Guitar Chat with Pavel etc. 2007-09-22
Sep 24 2007, 06:33 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
10:29:05 Vinod: Hello
10:29:16 Vinod: lol
10:29:21 Vinod: *slap*
10:29:34 Slammer: LOL
10:29:37 Slammer: sup?
10:29:45 Slammer: u almost are in chat as much as me tongue.gif
10:30:00 Smikey2006: hey guys
10:30:01 Slammer: ello govnah
10:30:12 Vinod: hi
10:30:35 Slammer: what's new Smike?
10:30:46 Smikey2006: heh a new amp is whats new smile.gif
10:30:51 Slammer: ohmy.gif
10:30:55 Slammer: tell us about it
10:31:09 Smikey2006: Peavey VK100 smile.gif
10:31:23 Smikey2006: valve king 100 watts + cab its not very heavey but i like it
10:32:00 Slammer: cool
10:32:16 Slammer: first tube amp?
10:32:27 Smikey2006: nah second
10:32:44 Smikey2006: but im playing some prog stuff with a second band and they thought my krank was too heavy lol
10:32:57 Smikey2006: there even trying to teach me keyboard
10:33:04 Slammer: LOL
10:33:20 Smikey2006: i wonder what kris would think of keyboard lessions haha.. they want me to be like tony mcalpine
10:33:29 Smikey2006: play guitar when appropriate and the rest of the time play keys
10:33:32 Slammer: KMC?
10:33:49 Slammer: LOL
10:33:54 Smikey2006: lol
10:33:58 Smikey2006: yea haha
10:33:59 Slammer: nah... doesn't have a ring to it
10:34:06 Smikey2006: nope not at all
10:34:20 Smikey2006: but still haha we've got bass lessions, we've got guitar and singing
10:34:32 Slammer: well,
10:34:33 Smikey2006: if it was piano lessions at least there would be strings smile.gif
10:34:46 Slammer: Bass and Vocals could help a guitarist
10:34:48 Slammer: Maybe
10:35:08 Slammer: Unless guitar is your only thing
10:35:16 Smikey2006: yea
10:35:25 Slammer: how's the shop coming
10:36:34 Smikey2006: urgg soo slow
10:37:02 Smikey2006: the other guys im running it with are haviing financial difficulties away from the shop
10:37:24 Smikey2006: so they have no money to input and im only really selling stuff offline cause our site is offline again
10:37:31 Smikey2006: its still there but its back to an ideas page sad.gif
10:38:15 Slammer: well, at least you're trying
10:38:20 Smikey2006: im not worried.. it wasn't gunna happen overnight.. or even over a year maybe it'll take a couple
10:38:21 Slammer: we commend you for that smile.gif
10:38:27 Smikey2006: yea im making a few sales so its alright smile.gif
10:38:43 Slammer: plus..
10:38:45 Slammer: you're what
10:38:46 Slammer: 20?
10:38:47 Slammer: right
10:39:08 Slammer: years old ^
10:39:53 Smikey2006: yea
10:40:15 Slammer: well, ya still got plenty of time biggrin.gif
10:40:27 Smikey2006: exactly my thoughts too smile.gif
10:41:23 Slammer: besides, once you get going. I'll be shopping ya for good deals on gear smile.gif
10:41:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
10:41:41 Slammer: and you wull give old GMC pal, 10% Discount
10:41:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
10:41:49 Slammer: LOL jk jk
10:42:16 Smikey2006: haha great deals is what we will have
10:42:18 Smikey2006: eventually smile.gif
10:43:05 Slammer: do you go to college?
10:43:20 Smikey2006: university at western ontario
10:43:29 Smikey2006: and im taking business haha smile.gif so once im out ill have alot more to add
10:43:29 Slammer: what's your major?
10:43:32 Slammer: oh nvm
10:43:40 Smikey2006: Business of Commerce smile.gif
10:43:50 Slammer: or Buiness of Guitar
10:43:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
10:44:04 Smikey2006: lol that wud be an awsome university program smile.gif
10:44:09 Slammer: YEAH
10:44:11 Slammer: like
10:44:26 Slammer: how to get started in the Musical Intrement Field
10:44:40 Slammer: and since
10:44:52 Slammer: there isn't much Competetion around
10:45:11 Slammer: Your Sucess rate is pretty good
10:45:12 Slammer: LOL
10:46:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: morning fellas
10:47:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
10:47:11 Slammer: morning
10:47:13 Slammer: ESJ
10:47:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
10:47:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hows it going ?
10:47:44 Slammer: not bad
10:47:48 Slammer: not bad at all
10:47:50 Slammer: ohmy.gif
10:48:07 Slammer: you?
10:48:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good
10:48:47 Slammer: dude, have you been able to go to school?
10:48:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: windows media played always freezes though so thats gay
10:48:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
10:49:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I went from wednesday to friday
10:49:03 Slammer: are you still sick
10:49:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no I dont have mono
10:49:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
10:49:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: the test was negative
10:49:25 Slammer: biggrin.gif good to hear
10:49:31 Slammer: Welcome BAck
10:49:35 Slammer: LOL
10:49:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thanks !
10:50:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I keep thinking about the concert
10:50:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: It was so good
10:50:08 Slammer: LOL
10:51:03 Smikey2006: heh sry guys i just ran away for sum brekki smile.gif
10:51:08 Smikey2006: hey ESAJ
10:51:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Seether sang this really emotional song that wasnt released yet and it was called " Lake Suicide" and like its about the lead singers brother killing himself and it was like really good
10:51:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey smikey
10:52:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
10:52:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: there was crazy mosh pits at the concert
10:53:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like people punching each other in the mouth
10:53:39 Slammer: LOL
10:55:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Heyy guest you cant talk , but sign up ! biggrin.gif
10:55:55 Slammer: unless he is a member
10:55:57 Slammer: ohmy.gif
10:56:00 Slammer: I will ask him
10:56:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nah
10:57:11 Slammer: LOL
10:59:23 Slammer: LOL
10:59:45 Slammer: tongue.gif
10:59:45 Slammer: I shouldn't scare the guests away
11:00:35 Slammer: hello people
11:00:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:00:44 Slammer: sad.gif
11:00:59 Slammer: I love it when ppl come in
11:01:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: stop crying , baby !
11:01:04 Slammer: and they see Slammer
11:01:10 Slammer: so they leave
11:01:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:01:16 Slammer: It's funny as heck
11:01:25 Slammer: LOL
11:01:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah or I just hit " ignore"
11:01:37 Slammer: wink.gif
11:02:10 Smikey2006: lol
11:02:26 Smikey2006: be back in a bit guys i need to get ready for ma day
11:02:34 Slammer: what's ma day?
11:02:38 Slammer: is it like
11:02:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: his moms birth day
11:02:51 Slammer: Maple Syrup day or something
11:03:27 Slammer: or perhaps... a attempt at "slang" talk
11:03:30 Slammer: ma day
11:03:32 Slammer: tongue.gif
13:25:46 Kurt: hey Iluha smile.gif
13:26:26 Iluha: hey dude
13:26:35 Kurt: sup?
13:26:46 Iluha: you wouldn't happen to know how to convert midi into mp3 would ya? tongue.gif
13:27:01 Kurt: no sry tongue.gif
13:27:04 Kurt: lol
13:27:24 Kurt: I don´t know about that lol
13:27:26 Iluha: did you hear Juan's recording of my song?
13:27:43 Kurt: no....where is it? lol
13:27:52 Iluha: lol wait ill link you up..
13:28:03 Kurt: thx wink.gif
13:28:35 Iluha:
13:29:10 Iluha: the thing is, it's preety good, but it's missing two guitars which in my opinion give the song another sound
13:30:59 Kurt: two guitars?
