Guitar Chat With Muris Etc. 2007-10-05
Oct 6 2007, 11:53 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
17:53:49 peterorg54: sup people
17:54:09 Soul_Decision: Hey man
18:01:19 peterorg54: so
18:01:29 peterorg54: what u guys doing
18:01:37 peterorg54: *slap*
18:02:10 Soul_Decision: I'm playing/learning Stream of Consciousness smile.gif
18:02:17 Soul_Decision: You?
18:09:01 peterorg54: er
18:09:02 peterorg54: sry
18:09:06 peterorg54: i was eating taco
18:09:09 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:09:25 Soul_Decision: Lol, awesome
18:09:55 Soul_Decision: The song I'm playing is so much fun to play smile.gif
18:10:02 peterorg54: huh ?
18:10:03 peterorg54: what song
18:10:10 peterorg54: oh
18:10:12 peterorg54: Stream of Consciousness
18:10:13 peterorg54: ?
18:10:17 Soul_Decision: Mhm
18:10:24 Soul_Decision: The only bad thing about it
18:10:36 Soul_Decision: Is that I don't have a 24 fret guitar
18:10:41 Soul_Decision: So I can't do the solo sad.gif
18:10:46 peterorg54: ..
18:10:52 peterorg54: well how sad for u
18:10:58 peterorg54: i dont even have good guitar
18:11:04 peterorg54: just using no-name guitar
18:11:05 peterorg54: ..
18:11:16 Soul_Decision: Mine isn't either lol
18:11:24 peterorg54: it saids johnson
18:11:29 peterorg54: oh
18:11:32 peterorg54: whats urs ?
18:11:39 Soul_Decision: I want B.C Rich WMD Warbeast
18:11:53 Soul_Decision: Mine is a Fender Starcaster
18:12:03 peterorg54: ..
18:12:10 peterorg54: u think thats no named
18:12:12 peterorg54: brand ?
18:12:30 Soul_Decision: Considering I bought it at Best Buy
18:12:31 Soul_Decision: Yeah lol
18:12:44 peterorg54: lol
18:12:46 peterorg54: l.ol
18:13:03 peterorg54: well
18:13:16 peterorg54: at least thats better than mine
18:13:18 peterorg54: i guess
18:13:48 Soul_Decision: What guitar do you want?
18:14:15 peterorg54: just ..
18:14:20 peterorg54: gibson would be nice
18:14:21 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:14:31 Soul_Decision: Cool
18:15:04 Soul_Decision: What type of music do you like to play?
18:15:21 peterorg54: well
18:15:36 peterorg54: hum
18:15:38 peterorg54: blues
18:15:39 peterorg54: or
18:15:41 peterorg54: rock
18:15:45 peterorg54: or
18:15:53 peterorg54: just common music
18:16:18 Soul_Decision: Good stuff
18:16:29 peterorg54: what bout u
18:17:07 Soul_Decision: Anything that is rock and metal smile.gif
18:17:19 peterorg54: cool
18:18:16 Soul_Decision: What are you learning now?
18:18:32 peterorg54: weel
18:18:33 peterorg54: well
18:19:22 peterorg54: not much new
18:19:28 peterorg54: im just student ..
18:19:29 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:19:43 peterorg54: i go to school
18:19:47 peterorg54: and
18:19:48 peterorg54: ur
18:19:50 peterorg54: ?
18:19:50 peterorg54: ..
18:20:19 peterorg54: like
18:20:23 peterorg54: an uncle ?
18:20:29 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:20:40 peterorg54: am i right ?
18:20:41 peterorg54: or
18:20:43 peterorg54: not
18:20:48 Soul_Decision: Yeah, actually
18:21:02 peterorg54: cool
18:21:25 Soul_Decision: I'm 19 though lol
18:21:29 peterorg54: oh
18:21:31 peterorg54: ..
18:21:54 peterorg54: then
18:21:58 peterorg54: college student ?
