Guitar Chat With Andrew Cockburn, Kosei Kubota, Kai Muehlenbruch, Muris Etc. 2007-10-06
Oct 8 2007, 05:08 PM
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02:06:17 Flaringo: a
02:06:19 Flaringo: cool biggrin.gif
02:06:31 Flaringo: d
02:06:32 Flaringo: ah
02:06:35 Flaringo: clear screen
02:06:38 Flaringo: phew
02:06:53 Flaringo: *slap*
02:06:58 Flaringo: *whip*
02:07:02 Flaringo: haha, awesome
02:07:23 Flaringo: hey if anyone drops by, slap something, meow or whip someone
02:07:47 Flaringo: i have important questions for clever guitarists like you
03:06:13 Mrblomme: *whip*
03:06:20 Mrblomme: but i'm not clever hehehe biggrin.gif
03:12:29 Mrblomme: g2g bye
13:36:46 VinceG: hai robin
13:38:31 Robin: hi
13:38:39 VinceG: playing guitar?
13:38:44 Robin: yeah biggrin.gif
13:38:50 Robin: playin the blues... tongue.gif
13:38:52 Robin: you?
13:38:59 VinceG: lol ehh lookin for amps
13:39:06 Robin: cool
13:39:09 VinceG: you cant play the blues, you have a house
13:39:17 Robin: tongue.gif
13:39:37 VinceG: yea, this whole buying a new amp thing is really confusing the hell out of me
13:39:50 Robin: >_<
13:39:59 Robin: what amp are you planning to get
13:40:01 Robin: `?
13:40:22 VinceG: i saw a good solid state Kustom amp for $250 used originally like $500
13:40:29 VinceG: clean and distortion is good
13:40:36 VinceG: surpisingly
13:41:32 VinceG: then, got to thinking of tubes and all that great tone
13:41:57 VinceG: what kind of amp do you use?
13:42:42 Robin: same as Johnny Winter uses biggrin.gif Music Man 2x 12" tube amp. I'm not sure what the model is called or anything
13:42:48 Robin: dont remember how many W either
13:42:55 VinceG: lol
13:43:10 VinceG: you play it for hours everyday yet you dont know
13:43:18 Robin: hehe yeah biggrin.gif
13:43:25 VinceG: bought it used? hand me downs?
13:44:39 Robin: its my dads. I dont know when he bought it, its kinda old tongue.gif
13:44:45 Robin: he dont use it anymore though
13:45:05 VinceG: ahhh
13:45:08 Robin: I also have a Line6 spider II, but I havent used it for years becuase I think it sucks biggrin.gif
13:45:44 VinceG: yea, i was originally gonna go for a spider III but people kept saying it sounds too digital
13:45:46 Robin: here is the amp I use
13:45:59 Robin: yeah it sucks ass dude, dont buy it biggrin.gif
13:46:00 VinceG: sorry
13:46:01 Robin: the spider
13:46:05 Robin: biggrin.gif
13:46:41 VinceG: yea i want like a tone for death/black metal but also can roll off the distortion and get some nice blues/fusion tone
13:47:33 Robin: hmm yeah. Dont ask me, my knowledge in amps are at zero biggrin.gif
13:47:37 VinceG: lol
13:47:39 Robin: is*
13:47:42 Robin: O_o
13:48:00 VinceG: do you use the same amp for your black metal stuff?
13:48:09 VinceG: must be pretty versatile
13:48:24 Robin: nah, we just plud it into some s**t at our band rehearsal room
13:48:32 Robin: I dont even remember what amp it was
13:48:37 Robin: or speakers
13:48:38 VinceG: ahh ok
13:48:46 Robin: or nothing biggrin.gif didnt really bother to check, its just for practice anyway
13:49:02 Robin: but I sometimes play metal at home, I still use my music man
13:49:19 Robin: I suppose marshall is alot better for metal than my amp, it got alooot fatter tone
13:49:26 VinceG: hehe just like a real rock star, dont even care what amp it is, just plug and play
13:49:32 Robin: yeah biggrin.gif
13:49:36 VinceG: yea but i dont have money for a decent marshall
13:49:49 Robin: its so fun when we play concerts, and the sound dudes ask me "so, what amp do you want?"
13:49:57 VinceG: lol
13:49:59 Robin: "I dont care, it doesnt matter for me"
13:50:01 Robin: and they say
13:50:11 Robin: "ahhh if only everyone were like you..."
13:50:15 Robin: ;P
13:50:17 Robin: tongue.gif
13:50:22 VinceG: lol badass
13:50:38 Robin: some people are complete arrogant assholes when it comes to stuff like that biggrin.gif We have some local bands here that are totally pretentious
13:51:00 VinceG: hmm i hear ya
13:51:14 VinceG: its not the equipment, its the player
13:51:22 Robin: I often just plug my guitar right into the amp instead of any pedals or s**t biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
13:51:28 Robin: yeah often biggrin.gif
13:51:44 VinceG: yea, i only have a distortion and wah
13:51:57 Robin: ah yeah thats pretty much the only thing you need biggrin.gif
13:52:08 Robin: I dont get do use much wah wah anyway, I play in a black metal band biggrin.gif
13:52:19 VinceG: lol
13:52:23 VinceG: be creative
13:52:55 VinceG: i mean keyboards werent black enough when no one in the scene used it but when Varg did it was like kvlt
13:52:57 Robin: yeah actually, I have this dorian legato solo in one of our latest songs, I use wah wah tjhere
13:53:08 Robin: ah yeah
13:53:17 Robin: I hate keyboards, but varg really used it right
13:53:29 VinceG: yep, especially the depressing stuff
13:53:37 VinceG: i didnt like the more epic folk thing
13:53:45 VinceG: maybe you have to be in the mood for it
13:53:58 Robin: epic folk thing? ohmy.gif
13:56:05 VinceG: the one in hiloskajalf
13:56:18 Robin: burzum?
13:56:23 Robin: those keyboard albums?
13:56:35 VinceG: yep
13:56:38 Robin: ah yeah
13:56:50 VinceG: i think his last 3 are like thast
13:56:54 Robin: theres like one cool song biggrin.gif I'm not gonna spend money on those
13:57:00 Robin: I think its only 2
13:57:48 VinceG: oh yea, i was initially thinking of filosefm but now i realized only the last track is the keyboard one
13:58:04 Robin: 2 last tracks >_<
13:58:20 Robin: there are only like 3 good songs on filosofem biggrin.gif but they are soooo good'
13:58:22 VinceG: lol sorry oh great one
14:00:24 Robin: and one of those keyboard tracks on filosofem is like 25 min long tongue.gif
14:00:28 Robin: it sucks ass
14:00:31 VinceG: lol
14:00:42 Robin: I like songs like Han som reiste. but the rest is pretty much crap
14:00:47 Robin: imo
14:00:50 Robin: of the keyboard stuff
14:01:14 VinceG: hmm yea, i listened to them once and it was like in and out of my ears
14:01:32 Robin: biggrin.gif
14:01:37 VinceG: people said its good for sleeping
14:01:43 Robin: yeah I know
14:01:54 Robin: my band mate sleeps to Hvis lyset tar oss biggrin.gif the album
14:01:59 Robin: burzum is really beautiful music
14:02:31 VinceG: i should try that tonight
14:02:41 VinceG: i usually cant sleep when theres music playing
14:02:46 Robin: biggrin.gif
14:02:53 Robin: I like to sleep to music
14:03:11 Robin: havent tried it in a while though tongue.gif
14:03:54 VinceG: yea, see i try that every night but my mind cant focus on sleep so i end up awake for an hour then when i turn off my ipod, im out in 30 sec
14:04:11 Robin: ah ok biggrin.gif
14:04:33 VinceG: its like im trying to sleep and focusing on the song at the same time
14:04:49 VinceG: brb gotta move the car
14:04:55 Robin: ok
14:08:47 VinceG: k
14:09:05 VinceG: woo my slippers doesnt smell like sweatty feet anymore
14:09:17 VinceG: damn michigan humid weather
14:09:19 Robin: excellent biggrin.gif
14:09:21 VinceG: i wish it was freazing cold
14:09:34 Robin: oh really >_<
14:09:40 VinceG: i like the cold weather
14:09:48 VinceG: better than beeing hot
14:09:50 Robin: well yeah actually me too
14:09:53 VinceG: and sweatty
14:10:09 Robin: yeah, I could never live in warm places
14:10:22 VinceG: i usually just wear shorts and a shirt during winter at home
14:10:26 Robin: I was on vacation in dublin once. clothes were always weat
14:10:46 VinceG: where is dublin?
14:10:57 Robin: its the capital in ireland
14:11:22 VinceG: ahh
14:11:27 VinceG: got drunk?
14:11:37 Robin: hehe no I dont drink biggrin.gif
14:11:57 VinceG: what? and i thought you europeans drink beer like water
14:12:07 Robin: yeah, everyone does
14:12:10 Robin: except me biggrin.gif
14:12:12 VinceG: lol
14:12:19 VinceG: your one of a kind robin
14:12:28 Robin: people here start drinking when they are 12
14:12:37 Robin: hehe yeah actually I am. I'm like a freak around here
14:12:43 VinceG: lol
14:13:12 VinceG: and pre-teens in america start at the same age as well
14:13:27 Robin: hmm yeah, sucks ass
14:13:42 VinceG: yea, i got hit on by a drunk 13 year old girl once
14:13:53 Robin: hahaha biggrin.gif
14:13:55 VinceG: creapy
14:14:03 Robin: hi
14:14:07 Robin: yueah but dude
14:14:09 Robin: over here
14:14:13 botoxfox: yo
14:14:23 Robin: 20-30 year old dudes are with 13 year old girls
14:14:25 Robin: LITERALLY
14:14:37 VinceG: shouldnt that be illegal?
14:14:49 VinceG: i mean there called jailbait for a reason
14:14:52 Robin: I'm like 18 now, and I could NEVER EVER even think about touching a girl under 16 tongue.gif
14:15:03 Robin: yeah it probably is
14:15:10 Robin: some people are really disgusting and lame
14:15:25 VinceG: i hear ya, i usually go for the older ladies
14:15:30 VinceG: around 60 sounds nice
14:15:31 Robin: xD
14:15:36 Robin: excellent
14:15:42 Robin: biggrin.gif
14:15:49 VinceG: yep, especially if shes rich
14:15:54 VinceG: leave the will to me
14:15:56 Robin: and got cancer
14:15:59 Robin: LOL biggrin.gif
14:16:00 VinceG: lol
14:16:27 VinceG: ehh if i get rich, id buy all you gmcers tube amps so no more complaining
14:16:41 Robin: awesome biggrin.gif
14:16:45 VinceG: one of everything also sounds nice
14:17:21 VinceG: so do you have halloween in norway?
14:17:39 Robin: yeah kinda, we sort of started that "trend" just a few years back
14:17:46 Robin: its not really any tradition
14:17:53 Robin: hjere
14:17:56 VinceG: ahh like the americans do
14:17:56 Robin: here*
14:18:09 VinceG: yea i was thinking of beeing black metal this year
14:18:15 Robin: HAHA!
14:18:19 Robin: excellent!!!
14:18:24 Robin: dress up like Gaahl!! biggrin.gif
14:18:36 VinceG: lol i was thinking more on the lines of Immortal
14:18:41 Robin: hha awesome
14:18:47 botoxfox: I really hate the america because of this
14:18:49 Robin: that would have freaked out old people
14:19:01 VinceG: lol
14:19:11 botoxfox: Always getting some stupid brats at your door
14:19:12 Robin: and say "trick or tread mother f***er"
14:19:15 Robin: treat*
14:19:30 VinceG: lol may satan be with you
14:19:34 Robin: luckily I live in the forest, so no kids come here
14:19:36 Robin: haha
14:19:52 VinceG: lol you live in the forest? that is awesome
14:19:57 Robin: sure
14:19:59 VinceG: is it like uninhabited
14:20:04 botoxfox: man I envy you
14:20:07 Robin: haha no man
14:20:14 Robin: I can see the "city" from here
14:20:17 Robin: 20 min walk from here
14:20:22 VinceG: ahh
14:20:26 Robin: but its like 20 000 people living here, at the most
14:20:32 VinceG: small
14:20:36 Robin: so I kinda live just by the "city"
14:20:55 VinceG: hmm
14:21:07 Robin: if you look at my pictures, all of them were taken either from our house or like maximum 500 meters away
14:21:19 Robin: so it kinda kicks ass living here biggrin.gif
14:21:42 Robin: you're form the US somewhere vince?
14:21:53 VinceG: yep michigan
14:21:59 Robin: btw botox, where in norway do you live? I dont remember biggrin.gif
14:22:03 Robin: ah ok
14:22:06 botoxfox: trondheim
14:22:09 Robin: ah ok
14:22:21 VinceG: it used to be a small town but things got big over the years kinda sux now
14:22:31 Robin: sad.gif
14:23:12 VinceG: yep
14:23:18 botoxfox: the house where I live is over a 100 years old and
14:23:26 Robin: oh cool
14:23:53 Robin: everything in our region got burned down by the germans during ww2, except the churches. so we got no old buildings here tongue.gif
14:24:24 botoxfox: a few years ago we had a renovation in the apartment where I live but
14:25:20 Robin: hi
14:25:26 Pavel: hey
14:25:28 botoxfox: so roof in my room is like totally original exept a couple of paintjobs
14:25:33 botoxfox: hey pavel
14:25:40 VinceG: whoa pavel
14:25:40 Robin: oh cool
14:25:48 VinceG: shouldnt you guys be practicing
14:26:10 Pavel: That's what i wanted to ask you! biggrin.gif
14:26:20 botoxfox: So the roof is paper thin
14:26:25 VinceG: hey robin why is there a boat in the middle of rocks
14:26:40 Robin: right behind me there is a river
14:26:51 Robin: kinda big tand very popular river
14:27:05 VinceG: ahh ok
14:27:05 Robin: even the king of norway fish in this river every year tongue.gif
14:27:08 Robin: and*
14:27:16 VinceG: nice
14:27:31 Robin: theres like tons of those boats by the "shore"
14:27:32 VinceG: can you come up to the king and start a conversation?