13:31:20 Iluha: in total there's supposed to be 3 guitars in the recording.. but he only recorded 1 tongue.gif
13:31:36 Kurt: ahhhh lol
13:31:42 Iluha: im talking about backing not the lead
13:32:03 Kurt: I thought i hear three guitars lol
13:32:19 Iluha: lol you hear two smile.gif
13:32:34 Iluha: anyways I'm doing it for a female friend of mine
13:32:47 Iluha: so I don't wether to put Juan's recording on the cd
13:32:52 Iluha: or just the midi file
13:33:42 Kurt: yeah´s your decision lol
13:33:52 Kurt: but I really like what I hear smile.gif
13:33:58 Iluha: but do you think he's recording sounds decent?
13:34:14 Iluha: I can't judge it properly cause I'm looking for perfection with this one tongue.gif
13:35:13 Kurt: no for my opinion this recording-style fits pretty good to the song i think smile.gif
13:35:35 Iluha: ok thanks, I think i'll put the recording on the cd smile.gif
13:35:50 Iluha: it would also save me the trouble of converting the midi lol
13:36:12 Kurt: right wink.gif there are only good aspects lol
13:36:31 Iluha: yups....
13:37:08 Iluha: I found a new free way of getting mp3s lol
13:37:21 Kurt: really? lol
13:37:28 Iluha: there's a site that converts youtube movies into either movie files or mp3's
13:37:49 Kurt: wow smile.gif
13:37:53 Iluha:
13:38:20 Kurt: cool... thanx wink.gif
13:38:41 Iluha: I'm just using it to get th songs I want to put in her cd
13:38:56 Iluha: so far I thought of Andy TImmons - Cry For You
13:39:20 Iluha: Paul Gilbert - 2 become 1, beautiful girls are insane
13:39:25 Iluha: still dunno about the rest
13:39:48 peterorg54: hi
13:39:49 Kurt: hey peter
13:39:53 Iluha: hey
13:40:20 peterorg54: ;
13:42:52 peterorg54: *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap*
13:43:00 Kurt: sad.gif
13:43:02 peterorg54: *slap* *whip* *meow*
13:43:05 Kurt: lol
13:43:13 peterorg54: so
13:43:17 Kurt:´s enough i think lol
13:43:19 Iluha: thank god my sound is turned off smile.gif
13:44:03 peterorg54: [u];
13:44:13 Kurt: wasup now peter? lol
13:44:28 peterorg54: nothing
13:44:37 peterorg54: just peaceful saturday moring
13:44:55 Kurt: wow...morning...from where are you?
13:45:00 Iluha: morning lol
13:45:06 peterorg54: i live in oregon
13:45:23 Kurt: ahhh.... ok smile.gif
13:45:30 Kurt: and you Iluha?
13:45:38 Kurt: from where are you?
13:45:52 peterorg54: and you kurt ?
13:45:58 Kurt: :Austria lol
13:46:08 peterorg54: hoh
13:46:21 Kurt: yeah...its evening here wink.gif
13:46:35 peterorg54: hi
13:46:42 Jenkinson: hello
13:46:43 Jenkinson: guys
13:46:46 Kurt: hi Jenkinson smile.gif
13:46:54 Jenkinson: do any of you have the capability to upload a video
13:46:55 Iluha: hi
13:47:00 Jenkinson: i recorded like 6 minutes last night
13:47:11 Jenkinson: and ive been trying for 3 hours to upload it
13:47:13 Iluha: kurt im from israel
13:47:17 Jenkinson: to youtube / myspace / photobucket
13:47:22 Jenkinson: and no luck yet
13:47:24 Jenkinson: can someone help me?
13:47:25 Kurt: cool Iluha smile.gif
13:47:39 Iluha: whats the size of your file?
13:47:43 Jenkinson: hmm
13:47:46 Jenkinson: i dont know
13:47:52 Jenkinson: its on my downstairs computer
13:47:55 Jenkinson: ill go log on down there
13:47:56 Jenkinson: ok?
13:48:03 Iluha: ok tongue.gif
13:48:12 peterorg54: *slap*
13:48:36 Kurt: peter are you new at GMC?
13:48:43 peterorg54: yeah
13:48:48 Kurt: cool smile.gif
13:49:03 Kurt: how long have you been playing guitar?
13:49:16 peterorg54: just beginner ..
13:49:31 Kurt: so how long? lol
13:49:31 peterorg54: used to play piano,
13:49:36 peterorg54: well
13:49:42 peterorg54: 5 months.. ?
13:49:43 Kurt: yeah I play piano too smile.gif
13:49:55 peterorg54: cool
13:50:14 Kurt: and trumpet too lol
13:50:29 peterorg54: ho
13:50:31 peterorg54: cool
13:50:34 Kurt: what kinda music do u like?
13:50:42 peterorg54: well
13:50:49 peterorg54: um\
13:50:50 peterorg54: blues
13:50:51 peterorg54: or
13:50:53 peterorg54: rock
13:51:05 peterorg54: almost everything except rap..
13:51:09 Kurt: nice.. I am also a real blues fan smile.gif
13:51:18 Kurt: yeah....hip hop sucks lol
13:51:26 peterorg54: well good rap is good
13:51:28 peterorg54: but
13:51:32 peterorg54: like
13:51:42 peterorg54: many of them are just
13:51:44 peterorg54: like
13:51:46 peterorg54: go like
13:51:48 peterorg54: in da club
13:51:49 peterorg54: and
13:51:51 peterorg54: say
13:51:52 peterorg54: yeah
13:51:53 peterorg54: yeha
13:51:54 peterorg54: yeha
13:51:55 peterorg54: sucks
13:52:00 Kurt: lol
13:52:02 Kurt: lol
13:52:03 Kurt: lol
13:52:04 Kurt: lol
13:52:05 Kurt: lol
13:52:05 Kurt: lol
13:52:07 peterorg54: lol
13:52:12 Kurt: 8)
13:52:15 Iluha: agreed
13:52:22 Kurt: you´re right!!!!
13:52:25 Kurt: loo
13:52:26 Kurt: l
13:52:30 Kurt: lol
13:52:56 Kurt: so you must also know about classical music when u play piano right? smile.gif
13:53:07 peterorg54: little bit ..
13:53:37 Kurt: do u have a favourite guitarist/Band?
13:53:49 peterorg54: well
13:53:57 peterorg54: i like lifehouse..
13:54:02 Kurt: 8)
13:54:08 Kurt: who´s that? lol
13:54:11 peterorg54: *slap*
13:54:17 Kurt: sad.gif
13:54:24 Kurt: I don´t know them?
13:54:25 peterorg54: search at google !
13:54:27 Kurt: !
13:54:39 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
13:54:39 Kurt: youtube wink.gif
13:55:40 peterorg54: and i like Yngwie Malmsteen.
13:55:40 Kurt: I am listening to you and me smile.gif
13:55:47 Jenkinson: had some trouble logging in
13:55:52 Jenkinson: the file is 97.5 mb
13:55:55 Jenkinson: : (
13:56:23 Iluha: theres your problem tongue.gif
13:56:42 Kurt: peter...lifehouse is cool
13:56:43 Kurt: but
13:56:46 Iluha: for youtube it needs to be a max of 50 megabytes
13:56:55 Jenkinson: can i compress it
13:56:58 Kurt: not that kind of music I usually listen to lol
13:56:58 Jenkinson: or shrink it?
13:57:05 peterorg54: well
13:57:13 peterorg54: they are just quiet rock and rool band ..
13:57:18 Iluha: Yeah But I don't know how :X
13:57:26 peterorg54: *roll
13:57:31 Kurt: yep wink.gif
13:57:46 Kurt: or even Pop?
13:57:55 peterorg54: maybe..
13:57:56 Slammer: hola
13:57:59 peterorg54: hi
13:58:00 peterorg54: sam
13:58:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:58:10 Kurt: hi
13:58:13 Kurt: slammer lol
13:58:16 Slammer: ello govnah
13:58:35 Jenkinson: no one can help me?
13:58:40 Slammer: with what>
13:58:45 Jenkinson: compressing my video size?
13:58:49 Jenkinson: its almost 100 mb
13:58:51 Slammer: sad.gif
13:58:52 Jenkinson: and i need to upload it
13:58:57 Slammer: do you have a Program
13:59:05 peterorg54: sad.gif
13:59:08 Jenkinson: yes?