18:22:04 Soul_Decision: Mhm
18:22:21 peterorg54: or
18:22:26 peterorg54: beyond dthat
18:23:00 Soul_Decision: College....sort of
18:23:18 peterorg54: or
18:23:37 peterorg54: no
18:23:39 peterorg54: not my business
18:23:41 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:23:55 peterorg54: sooo
18:24:03 peterorg54: do u rock
18:24:04 peterorg54: ?
18:24:21 peterorg54: whats up
18:24:25 peterorg54: rokchik
18:24:37 rokchik: Not Much r u?
18:24:44 peterorg54: fine
18:24:45 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:24:55 peterorg54: so
18:24:57 peterorg54: do u rock
18:25:02 peterorg54: rokchik ?
18:25:03 Soul_Decision: Hey Rokchick
18:25:29 rokchik: of course...hey Soul Decision.
18:25:35 peterorg54: of course
18:25:37 peterorg54: Lol
18:25:41 rokchik: I live to rock and rock to live baby smile.gif
18:25:49 peterorg54: cool
18:25:56 rokchik: what about you
18:26:05 peterorg54: am rocking right now
18:26:16 rokchik: same actually
18:26:19 peterorg54: l
18:26:19 peterorg54: lo
18:26:33 peterorg54: soul didnt answer
18:26:34 peterorg54: ..
18:26:40 peterorg54: maybe he doesnt rock
18:26:46 Soul_Decision: I do rock ohmy.gif
18:26:53 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:26:53 rokchik: Hey soul....I had a gander at your FB profile
18:27:06 rokchik: he does rock
18:27:16 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
18:27:33 rokchik: so you guys have any big plans for the weekend?
18:27:38 Soul_Decision: No
18:27:44 Soul_Decision: I wish :/
18:27:49 rokchik: smile.gif
18:28:00 rokchik: I'm working all weekend so I know the feeling
18:28:11 Soul_Decision: That sucks :/
18:28:35 rokchik: well it's thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so the OT will be good
18:29:12 peterorg54: oh
18:29:13 peterorg54: cool
18:29:35 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
18:29:46 peterorg54: i just looked up on calendar
18:29:46 Soul_Decision: Thanksgiving is not for another month here
18:29:49 peterorg54: and it said
18:29:49 rokchik: so pete I don't think I've ever chatted with you b4. Where are you from?
18:29:55 peterorg54: thanksgiving
18:29:58 peterorg54: (CANADA)
18:30:02 peterorg54: cool
18:30:06 peterorg54: i didnt know that
18:30:08 rokchik: yep that's us
18:30:08 peterorg54: ..
18:30:21 Soul_Decision: Rokchick
18:30:27 Soul_Decision: I'm coming to your house smile.gif
18:30:30 Soul_Decision: tongue.gif
18:30:36 peterorg54: hum
18:30:40 peterorg54: i live in
18:30:41 peterorg54: oregon
18:30:43 rokchik: LOL...sure man but you won't find any turkey smile.gif
18:30:53 Soul_Decision: sad.gif
18:30:57 peterorg54: sad.gif
18:30:59 Soul_Decision: At least we can play guitar smile.gif
18:31:00 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:31:00 rokchik: cool Pete
18:31:17 peterorg54: turkey sucks
18:31:21 peterorg54: chicken rocks
18:31:23 rokchik: true....I'm having turkey day at friends place as B/F will be gone away
18:31:43 Soul_Decision: Ahh
18:31:52 rokchik: and I'm all for a jam sessions man
18:32:47 rokchik: plus it's hockey season so I'm very happy this week
18:32:55 Soul_Decision: Nice
18:33:13 rokchik: Pete do you live in Portland?
