Guitar Chat 2007-10-16
Oct 17 2007, 04:44 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
13:39:35 Slammer: if anyone comes in *slap* Me biggrin.gif
13:39:41 Slammer: or *whip*
13:39:45 Slammer: or *meow*
13:39:49 Slammer: tongue.gif
13:49:15 botoxfox: *meow* *slap* *whip*
13:50:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:50:45 Slammer: ello govnah
13:50:49 Slammer: *slap*
13:52:38 botoxfox: lalala
13:52:55 botoxfox: *meow* *slap* *whip*
13:53:12 Slammer: tongue.gif
13:53:14 Slammer: whats up
13:53:16 Slammer: ?
13:53:24 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
13:53:36 botoxfox: nøt much
13:53:39 Slammer: ohmy.gif
13:53:43 Slammer: Rodstrupe
13:53:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:54:06 Slammer: how can you make a Normal "O"
13:54:11 Slammer: ?
13:54:20 botoxfox: O
13:54:43 botoxfox: OooooOOOooooo
13:55:26 botoxfox: *whip*
13:55:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:55:42 Slammer: so are you still making sausages
13:55:43 Slammer: ?
13:55:50 botoxfox: No way
13:56:38 botoxfox: That became extremly phukkin' boring after a while
13:57:24 Slammer: LOL
13:57:31 Slammer: so now you work in a OfficE?
13:57:53 botoxfox: Now I'm a "housewife"
13:58:32 Slammer: a desperate one?
13:58:41 botoxfox: A really lousy one
13:59:26 Slammer: tongue.gif
13:59:34 botoxfox: desparate for guitar skills
13:59:40 Slammer: so your wife does all the work?
13:59:52 botoxfox: Nah, my mom
14:01:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:01:12 Slammer: and you stay home and BAKE!!!
14:01:15 Slammer: Cookies
14:01:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:02:13 botoxfox: Not much lately :|
14:02:21 Slammer: sad.gif
14:02:24 Slammer: you should
14:02:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:02:36 Slammer: I wish I could eat cookies sad.gif
14:02:47 botoxfox: Mmm, cookies
14:02:57 botoxfox: I only made them once
14:03:13 botoxfox: Or "it" tongue.gif
14:05:53 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:05:56 Slammer: LOL
14:06:30 Slammer: anyways, thanks for coming in and chatting smile.gif But I gtg, hmm, knowing me, I'll probably be back in eventuly tongue.gif
14:06:37 Slammer: *slap*
14:06:38 Slammer: cya
14:24:17 chast -> oblivion: *slap*
14:24:25 botoxfox -> oblivion: yo
14:24:31 chast -> oblivion: bored ? biggrin.gif
14:24:54 botoxfox -> oblivion: what do you think?
14:24:58 botoxfox -> oblivion: tongue.gif
14:25:07 chast -> oblivion: ...^^
14:26:24 botoxfox -> oblivion: Well, I gtg
14:26:32 chast -> oblivion: ok
14:26:36 chast -> oblivion: cya
14:26:44 botoxfox -> oblivion: toodeloo
14:39:29 chast: hey guys
14:39:39 leedbreak: sup
14:39:39 Lund: hey:P
14:40:04 leedbreak: *slap*
14:40:07 chast: leedbreak your videos biggrin.gif
14:40:12 chast: good work biggrin.gif
14:40:14 leedbreak: cool I know I heard something
14:40:21 leedbreak: thank you
14:40:35 chast: i have to do mine also
14:40:44 chast: but im soooooooo lazy :S
14:40:45 Lund: my finger hurts xD practiced too much today
14:41:13 leedbreak: Yeah my finger are better after last weeks hard core practice
14:41:33 Lund: Hehe smile.gif
14:41:52 leedbreak: Only my picky every hurts
14:42:20 Lund: my number 3 finger hurts so much xD
14:42:29 leedbreak: and fore arm, I love to feel my forearm getting tight
14:42:36 Lund: :B
14:42:54 Lund: i think i buy a grip master to train finger muscles .. it should be pretty effective
14:43:07 chast: play guitar
14:43:14 chast: instead of using grip master wink.gif
14:43:44 leedbreak: Do pinky and pointer finger work till the others get better
14:43:45 Lund: but gripmaster just build the muscles faster?
14:44:19 chast: i dont think a gripmaster is useful, but everybody on his own wink.gif
14:44:51 Lund: okay smile.gif
14:45:22 chast: but take care
14:45:24 leedbreak: spend a week playing only a bass, that will get you stong real quick
14:45:33 leedbreak: r
14:45:38 chast: i also read some injurys with the gripmaster
14:46:01 Lund: okay what kind of injuries you get? my finger hurts very bad, hmm
14:46:15 chast: i dont know the english word for it^^
14:46:25 Lund: from?
14:46:45 leedbreak: I really do not believe it is all about having strong fingers but mot about technique
14:46:58 chast: tendosynovitis
14:47:00 chast: oO
14:47:03 Lund: :b
14:47:11 chast: germany biggrin.gif
14:47:25 leedbreak: See I have on typing technique at alll
14:47:30 Lund: yeah^ but if you have strong fingers they dont hurt so much^^
14:47:33 chast: yeah leedbreak i think so
14:47:49 Lund: biggrin.gif
14:47:59 chast: i havent strong fingers at all
14:48:03 leedbreak: just the tips that hurt right?
14:48:05 chast: but they dont hurt
14:48:25 Lund: no.. the middle of my finger hurt
14:48:33 Lund: like it is the muscle
14:48:41 chast: how long have you been playing for ?
14:49:04 Lund: loong time yesterday, and mayby 4-5 hours today
14:49:04 leedbreak: hum, never had that the tips get blisters ling before anything else gets a chance to hurt, for me anyway
14:49:20 chast: i mean, for how long in total^^
14:49:22 chast: biggrin.gif
14:49:40 leedbreak: very very long but still not long enough
14:49:51 Lund: oh. 5-6 years i think.. but first really seriously 1 year ago smile.gif
14:49:56 chast: ._.
14:50:16 chast: the only injury i had
14:50:27 chast: i cutted my pinky on a string while sliding
14:50:39 chast: oO
14:50:42 Lund: i've tried that too
14:50:45 Lund: xD
14:50:45 leedbreak: I have been playing for about 264 months
14:51:02 chast: but the string was strange
14:51:08 chast: it was very sharp
14:51:21 Lund: rusty? :b
14:51:26 chast: no
14:51:30 chast: i dont know^^
14:51:36 Lund: eh okay smile.gif
14:51:55 chast: and the normal injurys like putting a string in your finger while changing them
14:52:22 Lund: that hurts.. up under the nail.. avvv8)
14:52:22 leedbreak: ouch that dose hurt or stepping on the clipping you lost
14:52:31 Lund: 8) *
14:52:38 chast: under the nail yes..
14:52:44 chast: but as long as its only the tip
14:52:48 chast: its nothing bad^^
14:52:53 Lund: nothing worse than a string under the nail
14:53:14 Lund: ye:b
14:53:43 leedbreak: never do that but and a splinter under one before and need plyer to get it out
14:54:14 leedbreak: Dang I should proof read before hitting enter
14:54:31 Lund: heheh biggrin.gif
14:55:07 leedbreak: where he go?
