoxfox: What video?
14:28:04 chast: so stupid biggrin.gif
14:28:08 chast:
14:28:14 chast: but i like stupid humour biggrin.gif
14:32:36 Slammer: LOL
14:32:39 Slammer: Great video
14:32:57 chast: so what are you going to do today?
14:33:03 chast: its friday^^
14:33:33 Slammer: LOL
14:33:35 Slammer: chill on GMC
14:33:49 chast: hm, also a good idead
14:33:52 chast: -d
14:34:02 chast: but today i prefer the pub
14:34:05 chast: tongue.gif
14:36:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:37:33 Slammer: *slap*
14:37:37 Slammer: so whats up guys?
14:37:44 chast: not much
14:37:56 chast: waiting to get out of the house
14:48:15 Slammer: LOL
14:48:17 Slammer: cool
14:49:24 botoxfox: sup?
14:49:42 Slammer: nmu
14:49:44 Slammer: You?
14:50:07 botoxfox: Nah, just *meow*
14:50:15 Slammer: LOL
14:50:32 Slammer: Like the Toilet Internet
14:50:33 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:50:45 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
14:50:50 Slammer: that was great
14:51:02 Slammer: I remember when that happened
14:51:08 Slammer: I was like WTF
14:51:19 botoxfox: yeah
14:51:59 Slammer: Google is funny
14:52:13 botoxfox: agreed
14:53:13 botoxfox:
14:53:20 chast: so
14:53:27 chast: im going to the pub now
14:53:30 chast: cu biggrin.gif
14:53:36 botoxfox: have fun
14:53:40 chast: thx
14:53:45 Slammer: ok bye
14:53:46 Slammer: sad.gif
14:54:20 botoxfox: sad.gif
14:54:30 Slammer: fox
14:54:43 botoxfox: yeah?
14:55:52 botoxfox: *slap* ?
14:56:03 Slammer: nothing I just like saying Fox
14:56:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:56:08 Kurt: lol
14:57:12 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
15:03:49 botoxfox:
15:05:02 Slammer: what the heck?
15:06:16 Slammer: LOL
15:07:15 botoxfox:
15:07:26 botoxfox: The finnishlanguageversion
15:12:26 visi0n: hi there guys
15:12:32 Slammer: ello govnah
15:12:36 visi0n: biggrin.gif
15:12:51 visi0n: you guys listened to recording ? of vibrato lesson1 ?
15:13:00 Slammer: guys
15:13:01 Slammer: brb
15:13:17 visi0n: ah sh*t , forgot girlfriend :X
15:13:22 visi0n: need to go guys, see you later
15:25:42 Slammer: *slap*
15:25:44 Slammer: ello
15:25:50 Kurt: hola
15:25:53 botoxfox: yo
15:25:57 Kurt: como estas?
15:26:04 Slammer: Muy Bien
15:26:08 Slammer: y tu?
15:26:17 botoxfox:
15:26:22 Kurt: yo soy....regular lol
15:26:29 Slammer: Ah, que bueno
15:26:41 Kurt: mas o menos lol
15:26:45 botoxfox: cafe no me gusta
15:26:59 Slammer: mi gusta la gasolina
15:27:01 Kurt: lol .... vamos a la playa
15:27:13 Kurt: 8)
15:27:27 Slammer: Las Playas Mejor esta in Miami
15:27:35 Slammer: es la verdad
15:27:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:27:43 Kurt: sad.gif
15:27:50 botoxfox: vittu perkelee
15:27:58 Slammer: tienes las Playas en Autria?
15:28:09 Kurt: no playa sad.gif
15:28:11 Kurt: lol
15:28:16 Slammer: ah, no hay sad.gif
15:28:34 Slammer: pero...
15:28:38 Kurt: 8)
15:28:56 Slammer: hay mucha chicas en austria biggrin.gif
15:29:02 Slammer: hola JVM
15:29:08 Slammer: como estas?
15:29:12 JVM: hola sam
15:29:19 JVM: nada..
15:29:21 Kurt: si....muuuuuuuuchas chicas lol
15:29:25 Slammer: ah, que bien
15:29:38 Slammer: y todos de este...
15:29:39 Kurt: from where can you speak spanish?
15:29:40 JVM: muchas chicasssss lol
15:29:45 Kurt: lol
15:30:02 Slammer: yo no puede habla espanol sad.gif
15:30:19 Kurt: ohmy.gif
15:30:20 Slammer: tan malo
15:30:21 Slammer: sad.gif
15:30:37 Slammer: ah, la bascura
15:30:42 JVM: el miente lol
15:31:00 Slammer: NO no no, sad.gif
15:31:07 JVM: bahaha
15:31:15 Soul_Decision: Hey Slammer
15:31:23 Slammer: yo Quero a hablar espanol sad.gif
15:31:29 Kurt: bonjour Soul_Decision lol
15:31:30 Slammer: pero
15:31:31 JVM: malas noticias
15:31:35 Slammer: que?
15:31:39 Soul_Decision: Hi Kurt
15:31:46 Slammer: Hola Soul_Decision
15:31:47 JVM: advine..
15:31:48 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:31:52 Kurt: sad.gif
15:31:53 JVM: adivine**
15:31:53 Slammer: ay
15:31:54 Slammer: BRB
15:32:02 Slammer: en 5 minutos
15:32:09 JVM: lol
15:32:13 Kurt: too much languages for me sad.gif
15:32:16 Kurt: lol
15:32:25 Slammer: ttyl
15:32:30 Slammer: be back later tonight
15:32:31 Slammer: btw
15:32:34 Slammer: JVM did you hear
15:32:35 Slammer: ?
15:32:37 Slammer: ok bye
15:32:37 Soul_Decision: lol
15:32:42 Soul_Decision: So much for 5 mins
15:32:48 Kurt: lol
15:33:13 JVM: i think he meant be back in 5 tongue.gif
15:37:43 JVM: gotta go
15:37:45 JVM: later
15:37:49 Soul_Decision: Bye
15:37:49 Kurt: cya
15:37:57 Kurt: Soul_Decision
15:38:04 Soul_Decision: Yes?
15:38:07 Kurt: do you have myspace?
15:38:21 Soul_Decision: Yes
15:38:40 Kurt: could you give me a linke or stuff? smile.gif
15:38:50 Soul_Decision: Sure
15:39:44 Kurt: *link
15:40:41 Soul_Decision:
15:43:42 Kurt: sorry computer lol
15:47:11 Soul_Decision: Lol it's cool
15:47:24 Soul_Decision: Did you get the link?
15:47:35 Kurt: I didn´t find you sad.gif
15:47:45 Soul_Decision: ohmy.gif
15:48:12 Soul_Decision: Ummm
15:49:38 Soul_Decision: It won't let me paste ling
15:49:41 Soul_Decision: link*
15:50:10 Soul_Decision:
15:50:40 Kurt: got it smile.gif
15:51:33 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
15:52:36 Soul_Decision: Do you have a myspace?
15:54:42 Kurt: of course:
15:55:18 Kurt:
15:55:23 Kurt: no!!
15:55:26 Kurt: its:
15:55:29 Soul_Decision: lol
15:55:48 Kurt:
15:55:51 Kurt: lol
15:56:17 Kurt: but with a "k" at Kurt^^
15:58:35 Soul_Decision: Austria
15:58:38 Soul_Decision: How is it there?
15:58:48 Kurt: amazing lol
15:58:54 Kurt: unbelievable lol
15:59:00 Kurt: tongue.gif
15:59:06 botoxfox: yo folks
15:59:12 Kurt: yo
15:59:17 Soul_Decision: Hey
15:59:31 Kurt: woken up? lol
15:59:40 botoxfox: kinda
15:59:48 Kurt: ahh ok wink.gif
15:59:53 Soul_Decision: lol
16:00:16 Soul_Decision: You play the drums also?
16:00:53 botoxfox: Hey, nice pic Kurt
16:04:34 Soul_Decision: Botox do you have a myspace?
16:05:30 botoxfox: yeah
16:05:34 botoxfox: kinda
16:05:48 Soul_Decision: Lol
16:05:52 botoxfox:
16:06:57 botoxfox: I just made a profile there because I was bored biggrin.gif
16:07:10 Soul_Decision: Cool
16:07:54 Kurt: ahhh ...the drumset is my brother´s wink.gif
16:09:24 Soul_Decision: I see
16:12:01 Soul_Decision: Housewife?
