Guitar Chat with Vinod, Kai Muehlenbruch, Muris, Pavel, Luciana etc. 2007-09-27
Sep 28 2007, 04:52 PM
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00:02:43 peterorg54: hi]
00:02:47 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
00:03:03 Vinod: hi
00:03:25 peterorg54: brb
00:04:00 peterorg54: back
00:04:08 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
00:04:24 peterorg54: soo
00:04:27 Vinod: Y?
00:04:32 peterorg54: y ?
00:04:46 peterorg54: what do u mean
00:04:47 peterorg54: y
00:04:48 peterorg54: ?
00:05:06 Vinod: Why logged out and in?
00:05:14 peterorg54: oh
00:05:15 peterorg54: just
00:05:21 Vinod: for fun
00:05:26 peterorg54: checked something ..
00:05:48 Vinod: so...........
00:05:52 peterorg54: .
00:05:52 peterorg54: so
00:05:53 peterorg54: .
00:05:53 peterorg54: .
00:05:57 peterorg54: how are u
00:06:28 Vinod: fine you?
00:06:34 peterorg54: good
00:06:36 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
00:06:46 peterorg54: so
00:06:50 peterorg54: what pick do you use ?
00:07:09 Vinod: Finger pick lol lol
00:07:13 peterorg54: oh
00:07:14 peterorg54: yeah
00:07:15 peterorg54: ur
00:07:21 peterorg54: classical
00:07:25 peterorg54: musician..
00:07:26 peterorg54: right ?
00:07:42 Vinod: For electric I use .48
00:07:49 peterorg54: oh
00:08:07 peterorg54: shit ..
00:08:09 peterorg54: sry
00:08:15 peterorg54: brb
00:08:21 Vinod: Brb?
00:08:31 peterorg54: well
00:08:33 peterorg54: oh
00:08:34 peterorg54: brb
00:08:35 peterorg54: br
00:08:37 peterorg54: right
00:08:38 peterorg54: back
00:08:40 peterorg54: it means ..
00:08:45 peterorg54: oh well
00:08:47 peterorg54: i gotta go ..
00:08:53 peterorg54: to buy something
00:09:02 peterorg54: well
00:09:05 peterorg54: see ya
00:23:29 peterorg54: hey
00:23:32 peterorg54: vinod
00:23:36 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
00:23:44 peterorg54: WELL
00:23:48 peterorg54: i didnt go out ..
00:23:59 peterorg54: cuz someones coming to my house..
00:24:03 peterorg54: hey pp
00:24:55 PacmanProductions: hey, just checkin who is online... 11:24 where i am... and school 2morrow
00:25:01 PacmanProductions: pm
00:25:06 peterorg54: oh
00:25:07 peterorg54: well
00:25:13 peterorg54: so
00:25:17 PacmanProductions: cya
00:25:19 peterorg54: going to bed ?
00:25:19 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
00:25:21 peterorg54: oh
00:25:22 peterorg54: k
00:25:23 peterorg54: cya
00:25:27 PacmanProductions: finishing homework
00:25:29 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
00:25:34 PacmanProductions: :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{
00:25:37 PacmanProductions: cya
00:25:40 peterorg54: k
00:25:41 peterorg54: bye
00:25:59 peterorg54: so
00:26:02 peterorg54: vinod..
00:26:09 peterorg54: brb mode .. ?
00:26:14 peterorg54: well then ..
00:26:38 peterorg54: well
00:26:40 peterorg54: cya
00:30:41 Kosei Kubota: Hello, Vinod.
00:53:51 peterorg54: sup
00:53:53 peterorg54: guys
00:53:58 Vinod: Hi
00:54:15 Vinod: Private discussion goes inside zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:56:05 peterorg54: so
00:56:18 peterorg54: whats up kosei
00:56:43 peterorg54: really , you two should stop being brb mode ..
00:56:50 peterorg54: you two are always brb mode ...
00:57:07 peterorg54: *whip*
00:57:47 Vinod: Zzzzzzzzz we are on private discussion
00:57:55 peterorg54: k..
00:57:59 peterorg54: very well
00:58:12 peterorg54: im gonna practice
00:58:14 peterorg54: guitar
00:58:18 peterorg54: cya
01:09:47 Vinod: Peter are you angry with us?
01:24:45 Vinod: sorry
01:24:51 Vinod: bye
12:29:41 Slammer: *slap*
12:29:46 Slammer: *whip*
12:29:50 Slammer: *meow*
12:30:21 Slammer: LOL
12:30:25 Slammer: Ello Govnah
12:30:36 Gen: hello polski
12:30:44 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:30:49 Slammer: Gen
12:30:53 Slammer: how have you been?
12:31:00 Gen: bad
12:31:03 Slammer: sad.gif
12:31:04 Gen: ass!