14:55:14 chast: i dont know^^
14:55:19 chast: maybe missclicked
14:55:31 leedbreak: yep done that a few times
14:55:58 chast: its normal biggrin.gif
14:56:03 chast: hey iluha
14:56:23 Iluha: hey chast, hey globe trotter smile.gif
14:56:24 leedbreak: howdee
14:56:34 leedbreak: lololol
14:57:13 leedbreak: Hows that for a 2 minute stage prop
14:58:01 chast: hey leedbreak
14:58:06 chast: which guitar do you have
14:58:14 leedbreak: shector
14:58:17 chast: your inlays are looking cool
14:58:24 leedbreak: get this
14:58:50 leedbreak: I loved it so much and played it for a week before I realized the were Bats
14:59:06 chast: which model is it ?
14:59:16 leedbreak: I go see
14:59:20 leedbreak: brb
15:00:07 Iluha: Next week im starting to take private lessons in blues and lots of theory tongue.gif.. excited and terrified at the same time
15:00:14 chast: biggrin.gif
15:00:35 chast: terrified about the theory ? tongue.gif
15:00:39 chast: or in general?^^
15:01:07 Iluha: in general.. been a while since I Had a private teacher :x
15:01:08 leedbreak: damien 6 i guess it is
15:01:24 leedbreak: I tried to post link but it wont let me paste
15:01:49 chast: i found it already wink.gif
15:02:02 Iluha: sechter make really great guitars..
15:02:16 Iluha: last week I got to play around with one that costs about 2500$
15:02:22 chast: in germany only one shop offers them really
15:02:26 leedbreak: yes, but there was 3 in the srore just like it but none played like this one
15:02:39 leedbreak: store
15:02:44 chast: i think
15:02:57 Iluha: and I got to plug it through a huge marshall amp lol.. wish I could afford such equipment
15:03:04 chast: biggrin.gif
15:03:14 leedbreak: I was after the same bridge as a les paul
15:03:21 Iluha: humbucker?
15:03:30 Iluha: oh oops you said bridge XD
15:03:39 chast: xD
15:04:10 leedbreak: what does XD mean?
15:04:23 chast: its just a smiley
15:05:02 leedbreak: k
15:05:18 Iluha: guys, i must say, radiohead rocks =p
15:05:33 Iluha: can't bealive I never listend to them till now
15:05:50 leedbreak: Been a ling time since I listened to really anything, cept lessons
15:06:19 Iluha: wow really? :S thats sick lol
15:06:23 Iluha: joking smile.gif
15:06:44 leedbreak: yep, I am sick. been told that before
15:07:26 leedbreak: I am not into much music now, other than what I write
15:08:05 Iluha: ah ok
15:08:28 leedbreak: I do not really have a dream to be in a band any more I just want my playing to show how long i have been playing
15:09:43 Iluha: I see.. well I still want to be in some band =p
15:09:55 Iluha: either that or just preform solo.. doesn't matter
15:10:01 leedbreak: How old r u
15:10:31 chast: hm guys...
15:10:37 leedbreak: what?
15:10:42 Iluha: 20
15:10:43 chast: why i dont like the stuff petrucci doese with dream theater
15:10:57 chast: but i like what he does solo and what he does with liquid tension experiment
15:10:58 Iluha: but I don't think age is a factor
15:11:37 leedbreak: Good if iwas I am in trouble
15:11:42 leedbreak: It was
15:12:11 chast: hm i also dont want to play in a band
15:12:17 chast: if there is a chance
15:12:22 chast: i would try it
15:12:31 chast: but im happy with it right now
15:12:36 chast: hi robin
15:12:39 Robin: hi
15:12:50 Robin: funny videos leedbreak lol
15:12:52 leedbreak: hello robin
15:13:02 leedbreak: than you!@
15:13:21 chast: but it must be a great experience to play some wicked solo in front of 10k people biggrin.gif
15:13:35 Iluha: lol
15:13:49 leedbreak: Yes, still sends chills to think about it
15:14:27 Robin: I got super chills only from playing Johnny winter - Stranger in my grandmas birthday lol
15:14:41 Robin: imagine infront of thousands of people lol
15:14:52 leedbreak: Cool, all chills are good, in most cases
15:15:35 Iluha: I think the trick is to imagine all those 10k people. are only one chick smile.gif
15:15:41 Iluha: dunno if it'll actually work though
15:15:46 Robin: lol
15:15:57 leedbreak: Or just 10K chicks
15:16:23 Iluha: dude now THATS pressure
15:16:25 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:16:41 Iluha: not only will you be pressured to play it right, but also to keep "it" down
15:16:57 Robin: I'm going to bed now, see you guys. Got to get up at 7 tomorrow, gonna go do these tests for the army 8)
15:17:06 Robin: gonna read beetle bailey before bed.... tongue.gif
15:17:07 leedbreak: Or 10K chick that know how to play guitar
15:17:08 Iluha: hope you fail
15:17:09 Robin: see you guys later
15:17:12 leedbreak: bye
15:17:14 Iluha: smile.gif
15:17:20 Robin: thanks biggrin.gif
15:17:23 Robin: wish me bad luck
15:17:30 Robin: and lets hope I get breathing problems when I'm there
15:17:31 Robin: byeee
15:17:35 Iluha: cya
15:17:36 leedbreak: Nope I wish no one bad luck
15:17:46 chast: in this case its good luck
15:17:47 Iluha: he wants to fail those tests =p
15:17:49 chast: if he gets out
15:17:50 chast: ^^
15:18:14 leedbreak: Well the failing is good luck, No?
15:18:26 chast: in army tests failing is good
15:18:28 chast: imo
15:19:28 leedbreak: Well, I am going to go back to work now
15:20:02 chast: hf tongue.gif
15:20:12 Iluha: yeah.. i didnt fail.. and now im stuck.. 1 year and 4 months to go sad.gif
15:21:22 leedbreak: Well your goal needs to be ready to rock the world with your guitar when you get out
15:22:05 Iluha: yup it is.. that's why im starting to take lessons WHILE im still in the army tongue.gifP
15:22:33 Iluha: blues is something I allways wanted to throughly learn... now is my chance.
15:22:53 leedbreak: Go get um, Yall have a great day or night or what ever it is where you are
15:23:11 Iluha: oh your going? cya man
15:23:30 leedbreak: I need to do some work since that is where I am at
15:23:53 Iluha: oh lol ok have fun
15:23:59 leedbreak: cya 2
15:24:09 chast: hm
15:24:20 chast: i dont want to learn the thirds
15:24:26 chast: the first part already made me crazy
15:24:44 Iluha: what are you talking about?
15:24:49 chast:
15:24:50 chast: ^^
15:25:03 Iluha: ah
15:25:28 Iluha: im still only focusing on pavels alt pick lessons 1 & 4
15:25:47 Iluha: my picking is really bad.. but im begining to improve now
15:26:00 chast: =)
15:26:12 chast: i have problems with the syncrhonization
15:26:35 Iluha: hey dan
15:26:39 shredmandan: Hey guys
15:27:21 shredmandan: So whats going on?
