Guitar Chat With Pavel, Jeff Curtis Etc. 2007-10-12
Oct 16 2007, 12:32 AM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
08:26:26 ZaKk WyLdE: hey flar
15:14:04 Pavel: Hey there!
15:14:22 leedbreak: hello sir,
15:15:00 leedbreak: Hope you day or evening is going well
15:15:33 Pavel: yeah, i'm tired as hell but still practicing...
15:15:38 Pavel: came back from university an hour ago
15:15:52 leedbreak: Ic, what are you working on
15:16:06 Pavel: new AP section for one of new lessons
15:16:24 leedbreak: bach at 196 I would have guessed
15:16:28 leedbreak: lolol
15:16:37 Pavel: no, it's slower but it's still damn hard
15:17:05 leedbreak: Cool, I do love you AP lessons even if they kick my butt
15:17:16 Pavel: biggrin.gif
15:17:46 Pavel: it will be another Rock Solo lesson but will have 2 huge AP runs
15:18:08 leedbreak: cool
15:18:35 leedbreak: There is so many lesson more than when i joined, many I will never even hear
15:19:04 Pavel: at least there is always material to work on
15:19:30 leedbreak: very true and any styles to pick from aswell
15:20:05 leedbreak: I would love to learn some of the classical stuff going up but I just do not have the time
15:20:39 Pavel: you have to pick what you like/need most
15:21:13 leedbreak: Well, AP is my passion so thats where have been and will stay
15:21:43 Pavel: smile.gif
15:21:53 leedbreak: As far as the little solos that are posted, I practice them by trying to write them but my
15:22:08 leedbreak: time is spent learn the ap stuff
15:23:00 leedbreak: I can write pretty decent slower solos so i just practice my own
15:23:39 Pavel: that's also good
15:26:21 leedbreak: Well sir, you take it easy and don't stay up to late.
15:26:35 Pavel: today i guess i will because it's Saturday tomorrow
15:26:48 leedbreak: what time is it there?
15:26:49 Pavel: gotta make 2 new backing tracks so i can recod new lessons tomorrow
15:26:54 Pavel: 21.26
15:28:03 leedbreak: Ah the evening is still early there is is 14.27 here
15:28:41 leedbreak: my fingers hit the ket board bout like they do the frets
15:28:48 leedbreak: see
15:28:51 Pavel: hahaha
15:29:20 Flaringo: hi guys
15:29:25 leedbreak: s'up
15:29:31 Flaringo: not much really, there?
15:30:10 leedbreak: watching the clock to go home and continue on an alternate 4 picking marithon
15:30:22 Pavel: biggrin.gif
15:30:40 Flaringo: ah, sounds fun :>
15:30:54 leedbreak: oddly enough, it will be
15:31:16 Pavel: guys - have you seen the DIAMOND amps?
15:31:26 leedbreak: no
15:31:29 Flaringo: i didn't even know there was a diamon amp :<
15:31:35 Flaringo: diamond*
15:31:48 leedbreak: me either but wasn't going to say so
15:31:57 Pavel: yeah they are rare but i am coming to the phase when i am pretty sure i will get one....
15:32:11 leedbreak: cost?
15:32:14 Pavel: will giv you a link...
15:32:28 Pavel:;SearchBar=True
15:32:36 Pavel: look at the Phantom and Spec OP head
15:32:54 Pavel: official webite:
15:34:07 leedbreak: I will check it out and wish you all a great weekend
15:34:20 Pavel: thanks man
15:51:42 VinceG: hey the gang is here!
15:52:32 Robin: hey
15:52:38 Robin: the same dewds as always
15:53:21 VinceG: lol
15:53:29 VinceG: hows life
15:54:37 Robin: gewd
15:55:16 VinceG: yea, I am returning my Kustom amp. I am saddened but I have to do it sad.gif
15:55:27 Robin: oh?
15:55:31 Robin: howcome?
15:56:33 VinceG: ehh its not giving me the tone i am looking for. Its 100x better than my last amp but I want to invest in something that I could be truely happy so I am returning it and saving up for something better
15:57:44 VinceG: hehe I wish I have your gift of not caring lol
15:58:20 Robin: I see
15:58:33 Robin: what amp are you thinking about buying?
15:58:43 Robin: anything is good, aslong as its not line6 spider biggrin.gif
15:59:23 VinceG: lol yes, I tried the Line 6 III and it sounds way to digital. sure you have 300 artist presets but they all sound way too processed
15:59:42 Robin: sucks monkey balls imo
15:59:56 VinceG: I did try a tube amp by Line 6 with presets on them and it sounds really good
16:00:04 Robin: cool
16:00:17 Robin: I heard someone mentioned a new line6 amp, wich was supposed to be really good
16:00:51 VinceG: yea, I did not expect it. tube powered with some presets. Really incredible sound. And the feedback is very marshall like
16:01:12 VinceG: 30w for $830. Way too much
16:01:41 Slammer: place
16:01:43 Slammer: word
16:01:48 Slammer: 500 pionts
16:01:55 Slammer: guess what it is?
16:02:14 Robin: omg its slamber
16:02:47 Slammer: rodstripe
16:03:04 Slammer: or was it Rouqefort?
16:03:21 Robin: 8)
16:03:26 VinceG: lol
16:03:27 Slammer: common anyone guess the Word
16:03:35 Slammer: 500 points
16:03:40 Slammer: it;s a place
16:03:47 VinceG: earth?
16:03:52 Slammer: Nope sorry
16:03:54 Robin: your butt hahaha lol. Funy
16:03:56 Slammer: Texas
16:04:08 Slammer: Robin would think so
16:04:10 VinceG: well Texas is on Earth so technically I won
16:04:24 Slammer: I've been to texas, no earthlings there tongue.gif
16:04:31 Slammer: LOL JK JK
16:04:35 Robin: haha
16:04:37 Slammer: 8)
16:04:56 chast: *slap*
16:05:06 Robin: hi chast
16:05:12 Robin: drunk today? biggrin.gif
16:05:15 VinceG: lol
16:05:17 chast: no biggrin.gif
16:05:28 Slammer: later
16:05:29 Robin: lol
16:05:31 chast: i decided to stay at home today
16:05:32 VinceG: hey who the hell passes out in the bathroom shouldnt be drinin at all
16:05:33 chast: tongue.gif
16:05:41 botoxfox: yo ppl
16:05:46 Slammer: btotfixer
16:05:50 chast: but now
16:05:56 chast: i want to go out
16:06:02 chast: but i will be boring anyway
16:06:03 Slammer: Buttoxfox
16:06:11 Slammer: LOL
16:06:14 Slammer: sad.gif
16:06:31 Slammer: wink.gif
16:06:32 Robin: ohmy.gif
16:06:48 Slammer: robins face got Frozen like that ^^^
16:07:03 Robin: :?
16:07:06 Slammer: I don't know how your INternet still works?
16:07:11 Slammer: Hey Botoxfox
16:07:13 Slammer: *slap*
16:07:22 VinceG: lol you people are too random
16:07:29 Robin: I blame slamber
16:07:37 Slammer: botoxfox hows the Toilet Internet going?
16:08:30 chast: guys lets meet
16:08:40 chast: go to the airport and we all fly to robin
16:08:42 VinceG: im down
16:08:45 VinceG: yes
16:09:00 VinceG: lets visit robin and thrash his room lol
16:09:05 chast: yeah biggrin.gif
16:09:10 chast: good idea lol
16:09:16 Slammer: Yeah
16:09:21 Slammer: and help him shovel Snow
16:09:28 chast: no oO
16:09:31 Robin: yes
16:09:32 chast: are you crazy ?^^
16:09:34 Robin: sounds like a good idea
16:09:34 VinceG: we should do it while hes sleeping so he'll be like p'oed
16:09:41 Slammer: yes
16:09:42 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:10:48 VinceG: sleeping robin disturbed by crazy GMCers ended in a bloody guitar fight
16:10:56 VinceG: 5 enters 1 leaves
16:10:57 Robin: sad.gif
16:11:05 Robin: biggrin.gif
16:11:29 chast: lol im just imagine
16:11:36 chast: how robin will fight against us with his guitar
16:11:39 chast: funny picture
16:11:40 Slammer: that one is me
16:11:40 Robin: haha
16:11:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:11:47 Robin: I will put nails trough my guitar
16:11:49 Robin: huge nails
16:11:50 Robin: with a hammer
16:11:51 VinceG: lol, Tube Exploed!
16:12:00 Slammer: with a Glass Hammer
16:12:02 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:12:05 Robin: like in saw and the baseball bat, and I'll kick your ass
16:12:09 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:12:18 Slammer: I don't watch Horror Flicks
16:12:19 Slammer: LOL
16:12:22 chast: i will buy a bc rich guitar and cut you
16:12:26 VinceG: lol thats all I watch
16:12:28 Slammer: not one ever ohmy.gif
16:12:31 Robin: biggrin.gif
16:12:42 Slammer: I like Action Movies
16:12:48 Slammer: but no Slasher Flicks for me
16:12:52 VinceG: put a trap door to your room robin
16:12:53 Robin: saw sucks ass biggrin.gif I liked 1 and 2
16:12:56 chast: the last movie i watches
16:12:58 chast: was borat
16:12:58 Robin: hahahha
16:13:01 Robin: ye
16:13:06 VinceG: saw was a terrible movie altogether
16:13:10 Slammer: the last movie I watched was........
16:13:13 Slammer: ......................
16:13:15 Slammer: ....................................
16:13:17 Slammer: .................................................
16:13:19 Robin: I saw some stuff on youtube, from saw4
16:13:20 Slammer: ........................
16:13:22 chast: and before borat i havent seen a moive for 5 years oO
16:13:24 Robin: I hated it sad.gif
16:13:27 Slammer: Man you know come to think of it
16:13:29 Robin: haha chaast biggrin.gif
16:13:42 Slammer: I haven;t watched a movie in awhlie
16:13:44 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:13:51 VinceG: lol blasphemy
16:14:02 Slammer: and I have a Directv with the Stars pack in my Bedroom
16:14:04 VinceG: I watch movies like every day
16:14:05 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:14:11 Slammer: like
16:14:13 VinceG: all horror movies
16:14:18 Slammer: 100 movies come on a Day
16:14:23 Slammer: on like 9 channels
16:14:29 Slammer: Movies all day long
16:14:31 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:14:35 Slammer: and I neevr wacth them
16:14:37 Slammer: LOL
16:14:58 VinceG: lol
16:14:59 Robin: lol
16:15:04 VinceG: waste of money
16:15:09 Slammer: LOL
16:15:14 Slammer: Parents pay for it
16:15:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:15:18 VinceG: lol ahh
16:15:31 Slammer: I mainly watch the Sports
16:15:33 Slammer: like
16:15:38 Slammer: ESPN all day
16:15:41 VinceG: well tell them its a waste. Those movie channels that arent watched could go to next gear purchase
16:15:59 chast: and slammer has his personal football day
16:16:00 Slammer: LOL, it was free actually, Directv was runniong a special
16:16:05 Slammer: but
16:16:10 Slammer: it's gonna run off soon
16:16:10 VinceG: ahh
16:16:11 Slammer: sad.gif
16:16:18 Slammer: then back to Basic Cable
16:16:19 Slammer: sad.gif
16:16:31 Slammer: All I'll have is NipTuck
16:16:32 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:16:47 VinceG: Im not into sports. I only watch the Lions and Tigers
16:16:53 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:16:58 Slammer: and Bears oh my
16:17:09 VinceG: well I am a Detroiter
16:17:21 VinceG: We kicked Bears ass
16:17:24 Slammer: LOL
16:17:40 chast: super bowl
16:17:50 Slammer: Detriot's sports fan do have there Rep
16:17:56 Slammer: not a very good one
16:17:57 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:18:39 Slammer: RodStrupe
16:18:49 VinceG: lol well we got Red Wings Stanley Cup champs for a period of time. Tigers last year, Pistons twice in a row, Shock twice in a row
16:19:00 VinceG: damn Lions, we need 1 championship
16:19:02 Slammer: hey dude, do one of those cool O's with a line between it
16:19:06 Slammer: Robin I mean
16:19:12 Robin: O ?
16:19:17 Slammer: the letter 0
16:19:18 Slammer: o
16:19:19 Robin: Ô?
16:19:21 botoxfox: ø
16:19:22 Slammer: no
16:19:24 Slammer: Yes
16:19:24 Robin: Ö
16:19:28 Slammer: seond one
16:19:30 Robin: æ
16:19:31 botoxfox: ØØØØØØØØØ
16:19:32 Slammer: no
16:19:35 Robin: HØHØ
16:19:35 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:19:41 Slammer: H20
16:19:47 Slammer: hey Botoxfox
16:19:52 Slammer: where did you go?
