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> Having A Hard Time With A Certain Type Of Lick
post Oct 18 2007, 11:57 AM
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I have been practicing a ton lately in the past few months, and am seeing huge improvments in nearly all aspects of my playing. But I am lacking pretty bad on a certain type of lick that is extremely common in Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. soloes.

The first type of lick is like this


The problem with this lick is I can do the pulloff fine and then I hit the D note on the B string. My original problem was that when I hit the D note and pulled off to hit the F#, open string noise would sound, which I hate severly. I fixed this problem but moving my index finger up a little bit during the pulloff so that it brushes the B string. Now what happens is when I hit the D note the F# is still ringing and it creates an odd buzzing sound (this happens always on my guitar when 2 notes are ringing together and are not part of a chord).

While I dread the lick above, the next lick is even WORSE.

|--15p12 -----12--15p12-14p12-----12--15p12-14p12-----12----|

Obviously the proper fingering for this would be to bar the 12th fret of the E and B string and use the pinky and ring finger to perform the pulloffs. I can do the pulloff fine but then when I hit the B note, and then back to the E note, notes are ringing together one after the other creating an unpleasant sound which I can't stand. I know that to fix this problem, one must "role" their finger. I don't understand this concept though, when I try to "role" my finger it doesn't seem to work.

In situations like this


I can "role" my finger because their is no barrier above the fretboard, preventing the raising of the finger.

However in situations like this


I can't do it because the fretboard is the barrier preventing my finger from "rolling downward?"
Quick Question for this part: When doing this type of "role" is the tip of your index finger supposed to raise up while the base of it roles downward?

So if anyone can help me with these types of licks and/or clear up the concept of "rolling the finger," it would be greatly appreciated. smile.gif

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post Oct 18 2007, 02:57 PM
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For the first lick I'd bar the 14'th fret of the two strings, no need to play it on the B string but the finger helps dampening. Which I in this case (I'm not with a guitar right now so what happens in reality and what I say can differ) I would dampen with the right hand.
If the pro's comes in and says you should dampen with a roll off that's te way, it's just that I'm finding it hard and have found that dampening with the right hand is easier. Maybe.. just maybe I'm doing a sligt roll off aswell.
The baring helps aswell to not get crazy open string ringing

Same with the other.

For both cases I don't think the palm is at work for dampening but the right hand pinky.
I'll try it with a guitar laster to see how I actually do it. But this is a wualified "guess" from airguitaring here infront of the computer rolleyes.gif

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