15:27:59 Iluha: nothin.. bored like F
15:28:11 shredmandan: yep me too
15:28:55 chast: well
15:29:01 chast: im playing guitar biggrin.gif
15:29:07 shredmandan: cool
15:29:52 shredmandan: Its been a rough week for me.I had to sell my Good guitar,lost $100.00 and really dont even have a good guitar to play right now
15:30:08 Iluha: wow.. why did you have to sell it?
15:31:19 shredmandan: Yep i was so behind on bills i had no choice.I really didnt get as much out of it as i wanted either.I have a peavey but it needs alot of work just to get it playing and i have a off brand strat copy i have in the shop right now getting worked on
15:31:43 Iluha: a peavey guitar?
15:31:54 Iluha: had no idea they make guitars
15:32:34 shredmandan: Oh yeah Eddie van halen endorsed one of there guitars called a wolfgang which is nice.They are much more known for there amps though
15:33:17 Iluha: their small amps suck though.. I got one :{
15:33:36 shredmandan: Things are just so damm bad right now.I even have a playstation 2 and the only game i want to play on it wont work and it keeps saying disc read error
15:34:01 Iluha: lol... yeah I also have a similar problem with my ps2
15:34:10 shredmandan: Oh i know man the very small low budget amps they make are terrible.I buddy of mine used to have a raptor or blazer
15:34:14 Iluha: it just died on me..
15:34:38 Iluha: i got a rage.. i think its even worst biggrin.gif
15:34:45 shredmandan: atleast i borrowed this one ,i have bought 4 ps2's in the past and they all tear up
15:35:13 Iluha: what? why? why did you do that?
15:35:46 shredmandan: Because they would always stop working and back then thats all i played
15:36:52 Iluha: If I buy a console, and it stops working, I will never buy another one tongue.gifP trust issues
15:38:35 shredmandan: that makes since.Most of them just stoped working and my daughter actaully broke one of them when she was little.To be honest all the game systems out now are junk.I had a xbox360 that stopped working 4 months after i bought it new.I had a warrenty though but after i got it fixed i sold it.I really wantto play that Tiger Woods golf game,its the one i cant get to work.
15:38:40 Iluha: gonna walk my dog, be back soon.
15:38:45 shredmandan: see ya
15:41:25 Slammer: *slap*
15:41:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:41:30 chast: hi
15:41:33 Slammer: ello
15:41:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:41:38 Slammer: whats up?
15:41:47 chast: not much
15:42:30 Slammer: playing guitar?
15:42:33 Slammer: or Sitar
15:42:34 chast: y
15:42:34 Slammer: ?
15:42:37 chast: guitar biggrin.gif
15:43:19 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:43:24 Slammer: cool stuff
15:43:37 Slammer: who is the best guitarist in the world?
15:43:45 chast: slammer
15:44:07 Slammer: what's up?
15:44:21 chast: i answered your question tongue.gif
15:44:29 Slammer: ohmy.gif now he's mocking me
15:44:31 Slammer: sad.gif
15:44:35 Slammer: *runs and hides*
15:44:49 Slammer: *Starts crying*
15:44:57 Slammer: *mommy I want a Cookie*
15:45:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:45:56 Slammer: tongue.gif
15:46:02 Slammer: *whip*
15:46:06 Slammer: Como le va?
15:46:14 chast: what ?
15:46:15 chast: biggrin.gif
15:46:22 Slammer: Como estas?
15:46:32 chast: i cant speak spanish
15:46:34 chast: sad.gif
15:46:38 Slammer: but I thought you could
15:46:39 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:46:43 chast: no lol
15:46:52 Slammer: French?
15:46:54 Slammer: German?
15:46:57 Slammer: Italiano
15:46:58 Slammer: ?
15:47:03 chast: german tongue.gif
15:47:09 chast: and french but im very bad at it
15:47:20 Slammer: Danke
15:47:24 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:47:31 chast: bitte
15:47:41 Slammer: Berlin
15:47:42 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:47:49 chast: ^^
15:48:07 Slammer: Biergarten??
15:48:12 Slammer: does that make sence^^
15:48:13 Slammer: ?
15:48:18 chast: yeah
15:48:19 chast: biggrin.gif
15:48:22 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:48:25 Slammer: what does it mean?
15:48:27 chast: good place to stay at tongue.gif
15:48:35 chast: its
15:48:39 Slammer: I remember hearing the word
15:48:39 chast: a "open air pub"
15:48:43 Slammer: OH
15:48:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:48:59 Slammer: how do you say October Fest?
15:49:06 chast: oktoberfest
15:49:11 Slammer: ah
15:49:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:49:14 chast: or in bavaria they say "Wiesn"
15:49:18 Slammer: here
15:49:26 Slammer: there are some German towns
15:49:31 Slammer: LOL
15:49:34 Slammer: like
15:49:36 Slammer: the whole
15:49:38 Slammer: city
15:49:43 Slammer: is built like
15:49:47 Slammer: a German city
15:49:51 Slammer: LOL
15:50:01 Slammer: even the Mcdonalds I've heard
15:50:08 chast: oO
15:51:19 Slammer: check this out
15:51:20 Slammer: *slap*
15:51:27 Slammer: this is in Georgia
15:51:30 Slammer: the State
15:51:37 Slammer: Near atlanta
15:51:39 Slammer:
15:52:18 Slammer: does that look like a Bavarian alpine town?
15:53:44 chast: idk
15:53:49 chast: ive never been to bavaria
15:54:09 Slammer: LOL
15:54:13 Slammer: well
15:54:23 Slammer: does that look like Germany at all?
15:54:45 chast: a bit yes
15:54:53 Slammer: LOL
15:54:55 Slammer: well
15:55:06 Slammer: right out side of that town is....
15:55:13 Slammer: tongue.gif
15:55:13 Slammer: Plain old USA
15:55:29 Slammer: with Ugly little House
15:55:33 Slammer: LOL
15:56:02 chast: lol
15:58:03 Slammer: LOL
15:58:06 Slammer: anyways
15:58:11 Slammer: what time is it there?
15:58:41 chast: 22:05
15:58:56 Slammer: 10:05 pm?
15:59:00 chast: yep
15:59:07 Slammer: LOL
15:59:11 Slammer: well
15:59:18 Slammer: don't you have school tommorw?
15:59:27 chast: no i have holidays
15:59:33 chast: next week school starts agian
15:59:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:59:45 Slammer: how long was the holiday for?
15:59:57 chast: 2 weeks
16:00:37 Slammer: oh cool
16:00:45 Slammer: now you have to go back and learn Frnch
16:00:50 Slammer: French*
16:01:03 chast: yeah lol
16:02:00 Slammer: well
16:02:06 Slammer: one thing you can remember
16:02:12 Slammer: you will be able to chat with gEn
16:02:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:02:17 Slammer: anyways man I gtg
16:02:20 Slammer: LOL
16:02:21 Slammer: cya
16:02:24 chast: cya _D
16:51:56 botoxfox: "Funky Town"
16:55:24 Tmas -> Funky Town: hey
17:00:26 botoxfox: Won't you take me down to Funky Town...