14:27:43 Robin: he doesnt fish near this place
14:27:46 Robin: its a long river
14:27:49 VinceG: ahh
14:27:58 VinceG: well more like just randomly come up to him
14:28:04 VinceG: is he nice?
14:28:18 Robin: I dunno biggrin.gif
14:28:25 botoxfox: I saw the japanese emperor last year
14:28:35 VinceG: thats cool
14:28:39 Robin: excellent biggrin.gif
14:28:43 VinceG: man, i need tot travel more
14:28:48 VinceG: US sux
14:28:52 Robin: hahah biggrin.gif
14:28:53 botoxfox: when he was visiting norway
14:29:06 VinceG: ahh i thought you went to Japan
14:29:19 Robin: cool
14:29:20 botoxfox: I was just going downtown and
14:30:05 botoxfox: Then, when I was about to cross a street
14:30:50 botoxfox: A cop on a mc shouted stop to me
14:31:29 botoxfox: and soon after a motorcade with the emperor and empress passed by
14:31:37 Robin: haha awesome biggrin.gif
14:32:04 botoxfox: yeah, I thought it was pretty cool
14:32:19 VinceG: cool did they wore a kimono?
14:32:44 botoxfox: well, eeh, no biggrin.gif
14:33:02 VinceG: lol ok just wondering
14:33:33 botoxfox: Well the emperor had just a typical suit on I think
14:33:57 botoxfox: Don't remember what the empress was wearing...
14:34:06 Robin: thanks for the add vince biggrin.gif
14:34:48 VinceG: hehe no problem, norway looks peaceful
14:34:56 VinceG: especially were you live
14:35:02 Robin: yeah man
14:35:08 botoxfox: but it's expensive
14:35:19 Robin: I live in the biggest region in norway, but we have FAR less people than any other region in norway
14:35:31 VinceG: hah kinda like canada
14:35:50 Robin: people kinda think we're retards up here. the people in the southern parts of norway
14:35:59 Robin: they think we live in tents
14:36:07 VinceG: bastards
14:36:47 Robin: a little while after WW2 some of the people from north norway(where I live) had to evaquate or something to the south, and the southern people thought the people from north had tails
14:36:56 Robin: is it spelled tails? like animal tails
14:37:12 botoxfox: Well we also have lot of prejudice against us in middle norway
14:37:14 Robin: like the people from north were some kind of ogres or something lol
14:37:21 VinceG: what
14:37:42 VinceG: so im guessing some sort of mythology is big in norway?
14:37:42 Robin: ah trøndelag? tongue.gif
14:38:06 botoxfox: offcourse trøndelag
14:38:18 Robin: mythology, what exactly do you mean? ohmy.gif
14:38:40 VinceG: well not like mythology in ancient greece or something
14:38:44 VinceG: more like you know
14:38:50 VinceG: eherm
14:38:56 VinceG: trolls?
14:39:03 botoxfox: norse mythology
14:39:08 VinceG: yes
14:39:10 VinceG: exactly
14:39:38 Robin: trolls is kinda totally nrowegian yeah
14:39:43 Robin: trolls are*
14:40:29 VinceG: robin you have to watch this
14:40:43 Robin: norway is a christian country now, so we dont really have this norse mythology thing now. of course there are some(varg biggrin.gif ) that is into it
14:41:02 botoxfox: brb have to look for my chewing gum
14:41:21 VinceG: ahh crap how do you post links in here
14:42:08 Robin: hmm
14:42:16 Robin: like usual?
14:42:17 Robin: ohmy.gif
14:42:40 VinceG: i tried that copy and paste thing but its not working
14:42:55 VinceG: well ill just tell you because this is just pure black metal hilariousness
14:43:14 VinceG: go to youtube and type in black metal pimp my ride
14:43:20 Robin: haha ok biggrin.gif
14:43:28 VinceG: do you know the show pimp my ride?
14:43:34 Robin: yeah
14:43:46 VinceG: have you seen this episode?
14:44:05 botoxfox: I found it!
14:44:07 Robin: ahbhhh yeah
14:44:10 Robin: I've seen it
14:44:13 Robin: cant remember much
14:44:16 VinceG: lol
14:44:49 Robin: omg
14:44:55 Robin: "more boyband than black metal"
14:45:06 Robin: they suck at english
14:45:26 VinceG: what happend to the anthena? well went to the vorest and a troll took it
14:45:43 Robin: omg dude, I would never enter a tv show like that, they are just reading of a script
14:45:53 VinceG: lol sorry robin
14:46:05 VinceG: i just find this one funny
14:46:09 Robin: haha
14:46:09 SnakeEyes79: hi everybody
14:46:11 VinceG: and thanks for ruining it for me
14:46:14 Robin: I just find it anyone and stupid biggrin.gif
14:46:16 Robin: ahahahha biggrin.gif
14:46:19 Robin: hi snake
14:46:25 Robin: annoying*
14:46:29 Robin: omg major typo
14:46:36 SnakeEyes79: nice to see that this chat is actually in use^^
14:46:36 VinceG: lol
14:46:39 VinceG: it happens
14:46:48 VinceG: yea for the first time
14:47:02 VinceG: i usually come here and its usually dead
14:47:19 SnakeEyes79: anybody here who can give me an advice on bending 2 strings at the same time?
14:47:27 Robin: its not even weird that americans think europeans are retards when they watch stuff like this biggrin.gif
14:47:58 VinceG: i dont think you guys are retards... i actually think america is the most retarded country there is
14:48:14 VinceG: a 12 year old can rule a better country than bush
14:48:14 SnakeEyes79: hot topic^^
14:48:20 Robin: hmm I often bend the 3 thinnest strings at once, I only use my ring finger to fret them and I use my other fingers to support my ring finger
14:48:32 Robin: I gotta agree vince haha
14:48:35 Robin: no offence biggrin.gif
14:48:38 SnakeEyes79: so like a barre?
14:48:43 Robin: yeah
14:48:56 Robin: barre 2 or 3 strings with your ring finger, thats what I do biggrin.gif
14:49:09 SnakeEyes79: thx
14:49:10 Robin: and I use middle and index finger to support
14:49:10 VinceG: yep thats what I do too, I cant really do it with just one finger although i am trying
14:49:16 SnakeEyes79: i need to practise my barre then
14:49:33 VinceG: gilbert uses 2 string bends a lot, really cool
14:49:43 Robin: yeah I use it all the time
14:49:46 Robin: for blues/rock
14:49:52 Robin: its really cool
14:49:56 SnakeEyes79: is that an instructor? i am relatively new to gmc
14:49:58 Robin: SRV used it alot, thats where I got it from
14:50:16 VinceG: Paul Gilbert is a famouse guitarist
14:50:22 VinceG: you should check him out
14:50:33 VinceG: he looks like a bum though
14:50:33 SnakeEyes79: i guess so
14:50:38 Robin: he is totally kewl
14:50:59 Robin: thats gilbert
14:51:33 VinceG: hey robin do you watch metalocalypse?
14:51:56 Robin: no I dont even know what it is biggrin.gif
14:52:04 VinceG: ahrg
14:52:17 SnakeEyes79: the guy with the big guitar? *g*
14:52:22 VinceG: a tv show in america about a metal band called dethklok
14:52:34 Robin: no snake biggrin.gif further into the video, with the pink ibanez
14:52:43 Robin: ahh yeah that thing
14:52:49 SnakeEyes79: yeah, that was a joke^^
14:52:56 Robin: dethklok is that a real band?
14:53:01 Robin: or just some comedy thing?
14:53:02 SnakeEyes79: i saw him once before
14:53:09 Robin: ah cool
14:53:19 VinceG: aweosme, i wanna see gilbert
14:53:28 SnakeEyes79: how long have you guys been playing guitar?
14:53:28 botoxfox: me too
14:53:33 VinceG: well dethklok is not a real band
14:54:00 Robin: I started about 4 years and 10 months ago, but I didnt practice untill january this year. So I have played seriously for 10 months. How aboutyou?
14:54:14 SnakeEyes79: 4 weeks happy.gif;
14:54:18 Robin: oik biggrin.gif
14:54:24 SnakeEyes79: guess i am the noob here
14:54:39 Robin: there are lots of beginners at GMC biggrin.gif its a good place to learn
14:54:42 VinceG: well ive been playng guitar since I was 16, Im 19 now and I guesse Im never serious on guitar
14:55:04 SnakeEyes79: i guess most ppl just play for fun
14:55:07 VinceG: i do practice a lot but most of the time, i just play whatever
14:55:17 VinceG: yep, playing for fun is me
14:55:18 SnakeEyes79: i don't wanna become a pro guitarist either
14:55:19 botoxfox: I've been palying for almost 4,5 years
14:55:30 Robin: I'm gonna be a pro guitarist, no matter what!! biggrin.gif
14:55:39 Robin: I'm practicing like a madman to become as great as bjørn berge
14:56:01 SnakeEyes79: good luck, man
14:56:08 VinceG: yep good luck
14:56:11 Robin: thanks xD
14:56:22 VinceG: i guesse playing a few gigs a year is not bad.
14:56:31 VinceG: I just dont see myself as a profesional artist
14:57:00 VinceG: i do like to have a small band to have fun to in the weekends
14:57:10 VinceG: play gigs
14:57:16 VinceG: nothing serious
14:57:31 botoxfox: I'd really like to make some kind of living from guitar
14:57:31 Robin: I'm totally serious biggrin.gif
14:57:36 Robin: but its still the most fun thing I do
14:57:38 SnakeEyes79: yeah, playing alone is not that much fun
14:57:52 Robin: botoxfox, take an acoustic and play on the streets biggrin.gif
14:57:59 SnakeEyes79: i just have to talk one of my friends into playing guitar or bass too^^
14:58:00 Robin: there are no people here so I cant biggrin.gif
14:58:06 botoxfox: maybe...
14:58:28 Robin: it would have been fun to try... to see how much money you could gather in, like a week
14:58:42 VinceG: lol seems fun
14:58:43 botoxfox: or an electric with some kind of battery amp
14:58:51 Robin: yeah snake, its hard to find a band biggrin.gif its good with friends that also play
14:58:54 Robin: ah yeah
14:58:59 VinceG: hook up some small speakers on a pocket pod!
14:59:01 Robin: there are those micro cube amps
14:59:11 Robin: dont remember the brand though
14:59:17 botoxfox: street cube
14:59:23 botoxfox: roland
14:59:29 Robin: roland yes! biggrin.gif
14:59:33 SnakeEyes79: does anyone know if its possible to plug two guitars into one amp?
14:59:40 SnakeEyes79: like using a y-cable
14:59:43 Robin: they had TONS of those in a guitar shop I was in, in oslo. Walls of them
14:59:51 VinceG: hahaha this is like the 5th time im watching this black metal pimp my ride its just so ridicolous
15:00:08 Robin: yes snake, its possible if you have more than one input
15:00:16 Robin: haha yeah I know vince, haha omg
15:00:31 Robin: those poor assholes are just reading from a script, it sounds so freakin stupid
15:00:42 SnakeEyes79: i only have one input, but shouldn't using a y-cable work too?
15:00:42 VinceG: lol the trolls always get me
15:00:50 SnakeEyes79: it's much cheaper than a new amp^^
15:00:51 Robin: I dont know, probably biggrin.gif
15:01:06 SnakeEyes79: hmm, gotta try it out
15:01:10 Robin: ask at the gear forum biggrin.gif
15:01:13 Robin: on gmc
15:01:21 SnakeEyes79: ok, will do^^
15:01:23 VinceG: hey is metal big in norway?
15:01:43 Robin: hmm I guess there are many metal fans, but there isnt anything on the TV or anything
15:01:46 SnakeEyes79: aren't norway and finnland the lands of metal?
15:01:57 Robin: other than garbage like in flames of course, but I dont call that metal
15:02:06 Robin: hehe yeah I suppose snake xD
15:02:20 VinceG: sweden should be in that list as well
15:02:22 botoxfox: Metal is more popular in the mainsteam in finland than norway i think
15:02:31 Robin: yeah definatly botox
15:02:33 botoxfox: mainstream*
15:02:36 SnakeEyes79: aaah, great countries^^
15:02:39 VinceG: yep, finns love metal
15:02:47 VinceG: japs love shred guitar
15:02:51 Robin: hahahaha yes!
15:02:53 VinceG: america like american idol
15:02:56 Robin: LOL
15:02:58 SnakeEyes79: yeah, i know
15:02:59 Robin: true......