12:31:06 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:31:08 Gen: lol
12:31:12 Slammer: LOL
12:31:13 Slammer: LOL
12:31:14 Gen: hey i got some cool jokes
12:31:14 Slammer: LOL
12:31:15 Slammer: LOL
12:31:15 Slammer: LOL
12:31:15 Slammer: LOL
12:31:15 Slammer: LOL
12:31:16 Slammer: LOL
12:31:16 Slammer: LOL
12:31:22 Slammer: ?
12:31:22 Gen: wait
12:31:41 Slammer: what do you call 2 banana peels?
12:31:47 Slammer: a pair of slippers
12:31:49 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:32:00 Gen: lol
12:32:07 Gen: If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever.
12:32:14 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:32:25 Gen: Chuck Norris can hit you so hard that he can actually alter your DNA. Decades from now your descendants will occasionally clutch their heads and yell "What The Hell was That?"
12:32:38 Slammer: I heard Chuck Norris counted to INfinity -Twice!! ohmy.gif
12:32:46 Gen: lol lol
12:33:23 Gen: Chuck Norris doesn't actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear
12:33:38 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:34:45 Gen: Chuck Norris played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.
12:34:49 Iluha: Chuck Noris's tears can cure cancer
12:34:49 Gen: lmao
12:34:53 Iluha: too bad he never cries
12:34:58 Gen: hahaha
12:35:13 Iluha: too bad he never cries
12:35:20 Iluha: darn lag
12:35:54 Slammer: Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants
12:36:07 Slammer: . Chuck Norris never wet his bed as a child. The bed wet itself out of fear
12:36:24 Slammer: Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there
12:36:35 Gen: ROFLMFAO
12:36:39 Slammer: When the boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
12:36:49 Slammer: and finally
12:36:51 Slammer: Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding
12:36:51 Gen: Chuck Norris does not own a house. He walks into random houses and people move.
12:37:21 Slammer: *slap*
12:37:23 Slammer: Gen
12:37:29 Gen: what
12:37:34 Slammer: nothing I just like saying Gen
12:37:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:38:02 Slammer: <8) I like Krabby Patties and Balloons
12:38:24 Slammer: <8) and Chocolate
12:38:44 Gen: lol lol
12:38:46 Slammer: LOL
12:38:49 Slammer: Hello
12:38:52 Gen: one of the best:
12:38:54 Gen: Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
12:38:56 Gen: lmao
12:38:59 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:39:05 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:39:10 Slammer: Res left?
12:39:11 Slammer: sad.gif
12:39:19 Slammer: anyways Gen, I gtg
12:39:23 Gen: okay
12:39:25 Slammer: to school sad.gif
12:39:29 Gen: oh
12:39:32 Gen: what time is it?
12:39:37 Gen: in florida?
12:39:39 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:39:39 Slammer: 12:40 pm
12:39:42 Slammer: LOL LOL
12:39:44 Slammer: I"m late
12:39:50 Gen: oh biggrin.gif i just came from school
12:39:53 Gen: just finished
12:39:56 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:40:06 Gen: 1835 pm here
12:40:09 Gen: 18:35
12:40:12 Slammer: "No slammer you will stay right here"
12:40:25 Gen: :{
12:40:28 Slammer: LOL
12:40:30 Gen: lol
12:40:32 Slammer: sad.gif
12:40:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:40:39 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:44:10 shredmandan: howdy
12:44:22 Gen: hey
12:44:27 Slammer: hello dan
12:44:38 Slammer: Sorry Dan
12:44:41 shredmandan: lol
12:44:45 shredmandan: your leaving
12:44:46 Slammer: but I gtg
12:44:47 Slammer: Yep
12:44:48 Gen: lol
12:44:52 Slammer: it's not your fault
12:44:54 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:44:56 shredmandan: lol
12:44:57 Gen: no slammer you stay right here!!!
12:45:04 Slammer: I got to go do Social Studies
12:45:07 Slammer: sad.gif
12:45:13 Gen: good luck tongue.gif
12:45:18 shredmandan: yep
12:45:26 Slammer: the History of switzerland
12:45:30 Gen: lol
12:45:34 Slammer: Cheese, Chocolate and Heidi
12:45:36 Gen: we havent any history
12:45:39 Slammer: thats about it
12:45:52 Gen: heidi has big boobs
12:45:59 shredmandan: well i wil be around later .See ya all
12:46:10 Slammer: cuz she drinks alot of milk
12:46:14 Gen: lma
12:46:14 Slammer: dude
12:46:16 Gen: o
12:46:19 Gen: what
12:46:22 Slammer: I just missed the bus
12:46:25 Slammer: sad.gif
12:46:26 Gen: oh
12:46:29 Slammer: now I have to wait
12:46:30 Gen: how do you know that?