16:12:08 Soul_Decision: Botox lol
16:12:20 botoxfox: yeah
16:12:23 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
16:13:07 botoxfox: Because I'm not really doing antything for the time being
16:14:05 Soul_Decision: Lol
16:14:05 botoxfox: And I can tell you I'm a lousy " housewife"
16:14:26 Soul_Decision: It's all good
16:15:33 Soul_Decision: I'd probably slack all day too
16:18:44 botoxfox: I just laugh and grow fat
16:23:08 Soul_Decision: Lol
16:42:22 Soul_Decision: Hi
16:42:45 rokchik: hey...what's up?
16:43:04 Soul_Decision: Not much
16:43:11 Soul_Decision: Just being bored
16:43:11 Soul_Decision: You?
16:43:44 rokchik: pretty much the same....actually I'm procrastinating...not sure if spelled right
16:43:55 Soul_Decision: Lol
16:43:58 Soul_Decision: Yeah?
16:44:01 Soul_Decision: What about?
16:44:04 rokchik: I have to clean the house and don't really want too
16:44:12 Soul_Decision: Lol
16:44:20 Soul_Decision: I know how that goes
16:44:55 rokchik: has to be done though....dogs are shedding bad.
16:45:03 Soul_Decision: :/
16:45:13 Soul_Decision: What kind of dogs do you have?
16:45:33 rokchik: A shepard/husky mix and a Labrador Retriver
16:45:41 Soul_Decision: Cool
16:45:56 rokchik: lots of fur
16:46:08 Soul_Decision: Yeah
16:46:31 Soul_Decision: That sucks ]
16:47:02 rokchik: pretty much....but it's Friday night and I don't want to be cleaning....maybe I'll wait for tomorrow smile.gif
16:47:29 Soul_Decision: You should
16:47:42 rokchik: I think i will actually
16:47:48 Soul_Decision: Got something cool planned for the evening?
16:47:56 rokchik: see how easily I am swayed smile.gif
16:48:03 Soul_Decision: Lol
16:48:26 rokchik: Not really...may go see Halloween...may go to the pub....keeping options open
16:48:41 Soul_Decision: Cool
16:48:42 rokchik: may just stay home and rock out...who knows
16:48:55 rokchik: what about you?
16:49:05 Soul_Decision: Nothing
16:49:20 Soul_Decision: My current situation keeps me grounded where I'm at :/
16:49:48 rokchik: What do you mean if you don't mind me asking?
16:49:53 Soul_Decision: Well
16:50:04 Soul_Decision: I travel all over the U.S
16:50:18 Soul_Decision: And where I'm at there is a lot of drunk drivers
16:50:28 rokchik: Ahh yes I remember your into post
16:50:34 rokchik: *intro
16:50:36 Soul_Decision: Because it is a casino town
16:50:42 Soul_Decision: Nice
16:50:49 rokchik: That's crappy
16:50:53 Soul_Decision: My parents won't let me drive :/
16:51:18 rokchik: drunk drivers should be delt with a lot harder than they are....I can see their point though
16:51:24 rokchik: your parents I mean
16:51:30 Soul_Decision: So can I
16:51:51 rokchik: we have a lot where I live too. it's just shameful actually in this day and age
16:52:02 Soul_Decision: Yeah
16:52:08 Soul_Decision: Where do you live?
16:52:25 rokchik: In Canada province of newfoundland
16:52:39 Soul_Decision: Cool
16:52:50 rokchik: So are you an army brat?
16:53:00 Soul_Decision: No
16:53:13 Soul_Decision: My parents just like to travel all over
16:53:19 rokchik: I was so I understand the moving around bit
16:53:26 Soul_Decision: My parents were in the military
16:53:32 rokchik: tough sometimes
16:53:39 Soul_Decision: So they can't stand being in one place for too long
16:53:43 Soul_Decision: It is
16:53:54 Soul_Decision: I didn't want to go with them
16:53:58 rokchik: I'm that way too actually....I'm looking into a move now actually
16:53:59 Soul_Decision: But they forced me too
16:54:06 Soul_Decision: Yeah?
16:54:17 Soul_Decision: Where do you want to move?
16:54:39 rokchik: Out to Britisg Columbia or back home to Nova Scotia
16:54:51 rokchik: *British
16:54:58 Soul_Decision: Nice
16:55:39 rokchik: I think so...but a lot of obsticles with work and transfers and the boyfriend ya know...not an easy desicion
16:55:55 Soul_Decision: Yeah
16:56:18 rokchik: I know how you feel though about moving all the time....leaving schools kind of sucks
16:56:35 Soul_Decision: Yeah
16:56:57 Soul_Decision: But that's life
16:57:03 Soul_Decision: Like to slap you in the face
16:58:05 rokchik: I alwasy like the adventure of new places...and with the communication tools out there now it's very easy to keep in touch with people. Wasn't that way when I was a kid so lost a lot of friends as just fell out of touch
16:58:32 Soul_Decision: I know what you mean
16:58:54 Soul_Decision: I would enjoy this traveling only if I was able to get out and see stuff by myslef
16:58:59 Soul_Decision: That never happens
16:59:08 rokchik: but found most now through the wonderful world of facebook smile.gif
16:59:16 rokchik: ahh yes that would suck
16:59:40 rokchik: but hey now you have us at GMC smile.gif
16:59:46 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
17:00:03 rokchik: new adventure with every strum of the guitar
17:00:10 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:00:21 Soul_Decision: I was looking at the site for a while now
17:00:25 rokchik: so how are you liking it by the way?
17:00:34 Soul_Decision: I like
17:00:37 Soul_Decision: It
17:00:43 Soul_Decision: It's a cool site
17:01:21 rokchik: yeah it has become my virtual home....everyone is just so great here. Allows me to relax and stuff
17:01:31 Soul_Decision: Yes
17:01:38 rokchik: it's my escape
17:01:44 Soul_Decision: Sweet
17:02:32 rokchik: well I mean this is the best place to just yack with folks about guitar and music without any meaness or's great
17:02:58 Soul_Decision: That is a good thing
17:03:10 rokchik: so what lessons are you doing now?
17:03:19 Soul_Decision: Especially being able to post some of your music up for other people to listen to.
17:03:20 Soul_Decision: Umm
17:03:36 rokchik: I don't have recording gear but I agree with you
17:04:38 Soul_Decision: The neo-classical lesson, All the sweeping lessons and one of the speed picking lessons
17:04:48 Soul_Decision: I don't remember which one
17:04:50 rokchik: keeping busy I see
17:04:54 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:05:09 Soul_Decision: I like to upload some stuff with GP5
17:05:53 rokchik: I had some problems should look at reinstalling
17:06:09 Soul_Decision: What kind of problems are you having?
17:07:15 rokchik: I wasn't able to view anything and the sound was kind of out of wack. Our computer had a virus not too long ago and screwed with a few things. All fixed now but I uninstalled GP.
17:07:36 Soul_Decision: Ahh, that sucks
17:07:51 rokchik: yeah
17:08:11 Soul_Decision: Did you direct download your GP?
17:08:32 rokchik: not sure the B/F did it for me
17:08:41 rokchik: I'm not very computer savvy
17:09:00 Soul_Decision: That's cool
17:09:15 rokchik: so what kind of music are you in to?
17:09:35 Soul_Decision: All types of metal and rock
17:09:44 Soul_Decision: Then some musical scores from movies
17:10:18 rokchik: cool...I'm pretty much the same. Zeppelin and RATM would be my top two I think though
17:10:26 rokchik: what scores?
17:11:08 Soul_Decision: I liked the Smokin' Aces score and then I like Samurai X score
17:11:27 Soul_Decision: I liked The Descent Score also
17:11:46 Soul_Decision: 300 had a decent score also lol
17:12:11 rokchik: have you listened to any of Juans uploads...they should be on a soundtrack
17:12:44 rokchik: I liked the score for 300 also. One of my faves is the score from Dragonheart.
17:12:51 Soul_Decision: I haven't
17:13:10 Soul_Decision: I'll check out the Dragonheart one
17:13:34 rokchik:
17:13:47 rokchik: that's Juans stuff...I really liked it
17:14:10 Soul_Decision: Sweet I'll check it out
17:14:35 Soul_Decision: Can you play Stairway to Heaven?