15:03:01 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:03:03 VinceG: pathetic
15:03:15 botoxfox: I guess flower metal is more digestable to most people than black metal
15:03:16 Robin: man, the last think I would want is to win Idol
15:03:24 SnakeEyes79: check this guy out
15:03:29 Robin: no matter what you do in music you will be known as "Idol Robin" LOL biggrin.gif
15:03:46 VinceG: lol i love those black and death metal guys singing in the european idols
15:03:51 Robin: haha yeah
15:04:05 Robin: actually recently there was one norwegian dude singing some death stuff, he kicked ass
15:04:09 Robin: really good growler
15:04:11 botoxfox: you have taht dude who won finnish idol
15:04:24 Robin: yeah that dude was pretty cool. Third place in world idol
15:04:32 VinceG: really
15:04:33 Robin: it was a norwegian that won world idol tongue.gif
15:04:42 VinceG: that is cool
15:04:57 Robin: that finninsh guy sang nirvana in world idol
15:04:59 Robin: he was really good
15:05:16 Robin: it was so fiun, that kell clarkson chick got nr. 2, and she was TOTALLY jaelous at the norwegian guy HAHAHHA
15:05:17 botoxfox: that wasn't a finnish dude
15:05:19 Robin: it was so funny
15:05:23 Robin: oh wasnt it?
15:05:26 Robin: oh ok
15:05:33 botoxfox: I thnk he was dutch
15:05:39 botoxfox: or belgian
15:05:41 Robin: ah ok
15:06:15 VinceG: yeah Deep Purple \m/
15:06:19 VinceG: hahahahaha
15:06:41 VinceG: sorry, having way too much fun here
15:06:53 Robin: huh? biggrin.gif 8)
15:07:01 botoxfox: finnish dude
15:07:30 Robin: oh maiden
15:07:31 Robin: AWESOME!!!
15:07:36 VinceG: they colored the car sewer purple then the black metal guys said "Yeah Deep Parple" with the hors
15:07:38 Robin: is that on idol?
15:07:49 VinceG: horns*
15:07:56 Robin: hahaha awesome, never though I'd see that
15:08:20 botoxfox: that would never happen in norway
15:08:28 VinceG: what?
15:08:34 Robin: iron maiden at idol
15:08:44 Robin: never ever in norway
15:08:45 VinceG: lol not even in us
15:08:48 Robin: oh
15:08:50 Robin: nevermind
15:09:06 Robin: ohh haha the black metal dudes
15:09:16 Robin: yeah... funny
15:09:34 VinceG: hehe sorry, ill stop now with that show
15:09:52 Robin: hahah biggrin.gif
15:10:24 VinceG: so, I finally decided to get that Kustom Amp
15:10:38 Robin: cool
15:10:43 Robin: I have no idea what amp that is
15:10:48 Robin: link? biggrin.gif
15:11:02 VinceG: i cant post link, copy and paste somehow doesnt work
15:11:25 Robin: sad.gif
15:11:31 botoxfox: try ctrl+v
15:11:32 VinceG: you can go to musicians friend and go to amps. Go to kustom and find Quad 100dfx
15:11:32 Robin: that makes me a sad panda
15:12:01 VinceG: it cost about $440 usd but i found one here for $200 used
15:12:06 Robin: cool
15:12:07 VinceG: its in great shape
15:12:20 VinceG: celestion 65's speakers
15:12:33 Robin: sounds good... biggrin.gif xD
15:12:42 Robin: I dont know anything about amps, so biggrin.gif
15:12:59 VinceG: lol yea i know
15:13:04 Robin: lol
15:13:26 VinceG: i wish neither did I
15:13:45 VinceG: I would have saved tons of money not buying gear
15:13:51 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
15:14:01 Robin: I dont really buy gear. only strings and picks biggrin.gif
15:14:09 Robin: oh, I just bought some expensive recording gear
15:14:16 VinceG: really
15:14:21 VinceG: how is it?
15:14:24 Robin: but I rarely buy stuff
15:14:31 botoxfox: I would have saved a lot of money by not driving
15:14:37 Robin: its really nice. Cant wait to try it out with my band. Zoom HD16CD
15:14:51 Robin: pirat taxi in the weekends botox biggrin.gif
15:15:03 Robin: to earn some extra cash
15:15:14 VinceG: hey robin do you have a job?
15:15:28 botoxfox: Nah, lost my driving license once and never again
15:15:36 Robin: meeh. only from march to july... I work with flowers and stuff biggrin.gif
15:15:48 Robin: oohhh really?
15:15:53 Robin: how did it happen?
15:15:56 Robin: must suck >_<
15:16:04 botoxfox: long story
15:16:13 Robin: ok tongue.gif
15:16:20 VinceG: summarize in 2 to 3 sentence
15:16:42 VinceG: or if its personal then feel free to kick me in the balls
15:17:02 botoxfox: I crashed a little bit and drove off
15:17:16 VinceG: ahh
15:17:21 Robin: you dont run away dude tongue.gif
15:18:07 VinceG: id be freaked out and not even drive if im in a crash
15:18:37 botoxfox: Yeah, and the police failed to mention that if no sentence has been given after 22 days or something like that you get your license back
15:18:40 Robin: I almost crashed once, becuase of some asshole totally breaking the law. I dont have a license though, I was just "Practice driving" with my mom biggrin.gif
15:18:58 Robin: O_o
15:19:22 VinceG: lol omg happend to me too
15:19:32 botoxfox: But no, I had to take the driving tests all over again
15:19:39 Robin: really?
15:19:46 Robin: omg that sucks botox >_<
15:19:46 botoxfox: yeah
15:20:02 botoxfox: you that 2 year trial period
15:20:49 botoxfox: have*
15:21:01 Robin: yeah
15:21:04 VinceG: i was backing out of my driveway, my but end is in the middle of the street when this ass and his fancy hummer is driving 50mph on a 25mph and has no means of stopping. So i backed out as fast as I can to the lawn of my neighbor while the a'hole coninued driving. It was my second time driving
15:21:24 Robin: omg >_<
15:21:34 Robin: I hate childish assholes that does stuff like that
15:21:41 VinceG: yep
15:21:46 VinceG: and i was in a dinky small car
15:21:50 Robin: I hope people like that drive off a cliff and die. I mean it.
15:21:53 VinceG: lol
15:22:07 Robin: I say that everytime I meet some assholes that just got their license, and they are too cool to follow the rules
15:22:11 botoxfox: I now a guy excactly like that
15:22:15 Robin: I hope they die before they hurt anyone else
15:22:38 botoxfox: biggest dickcheneyhead I've ever met
15:22:43 Robin: >_< biggrin.gif
15:22:57 VinceG: yea, you usually hear those people on the news crashing when there drunk and they always end up alive while the innocent is dead
15:23:06 Robin: exactly....
15:23:10 Robin: so many drunk kids driving here
15:23:12 Robin: pisses me off
15:23:25 Robin: and seatbelt? oh gimme a break! thats toooootally childish
15:23:26 Robin: right guys?
15:23:29 Robin: sleep.gif
15:23:31 VinceG: yep
15:23:38 VinceG: its common sense
15:23:43 Robin: yeah dude
15:23:53 Robin: I dont see the problem. why some people dont use it
15:24:27 VinceG: lazyness, the right for kids to break the law and be an ass about it
15:24:35 Robin: ah come on
15:24:51 botoxfox: Well if they want to get intimate with yhe windscreen when crashing
15:24:52 Robin: its not hard to put on the seatbelt
15:25:02 Robin: it takes no strength or time at all
15:25:08 VinceG: lol
15:25:09 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:25:27 Robin: ahhh jebus.... too much assholes in this kreeesi world
15:25:48 Robin: many*
15:25:49 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:25:52 VinceG: lol get rich fast and buy a country
15:25:58 Robin: ah yeah
15:26:00 VinceG: kick out people
15:26:10 Robin: me and my sister want to start a atheist country, hahaha lol
15:26:20 VinceG: lol
15:26:24 VinceG: count me in
15:26:28 Robin: hurray!
15:26:31 VinceG: how much is pay?
15:26:32 botoxfox: I'd love to buy a pacific island
15:26:38 Robin: indeed biggrin.gif
15:26:48 VinceG: go for alaska
15:26:52 Robin: I need about threefitty...
15:26:56 Robin: lol
15:27:09 VinceG: 350?
15:27:24 Robin: 3 dollars and 50 cents biggrin.gif
15:27:31 Robin: havent you seen south park? lol threefitty biggrin.gif
15:27:39 botoxfox: alaska isn't excactly what you would call pacific biggrin.gif
15:27:45 VinceG: lol southpark i didnt know that aird in norway
15:27:48 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:27:56 Robin: I'm not sure if it does nowdays, but we had it some years ago
15:28:02 Robin:
15:28:07 VinceG: yep
15:28:11 VinceG: love that website
15:28:13 Robin: btw, europe got all the regular crappy american shows aswell biggrin.gif
15:28:20 VinceG: love the new episode
15:28:31 VinceG: pi** in my a**
15:28:39 Robin: HAHA yes
15:28:51 Robin: cartman with tourettes... best idea ever
15:28:55 VinceG: lol
15:29:06 botoxfox: ass is allowed on GMC you know
15:29:12 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:29:13 VinceG: yea i know
15:29:22 VinceG: well actually no i dont
15:29:33 VinceG: i was trying to censor myself as much as possibe
15:29:42 Robin: lol
15:30:42 Robin: brb
15:30:42 Robin: oh man I'm so sleepy for some reason, I need coca cola
15:30:49 VinceG: nooo
15:30:51 VinceG: it will kill you
15:30:55 Robin: pfffh
15:30:57 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:31:02 botoxfox: I hate coke
15:31:06 Robin: one coke a day takes the pain away...
15:31:08 VinceG: noooo you have to live
15:31:10 VinceG: the country
15:31:10 Robin: I love it
15:31:12 VinceG: the country
15:31:16 Robin: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
15:31:20 Robin: brb
15:32:39 botoxfox: I'm really hooked on this particula r chewing gum
15:32:44 Robin: ahhhhh thats the stuff....
15:32:50 Robin: ah I hate chewing gum biggrin.gif
15:32:51 VinceG: what is it? bubblicious?
15:33:26 Robin: lol
15:33:29 botoxfox: It's stimorol fusion raspberry n' peach
15:33:44 VinceG: i hate rasberry
15:33:52 VinceG: and pears
15:34:33 botoxfox: I can't stand paprika
15:34:47 VinceG: what, i lve paprkika
15:34:53 VinceG: paprika
15:35:34 VinceG: ehh everyone has diff taste
15:35:36 VinceG: hehe
15:35:43 botoxfox: To each his own, hehe
15:35:48 VinceG: true
15:36:02 VinceG: one mans crap is another mans treasure
15:36:14 VinceG: damn all this cliche's
15:37:44 VinceG: well i am out guys
15:37:50 VinceG: heading for guitar center for a new amp
15:37:58 botoxfox: good luck
15:38:02 VinceG: or new used amp
15:38:07 VinceG: haha thanks
15:38:24 VinceG: been nice talking to you guys
15:38:29 botoxfox: I too have to go for a moment must practice some stuff
15:38:32 SnakeEyes79: cu
15:38:34 Robin: bye guys
15:38:37 botoxfox: c ya vince
15:38:41 VinceG: c ya
15:45:00 SnakeEyes79: jesus, i am to slow
15:59:00 Smikey2006: hey guys
15:59:48 Smikey2006: *whip* *whip*
16:00:03 Smikey2006: ayone arounndd?
16:59:46 chast: *meow*
16:59:53 botoxfox: yo
17:00:09 chast: sup?
17:00:17 botoxfox: not much
17:00:21 botoxfox: you?
17:00:23 chast: same here^^
17:00:30 chast: just played a bit warcraft3
17:00:45 chast: and listened to marcus new lesson again
17:01:03 botoxfox: aah yes
17:01:28 chast: very tasty
17:01:42 botoxfox: indeed
17:02:25 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
17:02:28 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:02:35 chast: *meow*
17:02:40 Slammer: *smack*
17:02:45 Slammer: damn....
17:02:46 Slammer: sad.gif
17:02:49 botoxfox: :? oh no
17:02:55 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
17:03:18 Slammer: oh no I just saw that botoxfox is in *yawns*
17:03:43 Slammer: I wonder where Robin is
17:03:46 Slammer: *slap*
17:03:55 chast: he is bluesing
17:03:58 botoxfox: He was here earlier
17:04:08 Slammer: I will send him a PM
17:04:34 Slammer: LOL
17:04:41 Slammer: he didn't answe
17:04:44 Slammer: answer tongue.gif
17:04:57 Slammer: Botoxfox you are from Norway too right?
17:05:11 botoxfox: yess
17:05:15 Slammer: so,
17:05:24 Slammer: Robin in Norwegian is Rødstrupe
17:05:37 Slammer: right?
17:05:42 botoxfox: well, I guess
17:06:14 Slammer: Jeg kan tale Nordmann
17:06:22 botoxfox: using freetranslation or something?
17:06:26 Slammer: tongue.gif
17:06:30 Slammer: LMAO
17:07:14 Slammer: botoxfox in Norwegian is botoxfox
17:07:37 Slammer: LOL
17:07:52 botoxfox: Jeg kan tale Nordmann means "I can speak norwegian person"
17:08:18 Slammer: exactly wink.gif
17:08:50 Slammer: Jeg likte din Solo i Collab
17:09:02 botoxfox: takk
17:09:19 Slammer: ord
17:09:33 Slammer: dårlig esel
17:09:50 botoxfox: bad ass
17:09:56 Slammer: tongue.gif
17:10:04 Slammer: bad donkey
17:10:05 Slammer: tongue.gif
17:10:20 botoxfox: excactly
17:10:41 botoxfox: or dårlig ræv
17:10:57 Slammer: Guitar Behersk Klasse
17:11:06 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
17:11:25 Slammer: soul
17:11:37 Soul_Decision: Slammer
17:11:43 botoxfox: botoxfox
17:12:03 Soul_Decision: Robin
17:12:34 botoxfox: One word I am sure robin knows well is "hestkuk"
17:12:53 Robin: hey guys
17:13:06 Soul_Decision: Hi
17:13:21 Slammer: brb guys
17:13:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:13:51 Robin: people in the south knows the word "hestkuk" much better than us in the north
17:13:55 Robin: noone really says it
17:14:02 botoxfox: really?