16:20:13 botoxfox: Was just watching some DuckTales
16:20:18 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:20:29 Slammer: did you ever watch Darkwing Duck?
16:20:38 Slammer: or Gargoyles?
16:20:41 botoxfox: not really
16:20:49 chast: darkwing duck
16:20:52 chast: is the king
16:20:53 Slammer: or Animainiac
16:20:54 chast: !
16:21:06 Slammer: Pinky and the Brain
16:21:08 Slammer: Pinky and the Brain
16:21:14 Slammer: one is a Genious
16:21:16 Robin: !
16:21:19 Slammer: the other's Insane
16:21:23 VinceG: animaniacs sucks, Tom and Jerry ftw
16:21:24 botoxfox: DuckTales ooh, nanananana
16:21:36 Slammer: I prefer animaniacs
16:21:39 Slammer: LOL
16:21:44 Slammer: tom and Jerry
16:21:45 VinceG: cuz you suck
16:21:47 Slammer: to Slow
16:21:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:21:57 VinceG: Tom and Jerry is just mindless violence
16:22:06 Slammer: cuz I suck biggrin.gif
16:22:10 Slammer: I love it
16:22:19 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:22:21 botoxfox: Have to take a wee, brb
16:22:35 VinceG: i am gonna take a shower, I am freezing!
16:23:07 Slammer: interesting Idea?
16:23:14 Slammer: Ironic if youi like Cold Water
16:23:32 VinceG: lol offcourse hot water
16:23:49 VinceG: The Grimness of Winter is upon us Robin lol
16:24:00 Robin: indeed it is
16:24:04 Robin: time to start listening to immortal
16:24:26 Robin: "mighty raven ice cold dark mountains of doomy ice rice crispy RAAWR"
16:24:28 VinceG: let us run through the mountains wearing leather and spikes carrying a torch
16:24:40 Robin: I forgot to say "grimness" in my lyrics
16:24:44 Robin: indeed
16:24:53 VinceG: man I love that music video
16:25:12 VinceG: Call of the wintermoon
16:25:20 Robin: yeah it kicks ass :F
16:25:27 VinceG: hahahahahahahaha
16:25:27 Robin: that album is really good btw
16:25:44 VinceG: yes, it is I could never take Immortal serious though
16:25:54 Robin: their music kicks ass though
16:26:02 Robin: other than that, they are kinda funny
16:26:16 VinceG: lol look at those damn customs
16:26:40 VinceG: burning boots is sweet though
16:26:45 Robin: hm yeah. I think spikes and "black metal makeup" is awesome, but immmortal looks kinda weird
16:26:58 Robin: gorgoroth looks amazing biggrin.gif
16:27:11 VinceG: yes Gorgoroth can really pull it off
16:27:35 VinceG: Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir are terrible at it
16:27:46 Robin: pfffh thats not even black metal
16:27:46 VinceG: top hat and corpse paint is a bad idea
16:27:58 Robin: those bands
16:28:02 VinceG: lol indeed but there fans clame it is
16:28:03 Robin: early dimmy maybe
16:28:06 Robin: pffffh
16:28:09 Robin: dimmu
16:28:10 Robin: '
16:28:12 VinceG: The Somberlain was a cool album
16:28:18 Robin: havent heard much
16:28:20 VinceG: the remake sucked
16:28:24 Robin: never liked dimmu
16:28:41 VinceG: yea me too
16:29:05 VinceG: hey robin do you like NSBM?
16:29:21 Robin: refresh my memory, what is nsbm?
16:29:37 botoxfox: norske statsbaner
16:29:43 Robin: O_o
16:29:43 VinceG: National Socialist Black Metal
16:29:50 Robin: what the deuce is that
16:29:57 VinceG: lol never heard of it?
16:30:01 Robin: maybe
16:30:03 VinceG: bands like Graveland
16:30:04 Robin: but I dont know what it is
16:30:16 VinceG: ehh nvm then
16:30:29 Robin: lol
16:31:19 Robin: hi gen tongue.gif
16:31:24 Gen: wow, its crowded
16:31:29 Gen: hi robin biggrin.gif
16:31:33 Gen: hi all
16:31:37 chast: wow
16:31:40 VinceG: its like white power black metal but what I find interesting is how half of the people that listen to them is not umm you know
16:31:41 Gen: *whip*
16:31:44 chast: a gen biggrin.gif
16:31:53 Slammer: GEN!!!!!!!
16:31:54 Slammer: !!!!!!!
16:31:56 Slammer: !!!!!!!!!
16:32:00 Slammer: You're alive
16:32:02 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:32:03 Robin: aha, nazi bands ey. screw that
16:32:04 Gen: lmao
16:32:12 Gen: yes i
16:32:13 VinceG: burzum is NSBM
16:32:14 Gen: am
16:32:22 Robin: was the music ever about nazism?
16:32:22 botoxfox: konnichiwa gen
16:32:26 Robin: I know he is nazi
16:32:31 Gen: konnichiwa sunaku
16:32:33 VinceG: ehh not really
16:32:39 Robin: but I didnt think the music ever had anything to do with it tongue.gif
16:32:40 Robin: but anyway
16:32:44 Robin: varg is an asshole
16:32:47 Robin: He make kickass music
16:33:00 VinceG: lol
16:33:26 Robin: I'm not really much into black metal anyway nowdays, so I doubt the next band I want to start listening to will be a nazi band tongue.gif
16:33:35 VinceG: lol true
16:33:38 Gen: lol
16:33:38 botoxfox: I've actually met a dude who's related to varg
16:33:46 Robin: I love black, but, its not like I buy black metal records anymore biggrin.gif
16:33:51 Robin: kewl
16:33:57 peterorg54: hey
16:33:59 peterorg54: wow
16:34:03 peterorg54: a party
16:34:06 chast: yeah
16:34:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:34:09 VinceG: i was just asking if your a fan of it seeing as how you like Burzum
16:34:15 botoxfox: parteey
16:34:15 chast: we go to robin and destroy his room
16:34:16 peterorg54: duude
16:34:17 peterorg54: sam
16:34:18 Robin: ah
16:34:19 Slammer: it was a party untill SLamber came
16:34:21 Slammer: sad.gif
16:34:21 peterorg54: where have u been
16:34:31 VinceG: ok diff subject
16:34:37 VinceG: i am gonna take a shower now
16:34:43 VinceG: be back in a bit n00bs
16:34:46 Robin: I thought everyone that listened to black listened to burzumn lol
16:34:51 Robin: ok newb
16:34:54 Robin: biggrin.gif
16:35:02 peterorg54: u didnt come to chat room for a while
16:35:07 VinceG: shut up im the only one you can say N00b
16:35:09 peterorg54: where have u been
16:35:20 Robin: n3wB<
16:35:20 VinceG: i dibs it
16:35:36 chast: n00b
16:35:42 chast: i will put your guitar on ebay
16:35:47 VinceG: ohh fine n00bs take away my word
16:35:50 chast: and than i will shred so fast that you die
16:35:56 Robin: ohmy.gif
16:35:59 peterorg54: yo sam
16:35:59 VinceG: I shall create a nerd word that will concur the internet forever
16:36:07 Robin: no way
16:36:09 Slammer: yyo yo yo yo yo dude
16:36:11 chast: good idea
16:36:14 Robin: you will never make up anything better than "lol"
16:36:19 Robin: and omg
16:36:21 peterorg54: i said where haveu been
16:36:25 VinceG: lol
16:36:37 Slammer: I've been studying Algebra
16:36:38 Slammer: sad.gif
16:36:41 VinceG: uhh
16:36:42 peterorg54: sad.gif
16:36:51 peterorg54: so sad
16:36:52 VinceG: now to come up with a word while in the john
16:36:53 peterorg54: sad.gif
16:36:54 botoxfox: aahhgg!
16:36:54 Slammer: 48548x + 47373xyz = 2
16:36:56 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:37:01 Slammer: tongue.gif
16:37:02 VinceG: c ya guitar nerds
16:37:12 botoxfox: toodeloo
16:37:16 Slammer: cyz
16:37:18 Gen: cya
16:37:19 Robin: see yaeae
16:37:23 VinceG: lol toodeloo
16:37:26 Robin: guitar noobs
16:37:31 Gen: guitar noob(mr petrucci s voice)
16:37:33 Gen: lmao
16:37:33 Robin: 8]
16:37:35 VinceG: lol
16:37:37 Robin: haha zomg
16:37:38 VinceG: omg
16:37:41 VinceG: OMG!
16:37:44 Robin: dont make fun of mr. petrucci
16:37:48 Gen: yeah
16:37:51 botoxfox: OMFG!!!
16:37:53 Gen: mr petrucci is always serious
16:37:53 VinceG: goobs
16:37:54 Robin: lomfg
16:37:57 VinceG: GOOBS!
16:37:58 Robin: HAHA
16:38:05 Robin: lolf
16:38:08 VinceG: guitar noobs DIBS
16:38:21 VinceG: you guys are a bunch of GOOBS
16:38:26 Robin: ok
16:38:29 VinceG: haha worship me
16:38:37 Robin: ok
16:38:41 VinceG: yaya
16:38:44 VinceG: yay*
16:38:49 Robin: :?
16:38:56 VinceG: i shalll die happy now lol
16:39:05 Robin: lol
16:39:18 VinceG: i made a difference on the internet
16:39:40 VinceG: kinda like those captions on cats
16:39:55 VinceG: I made you cookiez but I eated it= classic caption
16:39:57 chast: welcome back guitar n00bs
16:40:10 chast: lol i have to watch these videos again
16:40:21 VinceG: hehe i like his rig
16:40:45 chast: you have to
16:40:49 VinceG: its painted by Micahel not that guitar noob
16:40:55 chast: yeah lol
16:40:57 Gen: OMFG
16:41:01 Gen: i was going to say it
16:41:03 Gen: lmao
16:41:05 VinceG: lol
16:41:11 VinceG: stupid minds think alike
16:41:22 Gen: lol
16:41:22 Gen: lol
16:41:23 Gen: l
16:41:23 Gen: lol
16:41:25 Gen: ol
16:41:31 Robin: ohmy.gif
16:41:50 Gen: sad.gif :{ ohmy.gif :| lol 8) :? wink.gif tongue.gif biggrin.gif smile.gif sad.gif ohmy.gif :{ lol wink.gif :| 8) :{ lol
16:41:55 chast: exercise 2 "accepting defeat"
16:41:56 chast: biggrin.gif
16:42:01 Gen: hahahahah
16:42:02 botoxfox: LALALALA
16:42:08 VinceG: thus pickups are handwired by Tony Blaire
16:42:08 Gen: just put your guitar on ebay
16:42:16 Robin: lol
16:42:24 chast: cause you are shit
16:42:27 chast: lol
16:42:29 VinceG: lol
16:42:43 VinceG: sell your guitar on ebay
16:42:44 VinceG: !
16:42:50 VinceG: world domination mode
16:42:56 Robin: what happened to amad02's malmsteen videos anyway?
16:43:02 Robin: did he hurt malmsteens feelings?
16:43:07 Robin: adam02*
16:43:13 botoxfox: apparently
16:43:14 chast: and see how i good i am biggrin.gif
16:43:25 VinceG: well i am freeszing now
16:43:30 VinceG: chow everybody]
16:43:32 Robin: "I will show you wich food is good to eat, and wich food is GREAT to eat!"
16:44:02 Slammer: so VinceG you must take the Fastest Shower ever ohmy.gif
16:44:06 chast: 36 hours a day practicing
16:44:06 VinceG: lol
16:44:11 VinceG: i havent taken it yet
16:44:14 chast: to do this i timewarp biggrin.gif
16:44:17 VinceG: i am going to now
16:44:18 Robin: omg I have to see those mr. petrucci videos again
16:44:26 VinceG: c ya
16:44:30 chast: im just watching them robin biggrin.gif
16:44:31 botoxfox: toodeloo
16:44:33 Robin: biggrin.gif
16:44:37 VinceG: lol
16:44:39 Robin: sija
16:45:39 botoxfox: Anyways, I'm gonna watch some more DuckTales
16:45:46 chast: hf smile.gif
16:45:58 botoxfox: I'll be back... cool.gif
16:46:07 Robin: awesome
16:46:13 Robin: that seriously kicks ass.