13:59:21 Slammer: which?
14:00:36 Slammer: *slap*
14:00:38 Slammer: ello
14:00:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:00:43 peterorg54: wake up
14:00:45 peterorg54: talk
14:00:47 Slammer: oh woah
14:00:50 Slammer: woaho wah
14:00:54 Slammer: la la la
14:00:56 Slammer: la
14:00:58 peterorg54: *slap* *slap*
14:00:59 Slammer: woahewhoa
14:01:14 Kurt: wowawewah lol
14:01:20 Slammer: Ey man
14:01:23 Kurt: 8)
14:01:33 Slammer: I'm a Reggae singa now mon
14:01:56 Kurt: 8)
14:01:58 Slammer: oh ya ya ya ya ya
14:02:08 Slammer: I chot de sherifff
14:02:18 Kurt: my friend has a very famous reggae band here in austria lol
14:02:23 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:02:25 Slammer: WTF
14:02:41 Slammer: thats like a Chinese Hip hop group
14:02:51 Kurt: shall i give you a link?
14:02:54 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:02:57 Slammer: LOL
14:03:02 Kurt: sad.gif
14:03:06 Slammer: jk jk I'm sure they're great
14:03:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:03:27 Slammer:;_ylt=AnS7...p&type=lgns
14:03:40 Slammer: who woulda thought ^^^
14:04:13 Slammer: LOL
14:04:25 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip* wake up ppl
14:04:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:04:48 peterorg54: brb
14:06:13 Slammer: Yo Iluha
14:07:16 peterorg54: do u guys wanna see really funny video?
14:07:40 peterorg54: *slap*
14:07:52 peterorg54: hey
14:08:04 Slammer: hello
14:08:06 Slammer: Pete
14:08:08 peterorg54: *slap* *slap* *slap*
14:08:09 Slammer: what's up?
14:08:19 peterorg54: want to see a video ??
14:08:25 Slammer: of what?
14:08:30 Slammer: Bugs Bunny?
14:08:36 peterorg54: named chinese hip hop...
14:08:38 Kurt: 8)
14:08:40 Iluha: I need to learn to play the piano lol
14:08:43 peterorg54: this is insane
14:08:43 peterorg54: lol
14:08:46 peterorg54: lo.l
14:08:47 Slammer: me too
14:08:50 peterorg54: here
14:08:52 peterorg54:
14:08:54 Iluha: so many beautyfull things can be playd on it
14:08:58 Slammer: yes
14:09:05 Slammer: I can't play piano for Squat
14:09:05 peterorg54: go watch it
14:09:08 peterorg54: now
14:09:12 Jenkinson: guys
14:09:20 Jenkinson: i broke my 6 minute movie down into sections
14:09:20 Kurt: whats our favourite composer? smile.gif
14:09:21 Slammer: Kurt is a Great Piano Player
14:09:24 Jenkinson: im going to try to upload that
14:09:26 Kurt: yeah wink.gif
14:09:28 Kurt: lol
14:09:34 Kurt: no!!
14:09:35 Slammer: video of what?
14:09:49 Iluha:
14:10:34 peterorg54: anyone saw my link ?
14:10:42 Slammer: Ya LOL
14:10:43 peterorg54: *slap*
14:10:45 Iluha: I saw the first picture and turned it off smile.gif
14:10:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:14:10 peterorg54: *meow*
14:16:16 Jenkinson: guys
14:16:23 Jenkinson: will you check out my video once its uploaded?
14:17:13 peterorg54: sure
14:17:21 Jenkinson: cool
14:17:39 Slammer: video of what
14:17:41 Slammer: ???
14:17:42 Slammer: sad.gif
14:20:22 Slammer: Yo
14:20:25 Slammer: Soul
14:20:37 Soul_Decision: Hey
14:20:48 peterorg54: hi
14:21:15 Soul_Decision: What are you guys up to?
14:21:27 Slammer: nmu
14:21:41 Jenkinson:
14:21:48 Jenkinson: guy
14:21:51 Jenkinson: go check that out
14:21:54 Jenkinson: and give me feedback
14:21:55 Soul_Decision: Cool I guess
14:21:59 Soul_Decision: I just woke up smile.gif
14:22:58 Slammer: I just saw it
14:23:02 Slammer: How long you been playing?
14:23:21 peterorg54: i just saw it
14:23:34 Jenkinson: umm
14:23:36 Jenkinson: 11 months now
14:23:41 Slammer: not bad
14:23:46 Jenkinson: ty
14:23:56 Jenkinson: its not my best
14:23:59 Slammer: keep it up biggrin.gif
14:24:03 Jenkinson: but i find that im nervous in front of an audience
14:24:08 Slammer: yeah me too
14:24:09 Jenkinson: and the camera makes me feel the same way
14:24:10 Kurt: its not how many months....its how many hours lol
14:24:10 Slammer: sad.gif
14:24:15 Kurt: ^^
14:24:17 Jenkinson: so right kurt
14:24:18 Jenkinson: plus
14:24:21 Soul_Decision: Lol
14:24:21 Jenkinson: i recorded that
14:24:25 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:24:26 Jenkinson: at the end of a 5-6 hour day
14:24:28 peterorg54: good one kurt
14:24:31 peterorg54: wass cool
14:24:33 Jenkinson: so my hands were .... tired at lest
14:24:44 Slammer: Kurt is the best guitarist here IMO
14:24:50 Kurt: tongue.gif
14:24:50 Jenkinson: least*
14:24:51 Slammer: he's a pro
14:24:59 Jenkinson: guys
14:25:04 Slammer: isn't that right kurt
14:25:06 Jenkinson: if i upload another will you check i t out?
14:25:11 Slammer: sure
14:25:11 peterorg54: ohohohh
14:25:13 Jenkinson: k
14:25:17 Jenkinson: lemme go edit
14:26:11 Slammer: Kurt is number 1, Jenk is no. 2, Peter is no. 3 Soul is number 4. Slammer is no. 17653
14:26:22 Kurt: no!!!!!!!!!!
14:26:23 Soul_Decision: :0
14:26:29 Slammer: on the list of players here
14:26:33 Jenkinson: lol
14:26:33 Kurt: slammer is no. 17652
14:26:34 Slammer: it's true sad.gif
14:26:36 Kurt: tongue.gif
14:26:42 Jenkinson: wow i got spot #2
14:26:49 Jenkinson: ill tell you who is good on this site
14:26:54 Jenkinson: ezradb
14:26:56 Jenkinson: or something like that
14:26:59 Jenkinson: that kid can rock
14:27:05 Kurt: Marcus is the best smile.gif
14:27:07 Slammer: yep
14:27:08 peterorg54: im freaking noob
14:27:08 Jenkinson: lol
14:27:09 Jenkinson: no doubts
14:27:13 Slammer: ok
14:27:14 Jenkinson: in my opinion
14:27:16 Jenkinson: marcus
14:27:21 Jenkinson: then kris
14:27:22 Jenkinson: then pavel
14:27:24 Slammer: Soul, no .3 and Pete no. 4
14:27:33 Kurt: then slammer
14:27:36 Jenkinson: lol
14:27:38 Slammer: no. 272726262
14:27:54 Jenkinson: guys kris is the only person i have ever seen copy sweet child of mine solo exactly
14:27:59 Jenkinson: he hits it on the money
14:28:03 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:28:15 Slammer: Marcus and kris are my faves
14:28:40 Slammer: Marcus czx of his technique, and Kris cuz he's like the coolest Instructor here
14:29:04 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:29:29 peterorg54: i like Gabriel
14:30:58 Slammer: he's GOod
14:33:27 Jenkinson: i like gabe also he rocks
14:33:56 Slammer: yep
14:34:49 Jenkinson: ok
14:34:51 Soul_Decision: We're going to rock like that one day
14:34:57 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:35:16 Jenkinson: next thing im uploading is me practicing a song wrote
14:35:36 Slammer: great
14:35:43 peterorg54: going to tkae shower
14:35:46 peterorg54: bye
14:36:01 Slammer: LOL
14:36:06 Slammer: thanks for telling us
14:36:07 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:36:11 Soul_Decision: lol
14:38:23 Slammer: hey Soul_Decision
14:38:46 Slammer: *slap*
14:38:54 Soul_Decision: Yeah?