18:33:18 peterorg54: Lol
18:33:20 peterorg54: right
18:33:24 peterorg54: how did u guess
18:33:43 rokchik: I know two places in oregan and took a 50/50 chance smile.gif
18:33:52 peterorg54: lol
18:34:04 rokchik: The other is Astoria
18:34:14 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:34:26 peterorg54: cool
18:34:30 peterorg54: so
18:34:33 peterorg54: where do u live
18:34:34 Soul_Decision: So
18:34:36 peterorg54: rok
18:34:39 peterorg54: chik?
18:34:40 rokchik: only because of the movie The Goonies and Kindergarden Cop smile.gif
18:34:56 peterorg54: CA what
18:34:58 rokchik: I live in Newfoundland and Labrador
18:34:59 peterorg54: city
18:35:06 peterorg54: cool
18:35:10 rokchik: oh Goose Bay, NL
18:35:28 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:35:32 rokchik: So Pete you a Trailblazers fan or what?
18:35:43 Soul_Decision: Kindegarten Cop
18:35:44 peterorg54: NO
18:35:48 Soul_Decision: That moive was awesome lol
18:35:55 peterorg54: hi
18:35:59 peterorg54: botoxfox
18:36:05 peterorg54: oh
18:36:08 peterorg54: it was out ..
18:36:10 peterorg54: sad.gif
18:36:19 rokchik: it was cute....I love The Goonies though. I wanted to be a Goonie as a kid smile.gif
18:36:26 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:36:29 Soul_Decision: Cool
18:36:54 rokchik: So Pete do you like basketball at all?
18:37:00 peterorg54: well
18:37:05 peterorg54: Redsox
18:37:07 peterorg54: rocks
18:37:16 Soul_Decision: I wanted to be a midget like in the Willi Wanka movie
18:37:17 rokchik: that's baseball dude
18:37:23 Soul_Decision: But The I grew up sad.gif
18:37:24 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:37:26 peterorg54: ya i mean
18:37:29 peterorg54: i like baseball
18:37:30 rokchik: Soul as a umppa loompa
18:37:33 rokchik: LOL
18:37:49 peterorg54: i dont like basketball
18:37:54 rokchik: cool I like baseball too....but I'm a Orioles fan
18:37:59 peterorg54: im good at this though
18:38:23 rokchik: BUt Clyde Drexler was awesome when he play for the Blazers
18:38:43 rokchik: one of my fave players of all time actually
18:38:49 peterorg54: k
18:38:50 peterorg54: kcool
18:39:14 rokchik: so Pete how long you been on GMC?
18:39:24 peterorg54: im pretty new
18:39:27 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:39:33 rokchik: I hope you don't mind me calling you pete?
18:39:41 peterorg54: sure
18:39:55 rokchik: cool...I've only been around for 6 months or so
18:40:14 rokchik: how you liking it so far?
18:40:20 peterorg54: i've only been around for 1 month or so.
18:40:47 Soul_Decision: Seriously?? 1 month Peter?
18:40:51 peterorg54: ya
18:40:53 peterorg54: ..
18:40:53 peterorg54: or so
18:40:55 peterorg54: why
18:41:06 Soul_Decision: Nothing lol
18:41:06 rokchik: cool....what are you practicing?
18:41:19 peterorg54: gabriel is cool
18:41:22 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:41:29 peterorg54: all of gabriel's lessons
18:41:44 rokchik: Same here....I love Gabriels Lessons
18:41:45 peterorg54: really like his style
18:41:48 Iluha: hey people smile.gif
18:41:51 peterorg54: sup
18:41:55 peterorg54: iluha
18:41:56 rokchik: ILUHA
18:42:04 rokchik: how's it going?
18:42:11 Soul_Decision: Hey
18:42:25 rokchik: Happy 6 months buddy smile.gif
18:42:29 Iluha: hey rokchik long time no talk smile.gif.. thanks
18:42:40 rokchik: really have you been?
18:43:06 Iluha: all good.. havnt had any new musical ideas lately though
18:43:14 Iluha: and you? whats up?