17:25:05 Smikey2006 -> Funky Town: Funky town sounds cooler than guitar chat
17:42:58 Owen: been a while since I was last in here
17:43:01 Owen: *whip*
17:43:08 Owen: nicely timed
17:43:11 visi0n: biggrin.gif
17:43:12 visi0n: ouch
17:43:13 chast: hi
17:43:16 visi0n: hey there guys
17:43:23 Owen: hai tongue.gif
17:43:30 visi0n: how are you guys biggrin.gif
17:43:41 visi0n: damn that marcus's song collab is awesome
17:43:54 Owen: haha not too good dude, I'm having hearing, wrist and vocal problems
17:44:12 Owen: as well as disfunctional eyesight, but that was there already ><
17:44:26 Owen: curses to the rock and roll lifestyle
17:44:28 Owen: tongue.gif
17:44:37 visi0n: yea
17:44:48 Owen: the big GMC jam thing?
17:45:19 visi0n: yes
17:45:25 visi0n: i was too late for it man .. sad.gif
17:45:35 visi0n: mayb i can record a video then for it tongue.gif
17:45:37 Owen: it is rather beasting
17:45:46 Owen: I couldnt keep up with the quality of the beast
17:46:59 Owen: so yah, I never ended up contributing
17:47:08 Owen: even though my names on the list sad.gif
17:47:27 visi0n: smile.gif
17:47:27 visi0n: hmhm
17:47:41 visi0n: i want a new amp
17:47:52 visi0n: mesa boogie lonestar :X
17:48:08 Owen: Yah, I want a triple rectifier biggrin.gif
17:48:13 visi0n: biggrin.gif
17:48:30 Owen: Unfortunatly I'll have to wait till I'm rich and famous
17:48:41 Owen: cos they cost a bomb
17:49:38 Owen: so are you planning on getting the combo then?
17:50:03 visi0n: yes, but i dont have the money right now
17:50:04 visi0n: lol
17:50:09 visi0n: need to wait
17:50:12 visi0n: till im rich too
17:50:30 visi0n: berb
17:50:32 visi0n: brb
17:50:54 Owen: hehe, I've been drooling after ESP's all day ><
17:51:55 chast: drooling?
17:52:48 visi0n: what is a drooling ?
17:54:58 visi0n: im drooling, he is drooling, we drooled, i want to droole
17:55:43 Owen: slavering?
17:55:57 Owen: dribbling at the mouth?
17:56:02 Owen: *whip*
18:46:06 visi0n: *whip*
18:46:13 visi0n: im going to bed tongue.gif
18:46:20 visi0n: good night
18:46:22 visi0n: xx
20:23:32 chast: hi^^
20:23:55 Slammer: ello
20:23:59 Slammer: whats up?
20:24:07 chast: playing guitar tongue.gif
20:24:12 Slammer: isn't ut like 2 M THERE?
20:24:16 Slammer: am
20:24:27 chast: yeah
20:24:47 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:24:58 Slammer: so you stay up all night?
20:25:12 chast: i will see
20:25:29 Slammer: LOL
20:25:29 chast: what do you prefer regarding the look. day or night?
20:25:50 Slammer: what do you mean?
20:25:59 chast: what do you like more
20:26:02 chast: day or night
20:26:08 Slammer: Day
20:26:10 Slammer: well
20:26:14 chast: hm i prefer night
20:26:17 Slammer: I get tired at night
20:26:19 chast: i like the stars and so biggrin.gif
20:26:23 Slammer: Actually
20:26:34 Slammer: I like night better because I can sleep
20:26:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:26:42 Tmas: heya
20:27:03 Slammer: sup T(hom)mas
20:27:11 Tmas: lol
20:27:53 Slammer: so are you a so Carolina fan?
20:27:57 Tmas: I doing the most fun thing possible right now...
20:28:01 Tmas: somewhat
20:28:14 Slammer: what is fun?
20:28:22 Tmas: restringing my guitar
20:28:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:28:29 Slammer: cool
20:28:37 Slammer: GHS Boomers?
20:28:44 chast: i hate restringing
20:28:50 Slammer: Ernie Ball Slinkys?
20:28:59 Tmas: nah, I went with the ernie ball hybrids
20:29:08 chast: me too
20:29:09 chast: :>
20:29:18 Tmas: I tried teh superslinks before but my cousin uses these and he loves em
20:29:24 Slammer: have you ever tryed Gibson strings?
20:29:29 chast: y..
20:29:36 Slammer: y what?
20:29:45 chast: ya
20:29:49 Tmas: no
20:29:49 chast: i tried
20:29:50 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:29:50 chast: biggrin.gif
20:30:01 chast: but i prefer ernie ball hybrid biggrin.gif
20:30:28 Tmas: found a pretty cool local music shop too
20:30:50 Slammer: cool
20:30:51 Slammer: cool
20:31:24 Tmas: hey i have a question
20:31:40 Slammer: chast is the Expert here
20:32:12 Tmas: today, I tried hooking up a 1/4 inch to 3.5mm adapter to some headphones and plugging it straight into the guitar.. I could only hear from one side of the headphones. Is there something wrong with my guitar or is it supposed to do that?
20:32:41 Slammer: well
20:32:52 Tmas: I had a wiring problem a while back, but i thought it was fixed
20:33:10 Slammer: you plugged the headphones stright into the Guitar ohmy.gif
20:33:14 Slammer: or the amp?
20:33:16 Tmas: lol yeah
20:33:26 Tmas: into the guitar
20:33:30 Slammer: WHy?
20:33:31 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:33:35 Tmas: cause I was bored
20:33:43 Tmas: but it made me wonder if there was somethign wrong
20:33:50 Tmas: well.. I plugged it into my laptop
20:33:51 Slammer: well do you have a amp?
20:33:55 Tmas: and then to headphones
20:33:59 Tmas: no its at home
20:34:14 Slammer: IDK 8)
20:34:18 Slammer: sorry
20:34:21 Slammer: sad.gif
20:34:23 chast: oO
20:34:27 Tmas: lol
20:34:33 Slammer: *feels dumb*
20:34:41 chast: normally you shouldnt hear anything if you plug your headphones into the guitar
20:34:42 Slammer: *runs off crying*
20:34:43 chast: x_X
20:34:58 Tmas: the jack on my guitar gets loose alot, I hope one of the wires didnt come off the jack
20:35:09 Tmas: cause they can twist up
20:35:29 Slammer: chast are you a PC expert?
20:35:43 Slammer: *Slap*
20:36:45 chast: no
20:37:03 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:37:05 Slammer: nvm then
20:37:06 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:37:09 chast: ^^
20:37:24 Slammer: well
20:37:26 Slammer: anyways
20:37:33 Slammer: do you ever gon on Freelicks?
20:37:36 Tmas: I'm a computer science major tongue.gif
20:38:00 Slammer: I'm a Major Pain tongue.gif
20:38:06 Tmas: lol
20:38:10 Nick325: yoooooooooooooooooo
20:38:15 Slammer: so do you guys ever go on Freelicks?
20:38:15 Tmas: hey
20:38:23 Slammer: heelo Nickyyyy
20:38:23 Tmas: whats that?
