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> Guitar Chat With Pavel Etc. 2007-10-02
post Oct 3 2007, 07:40 PM
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16:29:45 Jenkinson: yo
16:29:54 Jenkinson: know anything about building a guitar
16:29:56 Jenkinson: ?
16:30:06 GuitarDude: hi, Not realy
16:30:11 Jenkinson: cool
16:30:29 Jenkinson: wanna check out a video I uploaded?
16:30:37 GuitarDude: sure
16:30:45 Jenkinson: Youtube: Pavel's Rock
16:30:54 Jenkinson: i should be on there
16:31:39 GuitarDude: jinxelectric?
16:32:08 Jenkinson: yeah
16:32:13 Jenkinson: jinxelectric
16:32:19 GuitarDude: cool man =)
16:32:25 Jenkinson: you checked it out?
16:32:34 GuitarDude: yea
16:32:37 Jenkinson: nice
16:32:38 Jenkinson: check this out
16:32:43 Jenkinson: Gabe's Rocker Riff
16:33:34 GuitarDude: Im thinking of puting up the Winding Roads solo
16:33:39 Jenkinson: ohh man
16:33:40 Jenkinson: do it!
16:33:43 Jenkinson: that one is sweet
16:33:54 GuitarDude: its quit easy but cool as hell =P
16:34:08 Jenkinson: really?
16:34:10 Jenkinson: easy?
16:34:20 Jenkinson: you think i could handle it?
16:35:07 GuitarDude: yea sure
16:35:42 Jenkinson: cool
16:35:46 Jenkinson: PAVEL!
16:35:51 GuitarDude: hi pavel =)
16:35:54 Pavel: hey guys
16:36:05 Jenkinson: pavel, I know your not going to like this idea
16:36:15 Pavel: well, i know nothign about guitar building
16:36:16 Jenkinson: but I want to build ... as close to a JEM as i can
16:36:36 Pavel: isn't it easier to buy a Prestige model?
16:36:52 Jenkinson: prestige?
16:36:55 Jenkinson: well
16:37:04 Jenkinson: i wouldnt get to build it then ... sad.gif
16:37:06 Pavel: RG Prestige yeah
16:37:07 GuitarDude: I saw Rusty cooleys comment really cool =)
16:37:13 Pavel: thx
16:37:15 Jenkinson: yeah congrats pavel
16:37:17 Jenkinson: thats huge
16:37:20 Pavel: smile.gif
16:37:22 Pavel: thx
16:37:37 Jenkinson: thats like slash telling me I rock.... or... like Pavel telling me i rock!!
16:37:50 Pavel: biggrin.gif
16:38:07 Jenkinson: i found an RG body
16:38:09 Jenkinson: in white
16:38:18 Jenkinson: I found a wizard 3 neck
16:38:24 Jenkinson: a edge 3 bridge
16:38:32 Jenkinson: hell...
16:38:38 Jenkinson: even foudn the rose vine inlay
16:38:47 Jenkinson: although I dont know if I would apply that part.
16:39:20 Jenkinson: I think I could do it
16:39:25 Jenkinson: and I could even get the evo pickups
16:39:28 Pavel: well, go ahead,
16:39:30 Jenkinson: all for less than $900
16:39:42 Jenkinson: pavel
16:39:48 Pavel: there is always BUT...will it really be close to JEM once you puit it together?
16:39:49 Jenkinson: im studying mechanical engineering
16:40:00 Jenkinson: yeahn yeah, it will NOT be a JEM
16:40:04 Pavel: biggrin.gif
16:40:08 Jenkinson: I want to eventually build my own customs.
16:40:19 Jenkinson: like on the side of whatever I end up doing in life
16:40:31 Jenkinson: and I was debating what to start with
16:40:44 Jenkinson: maybe I should start with something cheaper like a mexi strat or something?
16:40:50 Jenkinson: and customize that first.
16:41:04 Pavel: screw strats biggrin.gif
16:41:07 Jenkinson: : (
16:41:13 Jenkinson: i play a strat
16:41:14 Jenkinson: lol
16:41:26 Pavel: oops - still...screw them biggrin.gif
16:41:26 Jenkinson: Pavel!
16:41:33 Jenkinson: i ;learned beignner metal 3!
16:41:37 Jenkinson: it rocks!
16:41:45 Pavel: cool! record it!
16:41:49 Jenkinson: ...
16:41:51 Jenkinson: YES!
16:41:56 Jenkinson: pavel
16:42:02 Jenkinson: i have been trying to learn to play metal
16:42:03 GuitarDude: i wish i had a video cam =(
16:42:12 Jenkinson: but I have tried to start wtih 80s stuff
16:42:19 Jenkinson: like montley crue and skid row and winger
16:42:27 Jenkinson: they are VERY technically difficult
16:42:36 Jenkinson: so it takes me FOREVER to get anything down
16:43:00 Jenkinson: but your lessons
16:43:05 Jenkinson: are the perfect entrance
16:43:10 GuitarDude: have you tried polophonic tapping lesson?