12:46:35 Slammer: 30 more mintues
12:46:43 Gen: you re gonna be late!!!
12:46:46 Slammer: *evil Laugh*
12:46:49 Gen: lol
12:46:56 Gen: i arrived to late this morning
12:47:04 Slammer: hey dude
12:47:07 Gen: the teacher didnt let me enter
12:47:13 Slammer: your Music Teacher
12:47:17 Gen: so i play my guitar all the morning on the campus
12:47:26 Gen: no
12:47:35 Gen: english
12:48:17 Gen: played*
12:52:30 Iluha: Iv'e been writing this song for the last 12 hours lol
12:52:35 Slammer: Cool
12:52:38 Slammer: bye
12:52:38 Slammer: hey I gtg
12:52:41 Gen: bye
12:52:51 Iluha: maybe I should drink something before I faint or something
12:52:56 Gen: lol
12:53:33 Gen: well, cya
12:53:36 Gen: gotta fo
12:53:37 Gen: go*
12:53:45 Iluha: cya
13:27:54 Iluha: *slap* hi smile.gif
13:28:15 botoxfox: yo
13:28:42 botoxfox: wats happening?
13:29:18 Iluha: just working on my new compo..
13:29:24 Iluha: been working on it the last 12 hours lol
13:29:32 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
13:29:54 botoxfox: You have time for that
13:30:01 botoxfox: ?
13:30:35 botoxfox: I'm also trying to compose some stuff
13:30:43 Iluha: well today I had time for that
13:30:54 Iluha: you can check it out I posted the results so far on the board tongue.gif
13:31:10 botoxfox: I just did
13:31:19 botoxfox: Cool stuff smile.gif
13:31:19 Iluha: i'm lagging bad, my sister is downloading alot of stuff
13:32:04 Iluha: thanks smile.gif I think it requires vocals but i'll never get someone to sing lol
13:32:46 Iluha: lemme see some of you'r stuff
13:33:49 botoxfox: Well its not much more than a riff yet
13:34:36 botoxfox: Just wait a minute and I'll upload the main riff wink.gif
13:35:35 Iluha: ok tongue.gif
13:38:33 botoxfox:
13:39:40 Iluha: sounds like classic rock smile.gif
13:39:58 botoxfox: yeah
13:40:32 Iluha: if you add drums and bass to it it should sound really good
13:40:42 botoxfox: I was trying to come up with an Acceptish riff
13:40:54 botoxfox: But I kinda failed
13:41:06 botoxfox: I still like the rif though
13:41:12 botoxfox: riff*
13:41:33 Iluha: whats an acceptish riff? tongue.gif
13:43:18 botoxfox: An riff in the style of Accept, you know, the great german metal band
13:43:31 Iluha: never heard of them sad.gif
13:44:12 botoxfox:
13:45:19 Iluha: ohh
13:45:28 Iluha: I think I saw a video of them on mtv2 sometime tongue.gif
13:45:55 botoxfox: Now you see why I failed biggrin.gif
13:46:08 Iluha: oh I even know that songl ol
13:46:33 Iluha: I don't think you failed..
13:46:42 Iluha: their stuff is very genric..
13:46:58 Iluha: anything you make which sounds like classic rock is like their style
13:47:45 botoxfox: Nah it wasn't as manly as an accept riff biggrin.gif
13:48:41 Iluha: lol
13:48:58 Iluha: I think you'lll be surprised when you'll add bass and drums to it
13:49:23 Iluha: those are the instruments that make it "manly"
13:49:56 botoxfox: hmm, maybe
13:53:32 Iluha: Gotta go man, cya
13:53:47 botoxfox: c ys
14:37:29 chast: hi fox
14:40:23 chast: *slap*
14:40:41 botoxfox: good evening
14:40:46 chast: hi^^
14:40:52 chast: im happy
14:40:58 chast: got my first test back for this year
14:41:03 chast: 9 of 15 points
14:41:05 chast: smile.gif
14:41:14 botoxfox: that's good?
14:41:22 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
14:41:34 chast: it could be better
14:41:35 chast: wink.gif
14:41:41 botoxfox: what kind of test was it?
14:41:53 chast: average points are 7,7
14:42:04 botoxfox: I see
14:42:04 chast: so im a bit better than others wink.gif
14:42:14 chast: it was an english test
14:42:25 botoxfox: English eh?
14:42:29 chast: ye^^
14:42:55 chast: i made 17 mistakes, 14 were grammar mistakes
14:42:55 botoxfox: You're englis dosn't seem too bad
14:43:01 chast: that sucks :/
14:43:08 botoxfox: yeah
14:43:28 chast: but im happy with it
14:43:49 botoxfox: And its friday tomorrow
14:43:52 chast: but tomorrow the scary french test..^^
14:44:16 botoxfox: :?