17:14:05 Robin: yeah
17:14:17 Robin: people in the south totally makes stupid stereotypes of us
17:14:33 botoxfox: yeah I know it
17:14:49 Robin: there aint one reindeer in Alta btw biggrin.gif
17:15:01 Robin: every time I say that I live in alta, they think I'm totally Sapmi
17:15:10 Robin: there are reindeer in Mazi
17:15:13 Robin: not everywhere in finnmark
17:15:18 Robin: and noone lives in lavoos tongue.gif
17:16:03 botoxfox: Yeah, and not everybody sports moustaches here in trøndelag
17:16:10 Robin: I'm so used to it so I dont care anymore. Me and some friends played alot of CS, it was soooo freakin funny to trick retard kids from the south
17:16:14 Robin: hahahaha yeah biggrin.gif
17:16:46 Robin: and not all guys in the southern part of norway dress and act like girls.... or? 8)
17:16:57 botoxfox: Hmm...
17:17:00 Robin: its unbelievable to walk around in oslo, or for instance fredrikstad
17:17:09 Robin: guys with pink girl clothes
17:17:18 Robin: thats something you see often in scandinavia biggrin.gif
17:17:30 botoxfox: yeah, hehe
17:18:04 Robin: where did slamber go anyway? tongue.gif
17:18:16 botoxfox: who knows...
17:22:04 Robin: whats up anyway dudes?
17:25:44 Soul_Decision: Practicing the song Stream of Consciousness smile.gif
17:25:59 Slammer: here I am
17:26:00 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:26:03 Slammer: sad.gif
17:26:08 Slammer: where did evryone go?
17:26:23 Soul_Decision: Over there>>>
17:26:37 Robin: and someone went over there <<<<
17:28:15 Soul_Decision: Would you guys like to hear the song that I'm learning/playing?
17:28:23 Robin: sure biggrin.gif
17:28:36 botoxfox: why not?
17:30:56 Soul_Decision:
17:31:03 Soul_Decision: biggrin.gif
17:32:30 Robin: ah yeah, heard that song before tongue.gif
17:33:32 Soul_Decision: smile.gif Sweet
17:37:19 Slammer: *slap*
17:37:23 Slammer: ello govnah
17:37:25 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:39:08 botoxfox: Good evening prison sir
17:39:40 Robin: lol
17:40:33 botoxfox: Aah, yes coming back with him using engrish
17:40:53 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:45:43 botoxfox:
17:46:26 botoxfox:
17:49:30 botoxfox: The well man, it is the place where I go to the bed
17:49:50 botoxfox: cu folks later
17:50:04 botoxfox: toodeloo
17:50:13 Slammer: Ok
17:50:15 Slammer: cya
17:50:19 Slammer: Botoxfox
17:50:32 Slammer: don't let the toilet internet flsuh out
17:50:33 Slammer: tongue.gif
17:51:09 botoxfox: No, I will most certainly not let that happen biggrin.gif
17:51:41 Soul_Decision: Hi
17:51:43 chast: JEM
17:51:51 chast: did anyone mention jem ?
17:51:52 Andrew Cockburn: Did someone say JEM???
17:51:55 chast: biggrin.gif
17:52:03 Slammer: biggrin.gif
17:52:06 Andrew Cockburn: Afternoon/Evening guys
17:52:27 Slammer: Good Afternoon MR
17:52:39 botoxfox: hi andrew
17:52:58 Soul_Decision: I like your Neo-classical stuff Andrew biggrin.gif
17:53:00 Andrew Cockburn: Hi botox
17:53:17 Andrew Cockburn: You do? Not aware I had done any ....
17:53:28 Soul_Decision: Was it you
17:53:36 Andrew Cockburn: Pobably not smile.gif
17:53:37 Soul_Decision: I don't remember then lol
17:53:43 Andrew Cockburn: Morte likely Marcus
17:53:59 Andrew Cockburn: He is very neo classically if that is a word wink.gif
17:54:22 Andrew Cockburn: I just write boring theory lessons and asterisk out bad words
17:54:36 Soul_Decision: Lol
17:54:43 Slammer: no, those Theory Lessons I sent you are boring
17:54:48 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:54:51 Slammer: you'res are good
17:54:53 Soul_Decision: Yeah, Well I read them
17:54:57 Andrew Cockburn: Cool
17:55:05 Andrew Cockburn: Dammit, have to run guys just got a visitor
17:55:08 Soul_Decision: But I can't seen to get them in my head
17:55:22 Andrew Cockburn: Ask me if you have any questions ...
17:55:23 Robin: hi
17:55:27 Andrew Cockburn: hi Robin
17:55:34 Andrew Cockburn: I might be back later guys ...
17:55:36 Soul_Decision: Alright
17:55:40 Soul_Decision: bye
17:55:45 Andrew Cockburn: sorry sad.gif
17:55:45 Slammer: adios
17:55:51 Robin: bvye
17:56:34 botoxfox: well, dreamland is my next stop
17:56:54 Soul_Decision: Awesome
17:57:07 Soul_Decision: Don't all the girls tongue.gif
17:57:11 Soul_Decision: Take*
17:57:52 Slammer: LOL
17:58:06 botoxfox: maybe... good night guys smile.gif
17:58:10 Soul_Decision: night
18:16:56 chast: *slap*
18:18:52 chast: *meow*
18:22:55 chast: *slap*
18:22:58 chast: *meow*
18:23:00 chast: *slap
18:23:02 chast: sad.gif
18:23:11 chast: :SSSSSSS
18:23:15 chast: omg im bored
18:23:17 chast: lol
18:46:01 Smikey2006: HELLO !
18:46:53 Smikey2006: *whip*
18:46:58 chast: hey
18:47:19 Smikey2006: hey whats goin on
18:48:03 chast: not much
18:48:08 chast: chatting with a class mate
18:48:12 chast: and an old friend
18:48:33 Smikey2006: ah interesting
18:48:37 Smikey2006: im just sitting through a storm
18:48:55 Smikey2006: brown out so i don't have anyway to charge my laptop
19:16:16 rokchik: Hey Robin
19:16:56 Robin: hey
19:16:58 Robin: whats up?
19:17:36 rokchik: Not a whole lot actually....just listening to some tunes
19:18:16 Robin: pretty much the same here, just about to check out leahy on youtube... so amazing
19:18:29 Robin: I gotta get some CD's with them. Always so much to buy smile.gif
19:18:40 rokchik: hurt my ring finger on fretting hand at work today so taking it easy with the guitar playing....Leahy are so awesome
19:18:54 Robin: sad.gif
19:19:03 Robin: how bad is your finger hurt?
19:19:15 chast:
19:19:28 Robin: hi max biggrin.gif
19:20:07 rokchik: not to bad...I jammed it coming off an airplane...bruised but not broke
19:20:22 chast: hey^^
19:20:28 Robin: ah ok
19:20:42 rokchik: Hey Chast...nice link
19:22:03 rokchik: Robin...I'm going to see the Masterless Men in two weeks
19:22:26 Robin: ohh thats awesome!! biggrin.gif
19:22:40 Robin: I wish I lived in a place with concerts in
19:23:02 rokchik: Yeah I can't wait. I'll be in St. John's for the weekend and they are playing at a local pub
19:23:07 Robin:;search=leahy this video is making me cry... thats how good it is
19:23:13 Robin: sounds cool
19:23:16 Robin: must be fun
19:23:44 rokchik: That is a great link by the way....the Chieftans are one of my faves
19:24:22 Robin: I think you sent me some of those aswell, too bad they are on my other computer biggrin.gif I want to listen to the house of the rising sun and the other masterless men songs you sent me biggrin.gif
19:24:37 rokchik: LOL
19:24:44 Robin: you sent me one masterless men song that I really liked, it think it had "Fox" in its title?
19:24:47 chast: man petrucci got such an awesome phrasing
19:24:54 rokchik: burn them on to disc
19:25:01 Robin: good idea biggrin.gif
19:25:01 rokchik: "Fox on the Run"
19:25:04 Robin: ah yes
19:25:09 Robin: excellent song
19:25:11 rokchik: kind of a blugrass song
19:25:32 chast: hey, which key is it in if there one b?
19:25:48 chast: i forgot it
19:25:49 chast: ^^
19:26:40 Robin: hmm wich song?
19:27:09 chast:
19:27:10 chast: ^^
19:28:59 Robin: dont know
19:29:03 Robin: maybe D
19:30:46 chast: so you just need to remember that one flat is the key of F.
19:30:47 chast: biggrin.gif
19:36:39 rokchik:
19:37:01 rokchik: Robin...this is a group from Nova Scotia...thought you may like them
19:37:32 rokchik: video isn't great though
19:37:42 Robin: ok gonna check it out smile.gif
19:39:15 Robin: really nice, I like it
19:40:00 rokchik: They are pretty popular in Nova Scotia...and Canada in general
19:40:08 Robin: cool smile.gif
19:40:23 rokchik: Actually Nova Scotia has some great music
19:40:35 Robin: I REALLY liked this btw. found it in your thread
19:40:44 Robin: where is that?
19:40:50 Robin: scotland? tongue.gif
19:41:13 rokchik: Boston actually
19:41:21 Robin: ah ok
19:41:32 rokchik: The Dropkick Murphys are amazing
19:41:45 rokchik: Flogging Molly are awesome too
19:41:55 Robin: haha yeah
19:42:07 Robin: they are also pretty cool biggrin.gif
19:42:57 rokchik:
19:43:24 rokchik: This guy is from NS as well. I'm not a huge fan of his but I love this song.
19:44:46 Robin: interesting style
19:45:19 Robin: ahh I see all these bands mixing folk instruments with modern rock stuff, this just makes me want to try Hammond Organ in my black metal band.
19:45:25 Robin: that must be so awesome
19:45:30 rokchik: Yeah...he's kind of a weird guy too. I've met him a few times in Halifax
19:45:38 Robin: oh really, cool
19:45:41 rokchik: LOL
19:45:54 rokchik:
19:46:04 rokchik: some more dropkick murphy's smile.gif
19:46:35 Robin: ohh excellent
19:46:37 Robin: really like this style
19:47:10 Robin: I love their vocals aswell actually lol
19:47:10 rokchik: They are amazing.....I've seen them once in can't help but go nuts
19:47:16 Robin: haha awesome
19:47:29 rokchik: Celtic Punk...ya gotta love it
19:47:33 Robin: yeah biggrin.gif
19:47:51 rokchik: or as my boyfriend says "Angry Irish Music"
19:47:56 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
19:48:24 Robin: btw, latelly I have been spamming everyone with this, have you heard Bjørn Berge?
19:48:45 rokchik: I believe you sent me some....I really liked alot
19:48:53 Robin: ah ok cool smile.gif
19:48:59 Robin: I got one really cool youtube video, gonna find it
19:49:16 rokchik: cool
19:49:25 Robin: this is not the usual style he plays, but its really freakin awesome
19:49:42 Robin: robert johnson cover biggrin.gif
19:50:16 rokchik: I thought so.....I like it very much
19:50:37 rokchik: did you watch the Black snake moan stuff I posted last night?
19:51:04 Robin: heres another great video of berge
19:51:07 Robin: ah no I didnt
19:51:25 Robin: havent seen the movie yet >_< havent had internet connetion for my computer. using a laptop atm, wireless internet
19:51:35 Robin: I was downloading it on my other computer
19:52:15 rokchik: Ahh cool...I'll post a song for ya when I find it....i think you'll like
19:52:19 Robin: cool
19:52:41 rokchik: Nice like Berge
19:52:46 Robin: biggrin.gif
19:53:07 chast: does anyone of you know some _easy_ petrucci song?
19:53:08 chast: s
19:53:17 Robin: hehe no sorry biggrin.gif
19:53:19 rokchik: Not I sir
19:53:26 Robin: I dont really listen to dream theater much
19:53:45 Robin: I love adam02's dream theater parodys at youtube though lol
19:54:05 chast: yeah
19:54:08 chast: its great
19:54:42 rokchik:
19:54:54 rokchik: Sam Jackson playing the blues Baby....awesome
19:55:35 Robin: he is actually playing himself?
19:55:58 Robin: he must be the coolest actor ever then. I love him in pulp fiction, and he even plays the blues? biggrin.gif
19:56:30 rokchik: He spent a year learning guitar for that movie
19:56:38 Robin: only a year?
19:56:42 Robin: didnt he play before that?
19:57:09 rokchik: yep....learned while filming Snakes on a plane...never played before apparently
19:57:15 Robin: omg
19:57:18 Robin: crazy
19:57:23 rokchik: at least that's what i read anyways
19:57:39 Robin: biggrin.gif
19:59:38 rokchik: I think that song is a remake of an old RL Burnside song but not sure
20:00:04 Robin: ah ok
20:00:12 Robin: isnt that movie kinda new btw?