16:46:39 Gen: lmao lmao
16:47:00 botoxfox: Back in 50
16:47:14 chast: if i flip the switch
16:47:19 chast: i go in to the killzone mode
16:48:06 chast: [...] if i shred, i kill people instantly they just drop on the floor they just die, its pretty amazing to see
16:48:08 chast: lololol
16:48:11 chast: i love it biggrin.gif
16:49:19 Robin: haha yeah
16:49:29 Robin: mr. petrucci sure is super amazing
16:50:19 chast: this is the michael angelo preset
16:50:21 chast: lol
16:50:35 Robin: "Oh my arm just snapped, and I'm going to kill you
16:50:36 Robin: "
16:50:37 Robin: HAHA
16:50:39 chast: biggrin.gif
16:50:48 Gen: ROTFLMAO
16:51:22 Robin: Excerise two: Accepting defeat... thats so funny. omg
16:51:30 Robin: I cant believe how genious that is
16:51:33 Robin: adam02 is GOD
16:53:39 Robin: omg
16:53:41 Robin: I'm dying
16:53:42 Robin: oh damn
16:53:44 Robin: hahaha
16:54:00 Robin: psyko excersise 3 OMG
16:54:01 Gen: lol lol lol
16:57:01 Robin: ancient chinese oak... lol.
17:00:13 chast: my pedalboard of death biggrin.gif
17:00:49 Robin: biggrin.gif
17:09:05 Robin: images and turds
17:09:07 Robin: biggrin.gif
17:09:09 Slammer: LOL
17:09:49 Robin: "Hey dude, I dont want to alarm you, but theres some chinese guy following us"
17:09:56 Robin: "I know, just keep walking"
17:09:58 Robin: Omg hahahaha
17:10:01 Robin: I die every time I see it
17:10:03 Robin: its so funnyt
17:10:08 Slammer: ohmy.gif
17:10:10 Slammer: what is that?
17:10:48 Robin: dream theater parody
17:10:58 Robin:
17:10:59 Robin: biggrin.gif
17:11:22 Robin: "I killed a child with a plastic spoon to get this ticket" hahaha
17:13:08 Robin: "I prefer if you adress me as "mr. petrucci"
17:13:14 Robin: "haha, oh you're serious?"
17:13:21 Robin: "mr petrucci is always serious."
17:13:26 Robin: Omg i'm dying
17:13:30 Robin: of laughter
17:18:12 Gen: hahahahahahaha
17:18:38 Gen: alright, mr petrucci went to have a shit on our toilets
17:18:42 Gen: lmao
17:18:55 Gen: *slap*
17:18:56 Robin: hahaha
17:19:00 Robin: that one is soooo funny
17:19:08 Gen: ol
17:19:09 Gen: l
17:19:10 Robin: when he is like "uhm can I use your bathroom?"
17:19:31 Robin: I just wish I could see those malmsteen parodys again sad.gif
17:19:35 Robin: they were sooooo funny
17:20:00 Gen: hahahahahhahaahahahahaahahha
17:20:08 Gen: uhm can i use your bathroom
17:20:10 Gen: ROFLMFAO
17:20:14 Gen: omg
17:20:14 Gen: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
17:20:15 Robin: hahahaha biggrin.gif
17:20:16 Gen: hahaha
17:20:19 Robin: its sooooooooooo funny
17:20:21 Robin: hahaha seriously
17:20:24 Gen: i love they way he says that
17:20:25 Gen: lmao
17:20:33 Robin: I just wathced trough all adam02's videos
17:20:34 Robin: hah yeah
17:21:18 Robin: brb btw tongue.gif
17:23:39 Robin: *meow*
17:23:40 Robin: hey gen
17:23:43 Robin: you know what
17:23:47 Gen: hey robin
17:23:48 Gen: what
17:23:55 Gen: call me batgen please
17:23:56 botoxfox:
17:23:59 Gen: dont forget that
17:24:00 Robin: Mr. Petrucci is always serious.
17:24:02 Gen: im always serious
17:24:06 Gen: lmao
17:24:06 Robin: haha ok batgen
17:24:28 Robin: batgen, check my msn nick
17:24:32 Robin: I had to write it there lol
17:24:55 Gen: lmao lmao i have the original vid on a g3 dvd
17:24:56 Gen: lmao lmao
17:27:10 Slammer: where did evryone go?
17:27:20 Robin: 8]
17:27:21 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
17:27:32 Gen: ROFLMAO, awseome msn nick rob
17:27:33 Gen: hahahahahah
17:27:42 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
17:35:25 VinceG: whoo im back and everyone is till here
17:37:00 VinceG: aww none of you guys are here
17:37:39 Robin: biggrin.gif
17:37:48 VinceG: hah robin
17:38:27 VinceG: ahh warmness at last
17:38:33 VinceG: i can feel me hands again
17:38:52 Robin: hurray
17:39:02 VinceG: lol sweet warm justice
17:39:16 Robin: lol
17:39:35 VinceG: so what happend to everyone?
17:39:49 chast: playing guitar
17:39:54 VinceG: lier
17:40:14 Robin: eating chocolate icecream
17:40:29 VinceG: its winter man, why eat ice cream
17:40:37 Robin: becuase it tastes good lol
17:40:38 Robin: biggrin.gif
17:40:49 Robin: it tastes the same at winter biggrin.gif
17:41:19 VinceG: no sh*t sherlock holmes
17:42:20 VinceG: so what kind of ice cream is it?
17:42:37 Robin: Dream
17:42:42 Robin: chocolate
17:42:50 Robin: lol
17:43:22 VinceG: dream chocolate?
17:43:40 VinceG: ive never heard of dream chocolate
17:44:28 Robin: probably norwegian biggrin.gif
17:44:30 Robin: no idea
17:45:20 VinceG: lol
17:45:31 VinceG: now im in the mood for some cookies n cream
17:45:37 VinceG: best ice cream flavor ever
17:45:40 VinceG: and vanilla
17:46:36 Robin: meeh
17:46:56 Robin: biggrin.gif
17:47:00 VinceG: lol im a simple guy
17:47:17 VinceG: im not alll that happy bout crazy flavors
17:47:22 VinceG: like superman
17:47:32 VinceG: give me vanilla and ill love you forever
17:47:37 Robin: haha lol
17:47:58 VinceG: lol yep
17:48:33 VinceG: hey do you listen to other metal genre or is black metal the one you listen to
17:50:26 Robin: thrash and death
17:50:30 Robin: and heavy metal
17:50:33 Robin: maiden, sabbath etc.
17:50:40 Robin: howbout you?
17:51:03 VinceG: pretty much anything metal has to offer
17:51:10 VinceG: im not that big on NWOBHM though
17:51:18 VinceG: but ive gone far from death metal to folk
17:51:22 VinceG: to pagan
17:51:24 VinceG: viking
17:51:26 Robin: mkay
17:51:31 VinceG: ye[
17:51:33 Robin: I hate that viking stuf biggrin.gif lol
17:51:35 Robin: and folk
17:51:37 VinceG: lol
17:51:43 Robin: excluding one band, Gaate
17:51:44 Robin: Gåte
17:51:53 VinceG: norwegian?
17:52:03 Robin: yes
17:52:05 Robin: excellent band
17:53:10 VinceG: cool
17:53:12 Robin:
17:53:37 Robin: this one is also pretty kew
17:53:38 Robin: l
17:56:03 VinceG: lol
17:56:10 VinceG: i cant click on it member
17:56:25 VinceG: stupid windows internet
17:56:54 Robin: this song kicks those two songs asses, if you watch one of these links, watch this!
17:57:09 Robin: nvm, it only lasted for 30 sec sad.gif
17:57:16 VinceG: hehe
17:58:02 VinceG: im listening to sja attende, is it the same band Robin?
17:59:53 Robin: ye
18:00:02 Robin: these three links I just spammed is Gåte
18:00:39 VinceG: yea but i cant click on them because internet explorer is beeing stupid
18:00:47 VinceG: so i just did a quick youtube search
18:00:47 Robin: sad.gif
18:00:53 Robin: ok biggrin.gif
18:01:10 VinceG: yep, its ok. cool female vocals
18:01:19 Robin: yes, she really kicks ass
18:01:20 VinceG: might grow on me
18:01:25 Robin: biggrin.gif
18:01:45 Robin: they are kinda different from all those other folk/viking bands. To me it all sounds like powermetal mixed with in flames
18:01:48 Robin: so I kinda hate it biggrin.gif
18:02:11 Robin: but thats just me.
18:04:16 VinceG: lol, but Finntroll or Korplikaani doesnt sound like power metal at all
18:04:22 VinceG: but i know what your saying
18:04:23 Robin: uggh I hate finntroll biggrin.gif
18:04:27 VinceG: lol
18:04:31 Robin: lol
18:05:06 VinceG: hah well i am out because my breakfast lunch and dinner is here
18:05:14 VinceG: damn parents didnt leave anything to eat
18:05:21 Robin: biggrin.gif
18:05:28 VinceG: so now we have a one huge meal
18:05:40 VinceG: i hate it but its also great
18:05:47 Robin: excellent
18:05:56 VinceG: lol
18:06:12 VinceG: have a nice day or night or whatever it is there
18:06:21 Robin: night biggrin.gif good bye
18:06:47 VinceG: lol
18:06:51 VinceG: what time?
18:06:57 Robin: 00:07
18:07:11 VinceG: argh i dont know how to read military time
18:07:16 VinceG: 7 pm?
18:07:29 Robin: its 7 past midnight
18:07:33 Robin: or
18:07:34 Robin: wiat
18:07:42 Robin: it have just been midnight, lol!
18:07:43 VinceG: 12:07
18:07:58 Robin: I dont know the difference beetween PM and AM, we dont use it here biggrin.gif
18:08:05 VinceG: why are you awake at midnight
18:08:16 Robin: because I'm a lazy asshole
18:08:20 VinceG: lmao
18:08:22 VinceG: true
18:08:25 Robin: lol
18:08:28 VinceG: i fell asleep last night at 4 in the morning
18:08:37 Robin: biggrin.gif
18:08:42 chast: hm
18:08:48 Robin: I always went to bed at 5-6 when I played wow biggrin.gif
18:08:51 Robin: that sucked
18:08:51 chast: you can sleep another time
18:09:15 chast: !
18:09:15 chast: but not at night
18:09:24 VinceG: well let me teach you the american way of time. AM last until 12 am meaning from 12 midnight to 12 noon
18:09:29 VinceG: then after that is PM
18:09:35 chast: post meridian
18:09:41 chast: or sth.
18:09:43 Robin: aha ok
18:09:46 chast: only remember post
18:09:57 VinceG: yep
18:10:13 VinceG: so europeans dont use AM PM or jsut norway?
18:10:21 chast: no we also dont use it in germany
18:10:25 Robin: dont think we use it in norway at all
18:10:27 Robin: europe*
18:10:29 Robin: I meant ><
18:10:48 VinceG: ahhh
18:10:57 VinceG: weird, or maybe its just weird for us
18:11:08 VinceG: 00.00 is midnight?
18:11:11 Robin: yes
18:11:14 chast: or 24:00
18:11:15 chast: tongue.gif
18:11:17 Robin: yeah
18:11:19 Robin: biggrin.gif lol
18:11:46 VinceG: soo 00.007 is seven minutes past midnight. so in our time it is 12:07 midnight am
18:11:56 chast: 00:07 wink.gif
18:11:56 Robin: myep
18:12:00 Robin: 00:07 actually
18:12:05 VinceG: yea
18:12:15 Robin: so you guys never use, for instance, 22:30?
18:12:20 Robin: wich is 11:30 pm
18:12:26 Robin: 20 30*
18:12:27 VinceG: nope, we call that military time here
18:12:28 Robin: 10*
18:12:31 VinceG: we suck at math
18:12:32 Robin: 10.30 I meant
18:12:33 Robin: omg biggrin.gif
18:12:37 chast: lol
18:12:52 chast: that system is more eays than remembering pm and am imo
18:12:53 chast: biggrin.gif
18:13:01 VinceG: lol yes it is
18:13:05 VinceG: much easy
18:13:08 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
18:13:11 VinceG: i dont see how kids can remember time there
18:13:25 VinceG: id be like mom just kill me now
18:13:32 Robin: haha biggrin.gif
18:13:33 chast: lol
18:16:09 VinceG: Ive been failing math my whole life so trying to remember time as 13:21 would suck for me. I dont even know what the hell is 13:21
18:16:21 chast: 1:21 pm
18:16:24 Robin: 1:21pm lol
18:16:38 chast: is that really so hard for you ? ._.
18:16:44 VinceG: yes very
18:16:48 chast: i cant imagine that
18:17:03 VinceG: its like driving a stick
18:18:05 chast: strange
18:18:51 chast: where do you live ?