17:15:17 rokchik: Only the intro...I haven't tried to learn that sone in a very long time actually
17:15:37 Soul_Decision: Yeah, It's a hard song
17:15:46 rokchik:
17:15:52 Soul_Decision: I want to learn the solo to it
17:15:54 rokchik: that's the Dragon heart song
17:16:09 Soul_Decision: I downlaoded the tab for GP but I feel like it's off
17:16:14 rokchik: yeah I want to learn the whole thing eventually
17:16:34 rokchik: However Stairway is one of my least fave Zeppelin songs
17:16:49 Soul_Decision: I can understand why
17:16:55 Soul_Decision: I really only liked the solo
17:16:57 rokchik: Over the Hills and far away I can play and most of Ramble on
17:18:00 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:18:36 Soul_Decision: Right now I'm learning some Dream Theater songs and Altitiudes by Jason Becker
17:18:44 rokchik: very cool
17:18:57 Soul_Decision: The problem with DreamTheater is I can't transcive it too GP5
17:19:09 rokchik: that kind of sucks
17:19:20 Soul_Decision: I can't find a way to create a 15 and 17 N tuplet
17:19:43 rokchik: I'm not sure either
17:20:00 Soul_Decision: Yeah it really sucks
17:20:11 Soul_Decision: How long have you been playing the guitar?
17:20:26 rokchik: did you ask the question on the forum...someone may know
17:20:34 rokchik: just over 2 years
17:20:38 Soul_Decision: I'm going to
17:20:40 rokchik: tou?
17:20:44 rokchik: *you
17:20:51 Soul_Decision: 5 months
17:21:04 rokchik: cool...ambitious smile.gif
17:21:17 Soul_Decision: Lol, yeah
17:21:31 Soul_Decision: I try to play the harder stuff and get a little but
17:21:51 Soul_Decision: Then when I play easy stuff I learn it very fast lol
17:21:56 Soul_Decision: It' funny
17:21:58 rokchik: LOL
17:22:29 rokchik: I tried to learn songs for awhile but then whe I joined here I moved more towards technique
17:22:47 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:23:03 rokchik: Now I find it easier to learn songs because my understanding and tecnique are better
17:23:11 Soul_Decision: Right
17:23:15 Soul_Decision: That's why I joined
17:23:17 rokchik: but everyone learns differently
17:23:32 Soul_Decision: Because I was playing stuff but didn't understand the technique behind it
17:24:06 rokchik: I can...for the most part anyway...pick out styles and tecniques in a song
17:24:32 Soul_Decision: Sweet
17:24:51 rokchik: this site has done so much for my's amazing really. I've learned more in 6 months that I ever did the year and a half previous
17:25:01 Soul_Decision: Nice
17:25:22 Soul_Decision: What kind of guitar do you have?
17:25:58 rokchik: I have a Gibson LP standard and a Garrison G20
17:26:10 Soul_Decision: I have a Fender Starcaster
17:27:01 rokchik: Was gonna buy a Fender earlier the leaning towards an Ibanez...should have one pretty soon I think...or the B/F is getting me it for Christmas not sure yet
17:27:12 Soul_Decision: Nice
17:27:16 Soul_Decision: I like Ibanez
17:27:24 Soul_Decision: I want to get a B.C Rich guitar
17:27:26 rokchik: I like the neck size
17:27:40 rokchik: cool
17:27:40 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:27:59 rokchik: I haven't tried BC Rich...bit to metal for me I think
17:28:17 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:28:29 Soul_Decision: Thier guitars leans a lot towards metal
17:28:50 rokchik: Ibanez too really...but I really liked the RG1570
17:29:04 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:29:27 rokchik: so is your strat and american strat?
17:29:29 Soul_Decision: I played thier Xpt 900 (something like that) Xiphos guitar
17:29:36 rokchik: cool
17:29:54 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:30:12 rokchik: nice...I like the American strats
17:30:25 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:31:06 Soul_Decision: So do you have anyone you play with?
17:31:21 rokchik: no sad.gif
17:31:32 Soul_Decision: :/
17:31:50 Soul_Decision: That sucks
17:31:50 rokchik: you?
17:31:56 Soul_Decision: I don't either
17:32:03 rokchik: sad.gif
17:32:48 Soul_Decision: I got to play with a bass player once
17:32:50 Soul_Decision: It's fun
17:33:54 rokchik: cool...I have a very good buddy who playes but he doesn't live near me. But when we get together we play a bit. Usually after a few lollipops smile.gif
17:34:05 rokchik: Mostly irish stuff though with him
17:34:19 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:34:29 Soul_Decision: Any Dropkick Murphy stuff?
17:34:47 rokchik: Oh my you like the Murphy's?
17:34:54 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:35:03 rokchik: your my new best friend:)
17:35:10 Soul_Decision: MY friend pointed them out in a movie once
17:35:16 Soul_Decision: The Departed I think it was
17:35:23 rokchik: very cool...what about Flogging Molly
17:35:28 Soul_Decision: I liked them
17:35:38 rokchik: Yeah they were in The Departed
17:35:53 Soul_Decision: I've heard of them
17:36:02 Soul_Decision: I don't think I've ever listened to them though
17:36:08 rokchik: cool...I love that type of music.
17:36:27 Soul_Decision: Sweet
17:36:31 rokchik: In the band and artist thread I have a Celtic fusin should check it out
17:36:41 Soul_Decision: I will smile.gif
17:37:02 rokchik: I have the Departed song there and a Flogging mollys one too
17:37:11 rokchik: plus some recomendations
17:37:15 Soul_Decision: Nice!
17:37:33 rokchik: I'm listening to Flogging Molly right now actually smile.gif
17:37:43 Soul_Decision: Lol cool
17:38:00 rokchik: It's definatly Friday night music
17:38:07 Soul_Decision: Yeah?
17:38:13 rokchik: oh yeah
17:38:41 Soul_Decision: I'll check them out too lol
17:40:03 rokchik: Hi again
17:40:10 Soul_Decision: Lol
17:40:16 Soul_Decision: Computer went crazy on me
17:40:23 rokchik: LOL
17:40:36 rokchik: your 19 correct?
17:40:40 Soul_Decision: Yes
17:41:00 rokchik: 30 here
17:41:13 Soul_Decision: Cool
17:42:00 Soul_Decision: What's your FB name
17:42:03 Soul_Decision: ?
17:42:22 rokchik: FB name??? not sure what you mean
17:42:26 Soul_Decision: Facebook
17:42:35 rokchik: ahhh are you on there
17:42:39 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:42:55 Soul_Decision: Hi Muris
17:43:04 muris: hey guys
17:43:18 rokchik: Hey Muris...log time no chat
17:43:23 rokchik: *long
17:43:26 muris: yeah smile.gif
17:43:32 muris: all fine here?
17:43:38 Soul_Decision: Yes
17:43:47 rokchik: great
17:43:53 muris: good
17:44:02 rokchik: listening to irish music...getting ready for the pub smile.gif
17:44:12 muris: ah ok wink.gif
17:44:45 rokchik: no lollipops weekend to DD
17:45:00 muris: DD?
17:45:07 rokchik: designated driver
17:45:15 muris: smile.gif
17:45:31 muris: too many short names
17:45:32 Soul_Decision: That sucks lol
17:45:40 muris: I just can't follow all that wink.gif
17:45:50 Soul_Decision: I've been there a couple times
17:46:00 rokchik: my group of friends alternate weekends when we do go out. It's safer and cheaper then cabs. Plus we make sure everyone gets home safe
17:46:26 rokchik: if your gonna drink you have to be responsible
17:46:32 muris: of course
17:46:43 muris: I've seen too may accidents
17:46:53 rokchik: same...lost some friends too
17:46:55 muris: many*
17:47:10 muris: I lots drummer few years ago
17:47:16 muris: great friend...
17:47:19 Soul_Decision: Sorry to hear that
17:47:19 muris: and musicians
17:47:30 muris: but he wasn't drinking at all
17:47:35 rokchik: I've been there too. Never good...
17:47:43 muris: the other driver was
17:48:11 Soul_Decision: :/
17:48:13 rokchik: mysels and soul decision where talking about that's craziness for this day and age to drink and drive
17:48:34 muris: from 12 to 25
17:48:39 muris: drunk and driving
17:48:41 muris: horror
17:48:42 rokchik: some people....well I just won't finish that comment....getting fired up now
17:49:05 muris: ok smile.gif
17:49:11 rokchik: smile.gif
17:49:17 muris: wanna talk bout guitar?