20:00:15 Robin: cant wait to see it
20:00:35 rokchik: Yeah it's a few months old i think
20:00:43 Robin: ah not more? ok cool
20:01:29 rokchik: It came out on video a few months ago....not sure of when was in Theaters
20:05:44 chast: hey you blues guys
20:05:50 rokchik: hey
20:05:55 chast: you have to love marcus new lesson ? biggrin.gif
20:06:09 Robin: yeah it was pretty cool
20:06:18 chast: it is so relaxing
20:06:21 rokchik: I haven't check it out yet actually....I'm a bit behind in the lesson deprtment
20:06:42 rokchik: work gets in the way of sooooo much smile.gif
20:06:51 chast: ^^
20:06:56 chast: i have holidays now biggrin.gif
20:07:02 rokchik: lucky
20:07:11 Robin: it makes me picture of a guy sitting in a skyscraper with huge windows, watching out on a big american city at sunset tongue.gif biggrin.gif
20:07:16 Robin: marcus' lesson
20:07:30 rokchik: I have a 3 week course coming up soon too so I'll be that much more behind
20:07:55 Robin: I'm so glad my parents spoil me. I have ages to stay home and play guitar
20:08:01 rokchik: LOL
20:08:06 Robin: but there comes a day when I have to work
20:08:16 Robin: but hopefully I'm not gonna get a full job yet
20:08:17 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:08:24 rokchik: smile.gif
20:08:29 rokchik: your still young
20:08:32 Robin: I'm aiming to make music my job, and my parents support me biggrin.gif
20:08:35 rokchik: I have a morgage to pay
20:08:44 Robin: ah yeah :/
20:08:46 rokchik: good plan man
20:08:52 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:09:01 rokchik: do they know that yet LOL
20:09:08 Robin: I'm a lazy asshole anyway, so playing music fits me perfect biggrin.gif
20:09:13 Robin: ah yes of course biggrin.gif
20:09:15 rokchik: LOL
20:09:28 Robin: I dont have any friends left becuase I only play guitar biggrin.gif not that it bothers me
20:09:43 rokchik: you have us! smile.gif
20:10:03 Robin: I dont like to socialize with those people that live here. You seem to have alot of good friends smile.gif sounds like you're having fun with concerts etc. having the same music taste
20:10:05 Robin: yes of course biggrin.gif
20:10:17 Robin: I definatly look at GMC as friends, even though its just the internet
20:11:17 rokchik: Yeah I have a very close group actually....loads of aquaitences but few I call friends. But we all have a great time. I'm pretty happy go lucky smile.gif
20:11:29 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:12:03 rokchik: And I agree, the people I've met on GMC I consider friends
20:12:14 Robin: I only have like one real life friend biggrin.gif She is awesome. she is not like everyone else here
20:12:19 Robin: yeah definatly
20:12:24 rokchik: cool
20:12:32 chast: oO
20:12:38 Robin: I also got my band of course... dont hang out with them much though tongue.gif
20:12:58 rokchik: My problem is all my really close friends live in other towns. So I try to visit often but it costs money
20:13:05 chast: lol im feeling like i must be crazy that i have friends^^
20:13:06 Robin: I see
20:13:08 Robin: it does yeah
20:13:14 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
20:13:14 rokchik: no one I hang out with here plays
20:13:23 Robin: I dont know anyone either
20:13:27 rokchik: LOL Chast
20:14:42 rokchik: I know and Hang out with tonnes of people....I just don't concider them friends neccessarily. I have a core group and everyone else is just icing on the cake I guess
20:14:56 Robin: I see
20:15:08 rokchik: may sound mean....but I take friendship very seriously
20:15:24 Robin: not mean at all tongue.gif
20:16:36 rokchik: I try to avoid drama.....and some people just generate some people are great at parties but are very uninteresting otherwise smile.gif
20:16:52 Robin: haha yeah I totally know what you mean
20:17:21 Robin: I hear stories from other people, "did you hear this and that" and "she is so jealous at me for being friends with her friends"
20:17:30 Robin: I'd rather not have friends than have to deal with that...
20:17:42 Robin: drama #%¤!@
20:18:05 Robin: always some fights and stuff
20:18:24 rokchik: I hate that stuff...and I know loads of folks like's headache causeing. I'm like Life is too short peopel get over it will ya
20:18:32 Robin: indeed
20:18:41 Robin: I also know about lots of people like that
20:18:47 Robin: everyone is pretty much like that here biggrin.gif
20:18:58 rokchik: there are many here too
20:19:06 Robin: small town... in my eyes everyone here are stupid, and in their eyes I'm just a lonely geek. I dont blame them though
20:19:14 chast: stranges places where you all live^^
20:19:19 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
20:19:33 rokchik: but I hate it when people in their 30's are acting like it.....I mean we are not in high school anymore
20:19:39 rokchik: LOL
20:19:51 Robin: I even think people that are at my age should act like that
20:19:59 Robin: so many childish people here, aarrrgh
20:20:03 rokchik: Nope just small here so everyone is everyone elses business
20:20:09 Robin: as I said, I only have one friend that isnt stupid biggrin.gif
20:20:27 Robin: Hi hemlok
20:20:46 rokchik: like who you like...besides when you rich and a guitar go you'll know who your friends are smile.gif
20:20:50 rokchik: hey Hemlok
20:20:57 Robin: shouldnt* haha, I meant SHOULDNT!! biggrin.gif
20:21:04 rokchik: God* not go
20:21:14 Robin: hehe yeah
20:21:22 Hemlok: hello everyone, hows it goin
20:21:29 Robin: goin good
20:21:31 Robin: howbout you?
20:21:35 rokchik: pretty
20:21:47 rokchik: how's the land down under?
20:22:04 Hemlok: yeah im pretty good, just woke up i think i need a coffee before i start this flamenco lesson
20:22:20 rokchik: caffeine is a must usually
20:22:40 Hemlok: tongue.gif yeah i think so
20:22:54 chast: i dont like coffee biggrin.gif
20:23:05 rokchik: I usually can'r function until I have some in some form or another
20:23:11 Robin: me neither... not that I have tried it though
20:23:27 rokchik: I'm more of a tea drinker really
20:23:30 Robin: I dont drink anything biggrin.gif the only unhealthy thing I'm addicted to is coca cola
20:23:36 rokchik: LOL
20:23:45 chast: i drink
20:23:49 chast: water and mezzo mix
20:23:54 Robin: I dont know how many songs I've wrote about coca cola....
20:23:55 chast: and sprite
20:23:58 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:24:03 rokchik: LOL
20:24:05 Hemlok: haha
20:24:12 chast: and if cola is there i also drink it^^
20:24:17 Robin: lol
20:24:20 Hemlok: i drink a bit too much beer
20:24:27 chast: oh yeah beer for sure
20:24:29 chast: biggrin.gif
20:24:30 rokchik: The cola I drink is Dr. Pepper
20:24:38 Hemlok: i dont drink soft drink
20:24:52 rokchik: Beer is good for the soul smile.gif
20:24:54 Robin: am I the only one on this planet that hate beer? and alcohol in general. Of course it is fun, but I throw up when tasting it
20:25:03 rokchik: LOL
20:25:05 Robin: its so disgusting to me
20:25:10 Hemlok: oooh sad.gif too bad for you, its lovely
20:25:20 rokchik: Beer is definatley an aquired taste
20:25:30 Hemlok: like death metal and opera and wine
20:25:36 chast: so robin
20:25:38 rokchik: exactly
20:25:39 Hemlok: i haven't acquired a taste for wine yet
20:25:46 rokchik: me neither
20:25:54 rokchik: too posh for me
20:26:06 Hemlok: yup, expensive too
20:26:15 rokchik: I'm very no frills no fuss
20:26:24 Hemlok: biggrin.gif
20:26:26 Robin: yeah chast? biggrin.gif
20:26:32 chast: i think
20:26:33 Hemlok: the best way to be, brb coffee
20:26:36 chast: we have to send you some beer
20:26:41 rokchik: I think so
20:26:44 Robin: >_<
20:26:47 Hemlok: hey chast what is your msn?
20:26:57 chast: [email protected]
20:27:02 Robin: I seriously cant stand beer. to me, every beer taste just as bad biggrin.gif
20:27:24 chast: maybe i should develop alcohol that robin likes
20:27:28 Hemlok: robin or rokchik got msn?
20:27:29 chast: and than im getting rich
20:27:30 Robin: xD
20:27:32 rokchik: I've only recently began drinking beer more
20:27:34 Robin: sure hemlok
20:27:43 Robin: [email protected]
20:27:47 chast: hemlok be prepared if i come home at night
20:27:47 rokchik: yep [email protected]
20:27:50 chast: biggrin.gif
20:27:58 chast: robin already knows biggrin.gif
20:28:07 Robin: but I get really sick of alcohol. Like 3 0.5ltrs make me totally sick at night.
20:28:18 chast: hm thats not good
20:28:20 Robin: I'm soooo sick
20:28:22 Robin: of nothing
20:28:26 Hemlok: tongue.gif
20:28:28 Robin: so I kinda just hate alcohol now
20:28:31 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:28:37 chast: maybe you have an allergy?
20:28:39 Hemlok: well thats probably a good thing
20:28:45 Robin: yeah chast maybe I think so
20:28:46 chast: against anything thats in the beer or so
20:28:52 chast: dont know
20:28:58 rokchik: my buddy has an alcohol allergy
20:29:15 Robin: my dad drinks beer, but once in a while if theres like a barbque party or something, he drink a little too many beers and he gets reeaaaally sick tongue.gif I probably have the same
20:29:25 Robin: oh, what happens to him if he drinks?
20:29:40 chast: i think i have an allergy against marijuana
20:29:48 Robin: lol
20:29:51 Hemlok: too much alcohol will do that to anyone
20:29:51 chast: really
20:29:57 chast: i vomit if i smoke^^
20:30:05 Hemlok: my friend does too
20:30:08 chast: so i dont smoke marijuana
20:30:18 Hemlok: but thats because he drank alot before he smoked
20:30:19 Robin: yeah I know hemlok
20:30:22 Hemlok: thats instant hangover
20:30:22 rokchik: He gets very very sick....we found out when we had to rush him to the hospital
20:30:28 Robin: ohh
20:30:50 Robin: I suppose I just should stay away from alchohol biggrin.gif doesnt bother me that much anyway
20:31:04 rokchik: It's certain things not all. Mostly liquers like Goldslagger and stuff
20:31:11 chast: oh yeah i remember that, it was also the last time smoking marijuana... it was at a party and we went out to a bus stop and i had some beers before and they had water pipe...
20:31:15 chast: i smoked
20:31:45 chast: and after that the bus stop was full of vomit
20:31:46 rokchik: drugs are bad people.....don't condone it or agree with it sorry.
20:31:53 Robin: indeed
20:32:04 Robin: drugs are bad, mkay. Like mr. mackey would say.
20:32:09 rokchik: LOL
20:32:13 chast: lol
20:32:20 rokchik: but it is avery true statement
20:32:26 Robin: yep
20:32:29 chast: it is
20:32:44 chast: but if you are young like me you try this and that
20:32:46 Robin: aslong as you stay away from stuff like that, you wont feel any addiction to it. Same with smoking for instance
20:32:51 Robin: and candy for that sake...
20:33:14 Robin: I never tried anything, so I dont need anything tongue.gif
20:33:27 chast: well i want to explore how it is
20:33:27 Robin: other than my precious coca cola of course
20:33:28 rokchik: I'm 30 and very proud to say I've never tried anything....drinking is my only vice and that's only social not all the time
20:33:34 chast: someone dont want to
20:33:37 chast: its different
20:33:43 Robin: yeah drinking is really normal
20:33:50 Robin: everyone drinks tongue.gif except me
20:33:53 chast: most of my friends always want to try something new, in every topic
20:33:55 chast: eating
20:33:58 chast: drinking
20:34:02 rokchik: I may drink like once a month if that
20:34:41 rokchik: in my early 20's I was bit more of a partier but it's lost appeal
20:35:08 Robin: seems like its that with most people
20:35:26 Robin: they party when they are very young biggrin.gif
20:35:40 rokchik: It's a maturity thing I guess
20:35:50 chast: nope
20:36:08 chast: not if you live here
20:36:10 chast: ...
20:36:16 Robin: ohmy.gif
20:36:39 chast: i dont know how it is in other parts of germany
20:36:43 chast: but here it isnt oO
20:37:15 rokchik: Oh I still party don't get me's just not everyweekend now...just every so often. But those times are few and far between now a days
20:37:29 chast: i know what you mean^^
20:37:49 chast: it isnt a pity, that someone doesnt party
20:37:59 chast: i also have friends who dont party
20:38:09 Robin: I gotta be honest. I dont see how people that work/go to school can "waste" time on partying in the weekends. I'd die of exhaustion
20:38:31 rokchik: sometimes you need a break man
20:38:55 Robin: I'd get totally sick and pissed of if I had to have a hangover all weekend and then go to work on monday >_<
20:39:05 rokchik: LOL
20:39:10 Robin: I dont work at the moment though
20:39:20 chast: i go to school
20:39:31 chast: and you have much time when you are going to school in germany wink.gif
20:39:34 rokchik: You don't have to drink when you go out.....I designate drive most of the time but still go out
20:39:45 Robin: ah ok
20:39:51 Robin: my mother always did that aswell, she tells me...
20:39:56 rokchik: as long as with the right people it's all fun
20:40:04 chast: indeed
20:40:17 Robin: she drank sooo much when she was 16, so she didnt touch alcohol untill 10 yeaqrs later tongue.gif
20:40:17 rokchik: hey Kosei
20:40:21 Robin: Hi kosei
20:40:25 Kosei Kubota: hi!
20:40:29 Hemlok: Hi Kosei! I will be learning some of your lessons today.
20:40:45 Kosei Kubota: great! which one?