18:19:04 VinceG: US Michigan
18:19:17 VinceG: and even in southeast asia they used this kind of time
18:19:20 chast: is it just a problem of you ? or is everybody else
18:19:25 chast: having that problem
18:19:32 VinceG: could be everybody else
18:19:38 chast: wow ._.
18:19:43 VinceG: since we dont use it
18:19:48 Robin: exactly
18:20:10 Robin: its exactly the same as you use really
18:20:14 Robin: its 24 hours in one day
18:20:20 Robin: 12am is 0 here
18:20:29 Robin: and 12pm is 12 here
18:20:47 VinceG: ahh
18:20:50 chast: well dont you learn it at school or sth. ? we learned in english how to say the time in pm and am
18:21:04 Robin: it just goes from 00:00 to 00:00 again after 24 hours
18:21:21 VinceG: nah. They teach time in like first grade about AM PM then move on
18:21:29 VinceG: i think i get it now
18:21:50 botoxfox: hello ppl
18:21:54 Robin: hi
18:22:03 VinceG: so your time doesnt go more than 60 because thats a full hour
18:22:10 VinceG: so 14:07 is 2:07
18:22:15 chast: right :>
18:22:20 VinceG: ahhh i got it
18:22:28 VinceG: screw you american system i am going euro!
18:22:35 chast: biggrin.gif
18:22:50 Robin: biggrin.gif
18:23:01 Robin: and 18:00 is 6pm
18:23:08 Robin: its simple, exactly the same
18:23:20 Robin: just that you count to 12 twice in 24hourse
18:23:22 Robin: hours
18:23:29 Robin: we just go all the way to 24 biggrin.gif
18:23:38 chast: so if someone asks me in usa for the time and i tell him 18:37 he will look like "you are an alien"
18:23:39 chast: ? biggrin.gif
18:24:12 VinceG: lol yes exactly
18:24:17 Robin: hahaha
18:24:24 chast: well in germany
18:24:33 chast: for example
18:24:36 chast: 13:21
18:24:50 chast: we say 1 o clock and 21
18:25:00 chast: not thirteen and 21
18:25:17 botoxfox: Man, remember learning the clock in german
18:25:23 botoxfox: I*
18:25:25 Robin: we say it like, for instance 13:20. ten on half two
18:25:29 VinceG: lol my brain hurts
18:25:52 botoxfox: In finland they would say 20 over 1
18:26:12 chast: yeah its different but i just wanted to say that we dont say thirteen wink.gif
18:26:59 VinceG: ahh ok
18:27:05 botoxfox: We just write 13
18:27:10 chast: yep
18:27:33 VinceG: so if I someone ask me time in norway and I lterally say thirteen twenty one. Im wrong?
18:27:52 chast: not wrong i think but it sounds strange wink.gif
18:28:04 botoxfox: It would be unusual yes
18:29:09 VinceG: lol
18:29:34 VinceG: why cant reading time easy like 6:30
18:29:38 VinceG: whatever happend to that
18:32:38 botoxfox: well, if it's in the morning
18:46:01 botoxfox:
18:47:17 shredmandan: lol
19:02:57 botoxfox: Well, good night folks
19:03:16 botoxfox: moshi moshi
19:03:36 botoxfox: *slap*
19:08:31 Flaringo: god damnit
19:08:46 Flaringo: my quest for a new guitar is making me nuts :<
19:09:29 chast: ?
19:09:39 Flaringo: i'm thinking of buying a new guitar
19:09:41 chast: do you search a new one ?
19:09:49 Flaringo: there's just so much to choose from
19:09:57 chast: ah, what kind of music do you play and whats your budget?
19:10:23 Flaringo: well, about 500$, and I like to play metal and rock
19:11:01 chast: hm
19:11:15 chast: you should look for some ibanez
19:11:20 chast: or shecter
19:11:37 Flaringo: yeah
19:11:47 Flaringo: how about dean or jackson, are they any good?
19:12:07 chast: i dont know about dean
19:12:12 chast: but jackson is fine
19:12:21 chast: some of the dinkys you think of?
19:12:34 Flaringo: dinkys?
19:13:09 chast: jackson dinky series
19:13:19 chast: dkmg is a good one i think
19:13:26 chast: or look for a esp ltd h-400
19:15:34 Flaringo: oh okay
19:16:16 chast: do you prefer one so far?
19:17:02 Flaringo: no, thats my problem, im looking at about 35 guitars right now, i have no idea whats good and whats not, so i can't narrow it down
19:17:35 chast: hm,
19:17:44 chast: than you have to read a lot biggrin.gif
19:18:32 Flaringo: yeah :<
19:21:11 chast: well
19:21:26 chast: ibanez is fine for your budget
19:21:38 chast: i think it would be the best choice
19:21:48 chast: but it also depends on your taste
19:24:06 Flaringo: yeah
19:24:20 chast: dont you have a shop near you ?
19:24:20 Flaringo: yeah i think an ibanez might be good
19:24:35 Flaringo: a tiiiiny one
19:24:52 chast: be happy to have a tiiiny one^^
19:24:56 Flaringo: haha xD
19:25:05 chast: but its much easier
19:25:10 chast: just go in the shop
19:25:20 chast: tell them what you are looking for and test the guitars
19:25:29 chast: than oredering online
19:25:56 Flaringo: yeah i might head down tomorrow
19:26:13 chast: man
19:26:16 chast: do you know this
19:26:21 chast: you dont need a new guitar
19:26:25 chast: but you want to have one ?^^
19:27:03 Flaringo: yeah i reaaally want one xD
19:27:03 chast: on tuesday we are going to a big shop but if come home with a new guitar my father kills me^^
19:27:26 Flaringo: lol
19:30:37 chast: but its a payne
19:30:44 chast: to go out of the shop
19:30:53 chast: with nothing than some picks
19:30:56 chast: :/
19:30:58 Flaringo: yeah :-\
19:31:18 Flaringo: whenever i'm at the guitar shop, i just want to grab all the guitars and run away
19:31:24 chast: yeah lol
19:31:26 Flaringo: but then again that's not that smart
19:31:29 chast: and whats even worse
19:31:34 chast: one is buying a new guitar
19:31:38 chast: than im jealous
19:31:43 chast: ^^
19:31:49 Flaringo: lol
19:32:02 Flaringo: man have you seen the bc rich guitars?
19:32:12 chast: yeah
19:32:15 Flaringo: crazy looking stuff, i almost wanna buy one just to sit and look at it
19:32:52 chast: i dont like that crazy lookin stuff
19:32:59 chast: i just like the normal form
19:33:01 chast: biggrin.gif
19:33:12 Flaringo: ah, i love crazy looking stuff :>
19:33:31 chast:
19:33:33 chast: look
19:33:43 chast: thats the shop we are going to
19:33:54 chast: and going out of it without a new guitar
19:33:57 chast: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
19:34:10 Flaringo: holy crap thats alot of guitars
19:34:23 chast: yeah
19:34:30 chast: and if you walk through
19:34:34 chast: "ah i want this one
19:34:37 chast: and this one also
19:34:44 chast: ah this one looks great also
19:34:53 chast: oh i dont have a strat now
19:34:55 chast: i need one
19:35:00 chast: i will take this one
19:35:03 chast: biggrin.gif
19:35:17 Flaringo: biggrin.gif
19:35:48 chast: but we will see
19:36:14 chast: i hope i dont buy a new one
19:36:16 chast: xD
19:36:59 Flaringo: hahaha, what do you have now?
19:37:36 chast: i have a really good one
19:37:43 chast: an esp horizon
19:37:52 chast: but you can never have enough guitars biggrin.gif
19:38:01 Flaringo: haha exactly xD
19:39:37 chast:
19:39:42 chast: that looks decent
19:39:47 chast: i like the colour
19:40:13 Flaringo: yeah
19:40:16 Flaringo: looks pretty nice
19:55:39 chast: are you there?^^
19:55:50 chast: *slap*
20:41:18 Hemlok: Hello Pacman, Hello Flaringo
20:41:29 PacmanProductions: hey
20:41:39 PacmanProductions: dont bother trying to talk to flaringo
20:41:47 PacmanProductions: hes never here
20:41:48 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:41:53 PacmanProductions: so whats up?
20:43:48 Hemlok: well im just convert some FLAC files to mp3
20:44:01 PacmanProductions: ahhh
20:44:01 Hemlok: because i wanna put em on my mp3 player smile.gif
20:44:05 PacmanProductions: could
20:44:07 PacmanProductions: cool*
20:44:18 PacmanProductions: i have no clue why i typed "could"
20:44:21 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:44:25 Hemlok: biggrin.gif yup you silly billy
20:44:49 Hemlok: ooh that reminds me, i need download a song called Coyote
20:44:55 PacmanProductions: ?
20:45:07 PacmanProductions: how does that "remind you"?
20:45:22 Hemlok: oh wasnt you, song im listening to said the word Coyote
20:45:24 Hemlok: tongue.gif
20:45:49 PacmanProductions: hey slammer
20:45:57 Hemlok: Slammer, how goes it my friend?
20:46:07 Slammer: ello Govnah
20:46:08 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:46:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:46:16 Slammer: sup guys?
20:46:34 Hemlok: I suppose I better use an Avatar otherwise I will be uncool
20:46:46 Slammer: hows the LP treating you hem?
20:47:00 Hemlok: Have not played it this week HAHA!
20:47:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:47:19 PacmanProductions: 8)
20:47:23 Hemlok: Robin convinced me I should learn blues fingerpicking on my acoustic
20:47:25 Slammer: been spending all the time listening to Muris album right? tongue.gif
20:47:32 Hemlok: so its been acoustic all week
20:47:38 PacmanProductions: that album is awesome
20:47:43 Hemlok: yeah Muris' album rocks
20:47:56 Slammer: when are we gonna get Hemlok's album?
20:47:57 PacmanProductions: i was about to buy it on itunes
20:48:03 PacmanProductions: yeah....?
20:48:07 Slammer: or PacmanProductions
20:48:43 PacmanProductions: or Slammer's album...... hmmm?
20:49:19 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:49:20 Hemlok: Hemlok's album, perhaps 5 years from now I will release a blues album followed by a technical death metal album all in the same week? Good hmm, gotta have goals
20:49:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:49:36 PacmanProductions: well
20:49:38 PacmanProductions: ....
20:49:42 PacmanProductions: lol
20:49:42 Slammer: I wrote a new song for my album, it's called slammer sucks
20:49:49 PacmanProductions: ooo i know that on
20:49:50 PacmanProductions: e
20:49:54 PacmanProductions: one*
20:49:56 Slammer: u do?
20:49:56 PacmanProductions: lol
20:49:58 PacmanProductions: yeah
20:49:58 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:50:26 PacmanProductions: Dm, am, e, am
20:50:28 Hemlok: I sing that song all the time, i dont know if it is the same song though? do you have a doo wah doo bah doo bah dah chorus?
20:50:34 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:50:38 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:50:41 Slammer:;songID=5799264
20:50:56 PacmanProductions: HAHAHA!!!!
20:50:56 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:51:00 Slammer: don't listen btw
20:51:04 Slammer: it really sucks
20:51:05 Slammer: sad.gif
20:51:16 Slammer: Late night experiment gone wrong
20:51:18 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:51:22 PacmanProductions: oh
20:51:37 Hemlok: Oh cool, i lost your soundclick folder now i can add to favourites again
20:51:43 Slammer: NO!!!
20:51:46 Slammer: sad.gif
20:51:58 Slammer: LOL
20:51:59 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:52:08 Slammer: again????
20:52:11 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:52:12 PacmanProductions: what u talkin about... its pretty good
20:52:13 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:52:30 Hemlok: OOh gettin' funky tonight
20:52:42 PacmanProductions: 8)
20:52:43 Hemlok: Nice slammer, makes me wanna dance
20:52:46 Slammer: sad.gif
20:52:56 Slammer: I don't know if that;'s a compliment
20:52:57 Slammer: or
20:53:02 Slammer: Insult
20:53:04 Slammer: LOL
20:53:13 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:53:13 Hemlok: Of course it is a compliment, i wanna dance and im sober
20:53:17 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:53:22 Slammer: first time for everything
20:53:31 PacmanProductions: look above for my responce
20:53:35 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:53:35 Hemlok: hey i think its a bit out of key mid way?
