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Everyone Should Watch This Movie..., ...ZEITGEIST
Saoirse O'Shea
Oct 24 2007, 06:29 AM
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QUOTE (Legions @ Oct 23 2007, 10:24 PM) *
great response haha. I don't exactly have the time to talk...

but, I would highly recommend watching the remainder of the film, because all you watched was Part 1, there are 3 parts and they are all completely different from each other.

Part 2 is about how the Government set up 9/11 and it gives some pretty shocking evidence.

Part 3 is about how it is unconstitutional to pay income taxes and some other stuff...

(so the other part doesn't really apply to you all the much you're not a US citizen haha)

haha I'm not a college major so I can't give you some crazy educated answer to yours without making myself look dumb.

thanks for the reply!


Hi Legions,

I have watched all but the final 10 or so minutes when my internet connection ceased up on me and I couldn't bring myself to reload the film via my less then broadband connection wink.gif.

I've no objection to the other two main themes - and some sympathy with them - other than if you are to argue that 'the other side lies to us' then you can't start by presenting misinformation yourself.

As regards the payment, or not, of income tax. Well there's a long history of the withholding of income tax that dates back in the US at least to Thoreau when he wrote Walden and in the UK to the English Civil War (its history predates those though - it goes back to the Roman times).

I do think here that one needs to be careful. There is a Libertarian (in the US Right sense rather then European liberal/left sense of the word - think Robert Nozick's 'Anarchy, State, Utopia') that sees tax avoidance and non payment as part and parcel of a night watchman state/extreme free market system. Against this the Thoreau argument (albeit that the US Libertarians often try to use Thoreau) is much more about passive resistance from an individual who believes they live in a corrupt State or are subject to an unjust civil law.

Personally I prefer Antoni Negri's 'Time for Revolution' to the last 1/3rd of the film not least because its better argued. Ultimately though I don't buy in to the 'don't pay' argument though as I'm still too much wedded to the Socialist ideal of 'from each according to ability to each according to need.' Put another way, I find the Thatcherite line of 'there is no society' that supports the (US) Libertarian argument not to pay reprehensible.

Anyway all that is politics and personalised viewpoint on my part. Nonetheless should we decide to argue for tax avoidance then I do think it behoves us to be aware that there are different political positions on why one does so and that those positions, to me, are morally bound. That didn't come across to me in the film though.


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