14:39:06 Slammer: you want to hear a song I wrote
14:39:12 Soul_Decision: Sure
14:39:14 Slammer: LOL
14:39:17 Kurt: no!! lol
14:39:20 Slammer: It sucks
14:39:20 Kurt: tongue.gif
14:39:22 Slammer: sad.gif
14:39:22 Soul_Decision: ohmy.gif
14:39:31 Soul_Decision: His is that bad tongue.gif
14:39:35 Slammer: yep
14:39:36 Slammer: sad.gif
14:39:39 Soul_Decision: :/
14:39:46 Kurt: no...I know the song....its cool wink.gif
14:39:51 Slammer: no you don't
14:39:56 Kurt: 8)
14:39:58 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:39:58 Slammer: cuz I never showed it to you
14:40:02 Kurt: ok...............
14:40:42 Jenkinson: ok guys
14:40:48 Jenkinson: this song im about to upload
14:40:50 Jenkinson: is a song i wrote
14:40:53 Jenkinson: but when i recorded it
14:40:57 Jenkinson: i was just practicing
14:41:08 Jenkinson: so there is like 2 parts where i play the wrong thing and then continue
14:41:14 Jenkinson: but over its pretty good i think
14:41:23 Jenkinson: it has verse 1
14:41:25 Jenkinson: chorus
14:41:27 Jenkinson: and verse 2
14:41:34 Kurt: 8)
14:42:10 Slammer: LOL
14:42:12 Slammer: cool
14:43:11 Jenkinson: it was the chunk of that original file i was trying to upload
14:43:26 Slammer: LOL
14:43:27 Slammer: oops
14:43:34 Kurt: what´s wrong slammer? lol
14:43:41 Slammer: got signed out
14:43:52 Kurt: yep wink.gif
14:43:54 Kurt: tongue.gif
14:43:59 Slammer: unless you did it
14:45:22 Slammer: *slap*
14:45:23 Slammer: hello
14:46:02 Jenkinson: lol
14:46:09 Jenkinson: 30% of my video
14:46:11 Jenkinson: bah
14:46:15 Jenkinson: its not as good as i thought
14:46:20 Slammer: No worries
14:46:22 Jenkinson: i mess up 4 times
14:46:25 Jenkinson: : (
14:46:33 Jenkinson: sok i guess
14:46:34 Slammer: it's probably better than my song I wrote
14:46:37 Jenkinson: lol
14:46:46 Jenkinson: i didnt record it to show people
14:46:54 Kurt: lol
14:46:55 Jenkinson: but im lazy and dont want to record it again
14:47:01 Jenkinson: plus its not quite up to tempo
14:47:06 Jenkinson: but overall i think its good
14:47:14 Kurt: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<wow....les paul lol
14:47:19 Jenkinson: lol
14:47:21 Slammer: *whip* Soul_Decision
14:47:24 Slammer: whats up
14:47:25 Jenkinson: is that what you play?
14:47:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:47:32 Kurt: yep smile.gif
14:47:35 Jenkinson: nice
14:47:43 Jenkinson: i like the 2 tone silver and black burst ones
14:47:43 Kurt: and i have a strat too lol
14:47:49 Soul_Decision: Slammer
14:47:52 Jenkinson: i really like my strat
14:47:53 Soul_Decision: The song is nice
14:47:56 Jenkinson: its soooo loose
14:48:10 Slammer: LOL well thanks I guess 8)
14:48:10 Kurt: is it an american?
14:48:15 Jenkinson: mexican
14:48:22 Kurt: mine too lol
14:48:29 Jenkinson: just like marcus i believe
14:48:37 Kurt: dude...
14:48:46 Kurt: he has a scalloped neck
14:48:52 Jenkinson: yeah
14:48:52 Jenkinson: ol
14:48:56 Kurt: thats amazing lol
14:49:00 Jenkinson: yep
14:49:06 Jenkinson: i dont really even know what that means
14:49:09 Kurt: could it although be mex.?
14:49:24 Jenkinson: well he built his guitar
14:49:33 Kurt: Yngwie and richie blackore also played scalloped necks...
14:49:36 Jenkinson: so i dont think the neck is from a standard mexi strat
14:49:48 Jenkinson: and neither are his pickups
14:49:56 Jenkinson: but the body is def a mexi strat
14:49:58 Jenkinson: artic white
14:50:09 Kurt: you are the expert wink.gif
14:50:13 Soul_Decision: I'll be back later guys
14:50:16 Jenkinson: lol
14:50:18 Jenkinson: later soul
14:50:21 Slammer: ok
14:50:22 Slammer: man
14:50:22 Kurt: later
14:50:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:50:27 Jenkinson: i want to build a guitar
14:50:38 Jenkinson: after i take my circuits and electronics design course
14:50:54 Jenkinson: custom Jenkinson
14:50:55 Slammer: Kurt
14:50:56 Jenkinson: : )
14:50:58 Slammer: you know
14:51:05 Slammer: I kinda like "Slammer Sucks"
14:51:14 Slammer: LOL
14:51:18 Jenkinson: lol
14:51:21 Jenkinson: slammer
14:51:26 Kurt: you men that one gret song? lol
14:51:26 Jenkinson: how long you been playing?
14:51:31 Kurt: mean
14:51:33 Slammer: that's the name of my song btw
14:51:36 Slammer: LOL
14:51:39 Kurt: tongue.gif
14:51:41 Slammer: "Slammer Sucks"
14:51:54 Slammer: I've been playing 5 years
14:51:57 Jenkinson: damn
14:52:02 Jenkinson: and you kurt?
14:52:07 Kurt: 1 year smile.gif
14:52:13 Jenkinson: about same as me
14:52:17 Kurt: yep smile.gif
14:52:21 Jenkinson: i got a late start
14:52:24 Jenkinson: when i was 19... sad.gif/
14:52:36 Kurt: I am 17 now wink.gif
14:52:36 Slammer: I will show it to Jenkinson so he can laugh too
14:52:38 Slammer: ......
14:52:41 Slammer: Or not
14:52:45 Jenkinson: yeah show me
14:52:50 Jenkinson: 17 is good mn
14:52:57 Slammer: well.......
14:52:59 Jenkinson: by the time you are my age you will be ripping it up
14:53:00 Slammer: Click hi-fi
14:53:06 Slammer: on the link
14:53:07 Slammer: Click hi-fi
14:53:09 Jenkinson: ill be out of college before i will be good enough to lead in a band
14:53:12 Kurt: who knows lol ^^
14:53:15 Slammer:;songID=5799264
14:56:35 Slammer: LOL
14:56:39 Slammer: so kurt
14:56:44 Slammer: *slap*
14:56:45 Slammer: Kurt
14:56:59 Kurt: yes?
14:57:00 botoxfox: g'day ppl
14:57:02 Slammer: what's up botoxfox
14:57:13 Slammer: Kurt what are you studying in College
14:57:24 Kurt: I am not on college...
14:57:32 Kurt: I am 17 wink.gif
14:57:36 Slammer: oh
14:57:40 Slammer: I thought you said
14:57:42 Slammer: you were
14:57:43 Kurt: next year i´ll go there hopefully smile.gif
14:57:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:57:51 Slammer: and study Music?
14:57:53 Kurt: study music wink.gif
14:57:56 Slammer: LOL
14:57:57 Kurt: yeah lol
14:58:05 Kurt: or...
14:58:16 Slammer: LOL
14:58:17 Kurt: Philosophy
14:58:18 Slammer: or
14:58:20 Slammer: OK
14:58:24 Slammer: Kurt
14:58:28 Slammer: may I ask you something?
14:58:36 Kurt: yes!
14:58:38 Slammer: What is the meaning of life
14:58:40 Slammer: ?