20:53:43 Slammer: LOL
20:53:45 Slammer: hence the name
20:53:48 Slammer: Slammer sucks
20:54:02 Hemlok: you got back into it pretty quick though
20:54:05 Slammer: late night expirment gone wrong
20:54:13 Slammer: I don't have a bass
20:54:16 Slammer: and evemn if I did
20:54:21 Slammer: I don't know how to play
20:54:23 PacmanProductions: that last couple licks were sweet
20:54:31 Slammer: and I can
20:54:33 Slammer: ''t
20:54:50 Slammer: play drums, so I used beats from my keyboard
20:54:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:55:28 Hemlok: now i can listen to all along the watchtower
20:55:33 Slammer: NO
20:55:35 Slammer: sad.gif
20:55:42 Slammer: I hate all my crap
20:55:43 Slammer: LOL
20:55:54 Hemlok: Shh you love it, stop beating yourself up about it
20:55:55 Slammer: Hemlok should show us his stuff
20:56:11 Hemlok: I have not recorded nuthin tongue.gif
20:56:11 Slammer: or da pacman
20:56:15 Slammer: lies
20:56:19 Slammer: I saw the collab
20:56:31 Hemlok: that was collab not a song
20:56:44 Slammer: well it was something
20:56:46 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:56:50 Slammer: Tmas
20:56:51 PacmanProductions: hey Tmas
20:56:55 Tmas: hello
20:57:00 Tmas: Never been in chat before smile.gif
20:57:01 Hemlok: Hell Tmas, I have never seen you before smile.gif
20:57:14 Slammer: like christmas without chris
20:57:16 Slammer: LOL
20:57:20 Tmas: lol
20:57:28 Tmas: yeah I don't talk much on the forums
20:57:30 Hemlok: Well welcome, chat is an experience.
20:57:45 Tmas: brb i cant find my podxt power cord sad.gif
20:57:54 Hemlok: Slammer made this song to welcome all to chat
20:57:55 Hemlok:
20:58:04 PacmanProductions: haha
20:58:07 Tmas: ahah found it
20:58:55 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:58:59 Slammer: Tmas where ya from?
20:59:04 Slammer: Texas?
20:59:14 Tmas: south carolina
20:59:32 Tmas: you?
20:59:36 Tmas: texas? lol
20:59:42 Slammer: south of you?
20:59:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:59:45 Slammer: florida
20:59:49 Tmas: ah, nice
21:00:22 Slammer: yes
21:00:33 Slammer: what part of S carolina?
21:00:38 Slammer: my brother
21:00:42 Slammer: used to live there
21:00:48 Slammer: in Colombia
21:00:54 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:01:00 Tmas: near myrtle beach
21:01:03 Tmas: just south of it
21:01:04 Slammer: AH
21:01:08 Tmas: north of charleston
21:01:08 Slammer: beaches
21:01:11 Tmas: smile.gif
21:01:14 Slammer: have plenty of those around
21:01:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:01:27 Slammer: I've been to Mccormick
21:01:29 Tmas: yeah, but i bet we have more golf courses haha
21:01:32 Slammer: you know where that is?
21:01:44 Tmas: umm, no I don't think so
21:01:50 Tmas: unless its an airbase
21:01:52 Slammer: near Greenville
21:01:52 Hemlok: I sure don't
21:01:58 Tmas: oh ok
21:02:00 Slammer: LOL
21:02:01 Slammer: I thikn
21:02:03 Tmas: my dad lives in greenville
21:02:03 Slammer: think
21:02:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:02:54 Hemlok: brb
21:03:05 Tmas: what type of music u into?
21:03:14 Slammer: bluesy rocky stuff
21:03:20 Tmas: cool
21:03:25 Tmas: u like john mayer?
21:03:47 Slammer: I like
21:03:50 Slammer: Bold as love
21:03:50 Hemlok: Slammer I got a DVD
21:03:54 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:03:58 Slammer: wowie
21:04:04 Slammer: I have some of those too!
21:04:05 Hemlok: clapton, CROSSROADS guitar festival biggrin.gif
21:04:13 Tmas: ooo
21:04:16 Tmas: thats a nice one
21:04:23 Slammer: LL
21:04:26 Hemlok: over four hours of varius artists
21:04:30 Slammer: I love that show
21:04:42 Slammer: used to come on TV all the time
21:04:42 Hemlok: steve vai too!
21:04:54 Slammer: back in late 04 and 05
21:04:59 Hemlok: i dont watch tv, but i doubt it was ever on in australia
21:05:33 Slammer: did you know that watching that show Inspired me to play Electric guitar
21:05:38 Slammer: Layla, and Jingo
21:05:40 Slammer: esp
21:05:46 Tmas: are any of the instructors ever on this chat?
21:05:52 Slammer: LOL
21:05:53 Tmas: yeah i think layla was on youtube
21:06:03 Tmas: from xroads
21:06:05 Slammer: Yep
21:06:08 Slammer: most
21:06:10 Tmas: I love it
21:06:11 Slammer: well
21:06:13 Slammer: sometimes
21:06:19 Slammer: Instructors are on
21:06:21 Slammer: Mainly Muris
21:06:27 Slammer: sometimes Pavel
21:06:27 Hemlok: Awesome
21:06:37 Hemlok: Muris chats the most
21:06:42 Slammer: yes
21:06:53 Hemlok: Kai sometimes on for long time
21:07:00 Tmas: I wish i could play like pavel lol
21:07:07 Slammer: Hemlok isn't Layla great? from that DVD?
21:07:12 Tmas: <--- sucks
21:07:12 Hemlok: Stop wishing and start practicing
21:07:15 Tmas: lol
21:07:18 Tmas: I try
21:07:30 Tmas: i can only really practice on the weekends
21:07:44 Tmas: Just started college and I'm crammed in a small room
21:08:01 Hemlok: Layla is on this dvd?
21:08:14 Slammer: LOL
21:08:17 Tmas: it should be
21:08:18 Slammer: you don't know?
21:08:24 Slammer: it;s a Easter egg
21:08:32 Slammer:
21:08:50 Slammer: best live performance IMO
21:08:54 Hemlok: i have not watched it all i only get it yesterday
21:09:06 Slammer: well, it's hidden
21:09:08 Slammer: LOL
21:09:12 Slammer: sneaky
21:09:19 Hemlok: I no good at finding hidden stuff sad.gif
21:09:35 Slammer: LOL
21:09:41 Tmas: ??
21:09:45 Slammer: Tmas you go to USC?
21:09:57 Tmas: no, Coastal Carolina
21:10:09 Tmas: used to be part of USC though
21:10:16 Slammer: LOL that's layla from the NY concert
21:10:20 Slammer: BTW
21:10:21 Tmas: oh
21:10:27 Tmas: thats still a good one smile.gif
21:10:30 Slammer: Eric Clapton is my all time Favorite
21:10:32 Slammer: LOL
21:10:33 Hemlok: ok let me find on dvd first
21:10:44 Slammer: SRV is second
21:10:50 Hemlok: Hendrix my all time favourite, and then Jeff Lang
21:12:04 Hemlok: I cant find it in Extras! :|
21:12:22 Hemlok: Oh silly me i didnt read instructions
21:12:55 Slammer: LOL
21:13:20 Tmas: so how long have u guys been part of GMC?
21:13:28 Slammer: me sionce April
21:13:35 Hemlok: Doesnt work maybe because its on PC?
21:13:43 Hemlok: 3rd March
21:13:57 Hemlok: But I didnt actually log in until around mid april
21:14:02 Tmas: I don't remember when I joined lol
21:14:06 Hemlok: for whatever reason??
21:14:37 Hemlok: It should say when you post in forum? If you do! "|
21:14:45 Hemlok: tongue.gif
21:14:53 Tmas: Nov 5th 06 smile.gif
21:15:07 Tmas: <--- 1 post haha
21:15:10 Slammer: LOL
21:15:55 Hemlok: Cool video slammer, i dont like the backing singers
21:16:10 Slammer: LOL
21:16:17 Slammer: you found it?
21:16:36 Hemlok: no on youtube, I cant do it on my dvd player on computer
21:16:43 Slammer: LOL
21:16:47 Hemlok: i havnt got a tv, i lend it to someone
21:16:49 Slammer: don't you have a DVD player?
21:17:02 Slammer: you don't watch TV? ohmy.gif
21:17:05 Hemlok: nope
21:17:08 Slammer: y not?
21:17:15 Hemlok: Nothing worth watching
21:17:18 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:17:30 Slammer: is Niomi Watts your Hero?
21:17:44 Hemlok: excuse me?
21:17:47 Slammer: KIK
21:17:49 Slammer: LOL
21:17:57 Tmas: kik?
21:18:17 Slammer: secret code only cool ppl know
21:18:19 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:18:21 Slammer: nah
21:18:26 Slammer: I was tryig to write
21:18:29 Slammer: .LOL
21:18:29 Hemlok: emed didad
21:18:35 Tmas: ooo lol
21:18:41 Hemlok: my keyboard is not being friendly
21:18:45 Slammer: but KIK instead of.LOL
21:18:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:19:04 Tmas: so, you guys good?
21:19:05 Hemlok: it is making me type at the speed of a fish
21:19:21 Slammer: Hemlok is a pro
21:19:24 Tmas: cause i have a question
21:19:27 Tmas: smile.gif
21:19:41 Hemlok: Thanks Slammer.
21:19:49 Slammer: no kidding
21:20:04 Tmas: whenever I bend say the high E string, how do I keep the other strings from making noise when I touch them?
21:20:26 Hemlok: Now thats a good question Tmas, im glad you asked
21:21:17 Slammer: and......
21:21:24 Hemlok:
21:21:37 Hemlok: that will save me trying to explain in chat
21:21:48 Hemlok: This question is asked frequently on forum
21:22:04 Tmas: lol shows how much i visit the forums. Thanks
21:22:06 Hemlok: Woops, dodgy link dont go there
21:23:56 Hemlok:
21:24:09 Hemlok: that one, i believe thats same question you are asking
21:24:24 Slammer: thanks for Answering Hemlok
21:24:30 Slammer: he;'s really good
21:24:43 Slammer: check this out
21:24:49 Hemlok: lol
21:25:11 Hemlok: Oh good one Slammer
21:25:16 Slammer: I believe your responce is "Toche"
21:25:41 Hemlok: Thats first day I had my Slide, now i have upgraded to a glass slide and I add vibrato so isnt so boring tongue.gif
21:25:48 Slammer: LOL
21:25:53 Tmas: lol
21:25:57 Slammer: I used to have a glass slide a long time ago
21:26:11 Hemlok: you put bugs on it and look at them?
21:26:12 Slammer: but I dropped it on the floor and I could never find it
21:26:23 Tmas: my action is too low for my fingers to go under the strings
21:26:30 Slammer: that was like 2 years ago
21:26:32 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:26:36 Slammer: good times
21:26:42 Hemlok: why do you want to put your fingers under the string?
21:26:51 Slammer: damn... see thorugh slides
21:27:11 Tmas: make sure that when you do big bends your fretting fingers go under the higher string
21:27:23 Slammer: I love the tags on that video
21:27:29 Slammer: Me, Playing, Guitar
21:27:33 Slammer: LOL
21:27:41 Hemlok: oh
21:28:02 Hemlok: Straight to the point huh?
21:28:21 Slammer: UEs
21:28:24 Slammer: *
21:28:24 Slammer: Yes
21:28:45 Slammer: or you could be like Yoda : Guitar playing I am
21:28:56 Hemlok: sexy smile.gif
21:29:01 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:29:07 Slammer: buy a tv quick
21:29:31 Hemlok: im going to make a lesson on bending
21:29:39 Slammer: HEMLOK have you ever seen Roadhouse?
21:29:41 Tmas: you guys like the dispatch at all?
21:29:55 Hemlok: Yes Slammer
21:29:55 Slammer: the Dispatch??
21:30:08 Tmas: mmmhmmm
21:30:17 Slammer: have you ever seen fast Times at Ridgemont high?
21:30:33 Hemlok: No
21:30:39 Slammer: LOL
21:30:46 Slammer: watch it
21:30:53 Slammer: classic early 80's movie
21:31:09 Slammer: you know Sean Penn?
21:31:29 Slammer: He plays a California Surfer dude LOL
21:31:30 Hemlok: Yep
21:31:39 Hemlok: Really? I love surfing dudes
21:32:01 Slammer: I like your Sarcasm
21:32:02 PacmanProductions: ok im back
21:32:11 PacmanProductions: so what we talkin about
21:32:12 PacmanProductions: ?
21:32:12 Slammer: you know how to use it right
21:32:15 Slammer: LOL
21:32:23 Tmas: surfing dudes..... lol
21:32:31 PacmanProductions: radical dude!!
21:32:33 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
21:32:36 Hemlok: Bonza
21:32:45 Tmas: what you should be talking about is what kind of strings I should use, cause i hate these
21:32:48 PacmanProductions: duuuuudddddeee cowabunga duuuuude....
