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post Oct 4 2007, 12:04 AM
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Hi Pavel,

I would really like to request a series on dishing out shredding mayheem. I know you did various alt picking, legato and sweeps, but it would great if you could combine some of these ideas/techniques into a series of shred lesson.

The thing is, playing guitar has really changed now. People nowadays are just impressed by how fast you play even if its just random stuff and sound like crap. I really need to improve my speed and my shredding skills seriously suck. A guy in my school heard i was playing guitar so he challenged me to a guitar battle sorta live in stage in one of our assemblys. I was playing a bit slow but fluent (mainly alternate picking, leagato and taps). This dude just plays some random stuff at extremely high speeds and totally threw me away.

I still want to show him that i can totally own him at this stuff (even though i suck, im motivated (actually fired uP) to show him off (hes about two years younger than me, big embarassment). The main reason im like this cause i mostly listen to pop punk, punk, post hardcore and metalcore (like green day, blink 182, sum 41, rise against chevelle, A7x and Bullet for my valentine).

Please can you help me on how to shred by introducing a series (starts easy and takes off into hard stuff and combines various techniques in one lesson), so i can get back my dignity.

If youre too busy can you please link some lessons that are pretty easy and can get me started.

The reason im asking you is cause you seem to be GMC's fret board stirfrying shredder (no wonder rusty was impressed by you too). Please help me man, cause in really embarresed now (people actually used to look up to me).

Thanks a lot and rock on,

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post Oct 4 2007, 12:52 AM
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That sucks, but you don't have to kill yourself for it! People will still look up to you, because you're a good guy - not because you can shred your ass off.

I was on the international competition in tourism 3 years ago, and my high school always achieved gold medals on this competition. This time, i was going there, and the whole competition is in English. I was 500% ready and knew all the material and all stuff i had to. And guess what - in my team i got 2 girls who couldn't even spell the English alphabet, not to talk about presenting some city or destination. We lost, but the people from committee came out after our "performance" and told to my teacher: "The kid owns them all, but he got the wrong team!" (the team was picked 2 days before the competition - these were the rules).

I lost the competition, got 9th place out of 10, i was crying, i was emberassed as hell but i could do nothing about it.

In your situation, if the guy was just playing random crap you don't have to worry about it because those who understand a thing in playing will know (already know) that you are better.

Next time just ask him to play that slow, after he blurs the shit out. You will kill him with that request and he will be emberassed of not knowing what he plays.

Now comes the main part:

Man, shred is not something you can learn from a book. You already have all you need here at GMC to make a decent shred solo. The only thing you have to do is to make your own solo, in your head, or in GP5, right it down and practice it. For example the AP lesson 4, gives you more than enough to start making shred solos.

If this happened a couple of days ago, don't expect to able to shred all the way in 1 month. Speed and skills are pain in the ass to gain - takes a lot of time.

Better invite him to GMC, and you can have your "battle" here, with loads of guitar students voting for who is better, and he will be in the middle of people who actually know what guitar is wink.gif

Man i know you're better, you wanna know why?? Because you sticked to the speed where you still can play with quality sound and hit correct notes.
So just forget about the whole thing and keep practicing. Let it be the kick in the ass for you - we all need it sometimes.

Don't take it THAT serious. You'll own him in public one day and you will destroy him, just stick to GMC. smile.gif

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