16:43:10 Jenkinson: and they sound waaaaay hot
16:43:15 Jenkinson: helll not
16:43:17 Jenkinson: no*
16:43:20 Jenkinson: my tapping is very weak
16:43:35 Jenkinson: VERY weak... thats why I havent recorded Pavel's Metal Blues
16:43:43 GuitarDude: =P
16:43:45 Jenkinson: because the tapping is too hard for me to get up to tempo
16:43:54 Jenkinson: but all the other runs I have down
16:44:07 Jenkinson: pavel you know my favorite lesson of your smile.gif guess
16:44:25 Pavel: yeah you told me it last time - thnx man
16:44:33 Jenkinson: I told you?
16:44:37 Pavel: yep
16:44:39 Jenkinson: which did i say
16:44:40 Jenkinson: ?
16:44:56 GuitarDude: please do a rusty cooley style lesson =)
16:45:01 Jenkinson: smile.gif
16:45:29 Jenkinson: Pavel my favorite lesson is you Hand Control
16:45:39 Pavel: cool
16:45:41 Jenkinson: your*
16:45:45 Jenkinson: i have a story behiend it
16:45:50 Jenkinson: I learned it
16:45:54 Pavel: Jenkinson AP4 is actually close to Rusty style shredding
16:46:10 Pavel: it was actually for GuitarDude
16:46:12 Jenkinson: yeah ive noticed
16:46:19 Jenkinson: ap4 is monster....
16:46:26 GuitarDude: ap?
16:46:57 Pavel: alternate picking
16:47:01 GuitarDude: oh
16:48:04 Jenkinson: I learn hand control and took a trip down to Mexico with my brother and some friends.. While I was in Mexico, I stopped by a music store to purchase a Classical Guitar. I plugged into a Flying-V and threw down your Hand Control lesson, and all the employees in the store were like whoa... and one guy told me in spanish.. "I like your style." and I thought you myself, "Thank God for Pavel." ahaha
16:48:46 Pavel: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
16:48:49 Pavel: awesome man
16:49:10 Jenkinson: yeah dude, i dont know how many times I can tell you, your style is EXACTLY what i like to play
16:49:13 Jenkinson: SOOO melodic
16:49:29 Pavel: moments liek that realyl give you inspiration to practice more
16:49:34 Jenkinson: oh yeah
16:49:49 Jenkinson: unfortunately with school in session some days I dont get to touch the guitar...
16:49:51 Pavel: yeah man, i like heavy, and i like brutal heavy, but i want melody to be in ALWAYS
16:50:01 Jenkinson: yeah
16:50:12 Pavel: Jenkinson how old are you?
16:50:15 Jenkinson: 20
16:50:24 Jenkinson: : ( i got a late start on guitar
16:50:28 Jenkinson: sad.gif
16:50:33 Jenkinson: started when i was 19
16:50:50 Jenkinson: man, if only my parents had started me earlier
16:51:00 Jenkinson: in 6th grade I wanted to play drums, but they wouldnt let me...
16:51:05 Pavel: well, my parents didn't want me to take it serious
16:51:05 Jenkinson: so I ended up playing trumpet
16:51:17 Pavel: i mean, my whole family are musicians and thes didn't want me to be musician also
16:51:41 GuitarDude: its hard but funny
16:51:54 Pavel: but still my mom took me to music school where she works and i started on classical and a teacher of mine told me that i have liek a perfect hand for guitar....but he hated electic guitar
16:52:04 Jenkinson: lol
16:52:14 GuitarDude: =P
16:52:21 Pavel: sp after i finished 5 years of music school on classical guitar i switched to electric
16:52:26 Pavel: never touched classical ever since
16:52:29 Jenkinson: lol
16:52:31 GuitarDude: haha
16:52:46 Jenkinson: I think I am the only one at GMC that has wanted to see you do a Classical lesson
16:53:00 Jenkinson: I have been classical for about 4 months now
16:53:15 Jenkinson: which is one of the reasons I have been so conflicted
16:53:24 Jenkinson: because classical pieces require your FULL dedication
16:53:31 GuitarDude: pavel do you have a band?
16:53:34 Pavel: i don't play classical any more
16:53:47 Jenkinson: and when I work on something, I go on GMC and I want to do one of your lessons, but I dont have anytime to focus if I want to finsih mny classical piece
16:53:47 Pavel: but classical guitar gave me some good technique basics for right hand
16:53:53 Jenkinson: some?
16:53:56 Jenkinson: lol pavel
16:54:05 Pavel: GuitarDude no
16:54:05 Jenkinson: classical guitar is true guitar technique
16:54:23 GuitarDude: join my band =D
16:54:23 Pavel: working on a solo project, my own stuff
16:54:28 GuitarDude: ^^
16:54:34 Pavel: hehehe
16:54:55 Pavel: i want to be the nly creator of my music - i played in a band and it was a pain in the ass...