14:58:45 botoxfox: 42
14:58:50 Kurt: I know...
14:59:02 Kurt: you mean the sense of life? lol
14:59:11 Slammer: more or less
14:59:11 Kurt: 8)
14:59:16 Kurt: its..
14:59:21 Kurt: to find out...
14:59:26 Slammer: Guitar??
14:59:36 Kurt: 8)
14:59:47 Kurt: I am confused now 8)
15:00:03 Slammer: whats up botoxfox
15:00:05 Slammer: *slap*
15:00:08 Slammer: *whip(
15:00:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:00:13 botoxfox: not much
15:00:32 botoxfox: check out my new masterpiece
15:00:39 Slammer: where?
15:00:56 Slammer: *meow*
15:01:11 botoxfox:
15:01:29 Slammer: LOL
15:01:39 Slammer: too much spare time??
15:01:45 Slammer: LOL
15:01:55 botoxfox: definitely biggrin.gif
15:02:20 Slammer: well, cya Jenks
15:02:21 Slammer: sad.gif
15:02:37 Kurt: sad.gif
15:03:14 Kurt: I guess he liked wink.gif
15:04:36 peterorg54: hi
15:04:46 botoxfox: hello..........
15:04:53 peterorg54: hi.............
15:05:04 botoxfox: sup?
15:05:25 peterorg54: just took shower ..
15:05:29 Slammer: thakns
15:05:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:05:34 Slammer: well
15:05:35 Slammer: guys
15:05:36 peterorg54: hey
15:05:37 Slammer: I gtg
15:05:46 Slammer: Cya wouldn't wanna be ya
15:05:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:05:56 Slammer: jk jk jk
15:06:04 botoxfox: farewell slammer
15:06:08 peterorg54: *slap*
15:06:15 peterorg54: :{
15:06:15 Slammer: bye by bbbyebyebeybeyebyebyebeyebyebyebeybeye
15:06:19 Slammer: I think they get the point
15:06:21 Kurt: cya slammer smile.gif
15:06:22 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:06:25 Slammer: btw
15:06:30 peterorg54: *slpa*
15:06:33 peterorg54: slap*
15:06:34 Kurt: lol
15:06:37 peterorg54: *slap*
15:06:40 Slammer: adios
15:06:43 Slammer: BYE
15:06:44 Slammer: Bye
15:06:46 Kurt: amigo
15:06:47 peterorg54: vya
15:06:48 Slammer: miz american pie
15:06:49 peterorg54: cya
15:07:01 Slammer: drove my chevy to the levy
15:07:08 botoxfox: auf wiedersehen
15:07:11 Slammer: but the levy was dry
15:07:15 Slammer: them good old boys
15:07:17 Kurt: tschüss
15:07:22 Slammer: drinking whiskey and Rye
15:07:31 Slammer: singing this will be the day that I die
15:07:38 Slammer: LALALA
15:07:42 Slammer: You know that song?
15:07:52 Kurt: no sad.gif
15:07:54 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:07:57 Slammer: it's a classic
15:08:03 peterorg54: :?
15:08:05 peterorg54: :!
15:08:07 Kurt: whats the name?
15:08:09 peterorg54: :@
15:08:10 peterorg54: :3
15:08:14 Slammer: American Pie
15:08:14 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
15:08:22 Kurt: oh...ok i know lol
15:08:35 Slammer: tongue.gif
15:08:45 Slammer:
15:09:26 Kurt: yeah dude i know wink.gif
15:09:29 Slammer: LOL
15:09:33 Slammer: LOL
15:09:34 Kurt: tongue.gif
15:09:35 Slammer: I know too
15:09:42 Kurt: cool lol
15:10:01 botoxfox: I have some hygiene issues to take care of...
15:10:12 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:10:15 Slammer: ok I gtg
15:10:16 Slammer: bya
15:10:29 botoxfox: In other words I will take a shower
15:10:49 botoxfox: I'll be back cool.gif
15:10:57 Kurt: <8)
15:11:13 botoxfox: c ya
15:14:02 peterorg54: so
15:14:06 peterorg54: im back
15:14:31 peterorg54: hey dude ?
15:15:15 peterorg54: well
15:15:23 peterorg54: im going to mall
15:15:24 peterorg54: cya
15:33:25 botoxfox: *meow* *slap* *whip*
15:33:36 Kurt: yo
15:33:54 botoxfox: helllo
15:33:59 Kurt: sup?
15:34:07 botoxfox: Hmm
15:34:29 botoxfox: Have to think about that for a second
15:34:49 botoxfox: just doing nothing
15:35:05 botoxfox: how bout you?
15:35:23 Kurt: yeah me too...just bored sad.gif
15:35:34 Kurt: and listening to music
15:35:50 Kurt: led Zeppelin: since I´ve been loving you
15:36:27 botoxfox: I was just listening to some music from Metal Gear
15:36:43 Kurt: cool smile.gif
15:37:08 botoxfox: You have check out my last "song"
15:37:13 botoxfox:
15:37:34 Kurt: ok thx..i´ll check it out smile.gif
15:38:14 botoxfox: It's the best piece of music ever improvised...
15:38:20 botoxfox: ...not
15:40:39 Kurt: it sounds...
15:40:43 Kurt: interesting smile.gif
15:41:11 botoxfox: that's remote controls for ya tongue.gif
15:41:34 Kurt: ahh ok biggrin.gif
15:41:38 Kurt: wink.gif
15:48:40 botoxfox: think I'm gonna record some more remote control stuff
15:50:07 chast: hey
15:51:10 chast: *slap*
15:52:34 botoxfox: yo
15:52:35 botoxfox: '
15:54:58 chast: sup?
15:56:20 botoxfox: how's the guitar?
15:58:12 chast: hm not much
15:58:12 botoxfox: *slapetti* *slap*
15:58:19 chast: i was a bit ill today
15:58:21 chast: :/
15:58:51 botoxfox: not too serious I hope?
15:59:08 chast: not it has gone already
15:59:40 botoxfox: what kind of ilness was it?
15:59:52 chast: uff
15:59:54 chast: i dont know
16:00:01 chast: when the food comes out of the mouth again
16:00:06 chast: you know what i mean?^^
16:00:15 botoxfox: vomiting
16:00:18 botoxfox: yeah
16:00:27 chast: i tried to eat a toast and it came out after 10 minutes
16:00:39 chast: and when i woke up i also vomited
16:00:51 chast: and i vomited a lillte bit of blood oO
16:01:05 botoxfox: that's pretty bad
16:01:11 chast: but now everything is allright again
16:01:21 botoxfox: good to hear
16:01:47 botoxfox: Can't remember the last time iI vomited when I was sober
16:02:04 botoxfox: I*
16:03:19 chast: i hate vomiting
16:03:54 chast: because i dont get air than
16:03:56 chast: that sucks
16:04:07 chast: i feel like dying than oO
16:04:16 botoxfox: yeah I know
16:04:39 botoxfox: what guitar do you have?
16:04:54 chast: esp horizon
16:06:14 botoxfox: so that's the guitar you played in the video?
16:06:19 chast: yeah
16:06:23 chast: but my amp sucks biggrin.gif
16:06:35 chast: its h&k blue edition 30-r
16:06:42 chast: its my first amp
16:06:44 chast: ^^
16:06:56 botoxfox: I use a pod
16:06:57 chast: and a digitech gnx 3000
16:07:47 botoxfox: I've got a 100w marshall but I still prefer the pod
16:08:14 chast: which pod do you haveß
16:08:22 botoxfox: hey Soul_Decision
16:08:26 botoxfox: pod 2
16:08:33 Soul_Decision: Hi
16:10:26 botoxfox: so bored
16:11:01 botoxfox:
16:11:24 botoxfox: My magnum opus biggrin.gif
16:23:54 botoxfox: yo
16:23:56 Owen: RAWR
16:24:04 Owen: Hey everyone tongue.gif
16:24:10 Soul_Decision: Hey
16:24:43 Owen: whatsuppeople?!