14:44:30 chast: and on monday math
14:44:36 chast: but thats gonna be easy
14:44:38 botoxfox: But it's still friday tomorrow
14:44:43 chast: yeah biggrin.gif
14:44:52 botoxfox: Not that it doesn't mattter to me
14:45:08 chast: weekend is fine smile.gif
14:45:23 chast: i have one more week school and than 2 weeks holidays
14:45:28 botoxfox: My life right now is just one long weekend
14:46:05 botoxfox: Get to sleep as long as like biggrin.gif
14:46:10 chast: biggrin.gif
14:46:14 chast: i love sleeping :>
14:46:21 botoxfox: +1
14:47:03 botoxfox: Not so fun when you have nightmares though :?
14:47:14 chast: do you have nightmares ? ohmy.gif
14:47:27 botoxfox: Not so often
14:47:44 chast: lol i only had 2 when i was small
14:47:55 botoxfox: Sometimes I just have some reaally bizarre dreams
14:48:01 chast: one times hulk hogan wanted to plant an atom bomb
14:48:17 chast: and than oter one sailor moon had a bloody fight oO
14:48:18 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
14:48:28 chast: yeah, my dreams are very strange also
14:49:35 botoxfox: Just when I wake up can't seperate dream from reality
14:50:29 chast: yeah i know this
14:50:39 chast: but im realizing it mostly when im slowly waking up
14:51:11 chast: sometimes i dream that i sleep too long and miss school
14:51:14 chast: but than i wake up
14:51:18 chast: and its saturday
14:51:20 chast: Oo
14:52:15 botoxfox: Getting up thinking you're late to work or school o na saturday sucks biggrin.gif
14:52:25 botoxfox: on a*
16:50:47 botoxfox: yo kurt *whip*
16:51:14 botoxfox: *meow*
16:51:20 botoxfox: *slap*
16:51:31 botoxfox: *meow* *slap* *whip*
16:54:09 chast: *slap*
17:01:01 chast: *whip*
17:01:03 chast: *meow*
17:01:11 botoxfox: hey
17:01:29 chast: hi again^^
17:02:01 botoxfox: what's up?
17:02:28 chast: nothing, just played some wc3
17:03:41 botoxfox: wc3?
17:03:56 chast: warcraft
17:04:03 botoxfox: aah..
17:04:29 botoxfox: I've been busy with composing
17:08:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: moo
17:09:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: baaaaaaah
17:09:16 botoxfox: oink
17:09:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: i got headphones
17:09:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: wuzaa botox?
17:09:50 botoxfox: not much
17:10:05 botoxfox: I've been composing some stuff
17:10:33 Pavel: Dragonssssss!!!!!!!
17:10:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool
17:10:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: what is it?
17:10:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
17:10:50 Pavel: a Dragon!!!
17:10:57 botoxfox: flying pigsss!
17:11:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: show me the music tongue.gif
17:11:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: is it more like meeeeedleeedeeee meeeeeedleeeedeee
17:12:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: or like juggg juggga juggg jugga?
17:12:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: medledee =solo jugg jugga = rythm tongue.gif
17:12:47 botoxfox: not much really
17:13:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehe smile.gif
17:13:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: how do you record?
17:13:30 botoxfox: I most compose some more, then I''l uloas in fotreum
17:13:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool!
17:13:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: go for it smile.gif
17:13:46 botoxfox: *upload in forum
17:14:00 botoxfox: I just use GP
17:14:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: i got that;)
17:15:23 botoxfox: Nah, think I'm gonna take a trip to dreamland
17:15:59 botoxfox: Talk to u all later smile.gif
17:16:07 chast: cu fox
17:16:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah
17:16:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: c you
17:16:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: sleep well wink.gif
17:16:22 botoxfox: toodeloo
17:16:33 botoxfox: thx
17:16:49 chast: im going to watch some tv
17:26:48 visi0n: yo
17:48:40 visi0n: ellowa smile.gif
17:49:05 Iluha: hey
17:49:08 Iluha: it's the sound master smile.gif
17:49:12 visi0n: haha
17:49:15 visi0n: how are you Iluha ?
17:49:39 Iluha: I'm fine, been working on that song I posted the entire day lol
17:49:52 visi0n: yea it sound nice ..
17:50:58 Iluha: thanks.. wanna hear a small outro/bridge solo idea I had for it?
17:52:17 Iluha: *slap*
17:52:21 visi0n: yea
17:52:28 visi0n: great
17:52:41 Iluha: ok i'll upload the midi file on some site tongue.gif
17:52:52 visi0n: just add me on msn
17:52:56 visi0n: goes easier
17:53:36 Iluha: oh you got msn? yeah it is.. what's the adress?