17:49:24 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
17:49:27 rokchik: Muris you posed a new lesson today right?
17:49:33 muris: who doesn't ha wink.gif
17:49:40 rokchik: smile.gif
17:49:50 muris: I'm uploading new at the moment
17:49:56 Soul_Decision: Sweet
17:50:00 muris: tho another one is waiting to be published
17:50:21 Soul_Decision: Muris do you use GP5?
17:50:21 rokchik: cool...i thought I saw a couple of new ones but wasn't sure. though one was yours
17:50:39 muris: that's Boss,right?
17:50:55 Soul_Decision: No
17:51:00 rokchik: what is the lesson about Muris?
17:51:04 muris: ahh sory
17:51:07 muris: guitar pro
17:51:18 muris: is that it?
17:51:21 Soul_Decision: Yes
17:51:32 muris: I think it's version 5
17:51:38 Soul_Decision: It is
17:51:48 Soul_Decision: Do you transcribe with it?
17:52:00 rokchik: brb guys...doorbell
17:52:03 muris: transcribe what?
17:52:07 muris: ok rock
17:52:18 Soul_Decision: Music
17:52:43 Soul_Decision: Lol
17:52:55 muris: mean like for figuring out new things?
17:53:05 Soul_Decision: Yeah or compose something
17:53:22 muris: I use it only for lessons
17:53:30 muris: to tab/notate stuff
17:53:42 Soul_Decision: Ok cool
17:53:49 Soul_Decision: I've been using it for a while
17:54:03 Soul_Decision: And I can't figure out how to do a 15 and 17 n tuplet
17:54:30 muris: probably 7+8 or som
17:54:55 Soul_Decision: I see
17:55:40 Soul_Decision: I'm learning a couple Dream Theater songs and thier solos are crazy
17:55:54 muris: ahh
17:56:05 muris: I thought you wanna tab your own stuff smile.gif
17:56:13 Soul_Decision: That also lol
17:56:38 muris: Jonh uses to play not so articulate runs here and there
17:56:49 muris: sometimes it's 15,19,21
17:56:56 muris: no use of counting it at all wink.gif
17:57:08 Soul_Decision: Lol I see
17:57:23 muris: same with Malmsteen
17:57:38 muris: while we have Gilbert..a pure type machine
17:57:45 muris: wink.gif
17:57:57 Soul_Decision: Yeah
17:58:15 Soul_Decision: What is your new lesson on?
17:58:54 muris: picking,easier stuff
17:59:06 muris: and In Style Off...waiting for publishing
17:59:19 rokchik: ok Back..sorry friend just got back in town and brought me some treats smile.gif
17:59:33 muris: nice smile.gif
17:59:36 rokchik: very
17:59:56 rokchik: She brought me some teas actually....I love my tea
17:59:57 Soul_Decision: Yum
18:00:10 muris: tea is fine
18:00:19 muris: specialy during hot summer wink.gif
18:00:29 rokchik: anytime really
18:00:37 Soul_Decision: I'm having some tea right now lol
18:01:15 rokchik: she got me some White, green, chai and some flavored stuff...raspberry
18:01:23 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
18:02:01 Soul_Decision: Who's style are you going to teach Muris?
18:02:04 rokchik: ohhh and a cranberry/strawberry....good thing the water is boilin smile.gif
18:02:19 Soul_Decision: Good stuff
18:02:21 muris: ahh,can't tell smile.gif
18:02:28 muris: but you'll like it wink.gif
18:02:28 Soul_Decision: :/
18:02:31 rokchik: surprises...yeeeeeee
18:02:37 muris: aha
18:03:10 rokchik: the other you say is a picking lesson?
18:04:05 Soul_Decision: I'll be back in a few minutes
18:04:14 rokchik: cool
18:04:28 rokchik: computer problems?
18:05:02 muris: reconneted wink.gif
18:05:21 rokchik: cool
18:05:33 rokchik: so your other lesson is a picking one is it Muris
18:05:51 muris: yeah
18:06:11 muris: hello Gen
18:06:13 rokchik: very picking is getting better...but slow going
18:06:16 rokchik: hey Gen
18:06:19 Gen: hello people
18:06:23 muris: no worries
18:06:28 muris: this one will help a lot wink.gif
18:06:34 rokchik: very cool
18:06:52 muris: have you tried my last one about picking?
18:07:18 muris: upstroke focus..Kris named it that way
18:07:51 rokchik: was that the fingerpicking one or the alt picking one?
18:08:02 muris: alt picking
18:08:06 muris: came out few days ago
18:08:40 muris: brb diner
18:08:46 rokchik: I looked at it but never tried very hard to be honest. I do your fingerpicking lesson all the time though.
18:08:57 rokchik: cool...enjoy
18:09:18 rokchik: so what are you up too Gen?
18:12:35 Gen: im practicing the layla solo biggrin.gif
18:12:59 Gen: and the rest of the song too ofc
18:13:25 rokchik: cool
18:14:44 Gen: and you?
18:17:06 Soul_Decision: I'm back
18:17:11 rokchik: listening to juans uploads right now...getting ready to go out aswell
18:17:35 Soul_Decision: Rkchick you're leaving me! sad.gif
18:17:42 muris: back
18:18:02 rokchik: not yet man...soon though
18:18:10 rokchik: how was dinner Muris
18:18:25 muris: fine,thanks smile.gif
18:19:36 muris: so,who hasn't voted for me on LickSpace still? wink.gif
18:19:53 Soul_Decision: Me
18:20:09 rokchik: I am not aware..what do you mean?
18:20:11 Gen: do i need to have an account on the site to vote?
18:20:28 muris: yeah sad.gif
18:20:39 muris: must register to vote
18:20:46 Gen: oh, so i ll create one tomorrow
18:20:47 muris: but it goes fast
18:20:55 muris: minute or two
18:20:57 Gen: and i ll vote for
18:21:03 muris: thanks wink.gif
18:21:09 Gen: me!!! even thought i didnt made a video
18:21:14 rokchik: I will check this out Muris....what is it for though
18:21:14 Gen: lol jk
18:21:29 muris: competition for Jem guitar
18:21:35 Soul_Decision: ohmy.gif
18:21:51 Soul_Decision: I should enter lol
18:22:13 rokchik: Ahhh anther to the dark side....Pavel and Andrew will be happy?
18:22:22 rokchik: smile.gif
18:22:26 Gen: biggrin.gif
18:22:36 rokchik: I'm checking it out now actually
18:22:54 muris: wink.gif
18:22:55 Gen: muris and walliman are the best imo
18:23:01 Gen: on the contest
18:23:20 muris: IF I get it by some chance,I'm gonna give it to Mirza
18:23:29 Gen: mirza?
18:23:39 muris: guy who buileded my new custom
18:23:41 Gen: ohh i know, its my second name right? biggrin.gif
18:23:43 muris: as a gift
18:23:45 Gen: oh okay biggrin.gif
18:23:59 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:24:08 Soul_Decision: He would be happy
18:24:16 Gen: but man, i think it will be signed by steve vai right?
18:24:25 muris: yeah
18:24:27 muris: it's signed
18:24:27 Gen: wow
18:24:33 Gen: so that ll be an awesome gift
18:24:34 muris: ohoho
18:24:41 muris: Slam is in
18:24:42 Gen: hey slammy whammy
18:24:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:24:45 muris: drop your guns
18:24:48 Slammer: where?
18:24:50 Soul_Decision: Hey Slammer
18:24:50 muris: wink.gif
18:24:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:24:56 Slammer: LOL
18:24:59 Slammer: not for long though
18:25:06 Slammer: I gotta cook dinner
18:25:07 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:25:24 rokchik: SLAMMER!!!!!!!! what is going on buddy?
18:25:26 Gen: i know how to cook pastas!!
18:25:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:25:33 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
18:25:35 muris: I just had one tho smile.gif
18:25:35 rokchik: I love pastas
18:25:35 Slammer: whats up rocky
18:25:37 Gen: lol
18:25:44 Soul_Decision: I want pasta
18:25:51 Slammer: I'm cooking Stir Fry
18:25:55 Slammer: with Steak ohmy.gif
18:25:57 muris: I don't want pasta
18:26:02 muris: I'm full......