18:43:57 rokchik: I C....I'm a bit lacking in the creative department too these days but work has been crazy. Between work and sleep I haven't been doing much
18:44:09 peterorg54: ya
18:44:10 peterorg54: hes good
18:44:12 peterorg54: hes just rocking
18:44:24 rokchik: plus I just found out today I have a 3 week course coming up
18:44:28 Iluha: ohh I know how that feels, up until recently I "worked" from 7am till sometime 12am..
18:44:38 rokchik: SHE"S rocking Pete
18:44:45 peterorg54: whoa
18:44:52 rokchik: LOL
18:44:53 peterorg54: u were female >?
18:44:57 Iluha: WERE? biggrin.gif
18:44:59 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:45:05 rokchik: I thought the name gave it a way but yeah
18:45:10 Soul_Decision: LOL
18:45:16 peterorg54: oh
18:45:17 peterorg54: sry
18:45:47 Iluha: Im thinking of taking piano lessons
18:45:56 Iluha: kinda scary though.. havnt touched the piano for the last... 10 years
18:46:04 peterorg54: duude
18:46:07 peterorg54: me
18:46:09 peterorg54: piano
18:46:10 rokchik: Piano is cool
18:46:10 peterorg54: rock
18:47:11 rokchik: Oh and Pete I've always been female smile.gif
18:47:21 peterorg54: sure
18:47:28 peterorg54: tongue.gif
18:47:38 rokchik: smile.gif
18:47:39 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:48:21 rokchik: just tormenting ya man. Most people thought I was a guy on this site when I first joined
18:48:44 Soul_Decision: Seriously?
18:48:58 Soul_Decision: Lol
18:49:03 peterorg54: lol
18:49:07 Iluha: I wish more of the woman on GMC would post..
18:49:07 Soul_Decision: That sucks
18:49:22 Iluha: maybe theyll read my post and start.. who knows tongue.gif
18:49:35 peterorg54: most female doesnt rock
18:49:38 peterorg54: but
18:49:39 peterorg54: ur coool
18:49:42 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
18:49:46 Iluha: lol
18:50:19 rokchik: Yeah...I thought the name was a give away but I was wrong. It's cool though I meanmost just assumed since the majority of this site is guys
18:50:51 rokchik: Hey....there are a few more of us girls popping up lately
18:50:59 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
18:51:04 rokchik: and thanks Pete smile.gif
18:51:13 Soul_Decision: Girls who play guitar are hot
18:51:25 Soul_Decision: That and martial arts LOL
18:51:35 Soul_Decision: Anyways
18:51:55 Soul_Decision: What are you learning now?
18:52:17 Iluha: Im learning Ben's new lessons right now
18:52:39 Iluha: I dont think flamenco can get any simpler then in his lesson so its a good start
18:52:43 rokchik: I'm just about to start Gabs Jane's Addiction lesson
18:53:01 Soul_Decision: Cool stuff lol
18:53:11 Iluha: and also Im constantly working on Muris's Luke style lesson, allmost got it all down now.
18:53:16 rokchik: My acoustic is broke at the moment sad.gif
18:53:33 Iluha: i play the flamenco on my electric tongue.gif
18:53:39 rokchik: really?
18:53:50 Iluha: yup... don't have an acoustic sad.gif
18:54:00 rokchik: ahhh....that would do it
18:54:23 Soul_Decision: I don't like the feel of an acoustic :/
18:54:40 Iluha: you mean the sound of it?