17:53:48 visi0n: [email protected]
17:54:36 chast: hey
17:54:47 Iluha: hey chast
17:54:48 visi0n: hey chast
17:54:54 chast: lol^^
17:55:54 chast: so
17:55:58 chast: what are you guys doing?
17:57:43 chast: *slap*
17:57:53 visi0n: nothing much biggrin.gif
17:57:57 visi0n: talkin about Luciana haha
17:58:05 chast: lol
17:59:19 chast: well
17:59:44 chast: 1 good lookin girl under 238483 guitarists
17:59:48 chast: that cant be good biggrin.gifD
18:02:54 chast: nananannaana
18:02:57 chast: talk!
18:03:23 chast: or i will shred so fast, that you die instantly
18:03:26 chast: wink.gif
18:04:18 chast: hey muris biggrin.gif
18:04:22 muris: hey smile.gif
18:04:45 muris: Ekrem,you there?
18:04:58 chast: you have to *slap* them
18:05:02 muris: *slap*
18:05:05 muris: wink.gif
18:05:09 visi0n: hey muris
18:05:12 chast: you see^^
18:05:13 visi0n: yes im here
18:05:21 Iluha: hey we were just talking about you smile.gif
18:05:26 muris: great job in lesson
18:05:32 muris: really smile.gif
18:05:36 visi0n: thanks, but im not happy with the recording
18:05:39 visi0n: i can do it better
18:05:41 chast: vision made a lesson ? Oo
18:05:43 chast: i need it!
18:05:46 visi0n: the tapps didnt sound right and the alternate picking
18:05:52 visi0n: was just crap
18:05:57 visi0n: and the timing though
18:05:58 muris: taps are fine
18:06:08 muris: timing is lacking the most
18:06:14 visi0n: can i borrow your magic finger for the taps biggrin.gif ?
18:06:19 muris: lol
18:06:23 muris: no magic there
18:06:25 visi0n: haha
18:06:38 visi0n: magic is in your fingers
18:06:41 muris: noo
18:06:46 visi0n: like all the great guitarists
18:06:51 muris: it's just lot of practice
18:06:54 muris: nothing else
18:07:05 visi0n: but muris, confuse with that picking part with the timing
18:07:08 visi0n: after the tapping
18:07:14 muris: oh yeah
18:07:21 muris: with slides and picking
18:07:40 muris: all 16th and 2 of 32th in slide
18:07:46 muris: I think
18:07:55 muris: you use GP?
18:07:56 visi0n: yes, you continue picking and slide in that pentatonic scale right ?
18:08:08 visi0n: yes i use GP
18:08:09 muris: yeah
18:08:26 muris: well,you can see in there what I did
18:08:33 muris: in small details
18:08:40 visi0n: i know exactly what youre doing, but to produce it right, i need to practice it
18:08:46 visi0n: more*
18:08:48 muris: of course smile.gif
18:08:53 muris: that's not easy part
18:08:59 visi0n: i began yesterday with it
18:09:04 muris: actually,it's hardest one in lesson
18:09:05 visi0n: and 2day i recorded it
18:09:19 muris: that's more than great
18:09:23 Iluha: privet pazan
18:09:23 muris: for 2 days
18:09:29 visi0n: thanks
18:09:38 muris: anytime:)
18:09:48 visi0n: what did you ment with the vibrato's ..
18:09:58 muris: just to apply it harder
18:10:05 visi0n: i saw in your lesson, when i watched after i recorded it
18:10:07 muris: like you're angry or som
18:10:11 visi0n: yes thats it, you applied it harder
18:10:12 muris: wink.gif
18:10:14 chast: well, 2 days of practicing arent much, i need much longer for a song/lesson
18:10:14 visi0n: oke
18:10:18 visi0n: no problemooooo
18:10:25 muris: hey Pavel
18:10:31 visi0n: but its a very fun piece to play ..
18:10:34 Iluha: hes angry cause it took 100 takes lol
18:10:38 muris: thanks wink.gif
18:10:39 visi0n: hahaha
18:10:44 visi0n: Iluha ssssssssssssht
18:10:50 Pavel: hey there, had to reload the page...
18:10:56 chast: hey
18:11:00 visi0n: or i let my guitar scream on youre speakers right now
18:11:07 visi0n: biggrin.gif
18:11:23 Iluha: biggrin.gif
18:11:25 visi0n: biggrin.gif
18:11:31 muris: must notice that your bending is really accurate
18:11:34 chast: anyone has an idea what i could do if i cant decide what lesson i should do ? sad.gif
18:11:39 muris: just to right note
18:11:53 muris: hmm
18:11:55 visi0n: hmm
18:11:56 muris: try anyone
18:12:01 chast: there are too much^^
18:12:04 visi0n: try .. euhmm
18:12:09 visi0n: randomly biggrin.gif ?