16:55:04 Jenkinson: Pavel, I am working on an acoustic metal album, solo project, any pointers or hints?
16:55:08 Pavel:
16:55:11 Pavel: that's my ex-band
16:55:21 Pavel: he clicked thte link biggrin.gif
16:55:24 Jenkinson: lol
16:56:00 Pavel: Jenkinson make it the way you want it to be but always aks yourself a question: "will a non-playing or non-guitarist want to listen to this"
16:56:12 Jenkinson: hmm
16:56:14 Jenkinson: so true
16:56:41 Jenkinson: pavel you will be recieveing the 2nd copy of my album
16:57:09 Jenkinson: it wont be for a year though sad.gif
16:57:16 Pavel: hehe thx man
16:57:16 Jenkinson: hopefully you are still around
16:57:22 Pavel: yeah sure i will be
16:57:27 Jenkinson: dude
16:57:34 Pavel: you can always contact me on e-mail
16:57:36 Jenkinson: I cant wait to see where I am in a year
16:57:41 Pavel: no matter where i am
16:57:44 Jenkinson: ok
16:57:52 Pavel: even if i am not on GMC - who cares?
16:57:58 Jenkinson: i dont smile.gif
16:58:02 Pavel: jsut drop me an e-mail or visit my site and you can always find me
16:58:07 Jenkinson: i will find you and pay you for a private lesson LOL!
16:58:14 Pavel: biggrin.gif
16:58:21 Jenkinson: aight I got class in 2 minutes
16:58:24 Jenkinson: i gotta run
16:58:30 Jenkinson: pavel thank you again for stopping by
16:58:38 Jenkinson: i think i need to talk to marcus about building
16:59:01 Pavel: yeah sure
16:59:04 Pavel: see ya around man
16:59:11 Jenkinson: and I will upload another video for you to critique, as well as my revised version of R&RS7
16:59:13 Jenkinson: aight bye
16:59:18 GuitarDude: bye man
16:59:20 Pavel: bye
16:59:55 Pavel: he's got classes and here it is 23:00 biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
17:00:18 GuitarDude: same time line here =D
17:00:41 Pavel: where're you from?
17:00:48 GuitarDude: Sweden
17:01:02 Pavel: ok
17:06:17 GuitarDude: Have you seen my band site? =)
17:06:30 Pavel: will do now
17:07:40 Pavel: the singer could use some practice...
17:07:46 Pavel: no offense
17:08:16 GuitarDude: yea i know
17:08:29 GuitarDude: =P but hes cool live
17:08:37 Pavel: is that a Charvel you have?
17:08:53 GuitarDude: yea its my darling =D
17:09:19 Pavel: it's nice
17:09:24 Pavel: always wanted to try one of thos
17:09:28 Pavel: those*
17:09:51 GuitarDude: really great tone and it keeps tuned for days
17:10:26 Pavel: cool
17:11:02 Pavel: practiced today?
17:12:15 GuitarDude: im a real guitar neard practice about 3 hours a day
17:12:26 GuitarDude: im addicted
17:12:29 GuitarDude: =)
17:12:46 Pavel: i'm with gutiar the whole day today
17:12:53 Pavel: even now i am practicing the new sweeping solo...
17:13:07 GuitarDude: =)
17:13:30 Pavel: it will be on my website soon....
17:13:34 GuitarDude: cool
17:14:08 GuitarDude: im longing for some new sweeps to practice
17:14:43 Pavel: yeah well...i think i won't make it into a lesson
17:15:32 GuitarDude: k
17:15:48 GuitarDude: ill try to tab it out ^^
17:15:51 Pavel: biggrin.gif
17:16:00 Pavel: it will be a free lesson on my website
17:16:05 GuitarDude: woho
17:16:27 Pavel: i don't want to give all of my stuff to GMC because later i won't be able to use it in my instructional DVD which i want to make
17:16:39 Pavel: so i keep some stuff for myself biggrin.gif
17:16:42 GuitarDude: ill buy that one for sure
17:17:24 Pavel: i really want to make it happen...i mean the i have to ma ke a lick library for it
17:22:18 GuitarDude: whats your favorite sweep song/solo?
17:23:07 Pavel: you mean my own or some band's?
17:23:44 GuitarDude: some bands =P
17:24:29 Pavel: Rhapsody - Unholy Warcry , but number one is Rhapsody - Gargoyles, Angels Of Darkness - the best solo ever!
17:34:10 Pavel: i'm off! see ya around man
18:21:06 rokchik: Hello PP
18:24:43 PacmanProductions: hey
18:25:29 rokchik: what's up?
18:26:02 PacmanProductions: nuthin much
18:27:08 rokchik: same here....just a bit of practice before House comes on smile.gif
18:27:20 PacmanProductions: ahh
18:28:22 rokchik: What r u practicing at the moment?
18:32:23 rokchik: actually dude I gotta just called. talk to ya some other time
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