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10 Apr 2016
I'm a chronic recorder! I always have my iPhone handy, and when I get an idea, I have to write it down, but words rarely do justice to a recording, and recordings rarely do justice to the idea! It's so funny how that works. I may get an idea for a song title, or get some phrase that tickles my fancy and then I gotta jot it down so I don't forget it. Of course, when I revisit what I jotted down, it rarely has the bite / inspirational impact it had when I thought it up. All I can think of is that I was in a mood, or had some context that when I thought of it, made it impactful, whereas the idea standing by itself on a recorder is just words.

I haven't found a way to capture the context or mood backing these ideas sad.gif I don't know if it's possible, but I come up with at least 2 noteworthy things a day. I just got finished counting the notes on my iPhone from this past month and I have over 50 recordings I have to weed through to see if anything strike a note. So far,ivei found two songs I started strumming that I want to develop. I'll sketch one of them out after I go through the rest of the notes.

here are some of the titles of notes on my phone. I have to listen to each one and if any of them grab my interest in the first 5 seconds, then it's worth my time to copy it to my ideas folder. If not, I really have no choice but to hit delete because no-one has time to re-listen to an archive of over 1000 ideas! It's a dreadful thing hitting delete, but it's necessary to keep the table clean or good ideas may get lost in the clutter

Backbeat hook
Song 12
Need drums - bass line for this
another simple progression
been a long time
Time waits for no man
I Wish
Intro Number 11
solo idea
gtr riff 8
bass riff 3
Just a dream
Occupying Dreams
A Little Diddie
We can break this door down
do you hear me?
I've seen you before
I am broken
My Name Is Chris
I'll Never Forgive you
Dance Like the wind
You can't complain
Get off Your Horse
Don't Despise Me

So today, I'm spending an hour deciding what to do with these recordings! To Keep, or not to keep - that is the question!

Do any of you use your iphone recorder to capture those inspirations? I'm curios if you titled them and what those titles are! biggrin.gif And how do you organize them / decide what to keep / throw away?

7 Apr 2016
I just wanted to poke my head in and say hello seeming as how it's been a while since I've visited smile.gif Good to see you guys active and involved as always. Keep playing!!!! Persistence pays!

18 Nov 2015
Thought you might be interested in this. Guess it's sponsored by toontrack.

Live Stream on Nov 19th

23 Mar 2015
Hey guys, thought you might get something out of this live-feed discussion on home-recording studio gear - hosted by Taxi .
Goes live in 10 minutes or so. They keep archves in case you miss it.


Home Studio Gear Episode
On Today’s TAXI TV!
Gear Giveaway During the Live Show!!

7pm Eastern (EDT) / 6pm Central (CDT) / 4pm Pacific (PDT) /
23:00 London/ 10am Sydney (AEST)

Dear Passengers,

Our viewers love home studio gear. Heck, all musicians love gear!

We’ve never done a gear specific episode of TAXI TV, but today is going to change all that! We’ll be talking about everything from how to build an inexpensive yet highly effective home studio, to answering questions about gear for all levels of home studio owners.

We’re excited to be joined by special guest, Peter Malick from Westlake Pro today. The top guys at Westlake Pro are gear veterans who spent decades at the legendary West LA Music, which was the “go-to” place for many of the top acts in the business.

When West LA closed its doors, some of their top managers and sales people opened Westlake Pro, and their long tradition of giving great advice and helping musicians get what they really needed continued under a new roof.

These guys are true gear gurus, and I think you’re going to have a great time picking Peter Malick’s brain on today’s show! And don’t think for a second that Peter is just sales guy. He’s one of you! Check out his bio here.

Want to know how you can get started with a low cost rig that’s easy to use and sounds great? Don’t miss today’s show. Want to know which of the high-priced mic preamps should be the best for your specific needs? Peter will know that answer to that and nay other gear questions you can throw at him!

This is going to be an awesome show, and Peter is going to bring something special to give away to one of our lucky viewers during the live show.

Want to ask Peter a question during the show?
You’ll need to be signed up to Ustream and be “visible” in the TAXI TV chat room during the live show. Sign up BEFORE the show goes live today. It only takes a of minute, and it’s FREE!

Go to: and click the Log In (text) link in the upper right hand corner of the Ustream page – NOT the blue button! – Fill out the short form to join. If you’ve already got a free Ustream account and you’ve used our chat room before, you can skip this step. Once you’re on TAXI’s Ustream page, please click the link on the right had side of the page that says, “Chat,” and the chat room will open for you.

Only people who are in the Chat Room during the live show will be eligible to get the FREE piece of gear! Hmmm… I wonder what it will be? Guess you’ll have to be in the Chat Room to find out and have your shot at getting it!

Click this link to watch the live show, or to watch the archived version of this (and all other episodes) later:

7pm Eastern (EDT) / 6pm Central (CDT) / 4pm Pacific (PDT) /
23:00 London/ 10am Sydney (AEST)

See you later,

P.S. And don’t forget to install an ad blocker for your browser so you don’t miss a minute of today’s episode. Google, “ad blocker” and the name of your browser to find a free ad blocker download you can install before today’s show. If you don’t have an ad blocker, the show will be interrupted by commercials and you could miss some really important information!
11 Mar 2015
smile.gif a quote from this project video.
This should be a really cool book - it's based on the song by a song-writer I really look up to: Jonathan Coulton



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