18:26:05 Gen: lol
18:26:06 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:26:11 muris: wink.gif
18:26:23 rokchik: ohhh I love stir fry...and steak smile.gif
18:26:43 Soul_Decision: Good stuff
18:26:54 Soul_Decision: What have you been up to Slammer
18:27:01 Soul_Decision: ?
18:27:29 Slammer: Nmu
18:27:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:27:57 Slammer: well
18:27:59 Slammer: cya muris
18:32:09 visi0n: hi there guys
18:32:14 Slammer: *slap*
18:32:15 Slammer: hello
18:32:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:32:20 rokchik: hey visiOn
18:32:21 visi0n: ello govnah biggrin.gif
18:32:28 Slammer: Hey
18:32:28 visi0n: hey rokchik
18:32:29 Gen: lol lol
18:32:33 Slammer: that's my line
18:32:36 visi0n: hey Gen
18:32:44 Gen: hey vision biggrin.gif
18:32:44 visi0n: yes true, thats slammers line
18:32:45 Slammer: You stole Slammer's line :{
18:32:54 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:32:55 visi0n: i never steel
18:33:04 Slammer: ah, you steal?
18:33:09 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:33:11 visi0n: nah i didnt stole :X
18:33:19 visi0n: i only copied it
18:33:22 visi0n: biggrin.gif
18:33:27 Slammer: like Kurt copies this
18:33:30 rokchik: LOL
18:33:34 visi0n: haha
18:33:39 Slammer: <8) <<< Patrick from spongebob
18:33:46 visi0n: lol!
18:33:47 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:33:48 Gen: lol
18:33:54 visi0n: how are you doing guys ? biggrin.gif
18:34:00 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:34:03 Soul_Decision: Alright
18:34:13 rokchik: good
18:34:24 Slammer: I'm just Showing Gen some of my crappy songs sad.gif
18:34:32 visi0n: i'm going to record the video's too, of that 2 lessons
18:34:37 Gen: lol nooo its not crappy at all
18:35:46 Slammer: *slap*
18:35:50 Slammer: ok guys I gtg cook
18:35:52 Slammer: ttyl
18:35:53 Soul_Decision: Ouch
18:35:57 Soul_Decision: o_O
18:36:00 rokchik: cool...see ya
18:36:04 Soul_Decision: Laters
18:36:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:36:59 rokchik: Ctually guys I gotta run too....peoples are showing up now to go out. talk soon
18:37:04 Slammer: ok
18:37:09 Gen: gotta go too
18:37:13 Gen: im off to bed
18:37:14 rokchik: have fun cooking Slammer
18:37:17 Soul_Decision: Laters Chik
18:37:19 Slammer: ok
18:37:20 Slammer: thanks
18:37:21 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:37:22 rokchik: nighty night Gen
18:37:29 Gen: good night biggrin.gif
18:37:29 rokchik: bye
18:38:25 Slammer: bye guys
19:56:51 shredmandan: *whip* *whip*
19:56:52 Slammer: LOL
19:56:55 Slammer: hey man
19:56:59 Slammer: how ya been?
19:57:00 shredmandan: hey
19:57:03 shredmandan: good u?
19:57:08 Slammer: not bad
19:57:25 Slammer: GED :|
19:57:30 Slammer: man
19:57:42 Slammer: I go to the Classes like 10 hours a week
19:57:51 Slammer: but
19:57:54 shredmandan: cool
19:57:57 Slammer: it's so freaking Loud
19:58:01 Slammer: no not col
19:58:02 Slammer: cool
19:58:04 shredmandan: lol
19:58:04 Slammer: sad.gif
19:58:09 Slammer: like
19:58:19 Slammer: 30 loud kids
19:58:23 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:58:27 Slammer: hard to study
19:58:34 shredmandan: man i had like 15 in mine
19:58:44 Slammer: Yeah
19:58:51 Slammer: did you do it on Paper?
19:59:06 shredmandan: yep
19:59:26 Slammer: man
19:59:36 Slammer: sometimes I wish I could do it on paper
19:59:38 Slammer: too
19:59:42 Slammer: I use the PC
19:59:45 Slammer: Program
19:59:49 Slammer: but
19:59:57 Slammer: Paper is better imo
19:59:59 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:00:20 shredmandan: oh what a day.Typical friday
20:00:26 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:00:28 shredmandan: hey
20:00:30 Slammer: what happened?
20:00:34 visi0n: heyy
20:00:41 visi0n: im tired, i was practicing my guitar
20:00:50 Slammer: visi0n... this is like the 3rd time you've been in today
20:00:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:00:58 shredmandan: nothing thats my point lol i guess atleast the wife is home now and doesnt work till sunday
20:01:00 Slammer: me too
20:01:16 visi0n: alternate picking of muris, and some chord en scale practicing on my own
20:01:33 shredmandan: i did get some new gear last week
20:01:34 visi0n: i think i got a bit further tonight
20:01:44 visi0n: nice, what for ?
20:02:02 shredmandan: i think u were here when i posted it visi0n
20:02:36 shredmandan: I got the fender gdec that i did a review on and the fostex 8 track recorder which i did a review on and a kustom 2 12'' 100 watt amp
20:02:39 visi0n: i always check who's on the chat smile.gif
20:02:53 visi0n: cool how does it sound ?
20:03:29 Slammer: Swee2 amps?
20:04:01 Slammer: sweet*
20:05:24 shredmandan: the Kustom is a big disapointment .The gain on the amp is like ac/dc distortion at max lol.It does have really great clean channel and is very very loud along with celstion speakers.The fender is really cool practice amp and the fostex recorder is a masterpeice just dont get alot of time to use it
20:05:56 Slammer: yeah
20:06:01 Slammer: I tries
20:06:07 Slammer: the fender
20:06:09 Slammer: many times
20:06:13 Slammer: at guitar center
20:06:19 Slammer: I like the presets
20:06:39 visi0n: i've got a Fender Deluxe 85 amp
20:06:52 shredmandan: i think i may sell the fostex just cause i never get to use it.You can check them out in gear reviews i wrote.The fender really is cool especially the drum samples
20:07:02 shredmandan: visi0n you like your fender
20:07:37 shredmandan: you know i can hook up the recorder to my pc and make my own cd's of my recordings.Thats pretty cool
20:07:56 visi0n: yes i like the fender, especially the clean channel
20:08:10 shredmandan: I think fender makes good amps.
20:08:22 Slammer: Dan
20:08:26 Slammer: why sell it?
20:08:29 Slammer: it's nice
20:08:32 visi0n: yes fenders are good
20:12:29 Slammer: *slap*
20:12:31 Slammer: yo
20:12:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:12:36 visi0n: yo
20:12:57 Slammer: sup?
20:13:51 visi0n: not much, im sleepy tongue.gif
20:13:57 shredmandan: brb
20:14:00 visi0n: what time is it by you guys over there ?
20:14:19 Slammer: 8:14 pm
20:14:24 visi0n: its here 2.15 AM
20:14:35 visi0n: need to go to bed tongue.gif
20:14:44 Slammer: LOL
20:14:46 Slammer: yep
20:15:00 Slammer: you are 6 hours ahea
20:15:03 Slammer: ahead
20:15:14 visi0n: biggrin.gif gehehe
20:17:15 Slammer: LO
20:17:18 Slammer: LOL
20:17:21 Slammer: where do you live?
20:17:22 Slammer: *slap*
20:17:39 visi0n: The Netherlands.. dont slap meeee sad.gif
20:17:40 visi0n: lol
20:17:44 visi0n: you ?
20:17:54 visi0n: *meow*
20:18:06 Slammer: Miami
20:18:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:18:15 Slammer: btw
20:18:22 Slammer: Speaking of the Netherlands
20:18:25 Slammer: you know
20:18:34 visi0n: yes?
20:18:36 Slammer: there is a Baseball player on the Marlins
20:18:43 Slammer: Who is from the Netherlands
20:18:55 visi0n: hmm dont know
20:18:57 Slammer: His name is Rick Vandenhurk
20:19:06 visi0n: dont know him :X
20:19:28 Slammer:
20:19:50 Slammer: do you know where Eindhoven is?