18:55:05 peterorg54: no
18:55:07 peterorg54: just feel
18:55:14 peterorg54: acoustic is not sexy
18:55:25 rokchik: I LOVE acoustic....especially when you take great electric songs and make them acoustic
18:55:29 Soul_Decision: The body of it
18:55:30 rokchik: I agree Pete
18:55:47 rokchik: don't I mean
18:55:54 Soul_Decision: It's waaay to big for me
18:56:01 Iluha: acoustic can be very "sexy"
18:56:12 rokchik: Yes it can Iluha
18:56:34 Iluha: like the solo on Lional Richard's Hello
18:56:44 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
18:56:52 rokchik: I thought that too Soul but I got use to it after a while and now I'd rather play my acoustic then my LP
18:57:13 Iluha:
18:57:13 rokchik: Very nice solo Iluha
18:57:30 Iluha: this is also one of my favourite acoustic pieces
18:58:18 rokchik: I love Everlong done on acoustic....but my fave would probably be Never going down again by Fleetwood Mac. Well right now it's my fave
18:58:38 Iluha: When I'll get an acoustic, probably will be a low action one
18:59:16 Iluha: I dont wanna start dealing with fretting =p
18:59:36 rokchik: Mine is low action...but it's a pain cause I'm constantly adusting due to buzz
19:00:00 rokchik: but now my bridge is cracked so I have to send it out for repair
19:00:07 Iluha: lol
19:00:42 Iluha: I want one so I can learn stuff like Don Ross'and Andy Mckee
19:00:53 rokchik: cool
19:01:35 Iluha: I loved the acoustic version of Wonderwall.. or was it Stop Crying Your'e Heart Out, one of the two
19:01:58 rokchik: I play every thing on acoustic smile.gif...and both are great on Acoustic
19:02:51 Iluha: Theres just something so emotional in the tone of the acoustic..
19:03:02 Iluha: that even the simplest open string chords sounds intense
19:03:05 rokchik: I play Wonderwall everytime I pick up a guitar smile.gif
19:03:07 peterorg54: does anyone have aim
19:03:08 peterorg54: ?
19:03:23 Iluha: nope pete.. I got msn and icq though
19:03:34 peterorg54: k
19:03:37 peterorg54: nobody ?
19:03:43 peterorg54: well im going out
19:03:44 rokchik: msn here too
19:03:44 peterorg54: cya
19:03:55 Iluha: cya
19:07:43 Robin: hi everyone
19:07:49 rokchik: Hey Robin
19:08:02 Iluha: hey robin
19:08:24 Iluha: your solo in the collab was killer.. I also went pentatonic but mine is pure crap lol
19:08:42 Robin: ohh thanks man!! biggrin.gif
19:09:02 rokchik: I haven't had a chance to check out the collabs lately....well I know what to do at work tomorrow smile.gif
19:09:57 Robin: oh, so you dont work when you're at work? tongue.gif
19:10:11 Robin: you're just hangin around on GMC? biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
19:11:48 rokchik: Only when it's slow man
19:12:15 rokchik: which this week has not been...but nothing on the board for tomorrow so should be crawling
19:13:57 Robin: ah ok biggrin.gif
19:14:22 Iluha: woo starting to get full
19:14:31 Robin: hi dudes
19:14:37 Wyvernx: hello
19:14:39 chast: yeah biggrin.gif
19:14:57 Wyvernx: It's Friday! biggrin.gif
19:15:07 Wyvernx: and that by itself makes my day
19:15:08 Iluha: it's allready saturday here =p
19:15:20 Wyvernx: aw,
19:15:47 Soul_Decision: Hey Everyone smile.gif
19:15:56 Wyvernx: hey!
19:16:06 Robin: hi
19:16:23 Soul_Decision: How are you guys?
19:16:31 rokchik: Hey Everybody
19:16:37 Wyvernx: I'm pretty tired
19:16:51 Wyvernx: hey
19:16:53 Robin: good. feelin blue blue blue blue bluuuuuu
19:17:25 rokchik:
19:17:33 Soul_Decision: Cool
19:17:35 rokchik: Iluha thats for you
19:17:55 rokchik: It's the Music of Black snake moan...great stuff
19:17:55 Iluha: ah cool thanks
19:18:55 Wyvernx: heh reminds me of Crossroads
19:19:07 Iluha: crossroads.. was such a bad movie lol
19:19:16 rokchik: LOL
19:19:27 Wyvernx: really? I liked it!