20:40:51 rokchik: yeah...that's how I am now...drink don't drink either way it doesn't bother me
20:41:14 Hemlok: well i will start Lagrima, and continue working on Spanish Romance
20:41:42 Hemlok: i gotta get myself a nylon! i will do soon i think
20:42:07 rokchik: does any one here like the Foo Fighters?
20:42:21 chast: only their most famous song biggrin.gif
20:42:24 Robin: I used to listen to them some years ago, but I dont listen to that kind of music anymore
20:42:25 Kosei Kubota: Good! Don't forget Bach. Bach rules!!
20:42:25 chast: Didiidididi diiiiiii
20:42:57 rokchik: I just got their acoustic concery DVD Skin and's great!
20:43:04 rokchik: concert*
20:43:13 Robin: foo fighters acoustic concert?
20:43:16 Robin: what the deuce ohmy.gif
20:43:20 rokchik: LOL
20:43:22 Hemlok: i seen FF live in 2003 they rocked
20:43:37 chast: i actually never saw a famous band live ;(
20:43:43 Robin: sad.gif
20:43:46 Robin: biggrin.gif
20:43:52 Robin: you should go to some concerts
20:43:59 rokchik: I've seen few
20:44:00 Robin: it really nice to see different artists
20:44:05 chast: well
20:44:07 Hemlok: lucky robin gets all the metal bands over there!!
20:44:17 chast: im living somewhere, where is no music shop
20:44:26 chast: do you think conecerts are here ? biggrin.gif
20:44:44 chast: and i cant go out to frankfurt or something as long as i havent my driver license
20:44:49 rokchik: I've traveled to all the ones I've seen
20:45:00 Robin: I've seen: Iron Maiden, KEN HENSLEY, glen Hughes, Omar and the howlers, hot club de norvege, rolling stones, dandy warhols(I think they sucked), mastodon and arch enemy
20:45:05 chast: because the last train drives back at 20:00
20:45:18 Robin: OH how could I forget GORGOROTH!!!
20:45:23 Hemlok: I seen Opeth last year!
20:45:27 Robin: oh and nazareh
20:45:31 Robin: nazareth*
20:45:41 Robin: cool. I hear they are great live. I know lots of people that have seen them
20:45:43 Robin: opeth
20:45:43 rokchik:
20:45:43 Hemlok: gorgoroth put on a good show?
20:45:49 Robin: gorgoroth is amazing hemlok
20:45:57 Robin: one of the best concerts I've been on
20:46:06 Hemlok: cool, any dead animals? lol
20:46:15 Robin: yeah about 20 sheep heads
20:46:23 Robin: and lots of fire
20:46:26 Robin: it was magic
20:46:37 chast: we need a vomit smiley tongue.gif
20:46:43 Hemlok: haha
20:46:51 Robin: me and my band even met Gaahl. We were playing before gorgorth, this year actually. this summer
20:46:57 Hemlok: yeah we need more smileys for sure
20:47:05 Robin: he was actually a really nice guy.
20:47:10 chast: and of course we need a *moo* sound
20:47:15 Hemlok: oh yeah
20:47:18 rokchik: I've seen.....Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Coldplay, The Tragically Hip, Rush to name a few
20:47:19 Robin: I think he acts a little in the documentaries. tries to be scary
20:47:28 Robin: really nice rok
20:47:39 chast: ive seen...
20:47:44 Hemlok: tongue.gif its all for show, they have to play the part
20:47:45 chast: nothing
20:47:46 chast: biggrin.gif
20:47:58 rokchik: Robin did you check out the link I just posted
20:48:07 Robin: some of gorgorth are rapists and stuff, so they arent totally faking it biggrin.gif
20:48:10 Robin: listening now
20:48:16 Robin: heard this song a million times before biggrin.gif
20:48:25 Robin: I loved foo fighters a few years back
20:48:28 Hemlok: they played it better when i seen them, electric version. of course its better when ur in the front row
20:48:30 rokchik: That was the last song they did in the concert....but it's my fave
20:48:32 Robin: also millencolin, and stuff like that
20:48:47 Hemlok: im a big millencolin fan
20:48:51 Robin: cool
20:48:53 Robin: I used to love them
20:48:53 Hemlok: thats only punk band i have ever liked
20:49:01 Robin: but I'm not really into that kind of music anymore, skate punk
20:49:09 rokchik:
20:49:24 Robin: man I remember No Cigar
20:49:29 rokchik: Hey Peta
20:49:33 peterorg54: hi
20:49:34 peterorg54: guys
20:49:37 Robin: from tony hawk. thats how I discovered them
20:49:39 Robin: hi peter
20:50:02 Robin: ahhhh jebus!! listening to No Cigar(millencolin) brings up so many memories.....
20:50:10 Robin: the lovely skateboard days and Tony hawks pro skater 2
20:50:13 Robin: ohhhh damn
20:50:17 Robin: I wanna cry biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:50:22 rokchik: LOL
20:50:33 Robin:
20:50:39 Robin: I gotta admit, I still kinda like it I think
20:50:48 Robin: he sings really good
20:51:01 rokchik: cool
20:51:13 Robin: haha.... move your car.... I also loved this song
20:51:16 Hemlok:
20:51:59 Robin: I remember one song that was totally freakin crazy. I dont remember the name, but damn how I loved it.... its so fun to check out bands you listened to years ago
20:52:03 Hemlok: i listened to millencolin alot before no cigar
20:52:17 Robin: cool
20:52:30 Robin: haha I remember all these songs
20:52:34 Robin: omg so fun
20:52:40 rokchik: I'm startig to listen to more punk
20:52:47 Robin: cool
20:52:50 Hemlok: its fun music, puts you in happy mood
20:53:09 Robin: you should check out darkthrones two latest albums rokchik. Or have you gotten used to growling yet? smile.gif
20:53:14 Robin: yeah its really catchy
20:53:15 chast: do you remember what your first cd was?
20:53:29 chast: mine was a single...
20:53:30 Robin: and its not super gay like green day and all that whiny crap. No offence to green day fans...
20:53:36 chast: eminem - the real slim shady
20:53:38 rokchik: I'm working on it......I've just discovered Opeth so give me time smile.gif
20:53:55 Hemlok: biggrin.gif opeth will ween you into it rokchik!
20:53:56 Robin: modern punk is fine, aslong as its not just crying and whining like all these most popular asshole bands does
20:54:03 Robin: haha ok cool biggrin.gif
20:54:12 rokchik: Celtic punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:54:31 Robin: rokchik, what do you think about this?
20:54:31 rokchik: smile.gif
20:54:46 Robin: from the latest darkthrone album.... its freakin awesome. New wave of black heavy metal smile.gif
20:54:51 rokchik: I like the title so far smile.gif
20:54:58 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
20:55:10 Hemlok: this song is off first album i bought
20:55:11 Hemlok:
20:55:14 Robin: oh and yeah, rokchik, celtic punk is awesome biggrin.gif
20:55:44 Robin: ah offspring. I remember those guys
20:56:03 rokchik: I love the music Robin and the vocals in this song are OK....but I'm still getting use to it.
20:56:22 rokchik: I love offspring
20:56:29 Robin: ah yeah
20:56:37 rokchik: especially that song Hemlok
20:56:43 Robin: darkthrones music is amazing. Vocals aswell, but thats of course something to get used to
20:57:00 Hemlok: oh wow, listening to this song darkthrone
20:57:01 Robin: darkthrones music isnt heavy at all either. anyone can like it, if they give it time
20:57:07 Hemlok: i was expecting to not be able to hear lyrics
20:57:10 rokchik: that's the thing with Death Metal for me.....I love the music....vocals not so much
20:57:14 Robin: hehe biggrin.gif
20:57:30 Robin: death metal is even worse than black biggrin.gif so deep vocals
20:57:38 Robin: I like it though. I like black much more
20:57:40 rokchik: I've noticed
20:57:45 Hemlok: i dont think the vocals in this are so good, maybe i will get used to it tongue.gif
20:58:02 Robin: oh. I LOVE darkthrones vocals. from both guys
20:59:34 Robin: brb gonna go check if I find those old millencolin CD's I had ohmy.gif (downloaded, not bought sad.gif )
20:59:52 Hemlok: ohmy.gif
20:59:57 rokchik: OK
21:00:13 rokchik: Hemlok are you a big metal guy too?
21:00:24 Hemlok: deep down i am
21:00:33 Hemlok: i usually mellow out and listen to nice stuff
21:00:36 Hemlok: depends on my mood
21:00:59 Hemlok: i know when im drunk i like metal
21:01:35 rokchik: That's sort of like me....but I'm more of a mainstream metal girl I guess or Glam rock smile.gif Mostly I'm just rock pun intended smile.gif
21:01:47 Hemlok: tongue.gif cool
21:02:45 rokchik: Anyways boys I'm gonna jet...gotta work in the am.
21:03:11 rokchik: great chatting with you. TTYL
21:03:12 Hemlok: alright cya rok
21:03:16 Robin: good bye
21:03:19 rokchik: c ya
21:04:06 Robin: hurray found it
21:04:15 Robin: For monkey and life on a plate
21:04:19 Robin: monkeys*
21:04:22 chast: oh its getting cold
21:04:41 Robin: starting to get cold here too tongue.gif
21:04:53 Hemlok: not cold here
21:05:27 Hemlok: about 35 celcius/95 fahrenheit
21:05:42 Hemlok: its lovely
21:05:49 Robin: oh man
21:05:51 Robin: hemlok
21:05:54 Robin: Lights out
21:05:57 Robin: that song is AWESOME
21:06:01 Hemlok: biggrin.gif
21:06:03 Hemlok: yup
21:06:07 Hemlok: im gonna listen to it now
21:06:08 Robin: the chorus is aweesome. THe bass playing is so cool
21:06:38 Hemlok: ive seen MC live 3 times
21:06:44 Robin: cool!
21:06:49 Hemlok: they are up there with best live show ive seen
21:06:56 Hemlok: opeth is number 1 at the moment tho
21:07:00 Robin: cool
21:07:05 Hemlok: actualy no
21:07:08 Hemlok: Bob Brozman
21:07:09 Robin: yeah opeth pretty much kicks ass. I wanna see them some time
21:07:35 Robin: I dont know who I put highets when it comes to live.... gorgoroth, ken hensley, stones or maybe hot club de norvege
21:07:38 Robin: no idea
21:07:41 Robin: so many good performances
21:08:03 Hemlok: yeah i bet
21:08:24 Robin: I know that the day I see Bjørn Berge he will be on top tongue.gif seen so many youtube live videos of him, he is amazing
21:09:02 Robin: millencolin, do they still play?
21:09:27 Hemlok: as far as i know they do
21:09:35 Robin: cooll
21:10:47 Hemlok: i wonder who the guest was!
21:10:54 Hemlok: they better sign up
21:10:55 Robin: tongue.gif
21:10:58 Robin: yeah!
21:12:11 Hemlok: im gonna find a good Bob Brozman video for you
21:12:16 Hemlok: he is truly amazing
21:12:23 Robin: ok cool. I havent even heard of him
21:13:01 Hemlok: yeah, im trying find a good quality vid of him, not so many on youtube
21:15:31 Hemlok: Robin can you suggest a good blues song to get my blues fingerpicking good?
21:15:46 Hemlok: because i gotta get the thumb going, its not too bad but i need to practice it more
21:16:27 Robin: getting those fingers work toghether is a pain in the ass
21:16:35 Robin: Come BAck Baby was the first song I learned
21:16:36 Hemlok: ya tongue.gif
21:16:41 Hemlok: ooh ok
21:17:06 Robin: this guys is the king of bottleneck and fingerpicking
21:17:12 Robin: guy*
21:17:27 Hemlok: i know you love him, i have never checked him out yet! keep forgetting, thanks
21:17:34 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
21:17:37 Robin: I talk about him too much
21:17:39 Robin: tongue.gif
21:18:23 Hemlok: im gonna upload a song to youtube of Bob Brozman instead.
21:18:30 Robin: ok biggrin.gif
21:18:40 Robin: remember to make it a video file
21:18:49 Robin: wma/mp3 doesnt work to upload to youtube
21:19:02 Hemlok: ya ya. i will try put some pretty pictures on it for you lol
21:19:15 Robin: xD
21:20:51 Hemlok: hell NightFlight, i dont think we have met
21:20:58 Hemlok: Oops i mean hello
21:21:01 Robin: Hey
21:21:04 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
21:21:10 NightFlight: hey there
21:21:29 NightFlight: Robin...nice work on that collab solo
21:21:37 Robin: thank you so much!! biggrin.gif
21:22:25 Robin: hey hemlok
21:22:27 Robin: want to hear something
21:22:34 NightFlight: Sounds like you have some Angus Young influences.
21:22:45 Robin: you just added me to msn, maybe you could just send a song of that dude on msn instead? biggrin.gif
21:22:56 Hemlok: Robin you are a smart man
21:23:05 Robin: hmmm not really biggrin.gif I dont really like AC/DC that much. I do play alot like SRV and johnny winter though tongue.gif
21:23:09 Robin: no I'm not biggrin.gif
21:23:23 Hemlok: tongue.gif cleverer than me 8)
21:23:31 Robin: cleverer haha biggrin.gif
21:23:38 Hemlok: tongue.gif
21:23:41 Robin: is that a word? biggrin.gif
21:23:44 Hemlok: no lol
21:23:59 NightFlight: Well...that solo was Angus all the way...IMHO of course.