20:19:55 visi0n: yes
20:20:02 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:20:12 visi0n: xD not THAT far from here
20:20:16 visi0n: im from Rotterdam
20:20:29 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:20:31 Slammer: funny name
20:20:33 visi0n: tongue.gif
20:20:36 visi0n: lol biggrin.gif
20:21:38 Slammer: so what is the name of your band/
20:21:46 visi0n: Stiff Nipple
20:21:54 Slammer: LOL
20:21:56 visi0n: lol
20:21:56 Slammer: really?
20:21:59 visi0n: yes
20:22:02 Slammer: OMG
20:22:04 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:22:06 visi0n: hahaha
20:22:09 Slammer: interesting
20:22:42 visi0n: its not that interesting band thoug
20:24:32 Slammer: LOL
20:25:21 Slammer: y not?
20:25:58 visi0n: the singer cant sing ...
20:26:30 Slammer: is the singer you?
20:26:34 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:26:40 visi0n: no haha
20:29:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:29:13 Slammer: man
20:29:18 Slammer: what kinda music do you play
20:29:19 Slammer: ?
20:29:42 visi0n: what i play is
20:30:00 visi0n: rock,neoclassic
20:30:06 visi0n: more joe satriani, vai style
20:30:12 visi0n: and yngwie malmsteen
20:30:13 Slammer: cool
20:30:19 Slammer: do you ever try
20:30:23 Slammer: Guns and Roses
20:30:29 visi0n: yes
20:30:38 Slammer: or Led Zeppelin
20:30:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:30:41 visi0n: yes
20:30:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:30:48 Slammer: what about
20:30:50 Slammer: the Beatles
20:30:58 visi0n: were going to play Dont Cry with the band
20:31:02 visi0n: guns and roses
20:31:07 visi0n: i know the beatles too
20:31:10 Slammer: LOL
20:31:17 Slammer: November Rain?
20:31:31 visi0n: november rain is nice
20:31:54 Slammer: sup nicky
20:31:59 visi0n: hi
20:32:06 Nick325: sup dont call me that
20:32:18 visi0n: lol
20:32:32 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:32:35 Slammer: Nicolai
20:32:47 Slammer: ohmy.gifP
20:32:48 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:33:04 Slammer: Nick Carter
20:33:18 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:33:37 JVM: arr!
20:34:06 Slammer: <8) Hey Mr. Crabs
20:34:12 Nick325: lol :{
20:35:18 Slammer: *slap*
20:35:25 Nick325: *whip*
20:36:24 Slammer: *meow*
20:37:14 Slammer: ello
20:37:25 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
20:37:30 Slammer: wheres everyone at?
20:37:32 Nick325: stop ur waking me up
20:37:34 JVM: you dont need to do that >:(
20:37:35 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:37:36 JVM: if you say something
20:37:38 JVM: ill respond
20:37:48 Slammer: I'm not talking to you
20:37:49 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:37:59 Nick325: ohmy.gif
20:38:02 Nick325: biggrin.gif
20:38:10 visi0n: guys im going to bed
20:38:12 Slammer: I was talking to MVJ
20:38:14 visi0n: see you tomorrow all biggrin.gif
20:38:18 Slammer: ok
20:38:20 Slammer: Visi
20:38:27 visi0n: smile.gif
20:38:32 visi0n: good night all
20:38:35 visi0n: see you
20:38:40 Slammer: ok cya
20:38:44 JVM: so slammer
20:38:47 Nick325: cya
20:38:49 JVM: it got backordered again for 30 days
20:38:54 Slammer: no
20:38:56 JVM: so i canceled it and ordered it from sweetwater
20:38:59 Slammer: dude
20:39:03 Nick325: wat u order
20:39:09 Slammer: you should just went to Guitar Center
20:39:13 Slammer: or Sam ash
20:39:13 JVM: the toneport
20:39:25 Nick325: o
20:39:34 Nick325: i just went to guitar center bought it and left in 5 mins
20:39:43 JVM: lol
20:39:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:39:47 JVM: well im used to doing it online
20:39:47 Slammer: u se JVM
20:39:56 JVM: so ill always do it online
20:40:18 Slammer: talk about Flatlander
20:40:20 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:41:06 JVM: well
20:41:06 JVM: lol
20:41:10 JVM: either way itll be here next week
20:41:36 Slammer: btw, JVM, did you get my dumb little BT?
20:41:40 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:41:49 JVM: i did
20:41:52 JVM: lemme listen to it again
20:41:57 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:42:01 Slammer: whatever
20:42:08 JVM: something sounded slightly out of tune or something
20:42:08 Slammer: Late at night
20:42:14 Slammer: LOL
20:42:21 Slammer: probably the fake bass
20:42:28 Slammer: LOL
20:43:35 JVM: it did give me some ideas for leads though
20:43:42 Slammer: yeah
20:43:49 Slammer: I recorded a Solo over it
20:43:50 JVM: i think itd sound really good with a rhythmic lead... kinda neil young john fogerty type thing
20:43:59 Slammer: It sounds alot better with a Lead
20:44:15 Slammer: like I recorded a take with a solo
20:44:17 JVM: i also got the feeling a bass intro would be cool
20:44:45 Slammer: Just Blended together with the Song, when I added a Solo
20:44:57 JVM: can you send me that?
20:45:06 Slammer: no
20:45:08 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:45:11 Slammer: I don't have it
20:45:12 JVM: lol
20:45:15 JVM: okay
20:45:26 Slammer: at least I don't remeber where its at
20:45:47 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:45:47 Slammer: but that was a rough BT, late at night, so critisize too much
20:46:10 Slammer: plus, I don't have a bass
20:46:12 Slammer: LOL
20:46:16 JVM: the bass is pretty good actually
20:46:18 JVM: lol
20:46:36 Slammer: LOL I dropped my 6th string to C
20:46:46 JVM: lol
20:46:53 Slammer: for the Bass Riff
20:47:00 Slammer: I actually kinda like the Bass Riff tongue.gif
20:47:07 JVM: i could re record it with a real bass
20:47:11 JVM: we could see how it sounds anyway
20:47:22 Slammer: you want the tab?
20:47:33 JVM: keep it til i get the toneport lol
20:47:37 Slammer: wait... you can figure it out by ear
20:47:42 JVM: yeah probably
20:47:47 Slammer: not to hard
20:47:50 JVM: the drums need some more spice to em
20:47:55 JVM: some fills
20:48:53 Nick325: what u use for making it slammer
20:49:04 Slammer: making what?
20:50:17 chast: *slap*
20:50:25 Slammer: ello
20:50:43 chast: omg
20:50:50 chast: a friend of mine is so drunk
20:50:53 chast: ...
20:51:09 JVM: hehe
20:51:17 chast: the first time i think
20:51:28 chast: he is totally "out of business"
20:51:59 chast: we were in a pub
20:52:13 chast: and half of the time we were there, he was on the toilette
20:52:14 chast: lol
20:52:31 Nick325: slammer making the backing
20:52:42 chast: but, i have to sleep
20:52:45 chast: im tired
20:52:54 chast: just want you to have a good night
20:53:00 chast: cu smile.gif
20:53:21 Slammer: bye
20:53:48 Slammer: I don't make BT
20:53:53 Slammer: because
20:53:58 Slammer: JVM is the Master BT maker
20:54:24 Slammer: yep
20:54:39 Slammer: his BT, made Eric JOhnson Fire his band
20:54:54 Slammer: yep
20:55:11 Slammer: I'll bet JVM has his own Professinal BT making Company
20:55:30 JVM: lol
20:55:34 Slammer: it's called JVMakes better BT's than you"
20:56:06 Slammer: yep
20:57:04 Slammer: Lavendell
20:57:08 Slammer: Hello
20:57:14 lavendell: Hello smile.gif
20:57:18 lavendell: what's up?
20:57:22 Slammer: nothing much
20:57:26 JVM: hey marcus
20:57:31 lavendell: Hi JVM
20:57:36 Slammer: Just talking to JVM about how he is a Great BT maker
20:57:55 Slammer: he is gonna start a Collab, with his Master BT
20:58:09 JVM: and i was just talking to slammer
20:58:11 lavendell: ah... cool! I'll check it out!
20:58:12 JVM: about how hes such a liar tongue.gif
20:58:17 lavendell: hahaha
20:58:19 JVM: though I am going to do a collab lol
20:58:25 Slammer: by himself
20:58:27 JVM: hes just exaggerating a bit..]