19:19:33 Wyvernx: oh well
19:19:38 Iluha: I only liked the last ten minutes with Steve
19:20:14 Wyvernx: yeah that part was pretty cool
19:20:29 Robin: hey dudes
19:20:31 rokchik: Black Snake Moan is a great movie...I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it
19:20:40 Robin: I love crossroads biggrin.gif whats wrong with it? biggrin.gif
19:21:38 rokchik:
19:21:50 rokchik: this is a great song from BSM
19:21:54 Iluha: its preety awesome that Samuel L Jackson is actually playing
19:22:07 Iluha: can he fing do something wrong? sad.gif
19:22:07 rokchik: very
19:22:10 Robin: really? I must see that movie asap
19:22:28 rokchik: I thought you'd like it Robin
19:23:07 Iluha: he recreates the delta blues vibe perfectly
19:23:09 rokchik: Apparently he learned to play guitar while filming Snakes on a Plane
19:23:22 Robin: cool
19:23:34 Iluha: hes feeling is great... anything that man does is gold
19:23:49 rokchik: amen to that. I love SLJ
19:24:04 Robin: indeed
19:34:52 Iluha: hey muris
19:35:12 Robin: hi muris
19:35:19 muris: hello guys smile.gif
19:35:57 chast: hey mursi
19:35:59 muris: nice take in collab Robin
19:36:03 muris: really nice
19:36:23 chast: muris
19:36:28 chast: that backing makes me crazy
19:36:30 chast: ^^
19:36:36 rokchik: Hay Muris
19:36:38 Robin: wow thanks muris!!! :F:F
19:36:41 Robin: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif '
19:36:48 muris: really,great phrasing
19:36:53 muris: very smooth
19:37:05 Robin: 3 people have said that they liked it biggrin.gif I guess all the improvising really turned out to be good!!
19:37:16 Robin: thank you much!!! its really great to hear
19:37:37 Robin: I jam much more than I do excerises
19:37:41 muris: anytime wink.gif
19:38:19 rokchik: Very Nice indeed Robin....I couldn't wait until tomorrow at work smile.gif
19:38:21 Iluha: muris.. my part.. sucks so bad man.. lol its just too simple
19:38:28 muris: hmm
19:38:32 muris: so simple is wrong?
19:39:01 Iluha: no not wrong. just not good like the others tongue.gif
19:39:03 Robin: haha thanks rokchik biggrin.gif
19:39:22 muris: look
19:39:22 Robin: things can be simple and still good! look at BB king
19:39:27 rokchik: No problem man
19:39:30 muris: that is NOT competition
19:39:35 muris: have that in midn smile.gif
19:39:56 Robin: yeah collab is for learnings sake
19:39:58 Robin: and for fun
19:40:07 Robin: I learned some things about recording when doing it!! biggrin.gif
19:40:11 Robin: and it was definatly fun
19:40:13 Iluha: Hopefully ill record it toomarow
19:40:14 muris: you see?? smile.gif
19:40:17 Robin: cant wait to hear the final mix
19:40:36 Iluha: Mine isnt a jam though, its a really basic pentatonic composition tongue.gif but oh well
19:40:39 muris: if you want,I can make really bad take
19:40:45 muris: just to give you some boost
19:40:50 muris: idea tho
19:40:54 muris: wink.gif
19:41:05 Iluha: nah man lol don't need a boost just need to courage to get it done hehe
19:41:14 rokchik: I really need some recording gear smile.gif
19:41:27 Robin: you can get really cheap but decent stuff nowdays
19:41:32 Iluha: me as well.. Im gonna record through a video camera heheh..
19:42:07 muris: absolutely Robin
19:42:33 muris: all you need is decent audio card and few VSTs
19:43:38 rokchik: I know....I should bump it up on my list of stuff to buy smile.gif The Home Theatre is sucking the cash right now smile.gif
19:43:51 Robin: biggrin.gif
19:43:55 muris: wink.gif
19:44:10 muris: hope you're gonna watch some instructional videos
19:45:21 muris: Illuha,may I ask how old are you?