21:24:05 Robin: hehe oh ok biggrin.gif
21:24:06 Hemlok: robin do you have a reference to coca cola in your chat name?? lol
21:24:12 Robin: yeah
21:24:21 NightFlight: And nothing wrong with that either....was kick ass smile.gif
21:24:30 Robin: it says "One coke a day takes the pain away"... its just the norwegian version of that I have
21:24:48 Robin: thanks dudfe biggrin.gif
21:28:45 NightFlight: Where are you guys from? If my memory serves me well, I think I remember seeing Norway with Robin's posts.
21:29:32 Robin: yeah thats right, I'm from norway biggrin.gif
21:29:41 Robin: where are you from
21:29:42 Robin: ?
21:29:45 Hemlok: Australia
21:30:14 NightFlight: I'm in US...state of Virginia...on east coast.
21:31:09 Robin: wow this bob dude sounds relaly cool
21:31:23 Robin: jazz, blues, classical, country playing? xD
21:31:40 Hemlok: he has all sorts of influences
21:31:46 Robin: yeah I can hear biggrin.gif
21:31:53 Hemlok: blues from many diff countries all mixed into one
21:31:54 Robin: excellent voice
21:32:02 NightFlight: ok...hook me up with a link...gotta hear it smile.gif
21:32:02 Robin: really nice stuff
21:32:17 Robin: oh damn I liked the vocals alot
21:32:18 Robin: Hi
21:32:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: k hemlok im in
21:32:26 Hemlok: hawaiian, indian, african, japanese, caribbean and american blues
21:32:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot now biggrin.gif
21:32:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: hi guys
21:32:39 Hemlok: hi Kai??? 8)
21:32:44 Robin: Hi
21:32:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif MURIS
21:33:01 NightFlight: hey
21:33:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: !!!
21:33:09 muris: evening/morning everyone smile.gif
21:33:09 Hemlok: hello muris
21:33:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey bro
21:33:32 NightFlight: evening here...and hello
21:33:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: doin fine?
21:33:41 muris: yeah
21:33:45 muris: listening some new tunes
21:33:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: cooooooooooooool
21:33:55 muris: repertoar or some gigs
21:34:02 Hemlok: good link Bjorn Berge sounds pretty cool Robin
21:34:11 Robin: ah yeah, he kicks ass
21:34:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: thank god finally i found musicians ..
21:34:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: im a t a friends house... 70 km from home
21:34:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: had 3 sessions today
21:34:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: lookin for new freaks for a project
21:35:01 muris: what sort of sessions?
21:35:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: open stage and jam session in a sort of private way
21:35:30 muris: ahh cool
21:35:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: was cool
21:35:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: open stage was what i came from now...
21:35:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: weird
21:36:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: everybody knew what who he is biggrin.gif
21:36:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: well...
21:36:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: brilliant
21:36:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: lots of drugs i suppose
21:36:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: suggest..sry bad english
21:36:49 muris: wink.gif
21:36:53 chast: oO
21:36:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot ever
21:36:57 Hemlok: im lost tongue.gif
21:37:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: no hemlk is not lost smile.gif
21:37:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: hemlok got me into chat biggrin.gif
21:37:24 Hemlok: i dont remember doing that, but no worries Kai
21:37:29 Hemlok: tongue.gif
21:37:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: noooooo
21:37:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: you dont talk to guests rightß
21:37:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
21:38:24 Hemlok: oh you were the guest spying on us!
21:38:28 Hemlok: lol
21:38:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: plek of destiny
21:38:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: now you get it?
21:38:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
21:38:49 Hemlok: haha yeah
21:39:10 Hemlok: i usually tell guests to sign up or log in
21:39:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: just because i use the mac of a friend of mine...
21:39:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: could log in
21:39:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: funny as a guest you are somekind of spectator
21:39:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: i coudlnt type
21:39:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
21:40:10 Hemlok: yeah, i see you trying to chat, but it doesnt let you tongue.gif
21:40:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: A Kai that doesnt talk is no real Kai :
21:40:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
21:40:40 NightFlight: So guests are muted, right? Can't chat/type?
21:40:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: lok like it
21:41:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: lok=looks
21:41:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: weird keyboard
21:41:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: muris?
21:41:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: is your new custom strat made from mahagony?
21:41:47 muris: yep?
21:41:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: looks like a maple top on it
21:41:55 muris: bottom,yeah
21:42:01 muris: top is maple
21:42:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: but somehow i gues maha..
21:42:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: HA! new it
21:42:11 muris: wink.gif
21:42:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: new=knew sry
21:42:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: sounds really nice
21:43:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: i liked your tone anyways
21:43:07 muris: tnx smile.gif
21:43:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: nicen warm
21:43:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif
21:43:23 muris: changed neck and bridge pickups roday
21:43:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: so?
21:43:31 muris: today*
21:43:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: what now?
21:43:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: was it stock from the luthier?
21:43:55 muris: we broke neck one durring instalation
21:44:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh...
21:44:08 muris: so we putted Duncan vinatge for shot replacement
21:44:16 muris: now I got Desperado new
21:44:28 muris: and Rogue for Bridge
21:44:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know...i am a duncan freak..
21:44:35 muris: killer wink.gif
21:44:42 NightFlight: So this Strat was custom made for you?
21:45:11 muris: asking who?
21:45:16 NightFlight: you
21:45:28 muris: oh,it's not strat
21:45:30 muris: not at all
21:45:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: sh-6 is what i know quite well... i have several custom pus but in studio i have the problem that my ear knows my sh6 to well...
21:45:53 Robin: I'll go to bed now, bye guyes
21:45:58 Robin: guys*
21:46:07 muris: bye Robin
21:46:07 NightFlight: ahhh...I remember something on the board about you getting a custom made guitar.
21:46:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: buy robin smile.gif
21:46:15 NightFlight: see ya Robin
21:46:35 muris: it is custom,but not strat smile.gif
21:46:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: i got a question for all of you guys tongue.gif
21:46:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: RATT?!
21:47:00 NightFlight: Is this the guitar you used in the alternate picking lesson?
21:47:10 muris: which one?
21:47:17 muris: mean lesson
21:47:21 chast: ratt ? Oo
21:47:30 chast: i know RAT
21:47:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: Ratt - bodytalk/round n round?!?!?
21:47:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: i will put it in now
21:47:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: killer music
21:47:51 NightFlight: hmmm....have to go look. smile.gif
21:47:57 muris: ok
21:47:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: youtube wink.gif
21:48:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: 80s gaymetal biggrin.gif
21:49:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: tongue.gif
21:49:09 NightFlight: Muris...the etude lesson
21:49:41 muris: hmm,not sure which lesson is etude
21:49:51 Hemlok: Pavels?
21:49:52 muris: at least I didn't give it that name
21:49:56 muris: lol
21:49:59 muris: silly Kris
21:50:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
21:50:14 NightFlight:
21:50:28 muris: ahh
21:50:32 muris: link isnt working]
21:50:38 muris: is it fast stuf
21:50:46 muris: lots of arpeggios etc?
21:51:04 NightFlight: fast
21:51:08 muris: sort of neo classic
21:51:13 muris: ?
21:51:20 NightFlight: yes...that one
21:51:31 muris: it's Musicman Axis
21:51:36 muris: wink.gif
21:51:38 NightFlight: so fast that your fingers had blurred motion on camera.
21:51:49 muris: lol
21:51:50 muris: noo
21:51:56 muris: camera isn't that great
21:52:01 muris: so I have blur all the time
21:52:02 muris: lol
21:53:04 NightFlight: My wife watched it....said HOLY SH&#
21:53:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
21:53:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D:
21:53:31 muris: I said it too after seeing all blur I've got
21:53:34 muris: wink.gif
21:53:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: well impressin girls...
21:53:55 muris: it records with 30 fps
21:53:57 muris: but looks like 10
21:54:22 NightFlight: Then you need to slow down! lol
21:54:31 muris: guess so wink.gif
21:54:44 muris: anyhow
21:54:58 muris: I've got many requests for beginner stuff
21:55:03 NightFlight: What is so amazing is that you can do that with what seems like little effort.
21:55:12 muris: so I'll go that way in near future
21:55:16 muris: too much shred anyhow wink.gif
21:55:32 muris: oh thank you smile.gif
21:56:13 chast: i always wonder how someone can relax at shredding 16th notes and 220 bpm
21:56:21 chast: well looking relaxed
21:56:22 NightFlight: Listened to your solo matieral on your website as well...again, very good stuff.
21:56:28 muris: hmm
21:56:40 muris: same like 32th at 110
21:56:40 muris: lol
21:56:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D:D
21:56:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: looooooooooooooool
21:56:56 muris: wink.gif
21:57:14 NightFlight: yep chast...I wonder that too...but I'm quickly learning that you have to be totally relaxed to pull it off. Any tension at all and it just doesn't work.
21:57:18 muris: isn't all about speed
21:57:23 muris: it's much more about notes
21:57:30 chast: for sure
21:57:34 muris: you can play 32th at 220
21:57:34 NightFlight: amen to that!
21:57:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: WORD!!
21:57:42 muris: and 16th at 100
21:57:53 muris: these 16th at 100 might be narder to play
21:57:55 muris: note choice
21:57:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: listen to luke
21:58:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: luke is acool hybrid
21:58:19 muris: Luke is the man wink.gif
21:58:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: perhaps one of the best imo
21:58:30 muris: hell yeah
21:58:32 chast: luke skywalker?
21:58:33 chast: oO
21:58:40 chast: this blues vader video
21:58:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: i mean he is so of the chain
21:58:44 muris: and cool guy as well
21:58:44 chast: is so dumb lol
21:58:51 chast: i had a huge laugh
21:59:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: steve lukather(toto) = luke
21:59:32 chast: ah, ok
21:59:53 NightFlight: tone, expression, vibrato....more important than speed, IMHO
22:00:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: i watched a 1976 performance of georgy porgy on tube...
22:00:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: ufffff
22:00:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: they all looked like........ but the must be aliens...
22:00:34 muris: I sang Gorgy few nights ago wink.gif
22:00:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah!!!
22:00:49 muris: yeah
22:00:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: love the tune
22:00:54 muris: not woman's part tho
22:00:57 muris: wink.gif
22:01:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif
22:01:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: wow
22:01:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: fun!
22:01:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: hmm...
22:02:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: i think off my fav toto song
22:02:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: they are all to huge
22:02:32 muris: too many
22:03:44 NightFlight: Muris...I have a question for you...
22:04:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: i will remember or caught in a ballance...couse the older ones...i mean sure i am a huge dune fan....but yeah africa isa tune one can always listen to...but i will remember is perhaps the luke ballade isnt it?...awesome songwritin
22:04:04 muris: sure
22:04:19 muris: yeah
22:04:20 The Uncreator: hey guys
22:04:22 muris: Luke wrote that one
22:04:30 muris: hi there smile.gif
22:04:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif LUKE!
22:04:46 The Uncreator: Hows it been goin?
22:04:55 muris: all fine
22:04:58 muris: you?
22:05:00 Hemlok: Hi The Uncreator
22:05:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey uncr...
22:05:04 NightFlight: As accomplished as you are as a guitarist, it's amazing that you are not known around the world such as Vai, etc....but my question is, how well known are you as a musician in your own country, city, etc.?
22:05:08 muris: may I call you TU?
22:05:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
22:05:14 The Uncreator: pretty good, internet gas been down for awhile just got it back today
22:05:19 muris: wink.gif
22:05:22 Hemlok: The Uncreator whats your first name??
22:05:27 The Uncreator: The
22:05:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D:D
22:05:35 Hemlok: lol
22:05:41 Hemlok: you monkey
22:05:43 The Uncreator: seriously though, Brett
22:05:46 muris: NightFlight : thanks for kind words smile.gif
22:05:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: rolls on floor dieng
22:06:01 muris: well,i'm wuite known in my country and region
22:06:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: dying was the spellin..
22:06:10 Hemlok: whoa dont die kai, you gotta keep pumpkin out the lessons
22:06:11 muris: have played with every major star
22:06:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: bad kai
22:06:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: bad english
22:06:22 The Uncreator: or bad typing
22:06:26 chast: bad kai *slap*
22:06:30 The Uncreator: i sukc at typing
22:06:31 Hemlok: tongue.gif
22:06:39 muris: doing recording sessions for almost every album in Bosnia for last 6-7 years
22:06:46 The Uncreator: awesome
22:06:47 Hemlok: im a good typist, i don't have to look at keyboard, woohoo
22:07:07 The Uncreator: i only suck in chat rooms for some reason, in school for reports or anythign im good
22:07:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif muris rocks smile.gif
22:07:27 Hemlok: Muris rocks very much
22:07:28 muris: but regarding to the fact I'm from Bosnia,I'm never gonna be huge like Vai wink.gif
22:07:38 The Uncreator: You neber know
22:07:41 The Uncreator: never*
22:07:45 muris: I know!!!!
22:07:51 muris: lol
22:07:51 NightFlight: Why is that? Makes NO sense to me. You have world class talent!
22:07:53 The Uncreator: Vai probably thought the same thing
22:07:58 muris: yeah
22:08:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: guys
22:08:12 muris: but I need visa for almost every country in the world
22:08:13 The Uncreator: and hes done pretty well
22:08:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: first thing i was taugh
22:08:16 muris: that's why wink.gif
22:08:22 Hemlok: Gas At Once its a really cool riff Muris, i like the intro!
22:08:31 muris: thanks smile.gif
22:08:43 muris: new one is rolling fine too
22:08:45 NightFlight: Damn, that's just sad -- the world is missing out.
22:08:51 The Uncreator: true true
22:09:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: first thing my tutor on gmc told me was... you carry on the name of the city and land you study in
22:09:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: my tutor is Phillipe Caillat a Jazz guy...friend of such a s chuck berry frank gambale and P.G.