20:58:38 lavendell: what kind of collab will it be?
20:58:45 JVM: rock in dm
20:58:51 lavendell: smile.gif
20:58:52 Slammer: I think it will be called "JVM
20:59:00 lavendell: where's the BT?
20:59:07 Slammer: in his
20:59:10 Slammer: Secret
20:59:15 JVM: havent gotten it down, cause im waiting for my toneport to arrive tongue.gif
20:59:23 lavendell: ah... ok ok!
20:59:27 Slammer: secret BT folder
20:59:33 JVM: it got backordered for like a month so I canceled the order and got it from sweetwater instead of musicians friend
20:59:41 JVM: taking forever sad.gif
21:00:35 visi0n: shhhhht slammer tongue.gif
21:00:36 lavendell: I haven't tried that Toneport, but isn't the pocketPOD something to go for nowadays?
21:00:38 JVM: hey visi0n
21:00:42 visi0n: hey
21:00:43 JVM: well
21:00:50 JVM: I'm going to build myself a laptop later this year
21:00:56 JVM: and ill probably buy a xtlive
21:00:58 visi0n: i came, because i saw marcus here
21:01:03 JVM: or see what the x3's look like
21:01:05 visi0n: wanted to say hi biggrin.gif
21:01:06 lavendell: Visi0n... weren't you off to bed? smile.gif
21:01:08 Slammer: Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
21:01:10 Slammer: Hahahahahahahahahah
21:01:12 Slammer: Hahahahahahhaha
21:01:14 Slammer: Hahahahahahahaha
21:01:16 visi0n: yes true
21:01:19 visi0n: slammer ! spammer lol
21:01:22 Slammer: Visi0n you're too funny
21:01:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:01:37 Slammer: you're as funny as JVM is a Great BT maker
21:01:53 visi0n: marcus, my fingers just hurt, for beeing practicing for 2 days of your songs
21:01:56 visi0n: all that bends lol
21:02:04 Nick325: hey marcus
21:02:07 lavendell: oh... I'm sorry about that!
21:02:22 visi0n: no problem, its worth it
21:02:29 lavendell: Hey Nick!! smile.gif
21:02:37 lavendell: how are you?
21:02:37 visi0n: about the high E bend
21:02:50 lavendell: yes? the high E bend?
21:02:53 Nick325: good u
21:03:02 lavendell: I'm fine!
21:03:02 visi0n: very dangerous bend, if i bend that too high my string will snap
21:03:24 Slammer: lavendell I want to thank you
21:03:26 lavendell: I've never broken a string by playing that note!
21:03:44 visi0n: you use 009 ?
21:03:44 lavendell: Slammer: thanks... but why? smile.gif
21:04:04 lavendell: yeah .009 or .010
21:04:06 visi0n: i never broke too, but im always afraid that i will break it
21:04:28 lavendell: vision: what guitar do you have?
21:04:37 visi0n: i use the g b e of an 009 string
21:04:46 visi0n: e a d from a 010
21:04:56 visi0n: i have a Richwood guitar
21:05:01 visi0n: look is same as yours biggrin.gif
21:05:08 lavendell: awesome!
21:05:20 visi0n: and using Fender Deluxe 85 amp
21:05:23 visi0n: with Pod 2
21:05:31 lavendell: ok, great!
21:05:50 lavendell: I'm curious about that new POD
21:05:56 visi0n: same
21:06:01 lavendell: Think I'll get one soon
21:06:01 visi0n: you mean the pocket pod ?
21:06:09 lavendell: no, the POD x3
21:06:15 Slammer: Marcus, thanks for being on GMC, IMO you are the best guitarist here. and you Inspire me alot in my playing, and I hope that one day I can play Half as good as you
21:06:19 Slammer: Damn
21:06:22 visi0n: o.O whoa, i didnt heart about that one
21:06:29 visi0n: heard*
21:07:14 Slammer: oops
21:07:16 Slammer: oh well
21:07:17 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:07:22 visi0n: biggrin.gif
21:07:26 visi0n: shall we go to bed ??
21:07:27 visi0n: lol
21:07:30 JVM: what do you know about the x3s marcus?
21:08:15 lavendell:
21:08:25 Slammer: I'll say it again
21:08:26 lavendell: looks great! smile.gif
21:08:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:08:31 Slammer: Marcus, thanks for being on GMC, IMO you are the best guitarist here. and you Inspire me alot in my playing, and I hope that one day I can play Half as good as you
21:08:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:08:51 lavendell: wow! Thanks Slammer!
21:08:56 Slammer: no thank you
21:09:08 lavendell: If there's anything I can do to help you... just let me know!
21:09:17 Slammer: sure
21:09:27 Slammer: hey Vision
21:09:34 visi0n: yes slam ?
21:09:44 Slammer: when does you Band go on TV?
21:09:52 visi0n: sleep.gif
21:09:55 visi0n: biggrin.gif
21:10:00 Slammer: like in the Pics
21:10:01 lavendell: I'd like to know that too!
21:10:04 Slammer: I sae a gig
21:10:12 Slammer: it looks like it could be on TV
21:10:48 visi0n: well not with our singer
21:11:19 lavendell: do you have a demo recorded, visi0n?
21:11:31 visi0n: of what ?
21:11:43 lavendell: of your band? your own songs?
21:12:22 visi0n: the band i have is just a school band
21:12:31 visi0n: we only play covers with that band
21:12:42 lavendell: ok
21:12:43 visi0n: i try to write my own songs
21:13:13 visi0n: but i always get stuck lol
21:13:35 lavendell: well, I believe that happens to all of us! smile.gif
21:13:41 visi0n: smile.gif
21:13:51 visi0n: one day i will have a song recorded
21:14:19 lavendell: that's great
21:14:34 visi0n: yeah .. i just love to play the guitar
21:14:38 lavendell: what kind of recording equipment have you got?
21:14:42 visi0n: i play everyday more than 4 hours
21:14:49 visi0n: i only got the pod2
21:14:58 visi0n: and an extreme music sound card
21:15:08 visi0n: i plug it on the line in, and record with cool edit pro
21:15:18 lavendell: ah... ok ok
21:15:23 Slammer: LOL
21:15:29 Slammer: I have cool edit pro too
21:15:36 JVM: okay guys
21:15:38 visi0n: yes it is a very simple program
21:15:41 JVM: well ive got stuff to do tonight
21:15:43 JVM: so im out tongue.gif
21:15:43 visi0n: i do have sony acid pro too
21:15:46 Slammer: no
21:15:52 Slammer: you stay right here
21:15:55 JVM: that x3 live looks pretty tasty.. wonder how much itll cost
21:15:58 visi0n: but i like to work with cool edit pro
21:16:02 lavendell: ok, bye bye JVM! Nice talking to you! smile.gif
21:16:04 Slammer: or maybe you will make another BT
21:16:14 Slammer: btw JVM
21:16:29 visi0n: marcus
21:16:34 visi0n: how long do you play the guitar ?
21:16:35 lavendell: yep!
21:16:46 lavendell: how long - each day?
21:17:00 visi0n: i mean, how long, since the beginning
21:17:05 visi0n: biggrin.gif
21:17:28 lavendell: oh, I wrote the full story in my FAQ
21:17:40 lavendell: youäll find it in the Ask an instructor-area
21:17:51 visi0n: oke biggrin.gif
21:17:58 visi0n: i play now for 3 years
21:18:12 visi0n: each day more then 4 hours
21:18:34 lavendell: If you keep that up, you'll become one of the big ones!!
21:18:47 visi0n: :?
21:18:51 visi0n: lol
21:19:08 lavendell: but remember you need to sleep and eat sometimes as well smile.gif smile.gif
21:19:18 visi0n: yes true
21:20:11 visi0n: i think im going to bed
21:20:15 visi0n: biggrin.gif
21:20:19 visi0n: tired
21:20:21 lavendell: yeah, me too!
21:20:27 Slammer: LOL
21:20:28 Slammer: yes
21:20:30 lavendell: ok, see you around!