16:25:03 botoxfox: not much. I think
16:25:06 Soul_Decision: Not much
16:25:20 Owen: your all so exciting!
16:25:45 Owen: botox, how did you do that techno thing? lol
16:26:06 botoxfox: I used remote controls
16:26:32 botoxfox: pointed them at the pickups of a guitar
16:27:12 Owen: lol brilliant
16:27:20 Soul_Decision: Lol awesome
16:28:03 chast: im going to play some wc3
16:28:06 chast: cu later
16:28:23 botoxfox: laters chast
16:28:25 Owen: bye </3
16:28:28 Owen: lol
16:28:50 Owen: Pizza!
16:28:58 Owen: Heeey!
16:29:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Kilt !
16:29:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Heyy !
16:29:06 Owen: Pasta!
16:29:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: BagPipes !
16:29:17 Owen: Mama mia!
16:29:17 botoxfox: yooooo maaaaaaannnnnnnnn
16:29:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Top of the morning to ya !
16:29:38 Owen: Thats ireland actually
16:29:40 Owen: but anyway
16:29:42 Owen: Super mair!
16:29:44 Owen: pP!
16:29:51 Owen: ooooo*
16:29:56 Owen: ><
16:30:23 Owen: so yas, indeed, who here plays in a band?
16:30:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: kinda sorta
16:30:52 Owen: lol ?
16:31:28 Owen: explain more..!
16:31:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well like my friends really arent serious
16:31:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but im looking for one
16:32:10 Owen: cool, what style ideally?
16:32:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
16:32:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: metal-rock
16:32:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: powermetal
16:33:11 Owen: tongue.gif
16:33:45 Owen: My band could have been doing a gig, if the drummer hadnt been doing stuff three weekends in a row
16:33:51 Owen: damn drummers ¬_¬
16:33:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: aww
16:34:37 Owen: Think they're so special when they go on about being about to do 1/666 time or whatever it is they talk about lol
16:34:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
16:35:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: drummers tend to brag
16:36:10 Owen: pity no-one see's them behind their massiv kits lol
16:36:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true!
16:37:20 Owen: I dont think drummers have any soul lol
16:37:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: they dont
16:57:02 PacmanProductions: *slap* whats up people!
16:57:27 botoxfox: hi
16:57:33 botoxfox: sup?
16:58:15 PacmanProductions: nothin much
16:59:40 botoxfox: how's the guitar?
17:02:15 PacmanProductions: good... im so tired
17:03:40 botoxfox: why?
17:03:56 botoxfox: Don't you sleep man?
17:04:46 PacmanProductions: well last night no
17:06:08 PacmanProductions: it was my and 3friends stayed up all night watching dang scary clowns and fake polterguists that scared the heck outta me and that movie 1408
17:06:16 PacmanProductions: me*
17:06:33 PacmanProductions: all on the internet
17:06:39 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
17:06:49 botoxfox: That's not good
17:06:56 PacmanProductions: what cha mean?
17:07:27 PacmanProductions: brb to eat
17:08:17 botoxfox: Doing things that make's you loos your sleep
17:26:19 botoxfox: good night
17:38:24 Jenkinson: hey guys
17:38:50 Jenkinson: my song finally uploaded
17:44:53 Pavel: l to earn 20euro per lesson at home...
17:45:08 Pavel: i ahte this chat
17:45:22 Pavel: hey guys..
17:45:43 Jenkinson: PAVEL
17:45:44 Jenkinson: !
17:45:50 Jenkinson: you got my mesage?
17:45:56 Pavel: you know i click CHAT and than swap back to ICQ and keep typing, than it swaps itself to chat and posts a message which was not for the CHAT but ICQ
17:46:09 Pavel: Jenkinson yeah i got it right now
17:46:14 Jenkinson:
17:46:19 Jenkinson: i recorded it last night
17:46:24 Jenkinson: im nervous in fron of the camera
17:46:27 Pavel: ok let's seee smile.gif
17:46:29 Jenkinson: but i wanted your feedback
17:46:39 Pavel: we are all nervous in front of camera
17:46:43 Jenkinson: i missed a note sad.gif
17:47:24 Jenkinson: lol
17:47:28 Jenkinson: that makes me feel better
17:47:38 Jenkinson: i dont think i bent to the right pitch on that first run...
17:47:52 Jenkinson: and only 21 frets makes me very sad
17:47:52 Pavel: yeah that bending was 1 halfstep too low...
17:47:57 Jenkinson: sad.gif
17:47:59 Pavel: but the rest is pretty good
17:48:03 Jenkinson: really?!
17:48:06 Pavel: the beginning is the only part you ahve to fix
17:48:15 Jenkinson: thats the hardest part for me
17:48:23 Pavel: there are hammer on's which you don't play
17:48:24 Jenkinson: the middle and end runs are no problem
17:48:31 Jenkinson: where?
17:48:38 Pavel: yeah. once you get it down - you pretty much close to knowing the whole lesson
17:48:48 Pavel: hammer-ons in the beginning
17:48:55 Pavel: it's the very first part of the lesson
17:49:01 Jenkinson: i thought i was hammering on
17:49:02 Jenkinson: ohhhh
17:49:07 Jenkinson: im playing both notes right?
17:49:13 Jenkinson: hammer ons
17:49:15 Jenkinson: got it
17:49:24 Jenkinson: and bend up properly
17:49:41 Jenkinson: pavel i have a question for you
17:49:56 Jenkinson: i learned your Sweep Picking Etude
17:49:58 Pavel: you play like: double-stop + hammer on and move on
17:50:10 Jenkinson: hmmm
17:50:12 Jenkinson: ok
17:50:15 Jenkinson: i will work on that
17:50:17 Pavel: and correct is: double-stop+hammeron+another note
17:50:26 Jenkinson: umm
17:50:28 Pavel: yeah - that would be it
17:50:32 Pavel: you'll sure clean it all up with time! smile.gif good job!
17:50:35 Jenkinson: what is a double stop?
17:50:56 Pavel: 2 notes played together on 2 strings: like 10th fret on both D and G string
17:51:04 Jenkinson: thats it?
17:51:13 Soul_Decision: Hi
17:51:18 Pavel: hey Soul
17:51:21 Jenkinson: hi soul
17:51:27 Jenkinson: Pavel i think i can do that
17:51:45 Jenkinson: I have one more question for you though.
17:51:54 Pavel: Jenkinson Sure! you missed a coule of notes but i ma sure you are aware of that wink.gif
17:51:59 Pavel: keep practicing m8 you're doing fine
17:52:06 Jenkinson: ty
17:52:11 Jenkinson: in your sweep picking etude
17:52:21 Jenkinson: one of your sweeps goes from 19-22
17:52:26 Jenkinson: i only have 21 frets
17:52:28 Jenkinson: and i was wondering
17:52:36 Pavel: you can move the whoel lesson down 1 fret
17:52:38 Jenkinson: if i can play a sweep somewhere else during that movement
17:52:45 Jenkinson: move it all down one
17:52:48 Jenkinson: beautiful
17:52:52 Pavel: yeah
17:52:58 Jenkinson: pavel your lessons are my favorite
17:53:03 Jenkinson: i hope you know your brilliant
17:53:09 Pavel: thanks a lot! smile.gif that's so great to know!
17:53:19 Jenkinson: and thank you for comming and checking out my stuff
17:53:26 Pavel: no problems m8
17:53:30 Jenkinson: aight see you around
17:53:41 Pavel: k man! enjoy it! smile.gif
17:53:47 Jenkinson: i will
17:53:48 Pavel: hello Kosei!
17:53:55 Jenkinson: hey kosei
17:54:03 Jenkinson: got any tarrega comming up?
17:54:35 Jenkinson: lol
17:54:41 Jenkinson: he must be busy recording
17:54:42 Jenkinson: or writing
17:55:16 Kosei Kubota: I just sent my Bourree2 lesson to GMC admin.