21:33:05 Slammer: ok now we will help you
21:33:15 Slammer: With Hemloks Expertise
21:33:19 Slammer: on guitar
21:33:20 PacmanProductions: lol
21:33:23 Hemlok: AHha, i was waiting for it
21:33:28 Tmas: lol
21:33:33 Slammer: and my Amatuer expirience
21:33:37 Slammer: we can help
21:33:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:33:41 Slammer: ask away
21:33:47 Slammer: and we'll do our best
21:33:49 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:33:57 Tmas: strings
21:33:58 Hemlok: What music do you like to play Tmas?
21:34:04 Tmas: everything
21:34:05 Tmas: lol
21:34:10 Slammer: ok TMas
21:34:11 Slammer: first
21:34:11 Hemlok: Excellent
21:34:14 Tmas: except country
21:34:16 Slammer: what guitar do you have?
21:34:16 Tmas: smile.gif
21:34:29 Tmas: special limited edition tele
21:34:34 Slammer: Fender?
21:34:34 Tmas: or something lol
21:34:36 Hemlok: Flash!
21:34:37 Tmas: rgr
21:34:39 Slammer: Or Squier
21:34:40 Slammer: ?
21:34:45 Tmas: no squier
21:34:47 Tmas: lol
21:34:50 Tmas: that was my first guitar
21:34:51 Slammer: xD
21:35:01 Slammer: ok
21:35:01 Tmas: its in the garbage
21:35:16 Hemlok: Where is your bin located??
21:35:18 Slammer: tele's were made for twang
21:35:20 Slammer: so
21:35:28 Slammer: what amp do you have?
21:35:31 Tmas: its basically a tele that sounds like a gibson
21:35:40 Tmas: doesnt sound like a tele at all
21:35:50 Tmas: dimarzio pickups
21:35:57 Tmas: I have a crappy rogue amp
21:36:02 Slammer: LOL
21:36:09 Slammer: and now for the question of the day
21:36:12 Tmas: 120 watts I just run it clean with my podxt live
21:36:22 Slammer: what Strings do you have atm?
21:36:31 Tmas: Dean markley something
21:36:36 Slammer: eww
21:36:39 Slammer: do you know
21:36:39 Tmas: was trying out different kinds
21:36:42 Tmas: i don't like these
21:36:43 Slammer: what
21:36:46 Slammer: Gauge
21:36:50 Tmas: 10
21:36:52 Slammer: like 9-42?
21:36:54 Slammer: Oh ok
21:36:57 Slammer: well
21:37:05 Slammer: I prefer 9's
21:37:08 Slammer: but
21:37:14 Tmas: yeah, i might try 9s
21:37:17 Slammer: whatever you like is good
21:37:45 Slammer: you ever use Fender Strings?
21:38:07 Tmas: I used to on my squier
21:38:41 Tmas: then i tried ernie ball slinkies
21:39:03 Slammer: My personal Fave
21:39:45 Slammer: Daddorios are also really good
21:40:01 Tmas: hmm ok
21:40:29 Hemlok: DADDARIO yes i like them
21:40:35 Hemlok: not acoustic ones though
21:40:44 Slammer: Martin for Acoustics
21:41:07 Hemlok: I have to order some Martins off internet, they dont sell where i live
21:41:24 Slammer: Best Acoustic Strings I have used
21:41:33 Tmas: i order everything online lol
21:41:41 Tmas: local music shops overprice everything
21:41:51 Slammer: don't you have
21:41:57 Slammer: Guitar Center?
21:42:03 Tmas: in charleston
21:42:11 Tmas: i wish there was one in myrtle beach
21:43:15 Slammer: yep
21:43:35 Hemlok: Salammer got msn?
21:43:42 Slammer: no sad.gif
21:43:45 Slammer: do you?
21:43:52 Hemlok: Apparently
21:44:03 Slammer: oh, I thought it was just Random
21:44:15 Slammer: LOL
21:44:27 Hemlok: Well.. You thought wrong
21:44:31 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:44:41 Hemlok: Why dont you get it, just for the fact you can chat to me anytime you want?
21:44:47 Hemlok: lol
21:44:51 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:45:13 Slammer: well, LOL I could makje you sick(er) of me in less than a day
21:45:29 Hemlok: tongue.gif i can always just pretend im not there
21:45:37 Slammer: Hey Hemlok whatcha doing
21:45:44 Slammer: 3 minutes
21:45:46 Slammer: later
21:45:49 Slammer: Hey Hemlok
21:45:56 Hemlok: lol
21:46:03 Hemlok: far out, dont get msn! get away from me
21:46:21 Slammer: what's 9n = 81?
21:46:42 Hemlok: excuse me
21:46:49 Tmas: algebra...
21:46:50 Slammer: what is it
21:46:59 Slammer: n = 9
21:47:02 Slammer: I think
21:47:02 Tmas: do u mean Whats the value of n?
21:47:03 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:47:11 Hemlok: 9
21:47:14 Tmas: cause otherwise the answer would be algebra
21:47:17 Tmas: not 9
21:47:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:47:31 Slammer: I don;t liky
21:47:59 Hemlok: thats first time i have seen alegbra in... 4 years? i think
21:48:25 Slammer: 3x+ 4x = 27
21:48:45 Tmas: 3
21:48:53 Tmas: wait
21:48:55 Slammer: LOL
21:48:55 Tmas: lol
21:48:56 Tmas: my b
21:49:15 Slammer: I just make it up
21:49:21 Slammer: I don't think it's
21:49:21 Hemlok: :?
21:49:26 Slammer: true
21:49:28 Tmas: its like 3.8420349082734234234
21:49:29 Slammer: sad.gif
21:49:32 Slammer: LOL
21:49:38 Hemlok: thats more like it Tmas
21:49:50 Hemlok: Ayen, howdy
21:49:56 Slammer: 4 + 4 x 8 =?
21:50:13 Hemlok: is that an x or an x?
21:50:19 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:50:20 Tmas: lol
21:50:28 Ayen: uh
21:50:29 Slammer: x like multiply
21:50:30 Ayen: 64?
21:50:30 Tmas: its 16!!!!
21:50:31 Tmas: smile.gif
21:50:47 Slammer: nope
21:50:50 Slammer: 36
21:50:51 Ayen: anyone else here play Orange Box?
21:50:52 Hemlok: yeah im with Tmas, im taking the x as + too
21:51:11 Slammer: the + separates the 4 and 4
21:51:15 Hemlok: Orange Box? I know nothing. 8)
21:51:28 PacmanProductions: enlighten us
21:51:30 Ayen: Half life 2 EP2, portal, TF2,
21:51:31 Slammer: more like 4 + (4 x 8)
21:51:34 Tmas: lol
21:51:42 Slammer: more like 4 + (4 x 8 )
21:51:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:51:52 Tmas: <---- doesnt have a full computer to play atm
21:51:55 Hemlok: stop making me try to use my brain so early in morning
21:52:00 Ayen: ah
21:52:07 Ayen: early in the morning? what time is it?
21:52:13 Slammer: a2 + b2 =??
21:52:15 Hemlok: 0952
21:52:20 Slammer: no
21:52:33 Slammer: a2 + b2 =??
21:52:40 Hemlok: 09:52 am
21:52:43 Tmas: x/2
21:52:49 Slammer: 2 = squared
21:52:50 Hemlok: a2 + b2 = r2 d2
21:52:51 Slammer: a2
21:52:56 Tmas: ooo
21:53:02 Tmas: learn to use superscripts!!!
21:53:04 Tmas: lol
21:53:08 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:53:11 Slammer: how how how
21:53:14 Slammer: tell me
21:53:15 Tmas: idk
21:53:16 Slammer: tell me
21:53:18 Tmas: haha
21:53:40 [Action] Slammer: says wowie
21:53:41 Hemlok: c3/x-*p0= brb
21:53:53 [Action] Slammer: says wowie
21:54:05 [Action] Slammer: says crazy
21:54:07 Hemlok: *whip*
21:54:11 Tmas:
21:54:15 [Action] Slammer: says *whip*
21:54:32 Hemlok: biggrin.gif this song
21:54:55 [Action] Slammer: says that is so 4 months ago
21:55:17 PacmanProductions: [b/] never heard of it [b/]
21:55:19 PacmanProductions: aww
21:55:22 PacmanProductions: it didnt work
21:55:36 Tmas: lol
21:55:37 PacmanProductions: how is he doing that?
21:55:40 Slammer: never?
21:55:50 PacmanProductions: yeeah
21:56:10 [Action] Slammer: says it's a Secret
21:56:21 [Action] Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:56:29 PacmanProductions: Slammer better tell me before i open a can
21:56:32 Hemlok: sitar
21:56:33 PacmanProductions: of.....
21:56:38 [Action] Slammer:
21:57:01 Slammer:
21:57:03 PacmanProductions: not exactly
21:57:11 PacmanProductions: ...
21:57:18 PacmanProductions: 8)
21:57:27 Hemlok:
21:58:14 Tmas: lol
21:59:20 Hemlok: Man i need to get a sitar!
21:59:21 PacmanProductions: that would be so fun to play a sitar..
21:59:32 Slammer: LOL
21:59:47 Slammer: Hemlok you ever watch Jay Leno?
21:59:55 Hemlok: ??
22:00:00 Slammer: late night TV
22:00:07 Slammer: Tonight show
22:00:09 Slammer: NBC
22:00:15 Hemlok: keyword being TV? which i dont watch
22:00:26 Slammer:
22:00:45 Hemlok: i dont want to watch tv right now, im going outside to play guitar in the hammock
22:00:53 Hemlok: cya all later
22:00:58 Tmas:
22:01:01 Slammer: LOL
22:01:04 Tmas: thats me
22:01:08 Tmas: smile.gif
22:01:59 Slammer: Of course
22:02:36 PacmanProductions: cleans without soap or water.... contents: soap and water...
22:03:29 Slammer: LOL
22:03:34 Slammer: ok guys I gtg too
22:03:38 Slammer: Cya guys around
22:03:41 Slammer: Bye
22:03:44 Slammer: *waves*
22:03:47 Slammer: *slap*
22:03:53 PacmanProductions: ok cya
22:12:25 NightFlight: Hey PP
22:14:21 PacmanProductions: hey
22:16:05 NightFlight: checking out that acoustic guitar tapping on youtube...crazy!!!
22:16:29 NightFlight: who the heck was that?
22:17:37 PacmanProductions: which one
22:17:47 PacmanProductions: "impossible guitar"?
22:18:36 NightFlight: dunno...was the link a few lines up here
22:18:46 PacmanProductions: ohhh
22:19:09 PacmanProductions: omg
22:19:30 NightFlight: yeah...crazy huh?
22:20:44 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
22:22:06 NightFlight: had to watch it 2x
22:22:35 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
22:22:56 NightFlight: What you up to?
22:23:09 PacmanProductions: playin super mario on guitar
22:23:26 NightFlight: lol
22:23:31 PacmanProductions: hey besip
22:23:38 PacmanProductions: its really fun
22:23:44 NightFlight: hello besip
22:24:23 besip: hi all
22:25:37 besip: so what is happen here;)
22:25:59 PacmanProductions: nuthin much
22:26:01 PacmanProductions: anymore
22:26:18 NightFlight: cuz Slammer left
22:26:22 PacmanProductions: yeah....
22:26:30 PacmanProductions: and brent
22:26:44 besip: i'm in pain my tooth is in crazy painnn:{
22:27:08 NightFlight: Got anything to take for it?
22:27:19 besip: and kris never respond my PM message tahts painful also:)
22:27:39 besip: yeaahh 2 advil and 1 shoot of special drink
22:27:40 NightFlight: He's a busy guy
22:28:03 besip: sure he is.
22:28:26 besip: i'm scare to dentist aaaaaaaa
22:28:47 besip: so how long you here on gmc man;)
22:29:03 NightFlight: hmmm....2 advil huh? How old are you Besip?
22:29:20 besip: i'm 32 and you??
22:29:33 besip: advil is tablets for pain
22:30:16 besip: but somethime i'm feel like 15 years old guy and somethime like 60 lol
22:30:26 NightFlight: ok...41....just checking....b/c you can take up to 800mg 3x a day (total of 2400mg). And having that much pain, 800mg would surely help a lot better than 400mg.
22:32:11 besip: lol too mutch informaction..actualy im have pain like 1-2 year but now thats coming more i'm make aploytment today to next friday to dentost..i'm didn't before becouse i'm have baadd expir from beforeeee
22:32:38 besip: so how long u are om gmc??
22:32:44 PacmanProductions: sup Guitar34
22:32:49 NightFlight: yeah, dentists do that
22:33:00 NightFlight: I've been here for a few months.
22:33:00 Guitar34: nothin sup with u?