21:20:33 Slammer: let's Leave Slammer alone
21:20:34 visi0n: marcus, it was nice to chat with you
21:20:40 visi0n: see you marcus smile.gif
21:20:40 Slammer: sad.gif
21:20:45 Slammer: LOL
21:20:51 Slammer: take care Marcus
21:21:07 visi0n: i have so much respect for marcus
21:21:23 visi0n: hes inspiring me like hell
21:21:40 Slammer: yeah me to
21:21:46 visi0n: well slammer, im going off to bed
21:21:52 Slammer: him and Kris are my favorites from GMC
21:21:52 visi0n: i wont come back this time
21:21:53 visi0n: lol
21:21:58 Slammer: OK
21:22:00 Slammer: dude
21:22:03 visi0n: marcus and muris are my favorite
21:22:05 Slammer: have fun
21:22:12 visi0n: i see you tomorrow man smile.gif
21:22:35 Slammer: ok mna
21:22:38 Slammer: bye
21:22:40 visi0n: cya
21:26:45 ace_frehely: hello?
21:56:16 bballkid2076: hii
21:59:06 bballkid2076: anyonee here
22:12:40 Slammer: *slap*
22:12:43 Slammer: Hello
22:12:46 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:14:04 bballkid2076: hah hey
22:15:43 Slammer: LOL
22:15:57 Slammer: I'm guessing you like Basketball
22:16:34 bballkid2076: hah yeah I do--- ive only been playing guitar for about 2 weeks actually
22:16:59 Slammer: LOL
22:17:15 Slammer: omg
22:17:17 Slammer: you're new
22:17:18 Slammer: LOL
22:17:29 Slammer: I thought I saw you around before
22:17:29 bballkid2076: haha a change for once right
22:18:12 bballkid2076: hah maybe... howw long have you been playing for
22:18:37 Slammer: 5
22:18:44 bballkid2076: oh nice
22:18:52 Slammer: LOL
22:19:14 bballkid2076: watcha working on
22:19:15 Slammer: u don't even know what that means
22:19:18 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:19:21 Slammer: it could mean
22:19:22 Slammer: days
22:19:26 Slammer: or months
22:19:31 Slammer: or hours
22:19:32 bballkid2076: haha true or decades
22:19:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:19:36 bballkid2076: but i assumed yearss
22:19:39 Slammer: years biggrin.gif
22:19:43 Slammer: yep
22:19:57 Slammer: so welcome to GMC
22:19:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:20:05 bballkid2076: haha thanks theres so much on here
22:20:13 Slammer: so what's your fav team?
22:20:25 bballkid2076: hmm college or professional
22:20:29 Slammer: nba
22:20:38 bballkid2076: knicksss sadly rite now
22:20:40 bballkid2076: u
22:20:46 Slammer: Heat tongue.gif
22:20:57 bballkid2076: haha are from around miami
22:21:03 Slammer: yep
22:21:06 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:21:06 Slammer: you from NY?
22:21:16 Slammer: Probably
22:21:23 bballkid2076: well Nj but dont liek the nets
22:21:27 Slammer: LOL
22:21:36 Slammer: Jets?
22:21:39 Slammer: or Giants?
22:21:46 Slammer: Yankees or Mets?
22:21:49 bballkid2076: giantss--- sadly again
22:21:52 bballkid2076: yankees
22:21:54 bballkid2076: ah wat about u
22:22:02 Slammer: Rangers or Islanders?
22:22:03 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:22:11 bballkid2076: hmm rangers i guess
22:22:12 Slammer: Heat, Marlins, Dolphins tongue.gif
22:22:15 Slammer: LOL
22:22:16 Slammer: duh
22:22:34 bballkid2076: haha so watcah been practicing recently here
22:23:43 Slammer: LOL
22:23:45 Slammer: alot of stuff
22:23:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:24:28 bballkid2076: hahah tahts good... ive just been trying to solo on the a pentatonic scale but im already getting sick of it haha
22:24:43 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:25:44 bballkid2076: haha yeah ive deccided that im probably more interseteed in leraning scales and some short riffs so i can solo rather than learning other songs
22:25:51 Slammer: well, thats alway good to start out with
22:25:57 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:26:13 Slammer: so how old were you when you started playing?
22:26:15 Slammer: I was 13
22:26:43 bballkid2076: haha yeah but since I only know A minor pentatonic the solos seem simliar just turned 16 wednesday so im a lreally late but watever
22:26:54 Slammer: no way
22:26:58 Slammer: You're not late at all
22:27:01 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:27:13 Slammer: most ppl will start in there 20's and 30's
22:27:17 bballkid2076: hah i hope not
22:27:20 bballkid2076: hmm interesting
22:27:25 Slammer: I mean
22:27:51 Slammer: alot of ppl, like Go to School, and Party their whole teen and College years
22:28:00 Slammer: and when they're like 25
22:28:04 Slammer: will start to learn
22:28:06 Slammer: LOL
22:28:38 bballkid2076: haha yeah guess so... its already frustrating... being good seems so far away
22:28:55 Slammer: nah
22:29:00 Slammer: learn some songs
22:29:03 Slammer: it's fun
22:29:08 Slammer: like learn Chords
22:29:21 Slammer: it's always helpful
22:29:29 bballkid2076: well i learned the basic acdc ones and then a few others
22:29:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:29:42 bballkid2076: wat type of music do u generally play
22:29:45 Slammer: me
22:29:50 Slammer: Blues-Rock
22:29:53 Slammer: Like
22:29:58 Slammer: SRV
22:30:01 Slammer: and CLapron
22:30:04 Slammer: Clapton*
22:30:05 bballkid2076: hah well thats what i'm going for actually but rite now it doesnt sound anything llike that
22:30:09 Slammer: Hendrix
22:30:11 Slammer: Zeppelin
22:30:15 Slammer: that kinda stuff
22:30:16 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:30:24 bballkid2076: samee actually
22:30:36 Slammer: I recorded a Blues song
22:30:42 Slammer: and put it on the Forum
22:30:43 bballkid2076: oh can i hear it
22:30:47 Slammer: a long time ago
22:30:49 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:30:50 bballkid2076: oh ok lemme seach for it
22:30:53 Slammer: no
22:30:55 Slammer: LOL
22:30:59 Slammer: you won't find it
22:31:04 bballkid2076: haha fineee
22:31:08 Slammer: well
22:31:38 Slammer:
22:31:40 Slammer: LOL
22:31:44 Slammer: nothing special
22:35:06 bballkid2076: haha i thought it was really good that last run was cool too
22:35:12 Slammer: LOL
22:35:16 Slammer: well thanks I guess
22:35:25 Slammer: so what guitar do you have?
22:36:04 bballkid2076: some really really bad ibanez u--- well it doesnt seem that bad but it was like a starter kit my mom got me for my dbay sowatever u?
22:36:14 Slammer: well
22:36:19 Slammer: Ibanez isn't to bad
22:36:29 Slammer: I got a Fender Showmaster QMT HH
22:36:36 bballkid2076: niceeee nicee
22:36:49 Slammer: btw
22:37:02 Slammer: do you know the Smoke on the Water riff?
22:37:44 bballkid2076: yeah kinda i know the tab but played it like once
22:37:59 Slammer: LOL
22:38:05 Slammer: yep it's pretty Easy
22:38:18 bballkid2076: yeahh it is
22:38:59 Slammer: dude
22:39:12 Slammer: do you plan on being around the GMC forums alot?
22:39:27 Slammer: if so
22:39:30 Slammer: you shold
22:39:44 Slammer: make a
22:39:51 Slammer: Introdcution thread
22:39:53 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:40:02 Slammer: so ppl will know who you are
22:40:04 Slammer: LOL
22:40:12 bballkid2076: oh i was considering it but just never made one
22:40:16 Slammer: do it
22:40:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:40:27 Slammer: I'll be the first one to say welcome
22:40:49 bballkid2076: hahah k i will soon
22:41:17 Slammer: LOL
22:41:39 bballkid2076: i can play the intro to jessica pretty cleanly i learned it a few days agoo
22:41:46 Slammer: nice
22:42:47 Slammer: well, welcome to the world of guitar
22:42:52 Slammer: you're one of us
22:42:53 Slammer: now
22:42:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:43:50 bballkid2076: hahah thankss--- i just hope i keep up practicing as mch as i ahve thhese first few weeks
22:44:04 Slammer: yep
22:45:28 Slammer: wb
22:45:38 bballkid2076: my computer is going crazyy
22:48:21 Slammer: LOL
22:48:29 Slammer: you should *slap* it

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