20:38:33 Nick325: hey slammey
20:38:43 peterorg54: yo
20:38:45 Slammer: Freelicks... Kris's Original site
20:38:48 chast: i went there beofre i joined gmc
20:38:58 Slammer: Chast
20:39:00 peterorg54: what ?
20:39:04 peterorg54:
20:39:04 Slammer: does it stull work for you?
20:39:05 peterorg54: ?
20:39:08 chast: .net
20:39:11 Slammer: LOL
20:39:11 peterorg54: k
20:39:16 peterorg54: going on
20:39:17 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:39:31 Slammer: chast do the Videos work for you?
20:39:37 Slammer: becasue when I go on
20:39:43 Slammer: the Screen is GREEN
20:40:01 Tmas: update ur video card drivers
20:40:07 Tmas: that will fix it
20:40:17 chast: well
20:40:20 chast: firefox crashes
20:40:22 chast: if i go there
20:40:23 chast: biggrin.gif
20:40:25 Tmas: lol
20:40:34 Slammer: which video card drivers?
20:40:37 chast: if i want to watch a video
20:40:38 peterorg54: whoa
20:40:41 chast: i dont know
20:40:41 peterorg54: its free
20:40:43 chast: lol
20:40:48 Nick325: so
20:40:50 chast: some ati
20:40:55 chast: the normal ati one
20:41:00 chast: catalyst or however its called
20:41:17 peterorg54: theres tip of the day too Lol
20:41:27 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:41:38 Tmas: well
20:41:40 Tmas: it would depend on your computer
20:41:45 Tmas: what kind of computer do you have?
20:42:12 chast: too lazy
20:42:23 Slammer: me?
20:42:33 Tmas: yeah
20:42:56 peterorg54: does tip of the day always changes ?
20:42:59 peterorg54: or is it recycleing?
20:43:15 peterorg54: *whip*
20:43:18 Slammer: LOL
20:43:23 Slammer: um
20:43:28 Slammer: HP
20:43:37 Slammer: 519J
20:43:49 Slammer: Pentium 4
20:43:55 Slammer: 512 MB RAM
20:43:59 peterorg54: answer me
20:44:00 peterorg54: sam
20:44:01 Slammer: 160 GB
20:44:13 Slammer: IDK nick
20:44:24 Slammer: pete&
20:44:27 Slammer: Pete*
20:44:28 Slammer: LOL
20:44:42 Slammer: kris Hasn't updated Freelicks in like a Year
20:44:52 peterorg54: no i mean
20:44:54 Slammer: so I stopped going a while back
20:44:55 peterorg54: in here
20:45:00 Slammer: OH
20:45:01 peterorg54: at gmc
20:45:05 Slammer: LOL
20:45:09 peterorg54: recycleing??
20:45:13 Slammer: I think so
20:45:16 peterorg54: hehe
20:45:19 Slammer: not 100% sure though
20:45:51 peterorg54: it would be really hard to think about each ones in one days
20:45:52 Tmas: omg my internet is soo slow
20:46:09 Tmas: slammer do you know what kind of video card you have?
20:46:25 Tmas: or if its integrated
20:46:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:46:55 Slammer: no biggrin.gif
20:47:01 Slammer: how would I find out
20:47:06 Slammer: Control Panel??
20:47:18 peterorg54: i use cony
20:47:21 peterorg54: sony
20:47:22 peterorg54: *
20:47:24 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:47:25 Slammer: LOL
20:48:00 Tmas: I build my computers lol
20:48:09 Tmas: umm right click on the desktop and hit properties
20:49:05 Slammer: ok
20:49:09 Slammer: I did
20:49:18 Tmas: I havnt used xp in a while but I think you hit like display or something
20:49:21 Tmas: its a tab at the top
20:49:49 Tmas: I don't remember.. ahhhh
20:49:54 Tmas: ok heres a different way
20:49:59 Tmas: hit start and then run
20:50:05 Slammer: ok
20:50:07 Tmas: then type dxdiag
20:50:33 Slammer: ok
20:50:35 Slammer: I did
20:50:35 Tmas: when that comes up go to the display tab
20:50:40 Tmas: and tell me what it says beside name
20:51:09 AliMo: wutsup everyone
20:51:14 Tmas: hey
20:51:19 Slammer: Intel
20:51:22 AliMo: *meow*
20:51:33 Tmas: all it says is intel?
20:51:52 Slammer: 82915g/gv/910gl
20:52:04 Slammer: Intel ® 82915g/gv/910gl
20:52:22 Slammer: Express Chipset Family
20:52:30 Slammer: Hey Alamo!
20:52:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:52:47 AliMo: omg u remember me!?
20:52:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:53:02 Slammer: Yep
20:53:06 Slammer: how could I forget
20:53:20 peterorg54: sure buddy we remember u
20:53:24 Slammer: Or not remember
20:53:25 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:53:26 AliMo: lol
20:53:40 Slammer: *meow*
20:53:44 Slammer: hey Tmas
20:53:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:53:45 peterorg54: do u remember me alimo ?
20:53:54 Tmas: hold on
20:53:55 Slammer: Leaving me Hanging
20:53:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:54:35 Tmas:
20:54:41 Tmas: download that
20:54:43 Tmas: and install
20:54:44 Tmas: it
20:54:55 AliMo: cant say that i do sad.gif
20:54:55 Slammer: does it have a Spyware
20:55:02 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:55:06 peterorg54: sad.gif sad.gif
20:55:18 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:55:19 Tmas: no
20:55:21 Tmas: its a driver
20:55:30 Slammer: wait but don't I already have that?
20:55:33 AliMo: 8)
20:55:42 Tmas: wait a min... lol
20:55:47 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:55:50 Slammer: LOL
20:56:01 Slammer: Pete you are too sad man
20:56:06 Slammer: lighten up
20:56:07 peterorg54: so sad
20:56:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:56:09 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:56:20 AliMo: biggrin.gif
20:56:44 AliMo: o my gosh
20:56:46 Slammer: LOL
20:56:46 peterorg54 -> so sad sad.gif: kjkjh
20:56:51 AliMo: we have to go save him
20:56:55 AliMo: *whip*
20:56:58 AliMo: hurry slammer
20:57:00 Slammer: go ahead
20:57:01 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:57:06 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:57:07 Tmas:
20:57:12 AliMo: tongue.gif
20:57:13 Tmas: download that one instead
20:57:15 Tmas: its newer
20:57:20 Tmas: and from the intel site smile.gif
20:57:20 peterorg54: actually i came here hum
20:57:24 peterorg54: 2 months ago
20:57:27 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:57:31 peterorg54: or less
20:57:35 peterorg54: u dont know me
20:57:36 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:57:57 Slammer: thanks Tmas
20:57:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:58:00 Tmas: i joined november 6th 2006 smile.gif
20:58:05 Tmas: np, that should fix things
20:58:09 Nick325: back
20:58:12 Slammer: but which one should I download?
20:58:14 Slammer: there are 3
20:58:17 Slammer: LOL
20:58:23 Tmas: if not make sure you have all the latest windows updates and update media player
20:58:26 Tmas: ummm lets me check
20:58:42 Tmas: u have windows xp home?