18:12:13 chast: muris alternate picking lessons
18:12:19 chast: pavels heavy metal
18:12:22 muris: perhaps yeah
18:12:28 muris: there are many
18:12:33 muris: pick whatever you want
18:13:01 chast: hm, i want to do all
18:13:03 chast: biggrin.gif
18:13:20 muris: then go for it!!
18:13:51 chast: hm, i pick... heavy metal lesson and alternate picking lesson thirds^^
18:14:04 chast: and besides i try to play the neo classical beginner version better
18:14:05 muris: why not smile.gif
18:14:57 chast: pavel *slap*
18:15:09 Pavel: i'm here
18:15:12 visi0n: biggrin.gif
18:15:18 Pavel: feeding my dragon wink.gif
18:15:19 chast: do you play the 1st heavy metal beginner leson like its notated in the tab ?
18:15:28 chast: it sounds different in the video ohmy.gif
18:15:37 Pavel: yeah, i always tab t he lesson he way i paly it....i mean, at least the notes
18:15:54 chast: yeah the notes are the same, but it sounds different biggrin.gif
18:16:22 chast: i have this bad timing problem to start with the offbeat
18:16:27 chast: it makes me crazy
18:17:15 Pavel: the timing and notes and all is totally the same as i play it
18:17:24 chast: hm allright
18:18:22 muris: oh
18:18:24 muris: right topic
18:18:40 muris: anuone knows good software to convert wvae or mp3 into midi?
18:18:45 muris: i tried few,not good
18:18:54 chast: hm, i do it with audacity biggrin.gif
18:19:04 muris: yeah
18:19:16 muris: many are good if you play straight stuff etc
18:19:30 muris: but surfing arond cuases trouble to convert
18:19:38 chast: ah no sorry
18:19:43 chast: i didnt read correct
18:19:56 chast: read wave to mp3
18:19:57 chast: ^^
18:19:58 muris: so?anyone?
18:20:01 muris: ok
18:20:01 muris: lol
18:20:04 Pavel: nope sad.gif
18:20:08 visi0n: muris, im going to check the GP of that lesson
18:20:16 muris: ok wink.gif
18:20:53 visi0n: think im going to call you magic finger man
18:20:56 visi0n: lol
18:22:16 muris: lol
18:24:00 visi0n: i see .. i understand the gp .. hmm
18:24:13 visi0n: but i still have difficulties with alternate picking
18:24:17 chast: how is your dragon pavel ?
18:25:21 visi0n: that part when you go to Bb7Add13
18:26:10 visi0n: the part when youre at note Eb and youre going up, you hit the Eb with an downstroke ?
18:26:38 muris: give me sec
18:26:42 muris: must look into it
18:26:44 visi0n: okidoki
18:26:46 visi0n: happy.gif
18:27:42 JVM: hola
18:27:49 chast: hi
18:28:06 visi0n: hi there JVM
18:28:06 chast: hm, why is the chat getting full when i have to go to bed...^^
18:28:12 JVM: lol
18:28:31 JVM: I'm just waking up
18:28:58 Pavel: chast tired! smile.gif
18:29:45 chast: sad.gif
18:29:55 chast: he isnt allowed to be tired
18:30:01 chast: he has to protect your gutiar
18:30:10 JVM: mmmm cookie
18:31:13 chast: its getting late
18:31:17 chast: hm...
18:31:28 JVM: I wish I could wake up
18:31:43 JVM: just got my toneport in the mail last night smile.gif
18:32:01 chast: do you like it?
18:32:10 JVM: yeah. pretty cool
18:32:31 JVM: going to get the xt or x3 live later when i build my laptop... but thats in a few weeks/months
18:32:39 chast: i love when the mail comes with something you can open and test it biggrin.gif
18:32:43 visi0n: muris i see, its an downstroke
18:32:43 JVM: this was like a sampler, just something to record with tongue.gif
18:32:51 muris: yeah
18:33:00 muris: you have legato before that
18:33:01 visi0n: but i confuse when i go at the b string, its get difficult
18:33:07 visi0n: i want to do economic picking
18:33:14 muris: from 16th to 13th fret
18:33:21 visi0n: but i dont let myself to do it and then it goes wrong haha
18:33:24 muris: and then groups of 32th
18:33:35 muris: each strats with downstroke
18:33:42 visi0n: oke
18:33:48 visi0n: same with that alternate picking lesson
18:33:56 visi0n: i constantly want to do sweeps ..