19:45:26 Iluha: 20
19:45:26 rokchik: Of course....that's the whole reason for the upgrade smile.gif
19:45:43 muris: and you're in the army right?
19:45:47 Iluha: yup
19:46:00 muris: is that army for MUST or professional?
19:46:06 Iluha: MUST
19:46:07 Iluha: tongue.gif
19:46:16 muris: so no college?
19:46:33 Iluha: in Israel you have to server in the army for 3 years
19:46:39 Iluha: serve*
19:46:47 Robin: luckily I have astma and allergies, so I will probably get away with going to the army biggrin.gif
19:47:01 Robin: 17. october I got to go see if I can join, I hope I wont
19:47:25 Iluha: I actually was looking forward to joining the army
19:47:33 Iluha: but now I want to get out of there heh..
19:47:34 Robin: seems like many people are
19:47:38 Robin: I dont undstand it haha biggrin.gif
19:47:52 Robin: if I have to go to the army I'll break my left foot. I dont need it for anything
19:47:59 Iluha: lol
19:47:59 chast: iluha where are you from again ? ^^
19:48:04 Robin: or I can just do some voulenteer work
19:48:05 Iluha: Israel
19:48:12 Iluha: like Ben N
19:48:12 chast: ah right
19:48:19 rokchik: Well guys I must go practice a bit before calling it a night. I'll chat with y'all later
19:48:25 chast: here i germany, you have to do kind of a test if you could go to army or not
19:48:28 Robin: ok bye rok
19:48:31 muris: ok rock
19:48:32 Iluha: cya have fun smile.gif
19:48:33 muris: see ya
19:48:47 Iluha: yeah here too chast,
19:48:47 chast: cu
19:49:07 Iluha: physical tests tongue.gif
19:49:21 muris: it's the same everywhere
19:49:24 muris: must do the test
19:49:32 Iluha: yup..
19:49:35 muris: lol
19:49:38 chast: here it is physical and body
19:49:39 muris: I avoided it
19:49:43 chast: condition etc.
19:49:45 muris: mean not the test
19:49:48 muris: but the army
19:50:07 chast: i dont want to go to army
19:50:20 muris: I had rough night before
19:50:26 muris: drinking a lot etc
19:50:38 muris: I was looking sooo bad next morning at the test
19:50:50 Iluha: wait so in your countries you also have to go to the army?
19:50:51 muris: guys from comission thought I'm a real janky
19:50:55 Robin: you did it on purpus muris? tongue.gif
19:50:55 chast: well, you get told in germany, come again than and than
19:51:00 Robin: in norway we do yeah
19:51:02 muris: they sent me home right away
19:51:03 muris: lol
19:51:07 muris: noo
19:51:09 Iluha: for ow long Robin?