17:55:24 Jenkinson: excellent
17:55:26 Pavel: great
17:55:28 Soul_Decision: Sweet
17:55:38 Pavel: i am in progress of editing 2 lessons also right now biggrin.gif
17:55:44 Jenkinson: pavel one of my goals in life is to get good enough to jam with you!
17:55:53 Pavel: only need to write some text and it's ready to upload
17:56:08 Jenkinson: ive been playing about 11 months now, just give me a couple more years!
17:56:11 Jenkinson: smile.gif
17:56:15 Kosei Kubota: And I havn't decided what to do for the next lesson.
17:56:17 Pavel: oh trust me, that's not a life's a short time goal actually
17:56:24 Jenkinson: lol
17:56:29 Pavel: you'll easily get there with some time and practice
17:56:30 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
17:56:39 Jenkinson: im trying
17:56:48 Pavel: Kosei Kubota i know the feeling biggrin.gif
17:57:08 Jenkinson: when i get there, I am going to save money and fly to Croatia and track you down for a jam session! lol!
17:57:10 Pavel: that's why when i am in good mood i jsut create 3 lesson the same day and jsut tab them to have a backup for the future biggrin.gif
17:57:17 Soul_Decision: Lol
17:57:18 Kosei Kubota: Actually, it is fun to think about what to do next.
17:57:27 Jenkinson: kosei
17:57:31 Jenkinson: i just finished 2 peieces
17:57:35 Soul_Decision: Track Pavel down
17:57:47 Pavel: Jenkinson where are you from? how old?
17:57:47 Jenkinson: Minuet by J.S Bach inGmaj
17:58:03 Jenkinson: Austin, Texas - USA 20yrs old
17:58:06 Jenkinson: i got a late start
17:58:10 Jenkinson: didnt start playing till i was 19
17:58:17 Jenkinson: same age as you
17:58:19 Jenkinson: : )
17:58:29 Pavel: Austin? you gotta be msut have seen Rusty Cooley shredding the whole club up and down, didn't you?
17:58:37 Jenkinson: ive seen rusty
17:58:43 Pavel: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
17:59:00 chast: hi
17:59:10 Pavel: i'm 20 in 2 weeks...
17:59:13 Pavel: hi chast
17:59:28 Jenkinson: i think i saw him play a 7-string guitar?
17:59:29 Kosei Kubota: Bach's Minuet, that's a good idea. I need to transcribe and learn it first, though.
17:59:34 Jenkinson: kosei
17:59:39 Pavel: Jenkinson i think you won't have to fly over to Croatia...i will fly over to Texas to meet Rusty and stop by your house to ahve a jem biggrin.gif
17:59:50 Jenkinson: i just finished that Minuet, and the Prelude by Gaspar Sanz
17:59:51 Soul_Decision: ohmy.gif
18:00:02 Pavel: Jenkinson yeah it's a kickass 7-string
18:00:06 Jenkinson: i just finished that Minuet, and the Prelude by Gaspar Sanz!
18:00:14 Jenkinson: wait
18:00:16 Jenkinson: double post
18:00:23 Jenkinson: YES A JEM
18:00:31 Jenkinson: you will stop by my place for a jem!
18:00:32 Pavel: biggrin.gif
18:00:34 Jenkinson: : )
18:00:55 Pavel: i wish i lived least i would have a guitar teacher - among the best ones
18:00:56 Kosei Kubota: Sanz is fun to play. His stuff is on my future lesson list.
18:01:05 Jenkinson: pavel ive been thinking about getting an ibanez for the thin fast neck, but i dont think my playing deserves a second guitar yet
18:01:33 Pavel: it's not your playing - you need that guitar to improve, and to get extra ick in the ass for practicing
18:01:36 Jenkinson: Pavel, I took private lessons my first 6 months play, been with gmc for about 9 months now
18:01:37 chast: pavel when are your heavy metal lessons coming online ? biggrin.gif
18:01:52 Jenkinson: my teacher was classical
18:01:56 Jenkinson: he was amazing
18:01:57 Pavel: finished 2 of them today - will upload tomorrow
18:01:57 Kosei Kubota: When I was 19, I was playing Flying V.
18:02:03 Jenkinson: lol
18:02:09 chast: allright, thats cool
18:02:16 Jenkinson: Pavel I really like the JEM
18:02:24 chast: i hate that flying v form
18:02:24 Jenkinson: I have also been consider scheters
18:02:24 Pavel: yeah - who doesn't like JEM? biggrin.gif
18:02:28 Jenkinson: what do you think?
18:02:30 chast: doesnt look good to me
18:02:35 Jenkinson: true
18:02:54 Pavel: Schecter..only played one of those...
18:03:04 Pavel: didn't like it becaue of pretty thick neck comparing to JEM
18:03:04 Jenkinson: impression?
18:03:08 Jenkinson: hmm
18:03:12 Jenkinson: well that JEM
18:03:16 Jenkinson: super thin neck
18:03:23 Kosei Kubota: I have a Schecter guitar now. A Strat type.
18:03:25 Pavel: but you are picking guitar for yourself so don't take my opinion for decision
18:03:32 Jenkinson: true
18:03:37 Jenkinson: i have been playing alot of guitars
18:03:42 Jenkinson: i want jumbo frets
18:03:55 Pavel: i didn't play a lot of them...
18:03:56 Jenkinson: i have been working on my stretching because of all of your material i play
18:04:10 Jenkinson: i wrote this intro riff to a song
18:04:16 Jenkinson: that has a stretch on the A string
18:04:23 Jenkinson: 1-3-5-1-3-5-1-5
18:04:27 Jenkinson: repeated 2 times
18:04:35 Jenkinson: and that is my largest stretch yet
18:05:01 Jenkinson: umm but
18:05:07 Pavel: 7-10-12 is stuff i am working on
18:05:10 Jenkinson: my tapping is Very weak
18:05:22 Pavel: and have lot's of licks i am practicing right now with big stretches...
18:05:32 Pavel: stretches are a pain in the a**
18:05:37 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:05:41 Soul_Decision: Yeah
18:05:43 chast: ye^^
18:05:49 Jenkinson: 7-10-12 feels good to me smile.gif
18:05:52 Soul_Decision: But worth it in the long run
18:05:54 Jenkinson: we have like fingers
18:05:57 Pavel: but you ahve to practice them to make your regualr playing better
18:07:19 Jenkinson: pavel
18:07:34 Jenkinson: my brother wants to know, if when you come to austin to jam, are you going to sweep?
18:07:39 Jenkinson: lol
18:08:16 Jenkinson: he is silly
18:08:16 Pavel: Noooooooooooo!!!!!! biggrin.gif
18:08:20 Pavel: khm khm...did i say that????
18:09:07 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:09:09 Pavel: i love sweeping, nothing can stop me
18:09:10 Jenkinson: pavel do you know toni kukoc?
18:09:18 Pavel: yeah i know who it is
18:09:35 Jenkinson: do you know him personally?
18:09:52 Pavel: no
18:09:54 Jenkinson: lol
18:09:57 Jenkinson: my brother wanted to know
18:10:02 Jenkinson: big basketball fan
18:10:21 Soul_Decision: Pavel, you should do a lesson in the style of Michael Angelo smile.gif
18:10:25 Jenkinson: umm my 3 string sweeps are at bout 60bpm and my 5 string sweeps are about 40bpm
18:10:28 Pavel: not me...i'm a big guitar fan - but not sports biggrin.gif
18:10:35 Pavel: Soul_Decision it's on the way
18:10:44 Soul_Decision: Sweet!!
18:10:53 Jenkinson: i have such a long ways to go
18:10:58 Pavel: it is realyl some diificult MAB stuff he likes to play so it won't be up soon
18:11:01 Jenkinson: till i get up to pavels level
18:11:04 Pavel: i am practicing it and have to make it a bit longer
18:11:12 Soul_Decision: I know
18:11:18 Jenkinson: pavel do you play blues?