18:34:30 visi0n: my muscles need to work on that, i force them not to do sweeps but picking,
18:34:53 visi0n: i think i need to practice that alternate picking for perfection .. hmmm
18:35:23 muris: yeah
18:35:32 muris: it pushes you to play economy
18:35:40 muris: which I do often
18:35:50 muris: but no need for that in Luke lesson
18:35:55 muris: it's not too fast
18:35:57 muris: wink.gif
18:36:27 chast: muris
18:36:39 chast: i have a friend who has bosnian parents wink.gif
18:36:51 muris: yeah?where,in Germany?
18:36:54 chast: yeah
18:37:01 chast: he is living in the same town^^
18:37:08 chast: his name is denis saronjic
18:37:08 visi0n: true its not that fast
18:37:08 JVM: hey luciana
18:37:13 muris: yep,many bosnians are there,and everywhere wink.gif
18:37:14 visi0n: but it has some tricky parts ..
18:37:17 Luciana: hey!
18:37:17 chast: or something like that^^
18:37:18 visi0n: but thats just practicing
18:37:22 visi0n: hey there luciana ..
18:37:27 muris: hi Luciana
18:37:32 JVM: shhh its a GIRL
18:37:32 Luciana: how are you?
18:37:38 JVM: lol
18:37:41 muris: wink.gif
18:37:42 Iluha: oh no.. run
18:37:43 visi0n: im fine how are you ? smile.gif
18:37:45 Iluha: wink.gif
18:37:47 muris: hats down
18:37:54 visi0n: * hat down
18:37:58 Luciana: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:37:58 JVM: jackets on the floor
18:38:06 Luciana: wwwweeeelll
18:38:16 visi0n: yes? lol
18:38:28 chast: like in simpsons when the drive to the football stadium, and there stomaches come out of there t-shirt and than the bus driver is a girl... everybody has to make their stomach small
18:38:32 Luciana: what's happen here??
18:38:58 muris: nothing much
18:39:01 muris: talking a bit
18:39:01 JVM: I just woke up but I'm still tired
18:39:04 muris: how are you?
18:39:14 Luciana: mmm... working
18:39:14 chast: brb
18:39:27 Luciana: in my band
18:39:57 visi0n: why is the chat always full tongue.gif when i want to go to bed
18:40:03 visi0n: its here 0:41
18:40:07 visi0n: need to work tomorrow tongue.gif
18:40:09 Iluha: yeah here too
18:40:16 chast: well vision thats what i asked myself a few minutes ago biggrin.gif
18:40:20 muris: you work in your band?
18:40:31 visi0n: who me? or luciana
18:40:32 JVM: ahh my girlfriend always keeps me up to about 1:30-2:00
18:40:46 visi0n: yes JVM .. Girlsss sleep.gif'
18:40:46 muris: to Luciana wink.gif
18:40:51 visi0n: oops :X we have a girl here
18:41:00 JVM: where!?
18:41:00 chast: muris, do you know what saronjic means ?
18:41:06 chast: or is it just a name?
18:41:09 muris: it's surname
18:41:09 Iluha: Yeah but I don't have one.. and to be honest I rather not have one right now smile.gif
18:41:30 visi0n: i had a girlfriend that played guitar too
18:41:32 Iluha: the only girl in my life right now is my guitar
18:41:37 JVM: ahhhh lucky man
18:41:48 visi0n: yea, and she was always singing
18:41:50 chast: i dont have a girlfriend too^^
18:41:52 JVM: I hear you iluha.. being single has its perks
18:42:01 Iluha: could she shred?
18:42:02 visi0n: i played song of her, she wrote that on her own
18:42:12 visi0n: naaaah hahahah iluha
18:42:17 JVM: stay single unless you feel like the weight of gravity forcing you to not be single tongue.gif
18:42:18 chast: lol good question iluha biggrin.gif
18:42:26 visi0n: yes she was shredding like h*ll
18:42:36 visi0n: the strings just melt off
18:42:39 visi0n: lol
18:42:41 JVM: lol
18:43:02 visi0n: aaaah its so good to be here at GMC
18:43:09 visi0n: i just dont want to go to bed
18:43:16 visi0n: i want to jam with muris lol
18:43:34 muris: wink.gif
18:43:47 JVM: when I got the toneport last night
18:43:49 Luciana: im here again
18:43:52 JVM: i was just messing with the delay settings
18:43:55 Luciana: yes murris
18:44:02 JVM: and i started getting some really creepy sounding kind of pink floyd thing
18:44:03 JVM: it was cool
18:44:06 Luciana: im working
18:44:10 visi0n: yeah muris, i really want to jam with you
18:44:12 Iluha: i want to JAM, but my equipment won't allow me! :?