19:51:10 muris: not at all
19:51:17 muris: I just had looong nite
19:51:22 muris: night*
19:51:22 Robin: but luckily I got bad sight, astma and allergies, so I dont think I have to go
19:51:25 Robin: one year or something
19:51:29 Robin: bad vision*
19:51:30 chast: im not sure about the system here
19:51:32 Iluha: oh
19:51:34 Robin: my eyes sucks ass
19:51:57 chast: its too compicate
19:52:31 muris: Slammer did good job too
19:52:36 muris: he did some shred
19:52:41 muris: odd from him tho
19:52:47 muris: but sounds coll smile.gif
19:52:48 chast: muris wait till you hear mine
19:52:55 chast: you probably fall of your chair
19:53:00 chast: because its so scary ;D
19:53:01 Robin: yeah I heard he played some fast stuff :F
19:53:03 muris: I'm already wink.gif
19:53:03 Iluha: lol
19:53:18 muris: falling....ouch
19:53:27 Iluha: I dont know why but I just coudnt think of anything fast to put over that backing
19:53:34 Iluha: so mine is very slow tongue.gif
19:53:42 muris: do it as you like
19:53:44 Robin: speed is not needed
19:53:45 muris: fast or slow
19:53:50 chast: i dont get anything over the backing
19:53:55 Robin: speed can be good but its not needed to make something sound good
19:53:55 chast: biggrin.gif
19:53:56 muris: just have it some purpose,meaning
19:53:59 muris: that's all
19:54:31 Iluha: I guess it has that lol, not too much, but it has it :PPP
19:57:06 chast: im waiting for visions lead
19:57:14 chast: he showed me some cool ideas in skype
19:58:47 muris: ahh,so you're cheating now wink.gif
19:58:55 chast: nooo tongue.gif
19:59:00 muris: joke
19:59:05 chast: but you could say that he gave me some ideas biggrin.gif
19:59:28 muris: maybe he ran out of them after that
19:59:33 muris: might be in issue wink.gif
20:01:20 muris: off to bed guys
20:01:29 chast: cu muris
20:01:29 Robin: see you later
20:01:30 muris: looking forward to your tracks tho
20:01:35 muris: wink.gif
20:01:37 muris: bye
20:02:20 Iluha: Well here's the crappy midi of my crappy compo for the collab tongue.gif
20:02:22 Iluha:
20:04:29 Robin: hi
20:04:39 Hemlok: Good morning folks
20:06:03 Iluha: hey hemlok
20:06:44 Iluha: So? does it suck? lol
20:07:38 Hemlok: I'm not quite sure what you mean?
20:07:48 chast: i dont think it sucks tongue.gif
20:08:04 Hemlok: oh your file, gimme a sec
20:08:12 chast: i want to hear with the backingtrack
20:08:29 Iluha: hopefully toomarow Ill record it.
20:08:55 Robin: I cant really seem to download it
20:08:59 Robin: do I have to register or something
20:09:00 Robin: ?
20:09:05 Iluha: no
20:09:08 Iluha: click on the free
20:09:18 Iluha: and then enter the letters or whatnot
20:09:26 Hemlok: groovy Iluha
20:09:49 Iluha: lol thanks I still say it sucks though
20:09:55 chast: tongue.gif
20:10:03 chast: its always like that
20:10:04 Robin: I got it now :F
20:10:06 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:10:09 Hemlok: hehe
20:10:12 chast: i also dont like my stuff^^
20:10:27 Hemlok: 8) I like my stuff
20:10:32 Iluha: yeah I know.. only thing I ever really liked of my own is Gal's Medley hehe
20:10:49 chast: well, gals medley is really
20:10:52 chast: a masterpiece
20:10:54 Robin: I dont think it sucks at all Iluha
20:11:11 Iluha: isnt it too simple and boring?
20:11:17 Robin: no
20:11:24 Robin: I hate complicated stuff
20:11:26 Robin: I love simple stuff
20:11:28 Iluha: lol ok tongue.gif ill take your word for it
20:11:52 Hemlok: take all our words for it
20:11:54 Iluha: thanks you guys brought be some minor confidence in this lol
20:12:01 Iluha: be=me
20:12:16 Hemlok: wink.gif
20:12:29 Hemlok: i think i need to have a shower, back soon
20:12:39 Robin: ok, see you later
20:13:46 Iluha: gonna catch some sleep, cya guys toomarow!
20:13:53 Robin: bye
20:13:55 chast: cu
20:13:59 Robin: I'm also really sleepy, but I wanna practice
20:14:09 chast: and talk to me in msn! tongue.gif
20:33:01 chast: im going to bed
20:33:04 chast: have a good night
20:33:04 Hemlok: hey what is your msn address by the way?
20:33:57 Hemlok: im gonna go to the shop and get some new strings for my acoustic
20:34:06 Hemlok: catch ya later Robin
22:53:49 Slammer: LOL
22:53:58 Slammer: if anyone comes in just *slap* me
23:29:07 Slammer: lol
23:29:12 Slammer: bye guys

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