22:09:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am lucky :S
22:09:55 The Uncreator: Wow
22:10:01 The Uncreator: i an envious of you sire
22:10:12 muris: that's great Kai
22:10:18 Hemlok: awesome
22:10:19 chast: im off to bed now
22:10:21 muris: so you do play some jazz after all?
22:10:26 chast: have a good night all
22:10:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: i study jazz tongue.gif
22:10:33 muris: night chast
22:10:34 Hemlok: cya max
22:10:35 NightFlight: My tutor is tongue.gif
22:10:41 muris: thanks smile.gif
22:10:42 The Uncreator: I know Steve Vai personnaly, and uh.....Frank Zappa and Satch, yeah totally.....*cough*
22:11:01 chast: oh you also do uncreator ? tongue.gif
22:11:03 chast: ah
22:11:05 chast: got to sleep
22:11:07 chast: cya^^
22:11:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: jup my tutor is muris too smile.gif
22:11:10 The Uncreator: have a good night
22:11:12 NightFlight: later
22:11:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: yo muris?! sleep well man! smile.gif
22:11:54 Hemlok: i think its time to learn some acoustic slide blues
22:12:00 muris: speaking of jazz,I prefer fusion better
22:12:00 NightFlight: We need to start a "Get Muris a Visa" fund.
22:12:11 muris: lol
22:12:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know it sounds awkward if i tell i study jazz
22:12:23 muris: noo fund thanks wink.gif
22:12:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love comping etc...
22:12:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: and old forms of jazz
22:12:38 The Uncreator: Speaking of fusion, the concepts of Nuclear Fusion are quite neat, Nuclear Fission however...OH BOY!
22:12:43 muris: so you have some clips?
22:13:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: but for sure i can do fusion better since it is tooo hard by far to hard to seperate
22:13:10 The Uncreator: Kai studying Jazz is like hearing Eric Adams sings country
22:13:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D
22:13:30 The Uncreator: unexpected but still beliveable
22:13:41 muris: so are you planning make some jazz lesson?
22:13:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: muris me?
22:13:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: nope...
22:13:56 muris: yeah
22:14:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: im not good enough:D
22:14:08 muris: would be odd if not,right?
22:14:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: well...
22:14:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: basics
22:14:27 The Uncreator: do a Jazz-Metal lesson
22:14:35 The Uncreator: combine the two
22:14:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: i think ben for example is far better than me
22:14:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: why should i do somethin ?
22:15:06 muris: well,because you're studying it smile.gif
22:15:24 muris: I'm not studying it but will do few jazz lesson,why not
22:15:25 The Uncreator: It could still be a valuable lesson
22:15:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: hm...yeah....but...yeah:D
22:15:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: lets see
22:15:49 muris: put basics,nothing hard
22:16:01 NightFlight: You also learn by teaching.
22:16:06 The Uncreator: Yeah for people who are Jazz-Challenged like me
22:16:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: best thing is that my cam broke....
22:16:20 muris: ahhh
22:16:22 muris: no good
22:16:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: after my external hd died
22:16:36 The Uncreator: Beat it up, that will teach it to break!
22:16:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: so i lost 2 lessons biggrin.gif
22:16:53 muris: had it on camera???
22:17:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: right now i am looking for a new job that is y im here at my friends house tongue.gif wink.gif tyoing from far away biggrin.gif
22:17:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: no did not have it on cam
22:17:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: but the playback
22:17:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: and 3 lessons died on that hd wink.gif
22:17:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: lots of fun
22:17:58 The Uncreator: that sucks....
22:18:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: good thing i made some tabs before
22:18:20 muris: sad.gif
22:18:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: so i can recreate some stuff
22:18:36 NightFlight: You can have my job smile.gif
22:18:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah i am always lucky with hd
22:19:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: i had 4 hd crashes int the last 2 years
22:19:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: all audio systems
22:19:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
22:19:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am lucky
22:19:19 The Uncreator: wow, that suck real bad
22:19:27 The Uncreator: thats money drained out as well
22:19:29 muris: I make backup every month or so
22:19:32 muris: on iPod tho
22:19:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: Every fuckin day!
22:19:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: But doesnt matter...
22:19:56 muris: yeah
22:20:00 muris: never enough wink.gif
22:20:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: i cant burn dvd every day:D
22:20:16 The Uncreator: These things will pass, and one day youll find HD that wont break down
22:20:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: not that rich
22:20:37 The Uncreator: Steal a bank
22:20:40 muris: iPod is great for thses stuff imo
22:20:44 muris: i Have 30gb
22:20:49 muris: more than enough
22:20:52 NightFlight: All you need in life is time and money...and there's never enough of either one.
22:20:54 The Uncreator: that should be rob by the way, not steal
22:20:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: ipod is killer
22:21:27 muris: NightFlight ,how old are you?
22:21:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i just got to the mac shortly before imac and a bucks for an i pod tongue.gif
22:21:40 NightFlight: 41
22:21:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: i need a new flat
22:21:48 muris: great smile.gif
22:21:54 The Uncreator: i need new RAM
22:22:00 NightFlight: old man lol
22:22:04 The Uncreator: computer running choppy
22:22:07 muris: nooo
22:22:14 muris: my keyboard player is 43
22:22:16 muris: no big deal tho
22:22:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: get a mac with 1gb ram youll be fine
22:22:45 muris: I'm running on 2gb ram
22:22:48 muris: best thing
22:22:53 muris: for recording wise
22:23:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah muris wink.gif i do also...
22:23:12 The Uncreator: im buying an extra 512MB RAM, puttig me at roughly 1.6GB RAM, which is great for me
22:23:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: but because i am weird and you are a pro wink.gif
22:23:19 muris: it's not that much about cpu
22:23:29 muris: 2.8 is great imo
22:23:36 muris: but ram is the mess
22:23:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
22:23:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: ram is the audio thing
22:23:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: always
22:24:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: native plugins etc
22:24:03 NightFlight: yep...need a new computer myself....need more RAM
22:24:07 The Uncreator: next year i should be buying me a Dual Core with 2 GB, ill upgrade that to 3GB by the end of next year
22:24:17 The Uncreator: or atleast thats what i plan
22:24:29 muris: that new Mac
22:24:33 muris: Pro i think
22:24:46 muris: has 2 Zeons dual core
22:24:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: do a multitrackrecordin ...lets say 6 tracks on a vst xp system with some weird m-audio thing... tongue.gif
22:25:02 The Uncreator: how much does it cost?
22:25:05 muris: each 2.8 or 3.0 I think
22:25:11 NightFlight: PC vs. Mac for recording? Any opinions here?
22:25:14 muris: calculate it
22:25:18 muris: lol
22:25:24 muris: don't start
22:25:26 muris: my brother has Mac
22:25:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: both are great
22:25:31 muris: we fight each day
22:25:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: i use both wink.gif
22:25:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: intel mac wink.gif
22:25:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: came from pc wink.gif
22:25:51 muris: both are great
22:25:57 muris: depends of what you like
22:26:01 The Uncreator: but each has it flaws
22:26:06 muris: I prefer Steinberg tho
22:26:14 NightFlight: I used to work with Macs only...just a few years ago...but now it's all PC
22:26:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: pro tools runs better with pc as far as my experience goes
22:26:22 muris: it's not much popular on Mac tho,like Logic or ProTools
22:26:49 The Uncreator: M-AUDIO equipment runs great on MAC, horribl on PC
22:26:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: but mac is offering you a fast workflow in combination with a really good program
22:26:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: such as logic
22:27:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: lucky me discoverd the REAL logic after buying protools:D
22:27:38 muris: I'm setisfied with Cubase nad PC
22:27:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: cubas is fantastic
22:27:50 muris: never had serious problem
22:27:55 The Uncreator: how much does Cubase run price wise?
22:27:59 NightFlight: So far Sonar and PC does great.
22:28:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: i come from vst 5
22:28:03 muris: mean,few system chrases,but it's PC after all wink.gif
22:28:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: so i a have a quite good workflow with logic
22:28:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: they are somehow similar to me
22:28:34 muris: not sure
22:28:44 muris: there's a new version 4
22:28:51 muris: havet got it
22:29:01 NightFlight: Cubase is about $400 USD I think.
22:29:02 muris: haven't*
22:29:11 The Uncreator: $400? thats not to bad
22:29:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: ill check it anyhow...
22:29:20 muris: yeah
22:29:23 NightFlight: oh good...can I borrow $400?
22:29:28 muris: I think I got mine for around 300 euros
22:29:28 NightFlight: lol
22:29:31 muris: fw yers ago
22:29:33 The Uncreator: lol
22:29:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: my problem with my prottols is only the midi editor
22:29:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: i come from cubase as i said
22:29:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: and its just toooo different
22:30:02 muris: I don't like chanel limit in protools
22:30:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: i cant get used to id
22:30:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: also true
22:30:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: i only have 7.3.1 LE btw
22:30:41 The Uncreator: My uncle works with Pro Tools and ive used it before, seems pretty good, but ive heard there are some minor flaws that can be annoying.
22:30:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i dont need more than 10 tracks ..
22:30:51 NightFlight: Check out's cheaper, loaded with features, and is becoming the tool of choice for practically every major music school/conservatory in the US.
22:30:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: so it worked perfect so far
22:30:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: tongue.gif
22:31:09 muris: yeah Sonar is cool
22:31:15 muris: semi pro tool
22:31:19 The Uncreator: Sonar? doesnt the same company that makes cakewalk make that?
22:31:30 muris: yeah
22:31:32 muris: that's the one
22:31:35 NightFlight: Yes...but it has become more advanced
22:31:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: sounds good
22:31:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am the guy for lo price things smile.gif
22:31:59 The Uncreator: i should check it out
22:32:00 NightFlight: Got Sonar Home Studio 6 for $150 USD
22:32:03 The Uncreator: wow
22:32:04 muris: who isn't wink.gif
22:32:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: freeware and support of my middlename smile.gif
22:32:15 The Uncreator: and its good?
22:32:24 NightFlight: is always good
22:32:30 The Uncreator: Free = Best
22:32:35 muris: I don't have middle name ):
22:32:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
22:32:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love audacity
22:32:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys checked that one?
22:32:59 muris: not yet
22:33:01 The Uncreator: i want a cool middle name, like DestroyerAnhillatrixMan
22:33:07 muris: use Reaper for some fast stuff
22:33:08 NightFlight: Yep...I think it's excellent...pinpoint editing, multiple modes of editing, does guitar tabs too.
22:33:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: if only some more tools this thing would fu.... up wavelab totally
22:33:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: muris the plug ins for free are good
22:33:54 NightFlight: With will create a music score (sheet music) and you can edit note for note.
22:34:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: not that much of analog but everything you need is available for free
22:34:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: so it makes a good tool tongue.gif
22:34:18 muris: mean for Sonar or?
22:34:29 The Uncreator: Well, i gotta go guys, gotta pop open the old PC and finish fixing up my motherboard and graphics cars, best thing to do beofre bed
22:34:44 muris: ok TU
22:34:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: pc is cool smile.gif
22:34:52 NightFlight: ok man....take care...see ya soon
22:34:56 muris: see ya wink.gif
22:34:56 The Uncreator: cya around the forum guys, have a good night
22:35:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: cheers offline one biggrin.gif
22:35:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: tongue.gif
22:35:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am to slow biggrin.gif
22:35:43 NightFlight: Sonar also does "piano roll" you can paint drum patterns, etc.
22:35:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: i will check that one
22:36:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: is there a mac os version?
22:36:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: gotta pee...sry brb
22:36:18 NightFlight: For the money, it's hard to beat...comes multi-platform
22:37:27 NightFlight: My new Korg soft synths and the midi controller are just too much fun though. Opens up a new world of creativity.
22:37:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
22:37:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: word
22:38:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: when i finally got my korg extreme i got input like... ,9
22:38:43 NightFlight: I have the M1 and Wavestation....Korg Legacy Collection
22:39:54 NightFlight: Between that and Sonar, could write a symphony. lol
22:42:22 Hemlok: of destruction?
22:42:48 NightFlight: most likely
22:43:14 Hemlok: im tempted to go outside and play guitar in the hammock its so nice and warm out there
22:43:26 Hemlok: a sunny 35 celcius
22:43:42 NightFlight: getting colder here now....will be winter soon
22:43:57 Hemlok: summer just starting here
22:45:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: well speakin of summer
22:45:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: we have autumn
22:45:16 Hemlok: tongue.gif
22:45:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love autumn tongue.gif
22:45:23 Hemlok: in germany?
22:45:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: were does hemlok live?
22:45:36 Hemlok: \australia
22:45:36 NightFlight: that's what we have now...Autumn
22:45:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: cooool
22:45:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah weather is like autu,
22:45:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: mn
22:45:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
22:46:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
22:46:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry guys i have to take a nap now
22:46:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif
22:46:54 NightFlight: I need to practice a bit
22:46:58 Hemlok: sleep well Kai
22:47:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx fot the nice talk everyone smile.gif
22:47:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx
22:47:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: have a good one smile.gif
22:47:19 NightFlight: take care
22:47:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: im off
22:47:22 muris: I'm off too
22:47:23 muris: late smile.gif
22:47:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: buy
22:47:27 muris: see ya guys
22:47:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: really late; )
22:47:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: so...
22:47:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: kai = off
22:48:10 NightFlight: I'm out too....guitar in hand...time to work smile.gif
22:48:22 Hemlok: me too then...
22:48:27 Hemlok: into the sun
22:48:31 Hemlok: cya guys

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