18:11:23 Soul_Decision: I can play part of his song called Prog
18:11:36 Pavel: Jenkinson if i have to
18:11:38 Jenkinson: i am currently learning your metal blues
18:11:40 Jenkinson: lol
18:11:53 Jenkinson: but all great guitarist know how to play blues
18:12:07 Jenkinson: but you started classically so its different
18:12:24 Pavel: i like when it's heavy
18:12:28 Jenkinson: me 2
18:12:32 Jenkinson: in fact
18:12:38 Pavel: if i need - i can play blues, but i mostly play what i enjoy most
18:12:42 Jenkinson: i like my marshall practice amp more than my fender frontman 25
18:12:54 Jenkinson: you rhapsody lesson was SOLID!
18:13:01 Jenkinson: ive never heard of them before you did that lesson
18:13:05 Jenkinson: then i checked them out
18:13:10 Jenkinson: very melodic
18:13:12 Jenkinson: but heavy
18:13:17 Pavel: yep
18:13:20 Pavel: that's what i like smile.gif
18:13:24 Jenkinson: hmm
18:13:30 Jenkinson: not much singing though
18:13:35 Jenkinson: more instrumental
18:13:46 Jenkinson: pavel i am writing a song
18:13:54 Pavel: Jenkinson they have LOADS of singing
18:13:57 Jenkinson: would you be willing to sit through a couple minutes ofit?
18:14:16 Jenkinson: its torture to listen to someone at my level i know
18:14:23 Jenkinson: by a masters feedback is priceless
18:14:43 Pavel: Jenkinson no probs, but still you got something wrong about Hrapsody
18:14:51 Jenkinson: ohh about the singing
18:14:52 Pavel: they have only 2 instrumental songs
18:14:57 Jenkinson: lol
18:15:06 Jenkinson: and with my luck, it was probably those 2 songs i heard
18:15:15 Jenkinson: i need to go get their cd's i suppose
18:15:30 Pavel: biggrin.gif
18:15:34 Pavel: yeah you sure have to
18:15:39 Jenkinson:
18:15:45 Jenkinson: i wasnt recording it
18:15:50 Jenkinson: my camera was just on...
18:16:00 Jenkinson: so i messed up a couple of times, but i work through it
18:18:00 Jenkinson: lol im soo embarrassed at it
18:18:10 Jenkinson: i messed up the bottom of my sweep in the chorus
18:18:18 Jenkinson: its supposed to be a hammeronpulloff
18:18:23 Jenkinson: but its gets all jumbled
18:18:58 Jenkinson: im writing an acousitc metal album... and i was going to put that on their. it is 1 of 3 songs i have for the album
18:19:49 Soul_Decision: Sounds interesting
18:19:55 Pavel: ok without a backing track you can't actually follow the song (you can because you wrote it) but at least you ahve a pretty free-moving right hand, you know what strumming is and the rhythm patterns are going smooth so it's ok
18:20:19 Jenkinson: wow
18:20:20 Pavel: the "licks" part is suffering a bit but you'll get it soon
18:20:27 Jenkinson: yeah
18:20:33 Jenkinson: i havent really practiced them much at all
18:20:36 Jenkinson: and it shows
18:20:54 Jenkinson: could you give me an idea of what my backing track needs to be
18:20:57 Jenkinson: like that first part
18:20:59 Jenkinson: is verse 1
18:21:05 Pavel: it would be cool if you could jsut make a simple drum beat to it, and see if you are going with the beat
18:21:07 Jenkinson: and the "licks" part is the chorus
18:21:24 Jenkinson: and the palm muting part is verse 2
18:21:35 Jenkinson: should the drum beat stay consistent through the whole song?
18:21:44 Jenkinson: or should it change when i go from chorus to verse ect...
18:22:13 Pavel: well usually the drum pattern changes but you still stay in the rhythm
18:22:43 Jenkinson: right
18:22:50 Jenkinson: how could i make a beat?
18:22:54 Jenkinson: is there a program?
18:23:32 Pavel: yeah you can make drum beats in Cubase SX
18:23:48 Jenkinson: ok im going to check that out
18:23:51 Jenkinson: dude
18:23:57 Jenkinson: its very exciting just to talk to you
18:24:03 Pavel: btw. you can check FORUM - there is LAODS of info on programs, free and pricey, and all possible info about it
18:24:07 Jenkinson: you realize you are my guitar instructor?
18:24:16 Pavel: no!
18:24:19 Jenkinson: lol
18:24:34 Jenkinson: you give me private lessons several times a week
18:24:40 Jenkinson: or once a week
18:24:42 Jenkinson: ish
18:25:06 Jenkinson: just like someone else on the forum, everyone in my house knows pavel
18:25:34 Pavel: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:25:36 Pavel:
18:25:58 Pavel: here - you'll find topics like DRUMS SOFTWARE, Sequencers, bass software and other stuff
18:26:06 Jenkinson: loads of info i see
18:26:22 Pavel: browse through it and you'll find something useful
18:26:26 Jenkinson: cool
18:26:29 Jenkinson: hey guys i gotta run
18:26:34 Pavel: i was 100% n000000b in it in the beginning
18:26:39 Jenkinson: pavel thank you so much for your help
18:26:51 Jenkinson: i hope you didnt mind spending time on my stuff
18:26:53 Jenkinson: it helped me alot
18:26:54 Pavel: no problems man
18:26:57 Jenkinson: cool
18:27:01 Pavel: PM me next time you want to chat
18:27:06 Jenkinson: awsome
18:27:07 Jenkinson: will do
18:27:12 Jenkinson: hopefully you will see my progression
18:27:16 Jenkinson: aight to all
18:27:18 Jenkinson: good night!
18:27:19 Pavel: smile.gif have fun m8! sure! i'm here for it
18:27:22 Pavel: night m8
18:27:23 Jenkinson: : )
18:27:56 chast: hm, im tired
18:28:49 chast: do you know up in flames by joe satriani ?
18:28:49 Pavel: me too
18:28:55 Pavel: i guess i am off to have a good sleep
18:28:59 Pavel: good night everyone!!! smile.gif
18:29:04 Soul_Decision: night
18:29:05 chast: have a good night pavel
18:29:06 Pavel: chast not sure...
18:29:15 Pavel: night! smile.gif
18:29:59 chast: *slap*
18:32:05 chast: kosei?^^
18:35:43 chast: *meow*
18:35:45 chast: *whip*
18:41:59 PacmanProductions: hi all
18:42:16 chast: hi
18:43:19 PacmanProductions: whats up?
18:45:11 chast: nothing
18:45:16 chast: going to bed soon
18:45:30 chast: just a little bit chatting before going to bed wink.gif
18:47:32 PacmanProductions: what time is it where u are?
18:47:34 PacmanProductions: hi
18:47:51 ace_frehely: hello???
18:48:05 PacmanProductions: "???" ?
18:48:20 chast: 00:55
18:48:24 chast: not that late
18:48:28 ace_frehely: hello?
18:48:29 chast: but i was a little bit ill today
18:48:38 PacmanProductions: Hi!
18:48:46 PacmanProductions: ohhh
18:48:47 ace_frehely: hi
18:52:28 Kosei Kubota: Hi, I am back.
18:52:36 chast: hey
18:52:39 chast: kosei
18:52:45 chast: what does your name mean ?
18:53:34 Kosei Kubota: I don't know. It's a Japanese name, but it's not so common there.
18:54:39 chast: hm, allright^^
18:58:38 chast: do you guys know dont cry by guns n roses?
19:01:54 PacmanProductions: lemme look it up
19:02:07 PacmanProductions: to see if i have
19:04:23 PacmanProductions: umm really no i havent
19:05:11 chast: really good song in my opinion
19:06:30 PacmanProductions: i think november rain is the best.... tongue.gif
19:07:28 chast: i dont much by guns n roses
19:08:00 chast: know^^
19:08:36 PacmanProductions: listen to november rain
19:08:54 PacmanProductions: accually watch the video on youtube
19:11:38 PacmanProductions:
19:12:03 PacmanProductions: great song
19:15:39 chast:
19:16:29 PacmanProductions: i watched it
19:18:28 chast: im going to bed now
19:18:33 chast: have a good night
19:18:42 PacmanProductions: ok GN

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