18:44:37 visi0n: bye luciana
18:44:49 visi0n: she just leftt sad.gif
18:45:55 visi0n: well guys, i think im going to bed too
18:45:57 JVM: hey LB
18:46:01 visi0n: its very late for me
18:46:05 visi0n: need to sleep smile.gif
18:46:07 JVM: okay vision. take cake
18:46:09 JVM: care*
18:46:11 JVM: cake would be good too
18:46:14 JVM: but make sure you take care
18:46:17 visi0n: lololol
18:46:22 Iluha: cya ekrem
18:46:28 visi0n: cya smile.gif
18:46:41 visi0n: See you Muris, it was nice to speak with you again
18:46:44 visi0n: goodnight smile.gif
18:46:46 JVM: now i want some cake..
18:46:47 leedbreak: Dang, whole crew in here
18:46:48 muris: anytime
18:46:54 muris: have a nice dreams tho smile.gif
18:46:58 visi0n: yeah ..
18:47:05 visi0n: i will not have nightmares muris
18:47:13 visi0n: wont*
18:47:21 chast: im writing a french test tomorrow, wish me good luck, i will need it biggrin.gif
18:47:25 leedbreak: hello muris,
18:47:33 chast: so, im also off to bed
18:47:37 chast: have a good night
18:47:46 Iluha: cya
18:47:54 Iluha: good luck in the test smile.gif
18:47:55 visi0n: cya im off smile.gif
18:47:57 muris: hey Jason
18:48:02 muris: nice video smile.gif
18:48:05 visi0n: *meow*
18:48:57 JVM: I cant figure out how to record with the toneport tongue.gif
18:49:08 JVM: I can get it coming out of my speakers/headphones
18:50:05 Iluha: hey did you guys check out my new composition?... this one actually has some recordings tongue.gifP
18:50:14 leedbreak: whoops got to go for about 30 wish I could talk, thanks
18:50:23 Iluha: :x cya
18:50:27 JVM: I heard the one juan did
18:50:30 JVM: if thats what you mean
18:50:33 Iluha: no
18:50:37 Iluha: I posted a new one today
18:50:42 JVM: ahh ill have to check it out
18:51:00 Iluha: this time it aint a ballad tongue.gif
18:51:22 JVM: is the zip a midi file?
18:51:37 Iluha: a midi a gp and a small recording of the chorus
18:51:52 JVM: ahh i see
18:52:28 JVM: cool eli
18:52:32 JVM: nice thick tone
18:52:46 Iluha: in the recording?
18:52:50 JVM: yeah
18:53:02 Iluha: yeah but it isn't me sad.gif
18:53:12 JVM: ahh well it still sounds good
18:53:14 JVM: who recorded it?
18:53:19 JVM: you're a good composer.
18:53:25 Iluha: a friend of a friend
18:53:27 Iluha: thanks..
18:53:43 Iluha: hopefully someday I'll get some decent gear so I could record and not only write
18:53:53 JVM: buy a toneport smile.gif
18:54:05 Iluha: dude I'm too broke to even buy that sad.gif
18:54:09 JVM: ahh
18:54:10 JVM: well
18:54:16 JVM: I feel your pain
18:54:25 JVM: recording directly to the computer is no fun
18:54:27 Iluha: and I will be so broke for the next year and a half.. till I get out of the army
18:54:58 JVM: thats a long wait
18:55:14 JVM: maybe someone can get it for you as a birthday/christmas present?
18:55:32 Iluha: yups.. maybe I would be able to get my parents to get me a tone port for my birthday but I dunno where they could find one here
18:56:36 JVM: I've been too broke to buy new strings for the last few days tongue.gif
18:56:43 JVM: my guitar sounds terrible
18:56:45 JVM: lol
18:56:49 Iluha: lol tongue.gif
18:56:56 Iluha: well atleast for that I do got the cash
18:57:17 Iluha: the problem is I'm only earning about 100 bucks a month
18:57:29 JVM: and whats it going towards?
18:57:42 Iluha: dunno.. mostly going out with friends
18:57:56 Iluha: and for example next month 50 will go to resubscribe
18:57:58 JVM: ahh yeah that can eat up money real fast
18:58:28 Iluha: and the rest I'm gonna need to buy a gift for another female friend of mine which is leaving the country, for good.
18:58:42 Iluha: and I dont think I'll be able to whip out another melody this time lol
18:58:53 JVM: lol
19:00:19 JVM: anyway i have to go now
19:00:20 JVM: so take care
19:00:27 Iluha: cya
19:01:17 Iluha: yo muris! *slap*
23:19:41 Jenkinson: slammer
23:19:49 Jenkinson: i listened to your last song that you posted
23:19:51 Jenkinson: it rocked
23:19:52 Jenkinson: nj
23:25:18 Slammer: LOL
23:25:19 Slammer: thanks
23:25:27 Slammer: where did you go?

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