20:59:22 Slammer: yes
20:59:29 Tmas: download the first one
20:59:43 Nick325: fine :{
20:59:44 Slammer: The Intel® Embedded Graphics Drivers (IEGD
20:59:50 Slammer: what????
20:59:57 Slammer: Nick
20:59:58 Slammer: LOL
21:00:08 Tmas: sorry teh second one
21:00:11 Tmas: thats what you want
21:00:14 Tmas: I didnt read it all the way
21:00:15 Slammer: ok
21:00:15 Slammer: LOL
21:00:19 Tmas: haha
21:00:33 Slammer: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows* XP (exe)
21:00:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:00:52 Tmas: smile.gif
21:01:27 Slammer: man
21:01:29 Slammer: DSL sucks
21:01:33 Slammer: too slow
21:01:43 Slammer: I miss Cable
21:01:46 Slammer: internet
21:01:51 AliMo: lol just came back
21:01:54 Tmas: lol me too
21:01:55 AliMo: wut just happened with nick?
21:02:06 Slammer: we didn't remembe rhim
21:02:09 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:02:26 Slammer: Man
21:02:31 AliMo: o noes
21:02:53 Slammer: the Transfer rate is 25KB/sec
21:02:56 Slammer: sad.gif
21:03:14 Tmas: lol thats how it is for me too
21:03:22 Slammer: gonna take 5 minutes for a 8.9 MB file
21:03:23 Tmas: stupid college network
21:03:39 Slammer: when I had comcast it was 500KB/Sec
21:04:14 Slammer: CHAST
21:04:20 Slammer: I didn't even know you left?
21:04:22 Slammer: LOL
21:04:24 chast: lol
21:04:38 Slammer: wait
21:04:39 AliMo: hey chastr
21:04:42 Slammer: when did you leave
21:04:43 Slammer: sad.gif
21:05:29 chast: i dont know biggrin.gif
21:06:03 Tmas: wow this is wierd
21:06:10 Tmas: I've never used 9 gauged strings before
21:06:17 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:07:01 Tmas: wow the high e string is like a hair
21:07:04 Tmas: haha
21:07:06 Slammer: LOL
21:07:14 Slammer: but you can bend it to heaven
21:07:18 Slammer: LOL
21:07:35 Tmas: sweet
21:07:37 Slammer: untill you snap it, then you feel like hell sad.gif
21:07:46 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:07:59 Slammer: LOL
21:08:11 Tmas: hah
21:08:32 Slammer: Nah, I've always used 9-42 strings my whole carrer
21:08:36 Slammer: career
21:08:37 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:08:55 Slammer: ok Tmas
21:08:59 Slammer: the file finished
21:09:08 Slammer: and now I install?
21:09:10 Slammer: right
21:09:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:09:17 Tmas: yeah
21:09:25 Tmas: u probably will have to reboot
21:09:30 Slammer: sad.gif
21:09:43 Tmas: yay now the fun begins
21:09:52 Slammer: sad.gif
21:09:52 Tmas: tunning a newly strung guitar without a tuner!
21:09:57 Slammer: LOL
21:10:04 Slammer: well
21:10:07 Slammer: you can use
21:10:13 Tmas: online one
21:10:14 Tmas: smile.gif
21:10:19 Slammer: online tuner
21:10:21 Slammer: at
21:10:30 Tmas: yeah thats what I did last time smile.gif
21:10:38 Slammer: LOL
21:10:47 Slammer: well now you can teach your self to tune by ear
21:10:59 Tmas: i can do that too lol
21:11:02 Tmas: just takes a while
21:11:09 Tmas: I play trumpet, it helps tongue.gif
21:11:43 Slammer: King Louie
21:11:51 AliMo: well i gotta go guys
21:11:55 Slammer: no
21:12:01 AliMo: good luck with whatever ur tryin to fix slammer
21:12:04 Slammer: we'll always remember you
21:12:07 AliMo: and dont forget me or ill kill u
21:12:08 Slammer: LD
21:12:14 AliMo: laterr
21:12:18 Slammer: cya
21:12:22 peterorg54: cya
21:12:24 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:12:56 Slammer: Tmas
21:13:06 Slammer: it;'s Installing and I'm scared
21:13:09 Slammer: sad.gif
21:13:22 peterorg54: why
21:13:24 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:13:37 Slammer: because I'm afraid my PC will Explode
21:13:49 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:13:58 Slammer: because I got a Accelerator Driver
21:14:05 Slammer: LOL
21:14:16 peterorg54: ..
21:14:31 Slammer: So Peterorg
21:14:40 Slammer: in about 4-5 years
21:14:44 peterorg54: huh
21:14:45 peterorg54: ?
21:14:47 Slammer: will you go to Oregon?
21:14:49 Slammer: U
21:14:56 peterorg54: what do u mean
21:15:02 Slammer: University
21:15:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:15:07 peterorg54: oh ..
21:15:16 peterorg54: hum
21:15:19 peterorg54: dunno
21:15:20 Slammer: because you are a HOnor Student
21:15:20 peterorg54: yet
21:15:23 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:15:25 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:15:28 peterorg54: UCLA
21:15:30 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:15:34 Slammer: USC
21:15:38 peterorg54: my dad's University
21:15:39 peterorg54: hehe
21:15:46 Slammer: University of Alaska?
21:15:51 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:16:05 Slammer: University of Montana (like 6 ppl go there)
21:16:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:16:36 Slammer: *meow*
21:16:40 peterorg54: ?
21:16:40 peterorg54: isnt uc s good
21:16:40 Tmas: yay i like these strings
21:16:58 Slammer: Tmas it's taking forever to Install
21:17:00 Slammer: LOL
21:17:02 Tmas: lol
21:17:14 peterorg54: you know what
21:17:18 Slammer: still going
21:17:19 peterorg54: im rocking lately
21:17:23 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:17:28 Tmas: i can play snow by RHCP!! wohoo
21:17:32 Slammer: rocking what?
21:17:33 peterorg54: my speed is increasing
21:17:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:17:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:17:50 peterorg54: i can feel it
21:17:53 peterorg54: seriously
21:17:54 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:18:00 Slammer: I can only play Dani California sad.gif
21:18:13 chast: tell me baby here
21:18:26 Slammer: Chast
21:18:30 Slammer: you're Alive!!
21:18:37 chast: for sure^^
21:18:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:19:00 Tmas: any of you like john mayer?
21:19:12 chast: buckethead likes him
21:19:20 peterorg54: lol
21:19:29 Slammer: Waiting on the world to Change and Bold as Love are all I'll listen to
21:19:38 Tmas: those are good
21:19:43 Slammer: the rest is too whiny
21:19:43 Tmas: I like his new cd alot
21:19:46 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:19:47 Tmas: haha
21:19:50 Tmas: belief is pretty good
21:19:55 Tmas: and gravity is alright
21:20:05 Slammer: Daughters made me sick
21:20:08 Tmas: have you ever heard neon? off of his old old cd?