22:33:16 besip: they do that to me like 20 years ago but i'm steel remeber that
22:33:48 besip: heyGuitar34
22:34:05 besip: ok
22:34:33 besip: so you start play quitar few month ago??
22:35:08 NightFlight: naa man...started playing over 30 yrs ago.
22:35:43 besip: ooo good for you..i'm start be sick to play couple month ago and here i'm
22:36:35 NightFlight: but..years don't's the number of hours you practice
22:38:09 NightFlight: I'm done playing for the day....played about 5 hrs earlier.
22:38:35 besip: lol im realy guy who wanna know everything thats why i'm try to find to help specialy from kris becouse somethime i'm have diferent answer from people so im decide he is the right way..some people tell me he's maybe not responding becouse he's dont undestand you..but u understand so im not so bad..hope so:D
22:39:07 NightFlight: What did you need help with? Just curious.
22:40:29 besip: ok
22:42:21 besip: i'm try to ask him if he thing..i'm have to start play every song with alternate know he is propagate the system but some instructors play lot of songs just basic question do i'm have keep the alternate picking in every song
22:43:32 besip: for example im learn the johnn rusticane song but gabe do not play alternare the whole song...and kris say somewhere to do not play ekonomy pick becouse later is problem to change it
22:45:20 NightFlight: You should use alternate picking as much as possible. There are times when you may want to add emphasis to a note with a hard down pick...but...the general rule is to alternate pick. Learn the right way, then you can modify things to fit your style of playing.
22:45:55 besip: so u also recomedet alternate..??
22:46:39 NightFlight: Yes...absolutely. You cannot effectively play scales, runs, arpeggios, etc. without alternate picking.
22:46:49 besip: becouse lot of people learn the sweep picking..its maybe faster but alternate shoot be better sound stuff and more useful
22:47:52 NightFlight: Stick with alternate...then you can experiment with other things.
22:47:53 Guitar34: srry besip i was off for a sec what did u need
22:48:11 besip: actualy im now jut in the beghiner kick..later im will like play trash metal but im open for some nice solo and in boath way is alternate im thing ok
22:49:15 besip: Guitar34:..i'm almost help:D
22:49:32 NightFlight: yes, that is for sweep picking, it's basically a technique. The primary mode of picking is alternate picking.
22:50:44 besip: so nest thin gor me is put away the other technique and work on that and ..even if the instructors play some song with sweep or economy im shoot stay on alternare
22:51:07 besip: next thing
22:51:08 Guitar34: how old r u guys?
22:51:15 NightFlight: As a beginner, you need to work on alternate picking.
22:51:31 NightFlight: Let me find something for you...just a moment.
22:51:47 Guitar34: how old r u guys?
22:52:36 Guitar34: ???
22:52:40 besip: you know there is some not easi think to decide when im ok to go to learn next step for example if im see a kris to play basic exersizes im dont know when im be good enough to move forward
22:53:16 besip: Guitar34 ..why???style of my writing is bad im know but im never lear english at
22:53:43 Guitar34: oh
22:53:46 Guitar34: im 11
22:53:52 besip: im 32
22:53:55 Guitar34: oh
22:54:09 Guitar34: i g2g c ya later guys
22:54:16 besip: im czech guy leaving in florida....hehe
22:55:49 besip: NightFlight where u chating from?
22:55:50 NightFlight: ok besip....look at this lesson by play this without alternate picking would nearly be impossible ---- you must learn to use alternate picking. smile.gif
22:56:05 NightFlight: here's the link --
22:57:11 besip: yeaahh coll stufff
22:57:41 besip: maybe sweep is more easi and speddy but in same cases is useful jut alternate
22:58:25 besip: NightFlight ..where are u chating from??
22:58:44 NightFlight: Useful in some cases, but not all....I'm Virginia...USA, a few states north of you.
22:59:43 besip: what u mean but not all..
22:59:59 besip: i know where is wirginia
23:01:56 NightFlight: Meaning that sweep picking doesn't necessarily work for everything.
23:02:42 NightFlight: Works great for arpeggios though. smile.gif
23:05:04 besip: oo u talk about sweeppp corect...goodd im gonna stay on alternate's hard for me specialy when im play some easi song like joonn frusciante skiping wron the strings lol
23:05:56 NightFlight: practice, practice, practice --- use a metronome and slow it down to where you can play it correctly, and then speed up as you improve.
23:06:24 PacmanProductions: hey slammer
23:06:35 NightFlight: SLAMMER!!! It's about time you got back!
23:07:53 besip: 1 more problem im have with pick angle..ggg when im try the angle the regular way im have like 100% more bad sound like iif im play the angle bacward..but im dont wanna play backwar becouse thats can hurt my thumb..but im lost im try like thousand ways and the soun in bacward is till better
23:08:06 besip: hey
23:08:10 PacmanProductions: *slap*
23:08:12 PacmanProductions: *whip*
23:08:16 PacmanProductions: slammer......
23:08:19 PacmanProductions: yoo hooo
23:08:23 PacmanProductions: slammer....
23:08:29 NightFlight: lol...time for his nightly spanking
23:08:35 PacmanProductions: *whip* *meow*
23:08:42 PacmanProductions: better stop me
23:08:49 PacmanProductions: im whiping your cat
23:08:49 besip: *meow*
23:08:56 PacmanProductions: *whip* *meow*
23:09:17 besip: spammer:D biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
23:10:00 NightFlight: lol
23:10:02 PacmanProductions: ...
23:10:10 PacmanProductions: :? sad.gif
23:10:13 PacmanProductions: :?
23:10:17 besip: 1 more problem im have with pick angle..ggg when im try the angle the regular way im have like 100% more bad sound like iif im play the angle bacward..but im dont wanna play backwar becouse thats can hurt my thumb..but im lost im try like thousand ways and the soun in bacward is till better
23:11:16 [Action] Slammer: is mad at Stupid PC froze the last time I came in
23:11:48 PacmanProductions: lol
23:11:59 [Action] Slammer: says hello guys
23:12:12 PacmanProductions: how do u do that
23:12:14 PacmanProductions: tell me not
23:12:17 PacmanProductions: now*
23:12:18 [Action] Slammer: is crazzzy
23:12:40 [Action] Slammer: is remembering when he wanted to know how to do it
23:12:51 [Action] Slammer: is remembering how it drove him crazy
23:13:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:13:17 Slammer: hey Nightflight
23:13:29 PacmanProductions: hey brent
23:13:36 Slammer: Brent??
23:13:39 NightFlight: sup Slammer
23:13:40 Slammer: who is brent?
23:13:49 Slammer: Jeff Curtis!!
23:13:53 PacmanProductions: Brent Ekholm- Hemlok
23:13:59 PacmanProductions: am i right?
23:14:04 PacmanProductions: hey Jeff
23:14:10 Jeff Curtis: wass upp1!!!
23:14:19 Slammer: hello sir
23:14:28 besip: biggrin.gif
23:14:29 Jeff Curtis: whats up man how you doing?
23:14:39 Slammer: Great
23:14:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:14:53 Slammer: how's life treating you?
23:15:08 Jeff Curtis: good.just super tired
23:15:29 Slammer: man... you're on the west coast right?
23:15:34 besip: slamer doing this *meow*
23:15:41 besip: all the time
23:15:42 Slammer: it's only 8:15 there
23:15:45 Slammer: LOL
23:15:47 Hemlok: oh woops forgot i came in
23:15:51 Jeff Curtis: hhaha i kno
23:15:57 Jeff Curtis: i was at a air show all day
23:16:03 Slammer: I'm on other end of the country Fl
23:16:10 Slammer: so 11:16 pm
23:16:18 Jeff Curtis: ya...u must be getting tired
23:16:20 Hemlok: 11:16am
23:16:30 Slammer: was up early today
23:16:34 PacmanProductions: 10:16 here
23:16:35 Slammer: School Test
23:16:36 Hemlok: Slammer whats your phone number? i will call your after i have lunch
23:16:37 Slammer: thing
23:16:42 Slammer: LOL
23:16:43 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
23:16:58 Slammer: 1-800-jenny-20
23:17:00 PacmanProductions: i wouldnt say
23:17:05 Jeff Curtis: haha
23:17:06 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
23:17:19 Jeff Curtis: cool icon pac
23:17:25 PacmanProductions: thanks
23:17:31 Slammer: u can get it too
23:17:33 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:17:44 PacmanProductions: ???/
23:17:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:17:48 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
23:17:52 Jeff Curtis: opps
23:18:09 Hemlok: Don't know what happened then
23:18:14 NightFlight: hate it when that happens
23:18:30 Slammer: do any of you guys follow MLB?
23:18:30 Jeff Curtis: hows guitar going for you guys? where you guys all from???
23:18:37 Slammer: oh I'm from MIA
23:18:38 PacmanProductions: nope
23:18:50 NightFlight: question at a time here please!!! lol
23:18:58 Slammer: Hemlok is a good Slide player
23:19:00 Jeff Curtis: i can barley practice. I just do lessons and ear training
23:19:11 PacmanProductions: (random, slammer)
23:19:18 Jeff Curtis: hahaha very random
23:19:19 Jeff Curtis: haha
23:19:32 Slammer: those are the X cordinates!!
23:19:38 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:19:54 Slammer: damn... I wish I would have had them when I was doing math
23:19:59 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:20:11 PacmanProductions: ?
23:20:14 Slammer: nvm
23:20:16 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:20:28 NightFlight: guitar...going great....from Virginia.
23:20:29 Slammer: Cordinate Geometry stuff I guess
23:20:34 PacmanProductions: ahh
23:21:02 PacmanProductions: then the "random" is the X cooridnt and the "slammer" is the Y?
23:21:03 Jeff Curtis: ya what you practiceing nightflight
23:21:09 PacmanProductions: is that what ur talkin about?
23:21:10 Slammer: Yep
23:21:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:21:15 Slammer: man
23:21:26 Slammer: I miss 1 + 1
23:21:30 PacmanProductions: 21
23:21:32 besip: czech guy in florida
23:21:32 PacmanProductions: !
23:21:35 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
23:21:38 PacmanProductions: 2!
23:21:40 NightFlight: Nothing right now...played for 5 hours earlier...and was messing with White Stripes...Icky Thump.
23:22:07 PacmanProductions: oh i can play icky thump...
23:22:11 PacmanProductions: very easy
23:22:20 Jeff Curtis: what does your practice schedual look like?
23:22:29 Slammer: now it's like 5n + 4n = 45
23:22:30 NightFlight: Mine?
23:22:33 PacmanProductions: just hit your guitar neck with a vase and u'll get the random solos
23:22:47 Jeff Curtis: ya...what you usauly practice
23:22:48 NightFlight: Lol True pp
23:23:43 NightFlight: Well...I work on random stuff here at GMC...and I'm in the process of working on recording a CD with a friend of mine.
23:23:58 besip: good
23:24:04 Jeff Curtis: nice!!! what kind of musci you into????
23:24:05 Slammer: I wrote a song once.....
23:24:12 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
23:24:14 Slammer: I called it "Slammer Sucks"
23:24:21 besip: hehe
23:24:26 Slammer: no joke
23:24:32 Slammer: ask PP
23:24:33 PacmanProductions: pretty good
23:24:38 Slammer: LOL tongue.gif
23:24:41 Hemlok: Trust him, he isnt joking, its a good song
23:24:43 besip: make 1 spamer suck:D
23:24:44 Hemlok: slammer post a link
23:24:48 Slammer: never
23:25:02 Slammer: I like Outta my Way better
23:25:24 NightFlight: My roots are in blues, rock, metal...but what we're working on for the CD is more like Dave Matthews. lol Big change for me.
23:26:14 Jeff Curtis: dave is good tho... very good song writing you kno...that is great that your doing a cd
23:26:27 NightFlight: As long as I can throw a trash lick in there now and then, I'll be good to go.
23:26:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:26:55 Slammer: so NightFlight, you haven't posted a picture of your Family on the Pic thread
23:26:58 Slammer: why not?
23:27:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:27:24 NightFlight: Will scare the hell out of you
23:27:25 PacmanProductions: hey needleandshred
23:27:41 Jeff Curtis: hhaha ya you always have to do what you want in your music
23:27:43 NeedleAndShred: hey guys
23:27:52 Jeff Curtis: whaats up
23:28:05 Slammer: Woah Great Pun usage NeedleAndShred
23:28:09 NeedleAndShred: just playin some guitar
23:28:36 NightFlight: Fortunately, we have some great lyrics...working out the music is the hard part.
23:28:57 NeedleAndShred: whats up with you guys tonight?