21:20:17 Tmas: i don't like that one.. daughters lol
21:20:31 Slammer: I fell alseep half way thorugh
21:20:46 Slammer: man
21:20:52 Slammer: this is still going
21:20:54 Slammer: sad.gif
21:20:58 Slammer: the driver
21:20:58 Tmas: haha
21:22:44 Tmas: yay all tuned up...
21:22:52 Tmas: for 10 mins until the strings stretch again
21:23:32 Slammer: LOL
21:23:51 Slammer: ok guys need to reboot
21:23:56 Slammer: be back in 10 or less
21:23:58 Tmas: goodluck!
21:24:01 Tmas: smile.gif
21:26:48 chast: nanannana
21:26:49 chast: tmas
21:26:54 chast: we are using the same strings
21:26:55 Tmas: yeah?
21:26:59 chast: isnt that great ?
21:27:12 Tmas: wow! we are so much alike!
21:27:18 Tmas: we should date or something..
21:27:23 Tmas: j/k
21:27:24 Tmas: lol
21:27:26 chast: yeah
21:27:33 chast: and eating spaghetti
21:27:37 chast: ...^^
21:27:43 Tmas: lmao
21:27:53 chast: or eating strings biggrin.gifD
21:30:04 Tmas: my B strings keeps going flat...
21:30:12 Tmas: it won't stop stretching
21:33:23 chast: :S
21:33:26 chast: bad string
21:33:31 chast: tell her she is bad
21:37:39 Tmas: haha
21:38:34 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:38:36 peterorg54: so boring
21:38:39 peterorg54: so hungry
21:38:40 peterorg54: so sad
21:39:03 peterorg54: *whip*
21:39:19 Tmas: yes master
21:39:31 chast: hm
21:39:44 chast: i think
21:39:49 chast: slammer is back
21:39:51 chast: x_X
21:39:55 peterorg54: sup sam
21:39:57 chast: hide yourselves
21:39:59 chast: !
21:40:00 Slammer: nmu
21:40:02 Slammer: Tmas
21:40:04 Slammer: *slap*
21:40:07 Tmas: yeah
21:40:10 Tmas: hey
21:40:11 Tmas: smile.gif
21:40:13 Tmas: did it work?
21:40:19 Slammer: after I rebooted
21:40:33 Slammer: the Reselution was 800x600
21:40:39 Slammer: scared the crap outta me
21:40:39 Tmas: yeah
21:40:43 Tmas: that happens
21:40:44 Tmas: lol!
21:40:49 Slammer: I was like
21:41:04 Slammer: OMG
21:41:16 Slammer: I'll blame it on little Sister
21:41:17 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:41:21 peterorg54: what ur favorite clothing brand ?
21:41:30 Tmas: hah
21:41:37 Slammer: Fruit of the Loom
21:41:42 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:41:42 Slammer: LD
21:42:22 peterorg54: come on
21:42:25 peterorg54: what ur favorite clothing brand ?
21:42:48 Tmas: nude?
21:42:50 peterorg54: *whip*
21:43:01 Tmas: i live in a nudist colony
21:43:07 Slammer: Tmas you are sooo freakin awesome
21:43:08 Tmas: in the swaps of South carolina
21:43:11 Slammer: It works
21:43:12 Tmas: it worked?
21:43:13 Tmas: nice
21:43:14 Slammer: YES
21:43:18 Slammer: I can finally
21:43:21 Slammer: see the lessons
21:43:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:43:27 peterorg54: now tell me favorite brand
21:43:28 Tmas: smile.gif
21:43:31 Slammer: thanks so much man
21:43:35 Tmas: np
21:43:38 Slammer: *pats back*
21:44:02 Slammer: well, I'm glad your a Computer Science Major biggrin.gif
21:44:14 Slammer: my favorite is
21:44:14 peterorg54: i said tell me ur favorite brand
21:44:19 Tmas: haha, havnt started any comp science corses yet though
21:44:25 Slammer: .... Arizone Pants
21:44:31 Slammer: Arizona*
21:44:41 Slammer: GAP
21:44:45 Tmas: i like wrangler or w/e, cheap and comfy
21:44:48 Slammer: clothes
21:44:50 chast: i dont care about brands
21:44:51 drummingguitarist06: What's up guys?
21:44:52 chast: x_X
21:45:03 Slammer: sup
21:45:06 peterorg54: sup
21:45:08 chast: i just buy what fits and doesnt look like s***
21:45:12 Slammer: drummingguitarist06 this is 07
21:45:16 Slammer: yeah
21:45:23 drummingguitarist06: I graduated high school in 06 bro lol.
21:45:24 Slammer: I never buy cloths
21:45:37 Slammer: that's what mommy's for
21:45:40 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:45:51 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:46:04 drummingguitarist06: I work at an expensive clothing store, so I usually just use my discount and buy from there.
21:46:12 Slammer: KMART?
21:46:16 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
21:46:19 drummingguitarist06: Banana Republic
21:46:27 Slammer: ooh fancy ohmy.gif
21:46:28 peterorg54: lol
21:46:31 chast: do you knoww banana joe?
21:46:32 Slammer: I've been ther
21:46:35 Slammer: there*
21:46:38 Slammer: Expensive
21:46:40 Slammer: place
21:46:46 drummingguitarist06: Yeah, real 'spensive shiz.
21:46:51 chast: omg
21:46:52 Slammer: more Expensive then Kmart
21:46:56 Slammer: or Walamrt
21:47:02 Slammer: or Target
21:47:03 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:47:06 drummingguitarist06: I bought a pair of pants there for $98, with my discount got them for $40. smile.gif
21:47:18 chast: happy prices
21:47:22 Slammer: and you sell them on the side for $55?
21:47:31 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:47:34 drummingguitarist06: Darn good idear lulz
21:47:41 chast: m
21:47:44 Tmas: i don't buy pants that cost 40 bucks.. thats rediculious
21:47:44 chast: rn
21:47:56 chast: 40 $
21:48:03 drummingguitarist06: They're dress pants.
21:48:05 drummingguitarist06: I thought it was okay.
21:48:05 chast: you are happy if you get pants for that price in germany
21:48:20 peterorg54: any recommends for jacket brand ?
21:48:22 peterorg54: s
21:48:23 peterorg54: ?
21:48:32 Tmas: oh dress pants are ok
21:48:44 Slammer: Jacket Brands?
21:48:51 Slammer: Barbie
21:48:52 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:48:53 drummingguitarist06: Jacket...
21:48:58 drummingguitarist06: Joseph A. Bank.
21:49:09 drummingguitarist06: Or...Banana Republic has some nice blazers.
21:49:16 Slammer: Real e. pensive
21:49:21 chast: dolce and gabana
21:49:23 chast: gucci
21:49:28 drummingguitarist06: Wow.
21:49:28 Slammer: copacobana
21:49:32 chast: hugo boss
21:49:46 Slammer: Footlocker
21:49:47 chast: karl lagerfeld
21:49:51 chast: do you know him ?
21:49:52 drummingguitarist06: Hugo? Copacobana? Gucci? Hilfiger? And you all thought BR was expensive lol.
21:50:12 Slammer: wait... Copacobana is a Brand??
21:50:24 chast: oh i want to go there
21:50:26 drummingguitarist06: I would assume, I just repeating lol.