23:29:03 Slammer: nmu
23:29:07 Slammer: I'm chillung
23:29:07 Jeff Curtis: hows the recording sound coming. what you recording with??
23:29:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:29:12 NeedleAndShred: Slammer, hehe yea i couldnt really think of a name so i just picked this
23:29:17 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:29:46 Slammer: how long you've been playing?
23:29:54 NeedleAndShred: off and on for about 11 years
23:29:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:30:00 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:30:03 Slammer: wow
23:30:11 NeedleAndShred: i think its been 11 years
23:30:16 NeedleAndShred: started in 8th grade
23:30:32 Slammer: so you are 24-25 now
23:30:38 NeedleAndShred: 23
23:30:41 NeedleAndShred: so 10 years?
23:30:43 Slammer: Damn
23:30:53 Slammer: oh
23:30:57 NeedleAndShred: but the thing is I never really took the time to learn
23:30:58 Slammer: I was thinking
23:31:01 NightFlight: We're getting a Presonus FP-10 this week for the audio interface, then we'll use Sonar for out sequencer.
23:31:06 Slammer: 12 years old in 8th
23:31:08 Slammer: LOL
23:31:13 NightFlight: out=our
23:31:36 Jeff Curtis: nice dude! i want to here once you guys are done. i think it will be cool
23:31:40 NeedleAndShred: so 11 years of just messing around haha
23:31:50 Slammer: now it's time to LEARN
23:31:52 NeedleAndShred: just not am I started to take it seriously
23:31:54 NeedleAndShred: yep
23:31:58 Slammer: Great
23:32:02 NeedleAndShred: now*
23:32:06 NightFlight: The FP-10 has really good preamps, so it will work well with the vocals and the acoustic guitar.
23:32:13 Slammer: if you're married you can Impress the wife
23:32:17 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:32:19 NeedleAndShred: ehehe
23:32:40 NeedleAndShred: although I hear a lot of wives want guitar husbands to sell their gear all the time
23:32:43 NightFlight: trust don't impress pisses them off. lol
23:32:43 NeedleAndShred: whats up with that
23:32:50 Slammer: LOL
23:32:55 Slammer: well
23:33:02 Slammer: GF's maybe
23:33:09 NeedleAndShred: i always see auctions on ebay stating "gotta sell the guitar.. wife made me do it"
23:33:15 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:33:27 Jeff Curtis: yaa i bet.. good shouyld post the songs when your done. just a few
23:33:34 NightFlight: yep..until they become your wife, then you better find a closet for your guitar.
23:33:37 NeedleAndShred: so i figure i'll marry a chick who plays the guitar too!
23:33:53 Slammer: "honey does this dress make me look fat?"... "Sorry sweetie, I'm jamming a Hendrix song"
23:33:57 NeedleAndShred: heh
23:34:10 NightFlight: No, it's not the leave me alone so I can play.
23:34:16 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:34:53 NightFlight: try that answer one time...will be the last lol
23:34:53 NeedleAndShred: how long have you been playing SLammer?
23:35:00 Slammer: ok now here's the question.... if you could only choose one new GF or New Les Paul
23:35:07 Slammer: LOL
23:35:18 NeedleAndShred: new les paul.
23:35:18 PacmanProductions: les paul
23:35:23 NightFlight: I have a LP
23:35:27 Slammer: LOL
23:35:35 PacmanProductions: sad.gif
23:35:41 Slammer: I've been playing 5 years
23:35:45 NightFlight: Custom
23:35:51 Jeff Curtis: ight guys im off for now. Ill talk to you all later....TAKE CARE!!!
23:35:54 NeedleAndShred: i mean women will come and go.. play a les paul and it can be yours for life
23:35:59 Jeff Curtis: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
23:36:01 PacmanProductions: ok Jeff, [email protected]
23:36:02 PacmanProductions: !
23:36:02 Slammer: Ok man thanks for chatting with us
23:36:04 Slammer: cya
23:36:06 NightFlight: ok Jeff...see ya around
23:36:08 NeedleAndShred: cya Jeff
23:36:13 Hemlok: cya
23:36:18 Jeff Curtis: ill see ya guys to you sson
23:36:21 Slammer: Hemlok is hiding
23:36:24 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:36:28 Hemlok: i was hanging out the washing
23:36:36 NightFlight: As I posted somewhere in the LP is 'til death do us part.
23:36:38 Slammer: hmm?
23:37:10 Slammer: Hemlok, do you live in your own Apartment, or house?
23:37:11 Hemlok: i dont know what LP stands for actually
23:37:17 Hemlok: house
23:37:19 NightFlight: Les Paul
23:37:23 NeedleAndShred: gibson les paul
23:37:32 Slammer: A big house all to your self ohmy.gif
23:37:35 Hemlok: no, doesnt it refer to an album?
23:37:41 Slammer: LOL
23:37:48 NeedleAndShred: it can
23:38:03 NeedleAndShred: but were talking about the guitar smile.gif
23:38:09 NightFlight: attention so you can keep up. lol
23:38:24 Slammer: Hemlok has a Les Paul
23:38:26 Hemlok: ok biggrin.gif sorry!!!! :| well in that case.. I have a LP
23:38:30 Slammer: it's nice
23:38:33 Slammer: and RED
23:38:37 NightFlight: sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!
23:38:39 Hemlok: wine red wink.gif
23:38:41 NeedleAndShred: I really need to get a new guitar
23:38:43 Slammer: and he's a Great slide player
23:38:47 NeedleAndShred: and an amp
23:38:53 Slammer: I will show you a Video of him playing
23:39:00 PacmanProductions: named Barbera
23:39:02 Hemlok: yes its my finest work
23:39:05 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:39:11 Slammer: damn... lost the link
23:39:12 NightFlight: Mine is antique sunburst....with a Gibson tremolo too...don't see too many LP's with a whammy bar.
23:39:20 Slammer: I should have saved it to my Favorites
23:39:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:39:30 Hemlok:
23:39:38 Hemlok: there you go Slammer..
23:39:46 Slammer: YES
23:39:54 Hemlok: I want a tremolo!
23:40:07 Slammer: dude
23:40:21 Slammer: you know what the secret of great tone on the Spider 3 is?
23:40:31 Slammer: all the Presets sucks
23:40:36 Hemlok: throw it out window and get a tube amp?
23:40:56 Slammer: nope, all the presets suck... you gotta tweak it
23:41:02 Slammer: yep
23:41:04 Hemlok: yeah i know
23:41:04 NeedleAndShred: i think next on my list is a peavy valveking 112
23:41:30 Hemlok: i liked the sound i had in that video sad.gif
23:41:36 Slammer: LOL
23:41:40 NeedleAndShred: is there any other amp you guys would recommend?
23:41:58 Hemlok: i cannot because i havnt played a tube amp before..
23:42:04 Hemlok: i will be in 2 weeks
23:42:04 Slammer: I have
23:42:13 Slammer: whatcha getting?
23:42:26 Hemlok: nothin biggrin.gif im playing my sisters boyfriend's amp
23:42:27 NightFlight: My amp is a Marshall JCM-800 Lead Series w/Groove Tubes.
23:42:32 Hemlok: i cant remember what it is called though
23:42:42 Hemlok: its a popular bass amp
23:42:52 Slammer: wait I know this
23:43:08 Slammer: Bassman?
23:43:21 Hemlok: lol no starts with A
23:43:26 NightFlight: Ampeg
23:43:28 Hemlok: ampeg?
23:43:29 Hemlok: yeah
23:43:30 Slammer: Yes
23:43:35 Slammer: I know that brand
23:43:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:43:52 Slammer: using the POE I would have gotten to it in 5 mintues
23:44:04 Hemlok: okay smile.gif
23:44:10 Slammer: LOL
23:45:05 NightFlight: What amp do you use Slammer?
23:45:38 Slammer: Line6 Spider 3 75
23:46:01 Slammer: check this out
23:46:03 Slammer:
23:46:17 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:46:45 Hemlok: thanks
23:46:51 Slammer: LOL
23:46:53 Slammer: dude
23:47:15 Slammer: how long did it take to grow your Facial hair like that?
23:47:30 Slammer: I've been trying for months
23:47:43 Slammer: to get the Groovy Beard
23:47:56 Slammer: that every one seems to have
23:47:57 Hemlok: i cannot grow a beard
23:48:02 Slammer: well
23:48:11 Slammer: Needle!!!!
23:48:18 NeedleAndShred: ooops
23:48:24 NeedleAndShred: hit the wrong button haha
23:48:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:48:49 NeedleAndShred: who is that playing?
23:48:59 Slammer: I'm trying to get the Hair on the side of my face to grow
23:49:20 Hemlok: who is that playing, thats me before i pass out drunk
23:49:43 Slammer: LOL
23:49:46 Hemlok: it was my webcam recording it
23:49:53 Hemlok: it recorded 6 hours of video
23:49:57 NeedleAndShred: damn thats a nice guitar
23:49:59 Hemlok: because i passed out playing guitar
23:50:02 Slammer: LOL
23:50:02 NeedleAndShred: playin aint bad either
23:50:18 Slammer: yep Hemloks a Great player
23:50:20 Hemlok: computer was so slow to load the next day
23:50:38 Slammer: he did a cover of all along the watchtower
23:51:01 Hemlok: yep, i let slammer play all the parts and post on his soundclick profile
23:51:09 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:51:11 Slammer: LMAO
23:51:30 Hemlok:;songID=5481297
23:51:36 Slammer: Dude
23:51:50 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:52:01 Hemlok: i thought that was an invitation?
23:52:07 Slammer: I'm gonna kick some Aussie butt
23:52:13 Hemlok: HAHA!
23:52:21 Hemlok: no one is here slammer dont worry
23:52:46 Hemlok: quick flood the chat and hide the link! ohmy.gif
23:52:49 Slammer: you hear that guys?? Hemlok referred to you as No ones
23:52:56 Slammer: LOL
23:52:57 Slammer: LOL
23:53:31 NightFlight: chat logs are recorded and posted in the forums lol
23:53:32 Hemlok: maybe it doesnt go?
23:53:34 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:53:39 Slammer: I know
23:53:43 Slammer: fun reading
23:53:46 Hemlok: who reads chat logs? how boring
23:53:50 NightFlight: no hiding
23:54:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:54:10 NightFlight: hey Slammer....nice work on that collab
23:54:29 Slammer: um thanks....
23:54:32 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:54:35 Hemlok: I liked your playing on Blues collab, is that what NightFlight referring to?
23:54:38 PacmanProductions: brb ppl
23:54:49 Slammer: I think the Muris collab
23:54:51 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:54:52 NightFlight: yep..the one Muris started
23:54:56 NightFlight: yep..that one
23:55:12 Hemlok: Awesome, was my favourite one slammer
23:55:20 Slammer: LOL
23:55:30 Slammer: your lying is as good as your Sarcasm
23:55:42 Slammer: LOL
23:55:47 Hemlok: wink.gif id like to think my lying is better
23:55:53 Hemlok: i dont lie
23:56:06 NightFlight: your addition to the backing track with the very well.
23:56:17 Slammer: LOL
23:56:27 NightFlight: why you laughing?
23:56:34 Slammer: because
23:56:44 NeedleAndShred: yea i enjoyed everyones input on the blue collab
23:56:45 Hemlok: He doesnt like compliments
23:56:48 Slammer: It's just the plain solo when its done
23:56:56 Slammer: I mean
23:57:01 Slammer: when he mixes it
23:57:05 NightFlight: nothing plain about that one my friend....was well done
23:57:18 NightFlight: oh yeah...forgot about that part
23:57:26 Slammer: no Backing Chords,
23:57:29 Slammer: LOL
23:57:41 Slammer: Man I dig my Lead on AATW
23:57:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
23:57:57 Hemlok: i dig your singing more
23:58:01 Slammer: eww
23:58:13 Slammer: I prefer the solo in the first solo
23:58:16 Slammer: blahahaha
23:58:16 Hemlok: you have a good voice for that kind of stuff
23:58:30 Slammer: you should sing
23:58:30 NightFlight: oh wait...gotta hear that!
23:58:33 Slammer: NO
23:58:41 Slammer: LOL
23:58:56 Slammer: did you guys hear the Blues Singing Collab
23:59:04 Hemlok: i unfortunately cant sing anything, not even blues, thats why i taking Lucianas lessons
23:59:14 Hemlok: yeah slammer cant sing and neither can you tongue.gif
23:59:18 Slammer: LOL
23:59:36 Slammer: I'm such a dork tongue.gif
23:59:37 Slammer: LOL
23:59:42 Hemlok: That is true
23:59:45 Hemlok: Hey birthday boy
23:59:45 Slammer: Fretdancer

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