21:50:27 Slammer: I was just saying ramdon words that came to mind
21:50:27 chast: on the beach
21:50:30 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:50:31 chast: and watching girls
21:50:32 chast: biggrin.gif
21:50:36 drummingguitarist06: Hellz yeah.
21:50:43 Slammer: come to MIami
21:50:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:50:47 Slammer: where I'm at
21:50:51 chast: miami
21:50:52 drummingguitarist06: Play some guitar to them, which is why we are all get chicks lol.
21:50:54 chast: good place also
21:50:57 Slammer: you see that all the time
21:50:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:51:10 chast: maybe i have a possibility to come to the usa
21:51:15 Slammer: most chicks don't wear bathing suits
21:51:16 Slammer: LOL
21:51:19 chast: but only to
21:51:24 chast: vegas and new york
21:51:27 Slammer: well at least not tops
21:51:29 drummingguitarist06: I want to go to both.
21:51:38 drummingguitarist06: NY and Las Vegas FTW
21:51:42 Slammer: I can see Chast in Vegas
21:51:46 Slammer: uhhhh
21:51:51 chast: gambling
21:51:53 Slammer: Uhhhh
21:51:55 Slammer: Uhh
21:51:57 chast: till i have no money anymore biggrin.gif
21:52:04 chast: and than i sleep on the toilette again^^
21:52:08 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
21:52:23 drummingguitarist06: Chast if you not in USA where you from?
21:52:29 chast: germany
21:52:44 drummingguitarist06: Awesome, always wanted to go there.
21:52:50 drummingguitarist06: Been to England and France, but not Germany.
21:52:54 chast: dont go where i live
21:52:57 chast: its boring here
21:52:58 chast: ^^
21:53:04 drummingguitarist06: Audobahn all the way.
21:53:09 chast: autobahn tongue.gif
21:53:37 drummingguitarist06: One thing to do before I die: Grab a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and take it on the Autobahn.
21:53:43 chast: biggrin.gif
21:54:02 chast: good idea
21:54:10 chast: im too lazy to get my driver license
21:54:11 chast: ...
21:54:14 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
21:54:23 drummingguitarist06: You Europeans get them at 18 right?
21:54:33 chast: in germany at 18, yes
21:54:36 drummingguitarist06: Eww...
21:54:40 chast: dont how it is in other countries of europe
21:54:45 drummingguitarist06: Gah, if I didn't get mine at 16, I would shoot myself.
21:54:58 chast: robin told me how it is in norway, but i forgot it already biggrin.gif
21:55:03 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
21:55:14 drummingguitarist06: London and Paris is 18 as well.
21:55:22 chast: well
21:55:27 chast: you can drive with 17
21:55:38 chast: but only with someone who has 5 years of experience
21:55:42 chast: in driving
21:55:46 chast: or something like that
21:56:00 drummingguitarist06: We kind of have that. We can drive at 15 with our parent's in the front seat.
21:56:14 chast: but i think
21:56:19 chast: that its
21:56:21 chast: useless
21:56:48 drummingguitarist06: I'm not worried about it, because I have it and I don't think it's that big of a deal anymore lol.
21:57:04 chast: well here in germany that is kinda new
21:57:11 chast: with that driving with 17
21:57:54 Slammer: drummingguitarist06 you want to go srive in Europe?
21:57:59 Slammer: drive*
21:58:26 drummingguitarist06: Hell si.
21:58:27 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
21:58:32 Slammer: LOL
21:58:51 Slammer: just make sure you get International Licence tongue.gif
21:58:54 chast: it seems like germany has some roads others are jealous of
21:58:57 chast: ohmy.gif
21:59:06 Slammer: otherwise Chast will Scream at you
21:59:12 chast: lol
21:59:14 drummingguitarist06: International license?
21:59:18 drummingguitarist06: You can actually get one of those?
22:00:04 Slammer: Yep
22:00:37 Slammer: well you can get one for $15 from AA
22:00:40 Slammer: AAA
22:00:42 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:01:12 Slammer: Chast
22:01:16 Slammer: *meow*
22:01:19 Slammer: Rap Cat
22:01:43 PacmanProductions: sup
22:01:45 PacmanProductions: people
22:01:51 Slammer: PP
22:01:56 Slammer: sup?
22:02:03 PacmanProductions: the ceiling
22:02:11 PacmanProductions: thats whats sup
22:02:30 drummingguitarist06: Dicks and airplanes what's up with you?
22:02:41 drummingguitarist06: I be back pplz. Going to Sonic to get Oreo blast.
22:02:41 drummingguitarist06: smile.gif
22:02:42 PacmanProductions: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :? :? :? :?
22:02:48 PacmanProductions: whoa....... weird
22:02:49 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:02:49 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
22:02:52 Slammer: drummingguitarist06
22:02:53 drummingguitarist06: Lol.
22:02:54 PacmanProductions: well i g2g anyway
22:02:56 PacmanProductions: cya pples
22:02:56 Slammer: I love Sonic
22:03:03 drummingguitarist06: Hellz yeah.
22:03:03 Slammer: we don't have them here
22:03:04 drummingguitarist06: I be back.
22:03:12 Slammer: haven't had one since I lived in Atlanta
22:03:19 Slammer: man I like the Hot Dogs
22:03:23 [Action] PacmanProductions: has left the building.....
22:03:25 drummingguitarist06: I live in Birmingham AL
22:03:29 PacmanProductions: *whip*
22:03:31 drummingguitarist06: I be back after while.
22:03:32 Slammer: Miami for me
22:03:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:03:48 Slammer: cya PP
22:03:53 Slammer: that was quick
22:03:55 Slammer: 8)
22:04:14 Tmas: my grandmother lives near birmingham
22:04:18 Tmas: i think
22:04:22 Tmas: somewhere in alabama
22:04:29 chast: slammer
22:04:32 Slammer: yes
22:04:34 chast: lets play football
22:04:38 Slammer: sad.gif
22:04:42 Slammer: how
22:04:43 Slammer: how
22:04:44 Slammer: how
22:04:45 Slammer: how
22:04:45 Slammer: how
22:04:46 Slammer: how
22:04:46 Slammer: how
22:04:46 chast: i dont know
22:04:56 Slammer: I go Outsaide and Throw one
22:05:01 chast: allright
22:05:02 Slammer: and you go outside and wiat
22:05:05 chast: im waiting for it
22:05:09 Slammer: here I go
22:05:14 Slammer: ..............................................................
22:05:16 chast: brb tongue.gif
22:05:24 Slammer: Damn fell in the lake behind my house
22:05:28 chast: biggrin.gif
22:05:39 Slammer: maybe he went to catch it?
22:05:44 chast: ohmy.gif
22:05:53 chast: well, afk now
22:05:55 chast: wink.gif
22:06:00 Slammer: really?
22:06:04 Slammer: or joke?
22:06:04 chast: ya biggrin.gif
22:06:13 chast: for 5 minutes or somethig
22:06:21 Slammer: ok I gtg too
22:06:22 Slammer: sad.gif
22:06:25 Slammer: cya laters
22:06:27 chast: cya
22:11:02 chast: im off to bed
22:11:05 chast: have a good night

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